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Improvaizen Quest Chapter XXVII: Two Minutes to Kubo.

You have 50XP, 50 Nachos, 4 Mate, 4 Kubo Points 10 suspicion points and 1 trophy (for a Milestone worth 100xp, ).

Your character sheet comes later- because you have these to work on!

Gin http://pastebin.com/pDybkduY
Yourichi: http://pastebin.com/5jNNUL5n
New abilities for any future character sheet: http://pastebin.com/GxBpvLnB

You are Sosuke Aizen. You are at a meeting of the nobility where there is a golden egg on a pedestal. Underneath it is a stand that says "Only the Head of the Hidden House can open this egg." It looks like a big gold version of the toy your grandfather gave you as a kid. It might even have the same prize inside. But probably not. Yourichi is in exceptionally formal attire, as is the Captain Ginrei Kuchki of Squad six and guardian of the historical society. Additionally there is the Lieutenant of Squad Ten and Captain Ukitake's Prodigy- both from the Kiba house in some formal attire. You have some work to do it seems.

>> Go talk to the Captain of Squad Six
>> Go talk to the Kiba clan
>> Go talk to Yourichi
>> Crack that Egg Open
>> Talk to the Captain Commander
>> Go schmooze with some of the Central 46
>> Write in

>> No.40460265


So, for eventual Gin

Kakusa remashita




A Real Life

Mysterious Kid
Child Genius

I still say we get our 100 Nacho ability first before leveling Gin.


>> Go talk to the Captain of Squad Six
>> Go talk to the Kiba clan
>> Go talk to Yourichi
>> Crack that Egg Open
>> Talk to the Captain Commander
>> Go schmooze with some of the Central 46

>> No.40460266


>> Go schmooze with some of the Central 46
>> Crack that Egg Open
>> Go talk to the Captain of Squad Six
>> Talk to the Captain Commander
>> Go talk to Yourichi
>> Write in: Seduce everyone in the room.

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Sorry, meant to exclude the Captain of Squad 6

>> No.40460295

> Crack that Egg Open

>> No.40460315

Rolled 33 (1d100)

And rolling didn't work...

>> No.40460317

Forgot confidence roll.

>> No.40460335

Rolled 17 (1d100)

Yeah, something failed for my as well reroll.

>> No.40460371

Rolled 63 (1d100)

might as well roll for the third.

>> No.40460387

>Ancient Knowledge
>Thinking with Portals
Sound good for us?
Now for Gin
>Kakusa remashita
>Aintza's Angel
Sounds good?

>> No.40460470

Child services gives us bad loyalty. Zanpakto would be good for Gin.
I personally want a captain Gin to cement our factions authority in the Gotei 13

>> No.40460535



>> No.40460540

This would make him into caster and I don't think we have one under our command

>> No.40460547

>Real Life
I think we should give him a real life split between us and Aiztza so he gains our ability and will be the crux in uniting the both worlds.

>> No.40460581

That's funny man
It's like you want well adjusted child instead of loyal warrior
He will be worse off than in canon if we pick this one

>> No.40460703

actually not really.
I LIKE YOU A LOT. PLEASE MORE PEOPLE VOTE FOR THIS. it's not like I want you all to give me help.
Third times the charm!

>> No.40460744

Ability to drop Yamamoto on top of us won't give you much
And knowledge one gives you nothing

>> No.40460774

I actually don't like the rates of return on most of the traits.

>> No.40460782

I don't want the traits.since you know, Taman gets our luck.

>> No.40460853

I want a Zanpakto for gin, and make him Aintza's angel.

Even if he is not a captain (Although that would be sweet,) He needs his gank sword. It's too badass not to have.

>> No.40460890

Also I am surprised nobody has suggested anything for best cat char sheet especially since you get to design her zanpakto!

Actually ancient knowledge gives me three things-- and gives you four things.
Awww! But I worked on that!

You get to decide the order of what things are done. This is kind of important. Forgot to do that.

>> No.40460944

So I got cat's soul sword
Flaming gauntlets and boots or whatever
Gives second life to user and cat shapeshift in exchange for sword

She used it thanks to fuckup or whatever

>> No.40460999

You get three weapons guys.

>> No.40461012

Shikai: Fighting Gauntlets.
Bankai: No blade shall harm thee: Immune to all manufactured or created weapons. Can only be hurt by hand to hand or spell abilities.

>> No.40461036

Ancient Knowledge would be fine if you didn't have great armor. or you replaced it. As it is the opponent would be immune to damage and asspullery.

>> No.40461064

Behind the scenes sounds awesome and so very Improv Aizen.

>> No.40461235

Right so for

If you do this a certain way good things will happen. If you do it a bad way- you summon the big bad.

I can tell you guys which one to do first if you want.

>> No.40461272

Best Cat's Sword

Jumping Jack Flash
Sword turns into metal boots which increase her speed five fold, and any kicks she does hits ten times harder.

Sonic Boom
Her boots go up to mid thigh now,and she develops gauntlets. Her speed is increased by a factor of twenty. Her unarmed attacks can now pierce Titanio. Her reiatsu is also completely hidden while using her Shikai and Bankai.

>> No.40461291

Obviously we seduce everyone first that is elementary.

>> No.40461403

Pretty much


>> No.40461417

not exactly. There is someone if you flirt with first could cause problems.
Best move first is either
a) Yourichi
b) Open the Egg

>> No.40461438

Then we should gossip with nobles or whatever these guys are
Then with the cat and whoever is captain of squad six
Yamamoto and egg at the end

>> No.40461439

>b) Open the Egg
What Egg?

Im going to make this decision uninformed.


>> No.40461440

>a) Yourichi

>> No.40461500

>Im going to make this decision uninformed.
egg it is.

>> No.40461608


>> No.40461639

Something that only head of secret house or something can crack
It was written in first post man

>> No.40461685

We have a plot?

>> No.40461754

Let's talk to Yourichi

>> No.40461759

a) Yourichi

We need the egg later, open it in front of everyone.

>> No.40461784

Attaining godhood and getting Yamamoto as loyal general
For no fucking reason
I just realized we have no fucking goal outside of not being kicked out of SS now
Any ideas for new long-term goal?
I vote for making moon into our phylactery

>> No.40461821

We have a tie betweein Yourichi first and Egg First
so calling a vote.
a yourichi
b egg

>> No.40461839


>> No.40461843

a yourichi

>> No.40461846


>> No.40461850

Rolled 1 (1d2)

Just fucking roll it man

>> No.40461924

Long term goal. Become Omnipotent.

>> No.40461955

While the moon as a Phylactery, I feel we should get into the empire business. Moon base one day.

A. Yourichi

>> No.40461993

I mean the egg is just to identify ourselves as the head of the hidden house.

>> No.40461995

Rolled 60 (1d100)


>> No.40462006

Oh, hourly reminder of the 100 nacho box exists, and we need it

>> No.40462027

Rolled 8 (1d100)

Nah boss, this is how you flirt

>> No.40462034

Rolled 52 (1d100)

Going to reroll that as our luck is still subpar for this quest.

>> No.40462075

Rolled 54 (1d100)



>> No.40462121

Rolled 94 (1d100)

You guys suck more dicks than your mothers
Learn to roll fags

>> No.40462135

Rolled 30 (1d100)

This is a little depressing actually. Where is our luck?
finally that is more like it.

>> No.40462279

Yourichi it is!

Roll to Seduce everyone in the room: 94+10+10 success.
You walk up to yourichi and kiss her on the cheek. "So everyone looks all nice, especially you." You say and she smiles. "Flattery seems to get you everywhere Sosuke." She says back. "You get a speech ready?" She asks. "I may have wrote a little something with Kisuke's help." You say and she nods "I hope you know that the nobles have a lot of sway over the central 46, but they won't bend over for them." She says. You nod "Watch this." You say and move over the egg.

The Egg cannot be opened physically, it actually takes reiatsu directed into certain areas with pin point accuracy and in a specific hidden pattern. Additionally touching the egg before it opens hardens it. Everyone looks around as you make the motions around the egg and when opens like a lotus flower to reveal a burst of color matching your own reiatsu. Everyone looks upon you and either does a brief bow or applauds. "Not for the record the head of the hidden house is present." The Captain Commander says. "The Meeting begins in thirty minutes." The Captain commander says.

Who next.
>> Central 46
>> Captain Commander
>> Captain of Squad Six

>> No.40462309

God damn forgot picture.

>> No.40462358

>> Captain Commander
>> Captain of Squad Six
At once

>> No.40462374

>>> Captain Commander

>> No.40462421

That is an option and a good time saving maneuver. Quite clever.

>> No.40462504

I second this.

>> No.40462676

I will second it so we can move this train of flaming Kubo down the tracks.

>> No.40463398

Lets do this

>> No.40463413

You walk over to the Captain of squad six and squad one- who are standing together conversing. "I was wondering if the grandson of the legendary Shuske Aizen would be his heir apparent." The captain of squad six says in an impressed matter. "You have turned out to be quite impressive. I am training my grandson in the same way." The Captain says as Yourichi strolls up beside you. "I am even teaching his Grandson to be as good as he is in flash step." Yourichi says and the captain nods. "I will speak in favor of the captains involved receiving minimal punishment." He says in a calm tone.

"And the captain of squad six has a great deal of sway over the central 46" The Commander General says in a pleasant tone. "I hope you speak in favor of our combined cause too commander General." You say in an equally pleasant tone. "Of course Sosuke. I feel that the Gotei 13 being several officers down would not only be a strategic disadvantage that would take decades to recover from but it would dishonor everyone who fought so valiantly." He says.

You go to walk over to some of the more prominent members of the Central 46. One of them walks to you "So you are the hero of squad 12, the legendary Sosuke Aizen. Aren't you the one who went to hell and came back?"

>> Twice actually.
>> Yes what about it?
>> Well I didn't know I was legendary, I thought you had to be dead or old for that.
>> I am glad you noticed me, and you are?
>> Write in.

Also sorry it took so long I had some food.

>> No.40463450

Rolled 54 (1d100)

>>> Twice actually.
>> Yes what about it?
>> I am glad you noticed me, and you are?

>> No.40463502

>>twice actually

And we're a smug little shit about it, too!

>> No.40463510

>> I am glad you noticed me, and you are?
>> Write in.
>Saying it like this makes it sound like I died and came back

>> No.40463569

Smug_route.jpeg (there is some of Canon aizen in improvaizen)

>> No.40463652

>>> Well I didn't know I was legendary, I thought you had to be dead or old for that.
>>Write in
"Pleasure to make a new acquaintance, sir...?"

>> No.40463812

>> Well I didn't know I was legendary, I thought you had to be dead or old for that.
"and actually its been twice now. Rather nice once you get past the demons and the brimstone actually. Who are you by the way?"

>> No.40464317

It looks like there is a tie- and we have so many write ins- so let's give this kubo train a push.

"Twice actually, though when you say it like that it feels like I died and came back to life. Also hell isn't so bad once you get past the demons and brimstone. " You say causing him to laugh a bit. "I also was unaware that I was legendary, I thought you had to be old or dead for that, my question is for you not why it's relevant but who are you? sir as it is always been a pleasure to make a new acquaintance." You say and he nods.

"I am Judge Amigai. I have a son who served with the captain commander." He says in a cordial tone. "The Captain Commander is a good man and he also went to hell twice." You say and the judge nods. "I am actually in favor of no punishment, as are many -- however several judges feel that the law needs to be upheld and feel that only a few captains will be spared, as apparently some judges have friends to fit the bill." He says in a cryptic tone. "Ahh- so some of the judges want to use this as an opportunity to hold more sway over the gotei." You say and he nods.

>> I thought the Central 46 were supposed to be non corrupt
>> Which Judges?
>> Did you know my Grandfather?
>> What sort of things will go on in the trial?
>> What would you do in this situation?
>> Write in

>> No.40464399

Rolled 95 (1d100)

>Oh thank you sir
Then seduce everyone and assuming everyone here has seen our release kill every noble here and make others see it as mass suicide with intent of giving control to shinigami

>> No.40464481

Also it looks that you guys don't want traits. So I will put more on the table later.

... With that kind of roll and boldness it might be possible. Just realize that every noble here is on your side and I think you mean every judge.

>> No.40464492

Rolled 49 (1d100)

>> Did you know my Grandfather?
>> What sort of things will go on in the trial?

>> No.40464549

Rolled 17 (1d100)


>> Did you know my Grandfather?
>> What sort of things will go on in the trial?
>> What would you do in this situation?
>> Which Judges?
While audacious, no?

>> No.40464592

... What's funny is that the audacious might win because it's the only successful roll and it's the highest.

>> No.40464597

>(...)And their final words were that they give all command to shinigami.
>Are you saying that they all just killed themself with some sort of invisible swords that someone stole after this event?
>Yes, are you questioning my sight?
-The Great Scorching Sun Yamamoto

>> No.40464647

Well, I do not see any reason we have to kill the nobles here. The judges, sure. Canon Aizen did it. And kept the facade going. If we can pin the blame on an external threat, we can give the Old Man emergency powers.

>> No.40464775


You know what- there is enough demand for this to be a legit option. That's what I like about this damn quest. So I will make an appopropriate option

>> Use Shape Shifting, Shikai, Kido to find and identify problem judges-- then kill them here and now.

>> Identify all judges, time travel systemically and figure out which judges are traitors- and kill them to make this go easier.

>> No.40464838

>Just kill all the judges as we aren't retarded enough to kill only people opposing us when we are trying to hide

>> No.40464863

Can we vote against this? If so i vote against it
We're going to lose a shitton of loyalty and trust....

>> No.40464904

I'm against it too. Mostly because this plan seems likely to backfire. If the votes say we go for it I'm for time travel since I think it is less likely to be as bad a trap.

>> No.40464940

So rampage? It's out of character- but what the one judge stated is pretty damning.
Of course! I am sure your plan isn't to crash the quest with no survivors...

>> No.40464974

Rolled 49 (1d100)

>>> Which Judges?
>>> Did you know my Grandfather?
>>> What sort of things will go on in the trial?
>>> What would you do in this situation?

>> No.40465004

Just make it look like enemy attack and let Yamamoto or something to get rid off our little illusions

>> No.40465133

You have votes against you so sorry. I would have loved to bust out the big bad but nope.

Basically since there hasn't been any with more success on it I can

1 pick the best answer for you guys
2 give you guys a +2 bonus for the rest of the thread so this lack of decision doesn't happen again.

>> No.40465153

Avoid rampage charm Amigai use time travel to scope out problems and the derail them ahead of time. Best way to mess with someone is to make their best laid plans fall apart and make it look natural.

>> No.40465194

Rolled 7 (1d100)


Fuck guys.

I mean shit.

Lets just talk our way out of shit and try to uber diplomacy, not just murder everyone that is a traitor.

>> Which Judges?
>> Did you know my Grandfather?
>> What sort of things will go on in the trial?
>> What would you do in this situation?

>> No.40465238

I present a different option

>> Which Judges are the Most Corrupt
>> Did you know my grandfather- and if so how long?
>> What should I do in this trial to make my case strong enough to be undisputed
>> What do I need to say here to rally anyone neutral to my side?

>> No.40465248

>tfw people are derping

>and the QM lets em keep herping

Well, fuck. But damn QM, that dedication. Respectable, is deplorable.

>> No.40465258

Rolled 74 (1d100)

and I forgot my roll.

>> No.40465290

I do not believe in Railroading. If people want to herp derp and the only person who can make the roll kills everyone- then I wait till the roll count is at the max then I write for it.
And that makes it.

>> No.40465544

"If I may ask, Judge Amagi- did you know my grandfather and if so how long?" You ask and he smiles. "Actually he got me into this stupid gig. He petitioned to have me on as a judge. He was the most respected of us. I knew him since I was a kid. We used to get in trouble as kids he and I. Well he never did, unless he was taking the blame for me." He says.

"What can I do in this trial to make my case strong enough to be undisputed?" You ask and he shrugs and rubs his beard. "Well- if I were the defendant if I could bring out any previous rulings it would be an open and closed affair." He says-- good news since you have some.

"What can I do to sway any neutral judges to my side?" You ask and shrugs. "They don't like appealing to the fact you are a hero. They want cold hard logic and facts." He says.

You then put your shoulder and him and bring him close "Which judges are most corrupt?" You ask. "Besides me?" He says jokingly. "Judges Karzai and Yogamah are quite possibly the most corrupt public officials I ever met- but they aren't against you as much as Judge Tanaka. He wants someone dead." He says.

"Thank you for all the information sir." You say and he smiles. "Though- there is one judge I would be worried about." He whispers. "There are three other judges besides me who have been in since your grandfather disappeared. And besides the two corrupt ones- the other is Judge Tokomai. And he is a riddle wrapped in an enigma."

>> Go talk to the other judges.
>> Talk to Yourichi
>> Make some tea- you earned it
>> Talk to Yammamoto about these figures and what you learned
>> Let The CG know the good news
>> Talk to other nobles.
>> write in

>> No.40465625

>>> Make some tea- you earned it
>>> Talk to Yammamoto about these figures and what you learned
>> Go talk to the other judges.


>> No.40465671

Rolled 94 (1d100)

>> Make some tea- you earned it
Then time travel back
>> Talk to Yammamoto about these figures and what you learned
>> Talk to Yourichi
Together hopefully

>> No.40465899

Write in specific time travel values for me.

>> No.40465974

It's kind of stormy guys. I am going to switch to Q&A for now and we finish strong tomorrow.

>> No.40465988

Make the tea make it very very good, rewind back to this point in time, tea for us and our friends and maybe some people we need to impress or butter up.

>> No.40466097

When? When tomorrow?

How many Villains will we meet soon?

Mirror shenanigans and CANON!Aizen when?

>> No.40466106

Couldn't we in theory make the perfect cup of tea for people using time traveling?

Also since shud is going to Q&A mode now- maybe we should decide on how we build Gin and Yourichi.

>> No.40466214

Probably after noon. I will post it to my twitter for you guys. As for total Bad Guy count? I dunno. It depends on which speech you choose and what you say. You could literally summon up the big bad of this whole damn thing and send the kubo train into vtech mode. You can also get no bad guys tomorrow.

This or next thread you get canon shenanagins. Running into canon Aizen is now- with your path more when and where than if. He has already checked out this world. Twice. You and him have not met each other yet though. Has he fucked with some of your friends though? Yes.

>> No.40466355

>Canon Aizen has been pretending to be us and sexing up people with that hot ass shikai.


>> No.40466389

Yes. You can make perfect Tea.

Also speaking of choices-
Here is what you have so far.
For Gin!
You have three free nachos also!
For Yourichi's Zanpakto!

>> No.40466427

Let me tell you what--
I can tell you who the chief big bad of the series is besides Yuha OR tell you exactly who Canon Aizen had contact with OR what he was looking for.

>> No.40466601

>exactly who Canon Aizen had contact with

>> No.40466619

>what he was looking for.


Are there clues in conversations about who he had contact with, although likely obscure ones?

>> No.40466647

>Sonic boom is the most OP, massive speed and stealth bonus just play to her strengths even HARDER.

>> No.40466659

>tell you exactly who Canon Aizen had contact with
Yes please

>> No.40466735

Seems like this is what people want.

>> No.40466800

Canon Lieutenant Aizen talked to one Captain Kaname Tousen. He was very interested about what was going on in Hueco Mundo.

>> No.40466822


At least he didn't get kaname with his shikai.

Right? If he was using his vizard mask to see canon aizen he would notice the differences right? Or would he just get shikai'd?

>> No.40466823

>Canon Lieutenant Aizen
>Lieutenant Aizen

>> No.40466880

Kaname is immune to your shikai because he is blind. Period. This also includes canon you.
Technically he is really close to a promotion by vizarding Canon Shinji. You actually are more ambitious then Canon Aizen by quite a bit. That being said- the canon verse may have just stepped up to hard mode.

>> No.40466917

I think we maaay have to go pay "Aizen" a visit......
Along with Yoruichi, Yamamato and Unohana.....

>> No.40466925

I didn't notice that until you pointed it out being unobservant, but i think ill join you.


>> No.40466972

But if we put ALL xp into charm,



He can't

>> No.40466986


>> No.40467065

You could beat canon aizen as he stands now. He doesn't have a second zanpakto also.
But all your XP into charm? That's dangerously into JoJo territory there--

>> No.40467190

Is our flight maxed?

>> No.40467226

Until you hit the next book at flight III. Which isn't really flight but min maxing bullshit on roids and meth.

>> No.40467349

Alright taking a break for the night. I will come in tomorrow and start up after lunch.

>> No.40467651

>flight III. >min maxing bullshit on roids and meth.

>The exp cost is insanely huge.
>We spend 15% of our total xp casually and max it out.

>> No.40469449

I vote for the Sonic Boom Bankai one. The third one.

>> No.40469777

I am going with the second one, with Noble upbringing option selected. A Shinigami heir to our house, that can cement our faction in the Gotei 13 sounds appealing.

>> No.40471336

I vote for this.

You know guys, we could blow up the Judges with hidden plots by challenging their hand picks for your position as a Captain.

>> No.40472222


>> No.40472368

I say we let Gin fight in the Trenches of Verdun.

Little mustard gas would do his constitution some good!

>> No.40472835

I like the second option for Gin.

But muh Verdun...

>> No.40473060

Rolled 94 (1d100)

Bumping for the bump goat.

>> No.40473370

Same, Plus i'd rather give him a real life as a family

>> No.40473857

Bah! Have him fight against the Kaiser! Him and Kermit Roosevelt!

>> No.40474239

The fact that Gin becomes disloyal due to sending him into WW1 is the main deterrent factor to that option. Remember, in Canon, Gin is the only person to technically kill canon Aizen. It didn't stick, but considering that neither Ichigo or Kisuke could kill Aizen, Gin is top tier in manipulation and patience.

The only way we could potentially use the Child Services box without ending up with a Vengeful/Rebellious Gin is if we treated Rangiku like a queen, kept the twins bond very strong, made sure Gin knew that we had very good reason to ruin his first hundred years of his life, and somehow do good parenting despite all of the bad parenting we would be doing. It'd be nearly impossible to get it where he doesn't have some sort of animosity toward us. To get him to like us would be even harder.

That's why I want to groom Gin to be our political successor. Considering the level of charisma he starts out with, he's actually not too far away from reaching Beginning Improvaizen level of charisma. This level of charisma is what could start rival factions, if we don't take him under our personal wing.

>> No.40474379

Or we could teach him and help set him up as a protege instead of as an heir. If we have children we would want to pass on the house down the family line. If we don't have kids then electing Gin would be perfect.

Keeps all our options open.

>> No.40474457

Do we even have caster under our command?

>> No.40474563

Perfectly logical thing to do. Let's not fill his head with the idea he'll inherit the Noble House if we go the Noble Upbringing route. Shinigami and Noble go hand in hand with this, since he can attain the pseudo-Noble status of Captain.

I don't believe so, probably due to us being the best WizRar we know.
Noble Upbringing teaches Gin hidden Kido, and other esoteric(possibly cosmic or demonic) things we know. So he could be our spellman.

>> No.40474634

Oh wait, we do have Kisuke. He's a pretty swell duede.

>> No.40474815

You're absolutely right.

Sending Gin into the Trenches of Verdun in stupid.

We'll send Rangiku instead!

>> No.40474831

It's honestly the only way to be sure.

>> No.40475330

No, no, no. See I like this. We have Gin raised in Hueco Mundo at Aintza's academy, and we send Rangiku to fight the Kaiser... or the Ottomans... or the Hapsburgs.

Gin gets bad ass... and Rangiku will have to learn!

>> No.40475536

Unless there is a spiritual threat in WW1, wouldn't we want to say out out of that conflict?
Actually, we could actually profit from that due to how many lives were thrown away. It may be possible to either engorge our Hollow army, or perhaps even craft a new Vasto Lorde by pushing Hollows from the war to eat each other until there is only one or two left.
It could also be an opportunity to strengthen Soul Society by sending souls back there. Though that could backfire, and cause a lot of social issues.

And then there is the option to take all of those souls, and craft something for ourselves out of them. Always an option.

>> No.40475847

tfw Tamam says we're on hold

>> No.40476157

We may continue tonight but not on this tablet.

>> No.40476214

Also Gin could fight in both wars. Basically the child service box is power leveling Gin through horrible conflict.

And Gin teaches Rangiku everything. They are not twins.

>> No.40476476

Could they even learn something in trenches outside of ignoring artillery and screams of their friends dying two meters outside of trench?

>> No.40476484

Yeah, they can learn to swim once the rain REALLY starts to come down.

>> No.40476594

I imagine such an environment would produce a phenomenal number of hollows. A good place to learn how to survive, but not all that great for your health.

Do note im against this. I would rather spend time training Gin and Rangiku personally if it came to it.

>> No.40476676

I suppose if we want to be boring.

... though, how do we keep people from over reacting when Rangiku grows up?

Like... it's not our fault that she's made outta bricks.

>> No.40476725

>Someone hitting on Rangiku

>Gin gets up to push his face in

>Aizen comes out of fucking nowhere covered in hellfire and strangling some god awful monstrosity and just glares at the dude

>best dad confirmed

>> No.40476803

Would just flatten them with reiatsu on passing while reading a book. Specifically just them.

>> No.40476981

Any idea when you can get your laptop back?

>> No.40477101

Had the most votes. Don't have trip, testing to see if I can post from my burner
Rangiku. Will grow up stronger than Canon Rangiku.

>> No.40477186

Yourichi gotta go fast.

>> No.40477264

Going to post good news on Twitter.

Going to also write up.

>> No.40477548

Taman has brought us the good word.

>> No.40477745

Link to Twitter?

>> No.40477774


>> No.40477779

It's @T_Shud I believe

>> No.40478263

You make some tea, the best you have ever made. You then bring it to the commander general. "Good news sir. As long as there is precedent, which there is, we should be fine." you say "excellent. This is pleasant news. Gather more information before we start if you can." he asks.

>> go talk to the older corrupt judges
>> go talk to some neutral judges
>> go talk to some other judges
>> go talk to the younger judge walking off

You can pick only one.

>> No.40478275

>>> go talk to some neutral judges

>> No.40478277

> go talk to some neutral judges

>> No.40478399

>> go talk to some neutral judges

Maybe figure out what kind of compromise we could throw to the hostile judges if push comes to shove.

If we can convince them to accept a compromise on our terms they might be more amenable and have less room to argue. This is if we fail to persuade an outright majority.

>> No.40478677

Man, now I'm wondering what exactly makes these judges corrupt. I mean, there could be people against us that just have a hardline stance against hollows, or have a personal grievance with them, such as the death of a family member.

That Sumerian God was saying something about having people in the 46, but with her death, are some of them just out for revenge?

though on the other hand, if we somehow get everyone through with no sentences, this sets an undeniable precedent for Vizards in the Gotei 13.

>> No.40478699

On the case of the corrupt judges, the warlocks may also be connected to them.

>> No.40478757

Oh wow, I forgot about the Warlocks. That was a long time ago. I guess we never really did deal with them. We got busy level grinding.

>> No.40478799

Said precedent would be good cover to nick Ichigo for some aizen style training if he shows up.

>> No.40479224

>>> go talk to some neutral judges
we should try and swing them to our side.

>> No.40479269

I still believe that faking enemy attack to set up SS as military dictatorship would be faster and better idea

>> No.40479283

inb4 Taman just makes a big Futurama reference

>> No.40479326

Sometimes the fastest and simplest is not the best nor correct route. It all rather situational.

>> No.40479397

You walk into a group of neutral judges. All of which are having a discussion with some of the members of the shiba clan. "So what's your stance on this conundrum."

One if the judges looks to you "the laws are in place for a reason, still I don't think this has happened before." The eldest neutral judge.
>> what if there was preceding cases
>> what if there is none, then what are you deferring to punishment wise?
>> mystery box

>> No.40479430

I would if I wasn't on my phone...

>> No.40479441

You dropped your trip too, boss.

>> No.40479444

>> mystery box

>> No.40479460

>mystery box

>> No.40479504

>> what if there is none, then what are you deferring to punishment wise?

Just realized all this precedent business is allot like how the British gov does things.

>> No.40479508

I thought about that, and I found a few issues with it. Primarily that when( when, not if) someone finds out, we will lose at least 50% of our current Soul Society allies that we have spent so long accumulating. We'd probably lose the Old Man's good graces, and the we'd implicate all of our Vizards in it by proxy. This path would also lead to Hueco Mundo and the Soul Societu never reaching an agreement(at least until we are dead).

I'd be for altering the current system to be more transparent, or moving toward a Republic system of representation.

>>Precedent cases
>>Mystery box

>> No.40479511

>>> mystery box
As if there were any other choice!

>> No.40479614

Inb4 mystery box is "You all suck"

>> No.40479670

>"Would you like some tea, or.. something else?" Obligatory patented Aizen Smile.

>> No.40479678

What if there were precident cases

>> No.40479957

Wow, a thread where we don't go for the mystery box? That's a shocker. Just finished catching up with the archive, excited to finally play in a live run.

>> No.40480047

There are.
>> Mystery Box
You smile and walk up. "So, what's the shiba clans stance on this?" You ask the two One of which shrugs, the other you recognized from earlier, looks at you "it would be a nightmare for so many officers to depart the gotei at the same time" the man says. " I never got your name lt?" One of the judges ask. "Shiba, isshin" he says.
>> I feel the same way.
>> would anyone like some tea?
>> what if I told you I had evidence of precedent in a similar case?
>> write in

>> No.40480098

>> would anyone like some tea?
>> I feel the same way.
"Thankfully there is precedent to fall back on"
basically leading into:
>> what if I told you I had evidence of precedent in a similar case?

>> No.40480100

>>> I feel the same way.

>> No.40480113

This is good.

>> No.40480251

I vote for this one

>> No.40481303

"Anyone want some tea?" You ask and a few judges raise their hands. "I feel the same way-- Which is exactly why I found a case of precedent in such a scenario. It's old, but the case exists." You say pulling out the book you found earlier "in fact. Here is the old case." You say and a few judges look at the book and the case with some interest.
"If everybody is ready, we will begin shortly." The captain commander says.

>> go first in discourse
>> talk second
>> ask captain commander Yammamoto where you should pick up
>> ask yourichi to talk first
>> ask the shibas if they wish to go first
>> ask the commander General to speak first
>> write in

>> No.40481343

>>> ask captain commander Yammamoto where you should pick up

>> No.40481385

>>> ask captain commander Yammamoto where you should pick up

>> No.40481393

>> talk second

>> No.40481402

>>> ask captain commander Yammamoto where you should pick up

>> No.40481665

>>> ask captain commander Yammamoto where you should pick up
>>Ask the Shibas if they wish to go first

>> No.40482600

"When do you think I should talk? " you ask the commander General and he looks at you. " usually these are done by seniority of the nobility present. Historically you would go after captain shihohen should Wil be after captain kuchki after me." He says.

>> write ins only for your speech after yourichi

>> No.40482872

>Today is not the day that we should be damning the heroes that protected the soul Society. We fought valiantly against a foe I think few others could've fared against and the powers that resulted as of that encounter can be utilized to strengthen the captains that protect everyone. Were you to exile us for our duty, not only would this cause dissension in our ranks, but gaps within the chain of command that can not be filled by Shinigami who have gotten their Bankai! you lose out on the skill, knowledge and expertise we hold. I implore that you may reconsider some of your misgivings or hostilities as we can come to a compromise, the fate of the soul Society rests with your votes and you shall be remembered for this day how you cast them. With that being said, I'd like to ask if i may move to bring up a similar case that I have found evidence of.

That's about all I got, surely someone can use what I wrote to make a winner.

>> No.40482914

>You guys really want to get rid of nearly every dangerous person in whole SS right after it got attacked by god?

>> No.40482938

I don't have a write up planned, but I do have some points we could hit on.
>Destabilization of Gotei 13 if these leading captains are exiled.
> Fact that the vizards are not a danger to the Soul Society, due to our work on subduing the inner hollows.
>Maybe quinicies? there would need to be support for this one by the thread.

>> No.40482954

"Ladies and Gentleman of the Central 46, we have recently recovered from a grave and unexpected threat. The Asurian Goddess appeared suddenly in our midst, and thanks to the bravery and valor of those you see before you, the leadership and power of our esteemed Captain Commander, and some estoric knowledge I posses, the threat was vanquished, and this time for good. Yet this was not without great cost, for those who fought in the defense of Soul Society were wounded in a fashion that though it may be treated, and rendered harmless, will never fully heal. Some of you here today claim that the only rational solution is to exile or exicute the defenders of Soul Society. I believe that is wrong, and wish that the esteemed members of the Central 46 would consider the following. First, the central 46 is ultimately the legislative and Judicial Body of the Soul Society. Unless specifically instructed otherwise by our king you can modify the law to face new realities whenever you wish. Second, there are precidents in the defendents favor that I will elaborate at a greater lenght later. Third, the fundamental injustice of those who bleed to defend the SS being branded as traitors and exiled through no fault of their own. Finally, I want you to consider the fact that several of the Goddesses associates are still at large, and that the Quincy have been spotted moving in increasing numbers. Now is not the time to deprive the SS of some of its strongest defenders, when threats are present, and Yatwch stirs from his slumber."

>> No.40483087


are good, throwing my lot in with them.

>> No.40483107

Gonna add to this at the end.

>That evidence is of a case where a Vizard retired at one point in the past. That's it, he was allowed to retire, if you truly feel like removing me and others, then at least give us a few years to groom replacements, otherwise you risk grinding against the Shinigami, who form a sort of brotherhood. I would still implore you not kick us out on the grounds that we've done nothing wrong and there's no precedent for punishing Vizards.

>> No.40483156

Yo, I'm the guy that wrote >>40482872
and >>40483107

I vote for a hybrid between ours', it'd be damn good.

>> No.40483348

>tfw judges are trying to kick us out after we fought a literal god on their doorstep

Like, nigga what?

How many gods have you seen die, motherfuckers?

>> No.40483362

>>people other than Yammamoto knowing who Ywach is
Still, that's a really good write up. Maybe mention how replacing 8 captain class Shinigami, including the Captain Commander would take decades, maybe even centuries, especially when their most likely successors may also be exiled.

Also, we may want to use our KUBO box festival here.

>> No.40483442

So many good choices! Time to call for a vote.

>> No.40483536

Someone hates you very much. Someone on the inside.

>> No.40483552

Voting for >>40482954
With a KUBO Box festival thrown in

>> No.40483593

I vote for mine >>40482954

>> No.40483604

It's Ganju right? He's the big bad. Shiba family reveals they are actually the Shiva family.

>> No.40483605

On the inside?

FUCK YOU CHILD ME! I'll beat your little ass with my novelty malltana!

Never did trust that little shit, he doesn't share my fetishes.

>> No.40483677

>Festival forces Taman to make a bunch of options he's not prepared for
>Wants festival due to new Mate currency
>Currency is linked to making Tanan's life a living hell
>All part of keikkaku

>> No.40483801

... my reward is people actually like playing this. Also your power leveling got you mate two books early. That being said if enough vote for that box festival then I have to do it.

>> No.40483813

Voting for


>> No.40483829

Protip: Killing all of the judges would have saved you guys loads of time. (;

>> No.40483839

I'll vote for Kubo Festival.

>> No.40483850

Damnit Shud! I want my courtroom drama!

>> No.40483857

Yes it would have other me. I really wish I had my trip right now...

>> No.40483862

I'm going to vote for >>40482954
on account of honestly getting tired with the mystery boxes.

>> No.40483874

What did we ever do to him/her? I thought BroAizen would not have someone who would hate him so after doing to much good.

>Captcha just made me click on a cake that said ICHIGO!

>WHAT. Captcha stop your spoilers now, i get that the hype is coming chill out.

>> No.40483932

I'll amend this, I want to do the Kubo Festival after we say what the write-in anons said.

>> No.40484027

>Someone on the inside.
>on the inside.
No..... Not Jikan!

>> No.40484243


Going to tally dome votes.

>> No.40484561

It's totally IAM, because fuck him, he was cooler as an orb.

Or it's the hollow us, because she, he? It? Wants to get us alone, and everything else, really. Apparently it's the embodiment of hatesex. Violent hatesex.

>> No.40484783

I have decided. But we are going to take a quick break while I get everything put together and wait for a laptop.

>> No.40484941

>I have decided.

>> No.40486200

Patiently waiting taman.

>> No.40486595

Sorry it is taking so long. I am going to wait a bit longer, if not we start again tomorrow and we'll run again this week.

>> No.40486842

Its all good taman, im waitin patiently.

>> No.40487140 [DELETED] 

Yep, waiting patiently! Btw, I'm the guy that asked what it was that Lillynette asked the Oracle on Twitter.
[Spoiler]smut where?[/spoiler]

>> No.40487169

Yep, waiting patiently! Btw, I'm the guy that asked what it was that Lillynette asked the Oracle on Twitter.
smut where?

>> No.40487752

When I fix my normal laptop and stop borrowing. .. I hate to day it but we have to run tomorrow. This is trying the shit out of me. Thanks for being patient. I will bring in aizens char sheets tomorrow.

>> No.40487962

Yah, I know how you feel, using a tablet right now, by choice, though. Catch you later, boss!

>> No.40489029

Cool beans then taman, holding you to your word about that char sheet though, otherwise i will just wait patiently for your return.

Kubo be praised.

>> No.40490152

Will Taman return to write more of improvaizen before this thread dies in a horrible fire?

We shall see.

>> No.40491287

Taman probably needed the break to write up half a dozen mystery boxes.

>> No.40493210


>> No.40493767

So, 53 nachos so far. 47 to go.

Also, we should think about who we should be proactive against in terms of our enemies. If we aren't exiled, I think we should primarily target the Warlocks and spies/traitors with the Soul Society. If we are exiled, it may be prudent to still try to hurt the Warlocks, but the Quincy may be a bigger threat. Also, getting Suspicion points after being exiled will be less of a 'social stealth' meter, and more along the lines of an 'international belligerence' score.

>> No.40494223

wtf we need 100 nachos for? that an whole lot of nachos

>> No.40494509


>>From Last Thread
>>[????] Unlocked: Ascension
Using this and with certain levels of mastery of Cosmic Power allow you to ascend to a similar level as Aintza. It costs 100 {???} points to upgrade to first level. At that point it costs 200 {???} and 100 nachos to upgrade to level two. You are currently at level 0. Each level boosts your stats by 20 points and unlocks two mystery boxes.

>>From Character sheet
>>Cosmic Techniques: Through information shared by your grandfather and what you have learned abroad you can do magic and techniques that are spectacular, weird and wild. Also if you get caught using them in the Soul Society it could raise questions. Lots of questions. Granted your captain might be lenient on it, and so might Kisuke- others may find it borderline treasonous. It costs 150xp to upgrade these skills just one level. You are at level 5 You also have unlocked certain cosmic techniques that you can purchase

[???] 100 nachos
[???] 200xp
[???] 20 Kubo Points
[???] 100 XP
[???] 10 xp 10 nachos 10 kubo points 1 luck point, the still beating heart of a quincy and also nets 100 suspicion point
The first Cosmic Techniques mystery box is what we are aiming for, since I have a feeling it'll let us get up to Butterflyzen level of Broken, and then we can spend time power leveling our friends/subordinates.

>> No.40494538

Oh, and side note, all of our stats are at 110 due to Ascension.

And we have Charm School...
>>Charm School: With this skill you shall charm the heavens! For every level you put into charm school you can put more ranks into charm. Additionally, you can sacrifice one nacho to make any charisma based roll a 100 + whatever you have in charm in addition to your roll. You have 3 levels in charm school!

Could we get...the Omega Crit, if we burned a Nacho, and used Triumvirate to sway the crowd?

>> No.40495249

Maybe? I dunno. guess that's up to Taman. Might help our situation though, even if we didn't triumvirate.

>> No.40496271

Yeah you could omega crit. Excuse me though I am still waiting for the laptop

>> No.40496444

It's okay Shud, patiently waiting.

I'm just glad you are running things again, I was worried something happened or you lost your drive.

But dat Omega Crit...I want it.

>> No.40497620

Casual bump.

>> No.40499487


>> No.40500612

Rolled 67 (1d100)

I sacrifice this roll to summon Taman!

>> No.40500692

Rolan rulin Rollin

>> No.40500714

Rolled 56 (1d100)

That's not a roll

>> No.40500800

Rolled 80 (1d100)

This is a roll

>> No.40500852

Rolled 86 (1d100)

>> No.40500889

Rolled 50 (1d100)

Fuck all y'all, this is THE roll!

(Taman we need you, we can't live without this!)

>> No.40500924

Rolled 40 (1d100)

Nah son, this is how we roll.

>> No.40501746

All current evidence is pointing to Taman being a squid. Just calling it as I see it.

>> No.40501955

All current evidence is pointing to Soma being an alcoholic. Just calling it as I see it.

>> No.40502130

Autocorrect is our new Freud.

>> No.40502567

Just remember, Taman hasn't let us down before. He has had a pretty good track record.

Though here is a sacrificed roll for good measure.

>> No.40502593

Rolled 52 (1d100)

Can't even sacrifice a roll right.

>> No.40504716


>> No.40505193

Rolled 86 (1d100)


Dice gods, grant us this Aizen quest so that we may know thy glory!

>> No.40505241

Rolled 53 (1d100)

Give us our daily Kubo

>> No.40505640


>> No.40506079

Rolled 37 (1d100)

Bumping for justice

Free aizen 2015

>> No.40506276 [SPOILER] 

Rolled 97 (1d100)


Come back to us taman!



Aizen has the kubo within him, it cannot be stopped.

Pic related when?

>> No.40506601

What the hell, what is that, and why do I want it so much?

>> No.40506708

Grimmjow's new super rifle.

You know you want it.

>> No.40506870

>implying we don't get the revolver

"Six shots, more than enough to kill anything that moves."

>> No.40506957

Press F to pay respects to Taman

>> No.40507707


Taman better not be dead.

If so, RIP you brave soul.


>> No.40507755

He's not dead, just people keep stealing his shit. Still sucks, but at least we can get more Improvaizen one day.

>> No.40507866

Rolled 50 (1d100)

>Improvaizen gun skills

>> No.40509104


>> No.40510085

I will start a new thread tomorrow. I am also locking down the laptop once it returns

>> No.40510171

Actually fuck it I am finishing this tonight if anyone replies once that laptop gets back

>> No.40510277


>> No.40512047

Like how locked down are we talking?

>> No.40513049

You motherfuckers really should have talked to that judge who was leaving; it was totally Nyarly.

Speaking of which, I want to max Charm School so we can blow a few nachos and bonuses and such to seduce Nyarly once we know we're meeting it. It's probably already here somewhere, though.

>> No.40513170

Wouldn't be surprised at this point. Still, talking to Isshin was almost just as vital.

>> No.40514795

look I am all for seducing gods, demons, our inner self, our self from another reality (as a woman)

but you do not stick your dick in crazy this is a bad plan

>> No.40515334

>Not sticking dick in crazy
It's like you don't even want loyal pet

>> No.40515430


I'm thinking that Nyarly views us as a threat due to us essentially being an embryonic version of him, without the tether of being the Outer Gods mouthpiece. In fact, once(depending on our route) our swords are in a perpetual shikai/bankai/post-bankai state, we would be on route to threaten him in a million years. An independent Great Old One tier entity is terrifying, but due to us not having a growth cap, we could eventually join/oppose the Outer Gods as a force of nature if we really wanted to.

Though any way to reach those tiers of power would likely require shedding our humanity and sanity. Currently, building up our power base is important.

>> No.40515748

Why not gain Nyarly's trust and friendship and then free it from its shackles, then? I'm sure it would be grateful enough not to fuck with our keikaku except every now and then as a prank.

>> No.40515822

>>shedding our humanity and sanity.
so let me tell you a story about a man named Doctor Victor von Doom

>> No.40515961

Speaking of Nyarlathotep, what do you suppose its powers are? Lucy and IAM are already covering the plot thread meta-knowledge angle, so
>Nyarlathotep can read the thread
>Nyarlathotep can VOTE in the thread
>Nyarlathotep can open Mystery Boxes we don't open

>> No.40516083

First, Hestia pls go.

Second, let me rephrase what I said earlier. Nyarlathotep isn't tethered to the Outer Gods as much as he IS the Outer Gods. He is their soul, and for all extents and purposes, is an independent entity that doesn't take orders from anyone. Freeing him would erase him, and replace him with an identical entity.

Nyarlathotep Is the Meta concert of all of the Outer Gods.

>>Nyarlathotep has any mystery box ability that we haven't opened. Even ones that are barred from us opening.
>>Nyarlathotep can read the Twitter
>>Nyarlathotep can steal Taman's laptop
>>Nyarlathotep can be any character that we haven't met yet
>>Nyarlathotep can be any character we have met
>>Nyarlathotep is Taman

>> No.40516427

>Nyarlathotep can change all our options in a vote once per thread, and give us all bad options to choose from instead

>yfw we are the Outer Gods and therefore Nyarly is actually the manifestation of our desires to do crazy shit and keep things in the quest moving along

>> No.40517469

So, do we have a list of enemies? I know that Future Gin said that our enemies then were:

>>" currently it stands at the Quincy, the shadow judges of the central 46 the bount, the 3 captains that we still can't identify who they are, The Devil Himself, the King of the Quincy, and most importantly he who shall not be named as per protocol set by you and your late grandfather. "

Of course, this list is either inaccurate due to how far back we are, or due to our divergence from the timeline that journal!Aizen and Gin came from.
And the King of the Quincy and The Quincy are listed separately. Which is interesting. Along with the fact that in our timeline, the Devil should not be an enemy, especially after we gave him the baton.And then there are the three captains that are unidentified. And we have 8 Captains in our Vizard faction at the moment. I'm going to guess that at least one of them is a mole. And those three captains may be our equivalent when it comes to the Heel turn at the end of the Soul Society arc.(inb4 we fake our own death in order to flush them out, emulating canon in reverse)

Oh, the Warlocks aren't on that list(Though the Shadow Judges are/maybe related to them), along with Nyarlathotep, Canon Aizen, or any gods.

>> No.40519587

Rolled 32 (1d100)


>> No.40522199

Rolled 60 (1d100)

Bumping for Nyarlathotep.

>> No.40524752

Rolled 59 (1d100)

Rolling a spot check

>> No.40525353

Rolled 82 (1d100)

Rolling to summon Taman

>> No.40527348

Bumping in case of Taman

>> No.40528329

You have summoned me. Sadly still no laptop. So next quest we start up I will give bonus xp. I will also answer anything you guys want.

>> No.40528444

One of those statements is one hundred percent correct.
Nyarly gains powers a different way, but One of those statements is true.
All those three are accurate
You're pretty damn smart.

>> No.40529094

>four of my five suggestions were right
>trips of death

Awwwwww shit. Welcome back, Shud! We running tomorrow-ish, or next week?

>> No.40529160

>>hopes for bonus Nachos and XP so we can get closer to 100 Nacho Box
>>realize Imma Getting greedy.
>>just happy Taman showed back up

Thanks for the compliment, it helps when you work a part time manufacturing job where you can spend a long time thinking about things. Just calling it as I see it though.

So, I guess since it is Q&A time,I'll bounce a few forward.
Are we so far ahead of where we are supposed to be on the curve due to our massive crit chains?
If we invest in Hollowfication for ourselves, is obtaining a personal Ressurecion, and Segunda Etapa possible?
Where is Kenpachi Zaraki?
What is Canon Aizen's opinion on us?
How do we 'spend' Kubo Boxes on the character sheet?
How many groups of Quincy are there?
How often did we go visit Asgardians during the time skip?
Is our transcendent nature noticeable to other people?
Does the Royal Guard have a good opinion of us is, and how suspicious about us are they?
And once you get a steady form of computer, how often do you want to run? This game tends to lighten a shitty week a fair amount to be honest, so I'll keep an ear to the ground.

And that's more questions than I meant to ask. Eh, whatever.

>> No.40529273

How hard would teaching Yamamoto flight be?

>> No.40529309

Nevermind; missed your other post.

>> No.40529394

Q: What would be the most effective method for seducing Nyarlathotep?

>> No.40529437

Flight cannot be learned by everyone. But Yammamoto probably can learn it as readily as you.
Getting ready to make himself a captain
Intrigued/ jealous
Next book you get stuff to spend on
A few. More if you want on the next book.
You hide it, some beings can sense It.
4 positive views one neutral
Weekly hopefully if me helping ny buddy get ready for warmachine weekend doesn't interfere.

>> No.40529518


>> No.40529523

If trouble is what you want, then you're gonna get it. Also nyarly can take any form in such a way that it makes Loki look sophomoric and hamfisted.

>> No.40529920

Trouble confirmed for Nyarly's form of foreplay.

Q: What happened to the time-traveling version of us that gave us the book? I always wondered.

>> No.40530235

So can Nyarly be detected by various "Sixth senses"?

Like Oetsu can feel every single zanpakto he's ever made, which is as far as I am aware, all of them. So if Nyarly tried to hide as a shinigami, Oetsu could at least, upon coming in contact with Nyarly, tell that it's not a real zanpakto, or that it doesn't belong to him?

Could Tosen sense he wasn't a shinigami or anything he knows of?

Planning takes details. Details you probably wont give.

>> No.40531691

I have obtained a laptop. Albeit with a keyboard for fit for only a five year old child. The thing is ridiculously tiny.

Writing up Aizen's speech then expect a new thread tomorrow. Where more meanigful stuff will be done.

>> No.40532074

>Today is not the day that we should be damning the heroes that protected the soul Society. We fought valiantly against a foe I think few others could've fared against and the powers that resulted as of that encounter can be utilized to strengthen the captains that protect everyone. Were you to exile us for our duty, not only would this cause dissension in our ranks, but gaps within the chain of command that can not be filled by Shinigami who have gotten their Bankai! you lose out on the skill, knowledge and expertise we hold. I implore that you may reconsider some of your misgivings or hostilities as we can come to a compromise, the fate of the soul Society rests with your votes and you shall be remembered for this day how you cast them. With that being said, I'd like to ask if i may move to bring up a similar case that I have found evidence of.

That evidence is of a case where a Vizard retired at one point in the past. That's it, he was allowed to retire, if you truly feel like removing me and others, then at least give us a few years to groom replacements, otherwise you risk grinding against the Shinigami, who form a sort of brotherhood. I would still implore you not kick us out on the grounds that we've done nothing wrong and there's no precedent for punishing Vizards.

>> No.40533955

Will there be Aizen's pastebin in next thread?

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