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>a title like this

Into the trash it goes

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SEriously man, your lack of class is showing.

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Fuck those whiny bitches for having thoughts or opinions. They don't get to be tired of our bullshit, why the fuck are they doing anything but churning stuff out for my amusement while I sit here and whine?

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...You just can't let it go, can you?

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listen guys i've ran the calculations and the numbers show we'll soon be drowning in lewd jumps

the first lewd jump took ~300 threads to make
the second took ~100 threads

if we assume that we'll get another lewd jump every 1/3d of the time it took to get the previous one we'll see our next lewd jump in 33 threads, then another in 11, then another 3, until finally we get to 1 lewd jump a thread and begin reaching one lewd jump every half thread.

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Honestly, not much really happened. A couple jumps got posted, and there was some fun discussion about mistborn, and that was it really. It was really charged with aggression for some reason though.

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New thread, this one has already gone to shit.

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Welp. We've reached maximum pathetic.

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Oh, is it the 'hugbox' jab people are getting extra salty over? being used to /qtg/ it didn't stand out to me at all, and its not like this is the first irreverent title.

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Eventually, we will reach triple-lewd.
My god, we're doomed.

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Where all my fellow Joestars at?!

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It was incredibly brief. I didn't even register it as a shitstorm, if I'm honest.
But I guess some anons just gotta get their fix?

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>Being a joestar
>Not being a speedwagon

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Seems like a pretty normal start for /jc/ to me.

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Sometimes, I think they just love being angry. That they pick fights because they want to post and they can't really feel invested otherwise.

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It's more the combination of both that's resembling a fucking pathetic jab at what happened last thread.

Seriously, these threads need to die already.

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Aw heck yeah. Ripple fo' life!

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>everyone posing but Gappy
Why is Gaptooth the worst Jojo?

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> shitstorm junkie
> "Just one more hit, man. JUST ONE MORE."

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He's the worst JoJo because half of him is Kira.

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>our bullshit
Hold up hombre, unless you were the one trying to get jumps erased or posted SB stuff then it isn't yours and it sure wasn't mine.

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Is geneforge a low power jump? Not really familiar with the setting, but much of what I can get here doesn't look very strong, but the setting itself looks pretty dangerous.

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>this thread
...come on, guys. You are not acting like the people Mr. Rogers knew you could be.

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Heck yeah! Joestars forever!

... I was also a girl, who was Not-So-Fabulous. I mean, I was PRETTY, on account of perks from previous jumps, but it wasn't the supernatural crazy pretty all the boys got.
Then I went and took crippled, because gotta have more points. So I spent a lot of time in a tricked out mechanical wheelchair initially.

... everyone got really protective around me during that jump for some reason.
> Guy: "I will protect Konata's smile!"
> Me: "Wut."

HEY, JUMPERS. QUESTION: Has anyone ever gotten really protective of you? Even if you didn't need it? Has it ever caused you problems or embarrassment?

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In which jump can I give Mr. Rogers a hug?

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My brother, pic related.

what was happening last thread? All I remember seeing was quicksilver saying that he would finish dragon ball Z and then he would be done, and that Jumpchain wasn't turning out the way he had hoped.

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Why can't you let it lie instead of starting it up again

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Joestars are the best family

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Any of the ones where you come back to a near/identical Earth for a bit, like model or cooking show or 9 to 5.

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My Coordinator from Black Bullet. Relatively early jump, very traumatizing experience for all of us. To him, I'll always be that same little girl, no matter what I look like, and he's always been insanely protective because of it.

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Ok, I retract my question, I hope everything turns out fine.

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Son. Don't start the drama again, please.

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>that whole scenario
kek. That sounds hilarious.

Though I have to wonder; if you take Not-So-Fabulous, are you permanently locked out of Jojo posing and such or do you get it after the jump?

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Do you think Mr. Rogers counts as legendary enough to be my divine parent in PJ?

>> No.40460200

You obtain it later, although I think the jump-maker was debating on making it a permanent lock-out.

>> No.40460212


Damn straight. I wonder how big a "family reunion" of every Jumper who took the Joestar origin would be?

>> No.40460213

You get it after the jump. In some ways you can think of it as a reward. For the cost of being nowhere near as awesome as anyone in Jojo, you can become way more awesome than anyone in any other jump.

>> No.40460234

My Partner and only Companion, an Emboar that I stack every companion import I can get on, is exceptionally over-protective, especially because I've gotten into the nasty habit of gambling my life to help others. She hates it when I do that shit, although she would never say it to my face.

>> No.40460261

Never heard of this person, but nope, doesn't seem like a god to me.

>> No.40460300

>Never heard of this person,
Your life is empty and hollow

>> No.40460312

>Not knowing of Mr. Rogers
how can you be so cold anon

>> No.40460316

Wow, you really haven't heard of him, huh?

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Nigga even I know about Mister Rogers and I've never seen his show.

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If you import Mr. Rogers, who else would be in the pantheon? Bob Ross, of course, but who else?

>> No.40460351

I need spider killing perks.
I'm being hunted by spiders and I need ways to deal with them fast.
Please help I don't want to be spider food.

>> No.40460364

sesame street?

>> No.40460376

Eh, if you don't stir shit, then you probably won't die unless you're really unlucky.

Looking at the jump, it's easily possible to get three useful capstones taking only one not-so-challenging drawback, and it makes me want to ask; do you ever pass over capstones? What makes you do so?

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Pantheon of legendary people form our childhoods. Who is in it, and what are their spheres of influence?

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>being hunted by spiders
Dibs on the loot.

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Right uh. The jig seems to be up. No, we've never heard of this "Rogers" entity you spirals speak of. What is he, your favorite Spiral figurehead?

In all seriousness I've never heard of Mr Rogers outside of one or two internet memes and a throwaway XKCD panel. I honestly, legitimately have no idea what you guys are talking about right now

>> No.40460415

TV Tropes has a Pantheon that Mr. Rogers is a part of.

>> No.40460428

Basically, he's a children's show host famous for being really kindly and encouraging. He was actually legit good at it and not patronizing like most, and he was a really important part of a lot of people's childhoods.

>> No.40460450

How do you feel about winning hungry games?

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Mr. Rogers is the one guy who could make the U.S. Congress burst into tears and see reason for once in their lives. He is the one person everyone looked up to in their childhoods. If there is only one person who could ever be truly called a saint among the human race, Mr. Rogers is the one. He is the peak that we should all aspire to, and he is someone who is dearly missed and can never, ever be replaced.

>> No.40460480

He was a hugely popular children's show host. He taught a simple message of acceptance and kindness without being patronizing or condescending. As far as anyone can tell, he was the real deal, and the character he portrayed on his show was exactly who he was in real life.

>> No.40460507

Here's the relevant video for everyone.

He was a wonderful man.

>> No.40460519

Don't forget the trains. The trains were integral.

>> No.40460552

No monotheistic parents.

>> No.40460554

I thought the first post was deleted, yeesh I'm having problems right now.

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Mr Rogers ran a television show for children called Mr Rogers Neighborhood. He is mostly known for being just about the kindest man to ever live in our era. He didn't patronize people or talk down to them, whether they were children or adults, and he was really good at saying simple, uplifting things that could be understood by anyone.

One notable accomplishment of his was talking a judge into allowing funding for PBS and children's programming using nothing but an uplifting speech.
He was basically the personified concept of hope in human form. I'm not even joking.

I didn't even grow up watching that man and I still have enormous admiration for everything he did.

>> No.40460569

From TV Tropes: To quote, of all things, Cracked: "A lot of people of a lot of faiths are waiting for the Messiah, but even if one arrives, how are you going to tell the difference between him and Fred Rogers?"

>> No.40460589

>Mr. Rogers is the one guy who could make the U.S. Congress burst into tears and see reason for once in their lives.
It should be noted that this is not in any way an exaggeration. HE ACTUALLY DID THIS. That's what the video here >>40460507 is, if you haven't clicked on it already. He made a simple request to Congress to legalize home video recording so as to make sure children could watch their favorite shows even if they missed the opportunity to. They listened. He was a nice man.

>> No.40460603

Bill Nye, Mr Rogers, Bob Ross, and Billy Mays.

>> No.40460618

Wait, sorry, that's a video of him in 1969. The one I'm thinking of is from 1984. Whatever, still impressive.

>> No.40460685

This. Right here, THIS.

This man was a part of my childhood. I grew up watching this guy. I loved seeing the trains go by, but the things he said... really, my major regret in life is not being as compassionate and level-headed as this guy. I'm trying, I'm learning, but it's a lesson I really wish I kept instead of forgetting and re-learning it.

Jumpers, a question for you all: Have you ever had a moment where you just did something nice in your chain for the sake of it? Even if it detrimental to you, even if it wasn't your first choice. What was that moment that made you decide to just be nice?

>> No.40460750

I seriously debated ending my chain in West Wing just to improve politics back home. Does that count?

>> No.40460759

On the Mr. Rogers thing, I'd say you'd have to select the rest of the pantheon (likely from other PBS shows, George has dibs on knowledge) and the pantheon runs on Chosen instead of Demigods. Monsters would be the various nonhuman characters who aren't gods and Titans various villains. Although I'd say the real prize from if you go to the trouble of making an appropriate pantheon is the ability to take Path of the Gods for one of them (sure the magic would mostly be friendship and caring but the sheer value is inestimable).

Go ahead you crazy men. I may have to arbitrate half cp for drawbacks if you do it though since the actual Quests would be a lot less dangerous (so long as you remember the power of friendship and the lesson of the day).

>> No.40460783

I can imagine the power of Mr. Rogers flowing through me as I leap into a friendly mediation between peers.

>> No.40460798

I would say so but I would suggest getting some willpower or perhaps some perks that keep you level headed because politics are rough.

>> No.40460844

I can't. I really can't imagine having that level of kindness in me. I wish I could.

>> No.40460865

Steve Irwin

>> No.40460885

We actually made chapters of wh40k with mister rogers as a primarch. Bob ross was another primarch.

It was a wonderful thread.

>> No.40460897

It's even better than that, when you hit the truly high levels of synchronization with the piece of Mister Rogers in your heart then metaphysically he's you and you're him, and it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Sure you could get some other legend in your head but Rogers seriously defeats all comers on the advice and support portion.

>> No.40460931

If I said anything I would be lying. I can say there probably were some times that I did something just for the sake of being nice while I was amnesiac, but those served a greater narrative purpose.

That's probably going to strike me at some point in the chain, but I never simply stop and enjoy life, there's always some goal to be had, and at the end of jumps I get restless and nervous. This... is probably going to come to a head soon, especially after 80+ jumps.

>> No.40460938

I'm having trouble remembering a perk. It was that one where you could combine two of the same item to get a better version of it or something?

>> No.40460971

It's called sex.

Combine 2 people to get a baby.

>> No.40460986

I remember that thread! It was a good one. My favorite part was when Khorne tried to corrupt Bob Ross and instead got taught a lesson in painting.

>> No.40461018

Let's Give It A Boost, from Unholy Heights.

>> No.40461020

Jim Henson

>> No.40461025

Are you thinking of the Armsfusion Crafter?

>this magical machine will merge any two weapons or pieces of armor placed into it into a single weapon or piece of armor. The two items need not be weapons or armor, but the must be similar. The machine is roughly the size of a coffin. When used the items merge so that it keeps the superior properties of each without stacking old properties. (For example sword A has +5 str. Sword B has +3 str as well as deals lightning damage. The resulting sword would have +5 str and lightning dmg.)

>> No.40461029

Weren't we also working on a variant with Buzz Lightyear / Star Command? Hoods instead of the giant glass bubbles?

>> No.40461081


That's the one I was thinking of! Thanks.


This is still useful though.

>> No.40461119


The Neighborhood Watch advanced upon the point, smiles on their lips and a song in their heart, the forces of chaos were falling back, some defected to join the Watch in their march, finding once more something worth fighting for. Others ran in horror, riddled with guilt over what they've done and unable to face themselves any longer. One chaos marine attempted to take his own life, but his hand was stopped by one of the Watch, who talked to him kindly, and soothed his soul, showing him the road to peace was not to take the easy way out, but to work to do more good in life than bad. The Neighborhood Watch kept advancing in song, cultists, marines and even lesser daemons either joining them or unable to continue fighting due to their sudden realizations about what really mattered in life, not war, not glory, but each other. The dark haze and clouds of battle gave way to happy little clouds, a beautiful blue sky, and a warm sun. It was said that day that as they marched, the battlefield itself came alive with grass and flowers, except one part, the crater where the bloodthirster was waiting for them. Their leader walked ahead of them to the crater, went down by himself, stumbled slightly and dusted his sweater off once he reached the bottom. The bloodthirster asked if he had any last words before he slaughtered him and his weak followers, Captain Fred calmly said only one sentence, but it was all he needed “You're not acting like the person Mr.Rodgers knew you could be.” At that moment the bloodthirster let loose an unimaginable cry of shame and despair, dropping his ax as he fell to his knees sobbing. Captain Fred walked over to him, gently placing his hand on his shoulder as the daemon wept, forgiving his past mistakes, and asked to be his neighbor.

>> No.40461142

>combine two of the same item
That's not how babies work.
Like at all.

>> No.40461165


>> No.40461176

Wow, that perk is strong, especially in combination with minecraft cheat mode and unique legendary weapons. Excalibur, boosted by dozens of other Excalibur, to create a legendary weapon leagues ahead of any other.

>> No.40461205

Yeah, a lot of people aren't happy with the balance on the Unholy Heights jump.

>> No.40461234

Unholy Heights is one of those jumps I'm surprised wasn't brought up last thread.

>> No.40461269

Stop before you drag us down again.

>> No.40461314

I am now picturing a species that works like this.
They'd have to start with a huge population, and after X generations, there would only be one of them left, but that one that remained would be like, the most awesome one of them in existence.

>> No.40461330

It probably wouldn't be such a big deal, but a lot of people are more unhappy because the Unholy Heights jump makes up a lot of stuff that's not in the source material. There's nothing like it in the actual game.

But yeah we should probably stop before we ruin the vibe given to us by Mister Rogers.

>> No.40461332 [DELETED] 

My favorite bit:

>The Order Gods of Harmony:

>Bob Ross: The Anti-Hate. Brings peace and harmony to the soul. The peaceful creation of grand worlds and possibilities.

>Julia Childs: The Passion. True love and joy in creation. Love in cooking; cooking in love.

>Bill Nye: The Bringer of Hope. Knowledge is not a secret and should be shared, and that knowledge enriches us all.

>Mr Rogers: The Guide of Growth. He guides us on the path to personal and spiritual growth with kindness and compassion without cruelty, encouraging us never to stagnate and fall into decay.

>> No.40461349

So has anyone ever genetically engineered a new civilization?

>> No.40461408

Tend to do the wandering healer thing as a side venture when I'm not busy resolving plots. Also tend to hand out my extra golems as helpers and hand out the occasional book on the art of (Soul Eater) Enchantment alongside some Gloves if I feel it would do good (real investment is the gloves, have golem scribes for making the books).

Also do seances and generally murder the hell out of slavers (nice bonding time with Fishface that) but that falls under the slightly less nice category.

>> No.40461411

I was thinking more along the lines of two similarly gendered people cannot produce a baby. But that works too.

>> No.40461419

How did you know of my plan to make a race of monstergirls/boys?!
Are you a spy?

>> No.40461432

You mean like created a new race and then built infrastructure so they can have their own nation? No. No, I've never done anything like that.

But I did make goat people by combining Goat Simulator's Goat Queen power with the Chi from Legends of Chima. I use them when I need more fluffy adorable minions than the Waddle Dees are able to provide.

>> No.40461504

I haven't yet, but I totally could. I got everything I need from going Geneticist in the Jurassic Park jump, plus some other odds and ends from a variety of other jumps.

...Now I wanna do that.

>> No.40461510

>goat people

So...satyrs? 'Cause I think of a lot of things when I think "satyr" but fluffy and adorable ain't one of them. Also chewing cud is gross, just saying.

>> No.40461561

I turned all of North America into harpies once.
That was...not the best of ideas.

At least it was funny to watch ham-planets trying to achieve flight.

>> No.40461613

> So...satyrs?
No, like, anthropomorphic goats.
They're kindof short and are lazily bad at their jobs. Like... somewhat cuter Pigmasks from Mother 3.

>> No.40461676

I did it and still do occasionally. Conquering the world and creating a Utopian paradise gets boring after a while though, so I mostly leave the empire building and idyllic world creation to my pocket universes, and take advantage of the resources at my disposal to do stuff like pulling jets out of hammer space to throw at my problems.

>> No.40461730

I bough Adam Jensen's dog and gave it to him. I figured he needed some normalcy and happiness after what he went through.

>> No.40462271

So, who here like to think that Mister Rogers is one of the first people who everyone sees when they get to heaven, and he gives everybody some kind words and a heartfelt hug or something to welcome them?

>> No.40462287

Sorry anon, I'm full fedora over here.

>> No.40462512

So I take it from this thread that everyone's new mega project is to perfect some form of resseraction or necromancy, bring back Mr.Rogers from the dead. and Install him as the new leader of a united world. As in the one you were originally from? No just me?

Ill go away now....

>> No.40462513

Oh yes and I have become very efficient at it.

I've created many different civilizations. Usually I follow a mega-corporation structure. Other times I've tried something that I guess is like The Imperuim of Man or a certain other animated show with an immortal being at the helm of civilization.

I've considered starting a democracy and just protecting it as a Captain America/Superman figure while watching how it grows.

My people are usually Neo-Humans (altered people with my NH-Serum) Neo-Yokai (made with Monster-Matics), and Gems.

>> No.40462545

Mr. Rogers would never rule the world. He'd just help us be better at governing our selves.

>> No.40462671



>> No.40462675

Quick question: I know there is a "no lewd jump" rule. What exactly constitutes a lewd jump? I only ask because I'm considering doing a jump of a webcomic called El Goonish Shive, which has genderswapping as a major theme. It's not necessarily a fetish thing; it's mostly treated seriously - one character enjoys it, but we find out this is due to having identity issues. Most other characters react how most normal people would - ie, freaking out.

Of course, it's a bit of a goofy comic to begin with, so there are some jokes about it, but it's not there just for fetish purposes, and a lot of drama stems from it as well. Would that be okay to make a jump from?

>> No.40462701

Not likely this was suggested and shot down before.

>> No.40462727

The world is far too fetish fueled to be okay.

God these last two threads are just a compound of everything wrong. It's miserable.

>> No.40462742

It's considered a lewd jump if it centers around a fetish, even if it's not itself that lewd. EGS would probably count for that. It's fairly innocent in terms of plot, but there's enough there that people would still feel uncomfrotable. Best to skip it.

>> No.40462755

EGS kind of goes a bit too far, admittedly. While it HAS settled into a plot, the problem is it's still got both feet firmly planted in the transformation fetish camp. It's not even with the main cast, it's very much a thing that seems to be a factor in multiple places.

It crosses the line, for better or for worse.

Let's try to make it better, anon. We're not going to get anywhere otherwise, and I very much wish to move on and focus on better things.

>> No.40462769

We already have a Jump that lets you swap peoples' sexes automatically whenever you want. You can also buy the ability to swap sexes whenever you want by paying 50-100 CP or buying it from Body Mod. Genderswapping is just standard operating practices in Jumpchain - just don't make a big deal out of it.

>> No.40462783

Darn it. Ah well, that's why I asked.

>> No.40462832

Sorry, man. But hey, you asked before doing anything. That's very thoughtful of you. Was there any other jumps you felt like doing?

>> No.40462847

Asking more thread questions or posting a jump is all that we can really do, and I can't do the later at the moment.

>> No.40462853

Some anons will try to stop anything they consider lewd. So your going to run into opposition no matter what you do.

As for guidelines see what Jumps we already have and base your judgment on that. Regardless you will have to defend your opinion or simply avoid the argument.

>> No.40462890

Minecraft > Items > Enchantment to instantly kill arachnids.

Not a perk but its the only instant spider killer I know

>> No.40462894

Generally the rule of thumb is whether you can easily manage a plotline for your run that doesn't involve ridiculous amounts of lewd. DxD gets through because the fan service is solely because the protagonist suffered lots of brain damage and therefore has allocated all thinking to his nether regions. There's still a huge cast of plot hooks and things to do that don't involve him. EGS is borderline on that and I'd say slightly over the line. A decent draft might win people over if you manage to keep it fairly clean and have interesting options (although that's probably going to be somewhat difficult and may just go up in flames).

>> No.40462904

Well, I am the new guy on the block, and I already accidentally started one shitstorm. Thought it'd be prudent to be cautious.

Was considering Animorphs, but I'm having trouble thinking of things to put in it. Gonna give it a shot anyway, see what happens.

>> No.40462935

Queen Administrator

Why be afraid of spiders when they're YOUR spiders?

>> No.40462943

If you can make Animorphs work, I think you'll get a very positive response. I know I'd like it.

>> No.40462956

Isn't that the series about deconstructing a group of Kids saving the world series? if so seems interesting.

>> No.40462973

There is no way you can avoid every single opportunity someone will have to start a problem with you here. Your just going to have to either ignore it when it happens or stick to your guns.

>> No.40462985

>grabbing Skitter's power
>not just nabbing Skitter
Just find her at the beginning of the jump before she gets tangled up with the Undersiders and be her friend. When time's up just say "me am actually inter-dimensional traveler" and companion her.
You won't have to worry about spiders because they're her spiders.

>> No.40462990

Anon, you're not going to force him into doing what you want, against the advice of everyone else. Don't know why you can't drop it.

>> No.40463019

That's the one. It didn't exactly start that way - the beginning was just a slightly-more-mature version of that idea. But it grew more and more deconstruction-y as it went on.

Well yeah, but there's no point in starting something that can be avoided, right?

>> No.40463054

Is FEAR still going on?

>> No.40463055

If that's true then you have nothing to worry about.

Personally I'm just giving him a heads up, every Jump creator I've seen in this thread has suffered some sort of shitstorm. He's already have one. He can ignore me as he wants.

>> No.40463077

We're gonna need anti-Yeerk perks. Yeerks actually fucking gave me nightmares. Something about a tiny gray worm that gets into your head through your ears and puppets your body rubs me the wrong way.

>> No.40463090

>every Jump creator I've seen in this thread has suffered some sort of shitstorm.

I would say OAA managed to avoid one so far aside from a misunderstanding. Buuut...

Well. Fuck.

>> No.40463102

So fear of controversy should dictate the discussion?

>> No.40463113

Animorphs would be amusing just to see some of the veteran Jumpers hit the place.

"What? So aliens are trying to invade the world and you can turn into an animal you touch to defeat them? Thats nice."

"Sigh...I knew you wouldn't understand. This was stupid of me to ask."

"What? Oh, I totally get it. I shapeshift all the time."

>Jumper proceeds to turn into a Tree, a boat, a dinosaur, a giant robot and more.

>> No.40463127

And Bob Ross?

>> No.40463141

Oh, oh! I think I fall on this list! I've managed to not cause any shit storms so far. Unless I did and missed it then I'd like a link so I can go read it.

>> No.40463154

>Not turning into a creature that bleeds spiders
Try again Toriko

>> No.40463159

Now that I think of it, isn't the animorph ability a low level omnitrix?

>> No.40463166

I do not blame you. Anti-Yeerk perks, check.

Of course, if you go to Girl Genius, there's a perk there that should protect you perfectly well. Can't remember the name, but it protects you from Slaver Wasps which are very similar.

>> No.40463184

One could argue any anti-parasite perks would help.

>> No.40463196

Uh... kinda? Sorta? A little? It's similar, I suppose.

>> No.40463222

Oh man, if you do that then I'm making some Zerg and Dragons for the heroes to "trace".

I want to see the look of the Taxxon's face when the kids go: "That's nice, but I'm scarrier." then proceed to turn into a Hydralisk or Ultralisk.

>> No.40463225

> What exactly constitutes a lewd jump?
I would say any world wherein the lewdness or fetishes of a setting are both gratuitous and cannot be removed without causing a massive alteration to the setting itself.

So, like, El Goonish Shive, it's a central part of the setting, is frequent, and can't be taken out without causing a radical change in plot. To that effect it acts an integral draw to the comic. If the transformation were removed it would be a very different thing entirely.
Something like DXD Highschool gets a pass (barely) because the primary source of lewd is the main character. You can avoid or murder him and then the plot... prettymuch just continues as is. It's more of a "mindset" certain characters fall into than an integral part to the settings structure. It's like the creator said, "I want to tell this story, but I'm also from Japan, so let's add some boobs."

Kill La Kill, although having a lot of nakedness, mainly focuses on people beating the shit out of each other with clothing. After everyone sortof gets over the skin baring in the first few episodes, it's just kindof... dropped, and everyone focuses on cool fight scenes and alien plots to destroy the world. You could prettymuch fill in the gaps of clothing on the two main characters and the plot would absolutely not change.

Contrast this to other settings where the entire focus is what people are doing to other people. Sometimes the line blurs, but it depends on how "important" the lewd is.

>> No.40463240

Are you denying shit storms happen all the time? .

>> No.40463254

No, he's saying he hasn't been part of one.

>> No.40463264

The worst part is that, if I remember correctly, they're not tiny. They're actually fairly big. Closer to mouse-sized, I believe. They cause a lot of damage on their way in. There's a first-person description of it in one book where Cassie morphs into a Yeerk. It's gross.

>> No.40463270

This is a good way to doom the planet.

>> No.40463279

Hey, the point was to befriend a group of outcast teens with shapeshifting powers.

I'd save the whole turning into a sentient swarm of spiders or an Angel for when I face down the baddies.

"So another child has joined the ranks of humanity opposing us. Praytell, what do you plan to turn into to stop us? A bat? Maybe a large dog? Hahahahaha!"

"Oh, no. I'm just going to become the Herald of the Endtimes. Bwaaaaaa---"

"What? Wh-what are you doing?"


"Stop! Stop it! N-nooooooooo!"

>> No.40463281

Till now.

>> No.40463309

Won't be one unless you start going after him out of spite.

>> No.40463312


What he said sort of. I havn't been the focus of one. I can go finish a Jump real quick and possible start one if you want.

>> No.40463331

That would get Crayak's attention pretty fast. Jumpers dealing with him and the Ellimist would be funny. "Sorry, man, I can't work for you. I get that you're a godlike entity, but I already work for one of those. You'll have to take it up with her before I help you in your schemes."

>> No.40463353

...maybe. I'm not sure. Motivation's taken a pretty huge hit from seeing friends dropping like flies. Aside from trying to come up with shit, they're more or less the reason I'm here. So while I'm trying NOT to leave, recent shenanigans is... I dunno. I'd just rather we not shoot each other down over the slightest thing. Tensions are high, everyone's snapping at each other.

It's going to take longer, but for the meantime it's not dropped.

>> No.40463378

Drawbacks: Worship, Swim For Your Life!, Echo Chamber, Fallen Breed (1600)

Vedha, Age 22

Reason: Autonomy

The Sunken City

Aquatic Adaptation (Free). The amazing power of...swimming?
Unveiled (Free). The amazing power of...walking on land?
Shaper's Melody (1500). With Song Magic, Words Have Power and The Art we could do a pretty nice cover of the Maia's divine voices
Melodic Expectation (1300). Soundtrack precog is best precog
Maestro (1000). Whelp, Music Meister just turned into straight up reality warping
Rippling Echos (800). See all the things!
Cooking Pot (Free). We aqua chef now
Mother's Lullaby (500). Erm, if you're there Wild Card could you explain what this actually does?
Choirmaster (400). This, the Glow and a bunch other corruption perks makes for a fine I Can't Believe It's Not Indoctrination!
Godslayer (0). It's not madness if reality agrees. Ha. Ha. Ha.

You know, the funny thing is most of these drawbacks would've happened anyway given who and what we've become. Our acute magical senses would've perceived the song echoes, we're generally quite dogmatic by nature and frankly it'd be weird if the Creator /didn't/ take notice of a wandering multiverse.

There is only one solution: Rock battle under the sea. Starting by using Real Eater on Cosmic Fire to draw on the music of the spheres, and use /that/ to amplify the Soulhymn as covered with Auto-Tune. Hopefully, killing the top god will grant us an opening to spread our song throughout the entire ocean, binding all non-sapient beings to our will.

Tests show that 9/10 sentient lifeforms try to kill themselves after hearing a pseudo-Soulsong enhanced by dubstep and auto-tune. The remaining 1/10 data points are too incapacitated to end their own suffering.


Whoa hold on, don't you think actually letting Mr Rogers be a god is a bit far, especially if they coexist with canon pantheons? Why not just create a Mr Rogers' Neighbourhood jump?

>> No.40463397

Which is exactly what this often comes down to doesn't it? Anything too lewd would be kept out of the drive by the guy who keeps it, and no multiplayer.

As such discussion as to what is too lewd or breaks JC isn't even needed, but here we are getting constantly into giant arguments trying to enforce what someone else wants to talk about. Out of sheer spite.

>> No.40463432

The fuck does this have to do with Toriko? Jesus christ. I'm putting aside my disagreement just to tell you "No, this wasn't the topic and I'm not talking to you about it. Stew in your own filth."

>> No.40463437

He explained it as a portion of the original Song that improves all your Songs by integrating it into them.

>> No.40463440

> Why not just create a Mr Rogers' Neighbourhood jump?
That would actually be pretty cool, if you could figure out perks and drawbacks for it.

>> No.40463478

Why not call it a Children educational show jump?

>> No.40463504

No. However I simply fail to see the point in turning this into a semantic argument. Of course I was exaggerating...a little. But its clear simply trying to avoid pissing someone else off is basically victim blaming.

Are you at fault for talking to someone your honest opinion? Or me for starting a shitstorm on you right now to prove a meaningless semantic point? Most people here seem to argue the onus is on you.

>> No.40463506

Then it couldn't be based around Mr Rogers and have the same personal feeling and touch. It'd be this big generic fusion of good and bad, that might appeal to some, but loses the charm.

>> No.40463509

Did the FTL guy ever come back? I don't see that jump on the drive, anyone got it saved by chance?

>> No.40463517

Please don't leave, Red. You're one of my favorite namefags and I'm pretty sure you leaving would start the great namefag cascade that leads to our most visible build-makers dropping out which would lead to /jc/ dying due to chronic lack of interest. What's the point of making jumps if there's no one to jump them? No one to say all the cool shit they're gonna do with the items and perks and shit from the setting?

>> No.40463531

Ignore him Toriko, please. He's trying to start up and old argument, so don't give him any replies.

>> No.40463545

I'd be fine with that, too, although it would lose all the appeal of Mr Rogers specifically.
Probably easier to write for, though.

>> No.40463553

Eh, partially just don't have the heart to say no to it. As is one of the early half-joking ideas back when the jump was forming was the Internet Memes Pantheon, and Mister Rogers definitely manages to fit as a legendary hero, the real issue is deciding the rest of the pantheon. Although yes the interactions with the other gods, rare as they may be would be hilarious.

>> No.40463590

Take your time, it'll happen when it happens and everyone's cool with that (or at least they'd better be). Better not to wear yourself thin, you know?

>> No.40463631

>Motivation's taken a pretty huge hit

Ooooh, I know that feeling. I wound up just deleting my City of Steam jump - if I ever get back to it I can recover the file.

>> No.40463729

On the note of Jumps, here's something I'm working on for a giggle.

>> No.40463744

Yeah, try to get the motivation back for a lot of things too. I swear every time I get motivation it gets swatted back down again.

All we can do is hope for the best, I guess.

>> No.40463769

Thank you for providing an example of my point. Just ignore the shitlords and make what you want.

>> No.40463810

Make me want to do an EDF jump.

>> No.40463813

Oh damn, hahaha. This is a unique one for sure.

I'm going to ignore you like a hooker ignores her herpes.

>> No.40463858

Yup. I dropped the jumps I was working on - and nobody's bothering picking them up, so I just chip at it every now and then

>> No.40463884

Oh god, I remember that game! I'm all for it.

So much fun will be had!

...Can I make Zerg that tiny? We'll see!

>> No.40463904

>I'm going to ignore him anytime now!

Should we leave you two alone?

>> No.40463922


I'm glad you are amused.

>> No.40463937

Is anyone currently making a Kerbal Space Program jump?

>> No.40463938

>Children Educational Jump
>the likes of Mr. Rogers, Sesame Street, Bill Nye, and Bob Ross
>the jumper must gain the attention of children everywhere while being educational and inspirational
I really really want this, but at the same time I'm really having trouble imagining some jumpers actually sitting down and trying to do this. At least without going insane. How do you make an eldritch multiverse or a blob of sentient 'ohm nom nom' teach children?

But on the plus side, Invader Zim's puppet show perk would be SO FUCKING USEFUL.

Trust me, I don't want to leave. I've been around from the beginning, I'd put my interest in this place somewhere in the 'autistic' camp. I LOVE figuring shit out. Doing combos, designing things, the works. But the most important thing for me is hanging out with friends here. Talking with them, helping each other make jumps, and just having a good time. And friends leaving? Not a good time.

Y'all are right, though. Taking my time and not forcing myself is the best thing to do. That way I'm doing SOMETHING rather than bitching and moaning. We've got enough of that going on as is.

>> No.40463947


>> No.40463948

>not glorious musical Vajra masterrace

>> No.40463959

Awesome, I think I've just found what jump I'm making next.

>> No.40463985

>tiny zerg
Yes. Yes this pleases me.

>> No.40464015

>not being Bullet ants
You disgust me.

>> No.40464025

Tiny Zerg would be more adorable.

>> No.40464049

Bullet ants can be adorable too.

>> No.40464055

Would shadowrun work as a jump?

>> No.40464064

It already is a jump.

>> No.40464081

you can be tiny bullet ant Zerg. Zerg is like a template that you can add to everything.

>> No.40464112

We have Shadowrun already.

>> No.40464144

That is a good point

>> No.40464146

I always see people mentioning Animorphs online saying it's their childhood but I guess I completely missed it.
Anyone able to give a quick/small rundown on what the series is about and what the guys in it are typically capable of?

>> No.40464176

How come the Fallout jump nerfs your powers when no other jump does? Seems a bit strange to me.

>> No.40464177

Alien parasites invade earth and take over everyone. A different kind of alien crash lands on Earth and in his dying throes ala green lantern gives the kids shapeshifting powers to fight the aliens. That's how it starts, but it quickly widens in scope.

>> No.40464220

Also, if you stay in one form longer than, I think, 2 hours? Then you get stuck in that form permanently, and loose your shapeshifting powers.

>> No.40464229

We've had this conversation before. It's just what the Jump Creator decided to do. Something about preserving tone or the setting or something like that.

>> No.40464242

Would it be possible to make a Christian mythos jump without making the jumper too OP?

>> No.40464287

You think surgeons are going to make shit tons of money repairing the billions of holes in people's ears/skulls when everything's over?

>> No.40464297

No, seriously, it is.

>> No.40464313

>the jumper
>implying capital G God

Did you mean YHVH? Because ...yeah, omnipotence is problematic like that

>> No.40464319

Easily, don't let anyone be God. The most powerful mortal who isn't using something directly from God is Sampson, and he's 'pick up a stone pillar' strong, which is by no means too much.

>> No.40464329

Only if you did it Life of Bryan / Holy Grail style.

>> No.40464370

I wonder why there's this huge push against multiplayer and lewd jumps, I really do. Been here since the beginning, and this was always really meant to be whatever the player wanted. But this is impossible since the community dictates what the player is able to do by controlling what jumps are made out of fear of "erh am gerd he gun talk about his fetishizes" when that, despite the initial wave of it due to the new freedom to, would be minimal, maybe one or two posters. Truthfully, it comes down to one thing for me, either we allow a multiplayer option, since this is really secretly multiplayer to begin with, or allow lewd jumps. This whole mind excercise has turned into a little circle jerk that has a stranglehold on content. Even Quicksilver (who will come right on back again, like all the trip fans who left, thank god) has said this is beyond redemption. Maybe I'll begin taking the time to make some lewd jumps so I can put down the thing I love so.

>> No.40464382

Ignore. Let him rot.

>> No.40464412

I'm thinking of making a lewd jump, too. How does an MGQ jump sound?

>> No.40464429


Well I could do insect armageddon now, but I would want to wait for Shadow. What do you think?

>> No.40464435

It was a reaction against the perceived failings of other CYOA threads, specifically the General for lewd, and Power Armor (I believe, corroboration welcome) for multiplayer.

>> No.40464462

Please don't reply to shitposters. After recent events, do you really think we need that?

>> No.40464466

Welp, glad to see we're continuing trying to kill off /jc/.

Magical Ream actually.

Also, the guy's baiting for someone to respond to him. Stop that.

>> No.40464516

Do what you like. I just needed an excuse to link that vid.


>> No.40464531

>taking Animorphs late
>not taking it early so you can Acquire Deathclaws, Dragons, Gourmet World Monsters, Johj, Pokemon (from PMD), etc..

>> No.40464534

Jumpchain is only single-player because the concept of multiplayer cyoa laid out in the way Jumpchain is, is ridiculous.
Anti lewd sentiment is puritanical sensibilities enforced on a community level because, well, some people care about it. they don't like it, so it isn't made.

>> No.40464579

Because the General was so much better considering how much of it was (and still is) waifu CYOAs, lewd CYOAs, sissy life, and bullshit like that.

But no, clearly we're puritanical to want that shit kept to a minimum.

>> No.40464609

Mite be cool. Corruption Of Champions was already done. Maybe I could do something kinda out there and make a Artificial Academy jump so you can fuck all the waifus, I dunno.

>> No.40464611

Anon, everyone with logic and sense knows and agrees with you. But the guy you're responding to? Is a shitposter who has been trying to shove it down our throat for dozens of threads. Shitposters should be ignored, especially when we're in a fragile place like we are right now.

>> No.40464629

Either way works, just take some sample animals with you in a form of stasis until you get to Animorphs, or grow some with Geneforge/Zerg tech.

Or, go to the zoo jump and simply fill up your Warehouse attachment-zoo with critters for your future perusal/testing.

>> No.40464632

You are. There's nothing wrong with that, but that's what it means to be puritanical. The actual puritans from real life think the same way, and their still fine.

>> No.40464665

I personally hunted down Kit and Kat in the Thundercats jump and gave them enough money to help their family. I had fucked up the plot massively so they would never go on an adventure to save the world, so the least I could do was help them out.

NOPE! Every time I think about creating life I imagine how horribly it could go. I have ideas for things like NeoMagi-Kryptonians and sapient A.I's, but I'm afraid that anything I make will grow to hate me!

Would this be like the Supernatural jump, or are you talking about making a jump set 2000 and some-odd years ago focused specifically on abrahamic mythology?

>> No.40464690

This guy gets it.

>> No.40464698

Basically, a bunch of alien parasites are attempting to take over the world, and a bunch of teenagers get the ability to morph into animals to stop them. Drama, action, and eventually mental breakdowns ensue; it starts how you might expect, but eventually develops into exploring exactly what would happen to teenagers forced to become soldiers in a war against a nigh-unstoppable enemy.

>> No.40464701

Lewd Jumps are boring. Even an early Jumper can get as much sex as they want, so why bother making an entire Jump dedicated to it?

It's like why nobody goes to Polyamora in Conduit - Rim has all the sex you want, AND dinosaurs.

>> No.40464726

See >>40464611

Logic doesn't avail you with shitposters.

>> No.40464729

>making a jump set 2000 and some-odd years ago focused specifically on abrahamic mythology
yes, that

>> No.40464732

Ignore it man just ignore it and let it rot from whatever hell it came from.

>> No.40464745

Anon. Stop responding to him.

If only because they can't comprehend logic like that.

Seriously, when you have fucktons of perks dedicated to being better at romance, needing a dedicated lewd world is fucking pathetic.

>> No.40464770

By the by, I'm having trouble coming up with backgrounds for an Animorphs jump. I don't want to use racial backgrounds to let you be different aliens, as I'd have to vary the pricing which would get complicated fast. Plus, that just feels uncreative. Does anybody have any suggestions? I already have one (classmate of the Animorphs), plus the obvious drop-in.

>> No.40464810

No race choices or is that a separate thing?

>> No.40464858

Thanks, is there a limit on what they can shapeshift into like each person getting one animal or do they each have a bunch of forms? Only the last animal they touched or something?

I'm really only familiar with the covers.

>> No.40464864

For about half a second I was going to suggest Yeerk Sympathiser, because I remembered that there were humans who actually chose not to fight and just accepted the Yeerks (they got special quarters to hang out in the Yeerk pools), but then I realized how completely stupid that idea was.

After that, I dunno. They honestly don't do a lot of lifestyle differences in that series. It's been forever, but offhand the only thing I can remember is the one girl lived on a farm.

>> No.40464919

Love the build, Antispiral! That said, Maestro isn't reality warping. You can't change natural laws or the like - gravity is still gravity, and reshaping stone won't make it into metal. If that's not clear enough, let me know.

It did work as a Jump. It's in the Drive, so go ahead and let me know what you think.

Fallout was my first Jump, back when the rules were first getting codified. It's a no-supernatural setting, and I added in the Nerf because I felt that it fit the flavor of the setting better. It's not going away, but after the giant shitstorm it caused I'm not planning on adding it to another Jump.

>> No.40464942

iirc they need DNA of a animal and it can be just about anything. Iirc, they even could change into individual people but it was very weird to them and they pretty much avoided it like the plague.

>> No.40464953

You can transform into any animal you can touch. The process of "recording" an animal requires prolonged contact for about ten seconds or so. The animal being recorded usually turns a little sleepy and docile during the process, but it's still not a really good idea to go around recording off of wildly hostile animals. You need to be in your base form to record.

You can stay in a single form for about two hours. If you're transformed for longer than that, you become "form locked" and remain trapped in that form, losing your transformative powers in the process.

That's about it. It's only situationally useful for a jumper, like collecting DNA or battle forms or something.

>> No.40464985

Are there any other settings you'd like to work on in the future?

>> No.40464987

Why, I recall last thread several people telling someone they should not make a jump because of it having gender switching as a plot device, despite it being in a completely nonsexual context. That is the point. Content is being throttled out of fear of what could be, instead of merely allowing what some want and simply using what you desire. What some describe as puritanical is in fact nothing but the opposite. The fact that sexual content could easily be created in any jump is besides the point. This is purely out of principle.

>> No.40465007

"Are you really going to do this, Jumper?"

"What? Of course! I got these powers awhile ago and have been needing to update them!"

"There are better ways to go about this."

"Pssh, relax. I just need to stay in contact for 10 seconds and then I'll bail."

"Alright, alright. Just....try to come back in one piece."

>Jumper proceeds to vault onto a T-Rex and ride it like a bull.

>> No.40465021

Can Animorphs hybridize? E.g., if I acquire Lion, Goat, Snake, and Charizard, can I turn into a Chimera?

>> No.40465047

You know what. Just fucking go ahead. We've lost people, we're losing people, we're on another downward spiral, I don't see why you're giving a fuck about opinions.

Just fucking do it, stop baiting with the threat of 'possibly' doing it.

>> No.40465048

Here are the rules on morphing.


>> No.40465050

Toriko stop reading my mind damn it!

>> No.40465056

So you really want to make it worse? We have people making jumps, we have people talking about how they want to stay, and yet you're motivated to make it worse?

>> No.40465063

Not like it's getting into the drive anyway if Brutus is still here.

>> No.40465067


>> No.40465074

I posted a wiki link on it, it looks like they can, but I think it messes with them. Considering morphing into a creature makes you have to deal with a creatures instincts, you are dealing with a lot of instincts at once.

>> No.40465077

Because the gays.
>Artificial Academy
That's dumb.

>> No.40465080

>make it worse

As if we were any fucking better to begin with.

>> No.40465090

Yeah, definitely. Not sure which ones yet - I'm kicking around ideas for Stranfe Joirney, SaGa Frontier, Secrer of Evermore, and maybe some others (Race for the Galaxy keeps sounding like a fun off-the -wall idea). Not calling dibs, though - if you nab one before I start working on it then more power to you.

>> No.40465105

Probably no race choices. Why do you need them, really? I'm gonna give morphing powers by default.

Once an animal has been 'acquired', which just requires you to touch them and focus for a few seconds, you can morph into them whenever. So yeah, you end up having a big library of forms. There is one limitation, however: stay in morph for over two hours, and you're stuck like that forever.

That's the only limit, though. If it has DNA, you can morph it - even other people, though that was pretty freaky for them and they don't like doing it.


There was one brief mention of being able to hybridize multiple members of the same species, to create a member of that species that isn't identical to any one of them, but it was only ever used once and never mentioned again.

>> No.40465106

It's possible to do it within species so as to, say, create a unique identity out of several genetic donors. But doing it between species is impossible to do intentionally, only occurring during horrible accidents. The results tend not to be viable.

>> No.40465109

Ignore the fucker.
At least some here are trying to make it better.

>> No.40465123

Evermore was the only one of those I've played, but I remember it being pretty fun in a neat way. It had a lot of tributes to other games.

>> No.40465124

Cool thanks, sounds like a useful power for early on.
The time limit and 2 minute transformation is a bit of a downer though.

Since I'm still thinking about Mistborn, are there any unique metals in the setting to try and burn?
If so what do you think they would do if anything at all?

>> No.40465131

The only chimera I remember was when one was sick and started morphing from one animal form to another. I think it was really bad for them though, as in they were going to die levels of bad.

>> No.40465134

Looking at it by a glance, it seems well made apart from a lack of organization, but that's not to necessary any way. Things like ordering the perks by background discount, or CP price tiers for ease of navigation.

Actually, that brings me to a question about the math of CP pricing. Is thre a particular reason why some backgrounds are 50 CP, and have 50% discount on a perk valued at 100 CP? Why not have the background at 100 CP and the perk as free per? The total values come out as the same, so I genuinely don't get it.

>> No.40465158

Thanks, and-ah, see what you mean. Been watching a walkthrough of the game to get a better idea of how song stuff works and what it looks like. Might've been a bit thrown by the "follow in the Creator's footsteps" line, looks more like the Uthulhi Conduit powers on a second reading. The wording's clear enough, we just weren't sure to what extent the perk could affect materials as well as organic lifeforms.

Nope, animorph animal forms are actually quite similar to Jumpchain alt modes. Except for the purposes of Animorphs that one SOA perk doesn't exist.

>> No.40465175


>> No.40465244

I don't, really. I'm really venting more than anything. I'm as invested in this as you. Don't worry, though, your excitement to see my workis warranted, because I will begin in the near future.

>> No.40465249

It sometimes takes less time, if you're panicked, focused, or just good at morphing.

And no, I don't think so. Not off the top of my head.

There are only two times animals were combined. The one you're thinking of wasn't directly lethal, but it was enough of a liability to get someone killed; due to extreme emotional instability, there was a period where Marco would uncontrollably begin morphing into another animal while already in morph.

The other example was intentional, where Cassie was able to briefly keep her wings while morphing from bird, to human, to whale. It was extremely difficult, had never been done before, and was only possible due to Cassie being EXTREMELY skilled. Even then, it only barely worked.

So, I suppose it's POSSIBLE, but it's an edge case.

>> No.40465250

You know, I'm starting to regret taking perks that prevent me from getting drunk.

>> No.40465263

You know that the last time someone posted a lewd jump they actually had the post deleted and got a ban for a period of time, right?

>> No.40465276

Stop. Responding. To. Him.

You're only fueling him.

Gah, I know right. This and last thread.

>> No.40465279

Maybe that'll get rid of him for good. That said, he's a shitposter, so we have nothing to gain by replying. We can talk about something else though, I want to hear about Not-Voldemort's latest adventures.

>> No.40465280

>The time limit and 2 minute transformation is a bit of a downer though.

Which is why I want the Escafil device itself more than morphing. It looks like a job for SCIENCE!

>> No.40465285

This is why those are trap options. TO BEER THE CAUSE AND SOLUTION TO ALL OF MAN'S PROBLEMS!

>> No.40465291

Why don't you just make a lewd CYOA on the CYOA general instead of bothering us? I'm sure it'll be much more well received. Most people there are fine with those, and nobody here wants lewd jumps.

>> No.40465305

Dude. Why does everyone have to make their opinions known? The shitposter doesn't care.

>> No.40465306


>> No.40465307

If you want to make it better, make a jump, communicate with the thread about its flaws, improve it upon your own digression, and please don't abandon it.

Jumpchain gets better when people are contributing, so make builds, make jumps, and Jumpchain gets better. What do you like anon? Make a Jump of it. We'll help you, so don't be afraid to try.

>> No.40465326

Wasn't Cassie turning into a Sue by the end?

>> No.40465331

And the feeding keeps going.
To change topic from this feeding.
Jumpers Do any of you second guess yourself while Jumping? Like a plan, saving someone, or something?

>> No.40465344

I second guess myself constantly at first, until I get the right perk lobotomy to fix my horrible personality.

>> No.40465365

Oh, I'm not excited in the slightest. But you've already made it well evident that you couldn't give a shit. At this point you're purely baiting for responses and spamming a collection of Doom Paul images.

So just fucking nut up and make it instead of going 'OH IT'S COMING SOON.'

>> No.40465373

Background's mandatory, perks are optional. You might want the background for its flavor or the big 300 or 600 CP discounts and not care about the cheap perk.

Also, Drop-in is always free. Always.

>> No.40465385

All. The time. Even more so since Halo.

A lot of times if I think of something to change the course of the plot or alter something on a large scale, there's doubt. A lot of times I feel it's not my place to change things so drastically. There's times where it's BETTER if I should change something, yes... but we learn by our flaws just as much as our virtues. From our failures as much as our success. And I am no God. Only a traveler.

Just because I could, doesn't mean I should.

>> No.40465389

If it's bait why the fuck are you replying to it, you idiot? If you're mad, if you're depressed about what's going on, why are you dragging all of us down with you? Stop feeding.

>> No.40465400

Eh. Maybe a little. It does seem like whenever somebody needed to have a unique ability, Cassie was it. But whatever; I don't remember it being too bad, though admittedly I was pretty young at the time.

>> No.40465432

I have too much empathy to stay distant. I'm not enough of a busybody to get into everyone's business but I can't ignore what's around me, you know?

>> No.40465452 [DELETED] 

No worries, it won't matter at all. I am done for tonight. This isn't for the pure purpose of shitposting for cheap amusement. I truly mean that. Rather, this is in the best interests of all, and that is what has to be done now. I'll be in touch.

>> No.40465454

I used to, but I mostly stopped a few Jumps after PMD. My Partners constant assurances and belief in what I was doing really gave a boost to my confidence.

>> No.40465474

Ignore the fucking bait people. This just shows the person doesn't care.

>> No.40465508

The problem isn't with your perks, it's with your booze, get good and brewing noob!

>> No.40465513

You know what? I will. I'm going to try making a Demon Souls Jump. I'm actually surprised I didn't find one on the drives actually, since it seems to translate pretty straight forwardly into jump format.

>> No.40465518

Oh understandable. I'm sure there will be points I just get impulsive like that too, because how could a sane person ignore what happens around them? If someone gets hit by a car, of course you'll help. If someone's getting robbed, it's natural to do what you can.

I'm just saying there's a cutoff point.

>> No.40465522

Canon companion pls

>> No.40465547

Demon souls is good mainly because I want see if it's possible to help the maiden in black another plus is that it is not in the same world as dark souls. So it's a win win.

>> No.40465553

Could you elaborate on what you mean by that?

>> No.40465557

An option to purchase a canon character as a companion.

>> No.40465578

Duly noted.

>> No.40465583

I believe in your righteous cause, Pixy Paul.

>> No.40465604

I agree. It's not at all practical to try and save everyone. Even the big blue boyscout recognizes that.

>> No.40465650

Is it possible to talk to plants?

>> No.40465725

Yes, you just need the perks from one of the farming jumps.

Plus, there are several Plant-Magic options throughout jumpchain.

>> No.40465730

There's a perk? Which farming jump?

>> No.40465731

Depends. What do you mean by talking?
Crapes aren't ice cream captcha.

>> No.40465735

Buffy has a perk for that, I believe. Also Dark Cloud.

>> No.40465743

Of course. Now, if you want them to answer back, you'll probably need a perk.

>> No.40465763

Harvest Moon was the farming jump, and in Xaiolin Showdown you can get Plant Elementalism.

>> No.40465765

> What was that moment that made you decide to just be nice?
I don't really do a lot of "nice for the sake of nice" things. I do tend to hand out items, though.

I gave Eggman the schematics for making Red Stones from FMA. It turned out to not be as useful as I thought, and he didn't use it for any major world assaulting plans, although he did help automate the process and used it for construction purposes, since it sped that up immensely.
I sewed 10% life fibers into Inuyasha's Robe of the Fire Rat, just because I liked him. He didn't need it for anything, I just thought the extra boost might help out.
I... bought Naruto ramen a few times? Which is a surprisingly easy way to get into his good graces.
Most of my "I-it's because I like you, idiot!" moments involve handing people material possessions.

Buffy has a perk for that. It's more telepathic link, and plants don't make for great conversationalists, but yeah.

>> No.40465789

What would the Capstones be? Demon Souls as a game was more equipment dependent than level, and you don't really gain anything to great in terms of power that isn't better equipment.

>> No.40465790

Speak with plants is a 3rd level druid spell in D&D.

>> No.40465844

Invincibility Frames? Enemy Tells? something with World Tendency? The Beast Soul? near Immunity to fall damage.

>> No.40465944

It's possible to take inspiration from enemy characters and NPCs too.

>> No.40465954

What's the best method of flight? Magical, mental, or physical? How do you prefer to soar the skies?

>> No.40465972

Meh I'd rather fly by mechanical means. Nothing like flying in a machine built by your own two or 6 hands.

>> No.40465975

All three, at the same time.

>> No.40466013

Is there some advantage to that?

>> No.40466081

more thrust, bruh

>> No.40466103

Whoa hey, hold up. Is it possible to convince you to stay, if at all possible?

>> No.40466162

Obviously so that it cant fail.

>> No.40466207

...nice? Don't be ridiculous, the Anti-Spiral does not do "nice" and any rumours to the contrary are slander, heresy and whitemailing.

For example, we may have used up an entire Return just to revisit Madoka's reality, kickstart her ascension into a goddess and give Homura a talk about giving the people you care about their own space-but you have to understand, that was part of our grand overarching plan to preserve the universe. Really, it was more of a side quest to a trade of technologies between the Incubators and us.

Likewise, we MAY have spent time and effort in Nechronica terraforming the world into a Gaia-class biome and restore Dolls back into humans as well as teaching them to use Necron/Dark Eldar/Dark Age ordinance, but that was because the Necromancers were a potential interplanetary threat and we'd rather have a spacefaring human civilisation than them. An imperfect solution, but necessary.

And while FROM A CERTAIN PERSPECTIVE it might be true that we rescued Yion Green from Niardi with an Anti-Spiral Giga Drill Break on the Regenerator World's intersecting conceptual shatterpoints, it was something we were going to do anyway because muh spiral nemesis

And while we MAY have paid CP to avert Taylor Hebert's horrific past that was obviously because we had our own plan for dealing with Scion.

And finally while it is TECHNICALLY true that we paid CP in Santa Jump in order to give people like Harry Dresden the presents they deserved and needed that was clearly just a misguided attempt at operating at maximum efficiency within the jump's stated goal and not motivated by personal bias in any way.

So you see, "nice things" on our part are all part of a grand, overarching plan to promote universal stability no matter what some of our companions may have told you. There is no, for example, photograph of ourself in human form surrounded by companions who accept us for who we are without the cosmic powers motivating any perceived benevolence.

>> No.40466212

>Make last post
>wander off to dayjob
>decide to leave jumpchain
>everyone go
>not sure if should go now that everyone gone
Permission for this shitstain to stop bothering you nice folks?

>> No.40466226


>> No.40466236

Permission not granted

>> No.40466257

Just got off new job and was thinking the same thing
but plz, don't leave me here alone with ASA

>> No.40466261

Tsundere Anti-Spiral

>> No.40466262

No Elona, you're here to stay.

>> No.40466267

Everyone's not gone, although a lot of your remarks weren't exactly helpful. It's best if you simply stop bringing it up and go on as usual.

>> No.40466278

Okay, I finish last jump and then ask again.

>> No.40466314

Stop. Stop being so self pitying. People don't want you gone, and you're just gonna bring up drama later on if you ask again.

>> No.40466315

Wait everyone left again? How many times has this happened now, I'm getting tired of buying welcome back cakes.
Seriously though, Jumpchain started suffering from the "boy who cried wolf" effect a long time ago.

>> No.40466334

Want to know what makes people want to come back and stay the least? Having smartasses tell them "oh you're not really gone see you in a week!". It just pisses them off.

>> No.40466339

I'll say no next time as well, I won't let you leave me Elona, even if I have to hack off your legs and kill any other girls you have talked to.

>> No.40466354

You scare me, anon.

>> No.40466360

Even me?

>> No.40466367


>> No.40466372

Comments like these make me wish that more namefags would trip. I mean, yeah, KOTOR has said and some some really stupid shit, but this is just antagonistic.

If that's really you, KOTOR, fucking stop. Either add to the conversation or just fucking stop.

>> No.40466376

I can share, we just have to make sure Elona doesn't leave us.

>> No.40466386

...isn't genocide on your To Do list? I mean, if you got your way wouldn't a bunch of us go away?

>> No.40466401

You aren't a muggle are you?

>> No.40466407

Hey guys, know what a great idea would be? If we stopped fucking talking about it all and moved on to something fun.

>> No.40466419

Genocide? Don't be ridiculous. I need an empire to be an emperor, and what good is an empire of graves?

Aside from all the awesome undead servants, I mean.

>> No.40466430

I was born one, and I'm pretty sure that the wizard nazis were into racial purity as much as the regular ones.

See above.

>> No.40466432

>everyone go
I'm still here, Elonanon!

When I finally disappear, and I WILL disappear someday (from life and lack of interest if nothing else -- as will everyone else in these threads, for one reason or another), you'll never even know I'm gone.
Until eight weeks go by and someone offhandedly comments, "Konatanon hasn't been around for awhile, has she?"
And that will be my goodbye.


>> No.40466453 [SPOILER] 

Remember that? Fun? What we used to have before jumping felt like a place of stress?

>> No.40466462

That's why I like you, Konata-kun. Its not 'cause you're adorable, it's 'cause you're classy.

>> No.40466471

I don't think anyone cares but I'm still around too. I don't know what to do now, but yeah. I saw some people talking about Boktai the other day so maybe this'll make them feel a bit better.

>> No.40466488

What Gunpla model did you get in Build Fighters?

>> No.40466490

This, if you aren't willing to kill for you love, it isn't true love, and how can you say you love someone when you might be able to live without them?

>> No.40466491

How about we have a question?

What style of weapon do you use? Do you have some strange fighting style or just do wacky shit? Or do you like the simple stuff?

>> No.40466541

One sword out of respect for the fact that they used Kenshin for the goto example.

>> No.40466548

Hand to hand.

>> No.40466566

I don't use sword styles because I'd rather fight like this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3I_Ds2ytz4o

>> No.40466571 [DELETED] 

Cool, see you in a week or two after that, you attention whoring fruit.

>> No.40466577

My Gunpla is to the mobile suit I piloted in Gundam SEED (I took Wait, That's Not How It Happened) as the Tryon 3 is to the ZZ Gundam. Taking my creation and giving it a dose of Obari was wonderful.

>> No.40466581

Whipsword, so I can whip while I sword.

>> No.40466592

>Stop being so self pitying.
I know you don't want me gone, I'm asking permission to leave because I want me gone, but don't want too many people to disappear at once because I still want you people to stay here and have fun. Basically, is it safe to go?

Anon, I don't even like girls.

>> No.40466609

But... I AM adorable, right Anon?

I mostly use magic, honestly. I mean, assuming I can't get someone else to fight for me, or have some kind of offensive grid system set up, I mostly blast shit with magic.
I'm also not bad with a sword, and am prettymuch a grandmaster at Drunken Fist style (with a smattering of other styles, including Ranma's Cat Fist Style), but mostly I prefer to just completely dominate people in raw displays of power, because fuck it.

I'm honestly not really into fighting, personally.

>> No.40466624

Nope. You don't have permission. We want you here and that's that.

>> No.40466637

You're not essential. If you want to leave, leave. There's really nothing else to it.

>> No.40466641

We'll find out how much you like them if you try to leave, and don't think I won't murder anyone you spend to much time talking to.

>> No.40466660

>But... I AM adorable, right Anon?
Meh, you're alright. Not my flavor, but I can recognize the craftsmanship.

We can hang, I'd totally have adventures with you, but I'm not joining the wierd cult you carry around with you.

>> No.40466664

Before the tentacles, we used to be something of a swordsman, actually. Had a Z-Saber, buffed it to ridiculous heights. Nowadays most our weapons are elementals/sufficiently advanced drones; even the Sonic Module Weirding Screwdriver has transcended into becoming an Artifact Spirit. These days our main melee is an upgraded Double Deity after being combined with a custom Beyblade using the Weapon Recombinations Template, amongst other upgrades. Sort of a dual polearm/throwing weapon.

As for fighting style-we quite like mixing up Deja Fu, Lumen Sage powers and Time Manipulation from City of Heroes to pull ridiculous time shenanigans in the middle of all kinda of conflict.


You know, I'll do much the same.

But sometimes when you're at work, or maybe alone with your computer, or on the train, you'll be in the middle of typing something when you suddenly feel oppressed by your own routine. And yet you won't muster the will to snap out of your own stasis. You'll just sit their, goggling at whatever you were doing, too tired to stop, too tired to carry on, too tired to change
Maybe, just maybe, you'll start daydreaming about something silly like throwing midgets at people
And that's how you'll know I'll always be there with you all in spirit

>> No.40466665

It's me, and my comment wasn't supposed to sound antagonistic. I'm just tired of everyone announcing that they're leaving and then coming back a few days or weeks later, it just adds more unneeded drama in my opinion, if you really need a break just close the window and stay a way from /jc/ for a while.

I'll stop talking about this now since I agree that we've been arguing for way to long, I just wanted to explain myself.

Also I don't have a trip because I've needed one, I really am the only who uses this name. Yes I have said and done some stupid shit in the past but I am sorry for it.

>> No.40466671

Stay please.

>> No.40466678

I use whatever's on hand, or whatever fits the universe I'm in at the moment, most of the time
I used my bare hands when I get serious.
I use The Sword when it's time to fuck someone's day up

Yes Konata, you're adorable

>> No.40466839

You're right though. We all know that. This mostly comes up when people are discussing lewd rules or the quality of a finished jump. One or two namefags and it's almost always the same announce that they're going to leave. The thread shits itself over and all discussion is derailed. I don't want lewd jumps discussed either but the collateral damage it causes is too big to keep relying on it.

>> No.40466846

In my fourth jump, Fire Emblem, I picked up a spear with a crossguard. It wasn't a particularly high quality spear, and I wasn't that good with it, so after the jump it got left on a shelf in my warehouse.

A few jumps later and I found myself in possession of a bar of meteroic ore. I could have used it on anything, maybe as bullets for some exotic gun or to make up the inner layer of a piece of armor. Instead I found myself going into the back of my warehouse and digging up a grimy, banged up spear. It's followed me ever since, slowly becoming more and more complex.

>> No.40466856


This is great advice! Take it!

>> No.40466952

I'm glad you're still here, for what it's worth. I was sad when you left. Actually, everyone was.

What's Boktai about?

>> No.40466954

Either I use Pic Related or my hands, using a custom hyper-agressive version of Tiger Style that incorporates my super-powers- Mostly sonic attacks and ki blasts. I affectionately refer to it as Tigrex Style.

>> No.40466987

It's about two kids named after Spaghetti western protagonists using their magic solar/dark guns to hunt down vampires and other immortal monsters with some norse naming here and there (The final bosses are all named after Loki's children for example, one each game). It's pretty fun because of the sunlight gimmick.

>> No.40467057

Yeah I get it. We should stop talking about it. It's our last resort, the nuclear option. It fucks up a thread or three, ends all discussions and we do it over again. If people stopped responding to the actual shitposters we wouldn't have to go through it every few weeks. Complain about the shitposters who invade the thread, complain about those who throw a nuclear bomb on all of us but don't complain about the guys asking everyone to grow some balls. That's the last I have to say on it. Cheers.

>> No.40467062


It's friggin' hamon/borderlands tech/Mysterious Cities of Gold tech time


Call me autistic but it always baffles me how the hell a gun shoots darkness. And I normally like magic too.

>> No.40467064

Corrosive Contact (Worm) + Teleportation (DC)
Anti-Magic (Generic Magical Girl) + Conjoined Conjures (Cardcaptor Sakura)
Gunslinge, Royal Guard Style, Dark Slayer, Quicksilver, Doppelganger (DMC) + Superspeed (DC)

>> No.40467097

Dark means a couple things in Boktai. It's the manipulation of shadows, negative energy, the stuff that makes Immortals immortal, and also the name of the universe's own will, which desires for all life to be turned into immortals or undead, because it's afraid of evolution and growth making life a threat to it. The reason sunlight hurts vampires? Because the Doomsday World's sun rejects the will of the universe, so it's literally the will of the sun using its rays to actively burn them.

>> No.40467135

Basically this with my power armour both protecting me and spinning me even faster.
Ranged attacks include doing this but with lasers coming out too.

>> No.40467137

Does the ascension perk count as a discount for Winnifred Burkle or Cordelia Chase? Fred became the biggest Old One but not through ascension. Cordelia became an extremely weak almost Old One arguably through ascension. I'm inclined to say yes but I figured I'd better doublecheck before I start buying eldritch god companions at a discount.

>> No.40467188

I think it's meant to be for the Mayor based on Stupid Dog's comments in the past

>the entire universe is the antispiral

>> No.40467199

It's basically Saika's gun from samurai warriors, but with more holy seals, uses the holy firearms from Van Helsing as a base, and uses the Somin Shourai as a bayonet

>> No.40467210

That reminds me. Would this work as a backup Spark. Sting(Worm)+Hybrid class skill(Smite)+Flight(Any)

Hybrid lets you channel supernatural abilities through your body and weapon, think punching Avada Kedavras. Sting lets your attacks ignore all defenses and strike your target through dimensions. Combining those two with flight, could you fly through dimensions using your body as a Stinged 'weapon'?

>> No.40467231

I don't think Sting would really work that way. I mean the weapon stays in the original dimension, it just gets the others looped over it a great many times so that it's able to affect them all.

>> No.40467233

Problem is, Sting does not cross multiverses, so you be stuck within a single multiverse.

>> No.40467251

Well, he is a multiverse now.

"You see, Antispiral? The Jump was inside of you all along."

>> No.40467256

No. Sting doesn't strike between different continua, but parallel worlds in the same continuum. You can't use it that way. You might be able to use it to approximate Doormaker, though, and visit alternate timelines.

>> No.40467292

Mayor was a dweeb. He failed his ascension midway and got killed. A small discussion on this several threads ago made me look all the stuff on Old Ones up. It's absolute pleasure.

Remember Glory, the bbeg hell goddess, and Jasmine, the planetsized siren? It was revealed that if they had known a real Old One was returning to Earth, they would have fleed this dimension or commited seppuku in terror. You don't mess with Old Ones.

I have enough points left to get either Technopathy for Fred or Visions for Cordelia so I don't need it to finish my build. Could have used the extra points though but no big deal.

>> No.40467368


Wasn't Glory one of the Old Ones? I remembered something about her being from another dimension and having to be kicked out by two other deities

>> No.40467378

That's dissapointing. I was trying to find something that could let me use Hybrid's full potential. I feel its potential is wasted on me now. I can punch an Avada Kedavra but that's it. I should get some creativity perks.

What would be a good backup Spark then? Nothing will get you the cp or identities jumpchan gives but if you can cross the multiverse a magic based jumper is not completely fucked if his chain fails. He can seek it out more magical secrets. A sciency jumper could seek out more technology and unique resources.

>> No.40467379

the psychonauts specifically mentions talking to plants.

>> No.40467382

Nothing. Multiverse is the best you can hope for, period.

>> No.40467435

The weakest Old Ones left Earth before the human uprising. The WolfRam&Heart were very weak Old Ones, the Powers That Be were very weak Old Ones and so were most of them who fled Earth. Some bigger ones fled too but they're a big minority. There's a reason the Mayor had to be killed within minutes while denying him the chance to complete his ascension. It was then or never. Glory could have been a decent player but it seems she was no match for the big league. The fact that she dies says enough. Old Ones can never die, not even when they're sealed inside a human.

>> No.40467457

Hart. Stag or male deer, basically.

>> No.40467459

...well, this is sort of cheating. It's not really what you want. But it's the closest you can get. Combine Arena from Dwarf Fortress with Arcane from Smite and Pause from Tropico. Arena lets you simulate any possible scenario you want, limited by your knowledge. Nothing can happen in these VR worlds that you don't know can happen, with the exception of combatants pulling off moves they have but never used in fights with you, since it's intended for combat training. So you throw in Arcane, which means you know everything, but your conscious mind can't access it. Arena can use that knowledge to fill in the gaps and allow you to truly simulate anything within your mental world. You can imagine your way to anything, now. But it's all just an illusion, you have to return to the real world eventually. Unless you hit Pause, and stop time for all non-mental actions. So yeah, you're dreaming the whole thing, but it's a completely accurate dream that you never have to wake from. That's effectively omnipotence. You could use that to make it seem as if you could travel the multiverse. Still feels kind of unsatisfying, though.

>> No.40467482

Is there something better than multiverse? I can't think of something that would let me enter anime works so I guess you're right. There are canon companions capable of multiversal travel so through you could do sone great stuff too but I'd rather not borrow power.

>> No.40467492

There's omniverse. As in, jumping. Worm and Naruto don't share a multiverse, so multiverse travel wouldn't let you cross from one to the other.

>> No.40467509

> What would be a good backup Spark then?
I'm not entirely sure what you mean. The Planeswalker Spark grants you a ridiculous amount of durability alongside the ability to cross over dimensions to any other dimension. There's not really anything that's comparable to it. There's also very few universes that can offer anything like that power to cross between dimensions. Of the ones that do, they more typically have spells or technology that allow you to cross between dimensions... within their own cosmosphere. It is in fact incredibly rare to find any setting that allows a character to enter ANY possible dimension. Even DC or Worm, which have an infinite number of dimensions, do not grant the power to jump to, say, the universe of Harry Potter.
So creating any means of self-propulsion through the multiverse basically requires you to jump through hoops and figure out your own way to do it.

A few people have done it, but it generally requires an extremely specific setup, and nobody records those, because "breaking out" of the chain causes it to automatically end, because you don't need Jumpchan anymore and are no longer beholden to any of her rules. So I can't remember any of the methods to do so.

Basically, it's really complicated and hard and doing it on purpose is kindof dumb. I guess it would work as an "emergency backup", though, if you figure it out. Just don't ever USE it until Jumpchan ends your chain.

>> No.40467518

>> No.40467525


>> No.40467532

Well technically they can die, but it would be very difficult, the Ascension thing is part ascension part resurrection. You can only ascend to become one of the ones that died at some point in time. I think most that were killed though were killed by other Old ones. Like Illyria could off a lot of other Old ones, they had to band together to "kill" her. Also they kind of sealed her as well so I think the ascension thing wouldn't work on her, unless you destroyed the sarcophagus she was in, in some way that doesn't revive her.

>> No.40467537

It looks real Anon.

>> No.40467566

Was a typo, jumperfriend. But thanks anyway. Wolfram&heart doesn't sound very scary at all. Bad name for an interdimensional law firm.

Going to clarify the absolute immortality Old Ones have before someone gets the wrong impression. You can still die in the sense that you would lose your chain but your essence cannot. The essence of an Old One is pretty fuckin immortal. In practice this means you lay dormant until someone creates a vessel for it or performs an ascension. It will not cheat you out of failing a jump. It's greatly increases your odds of survival once you get your Spark or have failed your chain though.

>> No.40467569

Rejoice, rejoice! We have no choice but to carry on.

>> No.40467570

It's beautiful.

Sorry for everything we put you through QS. You're an amazing person, and thank you for everything you've done for us.

>> No.40467574 [SPOILER] 

Um...exactly where are your sources for this stuff? I don't remember Glory's past ever being discussed beyond "she used to be a hellgoddess and then the other hellgods kicked her out because she scared them". I do remember the Powers That Be being old ones who levelgrinded though.

>stay in an illusory world where you can win everything forever

yessss, good anon, stay in the multidimensional labyrinth

>"Alright, new jump! Where we at this time Jump-Chan?"
>"Inside of yourself!"
>"Gee that sounds HOLY FUCK WHAT. WHY?"
>"Well...the next jump is taking a bit longer than i thought to set up, so I'd show you someplace you've never visited before: Yourself! Aw c'mon, it'll be fun!"
>Some companion: "Maybe because it's been stuck there all along, ya doof"

>> No.40467587

>inside yourself
>tfw no osmosis jones jump

>> No.40467592

Goodbye, QS, you amazing son of a bitch.

>> No.40467633

>import ALL the companions
>that freaking Popo drawback
>android blueprints

It looks glorious, even though it's not the end of the line for me just yet. And-thanks for the neverending ride man, it really means the worlds after all this time. See ya on /tg/, somewhere, sometime.

Geddit? Geddit, means the worlds? Because multiverse CYOA

>> No.40467650

I wish I could take this. But I dedicated myself to taking 40k as my End Jump, so that I can do my Crusade to make 40k non-grimdark

>> No.40467668

That's the first I hear of it. I was under the impression we got post-mending Sparks not pre-mending ones. Are you sure, Konata? I don't really want to doubt an adorable girl like you but this is a pretty huge thing you're telling me.

I like the concept if a failsafe. I want to thank jumpchan for all she's given me but I don't want to be totally helpless. That's why I have the personification of Tine as a companion and why I picked Arcane in Smite. 'Your magic can technically do anything but that which is not possible in the magic system you use becomes exponentially harder' Hopefully if I combine enough magic and health perks I can open an omniversal portal for a splitsecond without it completely killing me. That a huge if though so I'm not going to rely on it.

>> No.40467684

It's always been an oldspark.

>> No.40467715

I'm working on it, actually. It's just a private thing, though. If someone else wants to pick it up they're welcome to.

Godspeed. Thanks for making this whole thing, QS.

>> No.40467736

>When the higher being known as Jasmine was brought to Earth she mentioned that "The Powers that Be" were those Old Ones who sought to do good, but were driven out by the more powerful and vicious demons like Illyria. In fact had she known Illyria was arriving both she and probably Glorificus (Glory) from the 5th season of Buffy would have either fled the dimension of Earth or killed themselves rather than risk even existing on the same plane as an actual Old One.

From the wikipedia page but my phone is acting up and the sources are invisible for some reason. I'll boot up the good old desky and confirm it later.

This is to be taken with a grain of salt and I admit that. Illyria was one of the biggest boys in the biggest boys club. There were others who rivaled her but we won't ascend into them. But an Old One strong enough to have his essence survive multiple failed ascensions like Mayor's Olvikan is not on the weaker side of Old Ones either. The middle road is still pretty insane.

>> No.40467783


Hold your breath and count to ten...

It's time.

>Going Solo: +1 (11)
This is my path to walk. No one else's.
>The Savior Has Come: +1 (12)
And I know this will be my final test.

>The Bridge of Four Stars: 2 (10)
But it doesn't mean there can't be a few laughs along the way.
>Ki Potential and Basic Training: 4 (6)
I need to learn the means to survive.
>The Savior Has Come: 2 (4)
And to be the hero that Earth needs.
>Dragonball Radar: 2 (2)
It might need a helping hand here and there.
>Scouter: 2 (0)
And knowing what to keep an eye out for is important.

But ultimately, it's not a journey about what I can find, only about who I am as I walk the path.

Let the sky fall.

We will stand tall.

>> No.40467786

You have my gratitude, Quicksilver. Here's to hoping Jumpchain will become a better place when you next see it.

Until next time. Sometime.

>> No.40467896

Looks good.

Thanks for all the good times man, and I hope you still swing by now and then.

>> No.40467900

When was that decided. What's the point of even picking perks if you become an godlike reality jumper capable of creating dimensions with your mind automatically. Yeah, there are others like you but you could always fuck off and ignore them. The newspark mainly gives you the power to access the entire omniverse. I think that would work a lot better with the nature of jumpchan even though the instant almost omnipotence is enticing.

>> No.40467909

And the die is cast. Seriously, I rolled to see how this would go: Dragonball itself, then the four DBZ arcs.

>Dragonball arc
My ass is kicked harder than it has EVER been kicked before. It isn't enough to rely on my experience. Buckling down is necessary.
>Saiyan arc
Well, this I was at least prepared for. Did remarkably well all considered.
>Freiza arc
I uh. I think I got blown up with Namek, considering how the dice went, but fortunately for me, I can actually SURVIVE that. Unfortunately for me, it fucking HURTS.
>Cell arc
Now, this is more my speed. I knew everything I needed to know the instant I found out you were a genetic abomination that eats others, Cell. You aren't the only one. And I don't have to eat people to make it happen.
>Buu arc
Skin of my teeth. That roll was way too close to failing the chain. But at the end of it all I'm still standing.

I know things are going to escalate after Buu, but that's okay. I've come too far to give up. I have enjoyed tens of thousands of years of world-walking, and I will not surrender in the face of anyone, no matter who it is, no matter what they offer. There are other worlds than these.

Maybe when the dust settles at last, I'll have time for a vacation. I think I've earned it. I think I'll go home and visit my family.

>> No.40467911

It's post spark. Nobody gives a fuck about how strong you are post spark. Nobody wants to listen to you complain about your personal tastes at a time like this, either to be honest.

>> No.40467914

1. It was Quicksilver's original idea, dude.

2. Since you get it after the chain ends you get it at a point where your adventures end anyway, so you might as well see all the places you haven't been.

3. It's really, really, really too late to change anything about it now.

>> No.40467919

What's your plan now? How will you use your power?

>> No.40467926

Holy crap, you got your nose back.

So this is the power of the Oldspark

>> No.40467947


>> Anti-spiral has no idea who is Mister Rogers is because They were never exposed to Him.

This explains so much, once more my feelings Toward you change from abject rejection to pity

>> No.40467967

I have to go back for Aeris and Kara... and a cup of tea from Iroh. I told them I'd come back for them when I'd reached my goal. Aeris and I spent lifetimes together, I knew Kara for four or five jumps, both were good friends and I never break my word to friends. In truth, that kept me going many times when I wanted to just call it a day and go home. If I did that, I wouldn't be able to go back to them.

I've got a lot of things I'm going to do, starting back home; I'll likely leave an empowered clone of myself there in the end when I'm jumping, since self-cloning and effectively being a hivemind is definitely one of the things that has helped me through the chain. I'm going to get some practice in, figure out how to use the spark... and then I'm going back to Worm.

I've got some fucking omnicidal space whales to kill.

Hair too. Ain't that a thing?

>> No.40468061

It's post spark so you're right that no one gives a shit about it. The oldspark is too a big a mess for me and unless the entire Mending is retconned for us we'll end up with a newspark anyway. I'm houseruling a newspark for myself but that everyone does whatever he wants to do. Post spark is free territory anyway.

>> No.40468171

Will Avada Kedavra work in this jump?

>> No.40468195

I would expect that it would function like most magic in dragon ball does, power level negates or halves effects.

>> No.40468227

How do you negate or half certain death?
Anathema from Smite with Avada Kedavra kills everything. Get it and have fun. Add If It Bleeds to make the kill permanent. Ghostbuster them if you want to or any of the other 50000 anti-spirit perks. DB fanboys will hate you for it but their world is vastly overrated.

>> No.40468251


Dragon Ball XV
> Timeline: DUMPED [-3CP]
> Friendz (Dumplin) [-2CP]
> Limitless [-4CP]
> Capsule Case [-1CP]

Yeah, you know

The Fuck

Needless to say, The Supreme Kai of Time was surprised when she wished for the one strongest fighter, and out popped hundreds of people.
Somewhere between Malefor, Waddle Dee #362, and Dumplin, she looked at Trunks and just told him, "You deal with this."

Then she... walked back inside.

What happened after that? Who knows! We're not done jumping yet!
Will this story ever get written?! Will shenanigans ensue?


>> No.40468264

A reminder that Demon lord Dumplin is really Mr. Popo from the past.

>> No.40468293

You negate certain death by not dying, you know like ignore the magic effect completely. Besides in the books Avada Kedavra is stated by a couple characters to not work unless you put a lot of power into it, you do it right and they drop dead, do it wrong and they don't. Anyway magic in dragon ball is almost always limited to working on people roughly equal to or below you in power level. Such as Buu transforming almost everyone into candy, but when doing it to Vegito the effect was pointless as only the physical effect applied, Vegito was just as strong as normal when transformed into candy.

>> No.40468304

> I strike up a friendship with Dumplin
> In the end, rather than choose to fight EVARYJUAN, I decide to just skip to the canon timeline.
> Dumplin likes me, so he follows.
> We end up landing earlier than expected.
> Dumplin is now Mister Popo.
> We end up going through the ENTIRE Dragonball Abridged timeline.
> Even the stuff DBZ Abridged didn't cover.
> Even the filler.
> Especially the filler.
> But Mr Popo likes me, so it's okay.

This is my new headcanon.

>> No.40468340

OAA was probably the most drastic in response to Cat's joke jump in the IRC. It was while they were arguing that QS decided to quit.

>> No.40468353

What'd he say?

>> No.40468364

>what happened after that

I'm guessing someone made the terrible mistake of trying to wish for things from Malefor, the Waddle Dees bumble into your capsules and start bumping into things and Dumplin is Dumplin.

Oh-and apparently you go on to be Kami #2. Hope you like pot!

>> No.40468370

> Hope you like pot!



>> No.40468388

... opening up a smoke shop for your 9-5 business. That would be hilarious. All the illusion magic and shit a jumper has access to, you could seriously fuck with people.

>> No.40468400


>> No.40468414

Thread is pretty dead so let's get the minmaxing done here and NOT carry it over to the next few.

NO CODE+1CP is a drawback that prohibits you from genetically engineering yourself into one of them. SAIYAN costs 16CP. Save 15CP points by not picking either of them. That's a free Saiyan for you.

You may not kill Goku or his friends intentionally or circumvent this rule in anyway. You'd be surprised what you can do without killing someone. Seal them, steal their body, shapeshift them,... Killing is for baby jumpers. This is not advised but might be fun for the fedora jumpers.

You have to keep killing stuff until you are outclassed and you unlock your soul's potential. Let's assume this does not allow you to be outclassed by Yamcha and get a Spark. You need one bioshaping perk to become a Saiyan, one unblockable instant kill and the common sense to let Goku handle most of it. You could win this end jump by your 5th or 10th jump. Not suggested because jumping is fun.

This is not a troll or shitpost. I'd rather have this discussion we'll inevitably have right here right now while we're on page 9. You know there are people waiting to post exactly the same arguments next thread to shit it up from the start. Fuck them.

>> No.40468437

>Let's assume this does not allow you to be outclassed by Yamcha and get a Spark
Anon, I can't imagine anything allowing you to be outclassed by Yamcha.

Captcha, none of those were birthday cakes, they were just cakes, I'm pretty sure one was a wedding cake.

>> No.40468441

So uh.

What are some good jumps for gaining magical influence over a territory? You know, something like Fisher King from king Arthur?

>> No.40468459

I'm sorry, have you not met Nappa?

I saved Vegeta the trouble. Ghost Nappa was not a happy saiyan.

>> No.40468476

But when he was brought back to life he became quite successful.

>> No.40468516

Because my jump order is best defined as "what the fuck is this mess", I will continue to jump, and everything just gets slotted in "before DBZ".
I mean, I already slot jumps in wherever as is, this isn't even new.

I imagine I skip through time a lot stealing things without altering the timeline. Mostly genetic things, but also occasionally mechanical things. I get yelled at for this frequently, but it's technically not hurting anything, so...?

Some stuff that I steal includes some basic android mechanics such as from Gero's hand or his fat robot body, and scouters.
I make my own Scouter. It does not explode. It does, however, display error messages upon meeting power levels it can't gauge. Which, it is capable of displaying power levels FAR higher than any of the ones in canon, and it STILL ends up becoming useless.
Power levels are bullshit.

Eventually I do go to the "canon" DBZ timeline with proto!Popo. He gives me constant shit about backing out of a fight with him at the last minute, but we're friends. I mean, I do my thing, he does his thing... it's just kindof this thing.

Because I avoid fighting myself and am best friends with Popo, I end up staying in DBZ FAR longer than anyone has any right to spend in that universe.
I can't leave until I'm "in a conflict against someone truly and absolutely more powerful than you, and nothing you can do could beat them" ...
... which I steadfastly avoid getting into.

So I'm kindof stuck.

>> No.40468547

What's there to discuss? Yeah, you can do it. So? It's boring and you miss most of the chain, your choice.

>> No.40468593

Largely just calling Cats a hypocrite. Think it was something to do with Cats being critical of other people's jumps in the past. Didn't really understand it.

>> No.40468810

That's a shit thing to do. Cats has some of the best jumps out there and probably the best when it comes to visual design. I don't even know who OAA is but I doubt he's done better work than Cats.

>> No.40468886

Then you likely aren't very aware of many jumps, and kind of seem like you ignore them if they aren't imaged. OAA did the Starcraft Zerg route, Terra Formars, Killing Bites, Bloody Roar, and Van Helsing. He was working on Air Gear.

>> No.40468894

He's also working on Top Gear, Guilty Gear and Mortal Kombat.

>> No.40468965

Those are good jumps but it doesn't excuse his behaviour towards Cats. Cats made enough great jumps to make a hundred joke jumps for all I care. If what that guy said was true he really blew this out of proportion.

>> No.40468991

Can we just not talk about this shit man? Given the past few days, its best to just forget and move on

>> No.40468999

>this thread
>previous thread
>pic related

>> No.40469021

Those are good jumps but it doesn't excuse his behaviour towards the thread. Cats made enough great jumps to make exactly zero joke jumps for all I care. If what that guy said was true, he really blew this out of proportion.

>> No.40469038


>> No.40469058

Stop licking the pussy anon

>> No.40469095

We'll make sure to forward you his formal apology. Are you anon145 or anon4785? It's hard to remember to names of people who contribute absolutely nothing but feel entitled to decide what a respected and valuable jumpmaker can and can't do. Joke jumps are harmless but it's people like you who use them as an excuse to shitpost. Unlike Cats we're not missing out on anything if you leave so don't let the door stop you on the way out.

>> No.40469123

How about both of you morons shut the fuck up and leave it. Kay? We're all sick of this shit.

>> No.40469181

You're wiser than I am. It's best to forget all this shit and hope they come back. It hurts when you see one of your favourite jumpmakers get attacked but that's no excuse to continue this. Thanks for reminding me.

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