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I'm in a good mood so Night Lord thread. Post pictures and discuss Night Lords, the best traitor legion. Do it so Konrad's soul can rest in peace.

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How I see Night Lords.

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How I see Night Lords again.

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How Night Lords see themselves.

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How other people judge the Night Lords.

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I forgot who the artist is.

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How the Lion felt when he harmed Curze.

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How others see them.

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I always love that one. Do you have the one with the two smurfs freaking out when at least a dozen Night Lords come for them?

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Was there truly any other way for Nostramo to end?

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Let's take a look into the past. This is a Crimson Son. A Terran veteran from the pre-Konrad Vlll Legion's Eight Company. Not much difference from post Konrad color scheme.

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Says here that pre Konrad Vlll Legion was called the "Night's Childern", any other place to back that up?

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>so Konrad, how do we make your dudes even more grimdark?
>add lightning strikes. And lots of bats.

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Kek. I like to think that they don't even know where the bat wings came from. All the know is that one of their guys had bat wings on his helmet, he didn't know where they came from, and went with it.

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>Italy and Texas
THAT'S a combo I never expected to see as a Texan.

We have literally nothing in common culturally. I mean, while it may rustle my jimmies, I can SEE Texas rejoining Mexico/Mexican-Successor-Nation, British/Anglo Empire, the Spanish, the Germans, or even Russians, but the Italians? Lol wat.

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Konrad was big on blue and lighting.

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Hey, man things changed. Heck, there's one novel where some Custodes mentioned a period in time where humanity drained the Atlantic Ocean to declare war on Cthulhu. Well not that but there were pre-human ruins under the ocean and apparently we declared war on the Deep Ones. I think there's something about an apocalypse around M7 so live in shame that you'll never be lead by the Emperor in battle against the Deep Ones.

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Isn't this 28,000 years in the future?

>implying people from your tribe would ally with people from a tribe more than three days' travel away

Fuck those weirdos living three days' travel away.

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The Emperor is mentioned to be at least 50,000 years old but I think that may be his current age in the modern 40k and he was 38,000 during the Crusade era.

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I recall Sevatar mentioning something about a Terran Death Mask so I guess the Night Lords with skull helmets are Terrans?

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No clue if this is suppose to be pre-Heresy or what.

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Presumably those two locations had similar geography at the time. I think the Mediterranean has entirely dried up by the year 30K, so Italy could be as harsh a landscape as the Texas wilds.

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On the one hand, it's awesome how well their HH rules reflect the way the chapter fights.
On the other hand, it sucks that Night Lords are mediocre in a standup fight and playing in a game of 30k/40k best represents Night Lords who've gotten caught with their pants down.

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Konrad probably told them to fight on their terms and they stuck with that for ten thousand years.

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Those helmets look too much like the M7 helmets.

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No, I mean, games of Warhammer don't represent how the Night Lords prefer fight. A stand up battle means they've already "lost."

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I didn't know the Night Lords were into American Football.

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It is, but it's still funny to me, that of all the possible allies we'd have, it'd be the Italians.

Most of Texas isn't very harsh (At the moment), but if >>40428996 is correct, and they actually drained the Atlantic Ocean, I'd imagine every place in the West would likely be a harsh landscape lol.

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Someone told me that Talos told a DP that the warband got drove off by Tau. He said they gave it their all but he is a Night Lord.
What do you think the pualdrons are for?
I think one part of it had the statue of Liberty being found after it was underwater for so long.

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Some older art.

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That power claw or is it a lightning claw looks a little impractical.

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>warhammer 40k

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I know, but that doesn't look like it was used much.

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Now for the Prince of Crows.

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Wait, I messed up.

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Now for Jago. No idea why he hates being called that.

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Can't wait to see the final books when Sevatar and Sigismund fight to the death.

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Cyrion a fucking shit. Uzas may have been an idiot but he wasn't a liar and a traitor to his brothers.

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No, this is the only way that has the lucrative side benefit of increasing Nostromo's mining potential

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Now for Fel. Who knew that we could get a decent Batmarine.
Actually Uzas wasn't. He showed some knowledge on Eldar tactics and knowledge and it was Khorne's influence that made him go wild. Accepting Khorne's gifts is akin to brain damage people.

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But I thought Konrad destroyed it completely but there was that one scene in the NL series involving remains of Nostramo.

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Now for the Talon Master.

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That's more what I meant, Khorne's influence made him an idiot. He was obviously an astute enough linesman in the Crusade/Heresy to gain command of a squad, and he had his more thoughtful moments even in his later years, this is true.

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This might require a spoiler.

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Khorne must of really wanted him.

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This is more of a Raptor than Sahaal to me.
>The Talon Master will never be featured in another story
Why live? I really need to finish Lord of the Night and the Night Lord Omnibus. I feel like Spurrier can keep me more interested in his writing than ADB can. Is that strange?

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I have one more picture before moving on. No clue if this is pre or post Heresy.

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Scratch that. This is probably a pre-Hersey NL.

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Now that those two mishaps are done, time to get things back in order. Now for the Night Haunter himself.

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Yes, when they pick up Octavia it's on an asteroid that was once a piece of Nostramo.

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I really need to finish that book so I can reread it.

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Konrad never got a sticky. Now he haunts the boards as a vengeful revenant, accursed and incorporeal. WooOOooOOoooOOo!

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For those of you who dislike the Perpetaul thing, please interpret Vulkan Lives as Konrad's madness showing. Vulkan did remind him that Dawbringer was still a hammer though.
Whatever you say Anon.

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I always found Curze to be an interesting character, there's something rather "greek tragedy-ish" about him.

I mean, he raises himself in the slums of Nostramo and puts things in order, then the Emperor comes along and tells him he has to leave behind everything he constructed and go with him on the Black Crusade. Meanwhile, whatever the Emps does on Nostramo (put some administratum there I thought) is insufficient and makes it fall back to the hellhole it once was.
So there you are, being Curze, already struggling with your split personality, being the Emps "bad cop" through the entire galaxy, and you realise through the news from home and your new recruits (back to being the murderous maniacs and rapists you tried to eradicate) your planet is falling to shit and you can't even go back there to put things right.
On top of that you get visions of the end of the galaxy and you are slowly turning more and more insane.

Always felt like he had more of a reason to rebel against the Emperor than Horus.

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> Black Crusade.
What really got Konrad was Nostramo. It ruined him. All he used was fear and murder if Sevetar is anything to go by. It's all he knew. His visions and Night Haunter kept hitting his sanity and Night Haunter kept taking control as Konrad became more insane.

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That picture makes me think he's going "Please, come in. Welcome to my home." for some reason. This? This more like a fancy Night Lord to me.

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This is still another fancy Night Lord to me.

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Had Konrad landed somewhere else he may have not ended up insane maybe. Move over Angron. You had your gladiator buddies, Curze had no one.

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Okay, he had Fulgrim but that was Fulgrim. How he mistook whatever lessons Fulgrim taught him as be as edgy as possible is beyond me. If Dorn and Fulgrim kept their mouths shut things would have ended differently maybe. I think there was part in Vulkan Lives where Vulkan tries to bring Konrad back into sanity and a part where Vulkan says he and the Emperor pities Konrad.

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agreed. I wanted to make a joke about curze being so ronery but I'm not even in the mood to joke with that.

Also, is it me or does Emps have zero understanding of basic human psychology or emotions?

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I'm not even sure I get this image.

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>A piratical warband of Traitor Space Marines from the Night Lords Legion ambushes a Dark Eldar fleet and breaches the hull of its flagship. Several Haemonculi from the Altered are sent spinning out into the cold void of space, though their desiccated corpses are eventually recovered by specially-made Engines of Pain. The Haemonculi are once more regrown, but the insult done to them is not forgotten.

>Before the year is out, the Night Lords warband – whilst plunging the Imperial planet of Wystengradt into a violence-haunted twilight – encounter the Dark Eldar once more. The Night Lords have robbed the planet of power using high-yield static bombs, ensuring that its cities are gloom-shrouded playgrounds for their terror tactics, though the horrors wreaked by the Traitor Legionnaires are mild in comparison to what is to befall the planet next. The Altered, having enlisted the aid of several thousand Aelindrachi elders and deployed an ancient antiphoton engine from their deepest oubliettes, shroud the world of Wystengradt in an unnatural darkness. War unfolds as Mandrakes and Wracks engage in a deadly running battle with the Night Lords. The dearth of light is so supernaturally intense that even the acute vision of the Chaos Space Marines is rendered all but useless. The Traitor Legionnaires’ doctrine of psychological warfare is slowly and painfully turned against them, and the spark of paranoia that nestles in each Night Lord’s breast fanned to an inferno. Mandrake attacks come from impossible quarters as new scenes of stomach-churning vileness are uncovered with every hour.

>The Night Lords seek out the antiphoton engine with the intent to destroy it and wage the war anew on their own terms. The ancient machine is finally blown apart by melta charges, but when visibility is restored to Wystengradt, the Haemonculi are gone. Only a lingering fear of the darkness is left in their wake.

Dark Eldar can out Night lords the Night lords

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>I wanted to make a joke about curze being so ronery but I'm not even in the mood to joke with that.
What now?
>Also, is it me or does Emps have zero understanding of basic human psychology or emotions?
Yes and no. The man was around for 38,000 years and had many families. He outlived them and he got hurt because of that. He probably didn't want to grow too attached to people to prevent himself from getting hurt.
I think it has something to do with translation issues.

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It's a shame that he was so fucking emo in the HH series, but that can be said for all the primarchs. The more you voice them, the less enigmatic they are, and the less divine they seem.

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This is shameful.

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Maybe the HH series was a mistake. Perhaps it was better to leave alone without much fleshing out.

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No wonder those two can never get along.

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"Your presence does not surprise me, Assassin. I have known of you ever since your craft entered the Eastern Fringes. Why did I not have you killed? Because your mission and the act you are about to commit proves the truth of all I have ever said or done. I merely punished those who had wronged, just as your false Emperor now seeks to punish me. Death is nothing compared to vindication."
In the end perhaps Konrad saw in a moment of lucidity that he was wrong about everything and that he had become the thing he truly hated and stayed pure. Night Haunter died to be "vindicated" and always knew the kiss of Chaos. Which one died is beyond me, but I like to think that Konrad was keeping his split personality under control and swapped out at the last moment so Night Haunter died.

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But it should have some few undeniable facts and the rest should have been only remembered as legends and the memories of the betrayers themselves.

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Now to post Konrad's death to modern Night Lords.

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Not really feeling it on the skull.

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I assumed that this was merely "the emperor is using the same logic as I always have even though he tells me I was wrong". And "death is nothing compared to vindication" also meant that he knew the Emperor would eventually be overthrown. Guy had visions and all.

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My favorite lyrics in that song are the "We are the winged terrors that ride on wings of fire" and the "Rejoice, Chaos! For we are with you! And everyone who is not us is going to die!"

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Yeah but he always saw the worse outcome but in this case the worse outcome was the normal outcome. But he could have prevented it if he didn't side with Horus. He thought that nothing mattered if it was going to happen why bothered. Or Alpharius and Omegon could have did something that didn't involve trusting the Cabal.

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I didn't know that song, thanks for the discovery.

>> No.40430925

Hmkids can do a mighty fine job at fan music.

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Forgot to put this before >>40430814

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I've never really understood this, up to which point did he merely have visions without understanding them, and up to what point could he understand the impact of his own actions that would lead to those visions?

I don't remember Talos (or Decimus) ever seeing himself but just seeing other people die and how they would do it. Though Talos sometimes misinterprets his own visions.

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>Ghostcrusher became legend due to the horrific deeds enacted on Craftworld Ila-Manesh. In 326.M33 a huge warband of the Night Lords descended from the darkness of the Warp on a mission of revenge. Their aim was simply to eradicate the world’s spirit stones, many of which had previously been stolen from the crone world of Aesyl-Sar. While delivering justice for this past Eldar sin, the Night Lords unleashed several Defilers. One of these, Ghostcrusher, stood out as a particularly savage machine beast. The Daemon Engine spearheaded a Night Lords assault upon the Shrine of Eldanesh, incinerating ancient tomes, crushing sacred totems, destroying spirit stones and burning the Guardians who attempted to prevent the desecration. So thorough were the Night Lords in their assault on Ila-Manesh that they left the craftworld a tomb, with no artifacts and no living Eldar remaining.

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They were more like a self fulling prophecy.

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So they wanted to punish the Eldar for stealing stuff from a Crone World?

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This might as well as be Krieg. Shame he's not a thing anymore since there is no more Undivided Princes.

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.....Ah yes? The Eye and, by extension crone worlds, belong to humanity.

Eldar are not allowed.

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Also, is Decimus Octavia's son or not? I know it's not clear in the books, but I wonder what /tg/ thinks of it.

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Hellbrutes don't really feel Night Lords to me unless it's a Chaos Heavy warband.

>> No.40431336

Krieg is a daemon Prince but it was never stated that he was a Undivided.

>> No.40431354

I assumed he was.

>> No.40431384

I am well aware of this though.

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This is a little cartoonish.

>> No.40431514

I will never understand what's the deal with the horns and tusks on Chaos terminators but I'm going to assume this has something to do with Tatros and Cataphractii being in such few numbers that they haven't attempted to pimp them out.

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Forgot to mention the "None can stand against the sons of Konrad Curze" part.

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Raptors, to the hunt!

>> No.40431760

We will tear the flesh from their bones.

>> No.40431817

We live for the hunt.

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Time for First Claw.

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So, how are you?

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This probably a more accurate picture of the Exalted.

>> No.40432029

Because we're in Hell.

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Mercutian certainly looks casual here.

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Almost mistook Variel as a fusion of Fabius and Lucius here.

>> No.40432466

Now for the Soul Hunter himself. I can't remember if there are any pictures for Ruvun but who cares about him?

>> No.40432491

Is 4chan messing up for anyone else?

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On my phone the catalog is fine but on my computer it's like the catalog won't update.

>> No.40432559

And why am I on page 8 here?

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>> No.40432708

The artist really made the guys look like true Chaos Space Marines.

>> No.40432736

Talos may be more bald than Diomides and Borael, but not as foolish.

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>None may stand against the sons of Konrad Curze.
I now for a fact that I'm not the only one who realizes just how wrong that is. We have Tau driving off Night Lords, Night Lords getting out Night Lord by the Dark Eldar, and what that one Anon said about any fight on the tabletop represents a fight the Night Lords don't like as it means they've already lost. Well isn't that great? But that's okay I suppose. There's at the very least 12,000 Night Lords left in the galaxy and anything to get them stirred up and want to work together in the first time since the Horus Heresy is probably not going to make it.

>> No.40433038

And that's it. I'm out of pictures.

>> No.40433209

I'm wondering if Night Lords had won in a fair fight.

>> No.40433256

>If Night Lords do get in fair fights and wins

>> No.40433818

>IV Legion
>quasi-geographical references only

Still, sounds about right. Stubborn to the point of absurdity, lots of tanks, lots of artillery, all the guns forever.

Before it was "Iron Within, Iron Without", it was "Lick my butt and suck on my balls."


>captcha, a hot dog in a hamburger bun is still a hot dog

>> No.40433868

But we did get an apocalypse if I'm right about it. But at what cost should destroying whatever monsters that lived down should we have taken?

>> No.40434156

>Sir, we've detected large life forms in the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.
>They've been hostile to our ships in the past and I think we should direct our fleet admirals to steer around-
>Then what would suggest, sir?
>Sir, as I mentioned, they're at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and we-
>Sir, this will require decades, possibly centuries to build the necessary equipment and supporting infrastructure to-
>Sir, I strongly recommend you consider an alternative-

And then humanity defeated the Deep Ones in a war that lasted over a century. The costs were great, millions in casualties, nearly the entire nuclear stockpile of the entire species, and the resulting apocalypse brought mankind to the brink of extinction.
But the Deep Ones were vanquished.
And humanity was the victor.

>> No.40434482

Seems about right. It may have been Necrons. I think the 3E Necron codex hinted that the War in Heaven came to Earth and the Necrons killed the dinosaurs.

>> No.40434695

So it was either a choice between Deep Ones, Necrons and the fact that there is a tomb world nearby doesn't help, or maybe some sort of Slaan or Lizard Men group.

>> No.40435464

That would have been cool.
The public at large ignorant of their history, and the only ones who remember could remember it wrong or only know of the heresy from their specific view. New renegade marines are looked down upon not because of their thinblooded genestock, but because in the eyes of the traitor legions they are unruly little shits, where as the legions still remember a time of genuine oppression/perfidy.

>> No.40435502

The Sword - Warp Riders is another good one.

>> No.40435916

That is how it is in canon.

>> No.40436023

Hold the phone here. The Imperium has a source of knowledge dating back to the Crusade. His name is Bear. Bear the Fell Hand.
>where as the legions still remember a time of genuine oppression/perfidy.
Say what?

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>> No.40437139

Chaos Underdogs, to me. Just like the Beastmen in fantasy. Love them both.

>> No.40437187

The Night Lords probably consider themselves renegades and not Chaos marines. Well the ones that don't touch the stuff of the Warp that is.
But they can win when they find a fight they know they can win.

>> No.40437299


>> No.40437311

I know, they're not even really Chaos Marines, they don't want to serve Chaos, Imperium isn't any better, what do? Got no friends, no allies. Poor bastards.

>> No.40437329

That's probably how to explain things when the Night Lords attack and they know nothing will stop them.
Truly the life of a renegade is harsh.

>> No.40437632

Would the Night Lords be the Spooky Marines?

Or is there already a Spooky Marines homebrew chapter?

>> No.40437715

There is a joke chapter that the Night Lords are parent chapter of on 1d4chan.

>> No.40437825

Emps always had godlike power and that made it hard for him to relate to lesser humans.

>> No.40437910


>> No.40437912

>Scary Marines

Damn, they sound interesting, too.

>> No.40437977

I think they're also called the Children of Isstvaan.

>> No.40440642

Emps is 30,000 years old. He's barely human. He's encountered millions of humans. Had thousands of relationships. I think he's just too damn old to relate or even care.

>> No.40440660

It's probably he's too old.

>> No.40440976

This makes me sad. The night lords were always the weakest legion I guess. They had a very specific application and can't really keep up with the other legions in normal combat.

>> No.40441075

I forgot it was none can stand. Dang it.
>This makes me sad. The night lords were always the weakest legion I guess. They had a very specific application and can't really keep up with the other legions in normal combat.
Again, it was Konrad that did this.

>> No.40441279

How so?

>> No.40441315

He introduced the terror tactics and maximum force thing to the Vlll legion.

>> No.40441334

What were they like before that?

>> No.40441374

Maybe like the Raven Guard after Corvus took command.

>> No.40441470


Yes, the administratum and Adeptus Arbites should have step in when the high crime rates started to interfere with stability of the planet. There was some high degree of incompetence involved since Nostramo was a model world for many years after Kurze left it.

>> No.40441564

The ruler that took control after Curze caused things to go to hell after Konrad left.

>> No.40441615

I am planning on buying some noise marines, and then refluffinh them.as Night Lords who amplify the screams of their victims

>> No.40441643

That's cool

>> No.40441807


I don't think it was something done on purpose. It was cause by incompetence and idleness.

>Nostramo is a model of compliance
>There is no need for Adeptus Arbites presence on the planet
>Twice the require tithe getting deliver
>Easiest post of my entire career
>I smell a promotion

>> No.40441828

Talos did something like that.
I think the leader was corrupt.

>> No.40442504

Some metal song that is basically about terrifying space raiders who come from the warp. Good song, and fits the Night Lords.


>> No.40442527

I'll take a listen.

>> No.40442634

Still waiting on Decimus and the Atramentar to fight with Abbadon...

>> No.40442697


>> No.40442791

What do you mean what? Did you not finish the Night Lords trilogy by ADB?

Decimus is the new prophet made using Talos' geneseed, and is the child of Octavia. He's the prophet the Eldar saw in their visions. Dude gathered all of the NL warbands and told then that they're gonna agree to help Abby's final crusade.

>> No.40442822

Oh, sorry. I thought you said fight Abaddon. I thought he only got the Night Lords unified and increased Night Lord on Eldar violence.

>> No.40442864

That particular anon doesn't read the novels. He just parrots what other anons say.

>> No.40442917

He makes it a point that yeah, the Ulthwe need to get stomped or they will continue to harass them, but the most important thing for them is to back the crusades since technically they are the largest remaining legion.

>> No.40442924

Hey, guess what? I have the book.

>> No.40442949

Wait, the Night Lord the largest? I thought the Word Bearers and Black Legion were the largest.

>> No.40442958

Nightlords look dumb as shit.

>> No.40442973

Then you should start reading it properly.

Considering that Asurman is Ulthwe perparing for the final days, the Night lords have set them selves for a world of pain.

>> No.40442995

They really don't care about anything these days.
I haven't finished it yet. I'm going too.
>Considering that Asurman is Ulthwe perparing for the final days, the Night lords have set them selves for a world of pain.
Nigga, all of the Night Lords would crush him. They cheat. They'll run him over with their Rhinos.

>> No.40443008

is in*

>> No.40443049

Not a lot of Night Lord art I could find. Shame. Which Traitor Legion is the most unloved?

>> No.40443078


He is not the child of Octavia, his name is Decimus because he is the final product of the 10th company.

>> No.40443133

Yeah. I'm fairly certain having Navigator genes wouldn't help an Initiate out. Wait. I know it wouldn't be a Navigator but would that have an effect on a person trying to go space marine?

>> No.40443191

The Black Legion is technically the largest since they're made up of various renegades and shit that they recruit along with their original astartes, but I was under the impression that the Night Lords have largest amount of actual HH vets since they didn't get shitfucked on Terra and ran to the edges of space when the war ended.

Didn't a group of like 100 Night Lords #reck the leader of the Banshees? I'm sure all of them together could go toes with Ulthwe.

Variel told them he'd take their child, and in one of the epilogues it heavily implies (basically states) that he found them and took him. His name would also be a wink to that since he was going to be born as NL property, and each slave was named numerically (7 & 8 dipped, while 9 got killed, making him 10).

>> No.40443217

Not really sure how to use this NL series fluff to work with my WIP NL warband. They're basically grump old men that would judge Decimus on the fact that he's not a Crusade era marine and have a feeling that Abby's going to fail.
>since they didn't get shitfucked on Terra and ran to the edges of space when the war ended.
You mean they didn't get wrecked as hard as the other legions during the Siege of Terra?

>> No.40443227

Forgot to >>40443191

>> No.40443231

>Didn't a group of like 100 Night Lords #reck the leader of the Banshees?

She led a small force of banshee and she wrecked the Night Lords until one of them suicide bombed her.

If the Night Lords are going against Ulthwe, then they will face the full military and psychic might of the Eldar accompanied by the tactics and skills of their version of Girlyman.

>> No.40443261

Then it's a good thing that Night Lords fight dirty. Just crush the PLs, hide their armor in Abby's closet and trick the Eldar with soul stone hostage situations.

>> No.40443278

Anyone with any suggestions?

>> No.40443302

Yeah, I thought their losses weren't as ungodly.

Assuming they follow through with the plan to go with the next crusade, I'm certain they'd have more than enough support of they're own to wage a solid fight. Or just do what >>40443261 said.

>> No.40443333

>Yeah, I thought their losses weren't as ungodly.
That's probably true.
>Going with what I said
Nostramans don't play.

>> No.40443445

It would offer a certain protection against warp shenanigans. Navigators sit bathing in / looking at the warp and only mutate really badly at the end of their lives. They're pretty resistant to it. Also natural lifespans of 300-400 years, so again, they can't do much but they're tough. I'd almost say it's probably a plus.

>> No.40443490

So Decimus might have good genes? Neat.

>> No.40443504

I'd like to think that at lease SOMEONE got away with a happy ending and that Decimus is indeed not Octavia's child, but grimdark to the max etc, he probably is.

Also, I don't see why else Variel wouldn't just have done away with it if he wasn't planning on using that child for a specific purpose.

>> No.40443536

Only an Ork got a happy ending and Great Boss Tuska is still probably the Ork version of Draigo now.

>> No.40443546

They're genes allow them to pear into the warp, and couple that with the visions Talos had and you'd have an insanely accurate prophet (which he clearly is). A natural psychic would be the ideal heir to Talos, especially one conceived in the warp.

Of course he does, bad genes were Talos' crutch.

>GRIMDARK to the max
The grimdarkest legion in the grimdarkest setting of all time, of course no one gets a happy ending.

>> No.40443578

>The grimdarkest legion
Some of them cried at the sight of the recording of Konrad's death and Jago wondered how a legion full of madmen and sadistic flayers could have flooded the vox with prayers towards Konrad's recovery after the Lion harmed him. They might be grimdark but they love their papa.

>> No.40443621

Navigators can even have premonitions of their own when peering into the warp, so indeed it's all good when you're trying to create a prophet.
Though I don't think he was conceived in the warp. Don't think the ambiance of screaming, soulless faces is very conductive to romance.

>> No.40443633

True that. The part where Talos threatens Abbadon says calls him Kurze is one of my favorite parts of the book, especially when he proceeds to tell Abby his primarch was a fuckboi.

>> No.40443634

Well seeing as how to each and every one of them getting into the legion means leaving their horrible, ruthless, soulless and homicidal existence behind, you'd be overly attached to your primarch too.

>> No.40443643

Too many verbs, I don't get it.

>> No.40443653

I remember that part. Eighth Legion pride. It feels so good.

>> No.40443672


I disagree. The Primarchs were just humanity magnified, and sometimes their too-human natures really come through. Some authors are better than others, of course, but there really is something of Curze, Russ, Dorn, and the rest in all of us.

Really only their dickhead of a father had come close enough to godhood he'd left the rest of humanity behind, even his own eighteen remaining sons, and look how that shit worked out?

>> No.40443681

My bad, meant to say:

"True that. The part where Talos threatens Abbadon because he refers to the Night Haunter as Kurze is one of my favorite parts of the book, especially when he proceeds to tell Abby his primarch was a fuckboi."

She was pregnant while in the warp, which impaired her abilities, at which point Talos threatens to castrate a certain other slave.

>> No.40443692

The Shamans never thought that this would be a problem but hey they created a god like being that would equal the Dark Gods and be the only thing they fear. What can you do?

>> No.40443752

Ok thanks for the clarification.

Conceiving is actually the process of becoming pregnant, that was what I aimed at. I think the navigator is too busy when actually flying the ship to do anything else.

As for the "impaired her abilities", I never thought that meant suddenly her warp-steering capacities dropped because she was pregnant. I think it's more that pregnancy comes with exhaustion, pain and that you're pretty much not able to function for a couple of weeks just before and after birth.

>> No.40443789

I don't remember the specifics but I think the weight of two souls threw off the navigation process, along with the pregnancy drawbacks you mentioned.

>> No.40443836

Oh okay, the two souls thing makes sense.

She still manages to maintain a rather strong run from the dark eldar at that point, which I always thought was probably impressive, so I couldn't see how she was impaired.

>> No.40443851


Unintended consequences are a motherfucker.

>> No.40443860

That's 40k I think.

>> No.40443993

I don't remember them ecountering Dark Eldar in the trilogy. They are referred to a few times as "Black Eldar" but that's because Ulthwe has a black color scheme.

>> No.40444055

I feel so stupid now.

>> No.40444242

Albia is britain.
ever heard of Albion?
That's a corruption, just like Hy-Brasil

>> No.40444275

Do what? I'm going to bed now.

>> No.40445946

If hail from Saxonii Cluster.

>> No.40446115


>> No.40446658

This thread was great success.

>> No.40447818

It truly was minus Carnac showing up.

>> No.40447923

Still odd that the RG are Mongolian.

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