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This is why we don't cross the streams anymore.


...jumpers. Have you ever crossed the streams? If so, how badly did you fuck up?

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Well, other than the time I actually crossed the streams in Ghostbusters...not ever, really.

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Because you touch yourself at night? I dunno.

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Because nobody fucking communicates when making new threads?

You act like this was a new occurrence when it's happened several times before.

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To be fair, that's kind of why 70% of stuff happens on this site.

Anything interesting happen other than the usual?

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Technology and its...innovativeness carefully blended with Organic...things...plants, animals, monsters, even fucking fungus.

I'm not quite sure what would be the end result really, growth and evolution with the ability to use many more elements then carbon + (insert element here) and The chance to intelligently innovate on natural evolutions.

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Well...the world DIDN'T end. That's about it. Big explosion was the extent of it. Kind of anti-climactic if you ask me, but whatever.

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Really? That's it? Well...frankly, we envy you man.

During FEAR jump a combination of our own reality warping going out of control and some bad memories conspired to make that an aggregate of drawbacks far more horrifying than the sum of their parts. Not only did we have to deal with increased damage from Spooky-type attacks and being unsure if this is real life, or is this fantasy but a lot of PTSD stemming from centuries of fighting Nyarlathotep suddenly snapped into focus. And THOSE got conflated with some distant memories of who we used to be before all this.

The net result was: At one point we had to run away from a giant glob of egg drop soup being piloted by the Crawling Chaos while also being stuck as a puny human-scale ghost. Because you know how Alma's trauma caused her own psychic powers to go haywire and create a projection of her dad in the third game?

Turns out that's like, a billion times worse when it happens to a Jumper.

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I crossed the streams with my Garden, when I eventually figured out how to meld Universal Adaptor into converting mana to other things. Then made it a spell and tossed it into a pool at the same time as igniting more Wells. So now I've got shit like a psychic well, Prana Well, Shinsoo, that stuff.

I'm still trying to figure out how badly I fucked up.

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For the high rollers who missed the end of last thread.

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If that's a list of complete jumps there is at least one that doesn't belong and if it's just a list of claimed jumps, that's not what it says it is.

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It would help if you said which ones don't belong.

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Disgaea still isn't done last I checked. And I'm not going to compare the entire list for the person updating it - that's their job.

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I didn't take anything off the previous list. Left it pretty much as it is and just updated it with the finished jumps that have been released between now and when the list was last updated. It was usable anyway, just didn't want people rolling (like me) to miss out on things like Discworld, Narnia or Zerg Route.

If there's some stuff that shouldn't be on there it's not that big a deal, worth considering for new versions but it's not going to cause issues really as you can just reroll for jumps that aren't done.

If there's shit that should be there and it's not give me a shout and I'll update it.

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Ranma 1/2 is missing

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Disgaea off, Ranma 1/2 added, will update in a bit, anyone notice anything else?

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Does anyone know what the divinity parameter in fate/ does?

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Makes Gilgamesh look down on you _slightly_ less?

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No, then he laughs at you because you're stuck in Enkidu.

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Gilgamesh hates the gods, scrub.
Divinity reduces the defenses of others. It cuts through faith based skills like butter. It doesn't grant Authority on it's own, but it's a good sign someone has Authority.

Authority is 'fuck you, i'm a god, BLANK happens because i say so'

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>Back to the Future
>Not "Independence Day" Edition

One time I was trying to splice Kryptonian and Martian DNA into me and my companions. Unfortunately I rolled for my chance of success, it was abysmally low. I ended up mutating one of my companions into a horrible abomination. I was able to stop him quickly since I had plenty of fire and a chunk of kryptonite, but it was an extremely traumatizing experience for everyone, and I haven't tried any DNA splicing since.

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And If I have EX Divinity...?

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I meant the benefits. Other than pissing him off to the point where he has trouble focusing, and just uses Ea.

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Take the kettle off the lampshade, please dear? Oh we can't afford to be late to the door this time, the stink raised was sincerely dreadfu- Wait. Wait. My thoughts. They're clear.


>Austin Powers
Age: 28-years-old
Identity: International Noun of Mystery
Complications: Zip It! (+100), Completely Immortal Pursuer (+300)
Final Point Count: 1,400 CP
-Mojo (Free)
-Judo Chop!
-Modern Standards
-Genre Savvy
-Why Don’t You Just Shoot Him?
-I Do Hope You’ll Enjoy Yourself
-The Big Book of One-Liners (Free)
-Charm of the Shaguar
-List of Things To Do Before I Die
-Film Library
Companions - General Import (200 CP)
-Seras Victoria - Intelligence Agent
-Blind ‘Arry Slagshifta - Intelligence Agent
-Medium Dave Slagshifta - Intelligence Agent
-Varric Tethras - International Man of Mystery
-Gilgamesh - Evil Mastermind
-Sazh Katzroy - Intelligence Agent
-Battle Sister Gelee - Evil Mastermind
-Kasumi Rogue - Evil Son


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Oh. Well, as anon said, you'd basically RIPANDTEAR through most other Servants' protections like Kleenex, or so I'm lead to suspect. This would lead to at least a few of them being VERY afraid.

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So jumpers! What rules do YOU impose upon yourself for your build(s)?

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45 Jump Cap. I just need SCP, Hitchhikers Guide, and Homestuck before I move on to the next one.

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I won't completely break something just because there is something exploitable but I will still use it to my own ends. Doing only a hundred worlds is to stop myself from feeling like I need to over do everything and or game the system so much.

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No time limited powers, nothing that adds weaknesses.

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25 jump cap, Science ONLY build, no companions, No perks stacking (incentive to build wide not tall), no alternative bodies unless forced via jump, Emphasis on augments when not looking for building/science perks, no end jumps, no spark and Restraint in the taking of 'magical science' perks of any shape or form.

>SCP jump
Mah negro

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Don't be boring. I'm here to entertain the Lady, and if I bore her she's done with me. Of course, boredom depends on the Jump - I don't have to turn the Sitcom Jump into an action movie.

Also, I've decided that my current build will have a theme, so any choices I make (including Drawbacks) need to fit that Theme for me to take them.

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Always protect the smiles of children, don't let Companions die, and most importantly?

Have fun.

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And what would EX High Speed Divine words do?

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Now I feel bad because I've temporarily put Hitchhiker's Guide on hold while I finish up 2 other jumps. Hope you've at least got some other chain to keep you busy for the time being.

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Probably cast spells faster than a machine gun. This is entirely conjecture on my part, though.

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Neurolinguistic hacking, but for nature?

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I'll just start my second. Good Luck!

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Explain, please.

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Instead of gaining my perks and gear all at the beginning of the Jump, I gain them as the Jump progresses. For every hundred CP spent on a Perk or piece of Gear, that's how many years it will take for me to learn/acquire/gain it. Free stuff is the only stuff I actually start with (including origin freebies). This rule can be broken by weird, nonstandard options.

Companions only respawn at the beginning of each new Jump. In addition, if a Companion is genuinely sick of Jumping, with my permission, upon there next death they will return to there own world at the point they originally left it. This does not work or trigger if I or they are in an altered state of mind.

I am also restricting myself to one Companion for my current Chain.

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I stick to one companion as well, but it is more for cost reasons.

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Ah, sorry. One of the more obscure Nasu terms.

What I mean, is that it would probably behave like the Unified Language, but for the world around you - you speak, and things rush to move in accordance.

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Would Magic resistance Still Function?

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Never take a jump where I'm not completely familiar with the setting.

Admittedly, this did result in reading the entire archive of PS238, but that was pretty entertaining. On the other hand, it does mean (due to needing to have time for having a life and stuff) that Gundam - there is just plain too much of it to do that.

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My personal rules are in a pastebin: http://pastebin.com/zN7pGK8W

For a lot of people it can be limiting, yeah. But at the same time, I kind of like these rules. Keeps me grounded and keeps me thinking.

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I seem to distinctly remember it does indeed somewhat bypass the Servants' resistance, but not by what margin.

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I have my own set of rules:

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I don't really have rules. I don't really need rules. I'm boring.

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「Blood on the Saddle」 takes the form of a faceless metallic horse with legs made of flames. It has two unique factors to its form; the first being that it can selectively interact with its user physically. The second is that it is bound by gravity, which makes it capable of moving itself independently of its user, allowing for it to be ridden as a 「STEED」. When ridden as a 「STEED」, the Stand is capable of taking its rider's 「Potential Speed」 as its own. If one could run 10 miles an hour, then 「Blood on the Saddle」 would gain the ability to gallop at 58 miles per hour. Of note is that the Stand's legs lose their consistency when moving above its natural speed, gaining the appearance of jet engines.
Its Awakened ability allows it to create 「The California Stage Company」. It takes the form of up to 40 duplicates of 「Blood on the Saddle」 which can be perceived and interacted with by non-Stand users. While they can still take one's 「Potential Speed」 if ridden as a 「STEED」, 「The California Stage Company」 can not go faster than 「Blood on the Saddle」 itself.

Is this fine for a Stand?

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How very reasonable. I make sure not to have a god complex as it is.

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The first rule I have is "if some power combo that seems like it would break everything, there's some catch to it." The second is "don't just take drawbacks for a mad power grab, only take drawbacks if you have some kind of solution or strategy."

Other than that, I try to play it as if it's me in the situation and I try to be a good person. Also, and it's more of a theme than a rule, I tend to go for a magic-heavy build.

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Gilgamesh is such a fucking tool even though he makes for a cute kid. Like the Vault wasn't insane enough he also wields Ea and he knows nothing short of plot armor can defeat him which explains his absolute smugness and arrogance. He's one of the few anime characters I can't stand.

How much would I annoy him if I'd put my business perks to good use and created an extremely popular brand of Gilgamesh' extra small dildos and vibrating butt plugs to be sold all across the world? Would that have an effect on him as a servant if I do it before/after he's been summoned?

>Gilgamesh' dildos and plugs: quality fit for the King of HeroesTM
>"Why not make a visit to Gilgamesh' Vault of ToysTM?"
>"Our toys are historically accurate and designed for your pleasure! Why not try the original XS dildo belonging to the mythological hero Gilgamesh himself?"

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I don't know how the speed increase works and I don't know about non-stand users being able to see it.

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>you can literally feel his undying rage from half the planet away
>even Gaia is afraid
>every other Servant wonders how it is even possible for him to be this mad

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Sins of a Solar Empire
> Faction: Vasari Exile Fleet (Rebel)
> Kultorask Titan
> Technology -
> + Atomic Lattice Armour [-100CP]
> + Inter-Species Affinity [-100CP]
> + Offworld Exports [-100CP]
> + Priceless Goods [-100CP]
> + Gravity Tolerance [-100CP]
> + Phasic Cloaking [-100CP]
> + Self Repairing Systems [-100CP]
> + Matter Decompilation [-200CP]
> + Molecular Assembly [-200CP]
> + Phasic Transmissions [-200CP]
> Orbital Structures -
> + Matter Refinery [Get a Freebie!]
> + Phasic Defence Emplacement [-300CP]
> + Phase Stabiliser [-300CP]
> Ships -
> + Sulsurak Corvette [Get a Freebie!]
> + Jikara Navigator [Get a Freebie!]
> + Ravastra Skirmisher [Get a Freebie!]
> + Kanrak Assailant [-50CP]
> + Junsurak Sentinel [-50CP]
> Capital Ships -
> + Kortul Devastator [Get a Freebie!]
> + Jarrasul Evacuator [Get a Freebie!]
> Orkulus Starbase [-800CP]
> + Civilian Manufacturing Hub
> + Colony Pods (x2)
> + Debris Vortex
> + Defensive Enhancements (x3)
> + Phase Stabiliser Array
> Homeworld: Volcanic
> Wretched Tide of Scum&Villainy [Get a Freebie?]
> Lost Titan [+800CP]
> The Kostura Cannon [Get a Freebie!]


See all this shit? It's mine now. All of this shit is mine.
Now, if you want to help me fight the coming scourge, you are absolutely free to join the Concordance of Alien Nations I'm constructing. But if you get in my way? You're getting DE-constructed.
And then all your shit is mine.

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Ensign Log: I believe our captain is insane. Brilliant, but insane.

So, I figured out how to mass produce the Orgel of Origins. Like, MASS produce. As in, "Every ship has at least one and I can still make more."
For that matter, I'm fixing the depopulation problem with robots. No longer to valuable Vasari citizens need put themselves at risk.

Anyway, first thing I did was upend the warehouse scrapyard from Swat Kats into the reconstructor. Huge amounts of scrap goes into that thing on an hourly basis, then gets transmuted into actually worthwhile components.
That and general Song Science gives a lot of resource.

After the war is over, it may be better if we put her down. I have issued a formal request that her DNA not be cloned.

Of course we transmute planets, too. Speaking of, our homeworld is INSANE. I actually built an engine superstructure on one end. The planet is a ship.
Also, gets a shitload of geothermal energy, so that's cool.

I asked her why she was so adamant on fighting against the unknown threat, and she simply said that she was preparing for "the worst of all possible outcomes".

Our ships, thanks to all the power, attack by entering phase space in truly massive numbers, getting up nice and close, unphasing, and then blowing up everything while in "squat mode".
Freaks people out. They call us the Ghost Fleet.

What is a "Slaanesh"?


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>mass-producing Orgels of Origins

I need this.

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I'd like to see more stuff from the ensign's point of view. Then again, I've always been fond of stuff from normal people's point of view, like that one pastebin about Daenerys Targaryen and a jumper that was smithing something.

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I 'member that one. Last line was wondering if other worlds had dragons, it was genuinely good stuff. Was there anymore by that anon?

>> No.41010781

Not to my knowledge. I hope there is though.

>> No.41010792

Sadly no. I really wished there was more writefag about stuff like that it was good reading,

>> No.41010948

Konota. Konota think about what you're doing. Remember how you were saying I was the irresponsible one?

You kind of beat me there. By going bugfuck insane.

>> No.41011020

>Being a member of the slave-taking race
>Who is hyper-advanced technologically, especially in techs that let them be lazy and not do much themselves

I would say "for shame", if I hadn't seen this coming a mile away

>> No.41011156

>Infinite Orgel of Origins
Do you want Spiral Nemesis? Because I'm pretty sure that's a path to Spiral Nemesis.

>> No.41011194

Either way, more stuff.

(Faster Than Light)
-Race: Human (950CP) -Keep it simple!
-Background: Drop-In (Free) -No one knows me! Forging my own path!
-Space Legs (Free) -I won't mind this!
-Rock Candy (750CP) -CRYSTAAAALS.
-Mr. Roboto (550CP) -And nanite swarms are a go!
-Quick Learner (Free) -And learn super quick, this is nice.
-Engine Specialist (Free) -MOVE ON, FRIEND.
-Friends in Places (450CP) (Discount) -Friendship. I need this.
-Silent Running (300CP) (Discount) -STAY SILENT. WE NEED THIS. SILENT GOOD.
-Shield Specialist (200CP) -Stay tough.
-Aggressive Acquisition (0CP) -What's mine is mine, and what's yours is mine.
-Ship: Kestrel (Free) -The very basics!
Dice Rolls: Civilian Sector, 27 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

So I'm growing crystals from my body at times, AND I can command nanotech? Well, sweet! I'm just going to go around and ferry people. Got some nice shields, got some cloaking, engine power, it's all good! I'll probably just improve the damn thing with my own technology, and then at the end of the jump cannibalize it for parts. See if I can't put any of the upgrades into the Cabbit instead.

But sounds like I'm gonna be a space jockey! Who magpies anything they can touch.

>> No.41011247


There is, sadly, not much else to write.
I single handedly jumped Vasari tech (which was ALREADY impressive, and had many things I didn't know) forward by several leagues. In one epic blow I erased their energy dependency with white hole generators. Then I started hammering out massive world shattering fleets with the speed and madness inherent to someone who believes they've already lost, but has decided to go out in a blazing inferno all the same.

The only reason someone hasn't tried to shoot me is because I'm so damn GOOD at this. Like, everyone actually believes that if they have any shot of defeating the Unknown, it's me. Because the force is Unknown, I am operating under the assumption that it is the Worst Possible Thing, and I am bringing shit to bear.
I inspire more fear than I do true loyalty, although I have a lot of admiration, too.

I wonder if this is how other jumpers feel all the time.

Lieutenant's Log:
I wonder if her mind is not a remnant of the ancient Vasari Empire. A long lost relic only now resurfacing amongst rebelkind, back for revenge.
If that is so, I can see why ones such as her had once ruled over so vast an area of space.
And I fear for anyone who might have been her enemy, as I fear the one that defeated her.

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>> No.41011311

But where too anon?

>> No.41011336

For the meantime here it is with those changes:


>> No.41011351

No matter how hard you try Anti-spiral anon will not be able to be your waifu. At least in part because this is supposed to be single player.

>> No.41011357

Out of curiosity, does anyone know the composition of Redstone. Or crafting substitutes?

>> No.41011363


>> No.41011381

It's a fictional material from Minecraft.

>> No.41011401

I was remembered? Damn. I'm willing to take a request for a setting, if someone offers me a suggestion, but I'll favor jumps I've already built and know well.

>> No.41011418

I mean how could I make Redstone, in-jump, to use for making factories outside of The Minecraft jump.

>> No.41011432

Redstone is mined as an ore.

>> No.41011445

There is no such thing as irresponsible when you believe you might be dealing with the Warp.
There is only "open fire" and "I need to reload."

Hey man, we rebels are phasing that out. And I built robots for those jobs, besides. Humanity and their crystal energy bullshit cousins are free to join us in being lazy, just as long as they don't try to get in my way. I am totes open for trade relations and stuff.
I mean, the more trade we get, the more resources I get for building purposes. So it's win/win all around.

So, I got the Orgel from Ar Tonelico, as well as Song Science AND the Tower. I took a lot of drawbacks that jump.
Then I have Motherbox, the Scanner from Iji, the blue tarp thing from Razzle Dazzle... that digital tablet scanner from one of the Gundams... uh... probably some other stuff...
Artificial Alloys from Anno 2070, and now finally the reconstructing nanobots from Sins.

I focused WAY into nanobots, speed production, and Phase tech over here. I can hammer out reconstructed alloys with the snap of a finger. There's a lot of waste product converted to heat energy from the sheer speed and what-the-fuckery, but fuck it. The important thing is I can convert stuff into other stuff really, really, REALLY fast.

That's okay. He's not very fluffy, anyway.

>> No.41011511

... Screw it. I'll just trade Inventory of Steve for the endless bag of Redstone.

>> No.41011555

Anything would be fine as long as we get something as nice as the one you posted before.

>> No.41011560

I mean, I'm pretty sure Equivalent Exchange lets you make redstone out of... anything. Eventually.

>> No.41011615

And if I don't have EE?

>> No.41011625

Do you have IndustrialCraft?

>> No.41011651


>> No.41011677

Yes. I have a Builders Build.

>> No.41011736

Sorry, thought first one failed.

>> No.41011766

Just get that one perk that lets you produce natural materials.

>> No.41011784

What is it called?

>> No.41011821

The Servant supplement allows us to spend 50 CP to increase a stat and 50 CP to lower a stat. This means you can completely ignore the initial stats of a class and should look at their discounts and class skills instead. Is this correct or am I reading the supplement wrong?

>> No.41011851

Class skills are also a thing to be figured into your minmaxing.

That said, just by class parameters Saber and Lancer are best. 175CP 'free'.

>> No.41011853

I guess. I find caster is the best, seeing as it gives a discount on a personal skill.

>> No.41011923

There's a perk in anno 2070 that let's you create substitutes for setting-specific materials that function more or less identical to the real deal, so you could pick that up and make a soy bean substitute redstone equivalent.

>> No.41011942

Then you can make a Matter Fabricator to create "Matter", which you can use to craft into practically everything.

>> No.41011975


That wasn't my intention. I want to create a Muscle Wizard caster. So he should have all the skills that stereotype a caster like the creation skills but I'm going to transfer all his Mana and Luck into Strength and Endurance.

I wanted to know if that was possible and whether I was missing something that would ruin my awesome plan?

>> No.41012064

>Muscle Wizard
You have good taste sir. Consider creating a noble phantasm that let's you use your endurance and/or strength to cast instead of your prana for maximum muscle-wizardry.

>> No.41012116

You're bragging about being the Spiral Nemesis, laughing like crazy, and you're freaking out at the idea of fighting something from a world you've swore to never return to again. With emphasis on 'laughing like crazy'. All while mass producing white hole generators, and who KNOWS what happens if those explode.

I'd say that ranks pretty high between "irresponsible fluffy fuck" and "bugfuck crazy scientist who just thought they became a god". Sorry Konota, but the irresponsibility title is yours.


(Secrets of Evermore)
-Background: Inhabitant (900CP) -What are you talking about, I've always been here!
-Alchemist (800CP) (Discount) -Awwww yiss, we transmuting now.
-Gatherer (700CP) -Grab what I can, grab what I use.
-Shrewd Trader (Free) -WE HAGGLIN' NOW.
-Formula Formulator (400CP) (Discount) -I AM A GRAND ALCHEMIST.
-Trader's Satchel (Free) -The things I will do with you.
-Magic Gourd (Free) -Oh, sweet! Alchemy ingredients!
-Charm Pouch (200CP) -Oh holy shit. This with Storm Hawks and we're SET.
-Sun Stone (100CP) -BY THE POWER OF HAMON.
-Wizard's Coin (0CP) -Every little bit helps you out.
Dice Rolls: Nobilia, 16 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

Not sure why a 16 year old is some amazing alchemist or has all this awesome stuff, BUT HEY. Plenty of ways to trade, barter, and all kinds of stuff. I salvage what I can, and get people what they need. I get to coordinate folks and make sure everyone's happy. I'm gonna have fun here exploring what I can!

>> No.41012305

I wonder is there anyway to help Batman Psychologically? Not the scarecrow way but an actual good therapist way?
Also anyone here wanting to help fix certain heroes or villains?

>> No.41012359

You're missing DOOM.

>> No.41012369

> You're bragging about being the Spiral Nemesis
You say that like it's new.

> laughing like crazy
You say that like it's new.

> and you're freaking out at the idea of fighting something
To be fair, I tend to freak out about "ACTUALLY" fighting regardless, since I don't actually enjoy it.
Well, unless it's so hilariously one-sided that it's like fighting an ant with a hammer. That used to be owned by a thunder god.
Then I kindof enjoy it.

> With emphasis on 'laughing like crazy'.
Did you know I actually have perks devoted entirely to that? I'm really good at it.
It's kindof a requirement for the whole "cartoon villainy" schtick, y'know!
Granted when we're not in a cartoon, then I just come off as a nut. But it's very cathartic!

> All while mass producing white hole generators, and who KNOWS what happens if those explode.
Consensus seems to be "they explode very violently". Probably not a lot of the ship they are on is left.
But on the plus side, space is really big, so there PROBABLY won't be a chain reaction, and nobody will be able to steal any of my shit!

> Sorry Konota, but the irresponsibility title is yours.
It's not irresponsible! I HAVE BACKUP PLANS.
Like, in the event of total armada collapse, the homeworld, flagship, and starbase are all equipped to go into warpspace and escape.
Ironically the rebels are better equipped to flee than the loyalits.
Turning a planet into a supership is totally rational!

>> No.41012402

I took a look at that not long ago. It looks and feels unfinished as fuck.
People change as a direct result to stimuli. You might help them somehow but there isn't anything to 'fix'.

>> No.41012418

Any idea on how to help then?

>> No.41012472


Seems pretty damn finished to me. Only problems is that it's in the Completed With Images folder, despite the author requesting that it stay a .txt file for nostalgia/fluff reasons.

>> No.41012517


>> No.41012539

What Would EX Item Construction Do?

>> No.41012622

Depends of the continuity you went to. I'd say give him powers or tech but that could end badly depend on the powers or tech. Giving him defensive powers might not be a bad idea but anything else and I could see him going the route of Injustice Superman or becoming reckless. He's kinda got his thing down as it is.

Maybe just looking over him might be the best thing to do.

>> No.41013059

Basically just make amazing stuff instantly.

>> No.41013177

That's not actually a problem. The "goal" is to have everything in the "complete with images" folder, and nothing in the "needs image work" folder. If a problem exists it's the fact that when creating the drive no consideration was given to the idea that some jumps may be better without images.

>> No.41013231

There's no goal. People are perfectly fine with unimaged stuff.

>> No.41013487


Light of Terra. I want writefagging that isn't SB 'I have all the companions forever' garbage.

>> No.41013513

Wait, they're trying to pull getting more than one companion? That's fucking retarded.

>> No.41013553

Lovecraft meets sins of a solar empire/Cortex Command jumper

>> No.41013599

The guy doing it is doing it as crack not canon to his Chain.

>> No.41013616

Starcraft builds here. Went from Terran route to Legend of Zelda to Zerg route. Was a bit of a nasty surprise really after 10 years of pissing about in Hyrule to be back there again.

Terran Route: Went for some danger sense, ability to sidestep long-range Psionics and some Psionics of my own along with a Spectre import to help boost them. Ammo selection as infinite teleporting ammo is pretty good.

25 years old
Drop In
Import – Spectre
Prophetic Protection 600
Void 1200
Psychic 1500
Ammo Selection+ 1800
The Great War 1500
You Must Construct Additional Pylons 1200
The Bounty 1000

Not too difficult to avoid the war really and a few Protoss and Terrans coming for me now and again are not a massive deal.

Zerg Route: Largely just went Brood Leader+ here. Infestation is really neat for both giving out powers and fucking shit up, Psionic Waveform, Psionic Node and Khaydarin Crystal boost my already considerable psychic abilities to pretty high levels, Essence Spinner is a nice DNA incorporating option and Zerg Rush is nice as I was never very good at RTSs. Would have taken the Primal Evolution but realised it wasn't worth it for the points as I could sort of already do whatever with Essence Spinner and I wouldn't have to eat as many sapient beings/crazy monsters.

Mar Sara
Brood Leader 100
2 years old
Infestation 500
Zerg Rush 700
Essence Spinner 1300
Psionic Waveform 1600
Psionic Node 1900
Khaydarin Crystal 2000
Slow Evolution 1500
Hybrid 1100
Not Enough Minerals 1000

Slow Evolution is not that big a deal, just means I'll be collecting samples for later rather than applying them now. Also means I'll have to find somewhere really good to hide so I can do a week-long transformation into a less conspicuous form at some point. Hybrid isn't as bad for me as it could be for some people either, don't have nearly as many powers that are genetic in basis as powers that I have for some other reason.

I'll add it.

>> No.41013624

Oh boy, where to start here.

Gilgamesh on a world-wide rampage to steal all of the world's most prized weapons and artifacts, Kasumi Rogue being more of a cat burglar because he knows Gilgamesh is gonna wind up failing, and Gelee is continuing her plot of... I... Why is there a giant cat-lazer.


Right. I'm not even going to question it. Just... have a good day, ladies and gentlemen. Have a wonderful day.

>Sins of a Solar Empire
Faction: Advent (Rebel)
-Eradica Titan
Homeworld: Terran
Complications: A Wretched Tide of Scum & Villainy (+0), Lost Titan (+800) - the only drawback I rolled anything remotely resembling survival on.
Required Complication Reward: The Deliverance Engine - Uh, nopenopenope. Nooopenopenope. NOPE.
Final Point Counts:
1,400 for Technology
1,400 for Fleet

-Inspired Reactor Design
-Raised Shield Harmonics
-Elegant Hull Design
-Herald Diplomatic Cruiser
-Subsurface Architecture
-Selective Harvesting
-Telekinetic Extraction
-Shield Bestowal
Orbital Structures:
-Pillar of Unity (Free)
-Temple of Renewal
-Anima Platform

Ships of the Advent:
-Vespa Corvette (Free)
-Seeker Vessel (Free)
-Disciple Vessel (Free)
-Domina Subjugator
-Solanus Adjudicator
-Aeria Drone Host
-Destra Crusader
-Iconus Guardian
-Purge Vessel
-Defense Vessel
Capital Ships:
-Radiance Battleship (Free)
-Progenitor Mothership (Free)
-Halcyon Carrier x2

>> No.41013673

So you want peace? What a pansy

>> No.41013764


Kingsman: The Secret Service (Redux)
> Background: Millionaire [-100CP]
> Never Knocks [-100CP]
> Silver Spoons Feed Silver Tongues [Get a Freebie!]
> Oxford Educated [-100CP]
> Talk Isn't Cheap [-200CP]
> Blue Blood Privileges [-300CP]
> Fan Of The Three JB's [-100CP]
> Political Pull [-200CP]
> Well Dressed [-100CP]
> Always On Tap [-50CP]
> The Gentleman's Guide [-50CP]
> Flaunting Your Wealth (x5) [Get a Freebie!]
> A Hands On Approach [-100CP]
> An Angry Caller [-200CP]
> Lisp [+100CP]
> Positive Discrimination [+200CP]
> Ain't That Kind Of Movie, Bruv [+300CP]

Actually, it IS that kind of movie.
My original build for this prettymuch consisted of "be a millionaire, sit in a mansion, ignore plot, probably game businesses or something".
That was forever ago. More recently, I realized I can tank machine gun fire like it's nothing.

So instead, we're going to play a game. It's called "I'm Dr Evil now", and in this game, I act like the most ridiculous villain the world has ever seen, to the point that NO ONE can take me seriously, and the Kingsmen's job is to stop me despite my being infuriatingly powerful and effective.
I will of course leave methods for them to do this. Such as walking out of death traps and leaving clues behind.
If anything, this drawback is free points, and will only meant to force me to play by the "rules".

Also, keyed to my DNA? Hah! Good luck cracking THAT one, assholes.

"You're insane."
"I know."

>> No.41013912

What is the best Jump for empowering Companions?

>> No.41013947

Maybe Naruto. Cheap import and lots of great options.

>> No.41013997

Warhammer fantasy, turn them all into ogres, then Halo gauntlet, where they all get Spartan Training.

>> No.41014000

I'd say something, but I don't want to be responsible for driving even more people towards alcoholism.

>> No.41014090


>> No.41014109

I was already at Worm. It was worth it, even with Behemoth, Leviathan, Simurgh, Khonsu, Tohu and Bohu, The Slaughterhouse Nine, and Zion to deal with.

>> No.41014116


>> No.41014137

Naruto, A Certain Scientific Railgun, Soul Eater, and Highschool DxD all come to mind.Depends on what you mean by "best"

>> No.41014151

what kind of technology level are we talking about in gears of war? I've never played the games. I know they still use somewhat standard firearms and chainsaw things...but like what else?

>> No.41014154


while there isn't a specific "best", there are a lot of them that can be used.

Raildex, Generic Magical Girl, the previously mentioned Naruto, Warhammer Fantasy, and Worm... Some of the comic book ones like DC and PS238 too.

"Best" is technically "do more than one".

>> No.41014168

Wasn't there gonna be a God of War jump?

>> No.41014178

>A Certain Scientific Railgun
>Alice, my Alakazam, has been made into a psychic powerhouse throughout /jc/
>She rolled for Clairvoyance in Railgun
>Laughing Justice.png

>> No.41014181

I find RWBY has the best companion import, seeing as they gain 100 points per 100 points spent in subsequent jumps.

>> No.41014214

Here we go again.

>> No.41014234


>> No.41014254

I just think the esper powers make a great addition to a companion. Especially if you can raise their potential along the line.

>> No.41014270

Had a bunch of ideas for Secret of Evermore that I hadn't thought of before, and I decided to go ahead and make an update.

New Perks: Saw It In a Movie Once; Good Dog!; Maybe You've Heard Of Me; Antiquarian.

Reduced 300 CP perks to 200 CP.

Increased Personal Assistant's CP from 450 CP to 600 CP.

>> No.41014273

I did plenty of writefagging for the DLCs. Have what I've got.

http://pastebin.com/gzBScAx8 <--Heathen Trail
http://pastebin.com/djB9mAVP <--Ork Races
http://pastebin.com/FQC1WTkU <--Grand Day Out

Muyo and I are working on it.


(Sins of a Solar Empire)
-Background: The Advent (Free) -FOR UNITY.
-Faction: Rebels (Free) -But mostly not being a dick.
-Titan: Eradica Titan (Free) -Oh holy fucking shit WHAT.
-Telekinetic Extraction (900CP) -More ore!
-Selective Harvesting (800CP) -GIMME. I love me the ore.
-Divination (700CP) -YOINK.
-Inspired Reactor Design (600CP) (Discount) -Additional power is good.
-Elegant Hull Design (500CP) (Discount) -Stronger! Yesss, stronger.
-Raised Shield Harmonics (400CP) (Discount) -TANK. EVERYTHING.
-Rapid Plasma Generation (200CP) -DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA.
-Precision Beam Focus (0CP) -Shoot you from SO far away.
-Beam Defense Platform (800CP) -Fuck all of you.
-Anima Platform (500CP) -NO ONE is getting close.
-Temple of Renewal (200CP) -This is now a battle of attrition.
-Pillar of Unity (Free) -We come in peace.
-Transcencia Star Base (-600CP) -WITNESS OUR RESPLENDENCE.
-Upgrade: Merchant Docks (No. 1) -All are welcome.
-Upgrade: Mass Disorientation (No. 2) -But we are far from defenseless.
-Upgrade: Drone Capacityx2 (No. 3-4) -And we are far from alone.
-Upgrade: Enhanced Preservationx3 (No. 5-7) -We are the rocks upon which you will crash.
-Upgrade: Heavy Laser Batteries (No. 8) -And you will burn upon breaking.
-Vespa Corvette (Free) -Zippity zoom!
-Seeker Vessel (Free) -Scout and sabotage.
-Disciple Vessel (Free) -Dodge and deal.
-Aeria Drone Host (-700CP) -SWARM THEM WITH DRONES.
-Domina Subjugator (-800CP) -Leave them unable to fight back.
-Radiance Battleship (Free) -Which works for tearing apart the enemy fleets.
-Discord Battleship (Free) -When I said 'tear', I meant TEAR.
-Lost Titan (0CP)
Dice Rolls: -
End Choice: Next Adventure

>> No.41014287

>>41014181 >>41014234
Nothing. At all.

>> No.41014289

Jumpers! How the hell am I going to explain my varied and freaky array of powers to Professor Xavier?

More generally, how do you pass off your powers?

I'm leaning towards,"A wizard did it." Then immediately followed by, "And I was the wizard."

>> No.41014299

Oh I'm aware. But adding Clairvoyance to my Psychic Powerhouse was just great.
Completely necessary, but great

>> No.41014319

I'm a Cosmic Fact Drop-in. Everyone already knows I'm a dimensional traveler. Also a Mutant, because I took that drawback.

>> No.41014332

Seriously. I bought it in Jump 7. It presents a bit of an issue if there is a soft ban on it, seeing as I plan to writefag the jump.

>> No.41014387

Most would say that little bit of it is not legitimate. Others would say play as written. I'm of the latter and I still agree with the former on this. It has started shitstorms before.

>> No.41014412


>> No.41014436

If we're talking long term, Hard Science in Railgun lets you develop psychic powers in people, M.O. Surgeon from Terraformars lets you perform give Mosaic Organs to people, buying or stealing the arrowhead from Jojo lets you give everyone stands, AtLA has bending scroll that can give people access to bending, Psychologist from Persona lets you unlock peoples personas, and taking both Star Wars jumps lets you give people the force.

>> No.41014440

If you agree with the former, then you aren't the latter.

>> No.41014469

Giving stuff in other peoples jumps without running it past them first is very not cool, and technically breaks a few rules.

>> No.41014483

Given anything else but this, yes.

>> No.41014517

Oh, shit. Forgot my homeworld.

-Homeworld: Volcanic (Free) -Get all kinds of resources. We're going to need it.

This faction works for peace. There is no sense in fighting each other when we're capable of working together and achieving so much more. We can do so many things if we just... work together. Think what we can accomplish if we pool everything! The wonders we can see.

No? Alright then, have fun being mindlocked to hell while mines and lasers spam the fuck out of your currently-rending ships.

I'll probably toss in as many of my own technologies as I can. Railguns, robot AIs, matter transmuters to harvest EVERYTHING, additional shield technology, the works. And Psychoframe technology! Oh the wonders there. Point is, this PsiTech is going to be beefed up to high hell. I will do EVERYTHING I can to make sure this all works perfectly. Because that Lost Titan is going to be a problem.

Everything will be thrown at it. Even me spamming my bow day in and day out. We will lock that fucker into a battle of attrition and we will tear them apart bolt by bolt. Even the Scarabites that come by will not be spared. Well, they will be if they want to join, but if they try to attack then they will be fucked beyond repair. Peace through SUPERIOR FIREPOWER.

When the jump ends... I don't know. I'll probably take the Titan and the Star Base with me, minus the crew. Give them additional ships and let them by on their way. It doesn't feel right to drag them with me just to maintain my stuff. They have their own journey, I have mine.

I'll figure out another way to staff them.

>> No.41014520

I need to finish this game

>> No.41014542

The Advent creeps me otu because they like to link minds together a lot. That's dangerous for individualism, but for a jumper the extra danger is them finding out what you are.

>> No.41014630

Pretty much exactly that, I just say "I'm magic." Maybe I go a bit more in depth with friends, but that's the short version.

I'd probably skirt over talking about the jumps that exist as fiction in the current world, just because talking about that seems kind of embarrassing to me.

>> No.41014723

Gamma rays, amirite?

>> No.41014752

Eh. By that point I'm 436 jumps in. I figure they'd instead be GLAD that I'm trying to work with them and make sure they're okay instead of trying to subjugate them or break their telepathic network. I legitimately want to make sure they make it through this okay. A lot of the Advent's gig I kind of like, it's just that whole "non-consent" thing that I'm gonna try to ween them off of. Try. I'm not perfect by any stretch and I'm gonna be too busy trying to bolster folks and keep them alive.

Really, my biggest issue is going to be staffing the Star Base and other such things AFTER the jump. Since I don't want to take them with me and let them live in their own world, I need to essentially make some kind of psionic work-force that isn't living. Like... golems or something. The idea of making others follow my whims and put up with my shit just because "I want someone to take care of my toys" doesn't really fit with me. Maybe I could make a Tree A.I. and then have them produce wooden dolls or something. Like some weird... Tree Zerg or something. I don't know. I really gotta think this out.

>> No.41014775

Try robots, or Flesh-bots made via Geneforge

>> No.41014798

Depending on continuity, you may want to have previously acquired some form of immunity to mind control. Xavier can be a dick, you see. More to the point: "Some manner of superpowered mutant did it" wouldn't be the worst thing.

>> No.41014876

>>You can make of these fragile little blue baubles per week,

From the call bead perk. You didn't specify how many.

>> No.41015051

You know, in all honesty? I almost went Advent, because I kindof felt bad for them, and the whole "everyone gets to do what they want, let's all help each other reach nirvana!" kindof spoke to me, even if the concept of "unity" and shunning people not part of the "unity" kindof skeezed me out.
But, I mean, I figured it wasn't any worse than the slavery of the Vasari or the TEC's xenophobia. I was torn between all three races, but I was leaning Advent because crystal people.

The swing vote was actually their victory prize, with the whole "you WILL join the Unity. ALL IS ONE. ALL IS ONE", to whereupon I was like, "woah, no", and backed away slowly, hands in front of me.
Whereas the Vasari's prize seemed like it was basically tailor made for me.

So yeah. That was actually literally the only thing that changed my mind. And it's what turned me into SPIRAL NEMESIS, because the choices for that were "fuck everyone else and keep running forever" or "actually try to get people together so we can fight the horrible cosmic monstrosity that is blanking out large swathes of the universe so maybe everyone won't die".

So, if anything, you can blame Babylon for hitting all my skeezout buttons. And then offering me delicious candy five seconds later. And also my tendency to freak the fuck out when forced to actually fight something of an actual threat level.

Anyway, I know this is gonna sound really obvious from me, but might I suggest staffing the Starbase/Titan with robots?

>> No.41015216

So yeah I did decide to make a Solatorobo/Little Tail Bronx jump. Any of you familiar with it that want something in particular? I'm especially interested in anyone capable of Japanese for the setting books. Otherwise, backgroudns will be drop-in, pirate, hunter, and scientist. I need to do more research to see if any other backgrounds would be a good idea to fit but this is a good starting place.

>> No.41015266

The problem is making them psychic. Advent tech works WAY way better with psionic folk keeping an eye on them/maintaining them, so by just tossing robots I lose a lot of utility.

And yeah, Deliverance Engine is being launched into a sun unless I can modify it.

>> No.41015314

Geneforge. Make Psychic Flesh-bots

>> No.41015392

I can think of no way at all in which that could possibly go wrong.

>> No.41015678


>> No.41015715


>> No.41015747

It is adorable, isn't it?

>> No.41015972

> effective
Not with those drawbacks, unless I read Ain't That Kind Of Movie, Bruv wrong.
Most you are is comic relief.

>> No.41016340

Not at all, and yet that's kindof the point?
The drawbacks don't actually remove my threat level. I am still capable of cobbling together a massive robot army armed with nuclear missiles, and I can still turn into a bigass dragon that eats buildings.

I mean... if that's funny, then okay?

On the other hand, I tend to make stupid "mistakes" like leaving prisoners unguarded, going on long monologues about my motives, pausing to laugh evilly (then stopping, saying, "wait, let me try that again", and then laughing again but BIGGER), and leaving clues fucking everywhere.
I also talk like I just slammed my face in a door and absolutely everyone thinks I'm a twat.
That's the point.

I'm Dr Evil. Like, from Austin Powers. In Kingsmen. That's the joke.

The ongoing, BIGGER joke, is that after 80-100+ jumps under my belt, I'm still such a ridiculous threat that they're forced to take me seriously, because if they don't come after me I might actually manage to accomplish something. They can't allow this to happen, so they'll come after me. Bitching and moaning and insulting me the whole way. In posh British accents while they act like they're above such things because they're British, while I'm just laughing and having a good time.

I do not actually intend to succeed and in fact don't want to succeed. If I took over the world I honestly wouldn't know what to do with it.
I just want to annoy the piss out of a bunch of stuffy British people.

Because it's fun.
I'm having fun.

>> No.41016441

Anyone Jumpers here kick certain MC or Villains in the dick just because?

>> No.41016483

I'm not strong enough when I go to MC.

>> No.41016529

Gilgamesh. Many times. With swords.

>> No.41016567

But no one will take you as a credible threat due to them thinking you'te incompetent, due to Positive Discrimination! At most, they'll always think you're second in command yo a much more deadly super villain.

>> No.41016642

Well then that's really their problem isn't it?

Although the idea of them searching for months for some diabolical mastermind that doesn't exist because "that woman was just too ridiculous!" is kindof hilarious in its own right.

>> No.41016654

I sucker punched Cthulu... With a Skyscraper. Made of tungsten.

>> No.41016711

More than once. Because they deserve it

>> No.41016835

Which jump has the best America?

>> No.41016863


Well that's perfection.
Just perfection.
Meanwhile currently kitting my Wulfen Highwind out in literally every gundam(except SEED at this point) because. Fuck it, why not? Hoping to get a sample of the DG cells in my current jump (in G Gundam) but I have a feeling that'd end in misery...

>> No.41016952

You do. It's really good.

Whoops. It was meant to be three (so Fire Eyes gives you two weeks' worth). I'll fix it before uploading it to the drive.

>> No.41016967

Squirrel and Hedgehog, which coincidentally has the best Korea as well

>> No.41017019

I feel pic realted happens to Jumpers every so often.

>> No.41017049

It's called "luck perks and plot armor out the ass".

>> No.41017069

>Tfw, jumper realizes he's back in 40k.

>> No.41017076

>The entirety of my Light of Terra Jump
>The one time I think things are going well
>Kidnapped by Orks and forced to race

>> No.41017085

Well Maybe you shouldn't take imagine breaker. I realize the hypocrisy.

>> No.41017091


>> No.41017117

Would the Youtuber Companion from the YouTube jump get the same 100CP as the Companion Import.

>> No.41017153

G Gundam is the runner up.

>> No.41017187


>> No.41017189

So that happened.
My mantra ain't even rage, it's violence.

>> No.41017208


Just in case it wasn't clear, I got out of my gundam to fight the Devil Gundam on foot.

>> No.41017215


>> No.41017238


I roll low, fool!

>> No.41017246

I think he rolls under.

>> No.41017266

Oh, Well then that's good.

>> No.41017281

Ah, the old Dozle Zabi gambit.

>> No.41017396

> Identity: Drop In
> Paxton Fettel [Get a Freebie!]
> Like a Ninja [Get a Freebie!]
> Night Vision [-100CP]
> Just The Wind [-200CP]
> Null & Voice [-300CP]
> Outside the Box [-100CP]
> Proper Clearance [-200CP]
> Shipping the Product [-400CP]
> Scare Tactics [-100CP]
> Telekinesis [-200CP]
> Infinite Soda [-50CP]
> Infinite Cheezee Pooz [-50CP]
> AP-5 Deployable Turret [-100CP]
> Subjective Reality [+200CP]
> Otherworld [+600CP]

Okay, fine. You want to bring up old demons? You think I don't have regrets? You don't even know. We're doing this! LET'S DO THIS!


This jump was spent alternatively appearing out of nowhere to grab people by the arm and steal their memories, screaming, spamming the shit out of holy spells at ghosts, spamming the shit out of holy spells at nothing, building robots that I would talk to like they're people and then subsequently forget about, building a device that blocked spiritual activity, sitting inside of that device while screaming at shadows, laughing for no reason, running through a science facility shoving literally everything into warehouse portals while screaming "I KNOW, I KNOW, GOD DAMNIT I KNOW" at fucking nothing, and holding a small doll while silently staring at people from a distance.

Neet fought off a ghost with a lightsaber for me. Bless her.

Everyone else said I was useless, except for the rare moments when I was suddenly EXTREMELY lucid.
They said those were the scariest times.

>> No.41017586

Speaking of F.E.A.R. can someone upload it to the thread?

>> No.41017675


>> No.41017692

Thanks friend.

>> No.41017750

So, I'm currently outlining a Malazan Jump.

Some info on the setting: Magic is a big thing. It has some nifty properties, like the fact that the shittier something is, the easier it is to enchant. That is, if you have a really well made and balanced sword, it's going to be basically impossible to enchant. Mages aren't common, but they aren't rare- you can expect any military unit to have a mage attached, but honestly their job is basically to counter the other mage that the assholes you're fighting likely have. If someone's mage support does go down, well... even a shitty mage can make the opposing side start breathing nothing but ash.

Gods are active. Like, stupid crazy active. They're called Ascendants, and they're bound by something called the Deck of Dragons which prevents them from directly acting against each other. So they use mortal proxies. All the time. And the fun bit is that very few of them are actually immortal and can be killed. Over the course of the books nearly the entire pantheon turns over, and two new sub-pantheons spring up.

Is there any interest in having a non-human race- from Imass, to the various Tiste races (elves kinda, one of light/shadow/dark magic), Moranth (bug people, all the explosives), Jaghut (ice orcs, redundant biology), Forkrul Assail (they vivisected their own god for more power because his blessings weren't good enough). No, you can't be an Azathanai.

Yes you can be a mage and access all the Holds and Warrens, but that'll probably cost you 1600CP. There's a reason the only mage that could use every type of magic in the setting was Beak.

Yes you can be a Soletaken (shift between normal and super-beast form) or D'ivers (shift between normal and a hiveminded pack of beasts).

Probably need to work out some rules for Ascendants. Drop-In perks all revolve around the Deck of Dragons (as a fate reading/manipulating tool). Well, that and Otataral (anti-magic).

Now, who's ready to worship the Crippled God?

>> No.41017791

I don't know if this has been covered before but if you pick the Corrupted Drawback in Steven Universe, can you be healed?

My companions having to find, subdue, and figure out how to restore me would be an interesting story, while still being bad for me since I'm a raging monster until they figure something out.

On the other hand it you can't be fixed then it's purely a trap option, which given how nasty most of the drawbacks are wouldn't surprise me.

I find that although this jump well represents it's setting, it's pricing schema is really weird, as in, you can't get all of your perk tree as a gem unless you go full drawbacks(which, as mentioned earlier, are pretty nasty) and nothing else, and that's with a basic gem. The restricted perks make sense, but are also rather irritating considering lots of jumps let you take perks from alternate trees just making you pay full price.

>> No.41017807

>Is there any interest in having a non-human race
I like race buys because I collect alt forms.

>> No.41018688

Yeah, most of the restrictions didn't make sense to me and the pricing for gems seems overly strict.

>> No.41019221

I think it makes sense for the races.

>> No.41019429

The restrictions make sense, the exorbitant prices don't.

>> No.41019532

why not? otherwise drop[in wont work

>> No.41019539

Considering just by how much Gems outclass humans?

>> No.41019601

Full Gem a shit. Half Gem superior.

>> No.41019635

Weakness intorduced by hving a gem weakpoitn a shit

>> No.41019855


>not being Diamond Authority


>> No.41019870

>Hating humans

>> No.41020510

What's the msot relaxing jump?

>> No.41020537

Aria. Even the most difficult scenario/drawback in it doesn't approach very close to lethal, and there's literally no antagonist.

>> No.41020558

The 'no sensation at all' one is pretty horrifying, though of course not lethal

>> No.41020590

Animal Crossing, and Slice of Life provided you don't go nuts with drawbacks

>> No.41021339

>Okay, fine. You want to bring up old demons? You think I don't have regrets? You don't even know. We're doing this! LET'S DO THIS!

>> No.41021408

So, what's the actual difference between ff8 True-Magic and Para-Magic?

>> No.41021452

No origins, perks or drawbacks that autonomously mess with people's minds, period. Including my own mind.

Yes, even the "harmless" ones.

Rules out a surprisingly large number of perks!

>> No.41021522

True magic is preformed with energy from yourself, while Para magic is preformed through the use of external energy you get from your enemies. Para magic is also technological in origin while true magic is magic.

>> No.41021527

does boosting your intelligence and other mental capacities count as messing with your mind?

>> No.41021593

Plus only Sorceresses can use the true magic.

>> No.41021633

You can limit break your way into using true magic, though limit breaks break all sorts of rules about what can and can't be done.

>> No.41021712

it fits the name for sure

>> No.41021770

Hey. Listen.

Do you have any idea what it's like to grab someone's arm so you can use Animorph tech to steal their memories...
... and then GET those memories...
... but then it turns out those memories are nothing but disappointment and regret for YOU, and every single memory is just them speaking aloud one of the times you fucked something up, and now you're watching all of them IN SEQUENCE, and you can't shut it off, and then it turns out the person whose arm you grabbed was a hallucination?



>> No.41021785


Well then.... Looks like its time to use up some of that saved time in Slice of Life?

I think a relaxing vacation will do you some good.

>> No.41021791

So, it's just technological imitation of magic then?

>> No.41021835

You have no one to blame but yourself.

>> No.41021905

Pretty much, but the effects it produces are actually magic rather than a technological effect that seems like magic.

>> No.41022023

Then whats up with the limitations of Blue Magic? Apparently True Magic is something special that can't be emulated.

>> No.41022113

One day, I'm gonna make a jump. And I'll make sure to add in lots of bigness and attractiveness perks, just for you. With some tech options, too. And maybe a super powered bow. And they'll all be really expensive. So expensive you can't buy them all.
And then I'll make the drawbacks absolutely BRUTAL.
And then we'll see who's to blame.

Y'know, I... don't think I've ever used that, actually.
Geez, I must have at least a few decades saved up.
I guess I could always spend time with my crazy yandere girlfriend from that jump.
Maybe I can introduce her to Giffany.

>> No.41022170

Have you even made any jumps yet? I can't remember.

>> No.41022171

The system itself can't recreate all other forms of magic, just that what it creates is magic. It's a rote system to create magic, it doesn't have the flexibility of true magic, nor the raw power.

>> No.41022178

Well, Blue Magic is special because it can be taugh to others, but since it taps into your 'inner magic' it can only be used during Limit Break.

Sorceresses could probably use it all the time, since they can naturally use (true) magic.

>> No.41022190



But we don't have a Gravity Falls jump yet. Do we?

>having two Yanderes after you

I pity you.

>> No.41022199

Yes we do.

>> No.41022228


I'm looking on the Drive right now. I don't see a Gravity Falls jump.

>> No.41022267

Then it didn't get uploaded.

>> No.41022307

It's up in new jumps to be sorted.

>> No.41022333

>I guess I could always spend time with my crazy yandere girlfriend from that jump.
>Maybe I can introduce her to Giffany.
I'm sure that couldn't possibly go wrong. Here, have something to go with your current psyche!

>> No.41022343

Nope. I'm far too busy and lazy. You'd think those would be mutually exclusive but they're actually not.

I do have two or three jumps I'm working on in the background, but I find it's better not to mention them just because people won't start anticipating stuff and getting all antsy that way, and I don't want to end up "claiming" a jump if someone else can do it faster or better than me.
If I ever get to a point where it looks like they're almost done, then I might say something. But until that day it's easier to assume it's not getting done.

It's easier when you're radically stronger than them. Slice-of-Life's is just a normal girl. But with a knife.
As for Giffany... I basically have all her powers. And also Dresden Hexes and the ability to mindjack AIs.

>> No.41022370

Are you collecting Yanderes so that you can learn from them how to be more Yandere?

>> No.41022388

Depends on how the perk is worded. A straight up pure speed/capacity boost is okay, but I err on the side of caution. So a perk that suddenly makes me, say, a better leader? Nope, that sounds too much like the 'software' is being messed with.

>> No.41022401

Don't know about her, but I am

>> No.41022473

So, uh, does anyone know? It reads like a cross between what happened to Lapis and Amythest, and whatever happened to the monstrous gems. If it's something that could be fixed, even with out of jump powers I will probably go with that, since I think it would be an interesting narrative, but if I'd just be a rampaging monster for ten years with no hope of redemption (barring something happening in canon of course) then I won't touch it.

>> No.41022687

I'd presume it can be fixed, and I doubt Wakfu is going to say it flat-out can't.

>> No.41022688

Please, Anon. I'm a way better yandere than they are.
Cuter, too.

You think so, too. RIGHT?

>> No.41022721

>dude quite literally is a guardian of life
>pansy for wanting peace

Do you know what happens when you break a dam.
You get fucked by the fucktonnes of water behind it.

There's an analogy here but it's 3 AM and I have no idea how to word it.

>> No.41022730

Do we keep our powers if we go back to the slice of life world via the reward? Or is our powers being stored away considered an inherent thing rather than a drawback thing?

>> No.41022733

I think the answer to that depends on another question, has Senpai noticed you yet? Because by picking them up, you are their Senpai, and you have noticed them.

>> No.41022781

>You think so, too. RIGHT?
Nop. Please excuse me going to flirt with those other yanderes.

>> No.41022795

But that still doesn't make any sense considering that para-magic is built out of analysis of a sorceress' True Magic; it cant simultaneously be a limited replication/emulation of true magic via other means without also being able to emulate True Magic whatsoever.

>> No.41022815

Yandere Best Dere

>> No.41022819

And then you died. Or were brainwashed as it's Konata.

>> No.41022823

You know you could ask the jumpmaker, but they're gone.

>> No.41022825

Man. The journal entries were fun to right for that one. It's right up my alley of creepy in that it's not the fact that the monster is out there that scares people.

She walks the blackness
It's the fact that the monster has been your friend all along. That your ally is NOT what they seem, that the person you trust is in fact the person you cannot trust. The gripping paranoia that your world isn't what you think it is. The knowledge is too dangerous.

Can you imagine that? How scary it would be to know that everything you knew was wrong? How BLIND you've been all this time? DO NOT LET HER SPEAK You'd be terrified! You'd want to get a grip on things and establish a base to work off of again. A way to ground yourself and not devolve into a fit of paranoia and delusions. Because if you can't trust yourself... who CAN you trust?

She trades for knowledge. Do not take the knowledge. You will be changed by knowledge. YOU WILL CHANGE.

>> No.41022851

The Apple of The Garden, eh?

>> No.41022938

It seems that the character who it's based upon only used the ability during limit break. Though it also seems that they did not use para magic. So fuck if I know. I haven't thought about it before as I went Sorceress.

>> No.41022944

All Para-magic can do is achieve the same effects of True Magic sometimes, the means by which this is done is totally different from True Magic, as it's just a technological achievement of similar effects, thus making it Not-magic, so True Magic gains no benefits from Blue Magic, which can only imitate other Not-Magic.

>> No.41022946


>All these Fruit of Knowledge references.

Red confirmed for DJ Sagara.

>> No.41022950

As it reads, probably not, however it should be noted that the crystal gems are hunting you as part of the drawback regardless.

>> No.41022968

Knowledge changes the world! Not my fault people give it a bad rep. They want to know, I simply help them along. Maybe a bit of encouragement if I think it can help them or it's more true to themselves, but still.

Hell, the Author's proven that with his journals. The more he discovered, the more it changed him. But he also learned how to defend against things in the process. It's all in how you use it, right?

>> No.41022970

>DJ "I wear 10 fucking layers of carpets" Sagara
>Anywhere near Red's standards of fashion


>> No.41022994

>try and think up a journal entry
>can't think of anything other than being larger than the continent of Australia in my god dragon form, having tech that can eat stars or forcefully relocate massive black holes, and dangerous world ending monster companions.

Man I wish I had super dangerous projects like the garden. All I am is an oversized dragon cleric. And no one besides evil creatures find Clerics scary.

>> No.41023022

Edea was a Sorceress though.

>> No.41023035

I'm not evil but I find singleminded devotion to a deity scary

>> No.41023070

Oh come now, you wouldn't call your good old friend Trusty Patches evil, would you?

>> No.41023073


I never said being DJ Sagara was a BAD thing. It is actually quite fun!

Knowledge is power, after all. I like seeing what random people will do with power suddenly thrust upon them.

How will it change them?

Will the change be for the good or the bad?

And how will they affect those around them?

>> No.41023098

So? She doesn't have blue magic, Quistis is the blue mage.

>> No.41023120 [SPOILER] 

Also keep in mind he always implied a sinister catch to his shit, and often times accepting came with horrible consequences.

Like a certain other person the same writer for the show wrote for.

>> No.41023127

>he thinks I worship deities
Oh silly anon. I'm a cleric/dragon shaman of myself.

Blame Ravenloft and Forgotten Realms those two really shaped a large majority of my build. And also started my descent into madness in FR's case. A self blinding, bipolar, delicious, prismatic dragon in the 9 hells.

>> No.41023159

I was talking about the person all Para Magic was based off of; all para magic is an actual, literal emulation of True Magic.

>> No.41023164

how to beat Nihlus?

>> No.41023186

Have you tried applying more dakka?

>> No.41023193

>Entry 1
>A dragon straight from fairy-tales has taken up residence nearby. Colossal, friendly. (too friendly?)

>Entry 2

>Entry 3

>> No.41023201


Kyubey is no fun. At least Sagara has emotions and is entertaining to watch. Kyubey was just a dick. I was glad when I developed a MUCH BETTER alternative to the Magical Girl system that made the Incubators leave Earth alone.

>> No.41023204

Dqkka is for dumbd

>> No.41023210

And I wasn't talking about who para magic was based on, I was talking about who the blue magic perk was based on.

>> No.41023216

You shoot him in the face before he can shoot that... other Spectre chicken dude on Eden Prime.

Or maybe after, considering it's what gets Shepard on the path to saving the universe.

>> No.41023223

he wasn't a di k, he was practical

>> No.41023239

The two aren't mutually exclusive.

>> No.41023255

Nihlus is KOTOR, not
Mass Affsct

>> No.41023314

He's also in Mass Effect. At least, some dude with the same name.

Though I did get him and Saren mixed up.

>> No.41023324


Sure is typos in here

>> No.41023331


If your asking why para-magic can't replicate blue magic I can think of a simple explanation.

Para-magic was based on studying the natural magic of a sorceress. This means it only studied one variant of natural magic.

So para-magic being unable to replicate the true magic of monsters just means that a para-magi version of that hasn't been discovered/developed yet.

A blue magic version of sorceress true magic not being developed can meanwhile be explained by monsters being a lot easier to obtain research samples from.

>> No.41023351

Yeah that's my faukt, sorry

>> No.41023365

Dude...it's 4chan. You're not posting on a timer, it's okay to just check over your post for spelling mistakes.

>> No.41023396

>Entry 1 comments about fantastic dragon with a wondrously huge lair filled with odd inventions and schematics. Notes how eager it is to talk and meet with humans. Finding them 'adorable'.

>Entry 2 about its helpful overly enthusiastic nature. Tends to cause more trouble than its worth sometimes. Admits to know far more than it lets on but won't open up to it out of fear of 'causing unwanted changes in the narrative'.


I'll think of something. But I highly doubt I'll sound like much of a threat.

>> No.41023399

I'm sort of trying but I also drank two bottles of whisky for july 4th

>> No.41023430


go to sleep anon

jumpchain will be here in the morning

>> No.41023446

I'm watching a tbfp video only after my daily dose of Terminator will I sleep

>> No.41023513

Spoilers: Terminator Salvation sucks. At least the co-op suffering was fun.

>> No.41023516

I'm trying to get a size estimate of Leaderaur and am utter shit at estimating measurements. Any thoughts on how tall this load of bull is?

>> No.41023530

Of course, but their suffering is my joy

>> No.41023542

It'll help if you know Dipper's height, then see how many Dippers fit within Leaderaur's height.

>> No.41023548

It was a pretty boring vid, I'm excited for more Fuckface and Chewie action though.

>> No.41023569

The next game is supposed to have fighting game elements. The last Terminator game that had fighting game elements was actually pretty hype so I'm ready for that.

>> No.41023591

Don't know what the picture is from, but I see a human there.

If you can find his height, you should be able to get an estimate of the bull's

>> No.41023666

So after:
>Harem Protagonist (Negima)
>Goddamn Sexual Tyrannosaurus (80's action)
>Chivalrous Pervert(Slice of Life)
>Sweet Sweet Candy(Futurama)
>Oh James!(007)
>Sharing is Caring(Sekirei)
>Short and Sweet(Sekirei)
>White Shirt, Red Stains(Modern Action)
>A Better Love Story(Twillight)
>Honky Tonk (Wo)Man(Cowboy Bebop)
>Unconquerable Love(Cardcaptor Sakura)
>Swing of the Hips(Viking Saga)
>I'll repay that 10 times over(Gurren Lagann)
>Really Nice Chest (Twillight)
>Suave(Courage the Cowardly Dog)
>Imagine Breaker(To Aru Railgun)
and an attraction oriented bodymod, what am I missing to make the ultimate harem stack?

With some rules I based around different strengths of perks, and diminishing returns, I'm at 69.6% chance of success based on perks alone.

>> No.41023719

You're missing true love.

>> No.41023720

Genre Shift, to make any setting a rom com or just a romance.

>> No.41023735

Someone who loves you for who you are regardless of your perks

>> No.41023742

>Imagine Breaker(To Aru Railgun)

Wait, what? I don't get it, what does it have to do with harems?

>> No.41023777

it lets you nullify the red string of fate, so it's useful for if you don't want plot relationships getting in the way.

>> No.41023780

Read the description. Specifically the part about the red thread of fate.

>> No.41023816

Succubus from Supernatural, and Seduction from vampire the masquerade bloodlines. There is also a perk in Claymore Lucky With The Ladies, which isn't actually a seduction perk but should help as a perk to get people to like you(and not kill you). Then Tohno Gland from Tsukihime, and Proto-Tohno Gland from Kara no Kyoukai.

Then I know of one in Star Trek and one in Fallout.

>> No.41023849

Excellent, thank you!

That could be handy too.

>> No.41023894

Oh. Wow. That's, like, really overkill.

Might as well go full Shiki and use MEoDP to kill the relationship while you're at it.

>> No.41023925

If the unlikely strings of coincidence required for anime harems are any indication? Luck perks.

>> No.41023963

Okay, so I compared Dipper's height to Wendy's height as by giving her the average height of an adult woman of 5ft 4in. This gave dipper a height of 3.6ft.

I then compared that height to the bull's which came out to-

Now this does not take into the fact that dipper and the bull are not on the same level and, as shown earlier, I had to erstimate the height of people. So it is most definetly off by at least a one or two feet.

>> No.41024048

>More generally, how do you pass off your powers?

I tell people that I have the ability to access my alternate "selves" and take on their power.

I do this by manipulating my Power Restrictor Necklace from Girl Genius, but in reality it's more for show than anything else.

Surprisingly, most people buy that explanation.

>> No.41024095

Nice, I tried using that picture I posted with the height of the average 12 year old and MSPaint magic and got almost 26 feet. I'm thinking my official ruling for Manly + Height 3 is going to be totally to +20 ft to your base height, given how Leaderaur is HUGE and clearly Manly (being a Manotaur). The close results are reassuring.

>> No.41024122


Amusingly it's based on a theory one of the characters came up with to explain why girls seem to just gather around the character with the imagine breaker.

Yes this is a setting where someone actually noticed that harem protagonists are weird, and their best guess was 'Maybe it undoes this thing like how it undoes luck.'

Although I'm not sure how negating the red string leads to surrounded by girls.

>> No.41024168

Isn't the logic that he destroys their red string of fate, and thus the connection they have to whoever they would be fated to be with, and causes them to default to him? So that whatever was left of their fated relationship gets tied to Touma.

>> No.41024221

Which doesn't make sense because we know it also destroys his own stuff, like his own good and bad luck, so it should simply destroy that red string too.

>> No.41024253

I think maybe it's not their string being tied to his string, but whatever is left of it becomes affection for him, the person they were closest to when their string was destroyed.

Or it could just be the author making a joke about the harem situation.

>> No.41024503


I think so, but I'm not sure why the defaulting thing occurs.


This give me a thought. Could the harem stuff actually be bad luck in this case?

>> No.41024544

Even if it was, Imagine Breaker destroys bad luck too. It's most likely just a joke on the author's part, since it doesn't really seem to make sense going by what we know of the ability.

>> No.41024697


Isn't it a reoccurring point that Touma has constant bad luck when it comes to almost everything besides protagonist stuff?

>> No.41024736

From my memories and the wiki, the fact that he was so unlucky was because his arm destroyed god's blessings, which is what is otherwise known as luck.

>> No.41024918

You know, for all the shit that Imagine Breaker makes you have to deal with. it's still kind of badass to have "immune to God" on your character sheet.

>> No.41026667

"immune to God because an ancient universal entity got dibs on me" is more correct. The Imagine Breaker is not Touma's personal power, his right arm is only the vessel of some incredibly powerful shit. You could compare it to having an extremely apathic phoenixforce in your right hand without the evil babysnatching involved.

>> No.41026740

I know. Like I said, it gives you a lot of awful shit to deal with. But it's still cool when taken out of context.

>> No.41026887

>Not Kuudere or Dandere
Justice you have shit taste

>> No.41026941

I can never understand harems mainly because they seem more stressful than they are worth but this is just my shit opinion about this.

>> No.41027173

>extremely apathetic pheonixforce

All jumpers at the end.

>> No.41027200

No one is really into harems for anything more than sex. Harems of all kinds of girls who truly love you and/or don't mind sharing you is such an incredibly childish concept that no one honestly believes it would work. It's all wish fulfillment. Don't assume the people here are serious.

>> No.41027261

Don't be ridiculous, brother. All my ladies of the court are refined and dignified and rule countries, or build giant death machines by which to further the expansion of the empire.

Because politics.

>> No.41027293

It's very silly of me but I'd like to tell you guys that the imaged mushishi gauntlet is close to being finished. The only thing I'm worrying about is that mushishi does not lend itself well to companions and items so it's mostly focused on perks and drawbacks. I'm also including a create your own mushi section to provide you guys with something extra.

Now without having seen what I've already included and being influenced by that I'd like to ask the people here who know, read or have seen mushishi what they would absolutely like seeing in the gauntlet. How about it?

>> No.41027304

Okay, I'm about to fire up GIMP and make a pdf. Last chance to yell at me about Kaleido Star.

>> No.41027398

Someone really needs to make a Culture series jump

>> No.41027441

I don't know Kaleido Star but that google document is insanely good. Did you make it in Excel? This seems like the perfect way to organize your ideas before actually making the jump. I'm going to do this from now on if you don't mind.

And the jump itself looks great even though I don't know the setting. I'd jump it. Drop-in background with performer perks sounds especially fun to go for the whole mysterious/unknown actor thing.

>> No.41027512

Chosen For The Stage mentions "Legendary Techniques he will share when the time is right". I assume that's Fool, but given that the line comes before Fool is mentioned it feels a little out of place. Also, could you put in a bit explaining what these Great Legendary Techniques are? Some sort of really good performance?

>> No.41027521

I made it google sheets, yeah. Basically the native google version of excel. And go right ahead. The more people with easy to read WIPs, the better those jumps should turn out at the end, hopefully.

>> No.41027551

Whoops, I'll rearrange that. And yeah, Great Legendary Techniques are a performance so amazing that all who view them know true wonder. The one from the anime was two acrobats trapeze at each other, press their hands together in midair, and achieve significant hangtime while gently spinning and some kind of divine light shines around, then push off of each other and end up on each other's trapezes. I'll try and explain that in the pdf.

>> No.41027575

Anime-style harems are definitely bad luck. Think about it - you're surrounded by women who are all interested in you, but none of them are interested in anything but monogamy. All of them consider themselves to already be in a relationship with you, regardless of whether you've consented to this of are even interested, and treat you dating or even spending time with the others to be cheating, which is generally subject to violent retribution. Finally, it's almost inevitable that circumstances will ensure that, despite all the interesting choices, you wind up with the most boring one who you have the least chemistry with.

Sure, harems look like the guy is a lucky bastard, but that's because we're always imagining the golden ending. The vast majority of the time, you don't get the golden ending - you just get a much more awkward, violent, and drawn-out courtship.

>> No.41027589

I had some free time at work the last couple days, and some jumping got done while there. So without further ado...

>Nightmare: Horror Movie
>Drawbacks: Poltergeist (100x2), Lights Out (100x2), Faces In Places (100x2), Pedophobia (200x2)
>Total Points: 1000
God DAMN it. You know, I can put the stuff back on the shelves that you knock down, ghostie. This is why I bought plastic cups YOU SON OF A BITCH WHY DID YOU KNOCK OVER THE BOWL OF CANDY. Turn the lights back on you dickcheese, I think those creepy black-eyed kids are at the door and it's Halloween.

>Impractical Clothing
Gotta run fast. No matter what I'm wearing. I fully intend to run this so far into the ground that it comes out in Australia.
>Sometimes Dead Is Better
Those stupid things possessing the kids will run out of kids sooner or later.
And they're sure as hell not going to possess ME.
>The Hills Need Glasses
Ah, and here's the rub. With this, it turns into a bit less of horror and a bit more of B-grade horror comedy. Not completely, just a bit, because I'm not the focus of the craziness. I'm just on the outskirts.

Seriously, I've got a poltergeist following me around that is doing nothing but trolling me. And either shutting off the lights at the dramatically appropriate times... or occasionally doing lightswitch raves, just to piss me off. Basically, the poltergeist is going to cause more Cage moments than anything else in this jump.

I... kind of want to pod the poltergeist.

As far as the creepy kids, well, the less we talk about THAT the better.

>> No.41027604

The Emperor likes men. Unfortunatly he can't afford to test the loyalty of his growing empire just yet and decides on a (temporary) life of celibacy. However when people start getting suspicious due to the Emperor's continuous refusal of foreign royal brides, the noble ladies he befriended come up with a plan. They'll all become part of his harem and pretend the emperor was a sexcrazed pervert all along.

Shenanigans follow when a foreign princess of a powerful empire offers to join his harem too!

I have no idea why this was the first thing that came to mind but I think I might be watching too much anime. Sounds surprisingly fun though although I'm a sucker for cliched comedy harems.

>> No.41027621

I'd watch it. Hell, I'd be surprised if something similar doesn't already exist.

>> No.41027625

You know everyone is already in peak physical condition because of that 100 CP ability in Pokemon, right? Like, I can't imagine anyone NOT taking that ability, given how cheap and useful it is.

>> No.41027646

You don't build jumps based on other jumps, nor what people may or may not have taken in those jumps. I sure as hell didn't take the peak condition abilities back then.

>> No.41027649

>Culture jump
Like, an Anthropologist jump? Where you go around studying different cultures? That could be fun.

Really though, I thought one of the criticisms against that jump is that the tech levels are "break everything"-ly high.

>> No.41027733

Did you read the description before you objected? This perk doesn't JUST put you at peak human.

>> No.41027780

Contrariwise including certain perks in your jump that trivialize some of tougher choices in other jumps is a no-go. Metavore is sacred when it comes to that to the extent that every perk, especially in low powered jumps, that gives you the effect of Metavore cheaply tends to cause shitstorms.

So you do have to take into consideration other jumps and builds at times.

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