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Is that code for Lyoko?

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Reiterating question from the previous thread. I'm a fair bit a fan of the Outlaw Star setting but I have no illusions that someone might know the setting WAY better than me, so i'd rather have a clear answer and correct myself accordingly than go on a false assumption.

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Bottle Street woes +200
Rolled a three 20+3 = 23 years old
Resourceful- 100
Shadow Walker free for Whaler
Shamed -200 discounted for Whaler
Roof Hopping -50
immune -100
Basic kit Free for everyone.
Coinage free for everyone
Bone charm: tough skin free
Bone charm:Unnerving Target II -50
Roof Hopping -50
Potions bag-50
Stealth Gear-50
Watch Gear -50

#Oh hell no , I never approved this script! What the fuck is happening! First, this rat scum cancer fuck who goes by the outrageously edgelord name of the outsider kidnaps me then every time I try to fix the world. He unleashes something worse? You can't even solve anything with the right amount of smashing! . I have to Go along with the plot and be all subtle and sneaky this isn't me at all!! takes fifty years for me to get rid of the corruption and get Emily on to the throne, but I've got the second-best assassin I've ever met helping, the ability to know where I need to go to do what I need to do and an army the likes of which this world has never seen FUCK you outsider FUCK you. As for the mark, I use on softcap and it goes to, Tina, RJ, TJ, painwheel, Mars, the retainers, Monique and mother box.#

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It totally is; I'm working on a jump for it now.

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Two questions for the Nanoha Jump maker:

1: The errata section says that perks that boost magic are counted as a rank of potential.
If you take Loli's with Mechs, would perks that boost SCIENCE! do that instead?

2: Why are Control Problems required at SS Rank?
The only mage I can remember who has such issues is Hayate, and those (Plus, at the start, her tendency to blow up devices) seem like they could come from her linker core being fused with Reinforce Eins’s.

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Is this how you spend your days? Taking a hammer to whatever you deem a problem, deigning to only deal whenever there is profit and pleasure to be had? With every step you take, you create ripples and waves, striding forward with no regard to those around you. You can claim the side of 'justice' all you want... but that's not what I see.

And that scowl on your face. Why the glare, 'heroic' one? You claim you want to improve the world, but you scorn those who suggest you improve yourself. How can things become better if the source refuses to move forward?

It's a sad tale, really. He who fights monsters... and I've seen this tale enough times to be uninterested by the outcome.

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>You can't even solve anything with the right amount of smashing!

It's like there's a thing called PLOT NUANCES involved that make it more complicated than a fucking Neanderthal can understand.

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Outlaw Star Wiki says Ether is infinite on the dragonite page. I see nothing wrong.

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It's not required, you can pay an extra cost to have no control problems.

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From what I remember of the show, magic wasn't being used much anymore because the Either had become really weak. However, we still see experience spell casters (The pirates and the mages on the hotsprings planet.) use magic without any issue, so It may be that the either was being overtaxed from all the dragonite being used.

This is just my theory though, I'd go read more about the setting to be sure. Oh, and you could also check out Angel Links, it's set in the same universe as Outlaw Star so there may be more info there.

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But why do I need to pay to remove a problem that I shouldn’t have?

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Careful there. You might give him a migraine trying to understand it.


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It's basically a replacement for a former SSS rank, and it's basically paying to have to potential to be the strongest at magic period.

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Have not seen Angel Links, so I might take the opportunity to do so when my backlog is more clear. Big O definitely has higher priority..

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>how much weaker in the movies

In the movies they can be killed by beheading them but this is never an option in the books. The books make it very clear that you have to incapacitate and then have fire destroy their bodies.

Twilight vampires are really, really strong. In a way it's ridiculous. There is no way for a normal human to kill one of them: their skin deflects bullets and is described as diamond-like, they can run faster than sound, they are 'thousands of times stronger than a human' according to Meyer, etc. You're basically dealing with a bunch of physical demigods.

Honestly, did you expect something else from Meyer?

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Really then tell me why , I cured the weepers With my orbital Von Neuman Body Cop nanomachine bombs That stupid cult started another revolution? Or how Grainy rags came Literally out of the shadows and stole her away When I resurrected the Empress. When we first met, I told you I am the jumper. I am the death and rebirth of stories, You took me to a broken place And I tried to fix it So that everyone could have their happy ending,Were it not for your obsession with drama , a new tale could have been Told. And yes I am As a hammer,I am the hammer that demolishes the old order and I am the hammer that pounds in the nails of new structure. Whenever I tried to change something you killed it,You claim to set things up and watch them happen, but you had as much a hand in these events as anyone,. Why don't you just go public and make your own story You hypocrite.

Do not trouble me again,My patron Is your equal And she dislikes having to share her toys.

>> No.41283484 [DELETED] 

Nothing a few seconds of unexpected super heated plasma bath can't fix. Especially if teleported into an enclosed space full of it. Not even bones would be left I imagine.

>> No.41283541

>I am the hammer that demolishes the old order and I am the hammer that pounds in the nails of new structure.

I doubt the structural integrity of anything made by your hands, in all honesty. Especially when you've tried to make bigger things on even shakier ground - your combos for example.

>> No.41283561

How would they cope with suddenly being enveloped in a cloud of super heated plasma in an enclosed space?

>> No.41283602

So, jumpers. Discussion question. How do you look? What's your favorite alt-form, what clothes do you wear, hell even tell us what your base form looks like.
Post pictures if you got 'em.

Feel free to go into autistic detail. It's more interesting to read a lot of text rather then a little.

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That would do it. Your only hindrance could be their spidey-sense. They seem to be capable of 'sensing' danger, especially when it could pose a threat. Sometimes, this even worked subconsioucly before they could detect the threat themselves which is remarkable since they also have miles of range on most of their senses.

I'm still thinking everything out myself because it's pretty clear that Meyer intended for them to be unstoppable mary sues and even so went completely overboard in how strong they made them. There is literally no reason for them to not have taken over the world and enslaved humanity... Meyer implies the vampires would lose but she should've thought of that before she gave them diamond bodies, greater than sound speed, car throwing strength and miles of range on all their senses. Oh, and they also have you-wont-believe-it's-not-magic magic powers...

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>MFW reading this bullshit.

>> No.41283704

Mainly just a tall somewhat skinny person who wears pants, a black shirt, a brown coat on rainy or cold days, and a military cap. I am a simple person who likes wearing simple things.
I do get a lot of criticism about my sense of fashion though.

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twilight is bullshit.

>> No.41283810

I wonder. Is a hammer all you care for? You praise the hammer of change, the hammer of destruction... but with every strike, you break what you try to fix, causing it all to fall into pieces. Pieces you justify by claiming they weren't needed. But we've heard this story before.

Is your proclaimed power so mighty that you feel it unnecessary to change yourself? Or are you scared, all too aware that taking your own hammer to yourself will leave you broken. ...maybe you already have, and the hammer is all you know.

One claim remains certain. You truly are the death of stories.

Try not to miss the nails on your coffin with your favored tool.

>> No.41283897

Did someone say drama? I love drama! Let me lend a hand!

>> No.41283900

>and the jump is a trap

There is nothing in the perks except for Our Monsters Are the Same that make being a Mythbuster even remotely survivable. What you going to do with that flamethrower? Hit that vampire going faster than humans can see? Even if you succeed, he'll run at the speed of sound and exinguish the fire...

Too bad Our Monsters Are the Same is such a great perk.

>> No.41283938

This is how my base form looks,My favorite form is my ultimate war form , which is a combination of The majority of my altforms Put together with This is in fact my final form from From Sword art online

It's a Hekatonkheires With gleaming metallic Scales with streaming faces for skin, mindwitnesses With drill Pompadours for Each of his fifty heads And ant antennae.
Each of His fingers and His feet Are chainsaws,
except for his middle fingers which are missiles
On each forearm is the guns from a Landkreuzer P. 1000 "Ratte"
Each of the smaller eyes from His heads spits forth warp fire in the manner of a Warhammer 40K navigator.
Over his shoulders is a spike shell Like a Chesnaught,Only the spikes are crystal like space Godzilla From having absorbed space Godzilla with the consumption perk in the Godzilla jump.
The humanoid body is is very muscular in a " practical strength" way As opposed to a " competitive bodybuilder" way.
Your stories are terrible outsider,They Would have deserved to die So that their corpses could've fertilized the beautiful world. I was trying to plant. And In Any case you're forgetting your relentless interference forced me to play your game,And yes I have Taken this hammer to myself many, many times,Almost nothing of The Self I was running away from remains,but the running Continues, such is being a jumper.

>> No.41283948

well since they would have traditional weakness in our monsters are the same why not throw down some rice, or coax them into attacking you while in sunlight, or perhaps burn them with silver?

>> No.41283987

>Almost nothing of The Self I was running away from remains

I dunno, the attitude still remains - that you can take something someone else made and make it 'so much better.'

Your hammer never made that story - it took someone else to inject a little bit of conflict that you tried to smash out again.

>> No.41284011

Sooooooo, nasuverse interrupt.

In Kara no Kyoukai I took "Metempsychosis" as my Origin and "Change" as my Element. Would it be to possible to have a Reality Marble that functions like Nrvnqsr's, but affecting my spiritual core instead and letting me devour other people's souls, cleansing and integrating them into myself? if so, would I just be able to practice Magecraft using their alignments, or would I be able to increase my magical potential?

>> No.41284124

>implying it's a trap
>implying the vampires would think of that solution

Nobody in that universe is known for being clever, not really - everyone makes several should-be-fatal blunders, and even the average ex-neckbeard coming straight from Pokemon is likely to be a lot smarter than the vast majority of the vampire population from just common sense.

>> No.41284133

Like a green haired younger gentleman in odd robes. I tend to look irritatingly cheerful, because why wouldn't I be? I generally carry a backpack filled with candy and various souvenirs. Not "Picked up a Nuke" Souvenirs either, Tourist Trap Souvenirs.

>> No.41284157

>Your hammer never made that story - it took someone else to inject a little bit of conflict that you tried to smash out again.

while I concede that conflict makes for fine fiction,What the outsider Was starting a Civil War. Never forget that when you jump those around you,Even those Who are not your companions Are people just as valid as you are,I had a moral obligation to try and make things better. Power and responsibility are directly Proportionate.

>> No.41284196

Huh, so you finally admit that you could never make something of your own without building upon another's work?

>> No.41284279

I concede that I haven't yet, that doesn't mean I've stopped trying.

>> No.41284304

>How do you look?
Picture related, I suppose. At least, when I am not on a shapeshifting trip or compelled to change form by a setting.

>favorite alt-form
That's... A toss up. Between fox/kitsune and a dragon. AI is up there as well, if it counts as one.

Although Final Form does make things blurry at times.

With that perk from Darkstalkers and shapeshifting in general, I honestly never wore same clothes ever again. Until Kill La Kill, that is. Although Kamui enjoys being just as malleable.

Ah, but the problem is - it is the smallest thing that always hurts most.

And it never goes away. Not until you die. Completely.

While the idea is sound, consider the following - what would awakening such an Origin do to you? That sounds like a fast road to ending what you know as yourself.

>> No.41284330

This is Jumpchain. The whole point is that you are a Hero? Who builds His/Her Legend on the powers of others, combining them to make something more. Quite frankly, there are few Jumps where you truly have your own power (Mainly Fate/Servant and Jojo's Stand.) The important part is changing the story's for the better with your borrowed power's.

>> No.41284431

Jump (38) - Soul Eater

Title "Jelly-Jelly-Jelly super JELLYFISH MAGIC!"

roll//6- Witch's Realm
Jellyfish Witch(200)
roll//8- Age 16

The Face(freebie)
Wavelength Communication(300)
Portal Manifestation(freebie for Witch)
Levitation(400) (discount for Witch)
Magic Manipulation(freebie for Witch)
Grigori Soul(1000)
Uplift(1400) (discount for Witch)

Pointy Witch Hat(freebie for Witch)
Animal Familiar, Jellyfish!(freebie for Witch)

Think of the Children(1300)

If I am going to be a Witch, I might as well go all out. So I made myself a Sorcerer in all but name with a Grigori Soul and the ability to wield Demon Weapons. I also took Excalibur because he is still a Great Old One and I will challenge him to a battle of annoyance: "rattle-an-encyclopedic-amount-of-jellyfish-factoids-hours-on-end-with-no-end-in-sight-SUPER TECHNIQUE"

I do not expect and do not want to make a real difference in the story because I am pretty fine with the way things will go. If I do get involved I would rather be the child-protecting, jellyfish-obsessed slapstick Witch than a witching plot-solution.

Jellyfish magic is going to involve invisibility/blending (=like how Jellyfish appear to be in water), status effects (=like how there is nothing worse in life than to step on jellyfish on the beach because you forgot to wear sandals even though your mother kept nagging you about it but in the end you did not really care and now you feel stupid) and some water (= jellyfish live in water)?

This also means I have to buy a gender change in the next jump because I was female here?

Did I make a mistake by ignoring the Demon Weapon side of Soul Eater?... I could always make some later I figured...

>> No.41284458

>How do you look?
Like I do in the real world, but slightly more attractive.

>What's your favorite alt-form?
My human form is my favorite, but my favorite alt-form is a huge dragon.

>What clothes do you wear?
T-shirts with simple designs on them, and jeans.

I am not very flashy.

>> No.41284469

Might be stretching that anon. I am no hero I am just a traveler is nothing more than a passerby and just wishes to explore.

>> No.41284505

There was a question mark. Meaning that you might not want to be hero, but I didn't want to write the whole moral spectrum. I'm more of a tourist anyway.

>> No.41284542

Ah my mistake I thought that was a exclamation mark not a question mark. I am stupid for missing that.

>> No.41284557

Sparkly-pires can be killed though, pretty easily in fact.

The venom that flows through their veins instead of blood is highly flammable, that's why tearing them apart and setting them on fire is so effective.

Yes, they have venom, and it replaces all their bodily fluids. It's what turns a human into a vampire. They need to bite someone and NOT eat them, but instead give the venom about 3 days time to transform the human. It's described as the worst pain imaginable and will cause people to legitimately beg for death just to get it to stop.

Anyways, an Anti-Material Rifle firing armor-piercing incendiary rounds should do the trick nicely. Their bodies are like hard stone, so anything .50 cal and above should penetrate them nicely. Plasma weaponry would also work really well.


>> No.41284581

>Buying a gender change in the next jump

I picked up a perk to deal with that fairly early on, but I personally would be totally cool with a fanwank/homerule that says taking an origin that swaps your sex lets you swap back for free at the end of the jump. I don't see that giving someone too much of an advantage, so I don't think it's that harmful a rule.

>> No.41284589

The me at the end of Pokemon was a coward emotionally dependent on a fox, and he died. The me at the end of Infamous was the heart of a group of national heroes, and he died. The me at the end of JoJo was a prick undergoing a mid-life crisis, and he died. The me at the end of Resident Evil was...someone I don't want to be again, and he lived. I already became someone else, and I will become else in the future. Such an origin would simply help me accept and realize it.

>> No.41284610

I know, that person is still in there still influencing my mind, still somewhere at the bottom of my soul sending his tendrils towards the me I am.I have no chance of escaping him.

All I can do is show to myself the The ways in which he was lacking are not the way in which I am lacking now.

>> No.41284634

Unusually close to my current appearance. Stuff just generally made more extreme though. I'm a tall, relatively thin, pale guy who comes to be taller, thinner and paler.

Wouldn't change my general appearance all that much either really, maybe just some minor tweaks here and there. Hair and eye colour can change on a whim but generally settle on black and gold respectively. Gold is subject to change though depending on how common that's likely to be in the setting, if everyone knows I'm magical it's fine, if not it turns to a less striking amber or brown.

Clothes are pretty varied, depends on the setting. Wear a lot of black and white. Basically whatever is fitting though really, I'm not one for sticking out too much and don't really use appearance perks as much as I could.

Lots of stuff ended up being magpie themed. Always had a lot of magpies in the tree outside my window as a kid and always liked the birds. Took it as my sigil. As a result it ends up with a lot of bird stuff when it comes to more elaborate costumes and armour. Plague doctor stuff is neat and can be high or low tech. I like the big round goggles as well.

>> No.41284705

Or just keep your new sex. I don't get Jumpers sometimes - you're willing to turn yourself into another species, a robot, or a genetically-engineered abomination, but the other sex is one step too far?

>> No.41284711

To the brave and heroic souls who stood in the face of Bleach until the very end, I'd really appreciate some help.

I believe the mange is finished or close to finished already so which background or build would you advise for someone with very little knowledge of Bleach who'd rather not take huge risks? I heard Fullbringers were just flavours of the week and Quincies became the fancy snowflakes? Arrancars have long been forgotten and Soul Reapers are still background characters to Ichigo? It all sounds very complicating and I don't think it's wise to blindly jump into a shounen...

>> No.41284731

But in the end, does the Chain define you? Does it really, to such an extent as to overwrite everything you were?

Oh no, Tera. You ARE that person.

And is exchanging some lackings for other lackings really what one should strive to do?

>> No.41284792

Penis>Vagina. No, I'm not going /d/ so I really want to stay male. I'd also insist on having enormous breasts if I stayed female to literally rub them in the faces of flatties and hide weapons between them. Again, a simple male is preferable to being a tity-abomination.

>> No.41284804

5' 6" Italian American with black hair, a bit of a chevron mustache and not-quite-goatee in base standard normal human form (Clean shave when inclined though). A good bit of muscle on them since they work with heavy machinery and such frequently over the course of the jump.

Fairly similar appearance in kitsune in human guise (Perhaps a bit more lithe and such) but with 100% more fluffy tail and ears.

When i'm not bothering with the disguises and such in kitsune form? bear sized red fox of multiple tales. Nothing terribly remarkable apart from size really. Maybe a few red facial markings, but i'm no where near as vain as that one demon lord.

Beastman form: See kitsune disguised form. Add back muscle. Also only one tail, and generally a more fierce looking in the facial features with no facial hair.

Atire: General go-to attire depends on the setting for the most part. Though generally it's ordinary street clothes. Dark stalkers picked up clothes likely fall under that. For the longest time I stuck with the local wear from Okami though. Still do sometimes. Self-forged armor tends to go on if i'm expecting trouble. Said armor tends to have something of a clock punk look. On occasion I'll wear Smithy's crown from Super Mario RPG but that's a rarity and I mostly just hang onto it to commemorate my major focus into mechanics, metal word, and SCIENCE!

Favored alt-form: Kitsune of course. No one should be surprised by this.

>> No.41284816

Big breasts are not justice.

>> No.41284825

Go Fullbringer - they can avoid most of the plot nonsense, are still decently powerful outside of shounen, and are actually consistent. They don't actually feel like they belong in Bleach, mostly by virtue of being relatively well-written.

>> No.41284857

People don't mind turning into dragons/robots/whatever because it's implied you can be human again after 10 years. Origin-granted sex swaps lack that implication, people tend to think that you'll be that way until you either pay CP to change or take another opposite sex origin. Paying and permanence is the big issue here, I think.

>> No.41284885

Considering how dependent I am on borrowed power to even function? Yes. It defines me, more than anything else does.

>> No.41284929

Guh. Cold steel, plexiglass, and carbon. All I could feel for ten years straight as I strove to finish what I started - first by finding the pawn the Patriots AI found to try and finish what was started.

I'm thankful he was... 'amiable' to advisement, because I'm not sure I could've gone through with killing him. Not when his reasons for pursuing his path were to try and save a younger sister.

Beyond that though... This world changed much for the better. Technology was still at a high level similar to what could have been - but it was devoted to medical pursuits, social advances, things that did not require blood money. PMCs still existed of course - back where I started there was Blackwater. But here? There were no breeding grounds for a man like Armstrong.

I still don't know what to think - why did the Patriots AI have the nanomachines that Armstrong would have wielded?

>Through the Looking Glass
Location: Looking-Glass Insects
Complications: The Sequel (+0), The Walrus and The Carpenter (+300)
Final Pound Count: 1,300 £
Identity: Looking-Glassman

-One Kind of All (Free)
-“Beware the Jabberwock, my dear!”
-Inventions of the White Knight
-That Makes No Sense!
-Calmitative White

-Through the Mirror x6 (300 CP)

>> No.41284934

Really? Because I swear it's probably the other way around, given how much fun vaginas seem to be. It's like the difference between a rifle and a full machine gun.

>> No.41284959

Can we not do this today?

>> No.41284975

You should take one of those "you lose all out-of-Jump powers" drawbacks every few Jumps. It's good for helping you never get too dependent on one thing

>> No.41285010

>big breasts are not justice
Flatlets, when will they learn?

>> No.41285041

So villain this time around?

>> No.41285047

>Taunting flatties

>Not traveling the multiverse granting hope to the mammary-deficient

>> No.41285069

Or ever. It's either creepy or retarded, and it's in retarded territory right now.

>> No.41285110

>implying Armstrong is a hero

>> No.41285117

>thinking breasts are the true justice of the world.
You fool. Pic realted.

>> No.41285128

I meant in "Through the Looking Glass".

>> No.41285136

More like 'Oh god we're back here again oh god oh god oh god FOR FUCK'S SAKE LEAVE ME ALONE.'

Jumper!me will never deal well with Alice's adventures. They're just... too cray-cray for him.

Now if we're talking Armstrong's stuff, MGS removed the societal breeding ground for creating guys like him in the first place.

>> No.41285166

Oh, okay.

>> No.41285252

Any of you have a song you're saving for your final showdown against the big bad of your end jump? Only applicable of course if there IS going to be an antagonist you're going up against with your end jump.

I figure mine would be something to this effect.


>> No.41285306

I know that. that's why I never take Drop-in,I keep Thinking if I had more and more layers to the Core personality No one will notice. As for exchanging some Lackings for others I'd say it depends on their severity, and my lackings were pretty severe As you can probably tell from communicating with not to Jumper me.

>> No.41285314

I have a few but this one is my favorite and seems appropriate.

>> No.41285519

What jumps have a perfect memory feat? I am looking for something that I can pick up for my companions that isn't the force.

>> No.41285541


>> No.41285543

She has not seen me yet, but I see her. Beauty incarnate, I am not alone in staring, and with half a mind for my surroundings I slow to a stop and my eyes follow her.

She defies description utterly, for to use words- any words- is to fall desperately, utterly, insultingly short. So graceful in her movements I doubt for a second that she is human, only to recognize the truth: she is a god, an incarnation of beauty and motion and form.

I have a husband- I married only five months ago. I can remember the moment when I realized I loved him, the way my feelings redoubled as I recognized and embraced them.

I know now that feeling was a lie. I never loved him. What I feel for him is but a pale and pitiable echo of the warmth and security and joy I experience merely for being able to see her. The knowledge that she exists and I have been in her presence.

I want to know her. I need to know her. To be with her, until the end of time.

I fumble with my ring. It's a nice ring. I remember showing it off to my girlfriends after I was married, that little bit of smugness that my husband was able to afford something so much nicer than any of them had. But now it's an ugly, disgusting thing. IA reminder that I'd let my love someone else. I slip it off into my purse and turn my body to approach her, to talk to her.

I need this. I need this. I need this.

Let me prostrate myself before you.

Let me worship you.

Let me love you.
̦̘̰̗͉̺ͅ ̪͖̬ ̣̫͉ ̞͖̤̼ͅ ̦̜̦̹̭ ͎̞̰̙͓̺ͅ ͈̟͇͕̪͕͔ ͈̘͖̲̟̮͈ ̩͎̮̹͕ ̜̪̬͚̬̮ͅ ͇̣ͅ
͉̠̂͟L̨̘̞̭̤̰͎̩̍ͣͭ͆e҉̘͈̤̙̦̻T͔̭̙͕̺ͬ͂̆ ̧̞̦̞̻̗ͨ͂ͨ͒̔m̴̝̬̘̯̝̮̂͒ͫ́̋Ȇ̜̦̯͚͖̂ͅ ̘̉͋̓l̬͕̬̿̿O͒̏̌͊̀̚vͮ̓̆E̠ͥ͒̎̚ ̣̗͇͆̇yͧ̓̀O̫̯̰ͩ͐̋̄ͧ̊̊ư̖̭̘̜̝͕.̠̖̝
ͧͩ͑̌ͭ ͤ̿͛̄ ͮͤ̑ͧ̒̐ͮ ̃̈́̚ ̎̍ ͨͬ̇́̚ ̃͌͑̂̌ ̄͊ͮ̀͗̎ͧ ͮ̏ͦ͊ ͥͫ̅̏͗ ̃̋̌̀̒̚ ͑ͤ̊͂ͮ̎ͣ ̎͆ ͮͧ̈́ ͆̋

>> No.41285560

Hey jumpers. what would happen if you took Savant Genius from BioShock, Prophecy from BioShock Infinite, and Sweet Dreams from Dishonored?

Is there anyone more inventive then someone with those perks?

>> No.41285587

A petite young woman with long black hair flecked with what appear to be stars. I like to make minor shapeshifts to the hair depending on what powers I'm using currently.

>> No.41285608

This seems good enough for Killing the Ebon Dragon. Probably with FIRE! And My Shiny New Devil Tiger Charms.

>> No.41285615

I notice i've taken the exact opposite approach. I don't think I have ever once NOT taken the Drop-in perk in some form or another.

Considering I'm coming back to finish off my jump with the second half of Gurren lagann? There can only be one song.


>> No.41285687

Aren't Fullbringers really, really weak? Like they were all wiped out in a single episode and only existed to solve some plot issue?

>> No.41285724 [SPOILER] 

A massive gat-damn Mary Sue from head to toe.

Okay no (except yes) but I'm still trying to pen up a description. I have character art, but it's from... Oh god, I forget what number Van Helsing was for me - and it's been a couple hundred jumps since then.

As for clothes? Well it varies. There's always going to be a kilt however - varying in color but not in utter style.

Also, pic related is the Van-Helsing-era character art. I dare you not to laugh at the hair.

>> No.41285807

I wish I had a fragment of that ability to draw, I do.

>> No.41285831

Don't bother, guys. We've been beaten by a non-jumper. It's impossible to out-look pic related...

>> No.41285864

That hair is fucking glorious.

>> No.41285872

I am a Ship of Theseus. No form lasts for long untouched. Mind, body, soul. Nothing is left of the original.

>> No.41285881

An amazing piece, beautiful in its horror. Salutations to you.

Hah! Negima, Girl Genius, Warframe, Worm, Nasuverse... Ideas, ideas, IDEAS!

Final showdown? What else, but:


>> No.41285998

Tera, what happened to PS238? Did you make another version to reverse some of the changes you made?

Few weeks ago you took out Cecil Holmes and made some changes, but now Cecil Holmes is back. It's still kind of vague about how strong misc. meta can get because Spiderman is a really bad benchmark. Teachers are still stronger than the jumper no matter how many jumps you took so some of them should be eldritch horrors by now.

>> No.41286051

Are you... blushing?

Whatcha so embarrassed about there, dragon?

>> No.41286076

>That picture.

>> No.41286103

Easy there Anon, they're scales.

>> No.41286106

Maybe seras is taking pictures?

>> No.41286131

So do I, man. Right now all I gots is stick figures.

I put 200+ jumps worth of effort into that hair, thank you anon.



Hindsight's a bitch, ladies and gentlemen.

>> No.41286203

>200+ jumps without a haircut

>> No.41286273

Dresden is a dangerous setting with a 23 pages long jump. Someone please post a build so other people have a decent example and can use that to decipher the jump and make something for themselves? I don't think it'd be a good idea to discuss the actual jump or setting here that's why I'm just asking for an example. Someone should have made a build for it by now unless we're secretly all equally retarded?

>> No.41286283

Well, I started off looking pretty ordinary. Then I grabbed the Mask of Truth from Zelda, because it seemed awesome. I picked up the Poncho from Western Jump, because it's useful, and a Browncoat from Firefly, because it looked comfortable and because come on, you can't go to Firefly and not pick one up. Finally, I grabbed one of the magic cloaks from Shadow of the Colossus, because it's a useful but subtle boost and I can use cloaks as environmental suits thanks to Storm Hawks.

Long story short, apparently I look like either Amon from Legend of Korra, or Kabuki from Big Hero Six.

>> No.41286293

His hair is how we measure his other...arm...why else would he be blushing?

>> No.41286320

Dresden Files is a pretty standard jump UNLESS you decide to interfere with the main plot. Then it becomes ungodly dangerous.

Just shack up literally anywhere but Chicago and you're good. Oh and don't make any deals with the fae.

>> No.41286372

Let me guess. You stacked all the appearance perks?

>> No.41286406

I'm not quite sure...I would be decently taller than most humans due to both the huge amounts of cybernetics and biomods and space marine augments.

Goddamn iron giant more or less, with a fitting Lord of Light red robe to complete the look of heretek (ignoring the bits and bobs on hand at all times).

>> No.41286511

. That shouldn't have happened! I do not recall doing that!

>> No.41286535

is anyone working a remo williams / sun source jump? i've only seen the movie so i don't think i know the setting well enough myself

>> No.41286546

So Jumpers, what are your core Thematics? You know, the core ideas that you build your jumper around?

>> No.41286550

...Someone needs to make a Lufia jump. I nominate Admiral Punch since they seem to be handling a lot of older Nintendo IPs.

>> No.41286556

I think people overestimate how dangerous the setting is based on what kind of bullshit Harry goes through. Dresden Files is really as dangerous as you want it to be - most vanilla mortals never encounter the Supernatural at all, and even those who are part of the supernatural world tend not to deal with the huge scary things he does. Of course, if you want to dive in, there's things that'll challenge late-game Jumpers out there.

If you're really afraid of getting in over your head, then you'll be safest avoiding Venator, Job Offer, and any of the items I mentally nicknamed the "bad ideas list" when I was designing them. But even then, any build should be viable.

...OK, maybe not taking the Coin.

>> No.41286572

I've been lurking in these threads off an on for awhile but I had a question, do you guys have any OC jumps? I've been thinking of trying my hand at writing one up but I figure that it will take a lot of background fluff and what not to make it a good world to explore. Never done a jump myself so not sure how qualified I would be.

>> No.41286573


>> No.41286578

How about all those origins and perks? I assume you should ignore all the somewhat fae-related then like the changeling ones(?) but are all the others equally valid?

>> No.41286580

If it's the arm I'm thinking of, how the hell is it being hidden by that kilt?

>> No.41286607

We have a few in the "Generic ______ Jumps", but otherwise not really. I think people are worried about having to explain too much in order for it to be accepted. It would risk ballooning into something bigger than even Babylon Anon's creations, and even then people would still probably ask questions about it a ton. If you think you can do it, I'd be all for it, but it would face some difficulties.

>> No.41286620

Pitch me the jump.
Would you be willing to write say a short story to package with the jump?

>> No.41286643

There were no builds? Weird...

Anyway, here's mine for example. Although it is REALLY late in the chain, so take it as less of an example than you would otherwise.

Outsider (0 CP): The origin befitting of a player.

Power to Burn (300 CP): What can be better than a whole lot of power?
Refined Spellcasting (300 CP): ...Finesse, that's what.
(Un)Seelie Magic (300 CP): Taking summer, of course. And you'd be surprised at just how much one can fit into that one word.
Unwholesomely Good-Looking (100 CP): Obligatory vanity moment.
Stars and Stones (200 CP): Now THAT, is beautiful. Thomas will love me to bits. Fae will hate me. Harry... WILD CARD >>41286556 , would this perk word on the wizard's Hex? Probably not, though...
Empty Night (400 CP): More immunity to stuff? Gimme.

The Jumper Files: Interesting. With conjuction with a whole lot of other jump-to-fiction perks, a nice addition.

Big Old Apocalyptic Trilogy (600 CP): And of course, the point of the whole build.

In a nutshell - less concentrating on power, more on giving everybody a good tale to live out. Hm, should I play an actual Outsider? Or a kitsune miko that just can't stop lounging on Dresden's couch? Or a rogue Fallen who managed to give herself a body and is collecting her brethren to troll them? I like kitsune miko idea more, so there you go. This shalt be beautiful.

>> No.41286655

Punching really really hard, scavengers, and medical treatment.

>> No.41286667


>> No.41286671

The eponymous punch. Also being a master of metal. Be it forging armor and arms or building tech and machines. But mostly making a hand based strike that is capable of solving as many problems as feasibly possible.

>> No.41286687

Aren't Kilts like a male version of skirts?

>> No.41286690

Oh, that's an easy one. My goal is to become the ultimate adventurer. I want to plumb the deepest depths of the worlds I visit, find all the lost secrets that the Authors never fleshed out, and discover the truth behind all of the legends.

Whether I'm in the middle of thrilling intrigue in the capital city, racing along the crumbling remains of a forbidden tomb, or just savoring a delicious meal at the local festival, I want every day to bring me something new and exciting.

It's been a fun concept so far.

>> No.41286698

Victory, Escalation, Fortune and Impulsiveness. And Fire.

>> No.41286711


-Supernatural stuff

I'll gladly pick up as many of these as I can, but if there's an exploration/vanity/appearance perk, I will SO grab it if I can. I basically want to be awesome and be able to help people become anything. It's a fun journey, why should anyone else miss out on the spoils?

>> No.41286724

Yeah, I figured with the amount you would probably have to write most anons wouldn't want to have to read it all since with normal jumps you already 'know' what the world is like. Though it could be a "here is the framework you fill in the rest" kind of deal.
Yeah, gimme an hour or two until I get back from work, it's just a rough idea I've been mulling over for the past few months and I've gotta find my notebook.

>> No.41286735

Oh. All of this is largely centered around one goal. Help good people that circumstance and fate seem determined to hurt and be a generally over all plesant guy.

>> No.41286739

Lies. Skirts are female versions of kilts.

>> No.41286741

OC jumps are not common and haven't gone down well in the past.

People's first jumps are often sort of shaky as well. I'd probably suggest you find an established setting you like if there are any that haven't already been grabbed and have a go at that first, just easier that way.

>> No.41286756

There's no stronger plot armour in the world than the one beauty gives you.

I'd even go so far as to ignore the durability and strength perks in the body mod and go full appearance. I guarantee you that being divinely beautiful will make every jump - including the ones where you lose all your powers - more than just survivable for 10 years.

It makes sense to stack appearance perks whenever you can.

>> No.41286766

1. To do whatever I desire, with no limits by laws of physics or enemies.
2. Happiness for everybody!

Also, minor details like reality warping, corruption, charisma, all the blood perks, psionics, all the magic, friendship/love/harem perks... Everything about the Rules 1 and 2. Been working out so far!~


>> No.41286777

Sounds cool. Can you give us an elevator pitch now, though? You know, just the general idea of the setting.

>> No.41286827

Fairly tall germanic woman, blonde hair cut right before the shoulders, blue eyes. Have a few minor scars that didn't heal due to NGE Angel physiology because of psychological trauma.

Favorite alt-form has got to be the angel, it's a non-euclidean snake...thing that's made out of smaller snakes.

>Captcha those are all bodies of water

>> No.41286832

>being pretty
>somehow a stronger plot armor than the universe itself conspiring to ensure that your death, if ever, is both glorious and dramatic

Do you even protagonist?

>> No.41286837

I mainly have 5 things to value when jumping.
Companionship, Innovation, Exploration, Restraint, and Humanity for myself. I try to do as much of these as possibly with trying to never lose the last value because I fear what I would become if I lose it.

>> No.41286860

The current build theme is just "Empress" which generally has involved leadership perks, corporate perks and a bit of eldritch abomination.

>> No.41286877

The common thing to do is to help Galbatorix crush the Rebellion, Eragon and the Elves isn't?

I shudder to think someone would help Eragon or worse, the Elves, but perhaps there's some secret, occult or complex reasoning to justify it.

>> No.41286899



>> No.41286908

It wouldn't work on the hex, because the hex is more an issue with the innate conflicts inherent in being mortal. The only way to use mortal magic and not have hex issues is to be a Jumper or Companion who passed the 10 year mark because it's no fun being saddled with that forever.

>> No.41286914

Most people in that setting fuck over both sides.

>> No.41286924

If you can't beat them, join them.

>> No.41286951

>not being so pretty boolets go around you, swords bend so they don't hurt you and fire burns around your precious unmarked skin

>> No.41286992

Oh well, no problem. At least it works on a vampire hunger, giving me infinite points with both brothers ANYWAY. And hey, it's not like MY tech will be affected by Hex. I am sure Harry will appreciate his car no longer breaking down on him.

Thank you for clarification.

>> No.41287045

While you're here, I wanted to ask you about Empty Night. Does it forever make you immune to all beneficial magic, or can you choose to let that affect you?

Also, as a more general question about the setting for anyone who wants to chime in, how bad is it to let people know you're technically an outsider? Like, will everyone who knows team up with their enemies to lay the smack down on you, or will nicer folk be okay with it if you've shown that you're a good person?

>> No.41287064

The fact that a character looks dinstinctive and recognizeable is what immediatly marks him as a protagonist, or simply an important character, and this happens immediatly and at first sight. That is also already a form of beauty. Even so truly, truly beautiful people are only killed when their death would make the story itself more beautiful, like the dramatic end of a young woman in the prime of her life.

So once you're divinely beautiful your main threat is that your beauty is somehow used against you. If you at that point manage to conquer beauty itself you have conquered life.

>> No.41287073

Still talking about this replacement garbage?

>> No.41287099

No worries. I like the build, and wish tou a lot of luck with however Herr Butcher decides to end the series.

>> No.41287115

Well then fuck it, back to the ether I go.

Alright, basically you are a plague doctor who has been contacted by a london-y town in a wet-western with a smote of magic setting, called in by the promise of an exorbitant reward to help this town be rid of it's mysterious plague that has taken nearly most of the town. Upon arriving however not all things are as they seem yada yada and you must become an impromptu detective to locate the source of the thick purple smog that has all but cut off the town from the outside world and hides deadly monsters (sort of like pic related) in the fog - emanating from "The Foundry", which no one can seem to find. Armed with nothing but your tools and a bicycle that slowly floats at a bent angle (and whatever gamebreaking shit your brought from previous jumps) you must save the town before it's completely engulfed.
Alternatively, you meet the doctor on the road into town and become his assistant.
Basically sherlock london western stalker. Doesn't really do justice to the original idea but it's all loosely based of some random nightmares I had awhile ago.

>> No.41287179

Sounds like a good place to DM in.

>> No.41287180

Yes and no. Odds are, you REALLY don't look or feel like an outsider, so the general consensus will probably be that "Hey, who cares? You're alright."

But for those big wig Fae affected by Nemesis? Hoo boy. They will raise all of Nevernever to get you. So really, don't let anyone know.

The feeling is mutual. This jump is most certainly on the upper half of quality scale. My thanks.

>> No.41287190

Sounds like fun.

>> No.41287206

I'm going to say that you can suppress it, just because if you couldn't it's far more trouble than it's worth.

As for Outsiders? They're universally considered very bad news. They're basically antithetical to the entire universe, any Wizard who even looks into how to deal with one is potentially on the chopping block, and the entire Winter Court exists to kill them. Bad guys might be willing to work with you, but in general, even they're leery of the Outsiders, if Nicky's reaction to finding out one of his crew had gotten subverted was any indication. So you really might not want to go spreading that around.

>> No.41287208

I'd rather not jump the setting at all but Eragon magic is extraordinary. It is in essence a form of reality bending which is only limited by your understanding of the ancient language and of the world.

Commanding some atoms to splice in a brilliant chain reaction from miles away, casted while drawing from the life force of a distant forest is what you could do day 1. There are perks for grasping the ancient language innately after all and our scientific knowledge goes far beyond the hillbilly science of the Elves.

>> No.41287218

Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll. In inverse order of importance.

>> No.41287240

That begining reminds me of Bloodborne before it goes full Lovecraft.

>> No.41287241

No, I think that idea is pretty cool. Kind of reminds me of a Russian game called Pathologic. I'm not sure I'd recommend getting it, the translation isn't very good, which is a shame because it's a great game. But it's got the same sort of idea. You're a healer (what type of healer is determined by the character you pick. One's a modern doctor, one's an herbalist and alchemist, one's a miraculous faith healer) who's come to this town being consumed by an otherworldly plague and you have to figure out what's causing it as things fall further and further into madness. It's cool stuff.

>> No.41287263


>> No.41287264

...Ever heard of Pathologic?

Actually, have ANYONE here ever heard of Pathologic? I have that in my back log, and it would be nice to see if there'd be any positive waiting on that front.

>> No.41287287

You really want points with Harry? Add Susan to the list of vampires on diets.

>> No.41287301


Except thats pretty much been true of the entire vampire formula since Dracula. We only have a chance against them since they have weaknesses...Hell even Buffy basically had them with weaknesses and still said it was better to leave it to the super-powered teen then to try to take them on as a normal prepared hunter.

So I think your underestimating the advantage of making them have weaknesses they don't even know about. If anything its bs that a normal vampire has so much trouble with them as he knows what to expect and could with a modicum of common sense compensate for them.

Also strength wise is up in the air, Edwards car scene isn't as good as the movies, he couldn't stop the truck's momentum as easily as he did in the movie. The books have a few strength feats but nothing too far out there for vampires. Also bella's hyperbole shouldn't count as facts as well. She is clearly making flowery language in her head. I doubt she knows exactly how much force is involved in anything she speaks about.

>> No.41287303

Oh for the love of- Why is it ALL THE HIVEMINDS with me today?!

>> No.41287307

Publish a book then make a jump for it.

>> No.41287312


>> No.41287315

I've heard the name, I'll have to check it out.
Crap did I accidentally think of a story that already exists again?

>> No.41287336

Fuck you anon, you owe me new sides.

>> No.41287343

Wild Card, I really like the new expansive Dresden jump but could you please mention the original jumpmaker somewhere in the jump? I know you did a huge amount of work but don't you think you should at least acknowledge he existed somehow? It kind of feels like he was erased from history and the old jump never existed at all...

>> No.41287357

It'd be better still if he just deleted it.

>> No.41287396

The whole hated of OC jumps is fucking stupid. We have generics already and some technically canon jumps that are basically thinly disguised OC jumps already.

>> No.41287402


I'll be correcting that oversight tonight.

>> No.41287406

Have a link to an LP of it done by someone who speaks Russian and translated it themselves to make it read better. Only covers Klara's story, but still gives you a good idea of what it's about.


>> No.41287412

They aren't that weak, there are two or three of them that are around captain level, though they were also all only human, as where all of the shinigami captains had been training for many decades or centuries to gain their power.

>> No.41287419

I've got some questions about Warframe:

Drop Ins get a free companion import, but is that only for 1 companions, or can we import as many companions as we want for free?

Also, what will happen if I import a companion as a Tenno, and then they go rouge to hang out with me? How would their faction respond?

How hard is it to get a hold of those "Golden Keys" used to access the Orokin Void locations?

How hard would it be to get a job with the Tenno if I show them I can understand Orokin tech (thanks to the perk)?

>> No.41287423

I hope you end up building something like Light of Terra from this.

>> No.41287447

True that. But then there are all the butterflies to think about with the Red Court (not) exploding... Gah.

Not really. Pathologic is very different from your description in both atmosphere and genre. For example, it's been desribed by developers as a "decision-making simulator".

...It's a weird game, to be sure.

Ah, good stuff. Shame other LPs are on Something Awful. Have yet to register there.

Anyway, so I do intend to make that jump eventually. Or, I'll probably wait until the remake comes out. That's probably for the best...?

>> No.41287481

It's based on precedence. It's not stupid when it's gone poorly for us before. You might call it overcautious if you wish.

>> No.41287483

I crushed them all and set up a system of government where machines ruled people. Why? because I didn't want the setting to look even somewhat like it once was.

>> No.41287561

I personally think that it could work if it was done well. I've just never seen it done well. At the very least, you'd need some way to deal with the lack of source material for people to dig through when they have a problem.

>> No.41287687

I'm the poster and I don't find the caution unfounded, especially if it's been tried before and fell on it's face. There'd have to be a lot of source material written and at that point it might be easier to write a short story or a campaign or something first for reference and ironing out details, then a jump. Not that I've done much of either, mind.

>> No.41287761

One of the larger issues is that without a well developed world with intricacies and nuances to explore, a jump just becomes so many more superpowers to add on top of what you have now. Jumps should provide ability, but they need a world to utilize that ability in. Without it, it's little more than a stopping point for people to pick up powers and move on, neglecting the world and just making off with whatever they can get.

>> No.41287809

True. I was also thinking of how I would keep later chain people from completely breaking it over their knee, but there's dozens of ways of doing that.

>> No.41287850

Generics are there because there's multiple shows that have very same premise. ER, House, Royal Pains...etc are all similar enough that they can be put into a giant generic one. That way you can choose what setting you wish. As they're so similar to one another it doesn't harm them to be generic.

OC stuff is putting your own world into a Jump. Which considering that the entire premise of a Jump is not a grab bag of powers, but the adventure. To have an adventure you're going to have to have at least a basis of what's there.

If you want to make OC stuff there's the CYOA gen, nice group of people over there that are more about that.

>> No.41287884

Note that trying to stop people from breaking your world over their knee will not end well. At best, they'll silently ignore any restrictions you have levied on them. At worst, it sparks a back and forth shitstorm that persists until the thread dies.

I'm with >>41287850 on this one, a standard CYOA might fit better, since story isn't as important.

>> No.41287896

You don't. People will, and there's no stopping it without bullshit that pisses us all off. If people want challenge, they'll have it. If people want to fuck around and build an empire they'll do it. You can't force people to view a setting how you do and to treat it how you would

>> No.41287916


I recommend adding either a required or an optional low/zero power complication, especially if you end up building something along the lines of Light of Terra, and with an OC setting, you'd need to at least try and approach it, otherwise, as has been said, people will just use it as a stop off to get new powers.

That and it's just more satisfying seeing people having to think about your jump rather than going 'I godmode everything and then eat goku.'

>> No.41287927

That's some shit advice on your part. Making it required leads to dozens of threads of hatred.

>> No.41287941

I like you when you're not whining about your agenda and views. You're whining right now.

>> No.41287943

doing anything out of the ordinary 'grab-bag of powers' leads to dozens of threads of hatred.

>> No.41287960

>I don't like your jump so it's a grab bag of powers!
Other than just copying what smarter people than you said about different subjects, you're also being stupidly confrontational about rather obvious statements of fact.

Oh, and if you hate our CYOA and think of it that way you're allowed to just leave. Nobody is keeping you here.

>> No.41287973 [DELETED] 

◘Jump #43: Bastion


>Age & Gender
2.Male-(No Change)

1.A Pleasant Host-(Free)
2.Build That Wall-(100cp)
3.Dig My Hole-(100cp)
4.Too Raw-(200cp)
5.Just Foolin-(200cp)

2.Vineapple Seeds-(Free)
3.Caelondian City Crest-(50cp)
4.Pecker Egg-(50cp)

1.He Didn't Make It-(+200cp)


>General plan
After fighting my through the Wilds and arriving at the Bastion I plan on helping The Kid recover the Cores. I'm going to try to convince him to use non-lethal weapons against the people and the creatures he encounters (I'd be more than happy to provide them of course since there weren't any non-lethal weapons in the game.)

>> No.41287979

Yeah, right after I posted I realized it would be a lot better to just softly encourage not nuking the entire town then it would the alternative.
>make a cyoa instead
..why didn't I think of that in the first place

>> No.41287991


>> No.41287997

because you like this place more?

>> No.41288007

My two posts are obvious statements of fact. You can complain all you want to about this place, in which case I'll ask why you're here, but you can't refute that what I said was true because it is.

>> No.41288012

That's only one way to do it, there is nothing in most generics that say you have to choose a specific setting, outside of that its exactly like an OC would be, because actually setting up the adventure is largely left to our imagination than anything specific in the setting is well generic.

A basis is provided in OC settings as well, we've seen it on CYOAs as you've pointed out for us. Basically if you follow the basic rules of making a Jump as it is, then you are pretty much going to make the basis of an adventure. Is there any different between generic dungeon crawl, a dnd setting, or someone's OC dungeon crawl? Sure we can add different options and different ideas to it, but its easy for people like us to run with a basic idea and do an adventure.

>> No.41288020

>softly encourage not nuking the entire town

Wouldn't matter in the long run.

>> No.41288030

Mostly because hardly anyone actually nukes towns despite the people who'd have you think it's a plague, and any time someone DOES they get shit on for it.

>> No.41288042

>Note that trying to stop people from breaking your world over their knee will not end well.

And this is different for a generic or even a canon setting jump how exactly?

>> No.41288054

I'll tell you why I'm here.

Because for some stupid fucking reason, I keep hoping that there's more to this place than just people getting hostile whenever there's different fucking opinions regarding anything.

Clearly I need to give up and face facts.

>> No.41288058

It's not , he's replying to a statement that person made.

>> No.41288087

Your definition of hostility is pretty all-encompassing if telling someone the facts of a situation is hostile. You want hostility, that entails yelling and screaming at each other. I've yet to see any of that.

>> No.41288094

None at all. Stopping jumpers from doing anything generally causes people to become hostile.

Case in point, people becoming hostile even when we just discuss the concept of a restriction in a jump that doesn't exist as of yet. Apparently just talking about it is enough.

>> No.41288101

Then the guy runs the same problems all jumps do, so why not point that out?

>> No.41288121

I'm complaining about people like you who think there's nothing to /jc/ except power and more power. People like you who claim power is the only reason for anything and who scream a storm at even the slightest threat to you not being double omega dragongod who eats the moon and skullfucks the earth.

Turns out there isn't. It's power only, fuck settings and fuck stories.

>inb4 "jumpchain is SUPPOSED to be power"
>inb4 "to do anything different is badwrongfun"
>inb4 "not letting me rape reality is wrong"

>> No.41288123

Honestly there seems to be a gigantic communication problem here, no one seems able to really voice differences of opinion without it becoming a big shitstorm.

>> No.41288128

◘Jump #43: Bastion


>Age & Gender
2.Male-(No Change)

1.A Pleasant Host-(Free)
2.Build That Wall-(100cp)
3.Dig My Hole-(100cp)
4.Too Raw-(200cp)
5.Just Foolin-(200cp)

2.Vineapple Seeds-(Free)
3.Caelondian City Crest-(50cp)
4.Pecker Egg-(50cp)

1.He Didn't Make It-(+200cp)


>General plan
After fighting my through the Wilds and arriving at the Bastion I plan on helping The Kid recover the Cores. I'm going to try to convince him to use non-lethal weapons against the people and the creatures he encounters (Which I'd be more than happy to provide since there weren't any non-lethal weapons in the game.) since the only reason pretty anyone is hostile is because they're trying to stay alive after a catastrophic disaster.

After ensuring that the survivors choose the Evacuation ending, I'm going to spend the rest of my time helping them explore the new world and find a new home.

>> No.41288132

Type: Anti-Unit/Team. Rank: ?. Range: 100-10 Meters(falls as targets increase). Targets: 1-10.
Cutting of Akasha: False Twilit Rainbow at the Edge of All Creation
An internal Reality Marble, actualized inside one's spiritual core. Taking the Origin of Metempsychosis to its ultimate level, one's soul becomes a world of simultaneous existence and non-existence, a single point that encompasses all reality and an infinite expanse that defies and defines all logic and reason.
Initially manifesting as a magical circle on Servant Jumper's skin where the heart would be, when activated everything inside the circle turns into a swirling rainbow-colored vortex, which then extends, attempting to draw in the body and soul of its target. If one is successfully captured, their soul is placed inside the internal world, cleansed and aligned with Servant Jumper's own cycle of reincarnation, while the body is deconstructed after its template is recorded.
To put it in practical terms, Servant Jumper "becomes" that person, gaining their magical potential, Origin and elemental affinity. Do note that one is still a single person, meaning it is not possible to bypass the requirements of rituals that require more than one caster or utilizing magecraft of conflicting nature simultaneously.

Is this within the bounds of what a Noble Phantasm can be?

>> No.41288163

You've had people explain to you at least once, perhaps dozens of times depending on if you've been involved in this discussion more than once, that there's far more to people's issues with these restrictions than just power. The fact that you just ignore their points, refusing to even acknowledge people's opinions or testimonials on their own views through anything more than your own biased lens means that you aren't interested in debate and are incapable of it.

>> No.41288175

>> No.41288186

Won't even a shitstorm, there's one dude acting hostile to everyone and he turns out to be the guy FOR restrictions. I think this thing is a big sore point for him because his opinion is a minority one.

>> No.41288216

Just do it anyway. It'll lead to a single thread of a couple of autists whining while trying to pretend they speak for the majority, and everyone else will be OK with it after they sulk off.

>> No.41288222

You. You understand.

>> No.41288242

He doesn't understand anything. He's had people repeatedly tell him why they have a problem with it, and you and him just ignore what everyone has to say. You refuse to acknowledge anyone's viewpoints but your own, then turn around and complain that people don't allow other opinions. It's pure hypocrisy. It's outright bias. Not everyone that disagrees with you is some parody, despite you painting them that way.

>> No.41288261

>such low quantities of salt


>> No.41288264

So you're saying that you don't want there to be a point to have taken other jumps? Because if nothing carries over there's no point to the "chain" portion of Jumpchain. That jump may as well be posted in CYOA general for as much as previous action affect it.

>implying the most obvious examples of this idea went over well

>> No.41288267

>Single thread
Fallout has had dozens of them. You are outright lying to the guy.

Giving people bad advice just to spit in everyone's face, to cause drama, and to push your opinion over everyone's, that's scummy.

>> No.41288363

Fallout gets the occasional drive-by whine, which quickly gets ignored and sinks into the morass of JumpChain. Unless someone responds, but we're slowly learning not to do that.

>> No.41288377

I'm saying there should be a point to jumps other than "oh what can they do to improve my god mode this time?" But hey, I guess having other opinions and caring for something other than stroking my own e-peen is the most horrible thing ever. Clearly I should have known instead of daring to question the might of internet goers who pretend to be gods.

>> No.41288394

>> No.41288424

Have you been here? It has had more than a mere 'whine', and when it was fresher it had tons of drama. Hell, between the current;y "All of you people suck for hating restrictions" shit and when it was released, there was a time when we had calm discussion about people disliking it.

Who said there wasn't a point? People make their own goals. They aren't required to be weak to do so and you aren't required to force them to comply with your desired power level.

Appeal to QS should be a fallacy.

>> No.41288425

>posting Quicksilver

You're just asking for someone to scream at you, mate.

>> No.41288454

>August 2014
>People still hate Fallout for it
>Still pretending it's a good idea to try and make an anon make the same mistake

>> No.41288466

>>implying the most obvious examples of this idea went over well

I remember how light of tera didnt get tons of builds with people talking about different ways to survive and thrive with no powers.

>> No.41288477

Can we, you know - talk about something else now?

For instance, the optimal firearm loadout for a skeleton army?

>> No.41288497

Why are you still complaining about people not letting you have your opinion, while you shit on and ignore other people's opinions? Hypocrite.

That's because Light of Terra gives you a choice. Nobody cares if there's a choice. People are fine with that. What pisses people off is making it a requirement.

>> No.41288498

Occasional is not none. And it's more of a "every time someone brings up the jump at all" thing.

The most important difference between jumpchain and individual CYOAs is that things carry over. If you don't like that things carry over there's a CYOA general in the catalog right now.

I don't see an actual required power removal feature of the jump. It's probably a good idea to take it, but it's not actually something you have to go along with.

>> No.41288502


>> No.41288520

It's far better to offer the OPTION to go low power and reward people for taking the low road, than to strip away the things we have paid for along the way.

This way the people who care more about the story and the challenge are rewarded for going that route, and the people who care more about POWER OVERWHELMING get to have fun too.

I don't see why this is such a big deal, or why anyone would ever do it any other way...

>> No.41288553

>It's far better to offer the OPTION to go low power and reward people for taking the low road,

But then we have people bitching about how people who go low power are catered to.

See: The anons that still bitch about how Deadlight-savers get C'tan powers while Deadlight-breakers get a fort.

>> No.41288565

One that isn't arm-mounted. Skeletons can't deal with recoil well due to their light weight, so you'd want to put the gun somewhere other than in their hand. Like, say, some sort of rib cage gun, take the impact right to the center of mass. And you could use the extra space in the ribcage to hold ammo.

>> No.41288582

that bitching is more easily ignored. I'm a deadlight breaker, had no idea what it would do, and I could not give less of a fuck about the Fabulous Prizes. I just had fun.

>> No.41288585

No you don't. You have NEVER had anyone seriously complain about the Deadlight being optional in LoT or of people choosing it. That level of persecution is entirely in your head.

>> No.41288601

I bitched because the fort is garbage in every way, is absolutely useless, and I just plain fucking hate it.

That doesn't mean I hate the Deadlight choice. I was fine with it and openly got into big discussions about which was the better choice.

>> No.41288605

Oh, I'm sorry, silly old me thought that the intent of something was determined by the person who made not, not some faceless people on the internet, but no you are completely correct, your opinions on the purpose of jumpchain are far more valid then its creator, and couldn't have anything to do with why he isn't around anymore.

>> No.41288612

>How hard would it be to get a job with the Tenno if I show them I can understand Orokin tech (thanks to the perk)?

Tenno tend to be Lootful Neutral, so it shouldn't be that hard at all.

>> No.41288614

This is just me, but even if I wasn't so realistic about my chances of surviving powerless 40K versus my chances of surviving Chaos-Infested God Orikan 40K, I STILL would have broken the Deadlight. The C'tan powers are fucking boring and all structures that follow me from jump to jump are the shit.

>> No.41288620

Guys who cares about FO3 now? Just grab 4 when it comes out and don't make it a gauntlet.

>> No.41288622

Power armor skeletons seem a bit counter-productive. Skeletons are cheap, power armor is expensive.

This is a decent idea - but how to make it still light enough for them to use?

>> No.41288629

Appeal to QS Fallacy. Also known as the AQF or "I'm incapable of coming up with my own arguments" defense.

>> No.41288636


I remember when I released part 3 and people saw the endings, one anon started ranting about how I was pure spite. It made me laugh so much I added it to my quotes file.

>> No.41288671

Did people complain about the Deadlight, which is the center and essence of this discussion, or did they just not like the rewards you gave them? One is an issue with the concept, another is an issue with how you handled it. Those are two very different things.

>> No.41288726

Well, it'd be pretty high rank and you need to adjust it so it's not just a spammable one hit kill move. I'd suggest changing it so that it's an effect that lasts for a few minutes and absorbs those killed while active, rather then drawing them in.

Keep in mind that 'becoming' other people is going to have some serious effects on your mental state, especially if you're dragging in Origins.

>> No.41288733

The jump's time in universe would cover the time that FO4 takes place as well. It might actually fit better to do an original Fallout game jump due to it being over a hundred years different in setting.

>> No.41288737

It is only garbage if you have no idea what to do with it. It's fucking necron tech and it is basically your own death star.

>> No.41288740


Both really, though the anons who had problems with the choice even being there tended to be more vocal around the time I released parts 2 and 3, they seem to have vanished since then.

One thing I would change and that I'm surprised didn't kick off a massive shitstorm is the name of the Necron Superfortress people who broke the Deadlight got. I named it after a tank in 40k that I really think is cool, but the name of it and how people get it? Really quite surprised that nobody took it as a personal attack.

>> No.41288758

It's 200 feet across and has basic plasma weapons on it.

>> No.41288766

Considering who you're claiming it from, I think it says more about Orikan than anything.

>> No.41288784

I've known for a while that you're kind petty and like to insert little attacks against people that have other opinions or views than you in your jumps, but I generally keep quiet unless they have a real effect on us. I don't really approve of your behavior, but it's also not worth the drama of pointing that out.

>> No.41288789

yet does it have floating debris of chaos ships floating near it?

>> No.41288791

Oh, I did. But I just didn't feel like complaining about it would be constructive.

>> No.41288814


>> No.41288816

It is pretty sad that this is the behaviour you sink to Babylon. If you have an issue with someone, at least have the balls to say it to their face.

>> No.41288821

1. The sole argument of the opposistion is "This is the point of jumpchain." The person who made it says that is not the case, therefore their argument is baseless.
2. You can't just invent fallacies.
3. Arguing that an argument is wrong simply because it contains a fallacy is itself a fallacy.
4. Attacking the intelligence of your opponent (i.e. "I'm incapable of coming up with my own arguments") instead of making an actual case is also a fallacy.

>> No.41288835

Don't you even start. It's not worth it.

>> No.41288837


It's bristling with Necron Gauss Flayers and Particle Whips on a 'reduce a titan legion to glowing vapour' scale.

>> No.41288852

I want the guy who grabs it to carry over the Fallout Nerf. That'd be fucking hilarious.

>> No.41288860

>Have no argument yourself so you reduce everyone elses arguments to the same level despite them generally being more eloquent and having more substance.
You try but you fail.

And it's not a new fallacy. It's Appeal to Authority, now in jumpchain flavor.

>> No.41288886

Are you accusing me of being that anon?

>> No.41288892

Are non-robotic skeletons capable of using Gauss weaponry safely?

>> No.41288893

Things do carry over in the fallout jump. It doesn't have an actual "no powers" clause unlike the one currently being argued over.

Please pick a jump that actually requires all powers being removed if you want to argue that's cool.

>> No.41288896

People who cause drama just to cause drama are scum.

>> No.41288905

No, I was linking his post to show what I was talking about.

>> No.41288927

Appeal to authority isn't a fallacy when you're talking about authorial intent. If one person says "the point of the work is X," and someone points out that the author says he had no intention of making point X, then that's a legitimate argument.

>> No.41288956


The thread hasn't respected QS' opinion regarding /jc/'s direction for a long time.

Why do you think we drove him off?

>> No.41288964

I think (according to rogue trader) anyone is capable of picking up and using the basic Necron weapons, they just very, very, very rarely get the chance because the phase out and vanish. The more esoteric stuff that's built into Necrons would probably have to be a no, but Gauss Flayers used by regular Necrons is a yes.

>> No.41288970

I wasn't aware that QS was the author of all the jumps. Does that mean we're all QS now?

>> No.41289037

>Guy backs off immediately
>Have a hundred posts from people trying to defend a power nerf the guy didn't even think was a good idea and quickly dropped.
You people just wait in the wings to bitch about the thread.

>> No.41289066

No, but he's the author of Jumpchain, and if he says "Fallout fits the spirit of Jumpchain," I'm not going to claim he's wrong.

>> No.41289093

Remember kids, only you can be fluffy!

Both sides have a problem with everything. If we were willing to discuss things rather than fret the moment one boner risks going down, we'd be better off.

>> No.41289097

The QS was inside you all along, anon.

>> No.41289099

You mean what he said a year ago back before the concept had developed further from what it was? And now long after he backed away from complete creator control? You dug that shit up from the archives to prolong and worsen an argument over the fact that people hate something just to use an appeal to authority to justify your weaker position, and it's entirely because you have neither numbers nor sense.

>> No.41289113

>Implying the people who suggested the idea backed off.

He also said that Jumpchain isn't what he intended for it to be at all at this point, so I'm not sure if the spirit it fits is the one that is actually being used.

>> No.41289127

Yeah but the guy who was gonna make a jump backed off. There's literally no point to this kind of debate when there's not even something to put it on.

>> No.41289129


TL;DR he said that before we finally drove him off and now everyone's happier for it, amirite?

>> No.41289162

If you want to appeal to what he said, he also said that the original point was a collective universe for his personal jumps. What he originally wanted was shattered from the very first 'fan' jump, back before we left the general.

And no, nobody is saying 'fuck you' to the guy. We're telling you that your argument has no grounds for this and this reason. I honestly think he'd hate being used as a martyr for some drama on your part.

>> No.41289194

I'm not the guy who posts that, so there's at least two of us.

Plus, you don't have numbers either. There's two or three of us who like it, two or three of you who hate it; and the rest of the entire fucking thread who is OK with whatever, and just wants us to shut up and stop shitting up the thread. I'm game if you are.

>> No.41289208

So you're saying Babylon and anonymous won't suggest it to the next guy? Because they are the ones who wanted the thing, not the random guy who wanted to post OC.

>> No.41289214

1. Buy the most ridiculous conceptual Hacking power you can find
2. Give that power to a living non-sentient entity in your warehouse
3. Take the Fallout jump
4. Notice how living non-sentient non-companion creatures are not covered by the conversion
5. Retrieve your power in-jump from that living non-sentient thing
6. Gamebreak all other skills

There's many variations of it and you don't have to go for a Hacking power if you believe the skill system is something else and a different power would work better.

This solution has existed and been known for ages. Other solutions involve tinkering with items you bought in the body mod or warehouse supplement because they tend to overrule individual jumps. There are plenty of them.

The fallout nerf is a non-issue.

>> No.41289233

Tried to make a Firefly build but realised my imaging had left it largely illegible.

This version has clearer fonts, bigger font for CP text and some gradients on the boxes so it looks marginally less flat.

Should also be a better resolution which was a real issue as well.

Marvel Anon wrote it for those who have forgotten, I just shoddily did the images so can't make rulings or whatever.

>> No.41289239

There's a small number of people who care to have this debate. You can't appeal to an imaginary silent majority to try and reinforce your point, you have no proof.

You wanna know what the majority wants? They want both of us to shut the fuck up, and I'd love to oblige if you were capable of it.

>> No.41289249

items and such are nerfed as well if I recall.

>> No.41289258

I doubt it, they rarely pop up.

>> No.41289282

Not a bad update, though that said I didn't think it was impossible to read or anything.

>> No.41289298

Items are specifically nerfed, with the example being Iron Man armor downgraded to the specs of the local power armor.

>> No.41289368

Majority here, can confirm.

>> No.41289385

"Initially manifesting as a magical circle on Servant Jumper's skin where the heart would be, when activated the area inside the circle turns into a swirling rainbow-colored vortex, which then extends, attempting to encompass the body and soul of its target. If it succeeds, their soul is aligned with Servant Jumper's own cycle of reincarnation for a few minutes. If they die while this effect is active, their soul is barred from returning to the Root, instead entering Servant Jumper's internal world, being cleansed of memories, while their body's template is recorded."
Rank: A++.
I just realized I defined the after-effect really horribly. What I meant is that I could use my regular Origin to 'reincarnate' as a person I've successfully absorbed, gaining a dual origin of Metempsychosis and, say, Destruction or Sword temporarily, before their soul returned to the RM. I imagined there'd a minor cosmetic effect of looking more like whoever I became too but I don't think that's worth noting. Does the lack of permanent mental warping change anything, or is this fine?

>> No.41289459

Items schmipens. You need to find ONE object, creature or existence that is not covered by the nerf. You use that to store at least one power that can break the new skill system.

I'm fairly sure living non-sentient non-companion creatures fly under the nerf because they are neither items, skills, pets or companions. In case I'm wrong there should still be plenty of options.

>> No.41289510

I would hope so, perfect excuse to ignore obvious trolling and remove the restriction from both jumps.

>> No.41289524

So, it's basically a temporary access to a second Origin/Element+ the persons magical potential right? That seems fine, at most cosmetic appearance change and some minor personality change for the duration, but you'd still be in full control.

>> No.41289543

Hey Val, what rank would I need on a Noble Phantasm that'd let me understand Nasu's logic?

>> No.41289575

>Understand Nasu's logic
You need Rank Nasu to understand Nasu.

>> No.41289583

rank friend. Only something as bullshit as BB could possibly decipher Nasu words.

>> No.41289600

...it was meant to show that weird star text before rank. Ah well.

>> No.41289674

Would Ride to Hell: Retribution make a good jump?

>> No.41289684

That weird star rank is now known as "Rank Friend". That is the rank you become friends with Nasu.

>> No.41289702

Alternatively, you could go the triforce route and create hundreds of fully independent items which individually very weak but can potentially be chained into something tremendously powerful.

The independent items should be safe from the nerf because they exist by themselves and that they can be combined or chained is just a creative application.

>> No.41289711

Oh good heavens, no. Do it anyway, I want to see it.

>> No.41289725

It would make the best jump.

>> No.41289731

Only if it has a perk that lets you have sex fully clothed.

>> No.41289737

It would be a test of sanity. Gauntlet or no.

>> No.41289806

Seeing as you’re around Valeria, I’ve been wondering: would a DnD spell that had “Spell Resistance: No” in its listing bypass a servant’s Magic Resistance?

>> No.41289807

Only if it had perks that let us defy certain laws of physics.

>> No.41289834

Daily reminder that Chaos is evil and you shouldn't touch it.

>> No.41289907

But I'm not touching it, it won't stop touching ME.

>> No.41289916

Stop getting Slaanesh's attention then.

>> No.41289930

But the nuns anon, the nuns. And the cultist. They won't stop

>> No.41289963

Someone last thread asked for the Perks you would need to equal The Gamer power. Here are the ones I can think of:
Sword Art Online gives Item Drops, Critical Existence failure. First is obvious and the second gives a health bar instead of taking damage normally. There's also Tutorial which makes you a repetition learner. And My Quest Sense is Tingling.

Elona offers the all too important Soft Cap which also makes you get better at things like an RPG character.

I'm trying to think of others but I'm falling flat. Wasn't there a perk that allows you to create dungeons? With that and some Learning perks and you should about equal the Gamer loadout.

>> No.41289965

It's because you are making yourself look like a target then and try to make yourself look like a Khorne follower then perhaps you might be left alone.

>> No.41290000

>Implying they won't just get impressed by your battle rage.

>> No.41290004

Dungeon Maker from Magi, yes. You should also pick up Character Sheet from Lone Wolf, so you can see your stats. And an inventory perk, there are too many for me to have to specify.

>> No.41290021

Then Tzeentch perhaps? Or Nurgle there is no way they would like a Nurgle follower.

>> No.41290047

One of them was a Nurgle follower. There's really no stopping it.

>> No.41290055

One of them IS a Nurgle follower. But she is the least aggressive of them, so maybe she'd go easy on him.

>> No.41290067

Just double checking, imports to Fate don't get Command Seals or a Servant despite them being free unless you pay the price to get the extra set right?

>> No.41290072

I don't see any reason it'd get blocked, so spells like that should get through.

>> No.41290078

Damn well that anon is fucked.

>> No.41290106

Only you get the free Servant/command seals, or if you import a companion as your Master, then they get the free command seals and you as the servant. The extra set of command seals simply lets you take a Servant while being a Servant, it won't give imported companions another set.

>> No.41290107

Probably literally.

>> No.41290121

Practice Makes Perfect from Secret of Evermore. Lets you grind to gain XP instead of trying different things, and whatever that speed-learning superpower from Worm is to let you master things implausibly quickly.

>> No.41290143

Can you summon servants that would be summoned by someone else in a war with the command seals? Like, could I summon Saber while being a servant in the Fifth Holy Grail War?

>> No.41290151

I almost feel sorry for him but I'm a smug ass who didn't break the deadlight.

>> No.41290209

You can yes. It means they will just be summoned by you instead of the canonical master.

>> No.41290229

Chaos here. Can confirm.

Oh, anon. I͡ ̸hav̧e̸ sư͝c͝h̵̴̡ ̴s̷͝ig͢h҉́ts̶ ҉̀t̛o̸̶ ҉s҉̢̕͡h҉̴ó́͟͜͠w͝҉̧ ̧͡y̢ó̶̷u̵̢̧̨͜.̷̧͝͝

>> No.41290236

Unless the anon was just fucking around and actually likes it.

>> No.41290673

Warhamer Fantasy question - what exactly happens if a gal goes Tomb Kings, then takes Vision of Perfection?

>> No.41290696


You get a perfectly preserved corpse filled to the brim with asp venom.

>> No.41290715

>we Khalida now

This pleases me.

>> No.41290922


>> No.41290953

Thank you. I've got poor eyesight, so I mostly skipped this Jump because it was such a chore to read through it.

>> No.41290975

Ha! Jihan's got bullshit powers for sure but I don't think he's hit Enhanced Mastery levels yet. Thanks though, I'll look into that one.

>> No.41291103

Speaking of WHFB, anyone got an End Times Survival Guide of sorts?

People and places to ally with and/or avoid at all costs, etc?

>> No.41291141

Doesn't the planet blow up in the end? Ur fucked

>> No.41291203

Isn't there a chance that it might go full Age of Sigmar with everything becoming the warp. The light of peoples sheer MAD saved them from being swallowed by the warp? Now the worlds are separated by an ocean of warp stuffs.

This sounds awfully like how Kingdom Hearts origins story went now that I think about it.

>> No.41291207

So, what would it take to gain immunity to the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception? Anti Fate Perks? Longevity Perks?

>> No.41291219


>> No.41291230

>to gain immunity
Void. Cease to exist.

>> No.41291251

Be ancient, undying, and lacking the very concept of mortality itself.

Also being indestructible would help. Tank every longevity and durability perk in the entirity of jumpchain, and the lines might not show up on you as more than a very faint, hard to spot hair-thin impression, with a microscopic, nearly impossible to hit dot at their junction.

>> No.41291272

Well, that's no good!

>> No.41291274

If instead of shadow people the void was full of rape monsters.

>> No.41291275

I'm just wondering in case I end up on Shiki's bad side. It would be a bit of a problem to have my concept of death actualized.

>> No.41291293

Depends on the eyes. Lacking a concept of death helps, but there's no direct method for that as a perk AFAIK.

Fun note: Per canon Touhou materials Marisa created an immortality potion that she couldn't use because it's one of the "must be entirely drunk in three drinks" types and it fills up a cauldron. Not sure how immortal it will make you, but if you can down a cauldron of stuff in three goes you've got something going.

>> No.41291312

Ah! Then there's an easy way out.

Don't get on Shiki's bad side. Also, avoid using your cell phone in the theatre when she might see it. She can kill your lack of a concept of mortality. (Seriously, she can kill concepts, she's that broken.)

>> No.41291316

Didn't the jumpmaker say if you did that you'd insta-spark? Even if he didn't, why bother with jumping if you can never be touched?

>> No.41291334

Fate breaker perks and the like would do better than that, I think. It'll be harder to kill you when every death available is a grand and amazing one.

Step one: Don't. Ever. Tohno gained his eyes in a roundabout way, so it's possible that you can put yourself in a position where he has serious trouble conceptualizing your Death, but Ryougi has them properly, and can cut away, well, I'll let her take this.

>"Everything in creation is flawed. Humans don't need to be mentioned. Air, intent, and even time. My eyes can see the death of things. They're special, like yours. So I can kill anything that lives. Even if that thing is God."

Side note, the thing she refers to as "God" is actually outside her domain, but only because it doesn't exist by necessity. In Nasu, "everything" and "nothing" are synonyms, so something that embodies "everything" also does not exist.

>> No.41291355

If you don't like the consequences of acquiring the quality of being immune to Death Perception, don't try to become immune to it.

>> No.41291388

>It'll be harder to kill you when every death available is a grand and amazing one.

Neah, it'd just be a lot more fun to do.

Admittedly, that might make Shiki uninterested in killing you. She's not much on that whole 'fun' thing.

>> No.41291428

That's easy.
Change yourself into something large. I'm thinking T-Rex

>> No.41291531

So hey /jc/ got to work on Epic Spellwars jump, but I've always been a big vampire fan so I'm trying to think of interesting Jump settings for vampires. I was considering a Rift Mexico or Young Dracula jump, but you guys have any ideas?

It can be anything vampire related as long as the vamps are interesting.

mfw when I realized we couldn't be Marcelline.

>> No.41291580

oWoD. I also enjoyed playing a Dhampir in that one Pathfinder game I was in before my friend had his freak out.

>> No.41291604

We have owod, well, bloodlines thats just as good. I do need to do path although I wasn't going to allow anything but PC races, maybe a monster supplement later.

>> No.41291644

Vampirella /s
Akiba's Trip /s

Vampire Princess Miyu
Legacy of Kain

Honorable Mention:

>> No.41291667

Dhampir is a PC race, it's in the Advanced Race Guide I believe.

Bloodline is okay, but it doesn't have everything in VTM, like no Tzimisce.

>> No.41291685

>Vampire Princess Miyu
This doesn't sound like the kind of setting to have good vampires.

>> No.41291695

Sesame Street, you could do counting vampires.

>> No.41291724

Mucha Lucha jump when?

>> No.41291739

Don't know. I don't remember if well enough to do it, but you could try. Maybe you'll do a really good job.

>> No.41291740

Things in Fallout are plenty powerful in and of themselves, so I don't really see that much of an issue with the "nerf".

Any stuff you bring in, assuming it's been upgraded from other jumps, is still going to be top-tier Fallout stuff, which is damn powerful in it's own right.

Bringing in gear gives you a tech advantage over 95% of the Fallout universe, only the Enclave or Brotherhood of Steel could match you, everyone else is literally toting around bats and centuries old pipe-guns. A bandit with a machete is going to do nothing against a jumper with power-armor. You're still ridiculously OP for the setting when all your stuff is equivalent to it's top tier stuff.

Hell, if you can produce minions like droids, Zerg, or golems, then the whole jump is even easier! So what if your bio-horrors are only as good as Deathclaws? Deathclaws are stupid-powerful. Next to nothing in the setting can stand up to a Deathclaw rush. Just mass-produce some minions and travel in a pack. Even better, I know there was a Legendary Deathclaw that could kill even a max-level player with the best armor in 2 hits. There's even a Legendary Bloatfly that shoots plasma blasts that can one-shot fully outfitted max level characters too.

So the "nerf" really isn't bad. You can still curbstomp anything in the setting once you get there, just to a slightly smaller degree.

>> No.41291742

I'm down.

>> No.41291760

Look anon, we don't want to talk about it, okay? It's long past the point of being a debate and it's better to leave it so we can have a nicer thread, instead of trying to talk about it.

>> No.41291784


You joke, but I consider Chaos! comics to be on the list as it is for a while now. So Vampirella isn't too much a stretch.

>> No.41291797


>> No.41291816

So, scale of 1 to 10, how scary is Changeling?

>> No.41291824

Ah yes your right. I already covered races and you can be one actually.

>> No.41291832


>Why is the reCaptcha dancing?

>> No.41291836

I'd rather have Guacamelee, personally.

>> No.41291849

Anon, your origin is basically a rape/abuse/torture survivor with magic trauma. It's scary from the start.

>> No.41291949

If someone were to take the 600 CP Servant's Servant, would they be able to import a companion to be their Servants Servant?

>> No.41291997

Sorry, I meant Servant as a Servant.

>> No.41292005 [SPOILER] 

Then, with a voice like rusty knives on a chalkboard made of pain, she screams: "Hwee Captuored it for CHAOS!"

Really? You need a better pic to represent the glorious things falling to Chaos will do to you.

>> No.41292027

Her accent is adorable and always will be.

>> No.41292075

No, it's one buy only. You can get someone as your/your companions Servant if you/your companion become a Servant, but no further.

>> No.41292092

>So do I, man
then, dare I ask, who made that?

>> No.41292105

It kinda looks like the style of that one pic that Red uses. Might be the same person.

>> No.41292137

That was bad phrasing. If you are a servant, could you summon a companion as a servant?

>> No.41292142

My goal is to out Doom Doctor Doom. Magic, Science, Leadership, and CHARISMA. Plus every royalty perk I can get. This is the look I role with in most scenarios just with a full beard and blonde hair and a little more muscly.

>> No.41292173

You can yes. The extra Servant thing works just like the normal one for all intents and purposes, so you can be a servant and take extra servant and then import a companion in that role.

>> No.41292278

Atelier Ayesha jump when?

>> No.41292411

This. I would gladly take it for so many different reasons.

>> No.41292431

As far as I know, nobody is working on it; I did make sure Sinanju was an option in Wuxia, as I've always liked those books (and oddly, just watched the movie last night). If you're interested in writing one, feel free and I'll be willing to drop Sinanju from it to make it more unique for your jump.

Also, someone asked about companions in Borderlands; there is not an option now, but I'm adding one as I do revisions. However, as always you can bring your 8 standards.

>> No.41292557

Hear me out: Say we learned Sinanju in Wuxia. Then bought the MSN-06S Sinanju mobile suit in Universal Century Gundam. Then imported it to G Gundam where we took Martial Upgrade to make it customized for using Sinanju. How powerful would this DOUBLE SINANJU be?

>> No.41292788

It hurt my budget to take Sinanju in Wuxia, but I can't not take it.
"Chun, you are incredible"
"No, I am better than that"

>> No.41292802

Well I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be able to broadcast the fight against Sailor V gundam, if you know what I mean.

>> No.41292896

What's the deal with Sinanju anyway? When I looked at it, it seemed to me like Pillar Man: The Martial Art but otherwise kinda lackluster compared to the other capstones at least to me (do kung fu as a dragon! flick coins through tanks! motherfuckin' deja fu!)

>> No.41292990

It's also a maritial art, which is useful to some builds, if you know what I mean.

>But the women keep passing out before I'm done.

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