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A GM who wants me in their game is inviting me to play, but their game's setting's races put me off.

The GM wanted to have no humans, and only monstrous races. So I thought that I could get by with races like nagas/lamias, harpies, satyrs/fauns, merfolk, centaurs, and similarly monstrous sorts.

However, that was not the case. The GM wants every race to look fully monstrous, with inhuman heads, inhuman torsos, and especially inhuman eyes (the GM really wants the eyes to be weird for every race). For instance, the most populous race in the setting looks like argonians from the Elder Scrolls, only even scalier, with larger muzzles, more prominently digitigrade legs, and big bug eyes.

The GM wants the races to act like humans normally do in fantasy settings and have normal and relateable cultures, but wants them to look incredibly monstrous. They really, really want their setting to be this way for the sake of it being a "different" kind of fantasy setting.

While I applaud the vision that this GM has, it makes it difficult for me as a player, because I have no interest at all in playing such a monstrous-looking character. The GM has made it clear that I cannot even play some sort of one-off mutant who looks more humans, because it would ruin the aesthetic that they have in mind.

The GM still wants me in the game though. How can we reach a compromise that lets the GM have what they want (fully monstrous races) and let me play what I want (something not so monstrous, like nagas/lamias, harpies, satyrs/fauns, merfolk, and centaurs)?

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Your DM sounds like a stupid asshole.

You should key his car.

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Sounds like the game isn't for you. Tell him such, and that you'll be willing to play the next game.

So, you know. Be an adult. Unlike >>41936245

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Don't roleplay with furries. Case closed.

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>Implying real adults should suffer stupid assholes

There is nothing more mature and responsible then teaching people their proper place.

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Um... don't play?

Why does he NEED you in the game? Are you the only player?

Seriously, OP. Just tell him you don't want to be part of their campaign. I opted out of a Savage Worlds crime investigation game cause it didn't feel like my shtick. They had fun without me, zero feelings were hurt, and we still play together.

Are you TRYING to have social autism?

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This is completely foreign to me, because I always play something huge and ugly given the opportunity.

Allow me to use this picture to attempt to sell you on an Owlman. Pretty human, still fucking terrifying to behold.

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Here, OP, let me analyze your two options for you.

Don't play: You'd be avoiding a situation that you wouldn't have fun in.

Play: You lock yourself into a game that you probably won't like, and it will probably show in how you play. If you're not having fun, you increase the chances of the people around you not having fun.

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Shit, hold on.

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The DM isn't the one coming on to complain that the game has actual monsters instead of a collection of multi-flavored waifus.

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>This is completely foreign to me, because I always play something huge and ugly given the opportunity.
It's not OP's fault that you are a shitty roleplayer.

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I had sent this image as an example of the absolute furthest I was willing to go in terms of animalistic and monstrous features (not in terms of actual clothing), and still the GM turned it down, since it was not monstrous enough (especially the head).

It seems that I will have to back down from the game after all, much to my disappointment.

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So gm didn't let you play a monster girl? What a douchebag!

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Seems quite interesting. What you want doesn't seem to fit into his setting, so I'd recommend either not playing, or going out of your comfort zone and trying something new. This doesn't seem to be fetishy, but rather just different. Try it out, play something new. If it does turn out to be furry shit, just bail.

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I think you could try doing a berserker build and play as some kind of monster, that way you could role play as something that's not just furry shit.

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You sound like a whiny babby who only wants to play characters you want to fuck.

Get your cock out of your mouth and play a cute octopode

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Play his monsterous stuff, but play the character who will go to any length to appear to be like a more traditional monster girl or normal human.

Illusion spells, any sort of modification, tons of self hate and harm, and an absolute disgust with every other person in the setting for looking like monsters.

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That's probably for the best.

You sound like a pretentious dickhead.

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>all races are monsters
>except that act and speak like humans

What the fuck is the point?

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Yeah. You should totally ruin the DM's game for not catering to your fetishes.

Or you could grow up and play a kickass rhino.

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That doesn't even sound playable in that setting. It's a purely meta-based character that will hate literally everyone (No exaggeration, seeing as how it doesn't seem like human anatomy has even been considered in the setting), that would likely get him kicked from the group, and ruin everyone's experience. As he said, the closest thing to human in that setting is closer to a Saurus than an Argonian.

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The DM probably wants his players to stop playing their fetishes and trying to fuck everything.

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Thankfully you can't force anyone to play a game if they don't want to.

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How about you stop to suck on your horse-dildo for a second and think what you are even writing, faggot?

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The way it's been described it seems the opposite. Everyone is an animal man.

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He won't have any players at all if does that: he can also skip straight to finding a new group.

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But anon, furry is what >>41936534 wants.

That's tits on a bird, anon. They wanted to play a bird with a pretty face and some tits.

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If they are going to act like humans, why not just make them humans to being with?

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The moment it has a human face it effectively steps out of furry territory.

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See >>41936747

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It's just the way they want things to be. They think that by playing animals that act like humans they can stop the fetishists from trying to get off in the game, but it really won't make any difference.

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And then it goes into Monstergirl territory. The setting seems Bestial and Savage, rather than fetishistic.

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>The GM wanted to have no humans, and only monstrous races. So I thought that I could get by with races like nagas/lamias, harpies, satyrs/fauns, merfolk, centaurs, and similarly monstrous sorts.

I don't even understand how you thought this was okay. All of those monsters DEFINING TRAITS are 'half-human, half-animal' In a setting with no humans, why would they even be a thing?

Just play something monstrous but humanoid, like a troll or ogre. Alternately, play pic related and just be an awesome spirit dude who happens to be a fat racoon thing.

Just don't play if you're such a sperg that you can't play something that isn't at least part-human - nothing shits on your fun and you won't shit on the GM and other players fun.

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That's monster girl fags for ya. They'd fuck a snake if you put a hand puppet over its head.

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The setting seems furry. They act as if they're humans in every way, just looking like animals. It only looks bestial and savage, but sounds like if you forget to mention the race it'd be generic fantasy.

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ITT: furries defending their fetish.

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True, but it's not sexualized, by what he's told us. It's essentially a civilized monster campaign, if I've interpreted his hints correctly.

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Fuck yeah, rhinos.

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I was under the impression that a creature with a human face was less furry than a creature with an inhuman face and other animal features, barring xenos and machines as they are slightly separate and just to bring up actual fetishes. Never mind that I probably would stick it in a sexy centipede without a human face. I suppose I have made a mistake.

Honestly when I heard "monster setting" I expected aberrations and abominations with human faces but no human physiology.

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You just had to go ahead and insult people instead of keeping your cool.

You're most definitely not an elegan/tg/entleman.

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>Nobody is hype for horrifying Owlman
Just look at that scary motherfucker, I would play the shit out of that.

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Play a straight up giant slug, slime trail, eyes stalks and all. It might be fun and there is no way your DM could be turned on by it.

Stay away from salt.

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Why have them look completely different from humans when all those differences in anatomy, biochemistry, etc. don't affect their behavior at all?

Are those guys just dudes in gorilla costumes?

Which, btw, is what you should play: a human scientist studying this foreign world in a shitty costume, yet somehow no one notices his masquerade.

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OP, if you don't want to play by his rules, don't play.

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Adding to this: play an inverse Sir Bearrington. Put all your points into bluff.

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What is this, a post for ants?

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I think Monster Girls are a boring copout when it comes to beast races.

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I'm going to drop the sperg label on pretty much anyone who says "I can't play X' Doesn't matter if X is sex, race, class, or background. The name of the game is imagination, and if you are incapable of imagining being anything other than a narrow band of acceptable choices, that's a failure on your part.

Now if he said, 'I can play it but this setting doesn't seem like much fun,' then that's legit. After all, what is a setting of monsters if there's nothing for them to monster at? He kinda touches on that - with the monster races basically having human social traits and cultures, but doesn't follow through. His objection is 'I wanna be human, I hate not being at least partly aesthetically human.'

Honestly it feels like the telegraphed mid-game TWEEST is going to be monster races or just the party encountering humans, hence why the NO HOOMANS, NOT EVEN PART HOOMANS rules are in effect.

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As if they were ever intended to fulfill the same role.

Dude, it's perfectly readable even on my mobile that doesn't even show it in full size.

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That'd be fucking cheap of a twist

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I don't think you understand the point of monster girls.

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Monster girls aren't beast races, they are mild xenophillia fuel

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The human face is what separates furry degeneracy from top quality monster girls.



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So you feel the need to be rude to everyone who you think plays badwrongfun? You sound like a very fun person to be around, for starters.

Secondly, some people don't want to wear the skin of the monster: believe it or not, there's other people who *gasp* have different opinions, and want to play the heroes that slay the monster.

My point would be this: just read the thread and, if you don't have anything good to contribute to it, shift click on it in the catalog and move on with your life.

Don't shit it up for the rest of us to read.

Not all of us want to play monster races: so just move along and find other like-minded people who like to have fun your way and stop being a cunt to all the rest.

Have a good night.

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>How can we reach a compromise that lets the GM have what they want (fully monstrous races) and let me play what I want (something not so monstrous, like nagas/lamias, harpies, satyrs/fauns, merfolk, and centaurs)?
Introduce him to Monmusu and play the race of his waifu. Pray your DM doesn't have shit taste and you end up playing a lamia

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But.. play? Big sister play?

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Play a bear-snake. You can't go wrong with a bear-snake.

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Yeah, people don't play them to roleplay. They play them to masturbate under the table. That's literally what they're made for.

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op, you are the autism. also you are the furry (wanting half human and mostly human, aka furries. can't play a full monster).

so, don't play with them they don't deserve you inflicted on them

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I can't agree with this anon enough. Monster girls are solely a fetish, and no explanation has been brought up to convince me that they are not solely fetish material. Also this is a cherubi, an angel of God that isn't humanoid.

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This is a good idea. Play a gentleman bear who is most definitely not a human, no siree. No humans here.

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What's so wrong about playing a monster anyway? If they are supposed to behave like humans it should not be that hard to roleplay, plus if everything else is enjoyable the appearance of your character should be the least of your problems.

And you can simply decide not to play, not a problem with that either.

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Is it furry to want to play pic with slight modifications to make it even less humanoid?

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If they behave like humans, why would them being monsters matter?

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Who happens to have a strong Australian accent.

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If you don't want to play so badly then don't.


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Classic TG responses here. If it's even remotely resembling an animal the GM is a furry.

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Play a moth the size of a house cat. He will never guess it. Moths have unimaginably good hearing so you'd get racial bonuses to listen checks.

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>So you feel the need to be rude to everyone who you think plays badwrongfun?
No, try reading again. I don't care if they have badwrongfun.

>Secondly, some people don't want to wear the skin of the monster: believe it or not, there's other people who *gasp* have different opinions, and want to play the heroes that slay the monster.
Except there are no people and the monsters act like people not monsters. It's like someone starting a game in a pic related setting and listening to that one guy bitch about not being allowed to be a human. Thanks for failing reading comprehension again.

>Not all of us want to play monster races: so just move along and find other like-minded people who like to have fun your way and stop being a cunt to all the rest.
Sounds like you should take your own advice and move on, since you're sperging so hard at someone saying that they should just roll with the setting or not play.

>Have a good night.
You too!

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What's the source on this qt?

>> No.41938002

And OP insists in playing a monster girl wich makes him just as furry.

>> No.41938153

Well, tell your GM that you do not like races. Suggest your own races instead, that will be more playable on the one hand, and more alien on the other hand. Spiderfolk, like those children of Shelob. Nagas with thermal sense as a racial ability. Dryads that include only one gender that is androgyn. Four-armes Asuras. Beastfolk in the oldschool Khajit way whose look ranges from 1 to 5 on the OP scale of anthro depending on the moon phase, etc.

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Just because something is fetish material doesn't mean you can't play it like a good and believeabler character.

>> No.41938225

It actually means that you CAN'T make a believable character. It would just immediately sound like special snowflake feigns bullshit.
>Oh my character is a lamia with DD toga and she hates clothing and loves to hig and wrestle! Also she's a wizard focused on binding and holding spells so she can fuck the victim!

>> No.41938280

No, it's scaly.

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Come on, anon, at least get a decent picture of a bearsnake.

Reminder that sneks are the best.

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>tfw there are actually people who doubt this objective fact
CAPTCHA: Select the eggs

>> No.41938454

>My character is a Lamia Wizard focused on debuff and crowd control.
I don't see your point. Seems perfectly reasonable.

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Easy solution op, play a slime.

waifu of choice for discerning gentlemangs.

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Did you not miss the weird ERP rape imminent of the other PCs? I honestly wouldn't play with anyone who made a fetish character. It isn't mature, it's trying to bring everyone else into your masturbation fantasy.

>> No.41938879

You mean the weird ERP rape you added as a straw man?

Seriously, you're calling out a boogieman.

>> No.41938947

I still wouldn't play with you. Contrary to belief, there are LOADS of games where people wouldn't allow monster girl fetish bait.

>> No.41939088

What? He's trying to compromise with something that's less of an anthro.

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you heard it here first gents, mindflayers are more furfag than squidgirls.

I miss the /tg/ that would have you fags banned by now.

>> No.41939243

That /tg/ never existed, newfag.

>> No.41939290

Not everything furries do is inherently of a sexual nature.

More important than it being furry is that it sounds outright bad, you have monstrous races filling in for humans and being indistinguishable from humans in every way other than their morphology, it just sounds bad.

If it was a straight up furry game being played by furries and the GM was like "Here is a list of anthropomorphic animal races present in the setting." it wouldn't be a big deal, you would know what you're getting in to and decide if you're down or not.

This just sounds like a case of godawful GMing, probably with some shit-tier world building thrown in.

>> No.41939307

>this nigga doesn't want to play as a kobold, pseudodragon, owlbear or MOTHERFUCKING GIANT PRAYING MANTIS

>> No.41939323

yeah keep memeposting your "/tg/ is furry lel" it will really make it true if you do it long enough.

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Just take a look at this. On the left you have a standard, rational compromise between monster and human features. On the right you have a feral, furry fapbait. Is it clear now?

>> No.41939360

If you want a furry setting, then go for one where literally any anthropomorphic race is available, or at least a large number of options (usually canines/felines). Having beastfolk, regardless of the level of weirdness or culture, is not inherently a furry action, unless it is used with the intent for erotic purposes.

I remember that there was one TTRPG where you played as ANY anthropomorphic race. The world was a giant crystal, and was somewhat steam-punky with Asian elements, I think. Can't remember the name at all. I do remember that the system looked confusing at a glance, and that their website was absolutely shit.

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You've got it backwards. The OP is the furry, and the DM in question wants to play some kind of monster game

>> No.41939406


Fish beats snake.

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>actual monsters
>>The GM wants the races to act like humans normally do in fantasy settings and have normal and relatable cultures,

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You got it backwards.

DM wants pure monster races, OP wants furry fapbait.

Not like it matters, this whole thread was bait from the beginning.

>> No.41939497

By fish you mean specifically sharks right?

>> No.41939524

Yeah? Sharktits are the best tits.

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Well alright then.

>> No.41939604

>being this far in denial

>> No.41939624

GM is stupid for being so hung up over imaginary aesthetics, and you are stupid for being so hung up over imaginary aesthetics too. Everyone loses.

>> No.41939670


SNEK A good

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I hate this thread, I hate OP, and I hate almost everyone in it. HATE HATE HATE.

>My GM wants to do this, I really don't want to do this, he is unwilling to compromise on his setting
Don't play. If you think you can't have any fun as a completely non-human character, then you probably won't.

>But I really want to play X
Too bad, your GM wants something else. Were I running the campaign, I'd probably let you play what you wanted provided I could reasonably work it into the setting and it was appropriately balanced.

But I'm not your GM, so your only options are to either play a monster or not play at all, even if he/she wants you in, it's still your choice whether you want to play the campaign.

>X is furry
Someone post the chart, because every time this argument comes up I get just a little bit stupider.

>he only wants something he can masturbate to
Maybe, but I much prefer half-monsters and monstergirls over full-blown monsters and/or furbait since they can actually provide unique roleplay opportunities and challenges without having to make immersion breaking "nobody seems to notice the cybernetic dragon-ogre".

If they start making it weird, then it's an issue. Until then there's no reason to get my panties in a twist.

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>Someone post the chart

As you wish, Irate Anon.

>> No.41940154

Not quite the one I was thinking of, but close enough. Thank you

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This what you were looking for?

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File: 148 KB, 500x266, furry chart v5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 109 KB, 476x696, cat_head.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>mfw Poltfags try to argue that Polt is 2 when she's clearly 3

>> No.41940249

Perfect, thank you.

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Just play a fucking monster. Do they need to have tits for you to be invested?

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File: 526 KB, 900x574, modern_anthro_chart_by_dezkay-d5vdy6o.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sorry.

>> No.41940284

Have considered playing a talking bear

>> No.41940322

You losst me.

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Google Images, why hath thou forsaken me?

>> No.41940387

>Not playing a chickenperson fighting for the queen-hen against the communist scum pigeonpeople
>Not even fighting a three eyed one mouth'd flying purple people eater
It's like you hate fun.

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Seriously, the number of MLP 'furry charts' around is ridiculous.

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I think I'm going to stop now.

>> No.41940439

awoo is love!

but man, I've been with a girl that had bush so thick is was almost fur-like and the thing really was a turn-off

>> No.41940478

...why does 70% have tits when 50% doesn't?

>> No.41940490

Seriously, anon, only arthopods have mammary glands. Any other race having them is pure fetish fuel.

>> No.41940517

50% has tits, they're just not as obvious - The carapace kind of acts as a shirt/armor instead of just letting them stick out.

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>not wanting to be Krembopulous Michael

OP confirmed for picky/lack of taste

>> No.41940524

miss 50 has tits, they're just clearly under the boobplate of her exoskeleton

>> No.41940599

Lick my face balls, anon.

>> No.41940934
File: 145 KB, 1103x725, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not liking pure and fluffly mothkin instead of chimera girl monstrosity.

>> No.41940976

90% or bust! Just making costumed humans isn't fun. Plus, how the hell are you gonna make them glow?

>> No.41941042

would you a moth?

>> No.41941150
File: 355 KB, 1079x785, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't know, anon, you tell me.

>> No.41941239

Ill be honest anon I would strap a glowstick to my dick.

>> No.41941386

Well, that's one way to get her to cum.

>> No.41942136

Tell him you don't want to play non-monstergirl-monsterous-races, and don't play?

Seriously, sometimes you just say no.

I like how the head is basically the same from C onwards.

I don't think he can play characters if he doesn't want to also fuck them. Probably means he plays in order to live the "I AM SO PAINFULLY BEAUTIFUL UGUU" fantasy.

>> No.41942161

Give it a full owl head and cover it completely in feathers and maybe it'd be more acceptable. What you have is just a normal monster girl.

>> No.41942178

>they act just like humans would

What's even the point?

>> No.41942193

Go away, /d/.

>> No.41942269

But Monsters Inc. does have humans, and they can easily disguise as monsters by wearing cheap costumes.

>> No.41942340

A different aesthetic.

>> No.41942377

1 is still too furry.

>> No.41943952

Play a fucking broken powergaming monster, like a Sharn.

>> No.41943991

TBH Chicken knight sounds bawss as fuck

>> No.41944829

I definitely think there is an a.5 with just the ears and tail.

>> No.41944866

They're reverse furries. Furries are an animal head on a human body, and monster girls are a human head on an animal body.

>> No.41945977

if you see a character concept and automatically assume it's gonna ERP with other PCs, then it's you who have a problem, not us.

>> No.41946038

>human head on an animal body
Human head, human body, sprinkled with monstrous features.
remove setouchi REMOVE SETOUCHI

>> No.41946101

Your DM is a weeb and been watching too much Overlord

>> No.41946221
File: 145 KB, 1118x519, doggy style.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.41946736
File: 125 KB, 500x500, 2009-02-11-143728.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That was a good series.

>> No.41946828

>be a bard
>your ears bleed when you play your lute

>play for americans
>head explodes from clapping

>> No.41948910

I have a fetish for women, I think they call that heterosexuality or some weird shit like that, anyway my point is that I can seemingly play these one-dimensional sex-objects like an actual character, or at least most of the time. I can also make female NPCs without them turning into gibbering cock slaves or prostitutes. ISN'T THAT FUCKING WEIRD?

Turns out the guy playing the minotaur possibly doesn't want to impale everything on his bull cock, the girl playing a vampire probably doesn't have a bloodletting fetish (probably has a rippling ab and brooding antihero fetish though), and the person playing a half-snake half-man hybrid might not want to do it solely to masturbate to it.

You talk about maturity in a medium where everyone sits around a table and plays pretend, and here you sit on a mexican telenovela debate channel complaining about a nonexistant person's nonexistant character and acting like it in some way bolsters your argument that all non-standard characters are fetish-bait.

If the player is making abnormal note of their character's sexual characteristics, or actively trying to inject erp into a campaign then the GM should tell them to cut the shit. But if your mind jumps to sex the minute somebody brings up snake people with no hint of anything sexual then that's a you problem.

>> No.41949068

Most monster girls are animal from the waist down.

>> No.41949302


>female character
>not gibbering cockslave

why are you so shit at accurately portraying women Anon?

>> No.41949977

Came into the thread to suggest this, surprised nobody else did.

Just say your true form is a big blob but you can morph into a humanoid shape to wear gear and weapons.

Would be pretty cool, actually.

>> No.41953030


I don't get it

>> No.41953862

>less of an anthro
Actually anthropomorphic means "man-shaped" so monster girls are more anthro than full blown monsters.

>> No.41953954

Have you never watched Naruto? She gets turned into a dog.

>> No.41954100
File: 153 KB, 680x565, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.41954128
File: 37 KB, 350x438, AniDB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>expecting people to tell kinds of shit apart

>> No.41954442

Nothing stopping you from imagining them as... not monsters? What the GM gonna tell you to stop thinking otherwise? That said I'd rather play with monster girls faggots than furries.

>> No.41954443
File: 588 KB, 679x453, fusion-dance.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.41955462
File: 112 KB, 500x389, definitely furry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.41956732

Because fantasy isn't about accuracy

>> No.41956751

When does Kemono and Furry overlap, and when doesn't it overlap?

And when is and when isn't Redwall furry?

>> No.41956843

Redwall is always furry

>> No.41956888

Your bird waifu is actually a shrike

>> No.41956890

>Redwall is always sexy.

>> No.41956958

Trips of awesome.

>> No.41957239

Layers of White I think is the name of the comic. It's not vanilla.

>> No.41958567

Pity this thread devolved into sperging of angry monstergirlfags, douches, and people who don't know what a furry is.
I'll put in my 2 cents anyways
I like this vision this GM has myself. Your character only has to monstrous on the outside and in some cultural aspects. I don't see howhow's that a problem.

Also what's wrong with minotaurs?
If the torso ain't human, it should be fine.
Same for the merfolk, you'll find plenty artwork of them without a speck of humanness.
Medusas ditto

>> No.41958612

Listen to this guy >>41957239 it really puts thethe "monster" in monstergirl.

>> No.41960280
File: 232 KB, 313x313, Cha 18.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

look at all those neckbeards acting like there is a problem in a fully monstruos campaign just because they want to play fanservice monstergirls

>> No.41962559

But most of the thread is telling op he's a monster girl faggot, with a few monster fans in combination with a few furries and a good bunch of xenophiles.

>> No.41963027

Either don't play...or ask your gm for a list of available races. If none are acceptable, don't play.

Fucking faggot.

>> No.41963857

This has to be bait, or OP is fucking retarded

>> No.41965093
File: 6 KB, 160x160, get the fuck out.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How to troll /tg/:
>compare monstergirls to furries
And you're done. Smutfags will come crawling out of the woodworks to defend one fetish and libel the other, and vice versa. At no point will anyone realize that both their fetishes are shit.

>> No.41965153

>179 posts
>Nobody suggests that OP should just play a skeleton.
I sweat it's like you guys don't know what true fear is anymore.

>> No.41965184

Good luck trying to get that disk into the nuke, the real disk's on the clown!

>> No.41966137

It is hilarious how butthurt monstergirlfags get when they get compared to furries, or even bronies. Like one's own brand of fetish-based autism is somehow more pure or less autistic than another's.

>> No.41966359

When it comes to fetishes on the internet, there's a real rush to make one's particular brand of sexual miswiring look like the "moderate" ingroup. Classic social politics at work, I guess

>> No.41969666

I considered it, but I guess his DM would say it is still too human.

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