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Continuing from >>40775883

Alright gents, new thread.

I'd like to request some female pirates/privateers/captains, whatever. I'm especially looking for that one picture of the pantless dark haired captain in a black coat. I need it for... research purposes.

Dumping a few nobles in return to start off the thread.

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Need elf druids.

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Dunno if elf.

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>missed the ears

I might be retarded.

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Looking for necromancers. The cheerier, the better.

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You mean this one?

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That would be it.
Thanks, brother!

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More wushu stuff please. I'm trying to build a setting based on old Kung Fu B Movies.

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I've got what you want, but I've also received a warning recently, so I don't want to get banned for posting it

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Looking for dark cultists like this one

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Then check the previous thread, it's still floating around

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I need pictures of fantasy courtesans and prostitutes.

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Thanks m8

Copy/paste from last thread:

Hey /tg/.

I'm looking for a certain image. It was a female dark elf/brown elf (with an anime style face) in plate armor with white hair. The image only had the character, with no background.

I had saved it back then but my external hard drive has gone to the other side, so I hoped you guys could help me out. I searched for it on pinterest, google and every booru I know but no tag constellation was able to lead me to the right pic.

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I think that should do

I need female knights, BUT neither overmuscled nor twigs posing with swords. Toned, well-build wymyn that don't look like fucking body-builders. It's like there is no middle ground and you can either get twigs or muscle monsters

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That's because the idea makes no sense, upper body strength is essential in all aspects of medieval melee combat.

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Most guys in the medieval age didn't get enough nutrition to bulk up you know. Instead they just got sinewy strong.

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You don't get it, do you?

Let's use Neb then, he's perfect at this. So I'm looking for "top version". I don't think I can get any more clear. I don't need your "Generic Barbarian Muscle Girl" and I don't want a twig either.

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Man, with a less transparent shirt and some pants that picture would have been utterly fantastic. But then...I don't think otherwise could be expected given the artist.

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I like how there's almost no difference between his top "unattractive" version, and the photoshopped one. Apparently using photoshop to colour correct or add makeup is evil, y'all!

Seriously though, he's solidly failed at making his point by making the sexy version fairly middling, and the "realistic" one almost identical.

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The top one is a brick (not that I mind). The bottom one has a waistline and shapely boobs.

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The only noticeable (physical) difference I can see is lengthened hair

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I got the intention... but for me they're similar enough that the differences could be ascribed to artist style or error. With a photo I suppose small tamperings are much more obvious. The bottom picture here just looks like the girl in the top in a different pose - all that really changes are the positions of her skirt and hair.

I'd still be wrecked by them both.

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>Not getting three different jokes going at the same time

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I'm not even seeing a first "joke".

Or rather, I'm seeing it, but I question the quality.

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I guess it comes from not being familiar with Neb's style and this being but a sketch, but the original point was to explain what kind of brick I'm looking for, not contemplation about how Neb failed or not to deliver few jokes at the same time.

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This is /tg/, we're famous for being unable to decontextualize dat ass.

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... which is part of another joke. I guess this is the point where I can no longer percieve myself as normie when it comes to what Neb draws and it fuck ups my judgement about his works

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>sinewy strong.
Well they were low level royalty so that's very doubtful. They had more than enough food available to them.

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Looks less like photoshop and more like every girl ever immediately after waking up in the morning vs after doing makeup.

The hair's a little too neat in the first one though. Needs more of a lion dragged backwards through a briar patch in a heavy crosswind thing.

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If someone with the remotest amount of Photoshop skill would be willing, I'd love to see a slightly more appropriate version. Unfortunately, I lack aforementioned skill, and thus am left to hope that some heroic soul will see this post.

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I must have gnome spellcasters

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Anyone have art of shield knights or defenders?

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Look at the tits. The top one is more flat and the corset clearly doesn't push the boobs up much/at all. The poster, on the other hand, makes it look like a pushup bra. The cleavage shows it, but also look at the difference in sideboob. There's practically none on her real body, and a significant amount showing on the poster.
Then her arms are a bit softer on the poster, her lips have been reddened, and her skirt has been altered to show more thigh.

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I need pics of a futuristic soldiers/spec ops/Mercenary with face showing and blonde/reddish hair
will bump with pics that are what I'm looking for but wear a helmet

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Why are her knees pointed inward? Does anyone stand like that irl? It's like she started out attempting a wide, powerful stance with her feet, then she / the artist went "oh shit, gotta stay girly" at the knees and just collapsed them for no reason.

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Her foot's stuck in the mud. She's trying to wrench it out without looking silly.

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Bulking up wasn't really a thing. Gigantic musclemen were a rarity. If there's one thing Game of Thrones got right, it was casting fit, but lean men for almost all of the warriors.

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The survivors of Rico's Roughnecks fit your description.

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looking for brown, short-haired (receding hairline works too) white males in their early-thirties wearing either leather armor, or modern soldier armor

I dont mind if you cant find it with the gear.

>similar to pic

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i need wizards and sorcerors in heavy armor

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So... no chances for "brick" built wymyn knights and such after that lenghty discussion about Neb and his skills as comic artist?

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If someone is built like a brick and clad in bulky armor, can you really tell much difference?

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I need more sword-wielding drows, preferably female.

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Like so?

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Wait, fuck, Drows are the other way around. I done goofed.

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>he doesn't want to be known as the dread pirate No Pants

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I'm looking for a male human fantasy rogue, something more dungeoneer and less stabby

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I rest my case, apparenlty I'm asking for something way too complex to explain or understand.

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Drows have dark skin and white hair. The picture I posted had pale skin and black hair.

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Requestan Dorf Druids and dog themed Half Orcs

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>Good art
>Nice lines
Just why?!

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Last ditch effort for necromancers

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not so much a necromancer as much as a skeleton with cats

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Thank you!

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More like cringe-worthy

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>monster girl hookers

Now i have seen everything.

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I got some art of Roman legionaries, I can dump them if you guys want.

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Do it, no one will stop you, brother.

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Very well, amicus. Ave.

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Something for the puellae

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Another for all the Mater Roma's out there.

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>no helmet
>dat chestplate
>stepping out of line

2/10 would not form testudo with

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Yeah but I'd totally take her back to my villa in Capua.

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I'm all out of art images to dump. Other brave roman anon, the thread is yours. Vale.

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I think I've reached the end of my Roman image collection as well sadly. It was fun while it lasted.


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Actually, your average medieval knight had just as much food as us today, just less sugar and fats.

This idea of people in previous ages not getting enough nutrition is based on the industrial era when everyone who wasn't nobility or from a rich trading family ate potatoes and bread all day, all year until they'd finally die at 45 for never having seen a vitamin.

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Well there was a general shortage of protein in the medieval commoner's diet, which would mean they had more trouble bulking up. (of course this is completely dependant on the region)

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I request women with breastplate, shield and hand crossbows.

Thanks in advance.

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You're thinking of your average medieval commoner. A knight would have access to good nutrition.

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I would like to request some feral female artwork.

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By the stars and heavens, you've found me a character picture for my white necromancer. Thank you so much.

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>Because I say so
Good nutrition from what? Have it even occured to you that sizable part of what is now considered nowdays "normal" and "traditional" food wasn't even present in medieval diet? When all you have to eat is flour and kasza (but that when you are Slav), combined with game and occassionally poultry, you have barely any proteins in your diet. The difference here is that you eat regularly all year round, while your serfs don't have this privilidge.

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So when I've rested my case something showed up. Still far from perfect, but better this than nothing.

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And, done.

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Who's the artist?

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Masamune Shirow. That illustration is from Pieces 6 Hellcat.

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