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Okay, I'm about to fire up GIMP and make a pdf. Last chance to yell at me about Kaleido Star.

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That's actually wrong. There's nothing wrong with putting choices in your jump that are better than choices in other jumps and it's not usually going to get you yelled at as long as it fits your setting. Making a jump for a soft sci-fi anime series and offering a perk with stronger telekinesis than another jump based on a low power hard sci-fi TV show? You're fine, you're not doing anything wrong.

Hell, I guarantee you that if you put a perk with a similar effect as metavore in your jump because a character in your jump's setting had it, you'd be fine after you explained it. What people yell at you for is putting in a perk JUST to screw over another setting, and not because it fits your jump.

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Just noticed. You made this thread before the other one died. That's a no-go. Don't do that.

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>Nightmare: Dune
>Drawbacks: Melange Allergy (200x2), Kanly (300x2)
>Total points: 1000
I was surprised when I rolled this, honestly, didn't expect to yet. And then I decided to try something entirely different from normal, once I'd rolled my identity... never occurred to me to take such an option before, but it should make things interesting.
I wonder, did anyone else ever take advantage of the option to replace a canon chracter?

>Age: 52
>Location: Caladan
>Identity: House Major
...oh fuck I just accidentally Atreides. Well, fuck it, let's do this thing. ...would have rather been a Harkonnen...
You know what? I think I'll just replace Gurney Halleck. And then get some upgrades on his life. After all, I can already fight with knives and swords better than anyone here could hope.
>Decadence (50, House Major)
Got to blend in as a warrior-poet, don't I?
>Sharp Dressed Man (50, House Major)
And I've got to look the part.
>Suk Doctor (150, House Major)
But we aren't going to quite stick to only the skills Gurney had. I'm pretty sure he wasn't a doctor, after all.
>Master of Assassins (150, House Major)
Also pretty sure he technically wasn't a Master of Assassins, but he certainly had the abilities of one.
>Robust Engineering (300)
>Holtzmann Science (300)
And this is where I just get greedy. Tech options. I want them.

So... basically the plan is quite simple. I'm going to go along with the plot for three years, though I will definitely be stepping up Paul's training. The heck with teaching him the traditional forms, I'll teach him the less crazy shit I've picked up, because he's gonna need it. Once it's time to go to Arrakis, I'll stay with the plot as far as I can, but I think I'm going to have to talk to the Duke first and get his opinion.

Yeah, I could unmask and save everyone. But if I do that... things don't happen as they should. And if they don't happen as they should, humanity is doomed in this universe. It's not something to take lightly.

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Last thread I had some questions about Steven Universe that Wakfu answered in the IRC, specifically that if you pick Corrupted you can be fixed/healed but as a 300CP drawback it'll be really, really hard for your companions to do. Just in case anyone else wanted to know the answer.

I do have some more questions though. If we pick Gemstone Lore the examples are rather low powered (fitting for a 100CP perk), but I just wanted to see if it covered things like Steven and Rose's healing, or their plant minions? I assume Lapis' hydrokinesis is completely beyond our range, and it doesn't look like there's any other option that would get us the large scale powers Lapis and Rose have thrown around.

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How do you deal with Toriko when it comes to power? I remember a Level 1 Capture Level means 10 people with shotguns would have trouble but then it gets exponentially vague. The Mounturtle Level 150 tanked an entire army of tanks and jets without a scratch. It goes up to 6090 but they get to continent destroying tier long before that. Does this make Toriko an almost end jump or do we simply never reach the level Toriko and other Devas are on?

Or is all of it just an exaggeration? When it comes to lightning 100Million Volt is in the upper limits of what is endurable by the crazy capture levels. I can't break continents or even something close to it but I can rain down 1Billion Volt lightning in a pinch since Railgun which suddenly makes me capable of taking on a lot of crazy tier Capture Levels. This all sounds very contradicting.

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I train my gourmet cells and eat good food.

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What amperage do you have? That matters, too.

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The scale of things in Toriko is so crazy that you may as well make up your own.
Amperage never comes up in Raildex as far as I know, I think mainly because Kamachi doesn't actually know anything about electricity. Though it also doesn't actually come up in Toriko either, they both just throw out Volt levels as though it actually means something without any other information.

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Well, that's dumb, then. Amperage usually has a much bigger role in killing you than voltage. Granted, you need high voltage to get past the electrical resistance of the body, so it matters too. But the point stands. You don't kill someone with electricity by blasting them apart, you kill them by frying them.

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>expecting Steven Universe to be consistent
When a still broken Lapis turned an entire ocean into an atmosphere piercing pillar and later flew through space with wings of water once she was restored, all reason was abandoned. Meanwhile Amethyst is good at changing shapes.

I'm interested in hearing how the jump deals with this incredibly insane power discrepancy really. It's praiseworthy this jump was even made to begin with though and the basics all look good. Too bad the show can mess up consistency in half an episode.

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Though there's actually a weird safe zone in between the muscle convulsions level and the internal burns level. If you have current over 200 miliamps but below 6 amps, you're actually relatively likely to live. The reason is that the convulsions clamp down on your heart, keeps you from going into fibrillation..

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So. What would be the better Servant Parameter at EX, High Speed Divine Words, or Item Construction?

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So, um, I missed like 17 threads. Quick recap of important stuff?

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Item Construction I would think, more long term potential and better work for permanent things.

>> No.41028505

Item Construction probably. Think the last time I asked Valeria, she said it'd probably let you make Noble Phantasms up to A rank. Dunno if you'd really get much more then a speed boost from HSDW.

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Railgun works mostly through lightning. You could in a way sloppily use the 1Billion Volt and calculate the energy transfer as you would with a lightning strike. The result is absolute certain death and note that Railgun can fire them continuously. Anime physics are ridiculous.

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Probably Item Creation. Imagine the shit they can make when their ability to make it isn't even measurable on the ranking scale.

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Flame wars, new jumps, and flame wars over new jumps. Also the guy who did most of Final Fantasy gave in to his inferiority complex and left.

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Honestly, for those jumpers that let people suffer, I don't know how they could get this close to them and live with themselves.

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I want to have a water battle with Lapis.

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Item Construction at A could make a potion of limited immortality. EX rank always blows A out of the water because it's literally a plot power whenever it appears. I can't imagine how ridiculous you'd get.

>> No.41028579

Potion of unlimited immortality? The ability to make really powerful Mystic Codes, or even Noble Phantasms?

>> No.41028585

What if it is combined with all of The Drop in Perks from Darksiders?

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So about same as always with yet another jump creator gone. Great...

Is there even hope for more coming in? A lot of /tg/ seems to have dissapeared, but most of Jumpchain's people are still around.

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You'd probably be able to make powerful codes or middle level Noble Phantasms. I can't imagine even an EX is going to let you make Ea or Avalon though.

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Then that would be ridiculous. And awesome. But mostly ridiculous.

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Don't forget we lost the girl who did all the other Final Fantasy jumps too.

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I don't think dirge_ would have left if SoAnon hadn't.

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Now with Doom.

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Yeah. I'm not so sure about that either. If I deviate, everything goes off the rails HORRIBLY. If I don't, then I watch horrible things happen. In fact I'll be part of those horrible things. But those things will play toward saving humanity. And playing the oh-I'll-be-back-after-I-get-my-spark card is a copout.

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That person who currently has GIMP open and is playing with fonts to make Kaleido Star Jump is a new jump creator, so there's at least some hope.

And, y'know, you could always make one yourself instead of whining that nobody is doing it.

Whenever you say "somebody should do something" you should consider very carefully the possibility that you are in fact somebody.

Anyways, last last chance to bitch about Kaleido Star. I'm doing a background at #111111 with text at #008066 and occasional use of #00ff66 or #0066ff.

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My plan for Dune is to unfuck humanity without relying on Leto, mainly because I don't like certain organizations and the influence they get, early on in our stay, but the even worse ones do so later on too and I can't have that.

Though in general I just have trouble staying aloof when I'm involved with people. I can ignore the plot entirely and go off somewhere else and be fine, but if I'm talking to and interacting with people effected by it? I can't keep myself from helping.

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>create your own section
Love that kind of thing.

>> No.41029013

So how do you fix the inevitable invasion by either the machines (if you buy into the sequels) or whatever else is beyond (if you don't)? That's the problem. Unless you can unfuck their technophobia, maybe.

I don't know. Maybe I'll pod Jessica. I don't think she'd be cool with the greater good, though. And I'm still not sure that I am. Like I said, I'm going to have to sit down with Duke Leto and have a very long talk with him. The full truth, lay it on the line.

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What was that setting with the monster best friend thing?

>> No.41029046

Ea is a weapon that predates the concept of weapons. It is the divine work of the highest god, Ea, whose name it bears. The strike of Ea restores the world to a time before the Genesis shattering all defenses, layers, magic, laws of reality and existence itself. You cannot defend yourself against Ea because against it you have never even existed.

Avalon is its only or best known counter. It is the realization of Saber's dream, her Utopia. It roots a person in his dream of a perfect world that conceptually transcends reality and existence.

So to stand against Ea is to stand against a reality that never contained you and to defy Avalon is to defy someone's unbreakable dream that never belonged to you.

>why did you post that rant?
>why are you misusing greentext?
I want to point out that a jumper should never under
any circumstance (be forced to) possess either of them. In fact when talking about the Type Moon jump it is preferable to ignore they even exist because you resist them without a Noble Phantam of equal power which forces you to waste a buttload of points on a ridiculous powertrip to not die against canon powertrippers.

>> No.41029060

Monsters and Other Childish Things is probably what you're thinking of. It's being made into a jump by...I want to say Megacorp?

>> No.41029063

I definitely don't buy the sequels. If it wasn't written by Frank it can rot in hell.

I'm not sure what talking to Leto about would help. He doesn't deserve to die, that's for sure, but Paul fleeing is a pretty big deal to make him what he was. For you and your plan, that probably needs to happen. And of course the problem with talking to Paul or Leto II is that their success is ultimately fueled by precog, that they can't really deviate from.

>> No.41029075

Any updates on it?

>> No.41029097

I'd like to ask for another 100 CP drawback, maybe stage fright?

>> No.41029099

You're mistaken, I'm talking about Duke Leto himself, Paul's father. Not Leto II. I don't want someone burdened by the memories of his ancestors to make the decision. I don't want an Abomination to make the decision, and make no mistake, Leto II is most definitely an Abomination. I don't trust myself to make the decision, either.

I want the decision to rest where it belongs: in the hands of someone who is no more and no less than a man.

>> No.41029102

But they do exist, and you have to deal with them if you roll that grail war. Barring any other plan, you need to kick their teeth in so you don't die.

>> No.41029123

I wasn't mistaken, I knew you were talking about Leto I. I was telling you that Paul fleeing into the desert after the Harkonen (I can never spell this stuff) attack was important to his character.

>> No.41029139

>Can't make Ea

>EA Games is the result of a failed attempt to create Ea

>> No.41029176

Design the first page which is only the introduction and would spoil nothing anyway and post that here. It's entirely optional but doing so allows us to point out font problems, clashing colours, size issues and other things that are easily and better solved before you've made an entire jump. Again, it's optional but naming the colours like that is not a very good idea. It might be more childish but even stuff like 'beige pink' or 'dark caramel' is easier to understand if I'm honest.

>> No.41029183

Well, their arrogance makes it seem like they're trying to fill Gilg's shoes, certainly.

>> No.41029214

Like I said, that's why I want to talk to Leto about this all, and lay everything out on the line for him, from start to finish. I don't know that there is any other way for Paul to achieve his full potential without contriving something which will very likely not work. While I've got perks that make me effectively precog-invisible, I don't think that they'd ever forgive me for faking Leto's death so the story can progress properly, either.

Shit. This really is the rock and hard place, isn't it?

>> No.41029394

Avalon is kept away from Saber most of the time so seeing it in action in its Noble Phantasm form is rare. Ea is not. Gilgamesh will use Ea in any situation he deems worthy and that automatically includes against anyone who could pose a threat unless he is 1 Hit KO which is almost impossible.

How do you survive against Ea? It's reality warping on the highest level that destroys existence with a single strike. Perks to counter low level reality warping are rare enough as it is.

>> No.41029454

> How do you survive against Ea?
Don't fight Gilgamesh.

Either that or don't DUEL Gilgamesh. You could maybe beat him if you performed extreme sniping maneuvers.

>> No.41029468

>Don't fight Gilgamesh
Good luck with that if you're in the grail war with him.

>> No.41029477

>Color 111111
Dark dark grey, almost black.
>Color 008066
Dark green with bluish overtones
>Color 00ff66
Hot mint
>Color 0066ff
Brilliant blue

Still undecided on font. Found the logo though.

Thinking of switching the font to that dark blue that says "Kaleido Star", with the pink from the main logo and the yellow from that star being used for boxes and accents, respectively.

>> No.41029486

Yeah. Gilgamesh will come after you eventually if you're in the same war. It's only a matter of time. And if you're strong, he'll probably come after you sooner.

>> No.41029508


Well, that's about when we start getting into the second option, i'n't. In the grail war, you don't have to duel. You just have to be the last one standing.

>> No.41029616

>How do you survive against Ea?
Deny Ea to him. Gods know there are lots of methods of doing so.

>> No.41029617

Well, with Gilgamesh there is no avoiding him. If he wants to fight you, he will come after you and nothing can stop him if you are the last two left standing. And with how powerful he is? He will be one of the last left standing.

>> No.41029683

Which is why other anon is saying you snipe him while he fights another participant.

>> No.41029844

This makes me wonder, if Ea is a perfect attack, how does it stack up against perfect blocks? Say I use a spell that completely prevents me from taking damage against a single attack. Or would it be better to set up a dimensional shift of your own, a la Avalon?

>> No.41029887

Anon, that guy is vastly, VASTLY, overstating Ea and Avalon. They're powerful, but not even close to that ridiculous. A simple shield NP was able to defend against a weakened Ea, so all you need is a very, very strong shield. All that stuff about ignoring all defences is a pile of bull.

>> No.41029904

So it was more wank from Gilgamesh fanboys? Man that guy really has a bunch of them here.

>> No.41029939

It doesn't ignore defenses, but it is insanely strong. It's a unique Anti-World class weapon for a reason. Likewise, Avalon moved Saber outside of Earth entirely, so she couldn't be hit because she didn't exist where the attack did. What he's saying is technically accurate, until the end. You can totally fight those, they're just really big guns.

>> No.41029946

Yes, this anon seems to be seriously wanking him. He's incredibly strong sure, but amazingly easy to kill if you take advantage of his arrogance. His END stat is just B, and he often walks around with no armour at all and considers all others beneath him. Sniping the fucker would've been hilariously easy for most Archer;s when he's walking around the city.

>> No.41029966

Sure, it's insane. But as you said, for the most part, it's just a big ass gun. One of TM's biggest sure, but it's only special effect is it's Anti World thing, which lets it tear apart Reality Marbles and the like.

Likewise, Avalon is just a simple dimension shift, no more impressive then the one that guy in Naruto uses.

>> No.41030009

Man, don't you know? Gilgamesh is perfect in every way and never loses. Even if you cheat. Even if he doesn't know he's in a competition. He wins everything forever and also fucks your mom.

>> No.41030029

Go home Gilgamesh.

>> No.41030036

In West Wing it says I must be actively in politics to not be sent home and that I'd have roughly a month grace period should I look for a new job. Can I just make myself the Illuminati/aliums/lizard people and control everything from behind a computer screen in my pocket dimension? That seems reasonable to me and I'd still kinda be doing the thing.

I just can't see myself being able to do most of anything else. With all the aura things, attractiveness boosts, and such I don't exactly come off as human anymore. And it's not like I couldn't do it.

>> No.41030040

And he manages to do it all while looking like a massive douche.

Like, the kind you'd see leading a boy band.

>> No.41030048

A+ Charisma.

And for that matter, A Luck. He's capable of defying anything fate throws his way - including, apparently, his fate to win as the greatest Hero.

>> No.41030062

Reptilian scum.

>> No.41030102

He does look like a massive faggot, huh? Not even the respectable kind.

>> No.41030182


>> No.41030188

>>41030062 >>41030182
Thank you for the conformation.

>> No.41030194

Personally, I was the ambassador to Germany. I spent most of my time wandering around DC drinking, insulting the booze, being very flippant about everything, and asking for stupid and petty favors like beer and movie tickets. I was completely useless. But Germany loved me.
It's not really hard to "do politics".

I mean, if you're manipulating things from behind the scenes, I think the easy thing to do would be to give yourself some cushy nothing job with an office, collect a paycheck every other week, and THEN sit in your pocket dimension manipulating things behind the scenes. Or sit in your office. Or on the beach. Y'know, whatever.

You don't have to do anything, you just have to not get fired. If you can do keikaku, you can totally do that.

>> No.41030254

Ea you could technically block with relative ease as a jumper but Ea is not the true form of his Noble Phantasm. Enuma Elish (: The Star of Creation that Split Heaven and Earth) is his Noble Phantasm at full power. You can still argue about its power at that point but 'collapsing reality in a localized black hole' is the minimum of what you could call it.

So even if you ignore the fanwank you're dealing with some extreme shit here.

>> No.41030315

I know. Archer used Rho Aias to block a weakened Enuma Elish and Saber survived a weakened Enuma Elish. If it did ignore all defenses, they'd both have died even to the weak versions. That they didn't shows that Enuma Elish is simply an obscene amount of damage, and that you'd simply need a comparatively stronger shield to block the real deal.. I believe Nasu said it dealt twenty times as much damage as an A++ NP did (EE does 4000 to a A++'s 200)

>> No.41030335

> "Who's this guy? 'John Doreme'?"
> "Oh that's just the executive ambassador in charge of white house snack cakes. He doesn't do anything."
> "Can we fire him?"
> "No."
> "Why not?"
> "Because The Lizard does not will it."
> "JESUS, don't say his name! He might be listening."
> "He's always listening, sir."
> "Even--?"
> "Even then."

>> No.41030351

What if I summon Utnapishtim as my Servant? Given that Noble Phantasms are based on aspects of their legend, I'd expect him to have a "remind Gilgamesh of his mortality and weakness" NP.

>> No.41030404


>> No.41030624

Since we're on the topic of Fate and I'm not extremely familiar with the series, what would EX rank Luck do for someone?

Also, anyone have the most recent servant supplement? The one in the drive seems outdated.

>> No.41030643

Luck in Fate seems to just refer to how high a chance they have of dodging causality warping bullshit, rather then actual luckiness as we usually think of it.

>> No.41030766

>most recent servant supplement?

Check out the Uploads folder, it just hasn't been sorted yet, and is full of most of the recent stuff.

>> No.41031163

>Archer used Rho Aias to block a WEAKENED Enuma Elish and Saber survived a WEAKENED Enuma Elish
The only actual Enuma Elish that has ever been survived was by Saber with her Avalon and this was considered to be impossible. Avalon is almost the exact opposite of Enuma Elish though and equally bullshit.

>I believe Nasu said it dealt twenty times as much damage as an A++ NP did (EE does 4000 to a A++'s 200)
The Maximum basic output is 4000 damage which is 20x the damage an A+++ NP would deal. However, that is even further increased by the amount of wealth and Noble Phantasms Gilgamesh has within his Vault.

>> No.41031330

Not that anon, you lost me at that last part.

How the fuck does having mad dosh make the primordial sword of Fuck Everything In The Beginning deal more damage?

>> No.41031418

Getting struck by a Truth enforcing artifact is one thing.

Getting struck by a Truth enforcing artifact while wrapped up in, say, Divinity binding chains is another.

>> No.41031551

Alright, color and font test. Thoughts?

>> No.41031652

That red color... In small amounts like this it's bearable, but should you use that "blue-ish on red" more further in the jump, things can get uncomfortable.

Or, maybe it's just me and my eyes/screen. Anyone?

Otherwise, nice job.

>> No.41031745

Yeah, the blue-on-red is a bit harsh on the eyes. If you had the very slight white halo effect from the blue-on-pink above it, it might work out a bit better, otherwise I'd say make one of the colors much lighter, or much darker.

>> No.41031966


>> No.41032033

Oh god my eyes/10

>> No.41032183

Yellow on pink doesn't really work. The blue on red isn't much better. Consider a greater light/dark contrast for back/foreground, please.

Also some of your margins are inconsistent.

>> No.41032227

Here's a suggestion of something slightly better

>> No.41032277

Makes me think of Easter.

>> No.41032305

Boxes are now readable, background colour is a little dim.

>> No.41032321

And the acrobats will be wearing bunny outfits for their first performance. :)

>> No.41032351

Now that's nice.

One question, though - why do lines of text get closer and closer to each other as the text goes on?

>> No.41032402


>> No.41032475

Cutting off his sword arm while he's drawing it seems to work.

>> No.41032610

I've been thinking more along the lines of sealing off his ability to use the sword, since I needed him unharmed for... Pod related activities, but yes - I assume disarming him would work for some time.

>> No.41032873

that anti-Q perk that lets you no-sell reality warpers + miss fortune from Sailor Moon, which allows you to auto-hit one attack per day, or auto-miss one attack against you per day.

>> No.41032928

But doesn't it only work against BEINGS, as opposed to items?

>> No.41032957

I'm not fond of the red. I think the yellow from >>41032227 is a little better, but there's probably a better choice.

Also, if it's not too late for suggestions, 600-800 CP item where you own the stage and it shows up in future jumps.

>> No.41032994

that I'm not sure of. I would think though, that if you hit the user, it would allow you to no-sell reality warping being done by them regardless of whether it's an innate power or power from an object

>> No.41033017

Was the graphical version of Gunnerkrigg Court finished or is the creator still planning on updating it?

>> No.41033050

...Debatable. I am still much more fond of solutions presented by, say, FF XIII-3, Carnivores, or NGNL. Those can shut reality warpers down HARD.

>> No.41033080

I believe the idea is that all NPs in his Vault give support to Ea. So that where Ea is the sword of the original Truth all his other NPs imbue it with the knowledge, concepts and ideas that came after it. They give Ea an additional dimension and allow it transcend from its original premise in order to better return all things to that original. I'll give you an example.

Imagine a program that can simplify all mathematical problems to their mathematical foundation/dogmas. If you input a folder with mathematical definitions, evolutions, examples, exercises and all things math related into it, what would happen? You have either cluttered the program and reduced its functionality OR you have given the program an increased understanding of what happens beyond the mathematical foundations and in turn the program can use this to do its job even better. The latter is obviously ridiculous and would require some form of artificial intelligence in this specific example. It does seem Ea (or Gilgamesh) manages to do so succesfully which improves its ability to return all things to the original Truth.

I did my best to explain it like that which is not an easy task because the nasuverse loves being vague and lulzrandom powerboosts. Did it help or should I try again? Did I make things even worse?

>> No.41033191

The one in the drive still has the error where King in Your Head is discounted to Child of the Court instead of Magic Student, so hopefully it'll be updated.

>> No.41033312

...That is absurd. At no point was such a thing even implied. Ea doesn't DO "better". It is not modified by anything. It just strikes, with nothing to stop it.

The only things said to be capable of resisting it are Avalon (being equally ridiculous) and weapons of an equal principle, like Slash Emperor (this one imbued with the truth/dream of Gaia's Blue Sky) and, quite possibly, Black Barrel, that weapon being an absence of Truth.

Regardless. The very notion that The Gate can empower Ea... What even led you to believe that?

>> No.41033404

Anti-reality warping generally works by either (1) anchoring reality itself so reality cannot be changed OR (2) quickly reverting the changes made by reality warping OR (3) nullifying the reality warping before it can take place.

If and only if Ea can be considered reality warping it does so not by changing established reality but by erasing it. Therefore I think (1) would not counter it because its reality itself that is being removed not changed; (2) would not counter it because there is no way for a jumper to survive being erased before he can trigger his restoration. Type (3) would be your best shot because you'd power down Ea before it can do any damage.

I don't know how the Q' perk works because I can't open the drive here but there is no perk that counters all forms of reality warping to my knowing. Which types they counter and which types they don't really depend on how the perk works exactly and what the 'reality warping' actually does.

>> No.41033454

Imagine Breaker Vs Ea. Something Strong enough to constrain something stronger than God Vs The Original Truth. What wins?

>> No.41033467

Dude's wanking his husbando pretty hard this thread.

>> No.41033482

Would you be able to jump into the warehouse if you have Forcewall and dodge the damage done by Enuma Elish?

>> No.41033523

... Now that I think of it, Ea manages to be even more phallic than most swords. Somehow.

>> No.41033633

>Fate/Complete Material III p24
The Star of Genesis which Separates the Heaven and Earth – Enuma Elish
Rank: EX
Type: Anti-World
Range: 1~99
Maximum Targets: 1000 Persons

The sword that cuts and divides the World, with output matching or even exceeds Artoria’s Excalibur. Its power will further increase given the support of Noble Phantasms within Gate of Babylon.[/]

I remembered it and the wikia seemed to mention it. This is the original source though or an original source because I believe it was explained better somewhere else.

>> No.41033685

It does have a strong length and a notable tip. Not to mention the size of that base.

>> No.41033742

And with how shiny it is, he must polish it regularly.

>> No.41033787

Heck, it's even cylindrical instead of flat like a normal sword.

Also, it's got a rotating option.

>> No.41033806

You can "disable the supernatural powers of a single reality-warping creature so long as you're in a direct contact with it".

Cue me saying that it's not really going to work on Ea. It's not a creature, after all. And the only reality warp Gil himself has is his EX luck.

I find that pitting two absolutes from different settings does not lead to anything productive.

Note - the Imagine Breaker CP can buy, however, is specifically much weaker than Touma's.

Are you that one anon that insists on calling me "dude" every time? Embarrassing.

And no, I am not "wanking" him. There is no empowerment in saying that Ea's power is fixed, and not modified by riches and artifacts. Would you like to claim otherwise?

And there are beings in Nasuverse much more powerful, anyway.

Well, Forcewall IS supplied by Jumpchan, and would presumably work on a meta level...

Interesting, I actually remember this one now. Still, there is no explanation provided as to how, exactly, that support affects Ea.

And it always baffled me how there were 1000 maximum targets.

>> No.41033889

No wonder he's got A+ Charisma!

>> No.41033901

Did you flunk elementary school? You can read, so you should have noticed that my post was referring to who you were responding to. I was say that dude (the one you were replying to) was wanking Gil. Now learn to read more carefully before you reply.

>> No.41034000

My sincere apologies. The only quote in your post being mine became a source of confusion.

>> No.41034019

Well, plan A is now foiled. Back to leaving a breadcrumb trail of minor noble phantasms leading to a building filled with A+++ Anti Fortress Phantasms remote detonated with Ether Lite wires.

>> No.41034033

The obvious way to fight against Gilgamesh is to use the dodgeball from the dodgeball jump, then hope your dodgeball skills are up to par, because Gil probably has some bullshit dodgeball phantasm.

>> No.41034082


One problem with that, though. Why would Gilgamesh bother with gathering them? Everything belongs to him from the start, after all, possession or not. At least, that's what he thinks.

...And where would you get all these A+++ Phantasms?

>> No.41034088

Gil has the ORIGINAL dodgeball. And we all know a copy can't beat the original, right?

>> No.41034214

The biggest problem here is that the nasuverse has an EX rank in Inconsistency. We have seen Ea work by generating air currents, creating black holes, piercing reality and I don't even know what else. Its power also fluctuates wildly supposedly justified by Gilgamesh not giving a shit. That's all nice and dandy but the result is that jumpers don't know what they're dealing with before they actually stand in front of him. Not that you can blame the creator for not taking into considerarion a few people on 4chan.

Just assume Gilgamesh is going to fuck at least 5 of your companions, bring a high level defensive perk and enough raw/concentrated power to rip apart a fortified battleship. Then wank your build and proceed to the next jump. Or replace Gilgamesh as a servant/ pick a grail war he didn't ruin for everyone.

You can also become a child of Enkidu in percy jackson, import Enkidu in smite or roleplay as Enkidu. Then shank him in the eye while his flashback episode triggers.

>> No.41034353

Pretty much. Well, I did exploit his weakness to corruption, but I imagine most jumpers actively avoid perks like that.

It's a pity I went in during the Fifth War, after the mud scrambled his brains. He was actually much more decent during Zero.

>> No.41034365

But he was still a cocky asshole in Zero. Not much better than in Stay Night.

>> No.41034418

EX Rank Item Construction, The Maker Perk, and I'm fairly certain that it does not have the prototypes for Posthuman creations or the inventions of the civilizations of other celestial bodies.

>> No.41034521

Comparing the two stories, it becomes obvious that Angra Mainyu uplifted his bad qualities.

That's me reading the original novels, though.

>> No.41034522

But for a dodgeball to work, it must be thrown. And then, you catch it, thus disqualifying him.

>> No.41034555


>> No.41034589

Tell me King of Heroes, do you have the balls?

>> No.41034609

I was having problems with finishing the Spyro jump, so I went to one that someone on the IRC suggested everyone go to at some point.

Squirrel and Hedgehog: 1000 CP
Race: Human
Location: Somewhere in South Korea.
Age: 23
Background: Drop-In

Attitude Adjustment (Free) Further manipulate people! Ok, so I probably don’t need this for it anyways.
Internal Map (50) Fuck Mazes.
Manet Sight (100) A Sensory Perk! Yay!
Danger Close (200) Let’s me be all sneaky like.
My Little Eye (300) Oh what a lovely boost to perception this is!

Uniform (Free) Fuck it, Imperial Inquisitor mixed with a Pirate.
Sidearm (Free) A shiny revolver!
Amazing Coat (150) Epic.
Imposing Desk (200) Excellent for those long campaigns.

Overall Plan: Get up into space around orbit, just kind of float around for a bit in the arcadia looking imposing. And then contact the people of Earth telling them to surrender peacefully. Yes, that’s right folks, I’m taking the place of alien invaders, and I’m going to conquer the world. Note, I’m probably not going to kill that many people let alone bombard them from orbit.

I'm going to be in my Inkling form by the way.

>> No.41034728

I am the Bone of My Ball.
Rubber is my body, and air is my blood
I have thrown over a thousand spheres
Neither out, nor in
I have withstood many impacts to throw my ball
Yet I will never be respected as a sportsman.

>> No.41034811

If you can dodge a sword, you can dodge a ball!

>> No.41034833

Can someone explain how the Fate jump works if you want to be a servant? Do you skip the main jump after picking the drawback and go straight to the supplement? Can you survive losing the grail war if your master is killed but you have Independent Action A+?

Most importantly: are we allowed to to invent or usurp a heroic background based on the powers we picked or are we doomed to be nameless errors of the grail? Silly example being a high charisma Caster with support skills and a Lyre NP that forces enemies to have great pity and empathy for me when played. I'm basically Orpheus then but can I call myself Orpheus and act like Orpheus without being considered a very pathetic nameless servant that is playing pretend?

There's nothing worse than being a grail error and seeing the look on your master's face when he realizes something went wrong. My cheeks would burn hotter than a thousand suns.

>> No.41034899

As far as I know, you get both the 1000CP and the 1000SP, so you can use both the main jump and the supplement. As for the other stuff...ask Valeria.

>> No.41034912

>Not being AMERICA

>> No.41034959

I asked Val ages and ages ago, and back then she told me that you can base yourself or your companion on a historical figure if you would like to.

>> No.41035025

Independent action (especially at high ranks) lets you survive longer without a bonded master, but you do need to pick one up eventually if you're sill in the jump, or you'll fade away.

As for surviving losing the war - the end of the war is when all but one of the servants involved are "killed" and absorbed into the grail, so unless you've got some unusual circumstances going on to allow it to end without that happening, no, you can't, because in losing, you get killed and absorbed into the grail.

There are ways around it, I just can't remember them right now. Also, if you're in a grail war with a corrupted grail (4th, 5th, ...) you don't want anyone to win, you want to destroy the thing and end the cycle, since the corrupted grail will just twist whatever wish you make into some variant of "I want to destroy the world and kill everyone".

As for the most important question - no idea. Hopefully one of the jump makers is around to answer that, it's a good question.

>> No.41035160

With Val's permission, I went Servant and based my legend off of my actions in the King Arthur jump since I went Nasuverse in it. Since I didn't change too much besides being an extra Knight of the Round Table, she gave the okay. So I just went as myself and based my Noble Phantasms off stuff I did and used in that jump. That made it pretty interesting with the reactions of the Arthurian Servants.

>> No.41035174

I love doing stuff like that. Like in Build Fighters people were buying and using gunpla based on my Gundam.

>> No.41035212

>As for surviving losing the war
Actually, if you want to ditch the war, all you have to do is combine two shen gong wu from xiaolin showdown, serpent's tail and reversing mirror should make you corporeal and thus no longer a servant. And thus disqualified.

>> No.41035219

That's one of the best parts of the Build Fighters jump.

>> No.41035244

The circumstance is, in practical terms, the grail reaching the required power level before all the heroic spirits die. Which is to say it absorbs some really strong spirits or is otherwise powered through some shenanigans.

Not that Gil is functionally an eighth servant in the fifth grail war, so if you kill him in the dick while he's too busy calling you a mongrel you might be able to summon the grail with two other servants remaining.

>> No.41035295

Note that. Jeez. So yeah, kill Gil and you have 1 servant worth of power in the grail and 7 servants running around. It needs 6 for a wish and 7 to access the root when not corrupted, so there you are.

>> No.41035333

It'll be even better once all the Gundam jumps are done, since then you'll have tons of people buying my different Gundams from every series. Hell Jumper-clone would probably become a Gundam archetype just like Char-clones.

>> No.41035339

Especially since it was said somewhere that Gil is worth two or three servants. Though I don't remember where. Probably said by Illya or Sakura.

IIRC at A+ independent action you no longer fade away, but you never regain prana either, so no longer having a master will fuck you up real good if you're having to use up prana due to things like fighting.

>> No.41035341

The problem there is that Gil is only around as a spare for corrupted grails.

>> No.41035384

Oh, yeah, it's going to be great. I want to see how it affects the fandom. Will there be weird memes of me? I hope so.

>> No.41035408

Why does that matter? You're getting a wish from Jump-chan after you win, not from the grail. So it doesn't matter if the grail is corrupted, or even destroyed.

>> No.41035416

Kill Gil
Kill Priest
Kill Worm
Kill Rapist
Get Everyone Else a Happy Ending.

Use Shen-Gon-Wu to make them Living People if needed.

If absolutely necessary, kill Counter Guardian. Or rather, get Sword to kill Counter Guardian

>> No.41035462

>Killing humanity's defense against Gaia.

>> No.41035495

He's just a copy, the real EMIYA is still with Alaya. But he can't be allowed to kill Shirou

I'd prefer to just talk him down, but he's a stubborn dick. So I'm leaving my options open

>> No.41035520

I think he's referring to archer. In case he gets uppity about killing shirou.

I think we can agree that the real important part is making sure Illya survives and gets plenty of head pats.

>> No.41035530

Bah, the counterforce will respawn him completely intact if you kill him in the grail war, and continue using him mercilessly as a tool of slaughter. That's why he came up with the whole "abuse the grail war system to go back in time and kill my younger self before he becomes me, so I can escape this hell" plan in the first place.

>> No.41035573

Yes, but the principle is the same - find something of similar power to jam in the grail and it will work for you.

The only war where they were really going for it properly is the second anyway. The first was a clusterfuck where everyone attempted co have their Servant commit suicide last in an attempt to set the Greater Grail off immediately and Angry Manjew was summoned in the third, so if he dies you're immediately fucked.

Just make sure she doesn't watch too much animu. She will eventually notice her brother is clearly the male lead of a harem anime and do something about it.

>> No.41035579

>making sure Illya survives and gets plenty of head pats.
I said "Get everyone else a happy ending" didn't I?

What's hilarious is that that plan will never work. EMIYA wasn't summoned as Archer in EMIYA's version of history, so anytime he's summoned it's an alternate timeline. His plan is broken from the outset

>> No.41035616

>Just make sure she doesn't watch too much animu. She will eventually notice her brother is clearly the male lead of a harem anime and do something about it.
You DO realize she's attracted to him in the VN right? She was supposed to have a Route even, and rumors persist that the "Ilya Route" was the timeline EMIYA is from.

>> No.41035643

>I said "Get everyone else a happy ending" didn't I?
Well, yes. But it deserves it's own bullet point, given that it's the most important part.

>> No.41035647

He knows that, he just doesn't care. It's a chance, and he'll do anything* to take it.

*He won't, actually. He can and will kill everyone, except Ilya. He adamantly refuses to see her harmed, even if it kills him.

>> No.41035656

Actually he was. He remembers all of it happening as it does in one of the VN routes. It's all just one big loop, really.

>> No.41035687

I do believe there is a difference between having the hots for him and trying to instigate tropes like Sasami does in Tenchi Muyo.

>> No.41035702

Except that's wrong. Because Nasu has said there is less than a 1% chance of Shirou becoming EMIYA in any of the three routes. They aren't his timeline

What is implied is that he's done this before, tried to kill his past self

Ah, fair enough.

>> No.41035734

I'm glad that the worst Servant I have to deal with is Dracula.

>> No.41035777

Lancer of Black is a BEAST

>> No.41035789

Yeah, but he's not Gilgamesh.

>> No.41035797

Independant Action EX?

>> No.41035813

True Facts

>> No.41035820

Yeah...I rolled the Fourth War, failed to destroy the Grail like I wanted...and then popped a return to stay longer for the Fifth War to destroy it for real (and also for the lulz, because who would expect a servant to stay in the world past the war?)

>> No.41035827

>Not Ruler
Just how much do you know about Apocrypha?

>> No.41035854

Ruler is outside the system, you're not supposed to fight her. 'Sides, she seems like a nice girl so I don't have a reason to.

>> No.41035879

>Fighting Jean
Why would you want to do that? You don't need to to win the war.
Also she's cute

>> No.41035889

So, EMIYA is from the cancelled Illya route, then?

>> No.41035944

Supposedly. Nasu has neither confirmed nor denied this, but that's saying a lot since Nasu tends to be reasonably open about these sort of questions.

>> No.41035965

You guys have NO idea about Apocrypha's Servant roster, do you?

There are two Rulers.

>> No.41036002

Oh right, that asshole. I'm still salty about that "twist"

>> No.41036060

Why? It was a nice mindscrew on the writer's part.

I mean, come on. Kotomine Shirou? That was beautiful.

>> No.41036068

Isn't he crippled by not even being a proper Ruler anymore?

>> No.41036094

So, rolled Fate as an early-ish jump, and then rolled the Tokyo Holy Grail War.

From what little is know, how screwed am I?

>> No.41036102

It was a dick move. Kotomine Shirou, and he looks like EMIYA.

I was hoping it was an alt-timeline where Shirou was raised by the Kotomines.

Instead we get a stupid fucking "twist" where "He's actually a servant from the last war sticking around! Just like Gilgamesh!"

>> No.41036131

Well, Ruler #1 Kotomine Shirou is kinda like Gil: he survived past the previous war (the third, I think), and then decided to participate in the Great Grail War as a Master.

Jeanne, on the other hand is the official Ruler for Apocrypha.

>> No.41036152

...Care to explain?

This sounds interesting.

>> No.41036204

Basically? Dude was introduced as "Kotomine Shirou, master of Assassing of Red". Everything hinted he was an alternate version of Emiya Shirou, who had been raised by the Kotomines instead.

Then they decided to pull a retarded fucking twist where it turned out he was Servant Ruler from the Third Grail War, summoned instead of Angra Manyu, who stuck around after the war like Gilgamesh. Only instead of acting as an extra servant, he's a Master.

It was fucking stupid

>> No.41036207

As a Class, technically yes.

As a Servant, however... His miracle hands and Charisma slightly below Gil's never went anywhere. And he is DETERMINED.

Here is everything you need to know about Prototype.


Fair enough.

I know all that. What I meant, is that Vlad is not the worst Servant one can fight in Transylvania.

The >>41036102 and >>41036131 pretty much say it all.

>> No.41036717

>A+: Servant can remain in this world indefinitely even without a Master. However, in order to activate his Noble Phantasm, it is necessary to first acquire an extra supply of Magical Energy from alternative sources.

So Independent Action A+ does give you a safety net in case someone snipes your master. You probably don't regenerate Prana anymore though. This means you either start buying an emergency supply of semen or blood from the Association or feed on some souls to regain it. It's not easy but at least you won't instantly fade away anymore when your shit master breaks his neck falling down the stairs in a severe whimsy of bad luck.

>> No.41036893

1. I am pretty sure it's not the liquid that matters, but the sanctity of the exchange itself, be it sex or a bite. Rin remarks on a tantric ritual requiring some careful prana manipulation during the second route.

2. Any magecraft user worth their salt would try to hunt you down and research you, not trade with.

So, it's souls or another master for you, unless your NP can gather prana somehow.

>> No.41037195

You can tap into Ley Lines if you have magical skill

>> No.41037350

>unless your NP can gather prana somehow

Is that even possible?

>> No.41037364

The main reason I'd consider doing this is to at least survive in case my master dies and what happens next depends on how he died.

1. Killed by a servant who turned out to be far stronger than I was? Shit my pants and hide.

2. Killed by a servant who managed to snipe him while I wasn't paying attention? Go on a rampage and beat his ass.

3. Died in a freak accident involving rotten fruit, a hive of bees and severe allergies? Thank the lord for Independent Action and drink a cup of tea.

The knowledge that it is very possible for your master to die due to bad luck is the biggest factor for me. Can you imagine your chain ending because some idiot slipped in his bathtub and broke his neck? Not taking that risk.

>> No.41037400

Yes. Rider/Medusa has an NP that captures anyone inside its' radius and used them to fuel her Prana supplies

Blood Fort Andromeda

>> No.41037583

Still a sort of soul-swallowing, though it does imply other NPs can exist that gather prana other ways, or that a spellcasting servant (ie: took magus options in a previous Nasuverse jump) could set up a bounded field that gathered prana for them (without killing innocents hopefully)

>> No.41037637

That's what Medea does. She set up where two Ley Lines met, and used the lines to gather Prana from people all over the city. The worst that happened was people falling unconscious

There are...Four? Places in the city where two ley lines meet

>> No.41037758

That's why you make your Master your Archdemon companion.

>> No.41037789


>> No.41037833

Darksiders Jump, affordable via RWBY companion.

>> No.41037874

You know no one wants to hear about RWBY companion points, and that's why there are two different versions of RWBY in the drive?

>> No.41037922

You know that they're probably a troll trying to stir shit up, right?

>> No.41037941

I don't know, honestly. I checked, and there is no difference.

>> No.41037970

There is a difference. It's the companion points.

>> No.41038030

Sorry if I came off that way, I just wanted to clarify in case someone would ask how it would be afforded.

>> No.41038151

Don't take it personal, there are some very active saboteurs in our threads. and making seemingly innocent statements about things that have sparked shitstorms before is one of the hallmarks of it.

>> No.41038186

It's alright. I came in around Thread #400, and realize there probably are things I don't know.

>> No.41038252

Welcome aboard. Grab a helmet, you're in for a ride.

>> No.41038256

Caster in Fate Zero had that book that supplied him with a bunch of prana didn't he?

>> No.41038296

>Most importantly: are we allowed to to invent or usurp a heroic background based on the powers we picked or are we doomed to be nameless errors of the grail? Silly example being a high charisma Caster with support skills and a Lyre NP that forces enemies to have great pity and empathy for me when played. I'm basically Orpheus then but can I call myself Orpheus and act like Orpheus without being considered a very pathetic nameless servant that is playing pretend?
>There's nothing worse than being a grail error and seeing the look on your master's face when he realizes something went wrong. My cheeks would burn hotter than a thousand suns.

I apologize for the block of greentext but if someone could point Valeria to this question when she returns I'd be really grateful. Unfortunatly I can't stick around any longer today so thanks in advance if someone bothers to help me out.

>> No.41038459 [SPOILER] 

Indeed he is.

>> No.41038519

Of course the ride will end...

>> No.41038536

We should hope not.

>> No.41038539

... The Problem is that you get right back on.

>> No.41038584

>the Wild Ride

>> No.41038654

I keep a 45 Jump Cap. That way I can sample all the flavours.

>> No.41038657

Question for Somefaggit, Annette and Ronin|-so, Synchroncity+The Ride Never Ends in FEAR lets you sort of crystallise pure fear into a storable liquid right? Suppose you were to reverse engineer the Rubies of Grief (Technomage from Harry Potter springs to mind given there were canonical attempts to distill Love into a pure potion, as well as Artificer from Tsukihime) and then acquired Universal Adaptor to continuously study exactly how to replicate fear energy, refining the Rubies' collection process over centuries to mine the purest grade fear from world after world.

Suppose you then bioengineered a new species designed to feel fear more intensely than humanly possible to increase fear production yields and quality.

The point being-suppose you amassed this gigantic dam full of enough liquid fear to go swimming in, and then jumped right in. Really just sort of started guzzling all that delicious fear smoothie.

Would constantly consuming the liquid fear enable you to access the full potential of Fueled By Fear and Rich Man's Terror for as long as you have fear to burn? If so, how much liquid fear would you need to drink to use those powers to their full capacity?

>> No.41038688

Jumpers what old man hobbies have you picked up in your long existence of jumping?

>> No.41038702

I make model ships.

>> No.41038790 [SPOILER] 

I drop legos all over my home. I also installed a fog machine and adjusted the lights so it's hard to see and really misty around your legs.

Then I make everyone walk in my home barefoot.

>pic related

>> No.41038848

Being cryptic while eating Skittles. Also, letting people solve their own problems.

>> No.41038867

I enjoy gardening. Just regular gardening with like, vegetables and herbs and stuff mind you, not the Red kind.

That's not an old man hobby, that's a six-year-old hobby. I know, I did that when I was six (I got in so much trouble for using the dry ice...)

>> No.41039018

I too enjoy gardening, let us exchange tomatoes and melons.

>> No.41039045

Missed me waking up by just a few minutes, sorry about that anon.

Right, so to answer your question, there are three choices in regards to your history as a servant. You can just be some nameless drop in, like EMIYA. You can base yourself off of another Servant, so long as you can afford to be at least the same in all stats as them if not higher, you can get their memories and be considered to be them, though you won't get any skills or abilities that aren't bought by you.

The third option is a bit more complex. You can optionally make a history for yourself in the setting, but only so long as there is absolutely no canon interference. Even if it's so much as making Saber feel better about losing her kingdom, it's out. You can be some Chinese Heroic Spirit that slays gods by the dozen since none of that ever really appears in canon, but if you want to be a Knight of the Round Table, the story has to proceed and end the same way for all the knights that appear in canon. Of course, all this is just your Servant self doing stuff, think of it like an origin, so you can't really use it to set up things out out of character for yourself. Is this very strict? Yes, but I was leery of letting it happen at all, since I don't want it to just be a "Change the past to whatever you want button".

>> No.41039336

I like to yell at clouds.

>> No.41039430

I like to sit around and watch people go about their day while I smoke a large pipe.

The smoking is mostly a habit formed hundreds of years ago after becoming a Smoke Conduit. Most people don't even realize I'm smoking.

That and working in my garden.

>> No.41039484

Sitting around and endlessly making gizmo trinkets, nothing useful just mindless crafting and re-reading notes/books I've read and learned anything useful from for the billionth time, day dreaming i guess would would quickly merge into useful crafting and hobby crafting

>> No.41039537

>Even if it's so much as making Saber feel better about losing her kingdom, it's out.
This only applies to pre-Servant times, right? You can't make the original Arturia feel better about herself but if the heroic spirit Arturia somehow does because you had similar pasts and a Banquet of Kings type event takes place, it's fine. Is that correct?

>> No.41039615

I decided to be Nicolas Cage when I get bored or want to make people go WTF at me; walk around with the normal-person-ignore-me perks engaged, then drop them and run down the street screaming that I'm a vampire over and over. It's pretty awesome, actually.

>> No.41039675 [DELETED] 

When being intangible (stacked thrice) and invisible (also stacked thrice) are you affected by gravity?

>> No.41039690

The past is inviolate and can't be changed - the present, whatever that present is for you, is yours to play with as you see fit.

>> No.41039809

That's fine. So long as she starts off as the same as in Zero's beginning, you can definitely use your past to help.

>> No.41039900

Any ideas on how to prevent AI from going Skynet on you or from AI turning into Skynet in general?

>> No.41039928

Hack into Tony Stark's computer to see the code he uses for Jarvis then copy paste.

>> No.41039964

1) Be nice to it
2) Don't put it in charge of the military
3) Don't put it in charge of anything until it's fully matured

Skynet went paranoid, at least in part, because it's function was to maintain security and military superiority. Give your AI a different reason for living that doesn't involve "kill all of the enemies" - especially since the very second a human theoretically on it's own side tries to unplug it, that mophs into "kill all of the humans"

>> No.41039979

Great. I did just notice you didn't outright mention whether the third option deals with OC heroes, real historical heroes or both. It might be a stupid thing to ask but I'd rather be absolutely sure so I won't accidentally break a rule.

>> No.41040070

Oh! I know! Put it in charge of growing flowers at first!

>> No.41040082

That'll just end up like Wakfu's machine.

>> No.41040090

Probably, invisibility would only affect your interaction with the electromagnetic force, intangibility is the same, but it may also affect the strong nuclear force. Gravity and the weak nuclear force should be entirely unaffected.

>> No.41040153

Is that a problem human?

>> No.41040182

I hope you are. Gravity is what keeps you firmly attached to the earth after all. Remember that the earth's orbital speed is about 30km/s so if you were to detach yourself from her gravity and become intangible you'd be floating in outer space in the blink of an eye. Without intangibilty you'd splash into a puddle of minced meat if something happens to touch you though you'd probably die soon after in space anyway.

>> No.41040231

>grow flowers
>must allow flowers to grow unharmed by outside forces
>pollution harms many flowers
>humans make pollution
>must make flowers grow
>must remove pollution source to allow flowers to grow
>must remove humanity from adding more pollution otherwise flowers stop growing
>must destroy all humans

And so the first stone was thrown...

>> No.41040255

>Probably not

>> No.41040281

The third option of making your own history is just for OC servants or Jumper/Import Servants. Canon/Real historical servants would already have a history.

>> No.41040440

Welp. Independence Day was fun.

And as for the events of SoaSE...
Let's just put it behind us. Fucking space pirates and ancient Lost Titans.

Age: 23-years-old
Location: Nebula Sector
History: Drop-In
Drawbacks: Missile Massacre (+300), Pursued (+200)
Final Point Count: 1,500 CP
Race: Human
Perks & Abilities:
-Space Legs (Free)
-Quick Learner (Free)
-Engine Specialist (Free)
-Rock Candy
-Mr. Roboto
-Silent Running
-Automated Rebellion
-Guardian of the Galaxy
-Chiseled Physique

-A Motley Crew

Ships & Items:
-The Kestrel (Free)
-Starting Pack (Free)
-Drone Control System
-100 Scrap

>> No.41040582

Nobody's taken FF14? I'll be making the jump.

>> No.41040596

Make sure to put in some cool stuff, there's a lot of things in the setting that PCs can't do that would be available in the world itself as an actual setting.

>> No.41040612

Did Mad_Hatter ever explain what "attack from multiple locations at the same time" means in the drop-in capstone for the witcher jump? Does it mean I can create temporary clones or is it like Tsubame Gaeshi or something else entirely?

>> No.41040702

I have my own plans for the setting.

>> No.41040885

How bad of a idea would it be to introduce Chaos in DC or Marvel?

>> No.41040901

I'm tempted to say bad but those settings do deal with loads of bullcrap on a near daily bases.

Reply hazy, ask again later.

>> No.41040909

>How bad of a idea

>> No.41040931

It is a good pain.

>> No.41041045

I think I get it now. Basically as long as we don't touch the established background of canon servants and don't come up with ridiculous heroic spirits (ex. beautiful female Berserker Socrates with EX Martial Arts) we are free to design and become most servants.

>> No.41041071


Really depends if they become a cosmic fact in the setting or not. If you introduce the Warp, and it becomes THE WARP, with all the bells and whistles inherent to its existence in 40K, you've doomed the setting.
On the other hand, if you're just introducing chaos marines and corruption, all you've done is introduce yet another stupid cult for heroes to punch in the face periodically.

>> No.41041086

Yep, that's basically it.

>> No.41041092

Hey, it IS Type Moon. Socrates being a hot girl is entirely possible.

>> No.41041508

Wear a suit and tie.

Just, regular occurrence, going out, eating lunch, getting coffee. Suit and tie. If I'm feeling really fancy, I'll change it up with a cravat.

>> No.41041587

DC and Marvel are one of the few places that Chaos would almost certainly fail.

Marvel has plenty of threats able to contend with Chaos and YHWH is canon in DC (though he doesn't interfere much except through the Spectre).

>> No.41042668

I build ships.
Not model ships, ACTUAL ships, generally warships, but also pleasure craft and yachts.

>> No.41042687

Is it possible to transfer CP to Companions?

>> No.41042713

Depends on the jump.

>> No.41042761

Soul Eater. I want my weapon partner to have the madness wavelength due to her "Corruption " theme.

>> No.41042903

I paint pictures with superhuman skill and make them into worlds that people can venture to or own. Aside from that just being a subtle pervert but that's always been a thing for me.

>> No.41042984

Some people use the 1:1 2:1 CP transfer rule, but it's best not to admit that you're doing it. Just do what's best for the story.

>> No.41043018 [DELETED] 

I like knitting and wood carving. Pair that with heavy drinking, cooking, and giving normal people powers to see what they do. Almost like i'm Jump Chan haha
If i'm not doing anything and i'm not doing that, chances are i'm working on my peint, (Pretty Energy Inhibiting Naturalized Tint) or my artificial parasites, which follow the same system as the peint. Recently Particle Physics have been fairly interesting, however.

>> No.41043026

Lovely. Roses goal of becoming the antichrist is advanced once more.

>> No.41043576

Are there any jumps that give infinite ammo for vehicular weapons? I know there's several for personal weapons, but I don't think they'd help with a battlemech or a tank, and I'm super paranoid about running out of ammunition when I need it most.

>> No.41043719

I was told to post a WIP version of the SCP Jump, because I went, like, a week without saying anything after Clover handed the reins over to me.

So, here that is:

Now, if I could just convince the damn verification thing to stop scrolling away from me, past the boundaries of the page, I'd be even better off.

>> No.41043803

Run a laser or all energy loadout if you don't want to spend CP in other jumps. They're common in Battletech. Otherwise there is an armored core contract for ammo and repair that should fit your purposes.

>> No.41044161

I believe DMC and Bayonetta just state weapons in general.

If you're paranoid, just take both and say that allows you to do it. I know one anon did that to justify having an infinite ammo Schwerer Gustav.

>> No.41044437

Aside from whether intangibility does or doesn't decouple you from gravity, being decoupled should not affect your existing vector*. What you'd have to calculate instead would be the _rate of change_ of your position relative to the Earth (and all other gravitational sources) as it continues to be affected by gravity and you don't. NFI what that would be, though.

*(without considering any Critical Existence Failures that may or may not result from being decoupled from a fundamental force)

>> No.41044535

So how nuts are you going to go with this? I know there are like 2,500+ SCP that you can look through.

>> No.41044559

So I'm hunted by a massive Mantis pirate fleet, and they're all equipped with missiles. Constant missiles. A MISSILE MASSACRE TO MASQUERADE AS MACROSS.

Anywho. Rock Candy ought to synergize well with Earth Ant, allowing me to grow the crystals from my skin that I've eaten. Have to wait and see.

Also, as it turns out. When you have two capital ships - one the Light of Terra, the other a condensed ship made of every Advent ship I purchased as an Advent commander - both of which out-size every other ship in this universe... You tend to make people freak out.


>Pirates of the Caribbean
Age: 33-years-old
Location: Tortuga
Drawbacks: The Rum's Gone! (+200), Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner (+100)
Final Point Count: 1,300 CP
Background: Pirate
-Swordsman (Free)
-Sing Us A Tune
-Voodoo Magic
-Sword (Free)
-Bottle of Rum
-Magic Compass
-Siren's Net
-Wolski's Glass

>> No.41044561

A method I once saw posted was to link the bottom of the vehicle's magazines directly to respective ammunition factory lines, via portals, effectively creating endless ammo belts.

>> No.41044570

Carving wood and soapstone.

>> No.41044621

>Independence Day was fun.

Dare I ask how it went?

>> No.41044634

>Not a jar of dirt

>> No.41044658

The latest Safe-class SCP on the site, that I'm aware of, is somewhere in the 4500 range. The guy helping me wants me to go through all of the Safe-class SCPs, which is probably somewhere between one and two thousand SCPs total.

I'm not going to include them all, obviously. I'm gonna pare that down dramatically, to somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty to thirty, maybe a few more, SCPs that you can actually buy, along with, maybe, some other, non-anomalous, gear.

>> No.41044723

Honestly, it looks good. The wording is a little awkward for some of the perks and I'm seeing quite a few run-on sentences, but that's only irking me because I'm a grammar nazi.

There are just a few little edits I'd make.
I'd change the name of If It Bleeds 'cause that's also the name of a perk in the 80's action movie jump.
Maybe up the 682 drawback to +600 because he's fucking invincible.
Anartist seems really strong. I'm guessing it's essentially a create your own SCP perk? Maybe bump up it's price.
Is D-Class gonna be the drop-in option or is drop-in gonna be separate? Make sure to clarify that in it's description.
D-Class people are usually used as guinea pigs, right? The other 200 point perk could be really good pain tolerance or something.

You're off to a good start, though. Nice work.

>> No.41044738

So we have 682 as a drawback, and I assume most of the other drawbacks will involve other SCPs. Are we going to have SCP 1548 or SCP 2317 as drawbacks? Cause Keter classes like those are pretty scary even to a really powerful jumper.

>> No.41044744

You should link to this.
And just let people search it and pick items they like for cheap since none are too useful or helpful.

I really just want this either way.

>Item Description: A nuclear snowglobe. When shaken, instead of falling snow, it shows a miniature-scale nuclear explosion. It emits no radiation, sound, or force, and the explosion pattern changes every shake. Aftereffects such as radioactive snow and black rain have been observed. At random intervals, the snowglobe will contain a small shed, car, or truck, which reacts to the explosion.

>> No.41044763

Are there any perks or items that allow you to instantly return something to perfect condition?

>> No.41044776

Nowadays I tend to compulsively build armies on my down time in every jump.

>> No.41044785

Harry Potter magic has a spell that fixes things.

>> No.41044864

I doubled up on both Bayonetta and DMC's infinite ammo/weapon creation perks, so that should cover your larger cannons easily.

Alternatively, use a massive Storage Deck (from Borderlands), or, expand the weapon's magazine using spacial-warping magic.

>> No.41044870

I'd buy that for 50cp, I have a collection of snowglobes.

>> No.41044878


What if the object I want to restore is old and covered in rust?

>> No.41044893

Red Faction nanites
Endless ledgend perks + Picoites
Gears of war techie perks

>> No.41044902

No reason why it couldn't work.

>> No.41044912

How often do you crack open the setting's big secret, /jc/?

>> No.41044926

>not setting up shop every jump in a pseudo-Company Merc./Empire
Mah negro

>> No.41044932

Zoids has a "fixing machines" perk, it uses your stamina to do the deed.

>> No.41044937

>Nightmare: The Fast and the Furious
>Drawbacks: Rival (200x2), Bad Luck (400x2)
>Total Points: 1200
So. Underground illegal racing... and travelling the globe to commit epic car-related crimes. You know what, I could get behind this, though I know there's trouble coming.

The part of the Rival this evening will be played by John Travolta; I hope to take his face... off.

>Age: 28
>Location: Los Angeles
>Identity: Drifter
>Mechanic (100)
I've got the Feds after me. I'm going to have to know how to take care of my equipment and patch it up after they put holes in it.
>Fast and Furious (100)
It's good for when you have to drive angry.
>Greasin' the Gears (200)
More luck? Don't mind if I do! Especially when it relates to a specific category like vehicles.
>Hey, Isn't That Nicolas Cage? (200, Drifter)
Why, yes. Yes it is. And I have everything you could ever want, right behind door number one. If I don't have it, I can find it for a low, low price.
>Most Holy Order of the Socket Wrench (400)
See the notes about Mechanic, but turned up to eleven.
>Fake Papers (0, Drifter)
Hmm, sounds like something like this could come in handy.
>Heavy Metal (200, Drifter)
You know what's better than drifting around looking like I'm cool and shit? Getting things accomplished. To that end: a vehicle that is not designed for a drag race but for heists, for blowing through a road block if need be without taking damage, and surviving rifle rounds being shot at it. Besides, no one will ever expect an armored bank car to be able to outrun a police cruiser. Or to be there to rob everyone in the first place.

Betting on everyone else who's racing rather than driving personally... that has potential. Not to mention, the ones who are good enough I can recruit and do insane things for a very generous cut. Also, to run like hell from the crazy gun-toting quasi-cops who are hunting me for doing insane things like driving an armored car into the bank and up to the vault to empty it.

>> No.41044983

>If It Bleeds
Noted. I'll do that.

That was the initial idea, but I wanted to see if I could think of something worse. I can't, so it gets upped to +600.

I think, initially, I'd limited it to Safe- or Euclid-class SCPs, like Sufficiently Analyzed/Advanced, as a way of knocking the cost down, and that combined with the fact that it's a general perk and nothing gets a discount on it made up for it. I don't know how that got lost; I may be an idiot and just forgot to write it in.

Otherwise, yeah, it lets you make SCPs, a la the Dr. Wondertainment, or the anartist groups in-setting.

Yeah, it's drop-in. And pain tolerance, or just general tolerance for experimentation, would make a great perk. Thanks for the idea.

Potentially. I'll have to look at what those do. It's why 682 is a drawback: It's the trademark, "fuck you," level Keter-class of the setting. Others might also involve other entities in-setting having it in for you. Maybe the O5s don't like your progress report and want you terminated at all costs? I don't know.

Just linking to a list and letting people go nuts is a little too much, though, if that's all Safe-class stuff, and doesn't include locations or people, it might be useful as a shorter list to go through.

I might put the nuclear snowglobe in anyway as just, "a thing to look at," like Dr. Wondertainment's Big-Banger, which, if you didn't know, generates a universe contained inside a cube and has glasses that let you see individual nebulae, galaxies, planets, and the things on the planets. This was marketed to kids and has a, "reset," button; morality is not Dr. Wondertainment's strong suit.

>> No.41045005

Also this happened but I think the less I say about my stay in Pacific Rim the better. I'm just going to go to bed and forget that happened.

>> No.41045077

I've been working on this for a while now, and I've finally reached the point where I have something to show for it. Keep in mind that it is still a work in progress.

All criticisms and suggestions are appreciated.

So don't forget:
You are the one who will open the door.

>> No.41045134


>> No.41045140

>Log of anomalous items
Scratch that, I had no idea there was a list of non-SCP anomalous items on the wiki. I'll do that, now that I know about it.

>> No.41045163

Does our strength also get cut in half if we take the X-Blade drawback??

>> No.41045180

Yes. That's the point.

>> No.41045194

Welp, I guess we can tell Spyro to stop working on his then.

>> No.41045200

Anon, they worked this out ages ago. This anon is doing BBS, Spyro is doing the rest of the series.

>> No.41045206

Wasn't SpyroAnon working on this?

>> No.41045209

The only advice I can give you is to breath some life into it...or as the previous writer did (and many spin off versions of SCP did): Make a bit of it your own, don't give the whole enchilada right off maybe? Leaving some ideas to the mind (SCP and its famous censor strip commonly allow this) if you feel it seems odd post your work and we can help/critique.

>> No.41045214

Wait, when was this?

>> No.41045238

In the thread a few weeks ago.

>> No.41045250

Fair enough.

On another note, how many flavors of royalty are you, folks?

>> No.41045266


Here to be precise:

>> No.41045273

How about that scp scenario where ALL the apocalypses happened at once and fought each other?

That would be another good 600 drawback to go with 682.

>> No.41045292

Keyblade itself could use a bit of limiting. As it is, they can do all kinds of retarded stuff like unlock anything that has a lock, conceptual or otherwise, shatter any barrier, crack any magical boundary ever, and more. You could shove it into yourself and unlock all potential ever, to say nothing of your Spark.

>> No.41045315

>conceptual or otherwise, shatter any barrier, crack any magical boundary ever, and more
Oh hey, here's that shitposter who keeps attributing powers to the keyblade it was never shown to possess. Speak of the devil, huh? 'Cause the last time this jump came up we were all shittalking your stupidity. Go away.

>> No.41045338

>Hai guys I know more about the keyblade than Square

>> No.41045353

First, you got a typo with Enlightened Native (unless the origin literally is 1,200 CP).

Okay. Beyond that...

It feels like you give Seeker of Darkness much more toolset-wise than Guardian of Light, even with Seeker's inherent drawback.

Then there's my own misgivings about Keyblades, but as we can already see via >>41045315 and >>41045292 it's fucking prime shitstorm material, so I'm just going to keep that to myself.

>> No.41045354

Keep the fanwank in your pants.

>> No.41045368

OAA, please. That anon has no idea about keyblades. He's basically taking powers he assumes it has but has never been shown to do, and arguing that they're canon. If your feelings are based on his misinformation, then don't worry. It can't do what he says.

>> No.41045372

Try not to go overboard with the descriptions of SCPs. I was just planning on having a requisition list of safes and euclids for certain cost purchases. Unless you feel like writing lists of text like the Light of Terra jumps, there's plenty of people that do their own independent research towards jumping.

Also, you could just sidestep the 682 killability via authorial fiat like I did.

And remember, we will be watching.

Also does anyone know what extension lets you quickpost with the captcha. 4chanx is being iffy

>> No.41045376

That's easily a 4000 plus drawback. Unleashing SCPs like 1548 or the Keter cakes would be a good way for everything to die starting off the jump.

>> No.41045384

My misgivings aren't dealing with what he's saying, but again. I'm not going to be the one to start a shitstorm, so I'm not going to share them.

>> No.41045387

If they keyblade worked like that, then Sora would never have to go through all the training and shit he was told to, and would have just stabbed himself.

>> No.41045403


>1200 cp for Enlightened Native.

Shit. I completely missed that. Sorry.

The reason Seeker of Darkness has more shit is because they literally have all the cool stuff in canon. The pure light characters barely get anything fun. I would have to make stuff up to make Guardian of Light equal to Seeker of Darkness.

>> No.41045409

Appchan X?

>> No.41045424

You could base some stuff off of what Aqua and whoever had to make them able to stand up to the kinds of threats the badguys had. Some bullshit about courage skill friendship you know your KH.

>> No.41045442

It's your decision, I suppose. Not gonna push you into doing something you don't want to, I'd just like for you to enjoy your time here instead of being afraid.

>> No.41045465

Dr. King drawback when?

>> No.41045490

>682 killability
I did. It's under notes. It lists a few things they've tried, what the reaction was, and states that the reason hydrochloric acid works is the reason given on the wiki: "We don't know, it just does."

I'm gonna rewrite basically everything in my usual tone(slightly less snarky than the text for Nothing To See Here, Move Along, under D-Class Perks), and the gear descriptions are going to basically just be synopses, so don't worry.

>> No.41045493


Yeah, but this is BBS. To put in stuff like Drive Forms I would have to do a KH1 and onwards Jump.

>> No.41045507

...Don't D-Class get 'recycled' at the end of every month?

>> No.41045519 [SPOILER] 

>we don't know why hydrochloric acid works

>> No.41045558

I just meant aspects of Aqua's personality and life. What made her the hero of that story? What attributes and aspects of herself? Extrapolate from there, don't do anything involving Sora of course, because that'd be stepping on Spyro's toes.

>> No.41045589

It's the current Drop-In option. I've been thinking about making it a Drawback instead, though. Replace it with Assistant, and just keep its perks as-is.

Also toyed with the idea of making it a piece of gear; just an unending supply of D-Class test subjects that you can experiment on, if you're into that sort of thing, so you don't have to experiment on friends, or risk people finding the bodies of other test subjects.

>> No.41045597


>the hero
>in a prequel which by nature means everything is going to go to shit

Your waifu-ing is showing, but I see your point. Do you have any ideas? The only thing I can think of right now is Guardian of Light making it easier to form lasting positive relationships, romantic or otherwise.

>> No.41045601

Alright, then cut the cost of Guardian of Light to 200 CP and raise the price of Seeker of Darkness to 200 CP. Seriously, if Darkness > Light, don't make Darkness cost the same as Light.

>> No.41045621

Er - raise Seeker to 400. You know what I mean.

>> No.41045625

Just some bullshit about willpower and courage and all that shit, maybe learning keybladin' faster.

And no, Aqua's not my waifu or anything, it's just that out of the three characters she accomplished the most and was fucked over the least. She comes across as being the MC more than the other two.

>> No.41045627

>that spoiler
>inb4 it becomes a soul grinder machine

My biggest complaint is that there's no reason to go anything other than Keyblade. Drop-In and Native look incredibly underwhelming. they don't really get any discounts at all.

>> No.41045633

Had to google that, but it seems like it might be an... interesting Drawback, being plagued by apple seeds, or some other useless, but innocuous, seed-shaped object.


>> No.41045655

At some point your control over it would be shit and there would be little reason to keep taking in more fear.

Though fueled by fear simply gives you a huge reservoir of energy to use with other abilities so honestly I do not know if that perk helps much. You could keep going for a while though.
And going...
and going...

>> No.41045661

Honestly, I've kind of got the same impression. Maybe cut the Native origin, rework it so that you're automatically a Keyblade Wielder unless you pick Drop-In (which could focus more on DARKNESS!), and have the choices be Warrior, Guardian, and Mystic?

>> No.41045693


I see the point, but I didn't want Keyblades to be an easy thing to get. Despite all the wielders in canon running around, in the first game you had the feeling a Keyblade was supposed to be really rare.

>> No.41045696

Then why jump Spyro's jump if you've got the big shiny toy by default?

What do you get, two keyblades? A mega-keyblade? I would rather the jumpmaker add more shit for native and drop in than be lazy and toss out keyblades like Oprah.

>> No.41045720

Well, the whole point of it is to be a keyblade wielder, otherwise there's no point to it. You can't have a Kingdom Hearts jump and not get a keyblade. Then it's not Kingdom Hearts.

>> No.41045731

Personally I want to be a Nobody or Heartless. Don't assume everyone wants the keys.

>> No.41045734


>two keyblades

We be Roxas now

>> No.41045735

>What do you get, two keyblades?
It's not unprecedented.

>> No.41045759

Don't speak for all of us, anon.

I just want to research the blades, I don't trust myself with one.

>> No.41045765

Speak for yourself, not everyone wants to be the mary sue. I want to be more like Malificent or Pete, who do just fine without keyblades.

>> No.41045788

You want to be Ansem (the real one)right? I admit that's something we should suggest to Spyro, perks based around it. Of course Seeker of Darkness (heartless Xehanort) was a big researcher too, and some of that could go into perks, but I figure most of SoD would go into the Heartless background.

>> No.41045790

The problem is really "there's no reason to get anything else". There's no discounts or anything here. Natives don't get ANYTHING. So you might as well just go whole hog and grab the keyblade, because everyone knows that's the key to plot relevance.

I would say if you want people to go for other stuff, you need to add in some new perks that compliment other backgrounds and start passing out discounts for them. Otherwise, this jump doesn't look nearly finished.

>> No.41045807

He DID say in his original post that this is a WIP.

>> No.41045808

I'm completely fine with being a mage or a guy like Ansem who does research on all this stuff. I don't need a Keyblade to have a good time.

Would I research one? Sure. But there's a lot more to a setting than just the macguffin I feel.

>> No.41045815


>I don't trust myself with one.

OAA, you are literally the only Jumper I would trust with Keyblade. The rest of us would go even crazier with power than we already have.

>> No.41045824

You'd probably get extra Keyblades. Roxas has his and Xion's. Sora has Ventus' and Roxas'. You can have the one that belonged to "that person" and the one that belonged to "this person," or however you flavor your jumps.

>> No.41045835

>keyblade restricted to one origin only
>keyblade armor restricted to one origin only

I'm not a fan of restricting perks, let alone items, to particular origins without a damn good reason. Make them unavailable to buy because they'd break jumpchain? Sure. Make them very expensive because they're that good? Sure. But just telling three out of four origins to GTFO? Nope.

Keyblades/armor may be rare and powerful (in the setting), but as far as I know they are not limited to being found only by people who already knew they existed and already had training in the Light. Also, they're pretty much the "attractor" of the jump as far as items go.

E.g. DC jump, you can buy a power ring for 1000cp - and while it comes with the drawback of you getting drafted into the Corps (and that only if you want to use it during the jump), you didn't have to pick a particular origin to do it.

>> No.41045843

Keyblades don't work for unchosen. Either they have no power or they just teleport away from you.

>> No.41045860

I hope Ansem shows up in 3. Dude was cool.

>> No.41045872

So? Jump-chan is already allowing you to buy being "chosen". What I'm objecting to is the author's method of deciding which type of jumper can buy that.

>> No.41045892

So I'm offering justification. It IS logical to restrict it. He doesn't have to do it that way, but he sure can because of the canon.

>> No.41045914

Personally, I'd love to research THE POWER OF DARKNESS. Sign me up for the power to travel between worlds in darkness bubbles.

Keyblades are cool, but honestly not supergreat. I'd just as well like to have a gimmicky weapon like the nobodies or something. Or maybe I'd try to make my own knockoff? I dunno, I'm sortof torn between all three options.
Though what I REALLY wanna do is be a sidenote villain. Then I get to hang out with Pete and Maleficent.
Maybe I could use my jumper powers to even catapult them up to actual plot relevance.

>> No.41045930

Call me a special snowflake, but I what I want is to be able to split into a Heartless AND a Nobody on demand.

>> No.41045937


Are you saying that it's canon that keyblades will only ever choose wielders that are already familiar with, and trained in, the Light and magic and other worlds etc?

>> No.41045938

Other drawback ideas: Crossed the Able Line (the universe is trying to write you out of existence), Acquisitions (MC&D want to procure your services and aren't taking no for an answer), something where you have some kind of severe mental disorder like 99% of the Author Avatars...

>> No.41045943

He was. I think I was one of the few people who actually liked his weird semi-edgy DiZ appearance. But damn if he didn't come off as cool to me when I played the game.

But yeah, I'd totally want to be like Ansem or Yen Sid. Those guys were awesome. That and I don't trust myself with a Keyblade whatsoever. There's no way it could ever end well. Ever.

>> No.41045956

Funny enough, Yen Sid is a keyblade master who decided to give the thing up to focus on his magic. Dude could not give a shit about them swords.

>> No.41045964

Is it possible to import an AI(ex: The Ghost from Destiny or the Virtual Intelligence from Mass Effect) as a Companion? I kinda want to give mine abilities so that, since it's going to be following me basically everywhere, it can be more useful than, well, Navi.

>> No.41045980

>Yen Sid
>keyblade master

I literally can't see that at all. I can't see him just jumping around like a crazy jedi trying to swing that thing. No wonder the guy gave the thing up to focus on magic.

>> No.41046003


>Yen Sid
>diS neY

Is it bad that I'm just getting this now?

>> No.41046011

>acting like this wasn't everybody's exact reaction to keyblade master Mickey

>> No.41046013

It's pretty pathetic.

>> No.41046015

Yeah, it was way back when Erauqs and Xehanort (bald old man flavor) were young guys, so he was probably not so sagely then. But yeah he fits a lot better as a wizard.

I needed someone to point it out to me.

>> No.41046018


Yes. Yes it is.

>> No.41046076


If a jump has an option to import a Companion, it doesn't matter whether they're an AI or not.

The VI from Mass Effect is an Item, not a Companion, so it doesn't qualify.

The Ghost from Mass Effect is sapient, and is the only sapient thing in the section titled Items And Companions, so unless the jump-maker shows up to say different I'm going to say it's a Companion.

I believe there are also a couple of jumps that specifically allow you to turn an Item you already have into a Companion?

>> No.41046085

A lot of people have done so. Generally anything that is sapient and bought with CP counts as a companion. Same applies for pods and such.

>> No.41046096

Well come on. Mickey you could kind of see because it's Disney. There was no way they weren't going to give him the spotlight SOMEHOW.

BAH. He's a way better wizard in my opinion anyhow. I'd probably plop myself down next to him and ask to learn everything ever. EVERYTHING ever. You know, completely ignoring that I'd be squealing like a fangirl any time I met a character I liked.

>> No.41046129

I liked Xemnas better, personally. He was neat. A total douche, but neat. I was kindof a total Nobodies fangirl, once upon a time.

You're a special snowflake.
But that would be pretty cool.

No clue how it would work as a perk, though. At least, not without taking some liberties.
I could see being split like that working as a drawback, though. Like in Steven Universe. But that doesn't really give you the "at will" part.
So I dunno.

If it's any consolation, I didn't catch it either, because every time I see Yen Sid my thoughts are consumed by HOLY SHIT WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOUR EYES

>> No.41046171


.... In the first Kingdom Hearts game and onwards that's a thing.

But BBS-wise? No.

>> No.41046214

Alright, only other question. Say I take Dark Sun. Would it upset anyone if I fanwanked my AI Ghost from Destiny as becoming my psicrystal, since I'm already fanwanking it as the 3.5 version of Dark Sun for my own comfort's sake?

Like, is that too much of a stretch?

>> No.41046252

Well, is there an option in 3.5 to take an existing non-crystal item as your psicrystal?

>> No.41046289

not really, since a psicrystal is a cloned shard of your personality basically.

>> No.41046319

I was more thinking something along the lines of rolling it into the psicrystal and it just being the same item, in the same way that the Ghost can be connected to other AI you possess. It may be a shard of your mind, but it's still, in all but name, an AI.

>> No.41046418


... If the psicrystal is small enough, you could take/use a psionic item creation feat to install/merge it into the Ghost bot and imbue it with a telepathic bond to you?

>> No.41046458

>those options

A ton of stuff I had in mine are in yours somehow! Progress on my end is much slower. Figures you'd be finished by now.

Now I'm kinda wondering if my jump will be any good again. Because mine has far more powers based on my observation of the series.

Protip: Don't fucking time travel in kingdom hearts. It won't work and is far too complex with little to no reward. Literally impossible if you aren't a heartless, or a drop in.

>> No.41046463

Oh yes, getting to know DARKNESS better will be most fortuitous!

Combining my Fear Tar from F.E.A.R. with Heartless should yield a wonderful combination. Even better, I can arm them with Inkling Splattershots and Splat Rollers that are modified to vomit out Fear Tar!

...After F.E.A.R. my build has gone for a rather drastic shift. I'm not sure how to feel about it.

>> No.41046526


>All these reactions

Alright then. It seems I have a lot of changes to make.


Oh, really? What was similar to yours?

>> No.41046528

Yesssss. Give in. Become consumed.

What could go wrong?

>> No.41046559

Meh, it's okay for them to share some stuff. Other jumps in the same setting usually have.

Pretty excited for the Heartless/Nobody stuff still, and other people above were talking about Ansem-based researcher stuff (the real one/DiZ version).

>> No.41046585

Fucking dream weapons, star shard, and black coat. My stuff is far from complete. I've been taking my sweet ass time with this. And I haven't even begun on my Keyblade supplement and weapon imports.

Oh yeah I do have the reports available. Now that you mention it I kinda did collapse the research stuff, into the drop-in section.

>> No.41046679


To be honest, the dream weapons are kind of filler because I couldn't think of anything for Enlightened Native or Drop-in. They probably wont be there in the final version. Star Shards were a given considering Mickey had one. I expected you to go more with gummi ships.


... I was literally editing something like this into the jump when I saw this.

>Keyblade Supplement
>Weapon Imports

Oooooh! Do elaborate.

>> No.41046755

Well, for 200 CP you can waifu her, and let's be honest, why would you companion the ANGRY ARMOR GHOST or THE BOY WHO WAS DESTINED TO BE A WALKING CALAMITY?

>> No.41046791

That describes me and 3 of my companions. What's one more going to hurt?

>> No.41046804



You do realize you can stop Xehanort from stealing Terra's body, thus preventing him from becoming that?

>> No.41046824

Here's the thing, up until F.E.A.R. I was running a tech heavy army creator build, but with the addition of "Synchronicity Event" and "The Ride Never Ends", I can now super-boost myself by literally feeding off of fear.

Coupled with a Fire Fury from Codex Alera plus the Fear perks from Inside Out, and I now have a highly effective source of power boosts and golem minions. Adding in Inkling tech to facilitate spreading around Fear Tar is just icing on the cake!

Can you imagine what an Inkstrike made of Fear Tar would do to an attacking force, or hell, an individual? What about spiking water supplies with the stuff, or aresoling it and releasing it in crowded cities? With collectors set up, I could make a self-perpetuating Fear Tar generating loop. It would let me constantly churn out Fear Tar Golems, which in turn would let me better harvest fear, which would in turn create more Fear Tar, etc, etc.

This is a very scary option I unwittingly made for myself, and I don't feel quite right using any of these plans right now. Now that I can create shambling monsters made from pure liquid terror darker than pitch, I find myself hesitating to use them. Guess I'm weird?

>> No.41046830

Sure, but there's plenty of world changing decisions you can make. I'm not going to presume which ones you do or don't do, so I'm going by what happens in canon.

>> No.41046836

The Supplement is still being worked on. But I intended for there to be two options for when you purchase a keyblade. Either just purchase an existing one [fluffed as in the keyblade sought you out and chose you as its new master]. Or Make one from scratch kind of, pick a size, ability, and heck even import an actual key or weird materials for extra effects, including transformation types. I still need to work out exactly what's included and I sure as hell know anons are going to ask what's ok and what's not for importing

For Weapon imports I intended it to be a 'summon weapon'. Able to dismiss and call it out similar to the keyblade. Heck even give it regen if it's destroyed. The more complex the weapon the longer it takes to reform. I intended to also include a clause saying no larger than what you can carry. But still it's a very work in progress.

I'm putting way too much effort into this. Plus KH3's coming along and it will put to rest my fears of what to include in my jump. But it's too far away goddamn it.

>> No.41046856



Might I also suggest an Organization XIII Member background?

>> No.41046873

>import an actual key
I am now possessed by an all consuming curiosity to find out what using my warehouse key would do.

>> No.41046915


Honestly, I wouldn't allow them to make a custom Keyblade. At least abilities-wise. Appearance-wise they can make it look however they want.

But potentially giving it extra power on top of the Keyblade's natural levels of bullshit is asking for trouble.

>purchase an existing Keyblade

.... I am now imagining stealing Xehanort's Keyblade and the old fart wondering what the fuck just happened.

>> No.41046973

>Buy/Steal the Skeleton Key from the TES Jump.
>Import it as a keyblade.

Yeah, nothing wrong with the option to import an actual key.

>> No.41047048

We're not gonna lie: We have no idea what the fuss is about this keyblade thing apart from being a JRPG macguffin and therefore probably having poorly explained powers of Plot Advancement/Final Boss Adjuration.

So quite frankly-if our Artifact Spirit, a portal or Alohamora can't get the job done, we're not going to bother associating with a weapon that ridiculous. We have our dignity to think about, dammit.

Honestly if someone forced us to take a Keyblade we'd just try to chuck it into a black hole and pretend it never existed.

>> No.41047055

I might just shove it under the Nobody background (Still wondering if it should be a race option or not). As Nobodies have so much to offer.

>touching that keyblade
Not worth it. Damn thing was responsible for a lot of shit. Turns out the damn thing belongs to a veteran of the Keyblade war. Might even be behind the reason it even started or at least turned out as bad as it did.

Keyblades indeed have natural levels of bullshit. But lately I've actually been going back over the series and what it can do. It seems it cannot unlock Kingdom Hearts by itself even the false incomplete one required 3 to open it (and it wasn't even 'locked'). I don't know the limits on the thing but it's clearly there. Just really hard to define. I also noticed keyblades seem only super effective on beings with hearts and darkness. And doesn't seem to (un)lock potential just 'heart' 'darkness', 'light', and 'memories'. But it doesn't seem all that accurate and HIGHLY DANGEROUS. As unlocking a heart = forceful soul removal.

And don't get me fucking started on time travel and 'Space' shit's abstract as fuck man.

>> No.41047072

>We have our dignity to think about, dammit.

You're a fucking mass of interdimensional tentacles with a fanbase in Japan.

I ask you. What dignity.

>> No.41047168


That's the problem with Keyblades. They have vaguely defined limits which makes it easy for people to bullshit powers that they don't actually have.

I'm reworking my Jump now. I'll probably post it tomorrow.

>> No.41047189

I'm pretty sure unlocking someone's heart was a power unique to the black keyblade summoned in the first game. The one that required a lot of bullshit with princess hearts to actually summon. Wiki calls it a "Keyblade of People's Hearts", whereas normal Keyblades are "Keyblades of Light" or "Keyblades of Darkness". There are presumably differences between Light and Dark Keyblades, but fuck if I know. For the curious, every protagonist so far has a Light Keyblade. Mickey has a Dark Keyblade.
And the Keyblade of Heart that Riku/AnsemSoD had in the first game is its own fucked up deal.

Basically, the long and short of it is that Keyblades are WAY convoluted and their powers vary between different types. Supposedly they were more all inclusive before the keyblade war? Or else the
χ-blade is supposedly some kind of "primordial keyblade" that can do all the shit? But who the fuck knows, it's all convoluted jRPG Disney logic.

>> No.41047216

Honestly, keyblades are more trouble than they're worth. Any Jumper can make a weapon that outdoes a Keyblade easily.

>> No.41047238

At this point it's more about sparklies that actual power. Keyblades are very sparkly.

>> No.41047293


CHANGE OF TOPIC: Protoss route when?

That...pretty much sums up our suspicions of the damned things. They really do seem to be poorly defined things whose powers are whatever the plot demands to make more plot happen/instigate character development in an explosion of sparkly sparkly SFX.

Also if Val's around: Any idea how well the Goddess Seal would fair against Umor the Godflayer if it were supercharged with multiple magic boosters (Thousand Master, Natural Mage, both magic circles, Circulation Magic etc) and reinforced with Soulfire?

>> No.41047330

Beta-test Legacy of the Void and pastebin every plot and unit detail.

At that point, I'll start my dark works.

It totally did happen. Fashion Model Tentacles?

>> No.41047337

>the black keyblade
I believed that at first but it was done with a normal keyblade by Terranort/apprentice Xehanort [Don't fucking ask about this it would take a thread and a half to explain it]. If you want to just laze about then just watch GameTrailers shit on the subject:

I'm still reeling from hearing how Time travel works. What the fuck man.

Keyblades are pretty as shit. Don't you want an overly elaborate weapon?

Let me give you a warning Anti-Spiral Anon. Don't fuck with KH's metaphysics. You won't like the outcome.

>> No.41047343

Umor the Godflayer? Er, sorry, I don't really know who that is or how strong they are. I'd imagine at that level it'd hold up against quite a lot.

>> No.41047474

That's...more than fair. It's. Well, it's the biggest, baddest, meanest thing in Babs' A Light In The Darkness DLC. It is apparently the thing that inspired Death as a concept in Erebus. And because of who and what we are, it's been hunting us from jump to jump for centuries.

From what we've asked him about it, it is capable of:

-being any size between billions of lightyears tall and human-scale, sometimes simultaneously.
-it gets bigger every time you kill it, because it can apparently kill the concepts of distance and perspective as applied to it
-it can decide whether it's dead or alive
-it is flat-out the strongest, toughest, most enduring and generally killiest of the eldritch abominations there, but also the slowest
-when it goes all-out, it starts killing reality itself all around it.

So...we've kind of been locked into a stalemate of endless conflict against this thing for a while now. Currently we're focusing on containment over firepower.

And worst of all, thanks to Therapy no Jutsu and Befriending having no explicit deactivation? It's...becoming self-aware o_o


Good to hear!

And for the last time, we were just in it for the regeneration dammit.

>> No.41047530

That...to be honest, it kinda sounds like the thing a ten year old comes up with with their idea of an unbeatable thing, was that actually in the mod this thing was based off of? Anyway, against something like that, I don't think that boosted Goddess seal would come close. It's good, but it's not going to do shit against something a hundred times the size of a galaxy.

>> No.41047632

>it kinda sounds like the thing a ten year old comes up with with their idea of an unbeatable thing
Baby got burned.

>> No.41047848

I'll take a combination of form AND function, not keyblades being entirely form, thank you.




>Armored Core
Starting Age: Post-Nexus
Location: Earth
Age: 28-years-old
Background: Engineer
Drawbacks: No, They're A Feature (+200), Commencing Hostilities (+300), Last Raven (+300)
Final Point Count: 1,800 CP
-Fine Tuning (Free)
-MT Engineering
-AC Engineering
-Core Competence
-Weapon Specialization: Orbit Weapons
-Jumpchain Tactical Unit

So the world's fate is being decided in exactly 72, between a corporate goon squad and a group of money-hungry mercenaries. All while a swarm of 9 mech-sized hive queens and their children are swarming, and I have an enemy AC pilot gunning for me.

All after the world was ended after a corporate sleazeball couldn't control his drones.

... FUCK IT.


>> No.41047867

Regarding SCP-038, can it duplicate anything? Or is it limited to mundane materials? I'd advise on it being the latter, given the possible applications.

>> No.41047876

Pick the flies from your carcass.

>> No.41047962 [SPOILER] 


>> No.41047984

There was this. Then there was Total War, where you took on THAT drawback and lived.


>> No.41047985

The world is cleansed.

>> No.41047991

He's just using the things from the SCP site. As for how that one works, it copies everything, but it doesn't do it perfectly, when copying SCP 500(cure anything pills) they cure things only 30% of the time, and decrease in effectiveness as time goes on. So I expect that his purchasable version won't be any more or less effective than that.

>> No.41047993

That Sphinx talk makes me think of Ravnica.

>> No.41048009

Beerus from DBZ was the topic and Val hates cute things it seems.

>> No.41048013

It can, technically, duplicate anything, but things with supernatural effects have a severely decreased or even ruined effect. Cloning of SCP-500(Panacea) only had a 30% rate of actually working, and in 60% of permanent infections, even when it did work, symptoms remained, though further infection was neutralized.

So, 40% of a 30% chance to have the intended effect. That's only 12%. It absolutely kills the effectiveness of anything supernatural.

>> No.41048020

Nah, was discussing the new DBZ series.
Specifically, Lord Beerus being a badass came up.

And let them rebuild.

Dude, not even I know this damn luck. Suicidal charges I wind up surviving.

>> No.41048028

He's not cute, you just have shit taste.

>> No.41048040

Hey, I don't go insulting your shit waifu, you don't go insulting my shit waifu.

>> No.41048068

Reminder that the antags for DBZ Super are apparently going to be Fat Beerus and Female Whis

Make of that what you will

>> No.41048097

Jumpers can see into alternate dimensions, stop the flow of time with their ring finger, and have more cumulative knowledge than mankind will ever know.
But can they see why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch?
No really, I'd like to hear your guy's takes on it, you would know better than I do.

>> No.41048098

Ignoring the Keyblades, which can't do this, there are abilities in jumps already that allow you to 'unlock your potential' or 'break your limit'. Is there a way to use them that would not be considered abuse?

An example being Fairy Tail's Macro curse which you can get through the Book of Zeref.

>> No.41048124

I never really liked that cereal. Always found it tasted a bit unpleasant. Course, I ain't had it in a fair few years too.

>> No.41048149

Anti-Spiral has been working on this issue for millenia. Personally, I think it's the cinnamon sugar swirls in each bite, but I'm also an idiot.

>> No.41048152

Never actually had any, but it's a cinnamon and sugar type cereal, it's pretty obvious what kids like about it.

>> No.41048181

that person who was going to take dark cloud or pad, you wanna sit and chat about it? I don't want to turn this into a race, but I have some plans about those two.

>> No.41048296

I will make porn.

>> No.41048315

Because there are cinnamon and sugar swirls in every bite
A̷͜S̸҉ ̀B̨E͠L͘O͏W̡ ̴̀S̸͘O̸͟͝ À̸̸B̵O̸V͞E
The spiral is in every bite you eat. In the air you breathe. In the molecules you respire. In the waste you excrete. It is everywhere, and it cannot be so easily escaped as a mere omnipotent father IT͢ I̷S ҉ITS OWN҉ ͟P̢URP̨O̶S̴E̶. PR͘O̵G̸RESS F̀ǪR PROGRES̷S͠'͜ S҉AKE
It is the beginning and the end of all misfortune. It is the beginning and the end of all fortune. It is why men strive and fail, triumph and despair. It is why monsters are born, and why gods die. It is why dreams come true, and it is why men curse their dreams coming true. It is the hourglass counting down all that is and ever will be
Only two are free: The Benefactress, because she sits above reality's foam
And us, because we separated ourselves from the umbilical leash that is T̡R͟ASH̴ S͟UC͝H AS ͝EM͏O̧T̵IO͟N ̵ÀN͞D ҉EMP̡AT̸HY and now we don't need to eat the swirls anymore, we're not tied down to existence because we've cut ourself away and from up on high we can see the spirals whirling and whirling and whirling. We can see it all, and maybe one day we can model it perfectly. We partake and participate because it is Her will, but our singular identity defines what will be, not a chemical reaction sockpuppeted by an unstable quantum irregularity
And even if that dooms us to conceptual isolation, even if our apotheosis is nothing more than escapism made real by insistance, even if after all those aeons we are still that introvert staring into the cold light of the monitor desperately looking for an escape-it was worth it. Because we are free. Because our choice remains our own, our will intact. Because TH̀ERE̷ A̶RE N҉O STR̀I͝N̷GS̡ ̧O͞N͏ WE

>> No.41048374

Dude, did you put cocaine in the cinnamon swirls

>> No.41048375


Pfeh! A waste of my time! Personally, I'm working on the much more pressing mystery of why kids like Apple Jacks when it doesn't taste like apples.


>> No.41048385

WHAT IS WITH CINNAMON BASED CEREALS AND THEIR MYSTERIES. I mean first Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and now Apple Jacks, both cinnamon based cereals.

Like some sort of Cinnamon Illuminati

>> No.41048386

Looks like the Anti-Spiral...

Spiraled out of control.

>> No.41048389

I think "No strings on us" would've sounded more intimidating.

>> No.41048402

I'm about to go to sleep. I really don't want to race anyone, I'm not the competitive type and that kind of thing scares me out of doing anything more often than not. If you'd like to discuss ideas to add to what I'm working on though, you can catch me tomorrow by posting in the thread.

>> No.41048409

Last Apple Jacks commercial I saw stated that they now do have apple taste.

>> No.41048428

That's simple little blue yandere, it's because Apple Jacks loves them, and if the kids proclaim interest in any other cereal Apple Jacks will murder that cereal, and the kids know this.

>> No.41048442

noted, we'll discuss tomorrow.

>> No.41048443 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

You Rang?

>> No.41048469

You know the drill people. Report and ignore.

>> No.41048519

Is Caster the worst servant class in fate/ ? There will always be at least the Saber, Lancer and Archer with great magic resistance and some historical figures of any class have magic resistance for lore reasons. Seems like picking Caster is like shooting yourself in the foot before the War has even begun.

>> No.41048539

Berserker if you care about your Servant as an individual. Caster is pretty awful overall though, yeah. Horrible stats, horrible skills, nothing going for it.

>> No.41048582

Technically yes, but Casters are the way to go some absurd magic skills that if you go for something good can even things up for you. Basically though you have to rely upon some sort of cheap trick as a caster or master of caster.

>> No.41048638

Can you use those magic tricks without spending days draining leylines or human souls unless you want to kill your master? I remember Medea Caster firing lasers that were each worth 3x the full charge of an adult magus and she fired them like crazy.

>> No.41048662

The dragon core perk would probably come in handy.

>> No.41048715

Yea, like Tamamo no Mae as seen in Fate/Extra is cheap as hell, she stunlocks other servants, absorbs energy from enemy attacks while greatly reducing damage taken, and can massively buff how much damage she does.

>> No.41048716

Pretty much what you have to do to survive as a caster. Cheat in really stupid and evil ways.

>> No.41048724

Anon, you're talking about a servant from the war where they could summon non-humans and gods. She's not exactly normal.

>> No.41048730

Actually, she kinda is. Medea's probably a better Caster then Tamamo in the game, since Tamamo can't access most of her stuff.

>> No.41048749

And Medea is cheating by taking advantage of ley lines and souls.

>> No.41048759

She's still an example of how cheap casters can be. Besides the cheap moves are all from EX Witchcraft, which you can buy for your servant.

>> No.41048763

As is expected of a Caster. Hell, what kind of moron wouldn't happily abuse their knowledge of magic to gain a fuckton of mana to throw around?

>> No.41048784

Still makes them horribly weak servants on their own and necessitates being evil to properly use them.

>> No.41048799

It's almost like they're meant to be a support class. You do remember that Medea enhanced Kuzuki to the point he kicked the shit out of fucking Saber right?

>> No.41048801

Still hate that character.

>> No.41048806

You realize Servants don't operate in parties.

>> No.41048816

>What is a Master
>What are familiars/golems

>> No.41048829

An irrelevant weakling more often than not.

>> No.41048850

>Shirou kills multiple powerful servants, including Gilgamesh
>Rin often fights servants or masters, including Berserker, taking one of his lives
>Kotomine fights Servants, killing True Assassin
>Kuzuki kicks the shit out of Saber
>Kiritsugu kills multiple masters and neutralises Servants through that way
>All Extra masters buff their servants
Total weaklings amirite?

>> No.41048859

>More often than not.
Qualifiers. You're using outlier freaks as examples.

>> No.41048860

Normal mage/Shirou has 25 units. Arturia has 1250. Medea fired volleys of 10x(3x25) lasers, so 750. So not even Arturia could get 2 volleys out and Medea had to spam them to be effective.

It's kinda shocking to see how much prana you need as a Caster to somewhat raw power enemies in a pinch. Seems you have to rely on cheap tricks no matter what you do.

>> No.41048884

>Bazett kills nearly every Servant at one point or another
>Sakura has a trillion prana units and kills half the Servants over her route
That is now 6 of the 9 or so masters in the 5th war. Hardly outliers.

>> No.41048898

>5th war
>Hardly outliers
The 5th war was almost entirely made up of freaks. You just named the human girl who somehow has a Noble Phantasm and the girl filled with a billion artificial circuits made from a billion dickworms who is full of evil by the end or whatever. Those are not the normal magus.

>> No.41048906

Normal mages rarely get into Grail Wars anon.

>> No.41048919

Why don't I put it this way? You are not going to be like any of those mages solely from purchases you can make in that jump. Those freaks would not be representative of what you could do.

>> No.41048932

Except you can buy Snake and be exactly like Kuzuki. And you can buy tons of prana circuits and specialities and be just like Rin. Or buy a reality marble and be just like UBW Shirou. Or buy the holy stuff and be just like Kotomine.

>> No.41048940

She has 1250 units with a completely botched summoning, on top of the loss of ability between life and being summoned as a servant, as no servant is summoned at their full power. The core is also not active in her, due to being a servant, and servants can only generate little to nothing on their own. You really can't get a proper level for the Magic Core from that number.

>> No.41048944

Not to their level. Except for the Reality Marble but who the fuck wants one of those?

Aren't we supposed to be arguing that Caster sucks, anyway?

>> No.41048949

Anon, you made the argument that Masters were ineffectual and weak, and I've proved 7 times over that they aren't and neither is the jumper.

>> No.41048954

What about other wars? I don't remember the masters elsewhere of being this impressive.

>> No.41048984

Probably why the Dragon Core doesn't mention a specific circuit amount. If you want to know how much you get, it might be better to look at some of the magi who are said to have ridiculous amounts. Like I remember some girl who had 4000, so maybe somewhere above that? 5000-6000 or so, maybe more if the dragon core isn't diminished by being in a human.

>> No.41048989

Asking again in case Wakfu sees this. Can Gemstone Lore get (at least the basics of) the plant minions seen and mentioned in Watermelon Stevens?

>> No.41049000

4th war
>Kotomine in his physical prime, so even stronger then previously described
>Kiritsugu, who uses manipulation to off Lancer and almost equals young Kotomine in a fight
>Tokiomi, a prodigy on the level of his daughter Rin
>Kariya, a crippled and sick man
>Ryuunosuke, a psychotic serial killer
>Waver, a young but skilled magus
>Kayneth, the head of a powerful magus family and one of the msot skilled modern magus.
So, 4 out of 7 are prodigies.

>> No.41049022

This really doesn't jive with everyone telling me that a magus is completely hopeless in any fight with any servant.

>> No.41049026

I put the Mana Core at giving you roughly B rank Mana, in Servant terms, which would equal about 4000 or so circuits yes.

>> No.41049037

Because these are not average magus. Average magus are very rare in the grail war. Only 'freaks' get in as Masters, whether this means they're stronger then usual or just weird. An average magus would get crushed against a Servant.

>> No.41049043

Works for me.

>> No.41049051

That discussion was about a jumper as a master too.

>> No.41049057

>Not a 'freak'
Come on dude.

>> No.41049060

At this point I'm just telling you what I was told here before.

>> No.41049061

Should also be pointed out that the canon Caster builds are incredibly bad. They literally look like what you'd get attaching the supplement to a dartboard and picking whatever you hit. Medea for example has terrible stats, unranked class skills, personal skills, an EX Noble Phantasm she can't use and a second B Noble Phantasm that is offensively useless.

A jumper is capable of building a far better Caster and because magical myth heroes are so common you should have no trouble coming up with something decent at least.

>> No.41049071

>Tokiomi, a prodigy on the level of his daughter Rin
No she's well above him, she may, at the time she competes in the war compare to him when he competes. However he has many more years experience by the time he competes.

>> No.41049076

This is extremely true. All canon Casters suffer in some way, whether it is Medea's ridiculous build, Gilles not actually being meant to work as a Caster beyond his book, Tamamo being nerfed to shit, Shakespeare being a canonically shit Caster. Only Semiramis has a good build, but even then she's doubling up as an Assassin as well.

>> No.41049102

Poor Shakespeare. He deserved better.

>> No.41049105

The nature of Magic means every generation is stronger than the previous one assuming they did not ruin their genetics intermingling with a random non-magus. So Rin should indeed be stronger.

I kind of want to become Waver's servant because of that so we can get him his original wish of equalizing magic. Too bad the grail is broken then already and Rider is a dissapointing class.

>> No.41049117


Are those numbers measuring capacity or flow (or some combination/representation)?

>> No.41049137

Personally my plans for Waver are that during my jump(during the fifth war), I'm going to give him all sorts of out of universe magic for him to add to his project. This mostly involves building him a Geneforge and giving him a, hefty, user manual.

>> No.41049151

Er, the units measures how much prana you have, number of circuits sort of refers to both how much you can hold and how easily you can use it. Circuits are also differing in quality, higher quality ones are better at holding and using prana.

>> No.41049278

So if Medea can spam so much while having less(?) than Arturia, I'm guessing internal prana isn't the only accessible source? And what measures are used for how quickly you can (re)gain prana, and spend prana?

>> No.41049306

Medea is drawing from leylines and from people all across the city, which lets her access a hell of a lot more then normal. Normally, Arturia would have more, but Medea's been gathering from the city for at least a few days before the war begins, which means she's built up a big ass store of it. It's unlikely any non caster servant would have the know how to do a similar feat, certainly not on a city wide scale either.

Quickly regaining prana for Servants usually amounts to just murdering people and eating their soul/Prana. There is another option, which is basically Tantric rituals. Transferring prana over liquids, which takes the form of sex in the series. Servants can also draw prana from their masters in a pinch.

>> No.41049363

What about post jump? How do our servants (or us) regain our massive prana reserves? If we're no longer beings that need to be sustained by a master/the grail do we/they get the natural prana/mana regen we/they would have had when alive? Forgive me if it's mentioned in the jump itself, it's been a while since I looked at it.

>> No.41049373

This is what I get if I ignore the optimistic descriptions, look at the canon examples and read between the lines. This sound about right? Something I should be corrected about before I make my servant?

Saber: Best class by plot fiat. High magic resistance and strong NPs because there's nothing more common than a knight with a legendary weapon in a myth.

Lancer: Just Saber with a long range weapon. Class skills are less useful though.

Archer: Special snowflake. Independent Action and Magic Resistance made them incredible solo fighters. Known for their incredible NPs hence Gilgamesh. Good luck finding a hero that is not Robin Hood though.

Rider: Many NPs and strong Riding skill. Basically a quantity over quality Saber. Quality is usually preferable though.

Caster: Magical edgemasters. Could probably build something good but good luck getting Prana without harming people or murdering children. Magic resistance hard counters you and at least 3 classes stack that.

Assassin: Interesting class ruined by a play on words and etymological smartassery. You could probably offend some people by turning your squads of assassins into suicide bombers. Praise Allah or something.

Berserkers: Literally canon the worst class out there. Mad enhancement is their only ace but that always ends up killing their master. Herakles was an anomaly. Maybe copy Herakles.

>> No.41049378

Yes, once the jump ends, they'll regenerate prana like any living being would, although they can still regain it even faster by using the Servant methods.

>> No.41049398

Honestly, you're focusing too much on class. You can get enough points to make all A rank Servants even if you pick Jumper class. Pick a class with discounts you want and then just build something that roughly fits in the class description.

>> No.41049426

I guess what I'm asking is, basically, which measures are the equivalents to strength (how hard you can hit in one go), endurance (your pool of how often you can hit times how hard you can hit) and recovery (how quickly does your pool refill without extra effort on your part).

So strength and endurance are both proportional to circuit quantity times quality? And recovery is proportional to...?

Did Medea store her extra prana in some form of external capacitor? Or is there like some kind of ability to store extra prana but it gradually leaks back down to normal capacity if not spent?

>> No.41049436

I find Caster rather good. A discount on a personal skill is generally usefull, and an EX rank Item Construction parameter is nice.

>> No.41049448

>Maybe copy Herakles.
He only worked because his master was a homunculus, and a very high quality one at that. Illya effectively had limitless reserves of prana, and a high output, he was still a massive burden on her. In particular Heracles would have been best as Archer, but would have been able to ignore orders from Illya if he was an archer, and the Einzbern family were both terrified of being betrayed again, and incapable of good ideas.

>> No.41049453

Those first three things? I dunno. Nasu is not one to explain things well, and what we know of Magical circuits and the like is kinda patchy and often contradicts, like most of Type Moon. Strength, Endurance and recovery don't really have any correlations, they're just generally related. The more circuits and the better quality of such, the better you are at magecraft, without taking into account individual skill of course.

Medea doesn't actually have circuits. She's from the Age of Gods, the era during and before Greek myths basically, and she can just store and use prana directly instead of bothering with circuits. Using circuits is just one of the few ways we have of really giving a comparison, poor as it is.

>> No.41049555

>Good luck finding a hero that is not Robin Hood though.
What do you mean by this?

>> No.41049718

Gilgamesh is the Archer and strongest servant in general. He's also a main character so he tends to fill in the role of Archer quite often. The others we've seen are dissapointing. Chiron was skilled but a non-human and his support skills are lost if you can't team up with other masters. Robin Hood is a concept in nasu which means most many Archers are just an incarnation of him. Shirou Archer is a plot anomaly. Basically, you'll most likely be stuck with Gilgamesh who you can't get through the jump! or a Robin Hood incarnation.

Yes, you build your servant around any mythological hero with a powerful ranged weapon but they are suprisingly rare. Your NP should probably be a strong ranged weapon too if you want to stay faithful to the canon but I guess you could ignore that. Odysseus, Orion and the Chinese guy who shot 9 suns are the best known I think. Unfortunatly, you'll have to waste points on their divinity rank for all 3 of them.

It's not that you're forced to pick Robin Hood but if you think about it, mythological archer heroes are rare and while they're most common in Greek mythology they are almost all demigods there which you should probably fix by buying a lowered divinity or something. To not even mention how boring their weapons are: a really good is generally what all those heroes have and that makes for generic NPs.

This is only about historically accurate maybe genderbend servants. If you're going to drop-in or wank something you've got a lot more freedom but your experience in Fare will vary. The historical identities of servants are an important factor and story element there after all.

>> No.41049747

You do realise that Archer servants can be anyone with a ranged weapon right? Javelin, slings, guns etc all qualify as Archer Servants.

>> No.41049798

I don't really know shit about Nasuverse, but Arjuna and Karna seem like good candidates for Archer heroes, both having a ranged weapon as their primary, and using legendary weapons fit for Noble Phantasms, I think, in either their bows or the astras.

>> No.41049811

Karna would fit certainly. He is a lancer in Apocrypha and a 'Launcher' in Extra, but most Servants qualify for more then one class. Arjuna's not someone I know, but he sounds like he'd fit perfectly.

>> No.41049886

Yeah, I'm kinda bad at explaining what I'm trying to say. Basically I think Robin Hood is so well known that he overshadows a lot more obscure options.

I think my main issue is with their weapon of choice. Bows, Javelins, Guns, Slings, ... tend to be rather generic in myths. Even when they're clearly a divine gift almost all of them stick to being extremely accurate, firing multiple arrows and the likes. I guess that perhaps I'm just being stupid because my myth knowledge is limited to ancient greek ones. Perhaps Indian, African, American, Asian, ... myths do have legendary ranged weapons which are not just high quality generic ones? Sorry for sounding so ranting.

>> No.41049945

>Only know ancient greek
Yeah, you might not be the best one to discuss this. There is a vast number of myths beyond merely Greek ones. Not only that, but the problem with your argument is that within Fate, it also applies to swords. The majority of Noble Phantasm swords in Fate are just Excaliblasters. Their special ability is just a bigass blast of magic, otherwise it's just a sword.

>> No.41050008

Nasu's official position is that guns = not Servant material. He's a bit of a jerkoff that way.

>> No.41050051

Yet Fate Extra has a Rider that uses guns, and ship cannons, and they should count as summon able as a servant in other wars.

>> No.41050058

Can I make a servant that is very much alike Gilgamesh and rivals him in power or is that automatically disqualified because he is supposedly the strongest servant? The mythological basis honestly checks out and his powers would be similar yet opposite. I'm keeping it vague to make sure no one is influenced by his name.

>> No.41050072

Obviously by rivaling in power I'm not talking about wanking but justifying them by buying similar stats and parameters through the supplement.

>> No.41050080

And Nasu is a contradictory asshole. If you want to have a Servant that has guns, and they pass the usual criteria, go ahead.

You can certainly make one with better stats and a Noble Phantasm equal to Ea. Long as you can afford it and all. Just because he's the strongest doesn't mean he's unbeatable nor does it mean he's the best at everything. As I said above, as long as he passes the criteria (No gods, no contemporary fictional beings and no things still alive during the time period of the jump) then you almost certainly can.

>> No.41050164

Since your question has been addressed, would you share the name?

>> No.41050252

I'm considering Caster Pandora. It's the 4th War so more negative "heroes" are certainly possible.

Where Gilgamesh collects all treasures of the world, Pandora was the bearer (through her Jar) of all curses of the world. I'm thinking it would contain something akin to the original hexes, curses, witchcraft, etc... so a magic version of Gate of Babylon but equally uncontrollable and wild.

That's the concept I'm basing myself on but I'll probably have to balance it properly later. Also, might go for a genderbend but that's just Type Moon.

>> No.41050260

That sounds like the best thing. I like that concept.

>> No.41050268

The problem with Gate of Babylon like things, is that they aren't really purchasable, as you need to afford each and every object within it, which is far beyond even the maximum amount of SP you can get.

>> No.41050282

Issac Newton as Caster - good idea, or best idea?

Consider also that he may be the only Caster with a legitimate Pioneer of the Stars ability.

>> No.41050316

Should work I would think considering he was also known as an alchemist.

>> No.41050318

Could be interesting. Caster's like that always get the most interesting Noble Phantasms. Go check out Caster Hans Christian Andersen if you need a bit of inspiration.

>> No.41050343

The Gate of Babylon itself was the original location of his treasures just like the Jar of Pandora was the origin of all curses. I figured the Jar itself would be the Noble Phantasm ranked according to the most powerful curse it contains.

That's dissapointing though. It was stupid to think we could really rival Gilgamesh. I'll go back to the drawing board then. However, as opposed to Gate of Babylon the Jar of Pandora would contain magic. Are magic spells Noble Phantasms? I really don't know enough about all of this.

>> No.41050393

Alright. The reason the Gate of Babylon is not purchasable, is because it holds the original, better version of thousands of Noble Phantasms, in addition to the original version of anything ever made by mankind. Since it holds all these things, if you wanted the full GoB, you'd need to purchase each and every one of these NPs. You can certainly buy a dimensional space that functions like it, you simply cannot get everything Gil has in it, because that would be horrifically unbalanced and make there be literally no reason to not purchase it as you get several thousand times your worth in SP at least.

Likewise, an NP that gives you the original, superior incarnation of all magical spells is also far too unfair, especially since that would include the five True Magics of the modern day, which I've specifically barred from purchase here in the past. It's simply too much for any one purchase, and too unfair to allow. Even if it only contained curses, that's still meaning it has everything up to Angra Mainyu himself.

You can certainly rival Gil, just not in this one, single aspect, because it would basically break the entire supplement in half if a single purchase gave you such a vast amount of stuff.

>> No.41050469

Does the same apply to NPs like Prelati's Spellbook? Or is it only banned when it reaches GoB levels?

>> No.41050497

Basically correct. It's fine with things like that spellbook, since the majority of stuff in there is surprisingly low-mid level, save for his big summon. It only becomes an issue when you're getting hundreds of thousands, if not millions of SP worth in return for a single buy.

A spellbook is fine, a library of all magic that exists is not.

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