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>> No.40954465

Want some opinions on my first draft of the perks for Kids from Monsters and Other Childish Things.


May not be the final perks I will use, but its a start.

>> No.40954468

The power of dentistry.

>> No.40954507

Anyone here ever make a restaurant or some sort of store through your jumps? What do you sell in your stores?

>> No.40954538


I end up being a Jeweler every now and then. I have quite a few crystal abilities and some other stuff I use to cut and socket them. Pretty magical accessories are never not in demand, yo.

>> No.40954564

Do you just sell them enchanted or just regular unique jewels?

>> No.40954576

Whatever fits the setting really: clothes, armor, armor reproductions, that type of stuff.
In modern and future settings I like being a vehicle mechanic, spent the years after high school in SoL doing that

>> No.40954588

Capitalism Ho!

>> No.40954620

I sell cybernetic implants sometimes. Not because I need money - I don't - but because I like uplifting people a bit, and people trust things like cybernetic implants more if you don't just say "hey, let me do some surgery on you for free!"

>> No.40954651

I am sure there are some places that you would have protest and politics to deal with the morals of cyybernetic implants

>> No.40954662

Those places are dumb.

>> No.40954690

They are but you are talking about humanity so I bet when cybernetics come around in real life there would be political agendas about stuff like this but I might be thinking too much into this.

>> No.40954715

How rich are you?

>> No.40954716

In those places you just simple eliminate them through political assassination.

>> No.40954772

Yeah, that's normally how I spend my time before/after I start dealing with the plot in jumps that have enough free time. What I sell varies based on the setting, but It's normally the kinda place you see in movies and books where you wouldn't expect to find anything of real importance, but I've got stuff that can change lives or even the world in reserve. I've got weird shit like shark repellant and psychic healing crystals on the shelves to help filter out the crazies.

>> No.40954779


Depends on the jump. In magical jumps I sell both the enchanted stuff and the normal stuff since it isn't really that out of the norm. In most settings I just sell the "mundane" stuff though.

What's really fun is playing the role of "CYOA Wizard" in mundane worlds and giving certain people who walk in a chance to pick from my magical stock.

>> No.40954799

So your basically the merchant from RE4?

>> No.40954829

I have a machine that converts anything to 24 Karat gold.
I receive $25,000 of local currency every three months.
I always have $500,000 on me.
I have infinite food and medical supplies so I don't have to pay for that.
And I never get any bills ever.

I think I'm doing okay.

>> No.40954849

Hopefully you don't accidentally cause inflation and/or economic collapse with all that cash.

>> No.40954859

I am this man with phenomenal power.
See above.

>> No.40954871

Who is that?

>> No.40954912

Is there a term for a resteraunt that's kinda sorta like Hooters, but less trashy?
Think saloon minus the hoery.

Because I made one of those.

>> No.40954928

Kid powers?

>> No.40954929

I've had my own company following me around since DC so whenever I need to get some extra money and influence and I just start selling weapons, vehicles, pharmaceuticals, computers, software or superpowers. Whatever's appropriate.

I've bought several currency items and I usually try to gather cash or other valuables during my time in each jump. So... rich enough.

>> No.40954947

>sort of like Hooters
Into the trash it goes.
I joke can you explain more?

>> No.40954995

Its actually has some basis from the Road Trip adventure path, so I decided to make them kinda a support class. May of been inspired from Grimm and Little Fears, which I may do as well.

>> No.40955101

That's why I mostly use it just to splurge on friends.
Whenever I want to truly be rich and flaunt it, I'll use me super science and business skills to build a corporate empire.

I've used that tactic to take control of the Senate in the Clone Wars and eliminate LexCorp.

>> No.40955135

A badass with a heart of gold is who he is. Runs a loan business that anyone can take money from. Always has conditions to loaning the money though. Maybe getting that mob boss to volunteer at a soup kitchen, maybe helping the local homeless, sometimes gives millions away with no real intent on getting it back. Secretly one of the richest people in Japan.

>> No.40955157

What is the chance of a Pact Jump?

>> No.40955214

Probably pretty good if you start right now.

>> No.40955215

Moar builds.

(Inside Out)
-Background: Drop-In (Free) -Oh dear, this is a concern.
-Emotion Form (Free) -Okay, so just... need to be VERY careful.
-Just Kinda There (Free) -Eeeh... could be something.
-Optimism (900CP) -Joy! And GLOWING!
-Indignation (800CP) -And you... are WEARING... HIS. MERCHANDISE!!!
-Scorn (700CP) -Always on the lookout.
-Read the Manual (600CP) (Discount) -Better to have and not need.
-Perfectionism (400CP) -Always work for it. Always.
-Alarm (0CP) -No one gets in without me knowing.
Dice Rolls: Margaret, 11 years old, Headquarters
-End Choice: Next Adventure

This... is a new one for me. I actually try very very hard NOT to screw with the mind, and psychology tends to see emotions another way, not... living entities. either way, this is going to be a very interesting time. I honestly don't know how I'll work this. Do I try to act as an Arbiter? Do I try to stay out of it until there's something going wrong? Who knows. I just know my top priority is going to be safety.

And having fire hair.

>> No.40955279

No thanks. I wouldn't inflict my inability to balance powers on pact.

>> No.40955560

>How rich are you?
I mine asteroids, to I'm as rich as I need to be. Anno 2070 + Starfcraft = All the "hard" resources I could want, so long as I have the time to mine them.

>> No.40955584

Money is for poor people, Anon.

>> No.40955689

I have many friends and loved ones, and have gained a multitude of experiences in some of the most beautiful places ever to exist. I have learned new pleasures and new pains, and become stronger for it. I have all that I could ever desire, save that there are still more sights to see and more friends to make.

In short, I am rather rich indeed.

Also I get to be a firebird.

>> No.40955690

>this anon must trade in artifacts/trinkets of some sort
muh negroid

>> No.40955749

Current run I do a ramen stand that doubles as a Goblin Market Stall. Previous run I did the full on stores that only exist temporarily that sell potent mystic artifacts for money.

>> No.40955762

Perpetually poor. I don't see the big hubbub in wealth, so I only earn money when I want something I can't get any other way.

>> No.40955932

I imagine i would have to open up a store occasionally for dosh, so maybe?

probably selling trinkets fashioned to look cool and offer vaguely quirky (if still useful) utility, examples being: A multitool for advanced robotics maintenance and a compacted short range laser pistol, A "robotic pony" being nothing more then a highly weaponized children's 'Toy' which is quite capable of taking most opposition on with an AI made to bind to its user and defend it until breakdown (almost never), OR! a roughly briefcase sized 'Toastifier' that allows both creation of toast out of many mundane objects and creation of toast-like minions made to satisfy the user.

>> No.40956000

>I don't see the big hubbub in wealth
Godless heathen commie please go.
This is AMERICA.

>> No.40956060

you dont trade in goods/art? oh right...china...never mind.

>> No.40956126

America has been destroyed too many times in this chain. Long live Yuktobania

>> No.40956196

>not Vive l'France

>> No.40956226

Long Live the King!

>> No.40956276


Does this look like a succession of gold fleur-de-lis on a white field to you?

>> No.40956309

hail hydra

>> No.40956325

i see your petty empires and raise you a very long and satisfying slumber

>> No.40956351

Eh Emperor, Consul, or King close enough you french ninny.

Now bend over Prussia is coming to visit.

>> No.40956405

>implying it's not the Russians anon is worried about

Now if you'll excuse me I'm about to buy a ton of land from him for barely any money at all, then fight a war against people I don't actually hate and have my capital burnt down by some angry conscript lumberjacks.

>> No.40956460

>raise you a very long and satisfying slumber

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

>> No.40956476

Real British Men burned the pink down!

Admiral Cochrane is a Boss.

>> No.40956621

>> No.40956647

How do you go about making said temporary stores?

>> No.40956661

>implying any of us are as gloriously incomprehensible as King Crimson

>> No.40956689

your right, we are twice as autistic and less glorious by a factor of ten...

>> No.40956741

Maybe if you didn't go to the Jojo jump and become fabulous. But nobody ever skips that jump.

>> No.40956832

Several fashion outlets, an interdimensional Gunpla store, the Ahnenerbe Cafe and miscellaneous other small speciality businesses not at all associated with who and what we really are.

We created a program which, amongst other things, can perfectly model and predict the stock market.

So the answer is "enough"


Drawbacks: Out of the Silent Planet, Know-It-All, Arranged Marriage, What Are They Teaching In These Schools? (1600)

Outlander, Starborn (1200)

Rehaven, The Seven Isles

Starting time: A month before the events of The Magician's Nephew

Choice Apophthegms and Useful Maxims (Free). [wordplay intensifies]
The Great Dance [Free]. We assume there was some sort of confusion at our ontology on Aslan/The Emperor-Beyond-The-Sea's part when we suddenly appeared, so they just charged us with star duties and hoped for the best
I Know Just What You Need (1100). Hey maaan, you wanna buy some Turkish Delight?
Favor of Tashlan (900). Probably best NOT to start a religious debate in front of Lion Jesus, though
Witchcraft: Time Shenanigans (600)
Narnian Time (0). Gotta stack dat time immunity

Presumably we start off in the void before Narnia begins. We intend to take this opportunity to scout out some of the more exotic far realms: Tash's hangout, the edges of the Emperor's lands and of course-Charn.

One day before The Magician's Nephew happens, we will wake Jadis ourselves. We, being a cosmic entity of immense power, will then convince her to get in a pod instead of bothering with a world where her magic will be nerfed all the while fighting off Aslan and co. Worlds beyond measure, power you cannot fathom, blah blah blah.

..there is one big, big mystery. How the FUCK are we engaged to a Tarkena when Calormen DOESN'T EVEN EXIST yet? Are...are we being courted by a Time Lady?!


>> No.40956874

Afterwards we’re going to give Diggory, Polly and a few other humans a helping hand into Narnia in the spirit of not derailing literally everything ever. This DOES mean The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe never happens so presumably Peter & co will come to sunny, happy Narnialand instead of gloomy, wintery Narnia. So for the most part we’ll just take notes & observe how Aslan follows through after setting up a universe while shining at appropriate and regular intervals. And occasionally wander off through the many worlds to go see what else is out there. Maybe Tash could give us some pointers, who knows?

We have no idea what Aslan is going to think about a sentient multiverse sauntering around his well-ordered creation, but we imagine we are going to find out if lions can facepalm at some point.

But all is not well. A fallen angel has been released from earth! A great and terrible evil approaches Narnia! Goodness gracious, whatever will this newborn universe do against such terrible power-

-OH WAIT. We /crap archangels/ of all flavours and varieties in armies. Fiery Seraphs forged from flame and will. Digital Ophanim composed of magic gone wild. Cybernetic Powers forged of divine metal. Put simply: The minute our slave Pulse detects alien incursion into Narnia the skies will BURN with armies of angels converging on not-Satan like pigeons on a jelly donut.

The moral here is that you can never win Demon: The Fallen, because the God-Machine is in the details.

>> No.40957033


... Although I am wondering whether to take it just for the Passport, Book and Map, and have a quiet vacation jump involving lots of beaches and those tall chilled glasses filled with fruity liquid and topped with those little umbrella things. I hear those are important for ambience.

>> No.40957051

You go to Jojo for the fabulous posing. If you can't enjoy that at least, it's not for you.

>> No.40957059

Well...you could?

I mean, it'd totally miss the point of the entire setting but. Yeah, nothing's stopping you.

>> No.40957167

>armies of angels converging on not-Satan like pigeons on a jelly donut

... glorious.

>> No.40957262


I seem to have underestimated how many people want to waifu Jadis.

I was just planning on recruiting Reepicheep, but now I'm starting to consider it myself.

>..there is one big, big mystery. How the FUCK are we engaged to a Tarkena when Calormen DOESN'T EVEN EXIST yet? Are...are we being courted by a Time Lady?!

I hadn't given that enough thought.

In your case, I think you might want to wank it to be a Yandere survivor of Charn who has all the evil of Jadis and none of the style.

>> No.40957281

It's Anti-Spiral. One of his companions is literally Satan, this is what he does sometimes.

>> No.40957310

>Fulfilling Expectations
>I'm trying to be a genuinely good person who helps people

Aw yiss.

Looks pretty good. I think I understand what the perks are and what they're supposed to do, and the pricing makes sense.

>> No.40957345

Oh, I certainly will have no trouble watching the fabulous poses of scantily-dressed beach-going locals from the sublime comfort of my hammock?

Actually. Hmm. Was "Sense of Adventure" originally named "Pathfinder"? Because the "Easily Lost" drawback mentions a Pathfinder perk, and I can't find that.

>> No.40957366

Bakeries and tailor tend to be my go to jump job fronts.

>> No.40957371

Yeah, it's been a long time but I believe so.

>> No.40957403

I don't take the Jojo Jump, because I don't understand the whole premise of the stand and I don't really anticipate ever watching the cartoon.

>> No.40957456

You could hang around in Phantom Blood or Battle Tendency and just enjoy Hamon and Vampire shenanigans.

>> No.40957534



> This DOES mean The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe never happens so presumably Peter & co will come to sunny, happy Narnialand instead of gloomy, wintery Narnia. So for the most part we’ll just take notes & observe how Aslan follows through after setting up a universe while shining at appropriate and regular intervals. And occasionally wander off through the many worlds to go see what else is out there. Maybe Tash could give us some pointers, who knows?

>We have no idea what Aslan is going to think about a sentient multiverse sauntering around his well-ordered creation, but we imagine we are going to find out if lions can facepalm at some point.

"Your God person puts an apple tree in the middle of a garden and says, do what you like, guys, oh, but don't eat the apple. Surprise surprise, they eat it and he leaps out from behind a bush shouting "Gotcha". It wouldn't have made any difference if they hadn't eaten it. ... Because if you're dealing with somebody who has the sort of mentality which likes leaving hats on the pavement with bricks under them you know perfectly well they won't give up. They'll get you in the end.”

(Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe)

However, I've specifically worded the jump so you DON'T need to worry too hard about Divine Predestination and all that unless you took certain drawbacks. Congratulations on preventing sin from entering the universe WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE.
Only one?

I'm just wondering whether I'll need to rethink my OWN build to make room for the White Witch. Because there's no way I want to leave Reepicheep behind.

Final version coming in a day or two. I plan to write a better intro and maaaybe add a couple items, but I'll do my best to avoid invalidating any existing builds.

P.S. Hitchhiker's Guide jump when?

>> No.40957550

>Hitchhiker's Guide jump when?
Hateanon is making it.

>> No.40957575

Is this an update?

>> No.40957582

Well, actually the idea was more-

>yandere survivor of Charn
>all the evil
>none of the style

Oh boy. What if it's Jadis' sister, the one who apparently broke the rules of engagement and drove her into using the Deplorable Word? What if she somehow hijacked Jadis' own magic sleep spell and got woken up too to overhear us pitching the offer-



>> No.40957726

SCP foundation jump when?

>> No.40957748

When SCP anon finishes it.

>> No.40957752


Hrrrrnnnng. So many awesome perks! So few awesome points!

>> No.40957753

Yes, but a minor one. If I were using version numbers properly, 0.3.1 would have been 0.4, and this would be 0.4.2 or so.

With the addition of the BBC Budget [-100] drawback, a line added to Arranged Marriage specifying that you get a one week head start if you decide to run away, and notes clarifying how the [-300] drawbacks interact with each other.

I think I also fixed a typo that said "Not a Time Lion". Because he IS a Time Lion.

That was just a suggestion, but I like the direction you've taken it.

And now she's your fiancee-u.

>> No.40957756


>> No.40957913

I suppose it was time I came here at SOME point.

(Gravity Falls)
-Background: Journal Entry (800CP) -Strangeness begets strangeness!
-Awesome Opening Sequence (Free) -CUE THEME SONG.
-Where is it, where is it, AHA! (700CP) -It's the little things I love, like this!
-Open-Minded (500CP) -Oh my sweet word, YES.
-MANLY (400CP) (Discount) -Focusing it on muscles and huge.
-Purely Cosmetic Appearance (Free) -Eeeh, do I have to? ...I'll think of something.
-Minor Ability (Free) -Super sharp fingernails, like talons!
-Heightx3 (350CP) (Journal Points) (Discount) -HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE.
-Dream Demon (Free) (Journal Points) -You know, this is pretty nice! I like it.
-Shapeshifter (50CP) (Discount) -You know, I've been meaning to stock up.
-Book of Codes (0CP) -Fun times for studying things!
-Black Light (-100CP) -TELL ME YOUR SECRETS.
-Magic Amulet (-300CP) -I could use this. Oh yes.
-Journal Page (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Free Pick (Mystery Shack)
-End Choice: Next Adventure

Explanation of my stuff next post.

>> No.40957975

Two questions re"Charts of the Uncharted".

Does it update itself as times goes by (e.g. if one of the islands in the Great Eastern Ocean sinks beneath the waves, does the atlas update accordingly)?

Does the encylcopedia contain historical information (e.g. "there used to be 1337 islands in the Great Eastern Ocean, but one of them sank beneath the waves during the Hundred Year Winter")?

>> No.40957997

This... this is going to be interesting. Just showing up in a different form and pretending to just be someone renting from Grunkle Stan's cabin. I shell out plenty of rent, do cooking for them, it's all good.

Entry 1: "She is a strange woman with red hair and unusually purple eyes. Quite tall, but with horns and a tail, sharp teeth. Similar to a demon. They know a lot, but they don't seem eager to share it."
Dipper would wonder why I said some cryptic things at times. At times it'd be helpful to what he had to do, sometimes not. Who knows if I was aware?

Entry 2: "Turns out if you ask the right questions, she reciprocates. She learns impressively quick and has a wealth of knowledge. She also strangely has access to an enormous amount of energy, quite useful for a pinch."
But Dipper and Mabel are smart folk. Eventually they'd figure out something was up. Maybe they catch me doing something. Maybe I drop too many hints. It'd be fun to eventually get in on the fun.

But all good things come to an end, and soon enough Dipper will catch on. Ask some questions, and loyalties will come into debate. Will the adventures continue? I don't know. But at the least I hope to make sure they know I'm not an enemy.

>"I don't get it. Just... why are you here?"
>"A storm's coming. I like watching storms."
>"It's clear skies throughout the next week."
>"Different type of storm, Dipper."
>"Are you doing to be this cryptic about everything?"
>"Wouldn't help you if I wasn't."

>> No.40958088

>>"A storm's coming. I like watching storms."
>>"It's clear skies throughout the next week."
>>"Different type of storm, Dipper."


>> No.40958152

Yes and yes. The more you personally know about the area, the more detailed the atlas will become, but it gives you PLENTY of information to get started.

And while I'm updating it, it magically expands to have as many pages as necessary while never weighing more than about 10 pounds. (It's a big-ass book to begin with, but it doesn't get any bigger). It's always well indexed.

>> No.40958847

mmm, this some good horror right here

>> No.40959000

Hey, it's only the truth. I do like watching storms of all kinds, and if I just did everything for them then they don't become as well-off as they are.

Though if the Gravity Falls maker is around, if I have a default height of 152'6"... what does the MANLY perk with three purchases of Height get me overall?

Awwwwww yiss. Though 'Trees of Silver and Gold' as something cut off on it. And not sure what specializations Witchcraft has.

-Background: Outlander (Free) -FUN TIMES OVERALL.
-Race: Human (Free) -Nothing wrong with the basics.
-Choice Apothegms and Useful Maxims (Free) -Oh this is neat! I love giving off quips like this!
-Favor of Tashlan (800CP) (Discount) -Rather than make everyone argue, why not get along?
-Witchcraft (500CP) (Discount) -MAGICKS. Oh I love me some magic.
-The Preservation of Man (Free) -This... is admittedly scary.
-Lods Emonex2 (Free) -DOSH, grab it while you can lads!
-Trees of Silver and Gold (-100CP) -AND THE THINGS I WILL DO WITH YOU.
-Arranged Marriage (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Beaversdam, 22 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

Aside from running away from the marriage folk, I think I'm just gonna hang out with Aslan. Talk with him, chat a bunch, try to see how he sees things. Entities like him are a rarity to me, and I'm always up for seeing their perspective.

Will there be arguments? At times. Debates? Plenty. But in the end, I'd hope that I could at least leave the place as a friend.

>> No.40959161

>this thread this ded
>allow me to remedy that!

SO! JUMPERS! how vulnerable are you still? how would someone David to your Goliath? think deeply. how easy would it be for a mortal man to kill you?

>> No.40959221

All he'd have to do is make me sad.

I just went to Garzey's Wing, see, and I failed my SAN roll.

Having gone Joy in Inside Out, I tried retreating to my happy place to tide me over until I could make sense of my convoluted situation. Only to find that I couldn't leave.

And why would I want to? Happy places are the best places to be, right?

>> No.40959244

Your only hope is Attitude in Power Rangers.

>> No.40959247

I'm still vulnerable to large amounts of non-elemental damage. Not even impossibly large, if you crash a plane or anything that could level a building, I'm toast. Thankfully I'm built around awareness and mobility, but some things you just can't avoid.

>> No.40959255


>> No.40959291

Honestly, if someone wanted to kill me they'd just have to shoot me while I'm outside of my super-suit. The suit's fucking impervious but I'm just a normal squishy human being outside of it.

>> No.40959327

where is your supersuit?

>> No.40959372

Well, I just started a new build, so I'm still pretty squishy. A high-powered rifle would be enough to take me out.

>> No.40959390

Difficult, but possible. By this point anything less than tank rounds are pretty useless, and even tank rounds I could smack aside. I EAT fire by this point, I'm a walking pile of magic, and speed is insane.

That said? Depends on the setting. A 'normal' setting someone hitting me with a railgun or consecutive tank rounds could probably do the job. A nuclear bomb could DEFINITELY do me in, I feel.

In magical settings, drop a slew of antimagic along with... I don't know, shackle me then toss me into lava. That could do it, maybe.

>> No.40959444

I like to think I'm still pretty human on the scale of "shit that is likely to kill me". I tend to get by on skill

>> No.40959454

I've seen your perks, a nuke's not taking you out.

>> No.40959455

>doubts about surviving a nuke

If the initial explosion doesn't kill you, the radiation will - unless you're immune to radiation.

Are you? If so, you've little to worry about. Regular squishy humans survived Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

>> No.40959470

Nova Cannon.

>> No.40959491

may i ask what is that?

why do i have this deep seated doubt that your build wouldnt be able to just go "fuck you. and you. and your WMDs. and your empires..."

>> No.40959509

LoT's main weapon. Shit eats holes through planets and can potentially just destroy the fucking thing.

>> No.40959565

Red, despite her vanity, has a tendency to understate herself. It's also why so much work goes into her comboes - if there's one thing she doesn't seem to want, it's to seem like she's saying "of course I can!" to everything.

It helps that she's mentioned this on IRC.

>> No.40959609

so...what your saying is...Fuckin' Munchkining Tripfreind?

>> No.40959635

He's saying you're a piece of shit.

>> No.40959662 [DELETED] 


>> No.40959669

I think he's joking, judging by the pic.

>> No.40959683

I wouldn't be surprised if he's not.

>> No.40959684

Half the fun in /jc/ is being a munchkin, so yes

>> No.40959944

we have an IRC?

>> No.40959957

It's linked right in the OP.

>> No.40959977

missing the important reason here WHY?

>> No.40959993

>Regular squishy humans survived Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

There are tens of thousands of Hibakusha still alive in 2015. One man (Tsutomu Yamaguchi) survived BOTH bombs, and lived to the ripe old age of 93.

Of course, there's a difference between a bomb literally detonating in your face, and detonating several miles away.

All the same, I'm less than 50 jumps in and could probably tank a tactical nuke (nevermind my dozens of Not-Horcruxes and other means of distributing my consciousness to avoid single points of failure). I have difficulty believing that 200+ Jump forum regulars would go down to one permanently unless they had intentionally been making a point to avoid stacking defensive abilities.

>> No.40960027

Mostly it gets used for silly conversations that would clutter up the thread. There also tends to be some brainstorming for new jumps, the format allows for a faster back and forth of ideas. Stop on by sometime, it's fun.

>> No.40960030

You're about 370 threads too late for that one, buddy.

>> No.40960049

this, hard to imagine anyone more than ~30-40 jumps in that couldnt tank some beastly shit and make the planet at least not wanna be on your bad side

>> No.40960051

We've had an IRC since like thread three or something, because some people wanted to talk faster than the post limit allows.

>> No.40960063

To divide the community.

>> No.40960069

>Nightmare Mode: A Cage of Ice and Fire
>Drawbacks: A Long Night (300x2), Eunuch (300x2)
>Total points: 1200
Winter has come, but I'm more of a Summer, myself. This'll be fun.

>Age: 40 (unchanged from end of FEAR)
>Identity: Drop-In
>Location: The Reach
>Prince in Exile (100, drop-in)
Yes, yes. Gather 'round me and welcome me into your midst, while my charisma perks make you think my craziness is amusing!
>Schemer (200, drop-in)
And I am crazy. Crazy like a fox. A pyrokinetic fox. Would you like pyrokinesis too?
>Pyromancer (200, drop-in)
Because I can show you how to make wildfire. With your hands. And if you have the dedication to learn the talent? With nothing but your own will to survive the winter.
>Quick as a Snake (400)
Also I like fighting battles feeling like I've temporarily been moved to Sparta.
>Dragonglass Cache (x6, 300)
Speaking of fighting battles, those who learn to wield flame will fight beside me, armed with dragonglass.

It was a quiet jump in midwinter. But everything changed, when the Fire Nation attacked. Seriously, I'm going to give everyone that I can pyrokinesis, aside from anyone who likes Lannisters. Hey, maybe since winter has already come, they'll be smart enough NOT to kill Ned Stark! ...hahaha fuck politics and fuck the Lannisters in particular.

>> No.40960082

Yeah, that's what I mean. Just getting a nuke dumped RIGHT on my face or something. That's not exactly an event to take lightly, or even one of those 'Rods from God' satellites dropped right on my head. Also did you see the questions I had for my build.

Honestly >>40959565 summed it up. I really don't like the idea that I'm some unkillable god being that negates everything. Now a clever, potentially DANGEROUS being, yes. But everyone has limits. So if I'm understating myself, I probably am.


-Background: Armacham (950CP) -Tech times for the win!
-Paxton Fettel (Free) -Now I can have the bullshit fanfiction name I ALWAYS WANTED.
-Outside the Box (Free) -GET SHIT DONE.
-Shipping the Product (750CP) (Discount) -Resource saving, I LIKE it.
-Feel It Out (450CP) (Discount) -Psychically understanding it. Yes. Yesss.
-Synchronicity Event (-250CP) -OH HELL WHY DID I AGREE TO THIS WHY.
-Infinite Soda (-300CP) -At... least I have soda?
-XS Shock Grenade (Free) -GET THE FUCK AWAY.
-No Shapes (-200CP)
-Liquid Harvest (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Free Pick (Still Island), 29 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

>mfw it's everywhere
>mfw fucking assholes are EVERYWHERE
THE PAIN OF DOING YOUR OWN JUMPS. FUCK FUCK FUCK WHY IS THIS A THING. Shapeshift lockout was bad enough, but THOSE FUCKING SCARECROWS. Why did I think it was a good idea to put those damn things into the game?! This is all kinds of horrible!

>> No.40960109

Well I didn't say you were unkillable, I just know that you're made of tougher stuff than what you said. I mean, you do have a kaiju form.

>> No.40960119

then here is a simple question: "how many jumps?"

>> No.40960132

How many breads?

>> No.40960150


>> No.40960160


>> No.40960188

>not the superior Brando
>not giving him a Pokemon

>> No.40960309

>Vince McMahon in Jojo.

>> No.40960356

and his greatest enemy

>> No.40960531

>Also did you see the questions I had for my build.

Do you mean in >>40959000? I saw a question directed to the Gravity Falls maker, but the only questions pointed in my general direction seemed to be rhetorical. Would you mind repeating them?

>> No.40960571

Does anybody have the new FATE/servant supplement?

>> No.40960578

I'd say probably best bet against me is a bunch of automaton with anti magic fields and blinding speed and strength. A huge chunk of my good stuff, especially for recovery is magical, from there you make it an artificial construct with no will of its own to bypass psionics, and then you make it fuckoff strong physically to get around Autopilot+Alexandria Package+Combat Monster+It's All In The Mind+Haki meaning I could take on an army of troops all at once without breaking a sweat. Because at that point I'm not just catching bullets, I'm throwing them back faster than the gun. You see while I can pull some impressive stuff with psionics it's more a sideshow to sheer combat ability, with magic as my primary focus.

>> No.40960581

She isn't sure what specializations can be chosen with Witchcraft, and it seems like part of the silver and gold trees is cut off.

>> No.40960603

Just follow the threads back, it was the one before last.

>> No.40960667

see >>40959609

>> No.40960683


Whoops, I see now. In the first paragraph of Trees of Silver and Gold, the cut-off sentence was just describing where the canonical Trees of Silver and Gold came from (British coins that fell out of somebody's pocket).

Thank you for catching that.

As for specialties of Witchcraft, there's only a handful of magic users in the whole setting whose powers are explored in even a little bit of detail, not nearly enough to establish what formal schools of magic the setting might have. I was hoping to leave that up to the Jumper's discretion. The narrower the focus they choose, the better the specialization bonus.

>> No.40960716

Looks really cool so far. You need to get your theirs, theres, and they'res straightened out, though, and I think you could probably stand to pare the descriptions down some.

>> No.40960818

True, but I'm not always in my kaiju form. So I don't consider that a 'default' durability.

Aaah, alright. Thanks a bunch!

...um... 432 by the time of this post.


(Robot Attack Unicorn Gauntlet)
-Wish: Unicorn (Free) -OH MY GODS THIS IS AWESOME.
-Wish: Wolf (Free) -AAAAAALWAAAAAYS!
-Shoot For The Moon (Free) -AAAAAAH YES YES YES.
-Rainbow Savior (Free) -Shoot forward in GLORIOUS COLORS.
-Only The Fittest Survive (-100CP) -I'M GONNA NEED THIS.
-You Became A Star (-500CP) -WISHSMITH TIMES. Oh I'm gonna make amazing things.
-Unicornium Horn (Free) -To smash through stars!
-Raw Unicornium (-600CP) -Gotta deal with it.
-It Ends Where It Began (-500CP)
-Frickin' Laser Beams (-300CP)
-Robot Unicorn Attack 2 (0CP)
Dice Rolls: -
-End Choice: Next Adventure

I don't know if I'm even going to survive or not, but DAMN IF THIS ISN'T FUN. Going to live in harmony, damn it! As ROBOT MACHINES OF RAINBOWS AND CHROME, FUCK YEAH.

Also, what happens if we take Unicornium, make Inert UG Cells out of them, then put them in the Unicorn Gundam? What happens?

>> No.40960882

You get the most harmonious robot this side of a rainbow. Which is to say: Beautiful

>> No.40961008

Here you go.

>> No.40961039

>Nightmare Mode: Banner Saga
>Drawbacks: Innocent (100x2), Low Supplies (100x2), He Made It? (200x2), Leader (200x2)
So. I have to deal with a girl who doesn't want to fight anyone who isn't a monster, a guy who is probably trying to protect her and throwing himself in harm's way, and a bunch of people that won't leave me along and don't know how to properly ration supplies.

>Scumbag Cage
>Complains about lack of supplies
>Has infinite food in the warehouse and refuses to share

Age: 28
>Location: Skogr
>Identity: Drop-In
>Blessing of Hridvaldyr (0, Drop-In)
At least I can hunt wild game. If I can FIND it.
>Blessing of Bjorulf (100, Drop-In)
But this is the most important one, to be honest. I need this perk. I must have the boon of brewing. People may be hungry, but they'll be too drunk to care!
>Blessing of Dundr (200, Drop-In)
The smithing is important too. I need to be able to put together the things that I use to brew.
>Blessing of Denglr (300, Drop-In)
And now I'm lucky enough that it all actually works and holds together despite me really screwing myself here. Well, maybe.
>Blessing of Stravhs (400, Drop-In)
Wait what do you mean my name is Rook. ...whatever. You know what, I don't even care anymore. Stop whining about attacking humans, we won't do it if you'll just SHUT UP.
>Supplies (0, Drop-In)
Yeah, because THESE will last at all.
>Stravhs' Whetstone (200, Blessing of Stravhs)
Well now. This is a little different. In fact, this is actually worth passing up the Ash Mead for (plus I like more variety in my drinking). Yes, yes... I'll start sharpening the Armageddon Sword with this...

So. Long story made short: I plan on following the plot as well as I can. Except I'm totally going to, once again, give psychic powers to the people around me that I can trust. Of course, I do have a leg up, and it's no secret that I come to rely a bit on the Universal Canon from Lone Wolf to catch me up. Once the plot's done though... I'm going to track down Jorgumandr.

>> No.40961046

The first thing you'd need to do is hit me with a magical silencing spell and something that stops me from moving (Silencio and Petrificus Totalus being to common examples in the theme). You'd also need to do this from extreme range and at extreme speed to get around psionics and many stacked speed and reflex perks. Ideally you'd also want to hit me with a dimensional or spatial anchor to prevent me from teleporting away or knocking myself into a door opened with the Doormaker shard. At that point it's actually just a matter of finding a railgun big enough to get around stacked durability perks the three big ones being Tamaranean, Alien durability from DC, and FISS 5, for whatever that latter is worth these days

>> No.40961060


You're welcome.

>True, but I'm not always in my kaiju form. So I don't consider that a 'default' durability.

I'm looking forward to watching Sword Art Online. I understand that its Jump has a perk that lets you mix and match traits from all your alternate forms at once. That's gonna be fun.

Of course, thanks to NGE, I can already be in a quantum superposition of Kaiju and teenage kid. Speaking of NGE, making Alucard the fifteen year old female pilot of a trillion dollar death machine powered by angst and rage was the best idea.

>> No.40961182

IRC is there to get quick responses and to have a high concentration of Jumpmakers there to help you brainstorm, proof read, and the likes. However most the time it has nothing to do with JC, but to hang out with other like minded people on the Internet. It's been in the OP for long time, doesn't require a password, nor does it really require a handle.

>> No.40961314

Okay, Jumpers, what's the 'smartest' non-sapient AI (that won't go Skynet on you) that you can buy in Jumpchain?

DC's 25C Robot? DC's Motherbox (the buyable one)? MCU's Digital Ally? ME's Assistant VI? Halo's "Dumb" AI? Anno 2070's E.V.E? Something else?

>> No.40961328

Dumb AI aren't really human intelligence.

>> No.40961349

I would suggest the AI from Biomega.

>> No.40961448

The AI in Biomega is a Companion so presumably doesn't qualify as "non-sapient"?

>> No.40961502

F.A.T.H.E.R. from Anno 2070- It's everything you need to run a world-spanning civilization all by its lonesome!

>> No.40961708

The description ending with "Of course, putting your entire faction's infrastructure into the hands of something that has a history of going Skynet is totally safe, right?" does not fill me with confidence...

>> No.40962569

Well, anon WAS asking for 'smartest', not 'safest'

>> No.40962631

Anon did include "(that won't go Skynet on you)".

>> No.40962690


Oh boy, here we go. Another Anti-IRC bout of bullshit.

Just like old times, amirite?

>> No.40962698

If they were human intelligence, they'd be sapient, yes? Halo "dumb" AI can still be quite smart compared to, say, a dog or cat. They were even used in schools as teachers.

>> No.40962710

Why are you responding to two posts from three hours ago? To cause drama?

>> No.40962719

I missed that part of the post when I read it.

>> No.40962798

Has the AI loves me perk.

>> No.40962805

So it turns out having a job and shit in real life to get done is not conducive to winning internet fights. So count this point as yours, Crimson Judas.

But when I post my Sim-Ant build, I expect nothing but rage from you...

Got into a slapfight with Shendu, acted as a bro with Toru while learning Chi Wizardry, wound up getting into a three-part wrestling competition between me, Jackie, and El Toro because fucking Zwingly wound up arguing with Paco and Jade over who'd win in a 1v1v1.

Spoiler Alert: We never finished that fight.

>Final Fantasy 6
Location: Veldt
Age: 22-years-old
Parent: Bahamut
Drawbacks: I have more lives than I do arms! (+100), Phantom Train (+200), Double Train (+200), World of Ruin (+300)
Final Point Count: 1,800 CP
Background: Half-Esper
Skills & Abilities:
-True Humanity (Free)
-Innate Magic (Free)
-Magitek Mastery
-Searching for Friends (500)


>> No.40962836

That just keeps you safe. It does not guarantee the safety of others.

>> No.40962841

Where's that from?

>> No.40962856

So it makes Skynet into Giffany?

>> No.40962875

You know, I was going to put in my post how I recall stories of skynet falling in love with a human so she caused judgment day just to be with him or something as a point of how others aren't safe from the AI.

>> No.40962888

Like Fanfiction or did somebody actually write that as canon or semi-canon alt-canon material? Because I know there have been Terminator comics and comicbooks are fucking stupid.

>> No.40962898

Kidd Rad.

>> No.40962901

I thought that perk was removed?

>> No.40962912

If I recall, it was actually something /tg/ thought up once.

those were not cookies captch

>> No.40962920

Digger forgot to put it back in and thought it was in there. So it's still purchasable far as I'm aware.

Unless he's been a lazy dog and hasn't updated it yet.

>> No.40962922

Well of course /tg/ was going to waifu Skynet. It was inevitable.

>> No.40962927

Invader Zim has AI liking you.

Kid Radd has the ability to rewrite AI with a touch and a though.

>> No.40962931

Hasn't updated it as far as I know, I remember him saying something but don't remember a pdf.

>> No.40962986

>Nightmare: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
>Drawbacks: Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi (100x2), Nice Haircut (100x2), 10,000 Years In Prison (300x2)
>Total points: 1000
Verbal tic? Have you MET me lately? Rita is probably going to be praising every god that could possibly exist that she's finally gotten away from me! Now I just need to find a barber... on the moon... this may be a small problem.

>Age: Nicolas Cage
>Identity: Nicolas Cage (drop-in)
>Location Nicolas Cage (on the moon)
>Monster Spy (100)
Hey, I gotta blend in somehow. It isn't easy to do that when you're stuck on the moon for ten years and your only neighbor is a crazy space witch and her minions.
>Monologuing (100)
And I've got to be able to get a word in somehow. Don't worry, Rita! Everything I take is prescription, except for the heroin.
>Harmless Buffoonery (200)
Look at this face. Does this look like the face of trouble to you?
>Moon Palace (600)
Hey, I'm not going to live in a crater. So what if Rita won't let me come visit? I'll build my own palace! With blackjack! And astronauts! What, you thought those two guys made it off the moon and into orbit? This is a kid's show, we're not killing them off!

In all seriousness, I'm going to be the crazy neighbor to an evil villain, watching her go through regime changes. I'm going to subtly ruin her plots and visit at the most inconvenient times. I'm going to loudly insist, if I ever talk to the rangers, that it's not easy for me to get a ride off the moon and that's why I'm stuck there. While visiting them. In their headquarters. Until Zordon is as tired of me as Rita and Zedd.

Troll jump, thy name is Power Rangers.

>> No.40962987

Has it? I have no idea I did Kid Rad months ago when it was first put up.

>> No.40962995

See >>40962920

It might be best to pester Digger to do it if you want it.

>> No.40963006

>20,000 years in prison
Enjoy the madness.

>> No.40963033

You don't seem to understand. I'm not locked in there with her. She's locked in there with me and MY madness.

>> No.40963073

Bugger. Lemme try nudging him.

Pester the bugger.

>10,000 years in Prison
Welcome to the club, Cage.

The Heroes are gone, the world is in ashes - besides those few places left intact - and Kefka watches from above like a more homicidal Bhunivelze - simply trying to drive everyone into the arms of death.

Well. He did watch. It turns out, he suffers the same issue as Bhunivelze - when you rip off his wings, he tends to scream incoherently.

And that's not before I throw the oncoming Doomtrain at him. With him gone, hopefully the land can regrow.

>Tower of God
Age: 20-years-old
Background: Unchosen Irregular (+300)
Drawbacks: Loveless (+100), Irregular Test (+200)
Final Point Count: 1,600 CP
-Wave Controller (Free)
-Light Keeper
Skills & Abilities:
-Longevity (Free)
-Shinsoo Manipulation (Free)
-Irregular Charm (Free)
-Shed Like Water
-A Monster’s Strength
-Baang (Free)
-Myum & Soo (Free)
-Bloody Distracting
-Agile Mind
-Companion Import (400 CP)
-Pocket (Free)
-Basic Weapon (Free)
-Body Lighthouse x1 (Free)
-Lighthouse x3 (Free)
-Ignition Weapon (convert Bancannon)

H'ooooh boy, Companion builds inbound. Shit got crazy, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, and... shit got crazy.


>> No.40963087

>Seras Victoria
Drawbacks: Loveless (+100), Irregular Test (+200)
Final Point Count: 900 CP
Origin: Ten Great Families
Position: Scout
-Longevity (Free)
-Shinsoo Manipulation (Free)
-Legacy (Free)
-Perception (Free)
-Inventory (Free)
-Observer x2 (Free)
-Element Wielder (Electricity)
-A King’s Chosen
-Maschenny Style
-In Shadow
-Ignition Weapon (convert Harkonnen X)
-Hawk Eye

>Zwingly the Moogle
Drawbacks: Beloved (+100), RED Alert (+300)
Final Point Count: 1,000 CP
Origin: Chosen Regular
Position: Spear Bearer
-Longevity (Free)
-Shinsoo Manipulation (Free)
-Regular Pace (Free)
-Hawk Eye (free)
-Pipe (Free)
-Armor Inventory (Free)
-Caught a Break
-Element Wielder (Light)
-Reinforcement Specialist (Speed)
-Suspendium x2

>The Lady Lightning
Drawbacks: RED Alert (+300)
Final Point Count: 900 CP
Origin: Chosen Regular
Position: Fisherman
-Longevity (Free)
-Shinsoo Manipulation (Free)
-Regular Pace (Free)
-Whites of their Eyes (Free)
-Arms Inventory (Free)
-Armor Inventory (Free)
-Irregular Charm
-Green April
-A Living Weapon

>Kassa the Ringtailed
Drawbacks: Irregular Test (+200), Beloved (+100)
Final Point Count: 900 CP
Origin: Ten Great Families
Position: Wave Controller
-Longevity (free)
-Shinsoo Manipulation (Free)
-Legacy (Free)
-Baang (Free)
-Myum & Soo (Free)
-Animal Subjugator
-Element Wielder (Fire)
-Sharp as a Bent Knife
-Bon Bon
-Black March

>> No.40963095

>The Substitute Teacher
Drawbacks: Irregular Test (+200), RED Alert (+300)
Final Point Count: 1,100 CP
Origin: Chosen Regular
Position: Fisherman (Free), Light Keeper
-Longevity (Free)
-Shinsoo Manipulation (Free)
-Regular Pace (Free)
-Whites of their Eyes (Free)
-Arms Inventory (Free)
-Armor Inventory (Free)
-Body Lighthouse (Free)
-Lighthouse x3 (Free)
-Shed Like Water
-Black March

>Elizabeth Victoria
Drawbacks: RED Alert (+300)
Final Point Count: 900 CP
Origin: Ten Great Families
Position: Scout (Free), Wave Controller
-Longevity (Free)
-Shinsoo Manipulation (Free)
-Legacy (Free)
-Perception (Free)
-Inventory (Free)
-Observer x2 (Free)
-Baang (Free)
-Myum & Soo (Free)
-Element Wielder (Light)
-Maschenny Style
-Bon Bon

>Astrub Knight Jeray
Drawbacks: RED Alert (+300), Shadow Run (+300)
Final Point Count: 1,200 CP
Origin: Ten Great Families
Position: Fisherman (Free), Spear Bearer
-Longevity (Free)
-Shinsoo Manipulation (Free)
-Whites of their Eyes (Free)
-Arms Inventory (Free)
-Armor Inventory (Free)
-Hawk Eye (free)
-Pipe (Free)
-Legacy (Free)
-A King’s Chosen
-A Living Weapon
-Ignition Weapon (convert Lance)

Drawbacks: Irregular Test (+200), RED Alert (+300), Beloved (+100)
Final Point Count: 1,200 CP
Origin: Chosen Regular
Position: Fisherman (Free), Scout
-Longevity (Free)
-Shinsoo Manipulation (Free)
-Whites of their Eyes (Free)
-Arms Inventory (Free)
-Armor Inventory (Free)
-Perception (Free)
-Inventory (Free)
-Observer x2 (Free)
-Regular Pace (Free)
-Reinforcement Specialist x2 (Toughness and Speed)
-Caught a Break
-Irregular Charm
-Element Wielder (Electricity)
-In Shadow

>> No.40963111

Decided to drop the girl, huh?

>> No.40963131


To round off this build:

My Wife is a Daughter of Zahard.
My Engineering-Bro Zwingly has every OTHER Daughter of Zahard chasing his fuzzy ass.
My cat shoots Shinsoo beams.
Dante is going to get me fucking killed because he will sleep with every god damn Daughter of Zahard that eyes his abs.
My centaur-knight Jeray is somehow a Son of Zahard, despite there being no canon examples of any blasted thing.

>> No.40963143

You know I'm pretty sure 'Daughter of Zahard' is gonna turn out to be a synonym for 'harem', so you fucked up.

>> No.40963153

But anon, to you I'm always a fuck-up.

>> No.40963164

No not really, I just want to ward you away from a road you don't wanna walk down.

>> No.40963206

The way things go for him, there could be signs plastered everywhere telling him not to go a certain direction, and he would still end up going that way.

>> No.40963231

That or the signs are plastered all over the wrong door.

>> No.40963418

Welp. How about this:

We wait for how Tower of God plays out. And if it turns out certain details are, in fact, true? I will see if it is worth it to change a few perks around.

As it stands however, the perks come from the Benefactor / Jump-Chan. Not this Zahard fellow. Now if it turns out that this perk does wind up giving Zahard control over said people?

He's getting a god damn cluster of suns thrown at his face.

Speaking of suns thrown at face- GOD DAMN DANTE KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS.



... I really, /really/ did not think things through.

Age: 28-years-old
Location: Tarsonis
Faction: Raynor’s Raiders
Background: Drop-In
Drawbacks: Amon (+600), Kerrigan’s Interest (+200)
Final Point Count: 1,800 CP
-Spectre (Seras Victoria)
-Ghost (Nali R. Espeon)
-Ghost (Aveline Volcarona)
-Spectre (Madarach)
-Spectre (Rotom Alma)
-Spectre (Ria Astval)
-Ghost (Derun Alma)
-Ghost (The Foxes)
-Ghost (Kassa the Ringtailed)
-Spectre (Astrub Knight Jeray)
-Ghost (Hooligan Tuesday)
-Spectre (Blind 'Arry Slagshifta)
-Spectre (Medium Dave Slagshifta)
-Ghost (Kasumi Rogue)
-Spectre (Gelee)
-Ghost (Duchess Utarefson)
-Spectre (Gilgamesh)
-Ghost (Sazh Katzroy)
-Spectre (Dante)
-Spectre (Killer B)
-Spectre (Elizabeth Victoria)
-Ghost (Adam Jensen)
-Medic (Zwingly the Moogle Tinkerer)
-Spectre (Elodie)
-Medic (Elizabeth Dewitt)
-Ghost (The Substitute Teacher)
-Spectre (The Lady Lightning)
Skills & Equipment:
-Psi Blade
-Ihan Crystal

>> No.40963581

>Everything is Ghosts and Spectres
>except for Elizabeth and Zwingly being Medics


>> No.40963635

At a guess, giving/upgrading psychic powers (plus military training) for as many Companions as possible?

>> No.40963691

Perhaps he could go to FEAR, he could've taken Synchronicity Event.

Oh, hey - OAA have you completed both Star Wars jumps? Force powers for ALL companions. :)

>> No.40963941

Bleach and Power Transfer
Medaka Box and Lip Service

Are there any other ability/power/perk transfer perks?

>> No.40963995

Cardcaptor's Generous Donation and Ensoul.
DisHonored's Mark (Loyalty Ending)

>> No.40964022

I like the fact that you also made journal entries. It tickles me.

When I did it, in addition to the obvious progression of discovery, I kept in mind the people who actually had those journals. So, Stan had Journal #1, Gideon had #2, and Dipper had #3. Because I tend to overthink things like that.

Man, now I want to see other jumper entries. Man. Maaaan.

HEY, JUMPERS. If you HAD taken that journal drawback in Gravity Falls, what would your journal entry be? Do you think you only deserve a single entry, or do you have one in all three books?

>> No.40964180

I don't understand how MALLEABLE REALITY works in the Railgun jump with certain abilities. Especially with Teleporter. Teleporter is way more calculation and concentration heavy than almost all other abilities and its reliance on that is also its main weakness. So if malleable reality would let me be scientifically incorrect, possibly half-assing or skipping my 11th dimensional calculations, I'd like to meet the esper or magician capable of taking me on. I doubt it would work that way though. Is there a more balanced way to apply malleable reality to Teleporter, or similar abilities?

I need malleable reality to better survive casting magic so I can't really drop it.

>> No.40964239

You know, we've been wondering the same thing all day. Because we DID take that drawback for all 3 Journals. Let's see...based on how you and Red's entries went?

Entry #1: A silhouette composed of soul-matter. Alternates between 2D, 3D and higher dimensional configurations. It flickers, and there are...patterns? Constellations? Images that aren't shapes projected upon itself. It claims to be a god, but I suspect it is simplifying for our sake

Entry #2: He seems distant, but he's open to trade. Seems that he's only interested in the first Journal, but he did make a point of reciprocating when we compared notes. Bill won't go near him at all though, for some reason.


>> No.40964301

I can almost not be killed by anything short of reality warping and even then I'm thousands of times invulnerable to near everything including physical destruction. That Minecraft duplication perk if bullshit but there it is. Aside from that I've near all the perks for total or near total immunities.

>> No.40964310

You can survive casting magic by way of regeneration, one of the mages is a level 0 regenerator, and that's enough for him to cast some spells. Though it does still cause him a great deal of pain.

As for what the perk would do, I imagine you may be able to use it to teleport only parts of objects rather than entire objects, or maybe teleport a thing into multiple parts or scatter an object over a large area. Maybe a more fluid form of teleportation, where rather than teleporting you just kind of slide from one location to another, maybe like reaching into another room with your arm it does move there, but doesn't separate from yourself. I don't know though, it does seem like a hard power to make more malleable.

>> No.40964629

who was working on Starship troopers?

>> No.40964665

Does anyone recall the name of the perk or the world it is in that lets you designate your home/warehouse as your home so that you might know if someone enters it when you're not there?

>> No.40964693

Inside Out's Alarm.

>> No.40964720

Technically it only lets you know "when someone unwelcome has invaded it". So it won't alert you that your best friend is there no matter how much you wanted to catch up and chat with them.

>> No.40964742

Thank you!
That's really what I wanted it for.

>> No.40964798

> not putting tracking devices on all your friends
Come on, Anon, it's like you actually respect their personal space or something!

Hah! I like the idea that even Bill knows to stay the fuck away from you. I imagine if he tried to get in your head, he'd end up lost. Like, not even necessarily in danger, although there's certainly that. I just imagine that between the giant conglomerate of souls and the freaking universe inside of you, Bill would end up wandering for years going, "Where the fuck am I?"

What would you do with the machine, anyway?

>> No.40964852


>> No.40965022

Yeah but malleable reality is far more interesting because it allows you to project the negative feedback into a metaphysical representation of your body. Through practice you could avoid the pain and damage altogether instead of relying on regeneration. The Level 0 membrane regenerator spy had his powers severely limited because certain death is still certain death.

Teleporter is an odd power. It's extremely mathetical and pretty much instantenuous. No fancy elements, shapes or particles are involved. You calculate the 11th dimensional vectors and send it off. Your suggestions are good though. But malleable reality and teleporter are strange. Was malleable reality based on Accelerator or did I forget about someone?

Hoping Reploid will come to my rescue.

>> No.40965059

Consider that Malleable Reality by nature deals with your own messed up view of reality. It's innately a bit personally-defined what it results in.

>> No.40965072

I've answered questions similar to this before. The upper end of it would be changing your touch range teleportation to objects nearby that you focus on for a bit, by, say, shining a flashlight on it. Think a change from Teleporter to Move Point.

Another option is >>40964310 's sliding idea. It sounds great, though teleporting parts of things other than yourself or things into multiple parts is a little off.

Calculations could be simplified, or you could lessen the consequences of making errors. You know how you made careless mistakes in math in high school? This lessens the impact of it.

Note that you only get one of these though, and some are better than others because >>40965059 is right in that it's based on you.

Also, Malleable Reality will likely lose the esper-magician hybrid affecting bit. It'll be moved to the reward for taking the Spy capstone in both jumps (which is essentially Malleable Reality as it is now, possibly nerfed except for the esper-magic feedback negation being a lot stronger). I don't like nerfing perks, but it's an issue with continuity that needs to be resolved. It's either that or the 'pick a jump to do first and do the other at the end of your chain' sticks, and I prefer this solution myself.

>> No.40965108

Do what you've gotta do, mate. I'd rather a weakened perk that means the Jumps actually work together than having to pick one of or other permanently.

>> No.40965112

I'd personally prefer I not get screwed over for only taking one and taking Spy in it, or for have a build that does both jumps but doesn't take two Spies. Don't you think that's severely limiting the viable builds in your jump that if you go spy or take the 'cross-class' perk you're basically always forced into making a build very similar to the default everyone would have to?

>> No.40965133

You're assuming we were planning on going double-Spy anyway. I'm OK with just doing science in Science and magic in Magic.

>> No.40965144

I didn't say anything about 'we'. I'm only talking about the people it effects. If you were planning on taking Spy or the Magic/Esper perk then it doesn't effect you.

Though you're probably going to blow a gasket for taking both jumps and NOT going double spy anyway, because you're still an esper/magician.

>> No.40965156

>If you were
If you weren't

>> No.40965174

Not when the 'cross-class' perk is very situational, and a boost meant for those who really have their minds set on being true magician-esper hybrids. Come to think of it, I think I'll limit it to the 'shift the feedback' bit from Malleable Reality, and at the upper end, being a near-perfect Magician-Esper hybrid. Boosts to esper abilities are being considered, but I'll tweak accordingly when I release the jumps.

At this stage, the jump's been around for very long. I can safely tell you that Malleable Reality's picked the most often, followed by Hard Science, Magician, then Premonition Precog. Though the backgrounds are more spread out. I personally think that the balance won't suffer if this solution is adopted, especially since most jumpers with regen perks won't be affected too much by being a hybrid on their own without the perk to assist them. If you're powerful enough, it'll become an inconvenience at most, and an itch at the least. At that stage the perk will be useful more for the added passive damage it grants through shifting the feedback and a relatively minor power boost, if any.

tl;dr you're assuming that the reward will be huge, and that the effects of magician-esper feedback are massive it's not really the case

>> No.40965238

'Cross-class' is referring to the jumps' respective Magician/Esper perks. Basically, if you take one but not the other with your idea, then you've shot yourself in the foot. You have no protection from what you are, and even if your build had Malleable Reality in it you no longer get any bonus from it related to this. This effects my Railgun build pretty severely since I had both and took severe drawbacks to be able to. Like you said, this jump is old, and I've had this build for a long time. With this not only is it telling me 'you have to take this same background and perk line twice to be good at it' but that 'you have to do it if you don't want to die and that perk to protect yourself you had to take is now meaningless'.

I'm not sure I agree with what you're saying about balance as far as the jumps isolated goes, but I'm only really concerned with this new development right now, and I do think it hurts the balance pretty bad for anybody who doesn't do a clone build that would be the same as anyone else going spy.

For Regen, I don't think it's good of you to rely on it. Neither of these jumps offer it, so it's at the further reaches of consideration when talking about builds for them. On top of that, I never liked the "This background gives you reoccuring brain damage unless you take a jump outside of it." thing at all. And on top of that the idea of giving yourself brain damage over and over. That's part of why my build was what it was in the first place.

>> No.40965294

Pretty much! Its even more fundamental than that: Between Malleable Reality and Attitude and trying to warp our very soul with our own corruption perks-our own mental landscape quite probably works differently from a regular human's. It might take time for Bill to take time to figure out how to actually control dreams properly in there just from how /weirdly/ everything is set up, like being able to conjure up a dream-mallet without it suddenly melting into acid.

As for the machine-actually We just want to add its schematics to this Frankenstein of portal-machines built into a gigantic superstructure within ourself. The idea is we're too big to fit inside reality so we have to interact through avatars, but maybe if we rework portal generator technology we can fit in increasingly large scale manifestations of ourself in tandem with our innate portal abilities by being able to project larger avatars through instead of subsuming reality. Sure we have things like the shadow amplifier, but there might be some principle we missed present in this particular form of portal tech right? We just want to be able to participate out there safely a bit more, that's all

Sadly the author kind of overreacted when he Soulgazed with us by accident because-let's face it, at this point even benign interaction with reality on our part is gonna scare the crap out of lots of people

>> No.40965333

Not really, as a magician-esper hybrid you only really get hurt by using magic. You can use your esper powers without any issues. You could just be Motoharu and only use magic when it's absolutely necessary, unless you can tank it through other means. You don't really shoot yourself in the foot by taking both jumps without Spy once you think about that.

...actually, it'd make more sense if you were to take the spy capstone only once and receive the effect. Not sure why I thought that you should take it twice to get it since you already receive the other side's abilities upon visiting both jumps. Taking it twice could grant you maybe a small power boost.

You actually come out ahead after the changes, come to think of it. The drawbacks are harsh, and you no longer need to take Malleable Reality, so that saves you 600CP.

>> No.40965375

Well, you buy powers to use them and brain damage is a lot more severe than just a wound and all. I don't tend to think durability effects the brain. But regardless if you attach the effect to taking the spy capstone once then my complaints are resolved, because that way I do receive the same effect as I've had in my build before and there's no longer a big reliance on taking the same background twice. Also specific to me, I have a non-combat esper power so I need to use magic to fight really.

But no I can't go back and retcon by build because I don't agree with doing that sort of thing, especially when it's been there for so long. So I'll just have to take the hit and the suffering for Malleable Reality despite not using it. But yeah glad about the change overall despite my rambling.

>> No.40965385

Move Point is a Teleporter variant by itself. Furthermore Move Point is even more calculation intensive which is the exact opposite of what malleable reality is supposed to do. Awaki is a Level 4 Move Point esper who had the potential to become a Level 5 but is prevented from doing so after her leg accident. She still stomps most people and would stomp even more of them if not for her 3 second self teleportation delay and 3-4 consecutive self teleportatiom limit which us the result of a personal trauma. I don't want to imagine how strong a Level 5 or even higher if he sacrifices his sanity, Move Point jumper would be.

I'm all for a bit of power discrepancy between espers but Move Point is on an entirely different level. It doesn't make much sense with malleable reality either because of how extra scientific it is.

>> No.40965398

Are you that guy that ranted for like three threads about Naruto because you're incapable of knowing when something not for you or that it's something that only bothers you?

>> No.40965482

Awaki is only this powerful because she's miles ahead of Kuroko, even with brain damage. You'd be lucky to hit that amount of power (and delay) at level 4, even without any brain damage. Raw power will remain roughly the same, just that your ability is modified. There are tradeoffs involved.

And how do you know that Malleable Reality is 'supposed' to make your calculations easier? It might be your vision of the perk, but it certainly is not mine.

Erm, brain damage is a misnomer actually. It was just a convenient term I used, might need to rephrase it. See the below link for a more accurate representation. You'll notice that regen does heal the damage it deals. http://toarumajutsunoindex.wikia.com/wiki/Tsuchimikado_Motoharu

Excellent! Wonderful tradeoff for clairvoyance being favoured by many. I would, however, advise against making complaints just because it affects your build, it tends to form a negative impression. You've been nice about it, so I don't mind, really, but I've been yelled at by people who aren't.

>> No.40965496

Well, I was using my build as an example for something that I think would have effected more people so I wasn't basing it only on selfish reasons, or wasn't trying to. But I'm glad I didn't come across meanly. And sorry that people have yelled at you.

>> No.40965511

Eh, it's fine. Just that after all that's happened lately, I've gotten a bit worried about revising jumps. That discussion did help a lot though, the solutions that came out of it were much better than what I had originally. Thanks!

>> No.40965546

> "I was just hoping it would let me project more of myself into reality, really."
Oh, well, that sounds practically benign.

> realize that to a regular human this is like Star Control's Orz trying to project larger "fingers" into the universe
> In fact this whole situation is very much like the Orz
> Antispiral is Orz
Ah. I can... I can see why that might have disturbed the journalist. Poor guy.

Personally, I just wanted the schematics for planar research. That and time machines are something I collect as a sortof "post-spark project". Even if I can't really make use of it now, that doesn't mean I can't research it.
Man, I collected so much fiat'd crap in Samurai Jack, you don't even know. It was like Jump-chan was playing whack-a-mole.

Anyway, Mr Journalist was more concerned with the fact that I'm an emotionally manipulative ass of a schemer who throws tantrums when I don't get what I want. Of course, all I WANT is knowledge, and I'm pretty blase about everything else, so it took him quite awhile to figure it out.
After that he was convinced I had some kind of plan although I WAS helping Bill with HIS plan, because it's hilarious, when in reality I just wanted all the info.

Poor Mr Journalist. He doesn't seem to have a lot of luck with jumpers, does he?

>> No.40965581

So I'm in for the long haul while aiding Jimmy Raynor and the boys in fighting back the Zerg Swarm once again. Only, FUCKING JIMMY. IS USING ME AS BAIT. BECAUSE KERRIGAN WANTS MY GENES.

... Wait. Wait no there's a terrible chain of jokes that could be made with that. No. No. SHIT. FUCK. GOD DAMN IT.

>The Legend of Zelda
Age: 17-years-old
Time Period: Era of the Hero of Time
Race: Hylian
Origin: Drop-In
Drawbacks: Thief King (+300), Sequence Breaking (+300)
Final Point Count: 1,600 CP
-Rounded Thinking (Free)
-Temple Raider
-Blessing of Shadows
-Blessing of Din
-Blessing of Farore
-Adventurer Bag (Free)
-Evil’s Bane (Janpaseiga)
-Megaton Hammer

>tfw you depose Ganondorf to try and make things a little bit easier in this Era and avoid the whole 'dark time' nonsense.
>tfw Link thinks that you are Ganondorf because you're a giant shirtless dragonman with a mane more glorious than Ganondorf's was in Hyrule Warriors

>tfw when you now have a little green shortstack hang for dear life onto the sword he's managed to stab between your ribs.

>> No.40965597

I don't think this means what you think it does, unless you cast some weird spells on Link for giggles.

>> No.40965610

You know, if you've been blessed by everyone but Nayru, I wonder what you did to piss her off.

>> No.40965618

I'm not using /d/'s definition of shortstack. And if I did cast any kind of spell on Link, I would be perfectly understanding as to why I have this sword lodged in my sternum.

But no. I try to explain what happened, I get a 'HYAAAUGH' and a stabbing in response.


Somehow. When you put it like that. Methinks Nayru's blessing would've stopped this nonsense to begin with.

>> No.40965671

Remember, Power without Wisdom is dangerous. Din isn't evil, but her power is the most volatile and negative of all of the goddesses, there's a reason poor ol' Ganondorf mutated into a giant pig monster. That's why the triforce has Wisdom and Courage on the bottom supporting Power.

Though you don't have the glowy triangle yet so maybe it won't effect you that severely. Though, whoops. if you beat Ganondorf up then you're the most powerful and Power ends up on the back of your hand by its nature. Whoops.

>> No.40965711

>Though you don't have the glowy triangle yet so maybe it won't affect you that severely. Though, whoops. if you beat Ganondorf up then you're the most powerful and Power ends up on the back of your hand by its nature.


>> No.40965725

>malleable reality allows you to be scientifically incorrect
>Move Point is more scientific than Teleporter
>therefore malleable reality turns Teleporter into Move Point

That's what bothered me about it but is only based on my understanding of the perk. Because far as I'm aware and the perk does make it sound like that I think, malleable reality has you trade in rationality and scientific correctness for insanity tinted power. That makes me wonder how it can turn an esper ability into a more complex, scientific variant that requires even greater mental stability.

If these types of changes are allowed I'd like to do the same for electromaster or meltdowner which I'm doubting between. Make my power stronger by making it more rational and scientifically complex than by adding insanity to it. It's not very fair teleporter gets special privileges.

>> No.40965732

Did you miss the part where you told you that you decide how the perk effects your power? If you hate the math part then don't make it effect your power like that.

>> No.40965752

You can get out of it if you just seal him away, but that has its own problems.

>> No.40965782

What is the difference between the two Touhou Project Jumps? I don't see anything but there is something clearly different.

>> No.40965785

> Legend of Zelda
> Took Blessing of Farore
> In this timeline, Link is dead and/or does not exist.

Do you think I just... start out with the triangle? Or do I have to go through some kind of quest for it.

>> No.40965797

One of them had a new item added, I guess there's both because it was added in place of a discount for one of the backgronuds.

>> No.40965798

Same amount of power, please. I've said it twice this thread already.

What makes you think it being more complex makes it scientific? What if it's really a leap in logic that allows you to teleport things you're not touching, and not increased understanding of 11th dimension physics?

How do you know that making it more complex makes it more 'rational'? How do you know that making something more complex makes it more powerful? How do you know that the Move Point you get will be more powerful than the base Teleporter?

But it's not worth it. If you think so, then just don't take it as an example.

>> No.40965819

It depends. TP Link starts with his, but most often Courage is very particular, and it does require a quest and/or other proof of Courage to show up even for Link. So you're probably safe.

>> No.40965823

One's got an umbrella that has what amounts to a second fuckhuge-beyond-all-the-things storage space in it.

The other one lacks it.

See, I was hoping to avoid the sealing nonsense which just causes some of the other timelines to occur. Just... Go in, get him incapacitated, wait for Link to arrive, let the two fight, boom he's stabbed in the face and the day is saved.

>> No.40965827

That doesn't seem needed but alright.

>> No.40965833

It wasn't really necessary to add, no.

>> No.40965835

I mean, you can also hand the triforce off to another person with one if you want, give Link or Zelda two. Problem with that is that you're seen as a badguy, so you want to clear that up first if you want to get rid of it that way. Otherwise they'll make a wish to get you.

>> No.40965871

... and if I DID go to Twilight Princess?

>> No.40965893

It wouldn't be particularly hard, at this point. Just get some form of precog to figure out when I'll be sleeping, then put a few pounds of high explosives under the bed.

>> No.40965915

Then it's hard to say. Triforces act weird in TP because of timeline shenanigans. Ganondorf receives his do to timeline crossover while the Sages were killing him. It's possible you'd get it, but it's also likely to make you work for it. Then again, you'd only get it if you're the most courageous, the triforce seeks out individuals that exemplify what it symbolizes. To get Courage, you have to be the bravest person in the world, or at least Hyrule.

>> No.40966079

Do you have any idea how hard it is to calculate vectors without a set reference point? This is not an opinion or something I pulled out of my ass. The less stable your reference point the more abstract and thus mathematically complex your calculations will be. Kuroko uses her own body as a constant reference point for calculations and is limited to touch based teleportation. Awaki works with a combination of context relevant reference points although I believe she uses her flashlight to focus on her target and in a roundabout way use herself as a reference point on occasion. That last part is headcanon but what is not, is that Awaki's calculations are guaranteed to be vastly more complex. If anything, Awaki needing more time to teleport things is a reasonable way to conclude that she is not ignoring or leaping logic but making harder calculations.

The rational part is obvious. Concentration and calmness are vital requirements for teleporting. Anger, fear and sadness actively prevent them from making calculations. Insanity would do so too logically.

But you're right that it's not worth discussing. The very nature of teleporter and malleable reality contradict themselves. You'd have to change the way teleporter works before you can abandon logic and reason. Those things considered Move Point is not a bad compromise at all.

The idiocy of the toaruverse when it comes to how espers work is to blame like always.

>> No.40966179

Hm. Fair point, I concede.

It was an option put forth by someone, and it was one of the better compromises, so I agreed to it. You're right about the last bit, that Teleporter and MR contradict themselves. In that sense, you do have to find something that works so that they don't get screwed over. Some ideas work better than others, such as the slipping idea proposed by an anon earlier, but Move Point is one of the more obvious examples.

On the other hand, when it comes to something like Electromaster, you could (probably, if I'm not wrong the only time that was done was during Level 6 shift when Misaka was not herself) totally ride the lightning. I'm cool with that, and that's what I personally would get. Hardlight-esque (by hard I mean burning and searing) constructs beyond shields would be great for Meltdowner, like what Mugino did when she was more than a little off her rocker.

Last paragraph. Yes. So much yes. What is kamachi on? I want some of that.

>> No.40966224

>Ride the lightning
I now found out my new favorite sport.

>> No.40966330

It's weird. Zelda's one of those settings I don't actually talk about because I don't actually know what went down there. I mean, I know what my build is, but I'm constantly torn between going to Twilight Princess or Wind Waker.
Twilight Princess because it's my favorite game and I would love to explore all those ruins and visit the stores and the Twilight Realm and the Sky Fortress and it would just be this massive nerdgasm for me.
And Wind Waker because it's super comfy and cool and unique and because it's the one setting of the bunch that I'm like, "Okay, this shit needs to stop, and I can totally fix it." ... which would mostly involve undrowning Hyrule and also punching Tingle in the face. Repeatedly. With a brick.

And I can never decide.
But since I took the Termina Theory either way, I end up having to fill in for Link. Which means I probably have to save the world, which involves actually being sortof heroic.
And I probably get a bunch of cool stuff either way. Although whether that cool stuff is "kickass sword moves, a rod that turns statues into golems, and an incredibly tsundere princess of darkness companion" or "a baton that controls the wind and possibly the actual triforce" I am unsure.

At any rate, I probably have the Master Sword sitting in my warehouse somewhere.
Even if I had to take the stone around it, I have that sword.
Gee, I hope they weren't going to need it for anything else. Because they're not getting it back.

>> No.40966335

There's also a much better (though much more expensive) variation in Dark Souls. Consecration also lets you teleport straight to your marked area.

>> No.40966466

Telepathy in the railgun jump is not the type that is slowly becoming obsolete due to handphones right? It is an OC ability that resembles a very limited Mental Out and lets you do some mind controlling? I don't want to accidentally end up with the aquaman power of espers.

>> No.40966600

Essentially, though the main draw is that it's supposed to allow you to perform weaponised telepathy on a large group of people. You can pick and choose who you want to affect, making it even better. Imagine a guy in a crowd dropping dead all of a sudden, with absolutely no trace of the perpetrator. Now imagine the whole crowd on their knees except for that one guy.

The other draw is reliable instantaneous communication that doesn't rely on technology, meaning it's almost always up.

Some elements of it are OC, especially the higher levels (this is the case for abilities 1,2,3, and 5), but all the powers exist in-setting. Most of the abilities you see in the setting are offshoots of a central, generic ability, after all.

>> No.40966727

>entry 3
you've gone too far meme!
vid related http://2new1.fjcdn.com/movies/8a/13/8a13e1_5597098.webm

>> No.40966775

Update manylist pls

>> No.40966779

I have never seen Gravity Falls, so this is based on loose knowledge after just waking up.

Entry #1: A person that claims to be from another universe. He engaged in a staring contest with Bill, who seemed tickled by the idea. The stranger blinked first.

Entry #2: He passed out drunk on my couch last night. When I went to bed, I dreamt of him and Bill fighting. The combat made no sense, and I think Bill won? When I woke up, Bill seemed to have a hangover, while the stranger was whistling happily, making breakfast. Bill didn't have anything to drink.

Entry #3: Under no circumstances should you make anything resembling a statement of intent around him. Otherwise, a pretty alright guy, mostly.

>> No.40967093

Oh Fun. And I did, of course, take it all three.

Entry #1: A Polite Young Man with oddly coloured hair, Who Seems to Have Dabbled in the Occult in the past. What a Bizarre Fashion Sense.

Entry #2: The Polite Young Man Seems to have passed away in the years I have been gone. He seems to have produced a child with The Young Mrs. Pines though, given the fact that her child has green hair.

Entry #3: It appears the young? man is some sort of interdimensional being with the ability to reincarnate. While he is still genial, he has an air of irritation about him whenever I attempt to obtain information. Through Observation and Analysis, I Have Determined This: [Main Body of Notes]

>> No.40967564


After shenanigans wherein I was deemed Ganondorf, trips into Death Mountain, and the real Ganondorf being chucked around telekinetically by my stonking cat...

Look. Let's just move on. I don't. I don't. I just. I don't even. I CAN'T even.

>Neon Genesis Evangelion
Age: 25-years-old
Origin: Pattern Orange
Starting Time Period & Location: 2006 AD, Kyoto-2
Complications: You I, II and III (+200)
Final Point Count: 1,200 CP
-Pattern Ultraviolet
-Metaphysical Biology, PhD
-Genre Savior
-Infinite Supply of Tang (Free)
-Evangelion Cage
-Basic Import (Free) - Adam Jensen, Tonberry, Elodie, Blind ‘Arry
-Sub-Commanders - Seras Victoria, Lady Lightning
-Crew - Medium Dave, Zwingly

Step Number One: Throw Gendo at the sun.
Step Number Two: Throw Adam at the sun.

>> No.40967736

Post your theme songs Jumpers!


>> No.40967770


>> No.40967795


>> No.40967860


"You know this will throw the whole kingdom into chaos, right?"

>> No.40967963

>what would your journal entry be
I-I don't know.

Other than being an overly kind and immature interdimensional god dragon of ludicrous size with an increasingly crazy pool of monster companions. I never really had any projects other than reality raping [yet child proofed] extreme sports equipment.

Perhaps he would take issue with my alternate personal alternate dimension or the ability to give people super powers by making them spontaneously burst into flames. Or that my very presence causes reality to fuck itself late game jumpers are scary shit man.


Hmm by now I was able to tank an Exterminatus once. I could have easily just thrown up a prismatic wall or something but I wasn't thinking at the time. Resistance to energy beams really helps with surviving such a retarded move. Spent 3 weeks in intensive care burnt out stumps for wings and no hands. Now that I know I can survive it I might be able to tank TWO Exterminatus attempts.

So I guess shutting down my magic is number one priority. My build relies heavily on shutting down disabling attempts and shutting down my opponents options. So essentially means super science is my number one weakness.

>> No.40968084

So, question. Babylon 5 Telepathy and Telekinesis. Is it a trap? I'm unfamiliar with the Babylon series in general, so I don't know how 'good' it is, and the perk mentions that the 'Psi Corps' will hunt and recondition me if they ever notice me. How good are they at detecting telepaths?

I've also already been to Harry Potter and picked up all the mind magic perks- legilmency, occlumency. I figure those will dovetail nicely with telepathy and help me manage it and maybe even hide it if it's standard for Babylon telepaths to detect other telepaths.

>> No.40968290


>> No.40968485

That loyalty marks from Dishonored can be taken away ?? Or if we grant them we can't take them away ??

>> No.40968694


>> No.40968834

I have the bar from Black Lagoon, the theme park from Roller Coaster Tycoon and all the property I got from Monopoly. I generally will go in and buy out resorts and other properties based around vacations and relaxation.

In some of my earlier jumps I had shops open where I repaired or improved anything that came in for some extra money. I don't need to do that anymore though.

>> No.40968863

The magician perk in Raildex gives the background of a powerful mage before you became an esper. However the experiment background makes you an orphan who was taken in by certain individuals in Academy City and experimented upon. I'm not sure how to combine those.

Can I say I was trained in magic as a part of an experimentation program before going through the Power Curriculum Program? That would explain why I'm only a Level 1 even though I should be far stronger after all those years of experimentation. This sounds like the perfect way to solve those meta problems but I don't know if it's very realistic in canon. My knowledge of the Child Error programs is really lacking.

>> No.40969218


I threw Gendo at the sun.
I stole Adam and threw it also at the sun.

... And the rest of the time? Was me going kaiju, hijacking one of the Lances, and dealing with the clones - while, of course, fucking NERV tries their best to assassinate me.

Jokes on you, bitches!

>Warhammer 40k - The Redux
Age: 32-years-old
Location: Macragge
Drawbacks: The Grim Darkness of the Present (+0), Marked (Fabius Bile) (+400), Audit of DOOM (+300)
Final Point Count: 1,700 CP
Background: Space Marine
Chapter: Salamanders
-Astartes Implants (Free)
-Primarch’s Blood
-Technical Training
-Cleansing Fire
-Astartes Scout Gear (Free)
-Elite Gear


>> No.40969298

Wait Raildex Espers are magic? So does that mean they are effected by gift of 1000 master or any kind of magic related perk? Because I have metamagic out the ass.

I rolled imagine breaker. Should I take it? I like fucking over supernatural shits and permabanning overpowered entities. I read it's pretty dangerous to have. And that it might be an entity beyond capital G god, is that true? Can you even talk to it somehow? Raildex is confusing shit.

>> No.40969340

>Salamander Marines
>all that FIRE
>mfw remembering that plan you had with the Gene-Seeds

>> No.40969380


>> No.40969381

Telepathy in Babylon 5 is more like 'what would it be like if we had telepaths today?' there aren't any mega x-men level kill the world types (apart from one, but he was an accident).

They are good, and they are sinister, but it isn't impossible to avoid them with a bit of effort. Chances are, after awhile they'll do the sensible thing and start asking politely for blood samples and brainwave scans in exchange for large amounts of goods and or 'services' and they'd be more than happy to have someone around who can flatten anyone for money. That assumes your happy about working for the telepath version of nazis though.

>> No.40969427

Let's just get this out into the open right now, Spyro. It negates all of your luck. All of it. Your fortune energy, your luck of the damned, all of it.


>> No.40969479

It is probably the reason I rolled Dresden Files, Worm, and RWBY one after another.

>> No.40969485

>Wait Raildex Espers are magic? So does that mean they are effected by gift of 1000 master or any kind of magic related perk? Because I have metamagic out the ass.

Is this true? Perks that speed up how fast you can learn magic are not rare at all. I'm sure some of them are vague enough to work then. Let it be magic. Let it be magic. Let it be magic. Let it be magic. Let it be magic. Let it be magic. So I don't have to go through the main story as a Level 1!!! Please, have mercy.

>> No.40969503

Well I wouldn't call it a "trap" option, because I took it. But.... Psi Corps are NOT nice fellows, and they are VERY good at tracking down rogue psychics. And because it's technically illegal to be a non-Corp psychic, if anyone finds out you have powers you won't be trusted and won't get any jobs. Aliens probably won't report you, but humans might.

That said, it's pretty good telepathy. At the level given, you can read surface thoughts with no effort, and can probably do a deeper probe with skin contact, although that would be dangerous for both you and your subject. You MIGHT be able to influence others, but it would probably require skin contact and wouldn't be easy. Whatever you do, if you see a funny-looking fellow named Bester, RUN. DO NOT try to engage him in psychic combat, YOU. WILL. LOSE. And then you will be taken back to psycorp and brainwashed into being a loyal puppet.

Basically? It's useful to have, just keep your head down and avoid anyone in black suits and gloves. Especially Bester. Fuck Bester.

As for telekinesis, I don't recall that being an option in the Bab 5 Jump, but if it is, it's a trap. Don't take it. There has only ever been one telekinetic, and he very nearly destroyed the station before ascending into godhood. And even if you don't reach that level of power, Psy Corp will want you SO FUCKING BAD, they'll probably send a dozen guys of Bester's level after you if they think can get away with it.

>> No.40969584

Upon rereading, you can become a telekinetic, and explicitly won't turn into a god. Still, it's a trap. It develops slowly, and Psy Corp is going to hunt you like a dog.

Still, it is hella powerful, so if you really, REALLY want it, DON'T LET ANYONE, ANYWHERE KNOW YOU CAN DO IT. It's a huge deal, and a very dangerous thing to know about. You can probably trust Susan Ivanova (station's second in command) and Michael Garibaldi (security officer), two of the station's staff and major characters from the show, but if you do, make sure to prevent Garibaldi from getting kidnapped and brainwash by PsyCorp, as happens in the show. Plus, they're awesome, so you should hang with them anyway.

>> No.40969623

Well it's a good thing I don't stack luck then!
But looking over it now it says the severe luck negation goes away post jump, now it just makes you suffer when not in battle or any kind of life threatening situation. I'm already a spaghetti factory anyway a little more wouldn't hurt.

I remember there being a discussion about it a thread or two ago mentioning that Espers and Mages in the setting are just different systems of magic. Espers being more specialize but harder to produce and master hence why they aren't that common or powerful. Unless Espers are actually some kind of heavily studied metaphysical quantum science shit.

>it fucks with your luck on a Omndimensional scale as well
Jumpchan wants this to be legit it seems. I'm sure you handled it well.

>> No.40969688

Fire or ice?

>> No.40969689

/jc/, what's the best way to go back in time 6 months?

>> No.40969700

Well, At Least I got a date. She was a Case-53, her Earth Bet Version was the Devil, and she still has a tendency to accidentally reduce things to dust, but still.

>> No.40969711

Neither. I choose lightning

>> No.40969730

Can Babylon telepathy grow in power and finesse with use? The telekinesis is explicitly grow with practice, so that'd be about the same, right?

And honestly my Babylon plan was to be an entrepreneur or science type, since this is apparently a space station with slums, so there should be a workforce I can train up with and without perks.

Telepathy is best used subtly anyways, and Babylon seems like a setting particularly reactionary to superpowered individuals.

>> No.40969776 [SPOILER] 


>> No.40969792

Fire. Fire. And more fire. All the fire. ALL OF IT!
Plus lightning. Lightning really helps out. You can burn AND electrocute things!

>> No.40969806

So I'm a Salamander.
On the Ultrasmurf Home Planet.
With Fabulous Bile hunting me.
The fucking auditors know my every move.
And I had one mission: Find the Emperor's gene labs in the Himalayas, and loot the fucking things for all they were worth.

... And in doing so. I spawn an idea. An idea that will tie in with several others I have began working on, and have been stumped as to how to continue them. An idea... that will span the multiverse.

“They shall be my finest warriors, these men & women who give themselves to the flame. Like metal I shall mould them and in the Pyre of Eternity shall they be forged.
In great armour I shall clad them, and with the mightiest of weapons they will be armed. Untouched by the ravages of war; no sickness shall blight them, nor shall war’s flames scar them.
They shall have such tactics, spells, and machines that no foe can best them in battle.”

“They are my bulwark against terror. They are defenders of life. They are my Blazing Legion. And they shall know no fear.”

>Lord of the Rings
Location: Rohan
Age: 110-years-old
Drawbacks: Black Riders (+300), Taste of the Valinor (+300)
Final Point Count: 1,600 CP
Race: Dwarf
-Might (Free)
-Dwarven Craft
-Elven Enchantment
-Elven Forestry
-Fighting Skills
-Money (Free)
-Famous Sword (Mithril Hammer)
-Loyal Hunter (Gundabad Warg)

>> No.40969850



>> No.40969875 [DELETED] 


>> No.40969904


>> No.40969918

Fire and Air, to feed the fire, have been my elements since /jc/ Began.

>> No.40969927

It CAN grow, but slowly and not much, at least once you reach adulthood. Children grow rapidly more powerful when they first gain their powers, but that's not applicable for you. Once you reach your 'level' - which for you is a six, a good, average middle-of-the-road level - you pretty much stay there.

That said, with training (or dangerous, experimental procedures from psicorp) it's possible to boost your level a bit.

Also, upon re-checking, it turn out I misremembered. Telekinesis does show up sometimes, but it's extremely rare and frequently linked with high-level telepaths who go insane. Psi Corp will still want you REALLY bad, since a sane telekinetic are a rare find. I still consider it a trap.

Here's an article from the bab 5 wiki on telepathy; I hope it helps. http://babylon5.wikia.com/wiki/Telepath

>> No.40969946


>> No.40969964

Something nice and beautiful.


Although I AM now considering this one:


Water. It's nicer.

>> No.40969995

So, now all the namefags are insane.

>> No.40970001

The doc says you start at 6, doesn't it? Or is your rating an upper limit?

>> No.40970007


>> No.40970020

>being on /jc/
>not being fucking insane

You're fucking adorable.

>> No.40970031

You're catching on now?

>> No.40970046

I'm not insane?

>> No.40970048


>> No.40970067

They were at least trying before. Well, Red was.

>> No.40970095

Pic related.

>making a stupid rip-off of Big E's speech
Now that I see reactions, there have been grave errors made.

But ah well. We've gone this far. Let's keep going and see what happens, right?

No Justice.

Clearly, there is nothing but nuttiness.

Stealing this image for later use.

>> No.40970113

>choosing anything but fire

>> No.40970162


>> No.40970196

>making plans for Space Marines
>getting a goofy reply
>pic related

>> No.40970244

I didn't choose the fire, the fire chose me. Clearly this is destiny.

>> No.40970503

The psychic powers in Babylon 5 available to you are weaker than Pokemon's. They're a useless purchase.

>> No.40970507

The Jumpchain was on fire, and it wasn't my fault.

Seriously, am I the only one who would go for ice?

>> No.40970532

I went with ice with the logic of I don't like cold so I decided to go ice to gain resistances to cold. It didn't help.

>> No.40970544

>waaaah waaah the jump doesn't give me more power than anyone else in the setting has ever seen, this isn't fair! I'm special! waaaah!

>> No.40970574

I don't really understand what's wrong with you. The jump makes you a, I think lower mid level psychic for Babylon 5, which can't be improved and has weaker powers than Pokemon's. So if you're interested in being a psychic jumper, even Pokemon is better and Babylon 5 adds nothing to the table.

I don't know why innocuously stating the facts warrants this really stupid shitposting on your part.

>> No.40970605

I usually go for ice as well.

>> No.40970622

> guy asks for opinions
> guy states opinion
> waaaah waaah
Uhhhh fuck you?

>> No.40970632

He's trolling. Just ignore him.

>> No.40970668

Your rating is how much power you have, yes. What I meant was, most people have to grow into that level of power. You don't; you start there because you magically become a fully-grown telepath all at once.

Actually, no. You are flat out wrong. Pokemon EXPLICITLY says you cannot read minds. Meaning all you can do with telepathy is communicate, maybe influence others and create illusions.

Bab 5 telepathy is ALL ABOUT mind reading, and illusions are basic skills that most mid-tier telepaths can learn. So really, pokemon trades mind reading for telekinesis, and you can still get telekinesis by paying more.

So no, Pokemon psychics are not better then Bab 5 telepaths.

>> No.40970692

Unfortunately, the Babylon 5 jump states that you can only read minds after hours of intense work while they're restrained. There are much better options out there for outright mindreading, and there's a lot of stuff to buy in Babylon 5 that's more worth your points.

>> No.40970703

So. Research took a break for a bit in Lord of the Rings, as I found myself hunted by just about every last one of Sauron's servants in the years before the War of the Ring.

That, and before the Battle for Helm's Deep? I ambushed the attacking orc army.

Let's just say, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0eIddaApd0 was not the least of what happened.

Mostly as trying to recreate Taking The Hobbits To Isengard would result in the elf looking at me like I was fucking crazy.

>God Hand
Location: Stage 1, The Saloon
Age: 23-years-old
Drawbacks: Mirror Boss (+0), The Gentleman (+200), Hand Hater (+300)
Final Point Count: 1,500 CP
Origin: God-Handed
Skills & Abilities:
-Devil Hand (Free)
-I’m Brutal and Ruthless!
-Deistic Shackle (Free)
-Roulette Wheel (Free)
--1 Orb - La Bomba (Free)
--2 Orbs - 100 Fists
--1 Orb - Chain Yanker
-Luxury Pizza
-Box O’ Fruit x4 (Pineapples, salak, lychee, black sapote)
-Baby’s First God Hand! (Free)

>> No.40970730

Don't suppose you remember other telepathy perks?

Failing that, I remember hearing about softcap perks. Can someone point me to them, that way I can hopefully push a rating of 6 to 12 given a century or two.

>> No.40970746

Can you give some examples? My build has mostly focused on magic, so I'd like to shore up my psychic abilities.

>> No.40970779

Well people were talking about Railgun this thread, so there's that. Anything else requires my morning coffee and a comb through my build for names and places.

>> No.40970824

Uh, no. Read it again. It explicitly says you can read surface thoughts with ease, which is consist with the show - mid tier telepaths often have to STOP themselves from hearing surface thoughts. If you're willing to commit to a deeper probe, yes, you'll have to restrain the target and really work at it, what the jump's document refers to as "stripmining the brain for information", which is a pretty accurate. It's not a pleasant process. That said, being able to read surface thoughts is plenty good. It's the telepathy perk I took, and I've never needed anything else.

Honestly I forgot for some time it could do illusions also, and waste points on things I later found out I didn't need as badly as I thought I did, though they're still useful.

Off the top of my head? I think No Game No Life has some mind reading magic, if you're willing to go Elf.

>> No.40970882

I don't think surface thoughts (which aren't anything too useful, it's stuff people are actively thing) are worth buying one of the most expensive perks in the jump, to the exception of better things like a Battle Crab or whatever the goodguy ship was. And as I've said before, most psychic perks outstrip it one way or the other.

>> No.40970895

Well, like I said, I prefer water. Which is kindof the more amicable version of ice? It can be used as an easy utility spell, or for random splash fun/annoyance, and nobody ever suspects you to be a very good combatant until you just start randomly drowning people in the middle of the street. Or the street. Or the city the street is in.

I think the tradeoff between that and ice is that ice can potentially be used to construct things, whereas water can't. But on the other hand, I can use water to power things, so that's pretty neat.

Metal Gear has a pretty good one, especially if you specialize. It gives telekinesis and telepathy both at a fairly low level, or one at the expense of the other at a pretty good level. And you can train up or enhance it with other perks, if you want.

>> No.40970972

Are you kidding? Reading surface thoughts is amazing. It can speed up interrogation immensely, makes hiding secrets impossible, gives me amazing social-fu, and functions like a poor man's battle precog. And if I need something someone isn't actively thinking about, well, the show itself gives a solution: "Okay, so, I'm reading your thoughts now, so whatever you do, don't think about important things that you want to keep hidden, like for example... [that thing I really want you to think about]".

And yeah, I had to give up the White Star, but honestly they give those things out like candy to people they like. I figured I could get one the old fashioned way, or just steal one. And even if I couldn't? Who cares? I can BUILD a spaceship of superior quality without much effort.

>> No.40971007

>makes hiding secrets impossible
Not really? All anyone has to do is not think about something. Plus you mention battle, most people aren't stating their next action in their heads, especially if they're some kind of warrior who's trained and reflexive.

>> No.40971010

I'd like to know some of those perks. Even if you could just point me to the appropriate settings...?

>> No.40971017

I initially did. Lots of neat stuff from either. Ice is more solid but you can make pretty varied creatures and people with either.

Eventually I have weirdly specific reasons for either.

Fire is more frequently used as a weapon against you so manipulating it is great, the ability to control explosions that happen around you is a good thing.

On the other hand fire works less well as a kingdom if you want other people to be able to stay. People can live easier on a glacier than in a volcano, easier to make houses with central heating than really great air conditioning.

Still a difficult choice. Could always go Slime or Candy, bit more difficult to fit into other settings with those though.

>> No.40971056

Right. In most fights people are going off of reflexes and spontaneous decisions. The only exception would be more anime based settings, and surface reading wouldn't do too much against those because of anime willpower/mental fortitude bullshit. Though exceptions are present.

>> No.40971064

Surface thoughts aren't limited to subvocalization. I'd expect it to be more like short term planning, memories associated with current stimuli which inform how they respond to said stimuli, and so on.

>> No.40971075

>Not really? All anyone has to do is not think about something.
Easy to get around that, though. You have to lead the conversation so that they're thinking of the things you want to know about. Don't think of it as a replacement for social manipulation, think of it as an enhancement. Steer them towards the topic of your interest, using your knowledge of their internal thoughts to keep them from getting suspicious.

>> No.40971114

Candy fits into ANY setting.

Literally any.

>> No.40971143

Does the phrase "don't think about pink elephants' mean anything to you? Trying to hide a secret from a telepath is basically impossible, because the very act of 'trying' makes it easier to see.

Also, you may not be deliberately stating 'okay, now I will attack with my left hand blah blah blah', but you still have to THINK about it. There is still thought happening; maybe not words, but thought. With fast reflexes, you can react to that.

Although yes, somebody who acts completely on reflex would defeat that.

I think your problem is your confusing 'surface thoughts' with the inner narrative most people have running through their head. Thought isn't limited to words; it's anything you think about - images, concepts, strings of memories, anything.

Also, yeah, this. This is exactly what is done in the show, though with less subtlety.

Anyway, you're so adamant that there's better telepathy perks? Tell me some, please. I'm not even being sarcastic; I'll want to go there and upgrade.

>> No.40971177

The thing is, is that I'm not saying it's a replacement of anything, just that there are far, far better options out there for this kind of power for this price or less so I don't think it's worth picking up.

>> No.40971222

So, a question about Codex Alera: How does "High Lord" compare to "Ritualist"? Which has more raw power? Which is more adaptable?

Furthermore, are we limited on how may Furies we can bind to ourselves? Is there a benefit to binding several Furies of the same kind?

Does the quality of the blood used in Ritualit magic make a difference? If I use Kaiju blood instead of human blood, will it improve the spell in any way? What about using magical blood?

Now, on a different track:

How strong are the Vord overall? How would a Zerg swarm stack up against them? How would a 21rst century army stand up against them?

For that matter, how would the Canim stack up against a modern army? Would the Aleran's fare any better?

>> No.40971246

So I got into a punch-fight with Gene. We kicked each other's asses, I was using only the stuff I earned in this jump to do so.

When he finally came to terms that I wasn't being a gigantic asshole just because I had the Devil Hand, dude was a nice fellow. Wound up helping him out towards the end of that plot, and the rest is history.


This place makes no fucking sense and none of these people are standable. FUCK. GET ME OUT OF HERE.

>Avatar: Legend of Korra
Location: National Capital
Nationality: Water Tribe
Drawbacks: And The Adventure Continues (+0), Amputee (+300), Lotus Eaters (+300), Equalists Forever (+200)
Final Point Count: 1,800 CP
Origin: Inventor
Perks & Bending:
-Future Industrialist (Free) (Toxicology)
-Lovable Madman
-Analytical Bender
-Bending Specialization: Spiritbending
Store & Companions:
-Jump Clan (400 CP)
-Origin Spirit
-Money (Free)
-Canteen (Free)
-Bending Scrolls (Water)
-Bending Scrolls (Fire)
-Bending Scrolls (Earth)
-Bending Scrolls (Air)

>> No.40971262


>> No.40971293

Why purchase scrolls from other nations? You can't use them. Just curious.

>> No.40971307

I got companions.

That is all.

>> No.40971315

> The only exception would be more anime based settings

You wanna have a fun time?
First, land in a setting where 95% of fight scenes are spent just talking.
Then, when you're in a fight scene, keep moving at a calm and leisurely pace. Don't run or flip around, just keep moving constantly. If they try to gain distance, just walk towards them. And don't ever stop moving.

That shit freaks people OUT.

>> No.40971338

...is there a MAR jump? Cause doing that there would be hysterical.

>> No.40971363

don't think it works for companions like that in Korra, difficult to tell with the amount lifted from the Last Airbender though

>> No.40971399


It fits with so many things!

>> No.40971409

Along with:

I like collecting scrolls and books. Why do you think I've got the friggin' amazon over there calling me a Bloody Magpie.
I took Firebending in Avatar: The Last Airbender but didn't pick up a scroll. This lets me grab some knowledge I didn't have before.

Coupled with, reiterating the point of Companions:

This gives me a chance to import Companions who didn't get a bending ability in A:TLA, and the scrolls give them a chance to leap ahead in terms of skill.

>> No.40971438

is the jumper the white haired person or the animal being ridden on by people?

>> No.40971439


>> No.40971487

The source has no effect, only the quantity. It is implied that the source must be sapient, but they never bleed animals and beasts. Historically and more morally you're expected to only use your own blood. In canon a faction get desperate and started bleeding EVERYONE. Their civilians, their enemies, etc.

Vord are just animals with thermal vision. The danger comes when they're coordinated by the Queen, who has nigh unlimited multitasking, telepathy for anything (friend or foe) in her range- which is pretty fuck off huge- and the ability to issue orders to Vord with that telepathy. She can also biscuit Vord as they're born to create specialized troops. Finally, Vord Queens can make new Queens, who can integrate racial abilities by sampling their blood in infancy.

Furies can be bound so long as you have the skill and raw power to keep them in line. Once you properly tame a fury, it becomes like a semi independent facet of your fury crafting. It can cover some heavy lifting and complex work for you and will stay loyal.

If you want to play with fire, you can tame something halfway, sending it into a frenzy, capture it inside a physical vessel, and set a berzerking nature spirit on your enemies. The Queen did that with every Fury in a country side, and one crazy basted did it with a powerful fire fury he had locked into a volcano, turning it into a dead man switch.

>> No.40971488

Jumpers look like cute girls pretty often. If it still doesn't sound like a safe bet, there are several animals, but only one of her.

>> No.40971509

It's up to you to decide!

Great thing about these pic's is that, with so many jumpers, there's bound to be one character you can claim represents "you".

>> No.40971513

What do furies even look like?

>> No.40971523

I think people were talking about it earlier, but I don't think anyone has claimed it.

Based on what little I've seen, it could be good.

>> No.40971535

Biosculpt Vord. Not biscuit. Friggin autocorrect.

>> No.40971560

Pokémon/animals made purely of their own element, iirc. They might just appear as phantoms though, but a manifested fury is an animal made out of its element.

>> No.40971580

You must now introduce Vord Biscuits as part of your Full Course Menu in toriko.

>> No.40971765

So how does Canim Blood Sorcery stack up against Furycrafting as far as firepower is concerned?

How would a decently equipped modern army stand up against the various faction at war in the continent? Who would give them the most trouble?

>> No.40971817

A good jump? Yes. A good anime? Nnnnnot really... it started off good, but then it got to the point where 95% of EVERY fight scene was talking and flashbacks. Most of the fights were ended in a single move, once they finally got around to it. It was really frustrating.

>> No.40971821

Hello all! Getting Kaleido Star Jump ready for PDF primetime now. Last chance to conplain about crunchy bits!


>> No.40971848

What is the Kaleido Star?

>> No.40971968

Google says it's a really fancy circus. I've been looking for more jumps where I could join circuses. This should be fun.

>> No.40972008

Bloodsorcery and Fury crafting both do incredible shit. Bloodsorcery made, like. A month long cloud cover with frigging combat tentacles to deny air support to the Alerans. But Tavi also used Fury crafting to artificially change the season to winter in summer so he could ice sail his army across a continent.

Fury crafting is strongly implied to be the better tactical tool, blood crafting the strategic one, but high end and creative users can bend it to the opposite purpose.

Oh! Bloodsorcery is also supposed to be capable of blessings, that they use on newborns, but that's likely just healing to deal with disease or weakness in children.

One of the strengths of Bloodsorcery is also the redstones. They mark you as 'friendly' and therefore immune to the direct effects of it. Seeing as a lot of Bloodsorcery is wide area or cap like calling down lightning on an area, the fact that it comes with friend or foe recognition- well, with artifact assistance- is handy.

>> No.40972027

Hmm, you're right, it doesn't say in the Jump.

>> No.40972091

This looks like a fun low-level jump, nothing seems broken or hard to understand. Just make sure you do a good job explaining the setting, since it's a little obscure.

>> No.40972137

So. Avatar: The Last Airbender. Was really, really early in the chain.

And it's hundreds of jumps later, fuckin thousands of years later.

The reason these guys are hunting me? Is because the energy signature I give off is enough for every god damn person who can sense energy to start freaking the balls out. For some people, it's because it's a person who disappeared so many years ago - now returned.

For everyone else, it's 'FUCK WHAT IS THAT THING.'

>Endless Legend
Age: 22-years-old
Location: Vaulters City
Drawbacks: Slow Traveler (+100), Epic Speed (+0), Locked Out! (+400)
Final Point Count: 1,500 CP
Race: Drakken
-No Fly Bys (Free)
-Diplomatic Pressure (Free)
-Endless Excavation
-Advanced Alloys
-Teaching of the Endless
-Nomadic Cities
-Alchemical Foundry
-Extractor Tool
-Alchemy Workshop
-Dust Refinery
-Mythic Forge
-Automated Harvester

>> No.40972444

So it begins.

The great world-stealing of our time. But to be fair, I stole everything too.

>> No.40972505

Ice is my bread and butter element, all the way back to Infamous.

>> No.40972516

You can't use ice as bread or butter, you liar.

>> No.40972566

I swear we're all goddamn magpies
I mean good god I tried to clean out Azeroth and Dark Souls of their shinies
No I didn't get everything

>> No.40972591

No, no, pretty sure you can freeze both of those things...

Adds that right amount of crunch, y'know?

>> No.40972645

Does this make us all honorary Blood Ravens?

>> No.40972652

Whether or not it's magic, getting it fucks up using other magic and that's intrinsic rather than a separate drawback so it persists post-jump (unless I missed some fine print). I'd rather have the option of buying a perk in which instead of being an Esper, your magic ignores Esper interference fields.

Which, from a certain point of view, might actually /be/ an Esper power - it's just that you're developing a Personal Reality in which your own imposed view is that your magic should continue working despite what local physics wants. Level 6 thus becomes, "It's Magic, I Ain't Gotta Explain Shit", which is fitting since if you reach Level 6 that's post-chain and you have your Spark. ;p

>> No.40972658

I don't like it when jumps make me kill someone.

>> No.40972678

Yeah, basically.

Take everything that isn't bolted down - come back later with a pry bar to pick up everything that is bolted down.

>> No.40972680

It ONLY makes casting Index magic harder. It doesn't effect other kinds of magic.

>> No.40972689

I only steal things I want, I skip over a lot of shinies for not being useful or not fitting my goals.

>> No.40972690

I was an actual Blood Raven in the 40k Redux jump, if that's what you were asking.

Oh yes, I stole so many things in that jump. So many things you don't even KNOW.

>> No.40972697

What jumps do that?

>> No.40972717

Examples? I think most of the time you can just ignore the plot.

>> No.40972722

Right now I'm doing G-Gundam, and if you want to work as a gundam fighter you have to kill the primary fighter, otherwise you sit things out. Or unless you roll choice and do a country that didn't exist before.

>> No.40972730

Makes sense. I never decide which Chapter I'm a member of, Ravens is as good as any.

I do the same, except I also steal things I think are cool but have no actual use to me.

>> No.40972777


Who is your voice actor. In a hypothetical movie or tv show.

>> No.40972781 [DELETED] 

Question /jc/ why are tripfags and namefag infesting your thread day in day out? And should we call an exterminator?

>> No.40972796

Ignore and report the shitposter.

>> No.40972817

I don't think you have to kill them. There are other ways to get them out of the picture.

Most of them are content creators who have names so we may ask questions about their work, or people regaling us with tales of their jumps, the names helping to maintain a sense of continuity.

So, they're useful names and not wasteful ones.

>> No.40972822 [DELETED] 

Oh joy, more shit-stirrers.

>> No.40972828 [DELETED] 

Don't reply, just use the handy drop-down menu.

>> No.40972844

Kill or disable then. Either way it's not a nice situation to put us in.

And please don't reply to people like that.

>> No.40972867 [DELETED] 

If they are content creators why not just keep a name in IRC? After all this is a anonymoose website, isn't it part of the lure here? No one cares nor wants to give a fuck about some individual namefag?

>> No.40972875

Have you tried... I dont fucking know

Not murdering people to be relevant?

>> No.40972895

Ignore him, ladies and gents. Reporting will just get you banned for abusing the report function.

>> No.40972897

Anon, if I pick a background in the jump I'd like to actually do something and not just sit on the space station the whole time. My background is supposed to be gundam fighter, so I'd like to be in the Gundam Fight.

>> No.40972907

No, actually. Complaining about people using names or trips is a bannable offense. I've seen it happen before.

>> No.40972912

So, Im not TOO familiar with Strike Witches. So what can I expect if I stay male? How would people in that universe react to a male magic user? Id be going Drop-in to keep my head low but I wanna know what to expect if I were to get caught.

>> No.40972915


I did not know that.

>> No.40972921 [DELETED] 

Ignoring the question doesn't make it not relevent. Trips are for jerks :^)

>> No.40972931 [DELETED] 

>using an emoticon

Okay yeah, we got a troll fellas.

>> No.40972943

>if you want to work as a gundam fighter you have to kill the primary fighter, otherwise you sit things out.

>not taking country rival three times to make your own plot
>not going off and doing your own thing
>not just making the Devil Gundam chase after you because you're far more tasty
Sometimes you gotta put work in to be the star, anon. No one said you HAD to kill them. Honestly it says more about you than it does about the jump if you feel murdering for attention is the only solution.

>> No.40972946

Probably a global freakout if it became public knowledge. Luckily(?), you're in a world war scenario. So you'd likely be kept a secret while the countries that know about you try to woo you over to their side once everything is said and done.

>> No.40972952

> I swear we're all goddamn magpies

I used to steal a LOT more shit than I do now. The first ten jumps or so after I got the warehouse, almost the only thing I ever thought was, "I wonder what I can steal next?"
In InFamous, I once broke into a mattress store during the night, then opened portals underneath all the beds so they just fell into my warehouse before snapping them shut again. I had like forty beds. That's as many as four tens. Why the fuck do I need forty beds? I HAVE NO IDEA. But I made a fort out of them and it was awesome.

Anyway, nowadays I just rabidly consume blueprints and mostly leave people's stuff alone. Mostly. As long as I know how to build it I'm good.

>> No.40972984

>wants to be a gundam fighter
>lol just take three more drawbacks
The fuck Red? Not everyone can tank bullshit like you do.

>> No.40972986

Only people in the Gundam Fight are meant to be fighting with their gundams, and there's nothing else going on in the setting. No other conflicts that involve robots.

I also don't appreciate you trying to insult me when I'm talking about an issue with the jump's structure.

>> No.40972995 [DELETED] 

Well that's like your opinion man.

>> No.40973000

>I had like forty beds. That's as many as four tens.
And that's terrible.

>> No.40973001

I really don't think a rival from another country is supposed to be "Bullshit"

>> No.40973009 [DELETED] 

Bitch some moar you bloody twit.

>> No.40973039 [DELETED] 

Please stop feeding the shitposter.

>> No.40973055

Hmm. I was expecting something alot more negative. Like, disect that man for science immediately! Or Witch Covens wanting to burn me and throw my ashes in the sea because fuck that male magic shit.

>> No.40973066

the setting isn't THAT dark anon.

>> No.40973068

well fuck.

I wanted to start a harem-oriented run. Figured I'd stop by twilight early on to pick up some mediocre werewolf powers for later, and because a few of the perks were useful for my harem stack...

Decided to take the "obsessed with bella" drawback to afford the stuff I wanted.

Figured this required me to roll for my chance at making her one of my harem.

... I succeeded with flying colors. What have I done?

>> No.40973085

You ended up with one of the worst characters in existence as your waifu. Good job

>> No.40973086 [DELETED] 

Deus desu desu
>Someone's gotta be the star...
>not in your case the OP demigod
>or in your words 'completely not OP goddess'

>> No.40973089

Oh don't get me wrong, you'll likely get a few people wanting those things. But again, World War in which all of humanity is fighting for survival.

>> No.40973095

You are a madman and a fool, anon.

>> No.40973098

Well, you have successfully derailed the "plot" of Twilight. Congratulations. Now take her to JoJo, give her Hamon and a Stand, and make her badass.

>> No.40973117

You only have yourself to blame anon

>> No.40973134


>> No.40973137

That's right, I have, haven't I? ... I... I can work with this. I ruined the shitty story at least.

I want to argue with you, claim that I'm not, but I really can't

>> No.40973141

This is both hilarious and horrible. You're stuck with someone with all the personality of a door.

>> No.40973153

Oh boy. We got shitposters again.

Somebody break out the ointment, I'm not applying it this time.

>> No.40973164

Ya know, continuing to bitch about them instead of ignoring them is just as bad, right? Talk about anything else.

>> No.40973172

For those not familiar with Gundam, which jump is this? We have, like, three or four?

>> No.40973179 [DELETED] 

Ah the boy who cried shitposter is back again.

One day you're going to be eaten by a shitposter and there won't be anyone there to help.

>> No.40973184

Wait. You're in a mobile suit. How is your personal tanking skill relevant when you're in a walking soup can of mechanical mayhem? To boot, no one said you had to fight them at the same time. You just have rivals specifically going after you like Domon did.

Granted, if you weren't confident in your "get the fuck out of dodge" skill, you could skimp out on the Devil Gundam drawback.

>> No.40973187

She's a teenager, and if you make it clear you're not impressed with her bullshit she'll probably grow out of it. She just never had the chance in Twilight, because Eddie and Jake got off on it and abused the fuck out of her to ruin her worse.

>> No.40973191

Future Century/G-Gundam.

>> No.40973192 [DELETED] 

Why, anon? Don't you wuve me?

>> No.40973207

I was prepared to pay, bleed, sweat, cry and sacrifice for my plans. I just didn't expect this, and so early on.

Good thing I'm not stopping here. Maybe my other wives will be a good influence on her. The tough part is going to be making it until I acquire more.

You know, that's an excellent point.

>> No.40973209

I never really thought it was dark I was just thining of the generic concequences to something like that.
You have a point about the whole "work together so we dont die" thing tends to unite people. Can any of you guys give me the main differences on planefags SW universe? Ive seen the Quest a coupe times but never bothered with it. Though Ive been curious ever since I saw the option for it.

>> No.40973213

Stop feeding, Christ.

>> No.40973215 [DELETED] 

I'm here for your soul anon...well not yours...just the NAMEFAGS, there is a magical place for it (IRC)

>> No.40973245

It's easy to tank bullshit after the obssecion level of jumpchain

>> No.40973277 [DELETED] 

Naw, not at all.
Git >>/out/

>> No.40973278 [DELETED] 

Seriously, why do you give a fuck? Like, in what world does coming into a thread just to bitch about people using names make any sense at all?

>> No.40973294

See >>40973213

I don't understand why you people absolutely insist on helping the shitposter ruin the thread by replying.

>> No.40973304

You guys know what a troll is? And how responding to them can never lead to anything good. Even negative responses. Let him get bored and wander off.

>> No.40973311

I can think of only two groups that would want to dissect the only known living male witch - the first are "whatever idiots forgot humanity is supposed to be united in a war against merciless aliens" and the second are "those merciless aliens".

Expect a lot of poking and prodding though. Blood and genetic samples and stuff if the tech level is high enough. Hmm. Actually, depending on tech level, they might be much more interested in breeding you... "Sorry, son, you're far too valuable to risk in the field. Everyone has to do their part for the survival of humanity, so just lie down and think of Earth!"

>> No.40973328

Or we just wait for the janitor to come in and be a beautiful being.

>> No.40973337

Have you ever seen a troll get bored and wander off? They basically just fester even when nobody responds.

>> No.40973349

Many of you Jumpers are decent cooks, we know - grilling, steaming, boiling, smoking, and even barbecue - but what about baking?

What're your cookies and cake like?

>> No.40973358

Responding gives them attention and fills the thread with shitposts. Both their posts and your replies are shitposts.

Not replying doesn't. They get bored or get banned, and there's less shit because you didn't throw your own into the mix and facilitate theirs.

>> No.40973369


>> No.40973377

>Hmm. Actually, depending on tech level, they might be much more interested in breeding you...
>they might be much more interested in breeding you...

>breeding you...

B-but I told myself qhen I started jumping not to leave behind any children.

>> No.40973382

Sugar. Im pretty sure half of my assistants put more sugar than was reccomended

>> No.40973388

>yoinks pic of weaponized sadcute. tyvm

>> No.40973394


>> No.40973412

Don't call it a grave. It's the future you chose.

>> No.40973426

Look on the bright side. The girls will probably be pretty interested in you on their own.

>> No.40973443

Cookie? I don't remember what eating was like? I prefer DirectCurrent power though...

>> No.40973475

I guess its the price I pay for wanting to keep my penis throughout my jumps.

And besides. Theyll have to catch me first.

>> No.40973510

Your resistance only makes it hotter.

>> No.40973536

>not giving vaginas a try
After several thousand years don't you think it's time to try switching things up a little?

>> No.40973540

These girls have jets on their feet. You better be fast if you wanna get away.

>> No.40973547

Humanity is yandere for you. Good luck hiding from it.

>> No.40973562

He might even be in the

>> No.40973565

You'd be better off taking the drawback that sends you into the Strike Witch Quest universe instead of the "canon" SW universe.

SWQ is a more "complete" universe that's much more "fleshed out" than the standard SW universe.

As is, the "original" SW is pretty horrible plot wise and an utter mess in all other respects. SWQ makes a horrible show into a compelling War of the Worlds-type conflict.

>> No.40973597 [DELETED] 

>Anything other than pure cancerous shit
>Supporting your stupid /tg/ culture filled mess

>> No.40973604

That man, he dies.

>> No.40973630

I seem to recall some other anon describing the original show as your typical "cute girls doing cute things" whereas the quest is apparently learning to become veterans in the horrors of actual war?

I don't know anything about either, but it sounds like the original might actually be easier? Or am I off base with that?

>> No.40973634

>After several thousand years don't you think it's time to try switching things up a little?


I dont have to be fast. I just have to hide well. Ive got that covered. Lets see them find me in the deep sea.

Whats the main differences in the SWQ universe?

>> No.40973646

fwiw, the Additional Rules file mentions you can choose whether to be fertile or not. I guess your mysterious benefactor "forgot" to mention that option while you were picking out mods for your brand new body...

>pic related

>> No.40973664 [DELETED] 

Don't you have a containment thread?

>> No.40973697 [DELETED] 

>an actual +0 Drawback in the Jump, as described in the Jump
>somehow invalid

I get that people don't like Quests, but considering we have an Magical Girl Noir Quest Jump, your ship sailed 200 threads ago.

>> No.40973703 [DELETED] 

I didn't say it was invalid, I said it was garbage.

>> No.40973721 [DELETED] 

Just like your opinion.

>> No.40973724

Eh, fair enough.

>> No.40973767 [DELETED] 

you know what's way more garbage?
canon Strike Witches

>> No.40973784

Nothing is worse than quests.

>> No.40973831 [DELETED] 

> Nothing is worse than namefags.
Fixed that for you.

>> No.40973852

What's with the quest hate? Is it just the big thing to do now?

>> No.40973854 [DELETED] 


>> No.40973869 [DELETED] 

The tiny man riding the panda isn't wrong.

>> No.40973875

It's the newest /tg/ trend. Same issue as rampant elf hate.

Really, it's trendy to be a hateful little shit lately.

>> No.40973891

>implying this isn't 4chan's true nature

>> No.40973896

That's a pretty spot on assessment, actually.

The original show is lighthearted and takes every excuse it can to show of panty shots. Traditional armed forces somehow can't damage the Neroui things, so they aren't relevant in any way. This makes no sense, of course, because the witches can still hurt the Neuroi with regular weapons.

The quest is Humanity vs. Martians, with heaps of PTSD and assorted trauma that comes from forcing children into war. The quest writer had a large chunk of the world's history written that extrapolates how the presence of actual Witches with actual Magic affects things.

>> No.40973898


/tg/ has chafed under Moot's mandate since before he left, especially since most of the quests that came here after Quests were mandated to /tg/ were from /a/ and the like.

It grew from a genuine "why did you not ask our consent for this" into a festering, often incomparable hatred.

>> No.40973941

Right right, I forgot. Everybody here is a shit.

>> No.40973988

And now you know the truth.

And the truth sets you free.

>> No.40974029

Alright, folks, new topic - for those of you who can control your aging process, what age to you prefer to "seem?"

Are you the old sage, the little girl, or somewhere in between?

>> No.40974044

Young adult, around 16-20.

>> No.40974057

That sounds like tryhard bullshit. I'll take the fanservice; I don't turn to my escapism to hear the same, regurgitated, boring shit about "the horrors of war." I look at it to see people get blown the fuck up.

>> No.40974068

Early-mid twenties.

>> No.40974124

Late 30's, exact age varies a bit.

So I'm a Drakken.

In a city of not!dwarves.

At the beginning of time. And I've got what amounts to a Trade Prince with a grudge against me.

And to top it all off, I have a giant beetle that can fit a city upon it's back.

>Populous: The Beginning
Location: Night Falls
Tribe: None
Age: 18-years-old
Drawbacks: False Idol (+200)
Final Point Count: 1,200 CP
Special Abilities & Items:
-Without A Prayer
-Fire Friend
-Ancient Totem Pole
-Vault of Knowledge
-Ghost Army

>> No.40974154


Do Conjoined Conjures only work once, or do you get to add more schools of magics to it after some research? I think Anti-Spiral had a plan that used CC many times...?

>> No.40974163

/tg/ is basically a dumping ground for a wide variety of niche hobbies. While there's plenty of crossover in the fanbases (you might play both RPGs and CCGs, for instance), there are plenty of people who only do one, and despise any of the others, which causes them to see discussions of those things they don't like as "cancer" taking away valuable board space that could be used to discuss that thing they do like, even if that's not how it would work since the thing they like is not terribly popular.
This is the real reason why /tg/ is worksafe /d/; what one does for hobbies, the other does for fetishes.

>> No.40974176

Here's a better summary from the quest writer himself.

Look for the archived threads on suptg, I recommend reading a few to get the feel of what it's all about.

>> No.40974188

It's not very clear. It's been asked before and no one answers. I don' t think anyone actually knows. For what it is worth I'm using it only once because otherwise just imagine how broken it is.

>> No.40974196

You can use CC to conjoin any number of magic systems you want, and I think stupid_dog's only stipulation regarding it was that conjoining two conjoined systems from that point on would take longer than it did to conjoin the original two systems, ad nauseum.

Same deal with Temple of Thought, on that note.

>> No.40974205

Depends on the altform I'm wearing and what I'm up to at the time.

>> No.40974224 [DELETED] 

Quests aren't even /tg/.

>> No.40974231

>endlessly increasing time investments

I'm okay with this. Makes it feel rewarding, ya know?

>> No.40974252

Ah, thank you kindly.

Goodbye, Moon Battery. You were awesome.

>> No.40974257

>This whiny bitching about an anime setting he doesn't even like.
This person is the most insufferable kind. The show wasn't even meant for this kind of person who likes his edginess and suffering.

>> No.40974261 [DELETED] 

Tell that to the mods, or the other boards that dumped them here. I'd say "complain to moot," but moot's gone and I doubt the new owners have overturned the mandate.

This is over our heads by far, and complaining about it won't solve anything.

>> No.40974275 [DELETED] 

It was the decision of moot, who is an idiot and never cared about this board.

>> No.40974289

The catch is that while the original show indulges in lots of "hi we're cute girls doing cute things" fanservice, it doesn't change the fact that people /are/ getting massacred by relentless aliens. I mean, that's a fundamental premise of the show... and as a jumper, you're there in person, rather than just seeing what the camera wants you to see.

So you might find it a bit jarring to come back from a mission where you just saw an entire battalion turned into chunky salsa, and your fellow witches easily brush it off and return to being all cute and playful an hour later. Heck, maybe that's a thing - maybe being a witch includes resistance to PSTD?

>> No.40974329

Quick question, is there an updated Tower of God Jumpchain, cause I only got what's on the google drive.

Also, the "Kings Chosen" doesn't specifically state anything about being male or female, so feel free to do whatever you want. You could be a Futa, so you'd at least fill the 'daughter' part halfway.

>> No.40974356

I think the policy is "nobody cares, just don't bring it up in the thread"

>> No.40974359

I'm not sure that's how it works, anon.

In fact, I'm pretty sure it doesn't work like that.

>> No.40974388

It's pretty much whatever age suits my mood, which is usually about five, teen or thirty.

>> No.40974390

Please fuck off with your gross fetish shit.

>> No.40974438

What's that spoilered perk from?

>> No.40974439

Nope. Ja Wangnan (on the picture) is heavily implied to be Zahard's either son, or a chosen prince. And, I am pretty sure ninjanon mentions that in the jump. No reason to require such... Measures.

>> No.40974448

Wow, some people can't take a joke.

>> No.40974454

You know what they say.../tg/ is just /d/ lite. Because what one does for a hobby, the other does for fetishes.

>> No.40974458

Binbougami. A nice, solid jump with unique abilities available.

>> No.40974466

Binbougami / Good Luck Girl jump.

>> No.40974473


>> No.40974624

So I'm dealing with several tribal leaders believing I'm some kind of demonic entity who is trying to steal their thunder.

When I'm literally making the land grow verdant and beautiful every time I so much as yawn.

Fukken' dingbats. Ah well, at least I got some good stuff out of it.

>Storm Hawks
Age: 15-years-old
Location: Terra Atmosia
Drawbacks: Hostile Fauna (+200), Competent Minions (+100), Shipper on Deck (+400)
Final Point Count: 1,700 CP
Background: Technician
-Weatherproofing (Free)
-Arcane Interface
-Universal Adaptor
-Wireless Interface
-Air Assist
-Desperate Casting
-Uniform (Free)
-Crystal Culture Kit

>Ancient Totem Pole Roll: 1
>Guidance - Leads you to an objective, eases the journey and will provide recognizable signs when you're on track.


>> No.40974697

I always do.

My name was mentioned?
Yes, you can be a prince of Zahard, or ... whatever word is gender neutral for people in the middle of the standard m/f scale, as well as a princess.

>> No.40974744

... At least I don't have the worst Waifu anymore. You poor, damned gentleman.

>> No.40974785

Wait...I thought everyone thought I had the worst waifu?

>> No.40974803


... so what if I want to be in a world where I can help regular people defend themselves AND not be saddled with crying preteens with mental issues? What? There's no option for that? Well, fuck me, I guess.

Meh. Honestly? I think I'd rather stick with canon.
Now, I'm not going there expecting scintillating conversation, or even intelligence. And yeah, it totally sucks that normal people can't defend themselves when there's no fucking reason for it. But I've already got jumps to show me the horrors of war and mental issues. That's... like... practically the entire remaining 33% of anime that isn't shonen antics and fanservice. And sometimes they overlap with each other.
I am sure the quest author who devoted a portion of his life to this did in fact do a much better job than the hammered out fanservice anime. I'd still rather go to the one where the people I'll be spending 90% of my time beside aren't screaming.

I'm thousands of years old by now, I've seen people die, I don't have time to guide women through puberty. Just gimme the happy sociopaths. That shit's practically a normal day for me.

If you REALLY want to help humanity, you should tell me how fix the setting myself without "go to this other setting where this new guy will fix all the problems".
Like, what magic weapons do I need to arm the soldiers? Mass produced superpowers? That's practically my M.O.
I am all for that shit.

>> No.40974811

If you want that just buy endowed a few times in body mod, having taken female as base gender and then choose to apply the purchases to your "package" enlarging it from 0" to 2" per rank of endowed.

>> No.40974831


>> No.40974834

Case 53 Emma Barnes.

>> No.40974839

This setting is a good place to break out that airship of yours.

>> No.40974888

Better than Sophia.
Not by much, but it is.

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