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>The Battlefield

>The Gundam Fighters

>Neo Rules
http://pastebin.com/Gqj3iKyn (embed)

>Previous Gundam Fight

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I really hate jumpmakers.

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We love you too.

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Hey, nobody's forcing you to stay here.

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hello /jc/ if you where a cookie defined by your jumps what kind of cookie would you be?

bonus points for incorporating jumps into a "cooking Instructions" type theme

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The Very, Very Burnt Kind.

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Maybe with this I can make up for America being a shitty worthless stereotype and being insulted by becoming a 'queen' despite being a guy.

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Who is this?

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>Doesn't mean you're below them in any way
It means they get to fight and you do jackshit. That's pretty below.

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Ayy, fuck you.
Maxter and Chibodee were the shit.

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wait what?

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Chibodee is a fucking joke. He's nothing but a shitty, insulting stereotype. And he gets branded 'queen' as a further insult.

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Random Jumper #13.

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EVERYONE in G Gundam is a stereotype. Except maybe the German Ninja.
G is basically Stereotypes: Mecha Edition

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I have two builds. One of them is a baseline human build, with no perks. This is bread. You like cookies, you just kinda accept bread.

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>Not liking stereotypes
>Going to G Gundam
You poor bastard.

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Lest we forget.
Neo Mexico

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Oh. And Allenby I guess. Possibly.

Even though a Swede having a totally-not-a-Sailor-Scout Mecha isn't exactly kosher.

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I completely forgot Neo Mexico was shaped like a sombrero.

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I would be a cookie made of SCIENCE!

Possibly involving ingredients that not only normally don't belong in cookies, but are typically outright poisonous, acting in perfect balance with each other to produce a delicious snack food that may explode if exposed to water. Or chewed on. Hmmm... not a very good cookie after all. Might want to call the bomb disposal squad and try a different recipe.

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What about being one the Shuffle Alliance?

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I mean the picture source.

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He's the worst and a complete fucking failure. And a queen.

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A Pixiv Fantasia Character. He might have a name, but my Japanese is non existent.

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I dunno mang.
He gets to pilot a giant punchy robot. And has a harem. That's pretty much a success to me.

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Just keep in mind the four usual stages of having a Coin are:

(1) You find it, but it's never touched your body (maybe you picked it up while wearing gloves, maybe it was in a bag you threw into your warehouse). AFAIK, its only power at this point is to bend fate/possibility so that a situation where someone will touch it becomes more likely.

(2) You've touched it. Unless you've got perks that prevent it, you get a copy/echo/shadow of a Fallen Angel in your mind - and I suspect the vector isn't strictly limited to the physical (so you might need a perk against physical, mental AND spiritual possession/manipulation). This millions-maybe-billions-of-years-old eldritch abomination likes to delve through your memories and diplomance its way into you accepting its power, at the price of your soul - but it's under no obligation to disclose its true nature or mention that price, and it's quite happy to play the long game, giving you all the rope you need to hang yourself and more. If you do have the right perk(s), it can probably still communicate whenever you're touching the coin.

(3) You've accepted it. Doesn't matter whether you did so under duress, if you let the Fallen 'take over', it makes itself at home in its new host. You poor bastard.

(4) You reject it. Even once you're taken over, there may yet be rare critical moments in time where you have a chance - however infinitesimal - of rejecting the Fallen's control. Usually a case of Redemption Equals Death, but hey, it beats oblivion / eternal damnation.

And remember: as a Jumper, you just might be offering the Fallen the chance to escape their Creator. If any one of them, in coin or already in host, realises your true nature? It's going to want you BAD. Even if you never touch a coin, do keep an eye on your Companions...

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Rolled 57 (1d100)


What the.



Drawbacks: Country Rivalry, Devil's Core, Old Master, Followed by Death (1800)

Rolled Neo Russia


Gundam Fighter (1700)

Country's Finest (Free).
ANSWER ME (1600). YOU. You there. Explain this. Explain all of this
Hand Calm; Mind serene (1300). okay. Calm down. I have to calm down. I am in control of the situaFUCK US WHO ARE WE KIDDING
It's All In The Mind (900). Impossible-is this world corrupting US?! NO. NO, this is clearly an unforeseen consequence of our own reality warping prowess, NOTHING MORE
DG Cell Infusion (600). Okay, our Granzeboma is now officially a biomechanical eldritch abomination. That makes sense at least
Inert UG Cells (0). Okay. Okay yeah. That is a thing.





none of this makes sense. none of it. fuck it all, my sanity hurts and this Undefeated School of the East makes no sense


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His robot is laughable and ugly. And his harem is a bunch of random whatevers he picked up on a street corner. And he's a queen so they're probably guys.

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The worse? He fought Master Asia to a stand still And he was actually dead the entire time, a clone made of DG cells of Domon's brother, Kyoji

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What jump is Door Lord from?

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You hate fun, we get it.

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Okay first step? To actually do any Gundam fighting, you have to murder Neo-Russia's main fighter. Only way to do it.

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-Background: Gundam Fighter (900CP) -I'M IN G GUNDAM NOW. SUCK IT DOMON.
-Country's Finest (Free) -Ha HAAAA! I'm SMART.
-Hand Calm; Mind Serene (400CP) (Discount) -Okay this is actually badass.
-Absurd, Recognizable Outfit (Free) -Fuck that, I'm going with something classy.
-Memento (Free) -A simple picture. One of a lit city in the night.
-Mobile Trace System (Free) -HELL YISS.
-Head Vulcans (Free) -SHOOTY SHOOT.
-Beam Saber (Free) -MORE SABERS.
-DG Cell Infusion (-500CP) -Nothing can go wrong.
-Emotion Energy System (-900CP) -WE EMOTIVE NOW.
-Followed By Death (-800CP)
-Country Rivalryx3 (-200CP) (Neo Canada, Neo Egypt, Neo Greece)
-Devil's Core (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Neo Japan, 18 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

I am in a fucking FREAKSHOW of a setting, I'm practically in my own plot. Ulube's all "You know, that redhead would be PERFECT with wires shoved into their skull" and apparently the Death Army agrees so they're so after my ass. Probably want the Cells I have in my machine, the assholes. Then if that wasn't bad enough, a bunch of countries are going "HEY THAT SUIT LOOKS WEIRD. LET'S KILL IT" and shit is going crazy. Just all the crazy. I'm gonna have FUN times here. And by fun I mean I'm gonna scream.

Also, a bit of curious news! Talked with Muyo a bit on IRC, we talked a bit, so after I get done with F.E.A.R. this week (and it WILL be this week), I'm gonna collaborate with him to do God of War. GET HYPE, SPARTAN WORMS.

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So it wasn't even him. so your example doesn't matter and makes him look more pathetic.

How is being stuck as the Queen fun?

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also fuck, I goofed the math again.

No more Hand Calm; Mind Serene because WE ARE NOT CALM. Swapping that out for I'll Do What I Can Do because knowledge

W̨̝̳̹͈̙̼̣̳͍̥̥͔̋̃̇̓̑̈͆́̒̏ͯ͠Ḧ̵̵̶̶̲͎̮̯́ͫ̋̄͊͢ͅA̧̰̪͉̜̬̜̠̞͕̽ͪ̔ͭ̽ͭ̓̉͊ͧ͑̔ͬͧ͋̊̊̈̀͜͡ͅT̶̸̲̲̯͇ͧ̈́̑̽ͤ͑ͭ̋̕͘ ̷̨̮͖͖̭̤͈̥̙̠̻̤̺̼̥̄̆̌ͨͭͤ́̾͒̃I̷̛̛̝̰̬͖͔͕̗̫̲̹͖̰̟̙͕̞̱͔ͦ́ͭͬ̂͜ͅS̴̵̴̟̫̺̜̾̇̑̉ͦͩͩ̉̽̌̿͘͞ ̢̛̹̪̲̺̤̺͔͎͎͗̌̚̚Ę̛̳̭̟̜̘̣̪͛ͫ͗̉̈͋̈́̋͗ͫ̿̂͆V̸̛̛̼̬̠̮͙̭͓̪̮̖͍͔̼̫̗̟͎̪̾͂̈́ͥͭ͒̽̃̑ͤ͋̈́ͅE͉̲̹̹͖̲̙̬̥̩̬̊̽ͯ͌͌̈̊̈́̚͠N̵̹̰͈̱̖̗̩̫͎̣̟͍̤͎̞͕ͨ͂̾ͧ̾ͯ̈͗̒̉̐ͧ͐ͮ͂̑͜͝ ̢̛͍̠̬̙̲̳͉̰̣͇͙̘̱̱͚̊͛ͨ͋ͩͧ͋͐̓́͑͋̚̚ͅͅH̏̄̌ͬ́̚҉̴̳̯̲̼̮̝̻̠̘͢A̴̛̫̻̰̙ͣ̀ͨͮͤ͐̅ͬͭͯ̚ͅP̿̑͑̍ͤ͑͗̀͂̾͒͛ͭ̽̈́̅̆҉҉̵̳͕̦̣̠P̷̧̈͗͊̀ͪ̉ͨ̈́̅͆ͯͮ͠҉̵̭̝̩̼͈̤̬̱̞̦͙E̎̆́̋̾̊ͪ͏̧̣͙͔̹͜͞ͅN̢͍̱̜͙̰̲̘̭̼̦̖̼͖̟̯̓̏͆ͩ͌ͬͮ͒ͣ̑̾͊̆͘I̧̊̄ͧͣͥ̑ͩ̎̃͒͒̚͏̩̪͖̞̹̘N̟̲̻͔̞͙̥̱̻̬̥̾͛̇͋̉̋ͣͮ̓́̇͒̉ͯ͗̈́̌͑̏͟͝G̓ͭͯ͂̅̀ͩ͂ͮ̄ͣͬ͋͂҉̵̨̢̮̘̭̺̹̬̻̺͚̫̳̺̜͍̘͎͎?

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I don't know, maybe by being confident enough in your sexuality and gender identity that you don't freak out over such tiny things as a word and instead enjoy the power the position grants you? Come on, man, it's not that big a deal.

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So you wouldn't think it's an insult at all if someone went around calling you slut princess or something every day.

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He was on par with Domon, & Master Asia. He wasn't part the Shuffle Alliance, and he went out like a champ. The real Neo-German fighter died before the series began so that guy totally was useless.

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>murder some fucking spiral
>several soulfire empowered hexes and also all the Esper fire ever later


now̕ ̴͠w̡̧̢h̀̕a̷͝͡t̷'s̸̷ ͘t͏̨h̛e ̕n͢e͟͠͞x̕͟t͘ ͠stè̵͜p̶̧͞?͏͢

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If I bring Anubis as my companion in the Skullgirls Jump, does that allow me to just spend his points on a Parasite even if he can't use them?

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The character's name is Sequence. The artist name is Hijiri. The specific Pixiv Phase is Sword Regalia

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I would if they called me slut. I wouldn't if they called me princess. Slut is a judgmental word. Princess is not.

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So, you're insane or a troll. That's pretty much what I'm getting here.

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So's being called a queen if you're a guy considering the term means you're a crossdresser.

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That's only if they call you a drag queen specifically. Calm the fuck down, you're assuming a ton of shit.

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You're thinking of Chibodee Crocket from Neo America. He has a football, surfer, boxer mech. Sure he is Queen of Spades, but he's awesome. He was only real fighter besides Master Asia & Dark Gundam to injure Domon.

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No, that's drag queen. When a man is called a queen it means he's gay. But so what? Who cares if people call me gay? I went to an all boys high school. That word got thrown around as an insult so much that it no longer means anything to me.

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How much material do you think we need to make a jump? I ask because Boku no Hero Academia looks like it'd be really fun, but I don't think we've seen enough stuff yet to make one.

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A couple points:
1. Nothing wrong with crossdressers. They're usually a lot of fun and don't judge my love for fruit-based beer.
2. Queen in this case is a title in an organization that doesn't carry any negative value. It's literally a hand symbol that designates you as attempting to control war and a member of an amazing organization of warriors.
3. The Maxter Gundam is awesome and you have shit taste.

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Consider the content with the following points:

Is the series complete or ongoing?
Is the series going to climb severely in power?
How complex is the background lore and world?
How well known is it?

And lastly, are you willing to put in the extra effort to write up content in order to give people a starting point to work from?

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Mah Build for Austin Powers!

Background: International Noun of Mystery

+300cp - Completely Immortal Pursuer
+200cp - Robot Gogo Dancer Assassins

100cp - Hello Agent!
300cp - I Do Hope You'll Enjoy Yourself: I like making people happy!

Free! - Mojo: *Soul Bossa Nova*
300cp - Twins Basil, Twins! ... No comment~

100cp - Modern Standards
300cp - Show Some Leg: My jumper has fab, fab abs.

100cp - Genre Savvy

50cp - Mission Briefing
Free! - The Big Book of One-Liners
100cp - List of Things To Do Before I Die
50cp - Film Library
100cp - Problem Solver

1500/1500cp spent!

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It's pretty weird that the fighter origin doesn't do any actual fighting.

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Age: 20
Gender: Female
Location: Neo Australia - OI OI OI.
Background: Gundam Fighter (100) - Fucking Kangaroo.

SAPs: I'll Do What I Can (100) - Bases = covered
Australia's Finest (Free) - I'm gon grapple the shit out of you!
Wrench Wench (200) - I ain't gonna be one of those faggots who refuse to get their hands dirty.
2x The Help (100)
2x The Man (200)
2x Secretaries (100)
2x Survivors (100)

Absurd Outfit (Free) - I need something flashy. Something befitting a death world. I know! A short sleeved shirt and short shorts!
Bandanna (50) - Naturally.
Hovering Cameras (100) - Okay. I have to admit, I gotta have these. Dis gon b gud.
Clipboard (50)
Multi tool (50)
Mobile Fighter (100)
Core Lander (Free)
MTS (Free)
Vulcans (Free) - VULLLCANNN
Beam Saber (Free)
Melee Weapon (50) - Something something top jaw rope.
Machine Cannon (50)
Martial Upgrade (50)

Drawbacks: Country Rivalry [Neo Kenya] (+200)
Devil's Delight (+300)

Alright, first things first. Get rid of that STUPID FUCKING KANGAROO GUNDAM.
Then I can replace one offensive stereotype with one lightly less offensive and more educational.
After that, I got nothing. I guess I can Croc Hunter my way through the Gundam Fight, stomping on Zebra Gundam every now and then. Honestly, I don't really have a plan, I just want to live a few years in this gloriously un-PC world.

Now that that's out of the way, a couple of jump suggestions. First, Shuffle Alliance. Second, I was kinds hoping for a Gundam summoning perk. No biggie though.

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POINTS: 1200

Start: Southern Desert (rolled) +lots of Zoids wander in it
Age: 21 (rolled) [F]
Status: Zoidian

Faction: Helic Republic (+200)

Skills: Machine Mind +can talk to Zoids/Machines
Core Research Analysis (100) +know the ins and outs of Zoids, better understand other machinery as well
Battle Instincts (100) +machines respond better, great battle instincts, piloting like breathing
Metalmending (200) +fix Zoids/machines at a rate equivalent to energy expended- internals heal slower

Zoids: Shadow Fox +Size M, 20CuP
-Core Enhancement (8) -L Size Frame, Size LL output
-ECM Suite (4)
-Changing Armor System (8) -Berserk Fury Model: Zenebas- 2x Heavy Ion Thrusters/2x 12 micro-missiles
Jagd- 2x long range cannons, 4x 8 missiles
Strum- 2x X-Scissor claws, 12+ manoeuvrability thrusters

Berserk Fury (100) -Size L, 25CuP
-Core Enhancement (8) -LL Size Frame, XL output
-Core Reinforcement (8) -greatly increased responsiveness/endurance
-E-Tank (4)
-Changing Armor System (5) -Berserk Fury Model: Zenebas- 2x Heavy Ion Thrusters/2x 12 micro-missiles
Jagd- 2x long range cannons, 4x 8 missiles
Strum- 2x X-Scissor claws, 12+ maneuverability thrusters

Companions: (300) +all 8, mix of Berserk Fury, Jagd Stinger, and Storm Sworder FX- Each gets a Shadow Fox too

Gear: Zoid Data- <>= bought by companions, {}= faction reward

+Size S- Flyscissors, Unenlagia, Mosasledge, Cannory Molga, Zabat, Sinker
+Size M- <Shadow Fox>,
+Size L- <Berserk Fury>, <Storm Sworder FX>, Dark Spiner (100), Gunblaster (100)
+Size LL- {Gojulas Giga}, <Jagd Stinger>
+Size XL- {King Gojulas}, {Whale King}, {Mad Thunder}, Death Saurer (200)

We're going to fly around using the Whale King as a base, and I'm going to upgrade the hell out of it with additional armor and arms, as well as a massive ECM upgrade based on Dark Spiner blueprints. I'm also going to start mass-producing the S-Size Zoids as autonomous drones.

>> No.40915762


....I find it ironic you added Zenebas parts to your Zoids though.

>> No.40915869

What's so bad about the Helic Republic? I thought they were the closest thing to a "good guy" faction that the jump had?

>> No.40915883

Nobody goes Helic republic because the good guys are boring.

>> No.40915922

196: Future Century Gundam

+300(1300) Devil's Core
+400(1700) The Master
+200(1900) Country Rivalry

-25(1875)Pick a Country: Neo Wallachia. Yes. It's a thing now.
-100(1775)Gundam Fighter

-0(1775)Country's Finest
-100(1675)ANSWER ME
-600(875)I Can Salvage It!

-0(875)Absurd Recognizable outfit - Vampire Outfit (Classic)
-25(850)Absurd Recognizable outfit - Vampire Outfit #2 (Modern)

Suit Building:
- Neo Wallachia's Dracula Gundam -
-100(750)Standard-ish Mobile Fighter
-0(750)Mobile Trace System
-0(750)Beam Rapier
-150(600)Powered Melee Weapon - Drill Fangs: Allows the Dracula Gundam to bite into an enemy mobile suit and drain it's energy
-400(200)2x Mobile Assistant - Mobile Wolves
-150(50)Battle Mode - Transforms from a bat-shaped Mobile Armor Jet, to a Humanoid Vampire with Bat Wings.
-50(0)Martial Upgrade - Fencing

-0(0)The Help: Kotono

Neo Wallachia's Dracula Gundam is not complete as seen here, however. A GN Tau Drive will be added, because Fuck Physics, I have GN Particles. I'll also use my experience with prior gundam technology to craft a few flights of Bat Bits, and a control interface for them. We'll incorporate the same Defensor tech from the Deathscythe Hell into my batwings/cloak, and some of it's stealth jammer tech too. Further more, it's time to put my mad science/reverse engineering skills and, most importantly, my nanomachine abilities from Iji, to dominate some DG Cells. I'll make them into... Okay, well, they're still "DG" cells, but now the D is for Dracula. They'll give me the option of making my bite infectious to 'recruit' some ghouls, help me regenerate damage, and so forth. But they'll be under my control, my iron will, so they won't necessarily go after pilots the way the DG Cells did. And the mobile wolves? I just wanted some mobile wolves.

>> No.40915932

Alright dude

>> No.40915947

Backing me up, of course, will be a panoply of mobile suits and giant robots from other settings. Nothing that'll interfere with the Gundam Fight, of course. But I'll have some help dealing with the external threats hounding me.

>> No.40915978

The Hellic Republic's main rivalry was literally just a dynastic dispute anyway. Screw the good guy stuff they put in the animes.

>> No.40916016

I'm not unfamiliar with programs like paint.net or photoshop. But could someone tell me what sorcery is required to combine what I'm guessing are individually created pages into a single pdf for the purpose of creating an imaged jump?

>> No.40916035

Nothing's bad about Helic. Just a little surprised. And >>40915978 does sort of have a point - even though the Helic Repulic in Battle Story is a bit more moral than the other factions.

Fun tidbit: Before I decided to shelve Battle Story as a jump - I had planned to write a continuation scenario for it...and let's just say...Helic would have ended up in a much better position than how the 117th ended up.

>> No.40916079

The main character doesn't even know how the hell to use his power properly yet, give it some time.

>> No.40916255

If you use a program like LibreOffice or Scribus, they come with export to PDF functions. Alternately, you get a driver that sends stuff to PDF files instead of to a physical printer.

>> No.40916278

But the Helic Republic has Godzilla bots with 7 barrel gatling particle cannons and super-sonic cannons!

What's more, you get the plans for this XL-Sized bot, FOR FREE!

What's not to like?

>> No.40916483

Wait just to be clear. In the Bloodborne jump if I become a Great Old One I fail but in any other jumps I don't?

What are even the benefits of becoming one?

>> No.40916533

Look, there's nothing to do in Bloodborne jump. Just sit still for three days and every single problem in the setting is gone. It's baffling why it's set up the way it is.

>> No.40916583

>What are even the benefits of becoming one?
It's really unclear, but you would apparently get a lot of tentacles and possibly become a cephalopod. Other than that, a big monstrous body, and some ability to manifest a dream as a reality though that seems to be something anyone can do in setting if they set it up right. I expect you would also get a very eldritch/alien mind.

>> No.40916642

So, just checked the archive at a friend's request to see that you guys were discussing the SCP Foundation last thread. Is someone making a Jump for the foundation, or was that just idle chatter? Because I am, and this would be twice that I've started one, gotten almost far enough to present an early version of it, only to find that someone else was doing it. I'm starting to feel paranoid, here, guys.

>> No.40916706

we are you anon...look behind you...


>> No.40916725

Right. I'm finally updating the Servant Supplement, mainly the Jumper Servant situation is getting officially fixed, along with some explanations on how some stuff like Ranks and Command Seals work. However, I have kinda hit a snag.

There's a whole lot of new skills in canon since the first release of this supplement but I also know a common complain was that the skill ranks were often empty. There's two ways I could handle it.

The first, the one I'm currently going for, is that I simply copy over the wiki's explanations and leave any blank spaces up to the individual anon to decide on or interpret.

The second, is that I do my best to fill in all the ranks with things that seem to fit the scale of the rank and skill, though a lot of it will be just common fan conceptions of the ranks.

I'm kind of leery of the second, especially because of arguments the last time it came up, so I wanted to know you guy's opinion of the deal.

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>> No.40916747

Some guy called Clover was making one way back. Three weeks ago he said he'd get it done on Friday, but he hasn't shown up since so imagine an IRL thing came up. Here's the latest pastebin as far as I know



Oh and uh. Don't worry about it, I myself was halfassing a Dark Souls jump before someone else made one.

>> No.40916755

I guess doing what you were already doing would be best. It's worked just fine so far, right? And also, thank you for updating it. That jump is one of my favorites.

>> No.40916757

I'd go with the first approach myself. Y'know, narrative device CYOA and all that jazz

>> No.40916815

Sounds good. Shouldn't take more then an hour or two. Unfortunately, given my lack of pdf skills, it might not look as pretty as the first one.

>> No.40916840

All I've got is Backgrounds(D-Class, Researcher, Security, and Special Containment Procedures), a few ideas for Perks(D-Class gets perks that make them useful, Researchers get research perks and resistance to madness, Security gets guns and killiness, SCP gets madness induction and various abilities), and a long, long list of possible gear options, all Safe-class, save for a few innocuous Euclid-classes by special allowance; a few are modified to make them usable. Example: SCP-006 is on the list, but that's a place, so you instead get a regenerating 72-ounce bottle of the substance from that place. So is SCP-038, but it's a tree, so instead you get seeds for another copy of that tree.

Given what I know now, I'd kinda like to keep it to myself until it's a little more... finished, in case the other author finishes theirs first, so I'm not stepping on peoples' toes.

If he finishes it, I'll just let it go. It's no big deal.

>> No.40916883

rip and 'borrow' from >>40916747 if he hasnt touched to project for several months and doesnt appear to be doing much.

>> No.40916905

Yeah, that's perfectly valid too. After all, nobody here has ever complained about content being stolen before.

>> No.40916920

That would take a lot of 'guts'

>> No.40916926

you forgot your /sarcasm tag

That's probably for the best

Dick move dude. No bueno.

>> No.40917029

this is, in fact, a picture for ants

>> No.40917120


>> No.40917194


The first one seems to be both safer and make more sense. Plus I'm not sure how you would manage the second without a ton of variants of 'basically this but worse' or 'basically this but better'.

Also out of curiosity will it be possible to get ranks in skills not on the list(a.k.a. skills that don't officially exist yet)?

>> No.40917229

>>40916642 >>40916840

>> No.40917300

I figure people want to know, so here's an early list. This list is not final, will likely be much, much shorter, and might include Foundation equipment as well, so, don't count on anything being on there, and rev up those search engines.

I have a guy who's a moderator on the site helping me determine which ones get added to the Jump. The main hold-up is that he wants me to go down through the list of EVERY Safe-class SCP to see which ones are possible entries on the gear list. There's more than four thousand SCPs, and a huge number are Safe-class.

SCP-005, SCP-006(as a regenerating bottle; might make people mad, so it might get the boot), SCP-010, SCP-018, SCP-038(regenerating packet of seeds), SCP-107, SCP-113, SCP-117, SCP-143(as a sapling), SCP-170, SCP-184, SCP-261, SCP-445, SCP-500, SCP-662(May end up being a Companion, though the actual object is the bell, so...), SCP-914(as a seed item for a manual to make your own; requires the use of the genuine article to get any use out of it), SCP-1066, SCP-1134, SCP-1161, SCP-1182, SCP-1184, SCP-1222(I think this one might piss people off, so it might get booted), SCP-1230, SCP-1278, SCP-1696, SCP-1958(as schematics to modify an existing vehicle)

>> No.40917318

Skills not on the list? You won't be able to create your own skills, if that's what you're asking. I'm adding nearly all the wiki's skills, with the exception of the things that were banned in the last version, such as Saver and BB's I Win skills and Cheat Skills.

>> No.40917327

Jumpers, what is the most epic adventures your companions have gone on, where they are the hero and you are either gone, the sidekick, or indisposed?

>> No.40917345

>SCP-914(as a seed item for a manual to make your own; requires the use of the genuine article to get any use out of it)
Wait we get a 914, but it's useless unless we use the real 914? Do we have to place ours inside that one or what?

>> No.40917349

My companions more or less solved Problem Sleuth while I chilled in a janitor's closet huffing mustard gas.

>> No.40917380

The idea was that you get a shrink-wrapped manual marked, 'Fine, 1:1, Fine.' If you can figure out how to use it with the real 914, it gives you a manual with usable instructions to make your own SCP-914.

>> No.40917407

So it basically just gives us a manual to make SCP 914? I don't see why you'd bother with the puzzle, given how even ordinary people can figure it out.

>> No.40917429

>SCP 006

It's basically a health potion, right? Maybe just do like other health potion-type items and have a single dose respawn in the warehouse every week or so?

>SCP 1222

I'm tentatively okay with it based on what I read of it, at least. It only seems to work on humans, after all

>> No.40917455

>Pixiv Fantasia
What on earth is this, why does an open project like this have such cool shit, and why am I only discovering this now?

>> No.40917498

A Japanese project centralized through their main "Original artist drawn content" site (Pixiv) where multiple artists come together to illustrate a "story".

Each one of these stories are told in phases, and they generally draw according to the phases' motif. Chances are, you've seen a lot of Pixiv drawings over /tg/ since a lot of them are used as character art.

>> No.40917512

The entries were, if they weren't the exact SCP, going to be written in such a way as to avoid mentioning the number they were derived from. This was to, essentially, "trick," people that weren't that good at SCP lore into not taking it. It also wasn't my idea; he likes to be kinda obtuse about stuff like that.

SCP-006 is the Fountain of Youth. Drinking the water from it de-ages you. This is effectively immortality for a potentially large number of people.

SCP-1222 causes them to not exhibit life-signs, which means they can be stored in the Warehouse, because they're not, "alive." It's effectively a stasis pod with a cut-off on the minimum level of cognition(human or above) in all but name.

>> No.40917548

Well, no one actually has figured out how the thing is assembled exactly. I imagine the reason you're made to use the machine in order to come out with the manual is because that requires you to access the original, which might be difficult.

>> No.40917561

>SCP 1222
No. If they're sentient, they take pods. Regardless of whether you put them in a coma first.

>> No.40917578

An easy work around for this is to murder someone, keep their corpse, and revive their corpse later.

>> No.40917585

Adding pods or pseudopods has never turned out well anon, just a heads up.

>> No.40917613

During the Slaughterhouse 9000, while I was Imagine Breaking Clones, Rose went to find out who the hell she originally was. She didn't like the answer much though.

>> No.40917615

>This was to, essentially, "trick," people that weren't that good at SCP lore into not taking it
Sounds stupid.
As for what you are saying for SCP-1222, this is a rather bad idea.

>> No.40917618

Oh no way, see >>40917561 only Jump-Chan's pod based brand of stasis qualifies as letting you take away sentients

>fountain of youth

It doesn't make you unkillable from violence or natural harzards though? I'd say it could be a worthwhile high priced thing, at least


Pick 1, there's at least one Foundation-employed alchemist judging by that one Hanged King spinoff SCP

>> No.40917659

It's also immensely edgy so. I'll pass on that.

>> No.40917669


>> No.40917670

Warehouse states that living things get booted. They're in stasis, so they no longer exhibit life signs, which would probably be enough to make the Warehouse count them as objects. Yeah, it goes against the spirit of the rule, but not the letter.

This is why I was tentative about it and actually said that it would probably piss people off and might get booted from the list.

Or take XCOM and Transmetropolitan, reverse-engineer Transmet's revival and memory digitization(background stuff from the story), and just clone them at the start of each Jump, adding their new memories from the previous Jump to the file.

>> No.40917708


>Skills not on the list? You won't be able to create your own skills, if that's what you're asking.

I mostly got curious since by its nature the skill list is technically incomplete by necessity. Mostly do to what skills are.

For example canon skills include stuff like specific martial arts and specific spells. This implies that the same should be possible with other skills.

You also have references to non-existent skills like how the Expert of Many Specializations example has

>Tactics, academia, espionage, assassination, swindling, rhetoric and a total of 32 other skills can be used with proficiency of Rank B or above

Yet none of those exist as actual skills outside that quote.

Although I have to wonder why nobody has ranks in Tactics when one guys noble phantasm is having an army.

>> No.40917721

They're living things. Working around it with semantics will get you shit on. It's best if you don't try to pull that.

>> No.40917756

I realize that much from reading the relevant pixiv encyclopedia page, but again, why is there interesting stuff of such high quality when it's a loosely guided open internet art project?

>> No.40917769

Which is part of why I gave the WIP list now, instead of potentially having it on the final list and people losing their shit at it then and shitting all over the entire Jump because of one option.

>> No.40917781

Leave it in.

>> No.40917793

Because Pixiv has a lot of good artists, what more does there have to be?

>> No.40917800


That's the thing about the warehouse; it's supposed to not be able to transport sentients no matter what workarounds you use apart from with pods. At least, that's what I understood QS intended from the start. Spirit not letter, etc. I imagine he didn't have long to think about jump legalese when he was initially involved in this CYOA stuff.

Anyways. I guess in summary my recommendation is: If you do include SCP 1222 just put a caveat in the notes that it can't transport living things through the warehouse if that's a real concern

>> No.40917801

Monkeys and Typewriters . Get enough people working on a project, and you'll eventually get some good art.

>> No.40917803

>attempting to pull a fast one on Jump-chan
>what could possibly go wrong

>> No.40917820

Japanese culture. They like, and are better at, working as part of a group and following rules of the group.

Also, quality of artists on Pixiv is generally high, even in the lewd section.

>> No.40917826

I think some folks are a bit jaded from the OC Donut Steels and assorted wretchedness from Deviantart. Like myself, in all honesty

>> No.40917830

That's not a fast one. That's a corpse. Get over yourself.

>> No.40917832

Sorry, but for the sake of my sanity and overall balance, you'll be limited to the skills on offer. It's why I'm adding in everything from the wiki so everyone knows what they can and cannot buy. Otherwise, I'm sure someone would claim Prana Burst (Antimatter) or (Nuclear Force)

EoMS refers to skills as in the common sense, stuff you learn and master, rather then Servant Skills. There's a bit of overlap, but it's workable.

>> No.40917835

Because the people who follow through with Pixiv are immensely dedicated to telling their story - they're all basically "authors" with the "a picture tells a 1000 words" mindset.

They're naturally good artists (that picture you had has a whole bunch of related pics to it - the Crimson Brigade) and the coordination in between individual artists is actually somewhat high - but they rarely interfere with one another.

It might sound a little hypocritical, but because they leave the "story" up to the audience's interpretation, they have the freedom to produce whatever is in their heads - without much worry.

>> No.40917889

Is that sword made of concrete?

>> No.40917902

You're trying to fool the possibly omnipotent benefactor that granted your powers and gave you a few limits. I don't think working around those limits is a very good idea.

Then again, interpret your benefactor however you like. Maybe he/she is actually stupid enough to fall for it.

>> No.40917910

Oh and Are we cool yet?
doin god's work anon

>> No.40917921

>prana burst (Antimatter) or (Nuclear Force)

I actually laughed. Because based on what I know of how Prana and Prana Burst work, I'm pretty sure trying that would ruin your own magic circuits like Fast Wheels at best, and blow up yourself along with the continent you're standing on at worst

>> No.40917932

For the Naruto Jump, it says that Nin-Animals work like Genin. Does this mean that they get a free background and 600cp to spend?

>> No.40917958

Probably, it was the craziest thing I could think of on short notice. But I'd just like to stick to canon as much as possible, since that feels like the path of least arguments.

>> No.40917970

Pretty sure I'm transporting a corpse. Nobody is being fooled.

>> No.40917997

Have you tried this:
I find it is pretty good for making Servants.

>> No.40917999

No bloodlines but otherwise I imagine so.

>> No.40918012

Or willing to accept your creativity with bemusement.
>"You can't put anything living in here, and if you try, it'll really fuck them up."
>At which point the jumper starts to fill his warehouse with corpses
>Jumpchan breaks out laughing

>> No.40918021

Fuck off.

Oh and that shit was linked before, it's OP and really goddamn stupid to boot, full of fanwank. It was rightfully shit on.

>> No.40918031

>implying it isnt some random anon from the multiverse helping other anons get their spark
>every anon's omnipotent entity is another 'walker from somewhere in exsistence helping anons get their shit
>and in no way are they secretly eldrazi waiting to omnom the various planes you visit

>> No.40918036

I helped add one or two things there years back, and it's certainly nostalgic but it's almost entirely fanon however, so it's not going to be used at all.

>> No.40918043

... But wouldn't half the fun be justifying it?

>> No.40918048

So some animals are actually capable of using chakra techniques? Do they just not need to use hand seals? I'm really not familiar with Naruto at all.

>> No.40918052

There is no way to justify it that wouldn't be repugnant.

>> No.40918054

The weird part of it is, there's a bunch of game-breakers like that in the SCP Foundation, and even if they can't be bought via the Jump itself, to a Jumper, every Foundation Containment Site is only lightly guarded, if at all.

If they wanted something like 1222, for fanwank purposes, they could steal it by hitting every Site and Area The Foundation has until they found it. The Foundation would be so busy recontaining the higher-class SCPs that they couldn't stop them, and even if they could afford to try, some of these guys have been on hundreds of Jumps. Millenia of experience and superpowers, many of which The Foundation probably hasn't ever seen.

So, yeah. It exists. Because it exists, it can be stolen. If they really want it, and want to use it like that, the only thing people in the threads can do to dissuade them is complain. And they can just choose to not care.

>> No.40918059

....I would hope not cause that shit be crazy.

Of course the following case won't happen...but what if you imported your companions who all got nin animals while having a team squad all with nin animals? JUST HOW LARGE CAN YOUR PARTY GET?!

>> No.40918065

Yes. Sage Mode is a super technique that's taught to people by ninja animals and is actually really powerful.

>> No.40918070

No need to be rude.
Sorry about that.

>> No.40918085

I'll be honest, I really want to give an Animal Glorious Leadership. I feel like any ensuing situations would be comedy GOLD.


>> No.40918122

All Animal Squad Naruto Takeover is a completely valid aspiration.

>> No.40918130

The settings start of so generic, you wouldn't think they would become interesting by the virtue of crowd-sourcing, which normally makes these kinds of things more generic, but there's so much unique styles all sorta lumped together, it becomes more interesting than the sum of its parts. I thought this was from MtG or something before I found realized Pixiv Fantasia was a thing.

>> No.40918134

OR the foundation wipes their ass with you via their normality anchor that they have, which take away all non normal things.

Foundation is pretty OP dude, you cant just waltz into any old site like its a candy store they HAVE done this for what 300+ years? more if you consider various pieces of 'lore' that states they could have easily done this many more times if not indefinitely.

TLDR: just another prisoner in their jail cells

>> No.40918155

>they HAVE done this for what 300+ years?
And jumpers have been fucking shit up for potentially tens of thousands.

>> No.40918171

There are plenty of SCP that aren't contained so much as babysat, who only let themselves stay there based on their own whims. Some of us are at that level and far beyond.

>> No.40918193

Yah, that thing is just not coming out right.

If you want, I'll give the link on what I had away, and let someone else do it, as deciding how to handle SCP loot/item costs and SCP interactions bugged me when it came up and I lost interest.

>> No.40918198


I've kind of always assumed Servant skills were basically a combination of 'skills in the common sense meaning of the word but usually/sometimes better than normal people can get at them' and 'this isn't good enough to be a noble phantasm so were tossing it into the skill list do to it having nowhere else to go'.

What did you mean by 'There's a bit of overlap, but it's workable.'?

>> No.40918243

...and it's made better by the fact it exists in the same setting as these guys!

>> No.40918254

I mean that there are a few Servant Skills that seem like they are also normal skills, but are considered different. Think of Charisma. As a Servant Skill, the upper ranks represent supernatural, or even curse like levels of Charisma. However, charisma would also be something normal people could have, even at high levels, which is where the overlap comes in. It's possible to possess fairly high levels of charisma without actually having the skill, but the highest ranks are off limits.

>> No.40918272

There isn't any specific SCP that can enforce, "normality," in any sense of the word, and The Foundation definitely can't. This is evidenced by how often SCPs breach containment.

For example, SCP-682. It escapes on a semi-regular basis, and it's nowhere near the level of a Jumper. They're basically just staving off the inevitable, trying to find a way to kill it before they can't increase the concentration of acid in its containment cell anymore. Every attempt to kill it so far has failed and resulted in it getting more powerful and breaching containment.

Most seasoned Jumpers can likely contain it indefinitely, if not neutralize it; its only power is adaptation, and that can only go so far, even in 682's case.

Unless I put in a caveat that they can't use their powers from previous Jumps, they're basically unstoppable, as long as they steer far clear of cognitohazards and memetic effects. And, if I put that caveat in, no one would take the Jump, because it wouldn't be fun anymore.

>> No.40918380

Hey, running all over the place as an absolute unchallenged powerhouse isn't any more or less fun than being powerless. You should have no worry for jumpers finding a way to keep entertained with SCP universe, mostly because if nothing else, they can pick a fight with the Scarlet King or make the foundation better at its job.

>> No.40918384

If you're a Prototype with double-stacked healing factor perks is it safe to say that you're immune to all diseases and poisons except ones specifically engineered by someone for you?

>> No.40918405

>its only power is adaptation
It can also eat and be powered by any material it can apparently swallow, so it has two powers.

>> No.40918407

That's entirely subjective. That said, powersealing effects are pretty negatively viewed if they're not drawbacks. As drawbacks, nobody minds them.

>> No.40918440

Since you seem to have a handle on things, especially in terms of items and insider approval, feel free to finish yours and use any parts of the draft here:


Just make it a good one.

>> No.40918472

>Just make it a good one.

I'll do my damnedest. And thanks, man.

>> No.40918483

There's no need for power sealing effects in settings where the power scaling reaches Lovecraft levels of hopeless for humanity. they are actually dealing with multidimensional horrors, just waiting for something to show up and fix the problem for them because the have no way of dealing with it by other means.

>> No.40918495


Even if JC is cool with us trying to find loopholes, keep in mind some jumps have an afterlife/souls. Rezzing a corpse might not have the intended effect if their soul is stuck back in a previous jump, frozen in time like everything else.

>> No.40918521

This was the plan. +600 Drawback that seals your powers. Highest return, just above the, "SCP-682 wakes up long enough to realize it hates you more than everything else in the entire world put together, breaches containment in fit of rage," Drawback, which is worth +300.

>> No.40918533

Wait is the Battlech jump done?

>> No.40918564

Think so.

>> No.40918575

Elder Scrolls. Black Soul Gem.

Any Dungeons & Dragons Jump. Thinaun weapons being available as a very minor fanwank(Thinaun weapons store the souls of those they kill inside them. They can't be brought back by any other means, and can be brought back regardless of time frame of resurrection if the weapon is used as part of the casting.).

Probably various other methods.

>> No.40918578

Hmm okay. I didn't realize that.

>> No.40918612

I'm kinda curious with all these people insisting on finding a loophole around pods, is 8+7 companions really not enough for you? Do you people even bother developing your companions in terms of character relationships and so forth?

....Do you guys really need that many people out that badly?

>> No.40918619

I suppose you could still have that million-to-one chance of being horribly unlucky, but you'd have to be... well, horribly unlucky.

>> No.40918635

>Guys you can visit over 400 of your favorite settings!
>Expecting 15 to be enough.
>Expecting people to pay for max pods when they're so overpriced.
Also, you're not limited to 15 companions, you know? That's just the most you can have out at once. You can have infinite in companion space waiting to be taken out.

Also I'm not even trying to get around it to use it, I just mentioned a way TO do so, because I could.

>> No.40918639

You're only ever allowed eight active Companions, podded or not. The rest are either podded, or in a nullspace dimension where time doesn't pass. Any you try to bring out in excess of that send a previous one back in.

>> No.40918653

You raise Good Point. I only have one companion, and she didn't have much of a life back in her world.

>> No.40918689

Eh. The benefactor's an omnipotent being. I would think they'd catch onto loopholes damn quickly, even if you tried to go "b-but it's just corpses and souls! It's not living, guys!" Unless they specifically say 'this thing doesn't count as a companion' (like Household spirits from Magi or the Daemon Weapons from LoT), it's safe to assume trying to game the system regarding living beings just don't work.

From a meta-reason, if people could just do it as easy as that why even have stasis pods?

>> No.40918690

A good point, sorry.

>> No.40918709


I just had a thought. What are the chances of the SCP deciding to use the jumper as containment a.k.a. going 'We can get them to take this stuff and thus its no longer out worlds problem. Sucks to be whatever place they stay in, but its not our problem anymore'?

I'm actually not sure why anyone would want to steal an SCP though. So far the safest one I've noticed power is 'we can't remember what this is'.

Wouldn't most SCP's basically kill and/or permanently horribly mutilate whoever tries stealing them if they screw up?


>as long as they steer far clear of cognitohazards and memetic effects.

Doesn't this cover most non-living SCP's and several living ones?

>> No.40918712

Are you just trying to insert and enforce your personal fanwank after their views and their behavior on everyone else? There's no rules against putting a corpse in the warehouse. You think it's a loophole, but you can't force everyone else to think so.

>> No.40918721

How dangerous is the Darksiders universe? I've never played the games but the 1200 CP perks look really attractive

>> No.40918737

You're allowed 8 without pods depending on jump, yes, but you can activate pods freely. Rest of the mechanics is up to wank - and some people do activate pods separately from their standard companions.

I'm well aware of that, I've seen the 2 - 4 billion companion count range before. Just wondering if people actually put time into considering what their companions turn out like or if it just becomes a "Companion Grab Free for All"

>> No.40918749

The fact that it is a possible endgame should probably tell you something.

>> No.40918759

Sure there's nothing against stuffing corpses in. But bringing their souls in with the purpose of trying to cheat things kind of goes against the spirit of things.

But like you said, it's just my view. So you have the right to call me a faggot.

>> No.40918761

Nobody takes stasis pods anyway because they're useless in the face of all these other methods. Just because their omnipotent doesn't mean they go "I'm amending the rules cuz you found a loophole." They meant it as they said it and would be disappointed in you for assuming the worst in them.

>> No.40918776

There are 'rules' in place to make it not such a shit show. Time travel and such is punishable by the horsemen or something as I recall. It'd be somewhat bad if people didn't listen to the Charred Council. Mid to high tier in the grand scheme of things but potentially way worse. Can kill most anything just by hitting it.

>> No.40918783

>Podpanions do not adhere to this limit
Please, if you're going to open your mouth know what your talking about.

>> No.40918790

How powerful is 235 kg/cm2?

>> No.40918792

A lot of Safe-class SCPs have no hazardous effects. SCP-005, the skeleton key, opens locks, including about half of the ones you can't actually tell even *are* locks. SCP-1066 is a diploma missing the signature field; if you fill it out you disappear for a few seconds, reappear having aged four years, and have four years of education on the subject you were thinking of when you did, with the caveat that it's information circa the mid to late nineteen-seventies.

There are a bunch that aren't dangerous at all, and just kinda... strange.

>> No.40918808

Eh. I take pods. I'm willing to make the "Pods work separately from Companions" amendment, but saying that they're useless isn't true. There are places where I'm not capable of grabbing an OC - and I'll use a pod for that. That's what they're intended to be used for.

If that means I have to choose, then all the better - this is a game of choice after all, not an all you can eat buffet.

>> No.40918827

They're not useless, but they're overpriced. Gaming things is something I don't really like doing too much, just because I'm not that petulant. I don't mind discussing or pointing out ways to do so, like I did with the corpse thing.

>> No.40918833

Not very, you can exert greater force with your jaw in real life.

>> No.40918894

682 is way worse.

>SCP-239 seemingly has the ability to do whatever she expresses a will to do. Put simply, the subject can do anything that she truly wants to do on a basal psychological level as long as she is conscious. Fortunately, she only seems to be able to affect herself and her immediate surroundings; therefore, "If she can see it, she can change it."

>Who the hell thought it would be a good idea to tell her about "Santa Claus" and then tell her that it was just a story?! Now we have another potential SCP to deal with, but we can't catch him because he is "magic".

>> No.40918908

Mary Sue.

>> No.40918918

I mean 239 is way worse and 682 a shit. Tired.

>> No.40918933

That's largely the problem with SCPs, because for a while anybody could make them, and because in its self contained setting "the sky was the limit", you end up with lots of crazy terrifying shit.

It gets so open ended that any jumper can go in there and just say "Well, I interpret SCP-XXX to be thus" and things will shift.

SCP-anon, watch your footing in terms of how you handle these.

>> No.40918945

Okay! Here's the new update. It should have the fixes below, unless I've forgotten something.

>Grammar/Spelling fixes
>Finally made it that Jumper Servants are built the same as normal ones, 1000cp and freebies
>Added tons of new skills and skill ranks from canon, just from the wiki so as to keep it close to canon
>Added a Statistic scale
>Noted that several skills are off limits, as well as the reasoning for them.
>Explanations on things such as the - modifier have been added, since the original pdf was made before much info was given
>+'s are permanent boosts to Parameters, but are temporary for Skills unless said otherwise and are Temporary for NPs
>Clarified in areas where EX ranks are mentioned that 'Only one EX' refers to only one in the whole build
>Removed Alignment Section completely, as it's both irrelevant and only existed so Nasu could make in jokes about Servants

>> No.40918951

There was actually a ruling on it regarding the loopholes. https://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/34077269/#q34086553 Way back in the day. So yeah, trying to trick them would get them angry. Besides, stasis pods are still pretty useful for when you want to take a canon character you want, or maybe someone else.

I dunno. Just seems like choices would be worth more if you had to decide things.

>> No.40918957

Apparently Straights' fingers aren't all that strong then, even as a vampire. You'd think creatures that can smash all of your bones with a flick of the wrist and casually shatter stone would be stronger than that.

>> No.40918975

Nah. It's not about the characters anymore.

They just want more, more, more.

>> No.40918998

A Piece Off Adult Literature that causes various urges within range while Opened. Kept in a lead briefcase with two keys kept off site.

>> No.40919007

Red, you realize it's trying to put restrictions on people.

Remember each time that happened before?

>> No.40919008


>Unless they specifically say 'this thing doesn't count as a companion' (like Household spirits from Magi or the Daemon Weapons from LoT),

Actually has it been stated anywhere that the daemon weapon doesn't count beyond assumptions?

I mostly realized the doc doesn't mention if it's a companion or not. Sure it being one would cause it to take up a slot, but it also means you can toss it into companion storage space and forget about it if you wanted to.


>SCP-005, the skeleton key, opens locks, including about half of the ones you can't actually tell even *are* locks

Important question. Do 'things keeping dangerous things and other horrors sealed away' count as locks?

>> No.40919016

Here's the thing. Some people feel that being clever is something that should be rewarded, not punished. You understand this. You also understand that forcing someone's personal view of jump-chan is bad, and have complained about such. So this really isn't a discussion that should exist.

>> No.40919029

Do you whine constantly in your life? I have no idea how you can function with so much concentrated bitchiness inside of you.

>> No.40919053

>post once
>apparently am bitchiness incarnate

Yeah okay bro.

>> No.40919068

Your post sure was.

>> No.40919085

>complains about people whining about not getting everything ever.
>Whiniest person in the thread.
Welp, I think we found a winner folks.

>> No.40919090

And you sure seem to be gunning for the position with your teen level over-reacting.

>> No.40919091

Generally speaking, "There will be no humanoid SCPs, or SCPs that are immobile, or that are geographical positions, available for purchase, without modification," is a hard and fast rule.

Past that, it's down to usefulness vs drawback relevance. 1182 made it in because it can make you invisible, but it only works completely if you're naked, and you can't use it to spy on people, because you view everything as being underwater while using it. You don't have to hold your breath, but people talking is reduced to gurgling and bubbling. If you don't have a reliable way to become invisible at will, this would be invaluable.

It's more of, "Does it take a key, or have some kind of reproducible mechanical or electronic mechanism that keeps it closed," than anything. So, probably not.

It could be used to breach containment on other SCPs, because electronic locks, but not to open the way to R'lyeh.

>> No.40919098

As was yours. We're all whiny bitches on 4chan.

>> No.40919104

Who is complaining? You're bitching that people have more companions than you. You're whining about inconsequential things that don't effect you just because someone isn't playing like you are. That's pure bitchiness.

>> No.40919136

Blegh, true. I just don't want to get to the point where nothing matters and there's no choice ever because "jumper". Probably just paranoia talking.

It actually doesn't say in the jump if it does or not. The talks I've had with Babylon anon kind of indicate they don't count, but at the same time you're right in that we SHOULD get a confirmation instead of assumptions. But if doesn't take up a slot, there's always chucking the thing into a star if you don't want it.

>> No.40919140

Seems to be a distinct concentration in these threads though. Especially in regards to the heresy that is 'limitation.'

>> No.40919142

>its a single player game so rules don't matter.
Right, taking bets now, are we dealing with an idiot or a troll?

>> No.40919152

>The Benefactor has a de facto personality
The what the fuck is with these arguments over not forcing a personality on them when they had one all along? This isn't something that can be glossed over, anyone who has ever interpreted jump-chan in any capacity is now, and always has been objectively wrong; this is something that should be enforced at this point, it's already caused irreparable bullshit in the form of more than one instances of >>40918761 and needs correcting.

>> No.40919179

Good luck. Anyone who tries will find out why QS stopped trying to control anything at all in regards to the thread.

>> No.40919183

What rules? You're literally responding to a post that was wondering why people have so many companions. You're not part of any discussion about rules, you're bitching that people have more companions than you do.

>> No.40919202

Or maybe it just means you shouldn't try to circumvent rules? The post doesn't put down any personality as the canon one, it just says that the benefactor wouldn't take kindly to trying to weasel out of restrictions. There's thousands of ways that personality can be interpreted.

>> No.40919204

If you have a distinct list of what's allowed and what isn't - that's fine.

The issue you should be wary of is "Jumpers who try to steal everything without being aware of subject material". Which...is bound to to happen - and while I won't say whether it's right or wrong, you as the jumpmaker should have a stance on that. Somebody is bound to pod 682 with the help of Scion for starters.

Ironically, he answered my question moreso than some others. If people are out to collect companions like heirlooms - yeah, that's fine, I just want to know if that's the mindset.

But if you have approximately 200 to 2 billion companions, and you still say that "You've developed each one of them such that they're an individual, and I'm aware of them just as intimately as an author is aware of his characters, including their relationships and progressive history"

Yeah, I'll have to call bullshit on that.

>> No.40919219

Is IRC asspain infecting the thread again tonight?

>> No.40919220

Troll it is then, since you obviously aren't paying any attention the the conversation currently happening.

>> No.40919230

Anon. You're on /jc/. Since the beginning it's been nothing but.

>Immediately blaming the IRC

Oh do we have a winner right here folks.

>> No.40919238

>someone's arguing
>it must be the IRC illuminati
Oh great, not you again.

>> No.40919239

I know what conversation you're replying to. Do you not know about comment chains? I can sit here and say that your post is STILL a whiny one, or that you don't really understand the issue, but that's irrelevant in the face of the comment you were replying to.

Also, calling troll on anyone that doesn't like your tone makes you look like an idiot.

>> No.40919250

Oy, how about you fucking assholes stop throwing shit like a bunch of monkeys for two god damn seconds and actually read over someone's attempt to contribute to the damn JumpChain?


Seriously, it's like fucking high school in here.

>> No.40919265

Crude. Rude. Yet effective.

Your post that is. Still reading the PDF.

>> No.40919273

I doubt that podding 682 would quell its omnicidal rage. And it can adapt to, and/or temporarily weaponize, anything that can damage it.

When they tried 807(plate that transmutes food into incredibly unhealthy versions of itself, i.e: cucumber sandwich to fried egg sandwich, then gives you a heart attack), it was not only immune to being killed by it, it was able to weaponize its heightened blood pressure into blood-based water cutters, for example.

Full list of things they've tried, and the horrible things that have happened as a result:

>> No.40919275

>Seriously, it's like fucking high school in here.
Well we did have someone claiming Red was the high school girl who can command people because her opinion was law. But I don't know if he was serious or not since it clearly isn't true from this thread.

>> No.40919287

Isn't there an SCP that can hang out with 682?

>> No.40919290

This is the beginning of the comment thread, referring to the "conversation" beginning here>>40917578 about a "loophole" that has been explicitly called out as not working, and bitching about it.

>> No.40919304

It's best not to bring up posts from two threads ago.

>> No.40919313

There are a few, it just wants to wipe out humans, it doesn't really mind things that aren't human.

>> No.40919314

You replied to an anon's question about why people have so many companions. That's what you were complaining about. Holy shit people here can't admit to anything.

>> No.40919315

The tickle-slime? I think that just caused 682 to release a wave of energy that caused intense euphoria in everyone near the area-- then it went on a murderous rampage.

>> No.40919323

682 hates humans almost exclusively. Everything else is fine unless it tries to pick a fight.

>> No.40919326

I think he's talking about the little girl that causes people that look at her to attack her.

>> No.40919327

You mean the one where Wild Card caused 500 posts of shitposting, drove off another jumpmaker, and broke some of our most important rules?

>> No.40919332

The problem is that for all of the "Measures" taken against 682, the list is hardly exhaustive, and in a greater multiverse that includes things like Mango Eyes, True Contracts, "Attitude", and other bizarre shit - people *are* going to presume the Jumper has advantage.

Worse comes to worse - they'll extract 682 to weaponize it and repeat with every other humanoid SCP. Data Drain/Savage Salvage.

Now - let me make this clear: I'm all for a SCP jump - I just feel there are some things you need to be ready to lay down the law on beforehand. Exploitation is the number one Jumper game - so...you should have a stance on that before people start.

>> No.40919337


Oy. Chucklefucks.


>> No.40919341

Pretty sure there was never any refutation to the fact that you can throw a corpse into the warehouse. People were debating the soul part, not the body part.

>> No.40919343

>All those options

>> No.40919354

So he should be fine with most jumpers.

>> No.40919355

>all these people insisting on finding a loophole around pods.
>just asking why people have so many companions.
Yeah, lying to prove your point doesn't work to well when the post your misrepresenting is right there.

>> No.40919375

Evolution's Child, yes. He still kills the shit out of anyone else that comes into the room with them, though.

Oh, and 682 and the Old AI seem to have some kind of rapport in which they both hate humans.

Oh, yeah, the Laugh Wave caused by exposure to the Tickle Monster. Heh.

"Assume that, whatever you can do to it, if it does not completely destroy SCP-682 instantaneously(in less than or equal to 10 ms), it will adapt to it and, if potentially usable, weaponize it for several days, up to a few weeks' time. SCP-682 has been shown to be able to, initially, resist, then become outright immune to mind control, weaponizing sound-based variants of it to devastating effect, etc."

>> No.40919380

What I'm reading here is.

We'll need an SCP JumpChain Drinking Game to go along with the Worm JumpChain Drinking Game.

>> No.40919384

Any time someone wants to kill 682, down the bottle.

>> No.40919394

I shouldn't be surprised you're illiterate.

>> No.40919403


The only one I can think of is a young child whose power is 'if your older than ten you will want to brutally murder her unless your 682'.

Which seems like it would create more problems than it solves.

>> No.40919409

Any time someone wants to kill Cain or Abel, down the bottle.

>> No.40919420

Anytime an anon tries to defend their favorite SCP Sue, bring the bottle down on their head.

>> No.40919421

Every time someone considers shoving themselves/a companion into 914 and setting it to Very Fine, switch to something stronger.

>> No.40919425

I sincerely hope you don't need to put a clause like that for each new SCP that comes out. (Or all the ones in existence)

>> No.40919443

Oh, hey. I know this game.

Any time anyone mentions the Montauk procedure, prepare for alcohol poisoning to hopefully wipe your memory.

Am I doing this right?

>> No.40919453

If that's what I remember it being then I bet the Justice anons will haven aneurism. It was one of the stupidest things in the whole setting.

>> No.40919462

You just know that eventually some idiot is going to submit an SCP that grants omnipotence and the ability to travel the omniverse.

>> No.40919469


Every time someone mentions eating an SCP, down a bottle.
Every time people finds a way to break everything with an SCP and a one-jump combo, just buy out the alcohol store. And drink up.

>> No.40919480

>Use Sharingan on 682
>682 resists, regains control, gains temporary Sharingan with powers greater than the initial user's, goes on a rampage assisted by the ability to perceive time as having stopped.

I may be making the Jump, but if I take the Jump, and that's an if and a half, I'm steering clear of the lizard. Any powers that can't just straight-up erase the bastard from existence permanently in less than the blink of an eye can, and will ninety-nine times out of a hundred, be used against you.

>> No.40919481

Honestly, you might want to limit SCPs to the ones you offer in jump. You'd never be able to handle it all otherwise.

>> No.40919483

Hey some SCPs are for eating, like various pills or such that you can gain benefits from eating.

>> No.40919491

You guys remember the Worm drinking game, right?
Any time someone SCION LEVIATHAN BEHEMOTH ZIZ TOHU BOHU ENDBRINGER KHEPRI SKITTER WEAVER, down the entire bottle and call the fucking ambulance 'cause you just got alcohol poisoning.

>> No.40919504

Fair point. Let me split it up.

>Any time someone mentions eating an SCP like 682, down a bottle.


There goes me liver.

>> No.40919514

I have a power like that. So I might. Then again I'm not even remotely human so he doesn't care about me.

That's really stupid and cripples the entire setting. Putting a billion and one restrictions on the jump removes agency entirely too. You're terrible at this and vastly overblowing what most SCP can do.

>> No.40919516

...So, apart from SCP based loopholes and shenanigans, could somebody summarise the efforts of the last 50 threads?

>> No.40919517


>> No.40919519

Ah, procedure 110-Montauk. The worst thing. The VERY worst thing.

But, it keeps a woman from giving birth to a legitimate elder-thing that would devour their reality by the act of being born.

>> No.40919527

>50 threads
That's...a bit of an ask, considering how quickly things happen.

>> No.40919530

Bad things.


>> No.40919531

Wild Card became a massive shitposter, wrote a replacement jump, and drove off another jumpmaker just to be an asshole. So that happened.

>> No.40919538

The usual /jc/ shit. We act like assholes, we throw shit at each other, the usual.

>> No.40919548

Well, we got an update for the Fate Servant thing this thread, but most people seem to be arguing over SCP instead.

>> No.40919566

This list may be of some help for the less valuable items.


>> No.40919573

fucking BITCH

>> No.40919579

SCP-682 is not that strong, and unless your wanking him to be artificially stronger than it actually is, shouldn't be that difficult to kill. This setting will be immediately irreverent if it becomes anything like as described, because jumpers will universally genre shift the setting because otherwise it will be intolerable.

>> No.40919580

>There will be no humanoid SCPs, or SCPs that are immobile, or that are geographical positions, available for purchase, without modification
Aw. And there I wanted to buy the Bladewood Grove. That thing is amazing.

>> No.40919581

"Aside from Jumpers that have undergone processes to become non-organics(reploids, cyborgs, etc), all Jumpers are considered to be, 'human enough,' for 682's omnicidal rage."

Adapt the procedures to changing situations. I'm even tempted to state that it can see through shapeshifting into animals using powers from other Jumps.

SCP-682 doesn't just hate people, people, it hates *everything*. That's why its anger is listed as, "omnicidal rage," and not, "genocidal rage." It hates *fucking everything* and, aside from a few cases, looking human is typically enough for it to go into a rage and try to kill you.

>> No.40919582


Saying good-bye to my liver.

>> No.40919588

Yeah, if he was as powerful as people wank him to be, then the acid thing wouldn't work at all.

Glad your ban is up. Your ISP sucks.

>> No.40919598

One Arm! Welcome back.

How've you been. How the devil did that ban happen?

Please don't read the thread 430. PLEASE.

>> No.40919600

I can freely shapeshift to a mechanical form. So there's that.

Also I'm not talking about fucking with your drawback, because drawbacks override everything. I'm just talking about walking around normally without it.

>> No.40919605

SCP-682 hates all life that isn't his. He still hates you.

Also, there needs to be restrictions. You think what they can actually do will stop people from thinking they can kill everything ever with the bullshit SCPs they put on those sites?

>inb4 someone pods Scion to make a loli then claims they turn 682 into the second loli to keep as twin pets

>> No.40919611


>SCP-143(as a sapling)
That was a thing. Even if it wasn't, Bio-Containment Area-12, which the grove of 143 is adjacent to, is a starting location; you could go and take some root cuttings and grow your own.

>> No.40919616

Well...how do you propose we prevent blatant abuse of SCPs? Or...should we just leave it completely open ended and say that SCP takes precedence over pre-existing rules? It's completely valid to create a very well written SCP....but it's also valid to create a Mary Sue SCP, which we've seen examples of.

To you, was the setting basically about a "Grab everything in sight"? Was that actually the intent of SCP? Or was their intent more to set up an "exhibit"?

I'm fully aware of a couple of SCPs which can be used to break settings - fine and fair. SCP has a nigh infinite ceiling cap anyways. But...if we're to offer that for a jump, then...what is it if not a Jumper Quick-E Mart? Go in, grab items, get out?

It feels like the whole atmosphere of SCP is being ignored here.

Threads slowed down a bit as content creators are slowing down with stuff. We jumped to 300 - 400 jumps quick, and...now we get a new jump every other thread or so.

Storms are about the same.

>> No.40919632

The thing about your fear of Mary Sue SCPs? The site has recently put more restrictions on SCPs and they need to meet actual quality standards now. So it's not going to sneak up on you.

>> No.40919640

No idea. Someone else's IP and post over in /k/ got me banned. Took 20-ish hours to expire, but now is done. So yeah.

Already read it.

Aye. That it do.

>> No.40919643

You know that just about any setting can be 'grab all the cool things' if you're powerful enough. That's just what happens with late game jumpers.

>> No.40919657

It technically doesn't. They keep having to up the concentration every so often because he adapts to it. Eventually, they'll have to switch to a different acid and do the same thing. Like I said a ways back, they're staving off the inevitable.

>> No.40919667

It wouldn't be able to contain him whatsoever if his adaptation was as instant and overwhelming as you painted it.

>> No.40919672

Just ignore them. They can't be reasoned with.

>> No.40919680

Quicksilver finished Dragon Ball and left. Two others left. More worlds were formatted. Some of those end worlds. A thread was made on QuestionableQuesting for lewd shit. Thread 430. General shitposting and faggorty.

Of what I can recall.

>> No.40919682

Aaaah~! Thank you. That's something.

Well. Random ban happened to me some time ago as well. What can you do.


>now we get a new jump every other thread or so
Is it really fair to say it's the creators that are slowing down? Wouldn't it be more accurate to say that the well liked and known settings are dwindling?

Ah, the Witcher dilemma. I've missed you so.

>> No.40919688

Oh, no, it's not instant. You can put him down. He'll just get back up. Even from total disintegration. Though at least that keeps him down for longer.

>> No.40919691

How would you turn either of those into a loli to begin with? I'm pretty sure there aren't any "turn anything into a little girl" perks, mostly because that's creepy. I can see finding someway to do it for scion, but SCP-682?

>> No.40919707

God it's really boring seeing people wank their favorite whatever. You're as bad as the "Gilgamesh is x100000 unbeatable forever!" people.

>> No.40919708

It feels like there's no good reason to pick jumper class, even getting the parameters up near other classes takes a huge chunk of points since there's no discounts, and to make things worse they only get one skill.

>> No.40919716

Well, if that's the case, then I guess there's nothing more to say about it.

No rules and just let them companion/buy everything?

I mean honestly, I don't think this argument is going to go anywhere. People are basically saying that "might makes right" - even if it means destroying a setting.

Might have a nice stroll with my pet 682 in Detroit. Put that city out of its misery.

Wonder what final fusion 682-Scion would be like.

>> No.40919729

Jumps have never been about preserving a setting as you left it. Some people do, but we've always had the agency to change shit. That's just how it is. Your precious favorites are going to get fucked with. Deal with it.

>> No.40919735

Unholy Heights has a gender retcon, Realm of Myths with Blessing of Rahab lets you shape things, and as long as you mindrape them both you can make them volunteer to be shaped into anything. Just be sure to get Goku to complete the set.

>> No.40919741

Who cares what people do with Goku post-spark.

>> No.40919742

New arrival from holy heights (or one of a few other methods of gender swapping) and one of many perks/items that allow you to reduce a targets age.

>> No.40919745

Well liked and known settings are completely subjective - and if you do a standard "What jump would you like see made" jump, you'll generally get a wide variation of them.

I'm also not about to make a jump on any of those settings either.

What is a fact is that our pace as a whole has indeed slowed down. The reason for it is not exactly as you think. We have...quite a number of jumps in backlog right now.

>> No.40919749

Ranma crossover.

>> No.40919752

Oh, I don't really care about SCP Foundation that much. I'm just relaying the facts about the setting. It's bullshit, not disagreeing there. But that is canonically the case.

>> No.40919753

Nah, just make it like you would have. Jumpers that can eat SCP-682 are already so strong that no it didn't pose a threat to begin with.

>> No.40919756

Well technically he's not wrong, the thing's real power is plot armor, because the inability for SCP to kill him is related to how popular he is. On the website you can't kill something off I think until it gets into negative votes, and as the lizard is actually kind of highly rated there it's immortal and will always win by fiat of it being too popular to kill off.

>> No.40919765

You do realize that a female SCP-682 =/= a female human?

>> No.40919775

Oh, you're shitposting. Got it.

>> No.40919783

Just another reason why upvotes are a bad system.

>> No.40919786

They actually disintegrated him once. It reduced him to ~1% original mass, in the form of, quote from the wiki, "a previously unknown form of matter, kept together by quantum effects."

He reformed as soon as normal physics was asserted.

There's a link to all the tests they've done a bit up the thread. We're not wanking the bastard, we're just reporting it from its original source.

>> No.40919792

Not him, but Unholy Heights also has a perk that allows you to give any Monster/Creature a human form. I could turn /anything/ into a loli with this combination of perks!

>> No.40919794

Did you ever grow your arm back?

>> No.40919807

Wait, do I seriously need to point out the absurd amount of companion imports that grant a human form?

>> No.40919815

You know mind controlling him is an entirely different kettle of fish here.

>> No.40919829

Sorry, got distracted.

It's basically there as the base class for getting lots of skills. I think the previous creator essentially made it since most jumpers would get mainly skills, rather then base parameters. It's the most freeform class, and it doesn't cost SP like the others do, so it gives the most customizability.

Berserker also only gets one discount as well, so it's not really unique. Your also getting Jumper for free, so a single discounts really all you get for your points worth.

>> No.40919832


Apparently you buggers are turning it into an Artifact now? I dunno. I'm going off of relayed information.

>> No.40919842

I remember someone saying they want to use it to get things off the shelf.

>> No.40919847

Honestly speaking, I'm just wondering this from the perspective of a jumpmaker - because this makes one wonder "Just what should be put on offer when you make a jump?" & this setting here provides me a good opportunity to consider this.

If I know people are going to go into a setting and grab literally everything - then...I wonder, why do I bother making items? They'll grab everything in the world anyways. And people confirm that by saying "item choices are useless when I'll steal it all."

But if Jumpers are out to grab everything anyways, and choice was just an inconvenience, why not just make a perk out there to grant every power imaginable and be done with it?

And finally it leads to "Why are we even choosing this setting at all? They don't care about the setting anyways."

>> No.40919850

Sorry, forgot my name

>> No.40919862

It doesn't retain adaptations forever and get exponentially better as more and more is thrown at it, considering it isn't still made of Dark Matter. Also, big deal, I can produce Dark Matter, and an infinite amount of the shit. If I were to even take SCP-682 seriously for a second, I have eradicated it from existence with the shit within the 10ms hard limit you tried to implicate on us.

>> No.40919863

Holy fuck, we're talking about turning monsters and gods into lolis to shackle to ourselves. What the fuck, I thought we were supposed to be better than /cyoa/, not worse.

The amount of mary sue fanwank in here is hitting fanfiction.net levels.

>> No.40919878

Not everyone takes a jump late enough to grab junk. Not all items are easy to get. Not everyone is a Magpie. You make jumps with the consideration that nobody has taken a jump other than Pokemon, unless your jump is specifically a sequel or connected to another somehow.

>> No.40919880

>And finally it leads to "Why are we even choosing this setting at all? They don't care about the setting anyways."

A good jump can cause the reader to investigate the setting, potentially increasing it's popularity. It happened to me multiple times before.

>> No.40919887

I need a good way to turn energy into mass, /jc/. I thought star trek replicators could make something from nothing but apparently they can just turn matter into different matter.
Which jumps have items or powers that let you create stuff out of thin air?

>> No.40919888

Just because someone, somewhere, will do it doesn't mean everyone will. Jumps are frameworks for a story or game at best. Some people enjoy bending the game over their knee, but /tg/ is always like that. Create for the half the part that doesn't and laugh as those that want all the power get it.

>> No.40919889

That... That sounds about right.

>> No.40919890

What's all this about turning Scion presumably from the web serial about superheroes "Worm" into a companion?

And all this about other companionised super beings. Was there a perk that let you convince them to get into a Stasis pod or something?

This is why I said no companions to the 682 Drawback

>> No.40919892

Oh, and people can care about a setting and yoink things. Your connection of "I like this place." and "I don't want to change it." doesn't always make sense. I like a lot of settings I want to tweak for whatever reason.

>> No.40919901

Naw, people here only care about getting more power and being told how awesome they are. Remember we had people bitching about the only way they feel "important" is if they kill the MCs and take their place.

The amount of people who care about a setting are minimal compared to people who only want to gobble more power.

>> No.40919902

Where are my panties

Where are my stockings

>> No.40919903

Hey /jc/, I don't want to rely on stuff like data drain because of it being some kind of weird not!magic.
Does anyone know of some alternatives?

>> No.40919918

I don't get when you people take over the top facetious posts from like two people then apply it to all of us. That's just dumb.

>> No.40919925

Some people do. Guess what? They're not all people. And hell, you're more of a problem than them. Wanna know why? Not only do you stereotype every jumper unfairly, but you complain about people playing in another way than you and accuse them of badwrongfun. You're the source of more drama and ill feelings between the various groups here. You're a problem.

>> No.40919926

right, anyway time for build, lesse if I screwed something up
Drawback: Servant
Background: Fourth War, Drop-in
Skills: Free Self-Control, Discount Relationship Flag (900)
Gear: Mana Core (300), Companion Import (0)
Drawback: What Spiritual Form (1050)
Class: Jumper
Paramaters: All to D (800)
Class Skill: Discount Item Construction EX (525), D Magic Resistance (500)
Personal Skill: E Subversive Activities (450)
Noble Phantasm: EX Rank Anti-Unit [TYPE-FIST] (0)

companions coming up

>> No.40919931

To be serious though I've got the Drawbacks down pat.

>> No.40919932

But see - if that's the case, a jump like this would have restrictions. We're getting anons arguing that restrictions are senseless and defeats the "draw" of SCP.

I don't...think tweaking is the issue here. They're not changing in the sense of modifying a setting, they're changing in the sense of basically seeing the setting as a store that they can pillage and burn to the ground, before moving on to the next one.

>> No.40919941

>one or two anons

>> No.40919945

Ignore him. He's just going off of hyperbole.

Sides, the cyoa thread hasn't been too bad of late thanks to that new horror cyoa.

>> No.40919947

No? Why the fuck would it have restrictions because some people aren't going to grab things? You're stupid as fuck.

>> No.40919949

Final fantasy 8
>Blue Magic (600) (Discount Instructor)
>A curious and obscure ability, you've somehow picked up the ability to learn Blue Magic in your studies. The basic principle is that many monsters possess special magical techniques, often employed through a special body part or organ. You can, with a little research and a complete dissection, learn how these techniques work, and how you may replicate them yourself using magic. What this amounts to is the ability to copy a defeated being's (monster, animal, plant, sapient, etc.) single strongest technique, whether biological or magical in nature, by examining part of their dead body. While this ability has plenty of potential, the single biggest caveat is that these techniques are often true magic, and normal humans just aren't capable of casting true magic except during a Limit Break. This drawback will apply to any Blue Magic learned from creatures in the Final Fantasy 8 world. If you leave this world, however, any techniques learned from creatures outside of it will still function normally barring similar restrictions, no Limit Breaks needed. The best part, though, is that Blue Magic is entirely reproducible and teachable, and though it's quite an advanced subject, any of your students may eventually be taught to wield the techniques you've gained through its use as well, or even Blue Magic itself.

>> No.40919953

That's not good jump philosophy. Jumps should be engineered with the assumption that they are taking it as their absolute first, and what should be on offer is enough to survive within reason, as well as some fluff to make it thematically more fleshed out with the setting, Priced appropriately as relative to all the other things on offer.

>> No.40919954

>10ms hard limit
Definition used on the site in several places for, "instantaneous." Parity, etc.

Wow, dark matter, good for you. Any amount of dark matter creates an obliteration reaction that takes out a huge chunk of the Earth's mass. You killed everyone on the planet. That's why they never used dark matter on it, despite having a vending machine that can dispense it in cups that are immune to it; nothing else is.

Seriously, someone got pissed about people talking about what they've tried to do to 682 and how he keeps coming the fuck back, claiming it was, "wanking." The only thing worse than that is people that wank over themselves.

>> No.40919958

So what? Who cares if someone doesn't approach the setting like you? Trying to impose your standards and beliefs on everyone is stupid and causes drama.

>> No.40919969

Lets do some Just Jumper things.

Post things you could see a jumper doing, no need to have necessarily done them. Big or just daily little things made absurd by a jumper bringing their multi-universe perspectives, powers and companions. Videos, stories, pictures, etc.


>> No.40919975

Have you tried being a Muck-Fothering vampire from Hellsing? I heard that they can use the skills of those they kill with some perks.

Hmm, I might want to revisit that Jump later, have some ideas for new Virtual related goodies.

>> No.40919977

You're telling me QS had bad jump philosophy? 'Cause that's how he laid it down honey.

>> No.40919979

How about you all shut the fuck up about what you think the jump should be and the let the maker actually get some work done on it before you bitch?

>> No.40919992

What's the second post have to do with loli Scion, anon?

>> No.40919996

>referencing QS
>In JumpChain

Son. You done goofed. You're about to get shouted down like none other.

>> No.40920004

You just reminded me, what is What Doesn't Kill Me based on? Because I think I've seen or played or whatever it's from but don't recall.

>> No.40920006

He built it that way because Pokemon was a jump that he made; of course he'd make it under the assumption that Pokemon is the only jump you've done.

>> No.40920011

Favorite color?

>> No.40920018

Have you...been reading the chain of conversations, or are you literally just going by the last post?

We're talking about this in the sense of "What should be put into a jump, given that a jumper has both the power and authority to take whatever he likes and gets away with it."

And yet, plenty of jumps have inherent restrictions. You don't magically become a god in Pokemon even though gods exist. You don't suddenly become a champion without putting work into it.

...What kind of restrictions are you thinking of here?

Cause honestly at this point SCP sounds like it should be a free for all hand out.

>> No.40920021

Some people are not going to be kind to a setting no matter what you do. That's how building a game works. Do you know how many DMs and tryhard PCs have blown up Faerun just to wander off with some random loot? That's life as a game designer.

>> No.40920025

That one from space, you know the one.

>> No.40920027

Scion is a grieving widow manchild. It's not going to be hard for anyone who took Perfect Communication Skills (not even counting other charisma boosts) to get him to agree to come with them if it means that they'll eventually find a way to revive Eden/The Thinker.

The actual problem is whether you decide to wank that getting his avatar into a pod counts, because there's no way you're going to fit the actual Scion inside a pod.

>> No.40920038

I can't describe it to you anon.

>> No.40920054

Soft Purple. Soft Purple a best.

>> No.40920063

That's some real nice false equivalence you're doing. I should've listened to the guy telling me to ignore you. What jumps have you even made?

>> No.40920071


Yeah I'm kinda boring. Sorry.

>> No.40920079

Honestly, that's fine. The question still remains: Do you design for maximum freedom, or do you design to fit a narrative that people don't care about either because of a lack of interest, understanding, or motivation?

>> No.40920082

Bluish-Yellow. Look at the image, cross your eyes, and behold.

>> No.40920091

>equivocating dark matter to anti matter

>> No.40920098

These kinds of images make me think my eyes don't work right. I can't get it to ever work, nothing that requires 'cross your eyes'.

>> No.40920102


Are you two confusing dark matter for anti-matter, or is this some setting specific thing that has the same name as 'this stuff we think exists because otherwise the math is wrong'?

>> No.40920103

It draws from many things, but I was thinking about what I heard of the Borg and how enemies like them come back immune to old tricks.

Blue, or Red.

Oh yeah. Wasn't the only way the canon heroes had a chance against him being the holder of like half of every power to bully him by convincing him to kill himself by showing him his desecrated wife's corpse?

>> No.40920113

I'm waiting for people to just accept math is wrong so we can make math that's not.

>> No.40920133

For UC Gundam if I take Laplace's Victory drawback what would Sazabi cost me?

>> No.40920134

Not quite turquoise, not quite sea green. More green than blue, but only slightly, and a bit pale.

If there's a difference, I am; the definitions of both route to the same entry in my brain. What's the actual difference?

>> No.40920142

Care to point them out if they're so apparent to you? Restrictions are restrictions, regardless of how they're worded: things that prevent you from doing anything imagination would allow.

>> No.40920144

With these 'start at the beginning' drawbacks I've been assuming you pay prices like you rolled the beginning.

>> No.40920146

You can have any color you want, so long as it's black.

>> No.40920148


>Yana: Free Command Seals, Free Self Control, Mystic Eyes of Illusion (100), Relationship Flag (0)

>Elizabeth: Free Combat Magus, Mystic Code Crafter (0)

>Selvaria: Free Exorcism, Holy Sacrament (0)

>Adam: Free Combat Magus, Family Crest (0)

>Lee/Clementine: Free Academia, Resource Acquisition (200), Thaumaturgical Focus (0)

>Quelaag/Quelaan: Free Self Control, Snake (0)

>> No.40920152

It could actually be your brain that doesn't do it, there is such a thing as eye dominance, and it can cause your brain to only really accept the input from one eye. There are some other ways to get the weird color combination, such as staring at a blue screen for I think 30 seconds then switching to a yellow, but I don't have a gif that does that.

>> No.40920157

You said you were a jumpmaker. What jumps did you make?

>> No.40920169

Anti-Matter annihilates with Matter. Dark Matter doesn't.

>> No.40920171

Oh well, just another way I'm some kind of failure.

>> No.40920185

Anything other than that? They're just both exotic matter, and one annihilates with regular matter and one doesn't?

>> No.40920195

One is invisible but very dense. And that's all we know.

>> No.40920202

I fail to see how that has any relevance to my question at all. Or does the quality of a jump dictate whether a question is valid now?

>> No.40920223

It'd give me a better idea of how you think.

>> No.40920238

Honestly he could say anything that's listed as being made by Anonymous and there would be nothing we could do.

>> No.40920240

I think the origin system handles both wonderfully. Drop-Ins are essentially the first, and frankly building Drop-In around steal all the SCPs would be hilarious.

But overall, I think it depends on the story of the work. SCP isn't much of a story. It's the kind of place you just dick around in and occasionally interact with hilarious doctors. So, freedom might be a good way to go. Build for what works for that world.

I think the idea is that you're trying to capitalize on an idea without granting any support to that idea.

>> No.40920261


Anti-matter is a kind of reverse matter that causes explosions if it comes into contact with its mater equivalent.

Dark matter is scientists notice that the math implies that the universes gravity implies that it has more matter than it should and develop the idea of a theoretical matter that has no interaction with anything besides gravity to explain the contradiction.

>> No.40920274

Technically Anti-Matter is identical to it's regular counterpart particles but with a reversed charge. Such as Positrons(positive) and Electrons(negative). As where Dark Matter only really interacts with the rest of the universe through it's mass, there are several theories as to what it is, how it works and such. However the only thing I can recall is that Neutrinos are technically Dark Matter, though they hardly represent the entirety of dark matter, and the rest of Dark matter is pretty much up for speculation.

>> No.40920292

Okay, so, both are exotic, both are theoretical, one is the exact opposite of regular matter, the other supposedly only interacts with gravity and is basically science saying, "gravity has to be right, or nothing else works, and this is the only way gravity is right."

>> No.40920297

Anti-matter is the thing the BBEG's ultimate laser fires and destroys everything except for the main character who can somehow take hits from it.

Dark matter is an alien substance related to black holes, but can also be the result of a comical relief character's bad cooking in which case it's an extremelty poisonous and horribly tasting lump or goo.

Honestly, most settings butcher their scientific definitions but these will cover most settings they're used in.

>> No.40920307

Yes. Basically everything we know is wrong and nobody wants to admit it.

>> No.40920312

>> No.40920319

I want a Leopardon

>> No.40920321

Alright then. Internal definitions updated.

>> No.40920331

>both are theoretical
No, anti-matter is known to exist, some forms of radioactive decay produce anti-matter, and we are able to produce anti-matter artificially with particle colliders. It's just really really ineffective so we can't produce it in large quantities, and by large quantities I mean total world production is well under a grain of sand.

>> No.40920344

The fun part is that we've actually made anti-elements. This includes anti-hydrogen and anti-helium. It's pretty neat.

>> No.40920384


Technically only dark matter is theoretical. Antimatter is more 'so far we only managed to make particles. Mostly do to being really expensive and difficult to produce.

However yeah dark matter is basically 'this is our best explanation for the contradiction'

>> No.40920406

>we only managed to make particles

>> No.40920430

The neat thing is, I wasn't even talking about that kind of dark matter when I mentioned it in my post about destroying SCP-682; I was talking about Railgun Dark Matter, which is just an unknown form of matter created though one characters special abilities, which I stole.

>> No.40920447

Kakine Matter ain't Dark Matter son, even if it got translated that way.

>> No.40920458

Ease off the fanwank there buddy, you're gonna get a whole lot of chafing

>> No.40920465

It aint even hard to nab powers son. Pick your battles better.

>> No.40920473

I can't help it if that's the name they chose to give it, but to be honest I feel like the name is fitting.

>> No.40920483


Enjoy having an exploded head

>> No.40920493

What if anon didn't take an Esper power?

>> No.40920496

Trek replicators _can_ do energy to matter conversion, it's just a LOT easier for the tech to convert matter A to matter B so they usually don't bother. Why do you need the former?

>> No.40920502

What are you even arguing about now?

>> No.40920505

.....You do realize that there's nothing actually Dark about Dark Matter right? That he even makes things...White with it?

>> No.40920507

Then you're either a magician, or you never went to the universe in the first place. Both end up in an exploded head.

>> No.40920521

Oh. You're shitposting. Okay.

>> No.40920534

I don't even know, if anon wanted to complain about a stolen power he could've picked a thousand others than to attack this incidental one.

>> No.40920541

I'm going to make a Mushishi gauntlet and I'm going to make it imaged. I'm not entirely sure how they work but I do know that they're perfect for settings which don't translate well to normal jumps. They can have special end conditions, end rewards, no backgrounds and tend to give 0cp to start with forcing you to rely on drawbacks.

I think Mushishi works incredibly well with those possibilities in mind but I'm not going to spoil all too much before I have something to show for it.

I would like to know if there are other gauntlets on the drive than LLtQ and Light of Tera so I can get a better idea of what is truly expected of a gauntlet?

>> No.40920544

>I can do anything!
>Doesn't work that way
waaahhh shitposting

>> No.40920549

It's actually possible to survive magic/esper interactions with out of jump skills. Gotta be able to bounce back from brain damage.

>> No.40920558

Someone asked for alternatives to power stealing perks earlier in the thread. I used Data Drain which lets me take for myself a unique attribute from those I manage to incapacitate without killing, should I chose to use it. I'm not entirely sure about the limits but I think the perk says I can't actively use anything I steal at the same time as anything else that I stole.

Yeah, but the name Dark Matter, due to associations with the real life Dark Matter, is synonymous with the unknown, being mysterious and what not.

>> No.40920563

Monopoly comes to mind. Honestly though LLtQ and LoT are the best examples because they are consired to be the most well done.

>> No.40920587

Alright, but if you do have an esper ability, you can't possess another one. Even with Data Drain.

You can regenerate from magic, but it will still be pretty crippling. There are workarounds for this, but there are no workarounds for having two esper abilities.

And you can't go through either jump without picking up either magic or esper powers at the start.

>> No.40920596

But, as I understand it the poster is linking back to the in universe concept of one person not being able to possess multiple Esper abilities due to how AIM fields work.

And...the jump is, as I understand it: take the abilities offered, or none at all. By the way though, Dark Matter eventually allows you to create Personal Realities, True Beings, Full Ability Mimicry and so forth. ...At what point does it start surpassing a Spark?

>> No.40920598

Duel-Skill has never actually happened in series so your full of bullshit.

>> No.40920607

So, a few threads behind the conversation, has any one brought characters from gurren lagann to hitman reborn? Do they just laugh at the will power requirements or is the need to be depressed first a barrier?

>> No.40920618

Please try to validate your claim that duel skill causes any damage at all.

>> No.40920619

I can probably name you skills that let you create personal realities (Esper-induction is a perk in the jump) beings (any cloning) and ability mimicry (tons and tons).

>> No.40920630

Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 06 Chapter 3 Part 3

>> No.40920635

Yeah, no, it won't work. Hell, in-universe Accelerator, "adapted," to it after being hit by it once. 682's whole schtick is adapting to things, usually while they're affecting it.

It's been affected by a crystal that had a 100% kill rate(SCP-409) before interacting with it and crystallizes things affected by it, including internal organ systems, and it just stopped being crystallized about two-thirds of the way through, partially exploded, and started regenerating.

It's been affected by a box(SCP-536) that can change the laws of physics, including speed of light, strong nuclear force, and fundamental charge, began disintegrating, reverted to an unknown form of matter held together by quantum effects which had ~1% of its size, then regenerated as soon as normal physics returned.

Sorry, your cribbed powers that you were so proud of amount to, basically, nothing. This is a thing that can change whether it's organic or inorganic to avoid destruction, can lose all of its, "blood," and continue to move and kill without it, reacts to being cut in half vertically by regrowing into two identical copies that go on a co-op rampage until one's too damaged to go on and is eaten by the other, and more.

These are all things that they've tried to use against it, all on the wiki as its reactions to other SCPs. Links again, in case you care enough and aren't going to just say I'm, "wanking," or whatever.

Main article page:

Termination attempts:

>> No.40920648


>> No.40920657

Is there a list of potential end jumps anywhere?

>> No.40920663

All in a single skill? Because Dark Matter's "limit" is apparently being able to break down reality of anywhere it goes and recreate reality. If Kakine was further empowered he could just wipe out your existence by Dark Matter alone.

And only other person who managed to do that was Othinus.

>> No.40920666

Your lying. There isn't a single passage with any credibility to back you up, most definitely not there.

>> No.40920667

You abuse of ellipses makes you really easy to spot.

>> No.40920675

You don't get cite notes huh.

>> No.40920689

You could post a screen shot if you had have a brain cell.

>> No.40920700

We're well aware of that. Very easy to mimic as well.

>> No.40920704

Accelerator didn't adapt to shit, he remembered how kakine's powers didn't fit in with normal physics calculations and accounted for it so his reflector field would catch the shit like it would normal matter.

>> No.40920708

Anon, you're talking to more than one person

>> No.40920710

So are you, Mister, "Dark Matter." And you're wanking to yourself, which is just a little worse.

So, if you wanna say it works, fine. Good for you. You killed the unkillable. In your own personal little dream world. You're on par with macro-fetishist furries and ponyfags that get off to crushing the lizard or using it as a personal throne/chair or whatever.

Throw the confetti. Crack the champagne. You win. Enjoy being the only one that cares.

>> No.40920721

Third party that finds your fanboyism annoying.

>> No.40920725

So are you.

>> No.40920741

Dude, that's not even me, but come on. Listen to yourself. Back up for a second and realize what you just typed.

>> No.40920745

Wiki says it does, wiki cites the book. That's good enough for most people, if you want to track down the book and screenshot the page that's on you.

>> No.40920793

I'm surprised that while I'm apparently really easy to spot, people don't recognize who it is. I mean, if it's that easy...it should only be a couple anons right?

>> No.40920794

The wiki link to the page for Duel-Skill was posted, but there isn't anything on the page that says what you claim it does.

>> No.40920798

682 has adapted to being thrown around by his shadow using floodlights(another SCP, anchors your shadow to the ground, letting lights throw you around), by forcing his entire body to luminesce bright enough to cause permanent retinal damage with minimal exposure.

He literally became organic in response to an SCP that obliterates non-organic substances on contact to keep himself from dying. While floating in acid in his containment cell, a corpse for all intents and purposes.

And even if it is only tactical, what Accelerator did was still adaptation.

I've seen those damn pictures. They are indelible marks on my brain now.

>> No.40920809

>An esper having more than one ability has been concluded as a theoretical impossibility, though this does not stop researchers from putting the theory to the test. According to Tsukuyomi Komoe, espers' brains cannot handle too many abilities.[3]

Cite note 3 being the page number I posted at you.

>> No.40920817

I do, but unless I get some solid evidence I can't exactly work up a mob.

>> No.40920829

The most evidence for your argument is the claims of Tomoe. Which, your citing the musings of a high school teacher as the basis for your argument, after in the same line establishing that it hasn't really happened before. I like Tomoe, but I don't think she should be a credible source on these things.

>> No.40920841


>> No.40920847

That's silly, when have you ever needed evidence to work up a mob? Just do a bit of namecalling and try to aggravate me.

>> No.40920850

If she's your only source it's more reliable to accept what she says than to ignore it.

I honestly don't care if you get Dark Matter personally, but I don't like it when people ignore evidence.

>> No.40920854



>> No.40920855

Anonymously teleport a cross section of a small, fully-furnished cottage onto the moon, about twenty klicks from the first Apollo site.

Hallow the Senate and House chambers with a Zone of Truth.

>> No.40920864

“Wait…wait a second! Does that mean that Kazakiri is an esper who has both Metamorphosis and Teleport abilities at the same time?”
“Kamijou-chan, the possibility of a Dual Skill User has been confirmed to be impossible
due to it causing too much burden to the brain. But sensei’s next hypothesis may be
even more unbelievable.”

The relevant text. She is clearly referring to authoritative research.

>> No.40920868

So who should be a credible source if the author isn't going to clearly detail the boundaries of the ability? Because Dark Matter can be used as Spark material and I'd be keen to know where the boundaries get drawn and by who.

Sounds like you won Jumpchain already

>> No.40920880

The Spark is defined by unrestricted omniversal travel, not any obtained power ceiling.

>> No.40920890

The only thing I know about this movie is one piece of fanart on /co/ of the girl literally being inside out. What can you tell me?

>> No.40920896

Which is possible due to Dark Matter distorting laws of reality. By removing any concept of physics, things such as universal boundaries become rather irrelevant. Dark Matter does not follow physics. It doesn't follow a power ceiling, it's in a realm of its own.

>> No.40920905

>MFW I imaging jumping to this setting after watching the commercial but knew that it was unlikely I was ever going to see it made

Brows, I love you.

>> No.40920908

As expected, unrealistic fanwanking to cause shitstorms was always one of your specialties.

>> No.40920909

You can't cross multiverses till post jump. Simple as that. Regardless of what level of power you pull

>> No.40920919

Ignore him anon, he does this kind of thing all the time.

>> No.40920925

nah mate. That's never been a rule. Just means you ended your chain early.

>> No.40920933

How is it unrealistic? Read the description of even how Kakine uses the ability. It doesn't follow laws of known physics. Physics is how we've defined dimensions and how we understand the universe. If Dark Matter can operate under a separate set of laws, then why is it unrealistic to keep it confined within human boundaries?

>> No.40920934

Feels that have feels make their girl feel feels. however, two of the feels get lost and have to get back to feels central so they can make sure their girl feels the right feels.

However, the feels unfeelingly make the audience feel feels instead.

I know that feel.

>> No.40920948

It's adorable that you whine about physics when half the jumps are about literal magic.

>> No.40920956

This...>>40920925, is generally what happens. If they achieve spark through other means...well, they're not a jumper anymore.

>> No.40920958

That's effectively the same thing.

>> No.40920966

Oh, I dig emotion powers.

>> No.40920967

Their Dying Will flames would literally pierce the heavens. I don't think Lagann is the best jump when it comes to willpower though. One Piece is. The Will of D. is an indomitable willpower and importing someone like Luffy to Lagann should be hilarious.

>> No.40920990

>Luffy with Spiral Power

i'm no antispiral but son do you WANT the spiral nemesis to happen

>> No.40921002

I neither see how it's unrealistic or fanwanking if that's what the ability allows me to do. If it does end jump as >>40920925 then what's the big deal?

You're whining about me apparently whining about physics when I have no clue why you're calling a canon ability unrealistic fanwanking.

>> No.40921053

Damn this jump is dangerous. You don't have any powers as default and you can lose your companions forever. Yeesh. I would say "Companions that fall into the memory dump are gone until the jump's completion" instead of that.

>> No.40921059

I don't get what use Melancholy is. How often can you touch people's memories after this?

>> No.40921069

I don't think that makes sense. Crossing a multiverse does not give you cp by itself or any of the great things Jumpchan provides us with. The only way it could be abused is by visiting end jumps' universes and somehow stealing powers there. I really, really doubt that's something to worry about once a jumper is powerful enough to reach that universe and survive there without help in the first place. I mean who cares if you go take a dump in Umbridge's office/cell every few years?

I have absolutely no idea how someone would go about crossing multiverses though. I don't believe there's a reason to ban it but in practice I doubt it's even possible.

>> No.40921075

Too bad for you, it's banned. No ifs ands or buts.

>> No.40921077

oh, i wanted to make it so that you can turn whatever memory someone's thinking about temporarily sad after the jump whoops

>> No.40921086

Are you the Jumpmaker anon who was arguing to put restrictions on things by any chance

>> No.40921101

Nope, funny enough I don't agree with that person necessarily. I just think we need certain hard rules, and this has always been one of them.

>> No.40921106

Because there's frankly no point to having any sort of time limit to jumps at that point. Or even to jump at all because you have a Spark for all intents and purposes.

>> No.40921111

I'm sorry, but that's not the reason Duel Skill is impossible. Duel skill is state outright to have never happened. Ever. Multiple powers just don't manifest in espers, because the nature of their powers prevent it in the formative stages. Having multiple powers is something that just doesn't happen. Data Drain doesn't make me manifest the ability, it just takes it from its user and plants it in me, creating an unprecedented situation, anything could happen. Except that's wrong, only one thing is going to happen; I'm going to live and have Kakine's powers. Duel skill is possible to, because Rikuo is outright stated to be able to make them happen if she reached level-five

>> No.40921113

You kinda missed the part where I said I don't think it's possible. I don't even know why you'd want to cross multiverses anyway when Jumpchan provides you with so much more and it's pretty disrespectfull to go have fun somewhere else when she did all that work for you.

You should stay of the salt though. There are many healthier alternatives when it comes to flavour food.

>> No.40921132

He's the same shitposter as the last few threads. His shitposting style is the same anyway. Don't respond to him.

>> No.40921136

look you should probably be avoiding the memory dump anyway

it's bad news

>> No.40921140

Think you responded to the wrong person.

>> No.40921142

>This thing that has been stated to be impossible is totally safe.
>I know because someone said this thing that hasn't happened and has no precedent could do it, with no mention of the safety.

>> No.40921161

The author said so Shitposter.
Shut-up, Leave, and kill yourself.

>> No.40921164

Too bad I can't fly. Oh wai- No. Your jump removes powers while there. Damn. Aren't I basically pre-jumping days self with added insanity and poorly designed survival instincts now? Like, seriously, I would have to constantly remind myself that I can't fly before I end up jumping out a window and dying.

>> No.40921187

So would it be possible for us to evolve into one of the super emotions?

>> No.40921195

it's harsh, i know, but otherwise it becomes way too easy to break stuff

>> No.40921199

That doesn't make it valid.

>> No.40921210

...That's the exact same situation for practically every other jump.

>> No.40921214

Isn't that what jumping is all about though? Entering into a setting as a massive OCP and wrecking all the things merely by existing?

>> No.40921215

the super emotions are inherently bad for their host and will invariably result in emotional shutdown or severe injury if left unchecked.

theoretically i suppose you can by assuming direct control yourself

if you really want to go home, that is

>> No.40921222

We get an old spark not a new spark. This makes it so you become almost omnipotent the instant you get it. The way QS designed the Dragon Ball jump, explicitely impliticely allowing a jumper to gene himself into a Saiyan, you could succesfully end your chain and get your spark in less than 5 jumps. You only need a perk that allows you to genetically engineer stuff, a perk that speeds up training and a willpower perk.

That's how things are now. It might be so that QS changes this once he returns and I hope he does. A shitty powermaxing/speedrunning jumper doesn't to break any rules at all and there's no real way to prevent them from doing it.

Note; if someone intends to start a shitstorm about the 5 jump stuff, he should go through the Archive to when QS the Dragonball jump and look through what was said back then. Don't argue facts with feels even if your feels are justified. I don't like it either.

>> No.40921229

Aww. I wanted to be Despair since I have a lot of Sorrow-themed powers already but Sadness is too nicey-nicey and all about being close to people.

>> No.40921230

Pretty much. Some people disagree for whatever reason though.

>> No.40921233

Reading through the thread, I'm bemused by this, since I use ellipses all the time for stylistic emphasis. How many ellipses should I put here?

That being said, I'm just here to give a heads up to folks that I'm taking Ragnarok Online and giving it a third (and final) revamp. Naturally, I'm only saying this because last time I made a change, some people wanted to use the old version, which I'm fine with. You should back up the old version or something.

What changes are to be expected?
*Scenarios: They took up a good 50% of the jump last time. Expect them to take up a good 70% of the jump this time.

*Scenario CP cap: Will be raised a bit.

*Perks: I'll revisit the first version, and see what perks I scrapped, and give them a 2nd look, in addition to some other stuff that I missed on 2nd revision. Shouldn't be anything too drastic.

*Formatting: Hopefully I'll get it so that this time it's not that hard to read 100+ pages. No promises.

Barring anymore work shifts made to kill me, I should have it all finished, along with a couple other WIP jumps.

This was a courtesy notice and that's about it. I don't expect many comments to be honest, but if you have something you want to see, shoot by all means.

>> No.40921242

Why does it bother you if someone wants to have a short chain?

>> No.40921244

Well then , I'm sure you can cite your source.

>> No.40921246

You do know that the resident protagonist Saiyan in DBZ died at least once, right? You can't die even once without failing, so you're going to have to try harder than that.

>> No.40921251

Because he only wants people to play exactly like him and if they don' they're wrong. People like him are insane and should be ignored.

>> No.40921255


Jumpchain was never about being OP. It's, at least in my eyes, about making an interesting story.

and really if you want to go into someone's mind and blow up headquarters or long-term memory, you're better off just lobotomizing them anyway, it'll get the same results

>> No.40921278

Anything gonna be taken from that sequel?

>> No.40921279

I don't wanna blow things up, I just wanted to amuse myself by mess with the locals a bit by flying around, maybe call myself apathy or something. I'm not the kind of person to go out and murder everyone but think everything will be alright because I can rez them. I'm a Wizard, not an asshole.

>> No.40921284

Why would someone having external powers make for an uninteresting story? Who says we would even wreck shit? What if we want to use our powers for the good of our host, instead of fucking things up?

There is absolutely no reason to make power loss mandatory.

>> No.40921296

Marvelous. Everything in this post is marvelous.

Will scenarios already there be left there?

>> No.40921306

I'm bleeding.

>> No.40921323


>> No.40921324

Tell us about it in greater detail.

>> No.40921331

Did you bump into someone edgier than a razor blade factory?

>> No.40921344

RO 2 didn't have very much that RO doesn't have to be honest. I look some of the manhwa and put it into scenarios. Professions are the only thing I'm considering as perhaps unique from 2, and even then it's not that unique.

The Job system in RO2 was even more simplistic than RO1, so I'm not going to touch too many of those perks.

Basically all of the MVPs in 2 have already been addressed, and plot lines weaved into scenarios.

No changes to existing scenarios.
Scenario 1 gets a Sequel Scenario.
Scenario 5 gets a Sequel Scenario.
Some other scenario stuff as well, mostly a Culmination Scenario to reflect your choices made during the jump.
All optional, as usual.

>> No.40921393

Dug up the text on Takitsubo and Dual Skills in Index/Railgun.

>> No.40921492

If you're>>40921161 that isn't the author speaking, nor does it say its safe, if you're just some do-gooder bring information, thank you kindly for your service.

>> No.40921505

Ever seen an argument where you think both sides are kinda stupid? Yeah.

>> No.40921520

To be honest, that isn't even necessary. I don't know what the hell the Anons earlier were arguing over, but multi skill is shown to be possible already, if done clumsily through level upper. What data drain would be doing amounts to taking Kakines personal reality away from him, which is entirely reasonable and safe if it works on the same principles of multi-skill.

>> No.40921548

I'm just the guy that pasted the quote from Komoe before. That time I was worried if the chapter said anything of the sort, since the accusations were pretty hot. This time I was just more curious about the actual context/wording.

(PS:because it's not obvious, the person in the helmet doing most of the talking is the ITEM liaison)

>> No.40921562

Okay 1. that involved hijacking other peoples brains, essentially just using the multi-skill user as a conduit for other peoples abilities, 2. this is what happens when you do that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQm0F0QhR-8

>> No.40921569

Just your average day in /jc/. If jumpchan is real, we're the exact reason offers to go on a journey to multiple dimensions aren't a thing.

>> No.40921618

Considering the first place she dumped my jumper was Ravenloft, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't care and just dump you into a setting that's utterly vicious as a trial by fire to see if you're actually worthy of being a Jumper.

>> No.40921625

Multi Skill draws on multiple personal realities. What makes Duel Skill supposedly impossible is that multiple skills can't come from the same personal reality. If I have my personal reality, and Kakine's personal reality, I bypass that difficulty, and start to run out of brain space. Or, I would, except I can use magic, technology, or generally any number of solutions to the problem of not enough processing power, most relevant is the suggestion of a neural network similar to the one created by level upper, the Misaka network, or a technological example, Tree Diagram. I admit that level upper fucked up, but it was badly engineered, and comparatively, the Misaka network has never had this problem.

>> No.40921637


-Moved Locations to after Origins to avoid confusion.

-Reworked Emotion Form. Credit to eagerDigger for the excellent idea.

-Melancholy lets you make people's memories sad if you're not in their head.

-Whoops I left the end options blank! Fixed that.

-Added a couple notes.

>> No.40921658

I don't remember who made Railgun and Index but he posted something a few days ago about him wanting to fix the spy background so we could do both jumps. Is that something for the near future or are we still save to make builds for one of them without it becoming invalid in a matter of days?

>> No.40921665

Can't the Misaka network turn Misaka into a level 6 when boosting her specifically?

>> No.40921693

Why is there no option to pick your host?

>> No.40921701

Level upper was half assed just as an excuse to get access to Tree Diagram though, so it's not like it was a serious project. Though it seems like multi skill systems like it will cause issues for everyone involved if you leave them on all the time, so like implant into everyone a device to switch people in and out of the network to prevent undue stress.
That's just by shoving enough AIM into her to force a level up, it's not like she had any real control over it, and it was still a plan that involved her exploding.

>> No.40921722

It was Reploid or Rising if I recall.

>> No.40921737


Pic related
Have fun your your chuuni hosts, jumpers

>> No.40921738

I don't think Reploid is going to change it particularly soon, though I don't think he is changing the Railgun jump, just Index.

>> No.40921774

because it's 4 am and i'm jumpmaking while tired

it's the best idea

>> No.40921815

To maintain the multi-skill system without it manifesting as an artificial angel or similar, you basically need far greater external processing boosters and memory. The problem is that the network boosts the power of everyone connected, using the brains of everyone connected. It's unreasonable to assume this will work out well, so the best and most functional alternative is Bio-magitech that take the place of people in the neural network. Theoretically, I could induce the Esper curriculum onto an artificial brain if it has to be an Esper for it to work.

>> No.40921876

That Esper/Dual Skill discussion is lasting for an entire thread and I don't have any idea what it's all about. I'm assuming it's good stuff to have been capable of unleashing such a long discussion. Could someone give a short of summary of it?

>> No.40921895

It's just a conversation about the feasibility/mechanics/consequences of having more than one Esper Ability.

>> No.40921902

Actually I wasn't talking about the AIM burst but that it was stated that you don't want to have people run on a brainwave pattern that isn't their own, as that was stated to be dangerous. Still though the AIM burst was something that had to develop, if you cut the network from time to time it shouldn't ever really develop in the first place.

Personally though I was just thinking of implanting some cybernetics into people to rewrite their brainwave patterns so that everyone gets linked up, or gets reset, and only link up when you have need. Rather than any kind of long term thing. Besides that you could shove a lot more processing power into those cybernetics than the person's regular brain depending on what setting's tech you are using to make them.

>> No.40921918

Raildex metaphysics abuse. It's almost like discussion on the potential and capabilities of nasuverse magic in combination of DnD magic in combination with magitech from ff6.

>> No.40921932

>It's almost like discussion on the potential and capabilities of nasuverse magic in combination of DnD magic in combination with magitech from ff6.
How is it like that at all? That's crossover shit and totally the realm of fanwank. Dual Skill is something actually talked about in the source.

>> No.40921944

Exterior could guide her around. You just need to have your brain be Exterior, and the part of the neural network being boosted simultaneously.

>> No.40921947

Relax, go ahead and do it. It won't be done for a while, and it's a simple matter of modifying the Spy capstone to do something if you buy it in both jumps. Aside from that, the notes page.

May add companion imports in Megaman X (and an extra item for D-Ranks) and Team Fortress 2, and a true companion import in Battle Network, but that's a ways off.

>> No.40922027

Because several powers, including Kakine's Dark Matter have the potential for in built solutions for this problem; telepathy I'm pretty sure is it's own solution. Each Esper power has wildly different standards and when talking about things like multi-skill, duel-skill, and solutions to the problems innate, you practically have fanwank before considering that this is jumpchain and the original poster Data Drained the power out of Kakine, something that spurned this easily avoidable conflict had he just used Blue Magic instead.

>> No.40922039

I'm a bit stumped here. I want to make a jump with images but I can't wrap my mind around how it's done technically. I can easily make individual pages in photoshop but only individual ones. What program do you use to create one of those fancy .pdf jumps with multiple pages?

>> No.40922040

And how do you suggest we make that work?

>> No.40922059

I'm pretty sure someone asked this question earlier in thread, if you ctrl+f it you should find the solution.

>> No.40922066

I don't think blue magic would have really given a different result for the argument. Best way to avoid the argument that happened I think would have instead to have podded Kakine. Because power stealing abilities always seem to be contentious.
Depends on the program you are using, though there are various Image to pdf options on the internet where you upload the images and it gives you the pdf.

>> No.40922097

Use an online pdf converter. Upload your pages onto the site and press the button.

This one works without you having to mess with any settings, though it gives you some shit when you try and convert more than one thing a day. Clear cookies and repeat the process if you need to.

This, like many others, needs you to change margin to 'none' and page size to 'fit image'.

If filesize is too large to upload to 4chan, run it through this. If I'm not wrong the limit is 8MB.

What jump are you making?

>> No.40922110

The definition of Blue Magic, at least Blue Magic from FF8, copies true magic or biological abilities through a more structured magic equivalent; If doesn't steal the ability, or even copy it, it recreates it with FF8 magic systems.

>> No.40922121

That would also be me. The explanation was too technical for me and I felt ashamed enough to ask it again 7 hours later.
>though there are various Image to pdf options on the internet where you upload the images and it gives you the pdf
Is that it? You make individual pages in your preferred program and have to combine them later? I thought there was some sort of secret program everyone was using. I'm blaming the EU heatwave for my stupidity. Thanks though.

>> No.40922122

Thing is, people would still bitch, because they disagree with the idea of people getting some powers, I'm not entirely sure why they get so upset about it though.

>> No.40922139

I know that there are ways to get various programs to save multiple images into a pdf, but I don't actually know those ways, and usually people talk about the convert to pdf websites.

>> No.40922186

Thanks, Reploid. That list is definitely going to save me a lot of headaches later on. In fact I think I'll bookmark the archive page later.

I'm making a Mushishi gauntlet. The world of Mushishi is not fit for a generic jump but it's too beautiful and interesting to ignore. I hope my gauntlet will turn out the same.

>> No.40922224

Well, as long as you make sure that you use the grid function instead of eyeballing it, individual boxes for individual perks, and try not to make huge lists, you can't really go wrong. All the best man.

>> No.40922232

What is Mushishi, anyways?

>> No.40922379

That is harder to explain that you'd expect.

In essence it tells the story of a mushishi called Ginko who travels the world like so many other mushishi's to research mushis, aid those who fall victim to them and through this ponder the meaning of life. Mushis are extremely varied and perhaps primitive forms of life that cannot be seen by most humans because they inhabit a plane closer to the life than the material world.

Despite my shoddy description, both the mange and anime of Mushishi were critically acclaimed and won numerous awards. I was honestly suprised no one made or tried making this into a jump or gauntlet sooner.

>> No.40922413

which anime is that?

>> No.40922453

Adventure Time

>> No.40922473

Acrobat makes it easy and good quality.

>> No.40922506

I wonder if pirates of dark water would be a good jump

>> No.40922566

It is literally the same in every jump though. Why do you punish people for having fun their way? You already have loss conditions in place.

>> No.40922606

Reploid, if you're still around. I noticed most imaged jumps on the drive have wildly different page sizes. Is there a reason for that? Is one page size preferable to the other?

>> No.40922650

The balance rules are fairly outdated, but otherwise these guidelines are fairly sensible. Don't be afraid to make pages bigger if you need to. Like you said, all the jumps have wildly different sizes- there is no actual standard. People use what feels right for them.

>> No.40922681

I follow the guidelines QS set out in the beginning, same as Cats and Dogs, cause we all started out really early compared to the rest. That means a page size of 1920x2160. I find that it works well for me because it allows me to split it into two columns, three columns, and however many rows I want. Only problem is that I have to have a calculator near me if I don't want to do math sometimes. I'm pretty happy with it, it lets me use the standard layout I use for Megaman and experiment with stuff like the attached image just fine.

Some jumpmakers don't use that, it's all down to personal preference. Some like to use landscape orientation, some like large columns, some like to vary page sizes within the same jump, it's all down to what you like. That said, personally, I think that sometimes landscape looks a bit too much like a powerpoint presentation for me, varying page sizes rustles my jimmies, and the standard 1980x2160 seems more jumpchainy, or whatever.

But that's me. You may not agree, and you may have different preferences, but just stick with what works for you.

>> No.40922683


Can we talk directly to our Host from the Headquarters ("I'm a voice in your head, but you're not crazy, honest!") - and yeah, I know that's potentially a very bad idea - or are only conversations with their Emotions possible unless we buy the Mind Projection perk (or we already have a Telepathy perk)?

Suggest the Drop-in's requirement to roll for Location be reworded since the table doesn't immediately follow it.

If somebody (for whatever reason, but I do like when perks are Free rather than Mandatory even when not taking them would seem bizarre to many) doesn't take an Emotion Form despite it being Free, are they basically stuck as the non-descript "figure in the shadows" mentioned in the intro section?

... I may actually watch this movie now.

>> No.40922712

At this rate, should we expect to see the final page of Spiral Knights by the end of 2015? Because daaaaaamn, that looks beautiful.

>> No.40922780

Thanks anon! And hopefully, this is kind of the only other page I have. I can only hope that with Red, OAA and I working on the same jump we can overcome our busyness and lack of motivation to get the jump done well in the near future or something.

>> No.40923030


>> No.40923041


>> No.40923109


>> No.40923112

He says he's not dead yet!

>> No.40923231


>> No.40923241

Red a big red slut.

>> No.40923243

I know it's late in the thread, but the approach I always like is offering something extremely hard to get or unique. Even just an item that respawns once a week when empty is useful, since it guarantees you'll never be out of that item permanently once you leave the world.

>> No.40923249

You just have no taste.

>> No.40923253

Reds a doublemint slut?

>> No.40923262

Maybe it's a compliment? I kinda fancy big red sluts myself.

>> No.40923285

Juicyfruit maybe?

>> No.40923323

>Mind Projection
Just to check, this requires that you maintain constant contact with the person whose mind you're entering, and your body stays where it is, right? I just wasn't clear on it because the second part about the projection gave me pause, but now I think that part is just while you're here.

>Riley's Bizarre Adventure

>> No.40923331

>>40923241 >>40923253

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