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Anyone got halfing/hobbit art? I feel like these guys get even less love than gnomes now..

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Kinda borderline Gnome, but I think it qualifies.

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I really like the 5E halfling art. Too many halflings look like humans shrunk down to small size. These guys have weird proportions, but they should: dwarves have weird proportions, and so do elves. They're all humanoid, but not human; there should be differences to show that.

I like that they look like Pixar characters, because it serves as a throwback to their whimsical, fairy tale origins in The Hobbit. Halflings are inherently silly.

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All you need.

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Meh. I'm not a huge fan of the freakishly small feet and large heads.

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thats a gnome and two elves brah

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heh ok.

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>Anyone got halfing/hobbit art?

just google Incase :^)

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that's like a year out of date. there's always an up-to-date gallery on sad panda.

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I find it funny that we have someone wanting halfling pics and then people link to hardcore porn.

that is 4chan for yea.

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actually no, the little guy actually is a halfling...

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You've no idea what hardcore porn is. Save for size difference the whole Alfie thing is as vanilla as vanilla gets.

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>a throwback to their whimsical, fairy tale origins in The Hobbit
But that isn't right, discounting the animated adaptation where their proportions are exaggerated. Hobbits are literally just small humans.

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the hobbits are literally the english countryside people.

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For some people, Hardcore is penis in vagina, whilst softcore is just naked women, men, no sex.

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absolutely disgusting

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This would be case for 4chan's board naming conventions at least.

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Weird heads I can deal with. Tiny feet with tiny shoes have to fucking go.

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>Strange ovoid shape at the statue's hip is the same as the magic item that shoots in her face
Deepest lore

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It's also about a blowjob.

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It always makes me think of exploding cigars for some reason.

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In our RL culture, it's usually considered fine for guys to keep their body hair, but women are almost expected to trim their pits and pubic areas.
Do you think something similar would occur with halfling feet?
Do halfling girls shave their feet and legs to seem younger and more attractive?

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Might be the other way around, if halfling women get bald feet when the get older.

Also, with longer lived races you might not always see youth being the most fashionable.

Thinking about Dwarves in Shadowrun, which look a lot more like DnD Halflings than traditional DnD Dwarves but that still have beards, I can imagine that living in largely human society and being human child-size encourages a lot of more mature fashion (Shadowrun Dwarves still tend to have beards if male). Same could be true of Halflings that don't live in the Shire-equivalent.

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Women shaving body hair is a relatively recent fashion, anon. It's not universal.

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why don't hobbits like shoes? Do they have super tough feet or something?

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It's universal in all the places that matter worth a damn.

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Guess the French don't matter then.

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they never did

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the soles of their feet are basically like shoe leather,

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It gets better. The character is a halfling who always wanted to be a wizard, but never had any magical aptitude. So she keeps a ton of scrolls and wands on her to cast spells, and refuses to admit she is not a wizard.

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Traditionally, the line between software and hardcore is not what is happening, but what body parts are shown during those happenings.

Alfie goes back and forth from page to page. The current page about the ears is technically "soft", while the page before it is not.

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Yea the reason I said hardcore is because there is a character with hardcore bondage and a scene where the mother puts a dildo up a dudes ass.

So not really vanilla there

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what? how?

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Is there a way to really distinguish gnomes from Halflings? Aside from the fact that one has innate magical powers versus the other the fact that you have multiple small races that just look like small humans seems rather asinine to me

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Feet is the easiest indicator, pathfinder gnomes also tend to have off color skin, like pink or something.

Halflings also tend to be bustier if you go by females and may or may not have a small belly.

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I always figured halflings look like smaller people, while look like children

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Gnomes look like children, I meant

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Halflings are just tiny people with hairy feet. Gnomes are more magically inclined beings with relations to fae. Probably not a huge different in appearance honestly. Maybe think of gnomes are more closely related to elves and halfings are more like humans.

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Thanks for my next character

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>pathfinder gnomes also tend to have off color skin, like pink or something.

And hair. In fact if Gnomes in PF don't go out and have new experiences they start "bleaching" into pale psychopaths.

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In my games at least, I (physically) distinguish the short races like this:

Halflings are just really short, gnomes are like small humans (or elves, I suppose), and dwarves are short, but in sort of a squashed way, ie they're short and wide.

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I like this.

I don't care for feety halflings, the idea of living your life barefoot bothers me.

I hate these. I cannot play a halfling in 5e because of it.

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The thing she's gripping went off in her face, and it's the dick of the statue.

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Get out.

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