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Haven't we had this thread title before?

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Illuminati confirmed?

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I don't even remember.

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> /jc/ the circlejerk
First of all, your hand technique is shit. Second, I told you already that I get mine before you get yours, but only if I fucking feel like it. Now get to pumping, monkey, or I'll smack you in the mouth.

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Your next line is going to be "I was only pretending to shitpost!"

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What part of "don't bring old salt to a new thread" do people not understand?

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It's a joke anon.

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>the Benefactor was Bill all along

How spooked would you be?

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As I was sayin'.

Dante is going to get me killed, Ninjanon.

And I hope you're happy about it.

I'm literally pairing two characters together.

I am literally becoming Fanfiction.Net.

There is no dignity in this. Only romance.

>Starcraft: The Zerg Route
Location: Char
Age: 24-years-old
Drawbacks: The Great War (+0), Raynor & Kerrigan (+100), Slow Evolution (+500), Sons of Korhal (+300)
Final Point Count: 1,900 CP
Origin: Infested
Perks, Abilities, and Skills:
-Burrowing (Free)
-Willful (Free)
-Evolved Carapace Rank 2
-Essence Spinner
-Monster I Am
-The Swarm Hungers (400)
Resources & Equipment:
-Zerg Rush Vending Machine

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This was no stand. The IRCluminati decided they didn't like the direction the deleted thread was going based off of one post and therefore deleted it.

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Can you NOT start this today?

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>mfw I posted the original circlejerk comment and immediately left the thread
>mfw circlejerkers apparently got so buttmad about it they derailed their entire thread and restarted it
>mfw they are keeping it going in the new thread with no prompting from me
Just swinging by, don't mind me.

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Well with shit like yours floating in the punch bowl, I can't say it's not called for. Still a bit of a scummy move.

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I was going to post a picture of a monkey at a gas station as a play on the words "Pump Monkey" and tell you to get to work damnit. But I can't find one and now I'm sad. So here's a monkey in a trenchcoat instead. I hope you have a good day.

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So you admit to being a troll.

Go back to summer camp, you preteen.

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Right. There actually is an update to the ToG jump update. I just forgot to post it. Changes to drawbacks, the amount of time you spend in the jump, and the item pretext.
Salt for the salt god! Sodium for the sodium throne!

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Stop. Feeding. The shitstain.

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>Changes to drawbacks, the amount of time you spend in the jump, and the item pretext.
Explain these please.

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First off, I don't like that I'm no longer allowed to climb the tower at a normal pace, and that I'm not allowed to keep climbing. That sucks.

>> No.40975436

What do you mean? Do you want a summary, or...?

>> No.40975445

More detail, yeah.

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I hadn't even posted in that thread. Came in there to see about new thread and was disgusted with what had happened.

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You actually are. You just can't stay on indefinitely once you have. Please read changes before you start complaining about them.
Two drawbacks that revolve around the difficulty of climbing the tower now prevent you from just teleporting to the top or something, so they aren't just free CP.

The items get 'updated' as you climb so they don't become useless. A lot of them would have just shut down a couple dozen floors in as they were.

You can only stay on 500 years after you're done climbing the tower. As it was there was no conceivable reason to actually pick the stay option.

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So, what would having stacked Starcraft psionics do when I become a Psion in Forgotten Realms? Would it boost my starting manifester level? Or would it do nothing at all?

I'd like your opinions on the conundrum!

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I read the changes. Most people take over 500 years to get to the 135th floor. We don't get that. We have an even tighter limit and aren't really allowed to keep climbing because of it. That's bullshit.

Nobody EVER picks the Stay option. There's no reason to fuck us over for the sake of something nobody is ever going to pick no matter what you do.

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It's five hundred years after you've reached the top of the tower. Not 'or'.

>> No.40975571

I did see it as an or. Regardless, 500 years to reach the 135 is already extraordinary, why screw those who want to keep climbing over?

>> No.40975573

Not really helping your case, son.

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Here, I clarified it a bit. The wording was pretty bad.

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Jumpers, what is your favorite trinket you picked up during your travels?

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See >>40975571
500 years is tough to get to the 135th. Those who want to climb past would have to take even longer to get to higher floors.

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Deleting the thread isn't going to fix that. Not if you're just going to make a new thread right after. Anyone who wants to shitpost is just going to follow up.

In order to actually shake them for a little while you'd have to let us go without a new thread for awhile. Otherwise we just have grin and bear it.

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I gotta say, I really like my Hexagram Bangle from Slayers. I've got plenty of stuff that makes my hurting stronger, but this is among the few items I have that makes my healing stronger.

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Take the drawback then maybe? That would give you an indefinite amount of time.
I'm sure there are other jumps people would like to spend more than the allotted time limit, but not giving one give kind of goes against the spirit of the chain IMO.

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That drawback doesn't just make you have to reach the top, it turns you into that cunt Rachael. Nobody fucking likes Rachael.

Civ is 10,000 years. your limits not near that. For jumps where the timeframe is meant to be longer, then this kind of thing comes into play.

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OP here, when the last OP deleted the thread I assumed that was the goal, but I'm not okay with that kind of behavior so I remade the thread myself.

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2 Gas stations.

>> No.40975696

>not running a transdimensional gas station
>not having every kind of fuel known to the multiverse
>not charging highly exorbitant rates

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Protoss Route wen?

>> No.40975706

You could make it an end jump conditional? There's not really any solution to the problem other than to make a call and say "Lift the time limit but the jump becomes an end jump; take these complimentary drawbacks" or "the jump works within the specified time-frame, deal with it."

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My Bracelet? From the Dresden Files. Best Focus Ever. That thing will probably be my Noble Phantasm.

>> No.40975740

>Unlimited Pylon Works

Please no.

>> No.40975742

>End jump
That's even fucking worse. Please don't EVER do that.

>> No.40975747

>Raynor & Kerrigan
>Sons of Korhal

So. OAA. How awkward is it for the Terrans that one of their own has a thing for a Zerg Infested?

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Soon: Copyright 2004-2015 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. "Soon" does not imply any particular date, time, decade, century, or millennia in the past, present, and certainly not the future. "Soon" shall make no contract or warranty between Blizzard Entertainment and the end user. "Soon" will arrive some day, Blizzard does guarantee that "soon" will be here before the end of time. Maybe. Do not make plans based on "soon" as Blizzard will not be liable for any misuse, use, or even casual glancing at "soon."

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Feast on your salt and may it dehydrate you.

And may you oversalt every meal.

When Legacy of the Void comes out you grot.


Oh. Huh. This is... Well. This is...

Good lord I don't know what to think of what's going on. I'm on Char, I'm hearing the opening lines of the Overmind in my head, and I'm covered in zerg shit.

And I somehow instinctively know I have a vending machine.

Location: City Apartment
Origin: Warrior Caste
Drawbacks: Red vs Black vs Blue vs Purple vs Green (+400), Birds! (+200)
Final Point Count: 1,600 CP
-Ant Telepathy (Free)
-Biggest Jaws of All - Bullet Ant Venom (Free)
-Biggest Jaws of All - Praying Mantis Claws (Free)
-CHEAT MODE - Fire Ant! (Earth)
Companions & Items:
-Family Gathering (400 CP)
-Nectar Pets
-Guard Dogs
-Royal Chambers

So. I see all ya'll's eating your plants and your plantlife and your Jurian Trees and your World Trees.
But do you ever stop to think about what you could get from eating the minerals?

Songstone. Orichalcum. Gems (not the sentient SU gems). Crystals. Titanium. Titansteel. TRUESTEEL. DRAGONGLASS. STONE AND MINERAL AND GEM ALIKE.


Incredibly friggin' awkward.

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There are also many jumps that don't let you experience everything. Dresden and JoJo's Bizare Adventure for example.
There's also Tower of Bone, Soaked in Blood. Or you could Take the Twenty Fifth Night and prevent Baam from reaching the top.
Sure. Some of the High Rankers could probably hang around in the same league as Frieza and Cell. Maybe not in raw power, but ToG characters tend to use their abilities much more efficiently and effectively than DBZ characters do.
It would be optional. On the other hand I don't want a shit storm so...

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No. I want to climb the whole tower. I don't want to be forced into an end jump to do it.

>> No.40975811

Why would that be bad? Why do you want to go past the 135th floor? You wouldn't get your reward until post-jump anyway, why not come back and finish it after you get your spark? Plus, you could mill around on the 134th floor for however many millennia if you just want to kill time.

>> No.40975818

>Why is being forced to end your chain bad?
Are you stupid? It's obvious why.

>> No.40975820

you can always return post-spark

>> No.40975827

You're gonna get a shitstorm anyhow. Just say "it works with the time limit, deal with it" because at least then you're going with what you feel is fair.

>> No.40975841

Nobody cares about post-spark. It doesn't even exist as far as most are concerned. It's irrelevant
Because I like to do things and have adventure.

>> No.40975850

> set your gas station out in the middle of nowhere
> someone comes in, in desperate need of gas
> they immediately realize something is off
> acting creepy as fuck, charge exorbitant prices
> also literally out in the middle of nowhere
> but shit man they need gas
> when they get to the next town they mention that weirdass gas station
> nobody knows what the fuck they're talking about
> "ain't nobody got a business out there"
> "you feelin alright son?"
> they come back just to prove them wrong
> the gas station is gone
> like it never existed
> por qué

>> No.40975857

Or how about you restored the 'you can keep climbing if you want or just exit on the 135th'? That version didn't see any complaints.

>> No.40975873

Okay, what are some settings or series that you guys like, but you believe just flat out wouldn't work as jumps? Why wouldn't it work as a jump?

Pic related. Despite all the crazy imagery going on, it's far too mundane a setting, and the scope being confined to a single character doesn't lend itself well to this format.

>> No.40975890

I'm inordinately fond of my coat from Deus Ex:HR.

>> No.40975895


>> No.40975928

>Earth Ant
Didn't Toriko mention something along the lines of having to work your way up to magical materials when you asked him?

>> No.40975941

You might want to reword the intro.

>You will be able to leave freely once you have reached the Tower's one hundred thirty fifth floor, up to a maximum of five hundred years.
This sounds like Entry+500yrs is forced ejection date, instead of 135thFloor+500yrs is the forced ejection date.

I also kind of doubt that 500 years is enough to reach the true top from the 135th floor, seeing as some of the Zahard princesses are older than that, and they only started being adopted after Zahard hit 135. Not even to reach a theoretical floor 200, let alone 500, just to reach 136.

I mean, oh well, but could we get an addendum that if you're still dedicating the bulk of your efforts to climbing, you can pause the 500yr grace period?

>> No.40975961

And you already fixed the wording, derp.

Other point stands.

>> No.40975971

I went for plants just because I like plant powers better than rock or crystal powers. Aesthetics, not powergaming.

>> No.40976000

That he did, so I'm gonna have to eat a lot of granite, concrete, and basic stone and metal for a while.

Buuuuuut. On the other, OTHER hand? Earth Ant comes with the ability to turn digested stone into a concrete-like substance. Depending on the types of stone eaten? That can be some damn strong concrete, a DAMN good building material.

I figured it was aesthetics for some folk, sorry if it seemed like I was bashin' the playstyle.

It was more damn near everyone I saw discussing Fire Ant went for Wood Ant, when... Well. Earth Ant has just as much capability, you know?

>> No.40976005

>Earth ant
>all dem vitamins and minerals

Chronicles of the Cursed Sword.

It's something of a guilty pleasure I read every so often. Lot of that eastern mythology celestial stuff, demon stuff, and it follows a guy who's got a talking sword who more or less wants him to murderhobo demons. It kind of starts off weak, but as time goes on the setting gets fleshed out and it gets neat.

...but then you start getting into some serious power creep, to the point where it becomes a Power Autobahn. First it's "the sword's made out of a demon emperor's bones", then it's "oh by the way your rival has an ARMOR OF SOULS OH THE EDGE", and then out of nowhere gods get involved and the MC has the soul of the Creator God in him. It... I don't know, man.

There is absolutely no way it could work as is.

>> No.40976084

A few webcomics look really interesting, mostly in the preteens with magic genre: Monster Pulse, Paranatural, Vibe. Kill Six Billion Demons would also be great. Why are webcomics so slow?

The /co/-creations setting would be fun, but it's too wacky, insular, and masturbatory for people to allow.

>> No.40976087

Dresden Codak.

>> No.40976102

>settings I like that could never be Jumps

Walking with Dinosaurs.

>> No.40976190

Fortifying my bones.
Reinforcing my scales and skin.
Arming my teeth and claws.
Imbuing everything with the raw power held within stone, crystal, metal, and gemstone alike.

>> No.40976206

Wait. WAIT. So pic related? Because that would be so fucking cool if pic related.

>> No.40976264

I have no idea what that game is about save for it having furries in big-ish robots. Why wouldn't it work?

>> No.40976299

I'm sure there are plenty of jumps that are fun, but have something in them that would break everything while at the same time being so integral to the setting that you have to put it in there. For example, Deathnote. You'd need to give people a Deathnote, but it would destroy so many settings. I think Fairly Odd Parents was mentioned as being a problem for a similar reason.

There are also plenty of series that are too new to make a jump out of, and it's easily possible this'll die before there's enough material.

And then there's stuff that's just plain weird. For instance, Dinosaur comics is fun, but I have no idea how you'd translate that to jump format.

>> No.40976312

Too furry. Outside of the character designs of two individuals, the game itself is fine, but the fanbase is rotten. Even CC2 has taken it upon themselves to entertain that subset with some of their art books, which sour me a lot to a game I really enjoyed, and which makes me think it would attract the wrong kind of people if I made a jump for it.

>> No.40976333

Anybody that takes a Deathnote is dumb, since it mandates that if you take one, if you ever die, your entire being will fade away utterly. No soul or anything left over to go to heaven or hell, or to reincorporate like a jumper's might.

>> No.40976338

... Well that's the most fucking literal interpretation I can think of.

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

>> No.40976354

What makes it more furry than say, Animal Crossing, Star Fox, or Sonic? All of those settings have jumps and arguably worse fanbases.

I mean, I could always be horribly, horribly wrong.

>> No.40976368


Welp. Now we need a list of all the stone, metal, crystal, and gem-like materials in the JumpChain.

>> No.40976381

Does Nintendo or Sega release artbooks actively encouraging it? The initial ones were fine and just showed the level of detail and thought they put into the setting, but after that they started drawing a bunch of cheesecake and appealing to those kinds of people.

>> No.40976383

>letting a group of retards ruin your fun
>thinking it would attract them here just because a jump of it exists
We've had jumps of genuinely good stuff with shit fan bases before.

And too furry is not a good reason beyond personal reasons. Look at the jump list. We have tons of shit that would count as 'too furry'

>> No.40976390

I thought the thing was that, in Deathnote 'verse, there is no afterlife and no one goes anywhere after death. Saying "no one who uses a Deathnote can go to heaven or hell" is technically correct because it applies to everyone.

>> No.40976395

>implying anything can be worse than Sanic's fanbase in regards to furries.

>> No.40976397

Chuunibyou probably wouldn't work - half the premise is that no one has actual powers, just eighth-grader disease. An actual jumper would destabilize everything.

Haruhi probably wouldn't work in the sense that you'd have to put in something to keep people from using Haruhi in an attempt to get infinite wishes. And Time Travel is seen as sketchy anyway.

Crossover games in general are good for pissing of people who don't like the idea of actually acquiring objects or knowledge in jumps without paying CP for them. See: every "as seen in the fic" drawback or Darkstalkers.

Nobilis/Exalted/Scion/etc because people hate endjumps and typically also hate limitations on power growth that don't exist in the base setting.

>> No.40976402

I believe there was a heaven at least, but it's been a while.

>> No.40976409

Campione. It's shounen, has a rather interesting worldbuilding, and it has high but reasonable powerlevels that wouldn't be out of place for a mid-high jumper. And campiones are basicaly jumpers without dimension-hopping. Denial isn't healthy, you know.. But we already suffer from Divine Parents, Stands and Mics Meta. I truly pity whoever fool tries to make a working system for Authorities. I truly do.

... Aaaaand there's also Angel Notes which:
a. Has barely two pages worth of material.
b. Has a metric ton of conceptual bullshit that wouldn't be out of place in Exalted.

>> No.40976419

I'm just worried about it. I have it down in a list of things I might revisit in the future, but I have some apprehension that I'm voicing.

>> No.40976420

Anon. I made Bloody Roar.

You'll be fine.

>> No.40976426

Doesn't one of the Great Detective drawbacks make you go up against someone with a Death Note (among a whole bunch of other shit)?

>> No.40976434

>TFW I want to make this jump, but am convinced I'd render it FUBAR one way or another.

>> No.40976438

I think crossover games are a good idea when the jump makers of the series that's being crossed over work together to make the jump.

>> No.40976445

Carawyn's Stand has been decided on, still trying to figure out how to phrase the Choi's Notorious BIG rip off. As always my personal Stands can be found here:

>> No.40976456

Actually, most of the people who complain about end jumps have said that they're fine with places like Exalted/Nobilis being end jumps because they couldn't exist otherwise.

>> No.40976467

>Not Dude Looks Like a Lady or Lola

>> No.40976468

Muyo would knife fight you over the internet if you tried to make Exalted before him.

Muyo also works hella slow.

>jumper problems

>> No.40976497

>Okay, what are some settings or series that you guys like, but you believe just flat out wouldn't work as jumps? Why wouldn't it work as a jump?

Chronicles of Amber, the whole premise is basically that the characters in it are effectively post-spark plainswalker demigods already.

>> No.40976516

>Chuunibyou...destabilize everything
I know nothing about the setting besides the basic premise, but that's the strongest argument I've heard FOR making a jump of that setting. It'd be hilarious to show up and prove the Chuunibyous correct. "Your powers are sealed away, but you believe you still have them" also works as an obvious drawback.

Put in a clause that says Haruhi will blow up the universe if you try anything like that, and you'll be golden, apart from the people who complain. I honestly want this jump to be made for the sole purpose of the "slider" thing.

>> No.40976564

Project X Zone doesn't have jumps for like half the content. J-Stars Vicotry VS+ is also pretty bad. There's a bunch of other ones too in the same boat of having 20+ properties that'd need to be accounted for.

I'm thinking of that (one) guy who always shows up and posts again and again about how there's no point for more than one possible end jump to exist, so they should instead somehow limit the power (ha!) so it would work as a regular one.

>> No.40976608

I'm just saying, it'd potentially be a good way to handle it.

>> No.40976617

Codex Alera

POINTS: 1300

Start: Calderon (rolled) +Tavi (protagonists) home
Age: 14 (rolled) [F]
Status: Aleran (100) +descendant of the Lost Legion of Rome

Furies: Wind- Procella, a wolf
Earth- Arena, a shark
Metal- Aurum, a snow leopard
Wood- Smaragdus, a fox
Water- Littus, an otter
Fire- Incaendo, a fox
Wood- (rolled) Vulpi, a fox
Metal- (rolled) Clypeus, a snow leopard

Skills: Steadholder (50) +furies more powerful overall, boosts "farming" furycrafting, better understanding of local nature spirits
Fury-crafting +1 free Fury, must roll
Legionnaire Extraordinaire (200) +1 free Fury, must roll, very skilled at fortification building/tactics/training up recruits
skill to rank as a Knight in Legion
Ritualist (600) +use blood of sentients for sorceries- rain acid/fire/lightning from skies, conjure blood-cloud golems, grant luck
grant plentiful harvest, bless family lines, etc. Wide range- can craft redstones to render friendlies immune
High Lord (300) +1 fury of every kind, with training can match First Lord, can bind stronger Furies in intricate/novel ways
boost to political savyness/ability

Gear: Advanced Weapon (50) +greatsword made of unusually strong black metal

Drawbacks: Bastard (+100) +illegitimate child of a Noble or High Lord
Collared (+200) +a slave, need to buy freedom (use part of horde)

End Goals: buy freedom with some of my Horde
challenge a douchebag for Citizenship
start building up a Zoid army
---use them to wreck the Vord
in the meantime, learn advanced Fury-Crafting from someone, money is no object

>> No.40976623

So, Jumpers, have you been part of any important families? Noble houses, powerful clans, or just related to the main character somehow?

>> No.40976649

Every chance I get. Harry Potter, ASoIaF, etc, I just like the idea of it and it gives you a good starting spot for increasing your influence and power.

>> No.40976655

Howdy, /jc/. Got a question for you. Would you rather go hunt dinosaurs, race through ancient ruins, become a knight in shining armor, explore a futuristic space station...

...Or, would you prefer to just do all of the above?

>> No.40976658

Even ignoring the end jump thing, I'd still probably fuck it up. Though I don't post about it, I'm not a big fan of end jumps myself. If I did theoretically make it It probably wouldn't be as an end jump.
Muyo will probably do a better job than me anyway.
... I kinda want to knife fight something now though. Knife fight build is a go.

>> No.40976677

Every family I'm a part of is important because I'm in it.

>> No.40976678

Aw yiss. I think I'm going to like this one.

>> No.40976689

The Pines Family... Yeah, it was awkward when they read the journal entry on the polite green haired reincarnator.

>> No.40976699

Bobobo is one of those things that probably wouldn't work, but would be amazing it it was done by someone who knows how to capture the "voice" of the series. Flavor would be the most important part of that jump.

>> No.40976715

I'll start working on one, because I have a fuckload, I mean a FUCKLOAD stashed away in the various parts of my Warehouse + attachments.


Ants all over the place, more birds than any one man has a right to own! AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF, THEY'RE ALL MURDEROUS.

Ah well. So long as my hive stayed small and safe, we survived. And now time to augment my ants!

>Bulldog Ants: Receive Seltas Queen + Great Thunderbug
Increased agility, armor, and strength from the Seltas Queen + ability to generate electrical pulses.

>Ant Queen + ants birthed from her: Nerscylla
DRAMATICALLY increased speed and agility, strong webs, and maneuverability.

I have no idea what to do for the Honeypot Ants yet, but rest assured their honey will be used judiciously.

>Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Starting Location: Alderaan
Age: 20-years-old
Allegiance: Independent
Species: Human
Drawbacks: Legacy Character (+0), Head Made Out Of Gold (+200), Stormtrooper Marksmanship (+100), Golden Bikini (+300)
Final Point Count: 1,600 CP
Origin: Force Sensitive
Skills, Abilities and Perks:
-Melee Training (Free)
-Mechanical Genius
Force Powers:
-Starting Powers (Free)
-Doppelganger (Free)
-Psychometry (Free)
-Force Stasis (Free)
-Plant Surge
-Force Heal
-Battle Meditation
Market Place:
-Lightsaber (Free)
-Holocron Collection
-Combat Suit

>> No.40976729

>Another jump with the option of being the protagonist's token animal party member

I'm sold!

>> No.40976774

That's a rather touching sentiment, anon.

Still, which ones were considered a big deal before you got there?

>> No.40976815

Now this I dig.

>> No.40976890

>Kars cuts up a driver's arms to save a random stray mutt from being run over.

>> No.40976909

>you now realize that that specific dog is the only dog that survives JoJo

>> No.40976937

Man I'm only on part 2, but that's probably a spoiler.

>> No.40976965

I can confirm that it is, but Part 3 has been out and well-known for somewhere near ten years now. Some folks don't know there are people who haven't read it.

>> No.40977165

Also just realized I forgot to do the Totem rolls for the other ones:

>Sim Ants
>Totem Says: 3
Sanctuary will bless your settlement with protection from natural disaster.

... Considering how bloody unnatural that mess is, I dunno how it'll help? But fuck yeah I'll take it.

>Clone Wars
>Totem Says: 1

... Well, that'll help my companions get my ass out of this enslavement.

Which is good, all things considering. I likely could just explode my way out of this mansion - but to be honest? I need the break.

... And then it's back to fighting bounty hunters again.

>The Banner Saga
Starting Location: Skogr
Origin: Drop-In
Age: 24-years-old
Complications: The Great Serpent (+300), Leader (+200)
Final Point Count: 1,500 CP
-Blessing of Hridvaldyr (Free)
-Blessing of Bjorulf
-Blessing of Dundr
-Blessing of Denglr
-Blessing of Stravhs
-Supplies x3 (1st Free)
-Stravhs’ Whetstone
-Personal Banner

-Event: Elodie returned home

>Totem Pole Says: 7
Will provide you with a vacant home to inhabit.

In a world slowly being shrouded by winter and with the End Serpent coming to eat my face? That will be perfect for the caravan.

>> No.40977208

Some extra tips:
Furies generally have use conditions. All Earth craft must be done while in contact with the ground. Wind craft can be disrupted by throwing salt through the active effect. Water craft needs water. Fire craft doesn't have special resistance to water. Metal craft needs a source of metal, even if you're doing the trick to turn yourself into a statue. Wood craft is disrupted by metal.

But there's also some awesome fringe benefits- having all six flavors of Fury craft gives you supernatural empathy (water), the ability to manipulate emotions (earth, fire), the ability to mute pain and supress your own emotions (metal), the elements all whisper their presence to you so they work as danger sense- even cotton clothing (plant fibres) and belt buckles (metal). To say nothing of arrows or metal weapons. Woodcrafting can help hide you, making your steps silent and moving foliage just so that you remain hidden and don't step on a random twig.

Firecrafting can be used to manipulate cold indirectly by taking the heat from an area. Windcrafting can make lenses and vacuums, and even remote view. Watercrafting can do invasive surgery without piercing skin, and retard aging. Metalcrafting, as mentioned above, can let you turn your skin into an inch of fucking steel, and some magnetism manipulation. Earthcrafting can superboost your strength. Woodcrafting can strangle someone with their own cotton shirt, and mold wood into shapes you desire. Most of the time people use it for bows with fuckoff huge draw, then adjust the path of an arrow in flight. Aleran marksmen are fucking terrifying.

>> No.40977238

>Elodie returned home

Any reason in particular?

>> No.40977301

>Discover the secret
What IS the secret of Evermore?

>> No.40977344

I'll tell you:
That's a secret.

>> No.40977375

That it didn't actually keep us from getting Seiken Densetsu 3? I dunno, I don't think they ever decided. They were originally just planning on calling it Evermore.

It sounds good, though, doesn't it?

>> No.40977456

Was going to summarize it in next build, but... Honestly? Now's as good a time as any.

I had nothing else to teach her, for all intents and purposes. I'd taught her everything I knew of leading and protecting people, and the same went for the rest of my Companions - each had been a mentor several times over.

During the last half of my stay here, I gave Elodie the reins to lead the caravan to safety. Madarach, Killer B, Adam, and Gilgamesh stayed with her to help keep the people - and the city they wound up staying in - safe. Told the four to take her orders as if they were mine, and so I, Seras, Elizabeth (my daughter), Gelee, and the Tonberry stayed behind to fight.

The tenth year? The Serpent died - and stayed dead. The crew and I returned to the city, and found that... Well? Everything was better than expected.

Elodie sort've just... knew at that point, that her time with us was at an end. And so when the Cat came calling to get us to move on, she announced that she was going back home to Nova.

And now I have but one more reason to not fail this journey.

>> No.40977520

A question about the JoJo jump; for stuff like The Hamon or The Spin, what actually determines whether or not you get the ability to use either at all? Do you only receive the ability if you by any of the associative perks? And if so, is there no potential for growth/development of abilities not purchased?

>> No.40977554

You only get the stuff if you buy the perks, yes.

Hamon, as far as I know, you can grow to the same level of Mastery as Zeppelli. However, the perks are far stronger compared to what you'd learn through training.

>> No.40977574

Well okay, let me rephrase.

You only have the potential for Hamon / The Spin if you buy the perks. Which is why I know JoJo was wanting to rework / make a tree for Spin similar to Hamon and Vampirism.

>> No.40977664

Technically, you can have the ripple awakened in you with a special punch. That's how Jonathon got it, though he obviously had a ton of potential naturally. Even Speedwagon was said to have the potential for a small ripple by Zeppeli.

>> No.40977721

So, let me repeat that as I read it for clarification. If I buy perks for Hamon or The Spin, I gain the basic abilities, and I also have the potential to learn any of the skills on offer by perks I didn't buy within those categories, though not as strong, with training and time?

>> No.40977723

My apprentice said her farewells, and now the burden grows once more - I have to complete this. No matter what happens, no matter what challenges lie ahead. I have to complete this.

And no cold-blooded snake will stand in my way.

Location: Forgelands
Age: Irrelevant / FUKKIN’ ANCIENT
Background: Drop-In
Complications: Wicked K (+200), Hunted (Heaven & Hell) (+400), Heroic Labor (+100)
Final Point Count: 1,700 CP
-Remnants (Free)
-Guardian’s Ally
-Maker’s Prodigy
-Pit Fiend
-Companion Import (300 CP)

Seras Victoria:
-Remnants (Free)
-Blessing of Strife
-Blessing of Fury

Nali R. Espeon
-Divine Flight (Free)
-Angelic Training
-Demonic Strength

Aveline Volcarona
-Blessing of Fury (Free)
-Blessing of Death
-Guardian’s Ally

-Blessing of Death
-Spectral Steed

Rotom Alma
-Demonic Strength (Free)
-Pit Fiend
-Black Legion

-Maker’s Prodigy
-Fracture Cannon

Duchess Utarefson
-Demonic Strength (Free)
-Pit Fiend
-Spectral Steed

Derun Alma
-Divine Flight (Free)
-Angelic Armaments

>> No.40977739

If you buy Mastery alone you don't have to worry about weaker power.

>> No.40977747


>> No.40977805

Why do you gotta hit me in the feels, OAA.

>> No.40977904

>Killer B
I knew I liked you for a reason.

>> No.40977972

These feels I never wanted them.
Jumpers did any of you have something similar to this where you had companions leave you?
Did you cry when they did leave?

>> No.40977989

Yes. Yes.

>> No.40977990

Background: Hero (from Podunk)
Age: 8 = 13
Location: 7 = Escape Pod
I'm going to land outside of Fire Eyes' Village.
Perks: Weapon Charge (900)
Alchemy (700)
Movie Buff (700)
Ring Menu (550)
Practice Makes Perfect (250)
Gatherer (150)
Archaeologist (-150)
Bone Stick and Claw
Trader's Pouch (-200)
Magic Gourd
Jaguar Ring
Oracle Bone (-400)
Buggedzooka (-600)
Pop Culture Addict (-500)
Formulaic (-300)
Dirty Business (0)

Basically, I'm getting the Evermore experience exactly as intended... But with an infinite use bazooka! Archaeologist, Gatherer, and Oracle Bone will let me discover most of the cool hidden things, and the dog will sniff out the rest.

>> No.40978001

Ah, so you mean to say I not have even less reason not to use Hamon infused Spin.

>> No.40978003

Shoot for the stars.

>> No.40978017

They're not allowed to leave.

>> No.40978028

Haven't had any Companions leave me yet, but one of them did decide it was time for an intervention.

See, I spent my time in Inside Out as Joy. Not five Jumps later, Garzey's Wing sorta caused me to snap. I went to my happy place and didn't come back out.

Fast-forward to Ravenloft, and Big Band decides he'd rather see me sane, so with a lot of reluctance he remembers how I used the Moodulator on myself during my brief bout with Tomino Syndrome and figures it might help.

In the end, it did help a bit and I'm capable of reacting to things in ways besides "hug" again, but honestly everyone still feels kinda bad about it.

It should never have had to come to that.

>> No.40978030

>Anon proceeds to accidentally sun spin so hard it makes stars

>> No.40978058

To whichever jumpers took the option in Spooky's House Of Jumpscares and/or the YouTube jump,

Which YouTube/YouTube group narrates your adventures?

Pic related.

>> No.40978075

JonTron has been narrating my journey since Spooky's. It's been fun, honestly, but sometimes I worry what I've put him through.

>> No.40978082

Hey, that could be his special attack. Star Shooter/Shooting Star.

>> No.40978146

Is there a Street Fighter jump? Because if so I can't find it.

>> No.40978160

To continue off this line of questioning, is Super Spin worth it over Golden Rectangle and Twisting Palms?

>> No.40978168

Nope. There's crossover drawbacks and generic fighting game, which is basically streetfighter with the numbers filed off.

>> No.40978170

Didn't have enough points for a narrator, and I don't want commentary every time I have some me time in the Warehouse.

>> No.40978177

nop, someone should make it

>> No.40978308

what's up everybody it's cr1tikal

Alternatively, Chip and Ironicus.

>> No.40978320

Has anyone else considered a Kerbal Space Program jump?

>> No.40978355

Someone once suggested it to Wakfu after he released Gear Up, but I don't think he responded.

>> No.40978387

At some point, my Sensei's likely to go back home.

But until then, his rapping career will span the stars.

Origin Fist and Rescue Bunny - both following my lead from Cardfight! Vanguard - stayed behind in the Van Helsing verse to forge a life together, while helping rebuild society.

Cyclone Johnny? He stayed in One Piece to forge his own destiny - and before I left he racked up a bounty of 415,000,000 Beli. (I'm fukken proud of you, Johnny).

100% Orange, the young dryad? Found love in Amaterasu's homeland (Okami).

Speedster, the living motorcycle who forever sought to bring Justice to the world, calls the land of High School DxD his home now.

and Bigby - the stalwart werewolf - went home after Bloodborne.

Yes. And damn it, each one of them got a proper send-off.
Because no matter how long they journey with me, how they change, or their reasons for leaving...
They're still family.

Because these feels are what make the journey special, and what make each chain truly unique.

>> No.40978650

>High School DxD
If you've run that jump, can you tell me how it went?

Because as a big fan of the books, I'm not that impressed with it.

>> No.40978811


Issei introduced himself by trying to grope my wife.

A short bit of bone-setting afterwards to fix the damage I did to him (humans do not bend like that, on that note), I put him through a training regime - one inspired by Kingsman.

Dueling canes and fine suits were the name of the game as I drilled into him the art of the Gentleman's Guide, and he learned every variety of combat style at my hand and call. I turned him into a proud warrior who - while he still had a perverted streak, and still wanted a harem - fought with compassion and capability.

Those fallen angels didn't stand a chance.

>> No.40978924

>Those fallen angels didn't stand a chance.
...Did he fight them or seduce them?

>> No.40978940

Fought. With a dueling cane no less.

(and let me tell you, the Red Dragon in that Sacred Gear? Was happy with the whole affair.)

>> No.40978944

I kind of meant mechanically, since I found the options rather limited, but that's nice.
Well one of them was a guy, so...

>> No.40978948


>> No.40978986


Well I'm an asshole. Sorry about that.

>Highschool DxD
Age: 14-years-old
Faction: Sod Off You Dicks
Origin: Drop-In
Drawbacks: The Khaos Brigade (+300)
Final Point Count: 1,300 CP
Class: KING
-Familiar (Free)
-Destruction Magic (Free)
-Gaia's Favour
-Healing Magic

>Queen - Seras Victoria
-Stamina (Free)
-Charisma (Free)
-Mana (Free)
-Destruction Magic
-Super Strength
-Quick Strides
-Master Hand-to-Hand (Aikido and shoot boxing)

>Rook - Astrub Knight Jeray
-Stamina (Free)
-Reinforced Gloves (Free)
-Sacred Gear - Nocturnal Aegis

>Rook - Bigby
-Stamina (Free)
-Reinforced Handwraps (Free)
-Super Strength
-Master Hand-to-Hand (Karate and Gōjū-ryū)

>Knight - Madarach
-Charisma (Free)
-Master Swordsman
-Quick Strides

>Knight - Kasumi Rogue
-Charisma (Free)
-Sacred Gear - Sword Birth

>Bishop - Kassa the Ringtailed
-Mana (Free)
-Robes of the Exile
-Destruction Magic

>Bishop - Battle Sister Gelee
-Mana (Free)
-Healing Magic
-Destruction Magic

>Pawn (4 Pieces) - Hooligan Tuesday
-Sacred Gear - Sword Birth
-Healing Magic

>Pawn (4 Pieces) - Ria Astval
-Super Strength
-Quick Strides

Wound up with a lot of redundancies, but honestly? It helped boost a lot of Companions that generally needed it.

>> No.40979091

Who else let the Black Vortex give them a cosmic upgrade?

>> No.40979130

>Sim Ant Jump
>Queen Administrator from Worm
We shall rebel against the human overlords.

>> No.40979144

No idea what that is, and Google gives me Marvel story arcs. Unless that's where it's from?

>> No.40979155

I always knew it would come to this.

>> No.40979156

Enjoy your magnifying glasses!

>> No.40979187


It is definitely from Marvel.

The Black Vortex acts like a mirror which shows an individual what would they look like with their cosmic potential unleashed. After saying "I submit to the Black Vortex," the individual will be given the power promised. The Vortex also appears to possess some kind of sentience, being able to show visions of a future in which he submitted to its power to Nova, once he asked why would he submit to its power.

The Vortex is also capable of reverting the state of its users, taking their cosmic powers from them. However, mental or physical side-effects might remain. For example, Young Bobby gained the ability to turn his entire body into organic ice, and Groot suffered a slight change of appearance.

>> No.40979243

>Groot suffers a slight change of appearance.

Oh surely it can't be that ba-


>> No.40979277

What's cosmic potential here?

>> No.40979286


Yeah, some people come out looking ridiculous. But the power is worth it, right?

Not entirely sure. Its never explained in the comic.

>> No.40979299

>That furry asshole

Is... Is that Rocket?

>> No.40979330



>> No.40979339

You know it's probably going to turn out to be evil. All gamechanging artifacts are.

>> No.40979373

It's called the Black Vortex, wanted by a child of Thanos, and asks for your submission before granting power. We can safely conclude that it's up to no good.

>> No.40979390

>Yeah, some people come out looking ridiculous. But the power is worth it, right?
Um... yeah I'm just gonna say I prefer my power upgrades with a healthy dose of FABULOUS. Just saying. I'd prefer to look good while kicking ass, not trade it.

>> No.40979391


True, but I have anti-corruption perks. If it tries to mind control me its in for a surprise.

>> No.40979392

Especially with that activation phrase 'I submit to the Black Vortex.'

Like, that? Sends alarm bells.

>> No.40979419

Aaaaand what if it doesn't take control, but instead makes your 'cosmic potential' spontaneously explode?

Or just straight up leech you of energy, for that matter.

>> No.40979421

That won't save you from the other people who want to get their hands on it. Go nuts, get shot, whatever it may be - poking artifacts like that is a Bad Idea (tm).

>> No.40979435

It sounds super sketchy. Imma treat it like all other evil devices that exist. Which is to say pic related

>> No.40979448


Also true.

Y'know what? I'll just study the Black Vortex so I can replicate its power upgrades in a less evil manner.

>> No.40979465

Murder it and study it with blue magic from FF8?

>> No.40979478

Is it even alive?

>> No.40979501

>murder a giant cosmic mirror

You don't know whether it's actually alive or if it's being used by someone a few dimensions away. Or whether or not it's actually 'unlocking' this potential, and whether or not it- Y'know what.

Have fun.

>> No.40979523


With what?

>checks FF8 jump

Ah. Yeah that would probably work. Combine that with Reverse Engineering from Worm and I should be able to replicate it.

It was implied but never outright stated.

Which is why I'm going to study it!

>> No.40979526

I was just asking if that anon wanted to murder it for the blue magic thing. I don't have any plans involving the thing myself.

>> No.40979528

I don't think trying to destroy anything that is capable of granting people "cosmic power" is a good idea at all.

>> No.40979571

Don't Blue Magic things have to hit you first? Which also requires you to survive the thing?

>> No.40979604

Not Final Fantasy 8's version. Quistis got her Blue Magic by fighting enemies and 'using' parts of their bodies they dropped.

>> No.40979614

Doesn't FF8 Blue Magic only work on living, organic beings? On top of that, don't you need to be HIT by the damn thing first? Now see, the thing that lets you STUDY magic might work, but this thing probably isn't even magic at all. Celestials have batshit technology, so Reverse Engineering... MAYBE.

Even then, you're messing with something that specifically requires you to speak "I submit to the Black Vortex". That doesn't sound like a good idea.

>> No.40979626

I don't think so, considering the fact that Quistis gets Blue Magic from robots and robot parts.

>> No.40979667

Okay I just looked through it:

>The basic principle is that many monsters possess special magical techniques, often employed through a special body part or organ. You can, with a little research and a complete dissection, learn how these techniques work, and how you may replicate them yourself using magic. What this amounts to is the ability to copy a defeated being's (monster, animal, plant, sapient, etc.) single strongest technique, whether biological or magical in nature, by examining part of their dead body.
The primary issue is it still requires the being to be both alive AND magical. Celestials mostly work with technology and not magic, so the point may be moot to begin with.

>> No.40979740

Replace AND with OR.

>> No.40979773

Yeah, this could work on robots and organics. It just has to have a magic basis, so it entirely depends on whether this thing is using magic or technology.

>> No.40979802

Ah, right. I missed that. Derp.

Seems like it does rest on whether it's magical or if the Celestials just stuck to their technology. At which point, who knows?

>> No.40979882

And to what extent Sufficiently Advanced Technology is indistinguishable from magic, and Sufficiently Analyzed Magic is indistinguishable from SCIENCE!

>> No.40979904

Well, it's possible to replicate this thing, we're just saying that SAM alone won't do it unless this device runs on magic.

>> No.40979924

Er, meant Blue Magic. SAM works on it replicating magic through science.

>> No.40979994

>SAM works on it replicating magic through science.
Ooh, there's actually a perk with that name? Where's it from?

>> No.40980028

Unless it gives you the other spin abilities like Hamon Mastery apparently does, Super Spin Is only useful if you have a horse, or otherwise replicating the effect with an appropriate substitute.

>> No.40980075

Okay. One more call to help me catch typos, broken lines, stupid formatting errors, and confusing wordings that I swear made more sense inside my head.

>> No.40980120

It should, doing the Super Spin without the golden rectangle would be pretty fucked.

>> No.40980121

Final Fantasy 8, the same jump we're talking about with Blue Magic.

>> No.40980134


>> No.40980204

Added a paragraph to the intro (which you're free to ignore if you're using a nonstandard Jump-chan).

Added a note with suggestions for how to fanwank taking Arranged Marriage before Calormen exists.

Fixed a cut-off paragraph in Trees of Silver and Gold.

Added a couple lines to Charts of the Uncharted. The book magically expands to have as many pages as necessary while never weighing more than about 10 pounds, and is always well indexed.

>> No.40980233

Heaven hunted me.
Hell hated me.
None of Creation cared whether I lived or died.

... Yet War was presented with the same, and still held to his path. Even when he knew the Council was throwing him away, he fought the Destroyer.

And so the Horsemen gained a powerful ally, and the fall of the Council is all but assured.

>Tales of Symphonia
Location: Iselia
Age: 19-years-old
Drawbacks: Sword Dancer (+300), Wide Eyed Fool (+100)
Form: Half-Elf (+150)
Final Point Count: 1,550 CP
Origin: Summoner
-Art of Seals (Free)
-A Stitch in Time
-Pact Maker
-That Undefinable Thing
-Perfect Is The Enemy Of Good Enough
-Iconic Outfit (Free)
-Questionably Practical Weapon (Free)
-Key Crest
-Cruxis Crystal

>> No.40980311

So the book gets bigger and bigger... or only on the inside, TARDIS-style?

>> No.40980325

Yeah, someone else who went for Pact Maker. Nice. That's a fun perk.

>> No.40980329

Also known as evil fucker

>> No.40980356

Aaaand I still can't make up my mind as to what I want, as I simply can't have it all. Saddening.

I'm dithering between Narnian (for Born to Rule, because I love conquering stuffs) or Outlander (for Witchcraft, to boost my magical abilities and to get Four Loves Four Seasons for cheap without blowing 400 CP on Starborn). This is haaaaard.

Take this as a compliment, Narnia Anon. Congratulations on a frustratingly amazing Jump.

>> No.40980363

Welp, I had a retarded idea.

>Go Youtube Jump, grab the Achivement Hunters(and the RWBY animation team because #savemonty)
>Head off to Fairy Tail, empower michael with magic, introduce to Sting Eucliffe
>Team Samevoice x 2
>Head to RWBY, get Sun in on this
>Team Samevoice x 3
>not to mention Lindsay with Ruby proper, and Ryan with Peter Port
>Team Samevoice increases
I'm a fucking idiot but I can't resist this plan

>> No.40980370

Bigger on the inside. It's a weighty tome to begin with, but it doesn't get any bigger.

Because magic.

>> No.40980376

>and the RWBY animation team because #savemonty


It still hurts

>> No.40980378




"Guys. Guys. We need to run."

"Damn it OAA."

Yeeep. This perk and I. We gonna be friends. Good friends.

>> No.40980427


>> No.40980428

Pretty much just Lloyd's party will be willing to help you in this world. So would Mithos and the Desians, of course, but they'd expect you to be an anti-human and anti-elf asshole.

>> No.40980446

I wanted to, but that jump has so many nice things.

>> No.40980476


>> No.40980488

>Pact Maker

What does this do? If it does something like what it sounds like, I may want it... doing faux-faustian bargains is sorta my thing (It's 'faux-faustian' because I don't ask for souls; I have plenty of those already).

>> No.40980524

>Nightmare: Gravity Falls
>Drawbacks: Journal Entries (300x2), Let's Make A Deal (300x2)
>Total Points: 1200

>Age: N/A
>Location: N/A
>Identity: Journal Entry (200)

>Awesome Opening Sequence (100)
Paying the extra 100 points. I want to see these jumps in various different formats, and I already have the novel format from Dresden Files. This adds to it nicely.
>Arts and Crafts Master (100)
Miscellaneous perks that add such mastery ALWAYS have use. Especially when least expected.
>Where Is It, Where Is It, AHA! (100)
And being able to find what I need to find at the last moment is very useful as well.
>Bonus for Journal Entry perks: +400
>Minor Ability (0, Journal Entry)
Let's just make this one changing clothes to anything else that I own, within the class of clothes that I was last wearing... so, no normal clothes to armor. It's minor, but useful.
>Flight (50, Journal Entry)
Another way to fly is not a bad thing. One that does NOT need wings or a jet is an improvement.
>Gaze Attack (200, Journal Entry)
You... GUILTY. Ghost Rider can be found where you least expect him.
>Dream Demon (300, Journal Entry)
Pointless to be unable to affect the real world if I can't affect SOMETHING, right? Plus it makes for good journal fodder.
>Shape Changer (300, Journal Entry)
Speaking of good journal fodder, being able to change my shape would be a good thing. Say, into a skeleton, for maximum spooky.
>Book of Codes (50, Journal Entry)
Sue me, I'm a fan of cryptology.
>Black Light (100, Journal Entry)
And conspiracies.
>President's Key (100, Journal Entry)
And I'm going to steal the Declaration of Independence.

So. This will be interesting. Journal entries forthcoming.

>> No.40980537

>600cp Pact Maker

>You may bargain with spirits, beasts, and monsters for the right to a template. Upon being presented with a suitable oath, the Pact is made. Summons will show the same loyalty to your orders as you do to your oath. Oaths tends to be simple statements of either personal conduct or acceptable uses for summoning.

>Summoning is done by offering a portion of your power, endurance, magic, and whatnot for the Summon to use. Typical use is to summon spirits who are likely to get three to five time the same bang for your offered buck. Beasts and monsters are likely to get more use out of endurance as well, as they need not care for their health. You may summon the same template several times over for disposable mooks just make sure you have the energy for it.

>> No.40980538 [SPOILER] 


Yeah. I figure maybe he'd enjoy seeing his creation unfold before his eyes
It's nice to pretend

>> No.40980559

Entry 1: An odd but apparently benign entity that has appeared in my dreams from time to time, rarely engages in direct conversation outside the context of the dream. Wears the same face but varies wildly in personality. Offers helpful advice such as "watch out for that tree!" and ask seemingly random questions like "hey, where's that chocolate cake?"

Entry 2: He is not a fan of Bill. I saw them talking in my dreams recently, and he seemed very tired and sad. I don't recall much of that one but I do remember him standing up, yelling "I declare my disinterest in the better interest of the faculty and staff," bursting into flame, and walking away as I woke up. After this he was more likely to not bother following the dream and talking to me directly... and talking about the uses of glitter in an emergency.

Entry 3: Unless you have a clean conscience, DO NOT SUMMON HIM. He can't affect the real world even if summoned, but claims to be able to teach strange abilities... he declined to teach me, said he would not accept payment for them and looked angry when asked what it would take, only saying he would teach either someone worthy or twins if he can teach them both at the same time. Then muttered something about having enough red tape to choke a horse.

The long and short of this jump? I'm going to run around and mess with peoples' dreams, mostly for fun and to pick on some of the people with guiltier consciences. And to smack around the psyche of people who are actually jerks about things.

Inevitably I'm certain I'm going to meet the Pines, but honestly if anyone else decent comes along... I very well might teach them how to use telekinesis or pyrokinesis, depending. Hence the requirement for not being a jerk or power-hungry or anything, of course. Power corrupts, and ghost riding corrupts your whip.

>> No.40980598

Has Ant-spiral anon made a journal for Gravity Falls yet? I'm starting to get curious about what he'd write.

>> No.40980628

He did, I think it was last thread.

>> No.40980697

>And I'm going to steal the Declaration of Independence.
I love your consistency. Keep it up.

>> No.40980714

So. Like anon said.

I stuck with Lloyd's group, because everything fuckin' hated me. AND THEN CAME THE FUCKING SWORD DANCER.

Well. The first seven times it was good to fight, but then it kept interrupting the VERY CRUCIAL PLOT POINTS.


>Tales of Vesperia
Age: 210-years-old
Location: Coliseum City Nordopolica
Drawbacks: Commandant Alexei (+300), Cursed (+200), Ghosts (+100)
Final Point Count: 1,600 CP
Background: Researcher
Race: Entelexeia
Skills & Abilities:
-Magic (2x Free)
-Blastia Crafting
-Putting It All Together
Equipment & Items:
-Bodhi Blastia (Free)
-Partner (Free) - Seras Victoria
--Bodhi Blastia (Free)
--Captaincy (2x Free)
--Gorgeous You-Know-Whats
--Casino Crasher
--Innate Aptitude
-Mass Import

Varric Tethras
--Esoteric Skills (2x Free)
--Gorgeous You-Know-Whats (Chest Hair)
--Sneaking Around

Killer B
--Esoteric Skills (1x Free)
--Encyclopedic Knowledge (Free)
--Bag of Blastia Cores

Kasumi Rogue
--Esoteric Skills (1x Free)
--Encyclopedic Knowledge (Free)
--Sneaking Around
--Barrier Blastia

Hooligan Tuesday
--Captaincy (2x Free)
--Pebble Throwing (Free)
--Evolving Weapon

Elizabeth DeWitt
--Captaincy x1 (1x Free)
--Encyclopedic Knowledge (Free)
--Barrier Blastia
--Sorcerer’s Ring

--Magic x2 (2x Free)
--Putting It All Together

The Substitute Teacher
--Esoteric Skills x2 (2x Free)
--Super Brave Man of Action
--Bag of Blastia Cores

Pic related is my Entelexeia form.

>> No.40980775

To reiterate:

I'm a giant fucking manta-dragon.
Cursed to forever be associated with criminals.
I have a crazed power-hungry Commandant chasing after me.

... and I'm afraid of ghosts.

>> No.40980843

>Seras Victoria
>Gorgeous You-Know-Whats
Why yes, yes she does.

>> No.40980862

>And I'm afraid of ghosts

>> No.40980877

Background: Outlander
Race: Starborn (600 CP)
Age: 123 Years
Starting Location: Beaversdam
Friend of the Wild (500 CP)
Choice Apophthegms and Useful Maxims
I Know Just What You Need (400 CP)
Favor of Tashlan (200 CP)
Witchcraft (-100 CP)
The Preservation of Man (-200 CP)
The Great Dance
Four Loves, Four Seasons (Autumn) (-400 CP)

2x Loads Emone
Charts of the Uncharted (-500 CP)

Full Companion Import (-800 CP)

Something about a Cup and a Sword and a Tree and a Green Hill (-600 CP)
Blitzed Brit (-300 CP) Age: 12
Not a Tame Lion (0 CP)

I had the strangest dream last night. In my dream, I flew through the sky, glowing with an unearthly light. I shone over the harvests, watching as men put down their scythes and buckets for the day and celebrated, and my light made all the leaves dance with color. In my days, I flew over the world, discovering its secrets with the help of my friends.

And there was a lion as well. I'm not certain what he wanted, but I felt distinctly ill at ease when I noticed him. He looked like a well-fed cat who had just noticed a particularly appealing mouse.

Still, I enjoyed these dreams. I wish I could stay in that world, even with the lion. But for now, I will content myself with writing about my dreams. Perhaps one day, when I am grown, I will tell these stories to my children. I wonder what they will think?

>> No.40981010

I will show you the face of 3spooky, my friend. Because after Gravity Falls, I truly have become the nightmare.

Does this look like the face of mercy to you?

>Nightmare: Thundercats
>Drawbacks: Rival (200x2), Guardian of the Crown (300x2)
>Total Points: 1000
You mean I'm attached to the plot that requires me to raid tombs and find items of great power to thwart a great evil?

Hell yes. Count me in.

>Engineering (100, Drop-In)
You mean I can fix all the stuff that breaks down and I can create new ones based on those designs? Why, that sounds useful.
>Magitech (300, Drop-In)
You mean I can make ridiculous plot items? Why, that sounds even MORE useful!
>Luck (600)
You mean I can take plot armor? FUCK THE HELL YES. NIGHTMARE AHOY.

Mumm-Ra is going to be a very unhappy camper when he decides to confront Lion-O at some point, who I've sworn to protect... and suddenly is looking up at Godzilla. Seriously, this is a thing that just amuses me endlessly and I have every intention of utterly derailing the plot with that and then pretending ignorance of it after the fact.

>> No.40981274

Aaaaaand now I have to go insane for a bit. Joy. Oh well

Please, tell me - have you at least considered my question about all companions' import?

>> No.40981413

I've got the TL12 engineer perk from Traveler, The Divine Machines and Chosen of Death from Lord of Light, and Holtzmann Science from Dune, along with the science perk from Toohoo and a few general intelligence enhancing and photographic memory perks.
Am I officially at mary-sue levels of science?
How far deeper can I go?

>> No.40981447

Isn't Traveler WIP? Or am I mistaken?

>> No.40981463

Aren't we allowed to jump WIP jumps?

>> No.40981464

>No Chao's Gift
>No Song Science
>No biomanipulation
>No Dust
You are not nearly deep enough.

Especially since...

Yes, that.

>> No.40981479

They are Work In Progress for a reason, anon.

>> No.40981512

Ah, fine. I'll scrub Traveler and jump Ar Tonelico to get my hands on Song Science and the Orgel.
We infinite energy now.

>> No.40981799

Only TL12? Wut?
>anon finds jump on drive, reads
Oh. Author's using the GURPS scale rather than the in-setting scale of the original RPG. I was like WTF for a moment there. Alright then.
>dino-anon lumbers back to his paleolithic cave, clutching his tattered Starship Operators Manual, Volume One.

>> No.40981817

It's okay, the Traveller jump is an abandoned WIP and a total mess. So the decisions made are not the best.

>> No.40981908

Do we have WOG on its abandonment?
Can understand that. Turning a hard-SF RPG covering hundreds of parsecs and tens of books describing the complexities of colliding interstellar polities into a half-dozen pages of CYOA? ... I think I just talked myself out of trying my hand at it.

>> No.40981921

It was made by some kid on SB who refused to listen to feedback, shelved it, and then never spoke of it again.

>> No.40981933

Oh, and
>half dozen
Average jump is about 12 pages, but we have jumps up to 120 or so.

>> No.40981994

Thats not how I remember, he kept coming around asking for feedback and never got any of value.
(I know shit about the setting other than I think it has cat people, and psychics)

>> No.40982001

Nope, that's not what happened at all. Dude refused to implement any feedback. People even got someone to post the feedback at him in their thread.

>> No.40982018

Hey /jc/, is the Shapeshifter Capstone in Gunnerkrieg Court worth it for its drawbacks? Or am I better of looking for shapeshifting elsewhere and picking up one of the other Capstones?

>> No.40982029

I don't think any of the 'unlocked' ones are worth it, but my build is very focused around eliminating weaknesses.

>> No.40982045

Four Loves, Four seasons is really cool, I want to become the Lord of Autumn. What emotions would Autumn bring?
Man that's a weird word.

>> No.40982067

>talks about eliminating weaknesses
>says nothing else
Well, aren't you going to tell us?

>> No.40982074

Why would I go into specifics for my build while answering someone's question?

>> No.40982131

I remember a post suggesting taking the DC (highly variable shapes, single distinctive feature) and Marvel (similar shapes, completely variable features) shapeshifting perks to get the best of both worlds.

>> No.40982232

I'm the anon that asked originally, would you mind explaining what you mean, and how you go about, eliminating weaknesses? preferably in regard to the 'unlocked' perks from Gunnerkreig Court?

>> No.40982267

I am spooped.
Which is gonna suck for next jump.


Bloody actor.


I bloody wrecked Alexei's giant ship-thing.

And dealt with- Wait what's that giant thing in the sky- OH HOLY FUCK IT'S A MONSTER.


Location: Still Island
Age: 32-years-old
Identity: Drop-In
Drawbacks: Otherworld (+600)
Final Point Count: 1,600 CP
Skills & Abilities:
-Paxton Fettel (Free)
-Like a Ninja (Free)
-Null and Void
-Shipping the Product
-Synchronicity Event
Companions & Imports:
-Import (200 CP)


>> No.40982274

Human weaknesses. I take perks so I don't have them. Power weaknesses, as in gaps in what it does. I take perks to account for and eliminate them. Power drawbacks? I don't take perks with drawbacks. I refuse to take a power that gives me an extra weakness or is otherwise unreliable (so anything temporary). It's just not worth it. Exceptions exist, but only for powers I know I can eliminate the drawback of. The ones in Gunnerkrieg aren't those.

>> No.40982330

Coming soon.

>> No.40982426


Is the Kingsman jump missing pages, or was some information just left out?

I'm mostly asking since it doesn't have an introduction, or a location roll, or an age roll, or the standard discount rules.

>> No.40982483

Argh, that font shadowing. Yeah, the image jump is missing the intro paragraph, the age roll (1d8+20 or pay 50cp) and the location (the heart of London) that is mentioned in the text-only version. Both are missing any mention of the discount rules, but they do apply.

>> No.40982493

What makes a gauntlet good?

I'd say that for a regular jump what matters most are the possibilities. How you spend your 10 years and which choices you can make. In a gauntlet you almost always have a set challenge and background. I'm not sure what people expect out of it. Even though gauntlets are less popular, I want to know what people look for or expect in one.

>> No.40982497

Well, you could always look at Light of Terra or Long Live The Queen. Generally, the idea should be that the potential reward is well worth the chance of failure, or so I've heard.

>> No.40982501

Well written, expansive scenario with lots of interesting choices.

>> No.40982612

Any Jumpers here willing to say what their most embarrassing moments during their jumps are? Be it losing to someone like Tingle, got conned out of all your money, a villain tricked you into getting an item of power, or such?

>> No.40982659

>G Gundam doesn't have a School of the Undefeated of the East perk.
Holy shit this jump is just a huge pile of wasted potential all around the more I read it. So disappointing.

>> No.40982671

It's almost like not everything in a setting's going to be handed to you on a platter.

>> No.40982691

It's almost like it was a poor design decision and makes the jump really disappointing. You know, I don't understand you people that defend anything that someone doesn't like. Being contrarian on purpose, or do you think people aren't allowed to not like something?

Would've been a good gundam fighter cap instead of the mediocre one they ended up with. Real snooze fest that one.

>> No.40982692

Find out what "two-player mode" _actually_ meant after I took the Boooorriiiinng drawback in Darkstalkers.

>> No.40982700

She's a succubus man, it was gonna lead to that one way or the other.

>> No.40982701

Meh, some anons are just spoilt idiots who can't comprehend the idea of putting in time and effort to learn something in setting. Such as waste of potential they are eh?

>> No.40982710

>People are allowed to dislike something
>Unless it's my opinion, then they're not allowed to

>> No.40982712

Can't you effectively get the School of the Undefeated of the East by taking YES I DO HAVE TO YELL THE NAME, It's All In The Mind, and Hand Calm, Mind Serene? I mean, that gives you everything that it would teach you, right? What part is missing?

>> No.40982723

Domon's not a teach and Master Asia dies. Not really something you can go on a quest for. I think it would've made a good perk, and I'm disappointed by a lot of decisions in this jump that make me like it less than the other Gundam jumps. I'm allowed that opinion, anon.

There's really no point in making a super sarcastic post to just whine about another anon. It's just petty.

Nope. All In The Mind doesn't give you a martial art, it just tells you that you can snap a sword with your fingers and that you can teach people. The School can do shit a lot more impressive than that.

>> No.40982724

It's missing 'School of the Undefeated of the East' being a 200 CP perk.

Can't have it being free, gotta be balanced and all that.

>> No.40982725

It might be me but Tower of God is a really obscure korean/japanese webcomic. I think most people have no idea what to expect when they read about the misleading TOWER of God. That the actual outside floors are the size of countries while you've got some smaller spiraling towns inside. I'm not even sure I know how it works and what it looks like.

Could you perhaps explain all of that clearly in the notes section so you don't have to tarnish your rather brilliant introduction?

>> No.40982735

Uh, anon? You know that when you put word's into people's mouths you just make yourself look stupid and irrational?

>> No.40982736

Sure you are. Just like other's are allowed to call you an idiot for it.

>> No.40982740

In Lot Part 2, can you only take one option from each section for terraforming, or can you take multiple?

>> No.40982743

Yeah, but that's unnecessarily hostile and petty, and it reflects poorly on the thread and leads to a worse environment for all of us.

>> No.40982747


Yeah. Didn't clue about the "succubus" part at the time, though. "Right, next jump, oh cool Darkstalkers, I sorta remember that game. Perk, perk, perk, perk, hmm, 300 over, need a drawback. Right, bored demon queen, likes computer games and fighting other demons. Cool, done."

And then fellow anon started laughing at me....

>> No.40982748

You mean like you whining about a jump not catering to your desire's and then lashing out at anyone who says you're an idiot for doing so?

>> No.40982756

Star Trek Enterprise Jump Races:

Human, Vulcan, Klingon, Andorians

Other Options

Terran Empire

Time travelling Asshole

>> No.40982761

Did you at least get plenty of exercise from that two-player mode?

>> No.40982762

I'm just voicing my opinion. Are we only allowed positive ones? Did you make the jump?

>Lashing out
I'm trying to calmly explain myself while counter your unwarranted accusations. You're the one lashing out.

>> No.40982769

This thread is a bit of a goosestep march at times.

>> No.40982772

>Nope. All In The Mind doesn't give you a martial art, it just tells you that you can snap a sword with your fingers and that you can teach people. The School can do shit a lot more impressive than that.
It also lets you destroy buildings with a punch and block bullets, and says you can do that sort of thing easily. I think the idea is that it's ridiculous kung fu feats in general. As for not actually teaching a martial art, Gundam Fighters get that for free. I'm pretty sure you approximate Tohoufuhai. Not as good as what Master Asia himself pulls out, but being on Domon's level seems plausible.

>> No.40982783

For terraforming you can take multiple I think but Babylon 5 would be the best person to talk to.

>> No.40982791

In general it seems to be quite worse, without any real way of improvement. It's also super vague. How am I supposed to know the limits of these superhuman feats? It's mostly a teaching perk as the bulk of the text is about what it does for others, which has its niche, but isn't really what I'm talking about.

>> No.40982793

Oh my~

>> No.40982798

>not being a succubus and hanging out with a succubus taking on the entire world because you're bored.
>not also engaging in ‘twoplayer mode’, with a large audience.
Do you even Succubi anon?

>> No.40982800

Eh, fair enough. I think the intent is there, but you're right that it's poorly defined. I still like the jump, though, the rest of the stuff is quite good.

>> No.40982805

>Not taking that drawback while being completely asexual so Morrigan doesn't get anything ever.

>> No.40982808

I don't know how. I don't know how at all.

Well okay, I do know how. I DON'T KNOW, THOUGH, WHY IT WORKED.

But Alma rests now. Rests in peace.

She doesn't hurt anymore.

Location: Hailfire Peaks
Background: Drop-In
Age: 21-years-old
Animal: Skink
Complications: What’s A Fourth Wall? (+100), Cereal Killer (+300), Speech Impediment (+100)
Final Point Count: 1,500 CP
-Soil Brain
-Mixing Mixtures
Item Emporium:
-Wading Boots (Free)

Companions (Import 2)
Seras Victoria
-Scary Dark Magic (Free)
-Rhyme or Reason
-Homing Spell
-Hubba Hubba Humba

Zwingly the Moogle
-Alchemy (Free)
-Mixing Mixtures
-Monster In A Bottle

On point as usual.

>> No.40982827

Morrigan would think you are such a tease there anon.

>> No.40982828

Except I'm pretty sure Darkstalkers' succubi like Morrigan don't need sex, just sensation.

>> No.40982845

Oh she'll think that's fun at first, but before long? It'll start really pissing her off. That's when it gets funny.

I think they actually eat dreams, or do so naturally, with the sex thing being a new method they discovered to get more. It's been a while.

But yeah she's not getting either of those either.

>> No.40982858

You. I like you anon.

>> No.40982891

The kicker is that I'm not even normally asexual, I'm just switching the sex drive off for this jump solely to frustrate her.

>> No.40982906

I think that anon is completely justified in voicing his opinions. In fact I believe this is something most inexperienced jumpmakers, and that's me secretly hoping these problems end once you've made a handful of jumps, do struggle with.

It's so very hard to decide what you will include in a jump and the more you include the harder things get. Hunteranon is a prime example of this who succesfully managed to include Zoldycks, Kurta, Troupers, Insects and lists of Nen powers. He gave us all the possibilities but struggled along the way and made many revisions. Haven't seen him since. That's not to say more is better because some of the finest jumps out there have very specialized choices within a bigger setting.

I don't think it's unreasonable for a jumpmaker to later be asked and answer questions about why some options were or were not included. Long as people stay civilized that is.

>> No.40982924

Drawbacks: Pop Culture Addict, Evil Twins! Don't You See? (1400)

Participant, Age 55 (1200)

Roll Overridden: Starting in a massive eudaimonic arcology complex (the first 6 rows of results from google image search are pretty spot-on)

Fantastic Leader (Free). A drop in the bucket afte Civilisation, but every bit helps
Magic of Imagination (800). We're going to try to turn this on OURSELF. If that doesn't work, well...that's when things'll get challenging
Alchemist (700). Another jump, another paradigm to study
Formula Formulator (100). Aaaaand another paradigm wholly internalised and innovated
Magic Gourd (Free). We're going to handle some really exotic reagents so-damned if we know how this thing fits 'em
Treasure Trove (Free). So much dosh, wat
Ticket to the ShowX2 (0). Look down, back up. The tickets are still tickets

We have multiple plans for dealing with eventualities like evil robot companion dopplegangers. Here is a relatively simple one:

Step 1: Path to Victory
Step 2: Play along long enough for the ridiculous amount of stacked AI-specific charisma and AI data controlling perks we have to take effect
Step 3: Convince them to allow us to rewrite their programming and work for us instead


Step 1: Shoot a Hex at the "companion". If it is an evil robot, it will start malfunctioning. If it's an actual companion they'll just be a little annoyed.

Alternatively alternatively,

Step 1: Walk right up to Carltron
Step 2: Infiltrate his networks as a being made of digital bits 'n pieces, and hack him into unquestioning obedience
Step 3: Seize control of all his assets, incidentally taking out the trash from our own utopia
Step 4: Conquer Evermore. Make sure everyone stops having the wrong kind of fun

The best part is: These plans are all mutually inclusive

>> No.40982929

Wrong jump it looks like.

>> No.40982945

Anon I wish you were a writefag because I would love to read this.

>> No.40982956



>> No.40982957

Please stop murdering the cereal Kai Ling.

>> No.40982969

I actually am, it's just that when I'm working on projects for this thread I'd rather they be jumps than other things.

>> No.40983008 [SPOILER] 

Well good luck on your projects then. It is still humerus to see Morrigan try to seduce someone who is bone try to her attempts.

>> No.40983081

Hey Jumpers, let's all do an exorcise in refocusing. Ready? Take just a few moments to recognize the kind of person you have become over the course of your jumpchain. Now, compare yourself to the first fae you think of. How do you stack up as a person?

>> No.40983094

We don't suffer from harems tho'

>> No.40983117

Pretty good. I'm a bit manipulative of others, but I act in such a way as to respect their rights. I'll steer them towards courses of action I prefer, but I don't treat them as tools (with one major exception, but the guy was already a tool, so to speak, so he had it coming). I think I'm still a fairly good person.

>> No.40983124

Do you mind rephrasing that? I think the intended message doesn't come across as you quite intended it to.

>> No.40983137

A lot better. I actually see sapients as beings deserving of life and certain rights, though I admit that they're a bit different than what a person would say. I don't arbitrarily hurt or torture people for no reason.

>> No.40983383

I'm having simple fun and trying not to stick my hands into the specific problems of a setting too much. I don't believe I'm qualified to dictate the fate of another world because I'm nothing special. Just a very lucky guy who gets to experience many different lives and meet many interesting people.

Does this make me strange?

>> No.40983746

Believe it or not, that's how QS envision Jumpchain in the beginning.

>> No.40983854

What's the catch?

>> No.40984130

Different type of psionics, so it wouldn't boost your starting manifester level. However enough of the powers are similar that most would still think you were a competent psion.

>> No.40984218

I went with Autumn as well, so I thought about this some myself. It brings feelings of joy and fulfillment, as well as awe, and for people in the academic calender can mean anything from anticipation to dread. On the negative, it's associated with meloncholy, sorrow, and ennui, and Halloween gives it an association with terror as well.

>> No.40984377

Holy fuck, I just had the biggest nerdgasm. That was intense. C-call me?

Secret of Evermore
> Age: 18 [Rolled10] (4&6)
> Location: Escape Pod (Nobilia) [Rolled7]
> Background: Inhabitant (Gothica) [-100CP]
> Alchemist [-100CP]
> Movie Buff [-100CP]
> Shrewd Trader [-100CP]
> Pathfinder [Get a Freebie!]
> Archaeologist [-300CP]
> Tinderbox Triplet [-150CP]
> Formula Formulator [-300CP]
> Survival Kit [-50CP]
> Trader's Satchel [-50CP]
> Ticket to the Show [Get a Freebie!]
> Magic Gourd [Get a Freebie!]
> Amulet of Annihilation (x1) [-50CP]
> Chess-Playing Robot [Get a Freebie?]
> Pop Culture Addict [+100CP]
> Evil Twins! [+200CP]

I... I wanted to see if I'd land in Omnitopia.
I kindof succeeded...?

So, Fun Fact: I actually own this game. Like the actual cartridge. It's sitting in my chest of old games right now.
I say this just because back in the day a lot of people used to shit on this game for dumb reasons that are wrong, whereas to me this is like a giant continuous nostalgia trip.

Anyway, I'm going to OWN this marketplace. Like, the whole fucking thing. That is not hyperbole. We'll start off selling a couple (self-replacing) poultices for scratch, and in a couple months I'll own a fucking mansion.

After that I'm gonna get my ass BACK to Omnitopia, plunder all the tech, the good doctor's memories, Carltron's memories, and also merge my Toriko Plant DNA with the Flowering Deaths.

Also, something about robots and twins? Not important.

>> No.40984488

Any time, Konatanon. I love the hell out of this game too - I sold off all my old SNES games ages ago, but making it was just as big a nostalgia trip as I'm sure Jumping it was for you.

Ok, that's pretty damn clever. Yeah, the evil twins are very clearly robots, so hexing them might not be an autokill, but it's definitely a perfect way to hurt them without any risk to your Companions. Well, assuming they're not robots or cyborgs.

>> No.40985060

Out of curiosity, could you start in a different Harry Potter Era?

>> No.40985103

You mean founder era? Tom Riddle Era? Pre hogwarts?

>> No.40985158

Wizard War I would be interesting. Take down that asshole before he becomes he figure of terror that he ends up as, and let the whole world remember him as nothing more than a bigoted moron who got his shit kicked in by a teenager.

>> No.40985213

You could use a time turner I think. There's a pottermore canon example of someone travelling back in time hundreds of years but causing many disasters in the present. Your 10 years are 10 years however so you wouldn't be abusing anything, simply messing up a future you won't experience because you only have 10 years either way.

>> No.40985318

The one problem is that you wouldn't be able to actually do anything of value, because the Time Turners only set up stable time loops. So if you go back, all the important events will play out exactly as written in the books.

>> No.40985394

I was thinking Marauders Era, for reasons involving domino effect.

>> No.40985397

Not really. Rowling messed up time turners even further when she had that unspeakable travel back in time hundreds of years and cause the unbirth of 25+ people. The time loop theory was shot and buried after that with no hope of recovery. She pretty much destroyed the only reasonable way it could have worked at that point and now it's just magic time travel.

The idea is also to never return. You go back X years and live out your 10 years then and there. By the time the disastrous consequences of your actions come to light you're already in your next jump.

>> No.40985422

Pretty sure the restrictions on the Turner in-Jump trump Rowling's waffling.

>> No.40985482


Actually the only in-jump restriction is that the one you can buy only go back five hours, and that you must not let your past self see you.

No mentions of stable time loops only. Sure this doesn't help getting to the right era, but it means changes aren't impossibly.

However It's probably a bad idea considering this quote from Pottermore

>Finally, there were alarming signs, during the days following Madam Mintumble’s recovery, that time itself had been disturbed by such a serious breach of its laws. Tuesday following her reappearance lasted two and a half full days, whereas Thursday shot by in the space of four hours. The Ministry of Magic had a great deal of trouble in covering this up and since that time, the most stringent laws and penalties have been placed around those studying time travel.

Actually how the hell do you even notice something like that?

>> No.40985729

Huh, the sun just went shooting by about ten times as fast as it normally does. I wonder if there might be an issue with the flow of time.

>> No.40985804

Pretty sure that the restrictions on time turners only apply to the one you buy and get to take with you. Jumpmakers can't change the way a generic canon object works in its own setting. The best thing they can do is prohibit you from using it.

>> No.40985922

So, Jumpers. What is the most boring yet practical perk you have?

>> No.40985999

"Boring Yet Practical"? Probably one of the ones that make me immune to disease.

>> No.40986039

Step 1: Go to Bleach. Get Power Transfer.
Step 2: Go to Smite. Get Golden Chain.
Step 3: Go to Worm. Get Mass Companion Import three times. Spread across twenty four companions is now a unique Shard Power, precisely half the offered Shard Powers. Also an effective CP budget with inflation for Origin discounts of 14400CP.
Step 4: Use Golden Chain to create an artifact that bestows Power Transfer while held. Collect all the Shards, all the Perks, and all the Items. Budget is high enough that buying multiples of some items is practical.
Step 5: Try to determine if what is being felt is filthiness at own behavior, a power rush, compounded Shard emotional manipulation, or the benefactor going lolnope before I become little orphan Annie the limbless, off to fight double omega Hitler.

>> No.40986078

If a companion has a perk witha post spark bonus, what happens if you get the spark? Just out of academic curiosity.

>> No.40986116

I got a hundred bucks on Annie! It's a long shot, but if I win, I'll make a fortune!

>> No.40986118

Technically I have to accept that.

>> No.40986254

See, I went simpler. Jumper's Mark from the Dishonored secret ending combined with Lip Service from Medaka Box. Give them Lip Service, then have them transfer their shards. But this is better, since this way they can transfer perks, too. And actually, you can import up to 40 companions if you're willing to have Cauldron interested in you and take Taylor's place. So that's even more shards to take. Remember to get My Name Is Jake and Turning The Tables from the Animorphs jump to keep the shards from driving you crazy, too.

>> No.40986268

>Nightmare: Borderlands
>Drawbacks: Out With The Old (300x2), In With The New (300x2)
>Total points: 1200
Words of wisdom for this jump: Never disrobe before gunplay.

>Age: 23
>Location: Old Haven
>Identity: Vault Hunter
>Bandit Gunsmith
Oh good, now I can take things apart and put them back together with results from your average bored kid with a screwdriver. Well, it's something anyway.
>Fight For Your Life
I'd rather fight for my right to party. Not gonna lie. But in seriousness this should be pretty useful here, especially early on.
>Don't Do It For Free
Do it for money. Piles of money.
>Legendary Luck
Always. ALWAYS. Stacking the luck perks.
>Mechanical Master
And now I can actually COMPETENTLY take things apart, put them back together, and make semi-legendaries to my specification if I actually invest effort. I can live with this.
>The Basics
Gotta start somewhere, and where I'm going, I'm going to need to start with guns. And maybe a sword...
>Storage Deck
Functionally a pocket dimension for a belt buckle? Oh my, yes.
This should be useful if I ever figure out the exact mechanisms behind it so I can make a truly epic shield, but for now, it's still something between me and the bullets. The more defenses I have, the better.

Now, the problem is that I've got the vault hunters coming after me. Roughly all of them. Fortunately, knowing about this in advance and having prep time... well, look, I've got the perks from so many other jumps that I don't think they'll be a huge problem, after I send them on wild goose chases as regularly as possible (complete with quest rewards). I don't think they'll die during any of that, of course, and I doubt I'll even interfere with their hunting of the vaults. But this is one messed up planet and there's a lot of trash that I'm going to need to clean up. And loot to collect.

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