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Sup tg, what're some good adventure ideas for 2 players?
A horror game set in the modern day?

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A really buff dude and a pretty girl solve puzzles between bouts of running then remaining perfectly still to shoot zombies.

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Buddy cop
>"One is a righteous paladin who swore revenge against the kingdom, the other is a smartmouthed rogue. Together they fight vampires."

Two adventurers are best

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One's a loose cannon?

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are we talkin one player and a DM or one DM two players?

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1 DM
2 players

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"When Gurt the half-orc barbarian was cast out of his tribe the thought he had lost it all, but his luck would take a sudden turn when he met a run-away princess.

One is a outcast barbarian. The other a spoiled princess. Together they fight despots."

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>Make players brother/sister, sister/sister, brother/brother... whatever, make them siblings.
>Insert dead/sick parent/grandparent into their backstory
>Something something quest to save their parent or fufill their last dream
If you wana go a bit darker, make it about trying to survive or stay alive as a pair of orphans. Lots of potential for thiefy stuff or street gangs.

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He's prepared to break a few rules to defend the law

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I think the best game I've run for 2 players was essentially a copy of the siege of dros drenloch (a fortress with six walls being held by 10,000 defenders against a force of millions - it's a great book) where the one of the players was the officer of a group of 10 farmer-soldiers and the other was his lieutenant.

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Some asshole lich kidnaps your girl.

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"One is a knight-errant of the Red Order of the Righteously Clenched Fist. The other guy is an angry farmer with a western blunderbuss. Together they defend a peasant village"

"One is a drake that thinks he's a dwarf. The other is a kleptomanic lizardman with a loose staff. Together fight for money"

Okay, enough stupid movie headlines. My point is that two adventurers are extremely easy to structure an adventure around

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Didn't the op ask for horror lol

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I once played a game with another player where our characters were a brother-sister team using inheritance from their deceased grandparents to start up a merchant caravan and make our fortune. It sounds boring, but there was a bit of dungeon-delving and going dangerous places later one when we decided we needed rare and exotic wares to sell. She ended up becoming a caster of sorts and my own character because a gentleman swordfighter... occasionally we'd even hire other adventurer NPCs to help us.

Overall it was a pretty fun game. Sibling-pairs are so underused in games.

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I think OP was asking if horror sounded like a good idea, hence the question mark at the end.

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That first one sounds like a really bad-ass version of Seven Samurai. It's the era of gunpowder, knights have been made irrelevant by fire arms and increasingly wander the land as mercenaries. But ony a true knight would bother to protect THESE poor bastards, who can only offer FOOD as a reward.

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Horror games are never a good idea. Traditional Games are not scary or horrifying at all.

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>merchant dungeon delvers

So Reccetear?

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Something like that. Do you ever go into the dungeons yourself in Reccetear, I was under the impression it was a purely menu-based micro-managing game.

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Yeah take control of adventurers that run around finding items for you to sell

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Oh no you absolutely go into dungeons in Reccetear. You CAN avoid going into dungeons, or you can delve ALL the dungeons. it's up to you.

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Fuck your shit

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Moar, goddamn moar!

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Bad cop, good cop buddy adventurer series

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Should they hunt the supernatural in a stylish car?

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Games with horror trappings are easy, though.

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Set to a freaking brilliant soundtrack

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What I love about his pic related is that it's the first one I've seen on /tg/ that actually conforms to the biblical commandments on body modesty.

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>implying she isn't a rotten slut for flashing all that feather

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A mutual friend is dead, six months ago they started acting strangely but neither person was in a position to really get to the bottom of things and then things seemed to go back to normal. Except now their friend is dead, and a mysterious package reveals that their friend was involved in some seriously weird shit, and now they and/or their famiy/friends are having experiences echoing and reflecting the bizarre experiences of their dead friend.

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>Two siblings, driving across country, are forced to take a detour that sends them driving through Absaroka, "The Real 49th State."

>A pair of detectives in the early 1970s stumble upon a grand conspiracy and must play a deadly game of cat and mouse to survive.

>Two random people find each other and must work together after waking up to discover that they seem to be the very last people on earth.

>Rival chefs who's restaurants are across the street from one another engage in comedic, food-themed spy versus spy style shannigans.

>Both characters have been contacted by an eccentric billionaire and forcibly teamed up to take part in a race around the globe for his amusement.

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Bimmy and Jimmy?

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