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"OKAY!" A mountain of a man stretches his hands as he steps out of the doorway to Maeda's home. "I'm ready to go!"
Mom and I stare at him, I can almost feel our confusion lingering in the air.

"You must be Ryouta's father." I say with a deadpan expression.
"How did you guess?" He blinks, very real confusion on his face.

I am Itsukuma Masami, and it's going to be a long day.
My best friend's mother, Marie, decided to take my best friend away to someplace deep in the mountains. Marie intends to force her daughter to fight an extremely powerful monster known as Asai.
Asai is also technically my father. I think, it's really hard to quantify. He's also planning something big, and I don't know what. All that is preventing him from doing anything is that his building is trapped. When it's freed, he may use it as a weapon.

I'll deal with that last part later. Right now I need to save Aiko before Marie decides to throw her at something dangerous. I hope I'm not too late.

"Anyway!" The big guy claps his massive hands together. "I'm sorry to hear what's happened with Marie."
"I'm glad you decided to help." Mom takes my hand and leads me over to him.

"Masami, this is Fujiko Daichi."
"Hello Mr. Fujiko."

"Please" He smiles, "Just Daichi will do, it's fine."

He turns to Mom, "Adele is getting ready. She'll be out in a few minutes. Want to introduce me to the rest of your group?"
Mom blinks, and then turns to look at me.

"No, I think it's just Masami and I." She laughs.
His expression is blank, "I mean the other girls with you. The ones wearing the blue and red outfits, hiding in the garden."

Mom seems concerned, "What blue and red girls?"
Blue and red outfits? That-
Oh no.

>Go scold Julie and Haruko.
>Worry, try to keep them a secret.
>Distract Daichi!
>Wait for Mom to do something.
>Play dumb!

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>Go scold Julie and Haruko.

>> No.40864982

Go scold Julie and Haruko

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>Go scold Julie and Haruko.

>> No.40865049

>>Go scold Julie and Haruko.

>> No.40865064

>Go scold Julie and Haruko.

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They're my sisters, duh.

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The cutest sisters around!
Also most exhausting probably.

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>Go scold Julie and Haruko.

>> No.40865376

>Go scold Julie and Haruko.


Quite a turnout today!

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"Excuse me!" I bow, "That reminds me, I saw earlier that I wanted to go look at, mind if I go look?"

"Uh, no, that's fine."
"Yeah, just don't wander off Masami." Mom seems worried. I wonder if she knows.

"Thank you!" I storm off toward the garden. I'm already thinknig of a few choice words to say.


"(No, you 'move'! This is my spot!)"

"(You're going to get us found out!) "
"(Yeah! If you and your fat dress keeptrying to hide near me.)"
"(Why you-)"

"Girls." They slowly turn around to face me.

I grab them by their ears and pull them out of the dense fauna.
"What are YOU doing here!?" I put on the meanest scary face I know how to make.

"Well, you see-"

"No excuses! How did you two even follow me, anyway!?"

"W-well." Julie puts her hands behind her back. "I sort of watched Mom's demonstration of how to travel, and then Haruko saw me, and then we kind of-"
"Okay, that's enough!" I pout, "You can't follow me around wherever I go! What's going to happen when I go to school? Or grow up?"

"Um." Haruko blanks, "I guess we would go to school and grow up with you?"
"Giiiirls." I'm still pouting.

Julie looks very guilty, "W-well, we just wanted to make sure you were okay! We thought you were going straight to Marie and-"
"This is why you two need to tell me if you're going to follow."
"It's fine, Masami! You shouldn't be going somewhere without us!" Haruko is still trying to justify the stalking.

"Haruko. Did you even ask Mom before you did this?"

Now Haruko looks really guilty, both of them look absurdly guilty.
"..Did you ask Mom anything?"
"I've been, kind of, avoiding, talking to Mom." Haruko puts her hands to her chest. "I'm sort of.. Um."

"Weren't you like, her best friend?"
"T-that's what makes it so awkward. I don't know what to say."

>We can worry about this later.
>You two head home.
>Go talk to Mom right, now.
>Both of you, keep yourselves hidden, better than you have been.

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>Go talk to Mom right, now.

Hey are we technically the defense cards mom?

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>Go talk to Mom right, now.
>I'm sure she'll love talking to you!

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>Go talk to Mom right, now.
>I'm sure she'll love talking to you!

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>Go talk to Mom right, now.

>> No.40866582

>Go talk to Mom right, now.

>> No.40866614

>>Go talk to Mom right, now.

>> No.40866723

>Go talk to Mom right, now.
>I'm sure she'll love talking to you!

>> No.40866851

>Go talk to Mom right, now.
>I'm sure she'll love talking to you!


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"You never TALKED to her!?"
"Uh! Um! I think this isn't the time to think about this!" Haruko tries to deflect!

"No! This is definitely the time to think about this!"
"But, Marie!" Julie joins in.

Were they in on this TOGETHER?
"That can wait! Mom thinks her best friend is gone, and you're right here worrying about what she is going to say?!"
"But- what if-"
"No excuses!"

I grab Haruko and hug her, "I'm sure she'll love talking to you!"
"Y-yeah, but- It's so awkward. I don't even know how-"

That's when I notice something; Julie is trying to sneak away!

"Where are you going!?" I grab her by the shoulder.
"Oh, well, you see, you and Haruko were gonna go talk to Mom so I thought-"

Is she hiding something, too?
"No you're not." I pull her close and hug her, too. "You're gonna go have a talk with Mom."

"I'm not hiding anything!" Both of them say at the same time.
They cover their mouths when they realize what they just did.

"..What are you two hiding."

"This doesn't sound like nothing!"

I look toward Julie, "What are you afraid of, Julie? Are you shy about talking to Mom, too?"
She looks away from me.

"Julie." I say again, more stern this time. "Have you been avoiding Mom, too?"
"It's nothing! I just haven't had a chance to talk with her at all."

I grab Haruko and Julie's hand.

"W-what are you doing!?"
"You're coming to introduce yourself. You're going to do it to Mr. Fujiko and then to Mom."
"Too late!"


"Hello Mr. Fujiko!" I catch up with Mom and him. They're both talking idly on their back porch.

"Please, just Daichi, and who do you have here?"

"Daichi, This is Haruko, and Julie! They're my sisters."
"Hello Mr. Fujiko."

"Huh?" Mom says, leaning back. "You followed us?"

"And Julie, Haruko. I want you to introduce yourselves to Mom."
They seem timid, and oddly silent.

>Introduce them yourself.
>Let's do this with just Mom.
>Wait for them to answer, pressure them!
>Forget it.

>> No.40868189

>Wait for them to answer, pressure them!

>> No.40868209


>Let's do this with just Mom.

>> No.40868228

>Let's do this with just Mom.

>> No.40868257

>Let's do this with just Mom.
Sorry mister!

>> No.40868308

>Wait for them to answer, pressure them!

>> No.40868320

>>Introduce them yourself.

>> No.40868451

>Let's do this with just Mom.


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I feel myself sigh. I suddenly realize that this isn't going to get me anywhere quickly.

"Fujiko, can you excuse us for a moment?" I tug on Mom's sleeve.
"Uh, sure, Just waiting for Adele, anyway."

I pull Mom away, as she looks VERY confused. A deep frustrated blush is still present on Julie and Haruko's faces.


"Is something wrong, Masami?"
"Yes, something is very wrong." I say with a pout. Then I grab Haruko and Julie's hands again.

"Don't you know who these two are!?" I grab their shoulders.
"Uhh, your cards? Now sisters?" Mom isn't getting it.

"Are you two going to introduce yourselves to Mom?"
They're oddly silent once more. Both of them are very interested in their shoes.

"Then I'll do it, Mom, this is-"
"I'm Haruko!" She blurts out.

I give her the evil eye. Mom tilts her head.
"Uh, Hi Haruko."
"And I'm Julie!" She seems nervous, "Nothing more!"

"Stop that!" I pout at both of them.
I grab Haruko, "This is your friend! She came from that card you gave me." I shake her shoulders back and forth as she tries to shrug me off. "The very first one you gave me, remember!?"

Mom's eyes kind of blank for a minute. She blinks before looking Haruko over.
"Is that true?"

"Well, um, it's hard to explain but-"

Immediately, Mom rushes forward and grabs Haruko.
I can barely see it, but there are tears on Mom's eyes.

Mom is squeezing her tightly. Haruko tries to speak, but only a tiny squeak comes out.
That's when I notice Julie trying to slink off! The fiend!

"And you!" I grab Julie by the hand. "I don't even know what your deal is! What is your history with Mom!?"
"Oh! You don't know?" Julie's face blanks.
"No! Tell me!"

She smiles. "Don't have to!"

"What?! Y-yes you do!"
"No I don't!" She insists, still smiling.

>I'll have Mom get it out of you!
>Try to convince her through sister magic, Kaori can do it, I can too!
>Tickle torture!
>Yell at her.

>> No.40869285

>Yes you do!
>No I don't
Ad Infinitum

>> No.40869299

>Try to convince her through sister magic, Kaori can do it, I can too!
>Tickle torture!
Help, I can't stop giggling.

>> No.40869315

>>Try to convince her through sister magic, Kaori can do it, I can too!
>>Tickle torture!

>> No.40869344

>Tickle torture!
that always works

>> No.40869360

>Try to convince her through sister magic, Kaori can do it, I can too!

>> No.40869462

>Try to convince her through sister magic, Kaori can do it, I can too!
>Tickle torture!


>> No.40870448 [SPOILER] 

"Yes you do!" I pout.
"No I don't." She turns her head.

Hmm, this will take some thought.
"YES YOU DO!" I say again, much louder this time.
"No, I don't!"

That didn't go like I thought it would!
Let me think about this.
If I, maybe if I-
"Yes you DO!"
"No I don't."

Why didn't it work that time!?
Okay, okay. Hold on.
Kaori does this with me. Um, I mean I do this with Kaori. And she always breaks it using sister magic.
I can do that! I'm a sister, I can break this stalemate!

"Julie, listen. Keeping things from Mom isn't going to make them better. Look how distraught she is right now."
We turn our head to look at Mom, still fiercely gripping Haruko. Haruko is trying to wiggle her way out of Mom's grasp as Mom mumbles something into her shoulder.

"You don't want to do that to Mom, do you? Anything you need to tell her is best the sooner you tell her. You don't want her to sit on whatever is troubling her, do you?"

Julie's eyes widen at my words. I can feel her posture loosen up.
"And so-" I grab her hands, "You really need to tell Mom. She's very loving, and will accept you no matter who you are."

Julie's eyes meet mine, and she smiles.
"You're just trying to make me drop my guard." She giggles. "You're not as good at it as Kaori."


"Okay! That's it!" I pout, "Masami Tickle Attack!"
"What? NO WAIT, STOP."

She tenses up as I pounce on her. The air fills with Julie's laughs as Haruko continues to slowly make her way out of Mom's grasp.

I'm suddenly aware of a presence behind me.
"..Just WHAT are you four doing!?"

"MAEDA, HELP, PLEEEASE." Julie pleads as I release her. She pounces to her feet and rushes over to Maeda.

"Err, is everything okay?" Ryouta seems to be referring to Mom hugging Haruko.
"Y-yeah, just give them a minute. It's a long story."

>Don't let Julie get away!
>Have you made your decision about coming with us?
>Let's go see your parents.
>Mom? ARE you okay?

>> No.40870504

>Don't let Julie get away!
>Mom? Julie needs to tell you something!

>> No.40870531

>Mom? ARE you okay?

>> No.40870577

>>Don't let Julie get away!
>>Mom? ARE you okay?

>> No.40870608

>Mom? ARE you okay?

>> No.40870713

>Don't let Julie get away!
>Mom? ARE you okay?

>> No.40870824

>Don't let Julie get away!
>Mom? ARE you okay?
>Julie needs to tell you something!


>> No.40872501

I immediately lurch forward and grab Julie by her shoulder just as she's about to creep away.
"No you don't!"
"Come on! Really!?" She pouts.

"Please explain what is going on, Masami." Maeda seems ominous all of the sudden.

"It's kind of a family moment." I awkwardly explain. Julie snickers right beside me.
"I'll say."

"And THIS GIRL here is hiding a secret from her family!"
"It's a secret I want to keep to myself, okay!?"
"You're keeping it from Mom! You need to tell her right now!"

I turn to Mom, still hugging Haruko. "Are you okay, Mom?"
Haruko turns her head, I can tell that she wants to pinch me.
"She's fine. You're a meanie."
Haruko! Why!?

"Julie has something to tell you, Mom-"
"Masami." Maeda grabs my attention.
Julie almost wiggles out of my grasp, but calms down as we both face Maeda.

"If she has a secret that she doesn't want to share, then you should respect that. Being her sister doesn't mean you need to know all of her secrets."

"But- This is different! She's keeping a secret from Mom!"
"No, Masami. It's not different. She's allowed to keep anything of hers private. It's your job as a sister to respect that, and be there for her if she decides to tell someone the truth."

Julie sighs in relief. "Thank you."
"We never properly met, Julie. I'm Maeda."
"Julie." She shakes Maeda's hand. "Thank you again."

"Please be easy on Masami, she's new to this big sister thing."

I'm almost feeling like I'm being left out of this conversation.

"Tell me, were you going with Ms. Itsukuma?"
"I think so."

"Then," Maeda smiles in that way only she can, "Please take good care of them. They're both reckless at times."

I'm starting to feel insulted!

That's when I notice that Mom has let go of Haruko. They're whispering something between each other.

>Try to go console them.
>No no, It's time to go, Everyone who is coming along to the porch.
>Julie, come help make Mom stop crying.
>Maeda, have any words for Mom?

>> No.40872618

>>>Try to go console them.
>>Julie, come help make Mom stop crying.

>> No.40872691

>Julie, come help make Mom stop crying.
>No no, It's time to go, Everyone who is coming along to the porch.

>> No.40872700

>Try to go console them.
>Julie, come help make Mom stop crying.

>> No.40872718

>Julie, come help make Mom stop crying.
>If I'm allowed to tell you that.
Being a big sister is hard. Where's Kaori she's much better at this.

>> No.40873170

>No no, It's time to go, Everyone who is coming along to the porch.

>> No.40873188

>Try to go console them.
>Julie, come help make Mom stop crying.

Writing last post of the night.

>> No.40873240

Sorry, I missed

>No no, It's time to go, Everyone who is coming along to the porch.

Continuing writing.

>> No.40873428

What? It's

>Julie, come help make Mom stop crying.

>> No.40873515

No no, I mean the full list is

>Try to go console them.
>Julie, come help make Mom stop crying.
>It's time to go, Everyone who is coming along to the porch.

All three

This is why I should always try to finish before I'm too tired to count votes.

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So IIRC Julie used to be spooky face monster and Asai's assistant, I would guess her secret is related to that, but I have no idea what it might be.

>> No.40873556

Maybe she tormented mom relentlessly?

She scared the crap out of us when we were first born.

>> No.40873634

Yeah, the secret could be any number of things, hard to say from what we know about her.

>> No.40874496

Rolled 34 (1d100)

Ignore me!

>> No.40874867

I sigh, watching tears still streaming down Mom's eyes.
"I think I should go say something."

"That's a good idea." Maeda smiles.

I grab Julie again, "You're coming with me."
"Don't worry, it's to make Mom feel better."



"I'm so sorrryyy, hic."
"Mo- Izumi, I'm fine, see? I have a new body now. Masami took good care of me!"
"B-b-b-ut b-"

Haruko sighs, "Can I at least keep calling you Mom?"
"Mom, please, Please calm down."

"Seriously. I don't like watching you cry." I step up and grab Mom by the arm. "Please calm down, everyone is safe. We're a happy family."
"H-happy.. h-happy."

Mom is really taking his hard.
Looking toward Haruko, I can see a hint of tears on her face as well.

"Haruko. Mom." I grab both of them into a hug.

"Seriously you two." Julie approaches, arms stretched above her head. "I didn't think it would be that emotional."

"Also, we sort of got spotted."

I point back to Maeda and Ryouta, both of whom seem extremely worried about a grown woman suddenly breaking down into tears.

"Oh! Oh no!" Mom's face starts to fluster.
"I-it's fine! Really! It's okay Mom!" I try to keep her from having another breakdown.

"But, seriously. We need to get going soon." Haruko pats Mom on the shoulder. "We can cry all we want about this later. Right now Aiko needs our help."

"You're right." Mom sighs. "You're right."

I'm not convinced.
"Mom, do you want to stay here?"

She seriously considers what I just asked her for a minute or two. Even with Ryouta volunteering at one point to go in her place.

"No, no this is something I have to do."
"You really don't have to, though."

I'm not entirely sure why she thinks she has to in the first place.

>Thread end

>Next thread vote
>Leave Mom here
>With someone
>Nope, let her go with you.


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I am really tired.

Thanks for playing.

Let me know what you thought. I'm too tired to anaylze the last post I just made, so I can't really tell if it made sense or not.

I'll see you all next time.

>> No.40874933

>Nope, let her go with you.

thanks for running, pretty sweet thread

>> No.40874961

>>Nope, let her go with you.

Thanks for running.

>> No.40874977

>Nope, let her go with you.

I think the post made sense, but I'm also pretty tired so I wouldn't take that for granted. Oh, and thanks for the thread, I love this quest.

>> No.40875013

>Nope, let her go with you.

Thanks for running.

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