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Are dice prices fair?

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Dice are cheap as shit. What could be unfair about the price?

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That's like asking if the price for ice cream is fair. It fucking depends you dumb cunt.

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They're cheap as dirt, where the hell do you live that you have to pay an exorbitant amount for dice?

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idk do you feel like molding your own?

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Are you willing to buy them?

Could you start a business selling them cheaper while still making a profit worth your time?

If the answers to those are yes and no, then they are fair.

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>They're cheap as dirt

Where I come from, they're like 16$ for a single tube. That's almost a month's worth of allowance for a kid from a modest background. Seems a tad excessive for small plastic cubes.

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>Seems a tad excessive for small plastic cubes.
>Could you start a business selling them cheaper while still making a profit worth your time?

Production and distribution costs may be hidden from you, but production of little plastic things is enough of a free market that dice ought to end up not too far from equilibrium price.

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If you need a lot fast try a pound-o-dice. around 40-50 Canadian dollars on amazon but you get around 100 for them.

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My local game store sells individual dice for 50 cents, so you can get your standard seven-piece set for 3.50, plus an extra two quarters for that second d6.

That said, it's from a segmented bin that hasn't been refreshed in years, so the only sets left in it are the ugliest ones that no one wants. Still, getting all the dice you really need for less than $5 means that if you download the rulebooks, roleplaying winds up being one of the cheapest hobbies you can devote yourself to.

If you want one of those packaged sets of 7 dice, they're sold for $10, which is a lot just for six dice, but you're guaranteed to get exactly what you want. It's sort of a vanity thing, since it's all just a matter of choosing s color you like, but even then it's still not breaking the bank for something that can provide years of entertainment. I still have the dice from my very first set which I got nearly two decades ago.

If you're a gambling person, you can always buy one of those $20 pound of dice that they sell online, which is typically enough dice to provide for you and like, ten players. With luck, you might actually get some really nice sets.

I bought one of those bags of 100 dice, and wound up with three really nice sets, and a couple okay ones, and four of the ugliest sets I had ever seen. They were so ugly, that they were perfect for "loner" dice for players who forgot their dice at home.

So, altogether, you can get different dice for different prices, and if all you want is functional dice, they're pretty fairly priced. There's expensive dice out there, but those are premium dice, and only worth it if you really, really like them.

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Bag-o-dice sort of deals ensure that you'll always get dice for cheap if all you want is dice regardless of any other factors.

I did end up paying a bigger sum since I wanted specific dice, and it was hard as fuck to find them in any other form than single pieces. These weren't even some special novelty dice or anything, just a type that was not available that abundantly.

Hell, just spent a few days browsing the web to find a set of 12mm black D6s with red pips and red D6s with black pips for a price that wasn't totally insane. Finding specific types can, at times, be very time consuming and might not be as cheap as buying the lot of generic bag-o-dice or something.

And why the fuck doesn't anyone else make scatter dice besides GW? Their big scatter/artillery dice take a good portion of space in my dice tin. And what fucking size are those dice anyway, they're bigger than 16mm but not as big as 18mm. Is 17mm even a dice size? Would kill for some 16mm scatter dice that didn't cost crazy money.

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You can buy indented dice designed to affix stickers on for pennies, along with a 100 sheets of sticker paper for inkjet printers for about 20 bucks.

Basically, create your own custom dice.

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I don't understand how any good person could think that putting a price on chance is acceptable behaviour. Man must learn to stop overstepping his bounds.

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I acually kind of like mega-ugly dice. They have character, and you can bet your ass that motherfucking Steve won't be "accidentally" pocketing your dice at the end of the night again when your dice look like solidified clown vomit.

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>Man must learn

Me am play God!

1. Never pay over US$0.25ea for any dice, ever.
2. Enjoy the effects of individual agency within a Free Market.
3. ???
4. /thread

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My favorite set of ugly dice are actually pretty simple in how offensive they are.

They're just the deep, unrestrained yellow color of a hazmat container, with really thin and ugly black numbers in some ungodly font that taught me I could learn to hate a font. When you put them alongside subtly marbled dice, or carefully coordinated speckled dice, or transparent crystal-like dice, they stick out like bagpipes in an orchestra.

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Anyone here ordered dice from Chessex? Plan to order some customs I can multipurpose as tokens.

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I ordered the pound of dice bag off amazon years ago for $20ish bucks

I am never in want of dice again.

comes with one guaranteed matching set.

you're going to get weird looking mishmash colors but I bought them because I need dice.

if you absolutely must have pretty matching sets, get them set by set.

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What kind of shithole do you live in?

>> No.41334886

Don't have a printer. And fuck sticker dice.

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Probably Canada. All my town's LGSs sells tubes (D4, D8, D10, D12, D20 and 2 D6s) for $12.

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/tg/ please help.
My luck recently has been terrible. I fear I have upset my dice, or that they still bear a grudge against me from a long time ago. Whatever the err, I wish to discern what it is so that I can correct it as quickly as possible.

What must I do to earn their respect?

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It's still 20 bucks too. I've been meaning to pick it up for a few weeks now

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>Slay the BBEG of your current campaign with nothing but 1's and 2's

>> No.41337161

Swallow and pass them. Only through pain can you be absolved.

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>What must I do to earn their respect?


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Always stick with your dice. I had a friend who had bad luck like you and abandoned his dice for new ones. His luck followed him. Believe in your dice and the dice gods will reward you for they are testing your faith!!!

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Does that mean that I can't buy new dice?
But there's so pretty, all of them. And then they won't be in sets anymore.

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I should say, ADDITIONAL new dice. I still have my old ones and I'm not going to abandon them. I would never do that.

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You can buy new dice but only after the test of faith is finished. I have gone through this test before. The dice will give you the worst luck you could imagine but you must stay strong. after it's over they will give you amazing luck. I make 80% of my 5+ terminator invuls so trust me.

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>Drop the $20 and buy the amazon bundle
>Rip the bag open and roll them on a large surface
>Only pick the worthy ones who show the highest possible value

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Your kind make me sick. You must nurture the dice so that they can grow up to roll well. I bet you don't even pray to the dice gods.

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They are if you aren't an idiot.

>> No.41337504


The only Dice god that remained true is the based d8 god, solid rolls for the past 4 months and no signs of stopping.

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This plebe doesn't worship the blessed god of d6's. he doesn't the know true power of dice.

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>d6 =1/6 chance in rolling a 1
>d8 = 1/8 chance in rolling a 1

Simple math bro. Your god is more likely to let you down.

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Apparently if you drop your dice in really salty water the float with the number they're biased to at the top. You could always abuse that.

>> No.41337828

>d6 = 1/6 chance to roll a 6
>d8 = 1/8 chance to roll an 8

It seems my god brings me luck more often then yours. Where's your "math" now heretic?

>> No.41337900

Not my dice, is the problem. Just dice in general. Other people's dice, too.
Maybe I'm just paranoid, but in roll-offs and things like that, I keep getting the short end of the stick and I worry I have slighted the gods somehow

>> No.41337902

My god never lets me down, but then again, I don't expect much from them.

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I know that set.

I had a guy in my group who used them unironically. They were god damn impossible to read.

I think he had them for fudging/lying about dice rolls.

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I have a few dice I really like.

The first is a pair of d6, green and yellow speckled with bright orange dots.

I also gave a die where the faces are a soft green with black dots while the edges are white

I've got a red wooden die with gold painted spots

my favorite though is a clear blue d6 with no numbering on it. I use it as a marker.

my least favorite is some GW dice I was given once as a gift. I floated them in water and found nearly all of them had a strong bias.

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How sentimental are you guys about your dice? I have the first d20 I ever owned made into a necklace that I wear daily, without fail. It is an orange one that came with the Star Wars miniatures battles starter kit. I still have the first set of hideous Chessex red and green swirled dice that I ever bought, and I have them in heavy rotation because they were "the first" even though they roll like shit.

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I can only order online due to the $25 price tag on a tube of good d10s or d20s. Most of the time I just make my own to ave the hassle.

>> No.41340772

Not very. My dice tend to get lost. I have a standard tube of blue dice I've had for a four or five years but I'm not really attached to them. Like if they disappeared tomorrow I wouldn't miss them. Most games I play these days seem to us d6s mostly anyways.

>> No.41341008

>dice coming in tubes

Is this a canadian thing? Like how their milk comes in bags?

>> No.41341076

Most sets of RPG dice I've bought in the US(d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20) have come in tubes.

>> No.41341135


Really? Weird. What brand do you buy? I've only ever really seen chessex in local gamestores, and they always come in those rectangular plastic boxes.

>> No.41341225

Not sure what the brand is. It's just a clear tube with a red cap.

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This is a factor of the traditional gaming industry itself, where we keep an archaic model just to prop up business. I can tell you they have a bare minimum 250% markup on the LGS shelf from what they would cost if manufacturers did direct sales. I worked at a distributor, and the basis of the distribution model inflates the middleman profit required as you'd expect. Manufacturers establish the suggested retail prices, then sell at about 50% that to distributors, then to the LGS, then to the end consumer. This is different to say, Walmart where they'll restock Coca-Cola directly from the manufacturer rather than the regional Cola Baron who hordes every brand of cola and is the make-or-break for new cola brands with pushing stores to carry particular new brands or handling their promotionals as industry professional salesmen. Many if not most other industries have already moved on to more direct sales or are moving to direct sales because this isn't the early 20th century still and we've got both universal marketplaces and fantastic shipping infrastructure and less frontal salesmen tactics... or their brand is just established enough outright to do so. However, the tabletop gaming market is small and fragile and most manufacturers would rather sell some moderate volume to speculative middle-men than attempt direct sales in a saturated market and potentially fail completely. It's a gentlemen's agreement with stores not to undercut them, because the manufacturer could totally fuck over storefronts but at the same time manufacturers could fall into obscurity without the exposure by storefronts and distributors. Nobody quite wants to upset this... yet.

Anyway, you're getting ripped off to prop up the stability of the games industry and prop up local stores because the industry is too small and kinda volatile. Figure it's a 25-50% tax rate on everything you buy at the LGS.

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I feel like LGS's now are mostly like gaming clubs. They offer some tables to play games and instead of buying a membership or something you buy the slightly marked up goods there (although my LGS sells at suggested retail price for everything).

>> No.41341604

>only slightly marked up

When people bitch about Games Workshop prices, remember they don't go through distributors. They sell directly to game stores. You look at a 50$ other vs a 50$ Gamesworkshop box, at *least* 25$ of the other did not even go towards it's parent company. Gamesworkshop actually takes home a bigger slice on top of charging more in the first place.

Then realize you're only comparing the two in the first place only because of the markup on the distributor model. It's GW levels of gouging. Literally.

>> No.41341629

Well I mean not marked up compared to whatever the manufacturer suggests it be sold at. Doesn't GW sell to brick and mortar stores for like half of the retail price? In theory LGS's could sell the kits for 75 percent of the suggested retail value and probably make a profit right?

>> No.41341709

>LGS's could sell the GW kits for 75 percent of the suggested retail value and probably make a profit right?
Yes, in fact most LGS already sell 70-80% MSRP for Games Workshop because of the direct distributor model. Games Workshop is just that much more expensive in the first place.

>Well I mean not marked up compared to whatever the manufacturer suggests it be sold at.

That IS the markup. Literally MSRP is the markup. They set it for the gentlemen's agreement with the middle men in mind such that they can still make profit. Games Workshop's MSRP is actually too high for their distribution efficiency because they're retarded, hence they get sold at least 20% discount pretty much everywhere.

>> No.41341713

from what I've read it depends on how well they behave from GW's eyes

some brick and mortars might buy wholesale for 50% MSRP, while others without game tables or caught selling new releases early might buy at 80% MSRP

>> No.41341791

Well with the cost of rent in Hawaii I can forgive them for selling at MSRP. Most places around here that aren't chain stores charge above MSRP usually.

>> No.41341859

The whole point of everything about me posting is going over everyone's heads apparently.

Forget about the LGS and local conditions. I'm talking about everything you don't directly see or experience. Everything under the hood about getting that game box to your store. MSRP isn't set for the store in this industry, it's set for the distributors. It's the markup cost of this business still in the dark ages of retail.

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Im pretty sure not even games workshop overcharges for dice.

>> No.41341914

>27 dice for 8.25 usd
holy shit I am shocked

I thought for sure after the 40 usd die rolling cup their dice would be more expensive then that

from my experience though GW dice are ultra-low quality. Expect bias and poorly formed dice.

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I actually just found the distributor that all the LGS must buy from around here in Hawaii via Google. Of course they refuse to sell to the general public though. This really is a fucked up archaic system in the age of the internet isn't it?

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>TFW 36 for 6-7$ for Chessex at LGS

So many mini-d6.

GW d6 are actually pretty crap.

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Here's what you have to do:
Befriend a worker there
Have them buy things at employee discount for you
Gift them craft beer to meet the discount half way

My discount came to just 10% over what we buy for. Convert the next 15% into booze and I'll get you anything you like.

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I only own 3 GW dice. I don't even know how, one day I just found them in my dicebag.

One of them in a clear yellow scatter die, and it has an enormous bubble on the inside. I have to doubt it would be a fair die if such things mattered for it.

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>40% off current retail prices
>In a world without distributors

Fuck. How do we get rid of them?

>> No.41342062

I've seen 3rd party companies charge as much as seven dollars for a single scatter die

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I like wooden dice, especially wooden dice with painted pips. I've never seen any companies make wooden dice that weren't bland stained wood cubes of a massive size though.

>> No.41342202

I dislike wooden dice.

They're too lightweight, and too warm. They feel cheaper than plastic even.

>> No.41342260

I like the light weight as it feels easier to get a good roll out of them.

While wood is a natural and may vary, I've floated enough chessex and GW dice as well as seen videos of chessex dice being cut in half to know that they are made way more cheaply then they seem.

>> No.41342336

There's $0.20 dice and $8 dice. You buy the ones you want.

I have a set of 40mm white-on-black marble dice. They were $1 and are great for giving emphasis to a grandilocuent character's rolls.

>> No.41342428

That's not a word.

>> No.41342497

It is, but it's grandiloQuent.
Don't know if I'm bothered more by bad spelling or by ignorance.

>> No.41342620

... My dad had that set since before I was born.

>I used them for his homebrew system when I was 6.
>They rolled AMAZING

He got it in a dice box that came with a variety of sets. It also came with a set of white with black numbers, black with white, black with red, clear with black, and I think maybe more? It came with 4 pip d6s each of white with black, black with white, and black with red, aswell. I think it came from the same company he got all his pewter miniatures, too. Can't for the life of me remember the name.

And that is the d20 I used when playing 3.5 with my brother in high school. What's with people in this thread talking about my childhood dice?

>> No.41342637

Oh god, I remembered one more set it came with. The same yellow, with WHITE numbers. It was WORSE.

>> No.41342707

I have these horrible transparent, yellow-with golden flakes dice which are nigh impossible to read.

I've used them for years, and plan on keeping them.
Out of the original 36, only 32 remains. My friends have been trying to hide the dice for me and similar silly things, but they always come back.

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Your god is a simple one, anon.

Sort of like a kind house wife...

>> No.41342739

If you're getting an allowance you're not from a modest background. Also you dont need to buy shit tons of dice there are digital options so if you were really desperate for money you wouldnt use them

>> No.41342793

Ive always had legenday bad luck in my group so we made a day of me rolling everybodys dice like 100 times and taking the average. I dont remember exactly the numbers but I know my stats were something like
but I still love my dice as they always have the quirkiest way of pulling through for me.

>> No.41342841

>If you're getting an allowance you're not from a modest background.

I don't know why, but well-off people can't stop talking about how modest they are.

>> No.41342873

I don't know about you, but I don't think modest is synonym for poor as dirt.

>> No.41342874

I ordered dice online from gamestation and my order is still processing after a week.

Does anyone got anything on this place?

>> No.41342896

d8 and d20 are both above average, d4 isn't horrible. The rest suck, yeah.

>> No.41342897

Modest living means money is tight not
>mommy and daddy couldnt buy me my on brand cereal this week

>> No.41343069

Modest living means living modest.

Giving your child allowance is not modest.
Having them work jobs for money is modest.

Spending more than you need is not modest.

I grew up in a broken down mobile home with poor as shit parents. I worked my ass off to save money for video games and consoles. Being broke as shit did not make me modest.

>> No.41343126

A modest living means you don't spend money ostentatiosly. No fancy car, the house isn't any bigger than needed, furniture is plain and cheap, jewelry is cheap and sparse if existant at all. Needs are met, wants are kept low, but still met to a degree. Can either mean just doesn't like spending lots of money, or money is /somewhat/ tight. Either way, 20 bucks to a kid isn't a big deal.

If someone can't afford a deviation of $20 from their spending budget, they are, infact, poor. Not modest.

If your parents didn't give you an allowance when you were a kid (or didn't get you something once in a while inplace of that), they (a) were poor, (b) were cheap, (c) just thought you would waste it, (d) didn't think you earned it.

Many parents of modest homes give their children an allowance as a reward for consistently doing chores, school work and keeping things tidy.

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Canadafag here, I've seen both chessex dice and the tube dice, have a set of each the chessex ones are white numbers on black, the other ones are black and green, they almost look like rocks. Apparently the tube dice are by koplow games in hull Massachusetts.

>> No.41347557

Dice, at least through Internet vendors, are criminally cheap.

This is excluding CUHRAYZEE dice, with certain attributes or fabrication processes that would make them expensive.

If you roll the dice for 5000 trials, you will see luck and curse dissipate in the long-term grind.

>> No.41347575

Where can I get schematic for sweet LEGO brick dice tower?

>> No.41348826

>almost a months worth of allowance for an average kid.
Dude you need a cost of living increase, or better yet an actual job. I have been self funding my plastic crack habit since I was fourteen because I wasn't a dumbass. I am now almost 30 and it feels great. Also if you can't get a job because everywhere around you 'doesn't hire minors,' you aren't looking hard enough.

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