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The benevolent and kindly monarch with no heirs has decreed that henceforth, the kingdom shall be ruled by a Gated-in Lawful Good solar angel.

In the event that the solar is no longer able to rule, another LG solar is to be Gated in.

How does this affect the kingdom?

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Probably makes things go well? Might be some culture shock between the solar and the kingdom, but that'd be smoothed over relatively quick.

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How many half-angel babies get dicked into existence?

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>How does this affect the kingdom?
Terribly. You cannot run a nation on Lawful Good. Lawful Evil/Chaotic Good is what you want. Incidentally most nations would ideally fall into that category.

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I dunno, what kind of solar do we get? Being made out of Good doesn't mean that they're Good, we could get someone like Trias the Betrayer.

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The angels leave, saying they have better shit to do (like fighting demons so the mortal world isn't swallowed up into a hellscape that is anathema to all non-demon life). Without a monarch, the kingdom descends into civil war as the nobility try to hold on to their land/take each other's and foreign nations swoop in in an opportunistic land grab.
Demonic laughter can be heard faintly now and then as the kingdom crumbles

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Quite a few.

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An Angel from the Court of realpolitik?

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The strictest theocracy in the realms.

in before tips fedora .

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"And it would in no way help if I were to forge this country into a bastion of righteousness via doctrine and discipline so that they can fight off the little evils we miss before they become big evils." -Retardiel, Angel of Being Dropped on the Head as a Child.

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High public unrest, revolts, assassinations, emigrating to a place that is less chafing, probable invasions from nearby kingdoms who see a chance to seize power and territory.

Realistically a band of adventurers gets paid to make this issue a non-issue.Preferably by getting rid of the angel and sealing that gate.

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>An Angel from the Court of realpolitik?
>ANGELA Merkel

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This gets me wondering, what would a /pol/ setting look like?

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Of course not, then there would be no motivation for would-be heroes.

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>This gets me wondering, what would a /pol/ setting look like?
That's just Unknown Armies run by a stormfag.

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>High public unrest
Only the unrighteous would have anything to fear from an angel taking power. And surely, you are not amongst the unrighteous, are you anon?

>Nearby Kingdoms
>Seeing a chance to seize power and territory
>From a kingdom ruled by a Solar

They aren't countries for very long, huh? Your assumptions would be accurate if this was just some random yet powerful outsider.

This is a literal angel. Something that is literally made of good. If you have a problem with being ruled by something made out of pure good, then that's basically a free pass for anyone to kick your ass. Invading would be suicide, since that would be basically saying "Hey everyone! I am opposing good itself!"

Which is more or less "Hey everyone! Invade me and divy up my territory, nobody with half a brain would argue against!"

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That's only true if ALL the neighbours are good aligned bar one

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She'd probably end up murdered pretty quick once the noble houses figured out no King meant no blood succession and no real way to elevate their family beyond its current holdings. Cue coup, inevitable disagreements over who King now, maybe a series of follow up assassinations in the best case scenario, worst means a protracted and violent civil war.

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The problem isn't good. The problem is LAWFUL.

There is a limit to how much personal freedom one must sacrifice.


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Actually, it's not.

They don't have to be good aligned. Just smart enough to see an opportunity for free shit and good PR. If you're an evil aligned nation, then it is to your benefit to be seen as a good aligned one. And if one is dumb enough to flat out oppose a nation that is ruled by a literal incarnation of goodness, then not only do you get there stuff, you get the good PR of "Hey, I destroyed this obviously evil nation".

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Or if they're smart enough to see an opportunity.

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>And surely, you are not amongst the unrighteous, are you anon?
You would be hard pressed to find a less righteous soul than I in the deepest depths of the abyss fellow anon.

>Hey everyone! I am opposing good itself!
It might surprise you to learn that most people don't give a shit about the great war between Good and Evil, they just want to keep it off their lawn. And every LN nation that could benefit from extra resources should be up for a war on their terms. We hit from three sides and trade four equal states for three super states.

Win, win, and win.

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Heroes can strike off against less civilized lands.

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Yes it does. You can't be righteous if what you're doing is not RIGHT.

>good PR
PR is for nations with nothing to offer, if you're the most valuable trading partner than nations will talk.

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See >>41083931
They don't have to give a shit about the great war. But it's basically a choice between "These assholes that would make us look good if we attacked them" and "The country ruled by an angel that could kill me with a thought if it wanted to".

And while most nations don't, plenty of soldiers who have to do the fighting will care that, you know. They're fighting an Angel. Since most people want to think of themselves as good, and it's kind of hard to rationalize that when you're fighting an angel.

An angel with a +34 to diplomacy at that.

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Let's check the SRD.

Abilities: Str 28, Dex 20, Con 20, Int 23, Wis 25, Cha 25
Skills: Concentration +30, Craft or Knowledge (any five) +33, Diplomacy +34, Escape Artist +30, Hide +26, Listen +32, Move Silently +30, Search +31, Sense Motive +32, Spellcraft +31, Spot +32, Survival +7 (+9 following tracks), Use Rope +5 (+7 with bindings)

Most mortals literally cannot win a contest of diplomacy against the new ruler, hide their motivations, or even see the new ruler coming if the Solar decides to play spymaster. Never mind her supernatural abilities, magical equipment, and qualities as a warrior. She's utterly unstoppable as a monarch...

... and as a judge of character, and as a therapist. She'd talk the monarch through the issue of succession and peacefully, expertly assign a mortal liege to this position which is, frankly, beneath her. Given even a few days of effort, she could strike the necessary bargains and make the necessary arguments to all but assure a peaceful transition of power to her chosen ruler who will have a literal Divine Mandate to his or her throne.

The real money isn't in running the kingdom, guys, it's in consulting.

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It would also show that they'd at least temporarily cooperate and are not total assholes of a kingdom.

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>Casts as a cleric just this side of Epic
>More SLAs than other rulers have class features, including Wish 1/day
>Equipment many Epic characters would drool over
>Immunities out the wazoo
>Skills beyond mortal ken
>A good idea to challenge

One of these things is not like the other

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real life

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Don't Entities hate being kept around for too long?

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Typically unless if what they're doing is in their interests.

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>How does this affect the kingdom?
Depends on the solar, describe it

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You get the High Men of Age of Wonders.

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>That's only true if ALL the neighbours are good aligned bar one
Bullshit, I don't need to be a good person to take money for taking out a bad guy. I just need to like money and not be so LOL3RUNDOM EVIL to double-cross the good guys.

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QT trap
Also shonen protagonist levels dense despite somehow ending up surounded by noblewomen MILFs and ladyknights

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Angels have the [good] subtype but never the [lawful] or [chaotic] subtypes.

Angels are more devoted to good than anything else, regardless of whether the angel is LG, NG, or CG.

A Lawful Good angel is an angel that happens to be lawful, not an angel specifically devoted to law.

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Sounds like prime times for half-angel heirs, provided they just up and tell them they want kids.

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He gets executed for being insane

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>I'm still not following you ma'am

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>Executing an entity with DR 15 and regeneration 15.
It could just stand there and just not care about the attacks an entire army throws at it.

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I'd play in that game. Shit would be hilarious.

Oh you

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But the high men were assholes.

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>Putting an assassination-proof, guaranteed benevolent ruler of superhuman capability in charge of a kingdom rather than start a war of succession
If anything, the kingdom's only big enough to merit an Astral Deva or Planetar or something.

Wisdom 25, Sense Motive +32.

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>Chaotic Good
>for running a nation with laws
I don't think you've though this through.

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You're assuming a divine order would survive human imperfection. Look, angels generally aren't corrupt, have no vices, and work 100% towards the goal. Humans do not.

There's no point in being the greatest statesman ever if everyone under you is inherently flawed. Angels are used to working with perfection.

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But what is the modifier for harem protagonist template?

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nonono i mean a nation is best off being chaotic good or lawful evil in order to just plain survive. you want cg for tribal level and le for more advanced shit. Sorry for my typing, substances were consumed. Trying to focus.


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someone brings up that last time another long living race tried to rule mortals it was called slavery and led to rebellion

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Not quite enough; one of a Solar's primary traits is being a Wisdom-focused caster.

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>qt angel trap king ends up surrounded by nobleMILFs, ladyknights, and maid girls
>He's a kind, sweet, well loved and benevolent king, not to mention brilliant, super powerful, and absolutely adorable
>Has no idea he has the girls eating out of the palm of his hand
>Pretty soon they start hinting maybe he should get a queen, or at least they'd be up for some holy /ss/
>He's oblivious as fuck
>They start trying to seduce him
>Shenanigans happen and he ends up blueballing (er.. what's the female version of this?) most of the royal court
>Eventually one of them outright says she wants to fuck him
>He has no clue what she means

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The real question

How cute is she

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>And so begins the solar's sexual /ss/ education.

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>It's not because he's naive, he just never quite learned how mortals reproduce.
>He was more concerned with slaughtering the most [Evil] thing he could find.
>Now, one of you is going to have to give him... THE TALK.

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The Solar leaves as soon as the domination granted by the Gate spell ends, because it has many more important things to do than govern some shitty sinning mortals. Like managing the entire war against the fiends below.

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Trap solar
Very cute

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Depends on edition. Angels and Archons got merged in 5E, all angels are as lawful as they are good now.

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>not wanting a motherly solar ruling over the nation

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The Solar wonders what issues can possibly occur in a city where 9th circle spellcasting is considered a renewable resource, leaves the city to its business, and returns to the higher planes to continue the great war in the name of good.

>> No.41084777

Angels are used to MOLDING flawed people into perfection if they come from LG Mount Celestia.

>> No.41084826

In this case, quite literally molding their souls.

So there will be a creepy Orwellian vibe to it, BUT it really is for the greater good soo...

Honestly once you get into the concept of Objective Good and Objective Evil shit gets weird.

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>In this case, quite literally molding their souls.
Usually into objects, or new celestials

>> No.41084850

>The Solar leaves as soon as the domination granted by the Gate spell ends

A Gate spell has no duration if it's used to extract a prolonged service.

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>Ladyknight paladin acting as of the guard, Royal High Priestess, Lady Goldwell his Royal treasurer and his personal handmaiden all decide they've had enough
>If he honestly doesn't know it's time they teach him
>Sit him down and give him The Talk
>And demonstrations
>Very thorough demonstrations
>Involving all of them
>And all their pent up frustrations

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Anyone have a cute female angel picture

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>Usually into objects
>you will never be molded into a Lesbian Angel's dildo
>you will never plunge into her girlfriends orifice relentlessly as they both cry in pleasure
>Why even... actually i'm not sure if this even turns me on but I had to take it somewhere
>despair but erection

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Problem: most angles don't have junk to begin with .

>> No.41084905

Do they give the angel a 'hands' on demonstration?

>> No.41084907

In such an event, compensation is necessary or the summoned entity is under no obligation to comply.
Compensation enough to convince a Solar, one of the generals of the armies of heaven, would need to be very rich indeed to pull them from their station for so long.

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An army of half celestials sired from his loins after he tricks the kingdoms maidens into thinking he doesn't 'get' sex

All as planned.

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That's not an angel. That's the Queen of Demons.

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500 years latter
>The kingdom is in a new prosperous age and near totally LG nation wide
>Probably because most of the population is at least half angel
>Pity the king hasn't been seen in nearly 5 centuries
>His "wives" have been keeping things running in his absence
>While he's buy in the royal bed chamber
>They've determined it's the best way he can serve his nation
>Regardless if he wants to or not
>But the people know he wants to, why would his wives lie about him enjoying doing his part?
>He's the father of the nation after all...
>And the binding circle ensures he will continue to be


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These girls are some of the best soul shapers in all of heaven, using their massive, perfect thighs pound and grind away at mortal souls, slowly striping away metaphysical impurities and compressing whats left down tighter and tighter, smaller and smaller until all that remains of the soul is a perfect smooth gem in the shape of a rod with rounded ends, just the perfect size and shape for making these angelic amazons sing. Of course, sometimes as they lie back, coming down from the bliss of seventh heaven, they realize they've lost their grip on the little soul and now it's lost up in their holiest of holies. Some do work their way out but for most the utter purity cleans away whats left of the soul and it becomes apart of the angel herself. Don't worry for the poor muscular beauty, the soul shapers will always make sure there is enough reformed souls to keep them in eternal bliss.

Slightly edited thing I wrote long ago

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Is there an instance where I remain sapient instead and don't become a dildo?

>> No.41085150

This issue really seems why evil is more popular

>> No.41085167

>Is there an instance where I remain sapient instead
Who said you don't remain sapient?

>and don't become a dildo?
Well what would you prefer?
Bra? Panties? Cake?

Maybe if you were good enough you could become an angelgirl yourself, but that's only for the very best

>> No.41085185

Because evil people usually think short-term.

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>Wanting to be some girls toy for the rest of eternity

That is why evil will always win. Because Good is dumb.

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In D&D?
Asmodeus is extremely charismatic.
Demons and yugoloths aren't that popular for mortals to interact with, beyond the rare overconfident/idiotic dark magic practitioner (or aspiring necromancer in the case of demon prince Orcus). Devils, however, offer a whole host of benefits in exchange for servitude. A place in the armies of hell is surprisingly enticing, you just need to have a want for power and a taste for hurting others.

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>Dad's a mid ranking Solar.
>Mom's an epic level cleric.
>Paladin levels by the time you could walk.
>Big friendly puppy you rode around on is a hound archon.
>Favorite toy is a Merciful Holy Avenger.
>Childhood is palling around with other Half-Celestials and Celestials in literal Heaven.
>Rebellious phase is either dating or joining up with Best Iconic, the Antipaladin.
>College is the World's Largest Dungeon; don't worry, Mom or Dad can True Res you if you wind up getting hurt.

Man, life as an Adventurer's Kid is awesome.

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Why hello there boner, didn't know you'd drop by on a SFW board.

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>mid ranking Solar.
>mid ranking high general

>> No.41086733

Unless all Solars have exactly the same amount of authority as all other Solars, and as long as there are at least three Solars in existence, at leastone of them is mid-ranking

>> No.41086868

The official way to look at is that they all have the same standing, yes.
A Solar of lowered rank isn't a Solar, it's a Planetar. Solars are the pinnacle of angelic hierarchy. The only people above them are gods, and the only people below them are not Solars.

>> No.41086917

Oh you.

>> No.41087081

Yes, but there could be Solars who are TECHNICALLY of the same standing, but preside over an army less impressive/politically significant than the others. I'll concede it doesn't mean "Mid Ranking Solar" by that point, though.

>> No.41087402


There are one, two, three, and four star generals, with five star ones appointed in time of war and six star ones practically never.

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>mfw all these low ranking humanoid angels start dicking humans

Fucking plebs.

>> No.41087594

Evil Outsiders start fucking with the kingdom far more.

>> No.41087709

Did you know that angels in 1e were the original Judeo-Christian angels, but got supplanted by devas/planetars/solars in 2e?

>> No.41087713

Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find a mortal with a wheels 'n' eyes fetish one of these days.

>> No.41087753

Well i suppose that could work assuming that your angels are the same as in DnD

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An ultra-idealist kingdom that gets slowly outmaneuvered politically by its less scrupulous and machiavellian neighbors.

They are only scared of going to war against it because of the power of the solar itself, but eventually they gang up on this kingdom.

The solar dies heroically in battle and the kingdom is split up between the invaders.

>> No.41087851


>> No.41087899

>Same as in DnD

In Grand History of the Realms, one of the stories added specifically for that book (3e D&D), was from the perspective of a man from some evil empire that just got blown the fuck up.
In the short tale, he's bitching about how shit life is, people still starving and having trouble establishing permanent housing in the environment, and how he still hates walking out the front door of his shitty shack into mud, when that morning, a Solar appears in the sky.

People are looking to it with wide-eyes and going "Holy shit" because of the giant golden aura, and feathery wings, and the fact it just gated in.
When it loudly announces, in the name of justice, for crimes committed by the now dead empire of whateverthefuckitwascalled, she is now declaring the judgement is death.

Now people are confused, their home was destroyed, their capital city now where a great sea is, but before they can wonder for long, she draws her flaming holy sword, and declares that she will now carry out the sentence.
And proceeds to murder every single person who was a citizen of that empire before it fell.

I would not want an angel running my kingdom, especially not a Solar. They were made for war, and they fucking show it.

>> No.41087953

Yeah Solars are pretty fucking hardcore old testament tier shit. Celestials in D&D do not fuck around.

>> No.41087959

this is my fetish.

>> No.41087979

>Forgotten Realms

Forgotten Realms and its gods and angels are a shitshow though.

>> No.41088033

But the Solars are from the celestial planes of the D&D multiverse.

Or are you going to deny planescape/spelljammer/greatwheel/etc too?

>> No.41088067

The forces of chaos take this as an opportunity to rile up the common people.
That is, they flare up tensions between mortals and the heavens.
Cue a long civil war with plenty of atrocities.

>> No.41088115

3e Forgotten Realms actually has its own cosmology, so no, the solars there aren't the solars of the Great Wheel.

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Due to the being taking a personal interest in the kingdom, a Seraphim shows up instead of a Solar.

What happens?

>> No.41088270

>[Assuming you do not die when you gaze upon it]

>> No.41088282

Don't worry, it can prevent that.

>> No.41088748

What the actual fuck.

WELP, at least my 17th level Warder can survive this guy for a few rounds, enough to look upon its faces. INVULNERABLE SHELL OF THE IRON TORTOISE

>> No.41088808

That's not even the craziest thing in the +mmortals +andbook.

>> No.41088888
File: 774 KB, 1399x950, Amidah.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What about the super edgy doughnut steel character?

>> No.41088934

The Amidah template is a little wasted on that guy, what with the +75 Constitution going to waste on an undead.

>> No.41088937
File: 370 KB, 960x642, be932eda46810c2c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That angel looks.. familiar.

Haha yep, it's totally fanart of this fuccboi actually hermaphrodite

Considering OPpic is from a hentai game: all of them.

>> No.41088961

He gets a wish a day for free.

>> No.41088987

He also still has vampire weaknesses.

>> No.41089028

>Mismatching leg wear

>> No.41089035

Nippon fashion.

>> No.41089069

Meh. Brunestud of the Crimson Moon Knockoff. My 17th level Warder could probably take him.

>> No.41089229

>angelic fuccboi trap king sporting a little something extra when one of "advisers"/harem members finally manage to get him naked

>> No.41089335

>23 INT, 25 WIS, 25 CHA
>Being outmanuevered by literally anything.

These are beings who know all the loopholes and nuances of Lawful Goodness to a T. Who compete, regularly I might add, with Devils in terms of the "Just as keikaku" game.

Solars aren't going to have any troubles.

>> No.41089390

>Not wanting to get turned into kingfuccboi's soft and pure white royal panties

>> No.41089397

>Not Kingfuccboi's chastity belt to protect his "innocence"

>> No.41089414

You know, I have no stake in this discussion, but it has always bothered me how just about everything of any import in newer D&D is some brand of genius, I'm not sure if it started in AD&D or not (I wouldn't be surprised) but man did it ever become the default in 3rd.

>> No.41089472

Well, everyone of any import in real life is some brand of genius. "Idiocy" is just an affectation they put on to maintain their image/popularity. So the game reflects real life in that regard, at least.

>> No.41089511

Because being a caster allows for much, much more BBEGing than just a martial, and casters need those scores. It is also trivial to get boosting items for BBEGs of high calibre.

>> No.41089542

Oh and alternatively they just slap same arbitrarily high range of scores without thinking about differences in application between 30 STR/DEX/CON and 30 INT/WIS/CHA

>> No.41089553

Well powerful people of import tend to be some kind of genius. The issue is the fact they're all kinds of genius.

Would be cool if the angel wasn't necessarily beyond human understanding in all things, but just had like 80 knowledge ranks in war, outsiders, religion, and law, but that goes against the mentality 3e introduced of monsters using player rules.

>> No.41089574

Except wizards, because /tg/ says wizards are invincible.

I hope you realize this sentence makes absolutely no sense.

>Using SIS, Al Queda, Catholic Roman Church level logic to prove morally upright position.
Oh yes you can be. What is right for one is not right for all.

OP specified Lawful Good. Lawful Good have been some of the worst offenders against the freedom of others since organized religion began.

Give me Neutral Good any day.

>> No.41089595

why would he spend the wish on a penis? he could solve kingdom problems with that, instead of sating four fucking whores.

you know like Lawful Good Does?

>> No.41089612

Angels have both the [Lawful] and [Good] subtypes.

>> No.41089707

In the edition where you can Gate in solars, no, they do not.

An LG solar is much more dedicated to good than law, and is only coincidentally LG.

>Lawful Good have been some of the worst offenders against the freedom of others since organized religion began.

Oh boy, let's hear your rationale here.

>> No.41089719 [DELETED] 
File: 9 KB, 160x315, index.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.41089770

Nice job saving a slightly larger thumbnail.

>> No.41089793
File: 7 KB, 273x536, 1398899669020.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.41089816


>> No.41090487
File: 366 KB, 600x700, 1391430985526.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm now imagining a cute Solar ruling over the kingdom for a few hundred years until the entire population is angels, being motherly to everyone the whole time.

>> No.41090554

>quilt for a dress
10/10 would let my soul be reshaped by

>> No.41090630

Is the whole "angels turn petitioners into clothes and underwear" thing even canon?

I can't find it in any D&D book.

>> No.41090664

I think there's a quest here somewhere about something similar.

>> No.41090686

No it isn't. It's a memefetish on /tg/, kind of like succubi turning people's souls into fat, dragontits, fat princesses, or monstergirls.

>> No.41090806

Nah, all the quests are about succubutts. Angels would make things too easy.

>> No.41090814

There's stuff about petitioners becoming one with their attendant plane eventually that was probably the starting point from which the idea ultimately sprang, but it isn't a thing in and of itself.

>> No.41090861

We already covered this in an earlier thread.


>> No.41090872

How would that work, would her presence slowly turn people into angels until babies start getting born with wings and crime ceases to exist?

There would be at least one person freaking the fuck out about all the changes since the angel arrived, and it would end with his fears being soothed by the angel comforting him

>> No.41090904


The kind of fetish that is acceptable at the table is one that gives heartboners, rather than pantsboners and is also something that might be interesting to play.

>> No.41090919

Solars are bald. What's with that angel?

>> No.41090939
File: 1017 KB, 2863x1830, John_Martin_-_Sodom_and_Gomorrah.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I would advise strongly against it.

>> No.41090997

And this is why winged-people angels are more popular. Eldritch ones tend not to work well with poor, squishy, burnable and smite-able mortals.

>> No.41091255

>literally retarded
>literally awful

You're an idiot.

>> No.41091281

Living among humans has made her ashamed of her bald head, so she took to wearing wigs. She freezes up with embarrassment if it slips off or someone steals it.

>> No.41091385

The artwork depicts 2e/3e solars as bald, but never says all solars are bald.

>> No.41091406

I get the feeling it would likely turn into functional but slightly authoritarian socialism.
The talented can still aspire, but the less fortunate still live well.
Corruption is not permitted, even with high taxation.
Also, a hell of a lot of work on infrastructure.

>> No.41091423

>Today that horrible neighbor of mine bid me a kind good morning on my way to work. What is going on with my life

>> No.41091606

Man I remember the thread about the cleric being given an angel wife/ husband as a reward.

That was a fun thread

>> No.41091659

What would an angelic quilt feel like anyways, seeing as regular quilts are already heavenly

>> No.41092213

Soft, fluffy, comforting, and radiating love and protection? Or at least a lot more than normal quilts do

>> No.41092281

Name three sane Catholics you've met that were not deeply troubled individuals, specially when female. The religion is righteous and Lawful and Good.

Righteous and holy men ran the inquisition. Same with the crusades.

The war against infidels and absolute enslavement of women is righteous, and holy, and just, as the Lawful Good religion they follow proves.

Yes, in every case the people were not acting in lawful and good ways, but they were acting in righteous manners according to the religious tenets they were given by their lawful good masters.

>> No.41092333

Just because a religion SAYS it's the GOODEST does not mean it is. Christianity was a whole fucking lot of Lawful in it, and a some Good (churches as education centres, monks as keepers of knowledge because nobody else had time for this shit), BUT it wasn't fully Good by measures of D&D alignments as viewed from outside perspective.

D&D celestial beings ARE fully Good by D&D alignments and outside perspective.

Your equalisation is bullshit.

>> No.41092356

>he thinks real people are Lawful Good

They wish.

>> No.41092392

>Name three sane Catholics you've met that were not deeply troubled individuals,
And starting off with full fedora, but even ignoring that, it looks to me more like you label the organization LG and are trying to argue for it despite providing evidence to the contrary, and that is also ignoring that you are apparently trying to apply D&D's simplistic alignment system to a real world culture who doesn't hold the same social mores and values that said alignment system is a simplistic version of

Try harder if you want to start a /pol/ argument

>> No.41092398

Sorry, but the Catholic church is by no means Good, if you want to put a D&D alignment to it(though Pope Francis may be shifting it closer.

>> No.41093516

Why does everyone assume that Lawful means stifling control? Embracing good and order does not mean embracing benevolent tyranny.

>> No.41093546
File: 27 KB, 250x335, 1432257463595.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dressing promiscuously

>> No.41093553

>Its a female with also a dick
>Complain about mismatching fashion
I mean, I agree that the mismatching fashion is absolutely retarded, but the mismatching biology is even more retarded

>> No.41093567

Man I wish depictions of angels like this were more mainstream. There so much cooler to me and make a lot more sense than lolis with wings

>> No.41093568

Murdering a level 20 divine caster with a dancing weapon and a bow that creates Bane arrows, incredibally strong, fast, and intelligent with skin tougher than adamantine that has damage reduction and regeneration on top of that, brilliant diplomat, living lie detector, basically more personal power than 99% of fucking DRAGONS, and you think they can be murdered?

>> No.41093612

>Wasting its time on a human kingdom
Solars are the greatest celestial to exist, more powerful than many of the gods themselves, they would not lower themselves to being a simple administrator and are too busy in the outer planes to waste their times on the mortal plane.
this is the same reason why pit fiends don't rule the mortal realm even though they are capable of entering it on their own power. they are too busy fighting each other for dominance in the hells.
You mortals and your hilariously over inflated sense of self worth is hilarious.

At best you might find a solar willing to consent to knocking up the princess with a half celestial son to be king, you know, if you find one that is into what is practically bestiality (while we are at it. it would basically be like a human knocking up a goblin princess to have a less bestial ruler on one of the local goblin nations)

>> No.41093625

Fan service

>> No.41093642

its a hermaphrodite angel from a Japanese porn game

>> No.41093644

>more powerful than many of the gods themselves
Just FYI, most gods have at least 40 HD, cast as level 20 clerics and have salient divine abilities on top of that.

>> No.41093647

You're probably thinking of Exalted Quest, where the MC is a Zenith caste Solar, which basically means SUPER DIPLOMANCER.

>> No.41093664
File: 1.82 MB, 1005x768, Basandra, Battle Seraph mtg angel whip female.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


They are so pure, they do not even realise the lust their outfit inspires. In their day-to-day lives they often go naked because they are immune to cold and thus need no protection from the weather. When they do wear clothing it is either to display livery or because they were asked to wear clothing to avoid startling the locals when on a mission.

>> No.41093694

>Just FYI, most gods have at least 40 HD
Which comes in the flavor of 20 levels in a classs + 20 levels of commoner.
Also, HD is pretty meaningless, its just worthless HP, some saves, and BAB.

>cast as level 20 clerics
That is not a standard ability, and so does the solar.

>and have salient divine abilities on top of that.
that is not most divinities, you are thinking higher tier divinities.
and while some salient divine abilities are fucking AWESOME, a lot are weaksauce.

>> No.41093729


All deities get at least one salient divine ability. Only quasi-deities do not get them, and they aren't really deities.

Also, all deities can cast at will all spells from at least three domains.

>> No.41093736

Nice quints, but pretty mediocre enemy.
He can't even beat a [Fire] [Cold] Dread Blossom Swarm without Wishing for it.

Of course, if he surrenders to a creature literally more than a hundred CRs below him, then the next challenger could very well fight an Amidah Dread Blossom Swarm.

>> No.41093762

Nah, in my head cannon all angels wear giant winter coats. We are talking about a god who treats sexuality as a sin.

>> No.41093773

>a bow that creates Bane arrows
SLAYING arrows.

The difference is 2d6 vs. Fort save or die.

>> No.41093778

Makes sense, but more importantly can I fap to it?

>> No.41093796

>Which comes in the flavor of 20 levels in a classs + 20 levels of commoner.
And by "commoner" you obviously mean outsider.
>That is not a standard ability, and so does the solar.
It's a standard ability for any god that grants spells
>that is not most divinities, you are thinking higher tier divinities.
http://www.d20srd.org/srd/divine/divineRanksAndPowers.htm#divineRanks All of the deities with Divine rank higher than zero have at least ONE salient divine ability.

>> No.41093806

>thinking god would want you to fap to his holy warriors.

>> No.41093814
File: 213 KB, 667x1000, Fur Coat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I am not sure. Care to try?

>> No.41093819

>Not imagining sharing a coat with an angel

>> No.41093820

>they aren't really deities.
i guess we will just disagree here
but still, most salient abilities suck. most deities only get the one and it is likely not going to be relevant (for example, lets say they use their own salient ability on resurrecting)

>Also, all deities can cast at will all spells from at least three domains.
which is pretty meh. only deities that matter are those whose 20 class levels are in a full caster class.
a monk 20 or fighter 20 is pretty damn irrelevant. And check out what a solar can do


>Regeneration (Ex)
>A solar takes normal damage from epic evil-aligned weapons, and from spells or effects with the evil descriptor.
To start with, note that solars are designed for epic characters. gods were designed before epic and are weaker than epic

>Spell-Like Abilities
>At will—aid, animate objects, commune, continual flame, dimensional anchor, greater dispel magic, holy smite (DC 21), imprisonment (DC 26), invisibility (self only), lesser restoration (DC 19), remove curse (DC 20), remove disease (DC 20), remove fear (DC 18), resist energy, summon monster VII, speak with dead (DC 20), waves of fatigue; 3/day—blade barrier (DC 23), earthquake (DC 25), heal (DC 23), mass charm monster (DC 25), permanency, resurrection, waves of exhaustion; 1/day—greater restoration (DC 24), power word blind, power word kill, power word stun, prismatic spray (DC 24), wish. Caster level 20th. The save DCs are Charisma-based.
>The following abilities are always active on a solar’s person, as the spells (caster level 20th)
detect evil, detect snares and pits, discern lies (DC 21), see invisibility, true seeing. They can be dispelled, but the solar can reactivate them as a free action.
>Solars can cast divine spells as 20th-level clerics. A solar has access to two of the following domains: Air, Destruction, Good, Law, or War (plus any others from its deity). The save DCs are Wisdom-based.

>> No.41093868

>And by "commoner" you obviously mean outsider.
Outsider = commoner + irrelevant shit (slightly more saves, bab, HP)
>It's a standard ability for any god that grants spells
Not all gods grant spells
>All of the deities with Divine rank higher than zero have at least ONE salient divine ability.
I am well aware, which means that I am correct and you are wrong, because the vast majority of deities have a rank of 0. Keep in mind that a rank 0 is not the same rank null. Just like how cantrips are spell rank 0, so a fighter can't cast cantrips

>> No.41093935

>Not all gods grant spells
Name one that doesn't
>I am well aware, which means that I am correct and you are wrong, because the vast majority of deities have a rank of 0.
"Rank 1-5: These entities, called demigods, are the weakest of the deities"
Straight from Deities and Demigods. Divine rank 0 means you're not really a god.

>> No.41094599
File: 82 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bane arrows

Crashing this Material Plane. WITH NO SURVIVORS!

>> No.41094616

>This is a literal angel. Something that is literally made of good.

Wasn't Asmodeus an angel once? Now he's the Lawful Evil god of tyranny.

>> No.41094673

Made of good =/= good alignment, just like you can get good demons you can get evil angels, though being made of X makes it a LOT more likely you will be X alignment

>> No.41095018

A human ambassador suggested it.

>> No.41095059
File: 275 KB, 640x480, Trias.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Great plan, surely it will bring peace and prosperity. I mean, what could possibly go worng?

>> No.41095089
File: 116 KB, 1280x720, PSG-transformation.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just one

>> No.41095116

Man, I looked at that and for a moment I thought I was in an Age of Sigmar thread...

>> No.41095120

>thinking god wouldn't want you to fap to his avatar spirits

>> No.41095243

And that kind of ignorance is why they would not rule well. There are enormous sections of mortal life that angels just don't get, that they probably can't even conceive of without falling. That's what makes angels and devils such opposites - angels love mortals but don't understand them, and devils understand mortals but don't love them.

>> No.41095310

So paranoid guy thinks it's mind control, becomes more and more paranoid, but no, it's just the angel being That Nice?

>> No.41096960

He said cute not disgusting slutwhores

>> No.41097996

So, anyone got some cute angelboy pics?

>> No.41098672

Pump your brakes there son. Stocking's my waifu.

>> No.41098778

Stocking isn't an angel.

>> No.41098866

That ending was a joke and you know it.

>> No.41098894


Heartboner initiated.

>> No.41098947

It happened, it's canon.
Sorry your waifu is a demon, anon.

>> No.41098979
File: 597 KB, 1000x950, 50028541_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


No mind-control, just teaching people how to behave properly. And being cute.

>> No.41099145

It's a painful realization, anon.

>> No.41099181

Okay, I am far more interested and excited about this than I should be. Damn you all, /tg/ stop showing me nice things I can never have!

>> No.41099597

>just teaching people how to behave properly. And being cute.
Would rather have a cute little shota solar doing that

>> No.41099718

>"P-please can you stop being angry at one another! Please just stop shouting! I'm sure if you listened to each other, you'd fine you have a lot in common!"
>"I-it's not very nice to frighten people into giving you their money, you know! They worked hard for that! Maybe if you worked together, you could both earn even more!"

Everyone just thinks he's too adorable to be a threat, so end up listening and actually ending up convinced to be nicer people.

Then a real threat shows up and that cute little angel boy who no-one thought could harm a fly (and was actually seen one day safely releasing and healing mice that had been caught in a trap) shows that yes, he IS a 'real' angel and yes, he DOES wield all the power and authority of a heaven-sent ruler by blasting a greater demon back to the hells, without even a trace of the nervousness he shows when talking to humans. Turns out, he's so unused to humans, interacting with them scares him a little, but demons, the undead and other elemental forces of evil? Those he's used to putting back where they belong with extreme prejudice and holy magic.

>> No.41100402


That's insane, though. Jack Chick level insane. Do you know anything about how people actually behave? I know we're fa/tg/uys here, but some of us have occasionally interacted with humans before.

>> No.41100457

Wouldn't that angel's nipples be showing?

>> No.41100567

>he's like a ken doll, just smooth

>> No.41100579

Have you ever been confronted by someone who is literally supernaturally persuasive? All he'd need to do is say "Please" and you'd probably agree at least for long enough to see that being good is generally better for everyone.

>> No.41100643

>We are talking about a god who treats sexuality as a sin.
His first command was literally "You two, go screw eachother as much as possible". As long as you only bang one person at a time, sex is great.

>> No.41100720

If we're going with the explanation that angels are awkward and naive around humans because they usually only interact with demons or other angels, they'd have no idea what persuasion is. They and their friends do what they're told by their superiors without thinking twice about it, and their enemies oppose them unilaterally, also without thinking twice about it. Persuasion is redundant among their friends and impossible among their enemies. So there's absolutely no reason they'd have any power of persuasion. Since humans are allegedly their friends, they'd just give humans orders and be utterly stymied when that didn't work. Eventually they'd assume that since humans are not wholeheartedly obeying every command, they must be evil and have to be exterminated.

And being good is not better for everyone. Good people have to sacrifice themselves sometimes, so being good sucks for them. Neutral humans who are mostly decent but do not want to treat the highly contagious plague victims or stand first in line to die against a demon army would be something that an angel would have no way of understanding.

>> No.41100731


>> No.41100732

I think you're confusing Christian morality with Victorian morality.

>> No.41100782

Dude, Puritans were kinky as fuck, they just didn't show or talk about it in public.

>> No.41100809

Which if you think about it is a far superior way to go. Imagine if neckbeards never tried telling you about their magical realms. Imagine if the only people you had to talk about sex with were the people you actually wanted to have sex with.

>> No.41100853

Why would that angel have nipples to show?

>> No.41100872

For the same reason the angel would have tits at all - to make humans pay attention.

>> No.41100873

>A being literally made of pure righteousness.
The problem with that statement is that this is D&D, or similar. You know, the setting where Good and Evil are not states of morality, but discrete cosmic forces.
Good and Evil are not the same as right and wrong. The first two are issues of motivation and choice of cosmic patrons, the latter two of results (including both means and ends).

>> No.41100952

The tits full of Holy Justice make them pay attention, the nipples are unnecessary (plus they don't really know why they're their so don't add them in)

>> No.41100958

Because it does, while there is no reason for it to have nipples, there is likewise no reason for it to not have nipples.

>> No.41101037

They're not to show. Angels can have kids. I assume they're used for the same things humans use them for. If you pointed out angels are terrifying eldricth creatures in most scenarios, I'd suppose she just found the human way of doing things to delightfully quaint.

>> No.41101093

>literally made of mankind's hopes and dreams

>Angels can have kids.
You mean Nephilim?

>> No.41101103

Half celestials

>> No.41101107

Yeah, those things.

>> No.41101370

You're confusing LAWFUL Good with Lawful GOOD.

Er, no, no, you're wrong. They're both. Good is objectively morally right and evil is objectively wrong. The thing is, there are also entities who embody that down to the very essence of their beings. In DnD, you CAN grind the universe down to a powder and find atoms of goodness and particles of evil.

>> No.41101666

It comes down to the same thing. Absolutely lawful things done what they're told because it's what they're told, and absolutely good things do what they're told because they love the one telling them.

>> No.41102113

No, absolutely good beings act in a way because they think/know it is for the common good, not because they love the one telling them. A paladin or knight could utterly despise the cruel baron who he's forced to work with to stop the rise of an evil lich lord, but he still works with him because he knows the baron's plan and support is actually good for the largest number of people (and it just happens the Baron is part of that number).

Absolutely lawful beings follow a strict code, not just orders. Their code might (and probably does) include obedience to a hierarchy, but it is the strict procedure and set of mechanics that drives them. Marrying that to goodness results in an entity that strictly follows rules that result in the greatest common good and doesn't accept anything that contravenes the code. They CAN act outside of the code, but they will NEVER go against it. A NEUTRAL Good being will go against the code if they think doing so results in a greater good and a CHAOTIC Good entity just ignores any kind of code and in fact believes that such restrictions are inherently bad things.

>> No.41102577

>an image used to describe why anarchy will eventually fuck themselves over in the end without laws or morals.
>has now become an image associated with Age of Shitmar.
I have no hope for the future anymore.

>> No.41102803

Mortals are used to hearing lies and threats from their fellows; celestials are not. If an angel talks to another angel, it's because that angel really and sincerely has an idea to make things better for everyone. If that's all an angel has ever known, interaction with other beings is going to be difficult.

>> No.41102993

No, her outfit would clearly bare her nipples.

>> No.41103108

>that everything

Why are you giving me a heartboner

>> No.41103156

Really? I thought it was just moral nihilism they were mocking.

>> No.41103446

Lawful good does not mean lawful nice, nor does it mean cookiecutter mindset, they can disagree on how to make things better or even go full bitch mode to each other if they think they need to

>> No.41103494

It came from /pol/ archive and was titled anarchy, I just assumed it was that, you maybe right too, either way, the guy I was commenting was being one those annoying fedora tipping twats, so I put that up.

>> No.41103776

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that most likely, the majority of people will recognize the need for laws and standards against stabbing people, even without the tremendous intellectual artillery that is an MS Paint comic from /pol/.

>> No.41103853

That is some beautiful deadpan explanation right there, anon.

>> No.41103854

I'm now picturing a pair of angels pouting and refusing to speak to each other because they can't agree on how how to make people happy, until someone else comes along to mediate and they politely agree to compromise.

Okay, that may not be how it goes down, but the image of two celestials sulking is funny to me.

>If that's all an angel has ever known, interaction with other beings is going to be difficult.
Which comes back to the celestial being nervous and unsure around mortals, but when you very being is suffused with supernatural wisdom, intelligence, charisma and compassion, you subconsciously know what to say to get people to listen to you and let's face it, petty evil-doers have never had the strongest minds in the first place. Sure, the inexperience would hurt the angel's chances with the strong-willed, but for ordinary mortals, just being that damn cute and un-knowingly saying all the right things should be enough, surely?

>> No.41106756

But that would be chaotic. Possibly also evil.

Having an awe-inspiring presence does not equal knowing the right thing to say. You never need to know the right thing to say in an environment where everyone you talk to is made of pure good and will assume that you always mean well. And there'd also be no concept of statecraft, economics, human nature, or even written laws in an environment where everyone is naturally harmonious and orderly. It's for the best that an angel in charge of a human government would not be very articulate, because if people actually understood him and tried to do as he said it'd be a complete disaster.

>> No.41106866

>Having an awe-inspiring presence does not equal knowing the right thing to say.
No, but an int, wis, and cha all in the 20s do

>> No.41106986

int=reasoning and comprehension, wis=willpower and perception and cha=confidence and being pretty. Ability scores won't give a character information he never conceivably could have learned before in the environment he was in. An angel could learn realpolitik while in the mortal world, but it'd be so much to take in, starting with the very idea that mortals aren't made of their beliefs and moving on through all the ways that good intentions can fuck up and go wrong on a global scale, that the angel could very well fall from the revelation. They're known for falling at the drop of a hat.

>> No.41107087

>reasoning and comprehension, ... perception and ... confidence
Yeah, this is really all they'd need, you'd be surprised how little fine details you need to be able to get said fine details if you're good enough at discourse

>but it'd be so much to take in, starting with the very idea that mortals aren't made of their beliefs and moving on through all the ways that good intentions can fuck up and go wrong on a global scale, that the angel could very well fall from the revelation. They're known for falling at the drop of a hat.
We're kinda talking D&D style angels, a lot of your assumptions don't really apply

>> No.41107109

Yeah, and who is to say these guys wouldn't be?

>> No.41107198

In D&D there's a whole class of devils that are fallen angels, and in most D&D settings all devils were originally some kind of celestials. There is not a similar kind of celestials that are redeemed fiends of any kind. So falling is, at the very least, much more common than rising. And that would explain why the lower planes are a lot more active and powerful than the upper ones, requiring adventurers to try to make up the difference. Angels would be not only less numerous than devils but more isolationist and willfully ignorant. There is something an angel learns that makes it fall, and no non-fallen angel knows exactly what it is. This would engender a fear of learning too much about anything that might corrupt them, including the harsh realities of the mortal races.

>> No.41107238

>and in most D&D settings all devils were originally some kind of celestials.
[citation needed]

>Angels would be not only less numerous than devils but more isolationist and willfully ignorant. There is something an angel learns that makes it fall, and no non-fallen angel knows exactly what it is. This would engender a fear of learning too much about anything that might corrupt them, including the harsh realities of the mortal races.
All assumptions

>> No.41107344

>[citation needed]
The ones I know for sure are the default cosmologies in 3.X and 4e. I think in 2e Planescape it was intentionally vague like everything else, and it might have been different in Eberron where the planes are all different.

>All assumptions
That follow from what's known about the dynamics of aligned outsiders. There are plenty of fallen celestials but hardly any redeemed fiends, and fiends are way more active than celestials. Demons and devils can fight each other endlessly and still have more than enough resources left to counterbalance everything the forces of good can muster, and whenever you hear about a gate to an outer plane it's always to a lower one. It makes sense that celestials have to worry about keeping themselves pure, and this is what limits them in the same way that the Blood War limits the activity of fiends.

>> No.41107456

>The ones I know for sure are the default cosmologies in 3.X and 4e
Can't speak for 4e but I know this isn't the case in 3.X, the majority of devils either arise normally from the the plane or are converted human petitioners, there are some unique fiends that were once angels, and that one kind that is all descended from fallen angels, but I'm gonna need a direct citation on "all devils were originally some kind of celestials" cause that is flat out wrong

>> No.41107511

Tyrants of the Nine Hells explains that devils were the beings of law in charge of keeping all the demons at bay so that the other lawful beings could to things like create reality. The constant conflict corrupted them until they were found repulsive by their uncorrupted kin, and then they got the idea to power themselves with mortal souls instead of handouts from ingrates who don't respect them anyway.

>> No.41107524

>The ones I know for sure are the default cosmologies in 3.X
That is flat out wrong, the only Baatezu (The main kind of devil in 3.X) that were once fallen angels are the Erinyes, all others are converted souls

>> No.41107648

Okay, when you said,
>and in most D&D settings all devils were originally some kind of celestials
did you mean the original batch of devils were angels or all devils were originally angels, cause the former is true, the latter outright contradicts a number of other supplements

Though your own source contradicts one of your other claims, about how what causes angels to fall is unknown, repeatedly doing evil actions, even for the greater good, is a known way to fall in D&D world and Asmodeus even notes in story that that was what caused his corruption

>> No.41107685

Me again (>>41107648)
One more thing, >>41107524, has a point, the original batch of devils became Erinyes, the other devils are not fallen angels

And the lack of things like gates to the upper planes and information on angels can be more attributed to lack of adventures involving traveling there, I actually think this was the reason given by WotC at on time, but I'm not gonna bother to look up the reference

>> No.41107830

>angels love mortals but don't understand them, and devils understand mortals but don't love them.
totally stealing that exact line anon

>> No.41108093

The lack of adventures involving celestials was definitely the out-of-game reason for making the game world that way. In-game the explanation could be that celestials are a little paranoid about falling by becoming too active in a flawed world where every action feels like a compromise.

>> No.41108151

>In-game the explanation could be that celestials are a little paranoid about falling by becoming too active in a flawed world where every action feels like a compromise.
>Could be
Key part, you're assuming this is the case, there is no evidence for this, other than your own world building

>> No.41108227

Well, what's another possible in-game reason for angels being so hands-off? With their heightened ability to get along they should be wrecking the forces of evil and making the Prime Material a paradise.

>> No.41108390

>Well, what's another possible in-game reason for angels being so hands-off? With their heightened ability to get along they should be wrecking the forces of evil and making the Prime Material a paradise.

>They are taking care of other, more dangerous threats on the outer/inner planes
>Like other epic level NPCs, they are, it'd just be boring for the players to get saved by them so it they just happen to not encounter them
>They don't actually need to, good is for the most part winning, you just hear about the problem areas,
>Agreement with the gods/druids/dragons/whatever that they'll handle major threats to the material plane

You can do a lot more with them then just, "hermit kingdom of heaven"
Plus, it is cannon angels are quite often doing commando strikes in the blood war to keep either side from winning, so at the very least it isn't unlikely they handle other issues that crop up in the outer plane

>> No.41108555

"hermit kingdom of heaven" is a little more dramatic than "the dragons will handle it, we can trust them, right?" or "good is totally winning, you adventurers are kind of wasting your time."

Because it's not like angels NEVER interfere. They want to interfere. They want to help others. But each time they do, it's a calculated risk. What if they have to make a decision between two less-than-perfect outcomes? What if they're tempted by something they've never seen before? What if they learn something that challenges their beliefs? It could happen. It's happened before. Every time they go to earth or to the Lower Planes they're also weighing the harm they might do if they became fiends.

>> No.41108591

>They want to interfere. They want to help others. But each time they do, it's a calculated risk. What if they have to make a decision between two less-than-perfect outcomes? What if they're tempted by something they've never seen before? What if they learn something that challenges their beliefs? It could happen. It's happened before. Every time they go to earth or to the Lower Planes they're also weighing the harm they might do if they became fiends
Unless you use that same logic as to why paladins don't do shit I find it a rather poorly thought out hand wave to exclude angels

>> No.41108637

Most people with paladin-like ethics probably don't do shit. Paladins are just the lawful good people who accept the risk of falling and train themselves in how to kill people. You wouldn't learn those skills if you didn't plan on using them. Angels, by contrast, are created as angels and are angels even if they never go kill a demon.

>> No.41108677

>"hermit kingdom of heaven" is a little more dramatic than "the dragons will handle it, we can trust them, right?" or "good is totally winning, you adventurers are kind of wasting your time."
Not really, no, it wouldn't be out of place in a grimdarkish setting but it's not really more dramatic, that more depends on how it's handled

I've always played D&D as more of a heroic fantasy than grim and gritty so that kinda thing feels really out of place to me

>> No.41108725

>Most people with paladin-like ethics probably don't do shit.
Most people with paladin like ethics would be not stand for inaction due to their own ethics

>Paladins are just the lawful good people who accept the risk of falling and train themselves in how to kill people. You wouldn't learn those skills if you didn't plan on using them.
True, but at the same time, paladin level ethics would necessitate you to act even if it's out of your skill level

>Angels, by contrast, are created as angels and are angels even if they never go kill a demon.
Those are things like lantern archons, once you get into solar level power, being a lawful good ass kicking bad ass demon slayer kind of come with the territory, given the whole, explicitly the high ranking members of their military

>> No.41108763

>paladin-like ethics
>Not acting when you know of injustice
I don't think you get what lawful good means anon, either that or you try to hard to make your world dark and good useless

>> No.41109951

>How does this affect the kingdom?
All of them

>> No.41112333

Good needs to be kind of useless in a D&D setting or there'd be no need for adventurers. The only question is why it's useless.

Anyway, ordinary people who are highly lawful good don't just sit on their asses and do nothing; they do little things that help the needy but don't risk compromising their ideals. They're very often pacifists. Meting out life and death is a position that's inherently prone to corruption.

>> No.41112409

You don't necessarily rise through the celestial ranks by killing things. A good society is probably not a militarized police state. Celestials would become bigger and stronger by being more good, since they're made of good. A lantern archon could rise through the ranks and become a solar without once attacking a fiend by just having the best of intentions for everyone, even the fiends, and actual experience with fiends would make it harder to have good intentions toward them. Getting involved in places affected by evil would always run the risk of engendering cynicism and hatred.

>> No.41113253
File: 28 KB, 400x430, the-stupidest-angel-9780060738747-lg[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we get the angel from this book

>> No.41113874

>Default monster stats assume a roll of 10 for all stats
>That'd still be a +13 to INT and +15 to WIS
>Assuming a 3 in both the stupidest angel would have an INT of 16 and a WIS of 18 putting him among the kingdom's top thinkers
It occurs to me now that from a celestial's point of view, most mortals are functionally retarded
Next time the PCs meet one, it will treat them like they belong on the short bus

>> No.41114344

>though Pope Francis may be shifting it closer.
He's the most evil Pope since... well, since two Popes ago.

>> No.41114603

What are you talking about? Francis is humble, understanding, moving away from trivialities and towards unity, he regularly sneaks out dressed as a simple priest to feed the poor and homeless in Rome, he's persecuting corrupt and pedophile priests...

>> No.41114705

It's all PR and smokescreening. He hasn't changed any of the actual doctrines that make Catholics so backward, and he's even admitted that he has no intention to.

>> No.41114754


They assume a roll of ten for even-numbered stats and eleven for odd-numbered stats. It is actually +12 Int and +14 Wis.

>> No.41114814

Compared to independent American baptists, I'd take the Catholics any day.

>> No.41114920

Try judging a man by his deeds and not his assumptions.

>> No.41115314

>>primae noctus is the LAW

This goes exactly like the epic of Gilgamesh

>> No.41115394

So are you saying it would turn into a North Korean style Stalinist dictatorship scenario?

>Surely you cannot hate Big Brother angel, and to disagree with his views is madness! He is literal perfection.

>> No.41115524
File: 171 KB, 619x950, 8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

post angles

>> No.41115577
File: 210 KB, 945x1181, 1414266357068.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The evil and treacherous wizard next door to the kindly monarch's kingdom is on his deathbed, and wants to make sure he can beat the goody two-shoes and his angel.

So he summons a devil, and uses binding wards to force them to rule over his kingdom as ably as possible, and to someday defeat the other kingdom by any means necessary. Though evil, he is not immoral, and takes other precautions to make sure he doesn't just blast the wizard's kingdom away out of spite.

What the fuck happens from there?

>> No.41115657
File: 4 KB, 285x185, right-angle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.41115677

>Shota angel
>MILFy devilgirl
Let's call it "diplomacy"

>> No.41115683
File: 19 KB, 500x367, carlos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like how you're looking at things from a different angle.

>> No.41115844
File: 206 KB, 1100x930, AwNotThisBitchAgain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She immediacy succeeds all her lands to the angel as long as they change their kingdoms current name. There, she is no longer bound to serve her kingdoms legacy since it is technically over, now part of a larger whole and with the resources together the kingdoms are more prosperous, making it a wise choice, and the other kingdom is "defeated" as it no longer exists and has been absorbed into the newly formed angelic Empire.

Now she goes home. Eat it wizard.

>> No.41115880

That seems like a cheap way to get around the victory conditions imposed by the wizard, and requires that she let the angel win.

I honestly think it'd be cool if they actually knew and personally hated each other, like the angel was that 'stuck up nerd from highschool who happened to turn out pretty' and the devil was that 'stupid bitch who always took the cute boys and made my life hell.'

>> No.41115927

Planar Cold War in a third-world country.

>> No.41115958

How do we go about slowly corrupting the solar into being a depraved whore-queen breeding sow?

>> No.41115964

What does it matter to her if it's cheap? She's a devil. Her entire existence rotates around screwing over those who make deals with her.

If she wanted to piss of the angel I'd assume she'd secretly establish a cult to her whoever her demonic master is in secret, the fuck off and wait till the cult explodes and rebels against the angel.

>> No.41116002

Then I hope you don't like birth control.

I am. His deeds are all fluff and no substance.

>> No.41116078

What if superman became the eternal ruler of a medieval kingdom? I guess it becomes heaven on earth.

>> No.41116156


It amuses me how significant making Army plural is.

"General of the Armies" is hell of a rank.

Also, why on Earth is Lieutenant General Higher than Major General?

>> No.41116238

Well, for one you should probably start with a girl angel...

>> No.41116243
File: 22 KB, 400x400, thats wrong.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Angel, bull, eagle, and lion head
>not cherubim

>> No.41116555

Are you one of those LG-haters now?

>> No.41116684

LG is fine, but it's fragile. No other alignment is always one misstep away from changing, because no other alignment is as restrictive. One nudge and you're suddenly not LG anymore, while CG and NG give you much more room to act.

>> No.41116734


>> No.41116753

That doesn't make any sense. Why is lawful good the only alignment that can change easily? A lawful good character who jaywalks is now neutral good, but a chaotic good character who looks both ways before using the crosswalk is still chaotic good?

>> No.41117022

It makes perfect sense because law and good are the two sides that hold people to some kind of standard, while chaos and evil are the ones that allow for some kind of freedom. Evil is the quick and easy path, and chaos is the primal state of disarray that everything naturally slides toward. It's easier to shift toward chaos and evil than away from them. Falling takes one careless moment but redemption takes a lifetime of grueling work. It is the way of things.

>> No.41117176

What about Lawful Neutral or Evil?

You're not one broken rule away from falling; that's ridiculous. You only change alignment, if you honestly stop believing that the code you're trying so hard to live by, is the right way to live.

>> No.41117307

It's a stairway to heaven and a bullet train to heck. Come on, even kids shows know that.

>> No.41120031

You're conflating 'paladin' with 'all lawful good' which is...not accurate in the least. Someone can be lawful good and not be in danger of shifting alignment for performing one unlawful act, or for doing something of moral dubiousness, even if whatever action WOULD cause a paladin to fall on the spot.

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