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What is the best class in D&D and why is it Ranger?

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Because Aragorn is the original murderhobo success story.

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Yeah, until he multiclassed into Paladin. Fucking minmaxer.

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>not paladin

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Because shooting people with arrows is the best way to not die.

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I bet it tastes like roast peanuts.

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Lies. They'll shoot you with arrows too. I only recognize 3 classes. Rangers are just pussified Fighters that won't get stuck in.

The best way to not die is to have others die for you, while you heal yourself, wear heavy armor instead of flimsy leather, and bash shit in the face with a giant hammer if it gets past all your mooks. Might as well get to Name Level before all those other chumps too, your god demands it or something. #Cleric4lyfe

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because you'll have enough ranks in survival to know that that isn't a banana.

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>implying it is not Druid

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>because you'll have enough ranks in survival to reliably forage for food, such as that tasty and nutritious banana


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Because it's great balance of proficiencies, skills, hitdice and theme.

Only shitty thing is the faggy duel-wilding, shit's for weebs and rogues.
2h ranger 4 lyfe, spears and bow are the hallmarks of true hunter kit.

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no no. look at the size relative to that hand.

it's clearly a plantain.

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In theory should be true. In my own anecdotal experience however every Druid I have ever played with BAR NONE has been a carbon copy "lol bears and lightnan" asshat who refused to wear clothes in urban areas and got into drunken arguments with all our goddamn horses.

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You better not ever be usin that spear bro.

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Because playing a Dwarven Bear Grylls will never get old.

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Haw else you gonna take out a boar?

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Obviously not forgetting the immortal words; "why should I care? I'm neutral!"

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Paladins are okay if you don't play with dick players and/or shitty dms.

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Because balance.

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You gonna thow small sticks at it?

Well I sue as hell ain't gonna haul whatever the boar leaves of your corpse back to your family.

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>implying tribal people hunt by themselves.

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Best Class?
Erudite(Convert spell to power ACF)

After that,
Spell point Cleric, druid and Wizard.
Then psionic artificer,
Then everything else.

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