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Hey /tg/ I have been lurking for like 2 days and I have no idea how to civ thread.

There are none interesting right now, so I figured I'd try to make one.

First race & location to get 3 votes wins.

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Gnomes and Floating islands

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Undead & Desert

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Second that, haven't seen it before

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Demons archipelago

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I'll change my vote to that.

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OP here

2 for Gnomes/floating islands
2 for demons on archipelago

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Rolled 1 (1d2)


I guess 1d2 to resolve?

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Gnomes and floating islands it is

I'll get to the story

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Awesome, I'll play for as long as I can

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vote for this

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Gnomes Floating island.

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Voting has ceased Gnomes and floating island has been chosen.

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Backstory -

For as long as anyone alive in the village of Epiprogan could remember, the gnomes have made their home on the floating mainland. For years the peaceful society has exploited the nearby volcano's mines, filled with precious gems and ores. The village itself is nothing different from other gnome colonies; technology is quite ahead of other races. There are no nearby villages on this side of the volcano, no enemies to target the gnomes. It was a peaceful time of progress and innovation for the people of Epiprogan.

Not even the most advanced celestial algorithms could predict the giant meteor strike that was about to occur.
Red dot is the village.
Brown is the bridge.
Blue is the sky.
Green is the mainland.
Grey thing in the center is the volcano.

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A meteor strike takes out a huge chunk of the mainland, taking the Gnomes and their village with them. There are several undiscovered islands that are floating with them. Each island varies in size but is generally 1-2 miles across, and half a mile deep. Thankfully, your village is in one nice chunk, but some buildings got destroyed in the meteor smash. There is commotion among the Gnomes and they are not sure what to do.

You have enough food/water in storage for a week, but your farm was chunked and is missing, so no new food is being produced.

You have access to enough helicopters to carry 10 people, and enough fuel for a day of flying.

What do you do?

A. Try to calm down the population
B. Search for more islands in a specified direction.
C. Search island for food
D. Other (specify)

Once there seems to be a consensus on what we should do, I'll roll for it and take the story from there.

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>Try to calm down the population
We should definitely make sure we're alright before we go searching for anything.

Also, we should see if any gnomes have any expertise in flying / leadership, and have them form a scouting group.

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We should look for more islands nearby to see if they have any resources that we can use i.e. food or gas.

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>C. Search island for food
We should scavenge more food.

What do the helicopters use for fuel?

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>A. Try to calm down the population

And then go scouting islands

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Fuel like we use there is an oil reserve in the island.

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They run off of oil found in pockets on the mainland, close to the surface. Some oil pockets probably exist on other islands.

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Calm people down.

What is the population of our settlement?

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A village worth so probs 20-30ish

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Calm down the population so we can rule better, also anyone here from the insect civ yesterday? I was the GM for that.

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Population is 100 (nice number to work with).
There is a group of 5 High Gnomes who act as a government, the rest being the working class and a small amount of children (the recent age of innovation led little time for fun in bed, so not too many children)

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Also can we get an inventory of all resources, a population (M/F/Child) and some tech/buildings trees?

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I am

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Rolled 16 (1d20)

Rolling d20 for calming down population.

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Not too shabby.

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I was there as well.
Will you be continuing that? Seemed interesting. :D

Anyway, it's cool OP is making one for the first time. Looking good so far!

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The 5 High Gnomes call everybody to the center of the village. They themselves are a bit shaken by the event, but try to appear as strong as they can to everyone, explaining the matter. Some people point fingers at older folks, as if they knew the meteor was coming, but the 5 High Gnomes do a generally good job of calming everyone down and getting them back on track. They promise that food and water will be all set and that no gnome was left behind. Some people are still a bit shaky.
You have enough food for 1 week, with no new food being produced.
You have 2 Helicopters which can carry 5 people each, and enough fuel for each for a day.
Your population consists of 5 High Gnomes, 85 of the working class, and 10 children.

What do you do?

A. Search the island you're on for food.
B. Attempt to find other islands for resources.
C. Other (specify)

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>A. Search the island you're on for food.

Let's exhaust the resources here first

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we send out the helicopters in opposite directions and try and find other islands. Focusing on finding food. we also search the surrounding island area for food sources.

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Search island for food and anything else that may seem useful

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It would be nice if we found the farms that broke off the island- send out the helicopters.

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You search the surrounding woods that your village lies next to for any food. The woods is not too thick, and much of the wood has already been harvested for making the village in the first place. Most of what's salvageable here is nothing but nuts and berries. While it isn't enough to keep your people fed, what you have gathered in a day's work has produced enough food to feed your people another day. The woods' resources are probably exhausted.

Meanwhile, you send out both helicopters, each with 5 people, out to the west and east in search of food and other resources, such as oil. Your west helicopter successfully finds an island, and they have yet to explore it. Your east helicopter turns around before they run out of fuel. They found nothing.

NOTE: The mainland is off of the map, because the village and neighboring islands are moving at a steady pace away from it. All the islands are moving in the same general direction.
You have enough food to last around 6 days.
Your popluation consists of 5 High gnomes, 85 working class, and 10 children. 5 people are on another island.

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What level of tech do we have, I'm guessing pretty advanced with the helicopters.

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Time to take a look around on the other island to see what we can find.

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Pretty advanced. We have helicopter and car technology, although I'm sure cars won't do us much good. Gnomes are great at tinkering, and can easily modify an existing vehicle to suit their needs.

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Okay, we start constructing engines that run on fecal matter instead of fuel. We then attack propellers to said engines and propel ourselves back towards the home-island.

>> No.41718080

Explore island!

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what are we propelling

>> No.41718117

The island, we're propelling our town island back towards the big volcano island using shit-fueled engines.

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It's an island mate it don't work that way unless we got a lot of crap

>> No.41718165

We have a hundred little gnome assholes and we can make more. It's a long term thing.

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So we have no fuel now? And not enough food to support our population?

I advocate the culling of all non-essential personnel, in order to create a sustainable population.

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Your 5 man group starts exploring the island. They seem pretty successful with finding food, being nuts/berries, and small game such as rabbits. They can carry back home enough food for 3 days. There is a funny smell on the island that may lead to oil. You have to option to either explore it, or bring back the food. You have enough fuel to take 2 round trips.

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Talk about Dark

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So are you going to roll for us to make the engines?

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Explore it, I don't want to waste any more fuel than we have to unless there is oil on the island, the people in the village have enough food to last

>> No.41718257

I say we see if it is oil located on the new island

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Meanwhile back home, your Advanced Tinkerers have been exploring different ways of
1. Making Fuel from crap
2. Making more crap

As far as gnomes go, and tiny as their intestines are, there is a shitton of shit available for use. One gnome has the idea to refine the crap into it's own kind of oil, and it works relatively well as fuel (not as good as real oil).
You have enough food to last 6 days.
You have 1 spare helicopter a this point, with enough fuel to last half a day.

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Oil smells pretty distinctive- I'm not sure what else it could be. See if there's enough to fill the copter for now, we need the space to bring the food over. We can bring the rest to the village after.

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I don't think we are making engines

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Explore it. We need to decentralize our population. Colonization is the perfect way to do it.

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Good, start construction on engines that use burning shit as fuel. Also let's explore the island a bit more.

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Rolled 4, 8 = 12 (2d20)


Rolling for locating the oily smell on the island, and rolling for shit-engine efficiency (with 10 being regular oil)

>> No.41718377

Looks like we're using shit engines

>> No.41718396

Hell yeah we are.

>> No.41718470


Meanwhile in the labs of our tinkerers, shit-oil is being produced at a nice rate, and the engines are coming out fairly bad. They are inefficient and clunky, but could get the job done with enough shit.

Meanwhile on the island, your crew of 5 attempts to trace the growingly-horrible smell. It's quite noticeably worse than oil. It's shit. Everywhere. Something must have created it, and it's in great big piles everywhere. Some are dried under the heat of the sun, others are slimy and new. This could be a territorial marking of a large beast. Suddenly there is a growling behind you.
What do you do?

>> No.41718507

Shit yourself add it to the piles

>> No.41718517

We attempt to capture the beast, and use it to produce more shit oil. We will breed this creature and put them in our engines where they will be fed and then shit directly into the engines.

>> No.41718527

Breed it with what exactly.

>> No.41718542

Other monsters? I'm sure that there's more than one, and if there isn't we cross breed them with gnomes.

>> No.41718550

ummm ok

>> No.41718551

Well, shit.
I guess we'll inspect the creature... maybe it's friendly?

Create some sort of plumbing system tied up directly to the engines.

>> No.41718579

We have to catch it first, we aren't killing something that produces this much shit. It's the perfect shitting machine we need. No Gnome will ever need to shit again!

>> No.41718617

Gnomes still need to shit man just sayin

>> No.41718634

What, why? If we get these animals they won't need to shit, we'll have more than we ever need!

>> No.41718650

Buddy you just try to stop shitting from now on.

>> No.41718657


Your whole party turns around slowly, faces white, as to not provoke the creature. It is a large ape-like beast, about 10 feet tall, and it hulks over everything you've seen before. You are stuck between trying to negociate with it, trying to tie it down with ropes, or shitting yourself and running away. Its big red eyes glow in the forest shade, and it takes giant steps toward your crew. Just as you all duck for cover, the beast leaps over your crew and proceeds to knock down a tree full of fruit. It doesn't seem to care about your crew, and it may even be friendly.

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I meant for the plumbing system to be in the down. As it is now, we're just carrying it to the lab, and I'm sure it's not efficient.

Here's hoping it's a shit golem.

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I haven't needed to shit for my fuel for over 35 years.

>> No.41718670

Yeah, but then what are we going to do with the gnome shit?

>> No.41718705

We lure it back to our place, tying it down with chains when we get a chance. Then we attack a hose around it's asshole and lead that hose directly to the engine, and walaa- the perfect engine. All we need to do is feed it copious amounts of prunes and we're golden.

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We need to start investing in gnomish shit magic, since it's what our whole down is running on now.

>> No.41718721

We can still use it, hell we could build even more shit engines! WE COULD HAVE A GODDAM SHIT EMPIRE

>> No.41718752

Rolled 16, 15 = 31 (2d20)

Rolling for luring the ape beast and rolling for the success of shit-magic

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>> No.41718812

Right now we're just trying to find enough food and shit to survive. Once we get this shit off the ground, we can research new shit and start making really cool shit. I hope that shit makes sense.

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>> No.41718822

Although you sorcerers are not plenty, nor are they specialists, they do their best to create a new form of magic - shitmagic. Through runes and spells, their efforts are rather successful, and are able to cast a spell to double the amount of shit a creature produces.

Meanwhile at the other island, your crew uses berries from the tree to lure the Great Ape back to the helicopter. It seems friendly and attached to your crew, but you face one problem; getting the ape back to the island.

>> No.41718868

Have one gnome pilot the other copter over, using the new and improved shit engine. The ape should fit in there, and he's a perfect labrat for our new shitmagic.

>> No.41718869

We've invented magical laxatives!

>> No.41718895

Rolled 17 (1d20)

Rolling for getting the Ape over with the 2 copters

>> No.41718941

Although there was only enough room for the ape and the pilot on the spare helicopter, you successfully make it back to the homeland. Meanwhile at home, your people have started to praise the shit-gods, and Shit-tributes are required every day, to build up a stock pile. A great shit engine, one big enough to propel the island, is currently in construction. Plumbing is hooked up to the great ape, and provided you can keep him fed with enough food, will continue to produce massive amounts of shit, thanks to the magical shit-rune placed on him by our gnomish sorcerers.

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This entire thread is fucking nuts

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holy shit mate, just 2 days and you already made a much better thread than every other fucker that bail on us, and with my favorite setting no less, and with a shitty humor too.
OP, you're one of a kind, hope you don't bail out, this shit has a lot of potential.

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so now wat?

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I'll probably be heading to bed soon and I'll get this thread rolling again tomorrow. As for now, thanks all for participating in the start of my very first civ.
Have a shitty day!

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Send a helicopter to search north.

Send a helicopter back to the gorilla island to get a load of shit.

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