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i like this one better

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This the civ thread general, not a civ thread.
I agree, I like this one better.

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If only there was a list like this that added the missing races from >>41703615 such as trolls, skaven, and the like

That's no fun

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write everything missing and i'll shop it

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Has anyone ever run a celestial game? I still have quite a bit to learn about the required systems myself, but I thought an angel/celestial-civ would be cool.

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Celestial tend to go pretty badly

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God damn it op I got so excited for a Civ thread.

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Why's that?
Don't worry, there should be part 2 of a Draconian civ being hosted later today

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Ghoul Civ is tonight as well

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There's a goblin civ thread running too atm

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We need to redo the stats and stuff on that one.

Wish I knew what happened to the guy who made the original one, we were making such good progress on shifting it along.

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post stats (1-10) and perks for each race (including missing ones) and i'll fix it.

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You could just keep working on it until he comes back.

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Don't forget this.

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Or this.

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are there actually consistent rules or is it all up to the gm if there are rules where can i read em ?

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Pretty much up to the GM's interpretation. The perks and stats are more to give an indicator to how those races may play but that doesn't mean you can't change them to fit your play or writing style.

There have been clay golem dwarves, alien sun-worshipping lizards, reincarnated spiders, intelligent bacterial powered ghouls.

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and how is it with the population and fighting the gm just thinks of sth for that aswell ?

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Vamp civ will be up in 15

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Vamps up now

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