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What are the Giants/Giantesses like in your setting?

What do they eat? How big are they? Are they cute?

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>in an icy/snowy environment


>in a snowy/icy environment

Are you fucking kidding me?

It's like artists aren't even fucking trying any more.

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But it's sexy

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No, it isn't.

The art is far too flat, and were it not for "lultits" it would be a distinctly masculine figure.

If you're into manly women, go for it, but the whole thing is too cringeworthy to be attractive.

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I'm more puzzled by what kind of wind could lift a cape that big. I don't know enough about physics to be sure that's impossible, but I know skyscraper-sized people/monsters/robots hardly ever behave like smaller ones.

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the fact that she is 50 feet tall, however, is fine

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All capes are enchanted to billow without wind


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She's a giant. Of course it's okay.

But if you don't draw the line, you end up getting people who think Kinder are great, and that a twenty-six-bladed sword is a good idea.

Even from a cultural perspective, being from the frigid north she would favor furs over anything else, and plate would be silly. It's heavy, get's weighed down the most by poor conditions, and can actually freeze stuck or shut.

"m-muh magic!" yet there is nothing to show it is magical at all. And don't give me that shitty "nothing saying it isn't" argument, because unless shown, it should never be assumed, unless it is implied, which, unfortunately, cannot be inferred from a single still shot that gives no emphasis or otherwise indication.

tl;dr, she should be wearing fur.

A strong enough wind could do it, although it would be loud as all fuck as it billows in the air. The air she displaces by moving could feasibly cause it to lift, as well. But I do doubt it would flow so well.

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>giant sharp featured girl with billowing fine fur coat.

yup, I would be more than okay with that.

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I give it 20 more post before it turns into lewds.

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>a twenty-six-bladed sword is a good idea.
That does sound awsome though

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What line, at that size you aren't gonna be dealing with cold in the same way as tiny people and considering her skin colour she is likely some kind of frost giant so the clothing is probably overdressing

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>TFW my GM never allows me to play characters with distinctly different bodies than norm, such as Giants, Centaurs or tiny Pixies.

>TFW the random brainstorming about how people of drastically different body types living a
"normal" life is what gets my creative gears going and is a source of countless hours worth of interesting RPing and world building alone.

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They're very rare and solitary in modern days, though art found in ruins suggest they once existed in communities of greater numbers. They are as intelligent as humans and rarely make either friends or foes with other peoples. In appearance they are much like humans, though they stand at a height of thirty feet or more and have thick, rough skin like that of an elephant; they neither eat nor drink, limited evidence shows they do not need to breath, and there are no recorded instances of a giant dying of disease or old age, suggesting that their appearance of mortal life is deceiving in some way.

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While she is a frost giant most likely, plate armor is still pieces of metal. The moisture would catch it and freeze, once it got to the joints, if she sat still for a while, she'd have to wrench the joints free.

Even a frost giant would have trouble with what would be a few feet of ice in a place that stops her from generating the energy and force necessary to break it.

Like when you freeze shut the lid to a water bottle.

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Giants typically range from 5-10 meters and are solitary. They're generally as smart as humans (and in fact many mages have tried domesticated them with moderate success), but are generally slower learners. They eat massive quantities of what humans eat, quantities so large that it's disproportionate with their size (a 2m tall man may eat 1kg of food a day, but a 5m giant would have to eat at least 6kg). Because of this they often skip over agriculture and go straight for livestock.

A wild giant is likely to be feral, and it's well advised to take them out before they decide you're a threat or dinner. If you can't fight giants, stay away from their territory because they're typically aggressive.

As for looks, the males have a ton of testosterone therefore a giant is usually well-built and hairy. They also tend to have that "Strongman" style body that's stocky and powerful. I suppose they're more handsome than cute.

The females are actually smaller than the males as they range from 3.5m-6m. They look slightly less feminine than an average human, but an attractive giantess would probably score a solid 7.5/10 if you ignored the possibility of a crushed pelvis.

My players once stumbled upon a conclave of quasi-civilized giants who kept an (implied) communal harem. Naturally the players felt inclined to free the poor giantesses only to find that a lot of them didn't mind. The bard rolled a few charisma checks and then found out that his fortitude bonus did not actually do that much.

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What have you come up with?

Are barns much more common in city life?

Is there a heavier push to make a space elevator that accomodates Giants?

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do you not see the glowing upon her bosom? it keeps her armor from freezing.

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>glowing thingy on her chest keeps the armor warm

>it's not her heart

>it's not just generic magic amulet

>it's not a handheld light on a string

>it performs and extremely specific thing without coming into contact in any way with what it is affecting


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I'm unsure if that's even a concern for a frost giant. I could see some fluff flat-out saying "Frost giants don't give a fuck about movement penalties from snow and ice as they are a magical race from dimension COLD"

Otherwise a frost giant of that size (the 15m+ variety) who has the strength of a scaled up human would probably have few concerns about a meter of ice. I also don't know how a full meter of ice (or several for that matter) could form in such a way that immobilizes both arms at once.
The only concern I'd have is that I might shatter my arm in the process, but if my arm also happens to be made of a special ice then I could reattach it latter.

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Think of it this way, a small lid to a water bottle can be frozen shut by like a fucking millimeter of water.

You can twist as hard as you can and get nowhere with opening it.

Were you to scale up a human being with the same strength, or even more strength per scale, what happens is worse, because there is more ice.

It can happen, it's the reason full plate was never worn in Russia, even if they may have used plate-mail, or just sheets of iron on their torsos, they never tried to have articulating joints of plate armor.

Even if the cold doesn't bother you, the actual physical ice is still a hindrance, and it's not unreasonable that it freezes fucking fast.

As for the whole, "not able to immobilize", Pull your arm up into a 90 degree angle making a V shape, now have someone push against your arm, now try to push your arm down.

You need to be significantly stronger than them to do so. Even worse if you are trying to lift your arm, rather than simply flex the elbow.

Also, OP being a faggot neglected to say exactly what kind of frost giant we were dealing with. So as far as we know, it's just some blue bitch who grew up in the ice.

Still, wearing heels is fucking stupid in snow or sand.

Try it. Even women from places that are snowed over constantly couldn't wear heels and walk correctly in snow.

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She's blue

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And native-americans are tinted reddish. They still get heat stroke and sunburn.

She could be pale and serve the same function.

She may just have frostbite.

And hell, it may just be cosmetic.

We don't have information, so assuming her being blue is actually significant is silly.

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Maybe you could help me here >>41835698

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blue skin means you're a witch idiot

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I understand that small amounts of water in certain areas are incredibly resistant to certain forces. Ice, which is a crystalline structure, happens to suck at holding together when a large quick strike is dealt to it (which is why it shatters a bit if you step on it).
If you were to take the said example of a frozen water bottle and smash it against the counter, that ice would likely be small crystals that you can easy overpower. Similarly, Ms. Giantess could slam the pommel of that sword (with her good hand) into whatever portion of plate that has frozen over. After there's cracks, the ice should be manageable to break.

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Source on that?

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From her position, she actually couldn't.

Only place she could get would be her left leg.

And I'm not confident in the angle she would actually hit the damn thing.

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If you complain about assumptions why are you assuming there's enough moisture in the air to actually produce ice in her armour. Yeah it would be a problem in the case of freezing rain or with some snowfall near 0 but in actual tundra areas it tends to be dry as fuck out. She might get frostbite but considering her posture the cold is hardly noticable.

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You can see the snowfall in the shadows and various places in the pic.

Also the fact that you can't see into the distance.

The artist neglected to put snowfall where it would be most visible, ala in front of her and obscuring her visage.

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what an autistic thread holy shit

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Smash and free left leg.
Take left leg down and click it against the heel of the right foot. Wiggle until cracking is severe enough to break through.
Set down sword, or just grab it by the pointy end (which would not cause that much damage to herself if she gripped it near the pommel where it's purposefully dulled). Click bracers/pommel on troubled areas in the arm.

Continue moving since most accumulative areas can't freeze over if you're on the move.

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Now lets say she does land a solid strike on her leg, that it doesn't glance off because of the upward angle. Or she doesn't hit her other hand.

Now let's say there is a threat, now she has to deal with some snow-roc swooping down from Mt.Fuckerest.

What then?

The problem isn't an inconvenience, it's about being ready at all times.

Any self-respecting warrior will not needlessly hinder themselves.

It's like wearing flip-flops in a swamp. Don't do it.

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Well we ARE pretty autistic these days, anon.

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There's a difference between light arctic snowfall and warm region snowfalls. Namely the fact that it can't build up fast enough on her body to melt and freeze up again unless she stands still for an unnecessarily long time.

Plus a major point everyone is ignoring is that she isn't wearing plat leggings more along the lines of leather leggings with armour around foot shin and knee and as seen by left leg and left arm all the armour portions are spaced out to allow movement so freezing together again would not be a problem unless she stood around awkwardly for a good half hour.

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She's wearing only plate on her arms, and from just above her knee down is plate, even with leather under, the problem is the joints of the platemail freezing.

And ice and snow will accumulate quickly on and object of that size, even in the joints, even spaced as they are.

Especially since she has to sit and wait for all the squishy humans to catch up.

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So she stands perfectly still for 30 seconds to allow moisture to freeze. I think it goes for anyone wearing any plate in the north that you have to keep up slight movements during rest. If she is posing for a minute straight she clearly is not a self-respecting warrior.

Actually several minutes considering the amount of ice that it would take to be hampering (consider how quickly ice could build up on any naked human. If she was never warm to begin with, the snow would slide off her anyway, making this irrelevant since the plate would be the same temperature as the area around her.

There's hundreds of ways to make it work without even considering magic. Plate armor may be convenient because it gives good protection. She may not need furs if she has no need to conserve body heat.

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>Plate armor may be convenient because it gives good protection

>While she armors the least vital ares on her body

>She may not need furs if she has no need to conserve body heat.

>while furs make for exceptional armor against many predators, and especially given the size, against smaller foes.

I bet you think cloth doesn't work as armor, either.

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>A giantess needs to armor more than her legs when fighting tiny humans

>> No.41840862

Ok, the giant snow-roc comes down and has talons meant for piercing cow hides.

I think 4 inches of metal plating would be preferable to leather.

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They were fucking HUGE, almost 200 meters tall. They would speak in subsonic noises. They had powerful psychic abilities that allowed them to manipulate causality itself... but they fell into torpor thousands of years ago. Eventually, their tomb was discovered by not!Vikings, who sold the secrets of the tomb's activation to several world governments, notably the Second Kingdom of Ancellestry.

After running a few of the giants through giant-sized MRI machines, the government decided that each giant was an anti-reality WMD waiting to wake up. So they lobotomized about 20 of them, took them back to their secret bases and blew up the rest.

Several decades later, giant fighting robots appear, with reality-warping powers. There's a period of about 200 years where all wars were fought in this manner, as giant slug-fests between the robots. They most notably served in the uncreatively named "War of the Giant Ant People", where a team of only 6 Ancient Combat-Sleeves (ACS) destroyed and entire column of hunter-killer Giant Ants. But following a few high-profile accidents, treaties were signed and the robots were decommissioned entirely, in favor of non-biological alternatives. They last saw service during the "War of the Nuclear Maiden" (also called Queen Ashling's War), where they walked across a nuclear conflagration to deliver death and destruction directly to the Bon-Jay Confederacy.

Many imageboards and forums are filled with alleged evidence of the government still keeping the decaying samples of a giant, usually at the Roheros Materials Lab, in the oft-mentioned "Black Floor". Oftentimes, Imperial Bladesmen will have to pay visits and clear things up with those who dig too deep.

For starters, the "Black Floor" is actually a soft pink. And giant corpses don't decay, nor does the rest of the circuitry used to puppet the monstrous machines...

Thoughts? I can go more into detail regarding what the giants actually WERE

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Sounds cool, keep going

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The're not THAT big - maybe thrice human height at most, but still appreciably tall. Once upon the time, they built an empire upon the backs of tamed rock trolls and a crossbreed between said rock trolls and a nomadic human group pushed out of their homeland by primitive seafarers.

Eventually, however, earthquakes caused by a cosmic cataclysm wrecked the empire, and much of the Giants' knowledge was lost. Those crossbreeds of theirs still run free, by the way.

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The continent where all this happened was the original homeland of the giants. They were very powerful creatures, dedicated to fighting the Nothing, an extra-universal entity. They were originally pure thoughtforms, like giant tulpas, and where created by a civilization of children to defend them from the Nothing. However, the giants failed in this task, and they gave themselves flesh through magical means, to better fight the Nothing's servants. They successfully slew one of the most powerful of these Servants (called "Endless"), but realized it would never be enough to avenge their dead child-creators.

So they voluntarily put themselves into torpor and awaited the arrival of humanity, which the last Child promised would "put them to good use". They thought this meant they would be allies with the humans and together defeat the Nothing.

In reality, the humans drove them to extinction and enslaved the survivors.

Ironically, the Child was right — Nearly 1000 years after the discovery of the Giants, the Emperor Clovis II used the LAST Ancient Combat-Sleeve to give a young girl eternal life. It is believed by certain mystics that this girl (who is currently sealed in the Puppetry Deck of the ACS; she is catatonic) will bring about a great victory against the Nothing. That's the real secret of the Pink Floor. The current government is well aware of the Nothing, and the threat it poses to their scientific and rationalist society. Thus, they've chosen to combat Nothing with Magic, and the immortal girl residing in the Giant will be the key to winning that battle.

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What system are you running this in?

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This is not a topic that warrants a 24/7 general, especially since you clearly are just looking for porn.

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Have some giant Lloth

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Yeah, those little dudes should be swept away on the gale force winds.

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None, I don't have friends. ;~;

That's actually not QUITE true. I ran a campaign with this setting using Pathfinder, to really great results. I'll probably run another game using it, but it really limits the stuff we can do. The system would probably depend on what kind of game the players want — a game about hunting vikings and fighting the giants would be VERY different from one about space battles against evil gods. The setting is huge that generally any system will make sense, somewhere.

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That's adorable
And oddly wants to me make a "Womb of the Spider Queen dungeon/adventure" for some reason

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My request in drawthread.

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they're the progenitors of the human race. they came first, then made dwarves from rock and metal. elves arose from their use of magic. they live under mountains, and most of them are dead from wars between each other, but are otherwise immortal. the ones that are left are usually warlords or madmen.

they vary in size, with some being only a few feet taller than humans and the biggest over two hundred feet tall. the ones that are left are usually the ones that were best at integration with humans.

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There's a few places in my world where giant people exist, and the further away you get the shorter the people get. There's no distinct break, just a gradual gradient of people going from 15 foot tall down to about 3.

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Suck man. But keep us up on news for it. Your setting sounds cool

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Shes a big girl

>> No.41843595

I've seen bigger

>> No.41843646

post them

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Blue skin.

Probably immune to cold.

...and when you're that heavy, the heels probably help with slick ice, by cracking straight through it.

Why am I defending this magical realm bullshit?

>> No.41843712

I said I've seen bigger, not I've saved bigger, too big isn't my thing

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Dead, dead, fucking dead

>> No.41843786

Damnit Odin, you had one job!

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She's giant, she took a huge blue fist and rammed it up the Square-Cube-Law's ass.


Also a blue giant basically screams "Frost Giant" to anyone who knows any fantasy media at ALL., and they are usually quite unperturbed by the cold.

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As a gentle reminder - boot heels were originally developed to keep your feet in the stirrups when using horses in battle, especially with lances.

So somewhere out there is a fucking huge horse she rides into battle.

>> No.41843881

I know there was a giant Russian mythical hero with an equally giant horse.

>> No.41843898

Makes ya wonder about whatever beast is out there that she slew to get herself a single chunk of hide large enough for that cape.

Not to mention the six dwarven mines her people musta bled dry for the armor.

Icewindale's a scary place.

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Giants are for hugging.

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Well, I got the Korean version.

The giantess blushed.

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How to use Giants in SPESS without making it too fetishy?

>> No.41844775

Im going to need a name for this

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>Wears a skirt

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How could we forget this one?

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>Womb of the Spider Queen dungeon/adventure

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It is idiotic to waste that much cloth on a cape of that size. Furthermore if the winds are strong enough to make it billow like that the men on the ground should be flying themselves.

The heels are also idiotic, she is already tall, it is just a waste of metal that could outfit 20 men and their steeds.

Also the skirt was already addressed.

Pretty shit thread. Fuck off.

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That's absurd, but I'll allow it.

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You must have missed that thread, shame. Greatest derail on this board I've ever seen, barring pic related. TG at its finest.

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a) If you are talking about the chocolate eggs, Kinder ARE great.
b) Note that she only has armour on her limbs. Other than that she has regular clothes (and a miniskirt...) Unless this is simply because the artist doesn't know anything about armour (which is likely) this implies that she is mainly worried about melee attacks. She has a greatsword which allows her to keep her distance and protect her torso while the more vulnerable limbs have armour. This armour also helps protect from human sized thingies that can only reach her legs with their attacks (although siege weapons could reach her and do damage.)

Mostly I agree with you but I do note that she can only wear fur if she can find creatures her size.

Personally I think she is too big. That size of giants only works in a setting with a lot of magic to create their clothing, tools and food. Or it requires other similarly sized beings being common.

>> No.41846686

That one I like.

She falls into the size category where giants are only slightly against the laws of physics but more importantly they can find enough food and leather from regular animals for food and clothing.

Her gear is also mix and match but it appears that this is because she has to scavenge for materials. Those shields turned into armoured skirt are a nice touch.

Some clothing that covers her stomach would be preferable but fantasy artists mostly suck so I have to take what I get.

>> No.41846868

>She's a giant. Of course it's okay.
>But if you don't draw the line, you end up getting people who think Kinder are great, and that a twenty-six-bladed sword is a good idea.
Watch out guys, we have a slippery slope fallacy here.
The primary motivation of which seems to be "stop liking what I don't like".

I believe you mean Kender, not Kinder.
The problem with those is that their race description only allows for one single type of character, and that many people misunderstand and overplay Kenders by stealing everything and being annoying stupid brats in general.
But if executed well, the Kender concept can account for a ton of fun. Source: I spent a week next to a Kender on a LARP con two weeks ago and it was great.

>> No.41846952

OKay so I've got to ask you. A while back I posted a pastebin on pastebin, and it has literally your exact sentences but 'giant' is replaced with 'Titan'. Are you a motherfuckin thief?

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It may just be an edit!

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She's usually blue?

>> No.41848868

nah the guy who runs frost giantess quest just used photoshop obviously. see >>41847354

>> No.41848966

Google turns up Korean blogspot with the entire untranslated comic.

>> No.41848997

Stravaganza - Isai no Hime

>> No.41849065

>Stravaganza - Isai no Hime
Thank you for your kindness.

>> No.41849084


So...what exactly is the Nothing? Is it just that motherfucker from the Neverending Story, or something else?

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Hope you like it, little man.

>> No.41849514

Maybe little. Not the other though.

Ruba and Olavie are loev.

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About 2.5 times bigger than the average human, and exclusively female, requiring members of other, small races to reproduce. Because fuck you this is my magical setting.

An oddly shy race of warriors, and due to their massive strength and eye for detail are also incredible smiths, even being able to work human sized armaments better than any human smith.

They are super cute if you can ever get them to take off all that armor

>> No.41850352

I remembered that one. Actually it wasn't bad.

>> No.41850377

Double down and make it twice as fetishy

>> No.41850738


>> No.41850789

Take giants.

Put them in space.

Make sure one has a bitchin metal plate in his head and a cyborg eye.

>> No.41850837

One of them can shrink down to normal size but she's a loli when she does despite being a normal sized, normal aged member of her race when she's giant.

There, double fetishy and completely canonical for what we're talking about.

>> No.41851051


Lolis worst fetish

Depends on how big you want them, and if you want them floating in space or just in ships.

Because if they're floating in space, there's always spaceship fucking

>> No.41851273

>If you want them floating in space
>All spaceships are giantess cyborgs/bioships
Might be neat

>> No.41851399

They're experimental mutagen abominations around 3 meters in height who apparently suffer from the effects of gigantism and acromegaly.

No, OP. They are not cute. They are sad.

>> No.41851479

>Lolis worst fetish
I dont think a giantessfag has any room to judge others.

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>not recognizing the reference
>bitching about based Britai
Truly, you smutfags are the scum of this board

>> No.41852121

Reminds me of one fetish artist's stuff where you have spaceships that are humongously gigantic bio-engineered and cybernetically augmented space-mermaids.

Not a bad concept, actually. I could see that in Spelljammer or something.

>> No.41852167

>Reminds me of one fetish artist's stuff where you have spaceships that are humongously gigantic bio-engineered and cybernetically augmented space-mermaids.
Oh, and they get off on eating and digesting humanity

>> No.41852189

post pics

>> No.41852197

I think that was just cause they're vorebeasts

Spacemermaid ships do sound like a neat idea though

>> No.41852208

Farscape already did a great nonfetish version of your idea

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>twenty-six-bladed sword is a good idea.

>> No.41852250


That's basically a Swordbreaker. Those are real.

>> No.41852429

But she wasn't a hot waifuship

>> No.41852498 [DELETED] 


>> No.41852599

so, is Cute Kaiju Battle Simulator getting made or what

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I think this still qualifies as SFW. The rest don't.

>> No.41852635 [DELETED] 

Not your personal dev, fag.

>> No.41852672

Fantasy Craft does that out of the gate.

Giants and Ogres are PC classes.

You can also play as a Drake.

>> No.41852838

>expecting smutfags to actually play traditional games

>> No.41852875

I have to try, bro. There's even a Fantasy Craft General for the curious.

/tg/ didn't get good without people doing what they can to help the place.

>> No.41852906

Personally I'd rather have a grid/mini based skirmish game for Big Girls and Monster fighting

>> No.41853081

Yeah, I think self contained battle is right for the genre, or else you get the problem of playing as Mothra and kicking the fuck out of Godzilla ten times per session.

>> No.41853342

Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition

You can already use it to run a Mecha campaign with only changing a few words, and lots of abilities have meaty, kaiju applications.

For example, lots of the Fighter's abilities include knockback or being able to throw enemies. Except if you're doing a kaiju battle in ew York or Shanghai, you'll need to think about them.

Plenty of Area of Effect/Denial abilities could be hazardous, like summonig lava in front of the Governor's Building.

>> No.41853425

I like the idea of giants who think humans are badass, or just generally being impressed.

>Those small people? Don't wanna fuck with 'em
>Why? I could squash one like a grape.
>Try squashing a legion of them. Bastards'll climb all over you till you fall down.
>Pfft, so?
>You know why my friend's dead? Human tactics, that's why.

>> No.41853615

HFYwankers are the worst

>> No.41853755
File: 3.88 MB, 1750x1250, tsumugi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sidonia did something close to that.

>> No.41853788

What if humans are actually giants compared to other alien races in the galaxy?

>> No.41853798


Can she live in space? How does she move around? What does she eat? How does her biology work?

And post more of her while you answer these questions, thanks

>> No.41853815


we are. Thats why theyre "little green men"

>> No.41853816

>but an rpg structure sort of requires lots of fights vs nameless grunts, so some kind of single battle thing would be better
>ok, use 4e

I mean, monsterpocalypse is a thing and there are a bunch of generic skirmish games if you want to be Existing System Guy.

>> No.41853984

>giant haman karn

whew lad

I get that this is your magical realm and I respect that, but scaling being what it is, I can't see the "hotdog down a hallway" issue being pleasurable for either party.

>> No.41854019
File: 2.89 MB, 1440x1080, Protoculture!.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.41854023
File: 2.16 MB, 449x248, Knights-of-Sidonia-Gif-01.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tachyons or something.
She's basically a cloned space-kaiju.

>> No.41854083

That's what FISTING is for lad.


>> No.41854136

>"hotdog down a hallway"
>not being a big guy down there

>> No.41854164
File: 406 KB, 442x600, 1404771942605.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.41854195
File: 488 KB, 1920x1080, Tsumugi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.41854217

The later option wouldn't fit at that size
Which is why I like mine bigger

>> No.41854430


Jeez, don't you know how evolution works? It isn't like there are males of the same size, therefore the species would have evolved to have vaginas suitable for human sized partners.

>> No.41854530

>how evolution works
Stop right there.
If we go with evolution then we will end with some shit like "larger female stuffs smaller male into her vagina so he will fertilize her egg and die afterwards with his body serving as food for growing fetus".

>> No.41854557

While that's true for most of the guy's stuff (especially the elves), the cosmosirens aren't really drown eating people. The big ones do apparently eat uninhabited planets, though.

>> No.41854567


Shhh, this is my magical realm, and it doesn't involve that.

Just sex with strong woman who are about twice as big. That's all. Try not to think about it too hard.

>> No.41854614

I understand your feelings mate.
I was just pointing out that evolution never goes the way you would like it to go.

>> No.41854623

Or they could do it the anglerfish way

>> No.41854651

Yeah, that's another method.

>> No.41854694

Incredibly fucking rare, and only as a mutation, not their own race.

They're also retarded and super violent towards everyone who isnt from where they are.

>> No.41854761

>They're also retarded and super violent towards everyone who isnt from where they are.

Giant chavs?

>> No.41854766

Giants in my setting are colossal creatures measuring hundreds to thousands of meters in height and made completely out of stone. Mountain ranges can stand up and move cross continents before laying back down to sleep. Fights between these giants wipe out everything on a single continent, since they have a odd agreement to only fight on a single large landmass at a time.

>> No.41854830


Just 15 foot tall irradiated chavs.

>> No.41854895

the answer to everything is Higgs particles, which are apearantly made of magic.

>> No.41854966

pretty much the dudes from darksiders 2
seeying how Death is around 7 feet himself they're huge enough and operate on a different timescale

>> No.41854984
File: 374 KB, 849x1200, 1438772731424.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.41855056

There would have been a lot less complaints if the control ending resulted in that

>> No.41855290

>She's basically a cloned space-kaiju.
Wrong, shes the result of a human shaped Flood thing getting artificially inseminated with human DNA

>> No.41855312
File: 417 KB, 640x482, It wont fit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Favorite space giants right here.

The one on the left is the female of their species.

>> No.41855378

Or Murricans.

>> No.41855437

Whine more, reddit.

>> No.41855520

I'd be more bothered by the schoolgirl skirt and the halter top.

>> No.41855565

>And don't give me that shitty "nothing saying it isn't" argument
I'll give you exactly that because it destroys your argument.

Nothing saying it isn't.

>> No.41855626

Welcome to /tg/ newfag, enjoy your stay.

>> No.41855665

Wait, 11 200 000 miles? Isn't that, like around the size of the fucking sun?

>> No.41855770

Yeah, in his fetish universe the medium sized spaceship girls are big enough to eat planets, that's one of the biggest ones though if my memory serves correctly

>> No.41855816

I remember reading an idea on here(it's always fucking here, isn't it?) where a race of tiny aliens; around tiny bug size would retrofit human girls into giant mecha space ship things.

>> No.41855885


That cloak seems really impractical.

>> No.41855923

She's a big girl.

>> No.41855997

I remember a similar thread about making spaceships out of volunteer girls who are modified to be able to grow to giantess size because it's the only way you can get FTL in that universe to work because reasons, but nothing about tiny aliens

>> No.41857515

thought I was gonna banepost didn't you

>> No.41857585


that sounds amazing

i like this better though

>> No.41857617

>communications array is in her butt

>> No.41858743


>> No.41860195

Well, where would you put it?

>> No.41860311 [DELETED] 

>necroing a dead thread in order to talk about buttplugs
Smutfags are scum

>> No.41860429

In the throat, in place of the vocal cords.

Then she could sing all your space communications

>> No.41860469

Actually it looks a bit too high to be a butt plug

That's brilliant

>> No.41862016

It does sound fun

>> No.41862301


Holy shit that's actually cool.

Giant space mermaids singing silent songs between stars.

>> No.41862319

Then just link the rest

>> No.41863579

Shes a big girl

>> No.41863751


>> No.41864199

This is the third time someone's made that exact joke

>> No.41864456

Lotta loyalty for a hired gun

>> No.41864474

Was pointing that out part of your plan?

>> No.41864488

Will there ever be a time when Baneposting isn't funny?

I don't think so. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

>> No.41864556

I can tell you have never been on Finland or a similar place. Those bitches wear their high heels in snow like fucking pros.

>> No.41864578


>> No.41864597

Well....that wasn't nearly as much as I thought there'd be.

I like the version >>41862301 thought up better

>> No.41864605


This sounds a lot like the sweaty lovechild of the Keys to the Kingdom and Armored Core 4/4A.

>> No.41864658
File: 106 KB, 557x787, Benisuzumi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Crimson Hawk Moth is better, come at me.

>> No.41864700
File: 238 KB, 1000x1000, 1412992490727.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>One of them can shrink down to normal size but she's a loli when she does despite being a normal sized, normal aged member of her race when she's giant.
>There, double fetishy and completely canonical for what we're talking about.

>Because if they're floating in space, there's always spaceship fucking

>Reminds me of one fetish artist's stuff where you have spaceships that are humongously gigantic bio-engineered and cybernetically augmented space-mermaids.
I remember something like this, but they weren't Mermaids...
Basically, Humans discovered an Organic Alien Spaceship and were able to reverse engineer most of it including its Organic FTL Drive, but still needed a sized-up living creature to host the thing.
Apparently, pretty much every other animal they tried freaked the fuck out from the stress of living in Space, so they needed to use Humans, mostly Female, instead.


So I'm not the only one?
I'm pretty sure it's a Deviant Art thing...

>> No.41864750

>Well....that wasn't nearly as much as I thought there'd be.
Yeah, he mostly does vore-elves and airplane-girls.

>I like the version >>41862301 thought up better
Me too. It's not like there is much to Frakass's concept other than "giant spaceship-mermaids in space, also vore". Making them a thing that exists in the universe rather than a weird version of the "organic ship" concept that looks like mermaids because Fetish is a better idea. Though I must admit I do like his artstyle, even if I don't really like a lot of his themes.

Speaking of giants space-things that may or may not be cure girls, I wonder if I should revive the discussion on the Cosmic Being RPG /tg/ was homebrewing last week later today. There was quite a lot of discussion going, and people got some ideas for the rules braisntormed btu when the 2nd thread autosaged on Sunday I suggested we should wait untill weekend to give the people who were actually working on the rules some time to compile the ideas into something coherent, and to not annoy people by making too many threads.

>> No.41864763

>Thread about the fae turns to giantess discussion
>Thread about giantesses turns to low temperature water physics
Now all we need is a thread about ice turning into a discussion about the fae and we will have come full circle.

>> No.41865399

Seriously. Why?

>> No.41865527

Not just one kind of vore-elves, either, but a whole bunch of different ones from giant elves to tiny hammerspace-elves and human-sized ones with hyper-elastic stomach that can do stuff like swallow dragons whole.

Why? I don't know, lots of people like elves, some people like vore. At some point those two groups intersect and you get vore-elves.

>> No.41867644

It turns him on?

>> No.41867751

Native here. Never get sunburn and i've even went out and TRIED cause i thought i was a freak as a kid because of it. Only got the best tan of my life and probably skin cancer.

>> No.41868846

>Speaking of giants space-things that may or may not be cure girls, I wonder if I should revive the discussion on the Cosmic Being RPG /tg/ was homebrewing last week later today.
It turned into a pretty good idea, so I would say go ahead. Dunno if the people who were working on the rules have gotten anything done yet, though.

>> No.41869530
File: 73 KB, 1024x768, file.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yeah, we should get some nice pics and stuff for it though. Start it later tonight or tomorrow.

>space mermaids
I like this idea. Other than them being giant mermaids that live in space and use their siren songs to sing interstellar transmissions, what else do they do? Do they still have the ship thing?

I'm guessing they travel in space like >>41854023 with ~tachyons~.

Are they good mermaids, or the sailor drowning kind? Because the idea of them singing a distress beacon to lure people into cosmic sargasso is pretty good.

>> No.41869706
File: 486 KB, 1052x759, 1398548637526.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm all for qt bioship girls, but long distance space travel doesn't benefit much from a humanoid shape. If you have to live inside her you wouldn't see much of it anyway.

>> No.41869708

>like this idea. Other than them being giant mermaids that live in space and use their siren songs to sing interstellar transmissions, what else do they do? Do they still have the ship thing?
Honestly I like the idea they're bioships
So whatever they were made for is most likely

>Are they good mermaids, or the sailor drowning kind? Because the idea of them singing a distress beacon to lure people into cosmic sargasso is pretty good.
Depends, I wouldn't be surprised if there were a few giant space marmaid space pirates or ones that just eat the ships they lure.
But I could see them being friendly also

>> No.41869752

The ability to boast "Bitch, my ship is a bitch" seems good reason enough for me

>> No.41870089


I like the idea of there being Warp Seas/Tides that these space mermaids dive into for FTL.

Of course we'd have to go for something pulpy that treats space in general as a sea to justify mermaids being viable in space.

They could be linked to some precursor race that left them in space, and Earth enters the galactic community when a curious space mermaid swims through our solar system and scares the shit out of everyone. Maybe they don't even remember they're bioships.

>> No.41870205
File: 320 KB, 1024x768, bioship_by_ilyadoc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can just imagine an anthropomorphic spaceship fighting with a regular spaceship over which of them has the better design.

>> No.41870233

>the idea of them singing a distress beacon to lure people into cosmic sargasso is pretty good.
That's a pretty cool idea. I remember reading an old scify comic with that plot (although it wasn't mermaids but weird tentacle aliens that used mind-affecting powers to appear as attractive women).

Though I mostly remember it for havign the cheesiest character names ever. The protagonist space-dude was called Hammer Anvil. His CO was called Commander Goblin. Everybod else had equally stupid names.

>> No.41870236

That cape shouldn't be fluttering

>> No.41870443

Clearly they should settle it by space mud wrestling

>> No.41870581

It's enchanted to flutter on command

>> No.41870778

hot bitch vs like a tube with smaller tubes on the back

I just don't get it but ok

>> No.41870841
File: 852 KB, 400x170, Darth Guts.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's gay

>> No.41870950

I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going.

>> No.41870978



>> No.41871005

Bioships are crappy design anyway. Why would you make a ship out of squishy organic matter that's liable to bleed or burn when fired at, instead of more durable metal? Not to mention the bioship will need food and presumably something to breathe, while a conventional ship can run on a nuclear reacor (or if technology is advanced enough, a matter-antimatter reactor) which has a much better efficiency.

>> No.41871031

Basically the humanoid version of dragons.
They rule the races like humans, dwarves and the one or two mamal beast race to counter the dragons ruling all the reptiles and dragonoids.

They look "perfect" if one would describe it like that.

>> No.41871082

Only if the bioship is gigantic compared to the regular ship, as in it's comparatively 6-8 inches

>> No.41871138
File: 1.93 MB, 2480x1908, 1165049 - Kaiju Pacific_Rim Slattern.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I go with the Godzilla argument: It's alive but its biology doesn't resemble any creature on Earth. It's entirely possible that it does run on nuclear reactions.

>> No.41871332 [DELETED] 


These threads are terrible and so are you

>> No.41871539


>> No.41871579

Every thread on /tg/ is terrible according to you, why are you here?

>> No.41871600

What sort of weapons would they have?

>> No.41871615
File: 3.05 MB, 2472x3504, 17140196.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some artist on pixiv.
I could find him if you want but he has only 3 giantess images that were done ages ago.

>> No.41871644
File: 2.48 MB, 2508x3504, 9807883.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

last one

>> No.41871708

Depends on what exactly they are.

If they're natural creatures, probably nothing aside from their natural weapons (ie. teeth and claws), plus mind-affective psychic/radiowave song. If they lure spacers to their doom they could just grapple ships and try pulling airlocks open. Theoretically an armed ship would be able to deal with them easily, but that's what the mind-affecting song is for.

If they're bio-engineered or modifed by some other race to function as living ships, whatever weapons you'd normally mount on starships, aside from also being able to punch and bite at ships that get close enough.

>> No.41871811

Because liking giant women is like being a kiddy diddler, right?

>> No.41871841

According to Macross, you fucks are both at the same time.

But yeah, I would say you guys are as bad as kiddy diddlers.

>> No.41871881
File: 157 KB, 1236x700, acromegaly-gigantism.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What are the Giants/Giantesses like in your setting?
The "Tall Ones" are essentially "human variant" species within my world, and about the closest to a giant it gets. They are, however, "only" about 2.5-2.7 m. tall on average and very much look like a person suffering from acromegaly.
They also have generally quite considerably slower metabolism than normal humans: they move, grow, and even think slower.
The combination of the slow metabolism and the simple frailty of their bodies stemming from their abnormal height (after all, tripping over and hitting your head from the 2.7 m. is worse than doing the same from 1.7) makes them generally extremely cautious, meek and conflict avoidant despite the fact that they are physically stronger than normal humans.
They have formed a fairly large, peaceful kingdom mostly reliant on timber trade, worshiped the stars and celestial bodies as dieties, and focused a lot on scholarly enterprises. They had in fact most advanced astrology and mathematics (well, geometry really) of all the existing nations in my world and their language and philosophy was extremely complex and developed.

Eventually, the kingdom has been destroyed and majority of their population dragged off as slaves. "Nowdays", majority of them are third or fourth generation slaves deprived of any culture and basically barely qualifying as humans in some of the more assholish slaver kingdoms, the rest lives dispersed in small communities in large cities of the more tolerant kingdoms, finding jobs as traders, scholars, or even daily laborers.

The general opinion is that the tall ones are harmless idiots, "meek autistist" due to their very slow and sluggish behavior and pattern of speech etc... though in reality they still maintain some of the greatest scholarly traditions in the world.

They eat what other people eat.

>Are they cute?
Unless you have an acromegaly fetish, no.

>> No.41872120
File: 136 KB, 1024x768, BB4LUR4CUAAMaa5.jpg-large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What I do to explain off Giants in Space is with Gravity holes.

Much like the Veil of Madness stories, Earth is in a heavy Gravity area akin to a whirlpool. Most of the Giant races just can't handle even approaching the area in general, they'd be bought to their knees just getting near the Solar Systems.

>> No.41872260

Because its cool, retard

>> No.41872300

>lasers in skin that shoot off like deep-sea lightshows
>sensor-scrambling songs
>laser tridents

>> No.41872448

Spoken like a true pedo.

>> No.41873760
File: 1.83 MB, 2090x3000, 036.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mostly gravity manipulation. They need powerful gravitics to travel FTL and with practice they can use it for a lot of other things as well.

>> No.41873768

>>lasers in skin that shoot off like deep-sea lightshows
Titty lasers?

>> No.41874374
File: 74 KB, 652x434, Austin-Powers-Austin-Powers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.41874481

Well, she's a gigantic spaceship so I'm assuming there's going to be some mechanical parts unless you want to go squirming around her gut or womb, and hey if that's your thing who am I to judge?

>> No.41874945

Decided to start the thread. Might not have been the best idea as I'll probably be off soon, but the board seems to be the most active at the time I'm sleeping, anyway.


>> No.41875166

>on a space ship
Realistically, they wouldn't, but if you really wanted them? Probably some kind of bio-torpedos. Made of the ship's biological matter, but disposable - like white blood cells or sperm are, task-focused cells - loaded up with very little other than an FTL drive and a ganglion which makes it smart enough to aim itself at an enemy ship.

So, kamikaze bio-drones, shooting themselves at enemy ships at superluminal speeds.

If you wanted to go really fun with it, they don't actually hit it at fully superluminal speeds, they sort of splat onto the hull and start spreading to engulf and crush it. It has a sort of vaguely biological feel to it, and would hypothetically allow you to tell someone to surrender instead of destroying them outright.

>> No.41875257

>frost giantess quest
Those were the days

better, simpler times

>> No.41876004 [SPOILER] 
File: 3.42 MB, 1200x2040, 1439594894488.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As you wish anon

>> No.41877074

Tribals mostly, although the level of development in each tribe varies, so some have walled communities and basic farmland while others spend their lives hunting in the wilds. Many live in human cities though, offered food and safety in their walls in exchange for providing a service of some kind. Considering the main nation is plagued by giant monsters, the giants are perfectly suited to hunting and slaying them. Those born in human colonies are often very human in their mannerisms, although many still follow the habits and traditions of their ancestors.

>What do they eat?
Same things humans eat, just more of it.

>How big are they?
Roughly around thirteen to fifteen feet, which is roughly the equivalent of humans being five to six feet tall. Height can vary depending on diet and the tribe they belong to, although that is the norm.

>Are they cute?
The growing population of half-giants would suggest so.

>> No.41877250


>> No.41880655

For someone who mostly ignored it, is it worth the read?

>> No.41881149

No. Its genderbender fetish bullshit.

>> No.41881164

You're going to have to explain that

>> No.41881787

Starts with a fa/tg/uy self-insert getting turned into a buxom, sexy giantess beloved by all

>> No.41881830


>> No.41882381



>> No.41883095

How does /tg/ feel about the new barefoot loli giantess Disney princess movie announced for 2018?

>> No.41883112


>> No.41883284

Hack and the bean stalk. Jack climbs it only to find a barefoot loli giantess at the top.

>> No.41883303

What? Why make that?

>> No.41883347

Because their disney and they don't give a shit anymore. Its like a proffesors with tenure. They literally can't not make money at this point.

>> No.41886423


>> No.41886900

Dudes can totally see her panties.

>> No.41887304


>> No.41887317
File: 279 KB, 1600x1200, 1301877233960.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did you expect anything else from quest threads that do not involve the use of Legos?

>> No.41887662
File: 606 KB, 853x640, Last_Supper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Did you expect anything else from quest threads that do not involve the use of Legos?
Hey now, few things can live up to the AWESOMENESS that is Lego...

>> No.41887676

Fuck off NiceDaemonette

>> No.41890087

What panties?

>> No.41891669

That's the point

>> No.41893249
File: 613 KB, 1100x1500, Gunnlod.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Getting hooked? How about some Gunnlod?

>> No.41893595

Whenever I see these kinds of pictures I am always way too concerned for the lives of the hundreds of people moments away from death to really appreciate the giant chick.

>> No.41893712

Meh, I don't like giantesses when they're too big to interact with
Except maybe as a vore dungeon

>> No.41894457

Giants in my universe are about as big as in OP's pic, maybe slightly bigger. They are in fact the main and dominant race on their world. Tiny humans (Who are our size) are actually a sub-race to them and live in ant-like hives, underground. They vore humans, whom they consider to be a delicacy and to have healing factors. They prefer to swallow them alive because they see it as the ultimate triumph over them. They also use them as slaves and use them to construct tiny mechanisms. Those that are free fight a constant battle with them, though they also have giant wildlife to content with. Reason things are like this is because the tiny humans betrayed their god who made them in his image in favour of gaining powerful magicks from another, dark god. They lost their "godly" size in the progress. Their massive magical power is their saving grace, though it can be repelled by using a certain stone.

>> No.41894517

Typing this on a iPhone and I am riding my bike, so pardon me if my description seems rushed

>> No.41894599

There is actually an entire religious aspect behind the vore stuff too. They see eating the Burrowed (the small humans) as as favour to their creator god. By swallowing them whole they "restore" them by making them part of their body's system

>> No.41894712
File: 180 KB, 938x752, 1968233-fb2459990bb4b1b9a6d465829a962279.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So has anybody here actually ever played a Giant character? It sounds cool but the logistics of it would mean you don't get to participate much.

>> No.41896430


I make my giants only a little taller than an average room, so they kinda have to crouch down.

There's some anime with a pantsless giantess you could use for ideas on dealing with Big guys/Girls

>> No.41898442

Usually if I play an odd sized character it's a smaller guy, and only if another player is playing a amazon or something similar

>> No.41898472
File: 275 KB, 388x497, 1438992015961.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well the closest for me is my current character which is a Sorc Goliath, not sure if that counts though

>> No.41900719

I think I've seen that porn

>> No.41903460

Why not?

>> No.41903825

In my setting, the giants are the remnants of a pre-human civilization. Their culture is dying as their numbers dwindle, and most have no idea what they've lost, only the lingering sense of loss.

The taller the giants are, the more alien they are to humans. Thus, your Hill Giant types are basically not terribly smart big people, while your Stone Giants are enormous and strange creatures with vague motivations and unknowable thoughts, like the giants from Shadow of the Colossus. Your Cloud Giants are one step removed from angelic creatures, worshiped by the lesser giants, and utterly baffling to humans.

And yes, Hill Giants can be cute.

>> No.41904054

Well so far, Giants have been outside actors rather than PCs. While I've found lots of stories here to be cool, the wandering Giants who tell stories of old lands being my favorite, there doesn't seem to be much about making them playable.

Is it because they have to be one off, that individual giant in the party they have to send to a barn to sleep in, rather than a whole group of them? It would scale everything up anyways that you are only occasionally dealing with a tiny race.

>> No.41904316

you could have a party of nomadic/wandering giants looking for giant history, exploring stonehenge type stuff trying to figure out what happened to their civilization. culminate in a bbeg who wiped out most of their civilization and has a magical item that can restore it somehow. you've got a campaign right there if you do it right, and you can encounter tiny races all day

>> No.41904493

And a nice moral dilemma in that the tiny races might not want a bunch more Giants walking around who could hurt them.

But how do you change the story if it happened in the Modern Day?

>> No.41904603

party of giants, some of the last giants trying to figure out why the formerly peaceful little people decided to try wiping them out. genocide murder mystery, they find some group or another, pro-human or something, has been pulling strings behind governments to encourage giant hate and wiping them out

>> No.41904740

People for the Ethical Treatment of Tinies

A collection of large but not Giant races that want to get rid of the real Giants. Unfortunately, the real Giants were keeping them in check, and everything will be worse for the humans if they are gone.

And if we were to send them to the Moon and beyond, Earthies would have to deal with being the odd ones out by being the equivalent of 6 inches tall.

Thanks, you've actuallyngot my idea juices flowing.

>> No.41906593

PETT doesn't have that good a ring to it

>> No.41908615

Of course, but some players need it made obvious.

>> No.41908757


>> No.41909997

What I liked about theVajra was that they weren't just Space Bugs to be slaughtered in the end.

It would be weird and yet normal to have these ginormous insects help you throughout the day because they are actually nice guys. Kind of like in Chaotic.

>> No.41912035

Giant spaceship insect girls?

>> No.41912169
File: 99 KB, 1280x720, Vajra_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For once fethishfriend, you are not incorrect. The Vajra are able to use warp space in ways the humans never could, and the Queen is absolutely ginormous. Plop a UN Spacy Colony sphere on the bigger ones and you can explore the cosmos with them.

While the Macross movies and shows need to be taken with a grain of salt, by canon they are the equivalent of "made for TV", she's still massive enough that she sticks out of the planet when standing up.

>> No.41913522
File: 68 KB, 500x822, 1439067118685.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>humans use spaceship bugs to build and maintain an interstellar civilization
>bugs 'farm' human civilization for agriculture, industry and all those things a giant space cockroach simply can't build on its own
>overall the two species get along surprisingly well

>> No.41914058


>> No.41915960
File: 166 KB, 1280x720, vajra-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's a better picture to show her size. Look at the planet and coastlines.

>> No.41917509

A bit bigger than my tastes but I like the idea of a bug girl giantess

>> No.41917536

What about the giantess? Having your head in the upper layers of atmosphere can't be good.

>> No.41917851
File: 238 KB, 1000x1000, 1412992490727.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>A bit bigger than my tastes but I like the idea of a bug girl giantess
Who doesn't?

>> No.41919699

Now that's just way too big.

How does that even live in space? Are there others?

>> No.41921890

>Now that's just way too big.
You could live inside it though

>How does that even live in space?
It's a bioship

>Are there others?
I assume yes

>> No.41923965 [DELETED] 
File: 209 KB, 778x1000, giant qt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Your party sets up camp.
>Wake up next morning
>Crawl out of tent
>See this
>What do?

>> No.41924055

Curse whatever godforsaken thing it was that suddenly dumped me in Felarya.

>> No.41924462

Hope the GM is running a giantess stomach dungeon

>> No.41924486
File: 77 KB, 607x800, 1421428519537.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yep, pretty much on the money there...

>> No.41924735
File: 194 KB, 1201x665, a_mouthful_of_choices_by_karbo-d94u8su.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not sure I like this dungeon structure.

>> No.41924825

You may not, but you just gotta make it to the exit and you'll be fine

>> No.41924839

That should not give me a boner

>> No.41925141 [DELETED] 
File: 2.16 MB, 503x512, 1425362525869.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's Karbo man, you now have an Oral Fixation...

>> No.41925388

It looks so inviting
>Open it
That just hurts my eyes

>> No.41925418

Post more moufs

>> No.41925523


Post game recommendations and how to use Giants in your TTRPGs. Give me your ideas for running a game that has Giants with space travel.

If you want macro mouth shots, go to Furaffinity.

>> No.41925562

Why not both?

>> No.41925759

A Universe filled with Macro Anthromorphs? Feels like clicking 'Select All' in the Magical Quadrant list.

I could see it working, since Humans would have access to Mechs/ Variable Fighters to keep things equalized. Any tips on how to properly describe the Universe and make the Giant playersnfeel small?

>> No.41925867

>Any tips on how to properly describe the Universe and make the Giant playersnfeel small?
Space Busses.
Huge ass transports that plow right through planets if they cross their routes.

>> No.41925976

>Why would you make a ship out of squishy organic matter that's liable to bleed or burn when fired at, instead of more durable metal?

Culture, history, a lack of metal, etc.

If steel is so bloody rare a sword can be passed down for generations suddenly 'space horses' make sense for your space knights adventure.

>> No.41926037

>humans in Beast mecha with anthro variable fighters fighting a race of macro anthros


>> No.41926134

Macro Vogons would be scary yo'. I'd hate to have to carry paperwork of their size along. You'd get accidentally crushed by their massive rubber stamp and forced to file the paperwork all over again.

I'm also reminded of Andromeda. No matter how advanced they make them, AIs can not handle piloting through hyperspace. You need a meat brain to do so, and if the ship can pilot itself, all the better.

You could play with some animal characteristics for humor. Sheep are frightened of you despite being able to step on you, and more than a few Donkey diplomats have gotten into staring contests with the Robots and won.

>> No.41926336

>Macro Vogons would be scary yo'. I'd hate to have to carry paperwork of their size along. You'd get accidentally crushed by their massive rubber stamp and forced to file the paperwork all over again.
Ain't even Vogons though, most you get is a "Look out for that ship!" "What shi-BOOM!"

>> No.41926341

>Post game recommendations and how to use Giants in your TTRPGs. Give me your ideas for running a game that has Giants with space travel.
We got three (now two) posts left
Fill them full of eager and inviting mouths please

>> No.41926355


They`re like humans but really big.

>> No.41926397

>Putting them is really big ships
>Not using a vessel meant for one passenger and forcing them to share very close quarters.

Not unless you're going to include how a Giant deals with an Office Job.

Tell me more.

>> No.41926468

>Putting them is really big ships
I think you are underestimating the amount of lifeforms riding the Space Bus...
The biomass aboard one can out weigh entire planetoids, and that's a LIGHT load.

>> No.41926491

>>Not using a vessel meant for one passenger and forcing them to share very close quarters.
>Being forced to share the giant equivalent of a japanese capsule hotel sized one person ship with a alien giantess
>It compresses to fit her form when it's in route

>Not unless you're going to include how a Giant deals with an Office Job.
Same as normal but scaled up

>> No.41926583

Where are they all trying to get too in such a hurry?

>your Giant partner isn't always the fastest when it comes to putting you were you want
>Often spend the trip pressed in places you did/n't want

>> No.41926616

>>Often spend the trip pressed in places you did/n't want
I can't imagine a single one

>> No.41926636

>Where are they all trying to get too in such a hurry?
Not sure what you mean

>> No.41926682

Where are the Space buses headed to that they can't stop for planets?

Or are they just scooped up and become another set of travelers?

>> No.41926708

>Where are the Space buses headed to that they can't stop for planets?
To the space bus stop of course
Space bus driver ain't gonna care if there's road kill, she's got a route to run

>> No.41926738

>To the space bus stop of course
Yes and...

>Or are they just scooped up and become another set of travelers?
Space Bus is that kind of Megacorp.

>> No.41926779

I have a goddess whose a giantess in one of my settings. Well, more a demon lord. She's a giant woman with a castle built around her. Parts get ruined when she moves sometimes, but it reconstructs itself in time.

>> No.41926836

So you and your Macro partner are just planetary ticket agents?

She shouldnwalk around with her castle as armor. Be like the Colossi.

>> No.41926884

>So you and your Macro partner are just planetary ticket agents?
No, the capsule ship idea was something differnet

>> No.41926927

Just accept it

>> No.41926928
File: 69 KB, 476x335, big girl uuuu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>she should walk around in her castle

While that would be cool, its a curse placed on her for basically being kaijuu Medusa and being able to turn things to stone; it got twisted back on her in the lower planes and used to imprison her. Only way she'd ever be able to escape is if she lost her powers.

>> No.41926941

We got all tied up in the end though.

Anyways, I got plenty of ideas I could use if I ever through away my sanity. A tiny Human and Macro Anthro going around the galaxy dealing with Space stuff.

Ah, that makes sense.

>> No.41926948

Next giantess thread needs to be full of mouth pics

>> No.41926976


Make sure you post some them.

Or start dumping when this thread autosages

>> No.41927006

>Make sure you post some them.
I have none though

>Or start dumping when this thread autosages
It is

>> No.41927049

then go to the Swallow Whole thread and ask

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