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which one of you autists did this?

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Some people are just like that, OP. Take you, for example, it's hard to find someone of your faggorty out in the real world, yet here you are.

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oh hi teancrumpets. hows the NEET life treating ya

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Sorry, it waz me. I was going through a bit of a rough patch and needed something to pick me up when I needed it badly. While things haven't got that much better it helped me through the worst of it.

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It's great

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It would make his current situation better if Magic introduced a character he can relate to.

After all, isn't that how it works?

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but seriously. Mark "the shnozz" Rosewaters Tumblr is exclusively for inane questions penned by 3 year olds. The fact that a grown ass adult man approached a total stranger on tumblr to bitch and moan is disgusting.

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>shitposting in a shitposting thread
there are a lot less trans people than fat autists dipshit

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>The fact that a grown ass adult man approached a total stranger on tumblr to bitch and moan is disgusting.

See >>40608995

People have been approaching Magic to bitch and moan about things since forever, and every time Magic has indulged them.

Why is it disgusting when it works? The days of stoicism and the stiff upper lip are dead, here are the days of instant social reaction and bleeding hearts.


And Magic happily introduced a Trans character to appeal to the handful of Trans people that play their game (and the horde of SJWs who don't play but like seeing their agenda pushed.)

Where is the fat autist Magic character? Or hell, the character that just seems to always be in a rough spot in their lives?

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You know it really isn't that surprising, a great deal of writers, artists, musicians, comedians, and other people in creative professions have anecdotes of their fans reaching out to them in that manner. I don't entirely understand it, I don't have any issues with depressions nor can I name any creator who's had a big enough impact on my life or worldview I'd want their advice if I was feeling really bleak. But I do know the phenomenon is not unprecedented.

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you can't control being trans
you can control being a fat sack of shit

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Because they are in the public eye they are lightening rods for the weak and crazy.

Shoulder your troubles rather then whine about them. If you don't like what you see, well you know what you need to start changing. Hating your life can be a strong catalyst for self improvement.

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You can't prove that second assertion, mental problems like depression and anxiety disorder have a real physiological basis as much as being trans does.

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As much of a physiological basis as being ACTUALLY trans does, which is a separate thing from tumblrtrans.

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Quite so, I merely omitted that because I thought that was implicit. And likewise the corollary is true, there's a difference between the legit medical condition where your shitty brain has problems producing or responding to dopamine, and the self-diagnosed condition where you're a maudlin shit by choice and claim it's beyond your control.

Lacking knowledge of the guy writing to Rosewater, I'm opting not to assume the worst.

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I agree. Both are mental illnesses that must be treated.

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Please, that would be somebody most people could empathize with, you can't have that. Though people play these things to get away from those problems they can't control, so it would likely not be popular with the people they're targeting in the first place. People who make up problems as a form of escapism, however, can very much see the appeal of having the 'problem' they have oh so much trouble dealing with plastered on other forms of escapism. It's like self-inserting yourself into a piece of fiction you like.

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Make a contract with me, and become a magical planeswalker!

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Guy is giving some pretty solid advice.

>/tg/ flames them for acquiring said solid advice

This is like a high-level loot drop, and you're flaming it like it's a piece of literal shit.

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To admit weakness is to be ridiculed! Real men don't have feelings or emotions, only rage and arousal!

/which is why I'm an otter

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There is no weakness in having emotions. The weakness is in not being able to respond to them properly.

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Because it's generic
"Do what you want to do and makes you happy" advice that gets crammed down everyone's throats. He may as well have said, "just be yourself"

Which is actually pretty bad advice. Find what you're good at and do it as your main career. Do what makes you happy as a side thing. Because if the happy thing doesn't work out, and you made it your main career, you're fucked. But if the happy thing doesn't work out and it's your side thing, you can always find new happy thing no big deal. And if the happy thing works out, you can slowly transition from what you're good at to what makes you happy.

And what if killing Jews is the only thing in the world that makes me happy? Should I be focusing on finishing the job Hitler started?

Real men have controlled emotions and are able to combine emotion with logic to form willpower. I know you got a fedora tipping pic cocked and ready to go.

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It should be more that adults realize the passion and intensity of their emotions is vital to many aspects of life, but that just as important is the ability to control and reign in those emotions in the right situations, be they making you fly off the handle or holding you down.

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>fedora tipping pic cocked and ready to go

I... I was using sarcasm, anon :(

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>real men

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>And what if killing Jews is the only thing in the world that makes me happy? Should I be focusing on finishing the job Hitler started?

Abso-fucking-lutely. If you're looking for people to judge your passions, you have most definitely come to the wrong corner of the internet.

It IS good advice, anon, whether you like it or not. If you truly want to make killing Jews your hobby, make sure you're the best goddamn Jewkiller in the world. If it's your passion, though, that last statement is redundant - because if that is the one thing on earth you are truly committed to, you're going to become a fucking amazing Jewkiller. Because you love it so much, you'll make it so that you breathe, drink, eat and shit Jewkilling, and there will be very few people out there who could match your intensity at it.

I don't fucking care about you taking solid advice and painting it as morally blackened. If you care about something, you're going to be better at it than most people. That is simply the way things are.

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It was me. The big twist is that I am a woman. You're welcome, faggot.

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There are winners and losers in this world, and for the most part they never change. This isn't a "work out and become alpha/get bitches" thing either, it's much deeper than that.

Winners just make smart decisions in all aspect of their lives, while losers continue to sink.

I've seen maybe one person make a complete 180, but generally you're stuck as what you are.

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Done and done.

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God Emperor be with you anon. Things happen for a reason and you will emerge from the trials from him on earth stronger than before.

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>Because it's generic
>"Do what you want to do and makes you happy" advice that gets crammed down everyone's throats.
You might have a point if someone had been asking him how to get a job, or what to do. But that wasn't what was asked.

Someone asked why they shouldn't give up, because their life was shit. He pointed out that life takes unusual and unpredictable turns, and so it is foolish to give up just because something hasn't happened yet.

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What else can you say to someone who you don't know, and have no idea what they're going through, except for some uplifting generic fluff?

Also, please let me borrow your fashionable fedora.

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But anon, the greatest protagonists in fiction, or at least the most memorable, start the movie or book off as losers who, through the Hero's Journey, become something great.

Making everyone some shade of special right off the bat distances the character from their audience, we want the relatable underdog to win, not the weird trans-kin superthing to continue being great.

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>Where is the fat autist Magic character? Or hell, the character that just seems to always be in a rough spot in their lives?
Autist Venser died to save autist Urza's autistic manchild silver baby so he can get his toys back in the box.

And Elspeth's life was bad luck brian tier.

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I don't think the audience can relate to those problems.

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I literally do not understand how it is possible to be mad about this. How much do you have to care about what other people do on the internet to have malice for this random guy?

Sometimes people feel shitty, sometimes they communicate with people they respect. Sometimes those aren't people they know personally(usually due to the person being socially isolated in the first place). That seems awkward to someone who has a stronger sense of privacy, but deserving of no more than a "huh, unusual." Especially since the person he wrote to wasn't bothered by responding, and he got a kind word when he needed it.

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Rapport is the difference between the people you feel comfortable talking to and those who you don't.
Even the most social person feels uneasy when trying to speak to someone who doesn't want to establish rapport between them.
On the other hand artists establish rapport with their audience just by producing art. So it's actually very easy to speak to them even for the most socially inept because you already feel "like you know each other".

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Honestly if you depend on others this much, you should probably just kill yourself

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That's a damn good explanation.

I think the reason you get "weird obsessed fans" is because people whose social development is damaged in one way or another are more prone to feeling a strong sense of rapport through art.

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There's a difference between desiring a connection with others enough to send someone a message, and being dependent on that person.

Plus, I think giving a damn about a stranger's dependencies because the way they express them is 'socially inappropriate' is more insecure and other-focused than sending some dude a message on tumblr.

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Not really. Protagonists aren't underdogs because they're shit at everything. They're underdogs because they're shit at what is expected of them but they become heroes by realizing and exploiting the latent talents that society had kept hidden from them by trying to force a square peg in a round hole and stifling self-expression.

That's what "you die, go throught he underworld and are reborn" part of the hero's journey is about. Learning your talent and how society changes to accomodate you once you're useful.

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It's replies like that other anons that make me realize my sarcasm is too realistic :(

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Being on tumblr in the first place is enough of a reason to off yourself

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Yeah, I got to meet a lot of artists I love when working at a local venue. And it's surprising how easy it is to speak to someone you've already listened at for years despite never ever seeing them in person before.

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You can still exercise to reduce weight and keep fit.

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>Find what you're good at and do it as your main career.

What if you aren't good at anything? Or the only thing you're good at is something completely unnattractive to the job market?

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If you have absolutely no functional skills and are unable to learn any, you are in some way disabled. You require some sort of drastic change or the support of your community.

If your passion is merely non-mainstream, you need to get creative. Use a secondary skill to do something on the side while honing your main talent into a specialty. Network. Talk to a career councilor about how to channel your skills into a useful application. Try new things.

People only come up against that wall of despair when they look at these(relatively simple) things and think "I can't".

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> you can't control being trans
[citation needed]

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yeah and no trannies are mongol warlords what's your point?

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Yeah because you're gonna freely choose to risk losing all friends, family and your job, spending years in an inefficient medical system over something that wouldn't otherwise drive you to suicide.

i don't have links to the multitude of studies on this but i'm pretty sure /lgbt/ does.

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If your shitty brain lets you, yeah. I mean you realize that the electro-chemical reactions in your brain can control your behavior to some degree, right? To a degree that it may be impossible to simply consciously will your way past it and pursue an exercise regimen.

I mean look, try to spend a couple months getting dosed with Thorazine or ketamine on a non-stop basis, and keep up your fitness routine. If you can do that, then come back and tell me that folks with fucked up dopamine and serotonin balances can just do it anyway.

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Nothing. That's what. Should've shut up.

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>Real men have controlled emotions and are able to combine emotion with logic to form willpower. I know you got a fedora tipping pic cocked and ready to go.
~tips bat~

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