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What is your least favorite campaign setting?

Mine is Forgotten realms, without a doubt. It's the most boring, generic crap possible. Why does it get so much focus?

I miss planescape so much.

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i dont know much about forgoten realms but i am a little bitter that it took over my favorite setting of greyhawk as the default

i dont hear generic as a complaint against forgoten realms much but i do here a lot of complaint about there being to many high level people (which i dont agree with in fact i modify a lot of the higher end figures in greyhawk to be level 20 such as the head warmage at tarth moodra)

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Greyhawk is alright.

Forgotten realms is just too theme park fantasy for me.

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same guy here

i quite like golorion to not so much because its a great setting (its alright not as good as greyhawk but if your going to be running a slavery themed campaign from either side of the matter theres no better setting) but because unlike wizards paizo auctualy knows how to make a setting book

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Golarion. Its just a mess in so many ways.

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i will agree that its a bit of a mess but as i said above i stand by there being no better setting for a slavery themed campaign

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Why is that? Never played it but I'm interested

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slavers vs anti slavery people is at the core of a lot of the conflicts in the story one of the main countries is themed around freeing slaves and even many of the most minor regions have there views on slavery explained

its basically the core of the world

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what about dark sun?

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i dont know anything about dark sun it may be even better suited to it i dont know

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One of the biggest themes of Dark Sun is rampant slavery. It is a low-magic setting that takes place on a desert planet. It would be right up your alley since you seem to have a weird boner for slavery.

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I know about the apis consortium and the mines they have in the jungle but what are the other conflicts?

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oh i dont have a boner for it i have no intention of playing a slavery themed game its just something i noticed reading the inner sea world guide but thanks anyway anon

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well most of the conflicts was probably a bit of exageration but andoran does spend a lot of time freeing slaves from cheliax and theres a few other mentions i will have a read through the book later

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on the other hand maybe thats a bad sign i think primarily of slavery when i think of the setting but when i try to think of examples i cant think of many maybe the setting is actually poorly fleshed out and the 1 minor thing that is fleshed out stands out a bunch and highlights the lack of depth

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i hate the way slavery is handled in most settings

its too colored by modern sensibilities, these are pre industrial cultures, they wouldnt give a fuck about the morality of it

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I sort of agree with this, but in a more encompassing Great Wheel. I hate the entire Great Wheel setting.

lolwut? The system is shit sure, but the setting is the absolute ultimate in silly metal-album-cover-tastic adventure.

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Faerun and Greyhawk

They're just so incredibly dull.

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The one I wrote

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Ehh... The people profiting from it wouldn't give a shit but abolitionism, slave rebellions, reform, and outright slave revolt have a long global history.

Shit is always more complicated than you think.

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Castle Greyhawk (WG7), Dungeonland/Land Beyond the Magic Mirror (EX1/2), Expedition to the Barrier Peaks (S3), Isle of the Ape (WG6?)

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Like I said

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In what way are References: The Dungeon, King Kong, and a crashed alien spaceship part of a normal setting?

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To be fair to Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk was not the main setting since 3.5 since 4e was in points of lights as its main setting.

As for least favorite setting it would have to be Dark Sun. Sorry I am afraid I never dug the vibe they went with it.

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Greyhawk was only the default setting twice: AD&D 1e and 3.x. OD&D is Avalon's Outdoor Survival, Basic is Mystara, 2e is Forgotten Realms, 4e is PoL, and 5e is FR again.

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That's kind of the point. It's just a mishmash of shit.

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That's the point. It can't be Generic Fantasy Setting #8001 because it's this crazed mess of everything Gygax could be think of.

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>Warhammer anything
Grim Dark to those levels is pretty cringeworthy and I've yet to meet a single fan of that setting that was also a valuble human being. I've met some dudes into Dark Heresy that were close, but ultimately they were a waste of time as well.

>Fantasy that leans towards LotR as opposed to Swords & Sorcery
LotR was shit anyways. Books AND movies.

>Star Wars
I feel star wars is its own enclosed universe and story. I feel like playing a game in a system like that is just really doing nothing more than shitting all over the narrative. Sci-fi is fine, and Science-Fantasy is even better, but just make up your own stuff. I mean, you're going to be doing that anyways for most of the time. Or, that last part was more valid to say back before the extended universe and 1-2-3 happened. Either way.

Speaking of

>Urban setting with largely accepted supernatural elements*
>*When it is specifically from a TV or book series
Dresden Files, or anything based off of that show, or anything of that nature.

I've never read it, but I've interacted with people who play those games. I'm not usually one to ignore something based off of the fanbase, but I'm having a REALLY hard time defending that one.

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>Dark Sun

Dude, this is the setting where EVERYONE and their mother has psionic powers, from the commoner on the streets to the pack animals, and the cities are governed by godlike sorcerer-kings.

Low-magic my fucking ass.

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really i always thought it was always greyhawk interesting

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Yeah, that anon is not accurate about it being low magic, the only low magic detail is that magic items are non-existent.

Which is a big setting deal.

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Psionic items are pretty common though.

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>LotR was shit anyways. Books AND movies.
This is the only wrong part of your post, however it is entirely wrong.

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Also the part where Star Wars is its own enclosed universe and can't be touched to preserve the sanctity of its narrative. Star Wars is a whore.

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