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Welcome to Devil Hunter Quest 2! You are Alex Hawkens, student and warrior of the Academy of Hunters. Dice Rolls will be called for, best of 5 and d100s. Write ins are available

You currently have 0 Destiny points. Lets begin!


Character sheets: http://pastebin.com/RbThcBqK

Previous thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/41189283/

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The Hunters specialize in finding and destroying Devils and Demons! However so far you have done little of either.

Except for that one demon that ate your face, that was a new experience.

Of course, no one remembers the demon, and you are very much face intact, so it could have all been your imagination!

…Yeah, right.

>> No.41210437


Today is a training day, but the Academy is pretty lenient on lectures and lessons;

After the regular magics and Demon anatomy class, most students are free to do as they please with their time,

Be it practice fighting using dummy weapons, training from the alumni, learning in the library, or goofing off.

The goofing off usually gets you killed in expeditions though; so no one really does that.

You wake up in your bed, refreshed and ready! You remember you have a magic learning class scheduled for today; but at the same time you don’t really feel like going.

If you remember right, all the expedition members from yesterday are actually in your class; but you’re actually a bit of a social reject. Oh well.

What do you do?

>May as well start being a good student. Go to class.

>Play Hooky

>speed it up, timeskip to next expedition!



>Find Dom and Eliza, get them to come with you
>Skip Eliza, grab Dom and get going.
>Skip Dom, ask Eliza to walk with you.
>Who needs those guys? Go out by yourself

Also I’m introducing a new mechanic called Mentality; each character will have a different mentality at the start and end of the thread, unless something drastic occurs.

In which case their mentality will change and I will notify you. The mentality is how you and your friends feel; and affects them in their everyday lives.

For example if Dominic was Aggressively Zealot; He, his dice rolls and his DC would react accordingly.
E.g. lower DC when attacking, higher DC when defending.

As of right now these won’t have too much of an effect as these are the defaults, watch out for changes though!

The idea behind these is so that everyone isn’t just bound to one role like attack or defense. I’m trying to see how this will play out, so go easy!

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>>May as well start being a good student. Go to class.
>Find Dom and Eliza, get them to come with you

>> No.41210639

>may as well be a good student. Go to class
>find Dom and Eliza and get them both to come with you

Good to see this again, dark

>> No.41210660


Awfully quiet

If no one else shows up this is going to be awkward

I'll wait another 10 minutes

>> No.41210682

Thanks Mirage, good to have ya

>> No.41210686

>May as well start being a good student. Go to class.
>Find Dom and Eliza, get them to come with you

>> No.41210693

It's like this usually for me. Yesterday was big but unusual. I'll keep playing at least

>> No.41210722

Just got in.

>> No.41210727

Perhaps we pick bad times,
The questers must all be asleep or being alive elsewhere

>> No.41210775

7PM where i'm at mate, Maybe start sooner next time?

>> No.41210788

Either way, persevere! I'll keep playing, maybe you can pop over too when I kick up Two Souls Quest in an hour and a bit

>> No.41210794

>May as well start being a good student. Go to class.
>Find Dom and Eliza, get them to come with you

>> No.41210798

>May as well start being a good student. Go to class.
>Find Dom and Eliza, get them to come with you

I have You Can Call Me Al stuck in my head again.
And I only have me to blame.

>> No.41210814

Its 10pm here, last time i ran it from midnight to about 3 am so i was trying a different time this time.

>> No.41210820

It usually takes a little bit for threads to start up properly.
Honestly, 5 people is more than enough to run with.

>> No.41210840

Timing doesn't matter much to me I've been waiting for this all day

>> No.41210842

Fellow PSTfag!
Gimme five!

>> No.41210843




Will do

>> No.41210861

You'll never catch me alive! NEEYAHAHAHAHA!

>> No.41210862

Anyways y'all wanna be goody two shoes and friendly n shit.



>> No.41210883


The pain of living in Australia - it's ten in the morning here

>> No.41210972

Fuuuck you microsoft wooooord.

>> No.41211027

She is truly the cruelest if mistresses.

>> No.41211046

Why not use notepad?

>> No.41211072

Or just write in the post box

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>> No.41211134

You find Dominic pretty easily, his room actually only a few doors away from yours.

He seems happy that you showed up to walk with him. Energetic and bouncy.

He's a good kid.

As you and Dom converse about how you ended up in the Academy; He wanting to get away from his life of suffocating nobility and you from an orphanage.

It seemed like you're both on opposite of the social spectrum. But he's nice and you're... well you.

Good kid, Dom is.

You look for Eliza and realize that not only do you not know where her room is, you discover that females are in an entirely separate dormitory.

So after a good 10 minutes of searching, you come across her room.

You're pretty sure you're going to be late, especially after knocking on her door a few times to no response.

And she was mad at you for being late.

What do you do?

>Barge in, She needs to wake up!

>Leave, She knows where the classroom is, you'll save her a spot.

>Wait for her, She must be wanting to go to class right?


>> No.41211162

Mirage thats asking for a myriad of things to go wrong

>> No.41211172

>Barge in, She needs to wake up!

>> No.41211178

>>Barge in, She needs to wake up!

>> No.41211186

Do we have any way of telling if she's actually in there? I smell a rat...

>> No.41211219

>Barge in, She needs to wake up!
Hahaha no, She's getting the fuck out whether she likes it or not

>> No.41211220

It's her pet.

It's why the cats swarm her, they can smell the rat on her.

Plus, she's part rat.

And bat.

And gopher.

Lots of rodent in her bloodline.

>> No.41211228


No one saw her leaving, and she did go back to her room last night. Its pretty safe to assume shes there.

>> No.41211256

It's why she makes such a good spyfu

>> No.41211265

If she turns out to already be waiting for us or some shtick, remember that I called it. If not, I was paranoid

>> No.41211283

My ninja

>> No.41211284

A man after my own taste! It's only paranoia if you're wrong!

>> No.41211289

>Barge in, She needs to wake up!
Invasion of privacy anyone?

>> No.41211323

We're trying to help her not be late.

If she gets upset over us trying to be nice, she's obviously still a bitch.

>> No.41211328

>Barge in, She needs to wake up!
I'm sure she's just doting upon her shrine to us, which she keeps inconspicuously tucked away into the corner.

>> No.41211335

Not at all!

A d3, if you will

>> No.41211350

Rolled 1 (1d3)

Uh oh

>> No.41211353

Rolled 3 (1d3)


>> No.41211364

Rolled 2 (1d3)


>> No.41211371

This is only for shenanigans.

You don't have to worry


>> No.41211378

Awwww shit!

All three [email protected]

>> No.41211388

Rolled 2 (1d3)

Which result is >>41211328?

>> No.41211400

Still not on chuckles level with those shadow urns mate, Not even at Eail's level

>> No.41211419

none of them, sadly
man if i could be at their level after my first quest i'd be pretty fucking godlike

>> No.41211449

Rolled 3 (1d3)

>inb4 Liz is a face eating demon this whole time

>> No.41211465

so... 4, then?

>> No.41211476

Luckily most of the doors don't really lock, and you kind of have a life on the streets in your capable hands even if that was the case

"I'm going in!" you announce loudly, pushing the door open to the sounds of Dominic protesting and covering his eyes.

What a weird kid.

Well, it wasn't anything that interesting, she had just gotten out of the shower and was towelling her hair; didn't hear the knocks.

Certainly didn't understand the need for her to punch you in the gut as she walked out.

At least she had clothes on.


>> No.41211478

Eh long as she's good don't really care what her race is, It's stupid to judge someone on their race

>> No.41211479

No anon. We are the face eating demons

>> No.41211491

No, her name is Liz.
We're safe.
If we meet someone named Betty, THEN start worrying.

>> No.41211510

Forgot image

>> No.41211512

And you can call me Al

>> No.41211534


>> No.41211616

MAXimum kek

>> No.41211620

Mirage, that was unnecessary.

The song's still stuck in everyone's head.
The message is there.

>> No.41211738

So you all were in the same magic lecture, and shuffled in a few minutes late; the professor looked up from her board, gave you a brief nod, and continued writing.

You all sat next to each other too, 'like the three stooges' You thought.

The professor was covering the basic magic archetypes and elemental properties.

Enchanting, Destruction, Creation,

Fire, Ice, Lightning, Light, Dark.

'This is kind of boring' you mumble quietly to yourself, and soon the professor handed out scrolls containing an empty circle.

"These scrolls are to find out your affinity, Focus your magic into it. Like a calm water flow, feel it circulate through your body
and into the scroll.

You looked at Dominic and Eliza, wondering if they were going to follow. Dominic shrugged "I already know what my affinity is."
He said, looking at his hands "Liz?" Eliza stared off into the distance "...May as well give it a shot.

You all pick up your scrolls, and focus; Strange why Dominic was doing it as well, maybe he didn't want to feel left out.

As you focus, memories surface, not all of them are great.

What do you focus on?

>The fire of your old orphanage

>That one winter night

>Your first time seeing a thunderstorm


>The Demon

>> No.41211781

>The Demon

>> No.41211788

>That one winter night

>> No.41211794

>The Demon
I mean, how could I resist my waifu?

>> No.41211805

What the hell kinda magic would that be even?

>> No.41211820

Light or Dark I imagine.

>> No.41211827

One of the five presented.
Namely the last one.

>> No.41211848

>Your first time seeing a thunderstorm
Group name: Thundercats

>> No.41211851


One thing, the Demon and Devil races don't have genders, they choose whatever one they feel like at the time.

Most humans don't use dark magic, its usually touchy at best; corruption at worst.
the Devils of course, have no problem

>> No.41211871


I like you
That was definitely a masculine demon golem though, so stop it y'all

>> No.41211884

>can choose their gender.
Even better. My waifu can become a double upside down reverse futa trap.

>> No.41211902

>Your first time seeing a thunderstorm.

I love me some storms

>> No.41211908

>>The Demon

Oh yes, glad i made it.

>> No.41211914

Hey, Tart, baby, we're not being serious.
It's mostly how I keep myself from shadowruns.

>> No.41211924

Oh cell, you're here

>> No.41211938

help me

And now that you're here....
Roll a d100! Best out of 5

>> No.41211947

There's no point saying that - that kind of suggestion gets taken a VERY LONG WAY in quests

>> No.41211963

Rolled 28 (1d100)


>> No.41211971

Rolled 21 (1d100)

Mentally preparing for epic critfail

>> No.41211977

whoops, i forgot to say the Demon won.

>> No.41211978

Rolled 76 (1d100)


>> No.41211985

Rolled 70 (1d100)


>> No.41211988

Rolled 48 (1d100)

This could go south real fast

>> No.41212002




You did good

>> No.41212006

Rolled 96 (1d100)


Not generally with mass amalgams of corpses.
Especially since we shouldn't get into a relationship with our bodyguard

>> No.41212016

Well that's just out of form - you getting the best result

>> No.41212027





>> No.41212197

You end up focusing on the mysterious Demon but somehow your memory of it is distorted.

You remember it grabbing you and asking who you were. But then after that...

Why did it say decades? You're not that old.

Your memory suddenly takes a dramatic shift in direction. To something that makes it seem like you're dreaming.

A blank white, never ending space, and a girl sitting kneeling in the middle.

She looks at you, her eyes showing a shocked and; maybe horrified look. Her hands fly to her mouth.

"You shouldn't..." She murmurs, somehow you're able to hear her perfectly.

"YOU SHOULDN'T BE HERE" She screams, clapping her hands over her ears and unleashing a massive scream
that instantly deafens you, you're vaguely aware of blood running down the sides of your head.

Judging by her position, she still screaming, but you can no longer hear her.


Whats that noise?

How can you hear it?


>The clash of metal
>...A dog?

>> No.41212205

Pity as in using the 96 because you are being nice or pity that it isn't being used and my inferior role is being used as the 'best' roll.

If you had typed less you would have made it.

>> No.41212208

>...A dog?

>> No.41212237

>...A dog?


>> No.41212250

>The clash of metal

>> No.41212258

Full metal devil

>> No.41212266

>...A dog?
Man's best friend

>> No.41212267

>...A dog?
Fuck those saber tooth kittens.
Woofsy can find them.

/tg/'s RNG is based on time.

>> No.41212279

>...A dog?
Creation magic?

>> No.41212280


>> No.41212302

Changing my vote.
This anon hit the nail on the FUCKING head.

>> No.41212303

>...A kitten?

>> No.41212305 [SPOILER] 

Totally. I can blame what i want.

Woof. A friendly puppy.

>> No.41212333

Mans best friend wins! ( as always)


>> No.41212336 [SPOILER] 


>> No.41212353


>> No.41212361

fuck you,

>> No.41212372

I can find the grown up pic for it if you want?

>> No.41212381

I probably will not use it for a long time.

please do

>> No.41212391

It fluffy, gets 800 miles to the soul and kills like a homing chainsawgun bathed in unholy blood. Truly our best friend. Don't take this away from us tart.

>> No.41212403 [SPOILER] 

Ere ya go boss
I totally expect it to be our long lost puppy now, Don't disappoint me

>> No.41212406

>Man's best fiend.

>> No.41212419

not bad at all

>> No.41212426 [SPOILER] 

Die by the cutness

>> No.41212427


>> No.41212461

Yup, Love both of those pictures and i really REALLY want the first image to be our puppy, Since y'know the cats hate us

>> No.41212473

And I repeat:
>Fuck those saber tooth kittens.

>> No.41212480

Soon, anons. Soon.

>> No.41212500

>The cutness
Well, yes.
Being cut IS one way to die.

>> No.41212503

speaking of soon, how long till post?

>> No.41212504

Yep, thats definitely the sound of a dog you hear. This day couldn't get ANY weirder.

You can almost see the damn thing, wagging its tail and wanting headpats. You always wanted a dog

Wait.. It's right there, the girl is gone now. Only the Dog is there

Good boy.

As you reach out to pet it, theres a bright flash of light. You blink; realizing you're back in the realm of sanity

And the cirlce in the scroll is pitch black.

The professor is staring at you, and so is Dominic.

You also realize that the classroom is empty, save for you, the professor, Eliza and Dom.

You put the scroll down and look at Dominics. His scroll is a pale blue circle inscribed. Some of the colors seem to be
leaking out.

Strange, yours is a tight circle.

You then realize something else; they're not looking just at you.

They're looking at Eliza as well, and she's looking at her scroll with what looks like mild amusement mixed with sheer

Her scroll is white

Completely white


>> No.41212531


>> No.41212537

>That was definitely a masculine demon golem though
All the better!

>, so stop it y'all
...whyever would we do that

>> No.41212544

We should have chosen fire.
Then we could've been red white and blue.

>> No.41212574

No, I get enough of that shit on my bday, Yes it sadly is the 4th of july....

>> No.41212631

We're you born in a bald eagle's nest during a monster truck rally, and baptized in beer?
Could it be that you're the amerissiah?

>> No.41212648

Light vs Dark party members. With a mixed bad scrub.

Well then.

>> No.41212682

Crap i've been found out! NUKE THE SYSTEM!

>> No.41212702

...I just learnt that since someone has been bumping Two Souls Quest 4 repeatedly, it isn't gone and I can't start number 5. That's... unexpected.

>> No.41212742

how long is cont.?

>> No.41212747

Just continue number four, as part 4.5 and do thread five later.

>> No.41212753

The professor dismisses you three after clearing her throat, muttering something about needing to see someone.

You all walk into the fields, wandering around.
an awkward silence falling amongst all of you.

"So what did the circle mean?" You say loudly, just to break the silence. Dom looks up
"I mean, the colors I know, but whats the big deal about the circle?" Dom looks around furvitively before responding.

What's gotten into him?

"The circle is suppposed to represent a mock mana pool Alex," He begins, biting his fingernail and glancing at Eliza.

Even she looks worried, and that is terrifying.

"50% of the students here don't even fill out the circle" He continues, "We're beginners y'know? Not supposed to know how to
effectively harness our energies. I only know how because I had a tutor and-" He stops and chews in silence.

"It means." Eliza starts up quietly, surprising you that she spoke so suddenly. "That I have an extremely untapped level of magic.
And you." She says, stabbing her finger at your chest. "You, have the most dangerous magic out of all of us. No one in that room had dark magic, not even the prof."
She mutters, staring at you again.

"So what does that mean?" You ask, though you may have put the answers together yourself.

One of the biggest magic sources they've ever seen, partnered with you; whom the Top want to keep an eye out for, and Dom; distant nobility, but his family has underground pull in society.

"It means, we'll be watched. A lot." Dom says, looking around again.


Thats cheerful.

What do you want to do now?

>Get some food, all that exposition made you hungry

>Train, work out a bit of stress

>You saw one of the alumni earlier, maybe they can teach you something cool


>> No.41212772

Sorry bout the delay, i hate my laptop

>> No.41212781

>>Get some food, all that exposition made you hungry


>> No.41212783

I believe the issue he's having is that he can't post the thread's picture.

In which case, change one pixel in the corner of the picture, and post a notification in the old thread.

>> No.41212789

We need to get in tune with our powers

>Train, work out a bit of stress

As a group

>> No.41212794

>>Get some food, all that exposition made you hungry

>> No.41212805

>Train, work out a bit of stress

>> No.41212807

>You saw one of the alumni earlier, maybe they can teach you something cool

>> No.41212811

Or alter the pic's brightness one iota which is what i do. Simpler.

>> No.41212815

Let's train by causing some shenanigans

>> No.41212817

So continue the thread.

You have been given a gift.

>> No.41212818

>>Get some food, all that exposition made you hungry
>>Train, work out a bit of stress

>> No.41212822

And say it EXACTLY like that.

>> No.41212833

How big was our circle?
I feel that's important to know.

>> No.41212840

The MIGHTY BEAST hungers and must be sated with Sacrifices! I'm thinking tacos how 'bout you two?

>> No.41212841

>You saw one of the alumni earlier, maybe they can teach you something cool
Knowledge is power

>> No.41212851

They're all standard sized, you reached the edge of the circle, but didn't pass it. Dom had some magic trickle out and Eliza just flat out BLASTED the page with white

>> No.41212864

Anyways sounds like y'all are hungry.
The beast inside hungers.. FOR TACOS

And then some alumni teaching.


>> No.41212880

Thanks for the tips. New thread's up now:>>41212855
I'll still play here, of course

>> No.41212885

>Eliza just flat out BLASTED the page with white

>> No.41212897

>no one crits on the magic potential roll and has us wind up with a solid black scroll

>we will never see the Prof scream and piss himself while running away

>why live?

If trips will we get a retcon?

No? Okay..

Can't get trips anyway.

>> No.41212902

I knew this would happen

>> No.41212904

Oi wait, Training should come next not alumini if we're going by votes

>> No.41212912

You know what else is power?


>> No.41212933

Yeah I suck at counting, okay so training as a group
why won't you let me introduce styles

>> No.41212941

We require virgins!
Bring me Veal!

>> No.41212948

Because that'd be bad QMing and you know it
You want ot be "That" QM?

>> No.41212957

Because it's best to get the basics down before you try to specialize

>> No.41212974


I don't know enough about QMing to know diddly squat. So theres that.

>> No.41213019

>why won't you let me introduce styles
but Tart, Hunting Devils is ALL about C-c-crazy Style

>> No.41213020

Rolled 82 (1d100)

Just rolling for shitngiggles.

It's a luck roll then, yeh?

>> No.41213037

Blood prince is calling to me

>> No.41213044

I didn't need this boner you know
Now sauce?

>> No.41213087

Oh yes
then have more

>> No.41213089 [SPOILER] 



>> No.41213093

Either way, let's get going

>> No.41213107

Still need that nice sauce mate

>> No.41213125

Look closer, that is also a fem Dante. She has boobs that can be seen towards the end.

>> No.41213137

Everyone seemed really wound up, and as self proclaimed team leader; you needed to do something.

So you do the dumbest thing in the world

You laugh. Hard.

As they look at you in bewilderment. You grab the two of them over the shoulders and bring them in.

"Well I don't know about you guys but the DARK FORBIDDEN POWER inside of me calls for something..." you trail off ominously.

"A-and what's that?" Dominic squeaks

"FOOD!" You exclaim "I'm thinking tacos! What about you Eliza?"

>Anyone found any good images of Alex that they might want to use?

>> No.41213144

There is a reverse image search in the little arrow next to post number, dude.

Just click it.

>> No.41213152

There are tits in that gif?

>> No.41213179

Has there been a description of Alex yet?

>> No.41213183


"So, as our team leader-"

"Don't say your team leader with your mouth full." Eliza growls at you stuffing your face.

"I think we should train as a group!" You annouce, ignoring her completely and stuffing more food in your mouth.

Dom seems to approve of the change in pace, and Eliza seems less angry at the world. So you're doing God's work, really.

Once you all finish eating, you head on over to the training grounds. you always wonder how they summon such realistic dummies of the demons

Its quite amusing to cut them down.

How do you want to train?

>As a Group, with teamwork as a focus
>As a Group, with strength as a focus
>As individuals, with cooperation as a focus
>As individuals, with Conditioning as a focus

>> No.41213191

Reread my post more carefully.

No but im looking for a good example.

>> No.41213201

If I remember correctly, hes 5'9, 22, black haired. no glasses...
Does anyone else remember?

>> No.41213219

>>As a Group, with strength as a focus

Group training, focusing on mastering our powers.

>> No.41213220

>As individuals, with cooperation as a focus

>> No.41213221

>As a Group, with teamwork as a focus
Prank that shit.

>> No.41213222

>>As individuals, with Conditioning as a focus
They both have to get used to the D.

The Dark element.

>> No.41213224

>>As individuals, with Conditioning as a focus

Endurance is the number one most useful thing to have in combat.

If you can beat someone to death with your own severed arm, you will always be a badass.

Also, when the fuck are you giving us best puppy?!

I demand it nao!

>> No.41213230

Notice that I said "in that gif" implying that I didn't even notice the center stage tits.

>> No.41213243

>As a Group, with teamwork as a focus

>> No.41213252

>As a Group, with teamwork as a focus

>> No.41213275

He is dream puppy.
For now puppy is dream.
For later puppy is puppy.

>> No.41213279

Voting closed! Counting

>> No.41213295

Predictable outcome.

>> No.41213306

I know what you were implying.

Maybe this, i don't know if it fits the bell.

>> No.41213313

Any drawfags wanna have a go?

>> No.41213315

Well, this is /tg/ - We can be quite White Knight at times.

>> No.41213317


The vote seems to be JOLLY COOPERATION!
Ah, I forgot.


Training yourself
> Your weapon skills

>Your element skills (Dark)

>Your affinity skills (Creation)

And Roll 3d100s, one for each character, taking best of 5
I know, but I may as well ask

>> No.41213320

But Anooooonnn, I want puppy noooowwww!

>> No.41213338

If you make puppy now, you will be severely lacking later on; it's your choice though

>> No.41213348

Rolled 64, 11, 27 = 102 (3d100)

>>Your affinity skills (Creation)

Sounds neat, infinite blade works mode is this one, yeh?

>> No.41213352

Rolled 88 (1d100)

crit fail

>> No.41213357

Rolled 22, 68, 78 = 168 (3d100)

No puppy. Train Dark.

>> No.41213368

More like that could work, I was thinking more summoned swords from DmC, IBW mode is really top tier.

>> No.41213374

Honest to god, first thing I thought of.

>> No.41213380

>>Your element skills (Dark)

>> No.41213392

Rolled 80, 25, 44 = 149 (3d100)

>Your element skills

>> No.41213395

Rolled 91, 10, 80 = 181 (3d100)

> Your weapon skills

>> No.41213400


That actually works quite well, I don't know who that is though.

did anyone read my pastebin, i worked preddy hard on that

>> No.41213407

Rolled 72, 88, 79 = 239 (3d100)

>Your element skills (Dark)
We're gonna need a montage, MONTAGE!

>> No.41213408

Rolled 40, 64, 31 = 135 (3d100)

Fs for everyone

>> No.41213413

Rolled 74, 32, 25 = 131 (3d100)

rooting for the shota

>> No.41213423

Lelouch vi brittania.
Main character in code geass.

>> No.41213430

Lelouch from Code Geass

>> No.41213435

Rolled 76, 84, 39 = 199 (3d100)

train everything at once, magic Dark Cerebus Weapon here we come!

>> No.41213436

All I have in my head is that unlocking IBW-esque techniques for us as a low-tier version would be like Death from the Castlevania games with his endless supply of flying scythes.

Fucking loved those games. Fucking loved Death as a boss.

>> No.41213437

Code geass, main character. Anti hero.

>> No.41213439

Damn, son. Calm down.

>> No.41213457

91,68, 80... interesting.

Looks like Dom didn't do so hot, oh well.

>> No.41213458


>> No.41213474

The character sheet?
I did. Nice job.

Just wondering why Dom has 2 positives and a negative where the other two get three positive skills.

>> No.41213480


>> No.41213483

But he did.
>Rolled 72, 88, 79 = 239 (3d100)

Or cold, as it were, considering his element. At 88.

>> No.41213497

Fifth roll dom got 88, though.

>> No.41213498

But we did, and thats what really matters.

And Elice, who just happens to be on our team and has a rare element the opposite of us, who has showed interest in us. Shadowruns.

>> No.41213505

Realist is a positive.

>> No.41213507

Fuck, he does?

Shit, need to change that.
See?? I can't fucking count and apparently I'm blind.


>> No.41213508

What? That's kinda bullcrap ain't it?

>> No.41213511

shhhhshshhshhhh, it only doesn't work if you start believing it doesn't. just go with it

>> No.41213534

That's because anon is just wrong. Don't believe his lies.

>> No.41213546

Yes, as I said, Al and Liz have three positives.
Dom has two positives and Scaredy cat.

Don't worry, we still love you.

>> No.41213547

>it only doesn't work if you start believing it doesn't
gif related

>> No.41213548

Oh looked at the pastebin now and yeah that anon's spouting bullshit

>> No.41213574

>Please wait while DarkTart generates training montage

>> No.41213585

>Scaredy Cat: DC is usually higher for him on independent action
I mean, I could be misinterpreting, but it seems pretty clear cut.

>> No.41213587

Oh right, duh, I confused the boys Dom and Alex.

>> No.41213609

Well it just means dont make dom do shit on his own. I mean he has two combat bonuses already (in a way) and his kit is geared towards support

>> No.41213618

>oh no, a character has traits, some good, some bad

It can happen to anyone, and it isn't out of place for him.

We could pick up some negates by fucking up our rolls too hard, I'd bet.

>> No.41213620

Still it's kinda shitty that he has a negative whereas everyone else has three positive

>> No.41213622

This wouldn't happen if we were named Dick Dickens.
Look upon what you have wrought, and weep.

>> No.41213640

I have great things planned for Dom, and his combat bonuses are higher than Both Alex and Eliza. But yeah

>> No.41213652

But the muscles, anon. The muscles.

>> No.41213663

That never happened, no one suggested a silly and preposterous name like dick dickens.

There was a similar name though it was Richard dickens, is that what you mean?

>> No.41213668

I'd be alright with it if every character had two positives and a negative, but as it is, it's just hobbling him in comparison.
Unless, of course, he gets big bonuses from his other two.

But, then again, Dom is sort of the comic relief character, so it could make sense

>> No.41213670

We have a pretty anime team - we don't need a muscleman

The nickname for Richard is dick

>> No.41213672

No seriously, where does he keep them!?

>> No.41213685

You decide to work on formations and teamwork. And it really pays off. After a few hours your team is working like a dream.

You also take this moment to notice a few things about your teammates and point them out to them.

Dominic prefers a support role, providing a vertible launching pad for Eliza to flip and destroy as well as perform her acrobatic moves.

However hes something of a wrecking ball himself, his thin arms somehow swinging his great sword like it was made of wood.

You suspect magic is involved, but whatever gets the job done right?

He however is pretty slow in dodging and movements, and he gets tired easily.

Eliza on the other hand has mobility like a panther and the endurance to boot. She honestly looks quite good sommersaulting through the air

You'll never let her hear that though.

She has trouble thinking of strategies on the fly; while it's okay at the moment with the dummies, it could be quite fatal when a opponent reacts unexpectedly.

You then focus on yourself, and more importantly your magic. Empowering your body with the magic is simple. However, keeping it active while in motion is much harder.

you suspect you may be able to channel it into weaponry, and find you can summon a small, dark dagger in your hand that you can throw. It doesn't do too much though.

>i think my speed is slow because i keep talking to you all.

>> No.41213698

My apologies, sir.
I actually forgot how I presented that name.

I should be ashamed.

>> No.41213727

Forgot image

>> No.41213736

>. It doesn't do too much though.
Well you haven't tried it against a LIVING target yet.

>> No.41213759

You're fine.
Quality is decent, and you're still faster than a lot of QMs.
Besides, I like a QM who actively participates.

>> No.41213760

>Draw dagger
>use against opponent
>nat 100
>enemy implodes

>> No.41213764

is the blind one going the wrong way?

>> No.41213789

Im pretty new to live writing, its good fun but im pretty bad at thinking on my feet. I hope to improve!

>> No.41213792

A: not blind, wearing a mask
B: pic related.

>> No.41213826

>being an appledrone
What happened to your laptop?

>> No.41213842

>>i think my speed is slow because i keep talking to you all.

Good! A QM that talks to his crowd keeps them interested and it makes them like the QM more.

Good man.

I know.

>> No.41213843

It's going fine now, more will be appreciated.

>> No.41213875

There is always a need for a muscleshota.

>> No.41214020

You also learn about what kinds of magic they can do, and discuss how to utilize them in your team.

Eliza's white magic involves blinding, and is mainly focused around Enchantment. She can power her body to strike
fast, hard, and she can teleport if she has time to concentrate.

Dominic; like you, is focused on Creation, He can already create lances of ice and when hitting a target, can immobilize them
and if the enemy is weak enough; kill them outright.

You focus on physical conditioning and your magic affinity; You have an inkling that the magic has something to do with that demon and the weird vision you had.
You can create one ethereal blade of darkness; and once accidentally created a dark circle on the floor. You still aren't sure what that does; but when you step inside you feel... comfortable.

Time passes, and before you know it, the next expedition is up. This time; its extermination.

Captain Stark is your leader again, and you report to the line on time, standing next to Eliza and Dominic.

"I'm not late this time."

You remark, loud enough for them to hear whilst mid salute; eliciting a snicker from Dom and an eyeroll from Eliza

"Alright this is your first exterm mission!" Stark grunts, looking at all of you

"I won't be there to wipe your asses, so you better watch it!"

"Dismissed! Choose your location!"

>What location do you want?

>Abandoned church, scouts report ghouls in the area (easy)

>Graveyard, undead are prowling, search and destroy (medium)

>Valley- A lesser warlock is creating a small army, hit em fast and hard before he creates too many (hard)

>> No.41214037

>>Valley- A lesser warlock is creating a small army, hit em fast and hard before he creates too many (hard)
Time for fun

>> No.41214044

Man, I keep trying to get a new phone, but the old phone keeps breaking.
I'm still bound by my contract at that point, and getting a new one renews it.

Long story short: I despise this phone.

>> No.41214048

>Graveyard, undead are prowling, search and destroy (medium)

>> No.41214056

>>Graveyard, undead are prowling, search and destroy (medium)

>> No.41214064

Hard = better loot right?

>> No.41214072

>>Valley- A lesser warlock is creating a small army, hit em fast and hard before he creates too many (hard)

Hard mode best mode. better rewards too.

>> No.41214082

>Valley- A lesser warlock is creating a small army, hit em fast and hard before he creates too many (hard)

Harder better faster stronger.

>> No.41214094

You may gain something cool
Hurray, mystery box

>> No.41214111

>Valley- A Lesser warlock is creating a small army, hit em fast and hard before he creates too many

>> No.41214126

Guess you guys want to kill Gul'dan


>> No.41214146

No exceeding Agony, no fast grinding levels

>> No.41214150

Fuck orcs.
Let's do this shit

>> No.41214181

So for loot, will it be random?

Roll for what level of epic it is, then roll for what type of gear it is?

Because getting a magical shoe which allows you to take a step 500x further than you should be able to naturally sounds hilarious and useful.

>> No.41214189

Predetermined loot is often better

But I see what you mean

>> No.41214194

So I passed out in my chair super hard after finishing CoK, oops

>> No.41214216

Well done mate. You awoke to both Devil Hunter Quest and Two Souls Quest from this little group

>> No.41214223 [SPOILER] 

Sounds like the Eail i know.

>> No.41214231

Only one shoe, though.
It's very odd to see someone appear out of nowhere, take a single step and disappear

>> No.41214243

Eh, I feel like that's just cheap.

And you can easily modify what people get even with random rolls.

Based on difficulty, last type and rank of loot acquired, location and even time.

But I just want a magical doggie bone which gives us superpuppy.

>> No.41214245

So zat mean you're going to run SAQ or SWQ today?

>> No.41214277

The Warlock used to be a human, a satanist by nature; when the demons came he rejoyced, and begged to let him work for them.

He's sown chaos into the land, and changed into something not quite human, not quite demon. Something a little of both.

It's nighttime when you reach the valley, the crescent moon your only source of light and comfort as you lurk into the enemy base.

You find the Warlock through the smell before you see his campfire

The smell of death, decay; and far too much time with zombies clung to him like a musky cape.

You couldn't wait to kill him.

Unfortunately he was also surrounded by a group of skeletons, each wearing a patchwork assortment of armor and crude weaponry.

"Shouldn't there be more of those enemies?" Dom wonders quietly, after you come back from your scouting.

"I hope not, but based on our luck; he's probably got a ton of baddies waiting in the wings." you say.

"So whats the plan Alex?" Eliza pipes up, pulling out her blade and inspecting it.

What's your plan?

>Dominic and I will launch our magic weapons into the warlock, maybe we'll get lucky and kill him before he realizes we're here

>We storm in, kill him and anyone who gets in our way

>We go in quiet, kill him and his small group before he calls the brigade


Welcome back to the land of the living, we're going to kill them undead dudes.

>> No.41214292

>launch them into the warlock

>> No.41214300

>Fan out around the area, search for a potential ambush.
>On my signal, attack from all sides.

>> No.41214303

>>We go in quiet, kill him and his small group before he calls the brigade

Sneaky beaky like.

>> No.41214321

I love that

>> No.41214349

So, bonus to roll for pleasing QM?

Yeh, YEH!?

>> No.41214355

I can't stop chuckling.
Eail, tell Chuckles to leave me alone.

>> No.41214364


>> No.41214366

>your butt shall forever be tickled by the Chuckles

>> No.41214367

Nah m8, Will tomorrow/today though

Rush in and style on a motherfucker


>> No.41214372

By the way i've been listening to You can call me Al on repeat help me
Whats the point of rolls if you roll 1s anyways

>> No.41214394

Rolled 10 (1d20)

You challenge me?

You want me to roll a one?!


>> No.41214413

There is no helping the damned.

We can roll non critfails tart! Right guys? Right?

I can tell you miss DMC quest. I too feel the pain.

>> No.41214420

You done goofed

>> No.41214423


>> No.41214439

Rolled 17 (1d20)

You haven't seen the last of me.

>> No.41214447

Well, there's a one IN it.


>> No.41214455

mfw we still haven't a decision yet.
We're using d100

>> No.41214483

Never mind, I didn't read the seconding of Mirage

>> No.41214498

Roll a die for a tiebreaker if you have to.

>> No.41214510

Don't say die.

>> No.41214514

Didn't see it either. Well, for the future.

>> No.41214515

"We'll go in quiet." You say, gathering your equipment and stamping the small fire you had built the hour before.

"Dom, you stay up here and ready a spear, we may need it if we botch it down there."

"Got it"

Roll me 3d100

>> No.41214519

Rolled 10, 12, 13 = 35 (3d100)


>> No.41214521

Rolled 38, 70, 89 = 197 (3d100)


>> No.41214526

Rolled 29 (1d100)


>> No.41214529

Rolled 47, 8, 45 = 100 (3d100)

Luck be a lady


>> No.41214531

Rolled 32, 60, 36 = 128 (3d100)


>> No.41214539

Rolled 84, 71, 17 = 172 (3d100)

Pls halp

>> No.41214554

Rolled 49, 41, 79 = 169 (3d100)

Luck, if you've ever been a lady to begin with

>> No.41214555

Rolled 15, 41, 58 = 114 (3d100)


>> No.41214556

Rolled 75, 6, 76 = 157 (3d100)

And now I'll be late, FUCK!

I hate you, bruv.

>> No.41214572

Good job, got the first two

And the last roll.

Stop tempting fate

>> No.41214574

I like you.
You enable me to inject songs into this quest.

>> No.41214584

You brought this on yourself. Not that it would have helped.

>> No.41214589

Rolled 70 (1d100)

>Stop tempting fate


>> No.41214592

You all did well!

>> No.41214612

Rolled 32 (1d100)

Hey, friend, calm down.

>> No.41214619

Rolled 44 (1d100)

forgot my own

>> No.41214622

Rolled 51 (1d100)

Oh look he's so hap - THAT CANNOT QUELL MY RAGE!

>> No.41214635

I've been playing >>41214423 on repeat for 15 minutes.

>> No.41214652

Detection roll? You suffer the same fate of all QM's, you shall not roll well when it counts.

>> No.41214660

Rolled 71 (1d100)

But birdfriend, make love not war.

>> No.41214669

poor bastard never saw it coming

>> No.41214672

Listen to it at double speed. It almost functions like an entirely different song.

>> No.41214680

Rolled 41 (1d100)

That's actually pretty ador - HAAAAAATE

Eventually I'll hit a crit, or cutes will win. I'm damn lazy.

>> No.41214691

That's true of all music

And this is true of all quests

>> No.41214705

Rolled 30 (1d100)

Mmmm, flowers...

>> No.41214737

Rolled 28 (1d100)

The fuck you doin' to my flowers?!

Nat 1, come on!

>> No.41214738


come on Dark

>> No.41214743

I meant while functioning as a song that sounded like an actual song, not some sped up mess, but yeah i totally get what you mean.

>> No.41214756

Don't be sad mister bird, look at how chibi i am! Know cuteness and nice, and rejoice!

>> No.41214769

Oh WTF is that heresy

>> No.41214773

As you get closer to the warlocks location, you're surprised by how easy this is.

Maybe all that training did pay off. Your softtoed boots making little noise as you
whisk from cover to cover, Eliza not far behind.

Heh, maybe its cause skeletons have no ears.

You can see the shell of a man now, drinking what smells like strong alcohol from a hip flask. He clearly thought his skeletons would defend him from any harm

He hasn't met you guys yet.

You struck quick and fast, your glaive coming out from its sheath with a whisper that met 3 of the skeletons and shattered them into useless pieces.

Eliza flipped over your blade and smashed two more skeletal heads with her blades, before landing on the ground, spinning and bisected them while they were reaching for their weapons.

The last skeleton only managed to reach his weapon before being slammed into the ground with a large ice spear; freezing it in place instantly before you slam your boot into it and shatter.

All before the warlock could drop his booze.

"Wuh-Who are you guys?" he stammered, he's clearly boozed out of his mind, and it would take him a while to summon anything that could be deemed a threat

You let a savage grin permeate your features.

"Your worst nightmare."

What do you do?

>Kill him, don't need to bother.

>Watch him struggle, its funny.

>Knock him out, he might know something.

>> No.41214774

Rolled 54 (1d100)

Daddy said it was okay

>> No.41214781

Hey look at that, first sort of fight scene.

How did i do?

>> No.41214795

>Knock him out, he might know something.
What would it take to disable his spell casting when he wakes up?

>> No.41214796

>Knock him out, he might know something

Oh no, Dark, that wasn't a fight scene. That was an ambush.

The real test is when we fight five separate guys at the same time on a level playing field

>> No.41214805

Rolled 20 (1d100)


Come at me, bros!



>Kill him, don't need to bother.

Extermination mission, right? Let's get to LOOTAN!

>> No.41214808

>Knock him out, he might know something.

Risk versus reward!

Heresy isn't cute, Ergo....

>> No.41214814

>>Knock him out, he might know something.


- a mentor in the Dark arts! He takes payment in punches and promises not to punch him anymore

>> No.41214824


>Knock him out, he might know something.

>> No.41214828

What >>41214796 said.
That wasn't a fight scene, that was a successful gank.

Generally a fight scene will span over a couple posts.

>> No.41214844

>Kill him
Let's not be cocky now

>> No.41214845

Do you want some candies?

>> No.41214846

Rolled 87 (1d100)

Sho thang.

Feel the cute. FEEL IT~!

>> No.41214862

Since hes mostly a necromancer, he needs dead things to do anything.

And for those worried about him doing some kungfu shit; hes boozed out of his mind and you're 3 relatively skilled warriors.

I want to do a fight scene already

>> No.41214863

>heresy isn't cute
You ever read Papa-N's stuff?
Specifically Heretical Love?

>> No.41214877

That's not quite the same. That's EXTRA heresy.

>> No.41214883

>I want to do a fight scene already
Then next time we do a hard mission, don't end it in one post.

>> No.41214887


I love cand -


Aspiring Emperor Quest has some damn fine fight scenes in it when Talon gets a real challenge, or his men do.

Eail, you check it out, too.

>> No.41214892

Y'all gonna knock him out. Cool beans


>> No.41214903

Non-heresy can be cute
Heresy can't be cute
And extra-heresy can be adorable?

>> No.41214915

I agree with this guy, i understand we picked the best choice and got very good rolls, but so far it seems.... anticlimactic.

Maybe they expected us to pick the 'hard' mission and the 'easy' mission was actually the most threatening. Or maybe they wanted us to pick the easy one knowing it would take us out.

>> No.41214919

Rolled 68 (1d100)

Hah, you say funny words, birdy

>> No.41214930

MFW i'm still listening to this on loop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uq-gYOrU8bA

>> No.41214935

Extra heresy may pretend to be adorable but secretly devours your soul while you ponder such trivial cuteness and uses it to fuel its chaos powers as you suffer.

>> No.41214936

Or maybe the higher ups are really shitty at identifying threats.

Wouldn't that be a hoot? Incompetent commanders save the ones who are out in the shit fighting.

>> No.41214952

You shall NEVER be free of my influence! NEVER!

Whenever you hear that song, you shall also hear my mighty NYEEHAHAHAHA

>> No.41214958

Just you wait, I'm charging for full power rolling for the loots.

>> No.41214976

Fine then.
Let it be our final showdown.
Let it be known that I SHALL DESTROY YOU.

>> No.41214989

Your proposal is laughable!

>> No.41215005

But you have not yet seen my final form.

>> No.41215026


Lets just be friends guys!

>> No.41215031

Before he tries some weird voodoo shit, you zip over and slam the flat edge of your blade into his skull. His eyes roll to the back of his head and he collapses.

Eliza gives you a weird look and you shrug "He might know something." Eliza just nods.

She's much more understanding in missions isn't she.

You raise your hand to give the all clear signal to Dom

And hear a cry of pain.

Dom tumbles over the hill and in front of you, his sword clattering next to him. A once over confirms that he's not seriously injured, and rush to him him up.

Then you hear laughter.

"Great show!" A male voice says, baritone and clear in its delivery, followed by clapping.

"I'd hate to be your enemies. But I am."

"Show yourself!" You shout, brandishing your glaive. "Liz, Light!"

"On it!" She replies, summoning a quick ball of light to illuminate the enemy.

>how can it be so difficult to find good images

>> No.41215039

Whoa what the shit is that, nope.

That dude's fuckin' mental, bruv.

>> No.41215047

I'm kind of terrified.

>> No.41215067

Clearly the enemy is just crossdressing then.

>> No.41215068

It ain't over.

Good. Very good.

>> No.41215071

Oh, good.
That was the mook.

I was pretty worried.

>> No.41215088

It aint the mook, i can't find a good picture of liz. fuck me

>> No.41215092

So this is what Liz really wants us to do?

Better level our Creation skills, boys.

>> No.41215099

Nah, I meant the guy we took out.

>> No.41215109

Chains make sense for dark...

>> No.41215123


you know i didn't even think about chains until you brought that up.

thanks anonfriend

>> No.41215137

Yeah, give everyone else the credit, I HELPED!

>> No.41215146

i love you too anon, but your hate will be the end of you

>> No.41215177

I wouldn't have thought it without you, birdfriend.

>> No.41215211

>tfw you realize you have way too many pictures of this particular kind of bird

>> No.41215213

The light shone bright, revealing a strange creature. Half insect, half man. The only description that really rang true for you was...


This thing was Dangerous, and would kill you if you weren't careful.

"I have to say, you guys were like super stealthy!" The creature continues, gesturing to the warlock.

"Real sneaky beaky like. And the choice to leave the heavy weapons guy at the back? Brilliant!" He laughs, before glaring at you.

"It's a shame I have to kill you now."

That pressure.

He's a demon, a lesser class one. You remember the feeling that you got when you were being dangled by the golem before. It's not nearly as strong as that thing.
But its definitely powerful. Liz looks like shes about the throw up. The pressure must be getting to her. You tap her on the shoulder lightly.

Its a small gesture, but it tells her a message.

>I'm here
>We can do this.

She nods and takes a deep breath before resuming her fighting stance. The demon raises an eyebrow.

"And a good leader too, now I'm really hyped!" He laughs, Dom's on his feet now.

"Be careful, he's fast. And really strong." Dom murmurs

He's probably faster and stronger than you, and doesn't seem to carry any visible weapons; besides the stinger on his tail.
What tricks could he be hiding behind his sleeves?

How do you proceed?

>Tell Liz to detonate the light orb, blinding the enemy while you create a dark shelter

>Charge him with Dom while Liz charges up for a teleport strike

>Play defense, let him come to you.


Hi cellanon

>> No.41215215

But, Tart, this thread is FILLED with pictures of Liz.

>> No.41215230

>>Charge him with Dom while Liz charges up for a teleport strike

>> No.41215236

>Start by introducing ourself. It's only polite.
>Tell Liz to detonate the light orb, blinding the enemy while you create a dark shelter

>> No.41215252

Oh my god i made a cameo in a quest.

>Tell Liz to detonate the light orb, blinding the enemy while you create a dark shelter

Hi Tart

>> No.41215255

>The name's Al. You'll excuse me if I don't want to shake your hand.

>> No.41215256



We need to no-sell one of his attacks, cause, cause he's Cell, get it? Cause... fuck it.

>Charge him with Dom while Liz charges up for a teleport strike

>> No.41215268

>Charge him with Dom while Liz charges up for a teleport strike

Use the natural darkness to create some kind of fetter to lock him down

Will you be introducing other Cameos?
Will you let me use this quest for appearances in Two Souls Quest as a Universe we visit way later on?

>> No.41215276

Seconding this, being polite is the nice thing to do.

>> No.41215281

We should trap him in some sort of cage, or prison of some sort.

>> No.41215312 [SPOILER] 


If we spend enough time in the bird enclosure at base with the ravens, will we meet best bird?


>> No.41215313 [SPOILER] 

use our Creation to Summon the Cute Puppy

>> No.41215317

Mirage im usually uncertain with Cameos, it was just a thing i came up with. I think it could work though. I'm not sure how to integrate a fucking dragonsoul into my quest though.

Voting closed!
You're charging, but only after being polite
>be polite! its only right!

>> No.41215321


>> No.41215335

You could just meet a relatively weak Spirit Pair after a while. Most are not dragons

>> No.41215384

fair enough.

>> No.41215388

This is the only reaction that truly works for me right now.

This is amazing.

>> No.41215389

Best bird isn't a Raven though.
That doesn't make sense...

>> No.41215406

So, are we going to introduce ourself to every demon we meet?
Cause that sounds pretty cool.

>> No.41215426

Manners maketh lizard.

>> No.41215433

You think best bird needs a reason to be in the Raven enclosure?

Just cause he's a stork he can't hang with them smart ass fucking black birds!?

>> No.41215441

That's the monopoly hat.

That's adorable. Good show classy lizard sir.

>> No.41215443

"Before we fight, It's only fair that you introduce yourself to your opponent?" You say, readying yourself.

The demon gives a bemused look before breaking out laughing once more.

"You're really too much!" He chuckles, before looking serious once more.

"I am Stanis! Fourth Legion, Fifth Command!" he shouts, his pressure growing with each word.

"Dealer of Death and Master of Skulls! By the power vested in me by my overlord, I will destroy you!"

That savage grin is back,

"My name is Alexander Hawkens. Leader of Squad 15! Demon in name alone! And by the power vested in my glaive, I'M GOING TO KICK YOUR FUCKING ASS." You roar, lifting your weapon up and sweeping it in an arc.

"Dom, Liz; Beta 2!"

"On it!" They reply in unison, Dom grabbing his greatsword and charging with you while Eliza stands back and begins to concentrate.

>Roll it boys, 3d100

>> No.41215445

>>Charge him with Dom while Liz charges up for a teleport strike

>> No.41215452

Well, he can. It just seems less likely than, say, at an estuary, or a river.
Or wherever that species of stork generally is.

>> No.41215453

Rolled 72, 66, 69 = 207 (3d100)

here we go

>> No.41215454

Rolled 14, 82, 81 = 177 (3d100)


>> No.41215465

Rolled 68, 61, 1 = 130 (3d100)

Mkay rolling.

>> No.41215470

Rolled 64, 70, 75 = 209 (3d100)

Stick with me baby, I'm the guy that you came in with

>> No.41215474

Rolled 81, 15, 99 = 195 (3d100)


South African Shoebill Stork, IIRC.

>> No.41215478

Rolled 54, 15, 38 = 107 (3d100)

I've been decent so far...

>> No.41215481

Rolled 90 (1d100)



>> No.41215489


Battle is a boys' game.

>> No.41215490


>> No.41215494

You wasted my 99.

I've been saving it.

You son of a bitch.

Next time you see me, you're donezo.

Coming for you. On the road right now, Cellnon.

>> No.41215500

Then we should find an extensive, dense, freshwater marsh.

>> No.41215510

Just as planned.

>> No.41215516

Eliza may as well have fallen flat on her face.

>> No.41215561

>trips on a stray bone
>everyone stops and looks
>sits up with and adorable pout on her face
>even the demon thinks its cute

>> No.41215578

>Implying she's touching the ground.

>> No.41215584

Good to see you back in form Cellanon

>> No.41215585

if only you get away that easily

>> No.41215637

Good game everyone, but i believe SEVERE CONCEQUENCES are in order.

Did anyone order a team party kill? I got one right here all hot and fresh.

Or she gets absorbed and cell evolves and becomes a major villain.

>> No.41215656

Could you just inject her with some mass?

Fill her out a bit?

Kind of flatter than a cutting board as is.

Get rekt, Liz.

>> No.41215663

We weren't even supposed to have a team of 3 anyway.


>> No.41215676


>> No.41215684

I'm just gonna say now, if Tart starts killing off teammates in thread two because of a stray 1 I'm leaving. And I'll be salty enough to kill every snail in a 10m radius

>> No.41215694

liz a shit

a shitttt

>> No.41215700

I think he's smart enough to not kill someone on a single critfail.
Especially not his waifu.

>> No.41215704

Nah, she is just gonna get fucked up or absorbed android style. Just make the newly high powered cell puke and your waifu returns.

>> No.41215708

And here I thought I was speaking loudly enough to be heard intentionally.

>> No.41215740

You can tell straight away Stanis is no joke. He's fast, strong, and as you and Dom bear down on him.

You and Dom work in tandem to form a barreling wave of destruction. He swings while you stab, and while he pulls back you
jump ahead, a flurry of blows before vaulting over to reveal a storm of ice bolts thudding into Stanis.

To his credit, he deflects well, but the ice sticks him to the ground; giving you precious seconds for Eliza to teleport to him and
obliterate him.

"Liz! Now!" You yell, your glaive whirling in an small arc before swinging at his head.

Liz's terrified scream is your only reply.

You freeze, and the moments hesitation is all Stanis needs. He rips himself away from the ice and body slams you before slashing his tail and
stabbing at Dom, forcing him back.

You think you broke something, but you're not sure. You're now stranded from your team.

"A Strategist too!" Stanis says, looking amused. "And almost trained to perfection." looking only slightly battered and definitely coming out of that exchange for the better.

You look at Eliza, whos dropped both her weapons and is clutching her head in pain, groaning. You get a brief flash of the
girl in your vision and her sudden resemblance.

"See, the thing I noticed about your lady friend here is that she's got a lot of magic... Light magic too." He says, almost pondering.

"The thing about that is that all the silly humans thing that Light beats Dark. But thats not really the case." He continues, as you force yourself into a standing position.

"They're weak against each other really, and I have a lot- more experience with magic than she does. Add the fact that I have the innate pressure of a Demon, a little bit of
a poisoned mind aand..." The demon claps, clearly amused by his antics "Poof! They're out of the game.

>> No.41215778


"C-Change her back!" Dominic demands, quaver in his voice. Stanis laughs

"What, and give back your only advantage?" He says "Forget it kid, the only thing that can change her back is another Dark user." He says, before turning to you.

"And he's about to die right here."


>> No.41215789

This bitch fuckin' wit our homies?

Naw, he bout to get fucked up.

Next time, that is.


>> No.41215810

Ah, but he has not yet seen our secret weapon.
A corgi.

We may not have thought this through.

>> No.41215841 [SPOILER] 

>implying Dom isn't superior waifu material anyway

>> No.41215852

Summon something - a chain or something to lock him down while we rescue her. This is our chance to gain her confidence.

>> No.41215878

I say we start pelting him with shadow daggers while Dom charges.

Dom a best sub

>> No.41215881

This is great. Im rooting for Stanis. Go Stanis, you can do it! DEMONS WOOO!

Not really but DAMN is this good. Still hoping liz gets absorbed.

>> No.41215887

You don't hear that last part.


She's your friend, and your responsibility.


He always watched out for you, he's been there.

And you be DAMNED before you let either of them die.

"Dom." You say, your voice sounding different to you.


"I'll take care of him."

You feel... different, stronger. Your fractured rib doesn't seem to hurt as much anymore.

"This time Stanis, its just you and me." You say, spinning your glaive to point at him. "Mano o Mano, Two demons fighting till we die."

"Black Circle."

A dark circle emenates from your feet, growing till it reached him. He cocked his head curiously "A self empowering circle? Interesting..."

"Let's see how well you do!"


Whats your next move?

>Dark Chains

>Dark sword



>> No.41215894


>> No.41215899

>>Dark sword

Offense up?


(Round two we gon chain im)

>> No.41215915 [SPOILER] 

I just realized something
pic related, anyone?

>> No.41215916

Implying we can't do both

>> No.41215927


>> No.41215943

>>Dark sword

>> No.41215956

>Dark sword


>> No.41215965

Seconding chainsword

>> No.41215991

Also I realized we're on page 8, should I make a new thread?
Chains and swords are separate summoned entities, I don't think we can get them both in the same thing; but you can make them pop up at the same time.

>> No.41216003

Absolutely not. Keep going in this one. You have hours and hours.

>> No.41216007

You've still got a good couple posts in this thread. Run it to the ground, and if you want to keep running then make a new thread.

>> No.41216013

Okay start a new thread, and have the chains appear, but do nothing, and then go at Stanis with dark swords, after a while, catch him off guard with a summoned chain and attempt to severely wound him.

Sound good everyone?

>> No.41216023

Right on.
Alright Double Summon of chains and summoned swords are a go.
Roll a d100 everyone, best of 5

>> No.41216027

>tfw you'll never have epic badass flaming runesword to smite with


>> No.41216037

it might not be necessary, as you are right now; you can summon them mid combat.
You can maybe change weapons if you want

>> No.41216051 [SPOILER] 

Rolled 88 (1d100)

I got a future boss type enemy for ya.

>> No.41216056

Rolled 79 (1d100)

I have white horses. And ladies by the score.

>> No.41216070


>> No.41216072

Rolled 39 (1d100)

my own roll

>> No.41216078

>Chains and swords are separate
You sure about that?
I have a friend who disagrees.

>> No.41216084

Rolled 39 (1d100)

..forgot roll like a noob

>> No.41216088

Rolled 72 (1d100)


>> No.41216091

>Your summoning swords like vergil does. and besides
>swords are autonomous
>chains are autonomous
>why combine them?

>> No.41216097

That's 5

Best is 88

Pretty good

>> No.41216099

Rolled 34 (1d100)

What a lucky man you are.

>> No.41216103



>> No.41216104

Oh my
Yeah that smoke guy seems pretty cool, ill see

>> No.41216116

>swords are autonomous
>chains are autonomous
But this wasnt mentioned.
Are we just sending a sword his way? Cause that's neat.

>> No.41216123

One more thing before I forget.

>> No.41216127

Our worst roll was the same as his roll.
That's saying something.

>> No.41216133

>be Alex

>be fighting army

>spawn a shitload of swords

>Cry havoc! And let slip the dogs of war!

>Suddenly Best Puppy emerges and stomps the army before swords can make it into the fight

>> No.41216136

Nigga, we started this by having our face eaten by a long lost friend.

>> No.41216139

I duno, i thought i was making it pretty clear that the swords are similar to vergils summoned swords. you can also do that thing that byakuya does and plant them all in the ground, that may be pretty cool.

>> No.41216146

Yah, Sanity is not a massive problem right now.

>> No.41216148

Fine by me, hope we get a darkness level up that isn't avenger mode dependent. I also hope this affects us afterward too, i don't think the same recruit is walking out of this building.

>> No.41216151

Yes, mmmMm BETTY!


>> No.41216158

>Best puppy is swords
>Chain is swords
>Army is swords
He did say sanity down...
Though he might have mean IC

>> No.41216159

Okie doke, if you say so.
nope, hes definitely not. you're not the same kid that rolled out of bed that one expedition

>> No.41216161

Shit now i gotta listen to


This is your fault. (thanks.)

>> No.41216179

I know.
It's always been my fault.

>> No.41216186


now i'm stuck again

>> No.41216199

Why would SANITY be a PROBLEM!?
There's NOTHING WRONG with me, doc, I SWEAR IT!

>> No.41216208


>> No.41216220

Joker pls go.

Batman isn't in this thread.

But my good friend Bruce, is!

>> No.41216238


>> No.41216276

So what's the call?


>> No.41216284

He's writing.
Remember how we rolled dice?

>> No.41216286

You lurch into a battle pose, crouching down with your glaive behind you as the dark chains form behind you; before you rush forward, feeling faster than you ever did, a roar escaping your lips; the sound being echoed by the surge of chains behind you.

Your glaive clashes with his armoured forearms, your moves between each other a blur as you slash again and again, your blade each time digging another etch into his carapace.

Each time he tries to push you back, to recover some ground; you whip a darkened sword at him, teeming with dark energies that he's forced to parry with his tail; and you're onto him again, slashing and cutting and waiting for the opening.

There it is!

A brief stumble in his guard, your glaive biting deeper into his flesh, and he grunts and loses footing.

A chain surges forward to wrap around Stanis's arm, pulling it aside while you slash at his body, drawing demon blood.

He gasps for air, and another chain appears, forcing his other hand away from his guard, and you keep spinning; slashing bits and pieces and chunks and parts-

You may have started laughing at some point, a manic laughter that scared even yourself as you plunged and sliced and stabbed into his flesh, his chestplate giving away bit by bit until he is completely vunerable.


>> No.41216300

Jesus fucking christ.

Out White Knight Neutral Good, in with the Chaotic Neutral Crazy

>> No.41216311

man i did not space that properly, this is sad

>> No.41216326

Hey look at the pretty sanity bird.
Remember what I said about dark magic?

>> No.41216330

No, not chaotic, just plain neutral now.

A very very ANGRY darkness embracing neutral, using his powers to save a friend.

San loss is confirmed though, doesn't make us chaotic.

>> No.41216349

Hey, I voted for lightning

>> No.41216350


>> No.41216353

See heres the thing
>You kinda just discovered dark magic
>you realized its kinda bad for you
>you start suddenly abusing the SHIT out of it.
You are going to lose it a little.

>> No.41216373

Good. Why contain it?

Al hungers.

>> No.41216376

So our character is a little nuts, so we dabble in things we don't understand.

So what?

We're still going to dom Liz with chains like she truly wants underneath that glare of hers.

That and pull out crazy shit later where we just stand there and have hundreds of blades fighting our opponents instead of us getting our hands dirty.

>> No.41216377

Fine by me man, a little crazy never hurt nobody. A moderate amount of crazy never hurt nobody neither. Hell, a heaping shit ton of crazy never hurt ANYBODY. I DONT THINK CRAZY IS BAD GUYS, because i heard it was part of a nutritional balanced breakfast.

>> No.41216378

For those of you wondering what would have happened if you chose lightning instead of dark. Given the right rolls; you would probably still be in this situation
i fucking knew you'd all pick dark though

>> No.41216387

This boss theme.

>> No.41216405

>Dom Liz
I'm down for a threesome.

>> No.41216409

Because you didn't offer light, Unless that was the 'nothing' choice. It's almost like you didn't want the semi-cloned white knight tg GUNS for 90% percent of the time assuming they don't use char creation to make a waifu.

We are getting better about char creation i noticed.

>> No.41216413

Alex was never good.

Alex is Alex.

>> No.41216415

Speaking of themes, for that smoke dude above, if he was a major boss and had a theme, what would he have?

I'd think a slow, haunting piece would work well for him.

>> No.41216424

He roars, a terrible roar that creates a shockwave, blasting your chains and swords apart and you away from him.

He gasps, black poison dripping from his wounds.

"Never have I been pushed so far!" He gasps. "By a Human no less!"

It's odd, the blast jolted you back into a disturbed reality. That you could be so brutal, and crazy.

But you didn't feel out of place.

Stanis must be weakened now, maybe even lower than your level.

All it would take was one more blow, One more strike to beat this bastard.

Whats your finishing move?

>Summoned Swords (Creation magic)

>Slicing Wind (Glaive)

>Dark Binding (Dark magic)



>> No.41216425

Gimme a sec, I'm sure I've got something on hand.

>> No.41216426

No, fuck off, Dom is too pure and little bro-tier for that shit.

You sick piece of trash!

>> No.41216433

Btw anon, mad props for these battle themes, they're really getting me in the fight scene mood.

>> No.41216434


>> No.41216437

>Dark Binding (Dark magic)

Followed by rapid multi impaling. Yes.



>> No.41216441


>> No.41216442

>implying Dom wouldn't break and beg to have his dick sucked after hours of teasing

>> No.41216444



Actually, naw, let's take

>Summoned Swords (Creation magic)

I want my Infinite Blade Works, bro.

>> No.41216453

Time to unlock more True Potential

>> No.41216454 [SPOILER] 

Now you have one chance to leave, you son of a bitch.

>> No.41216456

>Summoned Swords (Creation magic)

>> No.41216464


And 20 suspicion points. WORTH IT.

>> No.41216467


>not wanting to corrupt pure things

>> No.41216469

I've made a terrible mistake
Soo Counting now.

>> No.41216481

...You already can tell that ??? has won.

>> No.41216490 [SPOILER] 

And its the mystery box.
Why do I do this to myself.

>guess who it is!
Considering i've fucked up like 3 times, i just want to make sure man

>> No.41216494


I love music of all sorts.
Which is why just about every song and song reference posted in this quest has been me.

>> No.41216497

I vote for ???

I want to know what happens!

>> No.41216501

Rolled 2 (1d6)


rolling for my amusement

>> No.41216503

Awesome, mystery box won.

You like music? Do you like Paul Simon?

You all saw it coming.

>> No.41216516

As that was me who started that last thread.
As I said, just about every reference.

>> No.41216525

Two. I know what that two means.

You don't believe me.

But i do. It's happening.

>> No.41216532


>> No.41216535

You can't spell Dom without some D.

>> No.41216545

And you can't spell dom without Dom

>> No.41216546

The first one is damn fine for a battle theme.

And the second one is nice for a general or dramatic theme.

>> No.41216553

This quest needs more ayy lmaos in it

just saying

>> No.41216556 [SPOILER] 

I'll save him the only way I know how.


>> No.41216560

Really? It's already been covered in the Call me Al meme.

>> No.41216563

I mean, we have cell.
And we kinda just went super-Saiyan.

>> No.41216581

He means aliens.

>> No.41216585

Still tickled about all this.

>> No.41216597

Is it your butt?
Did Chuckles get to you?

>> No.41216599

Implying there's a difference

>> No.41216604

Don;t worry, your two brothers, Staniser and Stanisest will show up in quest as well!

As well as Papa Stanisester.

They won't be scrubs either!

>> No.41216611

Not really my place to say it since I don't QM and all, but Tart I think you should take a little page from Eail's book and allow for some characterization to pop up.

Unless I missed something we went from meeting these dudes yesterday to fighting as a unit today with practiced maneuvers

>> No.41216613

Not that i know of.

>> No.41216619

ayy lmaos

goddamnit eail

>> No.41216620

No, you're thinking of *Al*iens.
Common mistake. Took me a while to get it right.

>> No.41216625

CellAnon, DarkTart, I'm about to wrap up Two Souls Quest for now, so if you guys wouldn't mind voting for a final thing, I can focus fully here. Just a quick favour

>> No.41216629

Now see i was gonna make that as soon as we killed Stannis, saying that his younger brother Renly and his older brother Robert, who are vastly more powerful, would come to avenge him.


>> No.41216632

There was an offscreen training montage.
But it was pretty sudden

>> No.41216638

You close your eyes briefly, visualising the enemy in your mind. Demon scum, Stanis; he deserved to die.

Strangely, you hear the dog again, but this time, its almost like hes talking to you through barks and whimpers.


Weird dog.

You accept the help; and feel the surge of the dark magic once more. This time it feels... melancholy, like you've never been more alone in your entire life.

You almost start to cry.

It's almost like you're moving in slow motion. You extend your arm towards him and a wave of black energy erupts from it, forming a canine shape with glowing red eyes.

You can see his reaction time, slowed by the poison of the wounds; try to defend his unprotected chest with his arms. His eyes widen at the creation.

He's too slow.

The creature bites into the demon and Stanis screams, in terror and pain.

Then the energy tugs at you, shooting you towards him like a rubber band. You raise your glaive in a sleeper like fashion.

And lance through him.

He chokes, gagging on black blood and bile. He grabs on to your arm at the last second, your hand now drenched in his blood.

"D...Demon." He whispers, the life dissipating from his body as the last words leave his lips and he slowly crumbles to dust.

Ironic really.

So why do you feel so sad?

>Thats it folks! Thanks for hanging out!
>But don't touch that button, We've got skilling and shit todo

I'm done
I'm done.

>> No.41216650

And finally the Dog appears.

If you still wouldn't mind voting, it would be appreciated

>> No.41216651

Thread happenings

I almost want to steal this thread's post discussion to talk about Metal Gear Quest

>> No.41216658

I did not like my own ending to the fight. but oh well. thats something to improve on.

>You have increased your relationship with Dom!

>You have increased your relationship with Eliza!

>You have decreased your relationship with ???


>> No.41216659

Ahh, the hounds of Baskerville.
Well done.

>> No.41216667

>>You have decreased your relationship with ???

>> No.41216668

When we have the Bird of Hermes thats when we shit our pants

>> No.41216670

Well shit, Dom confirmed for this when he gets older?

>> No.41216678

Guess whos anderson


>> No.41216679


"Im done."

In for a penny in for a pound. The revenge is happening at some point way down the line i bet.

>> No.41216680 [SPOILER] 



Is Liz's dad THIS motherfucker!?

>> No.41216682

>>relationship with ???
nooooo baby come back

>> No.41216691


Mysterious figure may not be who you think it is anon.

>> No.41216698

Is it Xehanort

>> No.41216700

>You have decreased your relationship with ???

>> No.41216701

So who represents Super Perfect Cell?

>> No.41216711

I know it's a different set of question marks from last time, but those question marks are super sexy.

>> No.41216716

It's whoever is keeping tabs on us.

Still Robert, when he zorbs someone or gains power somehow. Assuming no zenkai here.

>> No.41216720

You didn't even let me guess...
That was gonna be my guess.

There aren't really very many choices at this point.

It's either Liz, the instructor dude, or Betty.

>> No.41216724

Its always Xehanort
Betty doesn't want you following her
you aint her long lost friend

Sorry, updating pastebin. helps me think a bit

>> No.41216727

Wait, we didn't even roll for loot!
Birdfriend and I didn't get our final showdown!

>> No.41216736

Totally Liz's dad.

>not throwing a Targeryon into the mix for the Super Cell

For shame!

>> No.41216761

correct. We're her longest PAL.
I mean, for a song you were listening to half the thread...

>> No.41216770

Well this got depressed fast

Long LOST Pal

>> No.41216773

Are we NUCLEAR yet

>> No.41216781

But perfect cell and super perfect cell look and sound exactly the same. Also its kind of a Baratheon thing. Maybe Steffon (The father of them) and robert in this just looks the same? I don't know man.

Besides this ain't my quest,

Oh and hey tart. Thanks for the cameo, i had a hell of a time with all this.

>> No.41216785

I'd still fucking win!


/tg/ dice, man.

>> No.41216791


>> No.41216794

any time

This is taking longer than expected. Please hold

>Any questions while im fiddling with this thing?

>> No.41216801

Shitting fucky shit.

I hate autocorrect.

>> No.41216810

Are we going to see some more characterisation after a while?

>> No.41216811

>Fiddling with this thing
I... Do I want to know?

>> No.41216823

>Anon-sama, my stats are upgrading on their own~

>> No.41216835

Which one of these should I give more consideration to

>> No.41216842

I'm not good with characterization to be completely honest.

That being said, I'll do my best to upgrade their character backstories so you actually give a rats ass.


>> No.41216849

You're getting in too deep, you'll drive yourself into the ground with quests, Eail!

Beware, friend.

>> No.41216851

Is the revenge real?

Is the hype worth waiting for?

How is the plot going compared to what you THOUGHT was gonna happen when you first started?

>> No.41216876


The revenge of what exactly?

The hype is all dependent on you guys, the audience. I can only get up here and dance, but you guys have to clap and cheer.

The plot is actually derailed a bit from what I had originally planned. But then again, my original plot was very shallow to begin with. because it started from a dream

>> No.41216882

Metal Gear quest: VERY VERY YES.

Kill la Kill: Never seen it but who knows it might be good.

Marvel quest: Nah. It might be good but it's not the thing i jump for immediately unless i know its really good. BTW got into epic quest i liked that RIP, have no idea how marvel would work.

Kotor2: I could really get into that, but in what situation would we start? Padawan? Sith? Some non jedi who becomes a jedi?

>> No.41216883

Marvel Quest

Just be careful you don't wear yourself out.

>> No.41216890

What revenge.

>> No.41216893



Just don't kill yourself in the process.

>> No.41216900

>we're alucard
>eliza is anderson
this is just like one of my fanfictions

>> No.41216902

The revenge of the brothers.

You know what i mean. You don't have to do it, but think about it.

>> No.41216906

>missing the various stages of Cell's perfection as recurring enemies

>> No.41216908

I approve that you approve
maybe this is one of mine too

>> No.41216914

I'll need to call out to the night to get the energy necessary

>> No.41216915

I misread this like an idiot, far too tired.

Metal gear quest for sure. Eugh.

>> No.41216917

>genderbending Anderson

How about fucking nah, bruh.

Liz doesn't even have an over the top Irish accent.

Not gonna happen, man, come on.

>> No.41216919


>> No.41216923

In that case, probably not; Cell has had enough screen time as is in a non-dbz game. But you never know. I've been wrong before.

I was just thinking who was a really gross looking well spoken monster man and bam; cell. So yeah

>> No.41216928

Don't forget about the Sins of your Father while Standing on the Edge of your NUCLEAR and The Only Thing You Know For Real is that Snake Eater is the Red Sun over Paradise and a Stranger you'll remain while Calling To The Night

>> No.41216930

muh waifu
i never went over what her accent was, but no its not irish.

>> No.41216934

The Best Has Yet To Come

>> No.41216939

I just imagine you sticking your head out the window and screaming:

>> No.41216945

Haha, its fine man. I really enjoyed this as is, i got to be a major threat and got the hero to go full darkness. Yeah this thread was a good day for me, and you as i think everyone loved all the CUHRAYZEE.

But the hope that 12 threads later we see semi cell is still awesome. Just dangle it over us for hype purposes.

>> No.41216946

Also, In the general scheme of things; how did i do?
be gentle, nah actually just spank it

>> No.41216962

>This is how the Eail recharges.

>> No.41216964

>Nah actually, just spank it.
Alright. I guess I'll go jack off, then.

>> No.41216965

Man, don't play your waifu up so hard, sheeeiiit.

Abderson would work great in this setting, though.

You can work him in however you'd like, and since Alex is the not!Alucard, Liz -could- be the not!Anderson, but the dynamic is weird, since Alucard just wants Anderson to kill him.

Dom being not!Walter would be a bit strange as well, since Walter wanted to kill Alucard.

You could flat out put Not!Hellsing characters into this and say that the current cast are children of the not!Hellsing people.

Wouldn't that be fucking nuts.

>> No.41216976


>Implying I wont wait for someone to yell back BROOOOOOOOOOOOOTHER

>> No.41216981

I can definitely see lelouch being alucard's son.

especially the abridged version of both.

>> No.41216984

is this the theme song for my quest.


Seriously though i need some feedback

Its 4:50 am,
I'm not awake enough for convoluted plot points.

>> No.41217006

Maybe at some point you'll want her to kill you

>> No.41217010

>I'm not awake enough for convoluted plot points.

If you want convoluted, I can string up a series of crossovers that would link MC to fucking Mario, don't push me.

There is an abridged Code Geass? No fucking way.

>> No.41217014

Im absolutely biased, but even if i was a regular anon i think i would still love it.

The writing was alright, but maybe a bit more detail in combat and such, or even just in general. Still, minor faults, i liked it.

>> No.41217036

You're doing good.
As was mentioned, characterization could use a little work. Try doing a short slice of life segment next thread.
Not too long, of course, gotta get my murder on.

Also communication in posts. There were a few things you seemed to think had been well communicated that I simply could t find.

Other than those two, though, you're doing pretty damn good.

Also, I'd be honored to be your official music guy. It seems to already be sort of happening, so why not embrace it.

>> No.41217039

Only humans can kill monsters, Tart.

And she's a bitch, so she's out!


>> No.41217049

Look up code: ment
I think it's by purpleeyeswtf.

He also does one piece.

>> No.41217054

>You;re good at crossovers
>That shits impossible for like 90% of writers
why the fuck are you not questing
oh snap
its because I have terrible memory; mainly,
I would be honoured for you to be my music man

>> No.41217081

I keep thinking i mention things that I mentioned in my head and then im like wait why the fuck dont you understand so.

>> No.41217083

Yay, I won't let you down.

I might let you down.

>> No.41217098

>why the fuck are you not questing

Because I'm lazy, get too hype, enjoy other quests, and not the best at writing in any regard!

We all have strengths and weaknesses, and crossovers alone don't make for good questing.

That being said, Eail's cock - I mean CoK quest sure does sound like fun to make a bunch of possible crossovers for. Pretty sure I did, earlier, too, but I may have been suffering from sleep deprivation, because I don't remember shit.

>> No.41217101

>>Implying I wont wait for someone to yell back BROOOOOOOOOOOOOTHER
no kidding I heard a guy yell this from his car the other day, I like to imagine he was driving by a guy who looked like snake but I'll never know

>> No.41217120

to be honest, eventually ill fail too. so we'll all fail together.

That being said, we're now entering nuclear. so ill just put my twitter here again.

>> No.41217135

Like they said, the team seemed a little too coordinated after one day of training.

>"C-Change her back!" Dominic demands,

"change back" makes it sound like there was something more visibly changed than just being in pain. Which isn't really a change to someone.

>dropped both her weapons and is clutching her head in pain, groaning.

>> No.41217161

>tfw the ??? relationship loss is the sabretooth kittens hating us for smelling like dog

>> No.41217165

Erm, it wasn't one day.
it was actually supposed to be a couple of weeks.

but i guess i didn't convey that very well.

>> No.41217177

Yeah i thought she was mind controlled.

I thought we were gonna have to fight her.

>> No.41217185

You've done very well man, I enjoy the concept and your writing. It's very neatly put together.

Maybe a bit more detail would be nice, same with characterisations but that's niggly bits. Nothing serious


>> No.41217191

>Time passes, and before you know it, the next expedition is up. This time; its extermination.

>> No.41217206

When you take this into consideration, and considering the academy pretty much makes you do nothing else.

I was actually planning that, but I changed my mind when I realized that a) badass alex b) how would i explain that? shes literally the antithesis of dark.
Yeah.. I should have said, weeks.

>> No.41217213

If I start running Eail's Quest Discussion General on Saturdays, how triggered do you think Weekend Quest Thread would be. Is the anal devastation worth it

>> No.41217238

As long as you start it or before i start or after i finish, ill join the shitposting

>> No.41217250

...For what purpose.

>> No.41217253

It took me a second to get that too.
>You get a brief flash of the
girl in your vision and her sudden resemblance.

After reading that a couple times, I believe she got partly turned into the girl from >>41212197, which has some frightening implication.
Do demons mind break humans then use them as alarm systems?

>> No.41217261

BTW, I answered your question DarkTart

>I was actually planning that, but I changed my mind when I realized that a) badass alex b) how would i explain that? shes literally the antithesis of dark.
It worked out either way.

>> No.41217276

Every time i ever say anything ever in WQD that has to do with an actual quest as an anon i get ignored. They like to talk about how much of a troll and a faggot planefag instead of talking about quests. So to answer you,go right the fuck ahead Eail, maybe more actual talking about quests will be done in your thread, its not hard to beat them at it.

>> No.41217282


Thats a brilliant idea. I'll use that later. Reminds me of the Children of Silence in Bioshock Inf,

>> No.41217293

Because I can and because of THIS >>41217276

At least in my thread we actually talk about quests

>> No.41217301

I live to serve, my liege.

>> No.41217321

Next thread when?

>> No.41217334

tbh if you guys played hooky i would have done the whole day on backstory.
Probably not tomorrow, I dont think I can do this 3 days in a row. But if ya follow me on twitter ill update there and shit

>> No.41217343

Because this thread actually had discussion for current and future quests unlike some other threads.


>> No.41217362

But Tart, we're good students.
We wouldn't do something like that.

>> No.41217414

I want to see the faces of the people archive diving and seeing the animal posting above, holy shit

>> No.41217423

Yeah, I have to concoct some reason for you guys to JUST hang out
>would you lot perfer some worldbuilding as we?

>> No.41217432

>bring your parents to school day

I can taste the fear in the air already.

>> No.41217448

We don't have parents, remember? We're "orphaned" as was said earlier, we grew up in an orphanage.

>> No.41217462

>Bring your parent's ghost to school day

>> No.41217474

Didn't say the other kids were.

Or did I miss that?

>> No.41217488

was only referring to MC.

>> No.41217501

Only Alex is Orphaned
Eliza has a Dad and Dom has both parents.
If there was a parents day, Doms mom would appear but not the dad
this is because of reasons

>> No.41217520

Well I wasn't.

Besides, our pops is not!Alucard, of course he isn't our -father-.

Totally never even knew we were his kid, or born.

$20 bucks says so.

>> No.41217543

Weekends, man.
Even boot camp gives some downtime.

All business all the time can easily break a man.

>> No.41217556

We didn' do nuffin wrong.

>> No.41217569

Technically, he IS dead, so we still meet the criteria for an orphan.

>> No.41217594

It isn't really boot camp because you aren't forced to learn

You're just really likely to dieif you don't.
anyways week ends/ holidays seem like a good idea
You're doing God's work

>> No.41217609

why does everyone assume the dads the demon

>> No.41217612

I have some more in reserve, but I think I will expand my horizon to other, equally angry birds.

>> No.41217621

because Alucard had a tendency to be the little girl, gender means nothing to him, so he is simultaneously the mother and the father. Fuck science, demon magic.

>> No.41217661

I have no logical argument
fuck it, I never do anyways
archived, gday yall

>> No.41217677

Rolled 74 (1d100)

So, rekt?

How smug am I for this victory?

>> No.41217679

And I will expand to larger, but equally cute lizards.
Maybe even reptiles and amphibians in general.

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