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>They dont rip tides

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>Dungeons and Dragons
>A good party will never end up in any dungeons, much less ones that include dragons

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>actually tanks and not african herbivores

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>they actually find paths

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>they don't fell blades

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Why would a good party not end up in dungeons? Dungeons contain higher than ordinary amounts of loot.

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>Assault Cannon
>Heavy 4
>Heavy Flamer
>Assault 1
>Rapid Fire Battle Cannon
>Ordnance 2
>Heavy Grav-Cannon
>Salvo 4/6

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Unless he means the literal kind of dungeons, that contain prisoners and guards.

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That really activated my autism

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>Burna boys
>no where does it state they burn small male children

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>Sicarian Ruststalkers
>Doesn't actually stalk rust

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>They aren't one-eyed Fomorians

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>Callidus Assassin
>Is a female but Callidus is masculine latin

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That's a great point, and yes, I have become angry about that.

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Strangleswebs don't strangle webs
Rupture Cannons don't rupture cannons
Blood Slaughteres don't have a good name

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And WHY is it that a Lord of skulls don't lord over skulls?

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Most of his subjects have skulls inside them, don't they? He's lord of -those- skulls.

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They actually do though.

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If they ripped tides, they'd be Tiderippers.

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Do deamons have skulls?
They are warpings of reality, instead of being physical creatures

I'll concede on CSM and R&H

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>Land Raiders
>they aren't used for raiding land

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So true...

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>It's not an mix and match of various parts from different creatures fused onto a single body

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But they are.

I've never seen them used to raid anything -else-, now that I think about it.

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>/tg/ - traditional games
>Anything traditional or fun isn't welcome

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Raven guard don't guard ravens

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They're usually used more for hitting well-defended spots with heavy offense, or maybe carrying Terminators into the fray. They're not really used for raiding anything.

>have no razors on the front or the back

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Their Spanish name is Cataclysm, which fits with the theme of "Crisis" and "Hazard" suit names.

What's their new mech going to be? A Catastrophe suit? An Apocalypse suit?

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>Iron warriors
>armour is made out of adamantium

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>they don't cause adolescent girls to burst.

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I guess you were a sucker for thinking that would happen!

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Cian was here. Balor a shit.

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They make blades fall. "Autism" of the overly literal sort should still allow for grammar, no?

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Can anything take assault cannons that cares if it's assault or heavy?

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>it's a metallic bull that exhales deadly gasses

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>Phoenix Guard
>They dont guard phoenixes

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>Black Templars
>They're not even black

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>Skull Crushers
>They don't even crush skulls

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>Space Marines
>Never used in a naval setting

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What do the Marines have anything to do with water? I thought they fought on land like in Iraq

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You raise a good point. Are there any events of actual naval combat in 40k?

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Well originally the whole point of a marine was that they fight in ship to ship actions and landings, hence why they're a part of the navy

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>land speeder
>is a skimmer so doesn't touch land

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I've never come across it, but I would imagine there would be in worlds which are locked in war where controlling the seas could provide an advantage in mobility

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Space generally seems to use naval terminology.

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I'm aware of that, there being the Imperial Navy, but I actually mean any events that are water naval battles. It's just a thing that's never come up

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>Sisters of Battle
>are sisters to humans
>sometimes not sisters to anyone at all

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>Doesn't watch death

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>The best way to survive is actually stalking

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>they're a part of the navy

They are? Up until now I was 100% certain that Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines are separate branches of the military, given that they each have different uniforms, chains of command, bases/posts and regulations

They each have their own recruitment office in my home town, too, four different buildings, there's no Navy/Marines building


From what I understand after a cursory glance the Marines work closely with the Navy

>The Department of the Navy, led by its Secretary, is the federal government agency which oversees the Marine Corps and the Navy. The most senior Marine officer is the Commandant, responsible to the Secretary of the Navy for organizing, recruiting, training, and equipping the Marine Corps so that its forces are ready for deployment under the operational command of the Combatant Commanders.

So they both ultimately fall under the same guy but it doesn't seem technically correct to say that the Marines are part of the Navy; they are still separate organizations in the military, albeit ones that work closely together

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They were originally naval soldiers. Marine looks pretty similar to word like "marina" and "mar," which is literally "sea" in other languages.

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>He doesn't rip toes

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Well the Orks have submarines they use to sneak Orks into places and the Chimeras are stated to be amphibious so presumably landings and intercepted landing happen occasionally, I don't think there's much of a justification for any larger warships than a small patrol boat though.

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I'm holding out for the Emergency suit, and later the Kerfuffle suit, as well as the Brouhaha and Fracas suit, and hopefully finally the Fiasco suit.

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There needs to be a navel expansion for 40k featuring units like:
Ocean raiders!
Space Marine marines!

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If a firefighter fights fire, and if a crimefighter fights crime, then what does a freedom fighter fight?

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Freedom of course, it's just another name for terrorist.

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>World Eaters
>Don't eat worlds

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Also "marine" in english is literally the adjective for "that is in the sea".

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Tyrannical government. It's not fucking hard, dumbass!

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Do you have enough guns, King of Cheese?

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In the (2nd or 3rd) war for Armageddon there was, because >>41222292 happened. Battles over big fuel tankers and at the docks

Also Land Raider can drive on sea beds, though I can't think of any times that has actually come up

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Might eat the people though.

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Knights Errant do the boarding.

Pity Iron Warriors took all their geneseed...

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I believe one of the Space Wolf codexes has a passage describing the Wolves attacked an underwater Tau base by driving Rhinos and Land Raiders along the sea bed.

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Seriously. It's literally a Tau Titan.

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there is only 9 sets of twin linked weapons there you big babby man.

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For real? I need to read this.

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correct. that is what it is suposed to be, an answer to titans. it is in fact a titan.

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depends on where you put them

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The very fact that it now requires three blueberries to pilot, it definitively makes it a Titan. Still it will probably not be as powerful as a Warlord.

A Reaver? Very probably.

Still Imperials will need to watch out for those Mantas.

Hoping Imperials will finally find a STC that will allow for constructing AA Titans.

Then it's going to be Damocles II: The Rematch.

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>jumping straight to Reaver
They don't even have a warhound 'scout' titan equivalent.

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There was a part in one of the soul drinker books where the marines fought in a sub against water adapted lictors and stuff

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It will be an immobile artillery platform i tell you.

On the move it will probably shoot all but the back-mounted cannons. Also thinking those three cannons will be D Strength.

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If you are going to correct, at least do it right.
As clearly they just stuck "fell" as in:

adjective: fell
of terrible evil or ferocity; deadly.
"the fell disease that was threatening her sister"

...in front of the word blade to make it sound ominous.

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>not an ancient reptile

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>Black Templars
Excuse me, but its "Templars of color", you insensitive shitlord

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That's Templar-American, you bigoted twat.

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They probably can walk underwater if weighted down. And I think that some of their vehicles can also drive underwater. But the closest example I can remember is some Space Wolf fighting somekind of a kraken on a refinery. Otherwise it's just Imperial flyers fighting other flyers over sea or lakes.

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>monsters and other childish things
>there are both monsters and childish things

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>tfw this is completely true and it hurts me sometimes

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Meant to reply to

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Stop raping me, you cis-heterosexual!
Ugh! Why must some people be so binary regressive? omg!!1!

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Now if only the obvious jpeg artifacts didn't give that joke away...

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>Grave Wardens
They are not at any point warding graves
>Iron Warriors
They may be warriors, but not made of Iron
>Gal Vorkbak
They are not the gal of vorbak

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>sings a song
>gets the words wrong

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They're called Land Raiders because the STC was discovered by a man named Land.

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>/tg/ - Traditional Games
>is actually a board for lesbian porn, fetishes, politics and history

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>>/tg/ - Traditional Games
>>is actually a board for lesbian porn, fetishes, politics and history

So exactly the same as most other boards on 4chan, then.

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You gone and sank the world wolf.

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>Flash Gitz
>Don't actually flash others

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Because we answer to that 'same guy', that makes us Navy's bitch.

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>Thousand Sons
>There aren't a thousand sons
>Especially when the Space Wolves are done with them

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>red coats
>they wear red coats
Feels good man

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You ever want to start a fight with a Marine, ask him who sends him his paycheck...

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>Chimeras are known for fitting anything on and they'll run
>Most veteran ones are a clusterfuck of different parts

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so it really is time for Galactic Rim?

>> No.41232976


We've been there already.

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I remember one notable battle had Tau and Space Marines fighting around deep undersea science facilities, didn't end well for the Tau.

One of Farsight's major battles featured him cleansing the Water Caste's planet by fucking with the geology along it's fault lines and causing the planet's liquid atmosphere to roil with multi-mile high tsunami, turning the invading Ork oceanic ships into so much chum for the gigantic ocean predators.

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Shitstorm suit

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>All Flesh Must Be Eaten
>No one at the table eats anyone
The only good game I've ever had was that one time I played with a new group in Miami.

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>ghost arks
>are not ghosts nor vehicles designed to operate in water

>doom scythes
>are not scythes

>canoptek wraiths
>actually are mechanical constructs

>canoptek spider
>not an arachnid,

>necron immortal
>not immortal, can be destroyed

>tomb blades
>are not sharp objects designed for stabbing or cutting

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>The very fact that it now requires three blueberries to pilot,
Great, now I'm imagining it like some kinda Voltron deal.

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What, you mean your DM has never contrived the Dragon Dungeon for your party to raid?
I thought every DM did that to make people shut up about "WHEN ARE WE GONNA DO DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS!"

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Few of you know the game was named after a novel "Stalker" by Arkadiy and Boris Strugatskii, written before the Charnobyl incident.

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Not all Callidus Assassins have to be female.

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