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>alternate history setting
>just an excuse to have airships every single fucking time

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>implying I'm not doing it for amazon dinosaur riders

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>amazon dinosaur riders
continue doing gods work anon

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>Implying all my alt-history settings aren't corporate hells designed to turn my players into socialists and communists.
L'internationale sera le genre humain.
But yes, most have airships. Covered in ads.

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>not fly-ass gyro-copters

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I'd say it's not as bad as practically every technological development instantly equalling robots, and AI automatically being evil.

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I love airships. Settings with airships are always better than settings without airships.

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Starting up an alt-history campaign with manifest destiny Vikings

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I think that I will use this as an excuse to post this.

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Steampunk and Rocketpunk will always be popular because they say we can do more than we actually can.

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A nuclear zeppelin?

I can in no way imagine how that could go wrong ever.

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>Implying airships don't instantly make everything cooler
Show me on the doll where the Hindenburg touched you anon

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> Seas, mountains and deserts present no barrier. Neither, considering its mission of peaceful education, should national frontiers.

Where were you when the Americans came in their fissionship to peacefully educate your country?

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Equal parts insane and awesome. I like it.

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Oh come now, Uncle Prudent. Surely you see that petty nationalism AND your precious aerostat is at it's end with my ALBATROSS?

For there is only one king of the sky, and it is ROBUR!

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Hey you.
Yeah, you.
That's my bait.
Give it back.

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Not just any nuclear zeppelin: a Nuclear Peace Dirigible!

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I wonder how many you can park in the Peace Moon.

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There's an easy fix for this:
Don't play with shitty players and/or don't read shitty books. There's a whole genre of alternate history without airships.

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a. It's kind of a historical accident that we got airships as late as we did, and so quickly obsoleted by the plane. Change history even a little bit and, for want of a nail, those two inventions might have been centuries apart. Millennia, if you count unpowered hot air balloons.

b. They're wicked cool.

I rest my case.

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Does the Peace Moon have docking stations for Atoms-For-Peace Dirigibles?

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If you don't think airships are the tightest shit then get the fuck out of my face, scrub.

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I'm not sure that's true - efficient air propellers are intimately linked to the development of wing theory and airfoils. If you've got effective powered airships, you're only missing a sufficiently high power-to-weight ratio before you get airplanes.

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>implying the PCs will get to be even on the airships more than rarely
>implying airships aren't just another tool of the haves to keep tabs and an advantage on the have-nots
>implying airships don't instill a feeling of dread and insecurity instead of wonder
>implying I don't call them dirigibles instead of airships

do you even -punk setting

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Sometimes dread and terror, sometimes annoyance and envy, sometimes pride and relief, depends on whose airship it is

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Well, there's the plot for my next Genius: the Trangression game. Lemurian Atomists make giant atomic zeppelin to do Lemurian shit, wat do?

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>not calling them zeps for murky reasons which no one really questions

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Hey hey.

Sometimes it's an excuse to replace the airships with dragons

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This is one trope I always enjoy.

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Shooting airships?

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No you see, the zeppelin is a flying dragon hangar/stable. Dragons with back-mounted tailgunner platforms.

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I still think it's cool that for a time we had flying (and unfortunately, often crashing) aircraft carriers

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What film is this from?

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That is all.

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Debout, les damn├ęs de la terre.

Often crashing? Sir, you exaggerate.

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Google the name of the king of the sky and I guarantee you will find out.

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This is how you do alternate history. How else are you going to have trench warfare and tank battles along the potomac river?

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PC being pursued days long by dirigibles is fucking cool.
They make an implacable and untouchable threat.

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Done loads of alt hist, never had airships

Am I missing out here or what?

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It's usually that, Nazis or Confederates. Occasionally all three.

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>alternate history
>not just making everyone nazi
Reich-5 best parallel.

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I know you're joking, but I think Avalanche Press released a wargame supplement for Confederate Nazi Airships

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