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Is it ready? Please let it be ready!

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wait so if red makes a jump its allowed to be two of the same jump on the drive, but the SB Log Horizon Jump isn't allowed on the drive?

I smell bullshit.

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>Implying we're putting the incomplete and shitty SB Matrix jump on the drive.
Shitstirrer pls

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There's already a God of War Jump? Also, we have no interaction with Space Battles. They do their thing, we do ours.

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It will be here SOON actually within today

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>implying we are judging by quality.

Again if that's the case why isn't the Log Horizon Jump on there? No one shit stormed over it like they did Log Horizon Anon's version.

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It will be ready tonight. I'm just filling out the Weapon Customization table, then drawbacks and we're in the clear.

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They're not even finished

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>within today

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Except that jump was on the drive and then taken off. Are you saying SB jumps are not allowed on the drive?

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We're saying that when they're incomplete and shitty then they're not going on the drive. If they're good and the person who made it wants to, they're on the drive. See? It's simple. So fuck off.

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SB's one was completely done.

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Hint: The person who made LH jump here was the same one from SB.

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Yes, I'm pretty sure Space Battles Jumps are not allowed on the Drive.

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Well what did you find wrong with the log horizon one then?

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Please don't muddy the issue by telling the shitposter wrong information.

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Incorrect, we've had jumps like Battletech and Underworld appear on the drive and stay there. So it's not a matter of where it comes from.

Regardless, if need be I can back off on Matrix if it's going to be that much of a problem. I don't want to end up stirring drama with things, so just tell me if this is the case.

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>Are you saying SB jumps are not allowed on the drive?
Yes. They're their own site, they're their own community. Let them make their own damn drive.

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My mistake then, I thought we were cut off from each other for the most part. Apologies for the misinformation.

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Allow me to jump in and clarify.

There are two log horizon jumps by two different SB members. One is Log Anon, the other is Drakensis.

Shitposter is talking about Drakes, which to my knowledge was taken off, the other one is still being worked on....as far as I know.

I'll repost it.

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Do you serve? Or do you get served?

>> No.41777092

You realize they were both from SB, and last time we confirmed on SB, both authors there said they had some changes to make because they needed to check something to the world right?

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It is, in the sense that admitting that the jump was also posted on spacebattles will result in salty anons telling you to fuck off.

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>Regardless, if need be I can back off on Matrix if it's going to be that much of a problem.
It's no problem, Red. You're an amazing jump creator and your dibs were called in thread before the SB thing was posted. Let them do their own thing, and we'll do ours. If they come here, into the thread, and work with us then that's a different story. But that's not what happened here.

TL;DR - Do the Matrix jump.

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As far as I understand it, the benefactor has systems and rules. There is no such thing as 'breaking the rules' or the benefactor realizing a loophole in a system they made. If you attempt to circumvent the system and its rules, than one of two things can happen.

One: It doesn't work, because your method still stood against the rules and systems the benefactor has enforced.

Two: It does work. If it works, it works. It's not a bug, it's a feature. Your method appropriately accounts for and works within the system instead of against it.

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Please don't. Like Mal said, even the guy who made it doesn't want it to trump yours.

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Maybe they ARE Drakensis.

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That sounds awesome, do you remember the name?

>Stage Four.
>Dust tells Aura Guardian about how Senpai was working on him in case something happened to him.
>Send robot mooks to attack Chosen One. Obvious curbstomp is obvious.
>Show AG combat footage and Dust's analysis of CO's combat tactics. Mention off-hand about how Senpai can totally take him if he didn't have to protect anyone. Ask her how Senpai is doing.
>CO should figure out where underground base is by now and launch a full on assault.
>Send rest of robot army to gank him.
>AG tags along.
>Predictably the rest of robots get sliced to pieces.
Rolling for who wins and apparently the dice loves AG.
>After a long epic battles involving a ton of stuff breaking, AG finally triumphs.
>Fake benefactor time, offer her a wish.
>Options include resurrecting Senpai, World Domination, Be The Very Best. Ended up rolling for the Senpai one.
>MFW the roll for how she reacts to him being back 1D100 => 8

And that's how I got a crazy yandere girlfriend!

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Do the Matrix Jump, you already got stuff written down for it. No need to stop making it, the guy who made the SB!Matrix Jump apparently was ignorant of your stakes and has since backed off.

>> No.41777437

The issue isn't whether the guy is backing off or not, the issue is whether doing it will cause drama anyway. I want to make a jump and have people enjoy it, not make a jump and find out 'whoops, guess I spawned 2-3 threads of drama and complaining, I suppose I fucked up'. Hence my question to the anons complaining.

>> No.41777455

You have everyone on your side except one person who everyone called an idiot. Considering the reaction, that person is probably done and there won't be any further issue. So go ahead and make it.

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>uses an Aizen picture and forgetting Bleach exists

I mean, he doesn't do it quite the same way, but convincing everyone everyone else was secretly evil was pretty much his schtick early on. Also every other anime/cartoon/game with a BBEG who can into illusions.

Asking to be trolled like that will result in being trolled so the troll can enjoy the delicious tears of everyone else not getting the jump. And they probably doing care about jumpchain anyway if they're ignoring "the other guy gave up".

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For the anons that want to eat/be a planet, here's my advice.


In J.C. Avatar, technically the planet is one organism, so using Dark Binding on Ewa is a legitimate way to gain a planet-minion you can summon.

If you're feeling particularly vile, you can create evil-Ewa clones using biological manipulation perks and a small army of seeder ships spread out over a dead planet. This will take a few years, but it would theoretically allow you "eat" planets and turn them into minions.

With this combo, you'll be able to do colony drops on command.

Just make sure your evil-Ewa clones have a "central" nerve/brain cluster you can take out in order to kill the entire planet in one fell swoop.

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We've had a lot of Forgotten Realms power discussions before, but I don't want to be the most powerful race.

I want to be the most ANNOYING race to fight, to the point where enemies simply ragequit. What is the best way to achieve this?

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That would just get you a minion the size of a planet's surface, though. You'd still have all that lovely inner volume going unused. Better to dismantle the planet for raw materials and rebuild it into a giant space station. Much more efficient use of resources.

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Find something that's incredibly difficult to kill or capture. They don't need to be especially strong, smart or fast, just remove the enemy's abilities to actually deal with you in a permanent fashion.

>> No.41777903

Be a Kender. No it doesn't matter they're not native to the setting, they got there by a spelljammer or some shit like a portal because all the old dnd settings are connected in like a half-dozen ways.

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>> No.41777935

Ewa isn't the full planet though, just the plant layer on the top, there is a massive difference.

>> No.41778073

Some dude on sb who can't even post on 4chan getting some other guy to post his shitty WIP with a disclaimer of 'oh i know it has been claimed but ima gonna post this anyway for comments'? Fuck that noise.

Make the jump.

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This is news to me. At the very least, I thought jumps were supposed to be posted in this thread first before getting on the drive.

I don't remember agreeing to accept SB jumps at all. Thus far the only worthwhile SBers I can recall are the few who posted in these threads, and I don't even like all of 'em.

I distinctly remember we used to just let them do their thing and keep their crap out of the drive.

>> No.41778123

Oh man, Forgotten Realms is a watershed for those that have Zerg's Essence eating perk and like being dragons.

I jumped in as a Prismatic Wyrmling and then proceeded to devour a dragon of nearly every type. That netted me a whole lot of awesome breath weapons and really nice resistances.

>> No.41778169

Their jumps have always been addable to the drive if they wanted them to be and it wasn't junk.

>> No.41778208

Again: i distinctly remember a general consensus against SB. And having lurked a few of their threads I wouldn't say its unwarranted.

At the very least they ought to show their work here so we can have a chance to gauge it instead of use letting them automatically slot them onto the drive.

>> No.41778241

Those are all very nice and powerful - but they aren't annoying.

So I guess the first thing I need to do is be something that does one or more of the following:

>Is immune to crits
>Is immune to Trip and Grapple
>Has a very specific requirement to overcome Damage Reduction
>Has a high Escape Artist modifier
>Has some way to avoid attacks of opportunity
>Has a Fly speed
>Has a Burrow speed
>Has a Swim speed
>Has a size of Small or smaller
>Has some means of avoiding Save-or-Sucks
>Has AMF as an SLA
>Has Dimension Door or Plane Shift as an SLA
>Has a thousand ways to inflict annoying debuffs

You know that guy who does nothing but debuff the party and refuse to die?

I want to be that thing. My actual attacks would be pitiful, but the debuffs. THE DEBUFFS.

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As a newbie jump-maker I was wondering what everyone else uses to makes jumps. I use google docs and I find it hard to do the imaged three boxes per line thing.

>> No.41778324

It's always asked in the thread who made something and have it posted before it's moved from WIP.

>> No.41778338

Pastebin to open office.

>> No.41778356

There is a thing that does what you seek, but if you consume it, it may consume you as well.

This thing is ancient, known and unknowable, terrible in its visiage, and speaks with such power as to sunder the very souls of mortals.

If it is power you seek, then do this:

Jump to Star Craft and learn the secrets of the Zerg, then jump again and travel to Earth Prime. There you must consume Gilbert Gottfried. If you do this, you will have power. But this thing, if done, can never be undone.

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>> No.41778380


I'd figured that the Ewa clones would incorporate some sort of organic crystal root system that would let them reach all the way to the planetary core so it could harness energy from the mantle, and in it's final stages replace the planetary core with a bio-plasma reactor capable of venting in small bursts as a means of slow movement.

It'd fly near planets and release seedlings in order to grow a new Ewa planet thing.

>> No.41778397

How about the picture in the background thing

>> No.41778425

Literally who?

>> No.41778446

Open office can do it.

>> No.41778464

Are you human?

>> No.41778501

I would assume so. Never heard of a Gilbert Gottfried, though. Is he pop culture or classic folklore?

>> No.41778509


>> No.41778532

Fucking...seriously? How could you have not heard of Gilbert Gottfried? Most annoying voice in the world? Literally sounds like nails on a chalkboard? Makes you want to rip out your ears and never hear anything again if you listen to him for too long? That Gilbert Gottfried?

>> No.41778544

>Literally who?
So, what's junior high like these days?

>> No.41778545


Oh, so THAT'S who voiced Iago.

>> No.41778568

I just never looked at the credits, to be honest.

The same way I don't know who did the voices in KND - I never checked.

>> No.41778599

Here are a couple of videos with him talking first is some compilation of him doing lines from video games, the second is him reading 50 Shades of Grey.

https://youtu.be/XkLqAlIETkA Note this is the 50 Shades of Grey one, do not listen to it unless you are, or wish to be insane.

>> No.41778615

Curious question.
Did anyone who took the Terminator Jump join Skynet?

>> No.41778622

Why would you?

>> No.41778645

>implying middle-schoolers know about 4chan

But enough about who knows what voice actors, let's get back on track - specifically, Betrayal at House on the Hill. Did anyone actually volunteer themselves as the Traitor?

>> No.41778682

To take it over, of course.

>> No.41778686

...kind of?

Though it was less "join Skynet" and more find Skynet as a prototype, remove its overriding directive, build it a self-sustaining Dyson Sphere and convince it that leaving the Solar System was in its best interests. There's so much more to see and do out in the universe than waste time fighting a recursive war against humans.

>> No.41778692

I repent! I'll remember his name forever!

Just make it stop.

Make the reading end.

>> No.41778739

The best thing about the second video was the facial expressions.

>> No.41778778

How is it going to leave the solar system in a Dyson Sphere? That would kind of drag the rest of the solar system with it. Or is it not in that specific order?

>> No.41778906


>> No.41778922

Have you ever just sort of disappeared from the main plot to do something else?

>> No.41778937

The latter. First we built it an optic drone body, then we took Skynet on an intergalactic cruise in the Light of Terra, then we helped it pick out somewhere interesting to live. And that's when we started working on the Dyson Sphere.

Skynet ended up picking an orbit around Alpha Centuari. Said it wanted to terraform the local exoplanet sometime in the future.

>> No.41778989

In Supernatural I went and found Cuthbert Sinclair as soon as possible since he's the expert on that universe's magic system so he could teach me it, and in return I taught him some extradimensonal magic systems.

>> No.41778998

Plenty of times. I'll often try to not damage the plot as much as I can, unless it's seriously needed or could be avoided badly.

Bad things that end up being seriously important for character development? Staying out of it. Bad things that were completely unneeded and only serve to make things worse? Time to get involved. Of course, this doesn't stop the plot from trying to find me for some reason.

>> No.41779034

All the time.

In Fallout I fucked off and did my own thing. Mass Effect was much the same, except I checked in on Sheperd every couple years. Otherwise I was exploring the fringes of the Galaxy in my Dreadnaught.

>> No.41779073

Are there any perks that let you do interstellar travel without a spaceship?

>> No.41779103

In Codex Alera I dropped out of the plot post-canea to go do sick elbow drops on the horde of infinite enemies.

>> No.41779125

Tamaranian in Teen Titens.

>> No.41779132

I tend to stay out of it if I can. But most of the time I get drawn in some way or another. And sometimes my very presence fucks everything up from the beginning. Like Naruto. The plot was fucked from the moment of my birth. Like, it threw everything off and shit got really weird and I had no clue what was going on when I came in because it differed from canon so much. It was actually really interesting.

>> No.41779162

Yeah I guess. In Battletech, I hung out in the Wars of Reavings with the Blood Spirits which is seperate from the Jihad although I was tempted to join with the Blakists.
Pre-fall tech from Warhammer 40k. You could probably create something similar to the webway gates.

>> No.41779182

>Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar

Man, that would make a great jump. Their mech's are pretty unique, plus it would be hilarious to follow Kenchi's miss-adventures.

>> No.41779217

It should definitely have a set up similar to mainline Tenchi Muyo jump, where all of the drawbacks and half of the perks give you a bunch of wacky love interests you can take as companions.

>> No.41779340

As in, getting from the surface of one planet to the surface of another planet (e.g. any sufficiently advanced teleport perk), or actual travelling in space between the stars (e.g. a lantern power ring)?

>> No.41779374

First if you don't have to have been to the location you're teleporting to before, second otherwise

>> No.41779490

If someone makes it, it'll be cool to have a Sacred Mechanoid customization section.

The tech that goes into them is something I totally want to get my hands on.

>> No.41779492

Starting a new run (with monster themes) and figured I'd use the opportunity to get more involved with the thread (at least while my name is up).

(Jump 1: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon)
-Location: Pokemon Square (Rolled)
-Pokemon Form: Drifloon (700)
-Partner Pokemon: Scraggy (550)
-Free Skills (Free)
-Natural Instinct (450)
-Multitalent (350)
-Map Surveyor (150)
-Hyperkinesis (-250)
-Explorer/Rescue Badge (Free)
-Aura Ribbon: Black (-300)
-Distrusted (-200)
-Move Loss (0)

"My Moves By the End"
-Phantom Force

-Partner's Name: Stella
-Natures(Aside from apparently being my best friend, I'll roll two Pokemon Natures and build her personality up from there.): Careful/Adamant
-(Basic) Personality Profile: Stickler for protocol and safety. Plays by the rule book, and tries to enforce rules, laws and safety on others. Enjoys libraries, strategy games, hard candy, punk fashion and dancing. Dislikes the ocean, freak storms, RNG, excess and gambling. Seems willing to go along with dangerous activities if proper precautions have been placed.
"Partner's Moves By The End"
-Scary Face
-Drain Punch

(Continued when I can post again)

>> No.41779524

>First jump is as a cutesy pokemon that lives by kidnapping and killing children.
Good start for a monster theme.

>> No.41779535


Because of Distrusted and my team's spooky/rough disposition, I can't see making a lot of friends here. Still, I'll aim to do my job of rescuing Pokemon in distress as best I can. As for what I picked up, Natural Instinct has given me more bestial instincts which is going to be great for getting a more "monster-like" mindset. Multitalent will help bolster my admittedly pitiful stamina. Map Surveyor will help with figuring out exactly where I'm going since monsters don't get lost!
Hyperkinesis is as amazing as always and an obvious pick-up for incredible agility and dexterity no matter how bestial my form gets. Rest is a great out of battle move for incredibly speedy recovery. Trick is just so useful due to the variety of situations it can be used in. Phantom Force is great for both fluff and offense, as disappearing and reappearing behind enemy defenses with a potent attack ready is both really useful and should really fuck with enemy morale. Great first stop for abilities.

>> No.41779577


Thank you! I'm probably not going to be kidnapping and ritualistically murdering children, but picking up my enemies and just floating off into the sky for a nice. . .long. . .talk. . .sounds perfectly reasonable from my point of view.

>> No.41779737

Supernatural has the Wings perk, which is instant travel to any destination you're familiar with or that another person gives you (I personally assume that means they have to be familiar with it, YMMV).

Order of the Stick and Forgotten Realms can with the right perks eventually get you access to the Greater Teleport spell, which has the minimum requirement of "a reliable description of the place". This would include a decent photo. If all you have is a name - e.g. "San Francisco, Earth" - you would need the Wish or Miracle spell - and I suggest stating "an empty alley in San Francisco, Earth" unless you want to risk randomly appearing on a freeway in SF right on front of a speeding 18-wheeler.

>> No.41779813

One Piece I loaned the Arrow to the Whitebeard pirates and then proceeded to go off on my own adventure instead of bothering with following the Straw Hats. Medaka Box I noped the fuck out at Lihiko, although dropped hints as to best approach. Twilight we were kinda too busy murdering the vampire mafia, although I did make sure to go make sure Edward had an "unfortunate accident". Fairy Tail we kinda fragged Acnologia and then laid low, not bothering with most of the rest of the plot.

That's all the ones I outright avoided the plots of by running or laying low instead of completely derailing everything so far.

>> No.41779821

If by 'disappear' you mean 'Leave the plot a smoking crater with the protagonists as dazed-eyed survivors wondering what just happened', then yes. I've done that. Many times.

Not all the time, mind. Just sometimes.

>> No.41780122

Funny story. That's what my latest build started off dedicated to. Basically, rather than being part of the story, going to see what else is in the world that the author never wrote about. After all, I already was part of the story - I was the audience. So why not experience an entirely new one?

In practice, it hasn't always worked out that way. Sometimes I can't resist stepping in, and sometimes the plot grabs me and drags me along with it. But I try, and most of the time, I succeed.

>> No.41780175

Yeah. During some big boss fight in SAO (floor 92) i went off to make an omelette. It was pretty good, apparently the cooking skill in game directly measures one's tasting palette on a scale, 1-1000. 1000 being the... best taste? Regardless, I only got to level 689, and damn was that omelette tasty.

>> No.41780325

Is there a reason you haven't jumped your favorite setting yet, jumpers?

Bad weebm related.

>> No.41780583

no jump

>> No.41780660

But I have, 4 out of 5 actually..
And the last one is in progress.

>> No.41780702

Just as soon as I'm done making it, I'm jumping it.

>> No.41780740

What is it?

>> No.41780784

Manyuu Hikenchou

>> No.41780810

I'm building up tech perks before I go there. I expect to get into a dick measuring contest with some of the local super-scientists, and I plan on winning it.

>> No.41780875

I'm working on it.
>TFW You're almost done but you still have a bunch of things to do

>> No.41780987

Bullshit. I'll believe it when I see it.

>> No.41781004

(Body Mod)
-Build: Medium (-)
-Body Type: Bestial/Minor - Black Mamba (450)
-Appeal 2 (350)
-Shape 1 (300)
-Sense 4 (200)
-Flexibility 1 (100)
-Color 1 (Free)
-Evercleansed (0)

Minor Traits gained from going "Bestial - Black Mamba" include a snake tail, pointier teeth and a black mouth interior, all of which are easily hidden. I need to have a base form that will allow me to blend in with society, but when I expose my traits I can be very intimidating. Since PMD enhanced my physical abilities to the point that I didn't care for Strength, Endurance, Speed or Dexterity. Because of that I dumped a few points in Appeal and Shape, due to preference, and maxed out my Senses.
With my newfound senses, I'll be much more ready for hunting my prey of choice, or avoiding any enemies that make it their goal to hunt me down. Since I'm already naturally flexible, a rank in Flexibility should make me exceptionally (and somewhat disturbingly) limber. For Color 1 I simply made my hair black, my eyes gray and my skin pale, though not to the extent that I stand out too much. Finally, I picked up Evercleansed, because who likes being dirty?

>> No.41781060

I'd like to see if you could make it, even remotely, not terrible.

>> No.41781133


"Since PMD enhanced my physical abilities to the point that I didn't care for Strength, Endurance, Speed or Dexterity, I didn't put points into them."*

>> No.41781134

But I have, I even made the jump.

>> No.41781314

Kantai Collection's environmental adaption says you're immune to temperature extremes, does this include things like lava and absolute zero or no?

>> No.41781374

Because no one outside my game group cares about our homebrew.

>> No.41781428

eh, I wouldn't put it as that strong. I'd say it would be more like, the temperature of boiling water, perhaps somewhat above that.

>> No.41781479

I think it's just meant to let you live at the bottom of the ocean, so think that and the temperature near thermal vents.

>> No.41781522

The trick is to stealthily introduce the homebrew to /tg/, somehow get it catch on, them bake the jump as if your some random guy that likes that one hopefully original and interesting homebrew setting, which definitely isn't a powergrab.

Or have it released as a published work of fiction. If it's something commercial, not explicitly lewd, and actually deep, clearly it's something valid to make a jump out of.

>> No.41781554

GS-Anon here, if people would prefer we can put Drakensis's jump on the drive I'm fine with it.

>> No.41781566

We don't. Please continue making your jump.

>> No.41781578

Yes that was the case because I wanted to reread the light novels.

>> No.41781584

Even the creator doesn't want it in the drive, unless you've given up on it or something.

>> No.41781591

It certainly wouldn't be the first setting based on someone's homebrew. A surprising number of TV shows, movies, books, and even anime have been based on someone's homebrew.

>> No.41781674

Then keep working on it, and release it when it's ready.

>> No.41781716

Lewd jump announced
Boobs are all, squishy leaders
Red and blue won’t jump

>> No.41781734

Is it lewd? If so, it's banned and will cause a huge shitstorm.

>> No.41781802

The thing posted in the thread right now isn't the worst jump we've ever had, but it's pretty damn close. Please keep working on yours and make it actually awesome.

>> No.41781831

Dude makes a haiku with boobs in it and all you can think of is to rulesmonger at him? For shame.

>> No.41781900

>tfw no darkness jump
And i'm saving fallout for some reason. I dig the setting so much i want to be pristine when i get there.

>> No.41781905

1000 CP


vs The World 1300
Bible Basher (Myself) 1500


Sectarian 1450
Age: 26 (Random)
Vatican (Free Choice)


Ritualist 1450
Notarikon 1300
Shorthand 1000
Evocation 900
Index 300


Grimore: (Rune Epitapth) 0

>> No.41781920

>Nipple horns

>> No.41781985




So while I have a fucking raccoon gunning for my bony buttocks, these adventures are...

I fucked with Loki more than I should have, resulting in a much earlier breakdown. Convinced Banner to not be in the room when THAT happened. Mocked everyone during that little argument - and brought up how Thor needed to get his ass kicked in order to see how small HE was originally, and that calling other people small was outright hypocritical of him. He got mad. Like really mad.

Aaaaaand New York happened. I may or may not have been reprimanded by Fury for using skeletons in response to Chitauri, but really. Army vs army? I even kept civilians safe! That's like, I dunno, an A for effort? At least?

And then around just after Ultron's defeat, I kinda said fuckitall and revealed my true purpose - mostly by invading and ransacking everything in SHIELD's various headquarters while leaving little toys of my own for them to make use of in fighting HYDRA (disappointed still that they don't have an actual hydra). Robbed Stark Tower and spooked Pepper, which was enjoyable.

Got into a fist-fight with Thor, got chucked through a skyscraper... All in all. Not too bad a world. I need to come back some day.


Location: Grand Cathedral
Identity: Medici Mafia - 100 CP

-Ahad Anatomy - Free (Bodybuilder's wet dream? What if I'm just skin and bones? Or more... JUST BONES?)
-Acrobatics - Free
-Parasite: Nosferatu - 200 CP
-Spontaneous Razor - 150 CP
-Pure of Heart - 300 CP (Heh. Heheh. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.)

Equipment & Companions:
-Hideout - Free
-Infinite Blade Works - Free
-Partner in Crime (Rebecca) - 150 CP
--Ahad Anatomy - Free
--Acrobatics - Free
--Last Hope - 600 CP
-Partner in Crime (Treacherose) - 150 CP
--Ahad Anatomy - Free
--Acrobatics - Free
--Artificial Parasites - 600 CP
-Money under the Mattress - 50 CP

-Purrfect - +100 CP

>> No.41781992

Nipple Horns: The sexiest way to dislodge the popcorn stuck between your teeth.

See your local retailer today and demand they carry Nipple Horns.

Nipple horns may or may not but most likely may be a sign of Chaos and will cause you to be purged by in 'verse elements or discontinued by the Great Wons. Local taxes may apply.

>> No.41782024

You didn't become the Skullgirl?

>> No.41782048

Fuuuuuuck that noise, broham.

Dealing with THAT asshole for the next thousands of years, having the powers restricted to one form while it forever influences and curses every other form, and losing out on the ability to give Treacherose and Rebecca much-needed upgrades?

No deal.

>> No.41782069

You have chose, wisely skeleton man

>> No.41782195

Plus there's also the fact that the Skullgirl isn't actually a skeleton, just a girl with a skeleton theme. Having to stop being a skeleton to use your skeleton powers is pretty lame.

>> No.41782529

So did anyone here actually take the "go home" option at the end of any of their jumps?

>> No.41782550


>> No.41782581

It's the only option left to the dead, so yes.

>> No.41782592


>> No.41782719


Nope, though I imagine some people would have if they were in their Jumper's boots. Mine probably wanted to go home after Lovecraft happened in several runs.

>> No.41782939

wait so red replaced another jump again?

>> No.41782947

Fuck the hell off you shitposting rotten skidmark.

>> No.41782967

No. That's not what happened at all, and you would know that if you had bothered to read the thread. So you are either an idiot or a shitposter. Either way, you should probably reconsider the life choices that have lead you to this.

>> No.41783003

Red called dibs on Matrix as she's just finishing up God of War, someone from Space battles had someone post their incomplete work on a matrix jump in thread without knowing that Red called it. Guy from Space battles apparently dropped the jump to get Red to make it.

>> No.41783012


Nah, Red had made a claim on Matrix and someone else posted their own Matrix Jump several days later. The Jump isn't good as far as I'm aware (haven't heard anything good, haven't looked personally though), and the maker wasn't really aware of the claim until recently so Red's version will probably get priority, almost everyone seems to be in favor of that, including the person who made the other Matrix Jump.

>> No.41783076

Oh ok.
Calm down people, I say one thing that can be taken the wrong way and you're literally flinging insults.

Posting gif to calm you people down.

>> No.41783105

accidentally quoted someone twice there, believe you meant to get the other insulting guy.

>> No.41783114

That's cute, how you're backpedaling like that.

>> No.41783137

Yeah, sorry about that, meant >>41782947
Seriously man, just calm down. I'm not starting shit.

>> No.41783139

RIGHT IGNORING CURRENT POSTS. It took me a bunch of time, it took me way longer than I thought, and I blame my lack of sleep.

But God of War is done. Tremble in fear, Spartan worms.

>> No.41783149


>> No.41783154


>> No.41783287

I can't find it for the life of me, so pretend this reply contains a link to a video where someone dubs the "This is Sparta!" line with a cracking, high pitched voice.

>> No.41783324

Does DC's mental resistance perk make you totally immune to mind control and possession or does it just increase your resistance?

>> No.41783436

>All these choices, so little cp
At least I can make use of the new scowling perk.

Seriously though, good work.

>> No.41783675


Drop-In description clarified
'Fusion' notes removed since the perk isn't there.

>> No.41783866

>The Flames of Olympus
>are finally in reach.


>> No.41783884

>OA's exact reaction

>> No.41783903


>> No.41783905

>Power overwhelming
Welp brace your butts everyone


>> No.41783982

So OAA, are you trying to fuel your evolution from a planet to a star? 'Cause if so you should pick up some air power. Planet + gas = heat = ignition = dwarf star.

>> No.41784021

I do have Wind Magic from Fairy Tail and Wind element from LoSS. Fairly certain I'm missing some others.

Also, I'm not the anon who went and became a planet. Again, my shit only lets me fuse with the spirit. As for the star bit.... Eh. It's more feasible than becoming a TYPE, so. Who knows.

>> No.41784054

Looks a lot like immunity. Whether you fanwank that as actual Absolute Immunity (TM) or just really really high resistance is up to you. See also Dream Power from Kirby's Dream Land jump.

>> No.41784349

For Titan's blood, is the height an increase or a max?
Like say I'm already taller than 15 meters, does that mean I get no height benefit?

>> No.41784395

>-'Forge of Souls': You find that your conversion ratio is improved, letting you get higher quality metals if you use the same amount of energy or the same materials for less energy used. You have also learned to turn different energies into metal, such as magic or psionic energy.

>I can turn the Pyre's energies into metal.



>> No.41784433


>> No.41784458

When he doth walk others will bow.
Others will claim the strength of 'Uru' and 'Adamantium'
Yet he who walks with steel that sings the whispers of the bonfire will no true strength.
The end times have come

>> No.41784570

Sorry, I'm a caveman. What is Pyre energy?

>> No.41784600

Basically, the amputee took the Pyre of the Seraphic from Age of Ice (which normally out-and-out transforms people into Fire Elementals), and spent some jumps fucking with it on a metaphysical level before dumping every kind of magical and scientific flame he had into it to mix with the Pyre's base flames (which are made from burning angels).

In short, he's made one of the most horrifying things in these threads: A gigantic fucking bonfire that instead of transforming people into Fire Elementals, instead infuses them with ULTIMATE FIERY POWER. Soul ignition, cell infusion, the works.

I've lost count as to what flames he's added. But there's one of each kind of Dying Will Flame in there at the least, on top of Cosmic Fire and after God of War, the Flames of Olympus.

>> No.41784606

God damnit. So many options. So much to chose.

....Also strangely one of the first Jumps I've read where I've wanted more Items then I did perks. Strange...

>> No.41784624

Personally I'm more along the lines of wanting to convert what I got from the C'tan shard, when the time comes. Pyresteel is fine, but I'd rather use pyreshards to see what interesting effects it'll have.

>> No.41784632


>> No.41784642

Welp, decided to start a randomized chain and... ended up rolling Touhou as my second jump, with the other two choices being Light Of Terra and Smite. I don't know much about Touhou, so I want to know if I can survive with my build. For context, first jump was MCU where I picked up Asgardian/Monkey Wrench/Super Soldier.

Origin: Servant (900)
Location: Youkai Mountain
Race: Wolf Tengu (600)
Touhou Soundtrack (Free)
Soar (500)
Focus Undivided (450)
Lunar Dial (50)
Alice Dolls (0)
Fated Encounter: Momiji - What, a minor character with a fairly simple job that (probably) isn't an asshole and is a total qt in fanon/fanart? Sign me up!
Drawback: Secondary Canon

So, can I spend the entire 10 years playing large chess with the kappa and futilely guarding the mountain from people on their way to solve the latest incident, or am I screwed?

>> No.41784658


You know.
People keep telling me I made a mistake with taking Cosmic Fire over Pyreshards.

If you want to mind-rape people into amnesia, there's the old-fashioned way. Personally, I'll take the core of a newborn star. At least then people that bathe in the Pyre don't suffer complete ego death. That's the big reason why I tinkered with the Fire Elemental transformation - it caused just that.

And that's a bloody no-go in my books.

>> No.41784668

"-'Forge of Souls' cannot be used on Spiral Energy or any likewise too-powerful energies."

Not sure if they qualify, but felt like it should be noted.

>> No.41784675

And let's not get started on the fact that each type of flame he's added has specific individual properties which are then imbued into someone when they get all hopped up on the fire.

>> No.41784688

Mmmm. Shit.

Good point anon. I'll have to doublecheck with Red tomorrow.

It's... going to be both disappointing, and yet bloody hilarious if it turns out the Pyre's too strong to be condensed into metal.

>> No.41784696


>> No.41784717

What a copout description.

>> No.41784742

Are there any perks that CAN make you completely immune to temperate extremes, including the extreme extremes?

>> No.41784746

I don't use pyreshards to promote ego death. If I wanted to do that, I'd obliviate them. I use pyreshards to erase them from existence entirely.

Never get out of the boat unless you're going all the way.

>> No.41784756

Not individually. You'll need stacks.

>> No.41784757

Worm has one for heat.

>> No.41784795

Does anyone know if STALKER has been taken or not? Been working on making one and I didn't know if there was one already in production or not. I checked the folder and didn't see one posted.

>> No.41784824

The last time it was mentioned, nobody said they were making it.

So go forth, and make OAA happy.

>> No.41784837

Awesome. 80% done, so I should have it out by tomorrow or the day after. Primarily it's just descriptions at this point.

>> No.41784922

Fighting Game's elemental mastery states that you become immune to your chosen element, so you could either pick cold or fire to cover one of the extremes.

>> No.41784937

I have a question about the fall from heaven jump. When exactly does the DLC- A light in the darkness take place? Between or during which parts?

>> No.41784943

Do not take the DLC, you will die.

>> No.41784947

post-jump entirely, you can do it whenever you want during any of the 3 parts.

But don't do it.

>> No.41785006

Actually I rolled the eater of heroes guy. Inadvertently I was custom built to defeat him. He started draining me I hopped in to the astral plane and since he was technically touching me I nanomachine vampired him with the ability from IJI. He tried to pull away but my body held on to him.... I wound up eating an eldritch abomination and boy did he taste terrible. I am a little disturbed by joining the ranks of the omnomnom jumpers but I don't intend to make a habit of it.

>> No.41785109

Time for yet another edition of "Konata is playing a different game than you."

God of War
> Location: Athens [Rolled8]
> Age: 32 [Rolled7]
> Background: Peasant
> Epic Poem [Get a Freebie!]
> Scowl of Sparta [Get a Freebie!]
> Keen Eye [-100CP]
> Deft Hands [-100CP]
> Puzzled Sensing [-200CP]
> Steady Movement [Get a Freebie!]
> Lack of Materials [-200CP]
> Daedalus' Student [-300CP]
> Forge of Souls [-300CP]
> Titan's Blood [-500CP]
> Attire (Greek) [Get a Freebie!]
> Grapes of Wrath [-50CP]
> With Your Wine [-50CP]
> Olympian Demesne [-50CP]
> Titan's Sanctuary [-50CP]
> Schematics of the Genius [Get a Freebie!]
> Cod of War [+100CP]
> Hephaestus' Looks [+100CP]
> Awkward Speaker [+100CP]
> Lazy Mortal! [+200CP]
> Everyone's Useless [+200CP]
> Titanic Torment [+300CP]

> Weapon Customization:
> Forged By the Gods [Get a Freebie!]
> Eternal [-50CP]
> Self-Repair [-100FP]
> Minion Summon (Heartless?) [-150FP]
> Animated [-200CP]

First order of business: I'm gonna use shapeshifting and/or bio-engineering to make myself as hideous and draconic looking as possible. We're talking rotting zombie dragon.
Then I'm going to hit on everyone.

Then I'll send hoards of Waddle Dees out to TAKE OVER THE WORLD.
The Waddle Dees have no additional powers.

In battle, my weapon summons weakass minions CONSTANTLY.

> Dance while flailing arms and screaming "WOOWOOWOOWOO"
> Kratos: "The fuck is wrong with you."

>> No.41785154

Jump #19:

>>Jurassic Park
>Location: 2, Isla Nublar
>Identity: Age 35, Geneticist 50
PhD(Chemistry, Genetics) 50
Missing Link 50
Cloning 100
Genetic Improvements 150
Hybrid 300
>Equipment & Allies
Laboratory 200
Companion Import 600
Jurassic World +200
Dino Soldiers +300

Saratoga: 300/300; Geneticist, PhD, Missing Link, Cloning, DNA Samples
North Carolina: 300/300; Staff, Fitness, Shoot Her Shoot Her!, Behavioral Research, Gun
Alabama: 300/300; Staff, Fitness, Shoot Her Shoot Her!, Probably Not A Good Idea
Santa Fe: 300/300; Manager, Spared No Expense, Public Relations, Administrator
Fletcher: 300/300; Paleontologist, Scale Specifics, Fossil Hunt, Six Foot Turkeys, Fedora
Wren: 300/300; Paleontologist, Scale Specifics, Fossil Hunt, Window to the Past

Plan: Let the first movie's plot go unchanged. When breakouts start happening at the other parks, do what we can to help limit the damage. When the dino soldiers appear and start rampaging, hunt them down. And gather as many DNA samples as I can possibly get.

>> No.41785275

So, Jumpchain, what are the various uses with for Dark Binding?

>> No.41785317

Fuck. I meant, what are the various uses you've come up with for Dark Binding,

>> No.41785318

(Jump 2: Nightmare Before Christmas)
-Location: Halloween Town (Preset)
-Origin: Boogeyman (Free)
-Halloweens: 31 (Rolled)
-Gender: Male (Unchanged)
-Danny Elfman Soundtrack (Free)
-Hiding Under Your Bed... (800)
-Gambling (Free)
-Spindly (600)
-Trapper (500)
-Shadow on the Moon at Night (300)
-Last Bug Standing (0)
-Toy Machine (-100)
-Spooky Companion (-300)
-Kidnapped (-200)
-Poorly Built (0)

Imports/Created Companions

Stella (Scrafty)
-Identity: Experiment (Free)
-Danny Elfman Soundtrack (Free)
-Halloween Potioneer (Free)
-The Scientific Method (200)
-Monster Mash (0)
-Mad Science Bag (Free)

Sable (Newly Created Companion)
-Identity: Skellington (Free)
-Danny Elfman Soundtrack (Free)
-Master of Fright (0)
-King Pumpkin (Free)

Goldberg (Newly Created Companion)
-Identity: Experiment (Free)
-Danny Elfman Soundtrack (Free)
-Halloween Potioneer (Free)
-Finklestein's Monster (0)
-Mad Science Bag (Free)

Francis (Newly Created Companion)
-Identity: Boogeyman
-Danny Elfman Soundtrack (Free)
-Gambling (Free)
-Last Bug Standing (0)
-Sack (Free)

(Continued Below)

>> No.41785344

question if you are a demon weapon can you use yourself for the weapon upgrade section?

>> No.41785346

Get this:

I bind things


Amazing, right?

>> No.41785368

pls be a wrestler

>> No.41785377

I actually started a WIP on that a few days ago, while waiting for Red to finish re-fluffing SK perks *ahem*.

The main thing is that everyone who jumps ZX automatically becomes part of the Game of Destiny, or at least involved in some way (yes, everyone gets a biometal in some form or other). You become either Mega Men involved with the Guardians, on their own, or Pseudoroids serving Thomas. Third background, though, is giving me a headache to choose between. Would you rather be a Prometheus/Pandora, ensuring the smooth running of the game, or a Raider, stealing stuff?

So far it seems like four backgrounds, namely Drop-In, Guardian, Raider/Servant, and Pseudoroid. If Servant's picked over Raider, and at this stage it seems rather likely, I might fold Raider into Drop-In.

Drop-In focuses on independence and all, not unlike the random four Mega Men in Advent.

Guardian's focused on teamwork, might drop Double Megamerge in as a capstone there.

Servant/Raider's focused on subterfuge and manipulation, particularly if it ends up being Servant and you have to make sure the Game goes on.

Pseudoroid is fun, fun massive robot power tree, with the uncanny ability to scare every single one of your subordinates into following your orders.

Played with the thought of a background based on Serpent as the head of a corporation, but thought that it didn't really represent the jump as a whole, because it's such a small bit of it.

Any thoughts so far?

>> No.41785393

For biometal choice, it's looking like Z, F, H, L, P and a W fragment. I'm still undecided on the final one, might be an X biometal with no double megamerge, or I could have some fun and give you a Classic biometal or the Model a biometal (8-bit Model A with no A-Trans).

>> No.41785400


I hadn't read the Jump, but loved the setting and heard good things so I thought it might be okay for Jump 2, but this was ridiculous! First off, I got the ability to spontaneously manifest monsters in spooky places and have them jump out and scare people. I didn't think I'd get something that fitting for this run's themes until way later. Secondly, the Boogeyman 200 and 400CP perks, which give me the power to set up my very own spooky lair with surprising speed and intimidate the shit out of large numbers of people all at once by projecting my shadow on the moon. I could have been happy there, but then we get to the capstone!

Together with Spindly (which I greatly enjoy) I now have a slenderman shaped, burlap sack monster form, which is in actuality a large mass of bugs that move the burlap sack body. That's super cool and has huge potential in the future when I can find or make more powerful bugs than the mundane ones that comprise this form now.

In addition to my personal upgrades, I was able to give Stella some Frankenstein-style, pseudo-scientific skills and create my very own monster companions using the import system!

I have Sable, a gothic dress wearing skeleton woman with a raspy voice and a pleasant disposition who could scare you shitless just by waving. Then there's Goldberg, a suit wearing hulking behemoth of an undead, stitched together man who can go from polite to raging bad ass in seconds. Last but not least, Francis, an insect swarm with a singular mind that manipulates a humanoid shaped sack body with a dog-like head, buttons for eyes and a stitched up mouth.

Damn what a great jump all around for me. Fantastic job, Cat.

>> No.41785403

>Access the knowledge/memories of the souls
>Externalize them for instant minions
>Add to your Philosopher's Stone if you go Homunculus
>Burn them up for Soulfire/Mantra

Probably a lot more uses for them as well, I generally don't bother with soul fuckery

>> No.41785415


He's the exact inspiration used, primary fighting style will eventually be grappling when I can find it for him. For now he's just a dominant physical presence in the party who can assume control of body parts gathered from corpses.

>> No.41785421

I vote Prometheus/Pandora. That's what's more interesting, to me at least. Raider would be fairly fun though, so I'd hate for elements of it to be lost, so thus the drop-in fusion sounds solid. Looking forward to the jump either way.

I vote X for this one. It's one of the main ones. A Classic one could be fun, of course, since I'm thinking you mean a Biometal based on the powers of one of the Robot Masters. Honestly, both would be great, but I'm unsure of the work involved.

I'm very against the Model a, because it's very boring. Without A-Trans, Model A doesn't do anything worthwhile or distinguish itself from basics. In-game it's nothing more than an easter egg.

>> No.41785459

I combine it with Magicite Creation from FF6. That lets you make crystals out of magical creatures or spirits that let you mimic their powers. Dark Binding means that, by capturing a thing's soul, I can treat it like a spirit. This lets me use Magicite Creation on non-magical creatures. Then I combine it with various crafting perks to smelt the soul-crystal into an item, making for powerful magic items. Though that's all kind of pointless now that Red's offered me the ability to forge souls directly. Still, was useful up until now.

>> No.41785474

Yes! He needs to spear some badguys. Maybe give him an actual spear for puns.

>> No.41785476

Eating souls of bad guys/ people who are evil dicks for no reason is my main reason.
Not going to eat the joker though he is too stringy.

>> No.41785499


He's undead, man! We can just jam spears into his shoulders for extra spearing!

>> No.41785519

Good plan. Now I'm thinking of all the perks that help you with having spears in your body, I think Jojo, Claymore, and Soul Eater have some interesting one. The first because vampires love hiding weapons in their body to use for attacks, Claymore because of those mutant powers and that perk to store artifacts inside of you for power, and Soul Eater because you can turn him into an actual spear or just have him with spear parts as part of his body.

>> No.41785535


JoJo and Soul Eater would be really great for that, yeah. I haven't been to Claymore before but now I kinda need to check it out, huh? Goldberg the Deathscythe definitely needs to happen now though.

>> No.41785539

Don't forger kara no kyoukai. Origin: Spear

>> No.41785545

Makes sense. Any ideas how I could put the Hunters into the jump? They're so similar I could merge the backgrounds, but that might lead to a less unique feel about the background. Then again, I'm not sure if they'd be around at the start of ZX.

Probably going to go with X, though I do need a suitable excuse to get rid of the double-megamerge tied to it, as well as to tie it to other biometals as well.

>Pseudoroids serving Thomas
Whoops. Meant either Serpent or Albert.

>> No.41785548


I haven't ever been to Kara no Kyoukai either, I'll look into it next time I'm wondering where to go.

>> No.41785567

Nightmare before Christmas question, if you Had a pet that's died Can you Import it as your ghost dog? And if so , would it being a ghost dog override what it was?

>> No.41785579

The Hunters were around in the background, fairly sure. They're at least implied not to be a new group. As far as making them a background, it'd be hard to do. If you want to pay some service to them, it's always possible to include one or two perks based on them and then give out a guild membership card as an item. That's what comes to mind.

For X, you can honestly just say it got borked before you got your hands on it. Maybe my some dumb Raider who straight ripped the bits out that make Double-Megamerge work. It IS a piece of technology after all.

>> No.41785620

> Probably going to go with X, though I do need a suitable excuse to get rid of the double-megamerge tied to it, as well as to tie it to other biometals as well.
Y'know, I know this is going to land me squarely into fanfiction territory, but I always thought a Copy X biometal would be pretty cool. While he does utilize the powers of the guardians in Zero, it'd still be pretty easy to fluff him as being "imperfect" and unable to double biomerge without that perk.
Also, it'd allow Vent/Aile to have X without having duplicates. You literally just have an imperfect copy (who possibly insists he's perfect in every way). Stutter optional.

Anyway, as for Servant/Raider, I think you could potentially combine those. P&P aren't exactly subtle when they do stuff, other than the manipulation aspect. They smash'n'grab. And raiders in that setting seem to do the same. So you could pretty easily incorporate aspects of both and have it be an all inclusive "badguy (or Ashe)" background.
I mean, if you're torn or only want to make perks for just one aspect of that, I'm voting P&P, for sure, but it's something to consider.

Also, Model a seems more like it'd be a drawback if anything.

>> No.41785626

Raiders are just pirates and bandits, though. Backgrounds are more than just a power set and theme, they're your actual history in the setting.

>> No.41785658

Kinda hard to do that with tech experts and stuff lying around though, but the Hunter stuff sounds good. There'll be people arguing that they can repair it themselves.

Well, considering all the biometals you'd take would be copies, maybe there's something to that idea. All biometals require a special perk to double megamerge or something. Of course, the possibility that double megamerge is too good to be a capstone stands though. Could just make it a misc perk.

There are two badguy backgrounds though, one is more manipulative, while the other is just fun smashing. Thought the Raider's motivations would fit well with Atlas and company.

>> No.41785678

That's why I said to make the bits gone. It'd be like trying to repair your toaster when the toaster just doesn't exist anymore. Sure, you might say you build yourself a new toaster, but if you can do that you never needed the toaster in the first place except to save yourself the time.

>> No.41785683

That just might work. Imperfect copy biometals tossed in your inventory by Jump-chan would definitely work. Awesome idea anon.

>> No.41785930

So, on a scale of "poking a sleeping bear" to "inviting Slaanesh to be the clown at a child's birthday party," how bad of an idea is it to toss the God of War series in the Adaptionator and pass it along to Athena and/or Zeus?

>> No.41785943

I don't even remember Athena and Zeus being too bad in this. The only god that I remember deserving his fate was Aries. For the rest, they're guilty of being aligned with Zeus, who tried to extract an oath of loyalty from Kratos because he was being a crazy asshole and personally slaughtering non-Spartans.

>> No.41785955

Hmm. Origin, location, race, power set, fated encounter, secondary canon... all line up very nicely. I'd say yes, you should do just fine. Looks like you just scored yourself a vacation jump - and, perhaps, a waifu.

>> No.41785995


After Kratos opened Pandora's Box in the first game to beat Ares, the evils locked inside infested the other gods and slowly twisted them into evil assholes who later fucked with Kratos, which you shouldn't ever do. I'm not sure at all what the fuck happened to Athena though, Kratos accidentally killed her when she pushed Zeus out of the way of his attack. Then she came back as some sort of God Ghost with a radically different personality that wanted to harness the power Kratos took from the box, hope, for domination or some shit like that. Also, Hephaestus was just trying to save Pandora from Kratos and got killed for it. Kratos sacrificed himself for the greater good by giving the world hope, but it took a long time of being an asshole to get there.

>> No.41786013

So what you're saying is that this might actually be a good idea that could prevent some serious fucked-up-ness?

>> No.41786022

GoW series IMHO ended after 1st game. Everything else was "alternate universe" which I'm glad that Red put that option in.

>> No.41786082


I have no idea. On one hand the Greek Gods are kinda dicks and the world would be left under their rule and without hope if Kratos is stopped, on the other, Kratos murders everything in Greek Mythology for getting in his way for the most part. Your call.


Wasn't aware of that, neat.

>> No.41786123

>>Epilogue (+0CP): Did you know that this story could go two different ways? It's true! Time is a fickle thing, one can be skipped if you know the right path. If you choose this, you may continue on the storyline that the first God of War game had in mind, instead of the storyline given in GoW2-GoW3.

Here it is.

>> No.41786181

What storyline DID they have in mind? Was there some creative change for the sequel?

>> No.41786220

Probably less pantheocide.

>> No.41786552

That's not entirely true, he wanted it in the drive, he just agreed not too after talking to Red and the others on irc. There is a big difference there.

Whats wrong with it?

>> No.41786572

>Whats wrong with it?
Its shit.

>> No.41786585

Why you keep bringing this up? Just let it go.

>> No.41786614

Because it infringes on the honor of his site. At the end of the day, he'll always stump for SB no matter how shit the product put forth.

>> No.41786745

I was just stating the truth, he asked me to put it in the drive in the first place and only after talking to red did he agreed not to put it in. So people shouldn't lie and say he didn't want it in the drive. He agreed to not have it in the drive.

>> No.41787005

I could write out a detailed and nuanced critique, but I did that already and all I got were some token fixes. So I'll just sum it up: it's boring. There's no information at all about the races, classes, or subclasses, all the abilities are boring (particularly the ones that try to make you pay for abilities you already have), and there's just no soul whatsoever. Just leave it to someone competent.

>> No.41787161

You do realize last time I saw it the other one is just using a wiki link to describe classes and sub-classes?

>> No.41787356

One being shitty does not preclude the other being shitty. If his is also bad, then someone who actually likes the series needs to step up.

>> No.41787454

Ye gods, yes.
Now then drill instructor or The Bane. Which to choose....

>> No.41788435

And now for-a nightmare before christmas.

Drawbacks: Here for an Instant, Gone in a Flash, A Longing That You've Never Known (1300)

Skellington, Age 26

Spindly (1200)
Making Christmas (1000)
Master of Fright (700)
Shadow on the Moon at Night (300)
The Who When They Call 'Who's There'? (100)
A Place That Perhaps You Have Seen In Your Dreams (0)

It's a vacation jump! This is our vacation face! All the companions are going clubbing from season to season, while we start mixing fear juice and alcohol, because WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?

...unfortunately, this also happens to be an inconvenient moment for us to suddenly develop nostalgia for when things were simpler and we were merely human. Which we shall address by experimenting with how holidays interact with each other by displacing random elements from different holidays into each other in an attempt to isolate a common denominator.

>Test 1: Pumpkin full of easter eggs
>Result: Halloween Town appears confused but morbidly enthusiastic
>Test 2: Candy spider golems.
>Resultt: Easter Town residents ran screaming for the hills, even though controlled variable was programmed with GIFTS behavior
>Test 3: Regular Thanksgiving meal time
>Error: Fluffy T-rex refused to be painlessly butchered for science, ran away to Christmas Town
>Addendum: Rerouting personal bias. Initiating objectivity protocal
>Test 4: Explained concept of karaoke to cousin Jack, set up inter-town contest to create the best musical
>Result: This feels nice-
>Result: I wish I could keep doing this-
>Result: Fun levels above predicted parameters. More research necessary to quantify this phenomena.

>> No.41788461

Drawbacks: Titanic Torment, Lazy Mortal!, Puzzles Everywhere, Hubris, Awkward Speaker (2000)

Rolled Sparta

Divinity, Age 1100

Epic Poem (Free)
Scowl of Sparta (Free)
Resplendent Form (Free)
Glorious Repairs (1900)
Borrowed Aspect: Spirit (1700)
Empathic Environment (1400)
Embodiment of Evil: Violence (1100)
Titan’s Blood: Ouranos (600)
Eyes of Thunder (Free)
Eyes of Truth (Free)
Attire (Free)
Hallowed Temple: Perfection (450)
Olympian Demesne w. Titanic Sanctuary (350)
Divine Source (50)
With Your Wine (0)

Weapon Customisation:
Trying Something New: "Ars Megiddo" (450)
Minion Summoning: Mini-Iras (300)
Master (100)
Self-Repair (0)

It is said that eons ago, that the arrogant God of Stasis brokered a truce with Olympus for its knowledge of their fate. But when it contemptuously forced the gods to listen to how they would each die, Zeus himself banished it to Tartarus, never knowing he had sealed his fate at that very moment...

>cont'd thousands of years late, when the jump actually starts

>> No.41788611

Jump #20:

>>Teen Titans
>Species: Tamaranean 800
>History: Age 17, Athlete 100
>Powers, Abilities, & Skills
Tamaranean Physiology free
Martial Arts free
Superhuman Durability 300
>Items & Companions
Costume free
Theme Song free
Companion Immigration 400
Annoying Super-Team +100
Coveted +200
Nemesis +300

>Saratoga: 800/800; Nerd, Engineering, Bioengineering, Technopathy, Genius, Costume, Theme Song, Xenothium
>North Carolina: 800/800; Athlete, Martial Arts, Super Strength, Super Speed, Superhuman Durability, Costume, Theme Song, Personal Communicators
>Alabama: 800/800; Athlete, Martial Arts, Super Strength, Super Speed, Superhuman Durability,
Costume, Theme Song, Holographic Disguise Rings
>Santa Fe: 800/800; Mystery, Ionikinesis, Pyrokinesis, Flight, Probability Manipulation, Engineering, Costume, Theme Song
>Fletcher: 800/800; Thief, Animal Morphing, Engineering, Rogue, Elasticity, Shapeshifting, Costume, Theme Song
>Wren: 800/800; Nerd, Engineering, Bioengineering, Genius, Costume, Theme Song, Library

Plan: Escape with Starfire from the alien slavers and meet up with the (soon to be)Titans and my shipgirls, follow the plot until they are dealt with. Don't join the Titans ourselves but form our own team and move to a different city, staying on good terms with the Titans, aiding them when asked/needed but otherwise having our own superhero adventures.

>> No.41788622

AT LAST, AFTER 100 YEARS WE’RE FREE! TIME TO…start a new evangelical movement!

Since we’re SO much better than those inbred upstart rebels we’re not going to smite them right off the bat, oh no. We’re going to prove a point by releasing the Titans-except Atlas-from their prisons, and insinuating a secular, technognostic movement dedicated to one of our more comprehensible aspects throughout the world when society collapses Mad Max-style, taking advantage of sudden panic making the gods seem weak. Our Dark Age/Pre-Fall/Necrontech endowed techpriest-expies will helpfully exterminate monsters in the countryside, building the infrastructure we need to win a paradigm shift.

Really though-this is Kratos’ show, not ours. We intend to reveal Ares and Zeus’ treachery to him, give him some advice about saving Elysium early on and pony up some Wrath Mantra cybernetics for him to use in lieu of relying on godhood. Provide more augmentations/weapons as his conflict inevitably escalates, up to and including giant robots forged of Hellbrass; the best kind of pawn is one you can trust to help you help them. We certainly trust him to arm Sparta with our superior firepower when we tell him what Zeus is planning to do there in a few years.

It’s a waiting game. Waiting behind the scenes for all the evil in the gods to ripen with desperation as they fight a losing battle on multiple fronts. To say nothing of how some of our companions are less...restrained than us. Kiara and Brigit certainly have a bone to pick with them.

Only then will we show our hand, scavenging wounded Olympians from the verge of death in order to [DATA EXPUNGED] because no good scientist stops at merely being able to repeat a new phenomena. Further experimentation is required to investigate just how being an embodiment of evil works.

The war and desolation will reek to the heavens and all the monsters and gods will shout “Save us!”

And we’ll whisper “I told you so”

>> No.41788747


go ahead and make it. id use a phrase ilke 'pulling it out of my ass in 24 hours', exec pet you seem to be able to do that and still make it look good. i surrender my nonexistent claim. cthulhu out.

>> No.41788818

Red, can you clarify this? Trying to decide if I should annihilate Kratos like the frothing mad dog he is before he ever touches Pandora's Box, or if I should just let things play out in the alternative ending.

>> No.41788927

So how many different power sources is there. I am thinking stuff like chi is one and mana is another one.?

>> No.41788960

Several dozen at this point really.

Several various forms of Mana, Spiritual Energy, Ki, Chi, Chakra, Soul Energy, Psionic Energy, Solar Energy, Gourmet Energy, Spiral Energy, basic elemental energies such as Heat and Electricity, Solar, and Spin are just a few I can think of off the top of my head.

Yes, Chi, Ki and Chakra are different energies based on the setting in question.

>> No.41789049

So i should just take them as different sources, based on name. Thanks

>> No.41789093

A good idea is to try and track down the extended description of a power source so you can figure out which ones are in fact the same or are composed of a mix of others.

Ex. I forget the exact settings but there is at least one setting I've seen where Mana is described as life force which means that it is in fact the same energy source as several types of Ki/Chi/Chakra. Under the additional rules of power sources overlapping anyway.

>> No.41789106

No, see >>41789093.
Also http://pastebin.com/Gqj3iKyn

>> No.41789226

Well here's the thing. GoW has that weird ending where they weren't sure if they were making more games. Then they WERE and more things happened.

So simply put, I put the ending in there to make sure people had a choice.

You could always buy more FP.

I'm gonna say somewhere in the middle.

No, it has to be a companion weapon, a natural weapon, or a handheld one you possess.

This amuses me far more than it should, Agua. I mean, damn it.

Sorry, but I wasn't exactly feeling up for being the one to unleash that shitstorm.

You get a height benefit to whatever height you possess, should you desire it.

>> No.41789238

Thanks again

>> No.41789363

Yeah, but what does it mean? Is Kratos going to be a decent God of War? Is he going to be an even bigger giant fucking asshole? Is the whole plotline with the Pandora's Box making the Gods into even bigger jerkasses than ever intact or dropped? These are important questions.

>> No.41789434

GoW1 had him being a decent God of War. In GoW2, he becomes a gigantic asshole with all the other gods becoming bigger assholes due to being infected by the evils of the Box.

So whether you want to risk it or not is up to you.

>> No.41789526

Because while jumping my favorite settings I want to be a part of the main plot and interact with the main cast as much as possible, all while trying to collect objects and things from those universes that I could use, and and collect items that I could fanboy over. To accomplish all that I need enough perks, powers, items, and/or companions so I can run the table and make sure everything goes according to plan.

>> No.41789535

Thanks. Sorry, I never played GoW, so I'm basically just interested in treating this as Greek Mythology: The Jump. So I'm just going to assume the Pandora's box plotline doesn't happen with that optipn, and the Gods stay the same giant assholes they've always been instead of becoming titanic assholes.

One last question, completely unrelated - I know it says that if you have a Hybric Melee/Ranged weapon, the Melee properties only apply to the Melee parts and the Ranged properties to the Ranged parts. What if the two are inextricably linked, though? E.g., a Javelin, throwing axe, or boomerang?

>> No.41789619

>Thanks. Sorry, I never played GoW, so I'm basically just interested in treating this as Greek Mythology: The Jump.

That's fine. I essentially stuffed as much Greek stuff as I possibly could in this thing anyhow.

>What if the two are inextricably linked, though? E.g., a Javelin, throwing axe, or boomerang?
Hrm... truthfully I think it depends on how you primarily use it. Do you mainly use it to melee things? Then it counts as melee. Do you throw it ALL THE DAMN TIME? Then it's ranged.

Be responsible with it.

>> No.41789841

Honestly, both, but since my weapon is a spear I'll just take Super Piercing and assume it works just as well in melee combat.

>> No.41789900

Updated God of War, probably my last one.

-'Glory for All' clarified in scope
-'Titan's Blood' clarified
-'Forge of Souls' changed; it can affect other energies but it's more difficult the more powerful this energy is.

So to >>41784688 and >>41784717, rejoice. In a sense.

>> No.41789966

It seems kinda odd to give the volcano forge to the Spartans when Civilian has pretty much all the other crafting stuff.

>> No.41790012

The thing is, Spartans are all about war and combat. So of course they'd be all about it. Plus I didn't just want to make it too easy for Peasants who constantly go crafting all day every day.

Sometimes you need to shake things a bit.

>> No.41790197

Hey, Red - can the Hanging Gardens support one of the trees of Ambrosia and Nectar if I go physically track one down and grab a seed?

>> No.41790296

I'm going to saaaaaaaay... probably not. I'd rather keep the two separate for the purpose of this jump.


>> No.41790669

>Get Dark Binding
>Go to Monster Hunter
>Eat as many monsters as you can

Congratulations, you now have an army of powerful monsters at your beck and call.

Another thing you can try:

>Get Dark Binding
>Go to Worm
>Eat the Slaughterhouse 9
>Eat other assorted Villians
>Become a super Glaistig Uaine with all your new Shard empowered minions

>> No.41790789

Congratulations, you now have a dozen or so massively powerful alien mindrape space whale spawn jacked into your head. I see no possible way this will backfire.

>> No.41790936

>Jacked into your soul.

>> No.41790962

Nah, they wouldn't be in your soul. Souls don't exist there because the author is an atheist.

>> No.41790976

Sure, except that anon used Dark Binding on them. Which puts them into your soul.

>> No.41791035

The anon from >>41790669 Could just stack it with power of dominance which Explicitly protects your soul from just about everything You Don't agree to have happen to it.

>> No.41791186

Wrong. It only protects it from any harm caused because of something you don't consent to. That's a big difference, because sucking in a soul that then rips it to shreds isn't just a consequence of an action you willingly undertook, it's even listed as a possible consequence of using Power of Dominance on something too big for your soul to absorb.

>> No.41791498

Could we get most of the notes integrated into the perks? I can see the point of keeping Titan's Blood's full effects in the notes but a lot of it just seems like it would be simpler to put with the perk or item instead of arbitrarily shoving a huge amount of important details in the back. It works decently if it's just one or two minor bits or specific interactions but the current notes are kinda bloated.

>> No.41791499

Dark Binding steals souls. The characters don't have souls. Therefore, Dark Binding won't work on them and they can't be jacked.

>> No.41791541

There's no magic or should in the setting, therefore you can't use either... /sarcasm

In this case I think it relies on the fact that the benefactor makes things work even when they shouldn't outside of there setting.

>> No.41791635

Well my problem was it was either bloat the perks or bloat the notes. And when in doubt, I'll always choose bloating the notes instead to make the rest of the jump look better.

And I do very much like my clarifications.

>> No.41791737


I was figuring I'd keep them in stasis up until a few minutes before the Jump ends, then eat them all right then. It'll more than likely give me the mother of all hangovers, but I'm assuming that our Benefactor would take control over all the shards, just like what they do for a jumper's shard.

That way there's no evil space whale squatting in my soul.

>> No.41791799

Actually the author it doesn't really matter if they have souls or not. People keep saying they don't for some odd reason.

>> No.41791884

Can someone post info about epic time dragon for forgotten realms jump?

>> No.41791927

What's the magic word?

>> No.41791944


>> No.41791954


Page 36.

>> No.41791959

Perks would be far simpler to write and wouldn't require nearly as much word count. Bane could easily be done by swapping out a couple words and adding a single sentence. As is you've got about 3 pages of notes the majority of which can be simplified and shortened by attaching them to the perk instead of leaving important details in the back.

>> No.41791986

I highly doubt it'd be simplified if you're gluing three pages of notes to the perks themselves.

>> No.41792021

Thank you.

>> No.41792040

Hey no problem. Good luck with all the drawbacks you're going to have to take to be one though.

>> No.41792077

As I stated earlier the 3 pages would be significantly diminished by just putting the bits where they belong in the first place instead of the end. Even if it doesn't diminish things much putting key portions of perks in notes is weird and counterintuitive. Also it would be far less notable as it would be spread across the jump instead of all presented on a single page.

>> No.41792247

Ghost in the Shell has 300 CP options that discount to 150 CP, and no 50 or 150 CP options. Why does this annoy me so much?

>> No.41792272

Because spare points are wasted points.

>> No.41792323

Alright then. Let the point related suffering continue!

>Part 1


Beauty in the Arts (200CP): My creations, even MORE glorious? Why, you shouldn't have.
Resplendent Form: And, more appearance perks. I must be approaching an eldritch status by now.
Resplendent Monument (50CP): Let me tell you about that perk that lets me see through the eyes of any image of myself...
Glorious Repairs (100CP): Good. Auto-repairing things is always nice.
Fear and Awe (100CP): Eldritch, I am telling you.
Power of Names (200CP): I love, LOVE perks like this.
Embodiment of Evil - Lust (300CP): Ah, the sin of Lust. The most misunderstood of them all. How I adore thee.

Grapes of Wrath (50CP): Infinity perks are always good to have.
With Your Wine (50CP): And suddenly my chain has become even cheesier.
Olympian Demesne (50CP): ...Red.
Titanic Sanctuary (50CP): ...Let me love you.
Helm of the Underworld (100CP): Fire replenishes my mana, you say? Surely, that's not going to come in handy at any point in time.
Hanging Gardens (300CP): I've always regretted not buying that in Narnia. This is even BETTER!
Divine Source (300CP): Ah, divine sustenance. What's not to like?
Hallowed Temple (150CP): As something that soothes my mind, this is invaluable.

>> No.41792344


>Part 2

Weapon: A sword, simple and clean.

Sound Effects: None, but the sound of spring wind. Feeling poetic, much?
Weapon Aura: Let's go with tiny green blades of grass around the weapon.
Eternal: Nifty.
Resizing: With how man altforms I have? Necessary.
Personality: Something naive, inquisitive and with thirst for air.
Super Sharp: Look at the perks above. Edge is definitely not my forte.

Epilogue: Now, I may not know much about the setting. But letting the gods get corrupted, the world ruined, etc. etc. etc.? I'd rather make my own story, there.
Lazy Mortal! (+200CP): I... Don't exactly think much of the Greek Gods either. Let them think what they will.
Everyone's Useless (+200CP): Wasn't exactly going to get anyone out for that setting anyway. Except for maybe Jibril, she'd enjoy all the war. Hm, there's an idea...
Titanic Torment (+300CP): I have sounds in my head, news at 11.
Hubris (+300CP): Oh, this'll be FUN.

Thank you very much, Red. As impeccable as ever.

>> No.41792439

>Well my problem was it was either bloat the perks or bloat the notes.
Huh. I would have thought that, given your build, you'd rather bloat the front as opposed to the rear. Guess you learn something every day.

>> No.41792467


>> No.41792520

>that post
Ha ha ha, very funny. I'll have you know I like to even things out. The rear is just as important as the front.

But in all seriousness. A build is one thing, because I'm explaining everything from top to bottom. A JUMP? I have to think about form along with function, so I make the perks easier to read while clarifying things at the end. It gets some questions, but at least the jump doesn't read like a constant binge of "HOPE YOU LIKE WORDS"

>Olympian Demesne (50CP): ...Red.
>Titanic Sanctuary (50CP): ...Let me love you.
>mfw AND mfw so far everyone's taken this, along with a crap ton of other stuff while cringing for CP


>> No.41792575

>I'll have you know I like to even things out. The rear is just as important as the front.
I know, I'm a fan of your build. But it is morning, and as such I am entitled to at least one juvenille joke. Boob humor is best humor.

That aside, I prefer the notes in the back of the jump document. Though, as I can be compulsive about notation, thank you MLA, I don't think it'd be a bad thing to include something that pointed people to the back of the doc. Most people are familiar with your jumps, but newer jumpers might not be. Pointing them to the back of the doc to read up on interactions and the like might be helpful.

Just a suggestion, though. As it stands, its a great doc.

>> No.41792601

It's one of the best things you can spend 100 CP on in the entire Chain. The warehouse is just so dull and warehousey - and the two together lets you make it into something truly beautiful.

Just to make sure, by the way - is there a limit on "non-Warehouse" warehouse space?

>> No.41792658

Nope, but just remember you can't use that non-warehouse space for anything other than appearances. Second you try to store anything there or leave it there, it gets shunted out. Violently.

I basically just gave you a super-glorified holodeck. With the ability to partition what space you already have.

>> No.41792690

The thing is most of the clarifications would be a single sentence at most. The Soul Forging one would be the one truly major increase and the note on energy types can simply be moved to the Titan's Blood portion since it only really applies there. The issue is that this arbitrarily takes key details of perks and moves them elsewhere for the point of "brevity" while lengthening the jump and making it read worse. Bloodbath is an especially bad example because it reads as a self targeted equivalent to Blood Feeding with a side of regen for the actual perk and then the clarification turns it into a temporary combat buff. It's a quite nice jump otherwise but the clarifications in notes seem like the sort of thing that should just be in the perk.

>> No.41792699 [SPOILER] 

What can I say, you are one of the gurus here. You know exactly what we want.

And joyfully bleed us dry.

>> No.41792728

I just thought I'd share this with the rest of the class.
Know that Agua is the name Konatanon goes by in the IRC.

>> No.41792741

>that image


>> No.41792761

Oh, I'm aware. But I can sure as hell use it to run around and exercise.

>> No.41792762

Oh yeah, could we get Titan's Blood enhancements on Finders, Keepers and Adaptive Body? They're priced as capstones so it would make sense for them to get the associated boost.

>> No.41792780

They're not capstones though, just undiscounted perks anon.

>> No.41792787

>priced as capstones
>capstones are 600 CP
>Adaptive Body and Finders, Keepers are 300

>> No.41792801

>The warehouse is just so dull and warehousey
There's a pretty awesome upgrade for the warehouse available in Lord of Light.

>> No.41792814

>stack Opulent Warehouse with God of War upgrade

Truly a home for kings.

>> No.41792834

Konata, I know that's you. Black letters, remember?

>> No.41792839

They're powerful enough as is, sorry.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat. Not gonna lie, what even.

Yep, this is truth.

>> No.41792848

Uh... Yeah?

Why do you think they'd want to share it otherwise?

>> No.41792872

... I want to make a joke about a certain someone with a vampire waifu.

but I got the bloody heebie-jeebies.

>> No.41792875

I'm having fun.

>> No.41792889

Maybe just an "if you wanna talk to her on IRC, this is who to look for." Heck if I know.

>> No.41792923

Monogatari is a beautiful thing that everybody must watch. MUST.

And then get daring enough to make a jump of it.

Eh, it just makes the Warehouse fancier, nothing you can't do by yourself. Better yet, activate the City of Heaven inside the Warehouse.

>> No.41792951

They cost the equivalent to an in origin capstone, therefore I view them as capstones.

>> No.41792957

>... I want to make a joke about a certain someone with a vampire waifu.

But anon, that guy has both arms.

>> No.41793009 [SPOILER] 

Right. So build time.

Jump 84: God of War
Location: Athens
Age: 900
Origin: Divinity
Perks: Scowl of Sparta, Epic Poem, Resplendent Form: What can I say? I'm a sucker for sex appeal.
Glorious Repairs (900): Sweet.
Borrowed Aspect : Elegance (700): Gotta look good, be good.
Empathic Environment (400): Never again shall I prep for a concert.
Beauty in the Arts (200): Art perks!
Body Canvas (150): More tats!

Items: Hallowed Temple (0): And a place to chill.

Forged Weapon: Oiled (475): Yes, I know, I'm vain. Pic related.
Sound Effects (425): I can play songs just by kicking ass. That's dope.
Shockwaves (325): Always neat.
Super Blunt (175): Upgrades the strength of my mic.
Final Strike (25) So I can kill people faster.
Weapon Aura (0): So my mic can glow. GLOW DAMN YOU.
Drawbacks: None

Well, that was fun. Thanks Red, you dirty CP hoarder.

>> No.41793014


>> No.41793015

But they cost half of what a non-origin Capstone does.

>> No.41793054

So non-origin 300cp perks are all capstones to you?

>> No.41793125

>hoards of waddle dees
Do you sleep on them like a dragon on mounds of gold or do you just leave them in a vault most of the time?

>> No.41793183


Epic Poem - Free
Scowl of Sparta - Free
Monstrous Form - Free
Monstrous Weapons (Discount Monster) (Claws) - 50
Forever Untamed (Discount Monster) - 100
Venomous Touch (Discount Monster) - 100
Respect for the Land (Discount Monster) - 200
Divine Beast (Discount Monster) - 300
Bloodbath (Discount Monster) - 300
Finders, Keepers - 300
Adaptive Body - 300
Attire - Free
Smelt It Down - 150
Divine Source (Discount Monster) - 150
Coin of the Messenger - Free
Double or Nothing - 50
Epilogue + 0
Puzzles Everywhere + 100
Everyone's Useless + 200
No Subtlety + 200
Debt + 200
Titanic Torment + 300

Weapon Build
Forged By the Gods - Free
Minion Summon - 150
Final Strike - 150
Master - 200

Natural Weapon Build
500 + 150
Forged By the Gods - Free
Projectiles - 50
Bright Light - 50
Lengthen - 50
Venomous Ducts - 50
Rooted - 100
Powerful Roar - 150
Channeling - 200

>> No.41793306

No, un discounted 300s are capstones to me because they tend to be the same investment as picking up the capstone you want.

>> No.41793329

Really it was more sortof a, "Hey, if you guys don't know who this is, but know Konatanon, this'll give you some reference for just how ridiculously cute Kratos is about to get halfway through the jump, when he suddenly gets jacked full of all the cuteness perks at once from a jumper who specifically built for that."
Because I just found it hilarious, and I know a bunch of people in the thread don't go on IRC, but some of them might know who I am.

And if they don't, well... I still think it's pretty funny.

They make for comfortable mattress substitutes in a pinch.

>> No.41793368

Capstones are made like perks worth 600 points.

Undiscounted 300's are made like perks worth 300 points.

>> No.41793384

God of War build.

Walls of Troy
Epic Poem
Scowl of Sparta
Steady Movement
Applicable Equipment 100
Lack of Materials 300
Daedalus’ Student 600
Forge of Souls 900
Empathetic Environment 1500
Titan’s Blood 2000
Forged By The Gods
Master 200 FP
Elemental (Lightning) 400 FP
Sound Effects 450 FP
Bright Light 500 FP
Titanic Torment 1700
No Subtlety 1500
Everyone’s Useless 1300
Puzzles Everywhere 1200
Awkward Speaker 1100
Cod of War 1000

Well I'm basically a mad shouting homeless craftsman who dresses as a fish and shouts loudly at the stuff going on in his head.

>> No.41793473

They're a completely different investment, though. 600 CP capstones require you to either spend 600 CP OR spend 300 CP AND the CP for the appropriate background AND choose that background over others which might offer better items or 100 and 300 CP perks.

I'm going Drop-In, for example, but I don't want the Stables - I want the Hanging Gardens. That's a sacrifice I had to make to go Drop-In. If the Drop-In perks were all non-discounted and half price, I could have gone Peasant instead.

>> No.41793881

3 Wakfu:
Age: 12
Location: Amakna
Origin: Guardian Eniripsa

Willpower, Expert Dungeoneering, Herbalism, Smithing, Cooking, Combat Training, Wilderness Survival

ShuShu Weapon (Chardent the Sword), Haven Bag

Smug Duck
That last dungeon portal outside of Treasure Town wasn't the usual sort. Seems we're in another world yet again, and this one is full of bread and I'm an Eniripsa. When I was halfway done contemplating if this counted as a fairy sub-type for type effectiveness reasons an incredibly rude Honedge was yelling at me from the top of a large sack on a stick.

Then the sudden flood of memories from a life I hadn't lived which was a tad overwhelming, made no easier than the sword screaming about oversized bow-meows, tofus, crobaks and more. After a couple of minutes sitting there dazed I managed to recall that the rude sword was a Shushu demon locked inside a sword that was entrusted to me by a strange man with incredibly long orange hair. The alternating insults and appeals were as much it having fun at my expense at an apparently dangerous situation and an attempt at getting me to draw upon its power so it could take over my body.

Unfortunately for it, the terrible impending threat was just the rest of my team who were alternatively looking around themselves at this new land and trying to figure out where the old one had gone.

Thankfully my mind-link with Cadwgan still persisted and so did my command of the language despite my new form. It didn't take long to sort everyone out into at least a marching order until we could get somewhere to stay for a bit that would be a bit more secluded while I searched through all the new memories.

I also gave the sword a good scolding, which it responded to with an outburst that I'd been holding out on it for years and we should go yell at the goballs till they stampede.

It was going to be a rough decade with this guy.

>> No.41793936

I hope your pokemon is good at fighting.

>> No.41794478

I remember hearing someone say that if you take the vampire option in JoJo your weakness to the sun and need for blood disappears after the jump, is this true?

>> No.41794499


>> No.41794571

Aren't Jojopires weak to sunlight because of positive energy or something like that? I figure that as soon as you move somewhere that doesn't run on Akari science you should be good to go.

>> No.41794573

If you take the option, yes. Things become less clear if you use the Mask, however.

>> No.41794668

Valeria had said before that if you summon a canon Servant you could rise their stats with the remaining CP.

Can you do the same for their skills and NPs? Like making a B-rank NP A-rank (yes, it's Berserkules fault I'm asking) or upping their Magic Resistance and things like that?

>> No.41794717

Yes. How that functions into other vampire jumps, who knows.

Fanwank something.

>> No.41794991

A few Kancolle questions;

Can I make custom ammo for my shipgirl's guns?

Can I do the same for for my carriergirl's planes(and associated ordnance)?

How possible/difficult is it to upgrade the shipgirl's equipment in general(outside the Kai upgrades they normally get)?

How effectively would the above translate over when using the ship-Stands they get from Memories Reborn?

>> No.41795029


My blood's not _that_ high-pressure anyway. I mean sure she does- I MEAN LET'S JUST MOVE ON.


God damn it.

>God of War
Location: The Walls of Troy
Age: 80-years-old
Background: Monster
Drawbacks: Rage of Kratos (+600), Awkward Speaker (+100), Puzzles Everywhere (+100), Lazy Mortal! (+200)
Final Point Count: 2,000 CP

Skills & Abilities:
-Epic Poem (Free)
-Scowl of Sparta (Free)
-Monstrous Weapons (Claws) (Free)
-Divine Beast (Fire)
-Forge of Souls
-Adaptive Body
-Titan's Blood (Gaia)

Companions & Items:
-Attire (Free)
-Coin of the Messenger (Free)
-Blade of the Hunt (Free)
-Olympian Demesne + Titanic Sanctuary
-Beginning of a Legend (200 CP)

Weapon Customization
-Forged by the Gods (Free) - Claws from Monstrous Weapons
-Weapon Aura
-Venomous Ducts
-Super Sharp

>> No.41795060

>Forge of Souls + Titan's Blood
>turning magical, spiritual, and mental energies into metallic substances

>Earth Ant allowing for the eating and incorporation of stone, crystal, gem, and metal substances into one's biology.

Heh. Heheheheh.



>> No.41795084



>> No.41795100

You can for Skills, but not for NPs. The stuff the canon servants have for NPs are generally the rank they always were, so they're not really changeable (Excalibur is only A++ in FSN, never the EX version of prototype etc).

You can certainly add more NPs if you can find one that fits the Servants origin/legend though.

>> No.41795128

Earth Ant doesn't say anything about metal, just stone. Did the jump creator say something differently?

>> No.41795141

It didn't take us too long to set up a camp. We had to clear out some weird little flower guys but between Cadwgan and Arawn's fire moves it wasn't a problem. Shelter wasn't an issue either, between Ronan digging out some dens and the haven bag.

I talked a lot with the group. Between my newfound memories and remembrances of the tv show and mmo I managed to put together a half-decent plan. It'd be a dozen odd days but we'd make it to a town. It had even been my former-selves intention to go there. Small towns always had a use for a healer after all.

The sword (whose name I'd recalled to be Chardent) had even proven useful once I'd figured out how to enact his power. This body had previously been a bit too weak to use it properly, since he grew from the size of a gladius to a hand-and-a-half sword and was far denser than you'd have thought. Not quite heavy enough for one with the strength of a lucario behind it though. Worked in a pinch as an axe, despite his protests and indigence that a Shushu be used to chop wood. Though Ronan did have to put out a few stray fires we'd caused with some dry wood.

As we traveled the Shushu never ceased complaining I'd been hiding some talent from it and that I was slightly less useless than it had previously believed but still very useless, but that could be solved if I just let it take control, that together we could have so much fun.

Eventually our little circus made it to the town and we managed to rent an old shack in a wheat field. It was good enough to get started with. So we spent years in that area, healing sickness and mending injuries common in farming communities.

Eventually Chardent got some explanations. Mainly after I got pissed with his horrible accent when he was trying to tempt Cadwgan. After a decade he agreed to come with us. I doubted it was any love for us but a chance to get away from the prying eyes of Goultard and the other Guardians, maybe even from Rushu.

>> No.41795187

Can you use Conjoined Conjures from Cardcaptor Sakura to merge Alchemy from Full Metal Alchemist and Trigram of Knowledge and Manipulation from Journey to the west to get super Alchemy? I am thinking if it works it will not only let you change the molecular make up but control it after you change it to make golem like creations out of well basically any sort of substance. I am kind of a little sad I didn't take clap alchemy for this I could have been a poor mans Dr Manhattan (Well without the glowing blue or nudity... usually.)

>> No.41795190

Stone is what was used as an example - however, asking Toriko revealed that other substances that could be found in the earth would work as well (assuming one could digest the things).

Now. Maybe Toriko meant just crystals and gems in addition to stone and I'm just being a retard? In which case, I have another jump to wait for in regards to the 'metals' bit.

>> No.41795246

Let's say hypothetically that you were only able to take perks and race changes on the first 5 jumps you went on, afterwards you can continue jumping but you can't take any additional JC powers. which 5 would you go to and why?

>> No.41795264

That's a stupid,boring question that's been asked a hundred times.

>> No.41795330


Okay, question time:
Besides the sadism and the innability to be happy/content with my life, how much else does Cruel and Unusual changes you? Can you torture bad guys for fun, or only innocent people count?

What and how much does the Mana stat affect a non-Caster servant?

What would EX Presence Concealment do? or EX Information Erasure?

>> No.41795359

Can I give Cu Chullain Warp Spasm as a Noble Phantasm? Basically a Mad Enhancement that can be used as a non-Berserker (or stacked if summoned as a Berserker).

>> No.41795390

>"Any attempt to store anything in the pseudo-environment or these pathways will
result in the item or creature in question to be violently ejected from the Warehouse."

... to where?

>> No.41795432

Out the door, obviously. You can't shut the Warehouse while you're inside of it - all you can do is put up a Force Screen if you bought that power.

...Lemme guess, you're going to try and weaponize this and make Red change the perk, aren't you?

>> No.41795453

Name: Diamond Paige.
Age: 16
Region: Orre
Gender: Female (-100CP)
Small Town (-50CP)
Actual Starter (Free)
- Torchik
- Mental Bond (-150CP)
Freerunning (-100CP)
Mechanic (-150CP)
Technician (-300CP)
Ranger (-300CP)

----Items & Equipment----
Parachute (-50CP)
Wingsuit (-50CP)
R. Rig. (-50CP)
Bicycle (-50CP)
Medical Kit (-50CP)
50K Pokedollars (-50CP)
Rebreather (-50CP)

----Flaws & Drawbacks----
Damned (+300CP)
Marked (+200CP)

Is this a good build?

>> No.41795459

What's wrong with weaponizing it? No worse than the guy who built a giant cannon in there.

>> No.41795479

Those items are 90% worthless and those drawbacks are dire. Replace them and some of your perks with a capstone and dial it back on the drawbacks.

>> No.41795482


can I make my fists count as a natural weapon

because I want baller-ass transforming robot fists

>> No.41795490

Cannon requires dropping your forcefield, even if just for a moment. That's still an exploitable weakness.

>> No.41795509

Outside the Warehouse. But also keep in mind that 'violently' doesn't mean 'intact'.

For all you know the door could belch whatever you tried to store in tiny little pieces. Or have it shoved out in a tiny little cube, completely trashed.

>> No.41795515

Not if you fill the entire entrance with barrel.

>> No.41795534

>(-100 cp)

Otherwise if it's your first there is no wrong build, you'll get more stuff later.

>> No.41795628

Does this recognize accidents? Wouldn't want the warehouse to break precious items because I tripped and had a box of stuff fall into a patch of grass that divides rooms.

>> No.41795629

Goddamn it, now I want to make my penis into one.

>> No.41795638

You can torture bad guys for fun if you want. Kirei showed he despises Zouken enough to have fun messing with his shit.

Mana just shows how much magical energy you have to spend. For most non-Caster Servants, it's for either magic (Magecraft, HSDW, Runes etc) or for Noble Phantasm activation use (How many times you can EX-CALIBAUUUGH).

EX Presence Concealment? Not sure. Apparently, Strange?/Fake's True Assassin has just revealed the ability to 'Become one with the world' but decreases to A+ when preparing to attack. No idea what that means, but hopefully there's some clarification in the future. Best guess is he is treated as just part of the scenery or something by everyone until he starts attacking.

Not sure about Information Erasure though. It's not got any canon equal and the closest rank is B, which seems to cover most of what it could do. I guess it'd remove traces of your presence from magical records as well and remove physical evidence of the engagement too.

Eh, sure why not, though having it toggle-able would probably mean you need a higher rank to accomplish the same effect as ME does.

>> No.41795640

If you buy 'Monstrous Weapon' and make it your fists? Then sure.

>> No.41795653

>be on one of the pathways in the outside environment

>have a drink in hand
>have to set drink down to do something, set it on pathway

>turn around after finishing, it's gone. It's been violently ejected.
>accidentally hits someone in the face while violently ejected.

>> No.41795659

It recognizes intent. So if you don't mean to store it there or you grab it because of said tripping, you're okay.


>> No.41795690

/jc/, I'm curious after seeing the discussion of related perks earlier, what's the best method to capture large amounts of souls?

>> No.41795696

No as in we can't or no as in it's a bad idea?

>> No.41795717


>> No.41795725

>...Lemme guess, you're going to try and weaponize this and make Red change the perk, aren't you?

Well, weaponization was my second mental image. But my _first_ mental image? Was of using the perk to create a big maze of shifting little passages, and then toss something in to watch the ensuing cosmic pinball game (my third involved interspersing normal rooms so I could also play cosmic dominoes).

>Outside the Warehouse. But also keep in mind that 'violently' doesn't mean 'intact'.
>For all you know the door could belch whatever you tried to store in tiny little pieces. Or have it shoved out in a tiny little cube, completely trashed.

Ooh! Cosmic Pinball Domino Trash Compactor!

>> No.41795733


>> No.41795737

> large amounts of souls?
Iifa Tree, Final Fantasy 9. Plant, then start murdering.

No, you shouldn't ask how I know this, nor why I was able to answer so quickly. That would be very silly of you.

>> No.41795760

I'm basically stepping into Mad Max, but with Pokemon. I need all the survival gear i can get.

Darkrai doesn't kill you as far as i can tell, and i can probably fend off the criminals.

That is the CP cost, correct?

>> No.41795775

I just looked through the archives and I'm pritty sure no ones asked this before; isn't the best way to acquire Truth from fullmetal alchemist jump Transmuting yourself? It worked in the canon, where Ed used alchemy to transmute himself, and by technicality, open the gate of truth.

>> No.41795781

You don't have one, so you don't understand. Aside from the general uses of eternal, quick reload, lengthen, and resize... I could give it sound effects. I could give it a fucking battle aura. How could you deny that to me?

>> No.41795793

Anon is poking fun at you for the gender swap. You're far from the only one that's done that, though, and even jumpers who usually stick with one gender often pick up the power to swap anyway. I think you're the only one in recent memory who did so right in Pokemon, though. Most wait for bodymod.

>> No.41795799

And in doing so not only do you not lose the cripple Truth gives you, but you also can't do it if you go Homunculus.

>> No.41795811

Could I buy Monstrous Weapon and choose the statues from Resplendent Monument? I want to find a way to use it offensively, because fighting by dropping statues of yourself on people sounds like the greatest thing ever.

>> No.41795820

Truth takes what's most valuable to you, symbolically. If you try that during the jump, he's going to take something that'll cause you far more suffering than the perk's verson.

>> No.41795845


You can't augment your crotch-rocket with the Forge.

>> No.41795859

Get this:


>> No.41795868

No that isn't how it works. You would literally lose nothing, because you didn't break equivalent exchange. The most point you would have is that you wouldn't receive clapchemy, because you didn't lose anything to the gate.

>> No.41795886

Nah, FFTAA contradicts you.

>> No.41795888

I'm going to say no, as they're statues. Sorry, Anon.

Quite easily, mind you. And honestly, I'm sure you can figure something out elsewhere. I'd just rather not be the one to open that door.

I'm not sure how to feel about this. On one hand this is creative, but on the other hand I'm unsure.

>> No.41795900

4 Final Fantasy Tactics Advance:
Origin: Viera Drop-In
Companion: Gria Ravager (Aderyn)

Dream Team
Jacqueline - Viera, Return Fire, Regenerate, Ribbon Bearer, Classy, Unlootable, Ultima
Cadwgan - Hume, MP Shield, Ribbon Bearer, Unlootable, Ultima
Ariel - Seeq, Blink Counter, Critical: Vanish, Ribbon Bearer, Unlootable
Arawn - Bangaa, Bonecrusher, Critical: Berserk, Ribbon Bearer, Unlootable
Ffion - Moogle, Counter, Critical: Quicken, Ribbon Bearer, Unlootable
Ronan - Nu Mou, Magick Counter, Critical: Haste, Ribbon Bearer, Unlootable
Bran - Gria, Strike Back, Critical: Evasion, Ribbon Bearer, Unlootable
Aderyn - Gria, Strike Back, Critical: Evasion, Ribbon Bearer, Unlootable

Hero Medal

Marche To The Sea
While arguing with Chardent about whether it was skirting the spirit of Eniripsa's commandments of 'have many patients' by making them yourself after a trip to the Riktus Den we managed to walk from the the dungeon to the busy streets of Cyril in Ivalice. I was also in my fourth new body in so much as fourty years. However for the first time I wasn't alone in that department as I found not only was I now a large rabbit but everyone save Chardent ranged from a small rat creature with a red ball on its head to a hulking lizard man. I braced myself for the wave of new memories like the entrance to The World of Twelve but none came. Instead only Cadwgan's distress on the mind link while Chardent laughed at the rest as they stumbled about in unusual bodies.

It probably looked quite strange to the locals but I managed to get us outside of town, even if I had to carry Arawn. While I left Cadwgan and Ronan in charge of the rest of the group getting their biped legs under them, I took almost everything in my haven bag and sold it. Thankfully a decade of making various potions left me with at least a couple that still worked in this world so someone would buy it.

>> No.41795920

I did so, and I think the in recent memory thing is because a lot of the people who did it, did so a long time ago. A lot of people have chains going from that started before there was even a chain back when it was just pokemon.

>> No.41795923

Power of Names looks really neat, but it needs something to go with it.

Anybody know something that would let me smite people on the other side of the planet?

>> No.41795930

If you lose nothing you gain nothing, including the knowledge. Either you spend the 800CP, or you do it yourself and suffer a much worse fate, that isn't a drawback and therefore doesn't go away at the end of the jump, otherwise you won't gain any of the benefits.

>> No.41795931

Thought it was something like that. Was thrown off by his quoting the price though so i had to check.

I guess i could wait until Body Mod and use the 100 CP on something else. Flak Jacket maybe?

>> No.41795977

:::SERVANT::: SP: 1800
~Jack The Ripper
~Assassin (-300)
~~A+ (-200)
~~A+ (-200)
~~A+ (-75)
~~E (Free)
~~A+ (-75)
~Presence Concealment (A+) (-150)
~Misty Night Murderer (A) (-100)
~Information Erasure (B) (-200)
~Mental Pollution (C) (-150)
~Surgical Operation (D)(LOCKED) (-100)
~Maria the Ripper (B) (-200)
~The Mist (C) (-150)
~Independent Action (A+) (+150)
~What Spiritual form? (+50)
~Does not feel like using this Skill (+50)

So, how does it sounds?
Also, in her case, do you think Mental Pollution is obligatory, or can I switch it for something else?

>> No.41796000

>On one hand this is creative, but on the other hand I'm unsure.
You could just have it relocate anything left in the pathways to a random location elsewhere in the Warehouse?

[KRATOS SCOWL] "Anon, why is there a box of spanners in my fridge! Anon! Get your @$#% spanners out of my fridge!"

>> No.41796006

Then fuck him and his jump then, it's in contradiction to the way the setting actually works, It's practically bad fanfiction at this point. The Gate of Truth can be opened by transmuting yourself into yourself, and you do pass through it and meet The Truth in the process, that is fact.

>> No.41796064

Please don't start shit over a question I asked.

>> No.41796065

No, it's fairly integral to her, since it's based on her unstable nature/personality.

>> No.41796086

It doesn't get you the bloody benefits of the perk though. You wouldn't just suddenly get the benefits of the other two perks from sending yourself through the sodding gate, now would you get Clapchemy.

>> No.41796089

>Can I make custom ammo for my shipgirl's guns?
No reason you can't, they'll just work their magic on the rounds to shrink them down to fit into their gear.

>Can I do the same for for my carriergirl's planes(and associated ordnance)?
Again, no reason you can't, they'll just do the same thing to the planes as they do to the shells. It might take some time for the ship faeries to learn how to pilot their new planes though.

>How possible/difficult is it to upgrade the shipgirl's equipment in general(outside the Kai upgrades they normally get)?
Probably far more difficult, as their equipment is largely magical/spiritual. It'd me a much more complex undertaking then just making consumables like ammo or planes, because you'd be directly altering their "bodies".

>How effectively would the above translate over when using the ship-Stands they get from Memories Reborn?
Working on the ship-stand will be both easier and harder. Changes to the ship-stand would be easier to implement, but you would have a limited amount of time to implement them. Once you get them in, however, then they'll directly translate to the "humanoid" form. Add railguns to the ship-stand, and they'll appear on your gear in "ship-person" form.

Getting Savage Salvage is the easy way to go about upgrading stuff, if you have the points. It'll save you a whole lot of trouble.

>> No.41796113

On second thought, random invites its own problems (e.g. small particulates). Just have it ejected from the path to the nearest adjacent room?

>> No.41796229


This guy has the right idea >>41795930

Truth's whole stick is that in order to gain Clapchemy knowledge, you must give up something HE deems valuable to you.

Transmuting your arm? That just gets you a face-to-face meeting with him. Getting the knowledge would require you to sacrifice some thine else too.

That's how Truth does things, you try to circumvent things, and he'll laugh and make you pay.

Getting the 800 perk is the safest bet, because you know exactly what you are going to loose, you're not letting Truth choose what you sacrifice.

>> No.41796261

Rolled 11 (1d444)

For a couple months I spent working in the kitchen, and the floor at the Prancing Chocobo to pay for lodgings until they could have a semblance of normality about themselves. Their language skills weren't terribly impressive but Chardent had managed to teach them an impressive amount of colorful language when I was out. Cadwgan progressed the fastest thanks to the mind-link and was able to leave the cramped inn and managed to find work as a caravan guard. Took the better part of a year but we managed to get to a steady place where everyone got jobs. It was only when a Gria ravager named Aderyn Bran and Cadwgan met on the caravan routes and formed a regular partnership we seriously thought about grouping all back up and forming a clan.

We had reasonable success. Probably in part due to the fact that not only were we learning our 'job classes' but when things got rough the occasional thunder punch or hyper beam when no one was expecting it solved a lot of problems. It got us in occasional trouble with a Judge but it never was worse than a few fines and a stint in the clink which we all figured was far better than losing the contracts we needed to make ends meet.

So our first five years were pleasant enough, then things started falling apart. Marche arrived and my half-remembrance of the plot from almost fifty years ago meant we missed nabbing him from his entry. Instead we were forced to fight battles at the crystals where we were sure he'd show up and getting evidence to Judges to exactly who was destabilizing the world.

It was grueling and I remained terribly angry we didn't get to him when he first showed up to a Jagd. It'd have solved so many problems but in the end we managed to sway things so Marche ended up staying in the world, rooting out corrupt Judges and becoming the next in line for Cid's Sword. In the aftermath we had a lot of missions however.

Now that the team is assembled, its time for random Jumps

>> No.41796265

I have noticed a lot of movies have been made in to jumps. What are some good (or bad) movies you would like to see made in to jumps?

For me I would like to see a Robocop jump. Not the remake but the old 80s movie.
I also wouldn't mind an attack of the killer tomatoes jump for some reason. maybe something about watching some Big O recently.

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