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So /tg/ for a less than serious game I'm going to be participating in, just for fun I wanted to make a primary trait of one of my guys a love of terrible puns/dad humor.

So tell me the most terrible puns you've heard! Lewd is okay though I'm looking more specifically for the silly, whimsical, stupid etc.
Also, I've already got more than enough "anti-jokes", so don't post those please

What do you call a bunch of $1 bills in a blender? A Singles mixer!

What did the octogenarian pirate say on his birthday? I'm eighty. (say it in a pirate accent)

What sound do custodial fireworks make? broom!

When is a door not a door? when it's ajar

How many tickles does a squid have? ten tickles

I once dated a tennis player, but she broke my heart. It was like love meant nothing to her.

A dyslexic walks into a bra.

A duck walks into a bar. He quacked his head open.

Some gold walks into a bar. The bartender yells at it "AY! YOU! Get out!"

>> No.41861994

I've been kicked out of several sessions due to /puns!/

How did you get this lucky?

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