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What are some good pre-LotR fantasy films?

I'd feel bad about making this kind of thread, except there's a furry thread up right now.

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Are we talking pre-books or pre-movies ?

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The Hobbit

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The films, obviously.

No stop it, it wasn't that good.

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Does 13th warrior count?

Also this


My favorite cartoon as a child.

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I'd play the fuck out of a game set in the world of The Dark Crystal. Seriously.

Also, in before some idiot pretending that Heavy Metal was a decent movie.

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>Does 13th warrior count?

He said good, so no.

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>Heavy Meta

What a disappointment.

Nice animation in places but holy shit it was awful.

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Conan The Barbarian

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Neverending Story is a classic.
Clash of Titans (original)
Conan movies.

It was post-LotR (if we're talking movies, it's kinda like Star Wars).

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Troll reply: Hawk the Slayer.

Non-troll: Ladyhawk

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HM2K was much better.

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>Conan movies

Much good acting
Very scenery
Such story
So costumes

Music was fair good.

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The mean problem with Heavy Metal is that it's so damn overrated. It would be a sort of okay but stiffly animated anthology movie with no plot on it's own, but people keep acting as if it's some kind of beautiful masterpiece or something. It's ridiculous. And the same goes for Wizards, really. But at least that movie had some kind of story, even if it's hamfisted and kinda dumb ("showing a video of Hitler to someone literally transforms them into Nazis, even if they have no idea who Hilter is! Really, that's gonna be the whole premise of our movie. That, and hilariously lazy animation where we just add fangs and red eyes to old monochrome photage of knights. Animation!")

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> hating on Wizards

kill yourself

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Cartoons count?

The Last Unicorn.

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>hilariously lazy animation

I think you mean "incredibly cheap animation," which is why they did it.

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I've only really heard of HM a few times here. Is it a US thing?

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It's both lazy *and* cheap.

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I agree. It's from the time when everything had to be drawn by frame, making it really really expensive.

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Willow, Dark Crystal, uhhhh...

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Flight of Dragons.

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>Troll reply: Hawk the Slayer.
>Not Willow
You had one job, anon.

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There weren't any. I was all crappy practical effects and overacting.

Of course, post LOTR isn't really different. It's all crappy CGI effects and overacting.

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Ladyhawke is cheesy fun if you can get over the horrible music

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>Flight of Dragons.

My close comrade of Nubian descent.

I have not watched that movie in almost 20 years, and yet I can still sing the theme word-for-word, and will carrying Sir Orrin's last speech with me for the rest of my life.

"Blade with whom I have lived, blade with whom I now die, serve right and justice one last time, seek one last heart of evil, still one last life of pain, cut well old friend, and then farewell."

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>Horrible music
Kill yourself immediately

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>The films, obviously.
Most fantasy films before 1978 were pretty bad.

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Rankin Bass Hobbit
Conan the Barbarian
Sword in the Stone

Dungeons and Dragons movie

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Robin Hood: Princes of Thieves

> lol American accent
> that's not fantasy, faggot
> unrealistic

It's funny, it's got good one-liners and good action, besides the one American accent it's good acting, and who cares about realism because it's clearly a fantasy movie. It just happens to have no orcs or dragons -- humans are bad enough.

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Disney's Aladdin

> Good animation
> Good songs
> Robin Williams Genie, flying carpet, evil wizard, wisecracking parrot

Hell the TV series that followed it wasn't half bad either, not to mention the direct-to-video sequel, "The Return of Jafar".

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Disney's Robin Hood

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AKA the film that spawned a thousand furries (but not in Nottingham).

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> pre-LotR

> Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
> released December 2001

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
released *November* 2001

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possibly one of my favourite movies of all time

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Unless he was talking about the rankin bass animated ones.

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I'm surprised no one said Princess Bride

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So, so mad furries ruined anthropomorphic characters. So many non retarded ways to use it to exaggerate or imply traits plus creative possibilities for animating different body language and movement.

But now it's fucking tainted. Hell, you could even have characters disturbingly sexual (blinking fox, lion king hyena chick) without it being overt because it's a goddamn animal so it's not supposed to actually be sexy.

Also, for furries, Fritz the Cat was for more explicit but somehow plebiscite furry bitches missed it.

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It's not really a fantasy movie. There's a few minor elements that are magic, but i'd call that flourish more than fantasy.

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Sword in the Stone
Monty Python and the Holy Grail

>Get the full Arthur experience

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Rankin Bass Hobbit
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves
Princess Bride
Jim Henson's the Story Teller
The Black Cauldron (if we're accepting disney)
Conan the Barbarian & Conan the Destroyer
If you insist on Heavy Metal then make it Heavy Metal 2 because it at least flows like a normal movie.

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Oh and Heavy Metal, Conan, Ladyhawke, and the 13th warrior are fantasy?

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The Harry Potter movies weren't that great, but at least the first one was pretty good.

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Mah man. Exquisitely terrifying when rewatching as an adult. That Unicorn is a sociopath. And the terror when she's turned into a mortal. And Molly's heartbreak when the unicorn came too late, oh dear god in heaven.

But the ultimate terror was that goddamn rape tree. Nightmares as a child AND an adult.

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First Conan movie only. Second is terrible.

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>The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
Very funny, lots of artistic references, and a celebration of adventure and life itself. What's not to love?

I've never seen this movie, but I get chills reading it.

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>ctrl + f
>0 results
What does /tg/ think about the directors cut of this movie? Obviously the regular version is too short / watered down.

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I like both versions. The director's cut for added scenes, the theatrical release for the Tangerine Dream soundtrack.

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The original magazine was French, but the movie was mostly produced in Canada. Each segment was made by a different studio, but I think at least most of them were Canadian, and half the cast of SCTV is in it. Both the magazine and movie were fairly popular in the US though.

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>Tangerine Dream
I would have sworn it was Yes


Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it the same singer?

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Love the directors cut. The non directors cut was more 80s movie than phantasy because of that cheesy music.

>>Tim Currys demon is under rated

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Quest of the Delta Knights.

Merlin's Magical Shop of Mystical Wonders.

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I just went through wiki and the bands have nothing to do with each other. I'm surprised I got this mixed up.

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Well guess what, I just went over to wikipedia, and you were right too, the lead singer for Yes did guest vocals on Loved by the Sun.

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Praying? Hahaha, now die!

Seriously that more people do not know this movie I will never understand I mean the line of voice actors was incredibly

Every fucking line by Ommedon is amazing

"test me! I could even reach up and pluck down the sun!
You can't do that..
Why?! Why! Tell me you little insect!

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Don't forget the crossover with Hercules.

Or the third movie.

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If you're going to mention Munchhausen, then I'd also add Time Bandits. It's not straight-up fantasy, but it's got some elements to it, especially near the end of the movie. It's the first part of Gilliam's "Imagination Trilogy" which also includes Munchhausen and Brazil (Brazil isn't really fantasy, but it's also a great movie).

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..yyyyyyep, gonna have to go watch Legend again.

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Munchhausen is solidly fantasy, just not swords & sorcery

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I'd say Time Bandits is fantasy too. A bunch of halflings dive through magic portals that take them throughout time and space, using a map, to steal things along the way? That doesn't happen where I live.

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Oh, I'd fully agree. It's the most fantasy of the three movies. It's set in 18th century Earth, but it's completely fantastical. A sea monster, a trip to the moon, meeting gods, a party of adventurers who each have their own special power...practically a D&D campaign right there.

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The Neverending Story felt disjointed and cliche to me.
Nice animatronics though.

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I liked the movie. but honestly the book was much better.

Speaking of books and movies I liked as a kid, The Phantom Tollbooth. The movie was pretty good at capturing the spirit of the book, IMO.

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actually you just reminded me of Indian in the Cupboard. I remember liking it 15 years ago but have no idea how it's held up

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> Kids don't know about O.G. Darkwolf

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Aww shit, how did I forget about that one? Especially considering at least three other Bakshi movies were mentioned already.

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>L'armata Brancaleone
>Brancaleone at the Crusades

Very funny and legit dialogue about the human condition at times.

>> No.41924562

This animation looks a lot like the Zelda CDI games.

>> No.41924590

Was a few years between me remembering what the hell that movie was called and Internet archives becoming thorough and accessible enough for me to watch it.

Was just as fucking weird as I remembered, was not disappointed

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>nice Animatronics
Maybe for their budget, which I have no idea of, but in general they were pretty terrible.

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The Wizard

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>Heavy Metal, Conan, Ladyhawke
These three definitely.

>> No.41924897

And they fucked up the bit with the smiley-face starship and reversed the last two scenes.

>> No.41924898

>wood tank
>thunder bolt breaks chain
>mandrake magic

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Simply the best film of all time.

>> No.41925989

>No Asterix and Obelix many movies and animations


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Were these popular in murrika? I'm not sure if they're much better known there than the european Disney comics, which are fucking fantastic. I remember a storytime thread a while back that involved Donald and nephews playing essentially Warhammer Fantasy, and then the miniatures got painted with SCIENCE paint that made them come to life. I don't think that one was translated to my language, because I used to be all over Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse comics when I was a kid.

But I digress, Asterix and Obelix. Yes, fantastic movies based on great comics.

>> No.41926808

>Were these popular in murrika?

They seem to have a small but loyal following. About as big as the Perry Rhodan fandom.

>> No.41926877

Don't know about America. But here in Brazil they had quite a fandom that seems to be dying out.

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Fuck off. It is 100% fantasy. A six-fingered man, a giant, fire swamps, miraculous resurrection, holocaust cloak.

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Bump for Time Bandits...

Did anyone say Krull yet?

That was one of my favorites as s kid.

How about the Gor movies??? Certainly not as good as the books but good times.

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Star Wars

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Is there any adaptation of Guilliver's Travels? Most adaptations are clearly aimed at children, when the book is a brutal socio-political satire of its time.

>> No.41927181


I believe there was a TV miniseries in the late 90s, but I didn't see it.

>> No.41927250

Nigga you did not just go there.

>> No.41927313

Not same anon, but I liked 13th warrior. Maybe it was the dub.

>> No.41927446

That was pretty cool anon. I like how old animations like these feel so abstract.

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*sigh* Dammit, get off my lawn.

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Is it still worth watching if you've never seen it before, or is it a nostalgia movie?

>> No.41928305


I watched it about ten years ago after not having seen it since childhood in the early 80s.
It's perhaps a little old-fashioned, but definitely a good movie.

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Deathly Hallows Part 1 is fucking GOAT. I loved the atmosphere of it.

>the Story Teller
My absolute nigga. I loved that show so much when I was a kid. The one with Death was my favorite.

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Yeah, there was a miniseries. I remember watching it when it first aired. It wasn't kid's fare, but it did cut out a few of the more mature bits from the original story.

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File: 70 KB, 704x512, Feherlofia (M. Jankovics, 1982) DVDRip.Hun.avi_snapshot_01.12.42_[2015.07.16_12.30.29].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

- Feherlofia, you'll probably walk around in circles for a while after watching it.
- 1952 Sadko is all right, nice costumes, sets and music
- Willow
- Die Nibelungen
- The Little Prince and the Eight-Headed Dragon, animation which last time I checked had a pretty funny translation in some parts
- The Brothers Lionheart
- Return to Oz
- Neco z Alenky
- Kirikou et la sorciere
- Kuroneko
- Onibaba
- Viy

The last three aren't probably what you're looking for, but they're cool anyway.

I also used to love Highlander as a kid, but I'm not sure if it still holds up today. Then you have the usual Disney, Ghibli and Soyuzmultfilm stuff.

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I remember watching Storyteller when I was a kid. There was also the Jim Henson Hour which had less fairy tale stories and more of a variety.

And yeah, Deathly Hallows part 1 was one of the more interesting parts of the series. All the books more or less had the formula of Harry and friends going through the school year and having their advantures as it went on. The fifth book deviated from the formula a bit, but it was back on the rails briefly for the sixth book before the seventh book completely derailed the concept. Instead of school, they were just running from the Death Eaters for the whole first half of the book, and there was a very dark feel to it as they were cut off from the outside world and weren't sure if the wizard apocalypse was upon them or not. They captured the feel well in the movie.

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>Fuck off. It is 100% fantasy. A six-fingered man, a giant, fire swamps, miraculous resurrection, holocaust cloak

The six-fingered man and the giant don't count as fantasy elements, heck the giant was played by a real actual giant, who died not too long afterwards from the medical problems associated with being too tall. The fire swamps probably count and the shenanigans with Wesley being "mostly dead" do count. I don't remember anything called a holocaust cloak, care to remind me?

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1998 was fifty six years ago.

>> No.41930597

... and that's why 2nd one got the plot directly resembling your average mid-level D&D campaign

>> No.41930603

>Horrible music
>Literally the only thing that is not laughable upon rewatch many, many years later

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Was going to make Ctrl+F post, but here it is

>> No.41930665

A shitload of Soviet animation, often turning classic fairytales or Russian folklore OR some Chinese bits for exotic flavour into amazingly subtle commentary in tune of "kids, those capitalists are greedy and evil, just like monarchs".
But most of them are absolutely superb examples of fantasy, since they are after all variations of fairytales.

>> No.41930693

>Unintentionally hilarious rotoscoping: the movie

>> No.41930726

Funny how rotoscoping, the modern one, was mastered by Bakshi to get completely new effect in animation, but since it was dirty cheap to do, it was instantly associated with worst kind of animation possible

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... no, not yet, but it will be one day. I'll still be wasting my life.

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Beowulf and Grendel.

>> No.41931188

It's called growing pains, anon. It got better.

>> No.41931769

>Princes of Thieves

I loved that movie so much, I've never gotten the Kevin hate.

And dat soundtrack....


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