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Alright, I know this has come up before but I've never found a satisfactory answer for it.

I'm a pretty normal, well-adjusted human being. By that I mean when I go out in public, I take a shower and wear nice clothes. Not super nice, but I'll look presentable.

In all my years of wargaming, every single hobby shop I've been too smells like a goddamn piss dungeon. And I moved around the country several times.

It's a theme. A significant portion of people who like these hobbies, for some reason, don't take care of themselves at all. So not only are they socially awkward, but they smell so bad. I hate gaming at my local hobby shop because of this.

We see this come up all over the place. All these conventions REEK of BO and nerds standing around in dirty clothes. What the fuck is the deal with this?! Does anyone actually KNOW why our hobby in particular attracts the nurgle-worshipping crowd?

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Something about the adherence of clearly defined rules and such for the actual game attracts those on the autism spectrum.

Its not an absolute but it is contributing whatsit.

The autistic are society inept almost by definition. There are the occasional exemptions but they really are exemptions.

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Because if they took care of themselves, and cared about their appearance and interacting with others, they wouldn't be looking to escape from their everyday.

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dunno but we had a can of axe and deoderant for people if they stank. A couple of people were kicked from the store because they stank. They got told to shower then they could come back.

Heck I work outside and sweat a lot, and I am fucking embarresed because I smell when I run into the store to grab something cool to drink.

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>Piss dungeon
That particular smell is from the urea in average everyday sweat, plus some people are fat enough to worry about urine burns.
Weight loss classes smell the same.

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It's pretty simple. A lot of the community for this kind of hobby consist of a blend of social outcasts who've given up on impressing anyone, autistic people who don't realize how bad they smell, and people who legitimately cannot smell that sort of thing.

For a few of those people (I myself used to be in the first category until about a year ago and I'm still in the last, long story), it's not simply a neglect thing; they handle actual injuries, infections, etc and make sure it doesn't impact their life. They do it because they think people who base their friends on outward displays and looks and the like are inherently shallow, and if they're unpleasant, than their friends will like them because of who they are, not because they have something they want or are trying to upgrade their social status. I had a friend in this category, he had some major trust issues.

For the larger part, this is something you grow out of when you realize how you need to be in order to get a job and be in society, whether you enjoy being in it or not. But some people manage to get by without doing so, and it persists.

It's kind of sad, but as someone who has anosmia it doesn't bother me as much.

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>urine burns

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When your folds of fat become longer than your penis, you cannot piss without getting some on you. Urine is somewhat caustic, and thus leaves marks.

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My old FLGS used to be like that. The clique that was friendly with management was a bunch of neck beard autists. Once the owner got fed up of the manager's bullshit he kicked out the fatties as well as the manager. Unfortunately the new manager was a cunt who didn't understand anything /tg/ related and could not put together events at all.

A friend of mine opened a new store across town that is much nicer. Its big, open, and clean. The only problem is this group of smelly faggots that come in and play Vanguard. Even the non regulars complain about them smelling like they haven bathed in a week and playing the same weeb song on their laptop for hours. THE. SAME. SONG.

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Another reason to get /fit/

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these, to certain degrees.

Gaming provides a rigid structure for social interaction. You meet up with people who, while they may or not be your friends, are still friendly and willing to engage with you. The rules of social engagement are all laid out in the game you're all playing. It's waaaaay safer than just talking to/partying with people

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Not to mention after a while it fosters friendship. If you spend a good deal of time working together and you're all competent or willing to work towards becoming competent, you'll create a sense of camaraderie. Give it a few fun memories and a couple successes and bam, this group hangs out all the damn time and now they're buddies.

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Because nerds subscribe to several social fallacies among them are that you must unconditionally accept everyone that is part of the tribe and criticism of a person is tantamount to betrayal. Those create a breeding ground for stink-beasts and socially inept fucktards that have no incentive to improve themselves.

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Not to mention putting yourself outside your comfort zone to 'party' with people doesn't stroke your intellectual egoboner.

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sounds like tumblr

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Bad teeth is what gets to me.
Even across the table I am close enough to see years of unchecked plaque growth, and rotten teeth.
Every time they breathe a new waft of sewage hits me in the nose to the point I try to face away from my opponent as much as possible.
These people will drop hundreds maintaining their ultra competitive standard decks year after year, but they won't spend $15 for a few months worth of dental hygiene products.

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It's a lot like tumblr, yes. Tribalism is common on the internet nomatter where you go, and nomatter which faction you settle in with it's bad in the long run.

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My LGS actually smells normal, so I dunno. Well, normal is pushing it because it's a book-store on the side so it smells pretty heavily of books. Which is a lot more pleasant of a smell than fat nerds, let me tell you.

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Buddy, I've never been a gathering of people for any sort of culture, community, or hobby, that didn't have a smell to it. From the "socially inept" at cons and game crowds, to the "normies" at a concert, to the "wish we weres" at trendy holiday parties down town.

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So 90% of the time it's not "nerds smell" it's just "people smell", but the only concentration the smell-reporter will experience is the FLGS?

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Pepperspray is more efficient.

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It's all completely down to what the smeller wants to blame most. We're predisposed through meme to really feel it in the presence of undesirables like unattractive people engaging in an unattractive hobby, and less so to notice and comment on it among higher social standings because better is naturally expected of them. The stench of sweat and beer is more forgivable than sweat and beards.

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sorry no. that's like saying it's ok to not cover your mouth when you sneeze/cough, and you shouldn't have to get vaccinated.

Being filthy spreads disease. It's not a social norm. It's that you dont' want to spread ring worm and crabs to other people. It's the same reason you don't steal from people or hit random people on the street for no reason. Social acceptability and not being a dick often cross paths.

The real reason is that these fucks are lazy and hedonistic, and don't want to waste 15 minutes of their day cleaning themselves to interrupt their precious game time. it's a selfishness, a narcissism, not the inability to read social cues.

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Only one of these guys seems to really get it: it's not because they're autists, or slobs. It's because they're fat. What stinks isn't really sweat — that's just salt water, like tears. What stinks is the bacteria getting in there. Fat people have folds and crevices where bacteria thrive and that are hard to clean.

The human nose gets habituated to smells it has around it constantly. You literally can't smell something you're always smelling.

Now do the math.

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Possibly a poor choice of words, actual beards can be fairly attractive.

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It was wordplay. Beer, Beards, Neckbeards.

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That actually sounds wonderful. Booksmell is great.

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an ex meth addict used to frequent my store. some people would scoop to him automatically in FNM just to avoid sitting across from him for the better part of an hour.

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>screams externally

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Sorry, too much exposure in the rock/metal community, added to knowing a guy who is bald at 30, ~280lbs and has a massive beard... and is going out with a hot 20 y/o described by her ex as a nymphomaniac

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People who are sweaty but clean don't actually smell that terrible. Its sharp and noticeable but not massively unpleasant, its just human body odour . Go a few days without properly washing and it degrades into a full on stench. Thats what is disgusting, it smells of decay and old food and is musty and cloying , it gets into your mouth and you can almost choke on it.

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the folds of fat that cover your penis are called a pannus.

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You're absolutely ignorant if you don't see a difference between 90% of social gatherings and hobby shops.

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... Jesus, why wouldn't you lift the folds?

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>weed, booze
>parties down town
>booze, sweat from dancing
>game crowds
>sweat from 4 days ago because he didn't want to shower
Big difference numbnuts.

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To me the bigger concern is not wiping off the piss that gets on you...

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Yea. Since 'normal' people come in to buy books and comics, the owner tells all new regulars that they are required to take baths with some frequency. If they come in smelling like shit, they'll get kicked out. So maybe all LGSes just need non-nerd draws so that the owner has a reason to make their clients not be unwashed grognards?

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One day, and that day is getting closer, that smell will be forgotten.

Kindle has no smell. The age of the book is dying.

I am not happy about this.

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>your LGS doesn't have management that kicks people out if they smell bad from not bathing, weed, cigarettes, or any other unpleasent odor

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Nope. All stinks unbearably. Only difference is that it's 'cool' to smell two of those things, and not to smell nerds.

>see a smell
>pull percentage from ass
>call someone else ignorant

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There are two folds: one of the belly overhanging the penis, one below the penis as a bulge of the groin. To properly piss, a very obese man must squat (preferably over a Japanese-style toilet, as American ones don't leave much room to do it), lean forward, and use both hands, one for the top fold and one for the bottom fold. This is rather exhausting to do. Note that fat people have more fluid to process (they even have larger kidneys!) because of the increased body mass, and must urinate more than you do.

It takes a considerable amount of flexibility to get all of it, as a very obese person must reach around the fat to get into the crevice, and their arm is also fat.

All in all, an obese person's bathroom break takes a lot longer than a normal person, so it isn't surprising that they're willing to take shortcuts. Consider the lack of care for your body that is necessary to get that fat in the first place!

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Are you claiming that bacterial build up over time doesn't smell worse than when its being generated? And also claiming nerd persecution as being the main reason you smell bad?

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I had no idea this was really a problem. Never encountered a piss smell store before. Some fat people can stink, yes, but here the nerds tend to be thin and lanky.

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Yeah, sure. Why not. It's an Anonymous argument on 4chan. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

What are we all doing here.

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Yeah, buddy I hate to break it to you but you're the one who is stinking up all the LGSes

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As a Brit (in b4 teeth joke) it pisses me off so what that I pay the same the same taxes as these shits. They should be paying more in to the NHS than I am because they are more likely to need medical attention. I keep myself in good condition for near thirty years but am considered the same as these degenerates? Where is the fairness in that?

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Don't start that argument here, for the love of god.

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>kicks people out if they smell bad from [...] weed
yeah, that LGS would stay open for a few weeks max. Also,
>thinking weed smells bad
are you 10? Does your experience with it extend past "mommy burns the funny-smelling plants with guys and then they wrestle"?

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Our FLGS is beside a bottle depot, so anyone short of Mark O'nurgle doesn't get noticed.

We did have one incredibly stinky motherfucker at the Burnaby Games Workshop like ten years ago.
I organized a tourney with the manager.
He won Best Sportsman.
He wasn't the best sportsman.
The Best Sportsman got a gift basket of hygene products from Shoppers Drugmart.
We never saw Stinky again.
I think he tried some of that stuff in the basket and melted.

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As a medfag I can only agree. There is a large difference between being overweight and morbidly obese. Fat is one of the biggest social security expenses here and it makes me mad. And now thanks to tumblr I can't even tell those people that they need to loose weight when they come see me to complain about their arthritis, cholesterol, poor circulation and whatnot.

>but muh fat acceptance
>health at every size

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Right, but it's important to emphasize also that most of these guys aren't exactly slobs -- they genuinely don't know how bad they smell. They live in that stench, so they don't notice it, not on themselves and not on others. It's just a byproduct of being fat and not being really, really careful about your hygiene (or living with someone else who'll tell you when you reek, which, fat chance, for MtG fatbeards). So this is *absolutely* made worse by the Geek Social Fallacies: >>40947401, which make it a crime to tell someone he stinks.

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>They live in that stench, so they don't notice it, not on themselves and not on others.
Kind of like potheads, actually.

>> No.40947968


You clearly haven't worked in a nursing home or old people residence.

It is worse.

>> No.40947969

Not that anon, but I hate the smell. When I smoked a few times as a teen it made me feel like shit so I never picked up the habit. Not everyone likes your stupid miracle plant anon.

>> No.40947975

Anon, weed smells fucking rank if you aren't a smoker.
>yeah, that LGS would stay open for a few weeks max
haha because all gamers smoke weed right? and everyone wants to smell that shit, right?

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I apologise. I have never seen it on /tg/ before so I didn't think it would cause a ruckus.

Not that guy but some types of weed can be a bit overbearing. I can smell when my friend has super-skunk in his pocket through a zip pocket, two jiffy bags and some sandwich wrap.

Its not bad, as such, but can be cloying.

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The geek social fallacies right?

>> No.40948005

>Anon lives in a skelegeek area
W-what's paradise like, Anon? Do you get there when you die, or on the bus?

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Hold on, are they actually telling you not to give that advice anymore? Because if they are, that is the biggest load of bullshit.

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I partially agree, a lot of what people call nerdstench is just the way people naturally smell and before deodorant was a thing it wouldn't even have been commented on.

However, now and again you meet someone whose stench is just incredible.

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It's a tiny country in a tiny Europe known for its waffles, chocolate and beer.

So yes, paradize.

(though I must admit I do not visit the GW store that often anymore)

(and probably one in four can be called fat though)

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Oh shit, now the potheads and junkies showin' up to defend their "good" addiction to recreational drug use.

Newsflash you dull eyed fuckfaces; It stinks like shit, and everyone everywhere knows you're a fucking criminal when they smell your shit ingrained into your hair and clothes. That pizza dude delivering because you're too konked outta your fucking mind to drive (or do anything productive at all for that matter)? They're hit with full blast face full of fucking stench of your bad habit.

Take all that money your dealer's tricked you into thinking isn't going to waste and burn it. THAT smells better than your joint homie.

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I feel like this is pasta...why do I feel like that?

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I cannot refute this.

Well to be honest, I know autistic-as-fuck metalheads that would be considered "normies" by a great many tabletop neckbeards.

I guess that if you booze it up, do drugs and go to parties, you just automatically lose your autism card.

>> No.40948076

Probably more that they complain when they're called fat and/or unhealthy because it's discriminatory against fat and unhealthy people.

Remember this is a world in which people are taken seriously when they say they don't like the theory of relativity because it promotes light privilege.

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Not a pothead, my lungs are slightly too fucked up for hat, but the exact same can be said of alcohol and those who use that drug.

>> No.40948087

I'd be honored if you made it one.

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>We did have one incredibly stinky motherfucker at the Burnaby Games Workshop like ten years ago.
>I organized a tourney with the manager.
>He won Best Sportsman.
>He wasn't the best sportsman.
>The Best Sportsman got a gift basket of hygene products from Shoppers Drugmart.
>We never saw Stinky again.
>I think he tried some of that stuff in the basket and melted.

That's hilarious.

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Just telling him "not America" would have been fine, too. Geeks everywhere tend to be skinny. Except in America, where the obese now outnumber the mere fat.

>> No.40948112

>that sudden paranoia
>have I been dead all along???
Great, now I'm afraid I have Wizard Smell and nobody ever told me.

>> No.40948113

Absolutely. That acrid piss stench that drills into the back of your throat, ugh.

And someone's always gonna spill that shit. It's GOING to be on your floor, counter, couch or whatever by the time it's done.

>> No.40948119

Because it's cringy and lame as shit

Man gettin fucked up ain't no thang. Once folks are out of high school, they realize that.

>> No.40948128

Maybe in your country

>> No.40948131

>giving a fuck about hurting people's feelings about their weight
Grow a pair and tell them to shape up or they'll fucking die. Not just be unhealthy, FUCKING DIE.

>> No.40948135

>morbidly obese
if a dude died of being fat, was he mortally obese?

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Oh shit, now the Slavs and booze junkies showin' up to defend their "good" addiction to recreational drug use.

Newsflash you dull eyed fuckfaces; It stinks like shit, and everyone everywhere knows you're a fucking wifebeater when they smell your shit ingrained into your sweat and mouth. That pizza dude delivering because you're too konked outta your fucking mind to drive (or do anything productive at all for that matter)? They're hit with full blast face full of fucking stench of your bad habit.

Take all that money your supermarket's tricked you into thinking isn't going to waste and burn it. THAT smells better than your firewater homie.

>> No.40948153

Do you shower daily, change your shirt daily, and use deoderant?

If so, no problem.

>> No.40948156

Not officially, as in not by government ruling or so, but that fat acceptance thing is not helping.

Tbh, I try to be mindful of social differences and I understand that fat and healthcare are tied to wealth, mental state and how much free time you have. Also pressure is harder on women and they tend to "give up effort" a lot. I get that.
But when you come see me in my white blouse and have questions about your health, I AM going to mention the fact you are weighing a ton if the disease is tied to it and newflash, most diseases are. Especially things that have to do with inflammation.

But I got flamed so hard on facebook when i complained about it once, and by a few real life tumblrinas, that I'm very careful about it now.

So now, aside from the people that do not care when you tell them they are eating themselves to death, you got the people that go "you are the patriarchy!" in my face. Just peachy.

>> No.40948164

>u dont smoke wat r u kid dont u wanna b cool?
You're doing your already lowdown clan a disservice with this agist shit, and it only makes you seem the more childish. You're literally one of those D.A.R.E. caricatures.

>> No.40948183

Actual interest, what does weight have to do with inflammation?

>> No.40948186

because it doesn't quite fit the context of the thread

>> No.40948187

Are you threatening me?! I'll have your job!
Anything short of actually coming to terms with my mental illness!

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I'm not sure if you're agreeing with him and expanding it, or being sarcastic and trying to use the supposed acceptance of alcohol as an excuse for accepting potheads. Honestly, people who dislike potheads usually dislike drunks just as much, and there is a lot of overlap between potheads and drunks.

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Oh shit, now the fatties and grease junkies showin' up to defend their "good" addiction to recreational drug use.

Newsflash you lard infested fuckfaces; junkfood stinks like shit, and everyone everywhere knows you're a fucking pig when they smell your shit ingrained into your skin flaps and unreachable nethers. That pizza dude delivering because you're too fat to fit in your car (or do anything productive at all for that matter)? They're hit with full blast face full of fucking stench from all the fucking food you ate the last 4 minutes.

Take all that money the McDonalds tricked you into thinking isn't going to waste and buy a bike. Burn off your fat, homie.

>> No.40948214

>shower daily


How's that Soap/Shampoo Industry hand up your arse, puppet?

>> No.40948221

That is not how it works anon, humans do things (or don't do things) because of feelings, if you trample on them - even if you're right - they'll never take the rest of your advice. Confidence and patient-medical professional relationship, blah blah.

You never die from fat directly, it's an organ or two (or a bunch) that just curl up in a ball of fat and give up for you.

>> No.40948237

I'm allergic to Cannibis to a point where I can die from inhaling a little bit of smoke. Throat starts closing up. I know it might be a bit astounding that some people might have an actual reason not to like your amazing miracle plant, but try to wrap your head around the following facts:

1. You can be allergic to anything, including weed
2. Smoking it stinks to high heaven for non-smokers and it's completely obvious to everyone else
3. That smell is generally offensive because it smells very similar to polecat musk
4. Being arrogant that you use a drug makes you sound completely ridiculous

>> No.40948241

Oh shit, now the Amerifags and shower lovers are showin' up to defend their "good" addiction to recreational water use.

Newsflash you dull eyed fuckfaces; it stinks like lilacs, and everyone, everywhere knows you're a fucking househusband when they smell that shit ingrained into your skin and hair. That pizza dude delivering because you're too wet from the shower to drive (or do anything productive at all for that matter)? They're hit with full blast face full of fucking flowers of your bad habit.

Take all that money your salon's tricked you into thinking isn't going to waste and burn it. THAT smells better than your conditioner homie.

>> No.40948266

(medfag here)
Showering daily is indeed unnecessary and bad for your skin. Stuff that starts to smell are creases: armpits, groin, and then feet of course. That is something you can wash daily if you feel like you must because of smell or habbit.

>> No.40948276

My mom's a doc, and you really have to watch out these days about patients fucking suing you for the tiniest things. They routinely get people that actually threaten the staff, and then have the gall to complain about their treatment. And no suprise, most of those fuckstains are immigrants who WILL pull the race card when they can.

Meanwhile patients have no problem talking shit about you. They keep shitty little blogs and think the doctors won't find them. Yeah, good luck getting respect from your doc after he found out you said he "looks like a bum" on your shitty blog.

Long story short, people are fucking entitled these days, and it makes working as a doc hard.

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>> No.40948307

Here we have a good specimen.

Not all of us stay in their parent's basement.

Because leaving sweat and dirt and grease sticking after a day's work under 40°C is good for you.
Post tit—credentials.

>> No.40948310

>because it smells very similar to polecat musk
Ha, what?

>> No.40948311

Just because you shower daily doesn't mean you have to use shampoo (which I use every other day).

That, and how often one needs to shower changes based on where you live. Humidity matters a lot.

>> No.40948316


Have we really gotten to the point where the word autistic is being thrown around to the extent people really, honestly think autistic folks are everywhere?
Because in 2014, they (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network) reported one in 68 kids was on the spectrum.

Even if every single autistic person was into pen & paper and war-gaming, I'd wager a good chunk of them wouldn't go near the hobby shops because they're well aware of their shortcomings - a thing that might be terribly hard to understand if you have no idea what it is you're talking about.

>> No.40948318

These days? Show me a day and age where people didn't bitch and complain about doctors not knowing what they're talking about, especially when it comes to shit easily avoided by the patient changing their habits. You won't be able to, it's as old as doctors are. People don't like being told they're doing something wrong.

>> No.40948325

>That is not how it works anon, humans do things (or don't do things) because of feelings, if you trample on them - even if you're right - they'll never take the rest of your advice. Confidence and patient-medical professional relationship, blah blah.
As an EMT who has told multiple people they need to lose fucking weight after being called for them having cardiac issues 3 times in a year, I call bullshit.
Catering to people's feelings isn't going to help them, because I guaruntee you their family has already tried to do that and it didn't fucking work. So sometimes you need to lay it out for them that either they turn their shit around or the next time you see them it'll end with a XXXL body bag.

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>tfw the dead tree book industry is still growing
>tfw ebooks and dead tree book industry are in a positive feedback loop

>> No.40948345

Skunks. Do you know what a skunk is? It's an animal that uses a defense mechanism of an incredibly disgusting musk which it sprays on predators to ward them off. It's also exactly what your plant smells like when burned.

>> No.40948353

Sling whatever defensive insults you want buddy. It won't bug me much because I haven't been brainwashed into washing off my protective layer of natural oils everyday and weakening my own immunities.

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Oh shit, now the 40kids and GRIMDARK junkies showin' up to defend their "good" addiction to Gameswork Shop.

Newsflash you dull eyed fuckfaces; It plays like shit, and everyone everywhere knows you're a fucking autist when they see your shit SPESS MURHEEN models. That pizza dude delivering because you're too busy painting SPESS MURHEENS to drive (or do anything productive at all for that matter)? They're hit with full blast face full of fucking chemical glue stench of your bad habit.

Take all that money your GW Store dealer's tricked you into thinking isn't going to waste and burn it. THAT smells better than your Citadel plastic glue homie.

>> No.40948362

I'm sorry Giles but its true.

At least you will always have the rich aroma of Nescafe Gold Blend.

>> No.40948364

>under 40°C
That's what you get for living in a shithole.

Nowhere civilised gets up to those sorts of temperatures

>> No.40948371

Your body has a need for inflammation to defend itself and then a mechanism to shut it off naturally.
Normally, if all goes well, you're in equilibrium, you can picture it like scales in good balance. Obesity and a lot of the foods that bring on obesity will add weights in the "inflammation" scale. Stuff like saturated fats or a diet high in fast sugars (mostly the latter actually) are damaging and push your body towards inflammatory response. When you are already struggling with an underlying disease that has an inflammatory component, it makes things worse.
Obesity is not just the weight, there are also a lot of things that go with it derailing in the body, like cholesterol being too high (thus making a lot more of the molecules in your body that signal inflammation), fat around your kidney and organs also has an effect that pushes inflammation further, your sugar levels usually start to deregulate. Your heart has to work more. Your natural immunity goes down. It basically fucks you up pretty good.

>> No.40948380


It may well have been bait, but I don't even give a shit anymore.

>> No.40948381

Nigger, don't give me your contrarian bullshit. In the past, it used to go the other way. People were so convinced that doctors knew their shit that they just let them do any old bullshit.

No, this attitude of knowing everything better than doctors is fairly knew. But what really gives it teeth is people in politics believing it, too. A few decades ago, it was still hard to peg doctors on shit. But now we're so obsessed with the Power to the People mantra that you can seriously sue your doctor over anything.

>> No.40948387

>medfags condoning disgusting behavior

Gotta trick those dumb fucks into developing their skin conditions so you can charge extortionate consultation prices, amirite? Fuck you, I hope the nurse you're fucking on the side drugs you and rapes you with a dildo.

>> No.40948398

The Fraser Valley interior gets up there around this time of year, and there aren't many nicer places than Canada (excluding Ontario).

>> No.40948412

All well and good when all you do is lay around on your couch with the AC on.

You're cute.

>> No.40948440

I have smelt the defensive spray of a skunk and I have smelt finest white widow that money can buy.

The two have nothing in common beyond their ability to be canceled out by tomato.

>> No.40948441

Projecting son, you might want to stop it.

I've smelt weed plenty of times, and while it's not the most pleasant thing it's hardly on the same level as something that's used to ward off predators, unless I have been SORELY misinformed about the potency of skunk spray - and given reaction videos I've seen, I think you're full of shit

>> No.40948452
File: 66 KB, 200x200, 1433283566122.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You sir earn a year of free Canadian drinking water!

>> No.40948453

He's actually right. Showering every other day is healthier for your skin, especially if you take hot showers. It gives the skin enough time to replace lost and damaged cells from heat and chemicals in your soap.

Of course if you work out you should shower otherwise you're just being fucking nasty.

>> No.40948454
File: 24 KB, 662x413, 1434683010613.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just opened this thread, 8 posts in, already sickened.

>> No.40948461

>Gold Blend is discontinued

>> No.40948465

Holy shit good luck with that, I couldn't bear it

>> No.40948477

>contrarion bullshit

Sure, that's exactly why every grandmother I have constantly talks about how they're going to change doctors because they don't know what they're talking about and how dare they suggest the food their cooking is killing them.

You want to provide some fucking evidence it started in the last few years? Because this shit DOES go back as far as doctors, ever since someone screamed that only faith in Asclepius could save you from the malady effecting you, and listening to this foolish man telling you otherwise will only anger the god of healing.

It's been around. You being desperate to be pissed off at this generation for whatever reason you can think of won't change the truth.

>> No.40948485

Here it's slightly better as the american sueing love hasn't caught on fully yet.

>but muh habbits

You're an EMT, anon, I'm the guy they go see when they are still fine and can walk and can pretend nothing is wrong with them.

>> No.40948496

So obesity makes you flare up at the smallest thing, and which on the whole is bad for your body?

>> No.40948498


I'm allergic to the shit, thanks.

>lol skunk smells nothing like that
Your nose is broken from smoking weed all the time, I guess.

>> No.40948501

>smelling like skunk

I think you fell for the good ol' switcheroo where you sell some retarded highschool kid a cigarette filled with random leaves and junk and pretend it's weed.

>> No.40948502

What this guy said, is spot on. The subconscious will suppress the negative input of "smell" when the company (meaning other people) or location is visual pleasing to an individual, while if the company or location is visual unpleasant to an individual, the subconscious will amplify the negative input.

>> No.40948551

Potential Wizard, as long as you shower semi-regularly, apply deodorant like a civilized human being, and make some kind of attempt to be clean, you should be fine. I don't shower daily, but I do shower regularly and especially before I go anywhere to 'impress'.

Every once and a while I'm hit by that kind of paranoia, which is then doubly strange when a female acquaintance of mine gives me a hug and says I smell nice. Just put in a bit of effort and you'll do fine.

>> No.40948559

Long story short, yes, kinda.

But it's more like obesity creates some sort of low-level, permanent inflammation in your body.

>> No.40948569

I don't smoke weed. My lungs are too damaged from dust inhalation. It's nothing serious so long as I'm careful. My new job is in the open air and all is good.

A few of my friends partake of that drug in moderation. More moderate now than they used to be. It smells nice and I have often wanted to try it but then I remember damaged lungs and reconsider.

>> No.40948571

>Your nose is broken
Persistently projecting motherfucker

Maybe try smoking a bowl, at least you'll be chilled when you give up the ghost?

>> No.40948602

Maybe try not smoking a bowl, at least you won't be wasting money on momentary enforced pleasure when you remain functioning?

>> No.40948604


1. Not smoking weed makes you a huge faggot

>> No.40948618

>You're an EMT, anon, I'm the guy they go see when they are still fine and can walk and can pretend nothing is wrong with them.
Early 1900s, especially in small towns with only 1 or 2 doctors for the entire place.
If a doctor saved a few people or solved a disease mystery and helped a town get through it, they were basically god to those people until he messed up. If he told them "don't drink that it's bad for you" they would throw it in the trash. If he told them "this bottle of medicine will make you dance even though you're paralyzed" they would believe him until it didn't work.
The problem is that now the internet is a thing. People can research everything in moments from diets to alternative treatments, and no matter how false those things actually are, they do a very good job of making doctors "who just want you to get surgery and buy pills" sound like devil worshippers.
And so people stopped caring what their doctor thinks because they already looked up everything he said on google, what new shit can he possibly tell them that google can't? He's just there to give me an xray and the pain meds I want. And if those meds make me feel sick, I'm suing him.

>> No.40948621

You know you can put weed in peanut butter, put it on a sandwich or some pastry and microwave it? Or you make English tea with lots of fat milk and put some weed inside the tea egg with your tea.

You don't have to smoke it. In fact, smoking it is pretty much a very wasteful use of weed.

>of course, if you eat or drink it you'll get FUCKASSSHIT high because you're not losing like 50% of your weed to the shit just burning away

>> No.40948628


When you get that many people who are that fat into a room, it's going to stink no matter what. Higher rates of zero-fucks given. You'll notice that's the case outside the gamestore too. Everything from dental hygiene to just plain bathing. Normal weight people actually have their shit together. Fat people begin to stink faster but give fewer shits in the first place.

It's not "Gamers", it's fat people giving zero fucks.

>> No.40948632

wat cool culture
im so glad i pay hundreds if not thousands a year to be part of it

oh shit bro
hide the bag
i saw a police cruiser at the red light

>> No.40948644

No, not really. I don't even agree with this guy, but I still want to punch you in the face.

>> No.40948653
File: 914 KB, 200x113, oh_my_god.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>When your folds of fat become longer than your penis, you cannot piss without getting some on you. Urine is somewhat caustic, and thus leaves marks.


>> No.40948654

Thread is ruined, the potheads have showed up. Everybody get up and do something else.

No, don't bother telling them the truth, they are immune to it. Even a fatass is more likely to become a decent human being than a marijuana smoker.

>> No.40948676

I was smoking weed in rush hour traffic last week, and a cop pulled me and the van behind me over. I rolled down the window and he informed me that it was dank as hell in my car, punched the guy in the van behind me out, and we routed 1700 blunts across the world

>> No.40948678

And it has been said earlier, the mind will naturally turn itself off to smells it's used to (the same thing happens with the other senses as well). If you get used to smelling like a sack of shit, you won't even realize it until people are retching in your presence or giving you hygiene products.

It's also why your room could smell like a corpse and you'd never realize it until someone else came in. The smell is so familiar to you, your brain doesn't register it.

>> No.40948682

Nice samefagging mr. Straightedge fag.

Don't you have some Christian Vegan Punk gig to attend?

>> No.40948691

>won't be wasting money on momentary enforced pleasure when you remain functioning?
Dude, I could only write sentences that incoherent if I was I high.

As it happens I don't smoke, so maybe you should stop projecting?
I've heard taking the stick out your ass is good for that, maybe you should try it some time.

>> No.40948692

Actually this anon is not all wrong though. Here we're trying to have people decide on stuff they barely understand. Personally I am behind some soft paternalism, the patient has the final call but I'm allowed to have my opinion.

Thing is, you tend to have two kinds of people.

Type A
>why did you prescribe me this you are trying to poison me
>big pharma conspirationists
>i read shit on the internet
>I have this disease diagnose it on me
>la la la homeopathy I know more about it than you (of course I know nothing of your pseudo fucking quack science)
>sueing your ass

Type B
>help me
>tell me what to do
>give me your opinion
>give me anything at all
>help me obi wan kenobi, you're my only hope

>> No.40948711

>momentary pleasure
As they all are?

>> No.40948717

It had occurred to me but everyone else is inhaling it and it would be unsociable to do otherwise, but thank you for the suggestion.

Also if I remain straight headed it allows them to relax fully knowing that there is someone straight headed watching out for them. One of them is over six foot and very strong, the other nearly seven foot but much leaner. I don't know what either of them would do if they had a paranoia trip and I am not anxious to find out. So If I must be the designated driver I am happy to be so.

>> No.40948722

Man, I gotta get back in if people are that crazy.

>> No.40948733

>tea egg

>> No.40948737
File: 9 KB, 449x124, DANK.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Try again, mary jane.

Don't you have a bag of piss to strap to your leg for a McJob interview?

>> No.40948743

I mean, really, if you want to actually try a drug for pleasure, go for MDMA.

There are doctors here (yes, sanctioned) who give homeopathic treatments to their patients. Doctors aren't all-knowing perfect humans.

>> No.40948749

>Here it's slightly better as the american sueing love hasn't caught on fully yet.

Nigger, I'm from Europe. It's plenty caught on, you just don't hear about it. These cases don't make the papers.

>anecdotal evidence
>ignoring the important part of the argument

Just fuck off, Anon.

>> No.40948753

it gets better man you just gotta smoke more first times never good

>> No.40948776

I didn't know Quentin browsed /tg/.

>> No.40948789

You put dried tea leaves in it, drop it in the tea pot and the tea seeps out into the water.

Now I need a fucking cup of tea, you happy now?

>> No.40948795

Because you're underage. I'm 30 and I game with other 30 year old guys. We're all just normal guys with jobs and girlfriends/wives and our own houses and cars and we're basically just normal people.

It gets better as you get older, provided you don't kill yourself in college like most of you will.

>> No.40948799

Sorry man, your little refuge for addiction isn't so purely degenerate it turns out. Guess there's people with sense in the hobby who don't need to pass a pipe around the table to enjoy their gaming.

>> No.40948803
File: 42 KB, 250x250, topkek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40948811


Well anon, I admit to giving homeopathy on occasion to crazy ass bitches who only want alternative medicine when they have simply gotten a stupid cold or something else that will just fuck off on its own. At least they'll keep seeing me, and if it's serious I can prescribe shit that actually works.

Not proud of myself in those moments but sometimes being right is less important than making sure people don't go see someone who might actually harm them through sheer ignorance.

It's just dangerous because sometimes they are indeed more knowledgeable than I am because I did not attend the sugar shaking chakra workshop or wherever they get their stuff from.

>> No.40948812
File: 5 KB, 220x164, 220px-Tea_infuser_01_Pengo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You don't know what a tea egg is?

Well, it's sometimes just a case of making sure the patient doesn't harm himself even more.

My uncle had cancer and wanted a homeopathic treatment for the cancer. Doctor panicked, we panicked, and then the doctor convinced my uncle to do a part-homeopathic part-chemotherapy cure thingie.

The homeopathic shite didn't help, but at least he stopped complaining about "hurr durr this evil chemo is making me sick".

>> No.40948818

To be fair he is a really nice dude.

And that beard is sexual as fuck, to the point that at his job the dress/appearance code stipulates facial hair must be extremely tight and he was just allowed to keep his (as long as it's tidy)

>> No.40948832

I got a buddy who is a doctor. Fucker has to pay seven hundred dollars a month for liability insurance. He's only been a GP for less than a year. He's not exactly living the dream.

I'm just an old neckbeard friend from high school, but if I didn't go to his place once or twice a month to vidya it up I think he'd fucking loose his shit from the assburgers he has to contend with. Not the traumas, those he doesn't mind, he showed me some pics on his phone from the month he spent in South Africa. There were lacerations, gunshot wounds, broken everythings... one dude had a broken dick. I didn't even want to know.

But That Guy? Like the guys from That Guy threads? That Guy rustles his goddamned jimmies.

>> No.40948833

The handful of stores I've gone between have been pretty good about this and this problem only seems to come up during prereleases. Even then, it's usually only a few guys out of several dozen.

The smelly breath gets me way more than the BO. I can see forgetting to put deodorant on, but not brushing your fucking teeth?

>> No.40948844
File: 18 KB, 250x250, westmark-thee-ei.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's for holding your tea.

I don't do drugs. Doesn't make you any less of a faggot.

>> No.40948845

Seriously? I got the feeling it was still kinda calm here. Better not help a patient that's in agonizing death pains though, or blah blah murder case.

>> No.40948855

It's just wargamers. Board/card/RPG players only smell during conventions, and that's just because they've only got 4 hours between the last game of the night and the first game the next morning, and that's spend drinking and screwing con bimbos.

>> No.40948869

Technically tea contains stimulant alkaloids.

Therefore it's a drug.

There are Christian cults that refuse to drink tea for exactly that reason.

>> No.40948889


As one can observe from the people going back and forth about drugs in this thread, most of the traditional-games sect interacts so rarely with other human beings, that they simply have missed the cultural mores that inform our decision to smell snazzy. And unfortunately, as their stink turns away others who might tell them to bathe, it turns out that they just never really learn and go on thinking that everything's hunky-dory.

I personally just don't understand it. Sure, there are some days where I opt not to shower, but those also tend to be days where I'm either in a rush to get out the door, or I don't think I'll wind up going anywhere. Things hosted at game shops tend to occur weekly, so it's usually at the same time and same place. These people have the foreknowledge to think, "oh, I should probably shower and do a load of laundry in time." It's not like, say, FNM juuuuust snuck up on you. Or even fucking worse--gaming conventions. Hotels are stuffed to the brim with free soaps and shit, so there's absolutely no reason for everyone at these things to smell like horseshit.

>> No.40948890

You fucking drug whore shit slut, you fucking do tea? Some of us don't need to get totally fucking rolled on tea to have a great time, I happen to be allergic to tea and everyone knows when you do tea and it's fucking disgusting

>> No.40948911

I think if smelly people knew why they were smelly, they wouldn't be smelly anymore. It's the Dunning-Kruger effect in action. Once you can identify your own stink, removing it doesn't really require any additional skills.

>> No.40948923

Oh shit, now the brits and tea junkies showin' up to defend their "good" addiction to recreational drug use.

Newsflash you tanines infested fuckfaces; tea stinks like shit, and everyone everywhere knows you're a fucking pig when they smell your shit ingrained into your skin flaps and unreachable nethers. That tea dude delivering because you're too busy pissing to get in your car (or do anything productive at all for that matter)? They're hit with full blast face full of fucking stench from all the fucking tea you drank the last 4 minutes.

Take all that money Twinnings tricked you into thinking isn't going to waste and buy a bike. Burn off your tea-sweat, homie.

>> No.40948931

The hit of refusing to perform a surgery is less than that of the dipstick family with a lawyer deciding you didn't try hard enough in the life-saving operation.

It's fucking stupid. People are fucking stupid. And I hate that I'm at risk of losing my career and a decade of effort by saving the lives of these stupid faggots.

>> No.40948937

I'm British, so yes

>> No.40948948


>> No.40948950

Where are you from if you don't mind me asking?

>> No.40948962

This thread was nice, before the medfags started being ignored in favour of some shitflinging contest about 'drugs'.

If any medfags are still present, what's your 'advice to the world'? If there's a health concern people don't care enough about, or people should do X in Y situation they dont?
Ignoring the obvious, of course, like "Don't be the size of a small village" and "Don't be a massive cunt to the guy trying to stop you dying".

>> No.40948990

Oh shit, now the britbongs and teapotters showin' up to defend their "good" addiction to recreational drug use.

Newsflash you dull eyed fuckfaces; it stinks like shit, and everyone everywhere knows you're a fucking redcoat when they smell your shit ingrained into your teeth and gums. That crumpet dude delivering because you're too bagged outta your fucking mind to drive (or do anything productive at all for that matter)? They're hit with full blast face full of fucking stench of your bad habit.

Take all that money your gramgram's tricked you into thinking isn't going to waste and burn it. THAT smells better than your tea cozie homie.

>> No.40948994

>Well, it's sometimes just a case of making sure the patient doesn't harm himself even more.
Of course, it is. Of course. You can't even admit that there are a few shites in your profession? Jesus, dude.

>> No.40949004

>It's just wargamers. Board/card/RPG players only smell during conventions
>MtG players don't smell as bad as wargamers
>Yugifats only smell at cons
>Because they get laid so much they don't have time for hygiene
Yeah. Oh yeah. Tell us more of the truth, anon.

>> No.40949008

I was fortunate enough to get into /tg/ in a Military town where almost everyone who played was either active duty or retired and still fit, at least moderately self disciplined and courteous.

When I moved away for university and tried to get to get into the local /tg/ scene, I was in for a very rude and greasy awakening. True story, an asshole's fatbelly broke some of my models.

>> No.40949018


>> No.40949021

what? How?

>> No.40949022

not EMT anon, but I practice in Canada, and although it's not as bad as the States (from what I hear from people who went south, at least).. it's not pretty.

>> No.40949029

I wish I was a doctor. Fuck, I wish I was a doctor.

>> No.40949031

I've seen the people you're talking about, OP. And I don't get it, either. How can anyone live like that?

Thankfully I've found a gaming store where the crowd is much better than that. The owners all have real other jobs and are involved in the community, so they all take pretty good care of themselves, hygiene and grooming-wise. The worst I see in the customer base is some unkempt facial hair, and even that falls short of the terrible neckbeard. Nobody comes in wearing clothes that are falling apart or reeking of body odor. The bearable-to-good crowds are one of my main reasons for frequenting the store, honestly.

Haven't read through the whole thread, but one often unexamined aspect might be neckbeards' diets. What you eat can really affect how you smell (ex: onion sweats). Taco Bell and Flaming Hot Cheetos cannot be good for BO.

>> No.40949049


because its not real love

>> No.40949055


>live healthier
>smell better
>have a healthier and prettier skin
>feel good about yourself
>get proper blood flow into your penis/vagina
>don't be so depressed
>spend less money on food and more money on fun

>inb4 but i wanna drink coke all day and eat McDeepFryLard all day

>> No.40949058

It's not as fun as it is made out to be anon.

I barely have free time and the nurses are mostly fat, angry women in the most horrendous shoes known to mankind.

>> No.40949072

I'm allergic to tea to a point where I can die from drinking a little bit of liquid. Throat starts closing up. I know it might be a bit astounding that some people might have an actual reason not to like your amazing miracle drink, but try to wrap your head around the following facts:

1. You can be allergic to anything, including tea
2. Making it stinks to high heaven for non-britbongs and it's completely obvious to everyone else
3. That smell is generally offensive because it smells very similar to the Queen's musk
4. Being arrogant that you drink tea makes you sound completely ridiculous

>> No.40949085

I love living in Austin. None of the gamaing shops I have been to are anything like a dungeon. Everyone smells nice and is presentable. I've heard of a few bad people, but I've not run into anyone yet.

>> No.40949098

I mean, my eating habits aren't great, but they're not that bad... Except for the coke bit.

What do when addicted to carbonated cola drinks? Pepsi, Coke, whatever it is, I crave it hard if I haven't had it for like a day or two. It's destroying my wallet but I enjoy it, so I only ever reconsider when I see threads like this

>> No.40949100

That's not what I'd use to dissuade someone, you're missing out all the assholes (literal and figurative) and the the stink of guts and sores

>> No.40949123


Oh shit, now the romantics and poets showin' up to defend their "good" addiction to cerebral chemical inbalance.

Newsflash you doe-eyed fuckfaces; it repulsive as shit, and everyone everywhere knows you're a fucking faggot when they see your shit ingrained into your hand holding and longing glances. That flower dude delivering because you're too besotted outta your fucking mind to drive (or do anything productive at all for that matter)? They're hit with full blast face full of fucking wretchedness of your bad habit.

Take all that money interflora's tricked you into thinking isn't going to waste and burn it. THAT smells better than your valentines cards, homie.

>> No.40949124
File: 34 KB, 182x240, ohjeez.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you make me feel guilty because I bought a pot of sorbet and ate at McDonald's today
>tfw I even replaced fries with salad
>tfw still feel like I'm a shite

>> No.40949130
File: 2.25 MB, 1024x1536, 1434853976519.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

TCGers are the main problem. This was never an issue before Magic brought in a lot of undesirables.

>> No.40949137

>What do when addicted to carbonated cola drinks?
Cold fucking turkey. It's not heroin, Jesus.

>> No.40949142

Too bad, I don't even drink tea either. I just know what a tea egg is.

And no, not coffee either.

>> No.40949145

Its prolly the caffeine you're addicted to. Try drinking coffee and tea instead. Don't go cold turkey, start replacing sodas here and there at the start. Also carry around a refillable water bottle with you, that way if you get thirsty you can drink without buying a soda.

>> No.40949148

I'm not a medical professional, but if I were you I'd buy one of those German carbonation machines.

You just buy like some applejuice and put some carbon bubbles in it, tastes like soda, is fruit juice.

>> No.40949153

Try coffee/tea with a shitton of sugar, then weaken the sugar.

Caffeine isn't good for you, but it's important in modern life, so your best bet is probably to reduce the damage your caffeine delivery system does

>> No.40949169

>What do when addicted to carbonated cola drinks?
stop, cold turkey

of all the things you can cut out of your diet to get healthy, soda is #1.

>> No.40949175

Hey I didn't see this.

As far as one "big" piece of advice would go, I'd say lecture yourself about what you eat and make conscious decisions about it.

Seriously, our entire culture is made so that we pump ourselves full of things we don't need and are harmful to us. The things we do need are either expensive or difficult to get by.

Here you have a thing on sugar:

Also it is really worth thinking if you want to keep eating meat or not, aside from the animal-pain aspect of the thing, health wise it's sticky. Especially in america regulations on antibiotic use are horrid, even if you only select lean meats and such.

>> No.40949179

I enjoy it but do not like the smell at all, in fact it quite annoys me when someone in public smells of it

>> No.40949207

Why would you not want to eat meat?

What sort of alcohol consumption is this assuming?

>> No.40949208

Start taking raw caffeine powder.

Just be careful not to overdose, like that retard American that was eating caffeine with soup spoons.

>> No.40949213

Cold turkey. Don't put sugar in your coffee, you'll be better off just switching over to black. You don't fucking get on the other side of life with anything other than sheer willpower.

>> No.40949217


Addiction to fast sugars is a real thing.

This video is pretty much on point despite a few errors and shortcuts.

>> No.40949223

I spent 8 years lugging bags of rocks around for people who were discourteous to the extreme or insane and have been hit by cars and fists on the job. I bet you got paid more.

Don't get me wrong, I don't resent you your good fortune. Hell no I do not. But please imagine whet spending all day running around with 50kg on your back at -27 C feels like. I got frost bite, and I still had to keep working. Your job might be shit but so was many of ours. Its all down to what flavor of shit you can suffer.

>> No.40949252

Fatfag here, almost 300lbs. But I'm lucky that I live, work, and game with people who are not afraid to tell me when I smell. By myself I can't tell if I do or not.

>> No.40949279

>Why would you not want to eat meat?
American meat is absolutely terrible.

>> No.40949289

My general health habits are abysmal, but I don't actually eat meat, so at least I have that. I don't even care that much about animals, but when you stop eating meat for like 3 years, and find really fucking good ways to enjoy tofu and some really nuts fake bacon brands, there's no desire to go back.

Like, people eat bacon near me and act like I want it and I'm holding back, but (smell aside) lumps of meat just look unappealing now, because I don't remember a taste to associate. Vegi-bacon replacements taste great, look great, smell the same, and are pretty decent for you, if you find a good brand that doesn't suck shit or taste like cardboard.

>> No.40949298


Ecological reasons:
- lots of deforestation is done to grow stuff that will feed cattle
- meat industry itself is a very polluting industry (methane gasses from cow farts are just one example)

- animals are kept in such close quarters that it is impossible to keep that kind of factory farming without high use of antibiotics. constant low levels of them are tolerated in some countries, leading to antibiotic resistance. We might one day see stuff we used to be able to kill take down populations again
- saturated fats are linked to all types of cancer

Animal issues:
- well basically they are not treated right
- shitty lives, shitty death, lots of suffering

>> No.40949314

Sure, if you want to pick the easiest way to get disheartened, give up and utterly fail at your goal.

It really depends on your willpower, for a lot of people cold turkey's only result will them being assholes for their friends for a few months

>> No.40949318

whoa, sorry to hear that anon, where the fuck is that kind of treatment acceptable?

That comment you replied to was meant as a joke than anything else, but apparentely people took is seriously.

>> No.40949336
File: 48 KB, 500x490, 3212.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40949344

Eh, that really just depends on what kind of personality you have.

I never had any problems going cold turkey on cigs, alcohol or weed.

Just a matter of NOT buying it.

>> No.40949355

Hey, no worries. Personally I still eat meat from time to time, once a month or so, because fuck it, I must admit it still tastes good to me. Mostly bacon or sausages though, so guilty pleasure all over.
What I no longer can stand is the smell of meat cooking though. It just puts me off.

what do you mean by your other health habbits being abysmal?

>> No.40949366

Get the fuck out /v/
No one here believes in your bogeyman you pathetic asshole

>> No.40949389


First, some context.

The game was Warmahordes and we agreed to a 'friendly' game, and I anticipated as much until he told me he was using E.Lilith, a screaming bitch of a Warlock to fight against. I start expecting his A-game and make my Brisbane Beatdown list.

Then we actually play and I table him in three turns, him using his army in self-defeating way and making a lot of boneheaded decisions that I just took advantage of. He barely had any ranged units and I just blasted down his forces with a murdery gunline.

I ask why he and his friends use melee when ranged units would really have benefitted him and they all go 'if we wanted to use guns we would play infinity.

Realizing I was playing with derps, I pack up to leave, but after I get my models in my case my opponent waddles over and smacks his fat against my case, spilling my army and breaking models.

>> No.40949405


I apologize for my abruptness. I hadn't realized you posted with humorous intent.

I don't know about acceptable. If I'd have taken time off for the dead blackened skin to peal off and new shit to grow it would have left my friends in the shit during busy season. So instead I wrapped it all up with shit loads of sudocrem and limped onwards. There weren't enough of us to spread the load if one fell off during winter.

Although I may sound bitter I do miss working there. The friends I made there were golden and the boss was one of us.

>> No.40949421

Yeah, very much personality-dependant.

For example, both of my parents smoked since they were around 12, and when they decided to quit (around 40), my mum found she was allergic to the stuff that helps you, so she went cold turkey.
However, though my dad is a tough SOB I doubt he could do that - his massive caffeine addiction suggests that he's not the sort of guy that could handle going cold turkey at all

>> No.40949464

Is it just me or is that shit magic?
I've never seen anything skin-related that couldn't be improved, at least a little, by sudocrem

>> No.40949465

There's only one drug that I can't quit cold turkey.

We're both on it. Right now.

>> No.40949475

Shit anon, frostbite is a mofo and hurts like shit.
But I guess no situation is all black or all white all the time.

>> No.40949508

I drink at least a litre of cola or similar a day, if I can afford it, and I have a lot of pasta, pizza, noodles, and fries (home-made or store bought, not mcdonalds).
I generally sit around in the same spot for 6 - 14 hour periods, then go to bed for 4 - 12 hour periods, and do no physical exercise or real periods of activity, so I've gotten quite a pot-belly recently.
I play stress-intensive games a lot, and I think I've become a bit of an adrenaline addict, though I at least do hand and wrist stretches because fuck carpal tunnel and similar. I usually have one or two antacids a day, for week long stretches, from acid reflux (probably bad diet related).

And to top it off, I don't remember the last time I had a general checkup of any sort was, and (due to my lax lifestyle) I haven't 'needed' to go to hospital or a GP for at least 7 or more years.

I'm very much an 'immediate reward' person, and have never been physically active ever, even before I got a computer (I was a lego kid), so it's only ever in moments of lucid hindsight that I realize how actively I shorten my own lifespan. Have a lump in my brain they cant operate on though, so maybe that's an excuse? I'm also pretty young though (twenties) so maybe it isn't...

>> No.40949543

It's a zink paste, that shit is awesome. Zink will absorb, enhance healing, and generally those creams are very thick, providing a layer of protection.

Wouldn't use it on all wounds though.

>> No.40949591

I don't know about your FLGS, op but I have not had this problem. My FLGS has always smelled nice and most of the war-gamers I know are successful, well-adjusted people with decent grooming standards.

Now you want to talk about disgusting Cat Piss Trolls; Anime Fans.

My FLGS had an anime club that would meet in one of the rooms, They were perfect spergstorms. Loud, obnoxious, smelly, disruptive and destructive. They would meet on Fridays and between showings of One Piss, or whatever, would orbit the store in a whirling, giggling, everything-touching, isle-wrecking spergnado and never bought anything. They had a troll's sense of hygene, and we had to air out the room they used overnight before anyone could stand to be in there for more than a few minutes at a time.

This was tolerated because the organizer was good friends with the owner, who gave numerous warnings to the anime club's organizer. It was kind of sad, you could hear him at the start of every meeting begging them to behave, they just laughed it off.

Finally, the anime club got the boot. Mostly at the insistence of wargamers who were sick of their shit.

>> No.40949592

It's a Catch 22. Don't help, and you get fucked for that. Do help and mess up, you get fucked for that.

We haven't hit full Murica levels because we have no culture of litigation. But it HAS been made easy to lodge a formal complaint, and lo and behold, it's the biggest wastes of life that make use of that for the tiniest complaints.

There was a case recently of a Polish family that came here for free healthcare. First, they were denied and sent back to Poland. So they complained about bigotry, went really high up, and they get let in anyway. The kid was being treated at my mother's hospital. Turns out they are complete shitbags who go around threatening the staff. So now there has to be permanent security when these wastes of air come ot visit their kid, all out of the tax payer's pocket.

>> No.40949650

I've had mdma, very expensive for 1 experience, weed has been more consistent, easier to get and been a more enjoyable time almost every time. However the stink of it is awful and if you're going in public you should have the decency to remove it

>> No.40949657

/v/ get the fuck out of my hobby

>> No.40949661

You're in a vicious cycle, sounds like. Low motivation seeps through all you have told me.
Your reflux can be a result from the diet but also from long periods sitting hunched over and the cola and fatty foods just worsen it.
I guess you're pretty smart and know what you should be doing instead of playing vidya games and being on /tg/, but your problem is probably more that you don't know how to get yourself to do it, amiright? Probably not so much adrenaline as dopamine addict.

I posted a few posts earlier how high weight will make for an inflammatory baseline in the body, if you have a lump in the brain you should pay attention to that.

As for getting you into action, sorry mate, I'm struggling with that myself, medfag or not medfag. I had some nice results with a nofap streak once but I also have some sort of baseline depressive state clinging to me that I can't throw off.

>> No.40949745

I could literally talk for hours about myself, because I love introspection and narcissism, so I'll try keep it succinct; basically, yeah. I flicker between illusions of grandeur and light depression, and both are heavily overlaid with laziness and apathy.

I think, if there's one thing people underestimate in society, it's the psychological pain of knowing you should, or need, to do something, but simply being unable to make yourself. Or of feeling smart or capable enough of doing great things, but not being able to do a bit of jogging for your health, let alone any 'smart' or 'great' things.

It sucks, being apathetic. I sit here loathing myself for sitting here loathing myself for not doing stuff. And then I don't want to do stuff because I'm loathing myself because I'm loathing myself because I'm not doing stuff. And I'm conscious of the cycle but don't really have a fix, and even if I did, I don't know if I'd be bothered going for it.

>> No.40949761


how much did you pay for mdma?

>> No.40949766

Get a job. Just a shitty one, to get about and doing something.

Replace half that soda with coffee, or tea. Maybe even more coffee and tea, if the need for caffeine hits you - they're much more social drinks

>> No.40949782

What's that, life?

You know you can quit cold turkey if you try, right?

>> No.40949795

I'm not him, but I pay between 1 and 2 euros for 200mg of MDMA.

I love having Dutch friends in the pharmaceutical industry.

>> No.40949822

It's 4chan

>> No.40949945

Oh I recognize those feels totally but then my selfhate fuels a form of anger that helps me kick myself into gear once I let it go too far.
Also responsiblity towards other people, somewhat. Sometimes there's a patient that makes you think "i can not wallow here when there is someone with that horrible disease relying on me".

I really think us humans are shit at being alive when we don't have to struggle for survival or hunt for food because we are simply not programmed for it.

Anyhow, I am out.
Addicted to 4chan as I am (spent my free day on here) I'm off the computer now.
It's been nice talking to you / tg/.

>> No.40949985

It's been nice having you, anon

>> No.40949996

Honestly my friends paid for it, which I'm very glad for, it was £50

>> No.40950028

I thought you were talking about "no matter how you shake and dance, the last few drops end up in your pants"

Which is also gross, but at least has a nice little rhyme

>> No.40950033

>I think, if there's one thing people underestimate in society, it's the psychological pain of knowing you should, or need, to do something, but simply being unable to make yourself. Or of feeling smart or capable enough of doing great things, but not being able to do a bit of jogging for your health, let alone any 'smart' or 'great' things.

Oh God, so much this. I've got painting and a bit of writing to do, and I should really lose weight (I call myself fat but 'overweight' is probably more accurate) but I always end up lazing around playing vidya or lurking /tg/ and /vg/. It fucking sucks.

>> No.40950036

Used to be very similar then my friend and I joined a gym, genuinely helped a lot with confidence and just feeling better & happier. By better I mean I found more enjoyment in every thing I did and let things which would drag me down go. Honestly it's hard but take the first step. Join a gym. Get a regime. Do it with a friend it's harder to give up if someone's counting on you to be there and do it with them. This'll also make you and that friend closer

>> No.40950064


that's probably your friends getting ripped off

>> No.40950065

Forgot to mention I've not been for a few months now due to exams and my confidence has fallen, I'm more stressed and feel like I'm accomplishing a lot less

>> No.40950077
File: 98 KB, 363x400, 1406945252821.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>So maybe all LGSes just need non-nerd draws so that the owner has a reason to make their clients not be unwashed grognards?
Or how about Private Shower Facilities?

Oh thank god...
I actually like bathing (Honstly I can't think of anything more hedonistic than spending all your time in a warm bath, HOT TUB GAMING STORE GO!!!), but don't always get around to it, and when I DO people are impatient with the time I take to do it...

Wouldn't it just be easier to re-engineer humanity?
I mean, tits and ass are fat deposits too man...

>> No.40950102

>I think, if there's one thing people underestimate in society, it's the psychological pain of knowing you should, or need, to do something, but simply being unable to make yourself. Or of feeling smart or capable enough of doing great things, but not being able to do a bit of jogging for your health, let alone any 'smart' or 'great' things.

That's called depression.

>> No.40950151
File: 40 KB, 150x150, 1399172848391.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which people still underestimate the effect of on society...


>> No.40950191

I never understood why people take such poor care of themselves. I shower once or twice daily, and I have had one cavity in my entire life. Like with anything that involves going outside you have to deal with awful people, but it does come up more with /tg/ related activities.

>> No.40950255

oh-oh royally. They never bought it again, the dealer was a sketchy guy who our connection to was also sketchy

>> No.40950413

Alright anon, where do I get a deodorant that does not smell and gives it away that I am wearing one?

I don't want to smell like a pre-teen again.

>> No.40950486

Something like gilette, a brand that is more aimed at mens hygiene. Also smelling of deodorant isn't a bad thing, it's meant to smell pleasant, obviously overdoing it isn't nice.

>> No.40950522
File: 46 KB, 317x231, dvswdwrhwr.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My old FLGS had a small backroom where people played MTG and WH40K. There was one guy who practically lived there, 400lbs. On hot days he would start sweating just from the walk from his car to the shop. Unwiped feces in his buttcrack would combine with the sweat and create a thick cloud of sweaty ass smell.

Why are people like this?

>> No.40950526

except booze only makes you smell when you've recently drank it. weed makes you reek for days

>> No.40950561

No scent policy at work.

Thanks anon.

I thought before daily shower was enough to remove any odour, but now I am extra paranoid after reading this thread.

>> No.40950562

If someone smokes weed, the smell should be gone by the next day, if it's not that means they've not showered nor even applied a masking factor like deodorant or aftershave

>> No.40950576
File: 221 KB, 320x238, [scolds internally].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>except booze only makes you smell when you've recently drank it. weed makes you reek for days

You don't drink much alcohol, do you?

>> No.40950593

No scent policy?
where do you work? why is that in place?
what you're going to want is an anti-perspirant. Less smell more sweat defense, again Gilette could be a good call

>> No.40950601


I agree with it too.

>> No.40950626
File: 144 KB, 663x1600, 1432049485463.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a fat dude and I'm pretty sure I would be dead before my fat rolls literally covered my dick while I was pissing. Maybe it's because I'm 6'3" so it stretches out? Still though, thanks for the nightmare material.

>> No.40950630

>Come back from doctor's office to check on thread and see what new hilarity has risen
>ND is shitting it up
well fuck, now it's truly unsalvageable.

>> No.40950649

A better question is why you make this thread every two days you hook nosed kike.

>> No.40950693

Sure, if you're in the habit of not changing clothes every day.

>> No.40950701

Literally one post which wasn't even that offensive calm down stranger

>> No.40950732

Actually two, but yeah...

>> No.40950740

aluminium stone.

It's kindof what they put into deodorant except then it's pulverized and they add scents.

>> No.40950756


Thanks anons.

>> No.40950761
File: 19 KB, 460x288, chubby-mikey3_1117899c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Here's some visuals to complete your nightmares.

>> No.40950773

Eh, you can try cleaning your armpits at regular intervals with some shit that kills bacteria without turning your armpits into open sores?

Armpits smell because bacteria eat up your sweat.

>> No.40950778

They also sell scentless Deodorant-Antiperspirants...

>> No.40950840

>caring about reality
>on 4chan

You're not real. Who sent you?

>> No.40950873

Will try these.

>> No.40950900

That would require me to care about things, anon.

The fire is already gone. It is too late.

>> No.40950901

One cavity too here man!
Always flossed and brushed 2 or 3 times daily. Still ended up with a cavity.
Don't drink fizzy pop or alcohol,, don't smoke.
Don't eat junkfood or sugary snacks.
Still ended up with a cavity.

>> No.40950951

Hey at least your teeth HAD their calcium shells...
A few of my molars came in without them, and subsequently deteriorated almost entirely...

>> No.40950963

What you use is odorless anti-perspirant.

There exists two types of deoderants, those that stop the smell from existing, and the shitty ones that mask it with perfume.

Of course they mix them a bit, but the point is still there: Get anti-perspirant deoderant. Nothing else.

>> No.40950988

Old Spice is a good one. You wouldn't exist if your grand-daddy didn't wear it. Just put enough to coat your underarms, with anti-perspirant in it as well, if you can.

>> No.40951053
File: 56 KB, 449x338, wonka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>fat chance

>> No.40951083

Wait, really?

If all it took was a relatively normal middle school/high school to drive me to depression, I really am an NPC.

>having friends who go to gyms

This is a thing that happens?

>> No.40951088


Because when you are 400lbs, there is about 200lbs of you in the way of yourself. It's like having a second person in the way ALL THE TIME. You can't reach your ass to wipe! You can't clean yourself well either as you #2 saps all your energy and motivation because you can't actually reach anywhere, or get between every fold, or even maintain the effort to even try.

And they can't even save themselves from you #2. He keeps them from exercising because everything hurts, they can hardly walk, let alone get 30 minutes of cardio. After a while they can't even aquacize because it is too hard to climb in and out of the pool.

What I'm trying to say is he smells cause he cant reach to clean himself and has given up.

>> No.40951102


Oh my god.

Dude wear it. You don't want to smell like a pre-teen? There's a difference between swabbing some Old Spice on in the morning and lathering yourself in Axe Body Spray

>> No.40951146

>all it took was a relatively normal middle school/high school to drive me to depression
>and then college took care of the rest of my sanity

>> No.40951167

Dude what? Have you never used an unscented antiperspirant?

>> No.40951207

Thanks anons.

Asian descent here. I used to think Asians don't smell as much. Now I am paranoid I am wrong.

Also, will check out both Gillette and Old Spice.

>> No.40951234

I yoyo between 210 and 300 once every couple of years.

Since I started my new job I gained like 40 pounds and weigh around 280. I have been as heavy as 305, been down to 207, and everywhere in between several times.

Losing weight isn't that hard but keeping it off is a fucking chore and a half.

>> No.40951258


Would it be too much of an absurdity if we made something along the lines of "The Elegan/tg/entleman fitness support thread".

I'm not talking about going full /fit/ here, just supporting little activities to get in shape like walking, jogging, playing some sports, keeping morale up and having some fun about it...

>> No.40951276

I will be up for it.

>> No.40951304

medfag here, that checked out earlier but unable to let /tg/ go

willing to be in those threads to give some advice if needed. Participation will highly depend on free time though.

>> No.40951320

I think it'd be well within /tg/s rules, personally. I mean, mental and physical health is far more relevant to RPGs and social games than most people would care to admit...

Anyway, if there's complaints, consider how many threads are like this one, qqing about poor health of other fa/tg/uys. Having a single thread that attempts to address such issues would help image, a fair few people, and generally clean the board up a little.

>> No.40951338

Improving your game can mean many things.

>> No.40951427


Ok, seems we have some consent. How about some ideas?? I was thinking to do it IC, taking someone like Kamina, Rock Lee or, idk... Eric Cantona or Vinnie Jones, to get out of /a/ territory.

How about better time to post?? I'm GMT -3, but I can work around it.

Any ideas beside support group for fitness activities?? Grooming tutorials??

>> No.40951432


College was actually fine, though.

>> No.40951453

>Grooming tutorials

I am ok with that.

>> No.40951504

>having friends who go to gyms
yeah, trust me it'll make your life a lot better

>> No.40951520

IC would work, could also see a commissar.
>you aren't even fit enough to die for the emperor!

Also important:

>> No.40951521

Fitness, grooming, eating habits, and good habits to get into. General information spread is probably good, such as what key problems are, their causes, and their solutions (e.g, sweat doesn't smell so much as the bacteria that eats it, and hair holds the sweat and bacteria really well. Hairy armpits are much stinkier, and tougher to properly wash out, because of this).

>> No.40951581

Shit thats the only way to go to the gym.

Having someone to shoot the shit with while you work out makes working out a decent way to pass the time.

I used to go by myself and it's just bad, you can't even read a book on the treadmill anymore without some derpass getting on you about how you should be pumping your arms.

>> No.40951715

>By that I mean when I go out in public, I take a shower and wear nice clothes. Not super nice, but I'll look presentable.
>In all my years of wargaming, every single hobby shop I've been too smells like a goddamn piss dungeon. And I moved around the country several times.

Because we are the minority. Normalfags are not the average denizen of /tg/ hobbies.

Also, you have a perfect storm that causes this:

- Predominately white/European descent, which means higher chance of a stronger body odor compared to, say, Asians
- Predominately male, which reduces chance of them smelling good, like most women do
- Predominately unfit, which means if they don't care enough to work out, they have higher chance of not caring about hygiene or smelling good
- Deoderant/cologne being very rarely used by this segment of the population

Of course if you have a bunch of white, overweight, unhygienic slobs it's going to stink up the place.

And before any white people get upset, it's not about the race, it's about genetics. Other races that tend to sweat more also smell bad if they become overweight or don't shower.

>> No.40951768

A noble goal, but ultimately futile. You really think you can cure apathy with a few words from a tabletop game character?

Too many of the very people you're trying to reach out to are dead inside.

>> No.40951850

>This is a thing that happens?
I don't know.

My friends don't go to gym because they shoot up steroids instead. Then they go on Okcupid and fuck 40 year old women who want a quick fuck with a huge muscleguy.

>> No.40951878

depends if you make it a general fitness health thing or if we veer into mental health in those threads. We don't know, we've never done one of those before.

Also, tbh, at one point warhammer 40k was the only thing keeping my mildly alive. If it had not been for that stupid game, waiting for the next codex and minis I might have offed myself at some point. So maybe a few pointless words from a tabletop character might have helped at that point. Yes it is pathetic. But I got better.

>> No.40951881

What are you, the BBEG? Vanilla Protagonist chiming in to say we'll never surrender to the likes of you, and you cant crush our spirit.

>> No.40951890

>get huge
>fuck milfs and cougars

Why the fuck did I ever decide not to take steroids.

>> No.40951925

because it shrinks your balls and dick.

have you never been in a discussion about space marine sex, anon?

>> No.40951977

And you think that means you can save those who already have? This world broke a good number of these spirits before you ever knew my name. So much of my work is already done.

>> No.40952047


A big dick that isn't fucking women < a shrunk dick that's getting some. Plus bigger gains.

>> No.40952076

>not wanting magic powers

>> No.40952228

Ya, my ex-gf used to wonder why she couldn't trim the fat off her ass while she drank about 2L of coke a day. I tried to helpfully suggest why once...... once.

>> No.40952232

Cookfag here. Factory farm meat i.e. the only thing you are likely to find in most American supermarkets is absolutely bad for you. Health regulations have improved, but the amount of drugs and hormones that get pumped into the animals only makes factory farm meat a different kind of awful compared to what Upton Sinclair wrote about in The Jungle. Cut it out of your diet as much as you possibly can.

That said, if you live in an area where you have access to farmers markets or a decent butcher it is possible to get good quality meat. Lots of farms in my area do special tour/dinners where they show you around the farm for a bit then kill, butcher and roast a pig on site. In America good meat is more expensive by a fair amount but you get what you pay for.

>> No.40952276


Nice! Just for da kicks, how about the council for elegant gentleman who want fitness and grooming and do other stuff good too?
So far:
Motivación guide: Commisar
Grooming guide: Jan Pieterzoon from OWoD or a Toreador, id say.
Fitness guide: Muscle wizard? Kamen rider?

Im open 4 suggestions

>> No.40952290

This is why fat acceptance is so stupid, it isn't possible to get that big without some mental issues.

>> No.40952350

It just grows the muscles around your dick, which makes it seem smaller. Same as becoming fat.

Doesn't actually make it smaller.

>> No.40952387

>you now realize that one of the primary mental catalysts of obesity is despair
>where people are less motivated and more despondent, higher levels of obesity will be found on average
>you can now tell how happy an area is by how few people are overweight
>disclaimer: this does not take starvation into account and only works in areas where access to food is common

>> No.40952492

> Poor Self Image
> Poor quality of life
> Chronic pain
> Self defeating when attempting to change

>> No.40952521
File: 95 KB, 625x783, 96nNylH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its kinda sad because the fatter they get, the more easy it is for them to despair and think they can't get better, thus getting even fatter

>mfw I have a body that burns excess fat away like a furnace, no exercise needed

>> No.40952655

That won't last for long I'm afraid.

>> No.40952884

Hehe ya, moved back in with my parents after Grad school, went from 170 to 210lbs. The good thing about being 6'3 is you have lots of space to hide that shit.

>> No.40952889

I actually like the smell, but I still prefer people don't smoke around me. Unfortunately, all my friends are 420 blaze it fagits. Perpetual 13 year olds.

>> No.40953319

An alum block (>>40950740) is the classic gentleman's way to go. Just moisten, rub it on there and you're good. Alum is basically the ingredient that's in those "jelly" type antiperspirants, it closes up the pores or something.

>> No.40954002

No, no it really doesn't.

Not if you bathe and change your clothes daily, at any rate.

>> No.40954095
File: 67 KB, 500x378, 1435456192162.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this, you gotta scrub under every fold. I also recommend putting deodorant under your folds to provide protection from that shit. And if you clean regularly, you will get less habituated to foul smells so when you start to stink it becomes more prominent.

It's a bit more work then if your skinny, but the people around you will be grateful for keeping yourself fucking clean.

Also, shave! FUCKING SHAVE! I don't get care if you look like a goddamn marshmallow under all that facial hair, shave it! Keep your beard neat, comb it if it's a bit long, just do something with it so it doesn't become matted and smell like death.

I miss being skinny.

>> No.40954175
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There's also portable urinals you can use to sort of wedge into the folds that serve as barrier to urine and keeps shit like urine burns from happening. Buy them in bulk, clean them and rinse them out often, and then throw them away after a week.

Or lose weight, but in the mean time if you have that problem there are solutions besides squatting.

>> No.40954198

What medical professional would ever not tell a morbidly obese person to lose weight? My doctor tells me all the time to lose weight, to not do so would be unethical. Fuck fatty acceptance

>> No.40954208

If you clean yourself often, then you won't have that problem.

>> No.40954317

there's also the medication that some of them take that basically fucks with their metabolism and makes them keep their fat regardless of how hard they try to burn it off. And, even when you aren't fat, you can still balloon up if you're mentally ill.

For instance I went from 590, had a health scare, dropped down to 240 in a year and then after that year started suffering from manic depression and panic attacks and gained most of it back within another year. Shit sucks.

>> No.40954406

/tg/ers are the rejects of society, the autistic losers whose only joy is adhering to rigid systems like dnd

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