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Last time on Space Alcoholic Quest

Continuing our adventures with the mysterious figure known only to us as Whis, Arctus continued through the next strange door in front of him, returning the Arcosian to a familiar face.

Crashing Kabuya's beach relaxation as a spectre, together with Whis we managed to deduce that it's important to have something to fight for, and to relax when you get the chance to.

This wasn't the only lesson to be learned here though, as the scene shifted and we were subjected to the scene of Risel's death at the hands of a mad test subject from a Tuffle scientist out for revenge.

Loss, Rage, Anger, all powerful tools to be utilized when you present the chance for them to come forth. Harnessing one's emotions in a time of strife can lead to power, but the suffering that may follow... is it worth it?

A Super Saiyan, even a 'weak' one, still outclasses our hero and it brings forth the question, does he have to be the one to sieze his revenge and destroy the tyrant Frieza?

Let's learn that together.

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The emotions of loss...driven by need. They need to prevent the loss of the rest of their families. It is no simple desire, but loss fueling something so...potent, so grievous, that desires become irrelevant in the face of the need to protect what is yours." You muse

"I can imagine. I still haven't been able to shake those nightmares about that day when Frieza's paranoia inspired him to kill everyone on this planet. When he killed my mother and everyone I ever knew. That's a big part of why I'm here now." Thinking back on your past still hurts, but it's going to be necessary here in order to move foward. The past can't consume you any longer, else you'll be lost to it forever.

"But there was a moment I came very close to losing Vegeta, back when I was fighting the Emperium. The Beast offered me great power if I gave into rage, but the other me told me that wasn't a path I wanted to go down, unless I wanted to turn out like Frieza. I can't turn out like him, I refuse to. What good would an easy burst of power like that be if I just turned into a monster afterwards." Clenching your fist at the memory Vegeta.

Whis nods when it seems you've finished "Loss is not the only emotion you can harness. Rage, sorrow, righteous fury, nearly everything you can imagine, all of it can be used in some fashion, you simply have to learn how to do it when the time comes."

He's already started to turn and walk away, but hesitates for a moment, slightly angling his head back again to speak to you. "For your sake Arctus, I hope the day when that happens is far off, for your wrath may break the foundations of the heavens. Pity to the man that would force you to that level, for I imagine you will have none."

Stepping through the doorway that appeared in front of you, with Whis still at your side, once again the room of space is the scene, with only one door left.

>A. "Whis I have questions..." (What?)
>B. Numbers time
>C. Write in

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>>B. Numbers time

Ayyyyy nacolepsy-MC, what it is, cuz?

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>B. Numbers time

>> No.41878672

>>B. Numbers time

Wrath and fury are dangerous emotions. Properly harnessed they can be very powerful while still remaining in control.

However without a guiding intellect they are just raging stupid beasts.

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>B. Numbers time
Is it nap time already?

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>A, "if there is such a big multiverse threat, why don't you stop, since you are so much stronger than me?" then B

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>B. Numbers time

>catchpa is pancakes
catchpa stop stalking me

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Calling the vote and writing.

How's my characterization of Whis so far?

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>A. "Whis I have questions..." (What?)

Did Arcosia ever have a guardian of its own? Like how Earth has Kami?

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Very Whis-like.

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Secretly whis was arcosia guardian

No fucking clue.

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I like it. I want to see how he handles us:
1. Breaking down at the total bullshit that is Kaguyas power level and
2. Our total smartassness over how Kaguyas is weaker than him, and that is the power we need. Seriously, we should wonder why he can't just handle this threat.

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>"Because he was cursed with narcolepsy and is somewhat of an idiot."

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Wubba lubba dub-dub Eail, wubba lubba dub-dub.

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I meant asking Whis why he can't handle it.

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>and is completely schizophrenic, with an unhealthy obsession with posing, and not the best alcohol tolerance amongst his peers

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I know, that was me pretending that was Whis's response.

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You realize those attacks fit Kaguya the most, on the account they remain true to what humans are capable of right?

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inb4 we meet abridged Kaguya

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pretty accurate i'd say
hullo friends

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I too am in great pain.

Mom just got back from her girl's night out for her birthday that's on monday, delayed writing a bit but starting now

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>HOLY SHIT! FROOZER! Wanna fuck!? I'D FUCK US! WHO? ME! YES! AAAAANNNNND pose. I'mma skullfuck your corpse, bitch, but first, let me take a selfie! (Let's fuck Gohan guys!) [FUCK OFF YOU LITTLE SHIT!!!!!! REEEEEEEEEEE]

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How horrifying.

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And I don't mean the whole passing out, I mean rampage drive basically is a adrenaline rush, Sky Breaker and Taikoui are basically that one attack a person that is cornered or is about to die decides to say fuck it and let his instincts take over to deliver one final punch that might save them.

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>"e-eighteen a best, guis, look at loods..." AYYYYYYY

>inb4 best wai -


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>Implying Cell Jr isn't best waifu

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>Best waifu

18 is best girl

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Annnnd I get to see SAQ live for once! WOOOOOO!

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What have I done? I'm sorry Eail.

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All in good fun.

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annnnnnd for some reason it isn't animated. this won't do, this won't do at all.

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>not Haya

Plebs, all of you.

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>SOM's fw in the background lurking this thread

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Don't apologize

I wouldn't

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>Implying Fart isn't best waifu

Sing it with me now!

The worlds can be one together, cosmos without hatred
Stars like diamonds in your eyes
The ground can be space, space, space, space, space
With feet marching towards a peaceful sky.
All the moon men want things their way
But we make sure they see the sun.
Goodbye, moon men
You say goodbye, moon men

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Som is on vacation until Sunday.

...and it pisses me off because we're left on a cliff hanger for both of his quests. How dare he take time off from a roleplaying thread on a social website full of anonymous people!

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>not moon whaler

Sing with ME!

We're whalers on the moon
We carry a harpoon
But there ain't no whales
So we tell tall tales
And sing this whaling tune

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At least he left off with Kaguya and Gohan destroying their space wizard status.

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Well there really isn't any use in wasting time asking questions when there's only one door left to go through. Whis would probably prefer to get this all over with as soon as possible and it'll be better to have all the questions at the end rather than now.

Still, as you approach this door there's a sense of danger that tickles at the back of your mind... this one is different than the first two were, very different.

Whatever is contained behind this door is so ungodly strong that you can sense it's presence from here, and you can feel several powers that are all around that strength.

They make Frieza seem like a child in comparison, and that frightens you, frightens you greatly. Even the feeling of Kabuya as a super saiyan didn't compare to this strength, feeling like a drop of water in comparison. If whatever is here can make a super saiyan feel weak, what the hell kind of monster are you about to deal with?

Trying to shake off your fear, a sigh you didn't know you had been keeping was released an you stepped forth once more into the light on the other side of the door.

The sight you're greeted with seems incredibly familiar, the rocky hills, the lush green grass, the beautiful blue sky... the only thing that's off is the giant arena that you can see down below, with OH GOD.

A sudden weight feels like it's being pressed against your chest as powers flare up down below, instantly dropping you like a sack of rocks from the sky and making it so you feel as though you can barely breath.

Clutching your chest and struggling for air as beads of sweat start to fall from your brow, you see Whis land next to you.

>A. Whis... get me out of here!
>B. Help me... stand.
>C. I can get... up on my own.
>D. Write in

>> No.41879313

>C. I can get... up on my own.

>> No.41879331

>C. I can get... up on my own.
>D. Write in
And then ask Whis to put up a wizard barrier to deflect power level pressure

>> No.41879348

Supporting >>41879331

>> No.41879359

>>C. I can get... up on my own.

Whoo boy, feels like when Zaraki gets his murderboners.

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>> No.41879371

>D. Write in
"Whis, what the hell is going on here?! The instant I step in I nearly get killed by the air"

>> No.41879373

>C, is this Earth? What the fuck is going on, and what are those ungodly powers?

>> No.41879384

>C. I can get... up on my own.

>> No.41879394

>C. I can get... up on my own.

>> No.41879403

"I wanna go back to the scouter or hat!"

>> No.41879410


>D "I-is this what I have to look forward too even if I beat Frieza, Cooler and Cold?

>> No.41879453


Good times.

>> No.41879460 [SPOILER] 

Calling the vote and writing

"This? Oh heavens no Dear Arctus... you're going to be fighting something that makes this little scene seems as weak as Frieza"

>> No.41879510

>>C. I can get... up on my own.
>D. Write in

Is this real, and if so, what the space jesus is causing it?

>> No.41879514

whis why

>> No.41879516

...I need an adult?

>> No.41879527

>That picture

Damnit Kato

>> No.41879530

Because he lost control of his life

He is an adult!

>> No.41879608

whis let himself go

>> No.41879616

I kinda hope not. I like how your universes tend to have good consistency

>> No.41879625

Consistency in what fashion?

>> No.41879699

Consistent like laser swords.

>> No.41879707

Out of the corner of your eye you can see Whis glance down at you with a hint of curiosity and even a bit of pity. "Do you require my assistance Arctus?" The demi-god asks after a few seconds of staring at you. There's an.. odd tone to his voice that you aren't quite sure how to interpret. It halfways sounds expecting, and halfways uncaring, as though this was exactly what he had expected out of you.

No... no you've been expected to be a failure and someone to give up all your life, something as simple as the power to squash you like an insect won't be enough to keep you down either!

Slamming your fist into the dirt with as much force as you can muster, you struggle to force yourself back to your feet. As strong as you've become, you should be able to do this! You aren't some little weakling anymore that can be forced to the ground by the heel of a tyrant!

Flaring your power, a yell of frustration and rage at your own evident weakness accompanies the blue firey aura that surrounds you. Every muscle in your body begging for relief and screaming for you to stop, even as you push yourself further and futher upwards, until you're able to once again stand beside Whis.

The demi-god, for his part, looks quite surprised and very pleased at your actions. "Well done Arctus, well done indeed! I'm very impressed you managed to overcome the power here like this." Whis congratulates you. "Still, we can't exactly have you running at one hundred and ten percent for the rest of this little trip, so I'll have create a barrier for us."

Tapping his staff against the ground, Whis produces a light teal bubble around the two of you that shimmers once before vanishing. As soon as the barrier is out of your sight though, the feeling of almost being crushed is gone and you can let your power drop.

>A. Lets go check all this out
>B. Whis what the hell is happening here?
>C. Write in

>> No.41879717


The sense of joyful exploration and wonder that we all share as you say "Fuck canon", and let us enjoy the adventure.

>> No.41879723

Your plot lines tend to be coherent and internally consistent. Human quest eventually started to feel fuzzy. I dunno, it just stopped feeling like we were in a coherent universe after a while. That and ludicrous power ups for the sake of it. Nothing seemed to make sense any more, so I stopped bothering.

>> No.41879724

>B. Whis what the hell is happening here?
"Whis what the fuck is going on."

>> No.41879730

>>B. Whis what the hell is happening here?

Are we witnessing some kind of war of the Kais?

>> No.41879745

>A. Lets go check all this out

Let's see what was squashing us like two seconds ago

>> No.41879747

>B, then after the explanation, "Neat, let's watch."

>> No.41879751

>A. Lets go check all this out
>B. Whis what the hell is happening here?

>> No.41879778

>C. "I'm guessing all chosen ones aren't created equally."

>> No.41879779

>>A. Lets go check all this out

>> No.41879787

>>B. Whis what the hell is happening here?

>> No.41879805

>B. Whis what the hell is happening here?
"I'm not sure I'm nearly drunk enough to deal with this..."

>> No.41879818

inb4 its abridged kags powering up to argue with himself

>> No.41879852

>tfw Kaguya multiforms, and his sheer insanity charges his PL up exponentially while he argues with himself

>Cell is genuinely terrified of how being so imperfect is making him so powerful

>> No.41879867

You know what would have been great? If Eail had faked us out and it wasn't Kaguya, or even in the DBZ, but instead it was Cena vs Lesnar where Lesnar completely destroyed him.

>> No.41879869


>> No.41879879

Calling the vote

I would have made a Benoit joke instead

>> No.41879885

You wrestling fags are cancer.

>> No.41879902

i love this community

>> No.41879989

It's like I'm talking to other facets of myself. Especially the ones that disagree.

>> No.41880257

It's a relief to actually be able to breathe easily and get that pressure off of your chest. As resiliant as Arcosians are, an overwhelming power like the ones you're feeling ahead of you are a very serious threat even when you aren't the one that's directly fighting them.

"Whis... what in all the levels of hell have we gotten ourselves into? All of these powers, it makes me feel like we've walked into a battle between the very Kais themselves!" You hastily ask the man, sounding very off put by the activities around you.

Your companion is silent for a few moments before the two of you are lifted off the ground in synchronized timing, the barrier he had just created seemingly being the platform that is now carrying you towards the battlefield below.

"What we are now going to bear witness to is a great battle in a young warrior's life. One in which he displays his strength and his courage. There are many fights this young man has been a part of, and several of them have his strength going even higher than this, but this one... well, you'll see for yourself soon enough." He states as the two of you float off to the side over the arena.

Down below you can see all of the earthlings you'd gotten to know during your stay on the planet, though incredibly stronger than when you left. Tien, Yamcha, Krillin, Piccolo, Goku, they're all here, along with a purple haired young man you don't recognize that's dressed in PTO style armor.

In the ring though... there's one that you manage to recognize immediately, even if he has gotten taller and had a change in his hair color.


>> No.41880271

I think it would have been crippling to Arctus to witness him.

>> No.41880288

You're unable to hold the smile back as you see Gohan as a super saiyan fighting against a tiny blue monster, with another boy at his side fighting a clone of the first enemy, with a large green one in the back watching all of this.

The feelings of pride are quick to pass though, as you notice that you haven't actually seen Vegeta anywhere, but... you feel the energy of the saiyan, coming off of the green monster, you can also feel everyone else in the monster as well, but none as strong as Vegeta.

Clenching your fists at the thought, your mind focuses itself once more on the fight in front of you, witnessing Gohan starting to take a beating from the small blue creature. Blood shooting from the young Saiyan's mouth after a particularly nasty blow, your anger only continues to grow.

"Arctus..." Whis starts.

>A. "To hell with Power Levels, I'm helping Gohan!"
>B. "Whis, what the hell did that thing do to Vegeta, where is she?"
>C. Watch
>D. Write in

>> No.41880314

>B. "Whis, what the hell did that thing do to Vegeta, where is she?"
>C. Watch

>> No.41880315

>B. "D-did that thing eat Vegeta?!"

>> No.41880348

>>B. "Whis, what the hell did that thing do to Vegeta, where is she?"

Right, right. He doesn't that Vegeta is male in most timelines.

>> No.41880350

Only I'm allowed to do that! That's my mouth present!

>> No.41880351

>B. "Whis, what the hell did that thing do to Vegeta, where is she?"

>> No.41880380

>B. "Whis, what the hell did that thing do to Vegeta, where is she?"
>C. Watch

Not going to do anything stupid. I'm an ant here amongst dinosaurs. Just one ant, not a whole swarm of them.

>> No.41880387

>B. "Whis, what the hell did that thing do to Vegeta, where is she?"
>C. Watch
I'm surprised Arctus didn't notice that Nappa was there as well with the gang

>> No.41880388

>B. "Whis, what the hell did that thing do to Vegeta, where is she?"

Male-female shenanigans


I doubt we can help as we are

>> No.41880408


>> No.41880442

>>B. "Whis, what the hell did that thing do to Vegeta, where is she?"

>> No.41880445

Or the other random kids, or the guy with the afro.

>> No.41880460

Heh. Whis corrects him



>'The Vegeta in this dimension is male. Of course with infinite number of universes, there are bound to be gender-swapped versions.'

>'...This is one freaky-deaky reality...'

>'There is even one where your the female and fall in love with him. It is quite adorable, do you want to go see it?'

>'Uh...I'm good.'

>> No.41880477

>B. "Whis, what the hell did that thing do to Vegeta, where is she?"
>C. Watch
>D. Write in
"Will... will Gohan be all right? As strong as he is now, he's still having so much trouble..."

>> No.41880518

Oh my... Seconding

>> No.41880526

Hercule is meh

Nappa and the kids though was my fault. I was trying to not drag on too long with exposition and just get to the "meat" of that post quicker


>> No.41880534

>>B. "Whis, what the hell did that thing do to Vegeta, where is she?"

Murder levels rising.

>> No.41880537

>C. Watch

>> No.41880579

Arctus reaches Super Evolution through concern of his man-wife.

Speaking of which, do you think it'll take the Gold Frieza approach or Cooler approach?

>> No.41880665


Or Arctus gets a small power boost over trying to feel rage over what he thinks is his dead wife, but is thoroughly weirded out over imagining his soulmate as a perpetually salty Saiyan prince who is specifically salty at a teenager.

>> No.41880667

Could be one, then the other.

Also reminder that it was implied Freeza chose the color of his transformation specifically to mock the Super Saiyan form, so...

>> No.41880708


That's because Freiza is a dick.

>> No.41880723

Oh. Right, just did a bit of reading up.

>Super Evolution
>Ultimate Evolution

So Arctus has two more power ups.
Hm. Wonder what color he'll decide on.

>I want my ultimate evolution to be...Platinum!

>> No.41880734


>> No.41880755

Ick, no.

It'll be the color of his favorite drink!

Or Vegeta's favorite color.

Only fair since Arctus is going to love a blonde Vegeta.

>> No.41880902


The Galick Gun was purple...

>> No.41880926

The color of royalty.

Big pimpin' Arctus.

I concur. But what for the secondary color? Still blue? No, too much.

>> No.41880984

Wasn't the transformations based upon BEAST MODE which we decided not to do?

>> No.41881038

Purple and black?
Tho that'd make us look like a giant bruise.

>> No.41881039

"Tell me where she is Whis... now." You quietly say as your fingers dig into your clentched hands, hard enough that blood has started to drip. "Where is Vegeta, why do I feel her from within the green one... What happened to my partner."

Whis hangs his head down and sighs, slowly shaking his head afterwards and looking at you with pity. "For all intensive purposes, the Vegeta of this world is dead, but!" He holds up his hand to stop you before you can speak "This was not the Vegeta you knew Arctus, your Vegeta is female and level headed. The one of this world is male and hot blooded, he rushed ahead into a fight with that creature and was absorbed in the process."

Vegeta is... not Vegeta, but Vegeta is dead. That monster killed the Vegeta that isn't your Vegeta, the Vegeta of this world was a man, like the Vegeta of Kabuya's world.

Oh Space Christ this makes your head hurt.

"That creature is the greatest threat this world has ever known, it's holding a tournament right now for it's own amusement and desire to fight the world's strongest before destroying the Earth." Whis continues as you process all this information.

"The Boy down there with Gohan, he's currently the strongest of the Earthlings, and somenoe you wouldn't be familiar with. He along with his friends are known as Super Humans, their power has no limit, and they grow in strength at an incredible rate when fighting a superior foe."

Sure enough, even if he was slightly weaker than the blue creature he was fighting, the boy seems to have the advantage now in power... even though he's not going for the kill.

"He's playing with his food." You comment, causing Whis to nod. "As I said, he's a boy, what he may have in power, he lacks in maturity when it comes to quickly finishing his enemy, as we're about to see... not a very good idea."


>> No.41881048


The first transformation is similar to what Cooler has. But since Arctus isn't giving into the Beast, it will look like the other Arctus in his head looks like.

Ultimate Evolution is what Frieza in RoF achieves. Not so sure how that will play out.

>> No.41881065

With a very awkward and unprofessional looking kick, the boy is nearly sent flying out of the ring as the monster aims it's attack at the crowd of humans off to the side, reporters by the looks of them.

"TRI-BEAM, HA!" It shouts, unleashing the mighty attack you've seen used by Tien.

"However... what the boy may lack in his brains right now... he makes up for in his heart." Whis says as the boy guards against the attack aimed at the civilians, causing him to crash into the round outside of the arena.

The deep smooth voice of the green creature sounds incredibly disappointed as it admonishes the boy for his loss, while Gohan is still fighting desperately against the two blue ones in the ring. "I had hoped that you would provide me with some entertainment, but it seems as though it was a waste of my time to spare you," It continues. "Perhaps Goku and Gohan can provide me with some amusement before I kill you all."

>A. He wants entertainment eh? I'll give it a shot
>B. Stand back and watch.
>C. Ask Whis something

>> No.41881093

>B. Stand back and watch.
>C. Ask Whis something
"Whats the boy's name by the way?"

>> No.41881104

>B. Stand back and watch.

>> No.41881108

His name



Erm, no, that isn't right.

>> No.41881115

Isn't that a girls name?

>> No.41881116


Backing this, also ask
>Why did I not meet him on Earth if he is so powerful?

>> No.41881117

>B. Stand back and watch.

>> No.41881119


...I really wanna toss down the laser sword to Kags, even though I know it won't do anything to Cell. Maybe they could use it to get Vegeta out of him? I know everyone will scream at me for even suggesting it but...heh, it seems like a funny idea.

>> No.41881127

>>B. Stand back and watch.

>> No.41881128

>B. Stand back and watch.
>C. Ask Whis something

Who exactly is that green beetle-looking guy over there? How does he have so much from so many sources within him? Does that have something to do with that absorption thing you mentioned earlier?

>> No.41881136

Rolled 4 (1d4)

This is SOM's universe. Any attempt by Kag to use a sword will have 1d4 of friends die.

>> No.41881141

rip friends

>> No.41881144


>> No.41881151

Come on, that's a given.

>> No.41881165

>B. Stand back and watch.
>C. Ask Whis something
"So I'm guessing Freeza was killed by him, did he also deal with his father King Cold by himself?"

>> No.41881171

>B. Stand back and watch.

Toss it to Krillin instead.

>> No.41881190


That or Trunks. Guy actually knows how to use a sword.

>> No.41881241

Calling the vote

>> No.41881278

Can Arctus sense the Ginyus, Frieza and Cold also inhabiting Cell?

>Cell stops time
>Looks up and notices Whis and Arctus
>"Why hello thar..."
>Tries to absorb Whis but gets knocked flat on his ass because Whis can control time much better than Cell can.

>> No.41881290

Whis would destroy him instantly.

>Cell tries to attack Whis

>Whis: Sit the fuck down kid.

>Annihilates him.


>> No.41881297

>Cell tries to absorb Whis

>Whis just shoots him a bored look and Cell is sent careening into the distance

>> No.41881363


>> No.41881531

You want to help, you really do, but the simple fact of the matter is no matter how much heart you might put into your attacks against this thing, you simply wouldn't do enough damage to even tickle it. Simply put, from the way the creature spoke, you'll have to put your faith in Gohan and Goku. This might not be your world, and they might not be the saiyans that you know, but Gohan has strength within him, enough to overcome any obstacle if he tries hard enough.

"Whis, what was the boy's name again, the orange haired one?" You ask your companion as the two of you continue to observe the happenings below you.

Despite the seriousness of the situation you're in, Whis chuckles. "Kaguya, his name is Kaguya Pendragon."

"Isn't that a girl's name?" You immediately question.

"Indeed it is, don't ask him that if you ever meet though, he tends to not like it." He replies, still rather amused as he points you back towards the action.

It looks like... handcuffs? Appeared around Kaguya's wrists, and as the boy breaks them apart an ungodly amount of power rushes forth from him, surpassing Gohan, the blue creatues, and rapidly approaching the level of the large green one.

A loud argument has broken out between the boy and the creature, yet before any resolution can be reached with an incredible lack of effort Kaguya has started to dispatch all of the blue creatures on his own, cutting them down with such ease compared to how he'd been fighting before.

"That sort of power, that's what you need Arctus. A taste of something like that to set you on the right track. Even as great as he is right now, Kaguya only continues to grow stronger, become a better warrior. He has no limits, so why should you?" Whis comments from the side.

Eventually, with all of the blue creatures defeated except for one that flew away, Goku, Gohan, and Kaguya all face off with the large green one.

>A. Do something (What?)
>B. Ask Whis a question (What?)
>C. Continue watching
>D. Write in

>> No.41881561

>>B. Ask Whis a question (What?)
"How the hell do I get 'No Limits'?"

>> No.41881572

>C. Continue watching

>> No.41881578

"This creature. What is it's name? Why can I sense not only the boy's power but everyone I know and more? Was...was this thing crafted with different genetics, like I crafted X from spare parts?"

>> No.41881588

>SO how did he make it so he had no limits? I assume it has something to do with being a Super...Human? Something tells me Arcosians and humans, or even Saiyans for that matter are not the same.

>> No.41881596

>B, "Yet he's still weaker than you, isn't he? Why do you even need a chosen one in that case? Couldn't you just handle whatever this multiversal threat is yourself?"

>> No.41881608

>Arctus gets the idea to use schematics from every type of machine he can find that actually does things right, and upgrades X to be the ultimate machine

>> No.41881653

>C. Continue watching
>D. Write in
"Well from what the information I'v witnessed in the previous doors it seems that there is always someone out there stronger than the previous foe, King Piccolo for the hat door, Freeza for the scouter door, and now this giant bug like creature for this door. In a way even if I beat Freeza, I will eventually have to face both my uncle/ his father King Cold and my cousin Cooler, so I would have to push my self even further if I want to see this goal to the end along with making sure none of my allies have to sacrifice themselves for me"

>> No.41881660

>Turns out it's just a toaster oven with legs

>and a Cup holder!

>> No.41881676

...Wasn't that what we were intending?

Make X into the Ultimate Artificial Lifeform! Then they merge together and we become Arctus-X! Our version of Mecha-Cooler/Cyborg Frieza

>> No.41881696

And a xerox machine

>> No.41881777

Calling the vote and wondering why I had you guys go through THE ENTIRE FUCKING CELL GAMES

>> No.41881799

And a fax machine. And a camera, and a watch, and a cell phone, and an upgraded scouter, and...

>> No.41881803

Because you're an ass?

>> No.41881815


So we can bask in the perfection that is cell?

>> No.41881822

For excitement, for SSJ2 sorrow and for joining in the Spirit Bomb making

>> No.41881828

You should have Kaguya Sky Breaker the planet like the samefags wanted to.

>> No.41881840

You know we wouldn't interfere. We didn't do it with the last two because we were either above or around the same power level. We could've drastically changed things.

Here we wouldn't do anything but make things worse.

Now if you had an original parallel universe not related to other quest threads, we'd probably fuck around.

Ooh, show us bad end universe where Arctus is an evil over lord who uses the Big Gete Star to manufacture Super X's to control the PTO.

>> No.41881841

Samefags were on both sides.

>> No.41881844


That is the part of the quest I just about officially hung it up on following.

The shipping was getting bad, and the stupid choices due to it.

>> No.41881889

No stupid choices come after that, besides the day of training with Videl, which wasn't that big of a deal. Or wanting to let 13 transform, despite knowing he could, for, what was the reason again?

>> No.41881915

I was in eye of the storm of that same-fag tornado.

>> No.41881957

Oh I meant WHY as in why did I decide to do the entire thing when it covered 4 god damn threads and we got a lot of ground to go over.

>> No.41882026


I could see the waifu shit coming. It was getting bad. Granted when I saw Piano I knew bad shit was coming. Never really got random space adventures.

Condense the fight, and ask for less commentary. This is mostly about pure unadultered power.

Only comment on a few truly major events.

>> No.41882086

skip through bits and pieces of it

>> No.41882140

Abridge that shit.

>> No.41882190

I wonder if we can use the Black Star Dragonballs to wish for the Ultimate Booze.

...Man, Arctus would fit in Toriko way better then he does DBZ. He could get gourmet cells and get stronger every time he drinks super awesome booze.
It'd be perfect.

>> No.41882191

Alternatively, get whis to give us the watered down version through mind transfer

>his version is very altered, becoming a big joke.

>> No.41882243

Thar or just an endless bottle of booze. But I bet Shenron or Porunga could do that.

>> No.41882305


Just wish for a cup that will always refill with the last booze poured into it on command.

Clean it out and you can change the booze.

Granted a properly skilled mage could make the same thing.

>> No.41882348

"Yet he's still weaker than you isn't he? Even if the boy grows stronger over the years, you're a God, Whis. Even if this whole chosen one thing is supposed to be true, it seems like the kid would be a better choice than me, let alone you doing it yourself." You say to your companion, keeping an eye on the fights below but mostly concentrating on Whis.

"Kaguya is not one that can do what you're needed to do Arctus. The boy has his faults and though he shall gain even more power over time he's simply not the one we need for the job." Whis replies with a shake of his head. "I cannot be the one to fix the issues that are to come either. If I directly intervene more than I do for you now, many terrible things could come to pass."

Well that's ominus as all hell.

"So then how can I achieve this whole no limits thing like he did? You said he was a Super Human right? Does that mean if I can become like a... Super Arcosian or something, I can do the same thing?" The next question rolls off your tongue.

Once again shaking his head, Whis gives an answer "No such thing sadly. You don't have any hard limits on your power as far as I'm aware, but Kaguya's super human abilities are unique to his species, you won't simply gain strength by fighting a stronger foe. Training, or a transformation is required for you to bring forth more power."

The fight below has continued raging, Kaguya, Gohan, and Goku fighting against multiple copies of the creatue before they all ended up fused back into one. It seems that now the boy is going to fight the monster one on one.

>A. "Whis, why me, even in my universe? Gohan or Goku..."
>B. Ask something else
>C. Write in

>> No.41882370


>A. "Whis, why me, even in my universe? Gohan or Goku..."

>> No.41882372

>>A. "Whis, why me, even in my universe? Gohan or Goku..."

>> No.41882374

>>A. "Whis, why me, even in my universe? Gohan or Goku..."

>> No.41882378

>A. "Whis, why me, even in my universe? Gohan or Goku..."

"I'm sure its not because of my good looks, or my scientific brain

>> No.41882380

>>A. "Whis, why me, even in my universe? Gohan or Goku..."
>>B. Ask something else

They are fighting on Earth, that big green guy, is he a potential threat to my universe?

If so I may really need to take shit even more seriously.

>> No.41882399

>>B. Ask something else

If I'm the one who's going to be doing the saving of the universe et all, some guidance other than simply showing my cross universal counterparts would be nice. I realize what you're doing here and appreciate it, but a little direction would be nice, because it seems you have a lot more in mind for me than simply taking down my twisted and evil relatives.

>> No.41882424

>A. "Whis, why me, even in my universe? Gohan or Goku..."
>B. Ask something else

I wonder what the "me" that belongs in this universe is doing right now?

>> No.41882431

>B. "Are you readying me to be a god like you Whis?"

>> No.41882540

Calling the vote, promote discussion among yourselves on some sort of topic

>> No.41882555


>> No.41882561

Soooo....Dat ass on Geets, Ami right guys?

>> No.41882567

What kind of god would we be? The god of science and booze?
The valley of the fallen phoenix... what a terrible omen!

>> No.41882579

All I see are tits and no buns

>> No.41882592


I read that in abriged vegeta voice and couldn't stop laughing at it.

>> No.41882604

That dude made this for us.

He's a fucking bro

>> No.41882633

based anon?

>> No.41882645

Fucking really?! AWESOME! Love his art!
He gonna make more?

>> No.41882646

So, any real crossovers to throw at us?

>> No.41882649


>> No.41882689

Wow, that's actually a good femgeta drawing.

Thank you based drawfag.

>> No.41882691

FSDB is awesome. Glad to see you guys are giving more traffic.

>> No.41882734

Soon as we finish up all this destiny stuff with Whis I say we go back and put all the mooks under our command through a rigorous training regime. See if we can't find a few diamonds in the rough.

>> No.41882743

We'd be a mix of Baccus and Artemis.

>> No.41882785


we sing and write poetry too?

>> No.41882803

That's awesome!

>> No.41882822

Fuck off

>> No.41883007


What have i done to deserve that?

>> No.41883033

"Why me Whis, even in my universe, Goku or Gohan... with the drive those two have, wouldn't they be much better choices than I am?" You ask, watching Kaguya begin to fight against the creature down below once again.

"A valid question indeed, one that I'm glad you decided to ask. Goku is the type of man that is an incredible warrior and very dedicated to his own code. That just so happens to mean that Goku wants his foes at the strongest they could possibly be, even if it means putting others or even his planet in danger. A trusted ally he should be, a leader, not so much." Whis replies.

"What about Gohan then?"

"Gohan is a special case as well, you remember how he was when you first met him yes? Timid and not too dedicated to the training he was recieving from Piccolo? You encouraged the boy, told him you believed in him, you drove Gohan to try his hardest because he wanted to make you proud, even though he'd just met you." The god continues, his eyes along with yours continuing to observe the battle, the ring now having been destroyed.

"For your actual question though, of why he can't be the one? Gohan still doesn't have the drive to be a warrior in his heart, and very well might never develop it. You will have to be the one to push the boy towards the role he should be in, whatever you think that might be. He can be a very strong ally to have at your side, especially if you continue to foster a friendship with him."


>> No.41883050

Kaguya appears to be caught in some kind of attack by the creature, and it looks as though it's all over for the boy.

That is until, he breaks free of his bindings and teleports under the monster, kicking it into the sky as he brings his palms together and gathers energy.

What follows suit might very well be the most impressive and disturbing attack you've ever seen in your life as the creature is completely eradicated by the boy. It's energy vanishing as Kaguya falls to the ground in a heap.

"He has a problem when it comes to staying awake." Whis says in an amused tone.

>A. We done here?
>B. Ask Whis a question
>C. Write in

>> No.41883089

>>A. We done here?

For all we know it's dead, and Whis may not want to show us more, the point having been made.

>> No.41883097

>>A. We done here?

>> No.41883104

>>B. Ask Whis a question

A bit reckless of an attack. An utterly amazing amount of power, but requires total trust in your friends.

>And the QM to not screw you over in response.

>> No.41883116

>C. "I have a feeling this isn't over just yet."

>> No.41883122

>A. We done here?

>> No.41883123

>A. We done here?

>> No.41883140

>A. We done here?

I guess this also demonstrates the importance of stamina training.

>> No.41883149

>A. We done here?
>C. Write in
"Speaking of friends, it seems this Gohan has a bit of a different air around him than the one I know, is it because of Kaguya?"

>> No.41883151

One of the first things we voted for even! HAH!

>> No.41883166

Never forget stamina training. Forgetting stamina training is what Freeza does. And look where that gets him!

A land full of singing and teddy-bears and fairies and GUMDROPS AND ICECREAM!

>> No.41883182

>Arctus has been fighting for at least seven hours to distract the enemy from doing thing

>enemy leader: "Dude... the fuck... how do you... keep fighting? SHIT!"

>meanwhile Arctus is taking a swig of BEER brand beer. (too early for HETAP)

>> No.41883200

This needs to happen. When we fight freiza, run him ragged

>> No.41883230

It also helps in the bedroom combat sessions!

Like mouth present

>> No.41883231

You know who else we run ragged?

Vegeta. Bow-chika-wow-wow. Chika chika wow wow.

>> No.41883235

>Frieza: "OH GOD DAMMIT! I'll just blow the planet up, you cheeky fuck!"

>Arctus: "I can breathe in a vacuum too, you know."

>Frieza: "Why would you be in a vacuum?"

>Arctus: "It means "space".. twit."

>> No.41883257



Appropriate video for >We're done here!


>> No.41883261

Arctus is the gift giver, right?

>> No.41883263

Nah i believe he'd call him a twat or daft cunt.

>> No.41883287

Twit would be a general term for an idiot.

It's also easily said under your breath.

Twat has a different context, and daft cunt would both take too long, and sounds too distinct.

Step up your game up.

>> No.41883300

I feel like he would call him a ninny. Mostly because I like saying that word.


>> No.41883316

I actually loved that game so much.

>> No.41883328

>using that zandatsu shit to move-cancel and invincibility-frame his way to victory

W-What? I'm afraid!

>> No.41883332

>Frieza responds on instinct by calling us a monkey fucker

"Yes, and?"

>> No.41883370

>mfw i finally manage to do it without doing any zan-cancels or abusing invincibility frames and then i watch this

>> No.41883373

Gee, I dunno

>> No.41883374

Oh, yes, that face and all!

Fucking perfect.

Frieza, cousin, it;s like you don't even touch fluffy tail! Plebeian!

>> No.41883378

>"At least I get laid. Unless those rumors between you and Zarbon are true..."

>> No.41883394

Oh god no, please no

>> No.41883402

Is Zarbon also a princess in this universe? Please make this so...she'd be sooo pretty.

Yes I'm talking about monster form Zarbon. Mmmh.

>> No.41883414

Here, I got your back, bro.

I never even knew that worked that way. I beat him the normal way.

>> No.41883445

That one night, i became a master of the parry move.
i'm not very good at dmc either

>> No.41883566

I wonder what Vegeta and X are doing right now...

We really need to get a voice thingie for X. What kind of voice should we give him?

>> No.41883600

He will be voiced by Jason Statham.

>> No.41883617

I was thinking Liam Neeson but Statham works too.

>> No.41883626

"Well this seems to be all nicely wrapped up, and I think I even mangaged to learn a valuable lesson about... power and responsibility I suppose, good stuff." You say, clapping your hands together a few times to shake off any dust. "We done here Whis?"

Your companion doesn't respond, merely pointing towards Kaguya and his friends who are all celebrating at their victory. It's... not entirely evident why Whis isn't answering you unti lthe sky is filed with lightning, and a huge ball of light appears from nowhere.

The monster is back, and he's stronger than ever.

"What the hell... this thing, it's an abomination... not even Frieza would have been able to survive that." You mutter to yourself, slightly trembling with fear even if you are protected by Whis.

Even as outmatched as he is, Kaguya still tries to fight on against the creature. Giving it his all as the boy attempts to defend against the creature's attacks, seemingly trying to find any kind of weakness.

It looks as though it might all be over for Kaguya, until Yamcha and Tien step in, unleashing their signature moves in an attempt to hold off Cell and protect their ally. These two aren't the only ones though, Krillin helps as well, along with the human children, all attempting to stop the monster before them.

"Their loyalty is impressive, lesser beings would have given into their fear at this point and tried to run, even if it was futile." Whis comments as one of the children is struck down by an energy blast he took for Kaguya.

Eventually, it seems as though the only one that has a shot of defeating the creature is a lone girl, her attack causing quite a bit of damage to the surrounding area... but not to the monster as his hand is to her face preparing a beam to execute her with.

Kaguya though... Kaguya appears in front of the girl, looking near death but still staring defiantly ahead.

>A. "Whis he wouldn't..."
>B. "A sacrifice of honor..."
>C. Stay silent
>D. Write in

>> No.41883646

Ah piss I forgot the trip, muh bad

>> No.41883648

>A. "Whis he wouldn't..."

>> No.41883653

>>B. "A sacrifice of honor..."

>> No.41883669

>D."I would do the same for Vegeta. In a heartbeat."

>> No.41883673

>B. "A sacrifice of honor..."
"I'm not sure if anyone I know would be capable of that."

>> No.41883675

>Whis, he wouldn't...

>> No.41883677

>A. "Whis he wouldn't..."
>D. Write in
"Why isn't Goku helping him?!"

>> No.41883690

Neeson is better for the old man type of dude.

Statham is better as the snarky dude.

X is going to have wit, you best believe dat!

>C. Stay silent


>> No.41883710

>C. Stay silent

>> No.41883714

Liam O'Brien?


>> No.41883743

I thought we said Arctus would be voiced by O'Brien?

Or was that Bruce?


Wait, this should go in a pastebin.

>> No.41883746


Dude, cellanon has been in almost every thread of this quest. chillax.

>> No.41883760

Oh shit you're right Arcus is Liam O'Brien

I really like Liam O'Brien you guys

Can you tell yet

>> No.41883765

He's in all the DBZ quests. And DarkTart's. And mine.

>> No.41883777



>> No.41883783

Wait, then who does Bruce? Kid and grown versions?

Was it Steve Blum?


>> No.41883810

Not gonna lie, Cried like a bitch when she dies in Halo 4.

>> No.41883817

Hope you add the Oozaru yell for Gohan and Nappa's acension.

>> No.41883818

Righto, gonna go piss like a racehorse then we'll get this post rolling

>> No.41883838

Eh, it was too heavy-handed how they dealt with her.

I felt like it was way too forced and sudden.

>> No.41883850

It was still powerful. They did a good job with it, fast as it was

>> No.41883860

Eh it was always building up throughout the game though, But yeah they could have done it better.

>> No.41883866

wrath of the bitch king
while you're not really wrong, it still pulled the right heart strings.

>> No.41883889

Guys I just realized something super important that we can take away from this.

We can see the requirements to make Gohan break.

The death of someone he cares about. The death of Kaguya for this Gohan.

The death of Arctus for our Gohan

Think we'll make a sacrifice when the time comes?

>> No.41883904

>Arctus dies

>Gohan goes SSJ

>Vegeta skips 1

>> No.41883911


>> No.41883924

Hey, do we carry the kid?

>> No.41883926


>> No.41883969


It is a good day to have this in a bookmark.

>> No.41883987

Eail uses this to sum up where canon's at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPhv_Ll-BzA

>> No.41884011


That's right up there with the homemade Pacific Rim Jaegers.

>> No.41884095

"Whis... he wouldn't..." You mutter in disbelief of the act you're seeing. This child, this human child from a backwater little mudball is staring his death in the face and standing proud to protect one he cares about.

"Goodbye, Haya."

Are the words you hear from the boy as his life is taken, his body vaporized in the green beam that the villain produces.

"An honorable sacrice... something a true hero would do." You softly speak, clentching your fists as you watch the scene unfold.

Glancing down at you Whis speaks "And yet you would do the same for your mate, would you not? Provide her a few more moments of life at the expense of your own existence? To stare death in the face as Kaguya did, so that you do not go quietly into the night?"

"In a god damn heartbeat."

"Good." Whis simply says. "Now observe."

The battlefield had basically paused in the aftermath of Kaguya's death, all of his friends coming to grips with seeing their comrade die.

That's when Gohan exploded, followed immediately by Nappa. Screams of pure rage, laced with hints of an Oozaru's roar filled the air as power poured forth from the two saiyans, beyond a super saiyan, beyond Kaguya, beyond even this creature's new power.

Gohan had awoken, and Nappa had followed suit.

>A. "Get 'em Gohan..."
>B. Ask Whis something
>C. Silence
>D. Write in

>> No.41884117

>A. "Get 'em Gohan..."

>> No.41884132

>>C. Silence

This is the time where you make that face of pure shock

>> No.41884134

>>A. "Get 'em Gohan..."

>> No.41884138

>D. "Oh cool, Nappa's here!"

>> No.41884139

>Get 'em Gohan...

>> No.41884141

>>A. "Get 'em Gohan..."
"That old veteran really cared about Kaguya didn't he?"

>> No.41884144

>C. Silence

There are no words; there is only the rolling thunder that follows.


>> No.41884157

>D. "Their some sort of...Super Saiyan beyond Super Saiyan. Amazing! I feel my own blood boiling as if their power was infectious. Is this what Saiyans normally feel for combat? No wonder they have the desire to fight so much..."

>> No.41884161

"Even you can't be THAT strong."
And then he laughs at us, but w/e.

>> No.41884172

>Normally I only feel this way when Vegeta goes for - er, nevermind that.

>> No.41884198

>A. "Get 'em Gohan..."

>> No.41884214

>C. Silence

>> No.41884222

Makes his tail curl.

>> No.41884225

Oh do tell anon, what is it that Vegeta goes for?

>> No.41884237

Trips confirm

He really likes -that-.

Whatever -that- is, is up to the imagination.

>> No.41884251

You couldn't handle my loods.

They are too strong for you, QM.

They are fit for a pervert, let alone a man!

>> No.41884263

>giving us a tail massage

>> No.41884273

With tail on tail action

>> No.41884279

>>B. Ask Whis something
So, with this much power, how long did they spend on Namek?

>> No.41884299

>tfw Vegeta gets her tail's strength back, and trains it incredibly hard so that it will never be a weakness again, but an asset

>and plays with Arctus' tail with hers, and actually winning in that struggle

Whoo boyy, that'd be a strong tail for it being so small in comparison!

>> No.41884302

Calling the vote

Try me nerd

That is lewd


>> No.41884322


>> No.41884335

>Try me nerd

They would kill you QM!

My lewds could arouse a eunuch!

>> No.41884337

Have some respect guys, cmon
tail on tail is good practice to make vegetas tail stronger

>> No.41884392

Arctus how will this help my tail get stronger.

Don't think about it too hard Geets, just roll with it

Feels... Kinda good

>> No.41884405

Do you think Vegeta likes it up the rear? Slow n steady etc.

>> No.41884434

Are you suggesting Arctus curls his tail around hers and tops it off by pegging her with it?


>> No.41884437

Let's not go there

>> No.41884453


>> No.41884456


>> No.41884475

I remember when this quest was about being an alcoholic space demon and not about how lewd tails can be

>> No.41884501

Why are there so many tripfags in this thread

>> No.41884510


It's always been about tenderly stroking tails.

Or roughly tugging them.

About using them as the extra limb they could be

Or the erogenous zone they are!

My friend, here, we chase tail!

>> No.41884513

because we're all quest runners and we love eail.
theres not much else to it.

>> No.41884547

That's /tg/ for ya.

Actually, what kind of booze should we acquire when we finally defeat Fridgeman? The hard stuff, the classy stuff, or Kirin Mets Grape flavor cocktail?

>> No.41884560

All the QM's are in. That's why.

Well, most

>> No.41884568

"Go get 'em Gohan..." You say to yourself moreso than Whis, watching as the boy explodes forth to attack his foe, Nappa doing the same right behind him.

"That old soldier really cared for Kaguya didn't he, just like Gohan." You ask Whis, who gives a nod in response. "That he did, the boy treated him with kindness and gave him a home, peace suits Nappa more than you might expect."

As Gohan and Nappa begin their battle anew below, Whis turns and begins to walk away. It's evident that he believes that you're done here, despite you wanting to see the rest of this fight.

Hurrying along after Whis, the door away from here materializes once again in front of you, just as it had the previous two times when you were done visiting a universe.

Following after the God once more, stepping into the light of the doorway, you leave this world behind. Kaguya taught you quite a bit, even if the boy might never know it, and you're thankful for that. Maybe when he's older the two of you can share a drink and things will be all hunky dory.

For now though, you've got a ceremony to finish, and a transformation to earn.

Moving forward you're unable to hold back the grin you've developed, feeling a strong sense of hope for your own future, and the future of the people you've "met" through this little adventure with Whis.

You've learned from them all, now you need to apply your knowledge, and forge your own path.

Unlike Frieza though, you won't be alone on this journey.


>Follow me on twitter @Eail4
>Ask shit at ask.fm/qmeail
>Previous threads http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=DBZ%20Space%20Alcoholic%20Quest


You guys have fun? Cause I did

>> No.41884570

>the final option

His legacy will live on. His memes will never end.

>> No.41884587

>You guys have fun?
Hells yeah! Good thread.

>> No.41884590

Thanks for the thread.

Did the hat door just update?

>> No.41884593

Works for me, Eail. Now, is it time for major pattern grind?

>> No.41884594

Oh cool.
Thought it was just anons taking up names.

>> No.41884599

Eail, we've seen everyone else. Now, Bruce when?

>> No.41884612

Bruce just hasn't done enough.

>> No.41884614

Good thread? Great thread
Thanks for running Eail as always

>> No.41884624


>> No.41884641

So Eail.

When you gonna finish dat Smutbin, eh?

>> No.41884644


Good thread, Eail. I'm really excited about the trials that Arctus will have to face in the temple.

>> No.41884648

The DNA of the soul

Thanks mom

Maybe but you aren't going back in, door is gone for now

Grind never ends

Bruce is a special case

Thanks brev

I've started finding suitable images of Femgeta (or a close enough look alike) in some casual clothing and I like it

>> No.41884681

we will never be free

>> No.41884691

For funsies we should open all the doors so we can fight their protagonists at the same point in time we're at.

>> No.41884693

Guessing the doors are going to be back once Freeza is gone or something else major happens before hand.

>> No.41884696

You should run a Quest with "From Software" game difficulty.

You know, like Dark/Demon Souls and Bloodborne.

Death is easy, victory is rewarding, and the weapons make no fucking sense.

>> No.41884712

Wouldn't exactly be a fair fight on any level.

You outclass Maple by 3 million, Kabuya outclasses you by 7 million as a super saiyan, and Kaguya is LOLWIN

Eh, I dunno if I'll use the doors again, I do like them though.

So you're basically saying I need to be COSGROVE and run Bleach Quest FULL KUBO edition right?

God damn I miss Cosgrove

>> No.41884731

At the same point in time we're at, what Age is this in?

>> No.41884744

Think a couple of months after the saiyan invasion

>> No.41884753

you'd be surprised how hard it is to run a quest like that on /tg
a dm'ed rpg would be much better for that kind of gameplay.
not sure why though

So whats happening on earth right now?

>> No.41884770

Ere ya go boss!

>> No.41884771

Nah, harder.

Much harder.

With more waifus that aren't your fucking waifus.

Except one that you don't love but loves you unconditionally.

Honestly it would be weird.

An MC who was vastly in over his head, coming out on top through sheer luck, or a fuckload of research and practice. The MC never really outclasses anything, even mobs being a legit threat one on one if he fucks up.

It would be hell with /tg/ dice.

>> No.41884801

It's currently Age 763, you've passed the point of canon Namek by a few months

That'd be spoilers wouldn't it?

That was one of the images in fact.

>Waifu paradox

Too strong

>> No.41884802

Oh, that's precious.

>> No.41884846


The trick with /tg/ dice I feel is to do a quest in such a way that each check requires multiple d6 rolls, kind of like GURPS, and to just count the first 3 or 4 or X, where X is howevermany d6 you're using for that test. Each person posting in the thread rolls 1d6, and you take the first X many.

That's how I am going to run my quest thread when I eventually finish building the system around it.

>> No.41884849

>tfw you'd waifu your favorite weapon before you'd waifu the chick that husbando'd you

The world is just that dangerous.

>> No.41884858

>MC has waifus that love him unconditionally
>Can never spend any time with them because he needs to keep the grind up in order to not die
>Story mission comes; Mass effect 2 final mission style
>Everyone dies cause they dont have a relationship with him
>Lone survivor
Thats preddy dark

>> No.41884870

>implying he didn't kill half of his potential waifus himself for exclusive items and extra points

No, THAT is dark.

>> No.41884878

Is it like Sacred Sword quest in which the waifu is both THE WEAPON and inside of the weapon?

Because I'm down to fuck a sword

>> No.41884882


I waifu'd my claymore in Dark Souls. That weapon was the BEST, and its overhand chop would knock down just about anything.

>> No.41884897

>You outclass Maple by 3 million, Kabuya outclasses you by 7 million as a super saiyan, and Kaguya is LOLWIN

You know, I think Arctus would be amazed at Maples magic. That is something he just does not get and having anyone who can explain the mystical, he would happily pay for it.

Thats the true cross over I am waiting for, he can try to puzzle the shit that happened.

>> No.41884914

Play more bleach then. Or read it. Fuck, I dunno, but there's some potential right there.

>> No.41884924

>Ludwig's Holy Blade

I have trouble choosing between it, the Burial Blade, and the Tiny Tonitrus.

No, dude, it's just a weapon. Calm down.

You'll hurt yourself!

>> No.41884932

Was Arctus wondering if Kaguya's superhuman abilitys apply to making him the perfect brewmaster spoken in legends

>> No.41884943

>key to making great hardmode quest

>play the "From" games

>read all of Berserk

>Beat the Ur-Dragon in Dragon's Dogma

>mix them all

>be a badass


>> No.41884959

Cut out the MC's tongue and we're golden.

>> No.41884968

Magic is fun and something Arctus still doesn't 'get' yet. He tries to not think about the dragon balls too much

Too many active bleach quests, hard to properly live up to the legacy of Cosgrove and ImprovAizen


...Technically he could be? Kaguya's mom was a super human at cooking

>> No.41884979

>he glimpsed a cosmic horror and bit his own tongue off during the seizure it induced.

>now, while he cannot speak, having survived the visage of such a thing, he sees the world for what it truly is, and can withstand such horrid truth

Lovecraft is nice too.

>> No.41885014

lovecraft quest.

I can see it now.

That would be fucked up on multiple levels.

>> No.41885046

>some of the enemies actually skew votes, or reduce dice value arbitrarily, or flat out re-write what we see or do with very little hints that it did, or any warning

Oh sweet fuck, the meta-damage.

>> No.41885056

Metal Gear Quest when?

>> No.41885119

>tfw people want Eail to do a MG quest, a RoTK quest, and now apparently some guy is demanding a super-hardmode-nobleish-dark-semi-low-fantasy quest

Jesus fuck, Eail, aren't you the favorite?

>> No.41885156

Not RoTK, DW, where we just have to worry about fighting battles rather than politics.

>> No.41885196

I've seen pushing for both, actually.

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