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What the hell is wrong with dragon ?

I mean humans (well most humans) and most humanoids atleast have the standart of fucking somthing that has 2 legs, 2 arms, eyes, nose and mouth.

Dragons fuck everything and anything no matter how diffrent they are to them ! Humans most times are raped or don't know they are fucking a dragon or don't care (because of polymorph).
So why do dragons do it in most settings ? Is it their ego ? The fact that with there long lives they get bored and want to experience it all ?

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Dragons often can change form, being able to naturally change into new shapes kinda fucks with your sense of self. Your body can be anything you want it to be, so why not fuck everything that moves if it is willing and you're immune to most of their diseases regardless.

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1: Most dragons probably won't do it for no reason, but, as I'm sure you're aware, fetishists exist, and no reason that should only apply to humans.
2: For a dragon playing the longer game, it's a great way to get stronger minions. Take your existing minions, fuck them/force them to fuck you, wait gestation and maturation periods, receive more powerful half-dragon minions.

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I hold to the theory that if a setting has dragons, they were the ones to come up with their setting's equivalent of the Harkness Test.

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You should probably have used the version with the weird snake.

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>I mean humans (well most humans) and most humanoids atleast have the standart of fucking somthing that has 2 legs, 2 arms, eyes, nose and mouth.

Not while Lamiae exist.

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>The devellopment of fetishes over a lifespan
>Dragon lifespan
/d/eviant with magic powers and a fetish for bestiality, thousands of years old. other dragons might not even like them, but here they are anyway

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As a geneticist, I assure you, in many settings, dragons are biologically humans.

Fucking deal with it.

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What are you talking about OP, humans will fuck anything, you can go on /b/ or whatever and make a thread about the weird things people have stuck their dicks in and have a hundred different things by the end of the day, two hundred if you include the things people have used as dildos.

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>humans were the dragons the whole time

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Remember that time some /b/ moron attached his flashlight to a blender motor and stuck his dick in there and got himself a bloody twizzler stick?

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i literally just made this face

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Replace the pony picture on the right with that of a teenage looking girl and you got yourself a very questionable infographic.

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Nothing special. Every year a bunch of guys maim their dicks while masturbating with vacuum cleaners.

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Holy shit.

I want to believe people are not this stupid. I can't anymore.

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In my setting a celestial dragon raped an elven goddess and thus humans were born.

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Am I in /b/?

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That's clearly a Modesty Dragon! She's had a terrible wardrobe malfunction and summoned it to strategically cover herself.

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We told him to set it on "shake", but no, the idiot had to go straight for "puree".

In other news, a guy killed his liver by food suplements overdose on /fit/ some years ago. We're talking "your expected lifespan reduced to 3 or 4 years" kind of damage.

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Humans and dragons are both creations of mighty Zeus, hence their common inability to keep their dicks out of things.

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>implying teens aren't mature enough to consent to sex
>implying humans in an appropriate age range for reproduction shouldn't have sex
>implying we don't do more harm than good by sheltering and coddling our kids until they magically become mature and functional adults on their 18th birthday
There is so much wrong with this kind of thinking it's painful. The only thing questionable about it is why America can't join the rest of the civilized world when it comes to sexual awareness.
For a country maligned with being so sexually obsessed, we're actually kind of prudes.

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AoC is something hard to define, because there are 14-year olds that are pretty mature and 19-year olds that are as innocent as a child.
Besides that, I was more thinking about some older guy preying on young sluts that pretend they're older than they are.
Not American btw, I'm from one of the most liberal countries in the West.

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>Besides that, I was more thinking about some older guy preying on young sluts that pretend they're older than they are.
...when I made that post you quoted.

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Why did I Google this?

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Morbid curiosity?

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I remember that thread!

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For me, the word "scientist" will never be the same again...

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Look, all I'm saying sexual species are defined in a taxonomic sense as all organisms which can breed without reduced fertility in their offspring.

And dragons, as it turns out, can crossbreed with humans in many settings.

Biologically speaking, that makes dragons, homo sapiens.

Even if the crossbreeds are infertile, they are at least great apes.

>why don't they look humanoid then
A wizard did it

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i have never agreed with this i think you can go lower then human intelligence but the question is how low

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>i have never agreed with this i think you can go lower then human intelligence but the question is how low
older teen human intelligence?

So somewhere between squirrel and monkey?

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Hold up, Species aren't defined by what they can breed with!

Lions and Tigers can interbreed, but they certainly aren't the same species. The same holds true for horses and donkeys.

When dragons and humans breed, you get half-dragons, which are a hybrid species, similar to Ligers.

The notable thing is that Dragons aren't mammals, which makes such a coupling incredibly unique.

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>without reduced fertility in their offspring.
You dumb fucking shit.

Fuck's sake, "mule" is literally another word for infertile hybrid and you still brought up horses and donkeys.

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Ligers can still have offspring fuckface.

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On top of that, wolves and domestic dogs can interbreed without any real issues either, and they are classified as separate species as well.

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You dumb fucking shit.

Ligers have incredibly reduced fertility.

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See >>41087933

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> and they are classified as separate species as well.
1. The fertility method for species classification is a modern approach and some older classifications still persist.
2. Dogs have been for the most part reclassified as canis lupus familiaris, a subspecies of wolf.

Bringing up older wrong shit doesn't make you right. There isn't an exception to this. It's just how shit is done now. If you find what looks like an exception, it's not an exception, it's just shit taxonomists haven't gotten around to reclassifying yet.

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Well, thanks for enlightening me. You're still a giant asshole though and I hope you get syphilis and develop permanent brain damage.

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>Not rolling to seduce the dragon

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>You're still a giant asshole though and I hope you get syphilis and develop permanent brain damage.
I became a giant asshole when I spent most of 3 years unable to see, speak, or sit up due to a rare muscle control disorder. You shouldn't wish diseases on people.

I'm just kidding. I was an asshole well before my body was my living tomb for several years. That shit just taught me persistence.

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it's because dragons come from space, anon

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>implying dragons aren't just weird alien birds that instead of placing eggs in other birds nest use mammal wombs as incubators

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>You shouldn't wish diseases on people.

If it works I sure as hell will. If it won't, does it matter?

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you got that retroactively by him wishing it on you.

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Crow-level intellect is the lowest I think is still reasonable. You might even be able to get consent from a crow if you could communicate with it, but that wouldn't really work because it's still a crow.

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It's because muh fetish son.

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Shameless self bump

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Dragons are what we should aspire to be, then.

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the vast majority of dragons don't do that. its canonically as rare as a human into bestiality.

However, unlike a human into bestiality, the dragon actually knocks it all up

Also, dragons can naturally shape shift and tend to grow up in significantly more isolation, so, less people to judge him

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Source please...

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I wrote they can shape shift. But with the large amount of half dragons in settings its hard to say that what you say is true...

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>Bringing up older wrong shit doesn't make you right. There isn't an exception to this. It's just how shit is done now. If you find what looks like an exception, it's not an exception, it's just shit taxonomists haven't gotten around to reclassifying yet.
/pol/ was right again

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liger made me research stuff and found this


real life is more watefuckery than d&d

Get a male lion and a female tiger and mage
A female is born that is Ligress

Now get this Ligress and mate with a lion

A new being is formed, this new version baby of it, is female and so called Liligress

Get this new female mess and mate with a lion , a Li-liliger (if male) or a Li-liligress (if female)

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I think it's Monster Musume. That's the tragedy fish girl or something, referring to best lamia.

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Yes, I know /a/ was one of the first boards, but why can't we discuss sexy dragons without bringing up monstergirl harem manga? Not even any proper dragons.

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>I wrote they can shape shift. But with the large amount of half dragons in settings its hard to say that what you say is true...
Do you know what the word canonically means? It means that this is not an argument I am making, I was literally quoting from official dnd sources (i am assuming that is what you are referring to since most other settings don't have half dragons that way)

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>Sexy dragons
>But not animu
all sexy dragons are animu. westerners just slay dragons, asians lay dragons.
nowadays you can find some western artists who do dragonporn, but they are mostly animu influenced and primarily their work ends up on hentai foundry and the like which are animu sites

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Dragons are greed and power incarnate, and they lust to posess power. The species of that power is less important.

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We have never been maligned for being sexually obsessed.
We are maligned because every aspect of our culture reflects our history.
Violence made us a nation, violence expanded it, and violence kept it together. We found that we were pretty good at it, so we fought both World Wars because it was another war to fight. We fought in the frozen hell of Korea and the sweltering heat of Vietnam. We fought in the desert time and again because it is simply another war to fight.
The reasons for our violence are lost to us, for the violence became the reason to live.
We infest every corner of the globe with our secret squirrels, our spies, our informant networks, searching for the next war to fight.
And when there is no one else to fight, we fight amongst ourselves, killing over color, over class, over religion. It doesn't matter, so long as we can keep fighting.

America is the Ork.
>or maybe the chosen of Khorne

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In my experience, western artists are a lot more likely to do dragonporn.
Sure, often their style is anime inspired, but that's true of the entire internet.
There are some cool anime dragons though.

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No, for the most part Asians draw ladies in sexy dragon Halloween outfits, those aren't dragons

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>OPs pic shows a dragon fucking a woman
>anons talk about monster girls instead
Why can't 100% of the worlds population share the same fetish? And with this I mean my fetish

>> No.41097978

And said fetish is?
Though I agree that saying monsterfucking then having the "monsters" just be monstergirls is pretty pleb tier

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At some point most of the Tiger genes will have been breed out and at most you will have a Lion with an unusual pattern in their fur or something similarly minor.

In many east Asian mythologies dragons are shapeshifters and the standard way to illustrate that is to anthropomorphize the Dragon to the point where only things like horns, nails/claws, tails and wings.

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If it quacks like a duck, swims like a duck and looks like a duck, then its probably a duck.
If it sounds like a generic anime grill, walks like a generic anime grill and looke like a generic anime grill with a tiny pair of wings, its probably not a dragon

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>And said fetish is?
Would you still call it beastiality if the 'beast' is a fantasy creature?

>> No.41098161

>anthropomorphize the Dragon to the point where only things like horns, nails/claws, tails and wings.
Then that's a girl with horns, nails/claws, tails and wings, not a dragon

>> No.41098199

I like my dragons only slightly anthropomorphized, anime girl isn't a dragon
Dragons are dragons

Eh, sapient or not? That's the big question that determines if it's beastiality

>> No.41098275

What series is this from?

>> No.41098306

>sapient or not?
I guess not sapient most of the time.

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Then xenophilia, beastiality is nonsapient

>> No.41098345

>Yfw you will never share a romantic roast anime girl dinner with your dragoness waifu

>> No.41098346

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou
I enjoyed it, but if you go in only for the dragon you'll be disappointed. He's pretty fuckin boss, but just looking at a picture of him doesn't really give you an accurate idea of the anime

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The term "Monstergirl" actually cover a very wide spectrum of designs.

Consider the Minotaur. Minotaur monstergirl designs can vary between cow faced digitigrades with cloven hooves and girls with cow horns and big breasts.

Inui Takamaru's (Artist of Daily Life with Monster Girls and 12 Beast) use digitigrade cloven hoof girls with cow horns big breasts and tail for his minotaur monster girls.

You can turn that around. If its a scaly winged creature with claws, sharp teeth, a lizard like tail and can weaponize its breath then its a dragon. What are the defining features of a dragon?

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Underrated post.

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Okay, quick rulings on fetishes and how they work

Xeno: From another planet, plane of existence, dimension, etc. (Note that this is relative, you're something else's xeno. Also note, this is organism specific, a member of an alien species that happened to be born in North Dakota isn't a xeno if you're from Earth.)
Monster: Any mythological creature, any fantasy creature, any crypto, any sci-fi creature, does not include OC donut steel creatures with absent or nonfantastical/sci-fi origins in a particular setting
Monster Girl/Boy: Any monster which ALSO has gender specific anthropomorphic traits either through traditional description, anthropomorphism via setting, or even transformation
Crypto: Any completely natural but unproven creature
Bestiality: Any completely natural (animal...there's versions of this for other organism types but I can't into language) creature. 100% on the furry scale. Not technically furry.
Furry: 50%<x<100% on the furry scale. Must not fall into any other category.
Animal Girl/Boy: 0%<x<=50% on the furry scale. Not technically furry. Must not fall into any other category.
Girl/Boy: Duh.

The only rules on overlap are furry and animal girl/boy are defined negatively relative everything else. You can have a particularly human looking yeti from another planet and it would fall under Xeno, Monster, Monster Girl/Boy, Crypto, AND Bestiality.

Also, that something can use magic doesn't make it fantastical and vice versa. This shit is setting specific. If you have a sapient species of magical cats, then okay, they're monsters, but if all cats and animals in general in this setting can just happen to use magic, then it's just a fucking cat unless you're explicitly drawing from particular mythologies to establish your world.

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I have some problem with this simply because this doesn't really specify to what someone masturbates.

For example beastiality: There is a difference if you get aroused by the animal, either animal fucking animal or the animal getting fucked (which means the animal as focus), and, on the other hand, a woman getting fucked by an animal, in which case it is the woman and her act. Take in consideration that I'm talking from a cis male standpoint. I just don't want to be thrown together with the furries

>> No.41099556

OK no that's a lot more complicated than anyone would use, my experience on 4Chan and other fetish related sites has taught me that the general consensus is
>Xenophilia - sapient nonhuman
>Beastiality - non-sapient nonhuman
>Anthro - anthropomorphized being, usually an animal not always
>Furry - subculture fixated on anthros, usually obnoxious not always
>Monstergirl/boy - girl/boy with a small amount of monster/animal traits

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Teratophilia is the scientific term for sexual attraction to the deformed/monsterous.

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+/- 5 points sounds fair to me, or perhaps some kind of increasing range as an entity ranks up. Kind of like that equation for acceptable, non-creepy dating ranges.

>> No.41100062


Iguanas will mate with a microwaved beanbag, so.

>> No.41100885

>best anything
how can you have such shit taste? Papi is clearly the cutest most adorable all around best waifu

>> No.41102400

Papi is very cute
I just can't see her as anything more than a daughteru, or maybe a pet of some kind.
Miia is perfect girlfriend material, to slowly grow with the relationship into perfect wife material

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If you lived to be thousands of years old and were basically way smarter than everything and practically unkillable. You'd start sticking your dick in things just to see what happens.

>> No.41102714

Teens are biologically not mature enough to consent to sex. Structurally speaking, we shouldn't expect it to be a good thing for people to get up to until 22 or so.

>> No.41102785


A monstergirl anime?

Well, now it's ruined. Guess i'll have to stick with my non-mainstream fetishes like incest and teen loli.

>> No.41102872

I'm going to go out and guess that you're basing this entirely off personal opinion rather than medical or mental fact.

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>Semi-giantess naked dragongirl relaxing as she's laying on her back with the gaps between her scales glowing red hot as a bound anime girl is stretched out on her stomach slowly being grilled alive

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Age of consent laws are designed to protect children who can't protect themselves. Little idiots or children with idiot parents. We need the little idiots to grow up relatively unmolested so that they can be relatively functional citizens. Even if a kid who's 15 thinks they're alright having sex with an adult, they're probably wrong because sex is weird and fucked up sometimes, even when it's consensual vanilla sex. It affects you.

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...I have never expected a random comment of mine to get such a perfect pic in response
Did you draw it?

>> No.41104286

Just a very quick shitsketch I thought would be funny.

>> No.41104293

I love it, thanks

>> No.41104633


Papi's scene with the chicks established her as a god-tier character in my books, however she's still nothing more than the perfect little sister.

>> No.41106922

Why does the dragon have 4 (I assume 4) eyes?

>> No.41109564

Hey, I know that art style, you sly dog.

>> No.41109582


What, your dragons don't?

>> No.41109725

It's true, oh god. The moron took a picture of his twisted dick before deciding a hospital might be a smart place to be right now.

>> No.41109767

But what if, hear me out on this, their semen shapeshifts into the appropriate form, because of magic!

>> No.41109792

That means a female dragon would not be able to get pregnant if raped, because their ovaries are able to shut down.

>> No.41112166

Because they can, OP. They fuck because they can and have crazy fetishes.

>> No.41112378

Don't become EMTs, ER staff, or anything else similar if you guys have problems understanding the stupidity of mankind. So so many stories my dad has come home regarding how stupid people can be. Either trying to piece together scrotums or dicks that got shoved in the stupidest of places (my personal favorite were the people trying to clean their balls in a ball cleaning device at golfing courses), objects that have to be surgically removed from the rectum or vaginal canal, and even the rare instance of someone rupturing their urethra from shoving something up there and it breaking off while inside.

>> No.41112415

this actually makes for perfect explanation why humans can screw anything. Especially bards who in dnd wield arcane magic, and arcane magic is fluffed as being bloodline based thus qualifying them for the role of Dragon Disciple.

>> No.41112457

Man, I love retro fantasy art and their obsession with human physique and muscles.

>This was done by a woman (Rowena Morill)
>Chick still sex'd up
>Chegmate Feminists.

>> No.41112488

>>This was done by a woman (Rowena Morill)
I'm not surprised. And slightly aroused.

>> No.41112509

Rowena Morill's fat momcore now. She used to be Purdy though.

>> No.41112566

This also doesn't surprise me, women don't age well.

>> No.41113361

>>This was done by a woman (Rowena Morill)
>>Chick still sex'd up
>>Chegmate Feminists.
Did you know the writer for rance is a woman? His personal slave, sil, whom he abuses, is actually her author insert. He abuses her in game because he knows she likes it despite her protests.

>> No.41113414

>implying Kanami isn't the insert

>> No.41113429

Please stop. Women are pure creatures that blush even when they only think about holding hands.

>> No.41113452

>westerners just slay dragons

Counterpoint: D&D

>> No.41113466

Having played D&D, that's a very shitty counterpoint.

>> No.41113467


>killing over color, over class, over religion

White America about has the same murder rate as Belgium.

Stuff your nonsense elsewhere.

>> No.41113477

By America, you mean the private organization called the FCC right? Because its a private organization.

We have pretty permissive porn laws.

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>> No.41113501

>that's a very shitty counterpoint.

See: Half dragons in 2e.
See: Half dragons in 3e, which were expanded from "half higher metallic dragon, half demihuman" to "half dragon, half anything with a corporeal form, with common sense limitations only existing if the DM houserules it in" (or if the DM goes by the Savage Species rules, I guess).

>> No.41113515

Yes, but raping a dragoness presents other problems.
Like an angry dragoness hell-bent on your destruction.

Having played a Bard, your own point is rather weak.

Anyone speak moon?

>> No.41113529

And there are half orcs and half ogres, but from the eyes of the player they're still for slaying, not for laying.

>> No.41113565

Yeah, because the intent was obviously that metallic dragons are there for killing. Don't forget the nonevil song/weredragons, which are fertile with humans and are always female and always turn into beautiful maidens. Totes there for killing.

>> No.41113580

Kabe-don is something from shoujo manga where the main hero (a dark, troubled bad boy) corners the heroine against a wall and threateningly puts his hand on the wall next to her.

Kanami's been reading so wants Rance to do that to her.
Rance is just going to make it sex instead

>> No.41113665

Not every party is a pack of goody two shoes, you know.

More seriously, I will never understand why Metallic dragons are a thing. Good aligned dragons have no precedence in Western mythos, and if you absolutely need good aligned dragons, Chinese dragons are a vastly superior option on account that they don't hoard treasure.

>> No.41113727

perhaps it is to show ownership or to take away someone that is dear to other people.

>> No.41113842

Not so. Dogs are still classified as Canis Lupus.

>> No.41114266

>people trying to clean their balls in a ball cleaning device at golfing courses

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