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The OP wont leave for the doctors edition
>hello and welcome! first we will go over simple rules..
>roll d20's for actions (research XX tech or scout X) and roll d100's for ideas (how about we start a religion/philosophy) etc
>since i dont think its very busy right now we will start with 2-3 people, and i will be going by a maximum of 3 "rolls" (most likely will go with the highest one or do something more unique)
>i will be going until i get tired/no one is playing anymore

Population<Adults:15(including mother)
Housings and or buildings<Ocean Cave
Food<10 turns
Tech<retractable claws,egg breeding
Items< strange white liquid
Diplomacy<strange mer-people-acquaintance
Evolutions->retractable claws,gills
Queenmother->adapted spawning,gills
Cobalt->Hero insect,(give him a special evolution, he looks like a hercules beetle)
Drones->non intelligent basic life of the insects, can resemble anything
Ladybugs->Evolved brain,gills
Landeaters->digger claws, gills

Last time you guys have decided to research and study the “white goop” in the bucket, and with that the drones take it the queen mother….(you haven’t rolled for this yet)
Meanwhile, your scouts are reported that the naga have found you and would like to talk to your leader and they mean no harm…”this time” they say
Your tunnelers have finished the home completely and now you may fit many more into your population-Queenmother already getting started on brooding

what do you want to do now?

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its been about an hour and no one has posted, im letting this die out unless people want to play

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