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Old thread >>41322209
So, Gentlemen. How do we escape death?

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>an inanimate object worshiped for its supposed magical powers or because it is considered to be inhabited by a spirit.
>synonyms: juju, talisman, charm, amulet
Basic english, anon.

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As I said, I know what it means. It's still amusing.

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Has anyone ever had any experience with the Dreamscarred press's Bloodforge book? One of my players wants to trade out his monk for a bloodsong Adept, and it looks kinda broken, but I need 2nd opinions on it.

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Any way besides VMC/reg.multiclassing to get wizard schools on a magus or is just archishits that get all the fun toys?

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Why don't those skeltons have closets?

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Obligatory post of the downtime guide's first draft:


May your profits be good, my associates.

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He literally says that he knows what it means but is gonna think of it a different way.

Cmon, man. Reading comprehension.

If it's DSP content then it's generally fairly balanced, and Bloodforge is no different.

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Some of the races in there are more reasonable than others. The Oggr, for example, should never be allowed, because on top of being pretty much Half-giant+, it also gets an ability that lets it do x2 Str on damage rolls when the enemy is flatfooted. And this is on top of Powerful Build.

Some of them are just fine, though. You need to look at them and decide for yourself.

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There's some potential power concerns with the pre-req feat for the PrC. Errata will be out Soon(tm) but in the meantime if you try it and the feat is too strong, lemme know and I'll throw the revised version at you.

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Stay away from Bloodforge. That book was a mistake.

Also Nth for Urgotha being the best deity, if only cause she's okay with me being immortal.
I don't want to do anything grand or be a big player on the material world, I just want to enjoy things at my really, really slow pace.

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>So, Gentlemen. How do we escape death?
By getting enough Mythic Ranks and asking either Pharasma or Osiris a favor after proving yourself a cool enough guy to them. Then they'll let you go ahead without repercussions, as long as you don't abuse it.

Worked for the Monkey King.

In other words, don't go Undeath, that's going to only backfire, and is about as smart as the Confederates seceding from the Union despite their ownership rights still being protected under the Constitution.

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Spring Child

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>2x Str when an enemy is flat-footed, a condition that's fairly hard to actually inflict on people and will typically yield less than maybe 5 damage per hit at really high level
So amazingly OP, my god. I mean, it's not like there're classes that get abilities 50x the strength of that from level 1 or anything.

Oh wait, casters exist.

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Why is it so impossibly hard to make a martial that relies on tools?

I mean, poison, bombs and custom weapons that drop cantrips are so bloody expensive it's not even funny.

Them casters have all the fancy shiny things with just a infinite pocket of bat guano.

And the fact that expanding your options just means you're weak against everything since the GM has to balance encounters not against you but the casters.

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>By getting enough Mythic Ranks and asking either Pharasma or Osiris a favor after proving yourself a cool enough guy to them. Then they'll let you go ahead without repercussions, as long as you don't abuse it.

>Longevity (Su)
>Upon taking this ability, you can no longer die from old age. If you have penalties to your physical ability scores due to aging, you no longer take those penalties. You still continue to age, and you gain all the benefits to your mental ability scores.

It's literally a Tier 1 Universal ability.

Another Tier 1 Universal is no longer requiring food, drink and breathing.

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In the faction guide there's a bunch of pissy Andoran nobles in exile.

High ranks in their faction and they'll sell you sun orchid elixer on the cheap.

I took so much of it before my ascension that I am still paying child support after that time I took a piss behind an abortion clinic's dumpster whilst incredibly drunk on Jagerbombs and Sambuca shots.

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Yeah that feat is my main concern, especially since the player is a bit of a sperg. While it's not terrible, I am afraid of him gaming the system and grabbing other things so as to make himself able to do unlimited buffs per day.

Also does the feat work for either Racial subtype and type, or it has to be both type AND subtype. Cause going one way makes it really strong and the other makes it a little weak without planning.

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Is there a better way to be a Ripple/Hamon user than that Holy Fist build on d20sfrd?

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I want to marry a Kitsune!

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So who would be a better target? Osiris, cause he's a Bro and would probably understand that you want to bang chicks for the next 300 thousand years, or Pharasma cause she's probably busy and would just send you away with a hurried 'yes' cause she has work to do and you're eating into her time.

How do you go about getting that?

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We don't.

She doesn't mind waiting, though.

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That's not an excuse to give martials obscene amounts of damage. They already have plenty.

The Oggr pretty much reads as "I am the best martial race in PF" and that's kind of full retard. I thought the book was cool on the whole, but this was a clear sign, to me at least, that it probably needed some more work.

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Just unchained monk. Hamon is basically ki if you ignore the bubble shenanigans and go for SUNLIGHT YELLOW OVERDRIVE instead.

Can someone do I want to marry a kitsune with appropriate art rather than drow?

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I want to marry a drow!
But have a kitsune picture instead. I like your style.

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>How do you go about getting that?

Get one rank in Mythic.

Just one.

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I want to marry a Gareth!

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>Obscene amounts of damage
>An extremely minor boost to damage IF an enemy has a certain condition which is uncommon and dificult to give to them

Are you just bad at reading, or what? Flat-footed occurs rarely. A boost during it is reasonable.

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but if you splash paladin, you can smite vampires

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Eh.... Don't you become Mythic through divine intervention? I'm not sure I'd want to be tied to a deity like that.

Also, can you gain class levels after 20? Like in a different class?
Don't do that, you don't know where they've been.

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Do paladins have an archetype specifically tailored to fists?

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Either. I'll work on getting the errata doc updated with the new stuff.

It /did/ need more work. It needed testing it never got, editing it didn't get, another month or three in the writing process. Lots and lots of stuff went wrong with Bloodforge; it was a learning experience in terms of both writing and publishing. Oggr was my fault entirely and I'll bear the responsibility for it, though I'd like to note that Half-Giant does have synergistic advantages when it comes to taking psionic classes like marksman or psychic warrior.

If you've got critique on the work, I'm here. The most thorough review on deck at the moment is Endzeitgeist's, and we have...clashing paradigms, let's say. Starting with his gigantic complex about encounter powers.

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>Don't you become Mythic through divine intervention? I'm not sure I'd want to be tied to a deity like that.

Nope, there's a variety of ways and the most common is touching a super powerful item.

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This is what my friend is messing with at the moment.

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Having read Path of War and not liking it, how can I make my Roman guy without using Path of War?

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Yeah, but getting sponsorship will help keep the Asshole Aeons away.

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Probably cleric or barbarian with lots of refluffs.

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Aeons? Don't you mean Psychopomps?

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I'm mostly just bitter that it's Half-giant+ for anybody who doesn't mind not getting a bonus to a mental stat.

Like I said, I like the book, but if it had gotten the attention it deserved, it'd be a much better one. I'm also not trying to call you out, just pointing out an example of something that seems a big outlier, as far as races go.

Phalanx Fighter archetype, Scale Armor, a Spear and a shield.

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Get leadership, surround yourself in Phalanx Fighters, and accept the fact that you will always be inferior to everyone except the Rogue.

Sorry, but you brought this upon yourself by choosing to play Caster Edition without PoW

Psychopomps are chill. I'm talking those Aeons who will kill immortals and then plant a forest to maintain balance. Aeons are assholes who only care about their Monad

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>Don't you become Mythic through divine intervention?
Fuck no.

Mana wells offer a straightforward means of claiming
mythic power. The recipient merely steps into the pool
and embraces its power, with all attendant risks. More
cautious sorts can claim this power with less risk of being
caught in an eldritch surge by studying the well's ebb and
flow under the effects of detect manic or similar effects
for at least i day and succeeding at a DC 35 Knowledge
(arcana) check. Each extra day spent in study adds 5 to the
check, to a maximum bonus of +20. A typical well has a
20% chance of erupting on any given day.

Any mid-level wizard can get themselves mythic power. I only say mid-level wizard because you need to use divinations to work out where an undefended mana well is.

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I recommend the Esquire Cavalier. You be the Imperator that likes to get his hands dirty, but is an amazing leader, and your Aides-de-Camp can be your Praetorian, another Cavalier of your same order, with the Honor Guard archetype.

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There is no escaping that which must happen. It always comes in some form sooner or later.
>I like to imagine Pharasma as just a slightly more introverted version of Death from Discworld. I guarantee if she had a family she would shift up in alignment

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>Can someone do I want to marry a kitsune with appropriate art rather than drow?

I want to marry a Kitsune!

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>Psychopomps are chill. I'm talking those Aeons who will kill immortals and then plant a forest to maintain balance. Aeons are assholes who only care about their Monad
Wait what?

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But that's a whore not a kitsune.

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If you wanna be useful, a Holy Tactician Paladin might work

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That's not a whore, that's an anon's ball-ripping waifu!

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Quick question: if Surprise Wallop was Sneak Attack +1d6 instead of its current form, you would say...?

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Be a Reincarnated Druid. Be a level 20 Wizard or Alchemist. I think some Sorcerer Bloodlines and Oracle Mysteries might also do the trick, but I'm not going to dig through all of them at 2 AM.

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Those are the best kind.

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Does weird things to prerequisites but is otherwise a great idea. I'd be very worried about level-gated things, though.

Poor rogues in PF. Races with SA or class features don't feel like a huge issue, but it's a shame that rogue is always the one picked apart.

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Surprise Wallop is entirely fine as is, stop listening to the retard. Flat-footed rarely comes up outside of extremely specific circumstances, and getting a bonus in it doesn't break anything.

>> No.41341445

It also triggers on flanked. Flanked comes up a lot more often.

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Flat-footed comes up any time you go first in combat ever.

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Eh? Even then that's not that crazy. It rewards tactical play with benefits, and I can't really see where that's a bad thing.

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Don't read this, vitamin. Everyone else, please respond in spoiler tags.
I have a guy playing a cryptic who does nothing but spam disrupt pattern every round.
What are some ways of mitigating this, aside from the obvious immediate solutions of putting in more creature types and having enemies who fight at a distance?

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I think it'd be a lot more reasonable. It'd also give Rogues a reason to go Oggr, and the concept of an 8' tall guy sneaking in the shadows and whalloping motherfuckers is fantastic.

The problem with it right now is that it can scale ridiculously well. The more Strength you have, the more that extra 0.5x Str damage does, and it can add up to be a shitton of extra damage. And like you said, Flanking is pretty easy to set up.

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...So if I said, "How do I do spoiler tags?" to you, you would mock me for how many hours?

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I don't have the book. What does Surprise Wallop actually do that people think is overpowered?

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Insert text here, and remove all spaces from contents of end brackets.[/ spoil er]

>> No.41341512

8 hours

Ctrl+S while typing will put up spoiler brackets. Type that while highlighting the text you are writing automatically sets the brackets outside of the intended text.

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That's not a proper Kitsune waifu.

THIS is a proper Kitsune waifu.


Whatever became of that anon, anyway?

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Causes the oggr to double its Strength bonus to damage vs. flat-footed or flanked opponents. Essentially the whole "I'm a big giant fucker hitting you over the back of the head," thing.

It was originally going to be SA +1d6 but the bossman was very unhappy with that. I'm currently considering returning it to that, with a different ability if the oggr gets SA from another source so that I'm not causing early-entry stuff on accident.

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It's okay, I still can't
▲ ▲


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Wow, okay, 4chan, you're retarded.

[spoil er] There, now this is a good example of it.[/ spoil er]

>> No.41341526

[ s p o i l e r ]hidden stuff[ / s p o i l e r ]

Remove the spaces. Alternatively, and much more conveniently, CTRL+S will automatically give you spoiler tags.

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Ah, the hilarious helicopter gunship of Imperishable Night. Best kitsune.

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So, in some fantasy land where this character of this race has a +10 Strength mod, he does 10 additional damage vs. FF and Flanked?
Totally fair, I see no serious issues. Don't listen to the haters.

>> No.41341571

Wrong. If he has a +10 Str mod, he'd be doing 20 extra damage total, which is 5 damage over what he'd get for using a 2h.

If he's dual-wielding then he's probably got 1.5x to each from it, so again, only 5 damage extra.

tl;dr: It's barely a 5 damage bump at fucking THIRTY strength. Stop bitching, people. Seriously.

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It's actually a lot of damage, since it's on top of everything else a character gets.

>> No.41341579

Anon, Ran can't be your waifu, she's too dedicated to her mistress to take a husbando. Besides, she's probably gay, like everyone else.

You'll have to make do with Leadership and a cohort who merely looks and acts like Ran.

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Problem with SA is whilst on average it will do superior damage, it also qualifies this race for SA reliant feats earlier than other races.

2*str has its own problems in dual wield builds, particularly.

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That's why I'm thinking of an end clause along the lines of, "If the oggr gains sneak attack from another source, such as rogue levels, instead...". ATM I'm thinking of some kind of armor fray where they reduce your armor bonus to AC by X for Y rounds 'cause they fucked up the fit on your armor by hitting you so god damn hard. But I'm open to ideas.

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>On top of everything else he gets
But that's wrong.

>> No.41341619

Just specify that the SA from this source can't be used to qualify for things. Problem solved, and it only takes one sentence, thus leaving plenty of room for a couple dozen new spells Eat your heart out, Bulmahn.

>> No.41341635

Alright folks, I'm hittin' bed. Just a friendly reminder: I'm willing to talk over or help on anything I've written, and a lot of stuff I haven't. If my name's in the Author section, I'm taking critique or feedback. My work ain't perfect. I'd love to make it better.

See ya'll tomorrow.

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If you go for that ac penalty, simply make it ACP applied to AC or perhaps to hit.
# of rounds equal to strength mod, perhaps?

>> No.41341682

>Ran can't be your waifu

I know, just as ball-ripping waifu anon wasn't married to Ahri. The look and general personality are what matters, and Ran is definitely the ara ara~ to Ahri's slutty mistress.

>> No.41341711

I suddenly find myself wishing we had a discipline for drunken martial arts.

>> No.41341802

Nothing wrong with a slutty mistress, anon, as long as she's only slutty for you.

>> No.41341803

The main problem I've seen so far with Bloodsong Adept is infinite Mass Cure Serious Wounds, and from the Bloodsong Heritor, infinite sonic damage attacks.

Also you can get into the Bloodsong Heritor prestiege class at 4th lvl easily.

>> No.41341852

I'm telling you, they should just release a 'Forgotten techniques' book with a small handful of maneuvers for each discipline. Hell, throw in some bonus psionic powers and some bonus akashic veils and the book sells itself.

>> No.41341865

Martial scripts when?

>> No.41341886


How else did my character get seven kids in eight years from her, with another on the way?

>> No.41341890

>Causes the oggr to double its Strength bonus to damage
>+10 Strength mod, he does 10 additional damage
>Wrong. If he has a +10 Str mod, he'd be doing 20 extra damage total

Yeah, no. Feat says you get to double your Str bonus to damage.
It doesn't say 'Add double your Str mod to your normal damage.'
It says 'Deal regular damage, and additional damage equal to your Str mod.'
You don't do an EXTRA 20. You do 20.

Though your sentiment is still correct. 5 damage isn't a big deal, people need to relax.

>actually a lot of damage

No, it's not. I get the idea behind what you're saying, and it's that, "A character with this feat can do a lot of damage." and while that's true, it's only a problem based on the second thing you said:
>since it's on top of everything else a character gets.
meaning that character has to ALREADY do reasonable damage for this feat to add significant damage.
If he hits for 100 because of ten different feats, no single one of those feats is good enough to be nerfed.

>> No.41341899

Can somebody actually respond to my question now?

>> No.41341910

the thing is it's not a feat, it's a racial ability, so you get it without having to spend any feats, it's just a thing you get for making your character an Oggr.

>> No.41342079

What's the issue? That he's too strong or it's just bland to watch him play?

>> No.41342085

You're right, but it's not something you get for free, it's one of your racial abilities.
You don't just get everything a Human gets AND that, you get that instead of Skilled or Bonus Feat or something.
It still takes something out of you.

Unless, and I don't know this so forgive me, the Oggr is some 20+ race point monstrosity, in which case, yeah, you're right, this ability is just free icing and total bullshit.

>> No.41342094

Please respect the spoiler tag request.

>> No.41342124

Maybe he enjoys it? Have you tried talking to him?

>> No.41342135

It kinda is, they get:
+2 str, +2 con, -2 dex
+2 nat armor,
darkvision 60
Powerful build: count as large when benifitial except for reach,
their str counts as 4 pts higher for carrying capacity
a +2 to knowledge local, and diplomacy for gathering info

AND Suprising Whallop as well.

>> No.41342166

Eeeh, kinda, okay.
If they were actually Large, with all that comes with it, and not just Powerfully Built, they'd be 11 race points before Surprising Whallop, which would put them at greater than human, but Powerful Build is probably about 3-4 race points worse than Large, and Surprising Whallop is probably about 3-4 race points to make up for it.
They seem to be right on par with the 10-11RP region, and there's shit like Suli and Fetchling that're playable at 16 and 17.
I'm not sure this is really that big of a deal.

>> No.41342185

Oh shit, my bad, I missed the skill bonuses.
That puts them at 14-15 if they were Large, and 11-13 with Powerful Build.

So yeah, more powerful than Human/Dwarf/Elf's generic forms, but still less than Suli/Fetchling/Aasimar/etc.

>> No.41342207

The fact you're still doing this means I'm not going to bother saying anything to you, you realize.

>> No.41342219

Fuck personal enjoyment, we all should be making sacrifices to make the game better overall.

>> No.41342225

Have you tried not being a bitch and talking to him?

If you haven't talked to him, don't be a fuck and come here for some shitty advice. You don't fight in game behavior with in game solutions. If you have a problem, talk to him.

And don't be a shit about this spoilers shit. You should be talking to him, not us.

>> No.41342226

So you're telling me they're good at combat and absolutely nothing else, and that what they get doesn't really even outdo a humans bonus feat.

And you're saying it's OP.

Seriously, it isn't even all that powerful. Go look at core shit like Fetchling, Drow, Tiefling, Aasimar, Kasatha, or any of the other races with decent RP numbers.

Or shit, just look at humans. 10-11RP, literally the most played race by far because they're the strongest overall.

>> No.41342232

I'm impressed, anon. Going for 10/10?

>> No.41342243

I have. He's fine being bland, so I'm looking for ways of challenging him in that niche.

>> No.41342266


Why stop there? Kitsune are known for their long, youthful lives but not their inability to bear children, my character could be knocking her up until the day he dies.

Probably ten though, anything higher is just silly.

>> No.41342272

If he's fine with it, he's fine with it. Maybe he doesn't enjoy combat. Talk to your player. It's not even that effective.

>> No.41342312

You could always use some creatures that appear to be a different type than they actually are? A flesh or bone golem could easily be mistaken for some kind of undead, especially if there are actual undead around. Similarly, intelligent undead can often wear armor or otherwise disguise themselves so that they appear to be ordinary humanoids, at least to a casual observer. Be sure not to overuse this, though.

>> No.41342403

It's more effective than his choice of using a longsword and shield.

Good idea, I'll do that.

>> No.41342473

Can I get some suggestions on how to get more static bonuses to Grapple?
Static, meaning always active, as opposed to conditional, meaning situational bonuses like higher ground, attacking a prone target, flanking, etc.
I'm doing pretty well so far, I'm just wondering if there's stuff I'm missing.
I've got:
Grab (+4)
Gauntlets of the Skilled Maneuver (+2)
Dan Bong (+2)
Improved/Greater Grapple (+4)

>> No.41342502

Size increases and virtual size increases like powerful build.

>> No.41342512

Okay, +1 from Large.

>> No.41342621


>> No.41342684

Are there any particularly interesting builds for the non-optimized party?

I wanted to try a dirty trick master but I was shot down because 'sure it's non-optimized but dirty trick and most CMs in general are horrible choices'.

Full casters are out and I don't like blindly full attacking all day everyday.

>> No.41342792

Does anyone here play using the pathfinder society rules? How is it? I've heard pfs is pretty dumb, but is it doable?

>> No.41342821

It's probably doable, but why would you ever want to do that unless you're actually playing PFS games?

>> No.41342853

I've never played a PFS game before, are they any fun? Our group only runs made-up games that aren't apart of any larger purpose. I like playing with my friends, but they are pretty much against PFS stuff.

I feel like I'm not getting my fix here. There's another group near me that plays pathfinder but they're set up with the PFS so I don't know if I should game with them as well.

>> No.41342919


Dont have it - just compiling spoilers

The cavalier archetype is the Ghost Rider archetype. It trades out its mount for a special version of the spiritualist's phantom companion that takes the form of a spectral mount with various restrictions; it trades out tactician, greater tactician, and master tactician for a frightful gaze ability that paralyzes creatures with fear, and eventually gains the ability to use it on creatures that are mindless or immune to mind-affecting effects; it trades out cavalier's charge for immunity to fear and producing an aura that grants a allies a bonus against fear; it trades out expert trainer and banner for the ability to have its mount ignore difficult terrain and and travel on top of water; finally, it trades out mighty charge and greater banner for the ability to have its mount walk briefly on air and eventually fly.

The paladin archetype is the Ghost Hunter archetype. Its smite is less capable of penetrating damage reduction and oriented against undead rather than evil outsiders and dragons; it trades out its 6th level mercy for the ability to spend lay on hands to attempt to end possession and mind control effects; finally, it trades out its 9th level mercy for the ability to interrogate destroyed undead or neutralized/destroyed haunts once per day.

The psychic detective uses the psychic spell list (6th level or lower) plus a handful of other spells (eleven total) that are added to that, rather than the alchemist spell list.

>> No.41342923

Flesheater gains a monster ability if the creature eaten in the past 24 hours possessed it, taking a INT penalty.
Later on the flesheater can enlarge if the creature was larger.
Lastly, the flesheater can assume the shape of a consumed creature.

>mutation mind
Physical Mutation : gain enhancement to STR at a penalty to INT for minutes.
Bodily Mutations : sticky skin or bite attack or darkvision or claws or... any time instead of a phrenic amplification.
Phrenic Empowerment : gain additional STR bonus. might lose control.
Improved Bodily Mutation: swim speed, or enlarge person, or wings

>Medium spirits
The archmage spirit provides an expanded arcane spell list and casting ability to the medium, and a boon to increase damage of offensive spells. You become more frail, but can trade points of influence to cast spells without expending slots as you grow in power.

The trickster provides delicious bonuses to Dex-based abilities and skills, even while you become something of a loner that is harder to target with spells as an ally. You gain the ability to deal precision damage, and as you gain in power you can steal spells affecting other creatures, modify d20 rolls, and even change form to mimic someone else!

sorcerer bloodline gets undercasting

>> No.41342924

>I've never played a PFS game before, are they any fun?
Not really, no.

>> No.41342934

The Blood Kineticist is basically a water oriented Kineticist who replaces many of her infusions with abilities related to abusing the blood of their targets in various ways. The capstone ability grants actual immortality as a result of gaining full control over her own blood.

The Elemental Ascetic does lose a bunch of stuff (kinetic blast, several infusions, and other things), but gains flurry of blows, burn free Kinetic Fist, Monk AC, and the ability to accept burn to increase his Kinetic Fist dice. It is more of a monk than a bender because of the loss of blasts. I *think* Kinetic Fist itself hasn't changed, unless getting full attacks with it and more dice at high levels is new?

>psych detective
Gains psychic spells instead of alchemy.
Psychic Meddler replaces poison lore, poison resistance, swift alchemy and poison immunity.
Phrenic Dabbler replaces 3rd level investigator talent.
And an alteration to selectable investigator talents.

Ayup. Still the magus spell-list but now as psychic spells, spontaneous, INT based.
Psychic pool replaces, but counts as arcane pool.
Psychic access lets the magus get 'real' psychic spells, replacing spell recall, knowledge pool and some more.
Dual weapons does as it suggests, cleverly. (replacing medium armor)
Rapid manifest replaces improved spell combat.
Dual manifest replaces heavy armor.

>> No.41342943

The relic hunter archetype represents a major thematic shift for the Inquisitor, with a hefty trade-in of abilities. The Relic Hunter swaps judgments to gain the ability to draw power from holy relics, essentially gaining the Occultist implements class feature with a more limited level progression. This also limits their usual spellcasting abilities to the schools of magics tied to their chosen class of relics.

They also trade in their domain and bane abilities to gain the Occultist's mental focus and focus power class abilities, so all those new class abilities work right

Spirits/Phantoms you can choose from:
Ectoplasmist - Spiritualist's version of Synthesist, only not as game-breakingly OP.
Fractured Mind - Instead of calling a spirit of the dead, you call up a bit of yourself instead.
Geist Channeler - Your spirit/phantom is more ghost-like.
Haunted - You make your spirit/phantom more powerful instead of the other way around.
Onmyoji - Your spellcasting is different.

Extra Amplification (Physic)

Extra Focus Power (Occultist)
Extra Mental Focus (Occultist)
Extra Mesmerist Trick (Mesmerist)
Extra Touch Treatment (Mesmerist)
Extra Wild Talent (Kineticist)

>> No.41342951

Esoteric (Magus Archetype) specializes in unarmed combat.
Mindblade (Magus Archetype) can manifest weapons made of psychic energy.

Esoteric alters: weapon/armor proficiencies, spellcasting, arcane pool, and spellstrike. It replaces: spell recall, bonus feats, medium/heavy armor proficiencies, and improved spell recall.
Mindblade replaces: spellcasting (with Psychic spellcasting), arcane pool, spell recall, knowledge pool, improved spell recall, greater spell combat, greater spell access, medium/heavy armor proficiencies, and improved spell combat.

psychic detective replaces extracts with psychic magic

Storyteller (Medium Archetype) gets:
Diminished Spirit, Knowledge of Tales, Versitile Surge, Storyteller's Performance, Learn the Story, Living Story.

They gain battle advantages due to their keen senses. They gain some attack bonuses and other handy things.

>Ley Line Guardian (Witch Archetype)
They have two class abilities that are focused on using ley lines. One of them turns the Witch into a spontaneous caster.

>Kinetic Chirugeon
The Kinetic Chirurgeon gains Paladin Mercies, and some extra healing beyond what a Kineticist can elect to do. There's also a modification to how Burn works and how much the character gets for healing purposes.

>> No.41342962

Blood Kineticist
Elemental Annihilator
Elemental Ascetic
Kinetic Chirurgeon
Overwhelming Soul

Kami Medium
Reanimated Medium
Relic Channeler
Spirit Dancer

Cult Master
Spirit Walker
Vexing Daredevil

Battle Host
Totem Eater

Formless Adept
Mutation Mind
Psychic Duelist

Fractured Mind
Geist Channeler

Promethean Disciple (Alchemist Discovery)
Ectochymist (Alchmeist Archetype)
Promethean Alchemist (Alchemist Archetype)
Flesheater (Barbarian Archetype)
Phrenologist (Bard Archetype)
Silver Balladeer (Bard Archetype)
Order of the Eastern Star (Cavalier Order)
Order of the Shroud (Cavalier Order)
Ghost Rider (Cavalier Archetype)
Sensate (Fighter Archetype)
Relic Hunter (Inquisitor Archetype)
Psychic Detective (Investigator Archetype)
Esoteric (Magus Archetype)
Mindblade (Magus Archetype)
Karmic Monk (Monk Archetype)
Ghost Hunter (Paladin Archetype)
Escapologist (Rogue Archetype)
False Medium (Rogue Archetype)
Ectoplasm (Sorcerer Bloodline)
Psychic (Sorcerer Bloodline)
Witch Patrons (Ethereal, Mind)
Ley Line Guardian (Witch Archetype)

>> No.41342999

Last session we had three encounters, and they were all finished in a single turn.
>Level 13.
>Pirate campaing.
>Group consists of me (synthesist), witch and a sorcerer.
>Encounter one, we are trying to rob some super expensive rum from a ship.
>Sorcerer throws confusion at the ship.
>Everyone in it fails their save and kill each other.
>Encounter two, we are hunting a sea serpent for it's fancy stomach pearl.
>Sorcerer throws hold monster which works, I dive in to make coup de grace.
>Witch wants to get the kill so she throws a phantasmal killer, the serpent dies.
>Encounter three, a ship has similar pearl as with the serpent in it's figurehead.
>I had finally gotten Huge evolution, and there is one thing I had wanted to do for a long time.
>I jump in the water, go eidolon mode and throw enlarge person.
>While gargantuan I just pull the ship sideways so that it starts to sink.
>Crew ether drowns or goes to lifeboats, essentially ending the fight.
It felt kinda weird to curb stomp the whole session, but next time we are going to have some tougher encounters.

>> No.41343092

Is craft construct worth the investment?

>> No.41343104

If you got a shit ton of gold to spend, yes.

>> No.41343163

I can make enchanted arms and armor and wondrous items and sell them for profit, so money shouldn't be an issue.

>> No.41343182

You'll also need a fuckton of downtime if you want to craft both for yourself and the party AND make profit on top of that.

>> No.41343191

Have you guys from DSP ever thought about a prc that improves summoning and initiating and gives acces to echoes of steel?

>> No.41343198

If you are above WBL and/or your DM is using downtime rules, go for it. If not, don't even bother, better spend gold on regular magic item creation.

>> No.41343235

In my group there's one player who really enjoys the battle aspect, and while they're not bad at RP their character is generally more on the simple side there. Having a straightforward party member is nice.

But there's also one player who really enjoys the RP and finds the battle system dull and slow.

As a DM I like both RP and strategic battles, and want to consistently cater to both players. The first one isn't a problem, but the question is more whether anyone has any tips about how to make battles more engaging for the latter?
What I already do is describe out the outcome of every turn and make the NPCs talk and taunt in the middle of battle, but I feel like that isn't enough yet.

>> No.41343395

>Mindblade replaces: spellcasting (with Psychic spellcasting), arcane pool, spell recall, knowledge pool, improved spell recall, greater spell combat, greater spell access, medium/heavy armor proficiencies, and improved spell combat.
I don't know what physic spellcasting is but I don't see how its worth removing literally 80% of the magus's class features.

>> No.41343449

Give NPCs to interact with, show the RPer how he can give orders and stuff, let him hand out minor bonuses for advising people or helping.

>> No.41343558

All in the middle of battle?

That might work, yeah.
The party does sort of need to work on their teamwork a bit.

>> No.41343595

Combine the info anon:

Ayup. Still the magus spell-list but now as psychic spells, spontaneous, INT based.
Psychic pool replaces, but counts as arcane pool.
Psychic access lets the magus get 'real' psychic spells, replacing spell recall, knowledge pool and some more.
Dual weapons does as it suggests, cleverly. (replacing medium armor)
Rapid manifest replaces improved spell combat.
Dual manifest replaces heavy armor.

Mindblade (Magus Archetype) can manifest weapons made of psychic energy.

Mindblade replaces: spellcasting (with Psychic spellcasting), arcane pool, spell recall, knowledge pool, improved spell recall, greater spell combat, greater spell access, medium/heavy armor proficiencies, and improved spell combat.

>> No.41343829

>be high level alchemist
>have the philosopher's stone for infinite gold
>create a stasis pod using elude time
>create numerous simulacra
>create a permanent magic jar
>magic jar a simulacrum
>place body in stasis tube
>become pseudo lich

>> No.41343955 [SPOILER] 

I want to marry Awoo~

>> No.41343991

What is the best way to ride a Roc? Playing a small race or go human with undersize mount feat and retrain for something else later?

>> No.41344000

Winged marauder alchemist

>> No.41344039

I said Roc. Winged Marauder only get 2 choices and Roc isn't one of them.

>> No.41344057

True, but most DMs aren't going to allow you to ride a gargantuan CR 9 creature.

>> No.41344084

Thank you.

>> No.41344106

Anon... There is an animal companion version of Roc...

>> No.41344133

Sauce? Google returns only this thread. Theres no "mana well" in mythic adventures either.

>> No.41344207

Fluff Question: How do you guys imagine the Aegis Customisation 'Initiator's Soul' to work?

On the surface, you just change your psionic suit for a moment and suddenly you have the ability to use maneuvers from sleeping goddess plus literally any two disciplines of your choice.

Got into a debate with my GM because he thinks the way my character fluffed it wasn't cool, and I think the way he wanted it to work was overly contrived. Won't mention to specifics to avoid response bias.

>> No.41344223

Hadn't even remotely crossed our minds, no.

>> No.41344231

You tried to pull your astral suit from astral plane like you usually do, but accidentally grabbed you great warrior ancestor along the way.

>> No.41344260

Bonus points is your suit starts rambling how young ones can't even properly initiate a maneuver without his (its?) help.

>> No.41344296

Question, when a spell marked as M/DF has a listed material component (of negligible cost), a cleric uses the listed material as divine focus, or is any holy symbol enough?

>> No.41344365

Holy or unholy symbol is enough

>> No.41344395


It's comedic when you say it that way but I find the thought that you're essentially forcing a dead stranger to be the suit motherboard, possibly against their will, to be a bit too spooky ;_;

The edge in the Soul Hunter/Harbinger is already too much for me despite how good their mechanics may be

>> No.41344414

Hey /pfg/,
I've been running my players through a modern fantasy game with mechanics for firearms in place; now, the rules for Automatic Fire are blatantly copied as follows: "If there is only one target aimed at, as a full round action on a successful attack, the first round will hit and for every 5 points above the targets Armor Class the character gains an additional hit."

This is helping the PCs wreck the fucking shit outta everything, which is pretty sweet

D20 Modern has this instead:
Burst Fire

Prerequisite: Wisdom 13, Personal Firearms Proficiency, Advanced Firearms Proficiency.

Benefit: When using an automatic firearm with at least five bullets loaded, the character may fire a short burst as a single attack against a single target. The character receives a -4 penalty on the attack roll, but deals +2 dice of damage. Firing a burst expends five bullets and can only be done if the weapon has five bullets in it.

Normal: Autofire uses ten bullets, targets a 10-foot-by-10-foot area, and can't be aimed at a specific target. Without this feat, if a character attempts an autofire attack at a specific target, it simply counts as a normal attack and all the extra bullets are wasted.

Special: If the firearm has a three-round burst setting, firing a burst expends three bullets instead of five and can be used if the weapon has only three bullets in it.

Should I be using the d20 Modern feat version instead? It doesn't necessarily have to be a feat, it can be skeletonized and turned into automatic firing rules

>> No.41344465

Actually, now that I read further, is the Astral Suit really drawn from the Astral Plane or is the naming just a coincidence because they're both kind of 'cosmic?'

The fluff text says the suit is made of ectoplasm, but this
says ectoplasm is something from the ethereal plane.

>> No.41344706

I've been poking at automatic weapons for the last few days myself. I personally find the existing ones a little butts, so I've been pondering.

Current thought is that some weapons have an 'auto' rating. For each actual attack, you can make a number of extra rolls equal to the auto rating, and for every extra one that hits, you increase the number of dice of that attack. Like if two hit, 1d6 becomes 2d6 or 2d4 becomes 4d4, and then things like static bonuses are added after. Using Auto also gives you a penalty on attack rolls equal to double the auto rating. So going full auto with an auto 4 weapon (Which would be something like a minigun) would have a TON of attacks, but with a penalty of -8 to all of them. Also looking at ways people can lower their auto penalties.

>> No.41344723

Question about handle animal:

If my character with no points in handle animal buys a mule, do I need to roll handle animal to get it to hold my shit and follow me around? Or can I just have a trained mule?

>> No.41344926

That's...mostly a terrible naming convention thing. There's ectoplasm-the-stuff-ghosts-are-made-out-of, and then there's ectoplasm-the-astral-stuff. The latter is a sort of...congealed belief energy, the leftovers of people's thoughts, wishes, nightmares, and/or traveling souls that all moved through the Astral.

>> No.41345055

Talk to me about Lords of Night.

How do the vampires different from Golarion vampires? I'm considering using vampires as an evil faction in a campaign I'm going to run soon, but I'm still on the fence about it.

>> No.41345090

>I'm considering using vampires as an evil faction in a campaign I'm going to run soon, but I'm still on the fence about it.

Just read World of Darkness, and play them like that.

>> No.41345172

I did consider running an 'old vampires' who try to keep the status quo and the 'new vampires' who think they should make mortals into cattle. I'm still debating on if it'd make for a fun story or not. Some sort of vampire civil war; and let the players figure out how they want to handle this.

>> No.41345225

>I'm still debating on if it'd make for a fun story or not.

I mean, you're talking to a diehard V:tM fan. Anything with vampire plotting and dickery sounds fun to me.

>> No.41345309

You can buy a trained mule. You will still needs to do DC10 Handle Animal check to order it to follow you around.

If you haven't dump your charisma then you can assume that you take 10 on all check.

>> No.41345325

Is there any way other than Lords of Night to get vampiric attacks?

Is there a list of the PoW maneuvers that make people flatfooted?

>> No.41345380

Does anyone have any experience playing partial initiators, like Martial Training feats or initiating archetypes? I'm looking at maneuvers progression table and it feels like there's almost no initiating at all. Especially stances. 3rd level one at 10 and 5-6th level one at 15.

Speaking of stances, Gareth, how come Harbinger gets only 6, 6th at level 20? EVERY other base initiator class gets 7 with 7th at 19.

>> No.41345645

Maneuvers are balanced enough that you could literally take the Fighter and just add maneuvers directly to it with a recovery method, remove zero features, and it'd be fine, but they derped and nerfed it to only get 6th level.

As for Harby, that's a minor error. It's supposed to be the normal like a Warder.

>> No.41345657

Cum susser tod, indeed.

I like her a lot more than Urgathoa.

>> No.41345686

Have a group with the mentality that to become a vampire is to transcend one's mortal bonds, and that we are to them what a mere monkey is to us humans. Their aim is to live gorgeously for all eternity.

>> No.41345720

Stupid question, as an Arcane Halfling Sorcerer I get a class skill in craft and profession.

Without being a complete douchebag, I figured it might be cool to be a woodcutter and craft bows so I can sell them or give them to party members if they're good enough.

But.....I'm a fucking spellcaster, not a lumberjack. These were just placeholder ideas. Anything else that might benefit my character far better?

>> No.41345775

>Is there a list of the PoW maneuvers that make people flatfooted?

Yes, and it's the same as the list of maneuvers that are useless if the opponent has Clockwatcher readied.

>> No.41345777

Don't put skill points into craft and profession? Put them into spellcraft and umd instead.

>> No.41345856

You're assuming that the opponent is an initiator

>> No.41345879

I think pretty much everyone gets Craft and Profession by default. Just as innate options if you want to build your crafting ability or emphasize a skillset more directly related to your specific story.

Like if you wanted to play a courtesan, you could take Profession Courtesan and seduce people. Or you could take Profession Soldier and know/recognize tactics, commanders, whatever military stuff you want. It's mostly a fluff skill sink in the end, but can be useful if you play it well.

>> No.41345910

You're assuming that even if they're not an initiator, they didn't take Martial Training

Okay I'll stop now

>> No.41345939

I'll ask my GM if I can rewire my character a little (wince we've kinda been on one adventure already, more a test drive >.> ), but if I absolutely had to stay with the choices I made, is there a slightly more releveant/useful profession and craft skill to have?

>> No.41345965

So what would be an ideal way to fluff a sorcerer with the Imperious bloodline? I was thinking of having him be the ancestor of some mage-tyrant, and he wants to restore his ancestor's empire to it's former glory

>> No.41345967

What are the Golarion ones even like?

>> No.41345999

The GM should cut you some slack if you're a newbie, but the best Craft is probably Alchemy.
Alchemical weapons are pretty solid up til beyond level 5, after which they quickly become kind of useless against any formidable foe.
But until then, they're great.

>> No.41346121

Thanks a tonne, this helps!

>> No.41346139

Craft alchemy. Smoke weed evryday

>> No.41346201

The thing about a Profession is it's a bundle of different skills and knowledge, but the scope depends on the demeanor of your GM and the specificity of the Profession you take. It's nice to have some basic practical ability without having to buy a bunch of different Knowledge skills, but it's limited in that most people know what a given profession does or doesn't do.

For instance, someone with Profession: Innkeeper. Well, an Innkeeper is primarily a merchant, they have to deal with customers and suppliers on a regular basis, so you'd think they'd know how to haggle a price. Diplomacy can be used to haggle, but Diplomacy can also be used to charm information out of people or seduce them or try to win them to your side as an ally. An Innkeeper wouldn't necessarily know all that, but they would presumably also know how to keep up a building, clean a room, or even cook a few simple meals.

>> No.41346625

Then again, this is more a question about putting ranks into profession/craft or not. I still have athe skill as a class skill, but as suggested before, putting my actual ranks into UMD and spellcrafting might be more beneficial since I get the +3 trained bonus on top.

(Still, I think the most awesome has to be a halfing sorceress acting all cute and kawaii, but then using the 1 rank in Intimidate and +5 modifier to charisma to basically take at least 10 in all rolls.)

>> No.41346696

Don't forget about -4 to intimidate per size, uguu.

>> No.41346914

I found easier way to produce infinite rockets and desu ray charges than fucking with weapon group adaptation and war soul.
Sleeping Goddess Path have call weaponry as one of its path powers too.

>> No.41347087

This will be fun taking down larger creatures. Works well against goblins and kobolds so far.

Different question, using a digital PDF has its disadvantages, as it refuses to show totals for several skills. Have I forgotten to fill something in somewhere else?

>> No.41347152

Aren't these skills trained-only?

>> No.41347261

So im rolling up a Huge synthesist summoner with inproved lighten eapon so im fighting with a gargatuan two handed reach weapon, with pounce. I also have improved cleave and combat reflexes.

Now im looking to give my weapon some kind of lifesteal.

Will my DM ever let me fight an army?

>> No.41347358

Yeah, all knowledge-skills are Trained Only.

Sounds like you already have a good idea.

>> No.41347484

I'm gonna need to know more about Golarion vampires before I can answer this.

>> No.41347669


Next week the /pfg/ Reign of Winter group is going to discover who gets to waifu the awooo~.

>> No.41347696

Bone up on PvP rules beforehand.

>> No.41347747

She only wants to fuck the one who spells like a woof. Are they aware of this?

>> No.41347846


I don't know if they got the rimepelt, I had to dash early and won't be there next week.

>> No.41348318

If I want to say, make a gargantuan nodachi that has +5, Flaming, and Cruel, how much does that come out to? I'm confused on how the prices stack up.

>> No.41348383

Add the numerical bonuses together, after determining how much the base weapon will cost. So +5, then +1 for Cruel, and +1 for Flaming gives you a +7 weapon. You look and see how much it costs to make a +7 weapon, and then add that to the base weapon + masterwork weapon price.

>> No.41348403

But who waifu'd the huldra? I want to know about who did what I would have tried to do if I had joined the game with my woodsman skald.

>> No.41348503

and what would the price of a masterwork gargantuan Naginata (I forgot I'm using a different statblock actually) be? I can find the size adjustment for armor is *8, is it the same for weapons? Does that apply to the masterwork cost as well?

>> No.41348575

Not a clue what the multiplier on weapon is (I know they list one for Large-sized weapons, which is x2) but Masterwork is still just a flat 300g, I believe.

How exactly do you intend to use a weapon that big, anyway?

>> No.41348630

Seduce Pharasma, Remove Urgathoa.
Win the heart of the reaper and you live forever.

>> No.41348643

I'm a synthesist summoner who took HUGE and Lighten Weapon.

>> No.41348702


apparently I did, as she came to my character in the night and begged him to stay. Since I'll be gone, he's currently playing husband to the Huldra in her pleasant woodland cottage.

>> No.41348950

>implying you can seduce Pharasma into not doing her job.
>implying you can remove Urgathoa
>implying the Reaper has a heart
>not accepting death as a good friend at the end of your journey over a cup of tea on a carriage to the unknown.

pleb detected

>> No.41349102

Why should I give you free stuff, anon?

>> No.41349430

>Not wanting to be the mad, immortal wizard who lives on the outskirts of some Thorp.
>Not wanting to spend a thousands of years just making sure your cozy town stays cozy, and it's inhabitants healthy and happy.
>Not wanting to go out every hundred years or so to adventure with a new party, just to see how the world has changed.
>Not wanting to spend your time boosting your useless skills to levels that can move Gods, like Perform (Mariachi band) or Craft (Toothpicks)
>Not wanting to teach new mages magic, and make them listen to your stories that start off with 'Back in my day...'
>Not looking like a 13 year old kid while doing so.
>Not baiting the local elves into /ss/ with you, despite you being twice their age.
Anon, you could be everyone's favorite gramps. Why die when you can live?

>> No.41349472

>Not wanting to spend a thousands of years just making sure your cozy town stays cozy, and it's inhabitants healthy and happy

Nigga if your town is still just a town after a thousand years, you're doing something wrong. It should've either whittled away to nothing as people moved to better sites, or turned into a city. Your wizard will walk out of his tower one day to find naught but broken homes and shattered memories, and he will ask, "what did I do wrong?"

And it will consume him.

>> No.41349487

Every story has an end Anon.

Rather than running, you should accept this with open arms, and realize you have been lucky enough to live. Immortality WILL eventually bore the individual. (see the Q Continuum)

>> No.41349502

Inevitables, they will make sure you've died, there will be no glorious end for you anon, you'll end up at the end of a robotic knight's pike.

>> No.41349548

>And it will consume him.

>The party comes across a perfectly maintained town filled with smiling faces and the sounds of bustle and laughter.

It's all an illusion maintained by a melancholic wizard who refuses to accept he "missed out" on living while locked away in his study. Now you must decide if it's a good idea to break the delusion or leave him alone in his fantasy forever.

>> No.41349562

That's basically where Demiliches come from in Pathfinder, right? But that's just the final form of what was once an ambitious living man's body. What has happened to his soul? It's still out there... Somewhere, doing something. Perhaps gone mad, or perhaps having achieved a revelation about the world that merely makes us think he is mad, when in reality he's more sane than any of us.

>> No.41349571

>Immortality WILL eventually bore the individual.
Do you even psychic reformation or psychic surgery?

>> No.41349588

>being this stupid

>> No.41349625

Nigga what's wrong with a small, cozy mountainside village.
It'll end when I'm ready to stop writing, anon. Not when I'm told to. I'm not about to let something so low as fate to keep me from enjoying my ten thousand year long life span.
How many ranks in Profession (Law) do you think it'd take to convince them that my natural life span is only defined by me, otherwise I would have died by now?

>> No.41349715

Shit internet connection, for one.
You get to play all them cool games with all that not-satellite crap?

Bitch, my ping's near 2 seconds.

>> No.41349724

Please elaborate. In case you don't, I counter with "NO U".

>> No.41349750

>Nigga what's wrong with a small, cozy mountainside village.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong, I'm saying it's silly to presume a settlement in 0 AD will remain there, and remain roughly as it was sans obvious upgrades, into 2000 AD.

Cozy villages that don't die off are not going to remain cozy villages for long, especially if they're looked over by a nigh-omnipotent wizard.

>> No.41349921

What would having a negative AC represent, from the actual in-game perspective? Do attacks appear to magically bend in to hit me, making it seem like I must be cursed with misfortune? Am I throwing myself into enemy attacks?

>> No.41350048

>Be wizard
>Don't want the joys of life to ever dull, so cast a spell on self to erase memories after a year and a day so I can always experience it fresh.
>End up forgetting about the spell due to the spell
>Have to be taken care of by the village due to being a literal senile old person.

>> No.41350050

As it stands, one of the games I'm in I'm looking to become a Voidwalker (I'm basically working the GM to fluff spells with Void energy and am pursuing what I'm understanding as a "forbidden art" because my Sorcerer was born with talent in it), and I'm pretty curious of something.

I know teleportation Wizard gets "shift," which can effectively blink me around the place. Are there other ways to do that in PF? I want to be the fabled "Voidwalker" who ends up being a complete jackass when encountered, but does cool useful magicks in combat, while whooshing around and being high-octane asshattery.

GM's cooperative with me on this, I just want to know what all - if anything - exists to me as an option before we start houseruling new stuff for me and potentially breaking balance.

>> No.41350061

From what it would be needed to have negative AC, you'd need to be something without any armor, and either helpless enough or big enough that an attack couldn't possibly miss.

>> No.41350095

Depends on WHY you have negative AC. I mean, you can have negative AC just by being Colossol, stationary object. Nothing magical about that.

>> No.41350180

Be an enlarged barbarian with no armor and a DEX score of 7, start raging... That gets your AC down to 5, I think. Damn, I know there's a way to get it negative, I just can't remember everything now. My friends and I did a thought experiment about it in the part.

>> No.41350320


Your instincts are all shitty and make you jive towards the blade, not away.

>> No.41350335

I'd fluff it up that you either don't have the slightest trace of reaction to combat, or that you simply cannot dodge something.

Maybe the character with negative AC doesn't even have that much regard for self-preservation?

>> No.41350375

Path of War - martial training - veiled moon.
Or Warp sphere from Spheres of Power.

>> No.41350383

>Half-orc barbarian desperately trying to get himself killed so the party's druid can cast Reincarnate on him, finally allowing him to achieve his desire of not being a half-orc anymore
>becomes a bugbear

>> No.41350393

touch of gracelessness has a pretty good chance of dropping your DEX down to 1 from that point, then tack on the sickened and shaken conditions for another -4 to AC, that should get you to -1. If you charge that round, that's another -2 penalty to AC, for -3 total

>> No.41350663

Can Warp Sphere be found anywhere? I'm checking d20pfsrd and having shit for luck with it.

I'm looking into Veiled Moon, now. Wouldn't I need to multiclass to get access to this stuff, as a Sorcerer?

>> No.41350723

I now have a new random encounter for fun nights.

>> No.41350745

Multiclassing is probably the best way to get access to Veiled Moon, although there's also the Martial Training line of feats if multiclassing isn't your thing.

Spheres of Power isn't on the PFSRD yet, sadly.

>> No.41350755

It's so shit it's not on SRD. Use this http://www15.zippyshare.com/v/L9Vqs1th/file.html

>I'm looking into Veiled Moon, now. Wouldn't I need to multiclass to get access to this stuff, as a Sorcerer?

>> No.41350921

> there's also the Martial Training line of feats if multiclassing isn't your thing.
>link and pdf


>> No.41350992


I was hoping you would lead that into the half-orc being desperate for death like that one old guy in Vikings.

>> No.41351069



>> No.41351140

I found all of the bad art. Holy fuck.

I'm liking the Path of War a LOT more than Spheres of Power. Makes me want to play martials, now.

>> No.41351201

>Makes me want to play martials, now

Dude, you're missing out on a wide variety of martial concepts that actually play well as a PoW initiator.

Warders are the fighters the Fighters wish they were.

>> No.41351259

Is Hungry Pit worthwhile? I'm having a hard time deciding on my summoner's spells after grabbing Repulsion and Spell Turning (gargantuan reach weapon makes this hilarious)

>> No.41351411

Best part about PoW? The designers are around the chans and other forums to answer questions about stuff.

>> No.41351441

I'm liking it a lot more, then. I'm kind of wishing I had picked up its release.

>> No.41351473


the pit spells are good because a lot of the other crowd control spells depend on will saves.

>> No.41351481

Lets say a lich were to create a clone of his former body before or after going through the ritual.

If he gets destroyed after his phylactery gets destroyed does he get to use the cloned body?

If yes, does the clone have to be a lich shaped (ie a skeleton) or does it take his form when he was still human?

>> No.41351513

Or spell resistance.

>> No.41351555

Well most of it is on D20PFSRD, although it could use some updating. There's also plenty of additional material available for playtest, since Dreamscarred Press (the publisher) does open betas for all their material.

Actually, have a link to the playtest stuff too:


Shattered Mirror might be up your alley.

>> No.41351603

>Destroy the illusion, loot the town, and diplomacy check the wizard into leaving behind his neckbeard lifestyle and joining a party of his own.
>Chaotic Neutral ftw

>> No.41351701


>> No.41351754

Okay, I'm a bit confused as I've been lied to it seems. What is the exact method of preventing people from teleporting into your base and stealing your shit before bouncing out?

>> No.41351793

Good enough excuse to post this.

>> No.41351832

Is there no way you can just use dimension door everywhere? Teleport?

You may want to look at some time manipulation stuff too. Teleportation is either getting somewhere instantly from either your observant point of view, or instantly in terms of everyone else since you stopped time and just walked to where you want to be.

Perhaps put ranks into skills, buy fuckloads of scrolls, and take the relevant feats that allow you to hop around the place cheaply. You may not be able to to use this ability infinitely for free, but even a few times per adventure is still useful, and better than nothing.

>> No.41351855

Permanent Dimensional Anchors work. Alternatively some way of blocking divination, because you need rather accurate information about a place to teleport there. Or some way of extending the walls to astral plane.

>> No.41351884


>> No.41351893

Is there anything stopping me from getting and using a paladin's Wand of Lesser Restoration (750 GP) instead of a cleric's Wand of Lesser Restoration (4,500 GP)?

>> No.41351905

Mass Anti-Magic Field.

>Now it may not stop them teleporting in, but...

>> No.41351916

Magical items are always crafted at the lowest possible price. So wands of lesser restoration are always 750gp, even if a cleric makes one.

>> No.41352017

Oh, really? Damn, I guess I was wasting my time with those Scrolls of Lesser Restoration, then. I thought you had to use whatever spell list is appeared on first in order of wiz/sorc, cleric/oracle, druid, etc down the line.

>> No.41352027

The lowest level possible for Cleric to have lesser restoration is caster level 3.

>> No.41352045

I'm looking to grab something like the Teleportation subschool's ability so that I can use it in fights. I had a Wizard who used that subschool to position himself and summon monsters that fought for him.

Looking to mix it with a blaster-sorc, whose RP is that it's a way to get into and out of trouble. I've thought about Fly (and have been putting points in it for when I inevitably do fly around places), but that's not exactly what I'm looking for.

>> No.41352049

[citation needed]

>> No.41352065

>Since different classes get access to certain spells at different levels, the prices for two characters to make the same item might actually be different. An item is only worth two times what the caster of the lowest possible level can make it for. Calculate the market price based on the lowest possible level caster, no matter who makes the item.

>> No.41352113

No they aren't. A scroll made by a sorcerer is more expensive to create than a scroll made by a wizard, because it must be of higher caster level.

>> No.41352208

Blightburn paste also forces a DC 30 caster level check, which is enough to keep the rabble out. It's also horribly radioactive, but dealing with that is cheaper than most of the alternatives.

Or just encase it in lead, blocks divination and they need info to pop over there.

>> No.41352271

So I'm going to join a Pathfinder game that is already in progress. I've never played before, and I don't want to be dead weight. Is Cleric a good way to go?

>> No.41352300

In general? Yes. Once you get the gist of gameplay, Clerics are extremely viable.

>> No.41352301

Chances are a cleric is fine., but tell us what the party already has.

>> No.41352356

>Cooperative Crafting Rule
So you take it out of context. The rule clearly only work when 2 people from different class is on the same crafting project.

>> No.41352414

Thanks, I had read that they are a solid class
Wish I knew boss, that's why I thinking Cleric. Can never have too many of those, right?

A Gunslinger looks pretty fun, but I didn't want to bog down combat since I'm new. Usually I like being the party face and giving support, but I don't really know these people and I don't want to come across as pushy or whatever. Gotta keep the GM and players happy

>> No.41352437

This character you wish to make is starting to sound a lot like a Chrono Ivan from Red Alert 2

>teleport in with rogue
>set up traps and alchemical-grenades behind enemy line while tank is keeping enemies distracted and occupied
>teleport back out
>tank rolls a successful intimidation check
>enemy backpedals in fright
>smile with satisfaction as a cacophony of mechanical grinding, splurtches, explosions and screams of anguish come from trap-lined area.

>> No.41352466

Way has your DM not told you what the rest of the party is? He's not purposefully keeping it a secret from you, is he?

>> No.41352598

Something like that, but with a lot less "work with Rogue for nasty surprises" and more "Hey guys, do you know what Void is?" and splitting a quark on their face before zipping out. He uses Prestidigitation to create a swirling sphere of void energy in his hand whenever someone asks him what he does, asking "I'm still figuring that out, to be honest with you."

The character is combat-functional comic relief, really.

>> No.41352680

Blame the shitty formatting of whoever runs the PFSRD. The PRD properly lists it as a general rule, not limited to cooperative crafting

>> No.41353032

I hope the DM isn't like that. I've only met one of the players and they are a chaotic neutral thief, I didn't get to ask what the rest of the party was.
But if the DM can handle a lolsorandumbXD character, I imagine that he's competent

>> No.41353585

Time Thief can be fun.

>> No.41353767


>comic relief

You could have fooled us.

>> No.41353781

My Kingmaker team is planning to break into the sealed Skywatch, which is connected to the disappearance of Totes Dragons King House.

What the fuck should be in there? I'm totally out of anything even resembling an idea.

>> No.41354028

Shameful question from ze noobzone:

I need to know how the "Spells per Day (per level)", "Bonus Spells Per Day (per Spell Level)", and "Sorcerer Spells Known" rulings interact for a Sorcerer, specifically how this works in practice.

The descriptor for magic in terms of Sorcerers and Bards desribes it as if you have a certain total number of spells you can cast a day (per spell level), as if they were food stamps, or megabytes of mobile-phone internet.
You can spend said "number of spells per day (per relevant level)" on any spell that exists for that level, or even multiple times on a certain spell that exists for that level, but once used up, its gone and you get a reset the next day.

The idea of getting "bonus spells" (Table 1-3) seems to support this idea. It shows that with a high enough charisma score, you can even cast a spell outside your caster level, albeit a very limited number of times a day, perhaps once or twice.

But again, it makes no difference to *which* spell you decide to use it for. As if you had a giant encyclopedia of every spell that ever existed, however your only restriction is this "number of spells per day per level" concept. Which is fine.

But then along comes Table 3-15, which shows a "Sorcerer spells known" table. This throws everything out of whack because it implies that not only is there a restriction on the number of times you can cast spells a day, but you now have a restriction on *which* spells you can cast a day. Do I have to pick out an array of spells per spell level I am permanently bonded to for life and can never change around? How does this work with bonus spells per Table 1-3? Where does it explain how *many* bonus spells I get to learn? Do I get to learn all of them, the restriction being I have to choose which few I use a day?

Someone fucking explain like I'm 5. It's midnight currently and my GM is probably sleeping.

>> No.41354065

So what're the best feats with which to completely no-sell the Iron Cages of Lust?

I want to be able to look everything there right in the eye and say "no."

>> No.41354098

Spells per day/bonus: How many spells you can cast
Spells known: What you actually know

Example: Sorcerer knows magic missile and floating disk. They have a total of 5 spells per day they can cast. They can cast one of these spells five times, or they can divide it up.

>The idea of getting "bonus spells" (Table 1-3) seems to support this idea. It shows that with a high enough charisma score, you can even cast a spell outside your caster level, albeit a very limited number of times a day, perhaps once or twice.
No. Even with a cha score of 20, at level 1 you can't cast anything besides the two level 1 spells you initially get.

>> No.41354135


You cannot cast spells beyond your level, even if a high bonus would "let" you. You have to make it to the level first.

Otherwise it is just as you see. Spells known are the spells you have available to cast. Spells per day are the number of times TOTAL you can cast.

So if you know Sleep, Grease and Color Spray with 6 spells per day you can cast each spell 2 times, one spell 6 times or any combination.

>> No.41354160

>But then along comes Table 3-15, which shows a "Sorcerer spells known" table. This throws everything out of whack because it implies that not only is there a restriction on the number of times you can cast spells a day, but you now have a restriction on *which* spells you can cast a day.
The price of being a spontaneous caster is that you have only relatively few spells per known. Unlike prepared casters, you have a set number of spells you must choose to cast from, at the cost of freedom to choose which and how many of each you cast on the spot.

>Do I have to pick out an array of spells per spell level I am permanently bonded to for life and can never change around?
Basically, yes. But if you actually read the entire class, you'll find out that at certain levels you can change your spells known in a limited manner. In addition, the retraining rules allow you to change your spells known freely in exchange for time and money.

>How does this work with bonus spells per Table 1-3?
It doesn't. Bonus spells are extra spells per day, not extra spells known. You can get more spells known by other means, such as the human favored class bonus and your bloodline.

>> No.41354270

How does clockwatcher interact with maneuvers that explicitly resolve against an opponent's flat-footed armor class, like Veiled Moon's dimensional strike?
Does it force them to resolve against normal AC? Or does clockwatcher not apply there?

>> No.41354288

Drowkitsune? Why not both? Tails and Tsun.
pic unrelated.

>> No.41354312

What do you do when you suspect that you may have to cut ties with a pc, or even end their life.
I'm the paladin in the problem party, been here before.
I pulled aside the 2 biggest offenders who had recently tortured a prisoner we had captured after I specifically cautioned them to respect the rights of the prisoner and to respect the fact that it wasn't our jail, and we were subordinate to the sheriff.
I was also 2 rooms away, and could hear everything.
I left, prayed for guidance, the Lord provided (he told me that in FR, alignments are absolutes, not subjective, and torture is irredeemably evil without fail), and I resolved to approach them.
>this isn't the first time I have pulled them aside like this
I pulled them aside once more, privately told them that there will be no more sermons, that they have committed something unspeakably evil that will lead their souls to damnation and to conflict with me. I begged them to exercise wisdom in their acts, because I didn't want to confront them, but my many vows demanded I promote good and prevent evil, no matter who.
The chaotic good warlock got pissy that I was lecturing him on "morals" and stomped away.
The chaotic neutral warblade apologized, saying he didn't wish to cross blades with a comrade, and I responded that I did not wish to as well, and that he spoke of his past. I offered to support him on a righteous path if he needed it, then went to deal with the drow rogue that had been openly bribing the serving girl for information on myself and my party.
So... I dunno how to approach this. This is the second time something like this has happened, and I can easily assume it will happen again.
They are not weak, and while I would like to give them the benefit of the doubt and confront them blade drawn, I doubt I would win unless they were explicitly evil. However, ganking them like I know I could is just as unpleasant for equal reasons.
>not saying I wouldnt win, I just fight dirty, and the party doesn't know it yet

>> No.41354328


>> No.41354333


Have you tried smiting?

>> No.41354349

Hello Pathfriends! I need your help. I have eighty-one thousand GP to spend, but I cannot spend it on magic items. So what should I get with it?

>> No.41354364

>The chaotic neutral warblade apologized, saying he didn't wish to cross blades with a comrade, and I responded that I did not wish to as well, and that he spoke of his past.
>sombody playing CN properly

>> No.41354395

I'm not going to be that paladin.
I am asking for meta advice on the repercussions of pvp, not character combat advice. In a fight, I know I could win, smite or no. I fight dirty. Leave it at that.
What class are you?
Offhand, trained beasts, a place of your own, buying influence, a buttload of alchemical items, or financing your own army.
He is very much "I go my own way, even if it busts up the paladin's plans". This has caused a lot of friction in the past.

>> No.41354457

CN in a group with LG will do that. The fact that he considers you a comrade and is going out of his way to not completely ruin everything for everybody (remember that CN probably has a MUCH more lax opinion on how evil torture is) means he's not being a fag.

OOC, you've informed him of what your DM told you, right?

Also the CG Warlock is a fag. If it really IS an evil thing to torture people in that setting, he'd know full well. He wouldn't be Good anymore, at that rate.

>> No.41354494


>> No.41354524

>What class are you?


>> No.41354548

The rimepelt was retrieved successfully. The big question is whether or not it's going to remain in the possession of the same person who claimed it.

>> No.41354599

>OOC, you've informed him of what your DM told you, right?
I haven't.
I feel it is the DM's right and prerogative to let players know when they are about to cross the thin red line, and that if that is the route they believe the character would take, then they have the right to do so, if they accept the consequences (possible smiting) from the Saintly Paladin.
As for the warlock, I honestly don't think he KNOWS knows, but I didn't think you needed to read the book to see hey, torture is fucking evil mang.

>> No.41354623

Where are you, what is available?
You have money, but that doesn't say what is open to you, and there are a lot of things besides magic dingles that are goodly items usually ignored for a +1 to some attack.
Also, is 3.5 items open?

>> No.41354667

As for that, as well, I enjoy the warblade, as we have gotten into some serious shit together.
We ended up running into a crypt that was taken over by undead and clearing it out by ourselves with
playing in the background.

>> No.41354747

Listening to this
gave me an idea for a character for the PF-in-the-modern-world supers campaign: A caffeine junkie.

I need some pointers.
Gestalt, level 6, mythic tier 2.
One class is definitely Alchemist, but what would it mix with (no pun intended)?

>> No.41354751

So, I'm reading Spheres of Power, and I'm trying to figure out how it works.

I get the whole spheres and talents thing, and that you spend spell points to build your own spells, but how do you actually spend the spell points? Do you spend spell points to use the base ability for a Sphere, then spend another for each talent you add? I'm trying to find it in the book, but I'm not having much luck.

And is any of Drop Dead Studios' other stuff any good?

>> No.41354755

Alright, good to see this cleared up. It means the spell list I wrote up today for my character wasn't for naught then.
My final question (and I promise to leave y'all in peace after this) is regarding Bloodlines.

Picking the Arcane Bloodline, I obviously get Arcane Bond at 1st level of Sorcerer with said bloodline, the effect being a bonded item (which I hope my GM will allow to be my Halfing Sling Staff), can let me cast a known spell once a day, essentially bringing my daily allowance of any two of my learned 1st level spells up to six. Nice.

However, being a halfling gives me the favoured racial trait of "Selecting one bloodline power that is normally usable a number of times per day equal to 3 + the sorcerer's CHA mod (in this case being +5). The Sorcerer adds a number of uses of that bloodline power per day equal to half of its uses.

What does this mean for me in practice? My Arcane bond only allows for my bonded item to be used once, let alone 8 (3+5) times. None of my arcane powers are usable multiple times a day, or I'd have to do some serious grinding and leveling to get to those remote Arcane power levels that actually do. (And god help me if I put more points into CHA, because that means the modifier will only rise even higher.)

Or does it mean I should have taken a different bloodline power that is usuable multiple times a day (ie. Claws from the Abyssal Bloodline)? If that is the case then that trait is kind of wasted at this point, as I do not wish to change my current bloodline.

>> No.41354779


3.5 items are open. Our location is on an Outer Plane, and most everything is accessible as long as it is not magical (or psionic).

>> No.41354781

Barbarian. Rage, maximize strength, punch/claw/bite everything.
Plus it's pretty much the only "casting" class you can use while raging.

>> No.41354818

>most everything is accessible as long as it is not magical (or psionic).
My face, dude.
Read, choose, profit.

>> No.41354838

The halfling alternate favored class bonus does nothing for you, correct. However, you still get a favored class bonus- you'll probably be choosing either the hit point or the skill rank since the racial one is useless in your case.

Also, if you're going to take a bonded item over a familiar, you should be able to select your sling staff. Remember, though, that you'll need to have the staff in-hand to cast spells without passing a check.

>> No.41354914

Eh. When I think "coffee", I think Dexterity, not Strength. Plus, I've never been fond of the Barbarian.
Though I guess Urban Barbarian and Drunken Brute would fit thematically.

>> No.41354922

Story time has been invoked. I heed the summons.

I need to provide some context here. The Harbinger in question - Krystal - was a...unique occurrence. The campaign offered us free templates; I turned mine down in exchange for a pair of bonus feats, one to cast Commune 1/week, and another to make it so she was never extraplanar. Krystal was...mostly human. Her creation happened during a great battle between a seriously fucked-in-the-head archmage and the aleax sent to kill her. Just as the archmage possessed the aleax with a true mind switch, the gods yanked her into the heavens - and she was exposed to a mirror of opposition.

It was a lot of things to happen at the same time. Krystal was the result.

When Krystal met Razor she'd just gotten done scything down dwarves despite her attempts at diplomacy. She was frustrated, irritable, and more than a little desperate to find the prophetic shard she'd come looking for. When Razor explained its nature and purpose, Krystal didn't think, "Man, that'd be handy." She thought, "Fuck, a serial killer." She agreed to take up the blade, in part, to /contain/ it.

The relationship was rocky right from the start. The library we were searching was infested with slaad that had found the shard Krystal was looking for. Keep in mind here: Krystal was desperate, scared, and felt constantly and actively threatened. *Despite this*, she was somehow the conscience of the party. She tried to cut a deal. The Slaad turned her down; one stayed behind to fight while another ran with the shard.

It tried to surrender. Razor tried to execute it. Krystal won the battle of wills and fed the beast's weapons to the blade.


>> No.41355016

I read somewhere it was possible to let go of a staff, cast a spell, and catch it again as one standard action. Even if my GM won't allow that, it would be laughably quick simply slot it into a belt strap and then cast a spell.

Preparing it (either putting it away or taking it to hand) is essentially a free action anyway, which means I can either freely cast a normal spell (without the staff), a bonded spell (with the staff), or attack at range or melee (with the staff).

>> No.41355026

It's simple. Different Sphere abilities have different usage for spell points. Most Spheres have a base ability that requires concentration, but if you spend a spell point you can allow it to work for a certain degree of time. Other talents and abilites require the spending of spellpoints to activate, or add features to.

Basically, Imagine Spell Points to be like Ki, you use it to either enhance certain abilities, or activate special ones.

As for what other stuff they've done, they released Expanded Spheres of Power for about $5

>> No.41355118

go on....

>> No.41355136


Who has the rimepelt?

>> No.41355169

No, I think you're misunderstanding me. If you have a bonded object, casting ANY spell requires you to pass a concentration check unless you have your bonded object in-hand (or worn, if a ring/amulet). However, you only need one hand to supply the somatic components for a spell. Thus, you can hold the staff in one hand, wiggle your fingers with the other hand, and cast the spell. Moving from a one-handed grip to a two-handed grip on a weapon is a free action, so you can switch as necessary.

What I was was really trying to get at, though, is that if you lose your staff, you'll have a hard time casting. I'm not saying you're likely to lose it, since obviously you'll be guarding it carefully, but I'm just spelling it out because I've known players to miss that detail before.

>> No.41355222

If I take Synthesist Summoner, at 10th level, if I give myself Fire Immunity via Aspect, does that persist when I have my eidolon out and about?

>> No.41355250

So, you basically get them for free as-is, and only spend spell points if it says so.

I know they also have what seem to be PF conversions of some 3.5 classes (A Not!Artificer, a Not!Binder, a Not!Factotum, a Not!Favored Soul), and a couple that seem like original classes, namely the Spiritualist, which has sort of an oriental flair to it, the Vauntguard, which is a spy-themed class, and the War Dancer, which seems to be a battlefield control-focused melee class.

>> No.41355345

It really depends, although Drunken Brute is stupidly good with all the potion crafting. The main point is the ridiculous amount of stat boost stacking you can pull off.
Hell, just for fun I made an Alchemist/Barbarian who had a Con around 50 and was virtually unkillable and that was without being gestalt. You should be able to do a lot more crazy shit.

>> No.41355370

The Warlord

>> No.41355464

Do gunsmoke mystics work with the emerging guns ruleset?

>> No.41355554

Simple stat boost stacking sounds pretty boring though.

>> No.41355744

Ah, I see your point. Well, again, this only is true for those spells requiring a prop focus (and of those, they'd need to specifically be a staff-like object)

Stuff like Read Magic might have caught me with my pants down since it requires a small transluscent crystal or mineral to do so.

>> No.41355759


Needless to say, neither Razor nor Krystal were happy with each other, and she went into the pocket dimension to talk to the blade. Razor's...let's call it 'meeting room' appears as a mostly blank space, which contains a seat, a weapon rack, and a large mirror. Razor speaks to you in the form of your reflection, which moves around 'its half' of the room.

Krystal asked what the hell was up with Razor's possession attempt. Razor said the Slaad was not beaten, that it still had the will to fight, and was upset with Krystal for not striking it down (thankfully, Krystal's show of force in subduing the blade cowed the Slaad into submission).

Krystal sighed, and asked if Razor understood why she was angry - that their partnership, their friendship, had to be based on mutual trust. Razor scoffed at the idea and said that it was a tool, with Krystal as its owner.

This made Krys angrier than any of the rest of it, but she didn't shout, didn't bluster. She just told Razor that the idea was bullshit, that Razor was a sapient being deserving of respect and consideration, and if it didn't like Krys all it had to do was ask and she'd take it to someone else and pass Razor off with no ill will. But in the meantime, could Razor please not try to gank her body while she's using it?

The argument ended without really being resolved.


>> No.41355801

Is the superstitious barbarian archetype good or shit? I honestly can't tell if getting a couple DR/- is all that good.

I'm already planning on a mounted fury archetype.

>> No.41355874


>> No.41355924

>replaces utter shit ability with bonuses to intiative
>replaces weak DR with blindsense for seeing hidden things

It's good.

>> No.41355956

>I'm seeing this turning into an awesome romance story, but I'll be damned if I said I didn't want you to continue it.
Please, go on good sir. I like this sort of context in an adventure, like theres some sort of side-quest that can be completed along with the main quests of killing evil goblins and mighty overlords.

>> No.41356007

>Good sir
*tips fedora*

>> No.41356026

What PoW counters let you evade ranged attacks?
I know that there's altered penumbra from veiled moon.
What else?

>> No.41356060

Most counters that block attacks do so. Elemental Flux has arcane shield, Mithral Current's got one, iirc there's one in Tortoise. Check the level 2s, that seems to be where attack negaters go.

>> No.41356078

It's all about what you do with it. Physical stats are a lot more fun to boost than mental ones since you can do shit with them besides cast spells.

>> No.41356099


>> No.41356338

Why does the Pathfinder Society ban races from their games?

There's a group of players near me that play using the society rules and stuff, but the rules state that only races from the core rule book + kitsune, tengu, nagaji, and wayangs are legal to play.

This seems incredibly limited. I want to start playing, but I'd like to have all my options available. I'm not a fan of the standard fantasy races and only two of the advanced races sound remotely appealing.

>> No.41356360

Just checking.
alright, now what do for my last few feats/rage powers? I've never built/played a barbarian before.
I posted what I was thinking last night but it's changed a little and I got no feedback.
1: Boon companion
3: Power Attack
4: Amplified Rage
5: Superstitious, Ferocious Beast
7: Skill Focus: Ride/Mounted Combat, Witch Hunter
9: Improved Sunder, Spell Sunder
11: Snapping Flank, Greater Ferocious Beast
13: Strength Surge/?, Eater of Magic
15: ?, ?/Strength Surge
17: ?, ?
19: ?, ?
I was thinking stuff like
Greater Sunder, Destroyer's Blessing
>Rage Powers
Sunder Enchantment

but is continuing down the "sunder everything" route worth it?

my main game plan was to ride my mount towards the spellcaster, swift dismount next to them, have my mount spin around to flank them, then lay on the hurt. Skill Focus (Ride) lets me do this without having to roll a die at level 10 (assuming my armor check penalty is <= my dex mod)

>> No.41356402

The reason is likely that the other races are supposed to be exceedingly rare. PFS is all about mediocre adventurers doing shit for more powerful people that stay at home doing fuck all.

So of course you can't play a Chelish tiefling in a PFS game set in, oh, say, Varisia, but you certainly could play a Tian kitsune there!

>> No.41356439

I'm a little bit of a sperg when it comes to actually roleplaying in-character people too different from myself, so I'm considering joining a text based Pathfinder group on roll20.

I did a lot of text-RP between 2000 and 2008, so suddenly stumbling over words when trying to act out a crazy drug addicted peasentgirl in my current IRL group has really killed my motivation to play that character.

Here's hoping for not immediately magical realm text based shit.

>> No.41356464

Probably won't be; there are plenty of decent groups out there. I wish you luck.

>> No.41356527


>> No.41356561


Thanks, being a britfriend I'll definitely need luck to find a EU-based game. I'd be more comfortable with people in my age-group (22-30) so I'm going to need quite a bit of luck.

>> No.41356676

Could just make do with time zones. My game group is literally world-spanning and we somehow make it work.

>> No.41356744

reading this post and toying around with the idea made me want to make a drunken brute vivisectionist
basically the character is a washed up surgeon with a serious drinking problem and anger management issues

i was thinking of taking four levels of barbarian with the rest alchemist, so i get close to full BAB as well as grand mutagen and a 6th level extract


>> No.41356889


Well, at current I shouldn't have an issue playing a game that starts at 2AM here. I'm NEET right now, but I start University (hopefully) in October.

Has anybody any experience/advice for a (due to lack of consistent experience) new player joining a new text based group? I don't see myself as a "that guy" because I'm pretty open to stuff. If the game did enter magical realm from time to time, I wouldn't just drop out of the game unless it turned in to an ERP session, I don't make characters set out to fuck over games or parties and so on.

>> No.41356939


See if your DM allows you to get around the restriction on putting claws on your vestigial arms. If he does, take beast totem and feral mutagen for four claw attacks plus a bite.

>> No.41356990

Relax and play a character who can remain useful while staying out of the spotlight. Wis-based classes are nice for this sort of thing.

>> No.41357046


>Wis-based overly protective female fighter

I guess I could go more priest-ish.

>> No.41357076

Well, fighter 1/cleric X is a good combo if you want to be a better paladn than a paladin. But please, that's the only time you should be a fighter. A dip and done.

>> No.41357093

someone pls

>> No.41357110


yeah, I should have said martial rather than fighter. Here's hoping I can get access to PoW stuff if I manage to find a group.

>> No.41357135

Nobody knows? It doesn't 'make' somebody flat flooted, it just 'resolves' against them as if they were flatfooted, so I'm currently thinking that it wouldn't be effective against those sorts of strikes.

>> No.41357166

I make it a point to not bother with anything below T2 in retarded first party only groups.

>> No.41357517

So, I'm playing in a group with a Fighter, Slayer, and some sort of variant Druid that lacks Wild Shape. My character is a Vizier, Path of the Seer to be exact. In other words, we have a slight variant on the typical Fighter/Mage/Cleric/Rogue concept.

Any advice for being a good team player, at least from a tactical perspective?

>> No.41357626

help your allies and hinder your enemies

>> No.41357913

New thread:

>> No.41357953


Far as I interpret it, you can use Clockwatcher to no-sell the "versus flat-footed AC" aspect of the maneuvers, but it doesn't protect you from any other part of the maneuver more than normal.

>> No.41358013

But why? See >>41357135
They aren't being made flatfooted (like in, say, Solar Wind's Phantom Wind Ray Boost) where 'removing' the condition would be possible, they're just stuck having their flatfooted AC resolved. As far as I can tell, it's Clockwatcher that's getting the no-sell.

>> No.41358180

Still incorrect. You're a better Holy Warrior than a Paladin, but you are specifically not a better Paladin than a Paladin.

Also get a better DM, you cuntwagon.

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