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Halo thread! There's a wargame to talk about and lore to bitch about.

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>that pic

MUH SPECIAL WARRIOR CLUB, MUH PROFESSIONALISM! Go do a google search for soldiers pretending various things are their dicks. People goof around, the military are no exception.

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>buck is a Spartan now

It gets worse. Rookie is kill, Mickey is Innie scum, Dutch is broken and retired to become a train driver.

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You're missing the point entirely. It's the general attitude of "Spartan IV's are the bestest!" that 343 is cultivating.
Not to mention the full fucking retarded armor design. Look at that unicorn horn and tell me that makes sense.

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What about Romeo?

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It doesn't bother me that pistols have scopes. It bothers me that pistols have scopes through the visor but no other weapon (except I guess the covie carbine) gets this treatment.
tbh I'm just jealous all the love the halo pistols get while the SMGs sit abandoned and forgotten.
Oh, another nitpick
>they finally added a legit machine gun
>it's a pathetic peashooter, takes a full mag to kill one soldier.

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That peashooter kills people faster than just about everything else, save sniper rifles, rocket launchers, and melee weapons, like the sword.
It was made to be a mid-range power weapon and it filled that space pretty well.
It's too bad that the multiplayer suite as a whole was garbage.

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>Look at that unicorn horn and tell me that makes sense.

Armored comm antenna.

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I remember playing ODST and thinking how shit the writing was, that opening cutscene, animation was a bit rugged too
I think the missions were pretty fun for the most part, though lacking in polish in some areas and that's the bit that people remember fondly

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So seeing as Spartan have released a space fleet game before with a polished second edition, does that mean they will break their trend of not being able to write rules with this game?

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>everyone wanted Buck to be leader of the Spartan-IVs but he refused to take the job.
So why is he a Spartan now?
God damn 343 is inconsistent.

>armored comm antenna.
Doesn't work. The main point of the mark VI helmet was "integrated communications", i.e. containing all the comms shit inside the helmet where it's not exposed.
Putting it on the FRONT of the helmet, sticking up in the air like that, is a great way to get it destroyed.
It's also a nice grab handle.

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obviously it's for sweet headbutts

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>Look at that unicorn horn and tell me that makes sense.
It would make perfect sense if it was on a Brute's helmet, but yeah, on a Spartan it's just kind of dumb.

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No shit, regular people goofing around isn't the problem with the IVs. No one complains when the marines/ODSTs do it.

The problem is that almost all of the IVs have an obnoxious attitude because of the previous gens' legacy, when in actuality they're a huge step down in every way besides quantity. They're glorified marines that went through a pussified version of the old programs, got a super ship with its own holodeck and some armor handed to them on a silver platter, and think they're the most hardcore motherfuckers in the galaxy.

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Question about books, I have readed most of them, all the way the end of war and prophets going missing and stuff.

However, I remember Garderner, or some other forerunner talking a heck load of leaving Ark for humans to find, and I have yet to hear of that again. In what book does it appear?

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Hopefully. I've got some normie friends who are actually psyched for this game. If it's good, I might just make a few new TT players out of them.

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Where can I find more about the Fleet battles game? I probably won't be able to find anyone to play this with, but I'm fucking stoked to see the IP doing shit I care for.

It's a wargame that I feel drawn to, and fucking around with Halo ships is going to make me giggle like a jackass for years.

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>everyone wanted Buck to be leader of the Spartan-IVs but he refused to take the job.
>So why is he a Spartan now?
>God damn 343 is inconsistent.

Because Spartan-IVs weren't born that way. They are adult soldiers who are modified to become Spartans so many of them are former ODST like Buck.

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That's not the point that guy was making. Why is buck now an S-IV, when he previously did not want to be an S-IV?

The whole Goddamn point of the S-IV program is that it's voluntary (unlike S-II and S-III), so it can't be that Buck was directly coerced into it.

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Kellyfags can eat shit. Linda is the best Spartan waifu.

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He declined because he didn't want it to break up the team. Jun gave him the offer again later when there was enough funding for the whole team which was just Buck/Romeo/Mickey at that point.

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>Rookie is kill




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Best Snaipfu, or bestest Snaipfu?

And Micky defected to the Insurrection. Standard 343 shit.

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Got bonked on the head by an Innie, tied to a chair, and shot in the head during the rescue attempt.

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Rolled 9 (1d10)


It's so 343 can't make him a Spartan IV and make him bad.

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Grace-093 is the most superior of all SPARTAN babes

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Yeah, the best at going MIA.

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Girls with glass is my fetish.

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>defecting to the dudes who killed your comrade

10/10 writing

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Again, why not make this thread in /vg/? You know it's not /tg/ relevant, so why are you doing this?

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343 confirmed for NTR/mindbreak.

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Literally read the OP.
>There's a wargame to talk about

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God damn, woman, aren't you supposed to be the best sniper in the UNSC? The hell do you need with eight different scopes?

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Eight times the zooming and booming. Also, since Halo 5 appears to be removing armor ability pickups, maybe it's just her stuffing VISR, Promethean Vision, and other funky vision modes into her helmet.

I don't know, it still looks retarded. Just spitballing ideas. Maybe one of them is just a camera she uses to film sick sniping montages.

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So, uh, I haven't played anything since 3.... I take it stuff happened since then?

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Hoo boy.

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Yo I haven't played since Reach, literally just popped in and see >>41830745

Literally how the fuck do you Ruin 'new guy who doesn't talk and saves the day'?

The hell is an innie

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>The hell is an innie
Insurrectionist, basically the rebel movement that the Spartan project was founded to combat.

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Short for Insurrectionist, the rebels that were fucking shit up prior to the covenant and prompted them to start to spartan program.

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I'm pretty much in the same boat as these guys.

Me and a mate went through Halo 4 and after it pretty much shat on the lore we really liked about halo, like how humans were the long lost descendants of the Forrunner race that were trapped and evolved on earth, I pretty much lost interest.

What can I read/play/watch to get back up to date?

Haven't read any of the books yet. I hear the books pre 343 were actually pretty good.

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>that pic

You could have just said you hate seeing people have fun.

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A SPARTAN posting sick holographic 360 noscope montages on Spacetube? I can dig it.

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>like how humans were the long lost descendants of the Forrunner race that were trapped and evolved on earth

They haven't been that since Halo 3. Seriously, was I the only that read the terminals? People blame 343 for this shit every single time it gets brought up.

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When the first thing you notice about a character (besides not having a fucking helmet in a combat zone) is a remarkably stupid quip about the chief's height, it's easy to dislike a character out of the gate. I mean, come on. You're meeting a living legend, and that's what you're going to say?
Then when you see the various other stupid shit she does it's very easy to permenantly hate her.
At this point, I wouldn't feel bad if Palmer got killed off in H5G.

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No, they never were.
343 Guilty Spark was fucking crazy and talking bullshit half the time, the other half he was trying to kill and archive you, in that order.

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pardon us if we don't find a laughably stereotypical action grill fun

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Out of curiosity, what is the quip?
I'm one of the anons that haven't concerned themselves with Halo since 3, but the sheer amount of vitriol found in these threads right now is still pretty interesting.

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you're both shit, Kurt-051 best waifu

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"I thought you'd be taller."
First thing out of her fucking mouth, not kidding.
And she's in a combat zone with no helmet.

We've seen what happens when a spartan decides taking off their helmet is a good idea.
Kat here had just put it on and her shields hadn't yet charged, because THEY DON'T WORK WITHOUT THE HELMET.

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And its not just her, almost all of them say or do something retarded every time their mouths open. No one is saying they should be no fun allowed ever, but when they act like idiots 100% of the time people are going to treat them like idiots. They're hilariously incompetent whenever we see them fighting in cutscenes too.

>pinned down
>breaks cover and slooooowly walk towards the enemy with a shotgun
>too busy screaming GIT SUM to hear his superior telling him to get back to cover
>cut to mission failure and private dumbfuck on a stretcher

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shouldn't this go on /v/?

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I might come of as incredibly dumb/uninformed here, but I thought the big deal about Spartans was that there was just one left? Now there are a whole lot, and even color-coded?

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Halo Fleetbattles is now a thing, so Halo lore is /tg/ material.

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Only managed to find half of them. No one I ever played with could be fucked sitting through them, a shame really.

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Her shield was damaged and inoperable. Had she the choice, she'd probably had kept them up in an active combat zone.

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Halo discussion is usually contained in the RPG threads.

I'm surprised there isn't one up now, actually.

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Sorta... although they always had the materials to make new ones.

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That was the original premise that was retconned shortly after Halo 1, with the original printing of The Fall of Reach.
First strike first mentioned Spartan-III's, (only once, it's easy to miss, Halsey is browsing Ackerson's files) and Ghosts of Onyx focuses intensely on them.
Halo: Reach has a squad of 5 Spartan-III's and one Spartan-II.
And During all the Halo games the Chief's team is somewhere else, not with him. Who knows why.
They reunite in Halo 5, so hopefully there will be an appropriate amount of ass-kicking and more of a "family" attitude to the team. They've been together since they were six years old.
Knowing 343 they'll probably fuck that up too.

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Nope. Depending on the era and what you consider a SPARTAN proper, there could be anywhere from a half-dozen to hundreds.

>> No.41834752

Kurt's the best Spartan. I wouldn't waifu him because he deserves so much more.

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>They reunite in Halo 5
I have to know, which ones?
Because if it's Blue Team, food nipple will be removed with extreme prejudice.
God, I get a boner just thinking about it.

>> No.41834800

Blue team.

>> No.41834807

Blue team. Didn't you see the Linda posts earlier? 343i's bringing them into their potentially awful narrative.

>> No.41834821

Palmer also provides a pretty stark contrast to past leaders like John and Carter. She spends most of her screen time sitting behind a computer monitor cracking jokes and belittling Miller. The Chief and Carter let regular humans run mission control and treated their SPARTANs like family. And during missions, they were generally quite professional. Plus, it's fucking stupid to stick an armed and armored SPARTAN at a desk when he/she could be punching aliens.

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I might actually play H5 now.

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Well, you've got the IIs which is what Chief is. He was only the last in the sense that almost all the others were dead or MIA during the first games, but a handful are alive and back with him now.

Then you have the IIIs, a cheaper mass production version that you see in the pic. There were a shitload of them, most died in suicide missions but there's still a good few around.

Then you've got IVs, the recent and even cheaper mass production run. There's a shitload of them but its debatable whether they really count as spartans. They're more like ORION II.

>> No.41834837

Not him but I knew about the Halo 3's in ghosts of Onyx and that they were lead by a Spartan II that was previously thought to be KIA (MIA, as Spartans never die).

I thought that he and the Chief were considered to be members of only a handful of surviving Spartan II's.

What is this about the Chief being a member of the whole team of spartans throughout all the games? How the fuck did they retcon this in? I mean, 3 fucking games and no mention of them at all?!

Doesn't happen often but this is one of the few times I've ever been genuinely peeved with something so trivial but damn. Jimmies rustled.

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>blue team's in a game!
>but it's not on reach
>and it's being made by 343, not bungie
I'm still fucking mad they didn't make reach about the S2's

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Keep in mind that you only play them for half the campaign. The other half makes you play as Locke's squad hunting them down for going AWOL, and if 343 is shameless enough to kill off Rookie then blue team isn't safe either.

>> No.41834908

They had the perfect opportunity to showcase the other SPARTANs.

But nooooooo, they had to introduce Mary Sue Squad while retconning a shitload of things.

>> No.41834933

fair enough.

>> No.41834964

Having never read any of the novels, could/should I have known this? I mean, I'm fairly sure the last survivor thing was mentioned in at least one game, but never contradicted later on; or am I imagining things?
>Orion II
I'm affraid to even ask...

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>I'm afraid to even ask
Project ORION was the SPARTAN-I program, IIRC. Adult candidates, mostly failures. The one notable exception was Sergeant Avery J. Johnson, who got Flood immunity and laser eyes out of the deal.

>> No.41835048

ORION was the very first supersoldier program. It tried augmenting regular adults and didn't really work, which is why Spartan II&III (there is no Spartan I, it was just named that because it followed ORION) used children.

Spartan IV switched back to using willing adults. Other than the armor it really has nothing in common with the spartan programs, they just kept the name for PR.

>> No.41835060

Avery is really only there because of how popular he was anyway so they had to make up something for him.

>> No.41835179

Okay, am I grtting this right: The Spartan 3s are the shittier, massproduced version of the Spartan 2s, right? Not nearly as good, but worthy in their own right. Also, lots more of them. A Sherman / Tiger sort of situation, so to say.
And the Spartan 4s are shittier, massproduced versions of the shittier, massproduced versions? How does that even work? Do they forego the surgery and training entirely and just staple a t-bone steak to their chest, dress them in surplus hockey gear and let 'em loose on the paintball field for a couple of hours?

>> No.41835251

Wait, I thought he was just some random, though badass schmuck? Now he's proto-spartan? Jesus, it seems I really need to revisit the games sometime, I don't remeber that at all...

>> No.41835266

that's all EU stuff, never mentioned in the games

>> No.41835313

They're bad, but not that bad.
Think high-end Spartan-III equipment (MJOLNIR) but with ODST-level training. They simply aren't as good as Spartans that were trained since they were toddlers.

>> No.41835335

S-IVs are supposed to be more mentally stable and augmented with cybernetics rather than the extensive bio and chemical mods used on their predecessors, IIRC. Their armor is also newer and higher-performance. An unarmored S-II will easily bench more than an unarmored S-IV, but an armored S-IV can apparently match an armored S-II in physical strength. The mental stability thing is questionable, though, since John, Jorge, Fred, and Kurt all seem to be a lot more professional and less prone to doing stupid shit.

Logically, an S-II in the new generation of Mjolnir armor should be able beat a similarly armored S-IV and steal his lunch money.

>> No.41835374

>Sherman / Tiger sort of situation
My inner tank autist is creaming at me to call you a faggot.

But the sentimate is close.

The II's were the best-of-the-best, take-no-shit supersoldiers. Highly-trained, expensive and rare (there were only ever 34-ish)
III's were not quite as good, but we're still highly trained and were ultimately sent on suicide missions. Roughly 700 were created.
IV's were just faggots in power armor, with a couple of augmentations thrown in. Relatively cheap but not nearly as good as the III's, to say nothing of the II's.

Or to put it another way. II's were the Delta Force.
III's were Green Berets except expendable.
IV's are Force Recon.

>> No.41835407

>laser eyes
I think it is kind of indicative of the whole situation that I actually have to pause and consider if that is an exaggeration or actual fact...

>> No.41835446

Its a joke from a RvB trying to get people to buy ODST

>> No.41835459

Last time I read a Halo novel Johnson had the flood immunity from some kind of cancer shit due to over-usage of plasma 'nades. When did that change?

>> No.41835476

the laser eyes was an RvB joke to advertise a GameStop exclusive

>> No.41835517


That's Boron's syndrome. It's a cover for the Orion program.

>> No.41835526

IIs were genetically PERFECT 7 year olds with perfect bodies and genius intellects, honed to perfection through meticulous training, given a great education, and augmented to hell and back. Eventually got top tier armor that costs as much as a starship.

IIIs were 10-13ish, not as genetically perfect and mostly orphans from the war. Got great training from one of the IIs, don't remember what their education was like though. The augmentations weren't AS great, but still great and with a 100% survival rate compared to the 40ish% chance the IIs had. Other than special snowflake squads like Noble, they were given shitty armor and sent on mass suicide missions. Some also had an extra augmentation that let them go berserk and rip elites to shreds, and this is with non-powered armor.

IVs are just marines and ODSTs with some cybernetic augmentations. They're a bit stronger but most of it is the armor.

>> No.41835533

Lies. The Spartan laser was fully charged when the Chief took it from Johnson's corpse.

>> No.41835540

You are both wrong, if taken from the same pool of "genetically perfect" candidates as the 2s were, a 3 or a 4 are close enough to a 2 that there is no real difference. And the only difference between the 3s and the 4s are that the 4s have better equipment and are entirely volunteer, as opposed to the only war orphans that the 3s were.

>> No.41835566

>Other than special snowflake squads like Noble, they were given shitty armor and sent on mass suicide missions.
Iirc Noble were also given shitty armour and sent on suicide missions, they just survived and were badass enough to get pulled out of the mainline program to be given shiny new armour and told that they were no longer expendable.

>> No.41835569


>> No.41835578

>a 3 or a 4 are close enough to a 2 that there is no real difference.
Bull fucking shit.
The IIIs and IVs fundamentally did not get the same enhancements that IIs get.

>> No.41835633


I was so pissed when I found out he died.

>> No.41835641

>if taken from the same pool of "genetically perfect" candidates
That's the difference. The threes and fours are not genetically perfect, they aren't given as much training, and there isn't anywhere near as much augmentation.

Hell, threes had seriously dangerous augmentations with enormous risks that Kurt ordered because he felt bad about the massive losses the first two companies took, the first lost 100%, the second had only two survivors.

>Why, yes, I liked Ghosts of Onyx, why do you ask?

>> No.41835654

Except you're discarding the training and indoctrination Spartan-II's and III's had.
II's were trained from six to fourteen, IIRC.
III's were trained for six years, with candidates being ages 4-6.
IV's can't possibly have training on the same level as either. It doesn't matter how good Infinity's holodeck is.

>> No.41835657

>My inner tank autist is screaming at me to call you a faggot.
Dude, feel free to do so, my entire tank knowldege comes from WW2 movies and games (neither of which offer much detail) and the fact that one of my grandfathers cracked open two Sherman tanks with a pair of panzerfausts / Panzerfäuste. That's an admittedly shitty basis of knowledge.
Though exactly where did I go wrong?

>> No.41835679

>no real difference
Jorge and the Chief are huge compared to their younger cousins. They're also much faster, seeing as how Jorge was able to keep pace with sprinting squadmates despite carrying an HMG and infinite ammo.

>> No.41835804

>And the only difference between the 3s and the 4s are that the 4s have better equipment and are entirely volunteer, as opposed to the only war orphans that the 3s were.

There's significant differences in the augmentations.

Its confirmed that 4s are weaker and need the armor to match a 2, while a 3 could come pretty close. Because the chemical augs simply don't work as well on adults, the 4s mostly use implants instead. Part of the surgery involves going in and manually lengthening their bones since they can't actually grow taller, which makes Palmer's line even more pathetic.

>> No.41835847

Alright, what am I not seeing here? Why the hell would anyone manufacture spartan 3s only to send them on suicide missions with shitty gear? I mean, sure they are cheaper, but going by what I can glean from this thread they'd still be a massive investment of both time and money, right? If a Spartan 2 is worth as much as a fucking spaceship, I doubt you'd get Spartan 3 for a buck fifty, right?

>> No.41835862

>IV's can't possibly have training on the same level as either. It doesn't matter how good Infinity's holodeck is.
Aren't 4s vets?

Also has the fleet combat game been released yet?

>> No.41835882

Well, for one it's comparing two completely different beasts. Of course, that's not a bad comparison in terms considering the stark differences between 2s and 3s.
But it's mostly because there's an outdated view that the Sherman is garbage that goes up in flames just as soon as you look at it while the Tiger is an unstoppable metal behemoth spawned in the depths of hell. Which is flat-out wrong and, at least in the former case, caused by people taking a biased memoir as historical fact.

>> No.41835924

Not that anon, but there were no real "perfect" German tanks in the second world war, their best designs suffered from mechanical failures, over-designed mechanical parts that made it near impossible to fix said failures in the field, and when stuff like Panthers (arguably the best of Germany's tanks, all things considered) were rolling out onto the field, shortages of fuel and ammo were just starting to hit.

To cap it all off, the allies were getting ready to deploy Pershings and IS-3s to the field.

>> No.41835933

The armor costs as much as a starship. I think the actual modification and training are far cheaper. Take out the Mjolnir armor and the IIIs suddenly become far, far cheaper than the IIs.

>> No.41835953

It primarily came about because SIIs were getting famous and ONI needed a covert force that can do the impossible and take out high value covenant targets without morale plummeting. Also, there's something about an Admiral being a jealous douchenozzle or something.

Oh, and there was projected to be thousands of SIIIs if the war had gone on for a couple more decades.

>> No.41835974

they needed the offensive punch of a spartan with minimal associated costs

iirc mjolnir-2 was expensive as shit, the armor that the 3s got was semi-camo, unshielded, lighter, and had less support systems. so when you needed a strike team for a one-way trip to a covenant foundry waaaay deep behind enemy lines with no good extraction plan, the S-IIIs deliver similar offensive bang at a fraction of the buck.

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File: 438 KB, 2560x1440, H5G-Linda_GI.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that one time she covered Blue Team
>by downing Banshees
>seven of them
>by killing their pilots
>by ricocheting bullets into their cockpits
>while hanging from a cable
>shooting one-handed
Literally (literally!) best girl.

>> No.41835997

Advances in medical technology over the 2 or so decades since the 2s were created greatly reduced the cost of the procedures used to produce spartans. Plus the majority of the cost is the Mjolniir armor, which the 3s didn't get, seeing as they were considered expendable assets.

>> No.41836022

They're vets, sure. They might have been fighting off and on for a half-dozen years, maybe.
Spartan II's have been around for about 30 years, depending on when "now" is.
Spartan III's, depending on the company, have been fighting for a long time as well. I don't feel like hunting down figures right now. Nonetheless, the previous generations have so much more experience it's ridiculous.

>> No.41836036

That was pretty sue

>> No.41836048

also >>41835953

it was a rival program to the spartans

>> No.41836057

I hate it how people always jump on the "I thought you would be taller" comment. Don't these people know that is a common joke about people you have heard an abundance of praise about?
She is the Spartan commander on that ship, she would have heard a shit ton about the chief by the time she got there, so if she was going to crack a joke, that one makes sense.

Why did she jump straight to a joke you may ask? Because she was god damn speechless. The only reason the Captain found it so easy to talk to him is because it isn't the first time they met. By the time the Spartan 2 program become (mostly) declassified, ONI made sure all of the tales about the Spartans were spread out. Pretty much every human alive would be able to recognise him as the saviour of mankind. He was a giant moral boost BEFORE they got to Halo, not to mention now everyone knows he saved the universe.

>> No.41836063

Their armor was worth as much as a spaceship. Using the shitty stuff slashed costs quite a bit on its own. And they did it because they were desperate. The 2s were great but it took too long and cost too much make them, and every loss was a disaster.

There were missions that were too hard for normal people and would definitely inflict heavy losses on 2s which they would much rather conserve, so they used 3s.

>> No.41836067


I fail to see how having you must suck the state's cock drilled into your head for 15 years makes you better at shooting stuff. Go ask /k/ and they'll tell you training someone to be a soldier from birth does not make one a significantly better soldier than someone trained from age 18. Teaching someone to be an effective soldier really doesn't take all that long.

>> No.41836080

You best not be talkin' shit, son.

>> No.41836133

I think the mentally stable thing has more to do with the S-IIIs and the meddling with aggression that Kurt and Halsey did.

>> No.41836135

I see. Well, for what it's worth, it got the point across, I guess. Though I will try to pick a better simile next time.
Also, I honestly always liked the Sherman better. There's something endearing about the overall attitude of the design.

>> No.41836161

It makes them loyal unlike ODST's and makes them able to do ANYTHING, from piloting a starship to fighting underwater to treating a chest wound.
The breadth of their training meant that it didn't matter what the objective or parameters of their training is, they could do it.
>Go ask /k/
/k/ is a bunch of experts on future supersoldiers now?

>> No.41836173

Halsey had nothing to do with the 3's

>> No.41836190

Lore states, flat out, that a genetically perfect 3 or 4 in Mjolniir armor, is on par with a 2 in Mjolniir armor.

Some of them are, just not all of them. The only reason the 2s all are is because the augs required them to be to have any chance at all of surviving the process. The 3s and 4s draw from a larger pool of candidates than the 2s, but that pool included all the future potential recruits for the 2 program if Halsey had ever got the green light to make more 2s.

>> No.41836272

They have some posters with more than passing knowledge of child soldiers, which the 2s would qualify as.

>> No.41836282

Where is this stated in the lore?

Because again, the IIIs and IVs got a different set of augments than the IIs did. Plus training.

>> No.41836346

I remember the thing stating that for 3s, but I have a hard time believing it applies to the 4s too. By all indications their augmentations without the armor are significantly weaker, and implants wouldn't scale with genes like the chem/surgical augmentations.

>> No.41836418

>Lore states, flat out, that a genetically perfect 3 or 4 in Mjolnir armor, is on par with a 2 in Mjolniir armor.
And the games say otherwise. Look at Reach and Halo 4 again. SPARTAN-IIs are giants. A IV with newer, better armor is only able to match an armored II in strength. A II is able to easily keep pace with sprinting IIIs with ease despite being weighed down by heavy weapons.

>> No.41836422

Actual child soldiers are closer the 3s. 2s were carefully developed into functioning adults, not drugged up cannon fodder.

>> No.41836439

the nuke was interfering with her shields IIRC

>> No.41836446



Citations and everything.
Citations and everything.

>> No.41836497

I was referring more to the historical spartans of ancient greece. Pretty sure those guys didn't make heavy use of drugs, unless sex with children is considered a drug.

>> No.41836500

The mental stability comes from having a normal life until they volunteered, instead of being broken down as kids and spending the entirety of their formative years being molded into murder-autists with experimentally engineered hormones aimed at generating maximum murder-autism.

>> No.41836536

Spartan 2s were kidnapped at the age of 6 or 7, providing they matched an exact set of physical and mental requirements. They taken 150 children, taught them to be soldiers from a young age and give them incredibly dangerous physical augmentations. Out of the 150, like, less than 40 come out successful. The others died, or were disfigured by the procedure. They then carried on their training. By the time they were adults, they were better trained than any member of humanities special forces, and had super soldier bodies. Despite all that, they were made to crush human insurrection. Brutal, right?

Spartan 3s were recruited as teenagers. Rather than kidnapped, they convinced kids orphaned by the Covenant to join. They had some augmentations, but only the safe ones with 99% success rate. They were trained, but not for as long as 2s, and their armour wasn't as good, focusing on stealth over protection. They were meant for suicide missions that would take thousands of normal soldiers to ever hope to accomplish. They were sent out at around 100 at a time. Top 1% of 3s were given more training, the same armour as 2s and were used like 2s, and not sent on suicide missions. Nobel team is an example of this.

Spartan 4s are basically special forces given the cheapest, easiest to produce augmentations, a bit more training and better equipment. The candidates were already better than most of mankinds soldiers before becoming Spartans, but they arent much compared to the others. Mjolnir armour has become somewhat reasonable to produce by now, so there is no issue with them all having a set.

>> No.41836554

HALO live acton trailers are a thing of fucking beauty




>> No.41836615

150 candidates. 75 trainees.
You don't have basic shit right.

>> No.41836635

Taken up to 11

>> No.41836638


The Orion program was retroactively dubbed the Spartan 1 program, since some augmentations used in the Spartan 2 program used research from it.
In the diary that comes with the limited edition version of Halo Reach, it is clearly stated that Halsey called it Spartan 2 as a homage to the Spartans of Ancient Greeks, because high ranking military officers love inspiring names for projects and it would make it easier to pitch to them.

>> No.41836660 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.16 MB, 2560x1600, 1439430045516.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

all the ODSTs are now short-bus spartans, evil, or dead

>> No.41836674

>Spartan 3s were recruited as teenagers.

They were recruited as children as well, see>>41836446

>> No.41836709

>Out of the 150, like, less than 40 come out successful.
150 possibles. 75 candidates. 67 underwent the augmentation. 34 survived to be combat capable. A dozen or so were disabled in various ways.

>Spartan 3s were recruited as teenagers.
Nope. Recruited at 5, 6, 7 years old.

>> No.41836712

Memory serves from Ghosts of Onyx S-III's where actually younger. 4–7 or 8 if I recall. If the S-IIIs had continued to be produced with the Mjolnir GEN2 then they would b unstoppable. The plan as it where was to make Spartan-IIIs, then use those Spartans to train more Spartans, until you have 100,000 Spartans. That's a butt ton of little kids to kidnap.

>> No.41836735

The article doesn't mention this interview. http://members.shaw.ca/laird2/temp/derp/interview.mp3

4s are only able to match a 2 in strength because of their newer, better armor. If they were naked or given equal equipment a 2 would trash them, and there's no mention of genetics being able to even the odds. Their superhuman abilities come from polymers and cybernetic implants, not their actual flesh and bone.

>> No.41836766
File: 215 KB, 1245x700, Op__Chastity__Combat_Evac_by_ukitakumuki.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Excuse my autism, but there's so much inaccuracy here.

First class consisted of 150 candidates for consideration, 75 actually conscripted (read: kidnapped) at age 6-7. Trained and indoctrinated. At 14, underwent chemical and cybernetic augmentations. Officially, 30 died due to the augmentation procedures, 12 were severely crippled and discharged (re-recruited to other intelligence branches). Unofficially, 5 of the 30 deceased were actually perfectly fine; 4 of these 5 became Black Team (later KIA), the remainder had rejected most of the physical augs and later became ONI Commander-in-Chief (succeeding Parangosky). The remaining 33 survivors of augmentation continued to train up through at least 11 Sept. 2525. Due to attrition during the Human-Covenant War, at least 20 graduated S-2s died (officially, they're listed as MIA for PR/morale purposes).

A second class was planned, but funding ran short (MJOLNIR armor is expensive) and was later routed to other projects (notably, the SPARTAN-III program).


>> No.41836810

Forgive me for not remembering over a decade of questionable quality lore perfectly.

This is one bit I do remember clearly!
They were made as a response to human insurrectionists. Humanity hadn't even made first contact with an intelligent alien species at this point, no to mention be at war with them.
It would be a bit embarrassing if your super soldier decided the rebels had a point about the government being a little fascist, considering they sent super soldiers to stop them after all.

>> No.41836811

S3 weren't teenagers, they were deployed at age 12 to 16 years old for their suicide mission

>> No.41836856

I would like to point out that the majority of those deaths (20) occurred during the battle of Reach, when the albums glassed the planet. Before then, the amount actually killed could probably be counted on two hands.
Considering what they accomplished, that's pretty fucking impressive.

>> No.41836871

I should say 20-ish. I forgot exactly how many were on Red Team versus how many survived.

>> No.41836896

Has an elite ever killed a Spartan?

>> No.41836911

>People still bitching about SPARTAN-II mental problems
They weren't that dysfunctional until 343 started fucking around. John, Jorge, Kurt, and Fred all managed to work fine with regular humans and other UNSC personnel. John was quiet because Bungie wanted players to immerse themselves in the character. Even then, his spoken lines indicate he's just being professional. He still has social skills and a sense of humor.

One of the graphic novel IIs even hangs around with marines and trades jokes after a training exercise. Pretty sure there were also successful cases of IIs marrying and having kids, but I can't remember the source. Halsey, Mendez, and ONI did a decent job when it came to raising the kids.

>Has an elite ever killed a Spartan?
All the time on Legendary.

>> No.41836921

>yfw all the S2 enhancements exist in Shadowrun only they are perfectly safe
>yfw military grade power armor exists in Shadowrun and it can hold an AI easily
>yfw Shadowrun figured out SPARTANS 500 years before Halo did

>> No.41836931

Brutes killed Grace.

RIP in peace Grace, you truly were best girl.

>> No.41836937
File: 214 KB, 1245x700, Op__Chastity__Pelican_Down_by_ukitakumuki.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Consisted entirely of war orphans. At least 930 personnel, split onto three companies - Alpha (300, destroyed in its entirety, minus CAT-IIs), Beta (300, only two survivors), and Gamma (330). S-3 ages varied from as low as 4 to as high as 6. A few additional non-company S-3s were recruited - Headhunters (six 2-man teams, plus five extras), NOBLE team, and possibly CAT-IIs (recruits that matched S-2 criteria - notably, four of NOBLE team's members were CAT-IIs).

S-3s were given only chemical augmentations. Gamma Company was given an additional set of chemical augmentations (the so-called "berserker" mode, plus two drug regimens to counteract the long-term negative effects of the berserker aug).

The rank-and-file S-3 recruit was given SPI (Semi-Powered Infiltration) armor, which was significantly less powerful and protective (and therefore cheaper) than MJOLNIR. Select S-3 candidates (the aforementioned CAT-IIs) were given MJOLNIR.

Faggots, the lot of 'em.

>> No.41836942

>halo is not a very original IP

>> No.41836953

shadowrun also figured out elves and wizards too

and Exalted figured out overpowered weeb protagonists

different settings are different

>> No.41836958
File: 311 KB, 1245x700, Op__Chastity__On_The_Prowl_by_ukitakumuki.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More seriously, S-4s were all consenting adult recruits, mostly from the ODST program. They were given more extensive augmentations than the S-3s (e.g. some invasive procedures such as a wholly replaced, vat-grown pancreas, a neural implant to allow for AI interfacing, etc.), but these augmentations in and of themselves were not as effective, forcing a heavier reliance on GEN2 MJOLNIR armor.

(Additional, more effective augmentations were tested early on, but killed 9 of 10 of the initial candidates. The 10th went batfuck crazy, but was able to operate MJOLNIR armor, survived getting her face getting slammed into a metal bulkhead by everyone's favorite S-4, Sarah Palmer, and also survived prolonged exposure to the vacuum of space.)

Armor-wise, S-4s get GEN2 MJOLNIR, which is bother lighter and stronger than the original flavor (allowing the strictly-weaker S-4s to match GEN1-armored S-2s in strength) while also allowing ad hoc modifications (basically, lore justifying armor abilities).

They're still 100% faggalicious. Blue Team best team.

>> No.41836964

Shadow run has a terrible setting, even 343 writes better.

>> No.41837003

>Faggots, the lot of 'em.
Except for Buck and Fireteam Crimson, anyway. And Fireteam Crimson just gets a pass because he/she/they got no lines.

>> No.41837011

>Pretty sure there were also successful cases of IIs marrying and having kids, but I can't remember the source.
The one in the graphic novel testing an orbital drop with the armor. I think her name was Maria.

>> No.41837065

Your mom has a terrible setting.

>> No.41837068

If player behavior is any indication, Crimson is competent but dangerously insane. Pelican pilots picking them up have a higher mortality rate than Spartan IIIs.

>> No.41837112

Despite my dislike of a lot of Reach's story, I kind of enjoyed how they played on that with NOBUL TEEM's player character.

>> No.41837113
File: 3.46 MB, 1555x2076, halo3ad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Even then, his spoken lines indicate he's just being professional. He still has social skills and a sense of humor.
Yeah, game-canon he's all about that deadpan snark/gallows humor. Hell, even within the confines of Halo 4 - which 343 themselves fucking wrote - he's emotive.

And if take into account the EU books, Chief talks all the fucking time (though still significantly less so than the other S-2s, except maybe Linda, whose "lone wolf" nature predisposed her to talking even fucking less).

>Pretty sure there were also successful cases of IIs marrying and having kids
I highly doubt that, since one of the side-effects of one of the S-2 augs was a suppressed sex drive.

Also, the part where they spent approximately 100% of their time in combat, in de/briefing for combat, or in transit to combat (which would also be training time, I guess).

Also also the part where they're basically not legally citizens (what with the whole... "we flash cloned you and your clones died so legally you're all dead" thing).

>> No.41837139

How is the Gen 2 armor as strong as Gen 1? S-2s got the physical augs purely because normal humans who tried to use Gen 1 armor were having their bones crushed by the armor they didn't have the strength or mental processing power to control it.

>> No.41837149


>> No.41837184

It's a tradition in Spartan Ops to unload on the Pelican when it shows up to extract you.

>> No.41837233
File: 238 KB, 1280x720, H3MasterChief.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, hey. You might be right and I >>41837113 might be wrong. Maria-062 retired from active duty (stating a desire to start a family) and was serving in the reserves as of 2552.

GEN2 is stronger and lighter and augments the S-4's strength more times than GEN1 does an S-2's. Don't ask me how, that's what the lore states.

Probably has something to do with the significantly-improved augmentations that S-4s get (which still aren't enough for them to handle GEN1 MJOLNIR... no, I don't fucking know how that works. I bet you a dollar that 343 doesn't either.)

>> No.41837268

Both of them failed their gun safety courses.

>> No.41837298

shit like this makes me even angrier at what an absolute cockup Destiny is

imagine if they put that sort of effort into crafting its world and storyline rather than shitting out boring middle school edgelord shit like THE FALLEN, THE VEX, THE CABAL, THE HIVE that are nothing but the same endless cliches recycled




Makes me fucking angry

not to mention charging $130 for 3 "raids" that can be solo'd by one guy in under a couple hours, the same guns reskinned, boring or useless perks, and the "privilege" of releveling the same exotics three fucking times

Fuck destiny. Fuck bungie.

>> No.41837313

How is Buck becoming a spartan that bad? It just means that the spartan program has come a long way in both safety and versatility. I agree that Mickey and the Rookie were mishandled really badly.

>> No.41837318

A combat capable spartan being allowed to retire sounds questionable, but pretty much everything else in the book like halfjaw's backstory was canon so that story could be too.

>> No.41837396


>My my, so much black ink. Curious... "Hyper-lethal."

>> No.41837418

>Crimson is competent but dangerously insane
Now that you mention it, Spartan-IVs really do seem like player surrogates. Most of the other IVs so far have been frat boys, retards, and assholes (Majestic); completely worthless (the generic allied mooks); or worthless and annoying (Palmer). It's a lot like playing online, only with fewer insults about your female relatives.

>> No.41837421

I'm willing to bet ONI wanted to make genetically perfect babies or something.
And wanted to see what benefits would come from a Spartan mother, if any.

>> No.41837504

So what are the mechanics of this game? I've seen some funky looking dice but that's it

>> No.41837531

Yeah, I'm not doubting the "canonicity" of Maria-062, I'm just super-curious as to how she's supposed to be reconciled with the rest of the Halo canon (esp. considering she was written prior to 343i even existing).


>> No.41837545

The sad part is that there IS effort in the story and worldbuilding. Its just that all of it went into the cards.

After the array mission Rasputin started bombing Mars with fucking killsats. The vanguard and speaker talk*with the player about your missions and offer advice on stuff like meeting the queen. The future war cult has a divination machine. The fallen view guardians as a bunch of baby starving ghouls that stole their god ball. Not one bit of any of that is mentioned if you just play the game.

>> No.41837555


She's in a game where her and one other Spartan are the PCs and are responsible for saving a lot of people that would have died had they not been there.

>> No.41837576

>Not one bit of any of that is mentioned if you just play the game.

Ah, the Souls approach to storytelling then?

>> No.41837581

What do you even think this will do?
Mods see it and move it?
OP thinking 'shit my bad bro I won't do it again'?
Thanks for the post count

>> No.41837622


you can't even read in-game item descriptions for context

you literally have to go onto the website and browse the godawful grimoire cards, which is like if somebody wrote a novel scribbled on the back of a billion napkins, wiped their mouth with them after eating and you now get to root through the trash bin reading scraps at a time while they laugh at you and take your money for the privilege

>> No.41837656

Judging by how Palmer acts in 4, I get the feeling that player 2 did all the work while she faffed about and made egghead jokes.

>> No.41837757

So I'm going to play through the games again before 5 to get up to date.

I have Halo wars and ODST but are there any other spinoff games I should play?

Also are all graphic/novels mandatory?

P.S. what's up with captcha and kayaks?

>> No.41837766

Like that, but taken to retarded extremes.

In souls, you go and stab X in Y area and pick up an item. You can open your menu and get to learn a bit more about the thing you just stabbed, the history of the area you stabbed it in, and maybe some tidbits about places that are so far away that they're irrelevant and you'd never have heard about them if not for that item. The barebones plot about lighting the fires and whatnot is given to you straight and perfectly understandable, the items just flesh things out.

In Destiny, you unlock a baseball card, have to stop playing and go to their mess of a site, and learn about things that have nothing to do with anything you see in the game. The barebones plot is incomprehensible and even the cards don't help you understand half of what the hell was going on. What was the garden, what was the heart, why did killing this random blow heal the traveler while freeing a shard of it seemingly did nothing?

>> No.41837791

why did killing this random blob*

>> No.41837883
File: 226 KB, 1280x960, SMBlL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>egghead jokes.

I see people throw this out all the fucking time like somehow it was both derogatory, and aimed at them personally. She was regular military before volunteering for the S4 program, regular military like to make stupid jokes, be thankful you don't at any point go into a bathroom in the game and see this.

>> No.41837900

And of course, Bungie's response doesn't help.

Seriously admit that you fucked up and fix it rather than releasing like three missions as DLC at a time.

>> No.41837919
File: 151 KB, 1190x495, 81748274834.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly I've learned more about Halo lore jumping around on the wikia than playing the actual games.

Goddamn though, the saddest, most lore-true part of every halo game is when your non-spartan non-character backup bros get blown away by fuel rod cannons and you have to continue the mission yourself.

Sometimes I just kill myself to repeat from the checkpoint and make sure they pull through.

>> No.41837972

It's really just mockery because it seems to be the most-used word in her vocabulary. She doesn't even use terms like "nerd" or "geek." Even "scientist" barely gets any use. Also because when she isn't making fun of Miller, eggheads seem to be the only thing on her mind.

>> No.41838048

I know how you feel man.

I can never play with my mates/gf because they don't care for the marines and will actively beat them down if the marine is holding something they want.

Like, god damn.

What was Bungies response?

>> No.41838120

>tidbits about places that are so far away that they're irrelevant and you'd never have heard about them if not for that item.
>and learn about things that have nothing to do with anything you see in the game

These sound kind of similar so I'll elaborate. Souls can tell you about far off irrelevant lands that have no connection to the content explored or actions taken by the player. Destiny, to use Rasputin's killsats as an example, doesn't tell you about the bombing happening on the ass end of pluto decades ago or something. It tells you about a bombing you as a player indirectly caused, happening in an area you go to, to enemies you fight, but the game has no sign of anything like that actually happening.

If souls had an item implying "holy shit this castle you're in has a dragon in the basement" there probably really is a fucking dragon in that basement.

"Its better in the DLC we promise, now gib moni pls."

>> No.41838170
File: 55 KB, 610x334, he's second from the right.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Buck was my favorite character

God damn it 343 dont you dare ruin him

>> No.41838193

>What was Bungies response?
Red Bull quest DLC

wish i was joking

oh and their lead designer told everyone that "if I showed you the emotes we're selling, you'd start throwing money at your screen" in an interview when people were pissed exclusive content could only be gotten by re-buying the game all over again, completely shitting on their most loyal fans


dude's a fat fuckwit asshole

>> No.41838199
File: 19 KB, 500x367, carlos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dont you dare
Buck would definitely Dare, alright

>> No.41838218

>Buck just has upgraded ODST looking armor.

Kind of reminds me how they make cartoon characters never change their clothing (besides the fact that it's easier to animate) just because they're recognizable.

Seems a little too on the nose.

>> No.41838230

>"Its better in the DLC we promise, now gib moni pls."
Pretty much.

At least they're FINIALLY getting rid of the fucking retarded Light system.

>> No.41838246

Fucking Carlos.

>> No.41838263
File: 685 KB, 922x1105, odst helmet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why change out of the best armor permutation?

>> No.41838265

>dude's a fat fuckwit asshole
Was he the one who said that the Loot Cave wasn't the way they envisioned the game going?

>> No.41838287

Carlos! When did you get assimilated by the Gravemind?

>> No.41838290

Oh god, someone found one of my bathroom stall tags.

>> No.41838292

I'd say that's not recon but everyone and their dog has recon now

>> No.41838295


It still looks a billion times better. ODST armour is best armour.

>> No.41838301

And then they decided the fans were right and did deserve that extra content without having to rebuy the game. So they're selling it separately for $20.

Makes you question how much content is really in the $40 xpac if they think a handful of cosmetics is worth half that.

>> No.41838332

I don't know why this matters, but all their boots and calves look really dumb.

>> No.41838361

>asking for a redesign for Bucks armor.
>When literally three examples of 343's talent in armor creation is standing right next to him.

Nigger, did you just imply what I think you did?
If it's not broke, don't fix it.

>> No.41838396
File: 217 KB, 1097x715, 1352083959996.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

343 cannot design boots.

>> No.41838401
File: 76 KB, 500x375, straight to your thighs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also looks like the Spartan-IV program has been encouraging the Krabby Patty diet.

>> No.41838434

Destiny has been a fuck up from day one.

And Bungie and their minions are too busy masturbating furiously to their "ten year plan" to admit it.

>> No.41838442

You like ringworlds don't you john

>> No.41838516
File: 195 KB, 1703x958, wxtcnoQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In the trailers, Buck seems like the smartest guy on his team. I have high hopes.

>> No.41838558

>Halo Escalation had two issues devoted to Tanaka
>the writer is so shit literally fucking nothing happens

>> No.41838570
File: 1.06 MB, 205x136, 1439267381812.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I laff

but i cri

>> No.41838607

>Locke gets a whole TV show
>no one cares

>> No.41838643
File: 161 KB, 1334x750, sad blind man.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.41838657
File: 2.73 MB, 3840x3232, halofleetbattles.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wait what?

>> No.41838689

I quite liked Nightfall, even though I felt like it ended a bit abruptly.

>> No.41838706

That Nightfall miniseries was about him. See what I mean?

>> No.41838754

wow I never heard a thing about that

>> No.41838827

>Locke gets the player 1 spot instead of Buck
I'm still salty. Did nobody learn from Gears of War? Nobody wanted to be Marcus. Everyone wanted to be Dom, Cole, or Baird.

>> No.41838905

the little hunchback reminds me of the old MkV

I have no hopes, though. What I liked about halo is long gone.

>> No.41838954

They locked it to xbone and windows 8 thinking everyone was so thirsty for a Halo tv show they would buy extra shit to see it.

>> No.41839086
File: 1.41 MB, 1680x2583, HRRRRRRR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.41839226

has fleet battles been released?
I just want to know if Spartan have managed to not launch a game with a really shit set of rules

>> No.41839271

I'm half convinced that Crimson team are S-IIIs in disguise.
Their competence doesn't match up with what we know of S-IVs.

>> No.41839337


Thorne wasnt bad either, he recognized that the II's were on a whole other level and he was too quiet to be obnoxious.

>> No.41839363

Reminder that SIII Headhunters were a thing, and that Jonah is best Spartan.

>> No.41839499

Okay this joke makes me laugh for reasons I can't explain.

Can someone clue me in to where I can get this joke?

>> No.41839540

>Crimson is IIIs
>can't get the right meds because a paperwork fuckup has them registered as IVs
>this is why they're constantly going berserk on the pelicans

That actually explains everything.

>> No.41839672
File: 208 KB, 632x476, GOT PLACES TO GO GOTTA FOLLOW MY RAINBOW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In Halo: Escalation, every time anyone experiences pain, exerts physical effort, breathes heavily, or feels mild discomfort, it's accompanied with a "HRRRR...". EVERY TIME.

>> No.41839690

It's just making fun of the art and everyone being an idiot.
Really at that moment Palmer is passing up killing one elite and grabbing the objective in favor of waiting until more show up so she can get Halsey instead of her objective.

>> No.41839810

And then she lets the former grab hold of the latter and run off with it because she "couldn't bring herself to shoot". This is after spending the entire comic to that point turning every conversation into a whinefest about how angry she is that her previous attempt to assassinate Halsey in cold blood failed.

>> No.41839887

and she fails to notice the apartment building sized excavator twenty feet to her right
and right after getting BTFO by Halsey

>> No.41840124
File: 52 KB, 450x450, 2326677.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone else here ashamed to admit that this game had the best story/single player even if multiplayer was shit?

>Didact was a legitimately complex villain at least if you watch all the terminals
>Harder than the past games regardless of setting
>tfw Cortana dies, only sadder thing in vidyaz is Mordin in Mass Effect 3

Though prehistoric space humans and reptilian grunts were bad.

>> No.41840191
File: 1.80 MB, 1366x768, dwarf is not amused.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw Cortana dies, only sadder thing in vidyaz is Mordin in Mass Effect 3

Literal cancer.

>> No.41840603

Didact was a good character, but it didn't show in the games. He just came across as a petty asshole instead of batshit insane.

>> No.41840646

I don't get 343s fascination for jamming in a space ship Battle in their games

Wish they'd just make Halo: Longsword and just focus on shooting and not changing every alien gun

>> No.41840676

the story was trash, and I have a feeling I would have enjoyed the multiplayer a fuckton if I'd kept in touch with the reach playgroup

>> No.41840946
File: 636 KB, 1920x1080, 1405811895062.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So how is the Tabletop game? I've been thinking of getting it when I get the money.

>> No.41841541


press x to beat main villain.

and the only reason it was hard was because the prometheans were fucking bullet sponges.

halo Reach started the decline.

halo 4 was a failure to bring the series back.

halo MCC was an insult.

I dont care about halo 5.

>> No.41842550
File: 134 KB, 300x377, batshit insane.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Didact was a legitimately complex villain at least if you watch all the terminals
Listen, I get that 343 put together some backstory where there are multiple Didacts running around, but Halo 3 established that "Didact" was an individual entirely too busy with staving off the Flood and desperately trying to buy time to rescue the Librarian to give a single passing fuck about humanity.

And when a character with the same name pops out of a glowing red sphere, does his best Rita Repulsa impression, and enacts his master plan to KILL ALL DA HUMANS CAUSE I REALLY HATE THEM GRR, all I got was an irrevocably bad impression.

I guess that would go a ways towards explaining his motivation to become a grandstanding villain

>> No.41843807
File: 546 KB, 255x255, le ironic shitpost face.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Anyone else here ashamed to admit that this game had the best story/single player

>> No.41844039
File: 123 KB, 960x720, AHHHH AFTER TEN THOUSAND YEARS IM FREE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Spartans with ATTITUDE show up to save the day
If the story hadn't taken itself so seriously, and if UNSC vehicles could combine to form a Megazord, maybe it could have been good. But the campaign we got was horseshit.

>> No.41844258

>Harder than the past games regardless of setting
I found it difficult, but only because of shitty balance. It's fucking annoying to have teleporting replicating enemies that can resurrect their friends. And some fly while some crawl. And they all take three magazines to kill, and the deaths aren't satisfying. Halo 4 is by far the most tedious unfun fps I've ever played.

>> No.41844352

The autoturret AA turned Halo 4's campaign into a cakewalk even on Legendary. Reach, CE, and 2 had much tougher campaigns overall, and 3's Cortana level was way more frustrating than anything in 4. At least with the Flood around, you had to change up your weapons and tactics. 4 was just a matter of carting around the noob combo and autoturret.

>> No.41844791


It's all lore and vidya in here...


>> No.41845014

There's not much info out yet I think, just a few pics of the models. Has anyone posted the covie super carrier yet? It's beautiful.

>> No.41845120

You know that's like ALL Activision, right?

>> No.41845877

Bungie claimed full independence when the deal was announced, so they get to take all the blame no matter who really came up with it. You can't defend them with "the evil publisher made them do it" because that would mean they still fucked over their fans by blatantly lying to them.

>> No.41846113

You forgot that she was just dead for like a full week too, and just straight out of surgery with replaced organs.

>> No.41846191

One, and it was after she killed a whole battalion and was protecting doctor Halsey. So the elite took advantage of that, used his forces to attack her and at the end swooped to attempt to kill Halsey and the spartan saved her.
Fuck brutes, I can never take them serious lore wise. They are portrayed as unbeatable practically taking so much damage it would make a hunter stop in it tracks. Having enough strength to fight hunters all the time, yet at the same time constantly being killed even by marines. There abilities lore wise are all over the place, switching from damage sponges who can cave in a spartan's face with his fist, to dropping after taking half an assault rifle.

Like Red team fought the flood proto gravemind and brutes in halo wars 1. But then we get this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejmIbTNfqo0
With one random brute chieftain crushing them...

>> No.41846244

Explain please.
I read through all of them back then and can't remember anything that claims the opposite.

>> No.41846306

Add Emile, Kat, Carter, Noble Six, and countless respawning Fireteam Crimson members to that number.

>> No.41846316

fake spartans please go

>> No.41846356
File: 8 KB, 300x168, sup bitch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought he was referring to Spartan II's, I apologize. Then yes plenty have, Crimson wasn't even bad, elites on mythic Reach, and Halo 2 were scary as shit.
picture related.

>> No.41846388

>L: My work is done. The portal is inactive, and I've begun the burial measures. Soon there'll be nothing but sand and rock and normal ferrite signatures.
>You should see the mountain that watches over it. A beautiful thing - a snowcapped sentinel. That's where I will spend what time is left to me.
>Did I tell you? I built a garden. The earth is so rich. A seed falls and a tree sprouts or a flower blooms. There's so much... potential. We knew this was a special place because of them, but unless you've been here, you can't know.
>It's [Eden].

>> No.41846446

ah, damn, so that was just a pre-order on the spartan page? really want to know if spartan can launch a game with rules that aren't a clusterfuck lel

>> No.41846478

>fake spartans
Hey, Jorge considered Six a proper Spartan. If the big man considered Six part of the family, who are we to argue? So he, at least, counts.

Also, the Spartan-IVs apparently included leftovers from past generations. There may have been a few surviving IIs and IIIs mixed in. Judging by Crimson's performance compared to average S-IV frat boy, I'm guessing all the old-timers were lumped in together as a single fireteam. Not sure if they're officially considered S-IVs in the paperwork or just part of the UNSC's new Spartan branch, though.

>> No.41846662

>I have no hopes, though. What I liked about halo is long gone.

>> No.41846742

>because of them
is that the implication that humans have been there before or am i missing the obvious?

>> No.41846843

That's it, unless she was actually talking about crocodiles or something.

>> No.41846947
File: 708 KB, 543x576, 1435535862958.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wastes entire covvie platoons by himself in the span of a single night
>gets caught and capped in the head like a bitch by a bunch backwater yokel terrorists
Mickey turning Innie is just icing on the shit cake.

>> No.41847214

>being on Locke's team
>not being on Blue Team
Already ruined.

>> No.41847231

The story was shit. But then again, that's what you get for following a cancerous piece of shit like Travis and her "writing".

>> No.41847250

>being on any team other than the one from ODST
It's like you want the dream to end.

>> No.41847254

In the grim darkness of 255x, humanity cannot into camouflage.

>> No.41847266
File: 544 KB, 557x723, Blue Army is for sissies.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Wanting to be one of those dirty Blues
Red Army is the best army ever. Of all time.

>> No.41847296

>tfw Crimson actually is made of S-IIIs
Well, it's good to know that the Infinity has at least one unit of good soldiers.

>> No.41847362
File: 643 KB, 550x1040, H5G-Render-Fred.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even Reds wanna be Blues.

>> No.41847441
File: 1000 KB, 944x1036, Simmons_-_S10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah! Suck it, Blues! I mean Reds! Suck it, Reds!

>> No.41847604


Man, that series really went to shit after the blood gulch chronicles. i even liked season 9-10 but now its like hey dont even care about it, too busy making 100 other shitty cash grabbing shows.

>> No.41847729

don't understand why people watch that shit they make now, not even funny though they try hard to be
one of my mates said about the two that watch it "why would you watch somebody that's less funny than you are' and I agree, they are far funnier just riffing than the Rooster Teeth team is, they could banter while playing a game themselves and it would be better.

>> No.41847780

The constant attempts at serious storytelling do get tiresome after a while, especially all the Freelancer stuff. The change in main writers from Burnie/Matt to Miles might be the issue. And the original team likely doesn't have as much time to devote to silliness anymore. They grew up, started families, and have other corporate responsibilities to manage now.

>> No.41847840

Earth was humanities original home world, even before we fought a war with the flood and the forerunners, she is implying that Humanity really was the heir to the mantle and it shows with how much life thrives on earth.

>> No.41847878

Anyways six and jorge didn't die, they just went on a vacation to the beach dimension to avoid being picked apart by 343.

non player-character S3/4's are faaaakes.

>> No.41847933

They are officially considered IVs and are no longer in ONI but rather in the SPARTAN branch. Which is it's own military branch and not legally a subsection of the Navy. Jun is a spartan IV, which means he was given all the new shit the frat-boy4s have and the GEN2 armor. Kelly, Linda, and Fred got the same treatment, John might have unless he went AWOL too soon. I'm assuming 343 will say he went AWOL right after getting trained in the new gear. They will do this for the purpose of gameplay so Master chief has all the abilities of Locke's team. or they will make the opposite true, Blue Team didn't get new kit yet so they will feel distinctly different while you are playing as them during campaign.

I want to fuck a female spartan so bad, I don't give a shit if Lindy and Kelly are 40 years old I would absolutely hit it. I would even fuck Palmer, I bet she has some thick and strong thighs under that armor.

>> No.41847975

even if she calls it your little egghead?

>> No.41847980
File: 439 KB, 640x360, 1437350866577.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dat spoiler
Ara ara. Though knowing Palmer's habits, her legs spend more time being propped on a footrest than getting toned. We all know that she'd rather eggpost on Spartan-IVchan than go on actual missions.

>> No.41848011

She can put me down and talk as much shit as she wants as long as she lets me fuck her.
>Spartan-IVchan I chuckled a little
I have a thing for thighs though, even if they are soft and mushy. I bet she has super pale skin from all the time she wears that armor. The chief does, an ODST (Major Silva I think) calls him a disgusting freak for being super pale and covered in scars. All Spartan IIs have the same eye color as well, a result of their modifications. It's like a blue grey, you can see it in Forward unto Dawn.

>> No.41848054
File: 210 KB, 669x731, 1437628183425.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>She can put me down and talk as much shit as she wants
>Pale girls
>Leg man
Darling, is that you?

>> No.41848089

>>Pale girls
I meant to go into more detail about the milky white skin she probably has. I have a thing for white girls I guess. Even white girls who get tanned are still hot.

I'm not specifically into being talked down to though, I would just put up with it if I get to fuck her. I also have no idea what that picture is or what you are implying here.

>tfw Spartan II waifu will never squeeze your head with her thighs while you give her the ol' lickaroo

>> No.41848162

>I also have no idea what that picture is or what you are implying here.
Monster Musume. MC hosts a bunch of monstergirl freeloaders as part of some cultural program. One such monstergirl is a spider who loves bondage. The MC is a leg man and spider has eight. Also, everyone in the manga seems to call the MC "Darling." It's a fun, silly ride.

>> No.41848220

From what I have seen it´s a pretty cool entry-level wargame

>> No.41848290


>tfw Cortana dies, only sadder thing in vidyaz is Mordin in Mass Effect 3

not girlfriend.exe


>> No.41848687

Aww shit, I got /v/ in my /tg/.

>> No.41848768
File: 2.92 MB, 1280x720, tfw feeling that feel when.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Cortana dies

>> No.41848827

>implying that's not their immediate response to Rookies death.
It's like you don't even know ODST.

>> No.41848882

Micky turned traitor and Dutch retired and Dare never showed up again or something. So no, I guess I don't fucking know ODST.

>> No.41848974

No, you know ODST just fine.
It's 343 and their hired authors who don't know ODST.

>> No.41849004

I said immediate for a reason, it's not lie Rookie died and Mickey just said "Well, I guess I'm working for these fine gents now."
So Dare just went back to ONI and was never heard from again? She's probably dead.
And what happened to Romeo?

>> No.41849382

>they're a huge step down in every way besides quantity
Only compared to surviving Spartan IIs. IVs have superior technology & more advanced augmentations. The augmentations are done during adulthood instead of starting puberty so they benefit less. Some Spartan IIs went without energy shields for crying out loud. Those Halo Wars Spartans? Story wise, they have no energy shields & the reason they do so in gameplay is really for gameplay reasons.

>> No.41849427

Nobel Team was given energy shields just like a Spartan II. They're easily a cut above other Spartan IIIs. In fact, Nobel 6 was said to be "hyper lethal" just like Chief, in other words he's the player character & thus deadlier than most others.

>> No.41849483

>Noble 6
Noble 6 is mai pure, stoic and probably emotionally maladjusted waifu and nothing anyone says will ever make her any different.

>> No.41849486

Dare was removed because women are useless bitches who need to get back to the kitchen and let the men do the real work

>> No.41849540

Halo Reach's armor had the best aesthetic.

>> No.41849609

yeah but the good part of /v/ that actually discusses things.
Agreed. Reach went in a different direction but was still good. It really feels like they listened to what people wanted and improved upon it while still having their own new ideas. Just look at forge mode and forge world. They took an idea and ran with it.

>> No.41849704

>more advanced augmentations
More advanced in the sense that they won't kill you and can give an impressive amount of power, but absolutely weaker than what the II/IIIs received. The reason children benefited more from the II/III augs is because they used chemicals to alter the body and they could grow into it, but it doesn't apply to IVs at all. They used implants instead of chemicals and hormones, and using them on a child wouldn't give better results, it would just fuck them up as they outgrew everything.

And the fancy armor is a crutch. II/IIIs can still perform way better than humans without it and its not like they couldn't wear the fancy armor themselves, but IVs NEED it.

>> No.41849709

Absolutely, it at least tried to be semi-realistic with everything having a purpose or a reason to choose it for more than just aesthetics. Except for joke things like Armor Effects and the Ghost helmet.
>dat delicious CQC helmet and left shoulder, with the armor and right shoulder both being UA Multi Threat
And the Elites were pretty cool I guess.
Halo 3's customization was a new thing, an it still was good. Security shoulders with rogue helmet and CQB chest looks nice.
Halo 4 has some okay armors and some shitty armors. A lot of shitty armors.
Mark VI is good, raider is alright, and warrior looks fine. Everything else is some weeb gundam looking shit though.

Forge world should have been remade for Halo 4 and again for Halo 2A Forge, or at least a spiritual successor. Hal 2A has a few canvas maps, but they don't have already built landforms. Just blank space. Forge World was cool because it started as five separate maps and somebody said "What if we put some filler on the edges of these and stick them all together, then throw in a few more locations." And it turned out very well.

>> No.41849868

SPARTAN-IIs were better than 4s for the same reason that Space Marines are better than garbage-tier penal legions.

>> No.41849987

I think it's more like Spartan II=space marine and Spartan IV=cadian kasrkin, far above the average marine but nowhere close to a space marine.

Spartan IVs are just military personnel in GEN2 Mjolnir armor. A Spartan IV in Gen 2 is about equal to a Spartan II in Gen1 armor. But most of the SII's have been upgraded to GEN2 armor now, and their neural implants have been upgraded to the new standard making them even better than the new guys. I would like to be a Spartan IV more than a Spartan II though, if only to retain my humanity and sense of being.

What's up with all the armor specializations in Halo 4 and 5 though? Are they mostly prototypes or do they regularly field all those different models of armor?
Why is Helioskrill so fucking ugly? It's supposed to be a big prize for people who have completed all MCC campaigns on Legendary but it's ugly as sin.

>> No.41849993

If we're comparing them to that, IIs are space marines, IIIs are scouts, and IVs are sisters of battle with some roids.

>> No.41850054

Either way, we can confirm that SPARTAN-IIs are objectively better than whatever trash kiddies pretend to be these days, much like Space Marines are objectively better.

>> No.41850089

>if only to retain my humanity and sense of being.

IIs weren't that fucked up until 343 let Traviss go on her usual RAAAARGH NAZI BABYSNATCHERS EVILBAD crusade.

>> No.41850096

I think that Jorge is proof that Spartan 2s could retain their humanity.

I knew he would die, but I always hoped he wouldn't be the first one.

>> No.41850188

>looking at some of the armor in 5
>Helmet Description: Packed with systems to exploit the complex "terrain" of human and alien society. The origin of COPPERHEAD's "militarized anthropology" decision support system can be traced to innovative tools crafted for use by Colonial Administration Authority field teams working during the darkest days of the Insurrection.

What the fuck does that mean?

>> No.41850209

It gives you tips to not be socially awkward

>> No.41850291

Mark VI helioskrill armor looks pretty cool
I like the spartan/sangheili cooperation in the Halo 5 stuff, I want to see more of that.

>> No.41850410

Why would the CAA need that for Innies? They must have been the worst actors in human history.

>Greetings fellow outer colonist!
>I am a scientist, also from the outer colonies, do you mind if I scan for explosi... volcanic activity around your house?
>Weather sure is nice today, unlike those assholes at the UNSC amirite?

>> No.41850496

It might also cover shit like slang.

I don't fucking know, I'm not an egghead

>> No.41850591

shut up you fucking pretentious faggot. Halo sucks now and you know it.

>> No.41850632

I never said it didn't?

>> No.41850665

What are you talking about anon? Reach was the last game and it was pretty good, even if I didn't like how it handled the Brutes.

>> No.41850714

What are YOU talking about?
3 was a great end to the series, and ODST was a neat sideshow.

>> No.41850754

I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of Elites still being the main military arm of the Covenant.

More seriously though, Reach was fucking fine, people are just assmad that it contradicts the books.

>> No.41850796

Well, I am Assad about that.
But also because I can't stand Noble team in general. Too special snowflake for my taste

>> No.41850855

Fair enough, I guess.
I'm fine with them, mainly because they all die, the planet gets glassed anyway and they only really succeed in paving the way for the real heroes to save the galaxy, thrice.

>> No.41850919

Didn't Bungie recommission the books to fit along with Reach or something? I remember the books getting reprints shortly after Reach came out.

>> No.41851239

>alter the body and they could grow into it
Again, the time which the implants were given is rather important. The Spartan IIs got it way earlier.

>II/IIIs can still perform way better than humans without it and its not like they couldn't wear the fancy armor themselves, but IVs NEED it.
Are you sure about that? Typically, promising recruits or experienced vets are made into Spartan IVs. Buck, for example, was said to be so good that the only thing better is a Spartan.

>> No.41851277

>Spartan IVs are just military personnel in GEN2 Mjolnir armor
Not just military personnel. Spartan IVs are given similar implants so they can use the armor without shattering their bones. The ones chosen for the Spartan IV program aren't just run of the mill soldiers too.

>> No.41851526

Again, the timing of the implants mattered for II/IIIs because of how they worked. That has nothing to do with IVs because their augmentations are completely different.

And yes, I'm sure. Its explicitly confirmed that IVs can only match a II in strength because of the superior armor. They do recruit from the best soldiers and the augs make them even better, but they don't get that gigantic leap in performance without it.

>> No.41852700

I take that to mean urban terrain, scanners and shit to make a quality 3d map of an urban environment. If you are in a city you are in society right? Probably just bad wording.

It's also confirmed that they only match them in strength and speed while the SIIs are in Gen 1 armor and the SIVs are in Gen 2 armor.

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