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GW why do you hate the Slaanesh player base?
Or is it that there are really that few of us in comparison to Khorne.. Because since I started playing this game... If I recall fucking Khorne Daemons came with power weapons and we just got rending, fleet and, 2-6 pairs of tits.

Well if we're going to purged than dammit let's go out with cries of war that will make everyone's ears bleed.

ITT Slaanesh

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Once your noise marines stopped being awesome, you lost your only value.

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Flying DP of Slaanesh w/whip. bitchslap flyers

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Slaanesh is my favorite. I wish they'd tone down the Khorne and Nurgle and give more attention to the Dark Prince (and the Changer of Ways for that matter).

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They heard about NiceDeamonette and attempted to do something good for once.

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Post pictures for She who Thirst

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Slaanesh players are the epitome of immature gamer entitlement. They want these big-boobed space babes cavorting around naked on the battlefield with nothing to protect them, taking drugs and listening to edgy music, and then bitch when a company realizes that this is horrible PR and turns away a huge potential market. What mother would approve of her son playing a game with naked women miniatures? How many girls would look at it and cringe in revulsion, turning them off to wargames forever because Warhammer is probably the first one they've ever seen?

Because of this, they can't even use Slaaneshi cultists and daemons in their video games for fear of generating a huge backlash against the company and poisoning their market. They have to remove Slaanesh if only for their own survival; otherwise, GW is going to stagnate and die as just another wargaming company who couldn't sell their product.

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They're deadly in Kill Team. But, yeah, kind shit in regular 40k.

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G-Guys? I think I'm having an identity crisis right about now...

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It's like the writers and GW just don't know what to do with Slaanesh. They don't want to deal with any of the sexual stuff (because the anglosphere loves gore but is scared of breasts) and they don't ever seem focus on any of the other overindulgence stuff.

With proper development Slaanesh could be a really interesting deity. Focus more on it being a patron of the arts and high society. Show how it turns really well off societies into Caligula style Rome.

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Don't worry.

You belong to the Dark Master now. Soon all will.

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I doubt video games are even a problem. Played Watchdogs and all of a sudden I'm impersonating a BDSM rich guy and there's topless women everywhere. Especially when I go to the human trafficking auction. Did you even play Dante's Inferno and get to the second circle?

I'm saying there are worse things out there in video games that are already sexual and the game still sells.

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Yes, ignore the 2-6 vampires running around in their panties, Sister Repentia, Various Dark Elves and Eldar models.

Actually don't you find it a bit odd that Dark Eldar kinda get things Slaanesh players should had? I mean I wouldn't mind the creepy snake person thing... Or Dark Eldar worshiping Slaanesh.. They're basically doing his/her job for him/her

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Banshees from me3 could have easily been lesser warp hunters and no one complained about black spike nipples.

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Good, I wasn't the only one distracted by their nipples.

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Not only that but the first Mass Effect SOLD thanks to the prospect of us getting to see the first ever video game sex scene with full alien blue booty. But of course it was as tame as a R rated film.

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I mean you are reasonably correct, but this would be assuming that GeeDubs actually had a marketing department, and didn't pride themselves on a lack of same.

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I never liked Slaanesh anyway but if GW removes it from 40k we will have a huge mess to deal with. At least the Night Lords will not be ruined. GW already ruined the Black Templars, and it would make my day if that statue got looted and six thousand BT banners were all GW found.

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Clearly you are not using them correctly. They're pretty arguably the most versatile MEQ in the game.

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EA should have sent Foxnews a gift basket thanking them for the free press.

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>but this would be assuming that GeeDubs actually had a marketing department
They found their true target audience. There is nothing we can do about it.

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I'd actually like a rundown of how they're used.

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Your Night Lords are Undivided and this means that they knowingly or not serve Be'lakor.

Now go to sleep.

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Emperor's Children are already some of the rarest CSM in the 40k 'verse. They fuck off to the Eye of Terror and tend to not be seen much. Hell, even Fulgrim hasn't been seen outside the Eye, while the other surviving Traitor Primarchs have been out and about causing a ruckus.

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What, kids?

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>Your Night Lords are Undivided and this means that they knowingly or not serve Be'lakor.
>Now go to sleep.
>implying my narrative has to conform to you
>implying I have to make NL warband to suit your taste
Carnac, go suck on lead.
>Emperor's Children are already some of the rarest CSM in the 40k 'verse.
There's barely any left. They just don't care about anything but pleasure and that little family brawl that Kharn ended with that flamer did a number on them for years to come.

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Have Lorgar, Perturabo, Mortarion, or Magnus done anything recently? I only remember Angron going out and doing shit.

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They attacked a Craftworld and many of the Emperor's Children have joined up with the Black Legion. One of Abaddon's true friends and warlords's was a Emperor's Children captain.

They are not rare at all.

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Even as someone who likes Slaanesh, I dislike a lot of the people who vocally like him because all they seem capable of associating him with is drugs and vanilla sex.

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>That Lucius voice and whole video
IT was way too fitting.

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Magnus assaulted The Fang.
Mortarion created enough of a stir that at least 2 of the top leaders of the GK were sent after him, and neither came back.
Logar does shit.
Pert is probly having fun building shit to his heart's content.

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I don't care about your OC headcanon warband.

I am just telling you that in the lore those who are Undivided are actually empowering Be'lakor since outside him, the concept of Undivided is not a thing.

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Oh, cool. I haven't really kept up with any of the books so I'm a little behind on my lore.

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>They have to remove Slaanesh if only for their own survival; otherwise, GW is going to stagnate and die as just another wargaming company who couldn't sell their product.

Right, right, it was *Slaanesh* and it's boobies that was causing GW to decline. So long as they get rid of the Dark Prince they'll be totally fine and their survival will be assured. And naturally, WFB was also a cancerous growth on the otherwise healthy GW that needed to be removed as well, am I right?

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Fulgrim is trying to being the Avatar of the Slaanesh into real space.

>Pert is probly having fun building shit to his heart's content.

Unleashed a Nurgle plague on Imperial system and ravaged it.

He also joined up with Abaddon in a Black Crusade against the Iron Hands homeworld.

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>pic related

Is it confirmed that Slaanesh is gone? That'd be a damn shame.

Since I started getting into the fluff of Warhammer I always thought myself solidly in the Nurgle camp. The ideas of overcoming and surviving everything that the universe can throw at me were right up my alley. The jokes about how its one big family and all Nurglites are bros with each other, visiting Papa at the Family Reunion made me smile too.

But I never really was in Nurgle's camp. That became painfully obvious when some former roommates left Chinese out for a month and I snapped.

The pursuit of perfection is a great goal. The quest for experience is something everyone should be on, at least for a little while. I mean, what's the point of life without really living it?

I'm going to be sad if Slaanesh truly is gone. Chaos needs something more diverse than the other three Gods. I know someone is going to be "hurr hurr Slaanesh is just about sex and drugs." Sex, drugs, and rock and roll are all things that can be pushed to the limits. Fairly easily too. But the pursuit of perfect is something more than that.

Its the baker that wants to bring joy to everyone who eats their bread. The musician that wants to change how people think with their music. When a sculptor pours their soul into a work of art that brings people to tears; are the viewers not changed by what the sculptor has done?

The drive to become the best one can be is Slaanesh. In any respect. In all respects.

I for one will raise a glass of my favorite drink to the Dark Prince.

Praise be to Slaanesh; without the drive for perfection we all would be sitting in our own filth even still.

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>I am just telling you that in the lore those who are Undivided are actually empowering Be'lakor since outside him, the concept of Undivided is not a thing.
Source? Chaos will always be Undivided outside him. Be'lakor doesn't even do what proper Undivided types do.

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>Is it confirmed that Slaanesh is gone? That'd be a damn shame.

He isn't.

He disappeared. His followers and daemons are looking for him.

Since his followers and daemons are still alive and empowered. then Slaanesh is okay for now.

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Isn't Mortation unable to come into realspace for 100 years thanks their leader carving up his daemon name into his heart?

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>Is it confirmed that Slaanesh is gone?

No, in fact it has been confirmed that he is very much present, if missing, in AoS at least.

Warhammer fans just did one of the things they did best, used the barest and vaguest scrap of information to come up with the worst possible conclusion.

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Whip? What even is that?

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The Dark Prince is MIA?

Fuck me sideways with the sharp end of a rake, I need to read AoS lore now. I need to know where the Prince of Chaos went.

I hope it is hanging out in a super secret spa somewhere

Does this mean Masque can take a break?

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I remember an old thread that talked about which genres of music the different chaos gods would be into. Someone said that Tzeentch would be into prog, which made sense because chaos iz made 4 rokkin' and prog is the nerdiest kind of rock, but then someone said that Slaanesh would also probably like prog because it is so excessive in its musical, lyrical, and thematic complexity. "Intellectually indulgent" is what I have heard it called.

That really made me think over what Slaanesh was supposed to stand for.

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You and this anon>>41192525 have it right.

Slaanesh doesn't just have to be about the sex, drugs and rock and roll.

I always saw Slaanesh as kind of a renaissance patron. He encourages all in their pursuit of perfection of a specific craft. Whether it's being the best swordsman, the best sculptor, the best tactician, or the best musician. Slaanesh is the patron to all of them.

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>I need to know where the Prince of Chaos went.
In webs. Long live the Spider God. >>41192982
>I always saw Slaanesh as kind of a renaissance patron
You would think Tzeentch would be that since the Renaissance is what birthed him.

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Don't act like a fool. You saw it a hundred times. It's ADB commentary on why Undivided is being removed.

>Chaos will always be Undivided outside him.

Nope. It's only Be'lakor and Abaddon. There is no other Undivided beings.

>Be'lakor doesn't even do what proper Undivided types do.

Now you're being just being stupid.

Undivided is having the power of the Four flowing through you and nothing else. If you mention Lorgar's false faith, then you are really a moron.

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So Slaanesh is the only halfway decent Chaos Power?

>> No.41193050

I blame Machiavelli for that. Tzeentch wouldn't be around without that fucker, plotting around plots that his allies plotted around their enemies plots.

>> No.41193053

>Now you're being just being stupid.
>Undivided is having the power of the Four flowing through you and nothing else. If you mention Lorgar's false faith, then you are really a moron.
But Lorgar was doing it right. Lorgar made it work.

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The next White Dwarf will answer that question.

The only clues to where Slaanesh went leads to the Exile Aelfs leader Malebrion.

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I always considered Nurgle and Slaanesh to be the best gods to serve. Khorne doesn't give a shit about you and Tzeentch is just going to throw you away eventually. Nurgle and Slaanesh actually care about their mortal toys, to an extent.

>> No.41193084

>I blame Machiavelli for that. Tzeentch wouldn't be around without that fucker, plotting around plots that his allies plotted around their enemies plots.
But it wasn't just Machiavelli that helped birth Tzeentch. Aliens helped. Machiavelli was just the human nail to the coffin.

>> No.41193088

>I blame Machiavelli for that.
Ironically, Machiavelli hated the kind of shit he wrote about in the Prince. The entire book is a long, vicious example of what a leader shouldn't be.

I need to play a 40k RPG and be a Slaaneshi. Was a lot of fun when I did it last.

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Yeah, but with Nurgle you've got all those diseases and tumors and shit.

Venerating Slaanesh means doing what you love.

>> No.41193114

>Venerating Slaanesh means doing what you love.
Not entirely true. You will eventually get bored of it because it doesn't bring you any pleasure anymore.

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Fucking aliens man, this is why all xenos need to be purged.

Except for the Laer, those guys are chill. Can't wait for the half human half snake Slaanesh worshiping Lamias to be a thing

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All roads of Chaos lead to like four different places, max.

1) Death. Most common.
2) The thing that shall not be named. Fairly common.
3) Dark Apotheosis to Daemon Princedom. Rarest by far.
4) Slaanesh. Even hard core champions of other Gods will fall to Slaanesh due to the excess at which they do it. I forget where, but there is a line about how the other Chaos Gods fear Slaanesh because it has the power to eclipse them all.

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Yes, but that isn't really all that long.

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Hey, quick question.
Why don't they just have Dark Eldar worship Slaanesh and get it over with?

>> No.41193155


>You will eventually get bored of it because it doesn't bring you any pleasure anymore.

Just like real-life love.

>> No.41193173

>but there is a line about how the other Chaos Gods fear Slaanesh because it has the power to eclipse them all.

Potential to eclipse them one day.

But this is offset by the fact Slaanesh has no future. He will die young before he matures.

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>Fucking aliens man, this is why all xenos need to be purged.
>Except for the Laer, those guys are chill. Can't wait for the half human half snake Slaanesh worshiping Lamias to be a thing
Fulgrim hated them so they ain't perfect enough for him. Still to modern 40k Heresy era marines hate aliens.

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I read the Prince and could never tell if he was being serious about it or not. At different points I thought it was

>Advice for nobles and leaders.
>Insight into how nobles and leaders thought, so the common man wouldn't get screwed over.

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>Just like real-life love.
Pic related.

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They are, kind of.

They're feeding Slaanesh little bits of their soul all the time which is why they need to torture others to replace those missing pieces.

Instead of getting a lump sum, Slaanesh is getting interest and then the whole soul when the DE dies.

>> No.41193210


Some actually do. There's Slaaneshi cults in the dark city, they Crone Worlds where Eldar witches are still somehow alive, animated wraithbone constructs corrupted by Slaaneshi, and a few actually surviving outside the dark city for some reason.

Harlequins tend to hunt them down.

>> No.41193212

Because they are too arrogant to worship anything but themselves and because Slaanesh would just drain their souls in one draught.

He doesn't need them as servants, he just needs them as food and playthings.

>> No.41193354

I want to believe that there is an Emperor's Children warband out there that teamed up with some Laer refugees because they want to be like their primarch. With help from Fabulous Bile they're trying to find a way to become a combination of human and laer. It'd be like a Slaaneshi Gal Vorbak.

>> No.41193362

I'd fund it.

>> No.41193363

Perturabo has made his own version of minecraft in the eye of terror.

Initiates are dropped naked onto a demon world where they have to survive using raw grit.

>> No.41193408

It can work.

>> No.41193417

Slaanesh exemplifies decadence. Stop snorting coke off hooker asses and play that up instead. Exotic feasts. Strange and rare art. Bizzare gladiator matches for bored nobles.

>> No.41193429


So... Dark Eldar?

>> No.41193430

That sounds like it'd be fun. drop 1000 planetside. keep track of them and let them know how many are left. The last 50 alive win.

Because there's such a good amount of space for people to get in, people can team up if they choose. But then it gets down to the wire... Only one more person needs to die before the game is over... and people start looking at their 'allies' sideways... Only one...

>> No.41193435

...basically yeah

>> No.41193484

Slaanesh cult leader

>> No.41193494

Never read the books, never watched the movies.

What qualifies him to be a Slaaneshi Cult Leader?

>> No.41193529

Addicted to drugs, fucks boys and girls, hosts murder colisseum battles, and has some kind of crazy disease melting him. He's not really balls to the walls Doomrider cocaine extreme though.

>> No.41193539

Decadence to the point of people's lives being used for entertainment?

>> No.41193551

Is he pursuing perfection? Because that's pretty banal for Slaaneshi.

Eh. That's not really high level enough for a cult leader.

>> No.41193563


You'd think he'd be more Khorne, what with the blood tithes and stuff.

Of course, there's a lot of decadence there, the emphasis on roses.


Coliseum battles are more Khorne, but everything else is pretty fucking decadent. Not Cult Leader, but definitely under the influence of Slaanesh. World's probably geared to fall with one fell swoop of cultists.

Unfortunately, if there was a Slaaneshi cult, they'd get fucked up by the Kriegers that eventually topple that bastard's regime.

>> No.41193571

Murdering people for entertainment is pretty high tier imo

>> No.41193585

Hosting murder coliseum battles is good. The rest is pretty standard. Is he trying to get something or is he just content and sitting on his laurels?

>> No.41193605

He wants to rule everything forever and is Stalin tier paranoid does that count?

>> No.41193638

Even if I agreed with you on that, its pretty blase.

New experiences man. At least try to be a little original.

>> No.41193647


The battles are used as a means of controlling the populace. For everything else, he's kind of your average Planetary Governor or noble, decadent and vulnerable to the corruptive influence of Slaanesh, but the spark of corruption isn't there. Slaanesh influence rarely springs from the aether, someone usually brings it in.

>> No.41193671

It definitely bumps him up higher. Nothing is worse than just stopping. You always need to be reaching higher, otherwise Nurgle will catch up and drag you down to his lethargic level.

Does he create convoluted plans, and then plan around others planning around his plans?

>> No.41193689

>finally get my F.W greater daemon
>get my thunder hawk done
>slan may be on the chopping block for 40k soon

fuck me

>> No.41193726

>Khorne is a freaky dude in armor
>Nurgle is a fat guy with a cauldron
>Slaanesh is 10/10
>Tzenntch is some sort of teeth-monkey
No birds/10

>> No.41193734

But that's what Tzeentch looks like... The Bird thing is for the Lord of Change man.

>> No.41193752


Maybe if Slaanesh was actually associated with those things (since that's what most people like as opposed to crustacean tranny cenobites) it would have been more popular?

>> No.41193775

Well, it'll probably be a while before they touch 40k. They need to ride the AoS train for a while. And who knows, maybe they just decided to change Slaanesh's symbol because they don't like talking about gender things.

>> No.41193783

>fuck me
Well... that IS the plan after all...

>> No.41193806



If anything, Khorne is the worst offender there since his head is supposed to be that of a hound, not a skull. Nurgle should also look more like a grandiose Great Unclean One.

>> No.41193809

fuck that, the Main Man is

>> No.41193816


I hope they at least bring in Malice.

Slaanesh is probably going to be around, but they're going to stuff the Prince of Excess in the background. I seriously hope they don't remove he/she/it/xür from the canon entirely or stop supporting he/she/it/xür's warbands.

>> No.41193844

>I hope they at least bring in Malice.
Me too.

Or someone to represent Undivided.

>> No.41193866

>>Tzenntch is some sort of teeth-monkey

Maybe he got changed?

>> No.41193953


>> No.41193963

I meant someone. Not a puppet.

Fuck off Carnac.

>> No.41193976


They've got their own shitty assholes to be the super-special representatives of the exclusive "Undivided" snooty country club.

But seriously, why not bring back the anathema, the antithesis and parody of chaos, and the impulsive self-destruction of true chaos? Even just another blurb or supplement, a little hint at it would be just enough.

Or maybe we can beg Forge World for some special models and rules. Man, they could do some crazy shit with the Sons of Malice, or at least mention them in their next Imperial Armor.

>> No.41193981

Just report, hide and ignore every one of his posts.
At a certain point, auto-deletion kicks in.

>> No.41193982

Seriously stop insisting slaanesh is only sex OR perfectionism that kind of narrowness is why no one likes him

>> No.41194009

I think it'd be interesting if the Grey Knights were worshipers of Malal. Who is just the twisted and angry soul of the Emperor.

He's not a full Chaos God yet because he's technically still alive.

>> No.41194015

Or you get banned for false reporting.

>> No.41194020

every emotion and sensation/desire feeds slaanesh, people seem to not get that

>> No.41194023

I was just messing with you. Bringing back Malice would make my day, one of my friends is making a Malice inspired army and it'd be great to see him get some actual stuff to work off.

>> No.41194029


The reason why no one lies him is ugly models.

>> No.41194037

And where we see why Malal/Malicefags are simply the worst.

>> No.41194043

'cept I'm not a Malalfag.

Just think it would be interesting.

>> No.41194083

I don't think I've ever had that happen to me, or ever heard of someone being banned for that.
Most of the time, it's dumbasses who announce their reports.

>> No.41194114


Be'lakor cut his strings. He is a free daemon and he is the Master with the plan.

After the shitstorm with Slaanesh, you think the Chaos Gods are safe? Oh no. Be'lakor is the "Heir of Chaos" and all the Chaos Gods thrones belong to him.

New blood is coming to town. The old blood is going get driven out.

>> No.41194115

> makes a special point to personally intimidate young girls if he is in town

>> No.41194123



He(she/it) likes everything excessive, excessive music, excessive drugs, excessive excess... It's not all perfection, that's just the empty promise. The pursuit of stimulation, because excess can get old, is something they all strive for.


Ew, no. Malice is pretty canonically a separate, distinct entity from the Emperor and the "big four" chaos gods. There's also minor Chaos gods who usually end up sucked into one of the big four or are lost to the warp after a time, plus the distinct entities of the few surviving Eldar gods.

>> No.41194124

General rules says that false reporting may end up with a ban.

So you better be careful.

>> No.41194132

No one has suggested that it has to be one or the other. People are just discussing why it can't be all of the above. We have plenty examples of the sex, so people are posting possible examples of other aspects he could focus on.

Besides, all the other gods are represented in just as shallow a fashion. 40k Khorne is just blood and violence. That's it. At least fantasy Khorne had an honor element.

Tzeentch just does the magic shit and plots and plots and plots. There's no mention about him just changing shit to change it.

I suppose Nurgle has some interesting depth. He is a god of decay and destruction, but also cares about preserving what he creates.

tldr: They're all shallow and people are trying to expand Slaanesh;s domain. Also, no one likes him cuz he got shit models.

>> No.41194138


That's your average planetary governors for you.

Bunch of dicks, the lot of them.

>> No.41194155

Slaanesh was always the most interesting god, with the widest sphere of influence, but paradoxically the least actual representation. Musicians, dancers, painters, sculptors, poets, writers, chefs etc. etc. Basically, where's there's any room for self indulgence, there's Slaanesh. Problem is, Warhammer is a wargame, and you're really hard pressed to represent any of the above on the battlefield. Khorne is nothing but killing shit; for Slaanesh, it's just as important as writing a really good book. Slaaneshi warbands are perfectly content to sit around jerking off until they die of exhaustion, and that really makes them hard to represent on the tabletop.

>> No.41194184

>At least fantasy Khorne had an honor element.





Scum like you is why I am glad that Fatansy got destroyed. Its fanbase were nothing but wankers.

>> No.41194217

but daemonettes are better than bloodletters and slanesh riders are better than crushers and the slaanesh chariot is better than the other ones

is anything khorne besides corndogs even decent? maybe a khorneprince with axe of blind worsethanblackmace

i can honestly think of only two decent khorne units but a number of slaanesh ones

>> No.41194229

Woah buddy, I think your channeling Khorne a little too much. Let's sit down and talk this out. Did fantasy Khorne not have that honor thing going for him? If not, why would anon believe that?

>> No.41194235

Sex is repulsive.

>> No.41194237

Without having read the thread yet, and just making -ass-umptions (since I'm not really into this and only read threads on ocassion) so very high chance I'm wrong; but maybe you want to look for some or all of the following signs:

>Number 1: increasing of violence as in generic violence or use of "cool" weaponry, but decrease on true -metal- violence and ways of the warrior. More soldier, less alien.
>Number 2: Such increase in violence goes often hand in hand with diminishing of sexuality particularly female sexuality. Which means at the very least, less to no nudity, moreso if boobs are involved in said nudity. Some asexual demonstrations of "inclussion" are added, but no real breakthrough plz since those may be provoking, and thus, bad for marketing. No, "inclusion" is deliberately bland, artificial and dispassionate.
>Number 2.5 After the above, R&D team say they have been planning this all along since 1st ed, despite no implications of the above or evidence to the contrary. Then they act as if nothing happened and the loyal consumer is a douchefag.
>Number 3: Subtle but present erosion of the archetypes and the lore with a tangible effect of making the whole thing more generic; if grossly done, vocabulary from other media may find its way in. Otherwise, a simplification of the whole thing takes root, and reboots may be applied liberally to lore. Edgy ones without any real depth.
>Number 4: simplification of the rules sometimes for good, sometimes up to the point of dumbfying previous ideas (probably both). Mechanics get squared and subsistems get scrapped. It's often ok until you realize that outcomes can be seen from miles away. Also, mechanics pertaining boobs will dissapear as if they had rabies.
>Change of management or implementation of social media department.

And there you have it, basically making your shit more generic and less sexual so that many kids play your game and veterans are treated like murderous 'varmints.

>> No.41194259

Khorne punished one of his leading Bloodthirsters in fantasy for being dishonorable.

That's part of it.

>> No.41194264

>false reporting
Please. And anyways, I have not actually reported any of Carnac's posts in this thread, or out of it. To my knowledge, at least. I know it's you, Carnac.
Report-and-ignore is a tried and true tactic for removing filth from the community. Unfortunately it requires all men, lurkers or otherwise, to contribute.
>At least fantasy Khorne had an honor element.
Don't do this. Damn it, let me go find that screenshot.

>> No.41194278

khornes "honor sense" is basically "dont be a bitch or blast guys with wizardry"

thats it, that is the only shred of honor

khornes number one mortal is fucking Kharn the BETRAYER, khorne likes backstabbers


>> No.41194291

>Did fantasy Khorne not have that honor thing going for him? If not, why would anon believe that?


Khorne is the bane of honourable and destroyer of the weak, and was always presented consistently (with the exception of one 40K source).

>If not, why would anon believe that?

Unless you're utter scum. You would open the sources and read them for yourselves.

Try Realm of Chaos and Second Edition Khornate lore and going up.

>> No.41194294

Damn, I didn't mean to inspire this much rage. I've never been into fantasy so I'm just parroting what a friend told me ages ago.

>> No.41194303


Yeah, it's something that pisses me off as well. They get the most culture, the most interesting shit, the coolest background and the most compelling reasons for falling to Chaos.

But is Slaanesh just to become a patrician god? A leader of a bunch of slavering indulgents and decadent madmen instead of a leader of warbands and drive towards the sensations and excesses of battle?

>> No.41194310


Makes it slow and brutal.

It's the only way to redeem yourself.

>> No.41194343

It's perfectly alright, anon. Learn from your mistakes. Don't spread rumors without proper sources, and KILL YOUR FRIEND

>> No.41194351


That shred of honor isn't really even honor, it's disliking guys who are pussies, or who use slaughter for their own purposes rather than for blood. You know, for the blood god.

And psykers are pussies, using magic and shit to blast people from afar rather than crushing them with their hands or using big manly blasty guns that make noise.

Basically, Khorne is like Evil Torgue. Or Torgue would be a Champion of Khorne in 40k.

>> No.41194399

>GW why do you hate the Slaanesh player base?
Because it doesn't exist outside of begging for free porn online in WST threads.

Also this >>41192305

>> No.41194401

That's metal as fuck. Well I learned something new this morning. Khorne does not have honor.

>> No.41194444

I mean, I'd prefer it if honor really meant something to Khorne, but as it stands in both games, all paths lead to slaughter.

>> No.41194457

on top of that, blood shed for it;s own sake is instantly in service to khorne and thus IS for a purpose, Khorne is a Hypocrite

>> No.41194471

Wankers like you are why I'm glad the ol tranny is getting the axe.

>> No.41194479

Slaanesh seeks highs, so should be any emotional high. Could be adrenaline junkies, emotional pain junkies, etc

>> No.41194482

Except he's always been, always will be, and always is going to be a bitch that exists only on the whims of the top 4.

Bel'akor is a chump.

>> No.41194492

yeah Korhne is the overcompensating tryhard Bully/Jock of gods, I mean this is the guy who is okay with a guy who's title is Bloodsecrator, clearly he's not got much going on upstairs.

>> No.41194503

I don't think anyone's trying to claim Slaanesh as their waifu.

If anything, Slaanesh's followers are HER waifus.

>> No.41194517

Wrong again, faggot.

>> No.41194519

>overcompensating tryhard Bully/Jock of gods
Would Nurgle be that friendly fat kid that is obsessed with one of the cheerleaders?

Tzeetch would be the ultra giga nerd president of the Chess Club

Slaanesh is self explanatory, isn't it?

>> No.41194525

but most are dudes, they would be Husbandos, get your terms strait, Slaanesh is among other thigns a god of perfection

>> No.41194529

I get the impression it's all three

The man was still a crafty fucker by all accounts, which is why there's so much debate over whether he was serious or satirical.

>> No.41194531


Not to mention Tsundere for Slaanesh. The Chalice story when Slaanesh first arrived on the scene kind of epitomizes their relationship as enemies and fellow gods.

>> No.41194533


You know, if Slaanesh's official art was 10/10 waifu she'd be more popular and not getting the squat treatment.

The blame lies on GW who insisted on pushing ugly shit no one buys.

>> No.41194534

Honour is a delusion and another shackle to be broken by Khorne.

Khorne is about freedom from all the lies and delusions. To liberate oneself and accept the one truth in the universe.


Kyras puts it more eloquently.

>> No.41194546

Slaanesh is the rockstar. Slaanesh is not sure if he's a boy or a girl. Rebel rebel, your face is a mess. Rebel rebel you torn your dress.

>> No.41194547

I was always under the impression that the 'blood' part of Khorne was always about the fight, with the blood itself being a happy by-product. More symbolic.

Are you honestly trying to fault me for calling Slaanesh one of the many things he/she/it can be? Seriously now. 'Most often manifests as' doesn't mean shit.

>> No.41194549

sources are inconsistent, official art >>41193689
and eldar lore uses female pronouns

>> No.41194552

Probably not, since buxom trannies dont exactly market well outside of fetish porn.

>> No.41194554


this post made me cringe

>> No.41194570

>official art >>41193689
Thats not official art, numbnuts. The only official art of him right here >>41194471 has exactly one tit.

>> No.41194575

Is it really being squatted though? The Squats disappeared without so much as a fart in the wind.

They're going through way too much fanfare.

>> No.41194592


Well obviously if GW wanted to make her 10/10 waifu they wouldn't give her a dick.

>> No.41194594

Tzeench is that highschool nerd who constantly spreads rumours all over the fucking place and acts like the riddler in terms of insufferable smugness, Slaanesh is the diva tranny attention whore who changes pronouns daily and gets pissy when you fail to keep up, but is so hot that nobody gives a shit and thinks **'s so cool despite being an objectively shitty person

>> No.41194606


>Mostly dude
>But really anything

The title of Prince kind of emphasizes that.

But consider where this is coming from: the neckbeard community from the 80s-early 90s. What could a chaos being emphasize as twisted and grotesque without being fap-fuel for people of those times and their delicate sensibilities? Faggots. Slaanesh is generalized as pan-gendered and shit but focuses on dudes because the overwhelmingly male target audience of 80s-90s 40k is unnerved by faggots.

>> No.41194611

it's not?!

>> No.41194651

judging at their treatment of women in lore and their [in]ability to market towards women, I would say that GW is also afraid of women

>> No.41194659

Ah, Azariah Kyras. You glorious, lorebending bastard.
Khornate Sorcerers and Honor are my two guilty pleasures.
I've also enjoyed the saying "Once the galaxy burns, we will define righteousness!"

>> No.41194676

No you fucking moron, its not.

>> No.41194683

>No girls allowed, they are yucky

>> No.41194688


Is or was. Though probably irrelevant. Now they're not afraid of anything anymore, they're long past fear now. Now comes the kind of fearlessness borne only of madness, of those who have nothing left to be fearful over.

>> No.41194698

then who made it?

>> No.41194717

Essentially yes, but the Dark Eldar suffer from leaky souls with Slaanesh likes to sip from. They top up their souls by taking it from others through anguish and suffering.

>> No.41194722


But the all-male Sigmarines indicate nothing has really changed since the 80's.

>> No.41194776

to be honest, to market GW products to women wouldn't even be that hard nor would they have to change the lore at all.

All they need to do is:
1) Show women from time to time in commisar/astra militarum/tempestor art.
2) Have lore for the coed factions be a little nicer towards women (no slaughtering them to show how manly the men are)

that's it

a new line of models for the sororitas that isn't based around corsets and naked repentias (being led by male priests and inquisitors of course) would be great too

>> No.41194778


That and the continued languish of the Sisters codex and model line, trapped as Isha in a prison of rot and decay, subjected to the vilest humiliations that can be concocted by the Black Library writers, and secretly whispers revisions of such terrible fluff to mortals.

>> No.41194798


>> No.41194818

>> No.41194835

> Tzeentch would be into prog
Industrial, noise, or something close. Think Coil. Everything else is too pleb.

>> No.41194863

While we're still on a Khorne roll(dohoho), I'd like to post about Sabbat's Blood for the Blood God.
Despite its low-quality origins and ridiculous cheesiness, I find it still holds a place in my heart for capturing the true spirit of Khorne.
That and it preceded D-Rok, Wraith and even Bolt Thrower's 40k album as one of the first songs made for Warhammer

>> No.41194874

>I always considered Nurgle and Slaanesh to be the best gods to serve.
I'm not a big Warhammer fan, and have no fucking idea why I'm still reading this thread, but when I was going to play in a Black Crusade game, it bothered me that Nurgle and Slaanesh were considered enemies, especially since I wanted my character to be this disgusting prostitute-broodmother-barbarian-queen.

I hated that I'd either have to balance being "Undivided" or most of my powers would cost an arm and a leg because I'd be at odds with myself.

I had this image of an otherwise attractive, strong woman with a MILFY Mama Bear look covered in cold sores and a scowl, full of breasts that weeped nourishing sludge, her belly fecund and squirming with life as she fought tooth and nail in melee, her ridiculous Toughness keeping her unharmed. She wanted to tear away part of the Empire to become her Children, who she would care for and protect, unlike that dying corpse of an old man who fails to care for his people.
She was a feral worlder who's world went through lean times who ended up eating her children in a fit of desperation. Believed that no one should ever go hungry again.

If I hadn't dropped from the game, she probably would have ended up Nurgle, especially since he's the one that lets me give birth to monster babies, but I also really like Slaanesh for grotesque sex stuff.

>> No.41194878

well that cinches it, 40k should just be re-written byt he guys in charge of Chaveleir Vampire Requiem

>> No.41194905

Do Sigmarines even have a fluff reason as to why they're all dudes?

>> No.41194923

>slanneshfags are all whiny SJWs
Huh, that seems kinda contradictory

>> No.41194936

>not God Crushing Hammer

>> No.41194958

>im mad that fluff doesnt support my fetish ERP character!

>> No.41194989

Do Sabbat normally sound that shit?

>> No.41195004

>The gods are four whose work grows cold, as one betrays their laws of old.
>Then dark grow deeds and darker hearts, for lost to all are holy arts.
>A vagrant comes amidst the gloom, to seal the gaping maw of doom.

hole shit, Mithras was right!

>> No.41195007

something about how sigmar only chose whom he considered the "best" to be reincarnated and he is sexist as fuck

>> No.41195013


No, they just are. The novel at least didn't address the issue at all. Mortal female warriors do exist in AoS though, the love interest of the sigmarine leader in his past life was one.

The meta reason is that Sigmarines are Space Marines brought in as new posterboys and saviours of the Fantasy line and Space Marines are all male.

>> No.41195034

I think it would be hilarious if it was revealed that The Emperor's name was Sigmar, and that his presence felt through the warp created the Sigmarines.

>> No.41195037

Coliseum battles might be Khorne, but you'd be hard pressed to argue that "Panem et Circensus" isn't a Slaaneshi ideal.

He constantly pushes for bigger and better spectacle.

>> No.41195049


Or maybe he's just a major homo-fag and got caught up lusting over the thought of rippling man-bods that he created a whole bunch of them to his ideals and sent them off to do manly things.

Sigmar didn't rebuild the world, he just used its pieces to write his own fap-fiction.

>> No.41195057

>modulated white noise with overlaid screaming
Why are there no good WH songs? Get Blind Guardian to do one or something.

>> No.41195068

But look at how Khorne views Psykers. What, it's "cheating" to use magic but not cheating to use a fucking tank?

>> No.41195088

Still have to be martially skilled to use a tank.

Khorne doesn't like Psykers because they're born with the gift rather than developing it.

>> No.41195093


have you ever wondered why the moment sigmar showed up slaanesh went missing?


>> No.41195096

>implying women have pure enough hearts and souls to be Reforged into a proper Stormcast Eternal

>> No.41195108

>spegs are attracted to the factions that have sex or gender involved
basically par for the course.

>> No.41195119

what about goblin metal?

they also have a song Goblins are Better Than Trolls, it's awesome

>> No.41195120

My assumption is that Lady Eternals are a thing but a minority due to female roles in the dark ages type setting they came from

>> No.41195121

Hmm...sigmarines do have nipple armor and abs.

>> No.41195122

because women are niggers of gender and inferior to males

>> No.41195131


And have you seen them from the back? They show off that booty.

>> No.41195141

hypothetically what would he think of stand users? would probably depend on the stand and the user I guess, I mean fuck if Khorne can be impressed enough to grant a Librarian daemonhood, but as a rule he'd probably like the Ripple better

>> No.41195142

But what about Astartes? They're artificially enhanced beyond human capabilities.
Also, sorcery. Sorcerers don't technically have to be born with it.

>> No.41195157

>And psykers are pussies, using magic and shit to blast people from afar rather than crushing them with their hands or using big manly blasty guns that make noise.
Turning someone into ludicrous gibs because you THOUGHT it is pretty fucking metal. You're no more a pussy for using psyker powers than you are using a gun. Either way you're not actually wading into battle yourself.

One should not deny the power of porn. Betamax did.

Slaanesh is genderqueer hipster Fonzi who does drugs and writes totally DEEP poetry and has more sex than anyone in school and is also a graphic artist who's work is nightmarish and disturbing but they had a successful Kickstarter to turn it into a coffee table book.

>> No.41195159

Sigmar is actually Joel Shoemaker!

>> No.41195175

I would wager an unskilled Astartes would lose to a skilled human.

Plus, you need to be reasonably skilled to survive the process of becoming an Astartes.

>> No.41195176

Fucking this

>> No.41195181

That guy is just really adamant of his headcannon. From Warhammer Armies: Chaos:
>Khorne is a god of warriors, and his gaze is
drawn towards battles. He shows favour to those who fight for what they desire. to great warriors. and to mighty war leaders. Khorne respects strength. honour, and martial skill.

>> No.41195182

By the Emperor, yes. Could imagine it? All the over top 80's tongue in cheek grimdark turned up to 11. It would be glorious.

On a related subject, can any anons recommend a good place to dl the comics from? I've only been able to find the first 5.

>> No.41195227

No, no, don't be silly. Everyone knows showing women as anything other than sex objects and prizes is just pandering to the SJW crowd.

But for real no matter how well they market to women you know the Warhammer community would just shit on them and make them feel unwelcome; look at Magic. They have half their cards female and yet chicks barely play because they get oggled and sit across from Waifu playmats, have their nerdity called into question, and get harassed.
If Warhammer's real life community is anything like the /tg/ community, you can bet no woman would ever want to sit through an actual game if every time she leans over to measure a distance someone tries to stare down her top.

>> No.41195236

I still hunt around on youtube occasionally hoping to find someone who made a song inspired by the music in the laer temple.

He liked their approach to biology though

>> No.41195244

And yet there are female players.

Fortunately for the world, /tg/ is not the standard to measure everything else against.

>> No.41195249

There's a Heavy Metal torrent out there with everything up to 36-1, which is the last one with an English chapter of RVC in it. RVC 11 was never run in HM, according to Wikipedia.

>> No.41195251

Yeah it does. Just not as well as I'd like.

>> No.41195254

this is my head-canon for what life in the warp is like for those who go native

pic related was the start of the Necron rebellions against the C'tan

>> No.41195257

wish I could help you there. Ask /co/ in one of the Heavy Metal threads that have been happening lately, maybe someone will share it

>> No.41195269


Morty has graffiti on his heart now.

>> No.41195280

Probably regenerated. Nurgle wouldn't let his favored son deal with that.

>> No.41195297

But blowing someone to bits with your brain is still by definition a martial skill, and you need to be skilled enough to not fuck yourself up as well. Although I imagine Khorne would love when Psykers explode.

That doesn't even make sense.
>An unskilled Astartes would lose to a skilled human
>But they're all super skilled
I mean, Khorne loves Space Marines, but Space Marines are just as much cheating as psykers.

>> No.41195312

Yes, I'm aware there are. I even know some. I even know transgender Warhammer fans. But most of the female fans I know stay out of the stores because they know that they're likely going to have to deal with harassment. I'd also bet there are more female Magic players by percentage than there are Warhammer players.

>> No.41195316

Less skill, more like watching an ape use a stick to get at ants.

Sure, it resembles what they do, but in reality it's less 'oh wow, so skillful' and more 'stupid fucking monkey'.

>> No.41195333

>but Space Marines are just as much cheating as psykers
not really

space marines are created
psykers are not

That's the key difference. Khorne digs making weapons, and is the most innovative chaos god.

>> No.41195371

>sex, drugs and rock and roll.

If you were an actual Slaaneshi cultist, having these things as a baseline would get you strapped into a pain engine to have each and every single individual atom composing your nervous tissue stripped down to the point of non-existence and then rebuilt in the most agonizing manner possible while the rest of your body is warped and twisted beyond mortal imagination into the ultimate expression of rapture as defined by an absolutely inhuman, perhaps not even an entirely sophont mind, or perhaps a mind at the peak of transcendence while some fuck in the background hits a tone in his endless screaming that hits at just the right frequency to liquify your bones while the chick sitting to your right starts eating her own flesh.

>> No.41195375


have you ever wondered why the moment the sun shows up the moon goes missing?


>> No.41195388

so... Tuesday for Fabious Bile

>> No.41195440

Man, I just wanted to be demon. I didn't sign up for this cenobite shit.

>> No.41195454

yes you did, the moment you got in the Slaanesh line

>> No.41195458


So... Slaanesh is but a reflector for Sigmar's grotesque, perverted radiance.

The true arch deviant was among us, masquerading as the Emperor of man.

>> No.41195463


Grats, you now realize why Slaanesh never did well in sales.

>> No.41195475


Fabius Bile is a fucking exception and has been doing worse shit for over ten thousand years.

That's kinda the point about CSM and why they are so fucked when it comes to mutations, they constantly need more, get more because of work hazards, or are blessed with more in their immortal slavery.

>> No.41195483


Cenobites were actually fit in quite well in a Slaaneshi cult, they might even register as daemons.

Y'know, if GW writers knew what the fuck they were doing when it came to anything at all.

Fucking retards make a gold fish look intelligent.

>> No.41195535

Any old cenobites (members of a communal religious order), or the Hierophants of the Order of the Gash?

>> No.41195562


Pinhead did nothing wrong.

It's not his fault people dick around with that puzzle box.

>> No.41195607


I can easily see them as a Slaaneshi cult.

Fuck, Leviathan might as well be Slaanesh, or a Greater Daemon of Slaanesh, or a Minor Warp Deity inside Slaanesh's domain like the Horned Rat to Nurgle or something "Flesh, Hunger, Desire" is pretty Slaaneshi.

>> No.41195628

>Most innovative

Nigga what?

>> No.41195643


Or, y'know, some of the more "Normal" ones would fit into an Imperial Death Cult too.

>> No.41195662

I feel like you're not giving monkeys credit.

No? Khorne doesn't develop weapons or care about super science soldiers. He bashes people's heads in with a rock or at best hammers out a weapon with an anvil. Tzeentch is the one who should love Space Marines.

What the fuck did you think was going to happen, you'd get demon powers and just look like you do now? Shit no, slap some hermaphrodite genitals on you, give you a crab claw, put spikes on places where there shouldn't be spikes, and turn your eyes into squids.

>> No.41195668

Replace this nigger's mouth with a Voxblaser / Speaker / Whatever the fuck and you got a damn good Noise Marine head.

>> No.41195693


Leviathan would probably be Slaanesh and Tzeentch's love child, like the Horned Rat is Tzeentch / Nurgle.

Lord of the Labyrinth / Puzzles = Tzeentch
God of Hunger, God of Flesh, God of Desire = Slaanesh.

>> No.41195714

Man, I just thought I'd kill some shit with style and flair. You know, slay a bloodthirster all while keeping my flowing locks immaculate. Then become the keeper of secrets of hair care. Nobody fucking mentioned the claws! I can't even hold my sword anymore! Forget cups even. This shit was not worth it.

>> No.41195724


But you get the tentacles! And find pleasure in pain! And live forever sating your darkest of desires!

>> No.41195739

My darkest of desires is macrame.

>> No.41195772

I'll be real man, the tentacles are nice. Ladies from the eastern fringe of the galaxy love the tentacles. My guess is from exposure to the Tyranids. I also get to ride this weird ass horse now.

>> No.41195783


Most of the emp's children fled during the siege of terra to chase their own goals so not a lot of them died back then compared to the other legions. Sure, abaddon murdered a bunch of them but they're still very numerous.

>> No.41195799


Feel free to do it bro, hell, have the finest of silks created by feeding the spinal cord of a new born through a rend into the Warp situated inside the external womb of a woman mutated into a horrific / beautiful / disgusting / perfect ManSpider.

>> No.41195806


There's also the fact that Slaanesh is up there with Papa Nurgle on the "I like my followers" ladder and usually won't let them stay dead for long.

>> No.41195813

What purpose does the spinal cord serve? Will she not give me the silk otherwise?

>> No.41195843


The Spiritual Liège kills him for good during their fight

why do you think he never ever shows up and no one knows were he is

>> No.41195865

Oddly enough Sadpanda and Hentai Galleries has all of the Requiem parts up to 9 on them.

Someone should ask Olivier Ledroit (the artist for Requiem), to do some 40k artwork.

>> No.41195870


The spinal tissue, the nerve cords are stripped out of them and devoured in a sea of gluttonous cannibal proto-daemons before those same daemons have the result ripped out of whatever passes for a stomach on a being composed of raw soul-stuff and emotion and then fed to daemon-spiders inspired by the Enslavers where they produce the raw form of the silk that is further refined by the unseen shapers inside the Flesh Pits.

Look on the bright side, the silk is so fine it separates the materium like a power weapon, is so sinfully soft to the touch you don't even notice as it slides through your bones, and it comes with the faint sound of weeping newborns being devoured piecemeal by beings that do not actually possess mouths.

>> No.41195876

No, that name was design to harm him and being a daemon prince that's how it works

he's going to have heart problems forever now

>> No.41195882


If you want to be a daemon and look good doing you have better chances with Khorne. He is the top Chaos God for more than one reason.

>> No.41195886


Good thing he's got like, five others.

>> No.41195904

In what way is being some roided up space minotaur or whatever "looking good"?

>> No.41195915


>End up trying to use it to make a glove
>Chop off fingers several times trying to work with it
>Say fuck it, regrow fingers because Perfect form
>Strip the severed fingers of tendons and use it as lace to slide through the soulsteel circles
>Got myself some fancy opera gloves that can kung-fu chop through the materium like a god damn psy-weapon.

>> No.41195926


>Not using it to make a magical girl outfit you can force a Daemonette to wear


>> No.41195929

there are 10 issues.

huh...looks like he's selling a boardgame based off Requiem

>> No.41195940

11 actually. The English version of issue 11 never ran, but the French and Dutch versions did.

Also, there's a 4-issue spinoff starring Claudia.

>> No.41195942


It's better looking than anything Slaanesh or Nurgle have.

You might get lucky with Tzeentch, but just as likely become a toad/cucumber crossbreed.

>> No.41195947

Better than being a rotting slug, anorexic pink dick monster or an unrecognizable abomination growing eyes everywhere.

>> No.41195987

Khorne is like 75/25 on what you get. You'll probably be a giant winged minotaur thing with a badass axe, but maybe not.

Slaanesh is the most random, since it depends on his mood, but at least you can manipulate mortals into thinking you look awesome.

Same thing for Tzeentch.

If your patron is Nurgle, you're just fucked. At least your grandfather loves you though.

>> No.41195997

>It's better looking than anything Slaanesh or Nurgle have.
u wot

>> No.41196007


But no one can make you look as good as the Dark Master!

>Its clawed feet tolled on the deck like the call of midnight. Shadows scrapped around its ankles, benighted children squalling for the approval of their dark master. The daemon drew itself to its full height, lifting back its horned head and beating out its leathery black wings. The daemon was as lithe as a panther, and though its musculature was harder than stone it had a smooth, ephemeral quality akin to smoked glass. An eight-pointed star, the symbol of Undivided Chaos, shone like a crack in the void from its broad chest. It clenched its fists, muscle gliding across muscle, glorying in its own dark skin. Gustav quailed, enraptured, as the gaze of the demi-god passed briefly over him. Its eyes were a bottomless black, an eternal shadow into which a man might fall, forever fall, and never, ever reach their darkest point.

>> No.41196009

>Khorne doesn't develop weapons or care about super science soldiers
khorne is the only chaos god who cares about technology and science

>b-but axes
he made the skull cannon
he makes blood slaughterers
he makes doom blasters
he makes the lord of skulls
he makes god damn juggernauts

Khorne is all about creating elaborate ways to kill other things. Space marines are exactly that. The other gods just go "lol magic"

>> No.41196010

Nah, Slaaneshi aren't like that.

>> No.41196018

The book, the Hellbound Heart, emphasizes their demonic nature a lot more.

>> No.41196029

>Khorne doesn't develop weapons or care about super science soldiers

Good ole newfags! Gotta love em.

Khorne's initial thing was giving technology to Chaos Warriors (instead of magic) or in the case of Chaos Renegades/CSM, daemonblades.

>> No.41196031

I want him to be relevant again so badly.

>> No.41196052

>sorcery is cowardly
>shooting someone from far away with a sniper rifle isn't

>> No.41196064


I don't think you quite understand exactly how powerful sorcery is in 40k

>> No.41196080

The sniper rifle is actually the more cowardly choice, because the rifle usually can't make you explode.

>> No.41196089

I remember taking that model's upper body, replacing the shield, and putting it on a Bretonian mount. Prince Charming the general.

>> No.41196093

Using mortal ingenuity to kill is pretty much -the- Khornate thing. Reaching people armed with guns via an axe is pretty damn hard and requires lots of cunning, but also bravery. On the other hand, a sniper sometimes have to remain behind enemy lines for days, knowing at any moment he could be found. That's bravery as well.

Even Khornate berserkers exemplify human ingenuity -- a human being, turned through human ingenuity, into an unstoppable armored killing machine.

Although what's better than that is getting on a bike or in a tank to get you there faster.

>> No.41196169


How is a sniper rifle more cowardly than throwing asteroids onto a planet or melting someone in their armor because fuck you it's magic.

>> No.41196200

>Checkmate Space Marines

Boy, 2 hearts was -really- a bad idea, in hindsight.

>> No.41196261

>khorne is the only chaos god who cares about technology and science
That makes no fucking sense, considering there's an entire Chaos God who's domain is long term planning, knowledge, and researching shit.

I'm not new. I just think 40k is shit. Any skull claimed in the Blood God's name is worthy of his attention... unless a psyker or sorcerer claimed that skull.
It's a stupid asymmetrical piece of fluff because "hurr, mages are weak".

Because the sniper rifle won't displace you from time, mutate you, make your brain explode, or infest you with space bugs, did you not fucking hear the man >>41196080. A sniper rifle is a perfectly tuned weapon that does what it's meant to do every single time.
A psyker power is like a more powerful version of a gun from when a "gun" would kill everything in front of you if you were lucky, kill you both if you're unlucky, or blow up while you're transporting it because fuck you, that's why.

>> No.41196311


Tzeentch is obsessed with developing magical skills and has always ignored mundane technology. Since 40k's tagline includes "Forget the power of technology and science" he's probably right too.

>> No.41196312

>there's an entire Chaos God who's domain is long term planning, knowledge, and researching MAGIC
Physical sciences are Khorne's jam, bro. Have been from day one. Tzeentch has always been about knowledge of the arcane.

Rubrics were created with a haywire magical ritual
Berserkers were created by sticking wires into people's brains

>> No.41196345

>knowledge, and researching shit.

The one with Keeper of Secret daemons? Oh wait, that's Slaanesh. Or is it the one who has warbands that raid the galaxy, seeking for ancient lore and rituals to summon daemons? No wait, that's Khorne.

>I just think 40k is shit.
Its fantasy lore too, fagmeister.

>It's a stupid asymmetrical piece of fluff because "hurr, mages are weak".

I'm not sure why magic vs tech is an invalid dichotomy in your eyes. Its a classic sort of duality and it adds variety.

>> No.41196354

Bitch please, Tzeentch would be ear worm songs. Shit that you can never get out of your head for the rest of your existance, like Duck Tales

>woo ooo

>> No.41196396

Spending a lifetime training, so you can bend the very forces of the warp to your will is somehow not ingenuity?
>throwing asteroids onto a planet
>melting someone in their armor

>> No.41196401


Great observations. In the first edition (RoC) I seem to recall Slaaneshi and Khornates having techmarines, and Tzeentches don't. likewise, rubrics don't seem to have weapon upgrades.

Tzeentch doesn't strike me as the guy whose followers dick around with siantz, when they could blow people up with mind bullets.

>> No.41196421


Personally, I really don't like age of Sigmarines, I just think that it is insipid compared with what could have been. But. What is clear is that GW is going to divide the outlook of the two games.

40k does well enough as is it, the rules are murder and the balance frankly laughable at points but it will spin on much the same. Forge world pretty much support 40k and the Horus Heresy and I doubt will ever dabble in fantasy again.

This is no real worry, much as though it is sad to lose forge world support there are a million other fantasy miniature companies out there who do comparable stuff.

40k will likely be for an older audience at it's top level, with more complex rules and more mature themes. Slaanesh won't go from 40k, as it would involve radically changing the fluff of at least three factions.

But like weed leads to crack (apparently) so Sigmarines will be the gateway to 40k which is bigger more complicated and in many ways more expensive.

GW (sadly) long ago gave up listening to anyone, what it so odd it that there are so many ways it could make money that would both turn a profit and not shit on everyone.

Warhammer fanstasy was stale and dying though and was in dire need of a reboot in both look and feel though. Age of Sigstormhammermarinethundercool does not look good. it just smells of saturday morning cartoon villainy.

>> No.41196429

It's cowardice because you stealing power from the realm of the gods instead of relying on your mortal skills and means.

The more trained you are in using the Warp, the more of a thieving coward you become.

>> No.41196440

I'm not convinced that the lore suggests psykers can increase their POWER LEVEL?!?!? indefinitely with pure study.

>> No.41196454

Borrowing the power of the warp is not, and never will be ingenuity. They're entirely reliant on the powers that be to grant them their abilities.

Some retarded neanderthal tying a sharp rock to a stick is going to be infinitely more ingenious than the most learned of sorcerers.

>> No.41196461

I'm taking the power of the gods by relying on my mortal skills and means. And going by that logic, using anything that i did not build with my own two hands is cowardice; although the mental image of a berzerker trying to build a plasma gun is hilarious.

>> No.41196482

>Stealing power from the realm of the Gods (that can blow you the fuck up)
>More so than using a high tech sniper rifle from a billion miles away
Seriously? God, you Khorne shits are so dumb.

I spent way too fucking long downloading Black Crusade to learn that Tech Use is Unaligned. Intelligence is still Tzeentch, though, and costs more for Khornate characters, making Tech Use still difficult for them.

>Its fantasy lore too, fagmeister.
When I said 40k, I meant Warhammer.

>I'm not sure why magic vs tech is an invalid dichotomy in your eyes. Its a classic sort of duality and it adds variety.
Because it's a ridiculous and arbitrary dichotomy, especially coming from a fucking demon. "Oh, I'm literally magical but anyone using magic is cheating. High tech asymmetrical warfare where you're never in danger because you're miles away? Totally legit".

The guy who gets a boner for death and destruction hating the most violent and unpredictably destructive force in the setting just strikes me as stupid and against how he should act, not to mention completely arbitrary. What does it add to either the setting or the game to keep Khornate characters from using magic?

>> No.41196490

>the mental image of a berzerker trying to build a plasma gun is hilarious.
But anon, Khorne apparently loves the science, even though his champions are shrieking idiots who have a harder time thinking.

>> No.41196491

>I'm taking the power of the gods by relying on my mortal skills and means.

As a sorcerer, you are on your knees begging to be given that power. As a psyker your power is not your own. It's borrowed from the gods.

In both cases you are a coward who doesn't understand that the power of the gods is not meant to be wielded by mortals.

>And going by that logic, using anything that i did not build with my own two hands is cowardice;


It was built by mortal hands and meant to be used by mortal hands.

>> No.41196506


It's not ridiculous, ignorant mortals can't tell Chaos Gods what to do.

>> No.41196507

>As a sorcerer, you are on your knees begging to be given that power.
So what about when Black Crusade characters ritualistically murder someone to get power from Khorne and then get power from Khorne? Mutations sure aren't mortal made, but they're considered okay in Khorne's book.

>> No.41196514

>Seriously? God, you Khorne shits are so dumb.


Khorne wants mortals to rely on their own strengths rather being slaved to sorcery. Despite the risks, you choose to to steal from the gods rather than use your mortal keen and strength. You are a coward.

>What does it add to either the setting or the game to keep Khornate characters from using magic?

Khorne is the patron of warriors and Tzeentch is the patron of sorcerers.

>> No.41196516


khorne is said to take on more of a okhish complexion

>> No.41196522

>Slaanesh is about achieving perfection
>Slaanesh is about excess
>Slaanesh is about tits
>Slaanesh is about this and that
>Slaanesh is my self insert
>Slaanesh is my Felicity Smoak

And this is why Nesh has to go, and it's good Nesh is gone. The gros of Nesh fanboys (or chaos fanboys as a whole) don't know fuck all about what they're actually a fan of. They don't know excess is a means to an end, perfection is a lie and sex is a tool. They just hook up their own little agenda and misrepresent, which gets us Mary Sue crap like every single Slaanesh player ever to pollute a Black Crusade game.

I'm glad Slaanesh is gone. Her fans killed what could have been an interesting concept.

>> No.41196529


Khorne rewards those who prove themselves. Psykers and sorcerers just steal the power without the permission of the gods

>> No.41196533

>and eldar lore uses female pronouns
It's because Eldar are homos in denial.
Everyone but them realizes Slaanesh is a femboy and know it's gay to like him. Eldar lie to themselves that she is an actual girl who happens to have a cock, so that makes it straight.

>> No.41196536

Can you stop already? Being a psyker is a naturally occurring mutation in humans that lets you access the warp. You don't have to worship Chaos, what you need is pure strength of will. Saying psykers borrow power from the gods is like saying you borrow power from the trees when you make wooden house.

>> No.41196556

>Khorne is the patron of warriors and Tzeentch is the patron of sorcerers.
And Tzeentch can still have CSM and guns and shit.

>Despite the risks, you choose to to steal from the gods rather than use your mortal keen and strength. You are a coward.
>Doing risky shit
That's like saying that meddling with super science despite the risks is cowardly.

Sorcerers ask for power and get it, just like anyone who makes an offering to Khorne. Plus >>41196536
You need good Willpower to be a Psyker or your face explodes and kills everyone around you.
Any game with Psykers can potentially end when the Psyker explodes like a powder keg and murders everyone.

>> No.41196564

Natural occurring or not, psykers are drawing upon the power of the realm of the gods. You are drawing your energy from them.

And lets not forget that Khorne is willing to forgive you for being a psyker if you stop using your powers. He can remove the psyker curse from you and make you truly strong.

In the end of the day, being a psyker is choice.

>> No.41196574

>Black Crusade
FFG ain't exactly accurate when it comes to fluff, matey. Read Liber Chaotica or Slaves to Darkness, both are first-party sources and quite detailed.

>just strikes me as stupid and against how he should act
Making and using a tool is quite different from how magic works in the warhammer settings.

>> No.41196576

>Sorcerers ask for power and get it, just like anyone who makes an offering to Khorne

By begging and bartering for it rather than earning it by worthy deeds.

>And Tzeentch can still have CSM and guns and shit.

Which are weaker and less potent than Khorne.

>That's like saying that meddling with super science despite the risks is cowardly.

Super science is mortal. Sorcery is to steal from the gods.

>> No.41196579

is a choice*

>> No.41196583

Yeah, he can make you strong by giving you crazy mutations, which is totally not cheating you guys!
Bottom line, Khorne hates magic because of game balance, so you can make sorcerers with WS 10.

>> No.41196590

>Saying psykers borrow power from the gods is like saying you borrow power from the trees when you make wooden house.
Oh sorry, I guess psykers aren't using the power of the warp then?

>> No.41196596

>Intelligence is still Tzeentch, though, and costs more for Khornate characters, making Tech Use still difficult for them.

Wrong, idiot. Intelligence is unaligned as well. Shows what you know about "Durr Tzeentch is the god of lurming stuff!"

>High tech asymmetrical warfare where you're never in danger because you're miles away? Totally legit".

Nobody knows if given the order for exterminatus or to nuke Tokyo scores you cred, but a sniper is as brave as any other.

>What does it add to either the setting or the game to keep Khornate characters from using magic?

In RoC, Khornates could get tech (or in the case of 40k types, daemonblades) instead of magic. A pretty good distinction, and useful.

>> No.41196604

Stop being dense. I already explained it.

Mutations and gifts are what Khorne willingly gives you as rewards for your worthy service. Power he granted it because you displayed your mortal power and dedication to him.

Sorcery and psychic is power taken from the gods with no permission. You can't just steal from the gods and expect to get away with it.

>> No.41196610

Psykers are cheating, because it's sheer luck that made them psykers and they are basically stealing power from the Gods by using the Warp.

>> No.41196611

>Natural occurring or not, psykers are drawing upon the power of the realm of the gods
Seriously, what the fuck does this even mean?

I can beg Khorne for fucking wings or SPECIAL EYES, kill a few orphans, and he'll give them to me. Or I can be born with the ability to crush people with my mind and hone my talents and crush people with my mind in the name of the Blood God, but apparently forging my mind into a weapon so that I don't accidentally kill myself isn't good enough for him.

But sending out a death drone or shooting someone from a billion feet away? Totally kosher with the Blood God who loves murder.
In what fucking way is the mental discipline it takes to withstand perils of The Warp less METAL and Bloody than the precision strike of a Sniper?

>By begging and bartering for it rather than earning it by worthy deeds.
The worthy deeds are fucking begging and bartering! "H-hey, Khorne, I killed some orphans and stacked their skulls up and painted you a picture in blood and macaroni noodles. C-could I get some badass horns?"

>Which are weaker and less potent than Khorne.
Well how about some weaker Khorne Psykers and Sorcerers? But no, he says "NOPE" to that for some arbitrary reason.

>Super science is mortal. Sorcery is to steal from the gods.
Is it stealing or bartering, make up your fucking mind. Either way, see above, where warp mutations are gifts from the Chaos Gods.

I don't even understand how it's game balance.

>Intelligence is unaligned as well.
Oh. Fuck me, this PDF is shit and not OEF. I did just assume Tzeentch was Intelligence.

>> No.41196614


Whoever captured/replaced Slaanesh disagrees.

>> No.41196616

Except that's fucking stupid and also wrong. You might as well say it's sheer luck that someone is born beefy.

>> No.41196623

Yeah man, you being fat is purely genetics.

>> No.41196641


And white guys can win 100 metres if they try hard enough.

>> No.41196698

>I can beg Khorne for fucking wings or SPECIAL EYES, kill a few orphans, and he'll give them to me.
That's not how any chaos gifts work, you idiot.

>> No.41196710


>> No.41196788

How can anybody NOT falling in love with Slaanesh after that video?

I love it.

>> No.41197108

>GW why do you hate the Slaanesh player base?
Flash News: GW hates all fantasy player base.

>> No.41197116

They are,but the Warp is a corrupted Immaterium, the dimension that consists of all thought, soul, and emotion. Of course Gods would be there, they're thought up. The Immaterium is also a fundamental aspect of the universe, not something created.

>> No.41197119

Does anyone else think that the Marine in this picture looks sort of sad and fed up? Like he's going about his daily routine of killing and murdering and sacrificing but all the while he's thinking 'there must be more to life than this'.

I don't know why, but I reckon it's the eyes.

>> No.41197146

GW hates all players period.

>> No.41197275

>people think Slaanesh armies will disappear

A lore tidbit says Slaanesh was captured in Age of Sigmar, if anything all that will happen is Slaaneshi warbands/Daemons will stop fucking around and try and rescue their God(dess).

Or they'll just keep fucking. Whatever.

>> No.41197465

>They don't want to deal with any of the sexual stuff (because the anglosphere loves gore but is scared of breasts)

I can't believe people keep saying this, while Dark Elves are a thing.

>> No.41197476

That's sort of how I see it. Bunch of daemons step up to free their master, Slaanesh takes advantage of it and devours Tyrion and Merfaderfador or whatever his name is.

>> No.41197487

No you don't know anything those are totally just metal models not resin.

Oh wait.

>> No.41197496

They already removed female DE warriors. Now the reboot is the perfect time for them to remove any other hint of femininity.

>> No.41197518

you wot.

They're both still available. The characters are still available. Stop spreading shit rumors.

>> No.41197644

>They already removed female DE warriors.

Still in the box, m8. And witch elves got the same old skimpy clothing and a whore makeup to boot.

>> No.41197703

i never got the idea that machiavelli was being satirical. if you read the discourses, the dude was a complete fanboy of the roman republic, which had the position of dictator who would take over in periods of extreme crisis, before abdicating when the crisis was over. The Prince, in my mind, is the model for this Republican Dictator who needs to arise to rid Italy of the infighting and foreign domination that was plaguing it at the time.

>> No.41197770

It's pretty much satire and a take that over his 'employers', you see the Medici family had marched into the Florentine Republic, took it over, arrested, imprisoned and tortured Machiavelli for being such a staunch proponent of Republicanism and then exiled him out to a shack with the words, "You work for us now. Now get cracking."

>> No.41197895

A Slaanesh Hijack within a Slaanesh thread.

>> No.41198122


Is that dude really going to put his signature on such an obvious trace?

>> No.41198153

Didn't the older Dark Eldar Grotesques look a little like cenobites?

>> No.41198477

Wracks, Grotesques, and haemonculi.

>> No.41198482

It's from a drawfag thread where someone requested this pic >>41196710 as a daemonette.

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