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>You know the types, period accurate Third Reich armies for Bolt Action and Flames of War, Iron Crosses everywhere, hatred of Jews. Again, it should be obvious that this is wrong.

The hell is this shit tg?

I'm somehow now "glorifying a fascist regime" for painting my models in historically accurate colours and iconography?

Am I supposed to deliberately make them ugly models and throw every game just so everyone knows I'm not a neo-nazi? Or are we just never supposed to play bad guys in any wargame, videogame or RPG because some assholes who can't differentiate fantasy from reality tell us it makes us bad people?

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People are stupid cunts, playing a game about using human lives like ammo but suddenly they find that history is too offensive for them.

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human garbage believes that kind of shit anon
dont concern yourself with them

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>Am I supposed to deliberately make them ugly models and throw every game just so everyone knows I'm not a neo-nazi?

No, just can the holocaust denial bullshit you spew at me when you're waiting for your turn.

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Ok that tears it, if I get a Khador army, I'm going to give them a black/white paint job with red trim, and give all the infantry brown shirts

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I thought non-standard paintjobs weren't allowed in tourneys.

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>I'm somehow now "glorifying a fascist regime" for painting my models in historically accurate colours and iconography?
>historically accurate colours and iconography

Isn't that tank from the grimdark space future?

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Say what you want but deep down somewhere you know you're glorifying a monstrous group of people and are fine with perpeutating their works and on some level their message, and you are alright with that. Though good news, the people directly affect by this are almost all dead! So you won't have some old lady walk by and go pale white seeing you smiling as you show off your toys painted in the colors and symbols of a culture of mass murders, you'll only have to justify it to their children and people who have heard the stories and don't want this shit. Really I know it isn't going to change anything but you need to look at your hobby and ask if it's ok to have fun with "accurate" hateful iconography that no one should be proud to be associated with, but you've accepted you're fine flying the colors of monsters and enjoying it.

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I know your trolling but I'd still do it in spite

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That's just peopletrolling.

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It is, I took the pic from the blog post cos I liked the look of it.

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If you change US military uniforms to grey and give them the confederate flag will it still be as hateful?

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Welcome to modern society, where the mere appearance of being wrong is worse than actually doing anything wrong. Where your thoughts and words count for more in the public eye than your actions.

Needless to say, FUCK modern society.

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Because when I play a wargame about a historical conflict, I'd rather leave out one of the major sides just because their views and opinions are unpopular today!

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flames of war should just be the allies handing flowers to all the liberated french children with no nazi symbols anywhere because thats triggering

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>bad guys
h-heh y-yeah, I know right? Them evil nazis, heh. I only play them because I like the design h-heh heh.

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You know you can pretty much take this argument and apply it to every army in some degree? Besides, I'd rather live in a country where you CAN paint swastikas on your army men then get judging stares and nasty looks than live in a place that makes it illegal to paint swastikas on your army men.

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Why have the fucking game when someone has to glorify the fucking monsters? It's quite literally going "Ok who here wants to play the racist?" and then patting them on the back when they put a lot of effort into it. It's already disgusting you're enjoying the fucking war aspect as a game but do you need to fucking embrace racism and perpetuate it's symbol for fun? People have lived in terror of that shit and died being shot by people wearing it on their badges and you fucking want to throw a fit and say it's alright on your tank cause it's really cool?

Fuck you sir and all the hate and just disgusting ignorance and callousness you represent..

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>bad guys
History is black and white! The allies dindu nuffin!

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summary execution should be brought back just for you anon

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>I'd rather live in a racist calous country that lets me proudly show off my symbols of hatred
Well if you're in America you're in fucking luck unless people actually become decent like they are with the shitcanning of the Slave raping flag of the Confederates. Maybe you should fight for keeping that flag too, it's in your best interests between you know, burning down black churches.

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Arguably the oldest argument in wargaming, after the one about the essential morality of the hobby.

Kinda played out when you've been hearing it for 30+ years.


>going to some blog that specifically identifies as being SJW to get offended over SJW ideals

OP is a thinskinned babbybawling faggot, hide thread and move on.

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>being this retarded

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>Arguably the oldest argument in wargaming, after the one about the essential morality of the hobby.

It's on the forefront to, confederate flag minis are really fucking not going to be allowed to be sold anywhere and I'm glad. Gamers are already seen as creepy enough and we don't' need this shit on our plate too. I'm really hoping they move onto the logical step of nazi shit too cause I'm really just surprised it's lasted this long.

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>Being this racist apologist.

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Fuck off, censorfag.

I will agree that the Rebel flag has no place on a government building, but you damn well better believe I will fight tooth and nail to preserve the private citizen's right to fly that flag. Freedom of speech or no freedom at all, fascist pig.

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This must be bait.
I don't want to believe you're serious.

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>I'm fine with defending racists
I hope your neighbors want you in their neighborhood, cause I sure as fuck wouldn't. You can claim free speech and all that shit but it's been agreed again and again racist hateful shit does not pass the mustard. You're naive view of this is causing an infection of our culture to remain intact and not purged.

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Most people who play ww2 historical games are fully aware about how some people would view their armies and try to give them historical context without being overly controversial if it can be helped.

sadly theres always some fuckwit that ruins it for everyone else. For us it was the prick who turned up for our BA tournament with a force based on Einsatzgruppe Dirlwanger.
Thats right, the guy whose force was made of murderers, rapists and madmen that was so fucked up the SS tried to have him court martialled.

TL;DR: dont let one bellend ruin your fun, theres always one

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Your first mistake is operating under the impression that the civil war was somehow about slavery and absolutely nothing else.

I'll agree it was a major component and a significant reason, and it's something that definitely shouldn't have ever happened, but saying that the matter of slavery was the only important thing decided in that war, or the only thing worth mentioning, or even the only cause, is a gross oversimplification and a massive case of historical revisionism. I can't acknowledge that kind of argument as a statement of fact.

So yeah, freedom of speech or no freedom at all.

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>defeat racism and bigotry with censorship, not logic and education

You have to be troll. If not, hold your breath till you smell the sulfur, faggot.

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>Most people who play ww2 historical games are fully aware about how some people would view their armies and try to give them historical context without being overly controversial if it can be helped.

"While I might be playing an army that helped kill millions of people based on ethnicity and spent days lovingly asseminbling and painting it for the highest degree of accuracy but in this context..."

Yeah no, that's a rationalization. At some point they have to accept they fucking want this shit, and this shit is the darkest parts of human history that people suffer for no reason than being born the wrong skin color. It has no reason, it's not only offensive it's actively hateful.

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BUt blood angels are made of murderers, madmen and cannibals.

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If you feel this strongly about it, you should be doing something that matters, not arguing on 4chan

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He's either a troll or an idiot; he just parrots the same shit over and over and has no logic whatsoever behind it. Just stop falling for the bait.

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Holy shit you're crazy

'You play the bad guys, therefore you want this kind of shit to happen'


That is all KINDS of fucked-up thinking, m8. Shit does not work that way. Human psychology does not work that way.

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Oh I know how amoral logic is but when racists use logic it's a disgusting affront to the concept while bringing shit like "Just because your race was being enslaved/exterminated you should just forget it it has nothing directly to do with it, it's just a symbol!" . There is no amount of logic to remove the symbols that we ALL fucking know what they mean from the pain and hatred that is a part of their history.

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Fuck off sjw fag. You are the reason why modern society is shit.

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Does this line of thinking extend to fantasy games like 40k?
Bc that makes like every faction unplayable.

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/tg/ was literally created as a containment board for wargames. i think you have the wrong board and even the wrong website. you might want to go back to tumblr.

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Well, certain factions can be pretty cool guys

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Wow i mean just wow, i have seen people twist others words for their own purposes before but i have never seen someone do it as shamelessly as you have. not even touching the various logical fallacy's in your argument it needs to be said that Context my dear is everything you cannot have a historically accurate depiction of WW2 without the Nazis, Do you know why that is? because without the Nazis WW2 would have never happened, making the depiction historically Inaccurate. Secondly when you make a a slanderous statement towards the people who play as an evil faction in a GAME of all things you should stop to consider your life choices i mean if you are actively projecting this idea that hatred has to exist then why do you even bother.

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all human factions murder entire xenos species or at least plan to(Genocide)

Chaos is constantly raping murdering etc
Nids are literally the most racist faction killing everything not of their race.
Tau ethereals want to subjugate the entire galaxy and then Eugenics away everything not Tau. Do i need to go on?

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>all human factions murder entire xenos species or at least plan to(Genocide)

Because 90-99% of all the aliens in the galaxy are actively trying to wipe humanity out because they're assholes (or in the case of the Eldar, redirecting major threats to target human worlds out of a 'better them than us' mentality)

>Chaos is constantly raping murdering etc

Yeah, they're kind of assholes.

>Nids are literally the most racist faction killing everything not of their race.

They're animals, man, animals!

>Tau ethereals want to subjugate the entire galaxy and then Eugenics away everything not Tau

The Tau are also 1984: The Alien Species. So they're assholes.

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Ah, youre insane. Ok, thanks for participating, back to pol with you

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ITT: jews being jews.

And then you bitch that the world hates you. Really?

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>these cunts are currently trying their level best to ruin gaming
>they also exist in traditional games

Pic fucking related, im so fucking done with this shit. Leave my fucking hobby alone jesus christ, if you get fucking offended FUCK OFF TO ANOTHER HOBBY THIS IS NOT FOR YOU.

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>Implying any army in any war can be objectively considered 'good'.
>Implying that having tiny soldiers modeled to look like certain historical soldiers makes you a supporter of them.

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this is the world you spergs have created

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I agree with him. Study the history of those years all you want, they're a hugely influential time but holy shit sometimes good taste doesn't equate to wanting to censor something. Who the fuck would WANT to spend their time painting little symbols on army men that carried out the state organised, industrialized slaughter of civilians? I don't want to censor that shit. It's a dead symbol if we want it to be essentially but I don't understand the cheerful disconnect gamers have to the reality of the things they're depicting.

Inb4 Dresden etc. Yes, we were all cunts to each other.

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pretty sure i don't even have to look to know that is the month old bill that removed freedom of speech from the Constitution.

>> No.41024675

Id look if i were you

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Speaking as a guy who isn't a historical wargamer, and therefore gives pretty much no fucks about it as a hobby or anything (I play RPGs, mostly), allow me to just say that this 'disconnect' isn't some mental deficiency or illness, or whatever.

Here's a question I want to pose to you: Why do people game? Any game, wargame, RPG, whatever.

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NOT THE GENERAL LEE! goddamn sjw's ruining mementos of one of the greatest television shows of my childhood

>> No.41024710

Yeah, Dresden totally just incinerated itself right? Hiroshima and nagaski? Never heard of them. Abducting German scientists and making sure they got off from any charges at Nuremburg just to make sure that the USA could take advantage of all that Nazi technological progress? No, doesn't sound right. History is a series of good guys beating a progression of bad guys, and anything that represents those bad guys is glorifying them.

>> No.41024725

I'm not a historical wargamer either, but every one I have met who's over 50 grew up on Warlord comics and the ones who are younger have a noticeable case of "our honourable enemy" syndrome

>> No.41024744

three reasons
2, Trying to make historical models look as realistic as possible
3,not getting stickers instead

>> No.41024752

So, fun is an unimaginable concept to you, I'm guessing.

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Yeah man. This is like why it is so awful when people play chaos in warhammer. You are literally playing psychotic murderers who kill for fun, and takes the skulls of their enemies to some twisted God they have.

I mean, how can people do this? What drives them to think that is in any way fun or cool?


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Why is depicting history and learning about it through simulation verboten? What, my buddy's Flames of War Italians are fine but his Germans aren't? Seems stupid to me.

The Nazis burned books to control what people thought. SJW's try to fence people in and prevent them from doing "offensive" things for a similar reason.

>> No.41024780

to me painting my models in excruciating detail is fun. it does not have to be for you i literally have nothing else to do but read.

>> No.41024786

I'd suggest that if you don't have
>hatred of Jews
you're not the type the text is describing, although I can see it being annoying to be associated. Also I'm in no way qualified to know whether that 'type' actually exists in any greater numbers than with any other group of people.

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I'm a Jew and I'm fucking disgusted by this thread. People are giving an SJW attention even though he is CLEARLY mentally ill. If you can't tell fantasy from reality, then you need to be put in an asylum for your own safety and the safety of others. Then again I'm glad that nobody is taking his side and telling him to get off the fucking board.

Someone comes to my table with the paintjob in the OP, I will compliment him on his paintjob if it's of good quality. Otherwise if it's shit, I will say "So edgy." in the most sarcastic way possible.

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>We must purge the undesirables from our culture
>Accuses others of loving the Nazis
Projection much?

>> No.41024835


Why does someones political views matter anyway? I don't like witch hunts.

If the person playing across the table is a right winger, or a Libertarian, or one of the three people in America who don't believe in the Holocaust, I don't give a shit as long as he can shut the fuck up and keep a good game going.

It's SJW-think to tie in political/social beliefs into a hobby that isn't related to them.

>> No.41024836

Because, when faced with a representation of something that they believe is in some way bad, this kind of person (in yankland they call them "liberals" but here we'd just call them idiots) immediately engages in a bizarre ritual of self-hypnosis, where they engage in the belief that any representation of said bad thing (even a completely neutral, historical representation) that does not 100% (and i mean completely, 100%) align with their dramatised, black and white version of reality is somehow an endorsement of the "bad thing" rather than a picture of it. Simultaneously, they believe that anyhting that reinforces their worldview is inherently and objectively "good", even if it is completely inaccurate.

These are the same people who simultaneously believe that there is no such thing as "bad culture" when espousing the virtues of multiculturalism and attack elements of their own nation's culture as "toxic" and objectively "wrong".

Its a process of self-deception that causes everything to align in to a neat little black-and-white worldview.

>> No.41024853

is surely rusemanship, but I do wonder what vets (or civilians who suffered, for that matter) think about games being made of their wars. I'd think there must be at least some grandparents who wouldn't be too happy to see their grandchildren playing the Nazis at Normandy or something.

>> No.41024867

I'm a real individualist though I must say that I think the cheery jingoistic attitude many historical gamers have towards their little dudes makes me uncomfortable. I'd never want to censor them though. However there is some fucking ludicrous irony in your post when you describe SJWs as "fencing people in" and trying to influence people to not do things they find offensive when some of the most infamous images of the Nazi regime are rows of emaciated people, trapped behind the state funded barbed wire fences of concentration camps, many of whom would either starve, be worked to death, die of disease or have their lives snuffed out in mass executions.

Perspective people.

>> No.41024881

This guy is so delusional he'd probably say that Hellsing glorifies the Nazis because they wreck shit like fucking crazy. Japan loves themselves some Nazis, but I'm pretty sure their opinion of the Mongols is pretty fucking bad.

Hell, don't people in China have a largely-negative opinion of a fuckton of people during the Three Kingdoms era, meanwhile we've all played Dynasty Warriors or Romance of the Three Kingdoms which has all the major players as playable characters?

>> No.41024882

I agree, perspective.

And an objective perspective to keep in mind is that it's just a game.

>> No.41024901

Very true, but I think that for many people the effect of knowing about all the ugliness of those years easily outweighs their enthusiasm to partake.

>> No.41024917


Are you Jewish or are you a JEW Jew?

I need to know, so I can get you to give me decent banking advice.

>> No.41024921

Do people in Germany play WW2-era historicals? I can see that being awkward, especially when the police arrest you for playing Germany and winning...

>> No.41024926

Yeah, it is really ironic that they accuse people of wanting to fence people in. They might have a gas painting these minis and it might take real concentration, but that does not excuse turning a regime that killed the majority of the planet's population into a harmless little plastic mans game. Grow the fuck up.

>> No.41024930


I can't see how there would be any police, or citizens, or any person not in prison, after all, in Europe it's illegal to be a straight white person.

>> No.41024944

Oh ho ho. Chan culture!

>> No.41024948


Think of the thirty-seven trillion!

>> No.41024955

You get judged a lot by the way :)

>> No.41024961

Jewish of German descent, fairly devout, living in the UK, I don't speak a word of German, and money burns a hole in my pocket.

And I'm perfectly okay with people doing a Nazi paintjob on their figurines. The ranting troll in this thread is probably a white boy who is suffering guilt for what his granddaddy said to that colored boy in 1947.

>> No.41024968

>does not excuse turning a regime that killed the majority of the planet's population into a harmless little plastic mans game
Did little plastic men kill your grandparents, anon?

>> No.41024972

>Because 90-99% of all the aliens in the galaxy are actively trying to wipe humanity out because they're assholes
The same logic justifies the slaughter of Jews in Germany during the 30s. Guess what? You're still killing that 10-1% of them who are innocent.

>> No.41024981

Which, to be frank, is their problem.

>> No.41024984


Metal Masterrace reporting in

>> No.41024988

True, I'm languishing in jail right now, but as you know European prisons are like five-star hotels in which everything's free, so it works out quite nicely.

>> No.41024991

I don't think the jews in germany in the 30s were entombing their dead in giant robots with swords longer than you are tall to go and slaughter civilians anon.

You need to brush up on your lore some.

>> No.41024995

>the majority of the planet's population
oy vey

>> No.41025003

Yep, you'll never be censored for historical wargaming, but you'll almost certainly be quietly judged due to people not quite being sure if it's within the boundaries of good taste. Such is the price historical wargamers pay I guess.

>> No.41025004


Well, until the Brown people misuse their pilfered Jew magic in the ancient crumbling GERMAN ENGINEERING CENTERS to wipe out all life on the planet at least.

>> No.41025005


A metal bullet killed one of my friends. By using that material and painting it pretty, appealing colors, you're glorifying all the terrible violence done with it. You monster.

>> No.41025007

>You're still killing that 10-1% of them who are innocent.

Except, not really. Rogue Traders and Imperial frontier worlds do business with them all the time, and the Inquisition and Imperial military forces are too busy dealing with actual threats.

They can't afford to give a fuck because the actual bad guys are busy ramming battlefleets, raiding parties, and invasion forces down their throats left and right. They don't have the time, resources, or fucks to devote to the extermination of anyone who doesn't have it coming.

>The same logic justifies the slaughter of Jews in Germany during the 30s.

This is actually news to me. Do go on.

>> No.41025009

Screw you, my grandpa died choking on an Ultramarine.

>> No.41025010

>muh 13.8 billion

>> No.41025016

Well, if I may be permitted to be anecdotal for a moment, my grandfather was in the SS military police. He was separated from his family, who were almost murdered by partizans who were just killing anybody with a german name and had to flee yugoslavia for Austria. He and his children lived for a decade i think in a refugee camp. And my father enjoys ww2 shooters and old war films and the like. Obviously, I think there would be plenty of people raised by a veteran of that war who grew up in that situation who would not enjoy playing WW2 themed games, tabletop or otherwise, but obviously, its a choice for the individual to decide what does and does not make them uncomfortable.

The post that began this entire argument has a problem fewer people seem to have addressed. That being, if you ask yourself, "Do I find being confronted with Wermacht imagery makes me uncomfortable?", and the answer is yes, then perhaps you should ask yourself "Is playing a WW2 themed game, where I shall be confronted with such imagery, is for me?".

Being offended is like a having a peanut allergy. It is not, and should never be, the responsibility of kraft to stop manufacturing peanut butter because you are allergic. It is your own responsibility to avoid things that upset you as an adult, and while this is not always possible, playing a wargame that very obviously does upset you and then attacking others for it is perhaps not the most mature way to live.

>> No.41025018

Out of curiosity, DID the Natzees put swastikas on their tanks?

>> No.41025038

>that killed the majority of the planet's population
>Population in 1950 was 2.5billion
>A ballpark estimate puts the Nazi death count at 11 million. 17 million if you count those killed for political reasons and such.
>Stalin's actions killed 30-50 million
>Black Death killed about 25 million
>Spanish flu killed about 20-40 million
>Three Kingdoms War killed 37 million. In the fucking third century.
>Mongolians killed about 35 million

No more Russians, Chinks, Mongols, or diseases in wargames!

>> No.41025042

HOW IN THE FUCK IS 6 million 7 million people in total the majority of the worlds population http://www.ecology.com/population-estimates-year-2050/
in 1940 there were 2,300 people now assuming that a unit of one on this scale equals one million then how many people is that.Do some book learning

>> No.41025044


Please don't go any farther man, I will unironically say that this is getting close to triggering me.

The reason? I saw some fuck get a genuine WW2 antique Webley from his granpappy and melted it down to make some shitty abstract art sculpture in California.

It was traumatic.

>> No.41025046

I'm not offended by historical games or the fact that some people like them, I just think it's understandable that people are.uncomfortable around the jingoistic associations around such things.

>> No.41025050

I will buy a musket and melt my soldiers into bullets

>> No.41025052

Anyone who fought Stalin is a good guy by default.

>> No.41025058

Diseases are boring anyway

>> No.41025062

It wasn't as common as the Iron Cross.

>> No.41025065

>nazis only killed 17 million people


>now its only 7 million people

UM.... how about go back to school?

>> No.41025069

I do not think anon meant that post literally.

Although also 6 million is only a portion of the people the Nazis killed. They must have killed a whole lotta Russians, among others.

>> No.41025072

Actually, I was talking about the people who were uncomfortable.

If they don't like it, they can leave.

>> No.41025081


Russians, especially Stalin-Russians, were not people and do not count.

>> No.41025084

remember the hundred gorillion

>> No.41025089

Why would they be there in the first place? WW2 gamers who aren't underage edgelords are fucking crazy paranoid about how they're perceived. Witness this thread.

>> No.41025108

was talking about the death camps and concentration camps specifically, numbers came from a mostly remembered test from highschool around two years ago.

>> No.41025110

WW2 is not Edgelord worthy, that's WW1.

>> No.41025115

That is an insult to history and his grandfather.

>> No.41025116

That's what I thought.
Swastikas painted on vehicles strikes me as a bit pulpier than what Flames of War goes for.
I forgot that the one in OP has a flag fallen on it, not painted on it (except in real life), which makes it a bit more realistic looking.

>> No.41025121

Well, I can't speak for the WW2 gamers here, but generally speaking, the ones making an argument against historical accuracy are coming across as the types who would be uncomfortable, implying they'd be there even if it made them uncomfortable.

Unless they're just trolls and not serious, in which case, I'm a faggot, but fuck it, I'm running on no sleep and nothing but caffeine for the last three days. This is probably all a hallucination or some shit.

>> No.41025131

I hope you get raped by your meth-addicted bastard son trying to prove himself to a street gang.

>> No.41025134

i see your point and raise the counterpoint of this post >>41023639

>> No.41025138

I guess Mel Brooks is a Nazi-lover for portraying Hitler in a moving picture.

Damn that Nazi-loving Jew.

>> No.41025143

That flag also does not depict a swastika.

And honestly the turret art strikes me as something you'd see more from the Russians than Germans.

>> No.41025145

No but he is making light of suffering and inspiring people to become neonazis.

>> No.41025147

You've proven yourself as a tumblrina with this post. Who the fuck goes "UMMMMMMMM" on the internet? A 12 year old, that's who. Get out until you're 18... no, come back when you're 30.

>> No.41025148

>Do go on
A full discussion of it would be more suited to a series of academic journals than a 4chan post. You basically had three pillars of Jewish fuckery.

>Germany loses WW1
>forced to pay reparations at hugely inflated value, even for damages they didn't commit
>trade sanctions imposed
>bankers bleeding the country dry
>these same bankers heavily influenced the treaty which made them pay reparations and such
>these bankers were overwhelmingly Jewish

>Communist revolt in 1918 kills tens of thousands of German citizens and destabilises the country further
>the ringleaders of the Communist faction are all Jewish with one exception, their soldiers are overwhelmingly Jewish, Communism was invented by a Jew and Communist revolutions in other countries have historically been Jewish-led
>swathes of German territory given to Poland and Czechoslovakia by the aforementioned Jewish banker-written treaty
>ethnic Germans in this territory wake to find their homes have moved countries overnight
>their new countrymen blame them for WW1 and start persecuting them, escalating it to a creeping genocide by the time these lands are reclaimed by Hitler

>new wave of postmodernism in art, music, philosophy, etc
>throws out traditional German values in the arts and replaces them with degenerate new ones
>culture goes to shit in Germany
>rush to embrace newer ideas brings people to denounce the old ones, traditional German values begin to erode
>these artists, musicians, novelists, and so on are almost all (say it with me now) Jewish

It wasn't all of them, but considering what a tiny fraction of the population they were, it was so close that you couldn't reasonably expect Hitler or anyone else to notice. As far as anyone knew or cared, good Jews were so rare as to be a non-isssue.

>> No.41025150

I understand that, and I agree with you. But it is the responsiblity of the individual to not engage in activities that make them uncomfortable. You know, like an adult. Its fine to be offended by things, really, but you do not have the right to take that thing away from someone if you could just not be involved with it, which in this case is entirely possible.

Its fine to go "hm, not sure i want to play a WW2 wargame, it makes me a little uncomfortable". What is not fine is going "this might make me uncomfortable. I'm going to play it anyway and attack other people who do."

>> No.41025157

Sorry, I thought it was just a fucked up, wrinkled perspective from the thumbnail.

>> No.41025159

I can see the point when it's historic wargames. It gets a bit absurd if you're asked to pussyfoot around not representing nazi germans as nazi germans. That shit has no place in non historic wargames like warmachine or warhammer though, if you ask me, because then it starts looking like a statement. But in historic wargames? No fuck that. Should we ban any and all media depicting this period once it crosses away from pure infomedia? Its ridicilous.

>> No.41025169

Neo nazis are inspired by seeing threats to their culture from non-white immigrants and attacks on their political beliefs.

>> No.41025176


Oh he is, is he?

That's an interesting world view you have there. I guess Blazing Saddles is one of the reasons we have church-burnings in the south right now.

>> No.41025177

So in other words, if we attack your political beliefs, you'll start gassing people?

>> No.41025178

What drug induced land do you live in

>> No.41025184

on the topic of that model it could be taken as a statement of how Nazi like the Imperium of man is or fascist might be a better term (Pretty sure thats an armageddon pattern basilisk don't play guard so not sure)

>> No.41025185

>I guess Blazing Saddles is one of the reasons we have church-burnings in the south right now.

I like how its okay to make fun of actual black churches burning, but not okay to make fun of QuikTrip. Ever wonder if your perspective is a little fucked up?

>> No.41025196

I like how you ignored the culture part. You don't know how to debate, do you, boy?

>> No.41025203

You're assuming that it's jingoistic at all.

Is it really unbelievable that alot of people just like playing a historical wargame for the fun of it?

>TFW i play as Mongolians

>> No.41025213


You missed the point of my post.

I'm sorry, you're too retarded to debate with.

>> No.41025229

>Make fun of QuikTrip.
Wut? Who the fuck cares about QT, place sells decent food and nice roadie cups, who gets their panties twisted about it being made fun of? What is there to even mock besides them spreading like the clap and the usual gas station jokes? Why is QT relevant to this at all?

>> No.41025232

/pol/ please.

>> No.41025237

I found Tumblr.

>> No.41025243

Because the white outrage at blacks burning down QuikTrip was worse than the nonexistent outrage of white people burning down all those black churches.

>> No.41025246

>have a gas


>> No.41025250


>> No.41025254

The Mongols were as bad if not worse than the Nazis, and had industrialised killing exactly the same (they were famously efficient for mass beheadings of all men in entire tribes and cities) and are even more notable for raping everything on a scale unimaginable even to the Nazis

Whilst they didn't have the more insidious ideological bent the Nazis had, they were just as atrocious, so should we disallow depictions of Mongols in historical games?

I played a campaign as Mongols in medieval 2 total war recently, guess I'm a proponent of genocide and mass rape

Or maybe I just like history and can seperate a game from reality.

>> No.41025256

Mel Brooks (Who is super Jewish, btw) has explicitly stated his life's dream iss to make racism and/or Hitler look so stupid and ridiculous no one can take them seriously again. And that's somehow promoting neonazism. Ooooookaaaay.

>> No.41025269

nonexistant outrage! are you an idiot from the sounds of it you are outraged right now. bout them churches so kindly shut up or at least get better at debating

>> No.41025271

I've heard a fuckton about black churches being attacked and diddly about QT. You are a fucking moron.

>> No.41025272



The south had the money. Cotton and tobacco sold for a mint in the EU. Don't delude yourself for a second that people would go to war and risk death and dismemberment over a social class that existed in their own states as well.

>> No.41025279

How does one attack culture though? What do you consider an attack your culture? The presence of something you see not as your culture?

>> No.41025280 [DELETED] 

So let me see if I get this straight, you're arguing that your unironic support of genocide and mass rape is somehow a defense for your support of the genocidal mass rapists called Germans? And you're wondering why this constitutes hate speech in any civilized country?

>> No.41025300

How much are you betting he'll ignore this post, same way he ignored me, also a Jew, telling him to go fuck himself?

He's clearly an anti-semite who is trying to hide it by insulting nazis everywhere.

>> No.41025303

It's basically the same argument that muslims give about drawing caricatures of the prophet muhammad. Neo nazis want to inspire that same level of reverence.

>> No.41025304

Yes. History is racist and offensive, therefore only approved and sanitized history is allowed to exist. Who decides what history is allowed to exist? Your benevolent government that has your moral and ethical health at heart. Who runs that government? Don't worry about it and go watch TruTV, the mandatory channel!

>> No.41025305


Cultural melting pots are actually a horrid combination of WW1 trenches, ancient Battlefields where blood is more prevalent than mud, and filthy cess pits dedicated to savage gods.

>> No.41025310

So let me see if I get this straight, you're arguing that your "ironic, witty" support of genocide and mass rape is somehow a defense for your support of the genocidal mass rapists called Nazis? And you're wondering why this constitutes hate speech in any civilized country?

>> No.41025311

>with a force based on Einsatzgruppe Dirlwanger.

Even if he does that, how and whydoes this bother you?
Even if he is doing this totally out of edgyness, as long as his Dirlewanger Group is "fluffy" and somewhat historically correct i wouldn't see a problem there. Its not like Dirlewangers division was known for their excellence in combat.
I would prefer playing against a somewhat historically correct Einsatzgruppe (vs Partisans for example) than playing against yet another min/max force of sturmgewehr-wielding veterans/brandenburgers.

>> No.41025319

Trying to ban things that we've been doing harmlessly for years, change things because it "offends minorities", and having to bend head over heels to not offend someone of a different religion, things like that are what I consider an attack on one's culture.

>> No.41025322

by supplanting it its like you have never played a 4x game.

>> No.41025336

You guys are seriously oversensitive. Please stop getting triggered and weeping about it on /tg/, when /pol/ is a few boards over.

>> No.41025353

>when /pol/ is a few boards over.

You'd know better than anyone, right?

>> No.41025354

Apparently my western culture is far too free and secular. There are swathes of immigrants who hate secularism and want strict religious law entering my country daily. Cultural clashes based on this are happening with increasing frequency in my country.

Not all cultures can peacefully coexist , sadly, some are fundamentally at odds. Girls who embrace my culture of body freedom are denounced as slits and worthless by many of the leaders of these immigrant communities.

These communities are very insular in my country too.

It's strange to argue a culture can never be threatened or at odds with another, as it is becoming the prime cultural issue in my country.

>> No.41025361


And you would know the location of /pol/ just as intimately so as to counter him, right?

>> No.41025365

Rubber and glue, the purest foundation of debate.

>> No.41025370

Dirlwanger was not an Einstaztgruppen Unit. It was a bad unit, but it wasn't Einsatzgruppen.

>> No.41025374

I don't support the real life Nazis or the real life mongols, I like playing historical games.

Why are you incapable of understanding this distinction?

>> No.41025388

I'm very sorry about your country, what does ths have to do with /tg/ again?

>> No.41025390


>> No.41025392

As a german i can assure you the police won't care as long as you don't paint swastikas or SS-runes on your miniatures/tanks. If you do that, you can get trouble if you bring that stuff to public tournaments.
If you play with friends, nobody will care. Bolt Action actually gets more and more popular here while FoW is THE tabletop right after GW stuff.
Actually i got an SS army from warlord games last week.

>> No.41025394


Yes, yes, mudslimes are shit, no one is arguing that.

The real people of important debate are the Jews and Slavshits, Niggers also a distant second though ultimately of minor consideration and consequence.

>> No.41025397

I don't give a shit.

But that one guy that only plays Nazi-Germany in the FLGS who wears black combat boots with white shoelaces.

He can just fuck right off.

I see you cocksucker. You cringe whenever someone makes a nazi joke like someone just insulted your mom.

>> No.41025408

At least you don't live in the USA or East-Europe where you have veritable hordes of white native christians trying to enforce strict religious law.

>> No.41025409


Memes, Jack. The language of the soul.

>> No.41025412

It was a response providing an example of how cultures can come under attack to someone who asked for it, as part of a wider discussion to do with the morality of historical representation in historical wargames . Keep up.

>> No.41025415

>Jewish of German descent

Jewish of Jewish descent whos ancestors happened to live in Germany you mean.

>> No.41025420

Jesus Christ, Dirlewanger was a maniac, but his name is too funny.

>> No.41025430

>yfw they melt in bullets used by ss soldiers to murder jews just to cast 28mm ss soldiers from the lead

>> No.41025431

People are generally free to choose to convert to a religion after being born in a nation anon.

>> No.41025450

Let's try to make this worthless shit heap of a thread something worthwhile until autosage.

Character inspiration, art primarily. No theme. Just anything that you look at and say, "I'd like to make that a character in an RPG."

>> No.41025458

Pardon me, mate, but I decide how to present my heritage. Not you.

>> No.41025461

Don't forget about the crusaders and vikings man. Those guys were evil too. And the romans..

>> No.41025466

See, that? I have no problem kicking out actual neonazi racist types trying to use the game as camo. The guys who just like playing whatever "bad guy" faction or whatever? No shits given. Hell, I'll even tolerate the guys who are just going for maximum edge because their mothers never loved them. Just the actual stormfags gotta go. Only those guys, because that's the actual line being crossed.

>> No.41025467

>wargame thread
>let's turn it RPG
yeah, no. That suggestion'll fail

>> No.41025470


Curiously, the only people that acted like SJW were eradicated from both the mortal coil and history.

>> No.41025474

Buster Keaton looked kind of spooky.

>> No.41025475


God I hate this. It's like they can't read that part of the document that founded our country that separates Church and State.

I mean sure, vote along with your beliefs. Can't stop that. But stop complaining when other religions do the same with "MUH CHRISTIAN NATION" when you know damn well you're lying through your teeth. Founding Fathers were predominantly Theists, not Christians, and the "values" you claim are written into the very soul of the government that are so so Christian are just basic civilized logic. My aunt is one of these lunatics, and I love her, but goddamn if she isn't retarded on the subject. People like her just sit there and go "LALALALALALALALALAAAAA" when you show then the facts then tell you you're wrong, gang up on you, then yell their opinion as loudly as possible to drown out dissension.

News flash: we aren't gonna become a Sharia-following country any time soon. We aren't gonna be Christian either. So go do something worthwhile with that energy, like the shit your Messiah told you to do in your book, instead of soapboxing shitty opinions.

>> No.41025476

I wonder who's behind this post?

>> No.41025486

What kind of oversensitive idiots would consider painting plastic tanks hate speech?

>> No.41025487

Daily reminder that European jews are genetically almost completely EUROPEAN.

The only people with consistently high Jewish genetics are... Palestinians.

>> No.41025492

I've always favored middle eastern looking characters. Rare as the chance may come to play one.

>> No.41025498

>"These little plastic men are warcriminal"
>"Off with their heads"

>> No.41025510

If i'm uncomfortable around something or someone, i avoid it/that person.
If i play a game with friends then i should be able to talk with them about my discomfort about a certain army. (In fact, i know a guy who uses a miniature of hitler himself as hq for his BA german fallshirmjagers) If that would bother me i could simply ask him to leave the fuhrer at home the next time and use a different miniature. But tbh, him using that miniature always leads to some funny moments.

Basically it is no different from other hobbies. If there are people with strange behavior, you avoid them. There are different people and different places for your hobby elsewhere.

>> No.41025511

Despite /tg/ overusing the 'noble skeledead dude' trope, I still like this picture.

>> No.41025516


Shh, don't tell the Jews that they are Semitic people, same as Arabs. Da's rassis.

>> No.41025523

How would historical wargamers react to the guy who models his Germans as Wolfenstein style glowing magiscience zombie Nazis solely for laughs while playing them completely normally unless people want to join in the joke.

>> No.41025525

Wrong thread, anon.

You don't want to be in here, this thread has SJWs in it.

>> No.41025526

Are there rules for making eldar characters in the 40k RPGs yet?

>> No.41025530


Overuse of something simply means that many people find it to be enjoyable, either as an idea or as a product.

Disliking something because it's "Overused" is literally the dumbest thing anyone has ever done when it comes to a hobby.

>> No.41025531

People have lived in terror of vikings, knights and all other kinds of shit as well. Should we not be allowed to play anything?

Besides, all the concentration camp Jews are basically dead now. Who's left that experienced the nazis anyway?

Claiming that you have the right to bitch about it because someone told you stories about that shit is just retarded.

>> No.41025538

>Am I supposed to deliberately make them ugly models and throw every game just so everyone knows I'm not a neo-nazi?

Just don't act like a neo-nazi. Don't think like a neo-nazi. Don't dress like a neo-nazi. Don't be a neo-nazi.

This isn't hard.

Unless you of course are a neo-nazi. Or worse... a cryptonazi.

Neo-nazis at least have the balls to show they're despicable wastes of human flesh.

Cryptonazis are a true cancer.

>> No.41025541

1. Yup, in Rogue Trader

2. I think you're in the wrong thread.

>> No.41025543

>This guy is a cunt, and is probably a brainwashed tumblrette.
>You disagree with my opinion, go back to pol silly goose.
Every. Fucking. Time.
Do some people actually believe that playing an evil army means they want to maimkillburn? Because I don't think that's the case. In case of ridiculous bait, click the little blue triangle and report it. Jesus Christ, the mods must be dead.

>> No.41025549


my great grandfather is still alive, but he didn't experience the Nazi's, nah, he experienced the absolute most monstrous faction in WW2.

The Slants The Japs.

>> No.41025554

Well, if the Palestinians just admit they're the true Jews, the entire Jewish conflict is solved.


>muh diaspora

>> No.41025560

Anybody get Qin? I've got a shitload of RotK art ripped from KOEI games that make a fantastic foundation for a game.

>> No.41025563

>Just don't act like a neo-nazi. Don't think like a neo-nazi. Don't dress like a neo-nazi. Don't be a neo-nazi.
In other words just be like every other Historical Wargamer, ie: a normal person.

>> No.41025565


No one likes Jews as a collective, not even Jews like Jews as a collective.

>> No.41025574

They did not. They used the balkenkreuz. Planes had balkenkreuzes on their wings and a swastika on the tail. The finish army used their version of the swastika on their tanks as well as their planes.
What you sometimes can see is german early war ground troops/tankers using swastika flags to mark their positions/vehicles for their pilots. this behavior obviously stopped towards the end of the war when the allies had air superiority.

pic related, but it was not an official marking. just a thing the tankers did because they wanted to avoid getting bombed by their own stukas.

>> No.41025575


RotTK was such a great series of games. I played till... 9, I think? Where are they at now, out of curiosity?

>> No.41025577

>> No.41025579

>mfw when im dutch
>mfw half the family suffered through the krauts
>mfw half the family suffered through the japs


>> No.41025591

What's worse is anyone making the AI on Nazi enemies in videogames.

These people are literally making money from THINKING LIKE NAZIS AND MAKING THINGS THAT THINK LIKE NAZIS.

It's absolutely abhorrent.

and other such illogical comments

>> No.41025592

What, don't you actually summon daemons irl and carve the star of chaos into your flesh when you play CSM?

>> No.41025601

They've made 12 so far, and 13 is coming out later- don't get 12 though. Really a big let down for me. They claim with 13 they're going back to the old playstyle of following a general's career rather than 'pick a faction, make it blob', but after 12, I'm only allowing myself cautious optimism.

>> No.41025604

If you encounter someone who painted swastikas on his tanks than that guy is either not well read on the topic, a nazi who loves the symbol or just some kind of edgelord who loves the reactions of others. Or maybe a combination of those 3.
If he plays Finns, than it would be historically correct though

>> No.41025616

>> No.41025626


Hmm. My favorite one was 8. 9 was okay. Would I like 10, 11, or 13 based on this?

>> No.41025631

>Walk into a games' store
>See a beautifully painted army
>Walk over to go check it out
>They are WW2 Germans
>Swastika everywhere
>Start trembling in fear
>"You like mein waffen SS, ja?"
>Jump, turn around
>Tall blonde man in an SS Uniform
>Reading a book called 'Why the Holocaust isn't real'
>Predatory smile on his face
>"Ach, I see you are an untermensch. I shall have to disinfect my troops so I am not subjected to your subhuman germs."
>"Your cheekbones... Jewish descent, I can see it."
>Run screaming

And this is why German armies should be banned in WW2 games.

Just make it all about the Pacific Theater, because the Japanese were honorable opponents who were never racist.

>> No.41025640

>post-WW2 still using swastikas

Finns confirmed for Asians.

>> No.41025644

You'll like 10 the most. I've heard from some fans of 8 that 10 wasn't the same, but it's the closest to 8's playstyle. The others are generic (if well executed) turn based strategy games.

>> No.41025652

Fuck off back to tumblr.

>> No.41025655

>> No.41025659

Afrika Corps usually had their emblem on their tanks which included a Swastika.

>> No.41025667

>> No.41025672

You mean "Fuck off back to /b/ /v/ /reddit/ /e8ght chan/" or whatever le epic new fanny fanny raid hub is these days.

>> No.41025688


Alright, I'll give it a look, thanks.

>> No.41025697

No problem.

>> No.41025719

>paint german army in english colours with english flags

I'll just tell everyone it's the 5th Cockney "Pickpocket" division.

>> No.41025731

>> No.41025738

That is horrible, anybody giving in to these childish demands to censor a flag is a pathetic coward.

>> No.41025742

>> No.41025746

Who the fuck cares.

It was a shit show anyway.

>> No.41025754

Dark Eldar. Regular, not so much. Rogue Trader. Look up the supplement for Dark Eldar. Soul Reaver.

Also, wrong thread m8

>> No.41025766

Thanks M80.

>> No.41025778

Fuck, I lol’d. Then I read the bit about the Japs and lol’d again.

>> No.41025781


Hey, hey, hey, don't send this SJW moron to us. We've got enough Tumblr raiders to deal with.

>> No.41025782

Actually this.

The Einsatzgruppen were something entirely different.
Dirlewangers Unit was called SS-Sondereinheit (SS-Special unit), later, after getting more than 100-150 men, it got upgraded to "SS-Sonderregiment Dirlewanger" (Special regiment) and even later, after getting lots of new men recruited out of the inmates of concentration camps and prisons as well as russians (half the unit were russian volunteers btw) it became its best known name "SS Sturmbrigade Dirlewanger" (assault brigade) and in 1945 it was changed again into 36. SS Waffen-Grenadier-Division

Dirlewanger was a criminal himself through and through but he could go on almost unhindered because he knew a general of the ss from their time in the trenches in ww1. his friend saved his ass more than once when police, politicans and judges wanted to stop him (in one case he even convinced himmler that dirlewanger is actually a nice guy and its all just lies)

>> No.41025790

>> No.41025796

Only if your mother was jewish you get to be a jew.

>> No.41025806

Stop dragging your shit into other boards, and maybe you'll get less shit poured back on you.

>> No.41025820

>tumblr raiders

Fuck off, you bring that shit on yourself, you fucking retard.

>i'm pretending to be a tumblrite
>no I'M pretending to be a tumblrite

>> No.41025828

>> No.41025835

I think there's degrees of common sense here. The person writing the article is ignorant, painting models to be historically accurate does not make one a nazi sympathiser. (There's also the impression given that the iron cross and swastika are synonymous when in fact one is a hate symbol and the other still used by the military)

But you do get those dought bags that give everyone a bad name. The ones that get carried away and seem to relish the nazism of their army. Or those people that crowbar nazism into other games - I've known of a few 'nazi' 40k armies. Introducing it where it wasn't before, doing it for the lulz is questionable. But yes, sometimes you do get people with extreme right wing, holocaust denying views doing these things.

Simply playing an accurate FoW German force doesn't make you a nazi. Listen to what comes out their mouth before making that judgment. The author of this piece would have us throw suspicion on anyone modelling or playing WW2 Germans.

>> No.41025843

>> No.41025844

>sadly theres always some fuckwit that ruins it for everyone else. For us it was the prick who turned up for our BA tournament with a force based on Einsatzgruppe Dirlwanger.
>Thats right, the guy whose force was made of murderers, rapists and madmen that was so fucked up the SS tried to have him court martialled.

What the fuck.

>> No.41025853

>> No.41025856

Thing is, most of the crimes blamed on him is probably fairy tales or the deeds of others who survived and blamed it on an a guy who was already known to be a criminal.

According to wikipedia this guy was 100% chaotic evil. It would have been impossible for him to go on like this through the whole war with "no-fun-allowed-nazis" like Himmler in charge. Himmler actually sent one of Hitlers bodyguard to the combat units in russia because he was drunk at duty.

>> No.41025872

>> No.41025873

I would rather play with actual nazis (as long as they are polite) than with some childish edgelords.

>> No.41025880

>> No.41025884

>do you really do x to have fun?
yes. It's fun

>> No.41025888

Yeah it totally wasn't the main reason, if it were the states would mention it in their secession ordnances!

Oh, wait.

>> No.41025895

>> No.41025896

>hate symbol

Don't be absurd. It was the symbol used by a party that happened to hate people, the hammer and sickle is an 'oppression symbol' by that logic. The Democrats fucking hated black people until the 60's, that does not make donkeys a symbol of hate.

>> No.41025900

replace neo-nazi with jew or nigger and see what you have done.

>> No.41025901

>> No.41025917

Fuck off neonazi cunt.

The only good nazi is a nazi between 6 planks.

>> No.41025918

Replace jew or nigger with fish or petrol to see what you have done.

>> No.41025920

>Basically, if it makes other people uncomfortable and stops them taking part in the hobby we all love, knock that shit off

Where do these people get the idea its acceptable to tell people to change THEIR hobby to cater to people who do not even take part in it?

Nobody is stopping easily offended idiots starting their own wargame club that is a mandatory safe space free of oppression and rude words.

>> No.41025924

>> No.41025929

Replace neo-nazi with your mums fat cunt and see what you have done.

>> No.41025933

>Social Justice Wargamer

le trashman.exe

>> No.41025935

>> No.41025941

They really are. Germans even changed the term of "aryan" in their marriage laws because finns were offended by it

>> No.41025955

>> No.41025968

>in fact one is a hate symbol
They got you already

>and the other still used by the military

>> No.41025971

How do you even offend Finns?

Yell in Swedish that you're going to steal all their alcohol?

>> No.41025979

>liking the military and military vehicles makes you a right wing freak

Why do SJW's not realise how completely close minded and bigoted they are?

>> No.41025980

You know what else we need to talk about?

Bella and the FUCKING Bulldogs

>> No.41025989

>believes what's in highschool history books

I bet you think Thanksgiving day is about sharing food with indians

>> No.41025993


>> No.41025994

>> No.41026003

Maybe. On another board. This is /tg/. The thread was at least a bit about wargaming. Go to /tv/. I'm sure they'd love another thread about that.

>> No.41026022

>> No.41026027

What's the matter?

Mad you lost the War? You can always go to anime-nazi land.

Just hang yourself in the vicinity of Nuremberg.

>> No.41026033

>> No.41026058

>Call these people out, let them know that glorifying fascist regimes is in itself fascist,
no, no it's not

>> No.41026061

Eventually SJW's will censor WWII in its entirety from the textbooks and the Holocaust will happen again, mark my words.

>> No.41026069

>You know the types, period accurate Third Reich armies for Bolt Action and Flames of War, Iron Crosses everywhere, hatred of Jews.
>, hatred of Jews

Wait what?

Jews shouldn't be in a wargame, unless you're doing fuck I dunno the Six-Day War.

>> No.41026097

>> No.41026114

Problem with trying to SJW /tg/ is that, unlike so many other media, the venue owner will throw you out for trying to start shit.

>> No.41026119

>Jews shouldn't be in a wargame
maybe you should tone the racism down, adolf

>> No.41026137

>> No.41026139

It is distasteful, though. But there is a definite line between 'historical accuracy' and 'glorifying', say the difference between painting a Bolt Action army as a regiment that had swastikas on their sleeves or tanks or whatever and putting swastikas on your Space Marines.

>> No.41026153

>> No.41026176

>swastikas on their sleeves or tanks or whatever and putting swastikas on your Space Marines.
so what about the people putting Roman eagles on the space marines, or the ones meant to look like the mongols, is that not also distasteful?, or is there some kind of arbitrary cut off point?

>> No.41026178

What if you're playing Zionist terrorists in Mandatory Palestine? The ones who fought against Britain during the war?

In fact, you could probably play a WW2 "What If" scenario where the Hunting Season broke out into open warfare between the Irgun and Haganah, following the former's assassination of Lord Moyne.

>> No.41026186

Worst case scenario, you can paint them like the Afrika korps (or the African panzergruppe depending on year)
If anyone complains, remind them that Rommel did nothing wrong

>> No.41026202

>> No.41026213

The Nazis killed a lot more people than the Mongols, so that's why Nazi BS is disgusting while the White Scars are merely okay.

>> No.41026218

>Hurr durr durr but what about all the shit that happened 1000 or 2000 years ago?

Shut the fuck up you fucking neonazi cunt faggot.

There's a big difference in atrocities that took place 1000 years and atrocities that took place 70 years.

Fuck off, go be retarded on Reddit or Stormfront or whereever the fuck you retarded smegmafags come from.

>> No.41026221

>> No.41026224

The Romans and Mongols were also so far back in history now that nobody really cares. It'll probably be the same with the Nazis too a thousand years from now.

>> No.41026229

I imagine such a scenario pretty interesting. But i also like to play rhodesian bush war scenarios.

>> No.41026233

>There's a big difference in atrocities that took place 1000 years and atrocities that took place 70 years
so some nice praetorian guards are cool then yeah?

>> No.41026236

The cutoff point is Nazis. You can base shit off Huns, Mongols, Tatars, Moors, Crusaders, Confederates, Maoists, Khmer Rouge, the Japanese Imperial Army, Stalinist Russia, or smallpox blankets, but basing things off the Nazis which isn't historically accurate (or alt history, if you wanna go all Man in the High Castle or Man with the Iron Heart) is socially unacceptable. I don't make the rules but at least it's clear-cut.

>> No.41026237

and thats why there are almost as many africa corps players as players of other german armies combined.

>> No.41026242

That is a nonsensical argument and you know it. By your logic its more immoral to play the Soviets than the Nazis.

There is not a single rational argument that can support treating Nazi 'glorification' as worse than glorifying other mass murdering societies.

>> No.41026245

>The Nazis killed a lot more people than the Mongols

Go and re-visit history class. or check the numbers on wikipedia.

>> No.41026250

>Woman as a typically submissive male fantasy
I'm not sure how having your tits out suddenly makes you submissive

>> No.41026254

>The Nazis killed a lot more people than the Mongols, so that's why Nazi BS is disgusting while the White Scars are merely okay.
so considering the mongols killed millions in china alone just how many does it take to be not okay?

>> No.41026255

>> No.41026257

>By your logic its more immoral to play the Soviets than the Nazis.

If the Nazis had existed as long as the Soviets, the Nazis would have run out of people to exterminate.

>> No.41026260

>There's a big difference in atrocities that took place 1000 years and atrocities that took place 70 years.

what is the difference my butthurt friend?
What number of years is required to pass for genocide to become ok to play?

>> No.41026261

Or why women being submissive is bad.

>> No.41026264

>> No.41026265

It's defined as a hate symbol in that it's banned in many countries.

The iron cross still features on German military vehicles today.

>> No.41026268

Not if you go to a hobby store in southern africa

>> No.41026272

239 years, apparently.

>> No.41026273

If the Nazis had existed as long as the Soviets, the Nazis would have run out of people to exterminate.
this concept of "theoretical genocide" is bullshit, maybe the soviets had they survived would have wiped all all humanity on earth, then Stalin himself would rise again to wipe out some aliens somewhere, so clearly they are worse than the nazis

>> No.41026278

So far nobody complained about my Caen-themed 12. SS Panzerdivision for BA. Maybe i don't play with retards.

>> No.41026284

They killed more people and were just as big a group of dicks. How long they existed is not relevant.

The real answer is that its all equally acceptable and idiots, historical revisionists and the easily offended should all be told to piss off. The weird singling out Nazis get is simply unsupportable.

>> No.41026292

Nazis lost the war, Commis won. Thats why they are ok.

>> No.41026295

Now, thinking of it, SJWs want to create a world straight outta Lem's Return from the Stars. Long story short, astronauts return from their sub-lightspeed mission and a long time passed in the Earth since they've left. Turns out humans managed to eradicate all competitiveness, aggression and sex drive, creating ultra safe space spanning the whole planet. Of course, it quickly becomes quite depressing, with all the people there essentially giving up all development.

>> No.41026298

I don't care what Stormfront brainbends you use, but the Soviets never systematically gassed people by the thousands.

>> No.41026301

If the painter had painted "slut" over her tits she would be the perfect example of a modern and powerful woman.

>> No.41026313

Well, yeah. Micheal Caine made it OK to like them, you see.

Also British people tend to gloss over the bad stuff the British Army did way back when and focus on the heroic bits like Rorke's Drift, so yeah.

>> No.41026314

It was by the millions you antisemitic tard.

>> No.41026319

>Another thing I think is a big part of the problem is how much right wing views are accepted, within the hobby. How much racism, homophobia, sexism and military fetishism is allowed to slide.
>military fetishism
I thought you just said homophobia was bad?

>> No.41026328

He's probably holding the Nazis as responsible for WWII, in which case the death tolls are correct, but as they were only responsible for the Western Front, they aren't.

>> No.41026330

>but the Soviets never systematically gassed people by the thousands.
correct they tended to go for some good old shooting and starving instead, only with more people than were gassed by the nazis

>> No.41026331

Nobody cares about yellow or brown people. Japs slaugthered their way through china as did Mao himself. Nobody in the western world cares about dead chinks.
The only reason the Nazi crimes are worse is because they happened in Europe.
Sad but true.

>> No.41026333

The genocide part never becomes okay. It's just that with time the public's image of historical groups changes as bits are added and removed. The crimes commited by those groups is not the first association people have, it's their funny hats. But on Nazis, the first thought is "Evil!" which makes it easier to remember all their crimes.

>> No.41026340


So because I do not ignore the horrific crimes of the USSR and do not support brainless historical revisionism I am a stormfronter now?

I might as well call you a delusional SJW you hypocrite. Because that is what criticising people who 'glorify' or play Nazis while giving people who do the same for the Soviets makes you.

>> No.41026345

>only with more people than were gassed by the nazis
Because unlike the Nazis that barely existed in power for 15 years, the Soviets stayed in power for like 60 years or what.

Better luck next time r/coontown.

Fuck off back to Reddit.

>> No.41026358


I'm sure that there are actually people out there who think wargaming as nazis is problematic, and then deliberately stay away from WWII games and, thinking it through, realizing that every war needs at least one set of assholes, stay away from wargames entirely.

I'm just also sure that they're not on /tg/, so yeah, I agree - must be bait.

>> No.41026359

>The only reason the Nazi crimes are worse is because they went after jews.

>> No.41026363

>the iron cross

you have no idea what you are talking about.

The iron cross is a medal. The Icon on Wehrmacht vehicles was called Balkenkreuz and it looks different than the Cross of the Bundeswehr today (which actually looks more like the iron cross)
Down below this article you can see the Balkenkreuz, the Cross at the top is the current Bundeswehr cross.

>> No.41026365

He's speaking specifically of the Holodomor and Great Purge, which lasted 1932-3 and 1936-8, respectively.

>> No.41026367

>still making excuses for the USSR

So are you a communist or just really butthurt about the Nazis for some reason?

>> No.41026371

Shooting and starving millions is less bad then gassing then?

>> No.41026373

>Because unlike the Nazis that barely existed in power for 15 years, the Soviets stayed in power for like 60 years or what.
so why exactly does that change the fact that the soviet union killed more people than the nazis, with only a few decades more in power, yet they are A-okay my butthurt friend?

>> No.41026379

>These are the same people who simultaneously believe that there is no such thing as "bad culture" when espousing the virtues of multiculturalism and attack elements of their own nation's culture as "toxic" and objectively "wrong".

You're misreading our praxis. Not that I blame you because there are a lot of fucking idiots on blue team.

>> No.41026380

I never ignored the horrific crimes of the Soviets herr Strawmann von Genocidestein.

I simply am saying that the Soviets killed slow, and through ye olde methods of dictatorial killing.

The Nazis killed fast and killed people like they were making mass-production chicken pies.

Cry some more Stormfag.

>> No.41026393


What you did there? I see it. I see it and I approve.

>> No.41026395

It's not about the number of years that passed you fucking mongoloid cunt.

It's whether or not it took place in a time when people began to see human lives as something that can't be thrown away easily.

>> No.41026400

Unless you're being inaccurate to be more anti-nazi, like Avalanche Press releasing a Panzer Grenadier scenario where the Austrian 8th Infantry Brigade stormed the Eagle's Nest in 1938 to rescue Chancellor Shuschnigg and kill Hitler.


>> No.41026403


>> No.41026404

>I simply am saying that the Soviets killed slow, and through ye olde methods of dictatorial killing.
tell that to the 2.5-7 million ukrainians that were killed in a single year

>> No.41026408


You really need to stop trolling.

Either you think its okay to put Nazi iconography on models from other games like its acceptable to do so with Roman, Mongol or Soviet themes. Or you are a hypocrite with no logical base for your beliefs.

Which is it?

>> No.41026409

>No one likes Jews as a collective, not even Jews like Jews as a collective.

Is there any other collective that isn't collectively a bunch of assholes? Because I gotta say, I can't think of one.

>> No.41026415

No one said the Soviets were a-okay, mr. strawman.

The Soviets are bad.

Nazis are far far far worse though.

>> No.41026419

But apart from that, though, it's really good no armour

>> No.41026420


>> No.41026424

What are you talking about? No one in this thread is saying that it's bad to put nazi insignia on your WW2 SS army.

>> No.41026433

Well, they weren't stuffed in a small shower and gassed.

>> No.41026447

Follow the reply chain.

People pointed out the blatant hypocrisy of it being acceptable for GW to have Mongolian Marines and Roman Marines. And whole guard regiments based on Soviet Russia without anybody objecting or getting offended.

Yet you could not do the same thing with the Nazis imagery despite those three other groups also committing atrocities on a massive scale. The point is either lots of groups get a free pass or Nazis are excessively maligned.

>> No.41026451

I hope for your own sanity that your grandparents were gassed.

>> No.41026454

Even Mao didn't care about dead chinks. You know why he called nuclear weapons a "paper tiger"? Because he figured that no matter how many people died from the blast, fallout, and starvation, there were always a lot more where that came from.

>> No.41026455


Yeah this is kind of it really. It doesn't make any real sense but it's the reality of it. The cut-off point for people who actually have one is Nazis, even if Stalin killed more people than Hitler.

>> No.41026460

I just love how the to-go-to defense for the Swarmfronter is "I bet you all think that the Soviets did nothing wrong!"

The Allies/NATO did horrible things.
The Soviets/Warsaw Pakt did even more horrible things.
The Nazis however did the most fucked up shit ever.

The end.

Deal with it.

>> No.41026464

you're right, it took longer, months probably to kill everyone off. That's the thing with starvation, it's nice and slow, the human body can survive what over a week without food? makes you wonder if the people there began to eat their own dead in desperation?, as hungry as they were, and that's before the disease starts setting in
but no clearly stuffing them into gas chambers is worse

>> No.41026467

>I'm not sure how having your tits out suddenly makes you submissive

And while we're at it: "Typical"

Typical my bare ass. I have a lot of female minis and not a single one of them look like that. Male barbarians (not that I own any of those but I've seen them) often look like that but then it counts as a power fantasy, apparently.

>> No.41026470

Sikhs are mostly cool.

>> No.41026480

>he figured that no matter how many people died from the blast, fallout, and starvation, there were always a lot more where that came from.
Wow, he was kind of an idiot regarding that shit.

>> No.41026488

>did the most fucked up shit ever.

And that is just bullshit.

>> No.41026490

Eh you wot m8. There's a whole fucking Imperial guard legion based on fucking Rommel.

You know. The Steel Legion?

They just don't have swastikas because that's just tacky, tasteless and Stormfaggy.

Oh wait, you're a fucking Stormfront Redditor shill cunt, and you don't know shit about Warhammer. So you don't know shit about the Steel Legion.

>> No.41026492


>According to secret guidelines from the government I can reveal that the First World War is due to go hilarious in 2040, with World War Two to follow in 2090. Obviously you can already set a sketch or a sitcom in either war, but they're not properly, uncomplicatedly funny yet. But at the point when everyone who has fought in them and everyone who remembers anyone who fought in them has died, they will surely be as comic as the Vikings or the Spanish Inquisition!

>> No.41026494

the japs were busy experimenting on POWs and captured civvies by chopping them up without any pain relief then sewing them back together in the wrong way, just to see how long they could survive

>> No.41026507

Neither did the nazis.


>> No.41026519

>So you don't know shit about the Steel Legion.

I could tell you that they are based on fallshirmjagers (helmets) with the concept of being panzergrenadiers. No idea how you imagine Rommel into that mix.

>> No.41026554

Steel Legion is based on a (chemical) desert planet you mongoloid wiki-using Reddit cunt.

>> No.41026566


>Mao’s exact words were: “I’m not afraid of nuclear war. There are 2.7 billion people in the world; it doesn’t matter if some are killed. China has a population of 600 million; even if half of them are killed, there are still 300 million people left. I’m not afraid of anyone.”
>In olden days they used 'cold weapons' (i.e., knives, swords etc). Now hot weapons (rifles, guns etc.) are used. Cold ones kill less people and hot ones kill more people; atomic weapons will kill still more people. But besides increasing the rate of mortality they make no difference. In a third world war, many more people would be killed.
>"Do not be alarmed either if there should be war. It would merely mean getting people killed and we've seen people killed in war. Eliminating half of the population occurred several times in China's history. The 50 million population in the time of Emperor Wu in the Han Dynasty was reduced to 10 million by the time of the Three Kingdoms, the two Chin Dynasties and the North and South Dynasties. The war lasted for decades and intermittently for several hundred years, from the Three Kingdoms to the North and South Dynasties. The T'ang Dynasty began with a population of 20 million and did not reach 50 million until Emperor Hsuan. And Lu-shan staged a revolt and the country was divided into many states. It was not reunited until the Sung Dynasty, some 100 or 200 years later, with a population of just over 10 million.... Not very many people were killed in the two World Wars, 10 million in the first and 20 million in the second, but we had 40 million killed in one war. So, how destructive were the big swords! We have no experience in atomic war. So, how many will be killed cannot be known. The best outcome may be that only half of the population is left and the second best may be only one-third.

>> No.41026568

Well, RIP this thread.

I thought it would have been a nice discussion for us historical gamers, but it seems that the Reddit/Stormfront shills have found this thread and are determined to show to the world that every historical wargamer is a nazi.

>> No.41026586

This is the thread that ends exactly like it begins.

>> No.41026595

Hurr ash-desert and city fighting (its a makropol world after all) is totally related to rommel because they were german paratrooper helmets and wear sandcolored uniforms.

Deal with it, the steel legion has nothing to do with rommel or his units.

>> No.41026598


Stop trying to be anal and splitting hairs. The terms are at least interchangeable given how the shape has changed over time. Your link is in German so I'll take the English article. The Balkenkreuz is the straight armed version from which the lines are used with what is in the style of an iron cross.


'The Iron Cross used by today's German Bundeswehr unified defense forces inherits the four white, or lighter-colored, "flanks" of the older Balkenkreuz that do not "cap" the ends of the cross...'

The point is that the cross used on WW2 tanks does not carry the symbolism of the swastika, partly as demonstrated by the way one continues to be used and the other is banned in public in many countries. Something I disagree with myself but the Germans are very twitchy about the war.

>> No.41026600

Are you trolling?

Pointing out its hypocritical to criticise Nazis while giving the USSR a pass does not make someone a Stormfront shill you fucking moron.

And nobody should refrain from speaking the truth because easily offended people like you will scream OMG NAZI!

>> No.41026603

Yeah, let's censor every WW2 movie ever because of "hateful iconography"

>> No.41026605

You mean this thread ends in reverse from how it starts?

It started with historical gamers talking about how this is retarded shit.

Now this thread is infested with nazifucks defending the Third Reich and NOT talking about historical wargaming.

>> No.41026615

No one gave the USSR a pass, Reddit Stormfront cunt.

Fuck off.


>> No.41026618

>The point is that the cross used on WW2 tanks does not carry the symbolism of the swastika

The point i was replying to was that "the iron cross is still used". And that is utterly bullshit. If you want to talk about historical facts, get your facts straight before talking shit.

>> No.41026620

It must get very complicated for SJWs playing eastern front WW2 games. Do I support genocidal fascists or mass gang-raping communists?

Maybe I play the Italians and run away.

>> No.41026624

Do you think you are actually fooling anybody?

I have been in this thread since the beginning you fool, pointing out the Nazis are unjustifiably taboo compared to other genocidal regimes is not 'defending the Third Reich'.

>> No.41026630

It began with a guy posting about how its stupid that people are overreacting about nazi figurines and that its BS that using them makes you a nazi, and ended with guys posting about how nazi figurines make you a nazi. Full circle.

>> No.41026644

SJW's tend to give the USSR a lot of leeway for being left wing. I have even heard them claim Russia was better under Stalin.

Except, you know all the people who said its okay to use Soviet themes and iconography but Nazi stuff is evil and forbidden and using it is wrong. And the people saying the USSR was not as bad as Nazi Germany.

>> No.41026648

>the majority of the planet's population

my fucking sides

>> No.41026654

>Pointing out its hypocritical to criticise Nazis while giving the USSR a pass does not make someone a Stormfront shill you fucking moron.

No one gave the Soviets a pass. I don't know how your mentally ill brain works, but when someone says "the Nazis were the worst" that doesn't automatically mean that that person says that the Soviets were the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best

>> No.41026665

Post some source to that.

The only thing someone said about that is that it's bad taste to paint Imperial Guard and Space Marines with swastikas.

If you think people don't get upset over Soviet iconography because MUH LEFTIST CONSPIRACY you're retarded.

>> No.41026675

>And the people saying the USSR was not as bad as Nazi Germany.

The USSR was not as bad as Nazi Germany.

Nazi Germany set a whole new standard to the concept of evil within the 20th century.

A standard that the Soviets never were able to reach.

>bu-bu-but muh third reich

Back to Reddit with ya.

>> No.41026679

>No one gave the Soviets a pass

>> No.41026686

While the modern cross does include the Balkenkreuz "flanks", it retains the flanged shape of the Iron Cross.

As for me, I'm just sad that the totenkopf is now associated with ss instead of qt

>> No.41026687

Himmler is fucking tragic because in a different regime he could have been so good.

>> No.41026691

>and ended with guys posting about how nazi figurines make you a nazi. Full circle.

You're strawmanning.

In the middle someone said it's in bad taste to put swastikas on non-historical models, and then the Reddit/Swarmfront brigade rode in at full troll/shill mode.

And they didn't leave and killed the thread.

>> No.41026698

>The USSR was not as bad as Nazi Germany.

What luxury you have for not being an ex-soviet occupied nation. Your ignorance is astounding.

>> No.41026703

Life for the average Hans in Nazi Germany was far better then the life of average Ivan in Stalins SU.
If you happened to be a jew or some other unwanted minority you were as good as dead in both cases.

>> No.41026706

That's not giving the Soviets a pass. That's simply an acknowledgement that gassing people on an industrial scale is worse than starving them.

>> No.41026713

Its always the sign of pirates.

>> No.41026714

>hurr durr muh daily life hurr durr i had to wait on my car for two years hurr durr i had to wait all day for a piece of steak


You don't know shit about Nazi Germany.

>> No.41026727

Nice presumption.

>> No.41026734

I did not know of this when I wrote my post. But yeah, funny hats. Crucial to the perfect crime.

>> No.41026743

>thread starts out with reasonable people talking about how historical gaming doesn't mean you're a nazi

>thread ends with nazi apologists
>no one is talking about how historical gaming anymore

>> No.41026755

Why? If i could decide i would chose the quick death in the gas chamber over the starvation while having to watch how my friends and family eat themselves in the hope to somehow survive.
Both methods kill. One is clean and fast while the other is cruel and barbaric.

Even the USA used gas chambers to kill murderers. They never just let them sit in their cell and waited for them to starve (which would be less bad according to you)

>> No.41026768

How bad is it?

>> No.41026769

Stop trolling, nobody is falling for it.

You can shit on people pointing out the Nazis are unfairly criticised compared to the USSR all you want, it won't make them 'Nazi apologists'. You started this with your own defence of an ignorant double standard, its your own fault.

>> No.41026786

>this whole thread

>> No.41026787

he really is. he had some really interesting thoughts about health too.

>> No.41026794

What the fuck does your post have to do with historical wargaming and OP's post?


Fuck off. We don't need your kind here.

>> No.41026805

Cheeky bastard.

>> No.41026818

Who is 'we'? Idiots who think the social ban on Nazi related stuff is okay but its fine the USSR and other genocidal regimes get a pass?

You are supporting a moronic double standard whereby people playing Nazi German armies have to justify themselves.

>> No.41026822

What the fuck does the thread have to do about wargaming at this point? It has turned into "Who killed more people: WW2 Edition".

>> No.41026837

I could see how that would be upsetting...

>> No.41026866

>We don't need your kind here.

You are posting on 4chan. Remember?

>> No.41026874

>painting my models in historically accurate colours and iconography

I do not think basilisks had historical paintjobs involving Nazi iconography.

>> No.41026875

>implying i think historical symbols in wargaming should be banned
>implying i like soviets

Keep strawmanning neonazi Reddit cunt.

Back to your r/coontown.

Don't you have black people to shoot in church?

>> No.41026890

So you claim to be against the banning of it but then you call people who think its okay to have a Nazi army Nazis.

You appear to be confused.

>> No.41026902

>giving a fuck about how anyone paints their models

>> No.41026965

Based children of the steppes.

Say Sweden is better.

>> No.41026994

talking about reddit all the time won`t make your point more true nor your ass less hurt.

>> No.41027000


>But the real shock came when the documentary revealed that Gunther Lutjens was one-fourth Jewish. A Jewish grandmother, to be precise. They didn’t say which one it was, paternal or maternal, but if it was maternal, he would have been Jewish under Jewish law.

>That was a thunderclap for me, for obvious reasons — a Jewish German admiral sank HMS Hood? You bet, wow.

>But it actually made some sense. I knew that Lutjens didn’t think much of Hitler and his strutting Nazis, and privately despaired when Germany went to war. In the documentary, Gerhardt quoted his father as saying Germany had no chance in the war, because of her oil shortages. In 1938, he and other German naval officers of Jewish ancestry fired off angry telegrams to Hitler, protesting Kristallnacht. I don’t know how Hitler responded, but I can’t imagine it was positive. A move like that from a serving flag officer took a lot of guts. But Lutjens was not punished.

>He was a conflicted and depressed man, shoehorned by upbringing and tradition into a situation he dreaded but could not avoid. As a high-ranking officer in the German Navy, steeped in tradition, he could not turn against his government, or flee to safety, either before the war, or on the bridge of his battleship. He faced the conflicting demands and resigned himself to doing his duty and dying honorably. I can imagine him pacing the bridges of his flagships, alternately struggling with plotting his ships’ next move while pondering the insanity of his situation — leading the most powerful battleships in his nation’s Navy in an effort to achieve the destruction of his own people. He must have struggled with long thoughts of fuel supplies and honor, reconnaissance information and loyalty.

>> No.41027073

actually this.

as long as the person behind the army behaves normally everything is ok.
a guy shouting "waaaagh" with every move of his orks is just as annoying as a guy shouting "sieg heil" with every move of his germans.

>> No.41027142


>> No.41027255


>trying to enjoy my hobbies on non-pol boards
>constant SJW shitposting
>hurr durr why are Space Marines so uninclusive
>more trans characters in MTG plz
>Nazi models in war games should be banned
>tell them to keep their political shit out of my hobby
>get told go back to /pol/
>poster who brought that shit up goes unmolested

When I want to talk politics, I go to /pol/ or /int/, where it belongs. I just want the cancer of SJW shitflinging out of my hobbies

>> No.41027275

You do realise that all the SJW shitflinging is coming from le epic maymay guys pretending to be SJW's?

If it wasn't for the contra-SJW raids, no one would talk about this shit here on /tg/.

>> No.41027281

that is actually victim blaming

>> No.41027309

So when it's pro-SJW posts, it's le epic maymay, but when it's anti-SJW, it's an toxic Stormfront invasion. Gotcha

>> No.41027315


>> No.41027325

Well, Reddit and Stormfront will happily talk about their shill adventures on 4chan.

No one in the SJW community wants to be on 4chan.

>> No.41027330

Go back to your safe space.

>> No.41027389


>> No.41028422


Offending people is one thing, lying to yourself, the guy you are yelling at, the world, God, Satan, Buddha, Bahamut, Tiamat, The Elder Gods, and everything else is another.

>> No.41028648


Well shit, guess that time hasn't happened yet.

Newsflash son, human lives are fucking worthless, yours more than most, and the people you pay taxes to know it.

>> No.41028693


Sikhs, but they have a massive hate-on for Muslims I think.

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