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Post about FFG, d6, Saga/d20, X-wing, Armada and more.


RPG books and resources(EotE, AoR, FaD, D6, Saga, RuneQuest)

Rescue on Glare Peak (AoR adventure module)

Visual Guides

Deckplans and such

Most of the ships that shipfag has statted
Shipfag's Ugly Starfighter Creation System

Danon's repository of uglies (illustrated edition, v1.0)

Just what IS a Gundark? The Wildlife of Star Wars: a Field Guide is here to answer you!

Coruscant Translator - Like Google, but for the GFFA

FFG Dice and You


So you want to watch The Clone Wars (but you don't want to watch the whole series)

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whats the difference between missiles and torpedoes in Xwing.

they seem to fulfill the exact same purpose

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Owen Lars: innocent moisture farmer, or Sith holocron in disguise? Find out more when Mysterious Mysteries of Strange Mystery returns after this quick holocommercial break, only on The History Holobroadcast!

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Bump for authentic thread.

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Playing a Mrlssi Noble in a game this weekend. Any special things I need to know roleplay wise to help me out?

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how well do the FFG star wars RPGs blend into each other?

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more or less are the same game. ships and NPCs can be freely mixed.

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do the force classes outshine the others or vice versa?

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They're basically cross compatible, much like the 40k RPGs (except unlike those, there isn't really any power level issues between the games).

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Do the rear guns on the Ywings work or did the rebs think they looked cool.

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Depending on the model (and what fluff/canon you adhere to) those guns are fixed forward.may or may not be a turret.

The ones at Yavin were single-seater models with the roof ions fixed forward.

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Asked this in the fake general, but does anyone know if force based Jedi are overpowered pre level 7 and if the Jedi in question being a Sith character alters this?

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So what about the new cannon? Did disney say anythign about that in terms of the civil war era or is that still not there yet.

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What, in Saga Edition? Force users are overpowered early but by 8-10 or so start to even out with the rest of the classes, and even fall behind a little unless min-maxed (and even then, a min-maxed non-Force user is just as crazy, if not moreso).

Early on, the various Defenses aren't up to par with the DCs for Force powers, but by end-game they're a bit ahead.

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We haven't seen anything Y-Wing related in the Empire era besides the OT.

It'd be cool if they showed up in Rebels though, especially if they took some influences from the old McQuarrie concepts like >>41796246 and pic related and blended the Clone War s Era Y-wing with the Rebellion one (basically the striped down look with the TCW-era bubble turret).

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thats probably a good chance considering how rebels likes to reuse old art and designs that didn't make it to the movies.

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Yeah, SAGA. Thanks. Do you know how extreme is it - wizard to fighter tier in 3.5 or just better overall?

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With all supplements, Force users get fucking BUSTED at all levels.

But in the core, the best class is the Crime Lord PrC. Not only can the Crime Lord gain minions, he can give other players extra actions, and that's WAY more powerful than Force Slam.

Force Slam, incidentally, is the most powerful core Force power at low levels. The fact that Force powers don't scale with level at all, though, means that eventually you realize that Jedi have a very flat power curve that just starts at a high place.

The biggest problem Jedi face is multiple attribute dependency: to be good with the Force, you need high WIS and high CHA both, but if you're a Jedi you also need STR and DEX (or at least DEX, if you min-max properly) to be able to deal with the fact that you're running around unarmored in the open whacking people with a glowstick while everyone else has a gun.

Other classes can grab Force powers too with the appropriate feats, but also suffer from multiple attribute dependency because they usually don't depend on both WIS and CHA.

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What is a non Force-based Jedi?

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He's talking Force Wizard, as opposed to saber monkey Jedi.

Like >>41796577 said, early on they're busted because of the scaling. You can autosucceed on the minimum requirement of any Force power you pick up, but by 7 you're getting closer to the end of your overpoweredness and by 10 you're basically 50/50.

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I heard lightning or the choke were superior. Is it due to the increased difficulty of actually using those two that slam has the upper hand? From the way you talk about it it sounds like a Jedi class character(not crime lord) wouldn't be as bad. Out of interest how good are the two Sith based PrCs?

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I was super excited about the Kwing but now I just don't see how I can field it, if I don't load it with munitions it seems pointless, if I do load its far too expensive.

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Local player had remarkable success with connor nets and extra munitions. The other kit I see buzz over is the top pilot and a twin laser turret

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Slam is powerful because it's a strong area attack. Force Lightning is a single-target 8d6. It's powerful if you just want to kill one specific fucker, but Slam can wipe out a BUNCH of guys.

Since Force powers are basically Vancian spells, except with a 1 minute recharge time instead of forcing you to take an 8 hour rest, this means Slam gives you a lot more bang for your buck and is a more efficient use of the slot.

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Slam does 4d6 minimum to anyone in a 6-square cone who fails the Fort save, or half that if they beat it.

Force Lightning does 8d6 and -1 on the Condition Track if the target (singular) fails their save.

Force Grip does anywhere from 2d6-6d6 and may reduce the target to a single swift action.

Move Object may actually do somewhat better, as it can do up to 6d6 to two targets reliably at Level 7 with UtF +17, but if you're damn lucky can do up to 10d6 to two targets at once.

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Ah, of course. I've been too heavily invested in damage numbers to think about AoE. Thanks anon. And as for the opposite end of the scale, due to lack of scalings how does a Force Wizard fare in lategame? Do the secrets and sheer number of powers let them keep up or do they fall behind?

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I was thinking this might work

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I'm not terribly sure that dash is doing much to help in that list

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They fall a bit behind due to scaling Defenses.

Force Wizards can end up at maxing UtF around +26 at level 20 (5 training + 5 SF + 1/2 class level + CHA bonus). It's been a while since I've read the secrets and techniques, so I couldn't tell you what could change unless I spent some time going over them right now.

Level 20 soldiers can reliably hit +36 on their Fortitude and Reflex Defenses, and +30 on their Will Defense. Level 20 characters all should reliably be in their 30s for at minimum two if not all three Defenses, unless they minmaxed and dropped one of their stats under 10.

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I had 2 points and normally need atleast 1 turn on an asteroid.

how do you think i should send those 2 points?

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upgrade the seismic charges to another net?

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Wondering if I could get some suggestions for competitive but casual Scum lists. Here's the stipulation, though: I'm a Scum-only player, so I only have upgrades that come with Scum ships. My group doesn't mind me proxying a card or two here and there, as long as I don't go overboard, but for the most part, I wanna stick with cards I physically own.

My collection:
1x Aggressor
1x Firespray
1x HWK-290
2x Scyk
2x StarViper
1x Y-wing
2x Headhunter

I'd love if I could get some list suggestions, but I really don't want to hear "oh, you should buy X". All my current X-wing money is tied up waiting for Wave 7. This is what I have. I'm sure y'all can work within that limitation.

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Well, given that Saga Edition is a 3.X system, casters will always be OP. Someone else pointed out that Force powers don't scale for high level and I believe that, since Jedi don't have access to the gloriously broken spell list of the average 3.X caster. They'd be high power at low levels, and if a Sith that means they don't need no stinkin' morality. Let's not talk about Aing Ti right now.

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Alright, thanks for your help anon.

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Are you referring to the magical space rainbow philosophy the Aing Tii have or do they have some hilariously broken incarnation in SAGA I don't know about?

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Jedi or other force users DO get awesome magical powers and sweet glowsticks, but they have to pay xp for those (And lightsabers should be something you EARN via play unless you're starting at Knight level), while the non force sensitives don't get those, but they haven't invested 100+ xp into those powers either, so they're that much further along with their skills, specializations, and talents. A smuggler also generally doesn't have to worry about bringing literally the entire Empire down on their head if they fuck up once.

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There's a suppliment for Flow Walking, let's just leave it there.

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I played against a scum aces list that looked pretty fun: it looked something like this https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Scum%20and%20Villainy&d=v3!s!117:-1,-1,-1,122,-1,108:-1:3:;120:-1,37,-1,-1,121:-1:-1:;112:98,14,-1:-1:-1: but you can tweak it to taste

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do the Imps have any means of regen, like how the rebels get R2D2(both astro and crew) and now the miranda K-wing pilot

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4 A4 y-wings 2 with Blasters and two with ion(or all Ion) and an r4 droid each is fun and competitive. Swapping the blasters for the new turret, dropping the title and giving them unhinged will also be awesome.

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Very similar function, but Owen is much more vulnerable to removal. He is, however, also able to win an unopposed attack that can win you the game.

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Owen might be vulnerable to removal, but Jedi units above 5 cost are an extremely rare beast, and he's unique anyway so it's not like you can work for two turns to get two of him out.

Play Owen, then immediately shuffle him back and play your expensive dude. If your opponent can't remove him RIGHT NOW, you're golden. Since he shuffles back, you might see him again later that game too.

The Sith Holocron is similar, except you're only going to see each of your two Holocrons once per game since they sacrifice and there are so few ways to rebuy them, so you have to be more judicious in its application. Since it's not unique, though, you can just build up two Holocrons sitting there until you know what you want to use them for, and since they come with Executor, there's at least one bomb use the Holocrons for if you want it. The catch with Executor is that it's expensive even with the holocrons; the crons just make it playable instead of nearly impossible.

And of course the unopposed attack you mentioned. Owen is sweet.

Moisture Vaporator is also fucking sweet. Activate it at the end of your opponent's refresh and it is essentially a light side Counsel of the Sith.

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Your TIE-fu a ship!

>> No.41798118

It's refresh, then draw, right? In all honesty, you can use it any time after your conflict phase and it will most likely do the same. There isn't a lot anyone can do on their opponent's Force phase or their own Balance phase.

>> No.41798188


Yes, refresh then draw. The trick of doing it at the end of refresh is that they were going to draw that card anyway on their draw

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Going to introduce a couple new dudes to the game with a 3-way just-for-fun game and I'm wondering what would be a good list for everyone to learn the game would be.

I've got all 3 factions, although I've only got the Most Wanted and the Fire Spray expansion when it comes to the Scum and Villainy faction.

Regarding Imperials, I've got like 5 TIEs, 1 each of TIE advanced/bomber/and phantom, 2 TIE interceptors (Imperial Aces), Lambda shuttle

As far as Rebels go, 3 X-Wings, 2 each A-/B-/Y-Wings, 1 E-Wing, and the Aluminum Falcon.

I don't want a huge game where it gets boring or people keep crashing into each other, but I'd like to allow some customization of ships so it's got some pizzazz.

Any recommended lists?

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Soontir Fel and a mini TIE swarm, rebels could the classic Biggs-Wedge-Luke list, and scum could go big Boba and some Z-95s, or maybe some warthog Y-Wings?

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That's not true! That's IMPOSSIBLE!

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Anyone read moon?
I'd love to have a translation of this.

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File: 147 KB, 697x800, comic from the moon 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 205 KB, 697x800, comic from the moon 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 123 KB, 510x702, comic from the moon 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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It's a general technical readout for a TIE Avenger Type 3. More to come as I make awful drawings with a double-clicking mouse in google translate

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Cool, thanks.

>> No.41799480

...and my mouse is too fucked to manage it, sorry

>> No.41799539

So I ran it through some OCR because why the fuck not:

https://goo gl/8Uol4L

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It's cool, man. If you could give it a shot when you have an unfucked mouse, I'd appreciate it, but you got no obligation or anything.

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Say, what ever happened to that dude who was playing the NJO-era Jedi pilot with the custom N-1?

>> No.41799973

So who's got themselfs a Force and Destiny yet?

>> No.41799990

I did, why? Got questions?

>> No.41800003

I have it, haven't had much time to fully read through it yet, though.

>> No.41800073

You might try /m/, I'm just using machine translation which of course is generally shit.

The OCR stuff seems to make it out to be some sort of wierd fanfic involving Luke, I don't even.

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Just curious really. I have my copy and am restarting my Star Wars game either later this month or next.

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What was the first character you made for a SW game?

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i made a Mandalorian character back in 1996, before we really knew what they were like.

see, i had that Star Wars Galaxies cards with the helmet off boba fett, so, we went with the idea they were semi-feral ginger humanoids. i played a rather runty one who was an ace mechanic, and flew the G'Troc the party diddled around in...man, i was no millenium falcon, but i loved modding my ship and taking shit out...with a scamp freighter...

no armor or anything. at that time, we thought Boba was the mandalorian armored dude...like a stormtrooper for mando's, and i was the equiv' of a pilot

yes, of course it was D6

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Shit, I remember that art.

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>pilot abilities for ARC-170, Geonosian Starfighter, Sith Infiltrator, Firespray (no Hondo yet)
>1 astromech, title for Aethersprite
>3 astromechs for N-1 (WIP)
>Shock Cannon for V-Wing
>Modular Orb for Geonosian Starfighter
>Control Signal Relay for Vulture Droid
>Solar Ionization Cannons for Sith Infiltrator (also CIS insert arc colour change)

>> No.41801494


I have some cards lying around. Time to dig em out, shit was legit.

>> No.41802102

Some random thoughts as I browse:
>Oddball's ability seems a tad strong compared to that scyk pilot. But that's pretty minor.
>I like How Anakin's ability is both very similar to Vader's but has some interesting quirks that can make it both better and worse in various situations.
>I don't fully understand the way Blade of Dorin works. Does it let me undo a k-turn? Does it let me spin in place instead of doing the turn?
>If Adi Gala and a ship with a really strange action like SLAM or cloak are on the same team, things would get funny.
>Obi wan should have some super survivability as a skill instead.
>Fae L'eh wishes so hard he had autothrusters
>Darth Maul's Ability is super brutal. Especially if they had a red manuver set on the dial.
>Is solar Ionization Panels a permanent drawback? Because the current wording implies such.
>Sith infiltrator dial seems really limiting
>Super relieved Aura does not benefit from secondary weapons
>Wait,that bonkers primary weapon value makes me worry again
>The tittle for the V-wing makes me worry about a repeat of the scyk

I would also try to change as many photobucket links as possible to another host, as photobucket is super fickle.

Really cool stuff overall and I look forwards to more

>> No.41802731

Does any play SW Pocket models anymore? Thoughts on the game?

>> No.41802817

Torpedoes usually have heavier ordnance than missiles.


>> No.41802911

>Oddball's ability seems a tad strong compared to that scyk pilot. But that's pretty minor.
Keep in mind the ARC is one of the least-maneuverable Republic ships, you're leashing things into R1 if something that can struggle to keep ARC, er, arc.

>I like how Anakin's ability is both very similar to Vader's but has some interesting quirks that can make it both better and worse in various situations.
Basically the non-functional AdvS+Vader interaction is to blame for that one, hopefully it will work as well as it should

>I don't fully understand the way Blade of Dorin works. Does it let me undo a k-turn? Does it let me spin in place instead of doing the turn?
Spin in place. It's a nope-button, essentially, to convert a k-turn into a straight.

>If Adi Gallia and a ship with a really strange action like SLAM or cloak are on the same team, things would get funny.
Adi Gallia+3x Ghost Squadron Pilots would be crazy, but I think it's a good thing.

>Obi wan should have some super survivability as a skill instead.
I'm not totally sure the current ability is as thematic as it should be, we'll see.

>Fa'ale Leh wishes so hard he had Autothrusters
Not entirely sure AT will be a thing, there's only 1 PWT and no turret upgrades at all

>Darth Maul's Ability is super brutal. Especially if they had a red manuver set on the dial.
This is my favourite ability so far in terms of how thematic it is, see: Maul quotes.

>Is solar Ionization Panels a permanent drawback? Because the current wording implies such.
Good catch, I forgot to put "until the end of this round." on it. Interesting note: it's intentionally better the lower-PS the pilot is, since the AGI drop happens after the shot.

fukken character limits, 1/2

>> No.41802991


>Sith infiltrator dial seems really limiting.
Large base cloak will be using 1-straight templates (like the old large barrel roll), but given the base size it's still a pretty major movement boost, keep in mind that it's ~3/4ths of a large base worth of movement backwards or forwards, and 3 small bases forward.

>Super relieved Aura does not benefit from secondary weapons
Yeah, with reusable ordnance it could get pretty crazy. That one's top-of-my-head, though, and the number of blanks flipped could easily be adjusted.

>Wait,that bonkers primary weapon value makes me worry again
One thing I'm working in is a "when you perform an attack outside your firing arc or from an auxiliary arc, roll 1 less attack die.", so it's not entirely nasty. Keep in mind this version doesn't have a cannon slot, and given the cyclic rate in the Episode II asteroid chase there's no way it's primary 3.

>The tittle for the V-wing makes me worry about a repeat of the scyk
The base V-Wing is probably getting a cost reduction (14 base most likely), so that should iron out a bit. Unlike FFG I can adjust cards on the fly since I don't have to print shit.

>I would also try to change as many photobucket links as possible to another host, as photobucket is super fickle.
I'm using imgur, but it's very temporary, at some point I'll work up a Flickr account for it or something. Eventually each expansion sheet will be a PDF of its own, which will be the release format, so host won't matter much.

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New set of data files for your character generator-

All the Force Abilities, Talent descriptions and added all the Signature Abilities,

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File: 306 KB, 1800x776, joshua_viers_04.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually, there's an NPC in it called the Fallen Apprentice, any pics or stat-block of that section would be appreciated, just going to have my padawans needing a good nemesis at some point and it'd be interesting to see an official version

>> No.41804030

Are these "look to page XX" or full rules texts?

>> No.41804034

Full rules text

>> No.41804067

Just getting into the character generator, do I just install the latest OggDude Generator and then replace the files with those?

>> No.41804093

Install the generator, open up the SWCharGen Launcher
>Data Folder
>Dump files into DataCustom folder

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TIE-fu inferior, Y-fu superior.

>> No.41804146
File: 308 KB, 300x422, Hondo-Ohnaka-Front-Face.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Full disclosure: I don't know very much about Hondo except that he apparently kidnaps every TCW character at least twice.

>> No.41804166

Any books or comics from the CIS pov?

>> No.41804182

Oh hey the Star Wars card game is still a thing? I have all the starter decks (the original ones and the Scum/Smuggler expansion) but never went beyond that.

>> No.41804202
File: 40 KB, 495x361, shitacular 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mysterious space jerky?

>> No.41804216

Why are Duros so dang cool?

Anyway, it was a Falleen smuggler type whose backstory had him give inadvertent aid to a Rebel during his little tour-the-galaxy Falleen Rumspringa phase and end up forced on the run. He teamed up with a... I forget the name, whatever Qwi Xux was. They fought crime. Well, mostly they did crime, but also sometimes fought it.

>> No.41804234


He's no separatist. He's definitely Scum & Villainy.

The first time we met him he captured Dooku and held him for ransom. The CIS does NOT like him, not at all.

He's also not as young as he once was...but he's OLDER!

>> No.41804333
File: 131 KB, 208x290, ffg_aquaris-freeholders-heroes-and-legends-99-3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It is. It's limping along in Netrunner's shadow as one of FFG's top selling LCGs.

Netrunner's definitely got it beat, but from I've heard it's in a solid second place. Good luck finding players; they're rather scarce.

It's evolving well. They keep accidentally overpowering stuff, but they rein it in nicely and have still never banned a single card. There is a restricted list now, though, to split up the pieces of degenerate combos; any deck can pick ONE pod off the restricted list that it will be allowed to have. It can have two copies of the pod if it's not a Limit 1 pod, but it can't have any other restricted pods.

So far, they've restricted The False Report, Against All Odds, May the Force Be With You, The Master's Domain, Training Procedures, and The Hunter's Flight.

False Report and Against All Odds is the reason why the restricted list exists: False Report gave you two copies of pic related (so if you ran 2x the pod, you got four of them) while Against All Odds was full of stuff that let you count your opponent's hand as being bigger than it was and/or double-sided draw power that would give you cards while also stuffing your opponent's hand, resulting in the Freeholders coming down cheap if not for free and then absolutely wrecking shit.

MTFBWY and The Master's Domain were the last two Yoda pods, and were just restricted last month. MTFBWY is just a damn good pod all around, and has an event called Yoda You Seek Yoda that lets you pay 2 to search your deck for a Yoda and put it into play. The pod comes with a Yoda of its own, and The Master's Domain comes with yet ANOTHER Yoda, and they're BOTH GREAT YODAS. So FFG decided this was getting crazy and making Jedi decks too same-y, so they got split up.

>> No.41804386
File: 124 KB, 207x290, New Boba Fett.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Hunter's Flight and Training Procedures were restricted just last month too, just after Hunter's Flight was released. Hunter contains a pilot Boba Fett that, when attached to a vehicle, captures a LS unit of printed cost 4 or less that didn't have an enhancement on it. Training Procedures is an objective that lets you pay 1 to switch a pilot from one vehicle to another.

There are exactly 10 different units on the Light Side with printed cost greater than 4. Meaning that if you have this objective plus Boba and two vehicles in play, your opponent basically no longer gets to have units in play that aren't one of the three versions of Obi-Wan, an Aquaris Freeholders, or one of six big capital ships. "Ah but," you say, "what if they play a unit and put an enhancement on it before I can switch Boba?" Well, switching Boba is an action, and Star Wars doesn't use Magic's stack or let players hold priority after they take an action, so as soon as they play a unit, you can capture it as long as you have a resource and the combo. They cannot get an enhancement out before you get a chance to capture, so the only way they'll do it is if you either choose not to capture or are unable to do so.

It was a disgusting combo that resulted in completely unfun games, and that is why it is restricted.

>> No.41804408

My favorite of the starter decks was the Imperial Navy. Something enjoyable about charging up the Death Star just by stomping over rebels with everything I've got.

How have they been holding up? Any standout pods to hum the Imperial March to?

>> No.41804423


Navy has only been getting stronger since core. Sith was broken in core, so it hasn't gotten too many neat toys; most of them have gone to Navy.

Also, as of the last pack, Thrawn is now a card.

>> No.41804438
File: 218 KB, 300x418, grand-admiral-thrawn.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


In fact, he's one of the best cards the dark side has available right now, because he is a mini-Palpatine that still controls the battlefield even if you lose the edge battle.

If Thrawn is in play, your opponent's best unit will basically never get to strike again, ever.

>> No.41804525

Oh shiiiit son

Yeah, I might have to strike this up again. I know it has an OCTGN module, though I've not found the image packs.

>> No.41804679

No Scum faction for prequels, couldn't find enough established ships for parity.

>> No.41804957


Regardless, Hondo's been more friendly to the Republic than he's ever been to the CIS. Helped Obi-Wan fight Maul, smuggled weapons to Onderon to give the Republic plausible deniability, gave up Aurra to the Jedi, etc.

If you have to pick a side to put him on, Republic might be it. Aurra Sing, on the other hand, would make a good Separatist pilot for the Slave I, despite not actually being a Sep.

>> No.41804982
File: 325 KB, 300x422, aurra-Sing-Front-Face.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Already done on that front.

>> No.41805000


Also, you may want to swap the art.

When Aurra piloted the Slave I, it still had its Jango Fett colors, as in your Hondo card.

Hondo fixed it up and repainted it, and Boba kept the resulting color scheme. That's the one you're showing for the Aurra card.

>> No.41805083

No differences from the Beta version.

>> No.41805173

Dangit, and I liked the colourset+canopy flare too, it felt more Aurra.

>> No.41806825

Saving this thread from extinction, unlike Alderaan

>> No.41806868


What do you guys think? can I 2 turn a falcon?

>> No.41806879
File: 247 KB, 390x300, built-in_combo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's 7am and I'm writing X-Wing cards, what the hell is wrong with my life.

>first two upgrades figured out for ARC-170

>> No.41806910

>can I 2 turn a falcon

That's not 4xTempest+Clusters+AccCorr+TIE/x1

That said, if you can get the Falcon properly blocked so it doesn't EU the fuck away, yeah, maybe. You're like as not to lose a TIE a turn just from the Falcon, though, so if probability shits you it's not going to manage.

>> No.41806936
File: 129 KB, 1920x1080, stu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because you've lost control of your life.

>> No.41806976

To explain this combo:

Ordnance tokens are assigned when a ship performs a torp/missile attack. They're removed 1-per-turn at a new step, Resolve Ordnance, that happens to a ship before it gets to Declare Target. When the last ordnance token from a particular card is removed, the attack from that card is performed, but ONLY if the last token is removed /during/ the Resolve Ordnance phase. At any other time is just cancels the shot.

>> No.41807470

>You're like as not to lose a TIE a turn just from the Falcon, though, so if probability shits you it's not going to manage.

Sorry, what are you saying? I dont understand

>> No.41808235

That sounds needlessly complicated. It also makes ordnance less useful.

>> No.41808237

Arkanian offshoot tramp freighter pilot. The original concept was that she ferried supplies back and forth to a colony hiding out from anyone looking for savant breeding stock during the dark times while dreaming of grander things such as her own business and swoop racing. The gm had more epic scale plans in mind in what became a thoroughly fun but gonzo campaign.

>> No.41808421

Just started playing this game, I'm making some lists to pitch against eachother in demogames with friends; they aren't meant to be in any way competitive, just somewhat quirky and fun to play.

For the rebels I have Core, Y-wing and HWK-290, and I came up with this:

X-Wing: Luke Skywalker (28) + Marksmanship (3) + Proton Torpedoes (4) + R2D2 (4)
Y-Wing: "Dutch" Vander (23) + Blaster Turret (4) + R2 Astromech (1) + BTL-A4 Y-Wing Title (0)
HWK-290: Kyle Katarn (21) + Ion Cannon Turret (5) + Recon Specialist (3) + Moldy Crow (3)

I mostly like the idea of the Y-Wing and the HWK throwing tokens at everyone, seems fun. Anything you'd change about this list? I don't mind proxying but I'd rather keep it to a minimum.

As for the Empire, I have Core and a Tie Bomber, and I was wondering if you guys had any suggestion about what I could buy to bring it up to 100 points.

>> No.41808486

>Arkanian offshoot tramp freighter pilot.
Why does nobody ever play male Offshoots? Is it because Offshoot ladies are waifu tier?

>> No.41808535

We all read Kotor. It's a hard habit to break.

>> No.41808604
File: 169 KB, 1200x1613, edge1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any good random encounter charts for a Star Wars RPG?

>> No.41808707


Depends on what you mean by "Random Encounters", if you mean it in the literal "you're in the woods, and encounter... *roll*... a Gundark!" sense, then I don't think so.

>> No.41809142


I might be convinced to type some up. Maybe not a full 100 or whatever, but at least enough to give you some ideas. 100 is of course, Darth Vader/Emperor Palpatine

>> No.41809191
File: 210 KB, 800x515, Ca1-trooper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I didn't mean fights, but more like 'a guy brushes past you and all your credits are gone' or 'someone is trying to convince passerby that he's a Jedi using smoke a mirrors' or stuff like that.

>> No.41809207

The even crazier thing is that Thrawn doesn't have to participate in the engagement to focus something down. That means he doesn't have to risk taking unit damage.

>> No.41809301



How about "Encounter a Imperial Roadblock, a squad of stormtroopers are stopping all humans passing through here and checking their ID's against a data pad."

>> No.41809508
File: 135 KB, 1080x740, traveller___boarding_action_by_steampoweredmikej-d5onhho.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Dunno about stuff like that, but you could always check out some of the Traveller books for stuff like that. They had entire supplements devoted to cargoes, passengers, patrons/employers, corporations and stuff. So if you're looking for inspiration, a lot of it would probably translate well to star wars conceptwise.

You can probably find download links somewhere if interested, maybe try the pdf thread.

>> No.41809544

Here's an idea, everyone comes up with one category of their own. I'll go first
1. Your ship is suddenly pulled out of hyperspace. As you flicker out of hyperspace, you see that the cause is...
1. A small group of pirates, using a gravitic well mine
2. Having come into orbit of a previously uncharted planet
3. An Imperial Interdictor on anti-piracy patrol
4. A small group of privateers, acting on a charter for the Rebel Alliance.
5. a problem with your hyperdrive engine, requiring repairs.
6. A battle between Imperial and Rebel forces
7. A massive fleet of ships… completely still, unmoving.
8. A strange, ancient ship, compelling you to investigate it.
9. A remnant fleet of automated CIS scum ships!
10. No moon. That’s the Death Star!

>> No.41809702

Theres a fan-book of excellent quality called 'Environmental Set Pieces' that has all sorts of stuff in it.
Should still exist as a pdf somewhere, if you're completely fucked and can't find it I'll upload it in a few hours

>> No.41809786
File: 294 KB, 600x444, casual.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys, would it be crazy to let a player use force powers in RP without rolling. He really doesnt like the idea of failing non essential "sense" rolls outside of combat.

>> No.41809867
File: 3.90 MB, 1200x1613, edge2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks friends, I'll take a look around for the stuff.

>> No.41809913

If you're playing at Knight-level the non-glowstick fighters can get 9000 credits to blow on whatever gear they feel like instead, which is a great way to redress the balance. A saber will punch through armour real easy but it's no match for a tricked-out heavy repeater for sheer FUCK YOU damage output.

So yeah, shit's pretty balanced.

>> No.41809949

If he's in FFG Star Wars? He doesn't have to fail if he doesn't want to. The dark side is always waiting for people to call upon it.

>> No.41809960

Thats how I do it. You only roll when you're under pressure and there's a real risk of fucking up.

>> No.41809977

For just sensing around with the force? the rules seem really steep.

Awesome, thats what I was planning,

>> No.41810013


I'm getting ready to play an astro droid in a knight-level campaign and I have no idea what to spend my 9k credits on. I have a tool kit, a few emergency repair patches, and a fusion cutter.

Now that I think about it, the fusion cutter is probably part of the tool kit, so I shouldn't even be like buying it separately or anything.

What else should I buy?

>> No.41810024

Yep. The entire point with how the Force works in FFG Star Wars is temptation is everywhere, even moreso with Force and Destiny's Morality system.
Plus until stated otherwise each power is a full action, so it's safe to assume they're actively reaching out with their senses and calling upon the Force.

Last thing: Strain is there to be spent.

>> No.41810059

A gun? Body armour? Cybernetic enhancements?
What kind of droid are you playing, and what career/spec?

>> No.41810071


You should only be rolling if there are consequences.

Is he a fully trained Jedi? Is he self-taught? Those kinds of things would influence it. What is he trying to sense? Give us more data.

>> No.41810119
File: 12 KB, 291x227, t3-m4_screenshot3_small.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Astromech droid, beep boop bwoooo.

Technician/Mechanic, plans to go into Slicer.

>> No.41810132


>> No.41810184

Now I think about it for five seconds and realise I'm a tardo for even asking what kind of droid you're playing when you actually said it, cybernetics are a good idea. Get an implanted cyberjack for when you get Slicer, a commlink (how PCs keep forgetting these is beyond me, I still need to get my Hutt heavy one) and slicer gear.

In general it might be a good idea to get a small blaster, maybe something set to stun only, just in case. Your droid a free droid, or is he technically property? Either way I can think of a reason for one to be strapped.

>> No.41810199


I belong to one of the other players.

I forgot to mention that I grabbed a blaster pistol too.

>> No.41810245


So I've decided to grab the implanted cyberjack and slicer gear, and also to grab a cybernetic weapon implant instead of a normal blaster pistol. Seemed more appropriate.

>> No.41810266

That's good. The life of a PC is a dangerous one, and not having some means of putting down droid thieves and random thugs is a bad move.
Some form of body armour? Other than that, just go with whatever seems useful for a tech to carry. If your party has a ship it might be useful to buy the Haynes manual for it (yes, this is a thing, it's in Stay on Target)

>> No.41810405

Astromech eh? I was just about to suggest you get a mini proton launcher and you could roleplay being a decomissioned Dark Trooper. I suppose you could be an astromech that has a dark trooper programming left in it.

>> No.41810411


It's also Mandalorian Wars era, so no dark troopers.

>> No.41810424
File: 23 KB, 640x272, r2esb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Get a general purpose scanner set. You can get a lot of milage from those.

>> No.41810430

Nice choice on the implanted weapon: I gave that to an IG-series droid for a oneshot as a holdout, just in case he ever drops his rifle.
Speaking of Stay on Target, there's a custom-made toolkit in that that's made specially for you and you alone. Anyone else trying to use it gets a setback die, but you get a boost die. Might be something to consider.

And don't sweat it if you can't find ways to spend all your starting creds. You'll find ways to get rid of them soon enough, there's a galaxy of ship and weapon upgrades out there.

>Mando Wars
...your droid isn't the property of a Cathar Jedi, by any chance?

>> No.41810443

Then you could be a former basilisk war machine!
Codename, Basil.
Something about faulty towers.

>> No.41810453


Not a Cathar Jedi. I'm going to be in the roll20 campaign someone was recruiting for the other day.

>> No.41810457

knight level, and just out of combat RP stuff, like saying "The dark side is strong here" or "I sense much hate in you" when just commenting on things in the environment. now, if he was sensing to see if there are stormies around the corner, thats different.

>> No.41810524

Aw. It's just I'm in a post-KOTOR II campaign, and we had a utility droid PC whose player left and was very similar to yours. Pretty weird coincidence.
Having a blast being one of the few (two out of five) PCs who isn't some Force-flinging lightsaber-head. Like I said, lightsabers are all well and good but nothing soaks up or deals damage like a Hutt with a gun that anyone else would need a tripod to fire.
Even moreso since we somehow got enough credits for that Hutt shell armour.

>> No.41810624
File: 37 KB, 550x294, Star-Wars-r2d2-hologram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Might want to consider a holographic Com-link so you can display holograms. I mean, if you or your GM are worried about modeling every little feature of an Astromech via equipment.

>> No.41810827

So guys, while we're on the down low... fuck lightsabers, am I right?

>> No.41810883


As tempting as their phallic shapes may be, I do not recommending fucking a lightsaber.

>> No.41810960

Only if you take the term 'hatefuck' literally. It'd be a very Sith thing to do, after all.

>> No.41811172

I sort of see your point with the dime a dozen approach to lightsaber combat that has pervaded star wars for a long time... but on the other hand, there's just something incredibly right about a practical minded man wielding a blaster pistol and lightsaber in perfect soresu harmony

>> No.41811340

hey guys, as the pilot and designated 'big purchase maker' for my group, I'm wondering what, if any improvements I should make, or start saving to make, for our ship?

here's where we stand now.

>> No.41811406
File: 71 KB, 400x629, kotobukiya-jaina-solo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.41811475

I wish I had any advice, but all I can say is, nice name for a ship.
Possible psycho mantis reference as well, or just happy accident?

>> No.41811622

Also, can you have both morality and Obligation? can you get a boon from both? like the extra XP?

well then. there is that.

>> No.41811891

Jag is a lucky man.

>> No.41812733
File: 812 KB, 850x663, lightsaberz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.41812774

If you go by the old "Obi-wan when he was starting out as a padawan" books, you can set saber power that low

>> No.41812988
File: 69 KB, 1024x595, Koto-mara jade.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.41813053

obligation/duty don't play well together unless you give all characters both of them (and that gets complicated). Otherwise, they're practically seamless.

>> No.41813556


>> No.41813875

What's with the scouter?

>> No.41813901

targeting computer

>> No.41814048

Keep in mind there's a reload system, and the delay between launch and hit allows the attacker to stack F+TL for most shots, whereas the defender can't really stack F+E since neither token sticks around for more than a turn.

>> No.41814085
File: 186 KB, 830x885, HWK-290 Blast.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sniper Shot upgrade on the targeting computer ASAP. Almost all small-ship weapons are Close range, being able to fire at Short is a huge boon.

>> No.41814197

Even if you make it easier to stack F+TL, a torp still won't be worth 4 points for one shot. Plus delaying damage makes it worth less anyway.

>> No.41814395
File: 145 KB, 704x944, Imperial_Trooper_Deployment.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know nothing about the actual SW RPGs
Is the Imperial Army even mentioned in the RPGs, or is it always stormies all the time?

>> No.41815034

4pts for a shot every few turns, with a decent effect bonus.

But yeah, it's definitely going through testing (eventually, once I have enough card text), I want to do /something/ to make ordnance actually worth running.

>> No.41815114

I don't think there's an official stat block anywhere in the FFG RPGs, but I'm absolutely going to put one together for my campaign. Minion type, 2s across the board, Ranged (Light and Heavy) as minion group skills, maybe a couple of other skills.

>> No.41815187

AoR, pg. 418

>> No.41815377

Stormies all the time. I made up PDF in my FFG games.

>> No.41815592

It stings, but I hear some people are into that these days....
It tells her their power levels. Duh.

>> No.41815824

To make sure she isn't dealing with the legendary Super Sakiyan.

>> No.41816173
File: 8 KB, 184x184, 1437553593107 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone Imperial Assault in here?

>> No.41816251

I am. Slightly jealous that people grabbed the new expansions at GenCon. But I've got nobody to play with that doesn't only want to play Monopoly. So I can wait.

>> No.41816357

>competitive but casual
I usually run, on one side:
Butterfly with fuck you Guri, often Bodyguard
Y-Wing with an ion turret or something and that astromech which makes all 3 maneuvers green.
On the other:
Mandalorian helmet ship, usually with Kath and a Mangler.

Pretty simple pincer. Butterflies are great at just S-turning behind lower pilot skills, maintaining firing arc and then allowing you to easily chase them. Bodyguard + Guri means you're (hopefully) generating two focus per turn when you get in the thick of it and start chasing someone, so you can boost the Y-Wing to 3 Agility and still keep a focus for shootan/defendan. Y-Wing of course just ions the person Guri is chasing, and the Firespray is a big distraction who pins crits on shit when it can.

>> No.41816532


I do. Fucking love that game

>> No.41816557

Friendly Reminder is has been 127 days of Armada Wave 2 without any news

Not fucking good enough, FFG

>> No.41816571

>Kath and a Mangler
Wait I might be thinking of Imperial Kath, I think I've been using Boba Fett much more often with Scum actually. Them rerolls are strong shit.

>> No.41816606
File: 162 KB, 800x800, star-wars-imperial-assault-return-to-hoth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are you guys excited for in Twin Shadows and Hoth?

Do you play mainly campaign or skirmish?

What units/heroes work for yal?

>> No.41816697


>>41816532 here, and Campaign mostly.

>Twin Shadows

Eh, I think I'll pass until a price drop. 5 missions doesn't do it for me until I can get skirmish going.


New Campaign. Also possibility of being able to call in snowspeeders if the rumours are true.

>> No.41816741

Are either of the AT-ST walkers viable for skirmish mode?

>> No.41816773


Weiss can be, but he needs to be built around. Current meta list is 4 royal guards, 4 officers.


>Heroes that work

Jyn and Diala are both scary good. I always play Mak, but finds he needs a weapon upgrade ASAP.

>> No.41817896

So I take it you're the Imperial? How's the campaign treating you? TBH I don't own the game yet, but I did have a lot of fun playing Descent with only a few minor problems (Overlord never won/weird rules/group turns). Probably will get it soon though.

Those 2 did jump out to me. Are the two heroes from Twin Shadows going to be in your opinion?

>> No.41818199


>So I take it you're the Imperial?


>How's the campaign treating you?

Good, not great. I'm having fun and games are going down to the wire, even with 6 Rebels (my last game).

I played descent as well, imo a number of mechanics tweaks that make it better

>Are the two heroes from Twin Shadows going to be in your opinion?

Biv, yes. But he doesn't seem to have a tonne of survivability.

Saskia is going to be great late game (6-7 xp in) with the right upgrades.

>> No.41818715

Do you know of any upgrades besides the ones on the ffg website?

And good on you for being the Imperial. It's tough having everyone be against you.

>> No.41818843
File: 13 KB, 271x199, lack of self awareness.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So anybody on /tg/ members of the "Restore the EU" movement?

>> No.41818863


I know of all of them. Why?

I like being the Imperial. Actually I don't mind being either

>> No.41818949

I remember the 'Bitching About The Retcon' movement.

>> No.41819246
File: 4.20 MB, 320x240, bender-laughing.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>I mean, we fans are the only reason Star Wars exists at all to be rebooted.

>> No.41819539

My friend got his Raider today, and he wants to start doing Epic games. I'm down, but I'm a Scum player. I don't know how to build epic-sized lists.

>> No.41819601

I play. Tonight was campaign night. We have a three-man Rebel crew. I'm playing Gideon, and I'm joined by Fenn and Gaarkhan. We got Han to safety by the skin of our teeth. It took several (I rolled three or four) dodges on Han's defense to keep him on his feet, plus timely discovery of an adrenal stim by Fenn when he was in position to use it on Han.

>Twin Shadows
In the big box itself, the new heroes. I don't know how good either of them actually are, but I'll always be excited for more campaign heroes. The other models and missions are nice, too, but mostly the heroes. If we're including the other packs in the wave, it's a tossup between Boba Fett and the droids for skirmish. Fett is so mobile and a really good shooter, and his passive defense bonuses are almost on par with an extra white die on defense. On the other hand, 3PO and R2 give the Rebels more cheap choices that do interesting things.
>Return to Hoth
In the big box, pretty much everything. Three new heroes! Wampas! Assassin droids! A repulsor tank! Snowtroopers! Snow terrain tiles! The whole thing looks great. As for the wave of packs that come with it, Leia is definitely my favorite. Interesting, very leaderlike abilities.
>Mini waves
Of the two mini-waves between Twin Shadows and Return to Hoth, I'm most excited for the Alliance Smuggler, Hired Guns, and Wookiee Warriors. The smuggler is yet another cheap Rebel with interesting abilities, and this one isn't even unique! I don't really know what the Hired Guns are going to do, but cheap fodder is never a bad thing. The Wookiees look to be good, efficient mid-cost beaters, comparable to Royal Guards or Trandoshan Hunters.

All of the core set heroes have really strong merits, but I think Fenn might be at the top of the list. I see no reason not to get Tactical Movement after the first mission. Movement is everything in this game, and getting movement without taking an action or strain is phenomenal.

>> No.41819914

Scum Epic has all sorts of hilarious options. Basically just scale up any normal scum list with as many ships as you can get your hands on.

Ultimate Brobots- bring all 4 IG-88 models, load them with upgrades and just laugh and shoot stuff.

Bugzapper swarm- 12 Z-95s with feedback arrays. Get in close and teach the empire the meaning of 'ultimate power'.

Support whatever else you bring with one (or more!) of the named hawks and it gets even more fun. Epic games are less about competitive builds and more about throwing waves of ships at the opponent and watching as unexpected things happen. It's much more of a time commitment than the normal game, but is a lot of fun.

>> No.41820333

I nominate that the expanded epic bugzapper list be renamed to the 'Electric Chair' list

>> No.41820754

I need pics of TIEs (and potentially TIE-fus). Where can I find some?

>> No.41821327

Is it online somewhere or did you see it at GenCon?
So agree with you on most everything you said. Return to Hoth looks very nice. That being said. does it ever bother you how some things are just not in scale. Biggest offender General Weiss.

>> No.41821354
File: 1.12 MB, 194x284, recovering health in doom.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I needed a laugh

>> No.41821407


No. My autism is bad, but it's not THAT crippling.

>> No.41821427
File: 547 KB, 297x301, Grand Admiral Noncanon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.41821576
File: 270 KB, 1500x1040, ryan_church_02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thing is, as roleplayers we really shouldn't give a fuck.
We pick what we want to suit our games from any Star Wars source, hell we can grab some stuff from dozens of other sources as well and bung it in there if it suits.
Old WW2 movies, westerns, Blakes 7, Battlestar Galactica etc. If you like it, use it.

As far as the 'franchise' with the mouse goes, I can completely understand it from a business perspective that they need to get all the shit floating around from the last 30 odd years and then set some parts in stone, let others go and then put it all in some sort of library.
That way when new material comes out, they go to the big box of continuity, pick out what they can use and make something consistent with the established setting. If there's some kind of drastic evolution, then it needs to be properly vetted before going into production- cartoons, comics, novels and movies alike, shouldn't be treading on anyone's toes.

Otherwise it'd end up a clusterfuck like say 40K where there's all kinds of weird shit floating around full of contradictions, then we have grognards punching on the internet and outside their games workshop like mad cunts.

>> No.41821642

Not him, but Twin Shadows and the rest of the expansions in the wave was released early at GenCon.

>> No.41821653


40k at least has the cop-out of claiming that everything is biased and truth is impossible to sort from lies.

>> No.41821756
File: 46 KB, 310x360, rebel-storm-36-stormtrooper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone remember the WOTC Star Wars Minis game?

Anyone remember how there were basic stormtroopers in 6 fucking sets out of 16, and it seemed you pulled one in EVERY GODDAMN PACK?

>> No.41821766

Yeah in some ways its also simpler in that they mostly make just board games and the odd novel, plus no one really has a very high expectation of quality when they're a teenager :)

>> No.41821786

Yeah. I have almost every one of them. I swear I have a few hundred stormtroopers and Sith troopers.

I still remember the feeling of pulling Revan out of a pack. Good stuff. Wish they'd made more.

>> No.41821805


Which was just a bullshit cop out, recently added, to try and wash their hands of the shitshow their predecessors created.

>> No.41821824

My girlfriend is one of the better ttrpg players I know, but she hates Star Wars. What can I do to convince her to play EotE with me?

>> No.41821862


Which Star Wars movies has she seen?

If all of them and she still doesn't like Star Wars, you might be fucked.

>> No.41821864

When she was sick in bed I gave my missus a laptop and a hdd full of clone wars/rebels.
It may have been the fever or hallucinations, but she likes it now :D

>> No.41821886

Yeah, she doesn't like any of it. She loves LOTR and HP, but Star Wars just never sat well with her.

>> No.41821901


The Clone Wars COULD save it, MAYBE, but you have to be very careful, pretty much stick strictly to the recommended list.

>> No.41821921

I've not been keeping up with events, though I heard they pretty much slashed and burned my favourite in the WH-Fantasy setting.

>> No.41822057


The Warhammer Fantasy setting just experienced a complete apocalypse. The universe ceased to exist.

Sigmar and a few other incredibly powerful entites survived and have created the new world, which features in Age of Sigmar.

So they slashed and burned EVERYONE'S favorite.

>> No.41822078
File: 114 KB, 1920x1080, 1437754780596.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>She loves LOTR
A bunch of Ugnaughts and a Jedi Master show up in need of a slicer/smuggler to help them infiltrate a CIS/Imperial planet.

Jedi Academy campaign in FaD. Except instead of Draco Malfoy, you have Rosh Pennin.

Alternately, try bargaining or bribery. Or pretend to run a medieval fantasy campaign and sneak in Star Wars references until she realizes the joke. The planet Cerea is pretty good for this. It's technologically backward by choice, so maybe you could play it up as a first contact scenario with the Old Republic.

>> No.41822171


That sneaky version doesn't work for EotE. Fantasy Flight isn't like WOTC. WOTC designs games like D&D to be used for a wide variety of settings with limited homebrew; the primary binding element is genre. FFG tailors its RPG systems to the setting very tightly; playing outside of the intended setting takes a lot of work, and you're usually better off just grabbing a more generic system.

>> No.41822219

Maybe start with D&D or something that does low magic well. Once the jig is up, break out the EotE character sheets, conveniently already filled out with close approximations of the PCs' capabilities.

Of course, that might be more effort than it's worth. I'm just spitballing ideas here.

>> No.41823138

One of my favorite ideas for a star wars campaign is running it in a low tech (medieval style) world with "pig men" and snake headed races, where magic physically corrupts those who would use it to dominate those around them... and people run around with glowing swords of pure light.

Then after they defeat the first BBEG, have a metal bird approach in the sky. Lambda, ho!

Seems like a perfect opportunity to run a campaign where you play as inhabitants of a medieval tech world and get "integrated"/uplifted into the wider galaxy... quite probably forcicly at the hands of Imperials.

>> No.41823626

Nohgri PCs?

>> No.41823770


some dude put them all up on FFG's forums. I'll post them here.

>> No.41823790
File: 796 KB, 1024x765, Twin_rewards.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.41823795
File: 808 KB, 1024x765, Twin_Loot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.41823804
File: 775 KB, 1024x765, Biv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.41823808

Not necessarily, but you can certainly run it as such. My idea was more something like a forgotten outbound flight project from long ago, so you have lots of different races on the same world. Basicly, remember all those modules from WEG and after where you help those lower tech worlds revolt against imperial oppression? Yeah, you are those natives, and the fun is only starting

>> No.41823813
File: 870 KB, 1024x765, Saska.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.41823925
File: 155 KB, 195x300, Soulless-One-Front-Face.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How to make Grievous scary?

Current Belbullab-22 statline is 3/1/6/2, Focus/Boost, System/Bomb slots.

Kind of thinking something with multiple attacks, or maybe Spineless One Grievous, with get-evade-token-when-defending thing that stacks and makes him a nasty-tough endgame ship.

>> No.41823953

Make Grevious Deathrain.

>> No.41823977
File: 67 KB, 479x598, leandros was right.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is that what the Codex Astartes is calling it these days?

>> No.41823987

It's Steel Rain, but with Death Company.

>> No.41823998
File: 258 KB, 300x418, deathrain.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It had occurred to me.

Probably /not/ going with the Spineless One idea, thinking of an Impervium Hull modification card for it, something along the lines of "The first time you are dealt a faceup Damage card each round, you may immediately flip it facedown (without resolving its ability)."

pic related

>> No.41824100


"After you perform an attack that hits, if there is an enemy ship at Range 1, you may perform another primary attack."

Could be limited to 2 attacks/turn, but the difficulty of getting enough enemies in r1 /and/ in arc is reasonably high.

>> No.41824169

With that wording as long as you have an enemy ship within range 1 (for example directly behind you) you get to keep making attacks until you miss.

>> No.41824178

Yeah, realised just after I posted. Might as well limit it to 2/turn, then.

>> No.41824243
File: 471 KB, 494x422, general-grievous.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.41824310

should put in something to specify a different enemy than the one you just targeted, otherwise he'll be double-tapping people at range 1 with two 4 strength attacks

>> No.41824320

by the way, this looks so much nicer than 99% of the homebrewed cards, so mad props

>> No.41824341

This is Grievous we're talking about here, he should be nasty. That said, the ship doesn't have TL access without FCS or TC(1pt with title I guess) so the attacks would be a bit random anyway.

Strange Eons is GOAT (except for upgrade cards). Hardest part of prequel stuff - quality card art. Still a few ships I can't do since the module creator hasn't updated for a few Wave 7 things, but it's handling a 136MB (and growing) .seproject pretty well.

>> No.41824708

I hope FFG gives us a Clone Wars Surplus expansion.

>> No.41824724

Not super likely given Disney tendencies, but at least it's closer to current stuff than the uninspired sequel designs.

The fun part will be seeing how close I get if they do.

>> No.41824762

The scale is close enough that I don't worry about it. Yeah, it's a bit off here and there, but I have much better things to worry about.

>> No.41824780

Yeah. I was getting them as much for RPG use as the minis game, so I didn't terribly mind having a whole legion of Stormtroopers. Then when I moved, somehow I lost the bins that had my Imperial and Fringe faction figures. Fucking hell. The important Imperial stuff is all available in Imperial Assault now, but there were so fucking many good generic spacers and thugs in the Fringe stuff, I'm still salty about losing them.

>> No.41825453
File: 582 KB, 1850x1041, starwars-redesign-illustration.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So guys, ive been thinking about doing a star wars story, kinda like an elseworld telling where the empire are a very Japanese inspired honorable but oppressive force that uses mostly swords and fights in the open, where the rebellion are almost like ninjas, fighting in the shadows and doing all they can to push back the oppressive empire.

The story would revolve around a group of rebels, one of which is a jedi (who are a group of ancient warriors who did battle against the emperors clan, the sith) who are sent to assassinate the powerful warlord, Darth Vader, who is the right hand of the emperor. Throughout several events move them from place to place and follow a lot of samurai movie tropes, like defending a village while teaching them to defend themselves, or being bodyguards to desperate travelers or criminals.

Also boba fett is mugen from samurai champloo

>> No.41825492
File: 256 KB, 2000x1176, 6ldLA00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so, any thoughts? is this a bad idea?

>> No.41825574

So this wording in FaD...

"A character with a Force rating wearing a demon mask increases his wound threshold by 2 while he is a dark side Force user. Furthermore, characters making Discipline checks to resist fear caused by a character wearing a Demon Mask add ∫ equal to that character’s Force rating."

If they're not dark side, do they still gain the bonus to Fear checks as stated in the second sentence? Or is it more of an if dark side, then bonus to wound threshold and bonus to Fear checks thing?

>> No.41825585
File: 148 KB, 800x598, aku.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But will Vader tear open a portal in time and fling that foolish Jidai warrior into a future where Sith evil is law?

>> No.41825621

I don't think it's necessarily bad, you'd just really have to clarify what you're doing so you don't get people disappointed when they find out it's horribly different to actual SW. It reminds me of Weird World War II kinda shit.

>> No.41825656

Holy shit, just had an amazing idea. Before they defeat Vader, Palps (now styled after Aku) tears open a portal in time, and launches the foolish warriors into the PAST, where on galactic centers they have to find a way to stop the empire from ever forming, and while there they fight the first Darth vader, who protects the 40,000 year younger emperor.

Oh yeah, I would sell it as an elsworld tale. maybe do three sessions of it,

>> No.41825746

Wound boost is Dark side only. Setbacks are any character with a force rating.

>> No.41825767
File: 62 KB, 600x450, gjUmZrv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So Kylo Ren, villain of the new movie, isn't a Sith Lord. He actually belongs to an order called "The Knights of Ren" and Ren is an honorary they take, like Darth.

What does /swg/ think?

>> No.41825808

Is that a theory or...

>> No.41825823


Confirmed by JJ himself

>> No.41825853
File: 189 KB, 480x424, 1437536400647.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do we also get a Knight of Stimpy?

>> No.41825879

Makes me wonder how he gets pull in the empire. any ideas?

>> No.41825959

I think JJ should stick to what he does best: shitty timetravel plots with zero internal consistency

>> No.41825983

Tell me... this 'Ren'.... why does he wear the mask?
If this guy manages to kill Jedi Master Luke Fucking Skywalker instead of a 'bitch, please' fight, I will be so unhappy

>> No.41826068

I'm pretty sure everyone who has ever watched the OT will be disappointed if Luke doesn't curb-stomp Crossguard McBathrobe.

>> No.41826159

Make Han Solo (and similar dishonorable survivalists) carry a pistol anyway and it might work.

But it won't be "Star" Wars.

>> No.41826410

Still salty that Mara Jade and the Yuuzhan Vong are gone?

>> No.41826908

Why would i care about the two worst things about the EU? Hell, why would I care about the EU? JJ is utter shit, precisely the supposed reason for which we had a canon wipe.

>> No.41826946

Something about her is salty alright.
As a side note; what is it about people who make 8tracks playlists and having a horribly weak followup to a great opening track?

>> No.41826981

Salty Star Trek fan confirmed

>> No.41827152

just like jj, i've never watched the tv shows. Try harder.

>> No.41827335

>What does /swg/ think?
Worst fears seem to steadily be affirmed.
SWVII is gonna be shit and Disney killed it. That's was the most expensive waste of money they ever committed to.
The first film will be a success, because everybody will want to see what's happening with a franchise that has been popular for the last 40 years.
Then everyone will realize that the glory days are over and SW will slowly wither and fade away to be forgotten.

>> No.41827408

Excuse me, you're forgetting Heaven's Gate. Also the new Fantastic 4 movie

>> No.41827648
File: 38 KB, 648x334, 1430071462607.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>SWVII is gonna be shit and Disney killed it
So what's your reasoning for this?

>> No.41827688

Not him, but JJ Abrams a shit and they dumped both the bad and good from the EU
Also the terminally retarded redesigns of everything.
Also just
>Knights of Ren

>> No.41827691

I never understand people wanting this movie to suck. From what we know about it, it looks amazing.

>> No.41827711
File: 806 KB, 1702x704, reyfu with finn.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>JJ Abrams a shit
Most of his movies have above a 70 on Rotten Tomatoes, means he's at least a competent director.
>dumped both the bad and good from the EU
EU purge was bound to happen, and keep in mind most of it was shit.
>>Knights of Ren
Says nothing about the story

>> No.41827743
File: 101 KB, 300x269, laughingelves.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he believes the shit a bunch of paid hack journalists write

>> No.41827779

"Hacks" with more film knowledge than you.

>> No.41827949

>Boba Fett is Mugen
Then who's Jin?

>> No.41827993

It doesn't take much to be a "journalist" in an age online and self publication.

>> No.41828031
File: 24 KB, 230x306, 8009693115405523.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, WEG Star Wars, can't tell if it's first or second edition, cover is pic related. I can't tell if I'm reading combat right, but me and a friend both read it

You have three health levels, healthy, injured, dead

I think combat works like this
Dude attacks.
You defend.
You roll off with dude
If dude beats you, you lose one dice from your pool. If dude doubles your roll, remove two dice
If you beat dude, nothing happens
Dude removes 1 dice from his pool, then roll again until dude is out of dice
Keep going until you run out of dice, in which case you are injured or dead

It takes forever, and seems REALLY clunky, so I'm probably reading it wrong.

>> No.41828097

>I never understand people wanting this movie to suck.
I don't.
>From what we know about it, it looks amazing.
This is just where I don't agree. So far we've seen
the good
>Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford etc gonna make a return
>the falcon and some sappy nostalgia bullshit subplot
>a bunch of spaceship fighter footage that looked promising
the bad
>everything the producers mentioned in terms of 'updating' it
>knights of blurb and some other asspulls

Basically I expect the film to be a bland run of the mill hollywood production without soul or any redeeming qualities with some shallow templates of characters and mandatory pandering for political correctness.
Maybe 'updating' stuff these days just means dumbing it down. Maybe the expectation to be as amazed and charmed by the new stuff as the OT when we were younger is unrealistic.
Either way I expect it to be a disappointment.

>> No.41828144

>>everything the producers mentioned in terms of 'updating' it
They haven't said anything about that. They're trying to match the OT in terms of tone and feeling.
They decanonized the shitty EU so they could make the journey to the force awakens and give all sorts of backstory to the new stuff.

>mandatory pandering for political correctness

>> No.41828246

Nah. They had Lando in the OT too.

Anyway, that's not even what I meant. That aside >>41825767 asked what we think, so that's what I think.

>> No.41828366


JJ is competent (maybe) but is competent what we really want? Star Wars VII is going to suffer from being bland and, while we might get wowed to start, I predict it will age pretty meh.


Is anyone else, like me, intrigued about VIII? I'm rather interested in the choice of director and I'd like to see what someone other than JJ can do.

>> No.41828425

>Is anyone else, like me, intrigued about VIII?
Depends entirely on VII.
If they fuck that up I'm done with SW.

>> No.41828439


I don't share the view on the political correctness idea because it seems to me that black characters, while rare in Star Wars, are hardly unheard of, and making one a main character is like "okay whatever".

I'm much more worried about the movie being one big load of fanservice for the OT.

>> No.41828469


Guys, there was a black dude in the original series.

I think the pandering for political correctness MIGHT have been referring to the pandering to be PC to fans - which the trailers seem to indicate.

There's a big danger of JJ just pandering the original trilogy all over the place and his own contributions being dull.

>> No.41828507

So would your rather they had adapted one of the shitty EU books instead?

>> No.41828534


Not that guy but personally I'd rather they just did anthology films from now on. The saga's done. ROTJ wrapped everything up too neatly. Anything else will feel tacked on.

>> No.41828593


Well, that escalated quickly.

No, I don't think they should adapt a shitty EU book. Or even a good EU book (I can't think of any that would really film well without a lot of changes).

I just would have liked another director than JJ. Unlike the people abandoning ship however in a panic, I'm at least going to give the later movies their chance.

>> No.41828614

Does anybody want to pause their nerd slap fight to talk about how the Force is kind of a dick?
>Yo, Shmi! Guess what, you're pregnant!
>"Do I get any of the fun part that making a baby entails?"

>Hey Qui-Gon, I know we're tight and all. You even believe I have a will of my own, but I'm gonna have to let you go.
>"Can we talk about this later? A Sith is trying to kill me right now."
>See? That's what I'm talking about! It's always about YOU, about YOUR needs! What about MY needs? I think I should be free to see other sensitives.
>"Wha- bu-"
>Oh hey, the gate is open. Good talk, wish you luck with that red guy, seeya

>Hey Anakin
>"Hey, Force."
>You like dreams, right?
>"Sure, I especially like dreaming about Padme every night."
>Well how about a change up! Bam! Dreams of your mom being tortured! You're welcome!
>"The fuck? When is this even happening?"
>lol idunno

>Hey Anakin, me again.
>"Fuck. Look, I'm not in the mood for this, I did something and I'm not feeling good-"
>Looks like Padme's coming along well, pregnancy and all that...
>"Don't you fucking dare."
>Sooooo I got you dreams of her dying in agony! WOO! I am a GREAT dad! Fist pound!

>Yo Obi-Wan.
>How'd you like to be a ghost?
>"Uh, actually I was hoping to train Luke as a Je-"
>Nah, you're gonna be a ghost. Spooky, huh? Plus now, you can go wherever whatshisface goes!
>"His name is LUKE"
>Cool! I got it all set up, dude. Vader's gonna decapitate you and shit. It'll be totally sick.
>"No, I don't want- You already left. Fuck."

>> No.41828635

>Yo, Bruce!
>Whatever. How's the training going?
>"Well it's different than what I expected, but it's really helping m-"
>Yeah yeah, cool. You know what you need?
>Naw, DREAMS! Dreams, mothafucka!
>"What are you t-"
>BOOM! Your friends getting tortured!
>"WHAT? Where are they? When is this?! Can I prevent it?"
>What do I look like, omnicient?
>Jeez, no need to shout. I was just trying to do something nice for my grandkid, fuck.
>"What the fuck are you talking about?"
>Forget it, I'm leaving.
>"Hey! Get back here! Explain this crap! Hey!"

>So Duke-
>Same difference, look I know we've had our differences, but I got you something that will make up for all that.
>"My father returning to the light?"
>Close, really close, but no. I got you LIGHTNING! Bet that really SHOCKED you, didn't it?
>"[Screaming in pain]"
>Sheesh, you coulda just SAID you didn't like it.

>Alright, Lawrence-
>Yeah yeah, whatever. Nobody cares. As I was SAYING: I got you this.
>"Oh, it's the ghosts of my teachers and... Who's the blond guy?"
>You know what, I dont give a shit. We're done here.

>> No.41828659
File: 239 KB, 700x1147, dark greetings.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Depends on the shitty EU book in question.

>> No.41828667

It's not the Force, it's Lucas.

>> No.41828777

Well sure, if you want to be Doylist about it.

>> No.41829123

Well, they are the best answers to given when dealing with star wars writing questions.

Regardless, do we know what luke was up to between episode five and six when he took a level in badass and how to choke a pig?

>> No.41829129


That's the 1st ed cover. I have no idea if you're running it right, but I know that's not how it works in 2nd ed.

In 2nd ed, combat works like this:

Attacker makes his attack roll. Defender chooses to either dodge/parry/whatever or just hope the attacker misses. If the defender doesn't do a defense thing, the attacker just has to beat the difficulty to use the weapon and the difficulty imposed by the attack's range. If the defender does the thing, the attacker only has to beat the defender's roll (because it's possible to "zig" when you should have "zagged" and get yourself shot).

If the attack hits, the attacker rolls the damage dice as an opposed roll against the defender's Strength. If the defender's Strength roll is higher, nothing happens, he shrugs it off. If the damage roll is higher, damage is done according to the difference:

0-3 is stunned, meaning -1D to all actions for the rest of the round and the next round, and you are still "affected" by the stun for a half hour or until you take a one-minute rest. If you are "affected" by a number of stuns equal to the number of dice you roll for Strength, you're unconscious for 2D minutes.

4-8 is wounded. If you're wounded, you're knocked down, lose your actions for the round, and take -1D to all skill and attribute rolls until you are healed. If you're already wounded, another wound means you are wounded twice, making it a -2D penalty. If you are wounded a third time, you are incapacitated.

9-12 is incapacitated. You're unconscious for 10D minutes. Even when you wake up, you can't do anything until you are healed. If you are wounded or incapacitated again, you are mortally wounded.

13-15 is mortally wounded. You're unconscious and you roll 2D at the end of every round. If you roll less than the number of rounds you have been mortally wounded, you die. You can be stabilized before this happens, giving you one hour to be treated with a medpac or a bacta tank or die.

16+ is dead.

>> No.41829387

Not right now, unless I've mistaken when Heir to the Jedi takes place.

>> No.41829430

Yeah, don't think that's how it works for 1e, there's no skill required for using a weapon. Thank you anyway!

If someone who has experience specifically with 1st ed could help, that would be great!

>> No.41829595

I'm pretty sure Heir to the Jedi takes place just after A New Hope and right before the Marvel Star Wars comics

>> No.41829673

I want WAAC fags to leave.

>> No.41829739


>> No.41829795
File: 18 KB, 385x239, A significant percentage of wack.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I didn't know there were military ladies in this thread.

>> No.41829804

I think "Win at all costs"

>> No.41829843

So he's butthurt that people enjoy playing their games rather than being 100% focused on autistic narratives?

>> No.41829846

>not wanting a Kyle Katarn trilogy
Damn son

>> No.41829922


I just downloaded the 1e core book and looked it up too, in order to know what it was.

Now I'm curious what the hell book you're reading, because it looks like 1e works the same way as 2e, except with a simplified damage track. Check pages 13 and 14 of the core rulebook.

If you're shooting, for instance, you use your blaster skill. Your blaster skill roll determines whether you hit. Then you roll blaster damage vs. target's strength.

In 1e it's more brutal. If the strength roll wins, the target is stunned. If the damage roll is greater than or equal to the strength roll, but less than double the strength roll, wounded. If the damage roll is double the strength roll or more, mortally wounded.

>> No.41829957


Sorry, correction.

If it's double the strength roll or more, but less than triple the strength roll, incapacitated. If it's TRIPLE the strength roll, mortally wounded.

>> No.41830311


I dunno. Not the guy you're talking to but, in my shop we usually call those guys hardasses and they make playing a game rather miserable. You know the type - the guys that will argue for an hour about a single millimeter difference that would "decide" if something has line of sight or not, will never remind you if you forget any small rule that would benefit you but will cry foul and accuse you to the judge if you misremember any rule that would benefit him, and so on.

We got a LOT of those guys in Warhammer tournaments. I imagine that X-Wing suffers them as much.

>> No.41831574

It's not THAT there's a black dude, it's their shitty choice of actor.

If Rian Johnson can get even half the fairytale-ness of The Brothers Bloom into it it's going to make up for VII, no doubt there.

>> No.41832625

Alright, thank you. Definitely read it wrong, probably combining it with the doing actions during combat. Or I'm just an idiot, either one works.

>> No.41832985

New thread?

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