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Explain why you don't have a animal companion

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I don't like pets

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I have a familiar, does that count?

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I don't like the thought of being responsible for another living creature's life.

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they're like a PC's family, they exist only for the DM to kill off to "motivate" the PC

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I am the animal companion

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Because my DM doesn't allow them.

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My DM barely trusts me with one character, no way in hell am I allowed a second.

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In which case you should kill your DM to motivate the players

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We call that the dwarf.

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I actually have a horse.

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I do though. I have my mount and I recently acquired a hawk to keep in touch with the secret organization we recently joined to help fix the world we fucked up.

We also have another player with an animal companion in the group and another player still with a mount.

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Because we're playing a Redwall campaign.

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In game I have a berserker with a pet bear, a snake focused druid, and another druid with various familiars. In real life I have a dog, one that likes to be by me at all times, is scared of thunder, cats, and more recently skunks. I raised her from puppyhood being the main caregiver so she developed a deep bond with me and prefers me over the rest of my family.

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Also get a angry at liono when thundercats comes one, likes to bark at the tv when he does the shout.

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I did. It was a combat dodo named Zee.

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It wasn't theirs, but my players traveled with Ord, the Bear who spoke broken and disjointed common.

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I'm the DM, forever and always.

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My character is the animal companion. His druid manservant is the sidekick.

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Here's the thing with animal companions and the like.

They're used in movies and the like as mascots and everyone loves them. They're strange and do fun things and you get to watch people react to them.

And that's all well and good for the span of a movie.

They get FUCKING annoying by the second session because the joke has been beaten to death already.

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Would my AI street sam's remote controlled motorcycle count?

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Because griffons are assholes.

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I have Bally, a staff I crafted out of the bow section of a giant mounted siege engine crossbow that was intelligent, amazingly accurate and extremely childlike and idyllic at heart. He speaks to me via Message and is incredibly knowledge about seacraft and navigation.

He is adorable.

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Because they bog down combat

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But I do OP. A cute snake. It's my character's left arm and anything that is mean to her or the party, it eats.

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I had a (wingless) griffon. I had to let it go when I realized I couldn't afford the feat for it on my build, and it wouldn't have much to do if we were going to play pirates/seafarers. Set him free on the steppe I met him on.

;-; miss u Hakka Pa.

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Because I bought that one magic item that lets me designate the party Fighter as my animal companion, and then buff her into the sun.

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I do. It's a low fantasy game. He is a cane corso. His name is Siegfried.

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Woah woah, what magic item is this?

Link please

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Because my group never puts effort into caring for them

They might as well cease to exist after they decide to not kill them

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It did, then it died. I can't handle being responsible even for a fictional living being. I've turned over a new leaf and I've taken up Shamanism. My companions are all spirits nowadays. Handy tricks, not to mention GHOST BLOWJOB WOO WOO!

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Robots don't count as animal companions, do they?

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200% jelly.

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Not unless the robot is convinced you're his companion.

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My girlfriend is a bitch. Does that count?

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Then we're equal partners, unless I'm supposed to be Aineko's slav.

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Do you take her adventuring with you?

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The collar of Petplay, homebrew item.

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We LARP, yes.

Nice trips.

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He died and I still miss him too much to get another

It's been years but I still am reminded of him daily. The laundry room he slept in doesn't smell like him anymore. I don't save all the fat and giblets from whatever meat dish I make to mix into his food as a treat. I can put on my shoes without having to calm him down.

I still have the same nightmare where he runs away from me in a trainstation. I try to find him, but I cant, and I know I have to be on my train before it leaves with or without him, so I keep frantically searching for him but I never find him.

I miss him so much /tg/. My fucking heart hurts just thinking about him. And the worst part is, when I put him down, I realized how much more time I could have spent with him, and how I could've been a much better owner.

I want more than anything else to have him back but I don't deserve him.

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This upset me.

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You cant really call it "That one item", then, if it doesnt exist anywhere except in your game.

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Not worse than fucking Cockatrices with their insatiable lust for turning me to stone literally at the start of every encounter

Fuck those cocks

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Please tell me that this is porn and not just an official manga

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Animal Companion is not one of my class features.

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I wish just a manga

Plus I think the MC was going after Quina

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I have 3. I wrestled the pack leader dominance.

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oh boy, never name a wardog, you just get attached.

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He died and became my spiritual companion. The other PCs though I was insane because only I could see and speak to it outside of spiritual realms.

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this >>40898883

something like this is the reason why i dont have an animal companion right now

i miss my familiar cat so much im still not ready for a new one

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Got hungry

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Came to this thread to look at the picture of the baby gryphon. 10/10, would look at again.

I don't have an animal companion, I have a familiar. It's an octopus.

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Is a baby gryphon a cub or chick?

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I do.
He's just really young so we don't bring him into combat.
One day little wyrmling, one day you will outpace all of us.

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I almost lost him in a skirmish. But I got to him in time and saved him. He's actually a really good companion, as the system is somewhat lethal and everyday animals can actually be pretty threatening.

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I think of them as hatchlings since they come from eggs. "Chick" just doesn't sound right for something as powerful as a gryphon.

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But both my PC's do.

One is a talking elephant and the other is a pacifist wolf.

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It would reveal my character's position and require maintenance.

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The Sorcerer in my 13th Age game had a familiar for a while, a baby wyvern he named Thorn. Eventually he did some retraining and did away with the familiar talent, so he said Thorn got too old to be his familiar and flew away.

Now he plays it that, because his Sorcerer is aligned with white dragons, he can only use ice and lightning magic on his own ("thundersnow" storms, basically). Whenever he gathers power for a different breath spell, it's actually him summoning his wyvern, which divebombs with poison breath on the next turn. I think that's pretty cool.

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Cute! :3

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Party barbarian has a tendency to eat small things, preferably whole, this includes PCs that somehow end up small enough for her to shove down her throat. Usually it's mine come to think about it, though all things considered my PCs have a pretty decent survival record when she does

I think she may have a vore fetish

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moth familiar

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i prefer to play with my friends dogs. All the fun and none of picking up poop

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>It ain't gonna suck itself.

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Because nature is fucking scary, and doesn't have good wifi.

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Sometimes, you just run out of rations...

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Currently have two on different characters. Never again, DM scales the encounters too high for them to even hit the enemy, let alone damage it properly.

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Does travelling with a druid count?

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Only if you keep your druid on a leash.

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Same here.

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Welp, I'v got diabetes now.

Thanks anon.

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I'm playing the wrong kind of cleric for that. If he dies, I'll probably play a character with a megaloceros, though.

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My fighter already has a mouse and a dog. I'm planning to get the dog some armor and maybe some kind of silvered claw-sheathe so he can claw werewolves better.

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Because I have an animal companion.

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Humans and especially non-Drow elves are animals, right?

Because I have one of each.
Typically on a short leash.

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Living the dream, Anon

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Does a pony count?

My companion is a merchant by trade, and has been for most of her adult life, so she's quite used to carrying heavy saddlebags loaded with all sorts of valuable goods.

Yes, she is our group's literal packhorse.

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I blame /tg for never being able to look at centaurs or any similar animal like race the same again

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Here have some Baby harpies. Just take one or two.. or all three!

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I have a cat. I AM the animal companion.

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> you will never be ripped apart post coitus.

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my familiar is a Dire Kakapo

an animal even dumber than a panda bear, it does not understand that predators exist

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Because I have a steam golem companion.

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