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This is a internal test card created by WOTC when trying out designs for the new m15 border/hologram. I belive this is the only one to make its way onto the Internet thusfar, as the person I acquired it from was very secretive. My tablet camera does not capture the hologram all that well, but it is slightly sunken into the card surface with the magic "M" design embossed on. I acquired it at origins this past weekend.

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More pictures to follow

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How much did you pay for it?

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I'd rather not say

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show us the back of the card?

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Tell us you loser

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Normal magic back

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And? You want us to suck your dick for it?

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It is a test print, I paid a test print price, interpret that how you will.

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You have enough proof that it's not just someone having printed a fake card badly? Or deliberately faked up a card for "raer missprint ebay monies".

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Would i be wrong if i said you paid about north of 3,000?

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china will grow stronger

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You paid the iron price?

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No I just wanted to be able to get pics of it on the Internet anonymously. There are more than this one to say the least, with other rejected hologram designs, I saw a number of them at origins.

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Alright, so how much

what's the reason behind not telling us are you that much of a pussy you can't tell an anonymous board of nerds how much you paid for something

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any plans to use it for EDH, or just hold on to it for bragging rights?

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Cool, and nice dubs

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I'm 100% sure that it is the real deal. Genuine WOTC product. The person I acquired it from is very reliable.

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The reason is that I will almost certainly end up selling it at some point, and because the item is unique, I do not want potential buyers to know what I paid

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I don't play edh really, I just bought it because I thought the price was right for what it was. It is cool as hell also. Test card. The hologram also looks way cooler in person.

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Hey neat! I have a half dozen of those! Let me see if I can get some pictures together.

I always figured they were worthless, I've actually given a few away to people I know. I taped one over a hole in my rare folder.

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Someone should repost these on r/magic or whatever, I'm not a ledditor. I think OP's intention by posting here was to alert the internet of the exisexistence of these anonymously

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Did you try the bend test on the card? And/or look for the blue layer with a magnifying glass or something like that?

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I've looked at it under magnification and everything is good but moreover I trust my source.

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There's a thread on the MagicLibraries forum that seems to confirm that it's one of the known M15 test cards, so congrats OP.

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That specific Gilded Lotus is further down, there are different versions.

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>Someone should repost these on r/magic or whatever,
>I'm not a ledditor.

>i'm not a ledditor
>but pls post these to le redit

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>and because the item is unique, I do not want potential buyers to know what I paid
You retard, unless it's worthless and the only people who might buy it are other idiots, why would what you did or didn't pay for it mean anything?

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That poster's confusing intent aside there's no point anyway. The people interested in this are people like those at magiclibraries and similar who want to catalogue and acquire stuff like this.

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because that is human psychology 101. If you know i paid 10 dollars for something worth 100, you are likely to offer me a lower price than if you knew i paid 90 dollars for it.

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i'll give you 9 dollars for it

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Here's a Forest. It's a basic land from the game Magic. I paid $100 for it.

How much are you likely to give me for it?


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depends on which forest. i would happily pay 100$ for certain forests.

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So it depends on the Forest, and not how much I paid for it?

Point proven, class dismissed. I hope you enjoyed remedial basic thinking.

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He either: paid a gew dollars for it and doesn't want people to know it's a piece of worthless cardboard, or paid WAY too much for a piece of worthless cardboard.

Either way, he's hoping to sell it for an absurd amount of times what he paid.

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obviously you have never been in an negotiation before.
yes I'm obviously hoping to sell it for more than what I paid. It is no more "worthless" than any other expensive magic card.

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Why does the MTG crowd on /tg/ have so many chandere-tier retards lately? Is it /tg/ that's changed? Is this the people who are into Magic these days?

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MTG players sure are a bunch of shady mongoloids.
Even if the players suck, at least the hobby is a viable competitive game and not just a jewish mon--wait a second...

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>these days.
I have been playing magic since i was 12 and got a 5th edition starter for my birthday. Im 27 now. I work in the games industry, buying and selling games professionally. It is through my connections in the industry that I was able to even get the opportunity to buy the card. Quit embarrassing yourself.

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This is very important OP, does the cardboard has a blue core?

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Jesus, dude, you either really got ripped off, or you really are this stupid about selling things.

Once a price is established, its value will stay around that area, unless circumstances change drastically, like all the other cards are destroyed, or you find out it's made from shitty paper that crumbles. So, if you paid $3k for it, you can expect its value to probably stay about the same. You can probably charge a little higher than that, but any fool can cross-reference and call you out on your pricing.

tl;dr You're a spineless coward; post what you paid faggot

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there is no established market for a card that only 2-3 known copies exist and none have ever been sold except to me.

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The established ballpark is what you paid for it

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Fine. So you fucking clowns are happy.
I paid $550 for it.
Fucking happy now plebs?

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No, but I bet your 'source' is very happy that he knew someone autistic enough to buy a worthless test print for that much.

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not me

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lol MtG players in charge of money

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>5 for tap 3
It's too slow to be functional. It takes serious ramp or more turns than games last to get out, and it takes two turns to turn a profit. It's shit.

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For real; I could understand something like $50, MAYBE $100, but $550 for something you can't use in tournaments, and probably can't use at all for fear of ruining....

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Everything we say is now archived, because retards who don't know what a good thing is made many redundant auto-archivists. I don't blame OP for keeping secrets now that he has a permanent record.

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Op here, this isn't me
New photo as proof

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nobody who buys this card is buying it to play with. Jesus christ.

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It's for a fucking game. Why would you not play the game the cards are designed for with the cards that you stupidly over-invested in?

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Turn a deck lamp on or something bruh. Let's see that stamp shine.

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Op actually here.
It was 550 AND it was a good fucking investment

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Precisely BECAUSE you over-invested in a stupid card that will lose its value if you so much as bend a corner a little, in which case kiss that investment goodbye forever

The inherent flaw in this is when people see little cards as legitimate investments

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How do you figure?
Walk me through your thought process here.

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It's a test card it's not tournament legal they're all supposed to be destroyed it's purely a collector's item because it's rare.
If you just wanted to play with it you would buy a normal Gilded Lotus for like five bucks and not boast about it on /tg/

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Because there's so few and I basically own the supply. Anyone that wants it will need to pay me more than what I paid

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>implying people will want to pay more for a test of a shitty card

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With exactly zero demand, who do you figure is willing to pay for it?

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Fuck you guys. I wanted to show off a fucking cool card here that you Neanderthals haven't seen before and to see if you guys also have cool shit but it appears like all you mongoloids are too busy being fucking faggots and are too poor to fucking pick up swag for their decks
This card is worth a lot of money and now it's worth even more and as long as there are retards like you guys to pay for magic cards it will always have worth.

>> No.40497352

Apparently, so far you're the only retard who's bought that card, so guess who set the bar from the very beginning, my aspie friend?

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You can stop overcompensating now, Richie Rich.

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>Why do you not use those stamps if you're going to pay for them?!

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ITT: non-collectors have no idea of what's valuable to collectors.

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No one cares that much about a test print for Gilded Lotus. Except this one asshole who's showing it off to /tg/ and claiming he paid more than he did so he can hike the price even higher to "collectors" who want to waste large sums of money on slightly different variants of cards and pretend they're worth that much.

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I'd want that Isperia, Ulamog, and Elesh.

>> No.40501575

Not OP, but that analogy is fucked in the head you retard. Basic Forests (the kind you're obviously referring to) are ubiquitous and have an extremely well-defined value on the secondary market.

Tell me, is that the case for the card OP got a hold of?

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Ergo why he's unwilling to divulge it. You just plain out stated why the guy you're arguing against is objectively correct. Good job.

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>With exactly zero demand
I think you don't understand what "collecting" means at all.

>> No.40501670

Yes, that's exactly how collecting extremely rare cards that aren't supposed to hit the market works, you genius.

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If /tg/ is throwing this much of a retard tantrum over OP and his one card, I guess you'd all have an aneurysm over the guy in this video who isn't willing to show the darker parts of his collection:

(skip to 16:40 if you don't wanna watch the rest of the video)

Actually, I wouldn't even be surprised if OP is Greg Fenton. Either way, that's how collecting these kinds of cards work, kids.

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That was some pic related shit right there.
And yeah it was a bit annoying, pretty cool misprints and shit and suddenly "if i told you id have to kill you"

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Considering it could be something like the proposal card, it's really not that surprising.

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