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Let's start a civ quest!
The rules are simple:
> 3 votes for race and location
> Vote on actions roll a 1d20 (18+ is automatic selection)
>Vote on ideas i.e. "other" actions by using a 1d100 (90+ is automatic selection)

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Rolled 3 (1d20)

ruined berlin 1945

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That's a unique location. Nazi war experiment?

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1 for Homunculi in Berlin
1 for machines in the desert

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>1 for Homunculi in Berlin

I'll change mine to that, because it's insanely interesting.....

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2 for homunculi in Berlin.

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Supporting this.

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Coming up.

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Barred away within a bunker in Sachsenhausen, lies abominations born from a tube. The head scientist was an older, scarred fellow whom could be found periodically spilling his thoughts to his growing "Children".

"Opfh, my children tomorrow we ship to "the capital where you will be awoken. The Ivans will be coming soon."

The scientist and his aids prep the tanks and load them into large Ammunition crates. The 10 tanks are loaded into 4 different trucks, where they leave under the cover of darkness to the German capital.

They arrive before dawn and make their way to a secluded bunker near the Reichstag. The scientist and his aides work until noon setting up the lab and checking the vitals of the "Children."

The scientist leaves the lab once his work is done to surface into a rather large, sturdy home. He has visitors. Nine men await at the foyer of the home.

"Where are they?" One of the figures asks

"Who are you? What are you talking about?" The scientist replies.

The man draws his pistol and points it at the scientist.
"I'll not ask again"

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Not that it matters but I'll 4rth

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The scientist turns and makes his way to the lab. He runs as quickly as he can and slams the door to the lab shut, locking it from his side.

"Call for back-" the scientist is cutoff by the sound of three gunshots.

The aides rush to the lab entrance to see the scientist has been hit twice.

"Save them." The delusional man says as the intruders begin kicking in the door.

The aides rush to call for backup and draw their weapons, oblivious to their surroundings. The long journey to the capital had awoken the tubemen.

The intruders break through the door and a firefight explodes into the laboratory. The aides manage to kill three of the intruders, but the other 6 overpower them.

"And here they are" the leader of the intruders approaches one of the Homunculi. He looks down at the tank to see X-1.

"X-1, psh creative." the other intruders begin pouring gas into the lab. They finish and light a match, setting the laboratory ablaze. X-1, now fully conscious, decides how to react to this. Some of the other homuculi's tanks are damaged and they will die in the flames if they arn't helped, but X-1 risks the safety of his tank if it helps:
>A: Break out of the tank and try to save the others
>B: Protect itself

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save at least one, reproduction
may not be asexual.

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>>A: Break out of the tank and try to save the others

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How intelligent is x-1, does he realize that making others of his kind would be difficult or see them as family?

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He sees them as kin, but the "Making more of me" thought hasn't occurred.

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Alright, save our kin and kill the bad men!

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I think the bad men left.

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X-1 floats suspended in his tank as the lab burns around him. He twists and pulls the chords and tubes from his body and begins to punch and claw at his glass home. X-1 manages to shatter the tank realeasing the fluid that held him in suspension. The fluid does not seem to smother the flames when it comes into contact with them.

X-1 scrambles to release the others. None were shot in the firefight, but a few were chipped and damaged. As X-1 releases its brethren the flames grow ever larger and the smoke saturates the room. It is becoming more difficult to see.

X-1 can barely see as it saves the final homunculi. The group runs upstairs and are greeted by even more flames. They flee the building, but as they reach the street. Gestapo have already arrived.

"YOU THERE! STOP!" the officers aim their sub-machine guns.

>A: Flee
>B: Surrender
>C: Other

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Maybe, but I pictured it as them standing outside watching to ensure it burnt down and we died

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>>B: Surrender

That's not an option....these fuckers just tried to gas and burn us.

>A: Flee

That's not an option, I don't relish getting shot in the back.

I vote for C.

Fake surrender, then attack.

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Rolled 14 (1d20)

C: feign surrender then kick their ass

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Best choice, really.

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I also elect that we refer to the scientist that created us as Father"

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Don't you mean, fürher?

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This, let's bust some heads!

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>Don't you mean, fürher?

I was waiting on that.....anne frankly, I'm shocked it took that long.

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this, let's see these guys combat potential

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Not even 30 posts in, and my comfy civilisation quest already turns mein kampfy.

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The homunculi stand motionless. Slowly X-1 places his hands behind his head and gets on his knees. The others do the same.

The gestapo slowly approach the alien looking figures. They begin to arrest the Homuculi, but as one of the officers grabs a larger Homunculus' forearm the giant retorts with a jab of his elbow into the officers face. X-1 raises his left leg and bolts at the closest officer, disarming him and obtaining his sub-machine gun. He fires into the unarmed officer as another of the Gestapo does the same to two of the Homunculi. X-1 returns fire and kills the officer. The homunculi grab their fallen and the officers' weapons as more soldiers arrive. The group moves fast through a few alley ways, but reaches a dead end. They can either go back and search for another way above ground or run into the street to enter the nearest sewer manhole.

>A: look above ground
>B: Enter the sewers

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>inb4 I did nazi that coming, did jew?

In all seriousness, let's call the scientist 'vater'.

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I'm curious how we'll do at hand-to-hand. I know melee isn't our 'thing, but we're not helpless are we?

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>>A: look above ground
>>B: Enter the sewers

Ugh...neither is a great option. Sewers suck. But above ground=more troops soon.

Picking the lesser of two evils here......TO THE SEWERS!!!!

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Option A seems best

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Or we can go semi-retarded levels of creative and try to get up to the rooftops.

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I guess I'll second, let's hope were immune to humans diseases

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And let's not lose those fallen homonculi, they could be useful for research. If man can create life, so can we.

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need a lab for that m8, not sewers

>> No.41053685

>need a lab for that m8, not sewers

May have to put the lab on the back burner till we're safe from arriving troops.

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in all honesty they could just strip the nazis and pretend they did it.

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did the thread die?

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With almost no time, X-1 decides to lead the group into the sewers. They dash for the manhole and quickly make their way down into the depths. As X-1 begins to descend. A flurry of bullets flies at him. Panicking, he grabs the manhole and closes it behind him. One armed Homunculus leads the group up front, while X-1 and the other armed Homunculus keeps watch from the rear. They make trek about two hundred meters before they hear the manhole opening behind them.

"Blow them out!" can be heard as something drops from the surface.

A large explosion floods the sewers with noise, light, debris, and smoke. The group continues to run away, but they turn a corner to see a small detachment of soldiers descending into the sewers. X-1 and the other armed tubemen open fire on the soldiers, striking with inhuman accuracy and precision.

Caught by surprise, the soldiers can do little to retaliate. The homunculi take their weapons and ammo, snagging a few grenades along the way. They have only a short time to escape and the two injured Homunculi are losing a lot of blood. They flee through the maze of the sewers until they find a very secluded room in a destroyed section of the sewers. After a few hours they can hear celebrations going on in the streets above. They've yet to hear a patrol in the sewers though. X-1 swears that he can hear
"Happy New Year!"

>A: Return to lab
>B: Explore (where?)
>C: Other

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>in all honesty they could just strip the nazis and pretend they did it.
>The homunculi grab their fallen and the officers' weapons as more soldiers arrive.

I understood it to mean that more soldiers are here watching us. Which wouldn't leave a lot of time for stripping nazi's.

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A, they need to salvage equipment to understand themselves better.

>> No.41053885

Try to patch up the wounded

>> No.41053887

>>A: Return to lab

Let's try to stabilize the two wounded, as best we can with no medical supplies and being in a sewer.

X-1 shall lead the group slowly, and make their way back to the lab, to see if it can be secured, or if supplies can be found.

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Send a party to the lab, others should stay in the sewers and tend to their wounded.

Could you list our population and inventory OP? And are you considering a map or not?

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Yes, It would be nice to learn our numbers.
Also I keep wondering if we looted any wearable uniforms.

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INVENTORY: 3 MP-40 Sub-machine guns with 10 magazines, three grenades

We have no uniforms, so any surface expeditions would be best done at night.

X-1 and one other head to the lab the following night. They make their way through the tunnels of filth to find themselves on the surface. Covered in shit and not clothed, the two armed homunculi must sneak through the dark covered streets to avoid drawing attention. They go from alley to alley until they reach the charred building where the lab resides. X-1 spots a patrol of two soldiers around the house, but it looks like there is movement in the burned building as well.

>A: Go in guns blazing
>B: Super sneaky stealthy approach

>> No.41054178

>>B: Super sneaky stealthy approach

Stealth FTW!

>> No.41054199

B, definetly

>> No.41054203

We don't have nearly enough supplies for guns blazing.
Grab a rock/stick/something else to throw as a quick distraction, kill the outer patrol, then recede into the shadows after a quick search.

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**quick search of the nazis I mean, then hide near the house and wait for the others to come out

>> No.41054232

Distract their attention with one homunculus (look meak and sickly, ask for their help quietly), then get rid of them collectively.

>> No.41054297

Thanks! Inventory and such usually are copypasted in at the end of each post. I don't want to tell you how to run your civ, but it would be helpful.

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Softly, softly, catchy Nazi.

>> No.41054636

I may be a patrol of just two soldiers but what's to say that there aren't anyone nearby who could hear the gunfire. Try to see if we can take them out and acquire their weaponry.

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This is why most civ's suck...they start getting interesting, and then the OP bails, without saying a word.

There's a special place in hell for OP's that bail on civ threads.

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One reserved for child molesters and people who talk at the theatre?

>> No.41055749

We must have patience if /tg/ quest are ever going to work.

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Nevermind, I take that back. OP = kill.

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Anyone want to take over, or start a new game?

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>tfw can't write

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Eh, you can try, just follow basic guidelines, and allow the players to make the content.

In addition to race/location have them briefly describe the origin of why their people are doing whatever they are doing. Then give them some simply hero options, you can even have the players submit their own heroes for people to vote on, then come up with some basic enemies/challenges/opportunities for your civ. After that you kind of just let it play out.

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>One reserved for child molesters and people who talk at the theatre?

Yes, that one.

>> No.41056870

>Anyone want to take over, or start a new game?

Fixing to kick off Episode 4 of the undead civ in a bit.

>> No.41059277

Looking forward to it!

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