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Once again it is time for another Civ thread!
this time i have gathered alot of info/ideas from other games/quests and such that i have liked and am willing to run it until it dies/thread ends, and with that the rules

hello and welcome! first we will go over simple rules..
>roll d20's for actions (research XX tech or scout X) and roll d100's for ideas (how about we start a religion/philosophy) etc
>since i dont think its very busy right now we will start with 2-3 people, and i will be going by a maximum of 3 "rolls" (most likely will go with the highest one or do something more unique)
>i will be going until i get tired/no one is playing anymore

>(also any civ CMs/GMs/QMs should and can use the thread starter me and my friend have made)

once we have 3 votes on what race, we shall begin (you may also pick a place, i will choose if you do not)

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Giants, Forests

>> No.41428940

where is everyone? maybe i picked a bad time to start this?

so far 1 for giants, in forests
and 1 for machines, in mountains

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Just go for Giants man, I never see one of them

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i would really like to get one more vote but i dont think anyone else is coming/joining
just to save time ill start

first order of business is to figure out your animal companions, this can range anywhere from dinosaur, to scouting birds, to messenger birds, to anything(within reason)

also pick the place (unless you want to keep forest)
oh and throw a tag on please m8

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Griffon for Air Scouting and what not, keep it forest. sounds good enough

This is me

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Dire wolf.

I am interested in this quest but I will have to go and do some stuff for about 20 min in a little bit

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The sage of your small primitive Tribe addresses the family “ The Sun, the Waters, and the Earth have spoken to me in a dream, to where once they were quiet, now thriving with life as we do."
+Religion and Philosophy will be the first choice you make; it will change over time, but generally speaking it will shape and define the "Initial" attitude and mindset of your people.

The Sun, the giver of life, and all that is good in the world (Friendly and LIFE focused+)

The Water, Taker of life, and full of evil in the world (unfriendly, and DEATH focused+)

The Earth, Balance of the two, neutral in all aspects (Neutral, and NOT Focused)

(any questions go ahead and ask if you are unsure)

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>The Earth, Balance of the two, neutral in all aspects (Neutral, and NOT Focused)

What exactly are they for? I am assuming that they are how our people will react to new things/neighbors.

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This is (if you pick earth) how you will react with others (your attitude), how you will learn (from a "open minded" perspective), amongst many other things, even how you treat your dead and the like

are we going with direwolfs? keep in mind your giants are about 10 feet tall minimum, and your leader is about 18 feet tall right now (this means they cant be used as mounts, UNLESS you specifically breed them to be...which takes time)

WHICH leads me to my next question...what is your leaders name, and what is he/she good at?(you can specify a class if you wish, dont be afraid)

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Ok we are giants with Dire Wolfs, but what size are we compared to a dire wolf?

My vote to the water, so we can cleanse the world of the insignificant smaller races.

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>Population: 10
>Culture and Art: Primitive, your people wear branch or moss “skirts”, if you can call them that. They barely do anything other than eat, sleep, and drink.
>The People: Your people are currently "neutral", they live for the moment,They don’t like to annoy others and keep to themselves, they range anywhere from 10-18 feet, and they have DIRE WOLVES as animal companions.
>Technology: Nothing beyond sharpened sticks, pieces of jagged flint, sticks and fire. Your people currently live in forest caves or they sleep upon piles of elevated grass/moss and what they like to call “stump beds”.
>Magic: 1 MAGIC USER. +The Elements and the Spirits speak to some of you, most of you in your dreams. They sing a song that is comforting and constant, but only 1 "Sage" is inspired and wise enough to listen.
>Food: Minimum. Your people subsist off of Foraging, Fishing, and Hunting.

the direwolves are at your upper groin/lower stomach area right now, but can be changed over time (hint)
as for religion/philosophy IT IS VERY IMPORTANT, you guys have a consensus on this.
so. water, earth, or sun?

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Arm-a-dell(yes I know that I cant fucking spell names correctly so if anyone can actually spell it please) and he excels at crafting/architecture.

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Could I join? Never played a civ game before.

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Xenophobic Giants that crush all smaller then them and respect strength above all else

Name: Flint
Class: Warlord

>> No.41429740

still sticking to earth

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I guess I'll go with water.

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Armadell?i like this name and i find it interesting to have a crafter/architect as a leader
of course m8, just read the rules and ask questions if you have any i or maybe the other players will answer you (in time)

im going to need some kind of group decision still
speaking of which, (rolling of dice is important, BUT not as much as creativity, in some cases i will give you bonuses on how well you can be creative/ etc etc)
also where did you go m8 >>41429455

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What classes are there?

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I think water won.

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when i say "classes" i mean generally a job or occupation or "niche" that the leader has, so it doesnt really have to be like "warrior..mage..etc" it can be "architect" or something unique
Do you know what we can do? if you guys are up for it, you can pick both water AND earth
(if not we're going for water only)

I still need an agreement on the name/class though

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Name: Colmalog
Class: Warrior

>> No.41429910

Still sticking to craft/architect dude.
So if we did water and earth water would that make us? neutral and death focused+, or unfriendly and not focused, or something else?

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Our leader can be KANEONUSKATEW, he who walks in four claws. The Shaman Warrior, his main occupation is to hunt the ultimate prey for the glory of the ancestors and provide good advice for the tribe.

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Also I think we should water and earth, with a preference for water. We view giants as the most superior race, but are not opposed to working with other races if it benefits Giants in the end (realpolitik).

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If what Kranz just said is what you had in mind ill vote for that.Been awhile since we had a civ like that.

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i like the name colmalog, and it fits being a warrior
(but to get the ball rolling a little bit)
The leader will be a "skullbuilder" also known as warrior and an architect (in his downtime)
I was thinking more along the lines of "passive, but aggressive when needed to"
basically you dont attack unless provoked, but once you are provoked.....well bad things happen for the hostiles
since we arent having a shaman leader, would you like to have some kind of shaman in our tribe?
roll a d100 if you do

ALSO, one thing about me, you CAN support your "tribes" rolls, but im not always generous. (just to let you guys know)

BTW, i need 2 actions and an idea now(the shaman will count as an idea)

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Rolled 85, 23 = 108 (2d100)

>I was thinking more along the lines of "passive, but aggressive when needed to"
>basically you dont attack unless provoked, but once you are provoked.....well bad things happen for the hostiles
That works.

So aside from the shaman. I vote we scout our immediate area.

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How many die are we supposed to roll? Also, I assume a higher roll is a better chance of success?

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Rolled an 85
Shaman (name him/her) has just been sung another song in his sleep, warning you of a very big entity on the other side of the world, he wakes up sweating and doesn’t talk for 3 days before bringing it up to the council (this is what I will be referring to you guys’ as, unless you prefer something else) He also feels power surging through his body, in the form of (specify magic, and yes I will be deciding on what magic you get as well)
Rolled a 23
Somewhat of a failure
Your tribe sets 3 of the strongest and fastest out (each) and come back with some bushes of berries and even saw some strange “knee high furry creatures” grazing the plains next to the forest (to the west)

for action, you roll a D20, (for each action)
same for ideas, except ideas are d100's
for example, if you wanted to help ghost scout, you would roll a d20 with him (i know he rolled 2 d100's i went with it for convience but next time i would like it to be a d20)
and yes, the higher, the most successful (for the most part)

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Rolled 9 (1d20)

Alright rolling to help him scout the area

>> No.41430341

As a general rule of thumb, you can only support ideas/actions that havent happened yet BUT since you didnt know this, i will give you a freebe

Supported scout
rolled a 9
You discovered these knee high furry creatures to be ugly smelly bison, they dont seem hostile to you at all but they try to run away when you get close to them

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Can I roll for another action or do I have to wait?

>> No.41430526

yes, please roll for another action/technology/ or idea, then i will update

although i dont think i will go very much longer if there is only you playing (no offense m8)

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How many of our kind the tribe has?

We should capture some bisons so we can breed them and use as a food source.

>> No.41430598

Rolled 9 (1d20)

Yeah I understand. I wonder where everyone went.

Anyways, I think these "bison" could be useful. Try to capture some of them.

>> No.41430602

Rolled 26 (1d100)

Rolling to make an ambush with wolfes to lead the bisons into a trap.

>> No.41430662

Your tribe is 10 strong right now, including your leader
rolled a 26 with support
Your people have successfully captured the stragglers from the group of bison that couldnt get away, these are mostly the sick and the old, but your people think they will do for now
what do you wish to do with them?

+special event+
Rolled a 57/100
Your people have noticed other very “blob-like” people walking toward you, they seem to mean no harm, but they haven’t slowed their pace, when they arrive at your forest camp, you notice something strange about their color, they ask if they can have food and shelter, for they have been exiled by their own for being “unique” as they put it, what do you wish to do?
i need ONE answer (and roll a d100 with it)

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You want different dice for different actions/ideas that's just fucking retarded

>Says Architect the post before
>Our Hero is suddenly drafted into a Hybrid type
>Shit Tier railroading will soon commence

>> No.41430700

Rolled 98 (1d100)

Let these people in. Let them think we are their friends. When they are unaware, capture and enslave them. If they attempt to fight, kill the men.

>> No.41430739

what are you talking about /pol/?stop being mad because i didnt choose your option and instead went with the group, now leave child
also as far as the dice rolling, the guy is new so im giving him a chance to get with the program, settle down there
is this what the people want? if so ill start writing

>> No.41430782

I would hope they would support this decision, as it would benefit the Giant race as a whole.

>> No.41430939

This, but dont capture them, see if they are worth as powerful allies of the giant master race first.

>> No.41430988

so you want to see if they are of value before you capture and enslave them? is there any specific questions that you want to ask them? right now they said they would teach you about their magic and also teach you about farming if you let them stay (and not harass/hurt them)

>> No.41431023

Yes, let them see if they can offer us anything of value. If they would be more valuable as allies, then do not capture them. However, if they do not offer us anything of value, capture them.

>> No.41431077


This is a good plan. If they're valuable, make sure they know they're valuable and treat them as such. If not, an extra labor force is always an option.

>> No.41431096

Ask them about their origin and the reason they were exiled.

>> No.41431149

They said they have brought some seeds from where they came from and will show you how to take care of the seeds, and plants when they sprout, although they are very scared of the bison and are worried they might get attacked, as the bison are not caged up or anything,they are just roaming in the camp
they promise they are valuable and will help to the fullest extent, they also explain that the reason they were exiled were because they "look different" (they are pink colored) and they have unique "powers" they discuss of, but they are scared to use them unless you force them to. As far as their origin, they explain they came from a desert tribe to the north of the plains (that would be north-west of your location) and for some reason the whole tribe is red, except for them (everyone of them who are exiled, are pink, mind you)

what do?

>> No.41431238

Rolled 2 (1d20)

In regards to the bison, we need to contain them for both the safety of our new allies as well as ours. Build a large fenced area to keep the bison in.

>> No.41431255

Let them start a crop while teaching two of our tribe how to deal with it.
Ask who is the leader of the group and how they like to be adressed

What size are those creatures?

>> No.41431334


Let them hang out unmolested for now, see what they can do. If we can, let's get some one on one time with whoever seems to be leading them, see if we can't get him/her/it to explain what, exactly, they're capable of.

In the meantime, let's start erecting some proper shelters. At the very least, hunt some more bison for skins - either as clothing or for leather teepees.

>> No.41431388

your people start constructing a very crude looking wood and grass fence with mud, although not very good craftsmenship, nor does it smell good, but it does the job (for now)
two of your tribe go with one of theirs, to a more fertile land, where they will show you how to plant/farm, their leader would like to be called, Bawap, as he explains you can not understand his mother language, so that is the rough translation, and these creatures are anywhere from 7 feet to 10 feet in size
Bawap would be happy to speak with you and calm your nerves about his people and their abilities, as far as showing you what they can do, he says he needs a water source of some sort and remembers he saw a river to the north of your location before going to you guys

(roll for the shelters/to hunt) both would be a d20

>> No.41431440

Rolled 14, 6 = 20 (2d20)

Trying in this order, a shelter and hunt roll.

>> No.41431459

Rolled 17, 8 = 25 (2d20)


I have no qualms about relocating. A source of fresh water would be beneficial for us and the slimes.

>> No.41431582

Rolled 19 (1d20)

While the others are away, craft some huts or tents for our people to live in. Gather wood from the surrounding area and use bison hides for roofs.

>> No.41431613


Apparently we can make some pretty dope houses.

>> No.41431617

Rolled 20, 7 = 27 (2d20)

I am alive. Sorry took longer then I thought.

>> No.41431665

The tribe tapping into the knowledge of the ancestor to build comfy huts. That's the way I like it.

>> No.41431718

so you would like to relocate to help the slimes/ or just move temporarily to see what the slimes can do with the water?
they have no problems living in the forest with you guys, all they require you to do is make an enclosure with water in it (sort of like a pool) for them.
Your tribe get to work on tidying up the shelter a bit, seeing as there are more people, and they start digging with their hands to make trenches for a house template.
your leader also sends some away to acquire some wood from the forest, after a small genocide of the surrounding area, your people now have a community lodge, as well as personal houses to live in
as far as the roofs go though, your people dont know yet how to make very good quality hide, so most of the bison hide is wasted, but the job is finished, and the slimes couldnt thank you enough! Your people have also found an underground lake/well that the slimes have grown accostomed to, although they wish for you to help them tunnel it out a bit.

rolled a 10/100
the trees start shaking in the breeze and with that comes a very putrid smell that eminates from the west, your tribe instantly is reminded of death and decay and rush to find something to fend off the odor in the wind
what do you wish to do about this?

>> No.41431760


We gradually recover knowledge lost for ages and become master architects, using the slimes as mortar.

I love it.

>he trees start shaking in the breeze and with that comes a very putrid smell that eminates from the west, your tribe instantly is reminded of death and decay and rush to find something to fend off the odor in the wind
>what do you wish to do about this?

We relocate north to the river.

Moving water is the natural antithesis of fetid decay. And the slimes will be thrilled. Is the river very far off from the forest? Maybe we could get to work on redirecting a channel of it to a middle position. Giant hands ought to make pretty quick work of that, yeah?

>> No.41431765

Send a wolf and a scout and sharpen up the sticks.

>> No.41431810

How do we reproduce? Is it an order or does it just happen over time?

>> No.41431849


Well, anon. When a boy giant and a girl giant love each other very, very much...

They hold hands.

>> No.41431866

The river is about a minute or two walk from where your current position is, as for redirecting a channel, who knows? maybe with the right tools or the right mindset you could be able to (hint hint)
(also i will relocate but i need more than one person to agree)
roll for that, and you only want to send 1 wolf and 1 scout? (with what im assuming to be a wooden spear?)
you only have 3 females, they are pregnant right now (2 turns in), and it takes 8 full turns for them to birth, and then 2 turns for them to mature enough to do anything also it will be on-going permanently unless you choose for them to stop fucking (they dont understand why babies pop out yet etc) its just natural to them

>> No.41431910


A minute or two walk?

Was that a typo?

>> No.41431918

I can agree to relocating. Have to go away temporarily - on a plane and we are about to take off.

>> No.41431932

Rolled 13 (1d20)

Ask the slimes to find out what's causing the smell for us (i.e. have them send scouts)

>> No.41431934

That's me, forgot name.

>> No.41432011

no, it wasnt a typo, its about a 1-2 minute walk for the giants, as for the slimes, probably 5-6 minutes or longer (if you want distance, i would say about half a mile)
the tribe decides they would rather be safe than sorry, and starts packing up everything from the houses to the lodge, to the bison, which are mostly carried on the shoulders of the giants.
the slimes oblige, and send 2 scouts to find out what exactly was making the smell (they cant smell, but your tribe was complaining about it, and you guys asked them nicely) You find out after they come back, that there are dead bodies being piled up in a ditch, without a proper burial, there was estimated 25 bodies in a single ditch, with more unfilled ditches being reported

what do?

>> No.41432099


Ask them to describe the bodies so we know what we're dealing with, then fan a handful of scouts with dire wolf companions out in a semicircle from our current position to see what they can dig up.

In the meantime, ask the slimes if they are able to regenerate over time, and if they wouldn't mind donating a meager amount of their slime to be used as mortar in construction. Could help speed the building process up.

>> No.41432279

Last update as i am tired and going to bed, i will make another one either tommorow, or the next day (i am EDT -4:00 timezone btw)
They say that the bodies were so burnt to a crisp they were unrecognizable other than their height (which was estimated to be about 6-7 feet tall)
As far as regeneration, they say they are able to slowly regenerate, as long as they have a water source available from which to gain nutrients from. since the tribe has relocated, they are most definitely willing to "give up" some of their slime bio-mass to help with building
+Your tribe has discovered "Slime-mortar"+
This works as not only glue, but also it can be acidic if you mention it to the slimes before they separate it from their bodies

Now that you are near the water, they have decided to show you their power
Your whole tribe starts to see vivid colors of all sorts, then they go blind for a second, and when they wake up, they feel a rush of ecstasy and start going at it---------------------------

anyways look for "Giant civ part 2" if you are interested in playing again, and with that, good night everyone

>> No.41432323


Oh Christ.

Aphrodisiac Slime friends.

I'm torn between arousal, muted interest, and pure, pants-shitting terror.

>inb4 we become the keepers of the world's best and most ornately designed brothels, where the buildings themselves seem to cast a haze upon all who enter, beckoning them to take whatever pleasures they desire.

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