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Shim-rah or Kī-mer-uh?

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The correct way

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Shimrah is the pronunciation of someone who has never heard the word pronounced out loud.

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Get out.

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Is the ultimate form of a necromancer pronounced lick, or litch?

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It has roots in the germanic word for 'corpse'. It's 'lick'.

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Greeks didn't have a soft ch. It's K-eye-mare-uh.

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But then they'd be the Greech.

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They have a K too.

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wouldn't that make it lee-khhhhhrk instead?

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The latter. I cringe when I hear the former. Many gamers seem to be uneducated boobs. It's embarrassing.

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This one.

I say "litch" even though I know that's not how its origin word would be pronounced.

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Am I choking to death or breathing very heavily?

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Kai - mare - uh.

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It might have germanic roots, but it's an english word, so litch is fine - old cemeteries have lich-gates and there are places called Lichfield

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Litch. Lich may have been Lic at some point, but between now and then it transformed into liche, litch, etc. Turns out, language changes over time.

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Drow as in drow, drow, drow your boat
Drow as in how now, brown drow?

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It looks like it has the head of a mountain lion, a dragon and a lichgoat. Can't really say it wouldn't be a Shimrah

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well that makes it perfectly clear, then
how now brown drow

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its pronounced lynch.

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Neither. It's lich. There is no t sound.
Χm"air"uh or whatever

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oh what's an X then?

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The number 10

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Kime (sounds like dime) - air - uh

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You wnt to know how to say duergar? The word is actually used in the movie Van Helsing. It's pronounced dwayger.

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its greek and its spelled with a kappa, so its a K sound.

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Chimera : a monster from Greek mythology that breathes fire and has a lion's head, a goat's body, and a snake's tail

: something that exists only in the imagination and is not possible in reality

>lierally 5 seconds on google.

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this guy is technically correct, however it sounds so much better in english as litch.

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Xi is either ky-uh (with a hissing k, almost like how you say the H in hannuka) or Sh-uh

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the sound the 22nd letter in the ancient greek alphabet made is /kʱǐː̂/, which is basically a German ch. See Lich, or Chimera.

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fuck, i always mix up xi and chi

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okay, yall, I'm going to translate that, assuming we're doing ancient greek:

χ, chi - you don't have it in english. it's a german ch if you ever heard it - ich, Nacht, machen, let google read it to you.

ι, iota - like the ea in eat, or the i in in.

μ, my - the my is an m

α, alpha - is an a, but with an iota it's something close to ay. The sound the Fonz makes.

ρ, rho - a sharp r

α, alpha again - a propper latin a, so you'd write it ah.

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you're a fucking idiot.

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Choking on your keyboard.... to be fair, that's a solid effort.

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Not after e or i. (Compare frech, Licht vs Bach, Buch, Loch.)

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Classically "lick", but culture has bastardised it into "litch".

And I'll take a Litch over a Lick any day.

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How do you pronounce the 'o' in 'drow'?

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"Ow" not "ohw"

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Latin : Chĭmæra so Sh-e-ma[y]-ra (not wa, ra)
Greek : Khímaira so Ki-ma[y]-ra (again, not wa)

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It's just lich, no T.
Now if you want to get technical,
"Lye-kh" would be the correct german prnounciation, sounds just like 'Reich'.

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Reminder: this one is not pronounced "sir-ber-us" but "kare-ber-oss."

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Kimerah is correct

Used in biology all the time

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>Shoots lasers of friendship out of it's stomach.

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A guide for pronouncing shit that originated with D&D, such as immortal wizard corpses.

What does it say about Chimeras Drow and Liches?

Chimera is ky-MAEE-ruh, or ky-MAIR-ruh

Drow rhymes with cow

Lich is litch. Pronounced like Lichfield in England.

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I love that his name basically translates as "spotted" through its roots.

Yes, the dog that guards the underworld is effectively called Spot

I can't believe I didn't realise until yesterday (during the concert load out I was working at) that pyro- is just πρ - pi rho.
I was like "why did I never notice that before?"

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> This entire thread
> Crap players arguing over a name

The correct answer is "CR7 3,200 exp"

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You dumb?

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That's neat, but wrong. It's a so called 'false o', like the o in ideology, which comes from idea. in greek it's just pyr, fire. The right suffix for it to be connected to other words would be a, possible an epsilon.

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K-aye-mehr-a for the creature.

Chi-mehr-a/-ic for composite creatures inspired by or themed around similar approach.

Yes, I am a terrible person for doing so.

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Cool, TIL then.
Would it at least be spelled πρ?

And I'm still keeping that for if I ever need to name a special effects company

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no, it's pi ypsilon rho

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Sometimes feels good to have a language without these pronunciation problems

Everything sounds so obvious and clear

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German detected

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>Not stealing every word that isn't nailed down from all other languages you find
Sure, if you want a language that isn't any fun.

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The t is to show the sound of the ch in lich is the same as in rich, as opposed to the soft ch of words like niche

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If you just tried to write how Germans pronounce "ch" you are correct. Lick sounds retarded.

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Kim-air-ah, but with the 'air' pronounced short, so more like Kimerah, as this anon said

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German is a shitty language

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Хи-мe-pa :^)

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German is a very good language.

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I think the original was [loch-sound]imaira, most anglos probably can't pronounce that.

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You know, dictionaries have pronunciation guides, right?

Chimera (kigh-MEER-uh) = http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/chimera?s=t

Lich (rhymes with bitch) = http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/lich

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There are three basic reasons why lich should be pronounced so that it rhymes with rich...

1) That's the most natural way to pronounce that combination of letters in English (see "rich").

2) It sounds a lot less stupid than "lick".

3) And then there's the linguistic argument: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJmHuNPclMQ and the guy he's responding to concedes the debate here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8P0vLdpCGM

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where is this guy from. His German has a German accent, his English has an American accent.

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>2) It sounds a lot less stupid than "lick".

Just say it, I dare you. Spell it out loud in one of your games: "my character has undergone a transformation and became a lick". That sounds silly as fuck.

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nevermind, he's American

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Thanks JonTron

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"like rich but with l" always seemed to be the most natural way of pronouncing it for me, my native language being German.

He might have just put some effort into learning any foreign languages. It happens.

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No, because that's the English exonym.

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litch. It's an English word and pronounced like that in English.

They call themselves the Ellinika. Greece is derived from the Roman name for the place, Graecia

Drow. Rhymes with cow.

"culture" here being defined as "The Anglo-Saxons, 1000 or so years ago"

But it is not a German word. It resembles a German word, but it is not a German word and never has been.

English is Germanic, but that's not the same thing as German. And the German language that would have been spoken back when lich was in common use, would not have much resembled modern German anyway.

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It has always been "litch" for me. I live in Russia, and the first time I heard about liches is in some localized video game (probably Heroes or Warcraft).

To spice up the argument, there's "Likho" in slavic folklore, a one-eyed hag, the bringer of misfortune.

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Eyinika, if you wanna pronounce it correctely.

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>mfw anglos can't spell "lich"

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>anglos need an explanation for the pronounciation of every exotic word because their writing system does not represent their pronounciation

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But they pronounced it as dwergi in van helsing.

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Yeah, it's Kai-mare-ah.
Learn greek, nerds.

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Should I say Dagon as day-gon or dag-on?

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Really. I've been saying it like Beauregard but with a D instead of the B and without the final D.

So, nothing like Beauregard, really...

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Those ch:s in English renderings of Greek words always represent an original kh, which is hard -- "aspirated K".

Besides, "shimmerray" sounds like some gnome-ass illusionist spell.

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The correct pronunciation is "leek", like the onion. I say "leash", but it's a bad habit and retarded. Compare it with Nordic languages' "lik", a corpse.

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kh as in a 'breathy' k (it's aspirated)

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But it's being used in the sense it was used in middle/early-modern English: a corpse. It seems like linguistic masturbation to not use it the pronunciation of it in your own language when there is a common and historically valid pronunciation in that language.

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It's always a bit sad to watch them try to write down the pronunciation of words.

Would it be so bloody hard to Google the word and post if in IPA?

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It's litch, just like the Lichgate in a church is "litch-gate", and the town of Lichfield is "litchfield".

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Ok, you want to discuss spelling and the rest of us want to discuss pronunciation.

Enjoy your autism, bro?

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Ah-loo-mee-nee-um - the only way civilised people will ever pronounce it. We don't take kindly to degenerate Colonial savages over here in Royal Moustachia.

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What are you talking about you moron?

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Eat shit, britbong.

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People who give a fuck about spelling it "litch" versus "lich" are the most annoying kind of assholes. And you're one apparently?

The spelling "litch" isn't even incorrect, it's common to write a pronounced "t" when you're using English (an international language, something your shit-tier gutter-germanics could never be).

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tin foil
faight me haireeticks

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You can't even correctly spell your faulty pronounciation, so your opinion is invalid.

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Not that I even did, since I was clearly using the t to show the pronunciation while spelling the actual words without it. That guy is just a moron,

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Rhymes with bow.

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I have never seen it written as "litch". While that may make sense, it would be new to me that languages evolve by people sitting down and thinking "Just how can I convey the original pronunciation to people that only speak my language?".

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ch, not k.

Unless it's also a Dragon, in which case Dra (as in apple) colick.

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>χ, chi - you don't have it in english. it's a german ch if you ever heard it - ich, Nacht, machen, let google read it to you.
Pedant: not in ancient Greek, it's closer to the English "k" (aspirated, but most English speakers can't hear the difference).

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The dude who first isolated the metal called it aluminum.

I'd say that he has a bit more say as to what its name is than you do.

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>aspirated, but most English speakers can't hear the difference
Yeah, the real issue is that most Germanic speakers aspirate all their K:s (and indeed, all hard consonants) and can't recognize an unaspirated one, i.e. a kappa, for what it is.

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Which kind?

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On a ship.

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Ya, he changed it to the current spelling after a while (though IUPAC chose "sulfur" as the price for aluminium, so I can't be with them all the way, even if they do support aluminium as the proper spelling)

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>Yeah, the real issue is that most Germanic speakers aspirate all their K:s (and indeed, all hard consonants) and can't recognize an unaspirated one, i.e. a kappa, for what it is.
Englsih at least tends not to aspirate right after an "s". Compare "pot" to "spot".

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Sulphur is objectively worse.

How does it feel to be wrong.

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I'd chose Cow as the rhyming word of choice, much less ambiguity

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Ambiguity is fun. Besides, its a made up word, there is no "correct" pronunciation.

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Not a first-language English speaker so that's just a subtle tell for me then.

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Did you even read my post?

The "price" for accepting the decent spelling of aluminium was the shitty spelling of sulphur.

Hence while I support IUPAC having Aluminium as the official name I cannot condone Sulfur just because yanks don't know how "ph" works

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>Besides, its a made up word, there is no "correct" pronunciation.
Insofar as the guy who made up the word established the correct pronunciation, in a sense there's MORE of a correct pronunciation than for ordinary, organically developed words.

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Dudes, that was my joke...

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I cringe every time I have to write down my sister's name because my parents have no idea how "ph" works.

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Don't you mean the phrice?

>> No.40824074

Do you want phrice with that?

>> No.40824333

Only if they're phree

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'Phraid not, phiphty cents.

>> No.40824440

Tell me your sister's named "Patty, but with an H because it looks more unique".

>> No.40824489

Well it's better than phree phiddy,

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Though the thing with Patty would be much worse.

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Wait, so her name is Sofia, or Sophia? Because both of those are perfectly valid spellings for that name.

>> No.40824733

Yeah, the "f" version of the name is actually pretty valid for that one

>> No.40824756

That's the normal spelling where I'm from, I'd say you're comparatively ok here.

>> No.40825039

Agree with these anons:
Worst-case scenario here is people think she's Bulgarian.

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German is a problematic language, I'm surprised the SJWs haven't jumped its shit for assigning genders to nouns.

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Phuck you.

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They'd have to get on every single Romance language, too.

Though I would like to see them take on Germany. They might awaken the Reich and get gassed like they deserve.

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Of all the SJW faggotry, the pronoun shit is some of the stupidest and most mentally insular. If they only knew even one more language they'd realize how fucking retarded they sound when they puke up this Anglocentric nonsense.

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I was half expecting it to be phoebe, spelled feebee

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