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Classic Necromancer Edition, because somehow we had a good run with it in the last thread.

Coming up:

SDA's dirty fetishes in the new Battlemage update!

Thrallherd has emerged from his cryosleep and promised a Conduit update "soon"!

There are several promising OC CYOAs in the works. Are they going to save CYOAG from the lewdz?

Last thread: >>40791418

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>Are they going to save CYOAG from the lewdz
I respect your dubs, but posit that there is no need to save the general from lewds. There is no threat, only potential. You too can become lewd, just like us.

Trust me, you'll be happier when you're lewd.

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The water's fine Chuck.

Come on in. Enjoy yourself. Soon you'll be just as lewd as we are, looking for a mistress who will let you lick between her toes, between her toes, between her toes.

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Filth, come the fuck on. At least the last time you tried to recruit me you promised me Mountain Dew and new Razer gaming gear.

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Stormheart update.

Newest version of Spellbook.

A very old CYOA about choosing two allies, enemies, and small magic trinkets in an Unknown Armies style world.

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>choosing two allies, enemies, and small magic trinkets
Ah the wonders of our roots.

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I lured out the thrallherd beast with my promise of dungeon designer. I hope it will please senpai.

The work just keeps sinking into it without any sign of finishing. Doc is still not done, images are still not complete, design is still but a figment. The days grow shorter as the completion beckons.

I will deliver. Soon. Maybe some teaser even sooner. CYOA general hungers.

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Actually, I'm a goddamn idiot. Here it is in my unsorted folder. I sure love those Island ur-CYOAs. So simple and stylish.

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Fucking winrar

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I believe in you, anon. I kind of have the same problem with Archmage. Good thing I decided to release the preliminary version with spells only, because I already have the spell trees complete with their art. I almost wrote all 140 of them, and I think that the spellcasting system came out a little more convoluted than I imagined it. Coming soon-ish, probably in a day or two.

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>Climax Control
Allows you to exist in the state of constant climax and be able to change its intensity.

Allows you to feel everything you Harem feels.

Allows you to change your form into hentai monsters? I dunno about that one.

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Filth. Filth man, you mah homie and all but I thought we've been over this. Lewd a shit, lewd always a shit and you're better than that wanton slut Lilith.

Aw yea, blast from the past

Blackbark Fae

Let's not overcomplicate things, I just want a tough crew to back me up on this godsforsaken place

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I am digging the tentacle rape.

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Anon, that's an unfair stereotype. Not all tentacles mosters are rapists

Also I heard some people were running out of CYOA ideas last thread? Could someone please make more magical island survival CYOAs like the ones I'm posting?

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I wasn't calling the tentacle monsters rapists, Anon.

If I were a qt, I would be the rapist.

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Oh, I see. Then shine on, you crazy diamond.

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No lewd CYOA yet? For shame. A classic then.

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That's good to hear. The thing is, this project is done all alone so I tend lack diversity in ideas and writing, which is why things are getting slower. The more you put in, the more effort it takes.

I realize I'm just whining on the cyoa but that's my way of coping. I'm very interested in how the cyoa will end up. I am trying my best to make it very accessible, for example making the map on a separate page with on scale rooms for easy edits.

Your archmage cyoa sounds very interesting too.

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Any updates on Slut life? Is he still working on it and is he still taking suggestions?

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Well that was quick.

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Bad anon.


Your fun is not of the correct variety and I bite my thumb at thee

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I reject all choices and choose to play another CYOA

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Secret box

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That's a waifu CYOA, not a lewd CYOA.

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Okay, so, for the one that requires Changeling, do you prefer...

>Temporarily grow tentacles/become some sort of hentai monster (I don't really like this one to be honest)
>Temporarily body swap with the person you just fucked
>Be able to cast Changeling on the person you just fucked, but the effect is only temporary

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>>Temporarily body swap with the person you just fucked
The 'diplomatic' potentials are staggering.

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Does anyone have that Island-style CYOA that had both the almighty Choo Choo from Hell along with a "So I heard you like monster girls...?", fleshy abomination-companion option?

I have a faint recollection of it being a thing, but I can't seem to find a copy of it anywhere...

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Second one, probably.

Update when?

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Honestly I'd rather:

>Impractically sized proportions
This, and the ability to use them regardless of whether or not they'd fit.

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> No Goblin or Orc option, despite there being perfectly good pictures of them.

Go die in a fire.

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Which is why it's just temporary, probably no more than a few hours... then again you could just keep doing it. Perhaps they have to be willing?

Honestly the lore page and bestiary aren't close to being done. I am mostly done with the spell revamps, so I'm thinking of just releasing that (plus some new companions) and then moving onto my next big project for now. I might withhold with the bestiary for Battlemage and use that resource for my next CYOA.

That could work. What does anyone else think of this?

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That Necromancer CYOA was awesome.

Is there anything else like it?

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You mean complex CYOAs or CYOAs with a dark setting, or what?

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>What does anyone else think of this?
Ummmm. Yes please. I'd really like this option to be available somewhere.

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The former.

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Hmm. Good point. Here, I like this one too.

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I'd love a lewd CYOA that's as meticulously detailed as Necromancer.

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You have piqued my interest. If this doesn't exist, I may consider creating it.

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>What does anyone else think of this?
Without seeing the rest of the tree, I dunno. Sounds good and I wouldn't bitch, but what else is there? I'd hate to see overlap.

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8 goddamned pages. And way below size limit, can we at least condense them into about 3?

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This is it before the update. Right now for the T4 modifiers I have the ability to use Climax Control on others and also get the ability to feel everything your harem does.

I'm kind of leaning towards body swap for the third, as I don't really know what impractical proportions would achieve. Then again, body swap is just as weird.

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If you just took the text, placed it with the images in a pdf, and shrunk the images so that the pdf is just a page wide, it would be a single file within the size limit.

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Does this ever fucking end?

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Huh. I'd keep Changeling. With a lust tree, something shapechange'y makes sense.

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How new are you if you don't even know the number of pages on Monster Girl Survival?

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>> No.40848148

Transform Human
Reset Time
Pause Time
Future Sight
Summon Familiar

Eye Candy
Sexual Harassment
Master's Will

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Why don't you just post Jumpchain while you're at it? It's the same caliber of CYOA.

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Choice of Tentacle

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Do you really need a whole page for that? So much space could be saved by reducing the size of the text.

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Because Jumpchain already has its own thread.

If you want to start a monstergirl survival thread series, feel free to do so, but until then, it has just as much right to be posted as any other cyoa.

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gr8 b8 m8, i r8 it 8/8

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>Cyoa generals have become /d/ lite, self absorbed with smut and lewd content
>Jumpchain have become /a/ lite, self absorbed with the developments of the latest newest anime inspired chain
>PACYOA have become /quest/ lite, self absorbed about the next rp session that never happens

There's no middle ground anymore, its either one extreme or the other.

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>PACYOA still has fucking elves in it

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>Cyoa generals have become /d/ lite, self absorbed with smut and lewd content
One can wish.

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So what would you call the magical girl threads, conduit threads, and Battlemage threads?

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Failures because we have them anymore.

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I'm fucking happy that Conduit never became a cancer that needs to have constant threads.

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Has anyone managed to fuck them?

>> No.40848582

>Not cancer
Bahahahahahahahhahhaa .... ahahahahahahhaaa

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I fucking WISH there was a middle ground of /d/ lite quests.

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One of the only reasons elves were added was for waifu/fapbait so I'm pretty sure that's been ERP'd.

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If this is what PACYOA has sunk to, is there a little girl option now?

>> No.40848684

Instead of speculating why not go in to their threads and ask them?

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Last I checked you could turn yourself into one of those elves and make yourself female. Pretty much always been there.

>> No.40848705

Weren't the ability to transform into a space elf or remake your body into a little girl already options before there even was a separate thread?

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Most of the conduit thread seem to implode on themselves pretty quickly with angry neckbeards and whining over tiny details. Not sure why, the premise of the CYOA is very neat.

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Autism killed the conduit threads.

>> No.40848769

Because multiplayer douchebaggery and faggots screaming I Win over and over.

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>inb4 angel anon reposts her angel build for the umpteenth time.

>> No.40848892

Better than the SoIaF Royal Whore build that she loves even more than the angel one here.

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Don't forget the HFY minmaxing autists who scream about how theres no reason to build a human, wah, wah.

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Thanks for posting this, It's one of my favorites.
>Witch Adept
>Lilim Aristocrat
Learn magic from my cutie patootie Witch-fu, and sleep with Lilim to gain opulence, food, comfort, and a castle/mansion to live in.
Then I suppose I just be a wizard with a qt wife and rich mistress.
Good End.

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Don't remember what this one is, but I saved it. 1 of 3.

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Somebody post Overlord. Let's remember the old times.

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>One with nature is the best immortality!
>elementals are even better!
>Vampires with subterranean! I'm so original!
>So how do we kill aboloth?

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>Not sure why, the premise of the CYOA is very neat.

And yet I probably have one of the most boring playstyles with it. Realistically, given the choice, Bevin first with full points. Polyamora next, for reasons and stuff. Then points in Earth, starting with the language learning one.

Just gonna make my Bevin awesome, inviting my loved ones to chill with me so we all can live comfy lives without needing to do more than we desire, working towards giving each their own Bevin over time.

I'm always a boring person like that. I just wanna be comfy and don't wanna have people I care about die of old age or any other reason if it can be helped.

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I always had a crucible heavy build with maybe some bevin/polyamora tossed into it, maybe glass desert for future waifu too if I can squeeze it in. I never really read conduit too much until crucible was released, which was just somehow my favorite world.

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>> No.40849158

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>implying it's acceptable for one choice to be mechanically inferior to others just because it's human

>> No.40849201

Nobody cares anymore.

>> No.40849217


Humans aren't that bad by the later versions of that one, they get all sorts of discounts and freebies.

>> No.40849221


Gonna have to look that one up, not really familiar with it. Luckily I've got the 1d4 page somewhere.

>> No.40849263

>I don't agree with what this person is posting
>I'll use up one of our image posts for some unfunny shit! That will show them

anon please

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This is circlejerk general, don't bring up logical points.

>> No.40849291

Oh shit, I remember now-it's one of set.

Y'all better prepare yourselves for M-M-M-MEGA ISLAND CYOA

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Hope the creator comes back to work on this sometime. IT MUST GROW EVER HUGER

>number captcha


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>PACYOA have become /quest/ lite, self absorbed about the next rp session that never happens

literally just this morning...

>> No.40849490


Well I was going to post it, but I guess never mind then.....

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The premise of Jumpchain means they keep changing what they're self absorbed depending what's popular at the moment. Recently it's Worm, way back it was Pacific Rim.

Just from the breadth of topics discussed it's kinda like a microcosm of /tg/, to be honest.

>> No.40849533

seeing as there's a nanite option that turns you into one, yeah probably

not yet...

>Pretty much always been there.

>Battlemage threads
whatever you call them they allowed me to get my homebrew finished for that CYOA.


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Good. Don't. Go away, You're not welcome here, and you never were.

>> No.40849572

Anyone have the CYOA where you pick a fantasy race to save, who then travel to Earth? The world gets bonuses depending on what you pick. I was contemplating trying to make something similar.

>> No.40849601

Travel to Earth? Can't say I remember that part; afraid Broken Nation is the closest I have to that premise

>> No.40849643


Dis one I think.

>> No.40849660

Mo' non-daft lesbian angels coming through

>> No.40849692

>> No.40849719

Just try something else for a change, get in the spirit of adventure and think a little outside your usual zone.

>> No.40849760

You skipped the first one.

>> No.40849768


For a little while I attempted to compile all the Island CYOAs all together to make a proper setting. It really deserves it I think.

>> No.40849845

Accomplice: 5
Master's Will: 7
Secret Project: 11

Wizard Strength: 8
Creation (Earth): 5
Transform Human: 3
Transform Inhuman: 1
Heat Shield: 0

Seeing as how you can change states with creation (water->ice) I can change earth into magma and use it to melt my foes. I'm also superhumanly strong and can resist heat with heat shield. After the secret project is done I can shapeshift girls I meet into my ideal image.

>> No.40849872

>>Temporarily grow tentacles/become some sort of hentai monster
Don't spell it out, just say that they can gain an inhuman form - though the stranger it is, the quicker it wears off.

>> No.40849882

I respect your ambition, but I must say that personally I think they work better as individual settings.

Unless...you have the setting as a big ocean full of island chains or something, I dunno

>> No.40849959

Take RIFTS, refluff some things, redesign the world map. Done.

>> No.40849977

Shelter: The Bubble
Companions: Monster Roulette

>Slime girl

Sounds pretty comfy.

>> No.40850014

But being able to rape someone for days until their brain shuts down is the whole point of being a tentacle monster.

>> No.40850019

>You no longer... feel the need to dominate

This one line is what kills blue power for me. I like being dominant. It's fun having power over someone else, and it feels good knowing that they trust you enough to give you that power. Toying with a cute submissive is probably the most enjoyable way to spend my time by a long shot.

Losing that desire is pretty shit, even considering the befits of blue power. It also doesn't protect your loved ones though, which is also pretty shit

>> No.40850050

You don't need to be a tentacle monster to do that. You just need to be STOPMAN, the IRON FIST of JUSTICE

>> No.40850119

What magic tree allows me to become STOPMAN, the IRON FIST of JUSTICE?

>> No.40850191


>> No.40850272


>light +2 vit +1 mag
>ranged [Some kind of staff that shoots lasers] +1 agi
>skimpy [something similar to what supergirl has. at least it isn't weird for a 16 year old] +1 agi
>killing blow [The FUCK YOUR SHIT-O-BEAM] +1 str

>+2 vit
>+2 luck
>Training [some kinda of martial arts or another. Can't rely just on lasers]
>Get out of Jail - 1 silver
>+2 str - gold - 1 silver

Final Stats

>str 4 +3 / 7
>vit 4 +4 / 8
>agi 4 +2 / 6
>mag 4 +1 / 5
>luk 4 +2 / 6

all in all, I could have probably spent my time better having done anything other than this. on the other hand that could be said of anything I do on 4chan so, yeah.

>> No.40850394

Since there isn't a thread and won't be for a while

Magical Girl CYOA - Less Rolling Mod

Total: 15 Points

7 - 16 years, free choice

Body Development:
Free choice

2 for those that give stats, except monster girls
4 for monster girls

Free choice
-Can purchase a second weapon for 2 points

Free Choice

Magical Powers:
First is free, except Killing Blow
-Can purchase more powers for an increasing point cost depending on how many you already have, (2 for the second, 4 for the third, 6 for the fourth, etc.)

1 for any
-limit of 5 perks

1 point per +1 to a stat

They get the same gear you do for no additional cost, can pay for a change at normal costs.
They get each 10 independent points you can spend on them.
Killing Blow
-Killing Blow is +1 cost to x

>> No.40850563

I guess it's counter to the spirit of the prompt but I'd probably just take his two default points to learn Transform Human and gain a perfect immortal body for myself and friends.

>> No.40850705

So, girls in practical armour or girls in... this stuff?

>> No.40850731

This looks like an older version.

>> No.40850784

There's this version i made more recently.

>> No.40850859


So did I...and I wish I hadn't.

>> No.40850861




>Gender Female
0 pts
>Beastman (lamia)
4 points
8 pts
Free because beastman
Beastman free point and discount 9 pts
Beastman free point and discount 10 pts
18 pts
>Exceptional Appearance
20 pts
>Exceptional Size
24 pts
>Low Fantasy Setting

Be exceptionally powerful and beautiful lamia. Adventure for a bit to get experience and try to get my coils on some good armor and weapons. Then try and save the world from horrid orc invasion! Since I have lifespan x2 I still might have long term goal of becoming Queen. In low magic setting I think a big lamia will get lots of fear and respect. Hopefully good kind and not "attack the monster!" kind. Otherwise I might just go and try to become Queen of the orcs instead.


>demon with demonic magic

>magical defense
>remarkable looks
>human form
>unseen force


Basically be a succubus who feeds on lonely people who visit my website. Pretty much lure them with sexy succubus bait and then terrorize them to feed on their fear. Temptation will make sure people keep finding my site.

>> No.40850890


>> No.40850913

>Normal dirty brown hair, hazel eyes, and brown skin
>Talent: REALLY Deus Ex Machina, and Timing Lucky bullshit. Untalent: Tech related shit
>Artist: Good at writing shit
>Retain Memories
>Heroine bro (she's a tomboy) and Genius bro (Because I'm not that smart)
>Prep School
>All the teachers, ALL OF THEM

I'm going to be the laid back shit head who likes to irk other shit heads into challenges
If you haven't notice yet that this is going to be a comedy/coming to age story

>> No.40851237


>Demon: Demonic Magic



>Unseen Force


I've been trapped in a little wooden cube for so long that none would believe me if I told them. It's dull as Hell when but when I'm summoned I always bring the pain.

>> No.40851258

This stuff.

>> No.40851300

I've been tinkering with my own CYOA, but I have a design question:

Do you prefer point buy CYOAs or ones where you pick a single option from a category / one from each category?

>> No.40851316

Is that Jurassic Park?

Speaking of, do we have any JP-inspired or dinosaur themed CYOAs?

>> No.40851319

Depends on the CYOA, but usually point buy.

>> No.40851373

It's Aogashima island.

>> No.40851392

Point-buy is funner, but harder to make and easier to 'break'.

>> No.40851448


categories are fine, so long as the choices are balanced, and not structured so that you get forced to take trap/useless or overpowered options.

>> No.40851617

>Point-buy is funner, but harder to make and easier to 'break'.
That's the problem I keep running into.

>so long as the choices are balanced, and not structured so that you get forced to take trap/useless or overpowered options.
I'm working on a magical girl CYOA, so I'm trying to keep each option more about flavor while avoiding exactly that.

Currently planning on: Pick a series type (Ex. Card Captor Sakura, Nanoha, etc.), pick a weapon, pick a magic type, maybe some miscellaneous options.

>> No.40851729

Don't forget CYOAs with stats. I'm absolutely fucking terrible at making them balanced. The 2 i've done so far are rather easily broken.
That's why i'm sticking with stat-less CYOAs.

>> No.40851770

Does anyone have the guide to making CYOAs?

>> No.40851827


>> No.40851845


>> No.40851857


>> No.40851874


>> No.40851888


>> No.40851911


>> No.40852323


Just what I was looking for! Cheers, mate...

> Desolation
> Annihilation Corps

> Cruiser. Because there's no getting off this wild ride.
> Twisted for directions.
> Veteran as gunner/driver.
> Amplifier for MAD DOOF POWERS!

Witness me, brothers!


>> No.40852869

one joke cyoa that has been lost to the ages. was meh.

>> No.40852889

So, some bad news everyone, Mother of Monsters cyoa (MoM) is going slow due to a slight bit of motivation but mostly, i have other things to do. Like, finding employment.

Point is, it will be done when its done but don't expect it done soon.

>> No.40853003

I had to go hunt these down after I got halfway through and realized there were pages missing.

>> No.40853017

Nearly triggered my autism.

>> No.40853110

Know what triggers my Autism?


+5 with Martial Tradition or Vampirism
>Neither of those exist

>> No.40853175

CYOAs going slow is nothing new. Mine languished for months before i finally got it released.

>> No.40853221

It's an old CYOA, made before people started to "enforce standards", as it were.

>> No.40853264

I'm thinking of doing a cyoa where you are a man or woman who seeks fame and fortune through dungeon diving. You will have to assemble a team, pick a dungeon, assign priorities for a multitude of things and so and such forth.

Interested? Should I? Also, ideas?

>> No.40853288

No need to take full bevin first, a few points in it is enough. I would take a mix of good stuff from bevin, polyamora and another world, probably crystal spire, at the start.

>> No.40853309

You're being so vague that I see no difference to lots of CYOAs we already have. If you think there's something neat about your concept then there's no reason to not make it.

>> No.40853336

Like, it would be part resource management, part character creator and part party builder.

>Should I be big and stronk or fast and nimble?
>Should I bring along a hooded lamp? It lasts longer then a torch, but it costs so damn much..
>Should I bring the loyal yet weak mage or the giant barbarian who may or may not betray me?

shit like that, yeah?

>> No.40853342

do it, sounds pretty cool

>> No.40853513

Tempest (Multi-Domain)


>Mortal Form
Mere myth

>True Form

>Greater Form

Ritual Summoning

One hundred average sized

>Familiars Form

>Greater Familiars

There will be no compromise. There will be no deals. There will be no scheming. There will be no other gods before me. There will only be submission or there will be death.

>> No.40853640


So like what do you do when your summoned? Are you like murdery demon, or do you just scare people like >>40850861?

>> No.40853695


Minding that it's all a matter of taste, there is more variety than that, in existence now, and in works. Still . . . Gtp, yjr rur pg yjr djr dyp;r s drvtry yjsy djr vsmy imlmpe.

>> No.40853838

Old Man Death
>Domain: Undeath
>Tenets: Knowledge and Fate
>Mortal Form: Old Beggar
>True form: Average Undead
>Perks: Magical Potency(3pts), Deceiver(2pts), Muse(2pts), Grimoire(3pts), Blood Sacrifice(1pt), Animal Affinity(Crow)(2pts), All-Seeing(2pts)
Sizes: Average
Forms: Spirits and Undead
>Greater Familiars:
Lazarus the Lich-King

I cannot be held for what my followers do. I merely offer them the power to control the fate of their life and death, how they use that power is not my concern. Now come and sit, have a chat.

>> No.40853952


-Elegant Castle
-The Familliar

-Demonic Magie

-Weapon (a flamberge)

-Beast Master
-Death Knight
-Enchanted Armor
-Master Worker

-Dragon pair

First thing I do is to use the wormaster to train a bunch of people capable of building bridge, road, or whatever thing you use o build a path in a marsh. While he do this, I will stenghten my armie of zombies and add some ghosts. The plan is to build a big-ass road that lead to my palace while keeping the rest of the marsh intact. Then I post ghosts, zombies, animals (recruted using the beastmaster and the familiar), enchanted armors and hunter along the way to patrol and keep the invader at bay. It will take a long time to build a force this big though.

As for the dragons, I don't knwo how to deal with them but I will probably be able to find their lairs pretty easily if i send hunters to locate it.

I will also try to get a tradition going which oblige the next king to spend a day with my weapon or something like that.

>> No.40854146

Domain - Mind
Tenets - Dominance, Diplomacy, +Fertility
Mortal Form - Child
True Form - Intangible Eldritch
Perks - Mind Control [2], Magical Potency [3], Deceiver [2], Philosophical [5], Prophet [2], Blood Sacrifice [1]
Familiars - 80 Average Tempters, 27 Mind Flayers
Greater Familiars - Bael [5], Belphegor [11], Anumon [2]

I will dominate the world through temptation. If that does not go according to plan, then i will flay my way to victory with shadowy tentacles.

>> No.40854481


>Demonic Secretary

because undercity
1 Shard
>Diplomatx2 (1 shard and Vampire bonus)
2 Shards
>Demonic Magic
3 Shards
4 Shards
>Shadow Bending
5 Shards
>Blood Magic
because Vampire


(24 Coins because 10 starting, 4 Gold Perk, 4 A Dragon Complication, 4 Monster Invasion Complication, 2 The Underdark Complication)
>Fallen Angel
23 Coins
>Captain of the Guard
22 Coins
>Squad of Guards x2 (1 footmen and 1 archers)
20 Coins
19 Coins
>Spymaster x2 (1 spy on neighbors and 1 counterspy)
17 Coins
>Pet Dragon
7 Coins
6 Coins
>Lesser Vampire x4
2 Coins
1 Coin
0 Coins

>A Dragon
>Monster Invasion
>The Underdark

>Enhanced Breath


Sounds like a good plan. Maybe your marsh isn't to far from mine. Don't worry, I'll keep the orcs away from you! I thought my hold wouldn't get along with anyone because it's evil, but it seems like we could get along.

>> No.40854499


>be paladin who runs away from order after getting vampire bite
>while wandering and struggling to survive find out I inherited a large hold
>yay! I'm actually royalty!
>go there to become Lady of new hold
>hold is ruined city that sank into marsh after being destroyed by orcs
>has orc army camping in marsh and giant dragon living in mines, drow in caves around hold
>who wants to inherit this mess!?
>also has lots of gold mines
>already vampire, so use gold and free housing in dark hidden undercity to lure vampires, demons, drakes, fallen angels, witches, and other creatures of darkness to hold
>make peasants mine for gold, join anti-orc army, or become blood sacrifices for vampires and demons
>budget is 1/3 gold to make dragon happy, 1/3 gold to make King happy, 1/4 gold for expenses, and whatever's left over for super evil blood drinking vampire parties
>practice dark magic, terrorize peasants, fight orcs and drow, party, just be evil, and try to actually rebuild hold during free time or when I get bored
>King and other Lords and Ladies hate me and are disgusted with what they hear about my hold
>King puts up with my antics because I send him lots of gold from mines, keep a giant dragon happy, and tie down armies of orcs and drow

>> No.40854556


Mortal Form:
>Mere Myth
True Form:
>Multi Domain
>Enhanced Armor
>Enhanced Weapon
>Magical Potency
>Physical Strength

>1 Colossal Monster
>2 Behemoth Light Elementals
>1 Behemoth Earth Elemental
>2 Behemoth Monsters
>4 Giant Light Elementals
>4 Giant Earth Elementals
>4 Giant Monsters
>2 Small Monsters

I am the mightmaker and the lifebringer
In my domain death has been shunned and exiled, and all the forces at my command crawl and thrive upon some imaginary ladder of which I am the highest. Rather than seek to dethrone whatever gods may exist, my kind and my worshipers seek instead to make gods of ourselves through careful study and constant training. We are The Climb, we are the Spiral Ladder, we are That Which Lives.

>> No.40854757

Secret box? moar like lolibox amirite?

>> No.40854773

I like this one a lot but the way ranks for magic is handled is pretty confusing.

Dragon race - 30
Longeivity 3 - 15

Wizard collegiate - 20

Magic aptitude - 10

>> No.40854783

Just a small update /tg/.

I wasn't too sure about the worlds, so I thought I'd get your opinions on it.

Update Log:
>I've decided to leave the 'OHMYEYES' font for now because I can't find something to replace it.
>All 23 ridiculously overpriced powers are done.
>Companions mostly finished.
>Circumstances page yet to begin.
>Mission page yet to begin.
>Revelations page yet to begin.

>> No.40854792

What am I looking at

>> No.40854805


>> No.40854827

Page 2.

>> No.40854871

>width still not fixed

>> No.40854885

>magical girl threads
A mess of people who don't know Magical Burst is a thing.
>conduit threads,
Kinda circlejerky, but mostly pretty good, relatively speaking.
>Battlemage threads?
A lot more than "kinda" circlejerky.

>> No.40854893

I got mixed responses on that last time, so i left it as is. Just open it in a new window and zoom in or out depending on your monitor.

>> No.40854917

oly fuck that's a load of sparkledick bullshit.

>> No.40854918

If I'm zoomed in enough to read it, I need to scroll horizontally. That's bad design.

>> No.40854945

Ah, I see. Is that a screen size thing? Because I can read it fine (pic related).

I'll resize it next update. What do you think about the worlds?

>> No.40854963

You need a spellchecker, holmes.

>> No.40855025

Personally I'd find it more exciting if there were a bunch of plot hooks for each setting instead of just one.

I wouldn't split the worlds between multiple pages. Have an intro page with no choices if necessary.

I prefer cyberpunk when it isn't magitech. The future is exciting enough without spells. But that's just my personal taste that stops me picking that one when I would pick a no-magic version.

Some of the combinations are confusing. "customs and practices of the Victorians, with the moral fiber and ideals of today" and "each and every luxury you were used to has been replaced with magic". What does all that mean? Victorian era but with hippies and hipsters? Magical internet and smartphones? It's unclear what's included and what's not.

>> No.40855059

Well, the times, architecture and literature are still Victorian, but people are a lot more open-minded. No need for extreme chastity and whatnot.

Also, for the CyberPunk place, you don't learn spells, since humans can't control magic, but it can be used as a power source for their inventions.

As for the Babylon one, yup. Magical internet and smartphones. Magical toilets and television as well.

>> No.40855088

There there. Don't pay any attention to those haters.

>> No.40855090

The screenshot clearly presents the problem described by >>40854918 (i.e. when picture is large enough that the text is legible, the picture is also wider than the screen, which necessitates scrolling in two dimensions, which is not great).

>> No.40855107

No, that's you having a shit screen.

>> No.40855111

>Well, the times, architecture and literature are still Victorian, but people are a lot more open-minded. No need for extreme chastity and whatnot.
So Victorian dress but modern modesty? That doesn't make any sense!

>Also, for the CyberPunk place, you don't learn spells, since humans can't control magic, but it can be used as a power source for their inventions.
In that case, why call it magic? If all you want is a new energy source for a cyberpunk world, call it cold fusion or water reactors or even just psychic energy.

>As for the Babylon one, yup. Magical internet and smartphones. Magical toilets and television as well.
In that case, the worlds are missing a more traditional mid/high-fantasy setting.

The little descriptions of each world are small and hard to read, especially Threat Level which basically requires squinting. If there are going to be descriptors like that, why not add a few more for other things?

>> No.40855121

...You clearly need to scroll horizontally in that screenshot...

>> No.40855131

What? No you don't. It only counts if you need to scroll each line, needing to move the image a few times is irrelevant.

>> No.40855136

That's what I thought.

>> No.40855143

>you don't need to horizontal scroll
>that horizontal scrolling doesn't count
Get your story straight.

>> No.40855160

>In that case, why call it magic? If all you want is a new energy source for a cyberpunk world, call it cold fusion or water reactors or even just psychic energy.

I already have a world like that, the future one in the second page.

>> No.40855161

I thought you were leaving. I should be so lucky.

>> No.40855170

Well, I don't need to horizontally scroll no matter how big the image is, because I just drag the image instead :^)

>> No.40855173

If this is how little you care about your own work, it can certainly do without my help.

>> No.40855190

CYOAs don't need you, anon. You're here for CYOAs, not the other way around.

>> No.40855309

Actually the creator was asking people for help.

>> No.40855325

And he took it.

>> No.40855330


>> No.40855343


>> No.40855355

Cyberpunk isn't the same as sci-fi anon...

>> No.40855370

If that's how little he cares about his own work, it can do without my help.

>> No.40855386

He cares so much that he's accepting advice from anons, that's very commendable.

>> No.40855402

No he's not.

>> No.40855424

I disagree.

>> No.40855433

Yes he is, he just didn't take yours in this instance.

>> No.40855448

The thing is, there would be literally no harm in reducing the size. Without rearranging anything, it's most readable right now if resized to like 1000 pixels wide anyway.

>> No.40855450

And with good reason...

Really some anons need to turn down the hostility and entitlement.

>> No.40855459

Taking the "advice" that's just agreement with what you already think isn't accepting advice.

>> No.40855469

pixel fag samefagger detected

>> No.40855473

Pretty much this.

Hey you. Yeah, you. Go see this post. >>40855450

It wouldn't look as nice on a regular computer screen that's wide enough to display the entire thing.

>> No.40855480

>Really some anons need to turn down the hostility and entitlement.
QFT >>40855190

>> No.40855494

Oh I see, it only counts if you happen to agree with it.

>> No.40855509

>It wouldn't look as nice on a regular computer screen that's wide enough to display the entire thing.
I was with you until this.

>> No.40855525

On a big screen the text actually looks weirdly big right now. If he was trying to optimize for a big screen, then he should still make the block text smaller and just add another column or two to the layout.

>> No.40855530

He didn't say that and it's awfully close to what you were saying.

>> No.40855545

You're replying to the creator now, he took the name off to samefag to defend himself, and he's not going to take your advice unless it effects his resolution.

>> No.40855546

But it's true. What do you have against it?

Is it? I was just pointing out that two people gave conflicting advice. As long as the creator followed either, he was accepting and using that advice.

>> No.40855567


>> No.40855581

>I was just pointing out that two people gave conflicting advice.
>As long as the creator followed either, he was accepting and using that advice.
It's like I'm in a Pathfinder playtest!

>> No.40855588

You're just mad he took my advice instead of yours.

>> No.40855643

Heard that on Paizo forums too.

>> No.40855663

Yeah, and I'm sure they have whining about paizo too, so. Stop doing what the paizo forum people are doing you hypocrite.

>> No.40855703


Illuminati sounds good.

I think that if I had a Bee that removed all my mental limitations, I'd do exceedingly well in that whole backstabbing politicking world.

>> No.40855723

A bunch of your colleagues have them too, of course.

>> No.40855767

At the end of the day QuietCYOA Anon, you can make a CYOA that fixes problems and works for everyone like most CYOAs manage to do or one that works for you and people who agree with you.

There's no way for anyone to know how to change your mind if you don't discuss your decisions, so there's no point in anyone arguing about it. It's just your choice of who you're making a CYOA for, people who think it could be improved or people who think it's right from the start.

>> No.40855803

>you can make a CYOA that fixes problems and works for everyone like most CYOAs manage to do
That's silly. No CYOA is perfect for everyone.

>> No.40855891

A CYOA can work for more or fewer people depending on which of those is the goal when improving it.

>> No.40855901

So obviously it's best to design it for the biggest group of people.

>> No.40855925

Asians with cheap monitors?

>> No.40855952

Yes, obviously we need to limit CYOA sizes to not alienate the 800x600 crowd.

I suppose phonefags would appreciate it.

>> No.40855979

Would you rather your CYOA worked for 49% of people who might like it or 94%?

Can designing a CYOA that isn't instantly sub optional for half of people really be instantly dismissed as "designing it for the biggest group of people" and >>40855952?

>> No.40856021

A CYOA with a width of 1200 pixels is worse for a user with a monitor width of 1920 pixels than a 1800 wide CYOA, so it wouldn't be perfect.

This is splitting hairs, sure, but so is "omg sidescrolling". If *scrolling* is what ruins a CYOA for you then you should go for a walk instead or something. That or get a better image viewer that doesn't make scrolling to the side annoying.

>> No.40856051

I have no idea what's going on anymore. I just got back.

But I didn't anon. I just got back.

>> No.40856056

It depends. Resizing this 1800 CYOA to 1200 would look better anyway, because it would help mitigate awkward fontsize issues.

>> No.40856074

Could I just remind everyone that we are all arguing on a fucking CYOA. It doesn't even deserve to be called a game for Allah's sake.

>> No.40856079

You can just zoom out for that and not ruin it for the people who like it that large. As I'm sure you're aware, zooming in looks terrible while zooming out is fine.

>> No.40856140

I don't think there are many people who take the option anyways. Considering it's a game, 10 points that are kind of useless is not that attractive

And elves are only in because that's Dr. Divergent's fetish and other people have just left it in

>> No.40856159

It's a CYOA. All points and choices in it are "useless" except for how much you enjoy the thought of having them.

>> No.40856166

Any interests in a 'Hero's Journey' CYOA? Categories I'm planning currently are: Prophecies, Allies, Foes/Nemesis, Equipment, Magic (?) and Pack with the Devil.

> Prophecy (1 minimum)
Betrayal: One of your allies will betray your party to a great extent in your journey +1 Ally

Desolation: Mid journey, conquest breaks around the world. Supplies become scarce, disease rampant


> Foes
Silver Tongued BBEG: Recruitment rates soar for your archnemesis, increasing grunt units for him/her and his reputation among kingdoms +2 points

Relentless pursuit: Shadows stalk you from the rafters, the clatter of hoofs drawing ever closer. +3 points

To be added: Named lieutenants of the BBEG with builds


Generic-Demon-Trying-Too-Hard-To-Summon-Shit, drake-emperors on a conquest, etc

> Pack with the Devil

A soul...: A Bad End is confirmed for one of your party members +5 points

...for a soul: A Good End is confirmed for a party member -7 points

Success... at a cost: Your reputation/Wealth/bloodline will be ruined one way or another at the end of your journey. +10 points

>> No.40856171

Am I the only one who's seen it?

>> No.40856198

I see it all the time.

>> No.40856304

>hurr durr it's not important so who cares about quality

>> No.40856313

>Anal sex
SDA made this, didn't he?

>> No.40856323

Arguing about image size and demographics isn't really an indicator of quality control.

Again, it's not even a game.

>> No.40856588

Either you have terrible eyesight, or your computer has a screen so tiny that /d/ could make an entire thread of futas mocking how small it is.

>> No.40856589

I return with newer, even stupider Pun names!

>> No.40856602

>talking about what constitutes quality has no relation to improving quality!
>CYOAs aren't important so you shouldn't care anyway!

>> No.40857029

where is that stated?
I always thought you were the only person with a Bee, and when you learnt how to utilize your powers properly, you'd be the strongest there is
It's why I always have to pick Phonecians over Templars... I'll force the Phonecians to care more about the safety of humanity than money + rebuild relations to the other groups

>> No.40857082

Well, that's the premise of The Secret World. Gaia needs champions for... reasons. And she chooses some people in the world to be her champions.

>> No.40857252

Is this a joke? Not even a real choice. Dark Matter is the only worthwhile option. Those tentacles, man. Fuckin' kawaii as shittu.

>> No.40857464

So what exactly is the horror to Tomu Academy? I can gauge to an extent what they are for the others. Is it werewolves? It seems a bit too vague

>> No.40857531

shit, didn't actually see that.
Not that it really changes things for me: I still can't pick the Orochi group becuase the Bee hates them
Still won't pick Dragon because a) my job will be incredibly boring and b) it's a total waste of my powers
Illuminaty sounds like there's a lot of infighting and not a lot of protecting the Earth from zombies and shit.
It's always a choice between Templars and Phoenecians for me

>> No.40857569

Wasn't there a version where Doppelganger would become obsessed with you, transform into whichever girl you liked most, and attempt to steal your attentions away from her by acting like an idealized waifu version of her?

I remember it also stating that she would attempt to mentally break down the girl in question and turn her into a loving puppet that only cared about you.

>> No.40857789

Heres one.

>> No.40857866

syr pryze's tabard of trapping is the only way to go

>> No.40858062

>Mortal Form
>True Form
Average Hell Lord
>Perks 15 pts.
Deceiver 13 pts.
Blood Sacrifice 12 pts.
Grimoire 9 pts.
Enchanted Armor 8 pts.
Enchanted Weapon 7 pts.
Physical Strength 5 pts.
Magical Potency 2 pts.
Animal Affinity:Rats 0
>Familiars 100 pts.
10 average tempters 90 pts
10 Small tempters 85 pts.
5 Giant tempters 75 pts.
2 behemoth bestial 55 pts.
25 average bestial 30 pts
20 small bestial 20 pts.
10 giant bestial 0 pts.
>Greater Familiars 25 pts.
Bael 20 pts.
Krill 17 pts.
Anumon 15 pts.
Dagon 3 pts.

>> No.40858073


*glances at pic*


Was planning on it, but I checked the next thread and it wasn't just giant dump of weird fetish stuff, so I stuck around. And I posted some totally new stuff, so I thought nobody would mind....

>> No.40858213

>but I checked the next thread and it wasn't just giant dump of weird fetish stuff, so I stuck around.
Well at least we can learn from our mistake next time.

>> No.40858244

>> No.40858282

>> No.40858539

>> No.40858544

>where is that stated?
Sorry, just reread it and realized that I didn't make it very clear in the introduction that there's more than a few bees running around.

Basically, a bunch of people all over the world developed a case of bee-ness, and the factions are scrambling to get them all because they can grow to be very powerful in a short period of time, and also because they don't die when they are killed.

But yes, you can grow to be absurdly strong. Some highlights from the game the cyoa is based on:

>One guy kills an enemy that can't be attacked via reflect mechanics
>Three people fight the Lurker, normally a 10 man fight, and beat it three times, after one guy on the forums comes up with excuses for why the first two didn't count.
>Five people bludgeon the endgame Cthulu-expy to death in 6 seconds

>> No.40858618

It's not 'what' that matters, it's how it's used. If it's some creepy out there /d/ stuff (and let's be honest, with dark matter - it likely is) like hard, barbed tentacles going through your ass and coming out your mouth in a rough rape while still keeping you alive, I'd rather pass.

>> No.40858647

The game is really good, and detective quests are the best thing that has ever happened to mainstream MMOs, but sometimes it really rustles my immersion.
>Enter Polaris for the first time
>Damn, those bosses are spooky and hard
>Suddenly some maximum skillpoint half-angel half-demon with flaming wings and full anime-styled clothes unsheathes his 2000 capcom points demon katana and kills Ur-Draug in a few hits
>Everybody's face when

>> No.40858766

>weird fetish stuff
This coming from the person who uses CYOAs to describe her misandrist lesbian mind-rape fantasies?

>> No.40858814


>Since there isn't a thread and won't be for a while


>> No.40858830

Hypocrisy and variation in mileage. For one person anal may be really out there but someone else may consider porn with rape on tied-down and gutted furries a regular part of their day.

>> No.40858834

Don't worry, once you get to NM dungeons, everything becomes spooky and hard again.

Then the Blingzilla event starts again and you're fighting a solid gold sextoy alongside an army of Elvis impersonators, and the feeling is gone again.

>> No.40858839

>> No.40858881


I think the guy usually starts the general is away or something, I'm not 100% sure myself.

>> No.40858899

Can't wait to see more!

>> No.40858952

I have my kinks but I don't call everyone else's weird fetishes.

>> No.40859051


>>40849719 suggested that I try something new outside my "usual zone". So I made some totally new and different stuff. No need to hate over build I made like a year ago.

>> No.40859153

Why for the love of god do you keep letting people know who you are. Is this just a big *LOOK AT MEEE* wank for you?

>> No.40859171

People don't hate you for the build. People hate you for being a sexist and for being cancer.

>> No.40859358

Is seduction and incest a fair solution to the Sister Sorceress? We both get our throne, purify the family line, and the two of us together will probably create a Physical/Magical hybrid child that would kick ass.

>> No.40859380

And that's good of you.

>> No.40859429


It's your head canon, go nuts.

>> No.40859445


>> No.40859468

I won't gamble, so I get 10 points

>Black Market Galatea [5] (Simulated Recall, >Personality Matrices, Descartian Conduct)
>Telomeric Manipulation: 4 years old [4]
>Ovarian Reconstruction [3]
>Enhanced Mental Capabilities [2]
>Induced Prodigy: Math, Physics [0]
>Fractured Mirror [2]
>Panacea Gland [0]

Instead of a Waifu I built a daughteru.

>> No.40859485


>> No.40859526


I like it when people comment on my builds. I just wish there'd be more positive feedback and less hate. And I always try to say nice things about other people's builds and ask questions about the interesting and fun ones.


Oh my! I just can't believe that a lesbian's magical realm revolves around women! How does that even make sense!? It's so sexist!

>> No.40859633

People can comment on your builds even if they don't know who you are. You just need to make an interesting build instead of having a drama-ridden persona.

In fact, the current situation is probably worse for getting people to comment on your actual builds, they tend to comment on how much you annoy them personally instead.

>> No.40859723

>there's more than a few bees running around
that is a, IMO, verrrrryy important thing
But baseed on your description, my plan to make the Phonecians NOT betray humanity sounds like it will work.
Also, what game is that?

>> No.40859734


For what it's worth she has no trips, she just posts mostly the same builds so she gets somewhat recognizable.

>> No.40859757

>I just wish there'd be more positive feedback and less hate.

Yeah, me too.

>> No.40859780

Too difficult to choose, I like Apophis, Manticore and Kraken, yet I know no girls with personality similar to theirs.

>> No.40859921

>what game is that?
The Secret World
Who would've guessed?

>> No.40859949

It might be because I've saved the CYOA as "Bees"

>> No.40860286



>> No.40860290

Tomu Academy is actually the hardest world to go into. Mainly because it's the most fucked up world. The horror behind it is told in bits and pieces throughout the CYOA.

>> No.40860489

>It only counts if you need to scroll each line, needing to move the image a few times is irrelevant.
its not irrelevant, you need to scroll several more times then necessary, even if it is not every line.
Also, to scroll up/down you can just roll your mouse wheel, to scroll right to left requires you to grab the bottom bar with your mouse, assuming your browser/os even displays that one properly.

>> No.40860651

> to scroll right to left requires you to grab the bottom bar with your mouse
No it doesn't, stop using shit image viewers.

>> No.40860700

wait, hold on, so I'm gonna have to fight people that chose the Filth?

>> No.40860771

That includes me. Might I remind you that the Filth can regenerate and begins its journey with immense power?

>> No.40860805

I'm boned.
>further increase powers by consuming agents/Bees

>> No.40860833

This is exactly why Filth is the best choice.

>> No.40860858


Not to mention legions of monsters and reality degradation.

>> No.40860917

>Help destroy the Earth
So what are you gonna do when everything is gone? Rape vampires?
The Filth sounds like a lot of fun, like being a villain.... until everyone is dead, and you're all alone
it's bogus that the Filth gets revivability(?)

>> No.40861066

Depends whether things from the other world have loyalty. If so, they'll likely agree not to slaughter me for helping them come through. If they decide to go ahead and kill me, I'll have a whole world to reform from, plus I can rest easy in the knowledge that everyone who ever wronged me is dead and gone in the most horrific ways imaginable.
Since it says 'You're the first agent to join the filth' will the other guys who chose Filth be working with me?

>> No.40861160

>until everyone is dead, and you're all alone
Filth wants to usher a new age where the Sleepers' dream got realized. Basically, corrupted creatures are the mode in which Dreamers sea humans, animals, world etc. Gaia wants to maintain the status quo and survive, but even she understands that she can;t exist forever.

>> No.40861194

>If they decide to go ahead and kill me
it's not like you're gonna be gone for a long time, considering the whole world is covered in FIlth
>first agent
I guess they could also be your nemesis also?
sooo.... if the world gets covered in Filth, it would still be "alive" - that is, "people" and "animals" would still live, obviously way differently?
Or am I being a moron?

>> No.40861342

>sooo.... if the world gets covered in Filth, it would still be "alive" - that is, "people" and "animals" would still live, obviously way differently?
>Or am I being a moron?
To know that you must buy our game, good goyim :^) Or watch some vids on youtube, really.

>> No.40861392

Friend please.....

>> No.40861444

Hey /tg/,

I'd like some advice. I was starting the companions page and I was wondering how I should format it. Here are the choices:

>4 companions specific to each world from which you can pick.
>20 non-specific companions which can be adapted to whatever world you choose.

>> No.40861460

Really, this shit is too long to explain. The game's motto is "Everything is True", so imagine that almost all mythological events, folklore, conspiracy theories etc. are true at the same time. Also, the current times are called "the fourth age". Ever heard of Ragnarok? Filth may be somehow related to it.

>> No.40861463

you actually made me check out the game
Nope. Nopeonpenopenopenopenope

>> No.40861528

Why not both?

>4 companions that are designed for a specific world
>But if you want, you can pay a bit more for a certain companion from another setting to have them adapted into yours

>> No.40861576


>4 designed for a specific world
>A pool of neutral companions that adapt to chosen world

>> No.40861598


>> No.40861600

that sounds fucking awesome, and I'd love it so, so much if that were a book rather than a game
The gameplay doesn't look like something I'd enjoy, but then again I'm interested in the story
Unfortunately you can't pick the Phonecians, right?

>> No.40861609

>>20 non-specific companions which can be adapted to whatever world you choose.

>> No.40861610

>Instead of either of those things, why not one of those things?

>> No.40861641

Yeah, there are only Dragon, Illuminati, and Templars as playable factions. Though you can work with Orochii, Phoenicians, and Council of Venice on occasions.

The game would be much better as a singleplayer RPG (like Vampire: The Masquerade), because the MMO-type targeting really ruins some of the atmosphere. The quests are good though. Not all of them, but most non-courier ones.

>> No.40861663

Point is, have both

>> No.40861695

like I said, I just checked a few videos. I don't see why it would be a multiplayer game and not a singleplayer one.

>> No.40861736

Initially Funcom decided make a PvP-oriented MMO, with faction wars, territory control, diplomacy, politics etc. But then they changed direction pretty quickly and made an exact opposite. There are still PvP modes, but it's a PvE MMO as a whole.

>> No.40861737

Since the general consensus is for both, my workload is now doubled.

Also, if anyone has any companion idea they'd like to see included, please do post them. I'm having enough trouble making 23 companions that aren't Mary Sues after the first ten.

Wake me up inside please.

>> No.40861769

so the question is: Is it worth to buy (given how much I enjoy the CYOA)? Eventhough the fighting looks bad

>> No.40861790

>No it doesn't, stop using shit image viewers.
It has nothing to do with shit image viewers

the vast vast majority of mice don't even have a horizonal axis for the scroll wheel, and those that do are rather shitty and uncomfortable to use.

Furthermore, we are viewing it on a website, our image view is firefox, chrome, or internet explorer. all three of which are a pain to scroll horizontally in.

>> No.40861796

>> No.40861802

Buy it on Steam, it includes all of the expansions and the finale, and the price is fine for the amount of content. The fighting is not as bad as it sounds.

>> No.40861811

>Nope. Nopeonpenopenopenopenope
pretty much, the filth is filth.

>> No.40861823

Open the image in another tab, click down your mouse wheel, and move your mouse left or right.

>> No.40861859

I'm on a laptop, so it's easy for me to use my trackpad and drag the image around with two fingers. The image is made through my perspective, if anyone can suggest a way to fix the problems for desktop users (that doesn't involve total reformatting), I'll be happy to put it in.

>> No.40861863

>Hurr durr I am a retard
Also known is completely and utterly shit way to browse an image

>> No.40861869

Cool. I will do that.
And there's at least 2 fellows in here who want to HELP the Filth.

>> No.40861890

I get that. Apparently I misread the initial post as "4 + 20" instead of "either 4 or 20", so was confused by the apparent repetition.

>> No.40861895

>I'm on a laptop, so it's easy for me to use my trackpad and drag the image around with two fingers.
yes, for a laptop it is.
the vast majority of people use a desktop which does not have a trackpad. horizontal scrolling is the only thing a trackpad isn't awful about.

>if anyone can suggest a way to fix the problems for desktop users (that doesn't involve total reformatting)
People have suggested several. you can reformat (which really, you should)
or you could just shrink it a bit and it will still be readable while fitting in the screen without horizontal scrolling

also, why so opposed to properly formatting the image?

>> No.40861914

Dream weaving sounds ridiculously cool, but in the end it's just escapism, and i'd end up always sleeping, chasing the dream.
That's no way to live.
Domination is mindcontrol, so that's not nice.
Imprinting + memory + suggestion.
Suggestion won't force people to do stuff they otherwise wouldn't, so that's okay in my book

>> No.40861918

>And there's at least 2 fellows in here who want to HELP the Filth.
4chan is full of filth

>> No.40861939

>Domination is mindcontrol, so that's the best!

>> No.40861940

And if you follow the Filth, you can purge the earth of such disgusting beings.

>> No.40861942

>also, why so opposed to properly formatting the image?
Dunno, I just like the cluttered feeling of the page.

Don't worry, I've made the rest of the CYOA, 8 pages total, desktop friendly.

>> No.40861977

Also, does anyone know of a good place to find character images for companions, because pic related is all I've got so far.

>> No.40861983

nigga... that's just wrong. Any power that you can use to rape someone, and it won't be rape, is wrong.
Domination = They take orders = it's not rape. It's wrong
>And if you follow the Filth, you can purge the earth of such disgusting beings.
So in the CYOA, we're told we can't help the humans... but could I join the FIlth, and only take out corrupt people? Just kill the bad people, and let everyone else live in peace?

>> No.40862010

>So in the CYOA, we're told we can't help the humans... but could I join the FIlth, and only take out corrupt people? Just kill the bad people, and let everyone else live in peace?

This is filth propaganda anon, do not listen.

>> No.40862042


>> No.40862085

If >>40861983 does not want to come of his own volition, no issue. The filth has control of those it corrupts. While you wouldn't be able to completely avoid killing all humans, the Filth does allow autonomy and doubtlessly would have no issue with you directing your vengeance towards the guilty. Starting over on this corrupt world could be a far greater good than evil, and you both know it.

>> No.40862118

piss.... So I can join the Templars and kill Nazi-zombies and werewolves and shit, or join the Filth and take out North Korea and Isis.............
why did you have to complicate things?

>> No.40862150

Improved Imprinting. It's honestly not hard to meet people who are successful or talented. It would be rad to be among the best in the world at 12 things.

>> No.40862175

Joining Filth is not a choice, anon. It's a privilege.

>> No.40862204

>mfw there's another Filth Agent

>> No.40862225

It's also becoming something that becomes a force of death.

Keep in mind that eventually you're bringing the end of the world .

>> No.40862281

And with it the construction of a glorious new one. The impure shall be purged, the great shall rise like the phoenix in our glorious new universe. The world is beyond redemption. It shall be purified only through beginning anew. The filth acts in the interests of true power and true righteousness.

>> No.40862307

I know... but I'm gonna delay it for as long as possible. The CYOA says the Filth won't force me to kill or, well, do anything.... and I can even kill the createures spawned by the Filth.
I honestly think I can do more good with the Filth.. I'll wage a war on Isis, corrupt politicians and then try to have as much fun as possible while I inevitably bring about the destruction of humanity
Thank Christ this isn't reality.... humankind would be fucked

>> No.40862314

That's what tentacleheads actually believe.avi

>> No.40862408

Care to provide an argument to the contrary? Irrespective of what you do, the new world shall come about. Gaia uses its foul delusions to maintain the sickening status quo, which leeches off the world. The Filth shall remove all the evils in this world and start anew, a great and glorious world where the evils shall be purged and those loyal to the Filth shall be rewarded with inconceivable power; the kind of astounding abilities the weak false goddess known as Gaia dare not gift her 'followers.'

>> No.40862501

>the new world shall come about.
Well, yeah.... but I'd like to delay it as much as possible. Especially since Filth-monsters sound icky-creepy

>> No.40862526

Further corrupting the world in order to bring about a new one? The filth has already infilitrated your mind, warping your view.

>> No.40862614

Delaying it is futile. Millions of years now, the forces of nature have attempted to stop the Filth and it still survives. It shall always prevail, as the universe gravitates towards righteousness. The monsters may not be the most visually appealing, but the definition of beauty is rather subjective to the circumstantial standards, is it not? Such standards will be subject to vast change once the new world comes about. The only thing that's 'icky creepy' in this world is the poisoning of the people's minds against righteousness and a new world; they have so long been subjected to the evils of this world that they come to accept it, living in apathy. The Filth's primary operation is to bring about a great change, and then the apathetic ones shall see the glorious world that they were missing out on.
Destruction is necessary to create something new. The Filth cannot cohabit with the disgusting world we live in now, so a new, pure world must be made. My view is not warped and I believe you will find that shall you purge your mind of Gaia's poisons, the Filth is the path to enlightenment of yourself and of the world. When you turn, you shall look upon the error of your ways and grieve for the downfall of humanity. Yet, it shall be naught to the world which the Filth has created out of benevolence for life.

>> No.40862689

I just wanna take a moment to say you're really good at this role-playing stuff... at least I choose to belivee you're role-playing

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