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>> No.40726155

So /JC/! If you could take a non-Jumpchain CYOA as part of your Jumpchain, which one would it be?

>> No.40726234

To speak of it would be to invite a darkness into this thread from which there is no return

>> No.40726250

That would be a toss up, possibly Domain Lord or the old Vampire Hunter CYOA.

>> No.40726295

Two questions for the respective makers of Skullgirls and Gargoyles jump, since they're essentially the same questions for two different perks: Fae Blooded and Brain Thane.

These perks both seem to have fairly sparse descriptions, and I don't understand what makes these perks worth 800 CP undiscounted. The example feats for each either don't seem all that impressive or could use a bit more clarification, and there are things half their price in either jump which seem to be far more interesting/useful to me. I'm sure I'm missing something though, since I'm not really familiar with either setting.

In short, if you guys are out there could you please list some example feats or otherwise explain why these perks are so damn powerful in the context of their settings?

>> No.40726328

I personally would take any one with erm...all those cool low powered ones with the weird items.

OH or the one where everyone is miserable forever ones. Or Conduit, domain lord, and demon lord, or Dungeon meister

Has anyone made a Dungeon Keeper jumpchain? I could always like to be a campy ebil villain neet. I need things for my loyal minions to do.

>> No.40726365


If it was properly converted into Jumpchain's format, probably that one where you become a Boss of your own lands, minions included. If it wasn't redesigned to work with Jumpchain, I probably wouldn't pick anything.

>> No.40726466

Those wasteland hero and wasteland settlement ones. They were neat.

>> No.40726477


>> No.40726568

I think we can talk about it so long as we understand that none of the cyoas we mention will be made into jumps.

I have a few. The Cyberpunk cyoa because it offers a lot of interesting tech and has cool setting.

Magical Realm because it's fun and gives you the chance to get pretty much any kind of magic, technology or superpower you could think of. (Even if there wasn't a realm maker origin you could still end up really powerful.)

And Space Refugee because it's like a lighter version of Star Dust with aliens.

>> No.40726594

Oh what is that other one when space monsters are are race and its at the end of the universe?

That one is good too.

>> No.40726639

Sunless or something like that?

That jump was cool too.

Space refugee was pretty nice too.

>> No.40726710

Conduit. I'd spend most of my points on linking to the worlds I was Jumping rather than buying Conduit powers, though. It's a good backup if I fail, and also the worlds there are pretty awesome.

I think my starting world would be Crucible - imagine all the good you could do for that hellhole after you had enough Jumps under your belt.

>> No.40726741

Last Star, although having looked it up I was thinking more of Space Opera Refuge, they are both good though.

Oh and Heavy Metal, that would be awesome.

>> No.40726746

All of a sudden, I kind of want a Stardust the Super Wizard jump.

It probably wouldn't work though, I think pretty much the only thing you'd be able to make perks around are Stardust's abilities, and that's way to powerful.

>> No.40726965

I've been in /jc/ for a few threads now and I want to ask you regulars a question
How come Jumpchain took off and Conduit died a slow death? I, at least, assumed the two were 'competitors', in a sense. Conduit threads died off and Jumpchain threads just kept on chugging.
How has Jumpchain survived for so long? I know Magical Realm was dying in less than a year and PACYOA turned real cancerous, how have you guys been having regular threads and not ran out of things to talk about?
How many of you are CYOA general refugees fleeing from the fucking horrible lewd CYOAs idiots keep spewing out?

>> No.40727017

>Jumpchain/Conduit questions

Generally, that's a case of content creation. JumpChain has (or well, had) many people making content, while Conduit has only Thrallherd. Some could make pros and cons of both, but the list is gonna get heavy.

>Survived for so long
I dunno about cancerous, god knows we're toxic as shit at best of times. But mostly it's the build discussions, the number of ways people can differ in just a five-chain set-up, etcetera.

Not gonna get into that, as that's ripe grounds for inter-thread drama.

>> No.40727019

These days, it seems more like we're fueled by our own mixture of hatred and love for other people in threads.
Our shitstorms feed us, fuel us. Make us strong.

>> No.40727133

Hey guys I'm here posting my lewd jump

>> No.40727147


Please god no. Can't we get a break every now and then?

>> No.40727151

Conduit only had Thrallherd, and with how things have been... well, I don't blame the guy for hiding. All the drama that happens occasionally? Imagine it all focusing on one single person.

ITts mostly survived because of content. We have our own quirks with it yes, but with every jump that comes out, it comes with new things to do, a new perspective, and new additions to combinations that may be done. It's like we're playing in a LEGO playground, and every so often a shipment of new LEGOs gets dropped off. And you have to watch out and not step on any. Magical Realm... well, that had a fair amount of issues. Having been there from start to finish, multiplayer along with no way of dictating what happens between people other than "BAM BAM YOU DEAD" and "NUH-UH I GOT A FORCE FIELD" was essentially a death knell.

>> No.40727226


Clearly, we're on a death spiral downwards and there's no way off this ride.

>> No.40727234

A lot of it is due to the structure of the system; nobody has anywhere close to the same build/goals/whatever else, so there's always lots of variation.
Another is constant content creation. We've generally averaged about 1 jump per thread; there are right around 420 Jumps, so there's always new stuff to talk about. And we actually encourage new content from anons and namefags, rather than limiting it to a couple of people.
Also, hatred.

>> No.40727273

I would say it partially had to do with the format, or at least it was involved. In Conduit every world was an original setting, do you know how hard it is to make something original rather than derivative?

It's telling that there's so few original stories in comparison to fanfics. With the Jumpchain Format you can literally make (Almost) any setting into a jump.

There's also the fact that we learned from the mistakes of others.

Then again, I've never had anything to do with Conduit, so take my comments on it with a grain of salt.

>> No.40727301

>we learned from the mistakes of others.
>learning from mistakes

Too much faith.

>> No.40727317

>around 420
433 to be precise, according to my count.

>> No.40727343

why do I keep feeling like someday someone is going to try and make a working system to make Jumpchain a single/co op thing to play with.

>> No.40727364

They won't.

Because nobody here wants Multiplayer. Of even co-op variety.

>> No.40727411

It's not going to happen. We already have potatoes.

In all seriousness, it would open up too big of a can of worms. So any attempts at co-op are often kept quiet, for fear of /jc/ going the way of Magical Realm.

>> No.40727492

Okay, I am now back from my vacation. Alaska and Canada were beautiful.

That said, have a new Jump.

As per usual, please note any flaws, errors and what not so I may fix them immediately. Builds are encouraged.

>> No.40727516

>tfw had an idea for a supplement that was just a bar where jumpers would meet up and share stories while drinking some of the best liquor in the multiverse
>realized it was a stupid idea and never made it


>> No.40727521

Welp, I'm gonna start dropping some shit down in here. I think I should start writing again but I don't know...Bwah.

Last time, on my chain..I'd recently left Pokemon Mystery Dungeon with Judas the totodile and my Fennekin partner in tow, and landed in the magical and amazing world of King of Streetfighting Kombat. Surely a great place.

(1000 cp)
Generic Fighting Game
Age: 19
Spain - OLE! I've returned to the motherland!
Magical Karate Person(900) - Because obviously the ancient art of bullfighting has taught me to harness rage into a physical force.
Everybody was kung fu fighting(free) - Karate. Eveyone knows Spain recieved an influx of Italian Karate masters back in the 1800's
Taunt(free) - Probably something to the tune of tossing a red capote at someone, or waving my muleta to get them mad.
Block(free) - Somehow said capote is tough as a shield. Who knew?
Fan Favorite(850) - Ah, of course. I need to know how to put on a good show after all, I'm the matador!
Hadokamehameha Wave(free) - Italian Karate has some weird moves, okay?
Charging(650) - Standing in place and giving a manly yell is always a crowd pleaser!
Multiplayer Mode(350, for Judas and Alexandra) This one is just obvious. Also I've been making character sheets for even my companions so might as well take advantage.
Divekick(150) - QUETZACOATL'S DIVE!(Yes i know spain isn't mexico, but game designers are stupid)
Dragon Uppercut(0) - Annnd to counteract any mirror matches..
Iconic Outfit(Free) - The garb of the matador, my blood burns hot with it's legacy!
Passport(Free) - Because travel.

Not really a lot to say about this, just some tournament arc stuff and definitely a lot of fun had with my hamminess. If I end up in real danger I can use my psionics as a back-up, otherwise HEY HEY STREET FIGHTER, KEEP ON FIGHTING MAKE THE FUTURE BRIGHTER.
Pic related, it's my costume.

>> No.40727613

>no space pirates
>no magical beings
>no giant robots

Aaaauuuugh Toriko why you gotta be such a pain, I just want to use my giant god-robot in ant world. Why I gotta be cockblocked.

Sarcasm. Very much copious amounts of sarcasm. Thank you, Toriko-Anon. Hopefully this'll help get this place back into jumping gear.

>> No.40727657

Honestly, it's not a stupid idea man. It's an awesome one, to be sure.

But... not one that'd be good in practice.

>> No.40727698

(Final Fantasy 12)
-Age: 18 (Rolled)
-Gender: Male (Unchanged)
-Location: Bhujerba (Racial)
-Race: Moogle (Free)
-Origin: Courier (900)
-Etoria Disciple (Free)
-Barrel Roll (Free)
-Circus of Itano (800)
-Sky Pirate's Scarf (600)
-Glossair Rings (300)
-Magicite Bloom (-100)
-Companions Across Space & Time (-400)
-Gear Wrench (Free)
-You Really Are A Child (-300)
-Weak Mode (0)

Good god this is going to be the most fun I've had in a jump in a really long time. I'm gonna apply my piloting skills to my Flying Train/Mech and the enemies here are actually going to prove challenging which is gonna be a nice change!

Ah man, I can't wait to start feeding magicite all sorts of different magical energies and experiment with the different crystals I make andohit'sgonnabesomuchfun >_<

I get to do all this as an itty bitty child moogle too, so I get the underestimation factor going for me right up until my Living Psychic Train Mech rolls up and I start being the most awesome thing they've ever seen.

>> No.40727832

>Rolling up as a tiny moogle in a big world
>Have science adventures
>Be a badass

My brother of rich melanin

>> No.40727921

Does the Killer Queen copy powers? Also, what would happen if you manage to eat something like a plague marine of nurgle in 40K?

>> No.40727924


Eh, it's a good and great idea, but all you need is tinydick mcgee deciding eating everyone and taking their powers is the only way to fill the void in their life where most people have a respect for others and life so. Eh. I figure if you want to have that kind of fun, best not to air it for everyone's sanity

>> No.40727963

Goddamnit. A jump about ants shouldn't be this enticing.

Nice work.

>> No.40728078

This is amazing.

Now that that's out of the way, here are my complaints:

Ant Man seems to be much less useful after the jump is over than the other Cheat Mode perks. Unless, as I think may have been implied by some text towards the end, Cheat Mode perks only work while you're here and are just meant to give you an unfair advantage while you're an ant.

I'd like it if the text for Royal Duties, and by extension Killer Queen, gave us some idea of how long the eggs take to hatch.

Lastly, I think most people would assume this, but could we get confirmation at the end that we get an ant alt-form after 10 years?

>> No.40728084

I'd say it depends on the powers.

Eat an X-men style mutant where genetics grant powers? Yes.

Something that is granted by a God or such? No, since its only a copy of their body.

Something like a Wizard who uses memorized spells? Eh...Depends on the setting.

I am pleased with your reaction

>> No.40728149

>Take School for Ants
>Build tiny MRI machines and operating rooms
>Be doctor ant
I have no idea why I find this idea so hilarious.

>> No.40728204

I'm glad you're pleased, you did a fantastic job.

One question though, are you still limited in size if you take Terra Formars? Are the other bugs still their same size?

>> No.40728258


Harvest Sprites have been caring for the land and plants in the Garden. Sea Snails have been caring for the Lake of Melodies.

Time for Ants to evolve and care for what lies underneath the surface.

>> No.40728277

Ah, if you want to look at it that way. The point would be that if you could lift 1000 Tons then in Ant Form the power is reduced to Ant Scale.

With Ant Man, you would be able to lift 1000 Tons again while at Ant size.

Noted on eggs. I knew I over looked something.

Yes, its an Alt form.

Ah, yes. You are still bug sized. I guess I need to extend that a bit more. The point is that the drawback makes it so all your foes are now sapient.

>> No.40728301

>ants in the Garden


>> No.40728341

>MFW the ant overlords have finally arrived

>> No.40728376


we're fucked.

>> No.40728391

Next you're going to accidentally let in some aphids, then you will have to have a war with the super mutated magical ants that have grown strong from drinking from the aphids. These things will not end well Red. You should not have rescinded your ban on Fauna

>> No.40728410



But the ants will probably be cute maybe?

>> No.40728420

Red no. Ants are horrible and must be exterminatus.

>> No.40728422

Meh. We prefer coffee to liquor anyway. In fact as the proprietor of the Ahnenerbe Cafe we've got our own multidimensional coffee house following us around.

Drawback: Terra Formars (1200)

Rolled Class RooNOPE MARS

Worker Caste

Ant Telepathy (Free). Should be renamed "Ant Pheromones", dude. That's how they communicate actually. I think
Tunnelling (Free). Goddammit, we can already hear the drill jokes our companions will inevitably sling our way
Labyrinthine Layout (1000). Can't see shit down here cap'n
Carpenter Ant (700). Seen one clod of dirt, seen 'em all
School for Ants (200). Handheld mass effect relays! Miniaturised nanomachines! The possibilities are endless!
Royal Chambers (0). And here come the reserves

The bad news is: We're clearly in no position to fight Umor the Godflayer like this. The good news is: We're also probably too small for it to meaningfully perceive, and as we're normally vaster than reality it's probably going to get confused and blunder into another planet entirely.

But we digress. With a lot of angel/Planetary Consciousness/geneforging power, we shall set about going full Skitter in uniting our fellow ants with psychic broadcasts to storm all the other anthropods. And also releasing a variant of the N5S virus to suborn the bugs to our rule. We have hella fire for dealing with moss infestations, and also everything else that refuses to take a role in our swarm.

The best part is apparently our COMPANIONS aren't diminished in any way shape or form so-if nothing else, having a gigantic spider larger than mountains on our side is bound to win over the spider cultists pretty damn quickly.

But first thing on the agenda is totes going to see where the moths be at, because they were what started the roaches mutating in the canon Terra Formars

>> No.40728453

Pretty sure those scenario drawbacks stack from what I can tell, but that's just my two cents.

>> No.40728486

No aphids. None. But come on, it's not going to be THAT bad.

Damn right they're gonna be cute, pic related.

>> No.40728564

Oh god, that image just gave me diabetes. And now I can't unsee it.

Why would you do that to me Red? What have I done to you?

>> No.40728578

Just try to stop the aphids Red, you won't succeed, the ants are plotting against you.

Besides Red there isn't actually a benefit of adding in the ants. They are just ordinary ants, and they have to eat something, but there is no fauna for them to eat. It's not like they will help soil conditions or anything, you've just gone bug crazy and are throwing things into the garden for no reason.

>> No.40728618

>magical garden of magical foliage
>heavy emphasis on bioaugmentation

Look up cordyceps some time

We should all be afraid

Really? Oh uh. Thought they were mutually exclusive but we're totally going for Anti-Surveillance Counter Measures if they ain't

>> No.40728630

didn't we have a warlock master of the arcane jump put up recently? anyone have it handy

>> No.40728642

Nope, Telepathy cause reasons.

Companion thing HAS been brought up. Kind of ruins the point of being an Ant when you still have full sized companions. Will have to fix that.

Also the Terra Formars thing is mostly a joke. Reworking it right now. It grants human level intelligence to your opponents.

Also, yeah, the drawbacks are a stacking so you take Ants in Space > Houston > Terra. I'll note that in the update.

>> No.40728737


Bah. BAH.


Whoops, missed that. Oh well, we suppose even having a regular sized spider would be an intimidating prospect for other bugs

>terra formars

But the cockroaches are still going to pose fabulously and get huge muscles right?


Welp. Looks like we're in for Stealth Ant: The Jump

>> No.40728799

You exist.

That's only certain kinds of ants. There are other species of ants capable of feeding on flora. Which there's most certainly plenty of, and nourishing enough that there's no real need to forage or fight. Plus that's NORMAL ants. But super magical beefed up ants? They'll undoubtedly be able to contribute.


>> No.40729072


Sim Ant
> Location: Suburban House [Rolled1]
> Origin: Worker Caste
> Ant Telepathy [Get a Freebie!]
> Antenna [-100CP]
> Tunneling [Get a Freebie!]
> Foraging [-100CP]
> Labyrinthine Layout [-200CP]
> Carpenter Ant [-300CP]
> CHEAT MODE - School For Ants [-500CP]
> Biggest Jaws of All (Venomous Stinger) [-100CP]
> Wings [-100CP]
> A Wardrobe For Ants [-50CP]
> Nectar Pets [-100CP]
> Worker Union [-50CP]
> Red VS Black (x4) [+400CP]
> After Man [+200CP]

> Jump Count: Post Gurren Lagann

Wow, that's a lot of red ants. Too bad I don't have access to any kind of super virulent poison or anything that I could use my Poison Magic on to OH LOOK.

Anyway, you know what, screw the Queen. I don't care about her. You know what I'm gonna do?

I am gonna create Beastmen. Out of ants. Because this is post Gurren Lagann and I know how to do it.
So we're gonna have little ant persons walking around and I'm gonna create a TON of them and we're gonna reclaim the earth and I SHALL BE THEIR QUEEN.

I'm doing this. This is happening.
The cutepocalypse begins now.

>> No.40729405

It was a WIP.

>> No.40729542

I've been jumping for a while, and thanks to Bastion existing I now have most of the things I wanted for my set.
I figured out how to get super forms, fusions of items and people and powers, minor reality warping and a waifu that's close to my power level. I still haven't figured out how to get a universe-body or anti-reality warping powers though.

Could any jumper give me advice on how to get the last two?

>> No.40729566

>biggest jaws of all
I see what was done, and it's sexy.

>> No.40729612


>> No.40729646

Hm? Granted people an option to gain stingers and claws?

>> No.40729664

Imagine Breaker would likely help, though it's really a trap option that ensures that your entire (likely immortal) life will be spent being absolutely miserable outside of combat.

>> No.40729677

Moreof the name. It's clever.

>> No.40729681

I think Antispiral managed this somehow.
>anti-reality warping powers
I can only really think of three things, Q This(requires physical contact) from Star Trek TNG, Imagine Breaker(which has incredible downsides) from A Certain Scientific Railgun, and to an incredibly lesser extent The Noble Eightfold Path from Lord of Light.

>> No.40729705

>Anti-lewd Red
>Using a picture of when a guy took out his dick at a rally


>> No.40729731

Look at his face.

That is why the caption works.

>> No.40729738

>I now have most of the things I wanted

Have you considered heading for the DBZ endgame, or one of the other endgame scenarios?

>> No.40729746

Awesome, already was considering using that last one. So now I'll sift through Start Trek and visit Raildex Land to see if I can't subvert it somehow.

>> No.40729788

Each time I do, it's only to skim from what I truley would need from them. I think the only one of those that would give a benefit worth enough to even do would be the Darksiders Creator path.

>> No.40729798

The benefit is the planeswalker spark.

>> No.40729801

Imagine Breaker is "anything magical you touch with your right hand stops working", full stop. I think gloves stop the effect, but if you ever decide to cuddle with your qt wizard waifu and she pulls off the glove you'll get to see what a 600 year old witch looks like without any of her glamours.

>> No.40729804


>> No.40729826

Nah, I meant more-if you already have everything you want, why not get yo Spark and end the adventure on a bang?

>> No.40729865

Not the point. The point is that Red, who is more anti-lewd than most, used a picture of when a dude took his dick out at a feminist rally

>> No.40729871

I don't have everything yet, and there's still more jumps to do. Even after I get the basic stuff I want there will be multipliers that can only be gotten through CP buys. Plus I'm waiting on a Dog Days jump so I don't have to cheese my ending by using the Jumper vs Jumper jump.

>> No.40729906

Which is not actually relevant to the topic at hand, it's just a reaction image dude, the story behind it isn't important.

>> No.40729918

And? The picture itself isn't lewd.

>> No.40729925

I've seen this reaction image before and this was never brought up, so I'm going to have to question how you know that and why you're bringing it up, considering that Red also probably doesn't know.

Seriously, you seem really hung up on it.

>> No.40729952

It ain't about intent bub, it's about dat attitude.

Not familiar with Dog Days; how will it help you not cheese your ending? And why not go for the DBZ ending since the opposition scales to your powerlevel if you're worried about it not being enough of a challenge?

>> No.40730044

... You're... okay, point you make. But you're getting fairly hung up about it.

>> No.40730090

Would you prefer this instead?

>> No.40730095

Sooo? You think funny reaction images have to reflect the minutiae of your every opinion all of a sudden?

>> No.40730126

I love that image. What animal is that?

>> No.40730146

No, you guys don't understand. Red, one of the most anti-lewd people here, used a reaction image of an intrinsically lewd event. He quite literally removed his dick from his pants in full view of a crowd of feminists. I believe this is Red trying to tell us about h

>> No.40730154

I think it's a chinchilla?

>> No.40730162

Not really. I just thought it was funny. Then I apparently had to explain why, and now people are getting angry about it.

>> No.40730163

No, what I believe it means is that you're weird, stupid, and autistic.

>> No.40730171

Well, I want to be able to visit there before my chain ends, and I don't wanna have to do it while using a different jump.

DBZ will give me more super forms, but I could also get them post spark.

Darksiders would give me more creation powers to make ridiclously stronger things that wouldn't exist otherwise.. I could create just about anything since it goes close to reality-law level. I'd probably just use it to protect the world Dog Days is in and enhance it greatly while creating other worlds like it.

Dog Days itself is basically a living Valhalla with humans visiting the native kemonomimi. The wars are there for fun and don't hurt unless the magic seals break and demons show up and try to kill everyrone.

>> No.40730175

Sugar Glider if I remember correctly

>> No.40730183

Looks like either a possum or the world's fattest sugar glider.

>> No.40730187

> I know the weirdly detailed history of this image!
> Therefore everyone else does!
I think you're probably autistic.

>> No.40730188

Nah, too skinny. Also, wrong tail-type.

Methinks possum.

>> No.40730205

Look. I am not going to sugar-coat this for you.

Nobody but you knew where that image came from. Nobody but you wanted to know where that image came from. It's a funny reaction image. You know it's backstory? Fine.


You're trying to stir salt and we're not having it. Get out.

>> No.40730217

Too small and cute for a possum. Snout is all wrong. Possums also don't have hair on their tails.

>> No.40730228

No, you dung brained retard, you don't understand. Imagine if you were firmly antilewd and then you posted a lewd image you would, essentially, be switching over to the other side. Clearly you don't know the signifgnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

>> No.40730238

Yeah >>40730146 isn't me.

This is >>40730162

>> No.40730245

So you're just shitposting now. Got it.

>> No.40730254

So you're being impersonated by someone who wants to stir salt. Maybe you could do something about that?

>> No.40730255

nice damage control fag

>> No.40730262


>> No.40730266

Moving on.

Jumpers, what did you guys spend Carnival Phantasm doing? By all accounts it's the Type-Mooniverse sans conflict which I admit to having mixed feelings about.

>> No.40730281

Wait, how are you going to control ants in the first place?

>> No.40730284

For the love of- OKAY. There was stupid shit about an image.

Can we drop the salt flying around, and focus on jumping, instead of being argumentative little shits for ONCE?

>> No.40730286

Haven't been there yet. Probably gonna let Wiliam Tell get a taste of home when she's not being shot at or stabbed at or magicked at.

>> No.40730299

Playing games with my friends from the grail war and tsukihime..

Also I punched Shinji and Sehai-kun more than once

>> No.40730304

I tried to take the jumps but I couldn't find even the slightest use for any of the perks. Like, not even in a combat or power way, I just couldn't think of what I'd want to use them for.

>> No.40730308


Are you sure it's that bad? I'm mostly asking because the Imagine Breaker section has the following.

> After the ten years, the bad luck will be an inconvenience, and at worse make you miserable for some time. It won't kill you or affect you in combat though, and good luck perks still work. They just get gimped outside of combat.

I kind of read that as 'at worse the bad luck will make you occasionally unhappy for a little while' and 'good luck perks are less effective outside of battle'.

Although I guess the later would depend on how much it nerfs good luck perks, or if it's meant to be read as 'You can only use your good luck perks in combat' instead of 'your good luck perks are worse outside of combat' like I'm assuming.


This reminded me of something I've been trying out figure out.

Would the experiment perks besides the 'you actually have some training with your power' have any effect on Imagine Breaker?

>> No.40730309

I was in charge of the Carnival! I had to keep everything from being damaged.


-quiet sobbing-

>> No.40730330

>I had to keep everything from being damaged.
You poor bastard

>> No.40730331

Well there's a perk in there that lets me talk to ants.

And I'm not looking to control them. Really, they probably won't leave the Garden. They'll just... be there.

>> No.40730339

...how about having fun and relaxing?

Seems like a running theme for that jump

>> No.40730348

Hmm, what about population control?

>> No.40730359

Killer Queen produces only a single minionized target, it can't be spammed even if I have extra mass, I presume?

Or can I go totally Echidna (Worm character, not perk) on the world?

>> No.40730370

Gosh, that image has popped up so much might start having dreams of Bunny Samus asking me questions.

Anyways, I talked to pretty much everyone there, because what's a crossover without everyone's reactions?

Anyways, in t

>> No.40730381

It'll be a bit difficult to... well. I'll be honest, I have no idea.

I'm gonna be winging it on that one.

>> No.40730393

Ignore that last part that got cut off.

>> No.40730396

Its 1 for 1. No eating Superman and making a million of him.

>> No.40730402

Ant Queens can control their egg laying, it'd be a good idea to reach an understanding with her.

>> No.40730411

>I'm gonna be winging it on that one

Those are quite possibly the most ominous words to hear from someone about to embark on genetic augmentation.

I'm pretty sure that's like, Umbrella Corporation's company motto

>> No.40730449

Can I recycle a minion, or do copy errors propagate too quickly?

Well, assuming that they've not had their brain chunky salsa'd.

Also, gestation period?

>> No.40730487

Copy Errors. ITs not a perfect copy but if its a mindless minion in the first place its not so bad.

Currently adding egg growth times to update

>> No.40730496

FUCKED IF I KNOW. I'm gonna prolly do something like >>40730402. Really, my thought process is as follows:

-See shiny thing
-Buy it because SHINY
-Sit down and go "How do I make this NOT bite me in the ass"
-Spend a day or two combing through stuff to figure it out
-Finally decide on something if I decide it's feasible and up to standards

I'll have some huge and unnecessary plan later. It's late, brain no work.

>> No.40730526

>had to keep everything from being damaged.

So.... how many times did you have to clean up Lancer's body?

>> No.40730583

I didn't even actively participate in the carnival and I still spent most of the jump cleaning up his body.

>> No.40730633

Goooood thing I generally picked stuff too strong for Imagine Breaker now that I've looked it over. Although that means whatever I would need to use it would probably be to powerful as well. Unless Malleable Reality and stuff make it stronger than its normal limits that were outlined.

>> No.40730688

>Too strong for IM
Not quite sure you realise how it works friend.

>> No.40730766


Out of curiosity is this ' the luck and socialization perks aren't interesting' or 'I already have a ton of these types of perks'?

Although I recommend buying the Ahnenerbe Café item. It seems like it would be useful as a potential back up incase of chain failure, and if not being able to occasionally interact with old allies seems like it would help keep the ic jumper motivated.


I thought their motto was 'Screw common sense we can keep getting away with making zombies'?

>> No.40730772

>too strong for Imagine Breaker


It's a blanket nullifier - if whatever hits it doesn't match a base template of the world, it's nullified. No power, nothing. Some aspects like velocity aren't nullified due to velocity being a natural thing. But everything else like magic? Yeah, it's gonna get wiped no matter HOW powerful it is.

>> No.40730814

I didn't find them too engaging. I'm fine with socialization and luck, but they didn't really call to me this time.

>> No.40730875

Oh god it was such a ridiculous clusterfuck.

I took the Love And Money, Collateral Damage, and I Am The Rules drawbacks.
So. What happened was I was in charge of the Carnival, right? Constantly strapped for cash, constantly trying to drum up cash for repairs any way I could. But I didn't want to mess up the Carnival with something weird, like a new conglomerate or something. I had to keep up the spirit of the Carnival Phantasm! I BLAME THE DRAWBACKS.
So instead I just took up odd jobs at attractions! But no matter what job I took, Gilgamesh would show up EVERY DAMN TIME to torment me. Most of the time he'd just start doing my job for me. Except I wouldn't get PAID if the owners of What-The-Fuck-Ever noticed I wasn't the one doing the work. And half the time some completely bullshit fight or conflict or competition would break out, with the occasional chase sequence, and EVERY TIME, WITHOUT FAIL, it would zoom in on where I was working like freaking radar.

I did have the Waddle Dees and an army of robots to help, of course. The Waddle Dees were, OF COURSE, completely useless, but it wasn't unusual to see them and a squad of robots loudly rebuilding something EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

It also wasn't unusual to see me crying next to a pile of rubble and a corpse to the anime backdrop of a setting sun.
I'm sure this was what's known as a "running gag".

The only time I relaxed was when I'd go back to Ahnenerbe at the end of the day and drink my tea.

>> No.40730880

Ah, I thought we were getting the knockoff version in the jump instead of the full power one. It says in the perk description it won't work on things that are way too powerful.

>> No.40730898

Erm. The IB was able to banish the Archangel Gabriel from whence it came. Can't imagine what you'd have that'd more powerful than Archangel Gabriel (who is presumably more powerful than level 6 Accelerator given that espers apparently evolve into artificial angels or something)

>> No.40730914

... So it does.

Okay, I'm a bit of an asshole. My apologies.

>> No.40730971

It's alright. Thanks for the apology.

>> No.40730974

Espers are more natural than magic. Magic was created in RESPONSE to natural Espers.

>> No.40730992



>> No.40731011

>level 6 Accelerator
He isn't level 6, he just has wings that does not mean he went up a level, level 6 is god level. Level six is like Othinus and rewrite the world on a whim sort of stuff.

>> No.40731029

They're called gemstones or 'those with talent'. The only new thing is Academy City figuring out how to induce Esper ability.

>> No.40731131

I thought Espers were created by Alistair, who used to be a wizard until he was all "fuck it, I'ma scientist now, fuck y'all and your magical realms"

I know, it was a hypothetical. Just seems to me Gabriel is on a different level to most stuff there.

>> No.40731158 [SPOILER] 

>natural Espers were called Gemstones

>> No.40731175

Nah, he's taking advantage of a natural phenomenon. Gemstones used to be the only supernaturals, and now he's gaming a property of how their power works to... You know what, read the LNs.

>> No.40731223

So, back on what I was trying to do... If I somehow get to a level 5 equivalent Imagine Breaker and combine it with Malleable Reality, would I eventually be able to overcome what was holding it back from becoming as strong as the original?

>> No.40731232

Aleister just set up the process of creating Espers due to summoning Aiwass and getting all of the information on how to do so, also somehow it works into his plan of creating an artificial heaven(expected to include blackjack and hookers). Also Esper is a terrible translation, they are just referred to as ability users, not all of them have extra sensory ability, and technically what they do is magic.

>> No.40731257

Er, pretty sure it is as strong as the original. I don't believe it was able to dispel Othinus' stuff in canon, so that might be what it refers to.

>> No.40731320

Well dammit, that wiki lied to me

Way I heard it phrased was everything was magic until Alistair yelled at reality to make him some science, and reality listened? Also isn't the artificial heaven going to end magic forever somehow, I'm not entirely sure about that part.

...I may have also acquired a biribiri clone for the express purpose of creating Artificial Heavens on worlds where 90% of problems were caused by dickass wizards.

>> No.40731323

Magic very specifically is accessing a communal AIM as opposed to a personal AIM. Basically, an esper carries their 'magic' with them, magic users evoke and tap into an external source.

>> No.40731352

> Every Gem has a special power that is seemingly unique to them.
> The Diamond Authority is highly interested in creating new Gems.
It's all connected somehow!

>> No.40731405

>artificial fusions
>regular but dysfunctional fusions are engines of pure destruction
>they're trying to turn dead/shattered Gems into living superweapons


>> No.40731421

What he did was hit the area of Academy City with the concept of mad science, he didn't really change it from being magic to not being magic, he just set it up so that people could study it. As for the Artificial heaven, the effect will stop people from using whatever magic he doesn't want them to use.
Both are still magic, just different systems.

>> No.40731515

I guess if everyone's in agreement here I could at least say that it over comes power limits. If I made it any stronger than that I don't think there would be anything left to challenge me.

>> No.40731579

No, they're both AIM manipulation. The epic arc of the plot revolves around the distinction between the school of AIM manip called magic and the one called Espers/ability users.

I mean, yeah, both supernatural bullshit but they've been assigned keywords and the distinction matters in the plot.

>> No.40731920

So what is the worst thing that can happen as an L6 in Raildex? Assuming I've the ability to keep my head on my shoulders during so.

>> No.40731952

Jumpers, have you or a companion of yours ever experienced an unexpected pregnancy?!

>> No.40731973

Unexpected? It's very much planned unless an accidental timewarp happens!

>> No.40732017

You destroy the world.

Then you explode.

>> No.40732067


>> No.40732080

Yeah, a couple times. Pokemon eggs were handed out to kids in need of magical pets. Was a good run.

>> No.40732117

My companions and I are infertile during the duration of our Jumps, due to the headache accounting for the care, transportation, and integration of a family during my Jumps.

At least, while we're female. If I ever went male then it might be an issue. Honestly, knowing Jump-Chan, she's guarantee it be an issue just to watch the fireworks.

>> No.40732156

Jump 315: SimANTS
Location: Log Cabin
Origin: Royalty Caste

Complications: Red vs. Black. vs. Green. vs. Blue. vs. Yellow +400CP
After Man +200CP

Skills: ANT telepathy Free!
Antenna 100CP
Wings X2 50CP
For Queen and Colony 100CP
Right as Reign 200CP
Royal Duties 300CP
CHEAT MODE – Killer Queen 500CP

Items: A Wardrobe for Ants 50CP
Pupa Pup Free!
Guard Dogs 200CP
Royal Chambers 100CP

Endgame: Move On.

Only the remains of humanity are left behind, but all that is forgotten in the deep wilderness of the forest. Surrounded on all sides by rival colonies there stands only once chance of survival. Divide and conquer each hive one by one for they are not the true enemy here.

We are deep behind enemy lines.
We must unite and take to the trees to root out the enemy of all of us.

This is.


Once we take a tree as our home base we shall fortify it until we are ready to take the fight to the enemy.

From that tree we will prosper and so with a few "tiny" experiments there will be an abnormal amount of ants with wings because we have to take the fight to the enemy.

This of course poses even more danger for there are birds and other winged insects to deal with.



>> No.40732185

What the flying fuck. Either we had the same idea or you're talking about my idea which I posted about a couple threads ago. You an idea thief?

>> No.40732261


>> No.40732467

I want to do Railgun and Index right after the other so I get to experience 'both endings'. I won't import canon companions between them and will wank both jumps into being seperate, unrelated timelines. Would this be acceptable? Index first Railgun second sounds the most interesting, agreed?

>> No.40732514

You have to do the second one as your second last jump. Creator ruling. You could still do the 1st one as your third last jump and go straight to the second one as your penultimate jump and sort of do your plan there.

>> No.40732560

Regarding the Sims jump, how powerful exactly are the immune to cold and immune to heat perks? The heat one says "normal" hot environments but the cold one doesn't so does that mean I'd be perfectly fine in absolute zero? Also am I correct in assuming that it's impossible for you to die if you have ghost as your life state?

>> No.40732562

Actually, what I'd prefer you to do is to take only one. That was the premise behind both jumps. I've since realised that that's not going to sit well with most people, so I created the compromise for you to take the second at the end of your chain, because it wouldn't really matter at that point anyway.

But if you want to ignore all that, then it's your decision. I'd just appreciate it if you keep silent over it and not bitch about the ruling if you do so.

>> No.40732596

Read as intended. There is no way you'd get absolute immunity to cold if the counterpart perk for heat is restricted to only affect mild heat.

>> No.40732614

I've been building different sets of plate armor, modern combat armor, and power armor for just about every settings. However, I just realized that I don't have any vehicles to match them.

Would anyone like to recommend vehicles that I should pick up or build?
Preferably ones with wheels and unique designs.

>> No.40732618

Well, it'd be impossible for you to die in the Sims. Probably. But then again if you die in the Sims you kindof suck. Many other settings still have people or weapons that can hit incorporeal beings and/or exorcisms, all of which could destroy a ghost and would count as "death". Or whatever happens after a soul is destroyed. Probably complete nonexistence.

>> No.40732624

Why is it everytime I hear "Esper" from Index; I think of Phantom Dust? Which the reboot was cancelled!!! I mean that was the highlight of E3 2014!!

>> No.40732645

Hey, it's entirely possible to die in the Sims if you have shitty luck. House fires, electrocution, traffic accidents, and zombie attacks are all very real concerns if The Sims is an early jump.

>> No.40732718

>Why is it everytime I hear "Esper" from Index; I think of Phantom Dust?

Because the game was pretty damn good and too early for its time?

Hm, I wonder how would a jump work. That mandatory memory wipe, though...

>> No.40732734

Look man, all I'm saying is, if you survived Pokemon, you should be able to survive the Sims.
Unless you skipped Pokemon and took Sims as your first jump. Then, I dunno. Sims is basically a less eventful version of our world but with supernatural junk dotted around. I guess try not to run into a vampire.

>> No.40732748

I didn't bitch about the ruling. I figured the reason that rule was ever made was because you could potentially import a second set of main characters and fuck things up. You could easily solve that by not importing canon companions and treating them as seperate worlds but if I'd known you were going to be so salty about it, I would've never asked. I'll just follow your rule.

>> No.40732764

I think having it as a +0 drawback would probably be best.

>> No.40732804

Sorry if that came across as salty, it's just that I've had a lot of people asking about that, some in less polite ways, over the past year. I never intended for it to be a personal attack.

>> No.40732862

And no, the rule wasn't put into place because of that. You're right in that it's easily solved, but it was a design choice. Index and Railgun were never meant to be two separate jumps, but instead two halves of the same jump at the very beginning. The other reason why the rule's there is because of the Spy background, which bridges the two worlds together and allows you to gain the most important thing from the other side.

Do bear in mind that the rule may change in the future, possibly after I finalise Index. Once that's happened, I may just scrap the rule entirely.

>> No.40732919

I didn't know that. I heard someone talk about that rule here a few days ago but it was more like a passing remark. If I'd known people had been bothering you with it, I really would not have brought it up again. I feel kinda scummy now. I'm a bit curious why you are/were against people doing both jumps but if you'd rather drop the topic, I don't mind?

>> No.40732952

Too busy writing a post to see you had replied already. Kinda awkward. So just ignore that question.

>> No.40732971


The reason's here >>40732862

Additionally, if you do both in quick succession, it defeats the purpose of the Spy background, which offers Esper abilities in the Magic side and Magic in the Science side. I haven't figured out how to reconcile that yet though, but once that's solved, it shouldn't be an issue anymore.

>> No.40733431

I am under the impression that My grandson, RJ was unplanned,

>> No.40733680

I want to do manly stuff with the JoJo cast but fuck if I'm going to make 9 stands for me and my companions. I've never watched JoJo but a popular shounen has to be good. Too bad I also know shit about stands and the supplement was never finished. Is there some generator or guide out there that works for jumpchain?

>> No.40733730

Sort of.


It's kinda broken as all get out though, since you can potentially roll things like Omnipotence or Complete Arsenal. I guess it'd work if you be reasonable and just ignore the most insane results in favour of something interesting.

>> No.40733750

You could always just steal stands from places like The Stand Stand as long as they aren't outright broken.

>> No.40733832

The traditional advice is "hit the random button on the Super Power Wiki and Music Wiki and combine the two", but that's overly reductionist. The advice I'd give for Stands is to think of a really strong power, then give it limiting conditions until it becomes something situational. Half the time of a Stand battle is spent maneuvering your opponent into position for your power to be applicable. Stuff like being able to come back from the dead with an army of zombies at your command, but only if the opponent feels guilty about killing you, or being able to split your enemy in two if you can get a sticker on to them and rip it off. Weird things like that.

>> No.40734053


Actually, the traditional advice is "don't trust the Super Power Wiki, ever and try to come up with something cool/thematic to what your Stand's named after" though the rest of the advice is pretty solid

>> No.40734419

For all the hate the Superpower wiki gets I can't remember a single salty discussion it caused here. It's a pretty decent source to get some insight in all kinds of powers though.

>> No.40734451

How about GardenAnon (or GardenBro?) who thought that Libriokinesis from Marvel gave him everything the Super power wiki said?

>> No.40734674

This was cleared up by Marvel within 10 posts. Garden basically jumped on the broader explanation of the power in the Wiki while Marvel never intended for the conceptual side of the kinesis ability to be included. He was a boring guy anyway. We had someone try and pull 'Sentientkinesis' in a similar fashion and throw up a huge saltfest. The guy was unaware that Fairy Tail has that shitty power and that he could have avoided the mess he got us in by doing some research. The Superpower wiki by itself is just a tool for these people.

>> No.40734722

Could I have literal sentientkinesis, though? Like, the ability to impart motion to sentient things? That sounds like an interesting limitation to a telekinetic power. Only being able to move things that have consciousness.

>> No.40734845

I'm not going to post this rant again but here's the short version. Macro Curse from the Demons of Tartarus who were made through the Book of Zeref which costs 1200cp in Fairy Tail. Look it up and enjoy it's ridiculous shounen power. Do note that the Book of Zeref will take you hundreds of years to decipher and that was ruled by the author. It's a hidden treasure chest of these type of asspull powers though. I kinda hate it personally.

>> No.40734881

Okay, but that's not what I was asking. I was asking if it would be okay to have telekinesis that only applied to conscious things. Animals, people, some robots.

>> No.40734922

That's just limited telekinesis. You could get that in Marvel, MCU, HxH and a lot more settings. Sentientkinesis usually refers to controlling sentience itself not things with sentience.

>> No.40734928

Superpower wiki and Stands are probably equally bullshit in fairness.

Grabbing a few things from a thematically appropriate range of superpowers is not a terrible idea, you just have to ignore all the omnipotence stuff and the things that change your physiology.

Not sure really, depends on how arbitrary it can get. You can generally choose the source of your powers in Marvel (tech, magic, X genes, etc.) so I guess it could be fitting as a sort of magic I guess. Animals tend to be made of a bunch of different things though so I'm not sure whether that'd work, it's not like sand or water or whatever, it's all moving connected but distinct parts with different structures and shapes. It's difficult to tell how Marvel'd rule on that one really, there's no notes regarding it in the jump so we pretty much have to follow the garbled impressions we've got of things he's said in thread. Having said that something like Galactus is sentient so I'm going to err on the side of 'you can't do thing'. Maybe some organic body thing would be possible, or just go for bloodbending style stuff.

>> No.40734934

>Sentientkinesis usually refers to controlling sentience itself not things with sentience.

Let's not get into a big semantic argument here. We're obviously talking about a limited telekinesis as that's pretty much the whole perk.

>> No.40734942

Well, I assume I'd still be limited by overall power. You don't expect a geokinetic to be able to move mountains just because they're made of earth, you'd only see that for a really strong one. Same principle, I could only move Galactus if I was ridiculously powerful in the first place.

>> No.40734956

Wouldn't that be sentiencekinesis and not sentientkinesis?

>> No.40735060

if we take royal chambers to have any kind of control over those Ants or Do we have to negotiate with the Queen? Because it's looking a lot like a trap option For Beginner jumpers.

>> No.40735100

We were not talking about a specific perk far as I'm aware but if you insist, Marvel anon posted some very interesting about his Kinesis perk some days ago. He basically explained how your chosen kinesis influences your power. In short, the more common and powerful your substance the weaker your kinesis is to the extent that Gravity-kinesis would be more of a small passive boon than an actual power.

>> No.40735295

Outside of Light of Terra how likely would it be to get the co-operation of the Eldar with a Jumper in Warhammer Redux? If not could it be possible and how?

>> No.40735309

Is anyone doing NWN2?

>> No.40735337

Does that mean you'd be better off taking Magical Girl kinesis and throwing DVDs than you would be taking light and throwing lasers?

>> No.40735340

I believe Toriko anon was trying at it.

>> No.40735443

How intelligent are Royal Duties ants? Post jump, can they be reskinned to appear as something else?

>> No.40735490

Wasn't that the one where the studio fucked up and everyone blamed Microsoft for pulling the plug?

>> No.40735582

Ability user would be an even worse translation.

>> No.40735587

I think so but then you get into weird situations where something can be really common or uncommon with vastly different powers. Your DVDs are very specific and uncommon but it's not like you'll ever be in a situation where you could or would control a few truckloads of them at once. While something very broad and very common like insects would not be useful at all unless you could throw mountains of them at your enemies. Same for Light which is so incredibly common you'd expect nothing out of Light kinesis but by itself Light is so weak that you might get a decent amount of power anyway. Obviously only Marvel anon can really answer these questions.

>> No.40735612

I'd like confirmation of this if possible so I know whether to start working on it. Got some ideas.

>> No.40735637

A giant robot car.

>> No.40735691

It's hard but it's not impossible. Mainly the issue is that Eldar are self-interested and would rather help their race when it comes down to it, but are also completely lacking in foresight and don't see the massive advantages a loyal and stable alliance with humanity would have for their species.

>> No.40735719

RollerHawg All the way.

>> No.40735811


>> No.40735831

I really hope no ants get uplifted and get's into 40k or else Khorne has a new blood champion.

>> No.40735954

You say that like anybody who was serious about that wouldn't keep actual truckloads of merchandise on standby, probably via extradimensional spaces or teleportation.

>> No.40736149

Here's a sciency question I have from fuckin' around with that.

I ended up with a A-Potential Stand that allows oneself to become invisible to all forms of electronic detection. Since Jojo is all about using weird superpowers in out-of-the=box ways, could one with that Stand theoretically make themselves invisible to the human eye, on the grounds that your eyes work via electrical impulses?

>> No.40736198

Given the emphasis on conceptual fuckery JoJo Stands go for, and the emphasis throughout the series on creativity and guts trumping raw power? I would say that is definitely an ability your Stand could potentially develop, however the challenge would be using it precisely enough that it would be able to affect the optic nerve directly instead of just interfering with electrons in general around the corona given the complexity of eyeballs. I would say as a general rule of thumb, the higher your Precision stat the quicker it would take for you to hone your Stand enough to develop this ability; presumably you could do it right off the bat at rank B and affect multiple people with no apparent effort at rank A given how ludicrously fast Silvor Chariot is with speed at rank A IIRC.

Disclaimer: I'm mostly falling back on IGCSE biology here so if by some chance of of y'all is a practicing optician or some shit feel free to contradict me

>> No.40736213

>mfw Speed, Precision, and Potential were all A's

>> No.40736244

>Post jump, can they be reskinned to appear as something else?
If not, this provides a great chance to put those costuming skills of yours to work.

>> No.40736265

This >>40736198 is wrong. It has long been confirmed that sight is nothing but light reflected and interpreted by our brains. This light is like all light invisible to the human eye but is send in waves from within the pupils to the outside world. You could compare it to a visual sonar. So in order to become invisible you have to prevent your target from reflecting his light on you back into his eyes. These are not electrical signals but photonic waves. I'd say you could only become invisible to other humans if your Stand originally made you invisible to sonar tracking devices.

>> No.40736268

You're making the damn stand. Just make it straight up invisibility. The only person you're munchkinning is yourself.

>> No.40736298

>a popular shounen has to be good
I can't agree with that.
I don't believe it.
JoJo's, however, is fabulous.

>> No.40736310

No munchkinning intended here, dude. Like I said, Jojo has an emphasis on people basically exploiting loopholes in their Stand's powers to be way more threatening than they have any right to be, so I'm just curious if this particular loophole would work.

At any rate, the general answer I'm picking up here is "It's Jojo rules so who fucking knows".

>> No.40736348

Technically, your premise should protect you from mechanical methods of detection and observation, but not skills, ESP, or magic. Stands are technically psychic phenomenon, though it shouldn't come up too much.

>> No.40736425

...crap, really? Dammit I was thinking that the optic nerve would be an intermediary between lightwaves being interpreted by the brain so while you can't actually stop the transmission of light with the Stand you could disrupt the part of the nervous system responsible for interpreting and responding to it by affecting the target's bioelectricity

But I clearly dunno what I'm talking about so uh. Thanks for the clarification, I guess.

>> No.40736488

He's fucking with you. If sight worked like active sonar as he's implying there would be no such thing as a dark room.

Next he'll probably claim he was only pretending to be retarded.

>> No.40736541

It was a relatively famous theory about the mechanics of sight not all too many decades ago. Obviously it makes no sense but it's funny to consider that at some time people did believe it made sense. Couldn't resist the temptation but I wouldn't call it retarded.

>> No.40737062

quick question about Final Fantasy IX, do imported companions also gain free backgrounds or just the CP? Also, are they barred from taking items? it's phrased very in character , so it's kind of indistinct

>> No.40737158

...dick move, dude.

Hilarious in hindsight, but as the guy trying to hash out whether the Stand might legitimately work who has a tendency to overthink all manner of trivia for jumpchain stuff?

Dick move.

>> No.40737580

I'm the one who wants to do NWN2 incidentally. Sort of worked out how I'd do it. Don't want to step on any toes if someone's already serious about doing it.

Initially planned to leave and make regular CYOAs for a bit but lost the drive to make one due to the state of the general, it ain't no happy place to be at the minute. Got about halfway through a CYOA that involves eating magic soil with an enchanted teaspoon for magic abilities.

Also considering making a Wand page to Harry Potter but I'd have to tweak the balance in order to do so (as presumably it'd cause your wand to regenerate each jump like items normally do so I might have to buff the skills that let you make or not have a wand). Would either roll or choose for cores and give you your own choice of wood as there really isn't a way of rolling a wood type. Also considering some page splitting for the overly busy pages and maybe a couple of extras.


>> No.40737637

I'm sorry. I usually try my best to help people but I couldn't resist this time. Hope your stand worked out in the end.

>> No.40737706

NWN2 is a great idea but the hp Wand sounds a bit iffy. I know it was mentioned a few times that certain types of wands work better for certain branches of magic but it was never decently explained. Where would you get your information on it?

>> No.40737742

Could always get info from Pottermore. It's official and there's some neat stuff about wands there. Plus a quiz for your wand type if you're as much as a nerd as I am. 11 1/2 inches bitch

>> No.40737772

Oh no, I wasn't the guy hashing out the stand, I was >>40736198 trying to advise him; didn't make that clear did I?

Oh well. 'tis all water under the bridge.

Aw crap, I know that feelings. Ended up coming here around the #32 jumpchain thread precisely because I was sick of the general's periodic wretchedness; really is frustrating, seeing them oscillate between moments of brilliance and shitflinging. Say what you like about these threads-but they're actually more consistent in temperament. For what it's worth, I'd love to see a CYOA about enchanted teaspoons and soil.

I'm okay with HP not having a Wand page to be honest; sounds like one of those things I'd rather have a bit freeform given how laisse faire Ollivander's wand screening process appears to be.

As far as I know nobody's doing NWN2-go for it, I'm sure you'd do great at it.

>> No.40737825

15 and 2/3, fite me faggot.

>> No.40737835

Wait, is it actually possible for the quiz to give you a wand like that?

>> No.40737871

I don't know. Probably not.

>> No.40737892

Oh, then yeah they don't. The quiz also tells you your wood type and core, and it has little encyclopedia entries talking about what the core and the wood are good at. Which might be relevant to the jump.

I remember getting unicorn hair or something and being told it was good at helping people or whatever. Pissed me off a little.

>> No.40737916


>11 1/2 inches bitch
Your capacity is very impressive. Cavernous even.

>> No.40737935

>I remember getting unicorn hair or something and being told it was good at helping people or whatever. Pissed me off a little.
Eniripsa anon?

>> No.40737940

Would probably just be better to add a 'you can choose what sort of wand you want but don't take the piss' note or something, lets people do it without feeling too fanwanky. As I said there's no way of randomly generating a wand, the quizzes are shite and there isn't a random wood generator on the internet as far as I know. Funnily about 60% of the woods in Pottermore say something like 'a powerful wand wood', guess they didn't want to upset anyone who signed up to Pottermore by saying 'your wand a shit'.

>> No.40737960

Sorta like a Wand supplement? That "would" be interesting I have to say.

I of course would never in my life turn down anything Neverwinter nights of course.

If you worked on Neverwinter you could slowly work/figure out how to do the supplement, but I like both ideas! Keep up the good work and the Archivist welcomes you back!

>> No.40737974

Why are you getting so good at spotting me?

Fair enough. The quiz is pretty dumb, but it's kinda fun in a weird way. Nothing wrong with just being able to customize it instead.

>> No.40737984

If we can't recruit Kung-Fu Khelgar I will fight you.

>> No.40738026

To be fair, most of it is based on...mythology isn't the right word, but it's close enough. And most of that mythology is hippie bullshit, so one shouldn't really expect "yo, this thing kills bitches dead".

For the record, I went with black walnut and thunderbird feather.

>> No.40738080

Well other than the way you get annoyed at support positions, I think I've figured out your writing style, which is actually quite consistent.

Anyway, ever think of building a golem/robot or something and trying to shove your support powers into it? That way no one will mistake you for the healbot.

>> No.40738111

What kind of writing style do I have?

I'm not sure how that'd work, but in my actual chain I don't run into this kind of problem very often.

>> No.40738112

Make waves and start a revolution!


Generator Rex Jump is GO!

>> No.40738205

Generally a little dodgy about of canon companion options, sort of steps on the whole pod thing (and I dramatically shat the bed with it in VtMB, resulting in some people just going 'I'll take Caine'). I do have a soft-spot for Neeshka though.

I mean sure you could try and make one but Thunderbirds may not even exist in Harry Potter and you couldn't get one right away. It also plain just might not work, of all the powerfully magical animals they've sort of realized what the most consistent 3 are. I think with Harry Potter wands you just sort of want something simple that works for you, the whole Elder Wand plot pretty much reveals that it's more down to personal competency than really good wands, either you can do the spell or you can't I guess.

>> No.40738227

You tend to write in short segments, often grouping separate thoughts together to create a larger concept rather than describing the larger concept on it's own. You also seem to only extend things when you have to to convey something, or if you lack certainty. You are also very direct, and tend to be a bit blunt. As well as your word choice on some things, but that would be a bit harder to describe.

>> No.40738264

I'll have to think about that and what it means about me and my thought process. It's an interesting insight.

>> No.40738293

Well, yeah. They don't technically exist. But they don't NOT exist either. And would make a good counterpart for Phoenixes.

Actually, now that I think about it, considering the American Hogwarts is founded with "indigenous magic", they are entirely within the realm of possibility.

But that's just me trying to justify an (admittedly minor) fanwank, so feel free to disregard.

>> No.40738348

Oh hey, save states are back.

>> No.40738415


>>Anti-Nanite Technology 600 cp
You are highly trained in the sciences Providence employs to combat EVO's and nanites. You can build just about any weapon or technology employed by Providence or even the Consortium.

Any weapon employed by the consortium includes The Meta-Nanites you know that right? Even I know that's OP And broken,Please rephrase.

>> No.40738432

Can we not start this today?

>> No.40738486

Looks good so far. My main critiques would be that Gigantism should probably be a minor mutation since it really fails to measure up to the other major ones and that Mutation Concealment should probably be a flat cost instead of having to buy it for each individual mutation, maybe an extra 1-200 if you want it to cover your major one.

>> No.40738491

This is a mess. You need to edit this, and there are all sorts of balance issues in this.

>offering so many options for EVO capstone
>underpowered Six tree
>save state 2.0 oh my

Great setting, not so great jump. Should've let someone else do it.

>> No.40738515

Some of the Major EVO mutations are saltworthy but I suspect most people here won't read most of them. The worst one I think is the Time Space mutation because it allows you to reverse time. Reversing time is always an iffy thing if you combine it with single use items, like Genies. I doubt someone will care enough to go through the entire list though.

>> No.40738523

>offering so many options for EVO capstone
There's nothing innately wrong with this. Plenty of options in other jumps give you a list of things to pick like that.

>> No.40738528

Exactly what does Leader of the Pack do post jump? And just to clarify, does Nanite removal and control only work on other nanomachines post jump?

I have to say, Nanite Domain Control seems significantly more advantageous than the other capstones. For the sake of internal parity I would recommend bumping its price by 200 CP

About Dimensional Disruptor-is the idea that the dimension changes each time its used? Gotta say-it sounds like it potentially gives you access to an entire dimension. Which sounds worth more than 400 CP to me.

"Strenght" is misspelled

Er, am I missing something? Skimread the jump, but I don't think I saw anything like a save state

>> No.40738570

It isn't when it's something like a roll, or when the options are balanced in relation to the others. Frankly, each option in a list should be weaker than the other capstones on its own.

>> No.40738580

We need more shounen jumps. Is there an especially good shounen we didn't cover yet?

>> No.40738595

Well, there's always MAR.

>> No.40738614

Sorry, meant to quote >>40738580

>> No.40738735

Well there's Fist of the North Star.
MAR could be a good jump, also the only setting I can think of where it would be appropriate to have an option to import a companion to turn them into an item. Dorothy a best

>> No.40738750

I disagree if you only get to pick one.

>> No.40738753

a shit

>> No.40738769

I was going to let you do it but you never started it.

I would rather be a bad jump maker than a lazy one.

>> No.40738772

Sorry anon, but cute girls doing cute things doesn't make a good jump.

>> No.40738792

What's a MAR?

>> No.40738801

Not until someone makes Nichijou.

Android origin when?

>inb4 Rule 1

>> No.40738810

>I would rather be a bad jump maker than a lazy one.
No game is better than a bad game.

>> No.40738813

Think of it this way, from an intra-jump balance perspective.

You have four backgrounds. Three capstones offer regular capstones, while the fourth offers a list of four powers, all identical in power to the other capstones.

There are effectively seven capstones. All equally appealing. But only four backgrounds.

Which background's going to be picked the most?

>> No.40738819

Can you please learn to critique a jump without pouring salt?

>> No.40738833


That's not how you spell "Girls und Panzer"

>> No.40738856

Hey, that wasn't me. I just offered the original critique. That's another guy altogether.

>> No.40738858

If the potential cap stones are all weaker then that origin is inherently inferior to the others. If instead you get a choice of only one, then yes, you have more potential flexibility, but in the end you'll only ever come out with a build equal to the other origins. We've had stuff like this before and it's fine, so I stick by my saying it's not innately bad.

>> No.40738880

Ah, sorry. Hate when that happens, people like to jump into conversations without adding anything but salt. They're like a bad chef in the kitchen.

>> No.40738924

I'd love to make Nichijou for you guys but that setting is so manly that I wanted to do manly stuff to most male characters. I'll spare you guys the magical realm and continue waiting patiently.

>> No.40738953

I personally believe that background choice should be determined by the story you want to tell, not by the power you want to have. You can say that the power you get ends up the same (in practice this is another thing altogether), but if such a list that provides loads of flexibility with equal power to the other capstones is offered, then you have the issue of an imbalanced jump. Not in power, but in how appealing your choices are.

>> No.40738956

MAR is short for Märchen Awakens Romance, though you could likely read/watch the entire series without ever realizing that. Anyway young boy from Japan gets summoned into a magical world(named MAR-Heaven) where he has to go on an adventure to save that world, turns out that people from his earth ending up on MAR-Heaven gain super strength, improved eyesight other basic buffs, and very high magical potential. Also almost all magic in their world is done through the use of ARMs, which are enchanted items basically, and the only other type of magic I know of in setting is used to make ARMs.

There is also a sequel of sorts, with MAR Omega, though it follows a different character and is actually rather short, though it explains some things about the setting that were left open in the original.

>> No.40739043

I always pick my background ultimately by what's most interesting to me, and that does include the story, but also the perks. But really, the crux of it is that, from a design perspective, you want equal-cost backgrounds to have equivalency. Ultimately, that means that their capstones should work out to having the same 'power' or 'utility', since not all capstones are power-based. You have to balance this to make a good jump.

I don't think one origin having a list option innately makes it more appealing, though it has the chance to appeal to more people, and I feel that offering a list is sometimes the best or only way to handle certain kinds of perks. There's no good reason to cut someone out of being able to choose how their EVO works, and it would be boring and restrictive to force us to work in only one specific dictated way. Your concern is with stories, and the list does offer more potential in story variety than not giving people the option. In the end, I think it's more advantageous to give this choice than it is not to, for this background and the jump. There's not always a perfect solution.

>> No.40739047

I made a big mistake. I thought that post was about Natsume Yuujinchou when it was about Nichijou. Would anyone care for a Natsume Yuujinchou jump? I could make it after I'm done with the jumps I'm working on but that show touched a part of me I'd better leave untouched.

>> No.40739056

It shows.

Your jumps have huge issues with busted perks and borked backgrounds, especially with this one. >>40738491 sums it up, with clear favortism showed to EVOs, with all the other perks feeling like they were tacked on as an afterthought. Time-space control is also worded terribly. "briefly" reversing time can mean fuck-all anything, can I jump back a half-hour then? It's also only got an hour cooldown, so you can bet people will spam that day in and day out. To boot, why spend anything on Evo mutations or even the tree when you can just buy Scientist's 400 perk and make yourself an Evo to begin with?

There's grammar and spelling issues, the introduction doesn't explain much, and the spacing is really awkward. It's just a really poor jump and it saddens me that you'd be okay with this quality.

>> No.40739111

I think that the people offering detailed critique are better than just lambasting the guy. People make mistakes and should be given the chance to correct them before they get jumped on or insulted. I'm not saying you're going too far or anything, but I feel like it could be phrased a little less hostilely.

>> No.40739151

>reversing time for half on hour
Do you want to tempt the -state anons because this is how you get -state anons. You shouldn't mention it and Mega should know better by now.

>> No.40739163

It could be, you're right. But the guy's attitude during these critiques really just rubs me the wrong way.

>> No.40739178

I think the trick here is though being an EVO makes you a horribly mutated thing and makes it hard to cover it.

I specifically made covering mutations hard to do, since very few EVOs looked human. so trying to get as much power as you could your going to look like a freak.

Anyway, next version:

-Time travel is fixed "brief" is defined, no actual time reversal.

-I specified in anti-nanite tech no meta-nanite knowledge, just like in the notes.

>> No.40739189

Brief SimAnt question.

Are any ants made with Royal Duties legitimately your biological offspring, bloodlines and all?

Because I have the mental image of a bunch of Joestar ants and it amuses me.

>> No.40739227

Er. Would you mind responding to >>40738486 and >>40738528? Those guys pretty much asked my questions for me.

>> No.40739243

Erm. Given how the perk was worded and how the game works I don't think so, they just sort of...show up. The queen must've just laid more than usual, I dunno. Final verdict's up to Toriko of course but I doubt he'll disagree

>> No.40739297

Ah well. No actual problem here, just no ants with star birthmarks I guess.

>> No.40739304

I'd rather anon mention it and get it fixed now rather than watching it become untouchable when it hits the drive.

I too would like to know the answers to those questions.

>> No.40739376

>become untouchable when it hits the drive
RIP dresden... Never again.

>> No.40739408

No one has done a Gash Bell jump yet, and I remember thinking that was pretty good.

Maybe Gintama? I've never read it, but I've heard it's good.

Oh, and it's not really a shonen, but all of a sudden I thought of a series that ran in shonen jump, Hikaru no Go.

>> No.40739428

I could accept that jump existing...

on the condition that a Cromartie High jump is also made.

>> No.40739444

There was a guy doing a jump for that series where the Japanese kid is reborn as a magic baby. At least someone said they were doing it, haven't posted a thing yet.

>> No.40739460

Mutation concealment is supposed to be expensive and I wanted it like that. Very few EVOs are human like so a flat rate would make it cheaper and bieng an EFVO even more appealing.

A meduim mutation table would also make it more enticing and then we would have giant monsters that can teleport, or make plagues and the like.

Leader may work on whatever type of being you happen to be in a jump I suppose, its basically a leadership perk.

And I'm not sutre I understand what you mean by nanite removal only working on other nanomachines post jump, what else would it work on?

I may drop the DD, thinking if you want one you can make it with anti-nanite tech perk I suppose.

>> No.40739472

Hey, there's always the Geneforge/Virologist if you just wanna get the aesthetic down pat

>> No.40739494

We need Gintama. I can't call myself a jumper without a Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong cannon!

>> No.40739516

>nanite removal

Eh, just thought it'd be a bit niche compared to the other perks priced for the same amount, that's all. S' not every day you face off against NANOMACHINES, SON

>drop the DD

I for one support this action


I...huh. Bit conflicted on this one, actually, considering you can be some pretty high-tier things in certain jumps but on the other hand it's not like an absolute obedience thing and some origins are rather rare in their native setting and-I dunno, man. I just dunno how to call this one.

>> No.40739582

Megacorp - you're not Tera. You're not physically disabled. Proofread your damn Jumps before posting them. It looks like you didn't put any effort into making this thing.

>> No.40739591

>Eh, just thought it'd be a bit niche compared to the other perks priced for the same amount, that's all. S' not every day you face off against NANOMACHINES, SON

To be far its a vital and potentially game changing perk in Jump though. I could maybe say you could use nanites to heal or maybe cure people of viruses and disease with this perk, maybe even transform them back from monsterhood.

> I just dunno how to call this one.

To be fair, the perk in the show was only well, a pack of sapient EVOs. Most of his others were just monsters he had controlled over though other means. so its not that big of a leadership perk.

And we've had perks that basically give the same thing in other jumps, LoS gives a cheap willpower perk while the Will of D is an expensive one, so just call this a weaksuace willpower perk.

>> No.40739609

Please explain my life story to the rest of JC please.

>> No.40739644

Two questions:

#1 Is someone working on a Ben 10 jump?

#2 Was there an general agreement on how to separate a pokémon move from their normal biological functions? I mean, what's the difference between a fire pokemon breathing fire from one using Ember or Flamethrower?

It's mostly because PMD specifically mentions move slots, so I'm curious how it works if you import your starter or something like that.

>> No.40739656

A little bit of enhanced mastery to nanites in general would be a nice add-on, yeah.

>weaksauce willpower perk

I can dig this too. Up to you whether you put this in notes or as an add-on to the perk, I guess.

Oh uh-and bit of advice: If you don't want to bog down the thread in a dozen petty little spats, don't bother starting or continuing arguments with every anon.

>> No.40739661

>#1 Is someone working on a Ben 10 jump?

>> No.40739676

>I would rather be a bad jump maker than a lazy one.
Megacorp, please... That's an unhealthy attitude to have.

...That said, the jump is nice. Have a build!

Background: Nanite Project Scientist

Major Evo Mutation - Time-Space Control 600cp: Admittedly, taking it primarily for more resistance to time attacks, since I already have a good time stop. The mutation... Hm. Ah heck, let's go with the suggested green glow.
Nanite Sciences: Until Endless Space comes out, nanites are an awesome thing to have.
EVO Creation 200 cp: Feral? Unstable? Incurable? We'll see about that. The infection perk is nice, though.
Nanite Domain control 300 cp: There are... Ways, to get around that restriction. Otherwise, a nice addition to several of my plans.
Nanite removal and control 400cp: Controlling other nanites? Yes please. Wonder how this will help me with Dust, though... Hm!~

Amnesia +200cp: So basically, a Drop-In with some complications? Sure.
Yandere Breach +300cp: A mentally unstable girl to cure and companion? Gimme.

>> No.40739707

I honestly like you most of the time dude, which is why I'm telling you not to respond to someone if they piss you off. It's just better, and avoids arguments.

>> No.40739744

Ah, and to whomever it may concern -

Freedom Planet jump is on the way. Just need to write up all the fluff and explanations and notes.

...All of them. And than scrap it all and rebalance from scratch.

Well, it's on its way, one way or another.

>> No.40739763

I don't know your life story, I don't care about your life story. Your Jump is nearly unreadable. You need to proofread, fix your spelling and grammar, and then try again.

>> No.40739781

Just stop, man. If you're going to have that attitude we're better off without you.

>> No.40739810

Can I get a drawback that lets me ignore the story?

>> No.40739845

Well, I can't rightly make it a Slice of Life, can I now?

One assumes you COULD just go off to another side of the planet. And it's not like plot can't be resolved without you.

>> No.40739910

I wouldn't go that far, but I do hate your attitude. I'd much rather wait for one of the good Jumpmakers to get to the Jump than have someone who doesn't give a shit do it fast and then lock that Jump down for the rest of time.

>> No.40739929

>I would rather be a bad jump maker than a lazy one.

>> No.40739930

I hate the attitude that only a designated 'good' jump maker should be allowed to do something. Just completely toxic to content and new people.

>> No.40739987

I hate the attitude that some jumpmakers have to churn out bad content without asking for help. Nothing wrong with being new, but you should at least float your stuff before it gets on the drive.

And content will come anyway. Would you have bad content for a jump, or good content for a jump?

Besides, from a person's first jump, you quickly get the idea of how his subsequent ones are going to go.

>> No.40739990

More changes

-I dropped DD.
-I clarified leader of the pack to how it works out of Jump.
-Gave nanite control a few uses out of Jump.

The issue is my spelling check I did last night did not take, either I forgot to apply it to the file or used the wrong one to put in the file I rechecked spelling.

>> No.40739997

Nobody minds if new people try. But when people like megacorp shit out crappy jump after crappy jump and takes criticism like we're beating their dog? It gets annoying, and his disregard to others is disgusting.

>> No.40740019

Barred from items. Only background that needs CP is Genome.

>> No.40740021

Ignore the assholes and just keep taking legit critique. It's all we can do in a place like this. Think of 'em like fleas.

>> No.40740044

That is terrible advice. All critique is legit, in a sense. What matters is what you get out of it. Look past the belligerence and see the underlying message.

>> No.40740057

>You're a shit and smell like poo!
>Legit critique.

>> No.40740061

All critique is legit. If someone is saying something, they're saying it for a reason.

>> No.40740076

"Fix your spelling and grammar" IS legit critique though.

Unless you're one of those hippy faggots that think critique is limited to "I love it and I love you more. You are perfect, and I want more", in which case fuck you, you're wrong.

>> No.40740085

Anon, what makes you think I was talking about you? That's being paranoid.

>> No.40740094

>You're a shit and smell like poo!

Now, why are they saying that? They have their motivations, and these are influenced by the consequences of actions taken. What actions have you made that you could have done better?

>> No.40740117

You honestly have no real experience with being a creator.

>> No.40740137

Oh I know, thanks for the advice though.

>Just realized I erased the image when I redid the spell check, dammit.

>> No.40740140

I don't think you're talking about me, because I haven't said anything on the subject.

>> No.40740146

Careful, all that straw might catch fire in the summer heat.

If people are insulting you, you should probably try to find out why instead of disregarding it. Otherwise you just shut out anything that could help you.

>> No.40740154

Yes I do.

>> No.40740170

Then I wasn't talking about someone pointing out the spelling issues.

Then I don't know how you haven't been in a situation where someone is insulting you just because they hate you, or because they want to make you mad or miserable.

>> No.40740179

>If people insult you, it's probably your fault
Do you even know where we are?

>> No.40740196

Oh, I have. But you look past that and see why it happens. Sometimes it's unwarranted, but most of the time there'll be a reason behind it. If it's to make you mad or miserable, usually they'll have a reason why they want to make you mad or miserable.

You figure out that reason, and go apply the lessons you've learnt later.

>> No.40740206

I completely disagree with looking past the belligerence Reploid, its just common sense you actually want people to listen to your critiques then don't act like an asshat. Its simple and I think I've rewarded those who have come to me without it.

Granted I did fix my spelling, but that was a technical mistake that needing fixing it would of gotten fixed regardless of asshattery. It got fixed in spite of it, not because of it.

>> No.40740227

I think we've just had two very different experiences in the world.. Could be where we've been, could be what we do, but I've dealt with a lot of people going after me for things unrelated to what I'm making or just insulting it because of a personal grudge.

>> No.40740305

Don't think I haven't either. Maybe not in /jc/, but in life. I've been bullied, mocked, scorned, and experienced my fair share of things.

Though what I've tried to do is figure out why these grudges exist, and how to fix them. Things got, and do get better, which is why I have the advice I have now.

Taking off my name because I feel uncomfortable with it on.

>> No.40740309

Well you're on 4chan, so you kind of got to look past the belligerence. Losing some yourself wouldn't hurt either.

>> No.40740334

>neo armstrong jet cyclone armstrong cannon
This is all I could find. Is it a joke or something?

>> No.40740361

A lot of the time, there's nothing you can do. Other times, it's just not appropriate for them to be taking it out on your work so it's frustrating. I just identify with the jumpmakers here who get a lot of shit, because I've had similar experiences before, and I think that people here could do a way better job of handling it when someone does something they don't like. Being nicer would help us a lot.

That said, I wasn't telling him to ignore obvious critique hidden behind insults, but to ignore the posts that were nothing but. I mean, even if those people have a reason, then responding to the actual critique would probably satisfy them if they can be satisfied.

>> No.40740455

I get named dropped into every major shitstorm here for no reason. At least one of you has an active grudge, and some of the complaints come down to using whatever wriggle room i unintentional make to go crazy with it.

>inb4 pity party.

>> No.40740478

There are absolutely people with weird personal grudges against anyone who stands out. I once had a conversation with an Anon on this very board who said empathetically that he hated anyone who showed any talent because it reminded him what a piece of shit he was and so he went out of his way to hate those people. Those were his words. He was aware that he felt inadequate and didn't care. He just wanted to bring everyone down to his level.
It was a weird conversation.

That's not what's happening here. We are trying to give genuine critique, like, "It looks like you rushed this." "Fix the spelling." "This looks unbalanced." "How does this work?" "These capstones seem far worse than the mutations."
Sometimes we're a bit salty because this is 4chan and we subsist off of that, but nobody has told Megacorp to go fuck off and die forever. If anything, we'd like him to take his time and do it right.

When we've got things like this >>40738769 where Megacorp admits outright that he goes for speed over quality, then people saying "actually we'd prefer quality" is not shitting on him.

Let me make this perfectly clear: If Megacorp thinks he can do this, I am totally for him doing it. I certainly wasn't going to. But I'd also like him to listen to people and try to make it the best jump it can possibly be. Especially with that whole "one jump" rule we've got going on.
It is not my intent to insult Megacorp. But sometimes I'm going to insult him.
It's only because I love.

>> No.40740515

I think you people are reading into that statement a little too much. Overreaction is the bread and butter here, of course. And that's a problem, I feel.

But there are people who are just throwing insults without adding anything, and they were who I was referring to. Not the people who actually gave critique.

>> No.40740572

>and some of the complaints come down to using whatever wriggle room i unintentional make to go crazy with it.

This. The problem isn't his existence, the problem is everyone knows he can do better. He really can. But when he disregards things because he doesn't like how it's worded, or he flat out says he'd rather be bad than 'slow', he brings this stuff on himself.

>> No.40740577

The Great Sock Puppet CYOA because it will save me from having to enchant my own sock puppets.

Also I made it and I'm an egotist

>> No.40740610

>CHEAT MODE – School for Ants

does this mean I can make ANY tech I have ant sized? if combined with ant man does that mean I have fully working ant sized tech?

>> No.40740634

Problem is, we've seen it many times in our subcommunity. That attitude is a major problem here, because if we let it fester, it will leave many issues behind for us to clean up.

That attitude's the reason why we have jumps of low quality instead of waiting for the same jump, but of better quality.

That attitude's the reason why we're denied jumps that we can show others and say 'here, this is what we have', and craft stories and agonise over the tough choices.

That attitude, ultimately, is why we have shitstorms over remaking jumps, because people are not satisfied with what we have. And that causes further division and distress for us all.

Delayed gratification is the key here. If we have to sit on having no content for a month or two, I don't mind. So long as when the content comes, it's good.

>> No.40740662

I'm done talking to you, because with this post you revealed yourself to be the problem, and one of the diseases that gave us so much trouble a few week ago. I simply can't tolerate talking to you anymore.

>> No.40740669

Busker CYOA. It's the only real choice.

>> No.40740702

I have never bitched about remaking jumps. I'm simply providing insight as to why I think they have. Please don't make assumptions without merit.

>> No.40740724

There are like three different people talking to you dude.

>> No.40740747

Star Dust. Can't get enough space adventures.

>> No.40740783

Big changes in this edition.

I've reworked EVO major mutation, now its a randomized perk you roll on, or spend more CP to pick your mutation.

I've also refluffed Providence training.

>> No.40740820

There's a difference between not having the same skill that someone like Cat or Dog does, and not caring whether you're pitting out good work. I love seeing a passionate new JumpAnon take a rough concept and polish it into something beautiful. But Megacorp admits he doesn't care about his quality, and that attitude, combined with the "no replacing Jumps" rule, is fucking toxic.

>> No.40740849

I really wish you people would stop reading so much into, and harping on, that one post. Why not even look at him updating it? Agree with what he's doing or not, that isn't consistent with the attitude you seem to read into.

>> No.40740958

Except Megacorp outright said it.

>> No.40740970

shh don't let them know the secret!

I'm using a special program that stops certain IPs from seeing new posts, its all part of my scheme to make them look foolish as i constantly update and improve my jump!

Sheer genius I tell you! Genius!

>> No.40740987

The very first sentence in his latest version is grammatically awful, and the second says "...reshaping live as we know it..." He clearly doesn't care enough to actually proofread.

>> No.40741014

This is you reading too much into it and then ignoring people's actions for their (assumed) words. At this point it feels like you're stubbornly sticking to your judgement instead of providing further feedback on the updates.

Spelling issues is valid. Still something I wish everyone would be nicer about.

>> No.40741022

Well if you read >>40740970 where he's being spiteful and deliberately ignoring anyone who dares criticize him, I'm not holding my breath.

>> No.40741036

Maybe because you've done nothing but give him grief all day?

Ever think of that?

>> No.40741038

Ugh, you're reading too much into it again. If he's ignoring critique why are updates happening? That post is just mocking you for, well, ignoring what he's doing. I wish he hadn't because it just feeds the people who WANT to be mad, but come on.

>> No.40741062

My spell and grammar check is done, so is there any more than live there not going to see it changed unless I get told about it.

Missing something hardly counts as "not caring" for some reason. But seriously, they are going to look for any reason to start shit.

>> No.40741118

is battle ange alita distinct enough as a power set for a jump, or is it just setting? is anyone working on it now?

>> No.40741127

Mir is working on it.

>> No.40741172

This is exactly why people are getting pissed off at you. Spell check and grammar check are not a substitute for proofreading, but your reaction to being told "your program missed something" is "meh, don't give a shit, proofread it for me." That's lazy as fuck.

>> No.40741202

>Still something I wish everyone would be nicer about.
We're actually being really civil for Jumpchain. For 4chan in general. I don't know if you expect me to slot my nose in between his buttcheeks and pucker up, but it ain't gonna happen.

Also, please stop telling us we're reading too much into this, you sound like a broken record.

>> No.40741217

Maybe for 4chan, but you guys generally don't have this kind of circus for every jump with problems.

>> No.40741247

Hey all, new to this: finished Pokemon, Body, and Warehouse- now I'm curious if there's any perks that turns the Warehouse into an inventory system. You know, instantly summon/banish things from/to Warehouse?

>> No.40741250

Were you here for Misc. Meta?

>> No.40741252

Okay so change log
>Added time on eggs. They are now a couple days.
>Terra Formars hopefully cleared up a bit. It doens't grant super powers or anything. It just raises your opponents to human intelligence.
>Added more notes at the end

You don't have control over the Ants unless you have perks/powers that say you do. You can guide them towards things but otherwise Royal Chambers gives you healthier/stronger ants for the Jump.
After the Jump, its a near endless source of giant ants and its noted at the end in Notes that you can give them directions.

They are ants. They have very limited intelligence. You can have them dig for you, fight for your and gather stuff for you. Unless you have a way to alter their intelligence after they are made, they are just abnormally large ants.
Post Jump they are still just ants.

Sorry mate, just normal ants you can produce as long as you have mass. If you want them to have Joestar powers then look into Disc World which has a perk to made your children, even adopted ones, gain powers from a Jump.

Yes, it lets you make any tech you have Ant-sized and ant power scale. An ant sized electrical generator won't produce as much power as a normal scale generator. This is where you get creative and make tiny computers, tiny solar panels and so on.
Ant Man only effects your powers, not your tech.

>> No.40741260

I said generally. I know it happens other times.

Not in that way. There are perks that let you summon certain items or kinds of items, though.

>> No.40741291

>just normal ants

Honestly I'm still fine with this. I should probably figure out a tattoo machine that works with ants so I always know which ones the ones that work for me are.

>> No.40741302

If we have critiques for it, actually, yeah we do. This is pretty much how it goes down. Every time.
If nobody has any problems with the jump we mostly just shrug and say "thanks!" and start making builds for it.
But when we have issues we want addressed, this is actually exactly the kind of circus that we normally get. We don't go in for any of that Cirque du Soleil stuff around here.

>> No.40741309

Oi Toriko are you doing NWN2? Otherwise I intend to do NWN2.

>> No.40741310

Well, congrats on being both a bad jumpmaker AND a lazy jumpmaker then, I'm sure it's better then if you had left it for someone who was just lazy.

>> No.40741319

Correction nobody is telling me shit, I am reading though vitriol to find grammar and spelling mistakes I've missed that are being used as some sort of weird "evidence" against me as some sort of terrible person.

Personally its good for a laugh though.

>> No.40741353

Fairy Tail's Requip Magic let's you summon and banish items from the Warehouse, and it's a rather basic type of magic to learn, in-jump.

And I think Teleportation Esper from Raildex let's you do it when you hit level 3.

>> No.40741372

Raildex: teleportation Esper
Fairy Tail: requip magic (might be limited to personal equipment)
Iji: one of the capstones is teleportation and includes stuff to/from warehouse
PS238: misc meta is build your own power, could do that

There are probably others.

>> No.40741396

Are you or are you not going to actually proofread the fucking thing, or are you just going to leave the grammar as-is unless someone else makes the effort to fix it? If the answer is "the latter," then yes, you are a terrible person.

>> No.40741403

A genuine offer - want me to specifically read through it and find any mistakes?

>> No.40741443

Weapon Swapping from DMC is free and can be pretty broad since most anything can be used as a weapon but that's wank though.

>> No.40741460

Do mutations still make you look monstrous after 10 years?

Do you only look monstrous when you use them after 10 years?

Related to the above, does Mutation Concealment do anything after 10 years?

Except for Harden Body, can we stack purchases of minor mutations to increase the strength of a power?

>> No.40741510

Does Ant Telepathy give you any special control of ants, or does it just let you talk to them?

Destroy my foes, minion!
Excell- wait, did you say "no?"

>> No.40741537

I'd appreciate it if everyone shut up for a second. We chose for quantity over quality ages ago and it's the only reason we have 400+ jumps. So I'd rather have a shit generator rex jump than no jump at all and that's the way this works. You guys should be thanking for Mega for making a jump at all because no one else was going to do it.

>> No.40741573

Since when were you speaking for the rest of us? I'd rather have no jump than a shit jump.

>> No.40741582

You two please stop, this is getting into bickering territory.

>> No.40741618

We've had shitposters with higher standards than yours. A regular namefag should be held to AT LEAST that.

>> No.40741641

Thanks! Looked them up, Requip does what I want.

Handy, but a bit wanky, yeah. I think I'll stick to using this to supplement Requip. Thanks.

>> No.40741642

>Do mutations still make you look monstrous after 10 years?

I'm under the impression each Jump is an alt-form after you leave that jump unless you have a final form perk, so for that specific alt-form yes, although your form in the next jump wouldn't be an EVO at all.

>Related to the above, does Mutation Concealment do anything after 10 years?

Well for that alt-form it remains human looking, but I think the problem here is I'm seeing it as an alt-form from whatever new form you get in Jump.

>Except for Harden Body, can we stack purchases of minor mutations to increase the strength of a power?

Two other perks specifically have the ability to buy them again, the movement perk and the expulsion attack power, although the movement power is not so much additive as allowing different options, and the expulsion is additive though.

The rest I consider "maxed" out as they are. There pretty powerful in show really, they only deal is that I kinda imagine smoke generation to be a particular EVO's powers when he was juiced up by a scientist, and not his typical power, as he is kinda weak sauce.

Hope that helps.

>> No.40741648

Fuck off. I can and will speak for myself.

>> No.40741674

Sure I would appreciate it greatly, honestly I do have reasons I suck as grammar but its none of their business.

>Do mutations still make you look monstrous after 10 years?

I'm under the impression each Jump is an alt-form after you leave that jump unless you have a final form perk, so for that specific alt-form yes, although your form in the next jump wouldn't be an EVO at all.

>Related to the above, does Mutation Concealment do anything after 10 years?

Well for that alt-form it remains human looking, but I think the problem here is I'm seeing it as an alt-form from whatever new form you get in Jump.

>Except for Harden Body, can we stack purchases of minor mutations to increase the strength of a power?

Two other perks specifically have the ability to buy them again, the movement perk and the expulsion attack power, although the movement power is not so much additive as allowing different options, and the expulsion is additive though.

The rest I consider "maxed" out as they are. There pretty powerful in show really, they only deal is that I kinda imagine smoke generation to be a particular EVO's powers when he was juiced up by a scientist, and not his typical power, as he is kinda weak sauce.

Hope that helps.

>> No.40741697

Wrong. I do believe most people have been vocal enough about prefering to have quality AND quantity, even if over speed.

Even should I be wrong, saying that WE chose something, let alone "ages ago", is a fallacy. No choice can be set in stone in a community as fluid as 4chan. Please, do speak for yourself. And use less... Blunt, words.

Alright then. Let me just skim through...

>> No.40741726

I've caught that first mistake 'live" already I just was waiting to find other mistakes before posting it.

Thank you.

>> No.40741762

It's always been first come first serve when it comes to settings. There's barely any quality control for the jump itself. If it's got no lewd and conforms the general outline it's all good. Then there's the fact that in extreme circumstances even wip jumps will be allowed on the drive when the maker has dissapeared. You're kidding yourself if you honestly think it's quality over quantity here and it's inconsistent for us to suddenly demand Mega to pass a higher standard than most current jumps.

>> No.40741777

You sure love complaining about the same things over and over.

>> No.40741801


>> No.40741869

I was helping with a trio of Forgotten Realms Jumps. Not not certain if it was a direct NWN Jump though.

Just lets you talk with Ants. Other perks are for control of Ants.

>> No.40741976

I posted because it got annoying. I've kept myself on the sideline in this stupid arguement until then.

What annoys me is that you could open a random jump on the no image drive and odds are you'd have opened a jump of similar quality. I don't understand why everyone is attacking Mega all of a sudden.

>> No.40742051

>Zoid Gravity Cannon

How powerful is this thing? Can it wreck a Star Destroyer?

Can I mount one on a Whale King?

What's the range on the cannon?

>> No.40742232


So I did not touch any phrasings that irked me. Stuff's subjective. But compare everything here with what you have written in the document.

These nanites have the ability to reshape live as we know it into creatures called Exponentially Variegated Organisms, or EVOs.

and people fear the day an EVO may suddenly mutate in their city to cause havoc

You are one of the sheepdogs protecting the sheep but beware, these wolves are certainly freaky.

A rare few however can hide there mutations, at least until they exhibit their powers.

You possess a highly detailed knowledge of nanites, their uses, strengths, and weaknesses.

But that would take a long time of additional study of all of the various random changes the nanites have undergone since being unleashed on the planet, but it's closer to you than most.

You possess no knowledge of the meta-nanites, and they seem to escape your grasp of understanding if you tried to study them.

These EVOs are feral in nature and are unstable, causing them to become incurables after a short period of time.

Your EVOs tends to be unique creations, not many will have unique powers outside of natural weapons and strength, but a few might surprise you with a useful ability.

Omega-1 Nanite Recipient

Your body possesses a superhuman durability able to withstand being thrown though concrete, and gravitational stress that would kill a normal human.

Your greatest limitation is the fact that as you absorb nanites your reservoirs grow to the breaking point, causing dangerous flare ups of mechanical creation and renders your abilities unstable. You can purge these nanites out however. But doing so in a safe manner were a few tons of highly unstable nanites can't hurt anyone maybe be a challenge to figure out how to do.

>> No.40742236

Did you know the CYOA general thread would like to impose new sweeping standards on the way jumpchain works because they think it gives you too much power?

Also, the trolls tend to pick one namefag to troll at a time until the namefaq quits or logs off for the day.

>> No.40742254


While your omega nanite will make more nanites with time and the reserves within you can be quite large, there is a limit to them at a time, and so can leave you vulnerable and leaves making truly gigantic objects realistically unworkable in any sort of real time frame.

Can also generate electricity to shock opponents unconscious or even kill. Can merge together to generate a strong electromagnetic field to attract a large amount of metal debris (which with a bit of acrobatics can be used as a devastating barrage of metal). They can also be joined at the hilts to make a double bladed staff weapon.

A limited number of shells can be carried into a firefight, but it's a gun that can turn the tide of battle by itself.

Mobile and sturdy laboratory able to fly, make ???decent??? ground speeds, and even submerge underwater.

Only a small to medium sized animal is allowed.

As you uncover your past however this is mandatory, at least one of your actions in the past is something you never considered yourself doing, perhaps you sold out some friends to a crime lord, or if your jaded and only care for yourself maybe your past self was heroic and selfless in protecting a small town from rampaging EVOs. Nevertheless, you will find out about this fact relatively soon, and it should shock you.

Bio-rhythm instability +200cp

As such your powers will become unusable for short bursts of time, expect most of this time to come during heavy use of your powers, so probably when you need them the most.

Breach is one of Van Kleiss EVO minions

This girl is a persistent problem and later on Van Kleiss will try

Expect mysterious problems to surface for you, just about any ???bureaucracy??? comes with incredible hassle and slowness

>> No.40742276

The moment they booted us from their thread, 421 threads ago, we no longer fell under their jurisdiction.

They're a bunch of /d/eviants, too, so they can take their "standards" and shove 'em.

>> No.40742279


he becomes a giant robotic EVO and goes on a rampage himself.

Even the ones who keep their sapience

Every power, however, comes with a vastly altered biology


Each purchase of this option is the ability to lift ten tons over your head

able to lift 5 tons over your head.

direct its actions outside of your body, to say enwrap an enemy in liquid tendrils

Maybe it’s embedded all over your skin.

You generate an extremely dangerous substance and expel it out of you to quite a formidable distance from you.

a slimy oozing being that throws pieces of itself.

uncontrollable laughing, sadness, madness, etc.

a virus into a non-gas medium and overrun some of these effects,

about ten shots of a liquid medium that could affect EVOs.

Mutation Ideas: Slimy tentacled monster

50 a day with some sort of controlling substance, but you need victims for that.

you may decide now three minor mutations they possess

strength is 5 tons max

large dog sized monsters with ???scythe??? like arms.

You are truly large the size of a large building and possess incredible strength and durability.

mouth in its trunk and long many angled limbs, etc.

though it’s only on a planetary level.

or an organic gun like extension that shoots them, maybe you're just weird.

recharge itself rendering you unable to use it for an hour or so.

Mutation Ideas: energy arcing to different parts of your body, mechanically coils arch from your back.

magnify gravity's effects on your opponent's body.

Mutation Ideas: Rocky meteoritic body, round robotic shell.

-You can not use or control the Meta-nanites, powerful nanites that are basically Infinity Gems.


And my good deed for the day done, I go knock myself out. Good night, everyone.

>> No.40742294

It's a singularity bomb. It consumes all matter within several kilometers. I think that could wreck a Star Destroyer. Range is pretty large, too, it's meant as an artillery piece. I think it might be capable of engaging over the horizon, actually. And a Whale King should be big enough to mount one. Most ships would be.

>> No.40742298

They tried to post 'em once and we basically just told them to go away and laughed.

>> No.40742378


Anyway, on a new topic, I have to ask.

What's the type composition of your Pokemon team, and how's this helped you over the Jumps?

Me, I've got:


>> No.40742400

Creates a self contained 4km radial singularity. A good shot in the right place might take out a Star Destroyer.

Technically you could mount one on any Zoid, just that the power constraints are massive, so you'll need some compensation.

The material used for the shell itself is part of the reason behind the singularity (that comes with the weapon), but though the range is extreme (The canon firing was done from the ocean into a city probably a good fifty, sixty kilometers away) - it's still a kinetic shell in the sense that obstacles will trip it unlike a CPG. Expect extreme levels of collateral damage.

You're now doing the exact same thing as what you were preaching against by trying to call out other jumpmakers.

I do not appreciate my jumps (11 of them in the folder you mentioned) being held to "Mega's Standard". Kindly desist.

>> No.40742412

I'm fairly certain there's a perk in FF VII that does exactly that.

>> No.40742440

About how smart is the average zoid, AI wise?

>> No.40742462

I need to sit down and hash it out.

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