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All throughout the realm, women are giving birth to deformed mutant retard babies.

Who is your party's first suspect?

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BLAM all the chads

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Hang the bard.

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The bard.

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But that would mean OP isn't a faggot.

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Fags are allowed to donate semen

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>"realm", which implies a fantasy setting
>semen banks and artificial conception
Pick one.

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Calm down there Jim Carrey.

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>what is magic?

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Nigger, not even Eberron has sperm banks. They're not a thing in fantasy.

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Being a faggot doesn't mean you won't get a wife and have children for status.

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>a wife
>across the realm

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Marvel's Thor uses the term realms, meaning that some setting could connect to places with semen banks.

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>Who is your party's first suspect?
Obsidian. Those bastards.

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>stretching it until there's only fiber left that hasn't ripped

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>my setting is better than yours

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Elves. They ruin everything

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Who else could be behind this?

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>deformed mutant retard babies.

Someone must have opened a portal from 4chan to this unfortunate realm.

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>implying Eberron is a good setting
I mentioned it because if just one fantasy had any given modern contrievance a la magitech, it would be Eberron.

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>being a salty cunt

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Why is that man so deep in thought while surrounded by watermelons of various sizes?

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>obviously holding them prisoner so he can rape them one by one
>only you can save the wa'lons

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Ever had one of those days where you realize you have lost control of your life?

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Those are Bulls watermelons.

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Laugh, knowing the ritual is complete.

Return to my homeland and tell the Emperor of my success, humbly request to be allowed the privilege of commanding part of the invasion force.

I will have my crown.

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My plan for this summer was to work full time for the company I was doing my placement at for school, but I couldn't restrain myself from browsing 4chan at work, foolishly thinking I could do it without getting caught. Additionally I made the mistake of asking out an accountant in front of all the other accountants. If I'd asked her out in private like the previous 2 times, I'd probably be fine.

I was only able to get into the placement in the first place because my dad knew one of the higher ups, and I don't think there's anywhere else he can get me into. I can't bring myself to go job hunting because all previous attempts have failed, and every time I try I can't help but think that it's so unlikely to work out that I might as well dick around instead.

So yeah, you could say I have.

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Know that feel. I have about 30 applications in at the moment, not a single call.

Taken to pressure washing houses to make enough to wait for a real job.

If only there were real dungeons I could raid for some gold.

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>like the previous 2 times
Hahahaha... what made you think it will work now?

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"What the f*** am I going to do with all these melons."


"I bet you are wondering why I've gathered you call here..."

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You are aware you are not surrounded by geniuses on here right?

You are here slumming it with a guy who masturbates to kitchen tiles and another that tried to fuck his mother on recommendation of strangers.

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The Chads of the world probably would've beaten us to it after clogging the traps with their corpses.

Inexperience. Have you ever had a girl say no and been unsure whether she meant "no, but if you ask me out to a different kind of place I'll say yes" or just "no, please don't ask me out again"? And she was so polite too.

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>Have you ever had a girl say no and been unsure whether she meant "no, but if you ask me out to a different kind of place I'll say yes" or just "no, please don't ask me out again"?
Well, yes. The next time I asked her to a movies, not mentioning the word "date" and it worked.
But yeah, girls sometimes don't make sense. That's part of the appeal.

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I didn't know Jim Carrey was anti-vaccination.

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Now you know

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Is this because all the girls are fucking orcs now?

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Orc cuckfags please go and stay go.

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You don't have to be cucked you know, you can join us both. I won't make fun of your tiny human dick, swear on the warleader's mum.

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I got thrown for a loop because she managed to smile the first 2 times and was so damn polite every time. The first 2 times and the angry but still polite PM I got after the third incident all ended with her saying thanks for me asking her out. I thought for sure that as long as she was being very polite I stood a chance....though she was Asian, that might have had something to do with it.

Women, they're fucking enigmas.

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Just what the fuck is an "Assbaby" anyway?

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Rapped in a mystery and covered in post-apocalyptic shroud-wear?

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It must be a form of airborne pest or disease, carried by storks.
When the storks deliver the babies, the infants' immune systems cannot suppress the disease and they contract it in transit.
We should make for stork mountain and see if they are well.

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Reason not to include children in the party #6: They haven't had the talk yet.

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Go back to /ck/ faggot

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Beat me to it.

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