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Here is a list I've been working on, seems risky but fun: http://pastebin.com/cdJbnQWZ

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hey guys, need some help, just started an IG army and my groups doing an escalation league pretty soon, right now i have 2 leman russ MBT, one pask punisher, and a leman russ w/ plama cannon, 1 taurox prime w/ missiles, a squad of scions, 2 shock trooper squads each w/ 2 flamers, and 2 chimera w/ multilas. I know im going up against Eldar for the first 500 pt. match, help me make a list to fuck 'em up good, rules for now are now models over 200 pts, help me out guys

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*NO models over 200 points* my mistake

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Psyhammer DP List

Vanillas, CAD, 1850 points. Not sure which CT is best here.
Librarian with Auspex, 70

Librarius Conclave (Telepathy powers exclusively)

3x Librarians with ML2, Auspex, 95 each
First Company

3x 5 Drop Pod Sternguards with 5 special weapons (worth 55 points), 200 each
3x Drop Pod Tacticals with Meltagun and C-Melta, 125 each
2x LS with 2 MMs, 70 each
2x 1 Tri-Las Pred, 140 each
1x TFC
Sternguards and the Conclave come down together in Turn 1 or 2+ (perhaps turn 2+ if the Tacticals need to open transports first). 1st Co gives -2 LD. Against an invisible deathstar unit you have hopefully declared Preferred Enemy. Then you Terrify, Psychic Shriek, Dominate, etc the hell out of anyone nearby who is not in a transport. Sternguards take on further vehicles and mop up the rest. Backfield lends additional fire support.

Thoughts? Too gimmicky? Any way to further improve it?

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Okay, so would Kill Team be applicable for this list thread? I've got a list I want to vet. Here goes.

>Leader (26)
Skitarii Ranger Alpha (21)
-Refractor Field (5)

>Core (99)
Skirarii Ranger x4 (44)
Skitarii Ranger x5 (55)

>Specialists (125)
Sicarian Infiltrator x2 (70)
Ironstrider Ballistari (55)

>Total (250)

Thinking about an Infiltrator Princeps, or dropping some stuff to give that Balistarii the Lascannon. Not sure how to proceed on this one.

Image is the HoR rules for it.

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ples help am retard

I'm trying my hand at a 30k list. I've pointed up a list with most of the models I have from my chaos army and added some units I'm planning on buying.

This is using the Rite of War: Terror Assault, so Terror Squads become Troop.

1850 points


5 man Legion Terminator Squad with 5x Combi-plasma and Teleportation Transponders

1 man Apothecarion Detachment

Dreadnought with TL Autocannon

Dreadnought with TL Autocannon

8 man Terror Squad with 8x Volkite chargers, Nostroman Chainglaive, Meltabombs and Artificer Armor
in an Anvillus Pattern Dreadclaw

10 man Terror Squad with 10x Volkite chargers, Nostroman Chainglaive, Meltabombs and Artificer Armor
in an Anvillus Pattern Dreadclaw

10 man Legion Tactical Support Squad with 5x Plasma guns, Nostroman Chainglaive
in a Rhino with Dozer Blade

Legion Fire Raptor Gunship with Reaper Autocannon Battery

With no concept of how battle in waged in the 30th millenia, I plan on putting Sevatar and the Apothacary with the 8 man Terror Squad to fly around spooking people with fear, preferred enemy, and precognition.

The second Terror Squad and Fire Raptor will show up after turn 1, hopefully, and spook lesser squads.

The Support Squad will go termie hunting.

I've got a Terminator squad to show up later and crash someone's party or grab late objectives. They can also use Sevatar's Fetish of the Atramentar if need be for no scatter when deepstriking.

Then I have two Dreadnoughts to sit in cover and pop vehicles with. I wanted to take a Sicaran but found out The Rite of War: Spooky Assault doesn't let me bring more than 1 Heavy Support Slot. I'm doubting its effectiveness but it seems like just the sort of gimmick I like.

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Terror assault requires 3 compulsory troops - the support squad doesn't count, so you need one more. Also, the support squad can't have only 5 plasma - everyone in the squad has to upgrade.

5 combi-plasma on the terminators is expensive and makes them crap after you blow your load. Invest in at least one plasma blaster and/or chainfist to help you stay relevant and break tanks, which you'll have a lot of trouble with.

Are those normal dreads or mortis dreads? If they're not doing anything, make them mortis - you can't rely on your fire raptor to always be in good position to take out enemy aircraft, and this will give them more shots and optional skyfire. Also consider lascannons instead of autocannons; as I said before, you're severely lacking in heavy firepower and at 1850, you should expect a Spartan.

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Dudes, how is smartest to run Tac Marines with the new edition?

Not had a chance to pick up the newest codex, but I'd like to know before I glue anything together, or have to re-do the special weapons etc

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I tried to make a list for you but it just won't work. Your only troops (vets) cost 140 base, no upgrades and your only HQ upwards of 350. To play at 500 you need either a CCS or something different. Maybe if they agreed to take just Pask as your HQ, without the obligatory 2nd tank since this is a low level battle? Or use tempestus as carapace CCS?

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Equip them all with Razorbacks.

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You don't. That's how you use tac marines.

In all seriousness though, 10 marines combat squadded, sarge with combi and 4 guys+special same as combi go into drop pod and try to kill something, other half with a heavy weapon sit on objective. What will you face? Because that matters for weapon choice.

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This. Run scouts as troops if you're playing CA detachments, otherwise go MSU and razorbacks. Single heavy/special weapon for fun if you like.

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Take Scouts, they are WS/BS 4 now.

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Usually people just run 1 special weapon and a bolter or matching combi-special on the sergeant. That's generally the best way to do it. If you plan on combat squadding regularly and leaving the other half immobile, a PC or LC on the squad isn't bad either.

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I want to include a weirdboy in my army just for shits and giggles and was wondering what should I put him with? Would a group of boys do or is he better placed with something a bit tougher?

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Ravenwing Strike Force 1850


Sammael 200

Interrogator Chaplain on Bike w/ Mace of Redemption 160

Librarian on Bike Psy Mastery 2 110

Ravenwing Command Squad x 6, Apothecary, Champion, Grenade Launcher, Dark Angels Chapter Banner 300

Ravenwing Attack Squad with Multi Melta 55

Ravenwing Bike Squad x 3, 2 Melta, Combi- Melta Bombs on Sarge 110

Ravenwing Bike Squad x 3, 2 Plasma, Combi on Sarge 115

Ravenwing Bike Squad x 6, 2 Flamers, Vet Sarge with Power Fist 195

Ravenwing Darkshroud with Assault Cannon 95

Ravenwing Silence Squadron

Dark Talon 160
Nephilim with TLLC 175
Nephilim with TLLC 175


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You can't fit a pask punisher in under 210pts.

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A mean 500 point list for IG looks like this:

Company Command Squad 60

Veterans 60
Veterans 60

LRBT with lascannon 160
LRBT with lascannon 160

Basically, you park your tanks with their asses facing the corner and then put your 25 dudes in front and to the sides. If someone tries shooting through them your tank gets cover.

S8 Ap3 Blasts will ruin some days. S9 Lascannons help if someone brings a land raider etc.

Finally, Put your guardsmen into some cover and the Lasguns will produce a withering amount of firepower. When you escalate up, it's easy to give them some better weapons and a pair of Chimeras if you want to go for a mechanized force.

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Alpha Legion time! An attempt at a list without Alpharius.

2500 pts.


Armillus Dynat (200)

Exodus (115)

Centurion (205)
-Librarian, ML2
-Refractor Field
-Warp Shunt Field


20x Tactical Marines (260)
-Artificer on sarge

10x Tactical Marines (195)
-Artificer on sarge


2 Apothecaries (110)
-2x Artificer

10x Veteran Tactical Marines (275)
-Sniper tactic
-2 Heavy Flamers
-Artificer and combi-flamer on sarge

10x Destroyers (430)
-Jump Packs
-2x missile launchers
-artificer, lightning claw, power dagger on sarge

++++Fast Attack++++

Javelin Attack Speeder (95)
-Twin-linked lascannon

6x Jetbikes (290)
-2x Volkite Culverin

++++Heavy Support++++

Fire Raptor (210)
-Reaper Autocannons

Whirlwind Scorpius (115)


10 man tac squad and rhino sit on backfield objectives, not necessarily together. Whirlwind gets out of LoS and bombards everything. Exodus infiltrates somewhere out of sight; Dynat, one apothecary, and the 20 man squad infiltrate if there's a place for them, otherwise they outflank. Destroyers, jetbikes (including libby), and javelin outflank; Vet squad and apothecary DS with Dynat's special rule. Fire Raptor strafes where needed and provides AA support.

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Reposting updated Acolyte Drop List (999/1000p)

Flesh Tearers Strike Force


Libby (75p)
>ML 1; Power armour; Melta bombs; Force weapon; Bolt pistol;


Scout Squad (65p)
>Scout Sergeant; Boltgun; Camo cloak;
>4xScout; Boltgun; Camo cloak;

Fast attack
>6 drop pods

Double Inquisition Detachment

HQ (same guy times 2)

Malleus Inquisitor (74p)
>Psyk-out grenades; Terminator armour; Storm bolter; Nemesis Daemon hammer; Servo-skull (x3);

Elites (same squad times 6)

Inquisitorial Henchmen Warband (84p)
>3x Acolyte; Caparace; Plasma gun;
>4x Acolyte; Bolter;

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Ordo Xenos Inquisitor w/ Conversion beamer, power armour, 2x servo skulls 84 pts

3x Jokereo weaponsmith 105 pts
Crusader 15 pts

3x Arco-flaggellant 45 pts
3x Crusader 45 pts
Minestorum priest w/ Eviserator 55 pts

Offico assassinorium
Vindicare assassin 150 pts

499 pts

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How do you get 6 fast attack choices?

Also, what's your plan if you face a land raider or a russ positioned well enough that you can't just drop behind it?

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6 FA slots come from a Flesh Tearers formation, as noted. I can do nothing against AV14, but I don't worry as no AV14 vehicle is really powerful against a MSU list like mine. Besides, you don't see much big tanks at 1000 points. Finally, plasmas can be switched to meltas at will in 1 or 2 squads. Thanks for feedback.

I strongly recommend changing arcos to DCAs. They are very choppy and can take various power weapons.

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