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Continued from >>40254888

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Threadly reminder that Swashbuckler is the best class in Pathfinder

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I'm back with a couple of questions about the Eidolon.

So on level 4 as a half-elf I have 11 Evolution Points right?

So I came up with something like this work:

Quadruped base form
-Pounce (1pts)
-3xTentacles (3pts)
-Grab (Tentacle) (2 pts)
-Ability Score Increase (Str) (2pts)
-Improved Natural Armor (1 pts)
-Shadow Form (2pts)

The basic idea is to pounce at something, make three grappling attacks with tentacles, hopefylly grab something with them for an easy and powerful bite. The Shadow Form is there because I like the concealment and it's thematic with the background of the Eidolon. I'm pondering switching it for a higher base bonus damage for bite attack, but I don't know.

Could this work or am I doing this entirely wrong?

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>qt Lillend OP

Muh Dick!

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swashbuckler is really fun, but without slashing grace, the first couple levels are rough. If I made another one, it would definitely be human

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Well call me Rovagug because i wanna destroy that thick ass hot DAMN.

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Looks like it works. Might want to start looking into size increases due to how grappling and sizes works.

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>call me Rovagug
>the Rough Beast
>in a Dawnflower thread

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do not sexualize the lamia

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Nobody's allowed to touch Shelyn unless they can prove their worthiness to her big brother in bed.

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Daily reminder that Shelyn is saving herself for her brother like a good sister should

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What spells should I master? I'd prefer useful things

>I'm taking collegiate arcanist which allows me to take Druid spells (wind walk) as well as alter the spells I have memorized with spell mastery
Things with long durations which alter my abilities. Mage armor and bark skin are in. When I can get it, gaseous form would do nicely (wind walk at level 18)

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>big brother

Is he a big guy?

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>implying Sarenrae isn't already taking that hot Law Cock

Nice try, Rovy, but Asmoe's got that shit on lock.

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Do the bonuses from Monk and Sacred Fist still stack? I think there was an FAQ about something about this recently.

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That's not why people dip, m8. They're dipping for free Style feats without prereqs so they can get Pummeling Rape online faster.

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>the image clearly depicts a Lillend

Please leave.

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How many Mythic Ranks do I need to get inside that booty?

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Anyone got that pastebin link to 3rd party stuff (PoW/Psionics/SoP) ?

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>Going Mythic
>Not going Epic

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tbh even without prereqs you can get pummeling rape online at level 8 as long as your DM isn't a faggot.

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Anyone here create their own monsters for Pathfinder? Just curious. I'm gonna use the rules to make a butterfly ooze.

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>applying for a pbp game
>guy is legit complaining at me about PoW, going as far to call them "spellcasters"
>honestly believes the fighter is a good class
ahaha oh wow they do exist

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>Be DM
>Don't like PoW classes
>Don't like Fighter either

come at me bro

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Power word: Kill

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>9th level spell
>Spell resistance: Yes
>Only works on things with less than 101 hit points

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Yeah, and I doubt a pasty level 1 commoner like that guy had more than 10 HP, so he's dead.

Serves him right for ragging on against martials.

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Why don't you like PoW, guy? Parties of nothing but casters can't be that much fun to DM for.

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The only moment where Tier 4s ever become relevant if you are allowing core full casters is if you are running 7+ encounters a day with no option to rest in between, therefore leaving casters with little to no spells left.

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I hate wizards
I hate pow classes
I hate fighters

Every fucking class needs to be gutted. The whole fucking game system needs to be removed and replaced.

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You don't exist.

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I'm helping a friend of mine shit together a Brawler who specializes in grapplin'

He's dead set on this idea. What are some good feats/items?

He's starting with Combat expertise and improved grapple. I told him to invest in a wand of enlarge person, but beyond that I have no fucking idea what to tell him.

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None, grappling is beyond saving in pathfinder

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something something that one insane goblin build

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Also if you've starved the casters and only the casters of gold and magical items, while still giving the other classes their full allottment.

Also if you've banned the caster builds that can go all diddly dingdong day.

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I have a question about the Soulknife's blade skills.

How does "Emulate Melee Weapon" affect damage and criticals for your mind blade?

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>mfw ghosts posting in /pfg/

>Combat Expertise
plz no
He doesn't even need it.
He needs to get some armor spikes, though, for additional pincushion-y goodness.

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>Fighters, rogues, swashbucklers, cavaliers, monks are the only playable classes
>Everything else is banned

What do

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Well the reason he wants to take it is so he gets full access to all the combat expertise feats thanks to the Brawler bullshit.

But yeah armor spikes. Thats a good idea.

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Daring Champion or Eldritch Martial Mutation Warrior Master Guardian.

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No, stop right now

The only character capable of being even functioning at grappling is a gestalt barbarian/tetori

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Oversized Goblin Feral Gnasher

Sample feats and Rage powers:

1: Improved Unarmed Strike
2: Throw Anything
3: Improved Grapple
4: Animal Fury
5: Greater Grapple, Improvised Weapon Mastery
6: Superstitious
7: Ankle Biter
8: Penetrating Bite
9: Rapid Grapple
10: Witch Hunter
11: Vital Strike
12: Greater Animal Fury
13: Improved Vital Strike
14: Hive Totem
15: Improved Natural Attack
16: Hive Totem Resilience
17: Greater Vital Strike
18: Hive Totem Toxicity
19: Furious Finish
20: Raging Grappler

At 3rd, grapple as a standard at +6 (dealing bite damage as part of the same action)
At 4th, bite before grapple, gain +2 to grapple with hit; grapple as a standard at +8 (dealing bite damage as part of the same action)
At 5th, bite before grapple, gain +2 to grapple with hit; grapple as a standard at +10 (dealing bite damage as part of the same action); bite before grapple, gain +2 to grapple with hit; grapple as a move at +10 (dealing bite damage as part of the same action);
At 9th, bite before grapple, gain +2 to grapple with hit; grapple as a standard at +10 (dealing bite damage as part of the same action); bite before grapple, gain +2 to grapple with hit; grapple as a move at +10 (dealing bite damage as part of the same action); bite before grapple, gain +2 to grapple with hit; grapple as a swift at +10 (dealing bite damage as part of the same action);

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1) Kick your DM in the balls
2) Assume direct control
3) Run a better game than the shitshow he was going to run

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You can't, Shelyn is unfuckable.

The legions of followers she has however ARE fuckable, and I'm sure being on a face-to-face relationship with the goddess of beauty and love will make you quite the suitable bachelor/woman.

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Nobody has it?

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How does a MoMS get Pounce at level 2?

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Thanks dude, just what I was looking for.

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pummeling charge

>> No.40266723


Oh, so you don't need to take Pummeling Style to get the benefit of it on Pummeling Charge?

>> No.40266743

You take both. Style at 1st, Charge at 2nd.

>> No.40266765

Nope, it looks like Pummeling Charge grants a single use of Pummeling Style at the end of the charge. Love those loopholes.

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Something like this?

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>Benefit: When using Pummeling Style, you can charge and make a Pummeling Style attack at the end of your charge as part of the charge action.
>You can use a feat that has a style feat as a prerequisite only while in the stance of the associated style.

You have to be using Pummeling Style to use Pummeling Charge at all.

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This is the feat order I thought of for this guy, btw.

1: Power Attack
2: Throw Anything (Class)
3: Improved Unarmed Strike
4: Animal Fury
5: Improved Grapple, Improvised Weapon Mastery (Class)
6: Superstition
7: Greater Grapple
8: Witch Hunter
9: Rapid Grappler
10: Spell Sunder
11: Improved Sunder
12: Strength Surge
13: Iron Will
14: Catch Off Guard (instead of Rage Power)
15: Improved Iron Will
16: Improved DR
17: <Feat>
18: Improved DR
19: <Feat>
20: Improved DR

I suppose you can swap IUS to level 1, Improved Grapple to level 3 and Power Attack to level 5, but I figured being able to have a nasty bite from the get-go would be better for when you don't yet have Grab.

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How do I make a goblin rogue work competitively, /tg/?

>> No.40266911

Step 1: Don't play a Rogue
Congratulations, your goblin rogue is now competitive!

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Is the Tactician psionic class any good?

>> No.40266925


>Be goblin
>Have 22 dex
>Be unchained rogue

Here's a start

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Is there a non-alchemist alternative you'd suggest as a class?

>> No.40266967

What level and are you planning on being in melee range?

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I'd like to be the Knife Master archetype if possible, but I'd be open to other methods of combat.

>> No.40267048

Inquisitor. Sanctified Slayer if you absolutely must have Sneak Attack (but Sneak Attack is garbage so you're better off without it).

>> No.40267060

Why is there no trait that gives improved unarmed strike for free

>> No.40267115

>why is there no trait that is a feat

Yes I know there are traits that ARE as good as feats, but those are mistakes. Paizo doesn't make good actually traits on purpose.

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>Also, the tier system measures how many different roles a character can fill by themselves, not how useful they are to the party. There are a great many things a fighter can do better than anyone else; they just need to pick one and stick with it, which means knowing the party's balance and combat preferences.

>> No.40267173

That's actually true though. The fighter can be perfectly competent at, say, dealing damage. It's just that that's all he'll ever be good at, while the higher tiers get to enjoy their skills/class features/spells and still do equivalent damage at the same time.

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Goblin guy again. Was also considering Gunslinger, utilizing some M-size creature as a mount.

>> No.40267192

hahahaha no

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Technically heirloom weapon. Choose your own body as the heirloom weapon. Unarmed strike is a simple weapon.

Heirloom weapon gives you proficiency with a single simple or martial weapon. That weapon is your body, which you gain proficiency with.

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You're crushing my dreams, Anon.

>> No.40267231

The Fighter isn't even the best damage dealer in PF. He's T5 BECAUSE he's not even that good at his one job (hiting shit) compared to better martials like the Barbarian, Paladin and Ranger. Even the Slayer has a leg up on him.

Just play a Slayer, dude. It's really the only mundane martial that isn't complete shit.

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Just play an unchained knifemaster scout gobbo

>> No.40267478

TWF would be the obvious suggestion, but I'm going to say something crazy and suggest mostly throwing daggers. The Underhanded talent allows you to maximize sneak attack damage in the surprise round with a hidden weapon, and as a knife master that's your schtick. If you know you can avoid getting flanked, take the Scout archetype as well. It stacks, and at level 8 moving 10 feet gives you another sneak attack. You can even go for dodge/mobility/spring attack if you want to get into close range, and take the Slow Reactions/Confounding Blades or Offensive Defense talents to move out of range without retaliation. If you have enough gold Sniper Goggles also give +2 damage for each sneak attack die you roll. Vital Strike tree also is useful for boosting damage if you're going for single attacks.

Just make your decision early on, you're most likely either going to be chucking a load of knives with TWF with the option of being a close-range TWF Rogue, or go for the mid-range knife thrower with hit and run melee. You aren't going to manage both without being higher level.

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I'm so glad they've started to get some love on /tg/.

>> No.40267587

But then I'll just be teased by the perfect booty being just out of reach for all time

>> No.40267593

>It's really the only mundane martial that isn't complete shit.

I mean... Barbarians exist.

>> No.40267615

How do you get your dick inside their serpentine booties, though?

>> No.40267639


The entrance is near the tip of the tail, like a snake.

>> No.40267683

I'm totally not really turned on by that at all.

>> No.40267691

Barbarian gets so mad he grows claws, tears magic apart, FLIES! He's hardly mundane. Part of the reason it's such a good T4 class is !because! it has so many Supernatural abilities that let it do shit Extraordinary abilities can't.

Slayer is just a dude who's damn good at hunting shit (whether that is people, animals, demons, etc.)

>> No.40267714 [SPOILER] 

Are we discussing SNAKE CLOACA now?

>> No.40267739

And being entirely mundane, in turn, makes Slayer just as shit as unarchetyped Fighter and chained Rogue. There's no reason to play Slayer when Freebooter Ranger, Sanctified Slayer Inquisitor, and Nature Fang Druid exist.

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You know, it's funny. When I first saw the art for Shelyn, I didn't really find anything special about it. She was cute, but that was it.

The depiction of her gets steadily more attractive every time I look at it and read more about her. It's downright magical.

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How do I optimize a character for romancing and eventually making love to Shelyn?

>> No.40267915

Should I take Charing Hurler for my Scout Underground Chemist?

>> No.40267919

It's a solid T4 class for people who don't want spells at all.

Just because it's not as strong as those options you mentioned doesn't mean that it's not a valid class. There's nothing wrong with playing a lower tier class if it suits your fancy.

The guy seems pretty intent on playing something without spells, which means all three of those options are absolutely not what he wants.

>but muh optimization
Considering the Slayer is a very well-designed class that has a lot of built-in options (albeit lower power ones) it's literally the best option for the kind of character he's shooting for.

>> No.40267943


You can't get a will save high enough not to be lost in bliss beyond what mortals can imagine at first base, I'm pretty sure. Holding hands with Shelyn is about as far as you could safely get without being an overdeity.

>> No.40267972

Irori and Urgathoa both became gods on their own, without magical aid beyond their own sheer girth. How can I be like them?

>> No.40267978


>> No.40268005

You have to remember that lillends are artists as much as lovers of beauty. I don't think I have to say more than that.

>> No.40268042

...they're habitual drug users?

>> No.40268089

Irori achieved physical, mental, and spiritual perfection, and literally every follower of his has been pursuing the same goal without result ever since.

Urgathoa died, wound up in Pharasma's giant soul queue, and was strong-willed enough that she just said "no" and willed herself back to mortal existence, inventing undeath and permanently fucking up the universe in the process.

>> No.40268130


either I got older and better at identifying shitty art, or diterlizzi's art did not age well

>> No.40268141

No no, this isn't 40k. No Slaanesh here.

I'm saying they'd know a lot of physical techniques as they learn about all things beautiful. Their knowledge in such fields would be unsurpassed, even by a professional of the physical arts.

>> No.40268207

It doesn't seem too bad to me. Sort of like a mix between something out of an old sketchbook and something kind of wild and fantastical in an older, pre-Tolkien fashion, wild and fey. And then there's the cute animals.

>> No.40268292

A MAD Wis/Cha paladin half-elf Dual minded and some will traits could build a pretty insane will score

>> No.40268362

Does the Warlord's Force of Personality work with its Rallying Presence?
As in, can it add its charisma modifier as a morale bonus on top of its standard will bonus?

>> No.40268419

Touch + flat-foot is fun though.

>> No.40268526

We're talking the loveliest being in existence, Anon. Class levels won't cut it.

>> No.40268551

Probably not? It likely falls under the same "double dipping stats" thing that got FAQ'd a while back.

Ask your DM, really.

>> No.40268613


>fantasy art will never look like this again

Why even live

>> No.40268616

I am the DM. I just want to know how bad of an idea it'd be to allow this.

>> No.40268653

It's not going to ruin the game, but it's probably a good deal more than they really need. Getting Cha to Will saves once on a class that has all kinds of reasons to have a decent Cha mod is hardly going to leave them up a creek.

If you allow them to stack, they'll probably be quite pleased with you, though.

>> No.40268748

>Fantasy art these days looks like this
What a time to be alive.

>> No.40268994

>there's people who think this armor looks dumb

>> No.40269034


>Wayne Reynolds 00

What the fuck happened to his art?

>> No.40269106


That is a good thing though, being witness to the perfect unattainable booty while still settling down means you won't cheat on your wife or neglect her, as the thought of sampling other asses won't excite you anymore.

>> No.40269110

DiTerlizzi wasnt that great, and most of the Planescape art was fairly shit. Remove your nostalgia glasses.

>> No.40269135

Most people think of a more grimdark, realistic fantasy than high fantasy when they see that kind of armor. High fantasy needs bells and whistles.

>> No.40269152


>the class with all the skills, all the utility of a ranger/rogue, turgid fighting ability, d10 and killer CM archetypes/abilities
>equal in shittiness to the fighter

>> No.40269180


why not both?

>> No.40269189


>Shelyn looks like the epitome of beauty to whoever gazes upon here

Does that mean Shelyn sometimes has a big meaty dick?

>> No.40269212

So my DM gives us a feat track that RP focused, basically a series of bonus feats. This includes stuff like Deific Obedience, Skill Focus, Story Feats, Apprenticeship (from 3.5) and Teamwork Feats. I actually really like the system, right now I have Skill Focus Perform (oratory), Profession (bureaucrat) and Perception (to unlock eldritch heritage for draconic).

Mainly what I want to ask are what are some good Signature Skills. I was thinking of just doing it on my Perform Oratory.

>> No.40269218

>Shelyn can't control what she looks like to other people
>Occasionally finds herself with extra parts
>Remains pure because she's the one plowing

>> No.40269225

No, because you'll never get to see her crotch.

>> No.40269243

I guess it's because people don't associate the ancient world or the Dark Ages with high fantasy. If they include it at all, it's sort of the precursor culture to this new, medieval one that ends up building all the dungeons.

>> No.40269255

Can you use the golden lion's pride movement maneuver on yourself?

>> No.40269262

Dou-Bral was the god of beautiful dicks, Anon.

>> No.40269269

Not as good as my current Wizard

>more hitpoints than Paladin
>More AC than Paladin
>highest strength on team
>0% spell failure chance

Transmuter Wizard with a level of fighter (I had a good reason behind the 1 level fighter so that it wasn't out of character). Just picked up Beast Shape 4 so now it's Chimera or Gorillion fighting time. Or I'll just go Giant form and keep my full plate mail and battle axe, add in Tensors Transformation and I am a train

>> No.40269281


It's still beautiful, anon.

>> No.40269291

What class or archetype has the most supernatural/magical abilities, without actually being a spellcaster?

>> No.40269301

I think you can use all of the ally stuff with the golden lion on yourself.

>> No.40269318



>> No.40269320

How'd you manage to get down to 0?

>> No.40269328


Stygian Slayer has some really freaky shit, but odds are it's a toss-up between monk and non-spellcasting Paladins.

>> No.40269343


>> No.40269353


You count as your own ally

>> No.40269354

Probably a monk, if they can't straight up cast spells. Even paladins can Lay on Hands.

>> No.40269364


>trust no one not even yourself

>> No.40269377

Do you count as your adjacent ally?

>> No.40269379

Alchemist is, by RAW, not a spellcaster.

>> No.40269380


>> No.40269422


That one is more up to the DM. I go with yes.

>> No.40269432

I would say no, as you are not adjacent to yourself.

>> No.40269452

It's RAW. You are always your own ally.

>> No.40269459

Perform really isn't a good one to choose unless you're a Bard, at level 20 your big bonus is getting to roll twice for bluff, diplomacy or intimidate. Even profession is more useful because at level 15 you can get an amount of gold equal to your check every day.

>> No.40269469


Yes. But you are not adjacent to yourself.

>> No.40269495

Are there any other interesting ones? Disguise possibly, or sleight of hand?

>> No.40269538

Stat me

>> No.40269553

Monk of the Healing Hand 20

>> No.40269563

both feats to reduce spell failure by 10% and wear Full Plate of Haste, only 15% on that thing so more than covers it.

>> No.40269567

XP 1,200
N Large magical beast
Init +5; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision, scent; Perception +12

AC 15, touch 10, flat-footed 14 (+1 Dex, +5 natural, –1 size)
hp 47 (5d10+20)
Fort +10, Ref +5, Will +2

Speed 30 ft.
Melee 2 claws +8 (1d6+4 plus grab), bite +8 (1d6+4)
Space 10 ft.; Reach 5 ft.

Str 19, Dex 12, Con 18, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 10
Base Atk +5; CMB +10 (+14 grapple); CMD 21 (25 vs. trip)
Feats Improved Initiative, Great Fortitude, Skill Focus (Perception)
Skills Perception +12

Environment temperate forests
Organization solitary, pair, or pack (3–8)
Treasure incidental

>> No.40269576

Just read up on them bro, each page on the srd for skills lists what the unchained things are.

>> No.40269598

NOT COOL, BRO. I can't even listen to Dango Daikazoku without bursting into bitch tears, man.


>> No.40269663

I've decided this is the theme song for all Aegis/Synthesis summoners


>> No.40269766




>> No.40269905

Jabbing Style or Pummeling Style?

I'm a Sacred Fist Warpriest

>> No.40269948


Pummeling Style's just one of those "too good not to use" styles for me. Those crazy crits are too amazing to pass up, and mobility is key.

I got kinda mad that Jabbing Style, the mechanically worse if more interesting one, is the one that got all the bullshit prerequisites to use.

>> No.40269988

Pummeling without question. Pummeling Charge gives the Sacred Fist access to the most sought-after melee ability in the game: pounce. Once you've got that, you're fucking golden (which can be as soon as level 2 if you dip MoMS Monk).

>> No.40270013

Jabbing Style sucks

Take Pummeling style

Suck your DM's dick and see if you can talk him into a feats as rewards scheme and learn more styles from martial arts masters in your travels

>> No.40270023

Are there any charisma-based manifesters besides Dread and Wilder? Maybe in an archetype?

>> No.40270145

get out of here /m/. Before I summon Full-possession Shelounger on you and your Iomadae.

>> No.40270189

How are the other methods for a Vitalist (Guardian/Mender)? They any good, or is Life Leech Sadist Soulthief the king?

>> No.40270231

There's only four good styles:

Pummeling Style
Wolf Style
Dragon Style
Snake Style

Everything else = get out of here

>> No.40270285

Mender is cool if you want to be THE HEALIEST THERE EVER COULD BE. Literally no one can keep up with the kind of ridiculous healing a Mender Vitalist can put out.

Guardian I don't have any experience with, but it seems like it'd be nice if you play very proactively, attempting to prevent your group from ever really needing REAL healing with lots of Vigor and DR and stuff.

Life Leech Sadist Soulthief is just the most offensive of the Vitalist options, which means it'll generally be more fun for people who aren't big on the healer/buffer role.

>> No.40270287

i don't go to /m/ anymore

Their taste is mecha is SHIT


>> No.40270317

Great! Mender it is. It's meant for a nonintrusive DMPC who'll act as the healbot.

>> No.40270401

I dont understand healbots, just give a wand of CLW

>> No.40270439

You just don't understand.
Somebody post that healers.jpg image.

>> No.40270451

Presumably for in-combat healing. Not the best use of your action, but if its an npc healbot then they don't really cost any for the players.

>> No.40270467


I actually agree with you. Mender Vitalist healing can be so potent that your party will end up effectively immune to to HP damage, and it can start a serious SoS/SoL/SoD arms race to actually challenge your group.

>> No.40270507

Will we ever get an Appraise-based martial discipline?

>> No.40270524





Krav Maga.

>> No.40270602

Which class is best for ascending to god status and romancing Shelyn?

>> No.40270610

I was going to make something up, but I realized I don't have a happy merchant image macro.

How to Mahou Shounen.mkv

Also, Krav Maga would have like, Profession (dickpunching) as its class skill. They don't fuck around.

>> No.40270638

>(which can be as soon as level 2 if you dip MoMS Monk)
How? I mean, you don't need to meet the prereqs but you can only get 1 prereq free feat, and Pummeling Charge only lets you make a Pummeling Style attack. Sure, it's great, but that means either 1 more level of MoMS monk, or wait until BaB +6.

>> No.40270647

You can't make martial arts out of everything.

>> No.40270679

Your image clearly disagrees with your tunnel-vision assessment

>> No.40270691

Warpriest 1 take Pummeling Style
MoMS 1 take Pummeling Charge
18 more levels of Warpriest.

>> No.40270709

See >>40270691
Sacred Fist gets Flurry of Blows, so it can grab Pummeling Style at level 1.

>> No.40270721

Oh, so you need either BaB+6, Flurry, or Flurry of Blows then? I guess I was reading it wrong. Makes sense.

>> No.40270738

Exactly, thats why there's a semicolon.

>> No.40270748

Yeah, when reqs are
>A; B, C, or D
they're read
>A, (B OR C OR D)

>> No.40270843

>Be orphan turned murderhobo, emphasis on murder
>End up saving a trio of kids and bring them back to our ship
>All their family is dead/insane
>Tell the oldest to be brave, and that it's his choice
>Whether to go to some shitty orphanage in a town about to be torn apart by lawlessness
>(we were forced to kill like 60% of the town guard)
>Or to stay with us
>Rogue "I will teach you how to be sneaky pick pocket thief!"
>Cleric "No no no, they're going to mass produce holy symbols for my crusader order!"
>Druid "What ever they're doing, means less deck scrubbing for me!"
>Me "Apparently the orphanage is a better choice for them"
>DM "Agreed"

Maybe one day I'll get to begin my redemption arc

>> No.40270884

Twist: That was actually you from the past. You saved yourself.

>> No.40271033

That would be a pretty boring backstory.

>> No.40271180

Behead those who insult Sarenrae!

>> No.40271196

Normal full plate has 35% spell failure chance, and a mithral one has 25%

>> No.40271448

When will Sarenrae and Asmodeus get married and have cute lawful good children?

>> No.40271474

>marrying a slut

>> No.40271557


It is cannon that Asmodeus considers women to be little better than chattel and not very useful chattel at that. He would never marry, at best she could be a consort.

>> No.40271569

Has someone smuggled out the Path of War Extended Harbinger PDF yet?

pls respond :c

>> No.40271609


>> No.40271623


What do you think a consort is.

>> No.40271639

>tfw Planescape Asmodeus had a wife that he genuinely loved, while still being Lawful Evil
>Paizo has no idea how to do this

>> No.40271700

Asmodeus works with goddesses all the time, and respects Sarenrae. He only plays the Misogyny card against slurry devil bitches at home in his Court. Folks like Iomedae or Sarenrae get his advice and assistance.

>> No.40271708

You're a cool Internet friend and I appreciate you.

>> No.40272079

I want to make a dickass hobgoblin order of the cockatrice caviler who's in it for the money and glory.
Any suggestion?
I fear he must be evil but chaotic neutral might work.

>> No.40272269

Is there a psionic version of spectral hand?

>> No.40272588

What are best monster girl races.

>> No.40272594


>there's absolutely nothing in the custom races rules for making a slime girl


>> No.40272665

what is a good rage power to give to a group of level 3 barbarians that my character has trained to be his shield orcs? hopefully somethign passive that I don't need to keep track of.

>> No.40272718

>no magical healing
>instead healing spells give you an ablative shield that regenerates outside of combat that lasts all day

r8 me

>> No.40272724

Why is Mithral Current so poorly-edited? Just at a glance, Following Wake and Ride the Wake's summaries blatantly contradict their full text.

>Following Wake: Boost - when you charge a foe make a free trip attempt against them, using Perform (Dance) in place of CMB roll. This does not provoke an attack of opportunity

>By utilizing the momentum of their body and blade the disciple turns their strike into a disabling attack that leaves their opponent on the ground. The next time you make an attack this round this round, you can make a free trip attempt against the target of your attack that does not provoke Attacks of Opportunity. This combat maneuver uses Perform(Dance) instead of your CMB when making this trip attempt.

>Ride the Wake: Boost - if you draw your weapon as part of your attack, you can move up to your speed as a free action after the attack. This movement still provokes Attacks of Opportunity as normal.

>To stop moving is to die, and the Disciple acknowledges this by continuing their movement even after attacking their foe. If you drew your weapon as part of making an attack, you can initiate this boost to move up to your speed speed as a free action after the attack has resolved. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

>> No.40272787

>every player character gets 1/5 of their level as an enhancement bonus to attack/damage
>every player character gets 1/5 of their level as an enhancement bonus to armor
>every player character gets 1/5 of their level as an natural bonus to armor
>every player character gets 1/5 of their level as a deflection bonus to armor
>every player character gets 1/5 of their level as an resistance bonus to all saves
>every player gets ? of their level as an enhancement bonus to their stats

r8 me

>> No.40272806

make it 1/3rd and round it down.

also: every even level you get two attribute points that you have to put into different attributes.

>> No.40272897


My bad, should be 1/4


After spending gold on big 6 + tome for main stat, how much gold is there to spend on stat boosters (including tomes/wish) for other stats?

>> No.40272953

oh: the items that grant these bonuses shouldn't exist any more. No more +1 swords, no more +4 str belts, etc.

>> No.40272968


yes obviously

but under normal WBL, after buying big seven (weapon, armor, natural armor, deflection armor, resistance saves, enhancement to one stat, wish for another stat) how much is there for enhancement and wish for other stats?

>> No.40272988

For some classes none. Honestly: I would go with 1/4th normal stuff. You would be supriesd how much money is spent on just bigger numbers.

>> No.40272989


err enhancement to one stat, wish for same stat)

>> No.40273098

Idea: Each level you pick a spend points on gaining a bonus (enhancement bonus to attack, stat bonus, enhancement bonus to AC, etc)

Each +1 bonus costs 1 point, and you get this number of new points at each level:

2 1 points
3 1 points
4 1 points
5 1 points
6 2 points
7 2 points
8 2 points
9 2 points
10 2 points
11 3 points
12 3 points
13 3 points
14 3 points
15 3 points
16 4 points
17 4 points
18 4 points
19 4 points
20 4 points

>> No.40273123


Bonuses are capped at 1/4 your level for most things (minimum 1), 1/3 your level for enhancement bonuses to stats (round down), 1/4 your level for inherent bonuses to stats (but with arbitrary limitation here)

>> No.40273209


Actualy, give 5 at level 20

2 1
3 2
4 3
5 4
6 6
7 8
8 10
9 12
10 14
11 17
12 20
13 23
14 26
15 29
16 33
17 37
18 41
19 45
20 50


It's enough for:
+5 enhancement bonus to attack
+5 enhancement bonus to armor
+5 natural bonus to armor
+5 deflection bonus to armor
+5 resistance bonus to all saves
+6 enhancement bonus to 3 stats
+5 inherent bonus to 2 stats

If the stats are too high, we could have them cost double

>> No.40273253


>> No.40273306


muh fuckan nigga

I made a LE swordsman devoted to levistus as my first D&D character

>> No.40273465

You know what his first move will be if he ever escapes, right?

Banging Glasya

>> No.40273515


>That pic

She is one baseball bat away from being an >implying reaction image.

>> No.40273779

Nobody bothers to edit short text before pre-print, or whatever that stage is called. Also post it somewhere DSP actually reads, not here.

>> No.40273808

Animal companions, bonded mounts, etc need not apply?

>> No.40273894


I guess you could give them bonuses instead

Never really thought about WBL for furry friends tbh

>> No.40273902


>You will never ever make a monstergirl harem.

>> No.40273914

i mean

do drow, tieflings, skinwalkers, the various ifrit and such races, and merfolk count?

There's also a dragonish race in mm4 i think

>> No.40273975

>do drow, tieflings, skinwalkers, the various ifrit and such races, and merfolk count?

Merfolk count but the rest do not.

Centaurs count, driders count but Thri-keen do not, nor do Dragonborn or Kobolds.

The rule of thumb is "it's a monster-girl if there's a clear split between animal trait and human trait." A creature with a humanoid face and torso but lion body is a monster-girl, a uniformly furred bipedal lioness with a snout and cat-eyes is not, no matter how understandably fuckable such a creature may be.

>> No.40273991

Skinwalkers are pretty monster girl bro, given that they don't go furry style

>> No.40274019


Oh, and an important thing to remember when determining the potential haram (furry) or halal (monster-girl) of an image.

Ask the following three questions:

>Does it have a snout?
>Does it have fur covering it's entire body?
>Is it a furry?

If you answered yes to any of those, then it's furry and thus haram.


I didn't know what a Skinwalker was until I looked it up, I just assumed a Skinwalker is like a druid only natural.

Yup, that's definitely monster-girl.

The real question is whether Satyrs and Fauns count as monster-girls, because they're pretty damn Fae and I'm not sure if Fae can be considered monster-girls.

>> No.40274074

is this Haram?

>> No.40274084


80+% haram

>> No.40274088


No snout, fur doesn't cover the entire body and it's not blatantly a furry.

Not haram.

>> No.40274092


>Those pubes

>> No.40274100


>> No.40274111


Awooo~ is not for lewds!

>> No.40274117


>> No.40274125

>No snout
Nose though.

>> No.40274142


It's an animal nose but not attached to a snout.

>> No.40274152

>you will never boop your wolf-girl waifu's coldnose with your own

why even live.

>> No.40274180



Most Winter Wolves are gigantic assholes though, the only reason Greta even shows interest in the PC is because her biological clock is pounding something fierce and she thinks the suave, glib stranger before her is a fresh wolf-y face.

Kitsune are better, more common and less prone to ripping out throats.

>> No.40274186


>kitsune are better and more common

only one of these things is true

>> No.40274188

>fucking sluts

absolutely haram.

>> No.40274204


They also have snouts in their humanoid form, making them furry and double haram.

They have an all-human form though, which doesn't have the face markings or tail, which makes me sad.

>> No.40274221

Hey guys I have a question.

So witches can add spells from one familiar to another. Now, witches have patron spells that aren't necessarily on the witch spell list. Can I add those as well? Under what circumstances can I exchange those kinds of spells?

Is it possible to do it from a scroll because it appears on some witches spell lists? Has this been answered officially?

>> No.40274254

Hey general, can a combo of Summoner and Cleric with intent of taking Mystic Theurge prestige class later on?

It's a weird idea, but I was thinking about it for thematic reasons, I was wondering if it can work mehcanically.

Also,can you guys tell me if combo of taking a quadruped base form for the Eidolon, stacking tentacles with grab and pounce for a large number of grapple-enabling attacks and an easy powerful bite (with intent of later buying size and swallow whole to eat things) could work? I'm kinda new to this and never played Summoner before so I'm reviewing my options.

>> No.40274286


>Summoner/Cleric mystic theurge


Abandon this thought right now unless you wanna be outshone by the party monk

>> No.40274297

that sounds awful.

>> No.40274308

Work with the DM, see if they're willing to run a plot that eventually ends up with you turning into a god. >>40268089 gives some good examples to use when working together on this story. Just make sure it's something that involves the whole party!

Water Elemental Eidolons are pretty close. They even get that sicknasty crit immunity eventually. Just take stuff like improved damage and reach on their Slam attack so it fits the theme.

>> No.40274387

There are a few problems with the idea:
- Summoners have delayed casting. Cutting that up with multiclassing will really fuck you over. Well, if you use the APG version, you could sort of make up for it with their discounted spell levels.
- Cleric channeling and domain powers are pretty rad, and you'd be missing out on it. Even if you didn't care, you'll need to skip 4 whole levels of Cleric just to get Summoner spells to 2nd level, so even the pure spellcasting part of Cleric suffers
- Most importantly, you're poor Eidolon is going to drop off hard. Unless it's built specifically for skills and scouting. (Which is actually quite possible; You can get +23 Stealth on a level 1 Eidolon) It's going to be useless in combat thanks to low Hit Dice and evolution points.

Overall, I say pick one of the two classes and play in the style of the other. If you want a Cleric, imagine playing a Summoner who builds their Eidolon to look like a favored minion of your chosen Diety. The Inner Sea Gods book has a great section about this. Or simply play a Cleric and take the Sacred Summons feat, which lets you Standard-action summon things from the SM list that match your alignment. Either way, if you REALLY want to dip into the other class' features, just use the Variant Multiclass System from Unchained. At least that way you'll be giving up feats instead of progression on class abilities that NEED to progress to stay relevant.

Also, as a note Claws are the most efficient way to stack attacks on a murderous pouncebeast. 1 point for 2 primary attacks versus 1 point for a single secondary attack. Remember, secondaries suffer a -5 to hit and only use half your strength bonus to damage. Plus, claws can also be boosted with great evolutions like Rend and Grab, and quadrupeds even get Rake, which is basically Even More Claws.

>> No.40274424

Oh and I forgot to mention, Mystic Theurge in general is pretty suboptimal if you want to use any features beyond just casting spells, or if you want your actual spell list(s) to matter a whole bunch. AND you're splitting your focus further because most divine/arcane combinations don't share the same casting stat, messing you up in point buys or all but the most generous of roll systems.

And nevermind the fact that after 16th level or so, you have to go back to one of your two (now hobbled) casting classes, meaning your other one will suffer atrophy right when you're hitting the big leagues.

There used to be one great way to use Mystic Theurge. In Pathfinder Society, which generally caps out at 12th level. The trick was to use a race with a higher level Spell-Like Ability to meet the prerequisite of casting a 2nd level Divine spell (back before they FAQ'd this option into oblivion) and picking up Cleric with Trickery domain as your divine, since the sort-of Mirror Image counted as a 2nd level spell as well. The only limitation was having 3 ranks of skills.

An Aasimar Wizard 2/Cleric1 could jump right into MT at level 4, Not only would you keep both spell lists somewhat up to date, but you'd cap out just before you finished the prestige class only to find yourself with your thumb up your ass for the last half dozen levels or so.

>> No.40274448


claws require extra limbs, tentacles don't

>> No.40274452

>Wake up
>fire up the computer
>read thread

I guess a morning jog will help clean what I just read out of my mind!

>> No.40274466


>> No.40274475

>Also, as a note Claws are the most efficient way to stack attacks on a murderous pouncebeast. 1 point for 2 primary attacks versus 1 point for a single secondary attack.

Well, yeah, but you have to have limbs to take claws and limbs is a 2pts Evolution. So it's actually 1pt for a secondary attack vs 3pts for two primary attacks. So 3 secondary for 2 primary.

And the idea is not to jump at things and tear them apart, that's efficient and boring. The idea is to jump at things and grapple them with tentacles, bite them, then eat them.

That said, I will probably stick to pure Summoner. I'm playing a Synthesist anyway, so an argument could be made that I could just take defensive Evolutions like Shadow Form and Shadow Blend and that's really something I'm considering, but I don't know. For now I will just stcik with Summoner, maybe I will change my mind later.

>> No.40274486


>Implying he has the balls for it

>> No.40274494

True, but quads start with front Legs that can get claws. So your first pair of claws is cheap as chips. Plus, if you give your Eidolon some arms in order to give it claws, you've also given it the ability to do all that stuff that requires hands, which is a whole lot.

4 Tentacles: 4 evolution points
4 claws on a Quadruped: 4 evolution points, counting the Arms evolution
And again, these are Primary attacks, making them the only reasonable option before Summoner level 9, when the Eidolon gets Multiattack as a bonus feat. And even then, it's still a -2 to hit and it's still one half strength mod to damage.

Between 4 claws and a free Bite, you'll be brushing up against the Max Attacks well before the cap for Evo points becomes an issue.

>> No.40274504

>I'm playing a Synthesist anyway

Arms. Arms and Claws. You want those fucking arms so bad. You'll need them to cast spells anyway, so just go with the arms and claws.

>> No.40274603

Pre-nerf Crane Wing is pretty good, man. And Monkey style at least has some degree of usefulness occasionally.

>> No.40274638

Grabbing is good too

i personally love wolf Style tho, its so dirty once you have viscous stomp.

>> No.40274656



>> No.40274700

>Synthesist thread
I think I'm in love. I'm currently playing one with a level dip in MomS, snake and panther so I can run around a battle and punch everything at once. Twice. Thinking of taking a second level of MomS at level 7, pick up wolf style and savage for the mad debuffs. However, having more than two styles means I lose my swift action most times to make use of it, and that can't be fixed until level 9 if I get that free action switch.
Also, does this feat let you use the chosen natural weapon instead of unarmed attacks for attacks from styles that specify unarmed attacks?

>> No.40274773

Bad idea. Eidolon will suck. Summon Monster SLA won't scale either. Mystic Theurge in general is just bad. Taking a class which has scaling abilities that do not scale in Theurge just makes it worse.

You want stuff that works in Theurge? Pick classes that either have abilities which scale based on caster level, classes who you can trade out abilities to gain significant bonuses early on with via archetypes, classes who's abilities are subpar or you don't mind missing, or finally classes who's abilities require MAD where in both classes require the same stat secondary or each others stats.

In other words, think:
>Arcanist (Blade Adept), Arcanist (White Mage), Arcanist (Brown Fur Transmuter) or Arcanist (Spell Specialist)
>Magus (Card Caster), Magus (Spire Defender), Magus (Elemental Knight), Magus (Kapenia Dancer), Magus (Kensai)
>Oracle (Community Guardian), Oracle (Dual-Cursed), Oracle (Psychic Searcher)
>Sorcerer (Wishcrafter)
>If you MUST go Summoner at all: Summoner (Synthesist), Summoner (Blood God Disciple)
>Shaman (Visionary) or Shaman (Speaker for the Past)
>Witch (Winter Witch), Witch (Cartomancer), Witch (Gravewalker), Witch (Scarred Witch Doctor), Witch (Veneficius Witch), Witch (Hedge Witch), Witch (White-Haired Witch)
>Wizard (Cruoromancer), Wizard (Shadowcaster), Wizard (Spellslinger), Wizard (Thassilonian Specialist)
>Any hexes/revelations/bloodlines/etc. should be or have passive/s (ie. bonus feats), scale based on caster level, scale based on a stat required by the other class or provide its benefit without savings throws (ie. Fortune)

The fact that a fair number of the above are never talked about should tell you why this is a bad idea.

>> No.40274785


Is blade adept arcanist better now that you can go Arcanist 10/Eldritch Knight 10?

>> No.40274933

Hey /pfg/, does anyone have any experience with Akashic Mysteries. I'm going to make a Vizier for an upcomming campaign. The fluff is really great, but what about his powerlevel? Neither gm nor I have had any experience with akasha/incarnum in PF yet and I don't really want to make anything higher than tier 3. Would Vizier be OK?

>> No.40274978

You're not going to. You're gonna go Arcanist 6 and then into some combination of Evangelist, Hell Knight Signifier and Eldritch Knight. At the very least you're gonna end with BAB ~14-16, CL ~18-20, Fort ~6-8, Ref ~6-8, Will ~9-11

>> No.40275029

All three akashic classes are intended to be T3.

>> No.40275030


Arcanist 10/EK 10 gets you CL19 and 15 BAB

You can trade out 3 or 4 arcanist levels for +1 BAB and -1 CL

>> No.40275038


nm HKS doesn't even lose a single caster level wow

>> No.40275310

So let's say I'm a Soulknife.

Let's say I form my Mind Blade as a 2-handed weapon. That makes it deal 2d6 damage with a crit of 19-20/x2.

Let's say I use the Blade Skill "Emulate Melee Weapon" to make my Mind Blade act as a Scythe.

What changes? Does the damage and crit range become worse as if it were a regular scythe?

>> No.40275319


>mfw someone saved my hastily arranged gnasher build

>> No.40275823

Is there any archetype (or class, or prestige class, or whatever) out there to give a pc some sort of edge with Exotic Weapons?
I mean, in general, as the (oooooold, I guess it dates back to Sword&Fist, or another 3.0 splat) Exotic Weapon Master did.

If not, is there something similar to the 3.5 Complete Warrior version (special tricks and whatever with a chosen and focused exotic weapon)?

>> No.40275886

Magus lets you cast spells with your katana

>> No.40276058

Kensai Magus.

>> No.40276098

>less prone to rip out throats
I guess you're playing with the wrong sort of Kitsune then. There's more than one east Asian legend about fox spirits. Fuck, why contain yourself to Asia? Go full CE Reynard.

>> No.40276173

My player wants to retroactively change his magus from a standard one to a blade bound magus. What's peoples thoughts on the archetype?

>> No.40276224

Completely balanced and i like the role playing potential of it.

>> No.40276508

How do I cleric, teeg?

>> No.40276541

You're a tier 1 caster. Pick the save/die spells, the buffing spells if you want to be a combat monster, Divination, etc, and enjoy your insane flexibility while being one of the toughest classes in the game.

>> No.40276555

take 20 levels of cleric

you did it.

>> No.40276665

What if my deity tries to take advantage of me sexually?
It's Rovagug

>> No.40276677


>> No.40276688

I know you likely didn't mean it, but it came of a little snarky. Like if somebody asked "how do I white male?" and you responded with "you're already controlling most of society and are being pandered to, enjoy your privilige scum.

Is there something like a "Tier 1 privilige"?

>> No.40276785

Yes, that would be true if 'white males' could tell the future and kill people with their minds 8 times a day. You can break a game on ACCIDENT as a tier 1, without even trying. Tier 1s only really work in games that are either all tier 1/2 or as a warning sign to a GM that Pathfinder is inherently imbalanced.

Accept the Rough Beast into your life, anon.

>> No.40276833

Fair enough. All things must be destroyed, I suppose, even clerical booty.

>> No.40276870

>Blade Skill "Emulate Melee Weapon"
>The soulknife is proficient with her mind blade in this form and it functions in all ways as the chosen weapon
>in all ways
You're mind blade functions as a sycthe. Damage Die. Crit ranges and multipliers. Weapon properties. You don't get to cherry pick.

>> No.40276913

>GM houseruled that healing wands only work 1/day per individual
So how much would a potion cooler cost?

>> No.40276924

>GM houseruled that healing wands only work 1/day per individual
Why on earth would he do that?

>> No.40276995

Remind your GM that PF isn't PvP tournament between him and players but a cooperative storytelling, and his goal isn't to kill you.

>> No.40276998

Well you're making a constantly-active wondrous item with ray of frost active, it's slotless, so 1000 gold, 500 if you're crafting it.

>> No.40277116

He's using rules from another table. The justification being that intelligent enemies could use the exact same tactic.

>> No.40277142

Pathfinder is hard enough to survive without your GM trying to screw you out of healing.

But this is the correct answer: >>40276998

>> No.40277281

That assumes they have wands of healing. If you're using those as your main source of healing you're probably low-level, so the chances of a random goblin shit being able to even use a wand without blowing itself up are pretty slim.

Also, so what if the enemy uses the same tactics? Just means you need to kill the healer first, just like any other time. Is he going to ban clerics as well because enemies can have them?

>> No.40277729

>Yes, that would be true if 'white males' could tell the future and kill people with their minds 8 times a day.
Are you suggesting we can't?
Know your place, ethnic minority woman.

>> No.40277755

Honestly: Tier 1 is only a problem if you have any idea what you are doing. A newb/scrub can made bad decisions and the low hp and defenses mean you are preety close to death a lot of the time. I would pick something like bard or paladin or inquisitor.

>> No.40277770


>> No.40277825

Yes, but the "i have every spell ever in my spellbook" can lead to decision paralysis. If you are stuck on tier 1 I would go witch.

>> No.40277873

Druid is literally impossible to fuck up. It is THE "pick what seems cool" class.

>> No.40277924

The spell list isn't as good as it was in 3.5 and the wild shape got kinda nerfed. Still tier 1, but no longer "three whole powerful classes in one class" powerful. Plus it could be overwhelming for a new player to be picking spells. I recommend a spontaneous caster. We can help with the spell list and you won't have nearly as much decision paralysis in game.

>> No.40277952

Spontaneous casters are WAY more of a planning headache than prepared ones are. If you ever feel like branching out as a druid, all you need to do is wait for the next day.

>> No.40277988

its more of a "decide on spells on my own when people are waiting for me" vs. "have 4chan give me a decent spell list that will be easy to choose from in combat".

>> No.40278067

>not enforcing the 'prepare spells in advance' rule so you can prepare while others are doing other things

>> No.40278125

Lets be nice to the new players mkay?

>> No.40278136

A guy I know was able to pick up on this stuff quickly. How about YOU practice what you preach, you patronizing fuck?

>> No.40278160

>A guy I know was able to pick up on this stuff quickly
I don't understand. Pick up on this stuff = learn to play? play the game quickly? both?

>> No.40278172

The spells thing. The context of our conversation would tell you this already.

>> No.40278195

ok, so "pick up this stuff quickly" doesn't really combine with "you have literally 40 first levels spells, pick 5 of them to cast today and pls hurry because combat starts soon."

>> No.40278212

Yeah, it does. He knew entangle was a good choice, so he used it. No prompting required.

>> No.40278234

oh. I thought he was a new player?

>> No.40278244

Too late. Stat him /tg/.

>> No.40278251

He is. Are you implying that decision paralysis affects everyone, or one can't overcome it on their own? Because that's what you're strongly implying.

>> No.40278296

I thought that a new player, when given 40 possible options, would have a hard time quickly finding the 10 "not shit" ones.

>> No.40278316

It doesn't take a genius to notice that the spell that immobilizes enemies is a safe bet. Don't underestimate newbs. Don't spoonfeed them, let them search for the answers on their own first.

>> No.40278332

Noticed that http://www.d20pfsrd.com/psionics-unleashed/psionic-powers/e/expansion isn't actually listed as a Vitalist power even though it's cited as one of the abilities that gain the network descriptor. Assuming it's a formatting screwup, what power level should I assume it is? Vitalist 1, like the others?

>> No.40278334


>> No.40278419

>Assuming it's a formatting screwup
It is not. Expanded Knowledge exists for a reason, and vitalist even gets two of these on levelups.

>> No.40278422

Can you use counters out of battle? Like using veiled moon's inner sense to resist being poisoned?

>> No.40278431

Size/Type: Medium Humanoid (Gnoll)
Hit Dice: 2d8+2 (11 hp)
Initiative: +0
Speed: 30 ft. (6 squares)
Armor Class: 15 (+1 natural, +2 leather armor, +2 heavy steel shield), touch 10, flat-footed 15
Base Attack/Grapple: +1/+3
Attack: Battleaxe +3 melee (1d8+2/×3) or shortbow +1 ranged (1d6/×3)
Full Attack: Battleaxe +3 melee (1d8+2/×3) or shortbow +1 ranged (1d6/×3)
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks: —
Special Qualities: Darkvision 60 ft.
Saves: Fort +4, Ref +0, Will +0
Abilities: Str 15, Dex 10, Con 13, Int 8, Wis 11, Cha 8
Skills: Listen +2, Spot +3
Feats: Power Attack
Environment: Warm plains
Organization: Solitary, pair, hunting party (2-5 and 1-2 hyenas), band (10-100 plus 50% noncombatants plus 1 3rd-level sergeant per 20 adults and 1 leader of 4th-6th level and 5-8 hyenas), or tribe (20-200 plus 1 3rd-level sergeant per 20 adults, 1 or 2 lieutenants of 4th or 5th level, 1 leader of 6th-8th level, and 7-12 hyenas; underground lairs also have 1-3 trolls)
Challenge Rating: 1
Treasure: Standard
Alignment: Usually chaotic evil
Advancement: By character class
Level Adjustment: +1

>> No.40278462

40 divine ranks
He can now be killed by a band of plucky adventuring murderhobos.
You're welcome.

>> No.40278464

Still loses to Old Spice Guy and/or One Punch Man.

>> No.40278467

Which are meant for expansion and timeless body, I assume.

God damn,,, what a joke.

>> No.40278918

They aren't on your spell-list, so you can't cast them.

>> No.40278936

Yes, you use them as your witch level.

See this shit? Stop it. Heavens Oracle gets color spray at level 2 and can use it.

>> No.40279021

Heaven's Oracle can't use Lunar Oracle's Fumbletongue, though, because it's not on his spell list.

A Witch can't cast a spell from another Witch's spell list if it's a Patron spell, and they have different Patrons.

>> No.40279166

So if I'm reading this right, Sacred Fist is good because not only is it a non-janky monk, it also gets partial spellcasting?

Great, now I'm torn between this and a gimpy Synthesist Summoner build for martial artist extraordinaire.

>> No.40279420

Why would you consider a Synthesist for that anyway? Mechanically it works, but flavor-wise it doesn't fit at all.

>> No.40279427

thats correct.

>> No.40279451

probably thinking of joejoes

>> No.40279479

Sacred Fist is badass motherfucker.

>> No.40279483


Because I want to punch someone with eight sets of arms, anon. I want to pretend to be a hindi divinity while beating the shit out of something. I want to seek to emulate the gods in actions and not just words.

>> No.40279548

To be more specific in my wording:

No, you cannot learn another Witch's Patron spells.

You either get them as you would normally (from your own Patron, or if they're on the Witch spell list you can learn them as normal), or you can never learn it at all (because it's not on your spell list).

>> No.40279667

Take two levels of Alchemist and the rest in Sacred First and grab Vestigial Arms twice, once through the Extra Discovery feat. You wouldn't even be able to use more than four arms in combat, and this gives them to you while still letting you act on the behalf of whatever Hindi god you want as a Warpriest.

>> No.40280007

Hey tg, while we're on the subject of Synthesist, I'm building a 4th level Half-elf one and I need to pick feats. Any suggestions? I'm honestly lost in the humongous jungle of them, would appreciate if somebody helped me pick the good ones.

>> No.40280162

Move discussion over to the N E W T H R E A D


>> No.40280174

Can clerics leave spell slots open to fill later on during the day as necessary, in the same way that wizards can?

>> No.40280194


>> No.40280831


All you need is to come for RP costs of Slippery and/or Sticky, as well as one for that trait that lets you squeeze into very very small gaps.

Anything else that isn't in the rules can be emulated by spells and/or items.

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