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Cause the last one just died. Starting off with a classic:

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And here's some OC, courtesy of last thread - a draft of part one of Fantasy Prostitute CYOA: http://pastebin.com/ye8j5Ra7

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Feedback/suggestions in last thread: >>40196372

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You have heat but what about Rut for males? Or better yet make it weird so that males can go into 'heat' and females who go into 'rut'. Forced to go gay to 'ride' out the storm. I mean it's magic right? Biological impossibilities be damned.

How about something along the lines of gag penis/boobs? You now for the big guys and gals?

You have a small body option, why not a large body option? I'm sure someone gets turned on by giantess on small guy action.

Other than what this >>40196887 anon said I think it's going good so far.

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Does anybody have the newest version of Stardust? 1d4chan's seems to be an old version

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I made an update for some reason. Changelog at the bottom of the file.

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Really not a fan of the way the other two t1 spells require the middle t1 ability, completely fucks over a lot of cross builds.

The drop from 17 to 7 is also a big blow, considering it would've been 10 points to fill out the complete (now removed) lower tier, and while the elemental thing made that more likely, 10 potential points from the upper tier lost with them seems a little restrictive.

Ideally it'd be 2 points per tier 4 ability and 9 points total with the current tier restrictions (but 8 with the above removed). That way you'd only ever have 1 t4 and only 1 tier 3 of a separate school if desired.

The alternative to changing the number system would be some kind of token exchange system where you could drop companions/items/spells for each other at like a 2 for 1 ratio.

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>Medium Difficulty

Girly Trainer
Public Casting Call

Meet and Greet + Raffle
Glory Hole + Thirsty

Age to 19
Face to Beautiful
Height to 5'5''
Chest to C-Cup
Ass to Bubble
Fertile Vagina
Long Hair
Average Build
Unnatural Hair
Unnatural Eyes
Brown Skin
Feminine Voice

Hair Removal
Erogenous Body (my fetish~)
Menstruation Control
Gag Reflex
Flexible Holes
Tattoo (Tramp Stamp)
Piercing (Ears, Navel)
Symbol Pupils + Indicator
Race Change+ Complete Change (Catgirl)


Sex Slave + U-Pick (the Dragon)
New Identity
New Home

Apartment - Deluxe Bedroom, Walk-in Closet, Deluxe Bathroom, Walk-in Shower, Deluxe Bathtub, Kitchen, Living Room, Girly Apartment
Shared Amenities: Bathhouse, Pool, Nightclub, Store, Garden

Personal Chef

Essentials + Makeup kit + Body Care Kit
Advanced Healthcare

Fetish Wear
Girly Clothes
Unrestricted Shopping
Personal Stylist

Roommate (Ideally a cute feminine trap with a secret dom streak~)
Cell Phone
Toy Chest
Alcohol + Bar
Tabletop Games
Entertainment System + Vidya
Personal AI
Computer + Webcam + Workstation
Outside + More Time

Why would I need a cash reward, if instead I could be the favorite arm-candy of a Dragon~?

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Scientist updated it again in the last thread.


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Sachi best girl

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I disagree. The changes have all been positive.

The latest version, 7.2, actually has 9 points though.

>Really not a fan of the way the other two t1 spells require the middle t1 ability, completely fucks over a lot of cross builds.

Requiring the center T1 ability as a buy-in for an element is a good change. It's a lot better than it was before, where you had to spend like 3 points for your first element and 2 for the second, and that didn't even get you any skills or spells.
I feel it helps establish the feel and lore of the setting, as if your battle mage has to learn the basics before moving on to other stuff, and isn't just cherry picking off of a list.

>2 points per tier 4 ability
That's an interesting thought. Makes it impossible to get two tier 4's with the 9 points in 7.2. It also means someone specializing in a single tree has to pass up on two abilities instead of one if they get the tier 4.

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To be honest since the condense a lot of the abilities are more varying sure, but the way they flow into each other now makes little sense, like how are dealt it should be fire weapon then armour THEN phoenix. Or ice weapons, ice armour THEN frost heart. And not summoning souls cme after soul seeker.

And fucking WHY have that ability between those two companion skills

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Yeah, I forgot the old build had a cost to buying trees, but their removal actually makes the 9 point restriction totally reasonable. Didn't see the new version with 9 points, and I'd say I'm still a little sad that the t1s are linked. Yeah I thought the 2 for a tier 4 would be good balancing but I kind of like having two possible tier 4s as well. Depends on how broken people try to build I guess.
I was working around the current placement but I agree with you.

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>I feel it helps establish the feel and lore of the setting, as if your battle mage has to learn the basics before moving on to other stuff, and isn't just cherry picking off of a list.

Like any profession or technical skill, there are more then one way and to approach learning.

Some people learn shit better orally and some people are better visual learners.

And if you're a government trying to train legions of battlemages quickly and efficiently, you need a flexible enough curriculum so almost everyone can pick up the basics to an standard.

Being necessary to pick one of the three T1 skills reflects this.

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How's that update for Necromancer CYOA doing?

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We'll never see that new one Anon was working on, will we...

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>not Nami

It's like you hate the fruits of the earth.

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Well, duh. Any choice that grants you a wish -that got no limit nor side effects- is the best choice.

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there should be a stand power cyoa.

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There is a Jojo jumpchain. Although they let you make up whatever stand you want.

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Posting an oldie, But one of my favorites...

I do wish that there had been something added or changed around with psionics.

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And page 2

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>not posting the Teamwork Edition

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But that's PA not Bioform?

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Eh same thing

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No its not.

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Name seven differences.

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Begin Operating.....IN SPACE

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Eh I don't really care for the 'Teamwork edition

Might as well post my old build:

Hematitan total points: 225
Weight Class:
>Heavy -30
>Worker -0
Brain/Senses: -20
>Electrosense -15
>Echolocation -5
Limbs: -30
>Leg, Extra power -10
>Arms, Extra Strength (X2): -20
Organs: -10
>Electrolysis Lung: -10
> None
Defenses: -95
>Extra Armor 1,2&3: -30
>Chitin Upgrade 1,2&3: -30
>Regeneration: -15
>Organ redundancy: -20
Mobility: -25
>Hydrojet -10
>Burrowing -15

Final Stats:
Exoskeleton: 3.5" Thick
Speed: 20mph Sprint
Diet: 32,000 kilocalories (13 adult male humans)
Melee Reach 10'
Strength: 12,800lb; 5.8 metric tons press (A 1995 Ford Explorer XLT in each hand)
Weight: 2,000lbs
Height: 12' Tall

Essentially a walking tank, on the slow side, vulnerable to poison and without any 'natural weaponry'. Though I think 'Brute force' is an accurate statement when describing this Bio-morphs's Methodology.

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Shall we?

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Can't tell if b8

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1. No psionics (Power armor)
2. No AI's (Biomorph)
3. You become the armor (Bio)
4. No 'special abilities' (Bio)
5. Less points to spend (Power Armor)
6. No Electrosense/Heightened reflexes/ Several options from Bio (Power armor)
7. Limited size of your final form, weaker on the 'power level scale' (Bio)

Can't really think of any other differences...

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>Can't really think of any other differences...
Hah, not even one? See, there's no difference, the two are the same.

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Well trolled m8

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Don't forget the xpack

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5 Government Bailouts

I'm uncancelling Constantine. That show was amazing.

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...... I named your seven differences, I just can't think of an 8th

An idea just struck me...

Weight Class:
>Light -10
>Carrier -25

Brains/Senses: -80
>Brain Upgrade 1,2&3 -30
>Radio Sensitivity -10
>Echolocation -5
>Telepathy & Shared Senses -15
>Psychic distortion -15

>Bioplasma Generator; Drones -20
>Plasma Bladder; Drones (1 Free)

>Attack Drone X6 (First 2 free) -40
>Plasma Bomb & Psionic Trigger ;Drones -25

>Flight+Plasma boost;Drones -40

Final Stats (Drones)
Air Speed: 40mph normal, 200mph boost
Damage: 20% of 'massive' damage

Flying.... Exploding... Drones.... A living Missile rack

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Time Warner
Finland's GDP

Going to make a newspaper co that only has syndicated comics and movie reviews.

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Weight Class:Ultra Light
Caste:Hunter (Reskin and supple)

[210]Telepathy + Shared Senses
[180]Brain Upgrade 3

[000]Progenitor Wormx9

Die, multiply and replace the human race with a hivemind.

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Weight Class:
[225]Ultra Light

[200]Hunter (Reskin and supple)

[185]Telepathy + Shared Senses
[180]Brain Upgrade 1
[170]Brain Upgrade 2
[155]Brain Upgrade 3
[140]Radio Sensitivity
[110]X-Ray Vision

[050]Progenitor Wormx3

[045]Venom Gland

[015]Chitinous Darts
[000]Sniper Dart

Die and multiple, replace the human race with me.

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i'll contribute some that i've saved.

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Kamiko is, in my opinion, best girl

Also, I really need to finish my own version if this...

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>using an older 1d10 version

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i have both versions. that was just the one i happened to post.

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Best Option is the Cigarette Case or the Pillow. You can make a massive amount of money selling Pharmaceuticals.

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This one was actually pretty damn fun to read through...

All in all, as much as I'm intrigued by the "Family" or some of those schools of magic, I can't help but pick the "Good for one genderswapped Bruce Willis" option.

Having the dead become a more relevant part of my day would make life a lot more interesting (if not unbearably terrifying), and it guarantees me a good partner to help me make it through. Sounds like a win win to me...

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>Artifact: Core Crystal
>Party: Archer, Iron Golem, Kobold Loremaster
>Quest: Ancient Civilization

Explore the ruins for fun and profit. Loremaster to decipher all the texts (and potentially for communicating any sapient inhabitants of the place), archer for their perception, and the golem to deal with any dangers the archer can't handle herself.

Here's to hoping my general ineptitude won't get me killed.

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Seeker's Curiosity.

Incredibly useful for me.

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Aiko/Mako/wolf puppies for the most cuddles ever.

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Posting updated version.

Removing half the spells is a good thing, because we now have the option of truly differentiating schools. Not that that's done yet, still work to do!

I disagree, while it might be nice to have a buy-in cost to a school, forcing everyone to buy-in with the same spell makes people too homogeneous. Doubly so since most of the buy-ins are ranged attack spells.

>> No.40202838

Companions and Mounts

>> No.40202863

But I said I didn't like the mid tier 1 requirement, I didn't mean to imply that I'd prefer the old version of unlocking elements either.

>> No.40202901


Wait SDA is working on Battlemage again?

>> No.40203008

Unaligned [21]
Learning 3 [16]
Polyglotic 3 [11]
Empathy 2 [9]
H.U.D. 3 [4]
Memory 1 [3]
Discern 1 [2]
Intellect 1 [1]
Will 1 [1]
Second Soul

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Read the last thread, it's still in the archives from yesterday.

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Uh OK. I thought he was just on a Star Dust binge, Guess that did not last.

>> No.40203115

I do agree that the single T1 required spell is not really a good mechanic. I'm going to remove it next update.

I'm trying to figure out pricing. How is the pricing with mounts, companions and weapons? I've reduced the cost of all mounts except dragon (I intend on that to be full 8), but I don't see people taking any of the high level companions.

>> No.40203135

Significantly above middle class rich.
Proud and Haughty, Calm and Collected, Thoughtful and Flighty, Wild and Energetic, Melancholy and Pessimistic (Jesus, lots of nines and tens this time)
Above average.
Mechanics, Music (Violin)
A little under 6'5
Three tens and a nine.
Pale, exotic eye color, red hair.
Big Bones
Goddamn H cup.
>Distinctive Features
Crazy hair style, sexual feature.
>Special features
Secretly Stacked (Breasts now K)
Secret Talent: Geekery
>Sexual feature
Mammary Magic

Man, what the fuck. I had to look up exactly how large k cup breasts are. I can only assume she's used her mechanical aptitude to build herself some form of back support.

Combining that with her secret talent for Geekery (that I'll expose her to), I imagine power armor specifically designed to keep her breasts in line.

>> No.40203139

Nope, I'm still doing that, too. I have big plans for Star Dust.

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>> No.40203153

The high level companions are honestly a little out of place, since the player is supposed to be 3rd rank battlemage themselves. It changes the fantasy if you're just the tag-along to some super powerful general.

Plus, if you spend all the points on one person, it's really hard to get variety.

>> No.40203204

Whoops, cut off the top by accident. Oh well. Not too worried about it.

But does anybody have the original double-level spell lists? I may try a hand at moving things around and re-editing the schools myself.

>> No.40203210

As I suspected.

The companion page isn't finished yet, anywho. I'm still scouting for more art, particularly for lower tiers. Getting a little hard to keep them a variety, though.

>> No.40203295

You could give them a little bit more details so the higher cost ones have specials or certain items, rather than just the stat increase, but that changes the entire lay out for companions so it might be more efficient to drop prices, and implement a .5 companion tier for those like the tracker girl.

>> No.40203309

>> No.40203317

Lookin good.

>> No.40203318

>Aegis Helmet
>Aegis Cuirass
>Aegis Guantlets
>Aegis Greaves

>Hybrid- [Titan Blade/Earth Staff] (5 Slots)
>Shortsword (1 Slot)


>Earth Elemental Scarab (4 Companion Slots)

>- All Tier 1 and 2 Spells
>- Launch

They call me the Juggernaut.

>> No.40203350

This is pretty much the concept 2/3 of the people in the last thread made.

> Force too stronk?

>> No.40203352


Oh, forgot a Companion.

I'll take Ordlaf Egelwin. I think We'll get along just fine.

>> No.40203384


Wait are we supposed to be third-rank? I figured we're second-rank.

>> No.40203390


This is the first time I've done this CYOA so I haven't paid much attention to the others.

My concept was basically, big guy, heavy armor, heavy weapons, giant things to kill. Force is really helpful from that perspective since it gives you a bunch of melee boosts.

>> No.40203492

I think people just like going guts mode, and force works for monster-hunteresque builds

>> No.40203546

I like the companions, they're pretty sweet. Pretty decent variety.
Wouldn't mind another row or two of mounts for variety though.
Thanks again for working on this more. This was the first cyoa that really caught my interest. Can't wait to see the arcane tree.
It's in the intro paragraph, on the equipment page.

Leaping crash dive mage is a pretty good setup, and an exciting concept.
Also, the force tree is probably the best melee tree, or at least the closest to specialized in it, so most people who want melee will take it or at least dip into it.
Lightning is my favorite though

>> No.40203709

Same as me
Nothing special
Calm and collected
2.1 meters (capped)
Light, formerly tanned
Big Bones
>Distinctive Feature
None, formerly Long fingernails
>Special Feature
Secret Hobby: Art(Painting)

How extraordinarily average

>> No.40203746

There was a build yesterday that utilized Frost's Comet and Force's Impact/Launch. Things like that are why I love the Force tree.

You guys are third-rank, but that doesn't necessarily mean you're shit. The more effective your build is regarding synergy with spells and equipment, the higher your skill levels would be. For instance. someone spending all their 9 points on T1 spells would be considered something like an E or D in magic skill (the scale goes E, D, C, B, A, S in ascending power).

The Third/Second/First 'rank' is more or less just an indication of the era you became a Battlemage in as opposed to an actual measure of your skill. Firsts were the first Battlemages, and there were only a scant few consisting of some of the most powerful beings in the land. I'm talking that crazy undead lich, the heroic asshole paladin, that child prodigy from nowhere... Then they realized that it wasn't enough, so they relaxed their standards to accommodate more, naming the Second Battlemages, etc.

That's why you see some Seconds as good as Firsts, and some Thirds as good as Seconds. Heck, there might be some Thirds as good as Firsts.

>> No.40203780

Could use more body stats/customization.
Breast sizes,
Ass sizes,

Also instead of futa, change it to add/remove penis/vagina along with a small/medium/large choice.
Other options: lactation, pregnancies replaced by laying eggs, and rapid healing (for those really rough nights)

>> No.40203827

Who would have thought DunkMage Academy (or the Titan Sword + Staff combo) would be this popular...?

>> No.40203975

>Third/Second/First 'rank'
I see. That's not how I was picturing it.
Maybe you could get this across by labeling the spells accordingly? Like tier 4 spells are now A or S rank magic?

Just wait for the Detritus to breed a porcupine monster.

>> No.40204079

>Like tier 4 spells are now A or S rank magic?
Or maybe they start at B rank, and increase to A if you have two tier 3's?
Or maybe your spells all increase in rank if you have two tier 3 spells, like the tier 4's do?

This might favor single tree builds too much if they have to be in the same tree.

>> No.40204440


DunkMages should be able take them down through superior formation techniques. You could create a Railgun with these guys...

> Bunch of Dunkmages with Battlerobe bottoms.
> Platform perpendicular to the ground.
> Have Dunkmages form a horizontal human tower, parallel to the ground.
> Have Dunkmages stand on platform
> Aim.
> Launch + Momentum + Impact.
> Do this for each Dunkmage, starting from the bottom, one after the other, until the final Dunkmage starts to melt from sheer velocity.
> Try to have this last guy crash into someone.

Fucking Physics, how does it work?

>> No.40204594

Sounds like a bollywood action (musical, romance, slapstick) movie.

>> No.40204752

Battle Robe Hood
Leather Armor
Battle Mage Gloves
Leather Boots
8 Daggers
Shield Charm
Cassandra Larun
Phisora Jaenith
Ada Godefray
Dark Shards
Shadow Jump
Vorpal Weapons
Light Drinker

Would it be a stretch to assume I could use the daggers with inertia? Because if so I need to re-evaluate some things.

>> No.40204863


>Flame Weapons

>Summon Undead
>Soul Guardians
>Army of the Dead

>Elegy of Fragility

>Wizard Hat
>Wizard Robes
>Wizard Sleeves
>Wizard Robe Bottom

>Hybrid: Staff + Instrument

>Shield Catalyst


>Robyn Zihao
>Tilly Rohesia
>Juliana Angaret
>Mirielda Bardol


Basically buff my allies, use hit-and-run tactics using the Drakes' mobility. When our energy starts to run low, we retreat. Efficient due to acoustic magic buffing all allies simultaneously without raising the magic cost.

Anyone wish to join the hit-and-run group?

>> No.40204986


I decided to make a second one.

>Soldier Set

>Hybrid [Longsword/Wand]
>2 Daggers
>Kite Shield


>Ruthe Ithuriel
>Gilberd Charlys
>Juliana Angaret

>-Cryo Shot
>-Proximity Shards
>-Frozen Heart
>-Dark Shards
>-Vorpal Weapons

This guy would be a Leader of a Squad under General Ithuriel's personal command. Used as a Special Forces of sorts.

>> No.40205239


Seismic Sense
Black Hole

Lightning Weapons

Knight Helmet
Leather Armour
Knight Gauntlets
Soldier Grieves

Grieves and Gauntlets act as weapons, just to hit harder/imbued with lightning. So that uses 4 slots I guess
Shield Catalyst


Isabel Gazrael

I will probably die quite quickly. Fuck it, going out fistfighting giants, there are worse ways to go

>> No.40205306 [SPOILER] 

I like the point values so far. Hard to get what I want. Choices feel more important that way.

>> No.40205440

>Rogue Set

>Hybrid(Recurve bow/Staff)
>Kite Shield


>Bizienne Isouda
>Dameon Caras

>Dark Shards
>Vorpal Weapons
>Shadow Jump
>Light Drinker

Using Bizienne to learn and Dameon as backup.
Mostly try to find out where the target is, position myself close but hidden (with shadow jump), cast Umbra and attack the target while casting.

>> No.40205988

Speaking of SDA....

>> No.40206391


Knight equipment, all the way down.
Greatest protection with least mobility penalties. Made for melee
6 daggers,
1 bardiche


Phinsey Carnhel. Phinsey brings a good balance of melee and buffs to the team.
Lightning Scarabs.

Lightning spells:
Bolt for ranged attacks
Shock force for if I get swarmed or when I charge large groups.
Lightning weapons to electrify my shit and murder things in melee which is all the time
Blink for high speed mobility
Energy siphon to support my allies
Energy focus to regain endurance. I'm like an energizer bunny.
Energy shield to protect myself AND allies.
Mjolnir for when I really need to drop the hammer.

But here's the cornerstone of the build. Magnetism. I spend as much mana on magnetism as on anything else.
Whenever I charge through a group of enemies on my elemental beetle, cutting monsters in two with my electrified poleaxe, I am also sending out a swarm of daggers, stabbing, seeking weak points, discharging their electricity, then coming back to me for more. Whenever I teleport just above and behind an opponent to behead them, I also bring a swarm of daggers, pinning limbs and cutting tendons. I also use them to string tripwire, and other underhanded tactics whenever I can think of them.

As a sentinel squad, Phinsey and I are deployed to places that are either about to be overrun, or have already been overrun. There we fight almost as a tag team, trading off buffs and assistance spells, shields and halos, covering for each other when we can't go on. As a pair, we fight for hours, stalling the endless enemy hordes until reinforcements can be brought to re-take the territory. When we finally get backup, the fight continues until we cleanse all signs of Detritus from the land.

>> No.40206425

Guys, how do I nerf Force and Shadow?

>> No.40206517

You could try having not gutted everything interesting from everything else in your farce of a crusade against Things I Don't Like. That would be a big help.

>> No.40206535

I don't see how that would help him nerf anything, Anon. It's like you aren't even listening.

>> No.40206549

It's called a Stealth Nerf. The best way to bring those two schools to the same level as everyone else is to make everyone else more interesting. Like they were before.

>> No.40206597

>everything interesting from everything else
Sure just, let me get the reskins out.

But seriously, if you haven't noticed, I combined a lot of the old spell effects to be in the new spells.

You would probably be the same person complaining if I had started Battlemage with 10 spells and then added another 10.

>> No.40206788


You don't need to.

Force is good for Melee and Shadow is good for Stealth. Both also have a couple of spells that are very useful to other playstyles. They're fine as they are.

Nature could have some improvements though.

>> No.40206837

For force, you've got Impact, Momentum, Density, and Launch. All together, it's seems too good. Remove at least one of those. I would suggest merging Impact and Launch and toning down some of the language. Or removing density.
Maybe add a defensive spell to absorb energy from melee attacks and store it as mana?

For darkness, I'd suggest removing the word 'exponentially' from Nocturne.
Shade seems more like a tier 3 ability in power.
Not sure how I feel about mark of fear. It seems a bit redundant with light drinker and illusion.
Umbra seems to be directly more powerful than, say, Mjolnir.

>> No.40206894

Thanks for the input.

I have been pretty much changing around everything for the past two hours. Most schools have been buffed, and spell progression makes more sense. Pretty much every school was hit with some sort of rearrangement. I think Acoustic and Lightning were the only ones I didn't change too much.

Most of the same spells are still there, just rearrangement and some fluff change. Some spells were replaced.

>Maybe add a defensive spell
Very good idea. And yes, all four spells do add up to be quite staggering.

The shades you summon aren't really incredible fighters like Gaia's Maidens or the supercharged undead from the Undead tree. I always imagined the Shade spell to be more of a distraction mechanic than having a temporary companion. By not lasting long, I mean they really only last long enough to throw in a few hits at most.

Most of the spells in Shadow were rearranged. Mark of Fear is now T2.

>> No.40206950


Giving more options is preferable to taking options away.

Buffing boring trees is preferable to nerfing the popular ones.

The best thing you could do to improve this CYOA is to get rid of the "everything has to be symmetrical" mindset.

Elements should have as many spells as it takes to represent what battle mages in this world can do. Prerequisites only where it makes sense, with higher tiers requiring X points invested in an element.

Also I want to be able to Master certain spells, or make something my signature ability.

>> No.40207002

>The shades
The way I read it, it seemed like instead of just one person wielding armor ignoring vorpal weapons against blinded opponents, you've now got 4 or 5 attacking with their own less powerful vorpal weapons, casting illusions, and magic attacks, all in unison. Even if they're each less powerful, its still a huge net gain.

>> No.40207105

>Giving more options is preferable to taking options away.
I would absolutely love to, Anon. I would abso-fucking-lutely love to have twice the amount of spells as I do now.

But I am not creative enough with writing 20 new, completely unique and special spells per elemental tree. I am not creative enough to write 180 spells in total, plus an upcoming element for another 20. Then additional elements in the future as this is what I consider a modular CYOA, which was my original intention for Battlemage in the first place.

10 spells per skill tree is not only easier for me to manage, but it allows me to nurture quality over quantity. Even with only 10 spells per tree, I am struggling, but it is better than 20. I can also push updates quicker and it feels less of a chore when working with this CYOA.

Do you wonder why I effectively abandoned this CYOA for months? Well, there's your answer.

>> No.40207146

Just wasted memorial day weekend putting together a site that let's you to create a CYOA with others.

Basically: Someone creates an adventure with an initial room description. Choices can then be added to rooms that either lead to new rooms, or existing rooms.

Really bare-bones at the moment (only supports text adventures right now), but the initial functionality still works. I can post the link if people are interested

>> No.40207177

Very good points. I'll see what I can do, you caught me at the right time.

Perhaps shades can't cast abilities or be affected by vorpal enchantments and other spells of yours?

>> No.40207195

Sounds cool.

>> No.40207210


>Battle Robe Hood, Knight Cuirass, Battle Robe Gloves, Wizard Robes Bottom
I am stylin and ready to quick-cast while I outlast and outmanuver my foes.

>Necromantic Crossbow/Staff
Better spellcasting with a bit of ranged utility.

I am on the front lines, specializing in holding flanks and pluging gaps in the defense.

>Hendry Bertram
Fellow Necrobro is going to be good to have, he'll shore up the lines.
>Juliana Angaret
None of the rest of us are true front-line fighters. She'll compensate and keep our hides intact against whatever breaks our undead lines.
>Faren Lovell
Necrobros unite, his interesting research is going to be put to the test while we shield him.

>Necromantic Raptors for all
No rest for the wicked, we're going to need the mobility to get into hotspots at times.

>Summon Undead, Soul Seeker, Relentless Charge.
>Thrall, Soul Guardians, Grimoire of Death
>Army of the Dead, Sanguine Essence
Shore up the lines, and specificaly target big and strong foes for later thralling. Allies will know what to do with my corpse if I over-extend myself, but I'll work to make sure that it doesn't happen.

It may not be particularly glamorous or honorable, but we'll hold the line and work to push it out further day by restless day.

>> No.40207226

>only supports text adventures right now
Honestly, that's fine. Maybe add a repository of pictures where you can pick and choose to have the image displayed at the top of the page?

>> No.40207269

I think more utility from other trees would cut back on force getting over used. With the smaller point pool most people don't go too deep into the secondary tree and force adds a lot of mobility as well as melee facilitation. I don't know if you're planning on releasing an arcane tree, but something more magically affective would let people branch out from the physical boosts. That said, the current item setup sort of implies buying a melee weapon of some kind so mabye more focuses could take the emphasis off force?
Shadow is pretty much core for hunters since there are few other stealth alternatives if any so you might just need to move vorpal to t3 and nerf shades. IMO doing that would mean getting rid of mark of fear for something less redundant.

>> No.40207278

I just need to find a safe way to allow people to include images without outright allowing HTML. Probably really easy to pull it off, but haven't attempted it yet.

>> No.40207331

Easiest would be to just allow certain tag/attribute combinations.

>> No.40207367


http://toomanyendings.com/ is the site. Still need to tweak it a bit (the "Create Choice" form needs to be re-worked a bit to make it more clear)

>> No.40207398

Have a static list of images to choose from instead of allowing people to add their own.

You can start off small, but maybe you could have a really big list of images to choose from by the end product. You could have categories (fantasy, sci fi, etc) for them, and stuff.

I think I know where you're coming from, especially for Force. Like >>40206837 said, I'm going to change around Force a little so it has a defensive spell as opposed to 4 spells that buff your kinetic movements. Will look into other changes.

I have already moved Vorpal Weapons to T3, and I am considering nerfing Shades.

>> No.40207403

I think it might suffice to specify that if you want them buffed, you need to recast the buff spells after you summon them.

Since it's already specified they don't last long, it would logically follow without swelling the text that the time it takes to buff them eats into their duration. And if you're buffing up a batch of shades, it's probably only two or so, or if it's larger at least you aren't doing anything else in the mean time.

>> No.40207511

The plan was to just permit people to include imgur links. Could that backfire?

>> No.40207565

>Could that backfire?
This is 4chan, and half of these thread-goers probably go on /d/.

>> No.40207583

For force, it always reminded me of the kinetics powers from city of heroes
That was mainly a buffing set, with a few debuffs and some powers that were both.

Transference would be interesting. It drains enemy endurance and gives it to allies who were in melee range of the enemy. Might be a good thing to throw in, especially as there's nothing quite like it in any of the trees. Closest equivalent would be Hymn, I think.

>> No.40207598

Fair enough.

>> No.40207685

>City of Heroes
>City of Villains
The necromancy Master Mind set is exactly what I picture when I look at the undead in this.

I miss that game.
Demonology/Detritusology tree when?

>> No.40207752

>Being a furfag; 4-5 points
>Orc master race; 3 points
Lol, whatever.

>> No.40207947


Mark: Slayer
Armor: Aegis Chestplate, All other slots are battlemage
Gear: Hybrid-Spear-Wand, Hybrid-Catalyst-Targe

Companions: Dharrad Uran, Idamay Ganleya, Tilly Rohesia

Spells: All T1-3 Lightning Spells.

>Prone to spamming Smite
>Captain America antics with Shield+Magentism
>Bro up with folk that keep saving his rear.

>> No.40208032

Rolled 2 (1d4)


>Danger Bait
>Demon marked
>Irritating Rival princess

Total points to spend now 36

>Orc, 33

>Warlord, 25

>Might, 22
>Stamina, 19
>Speed, 16
>Vitality, 13
>Toughness, 10

>Quick Learner, 4

>Lucky, 0

>The Exiled Sorceress, FREE

Roll for FATE.

>> No.40208112

looking forward to the update. great job!

>> No.40208219

Manual of Balance

Kobold Loremaster

>> No.40208227

Fuck yeah, low fantasy!

So I'm gonna be a surprisingly intelligent Orc Warlord/Adventurer named Gorgorok the Rock (My friends will call me Rock-Rock.) who travels the country side dealing justice, and putting things right that once went wrong.

Gonna save the exiled sorceress from a lynch mob, and take her under my protection provided she help me kill shit, which she will likely be perfectly happy with.

Since I'm a fucking orc with a sorcerer sidekick in a racist ass peasant setting, I'm gonna add the


disadvantage, because it only makes sense, fuck you, and I'm gonna take

>Sex Appeal

because whatever, fuck you.

Gonna do my best to become the fucking bandit king, who weirdly does not do any illegal activities, Straw-hat Pirate style.

>> No.40208259

>I miss that game.
Me too. But stop talking about that, I will cry.

I don't know why I never thought about doing that before.
Also, welcome to the lightning master race.

>> No.40208987

Maybe an option to keep your form once you repay them?

>> No.40209478

Room for one more choose your powers/spells cyoa in this thread?

>> No.40209595

Deluxe Bedroom, Walk-In Closet, Deluxe Bathroom, Walk-In Shower, Luxury Bathtub, Kitchen, Living room, 2 Empty rooms(36)
>Shared Amenities
Rec room(6)
Personal Chef(-29)
Drink Bar(-39)
Body Care kit(-49)
Advanced Health Care(-59)
Naughty Maid(-94)
Make-Up Kit(-99)
Clothing Allowed(-99)
Girly Closet(-119)
Plain Closet(-124)
3 Roommates(-124, I'll build later)
Cell Phone(-129)
MP3 Player(-134)
Drugs(-169, gotta get them meds)
Tabletop Games(-179)
Vidya Entertainment System(-194)
Personal AI(-204)
Workstation Comp w/Webcam(-229)
Ouside w/Nudist & Hoverboard(-264)
Another Contestant(-259)
Girly Trainer(-254)
Slime Girl(-239)
Ovi Insect Queen(-184)
Public Casting Call(-114)
Meet n'Greet Raffle(-109)
High Output Lactation w/Milking(-89)
>Body Mod
Boyish face to Beautiful(-97)
Chest A to G(-109)
Ass Normal to Badonk(-115)
3"-6" Penis to Nonfert Vagina(-121)
Voice Masculine to Feminine(-123)
Add penisx2 >10"(-151)
Hair Removal(-147 all non scalp)
Erogenous Body(-134)
Refractory Period(-135)
Mensies Control(-136)
Gag Reflex(-137)
Flexible Holes(-138)
Fuckable nipples(-139)
Zinc Supplements(-142)
Genetic Cleanse(-182)
You're Here Forever(-7)
New Home(23)
>Punishments pt.2
Mind Alteration(-3)
Done, fucking randomize the roomies at this point.

>> No.40209763

It's a bit blue. I laughed at how useless evocation was. Not even going to put it's good spells like wall of force in?

>> No.40209921

I guess someone already tried to use HTML in the choice description

>> No.40209930

Like >>40206788 said, Shadow is the only stealth option, and most people seem to want to have a little bit of that lone-wolf thing going on.
Definitely move vorpal to t3, though.

>> No.40209932

Sadness and Contentment.

The open-mindedness effect on other people is very much desired by me. Contentment seems like the easiest emotion to train as well.

>> No.40209962

I think there should be more than 3 branches. Some of the spells don't belong in the same progression like vorpal weapons and the shards.

>> No.40209967

Say that shades last for a few moments, a couple of minutes for only the most powerful of shadow mages

>> No.40210014

That would really mess up the image and tree alignment though.

He did say he'd moved a whole ton of stuff around >>40206894, so who knows what the next version will look like.

>> No.40210035

Eh, clearly vorpal weapons is the act of merging your shards into the edge of the blade. Makes more sense than
>Companion > Root
>Reaction > Golem
>Thrall > Flash decay

>> No.40210050

Why? Why make that a thing you have to buy or not buy?

>> No.40210068

You would definitely be wrong. I'm in favor of more options, not less, especially when it's destroyed the flavor of the schools and severely limited the possible builds.

>> No.40210102

> Destroyed the flavor of the schools
> Each school had almost the same spells in exactly the same places
> Wut

>> No.40210200

You're daft, m8. There's half as many spells and quite a lot are in different tracks, different tiers, and it's no longer possible to be an elemental warrior without filtering yourself down to the same couple schools.

>> No.40210237

That's already assumed, look at several of the options, they mention keeping the form after.

>> No.40210277

Post the old list, prove me wrong.

I remember hating how every school was identical except for one or two utility spells.

>> No.40210359


>The Others

>US Government

Supernatural Powers:
>Luck 3 [5]
>Elemental 3 [5]
>Transmute 3 [5]
>Astral 3 [5]
>Possession 2 [3]
>Summon 2 [3]
>Temporal 1 [1]
>Suggest 1 [1]
>Visions 1 [1]
>Save State 1 [1]
>Time Travel: 5000BC [Free]

Welp, time to go back to 5000BC and build a world empire.

>> No.40210369

There needs to be more ways to SPEND points. Maybe some dominatrix style options, etc. As it stands I started drawing up a build, and I realized I wanted everything that gave points, to the point where I was just choosing random shit to bring myself down to 0. I essentially got immortality free, because I'm a naturally submissive fuckslut anyway.

>> No.40210395

The main problem the spells suffer from currently is progression that dont make any sense.

illusion should progress into shade, vorpal weapons should be uncoupled from the shards.

What's the functional difference between dragon fire and ray of flame? How does dragon fire, a burst dmg spell, come from flaming weapons and armor?

>> No.40210413

Y'know, if you have such a hardon for the old list, you can just use it?
The cyoa police won't arrest you.

>> No.40210430

This dude kinda brings up a good point

What the fuck can any of these enemies do to you with time travel

>> No.40210432

>>How does dragon fire, a burst dmg spell, come from flaming weapons and armor?

>Dragon Fire
>Emulating the very fire from the legendary creatures themselves, your flames are now unspeakably strong. It is now extremely difficult to douse your fires.

Where did you get burst damage spell out of that? Seems more like a passive buff to me.

>> No.40210459

frost armor is very niche, it's for fighting fire based enemies. So why does ice weapons branch from that? it makes more sense that heart of ice branches from it

>> No.40210466

Agree that reordering is needed in a few cases, but not your specific examples.

Dragon Fire is not a burst damage spell, it is a long-lasting buff to all your other damaging spells. Same as it was in the old setup when it came after the lingering magma spell.

Agree with illusion -> shade, DISAGREE with decoupling vorpal and shards.

Can SDA post a bare-bones version of the current progressions for us to fight over instead?

>> No.40210470

misread it. was just about to post to correct myself

>> No.40210489

>Can SDA post a bare-bones version of the current progressions for us to fight over instead?

>Dragon Fire is not a burst damage spell, it is >a long-lasting buff to all your other damaging >spells. Same as it was in the old setup when >it came after the lingering magma spell.

i got confused between the old dragon fire and this one

>> No.40210491

Dragon Fire is a passive improvement perk, not an attack spell. All fire is hotter and more intense.

Ray of Flame is an actual attack.

>> No.40210550

the necromancy spell list also doesnt have a coherent progression.

soul seeker, grimoire, flesh decay, sanguine essense are all similar

summon, thrall, soul guardian, arm of the undead should be together somehow

the ultimate caters only to the first block, summons and not to the other part

>> No.40210562

correction: 2nd block

>> No.40210565


Healing 5 (-9)
Conjuring 5 (-9)
Calling 1 (-1)
Teleportation 5 (-9)
Charm 5 (-9)
Transmuting 5 (-9)
Polymorphing 4 (-7)
Longevity 5 (-9)
Time 5 (-9)
Prophecy 1 (-1)
Enchanting 5 (-9)
Metamagic 5 (-9)
Outlive Universe (-10)

I weep because I will never have any of these powers.

>> No.40210631

>because I'm a naturally submissive fuckslut anyway.
Wanna fugg

>> No.40210667

I'd say that Sanguine Essence and Thrall are both the 'vampire' spells. Flash Decay and Grimore are both 'attack spells.

Then we have a two soul spells, two skeleton spells, and Relentless Charge

Need to clean it up, yeah there are too many unconnected spells. If I were choosing what to drop, it would be either the decaying attack pair or the vampire pair.

>> No.40210722

the solution is more branches

not every branch needs the same amount of skills.

the ultimate ability needs to be more general. like dragon fire or flash freeze should be the ultimate skills cause it will buff everything in the tree

>> No.40210756

Building on what I said >>40210667, here's how I would build the trees

Enliven undead
> Bind energy into nearby corpses
>> Not personally a fan of ex nihilo corporeal undead
Relentless Charge
> Same
Army of the Dead
> Same

Soul Seeker
> Same
Paralyze Soul
> Taking more time to cast, instead of absorbing the enemy's soul energy, you instead use turn it against them so they must fight themselves
> Soul Guardians

Then the last branch is either the decay branch or the vampirism branch, depending on what you think fits better with the fluff.

>> No.40210769

But SDA would need to redo the whole layout of the page. Up to him, but *I* wouldn't want to.

>> No.40210780

Gloves, let my future be damned.

>> No.40210797

>Splitting up the super powered girls whose powers revolve around empowering others rather than themselves is the best way to protect them
>Giving one random loli to a totally trustworthy random guy you met is the best way to protect them. No way he is a sexual deviant or just a normal guy who would give her to the dark lord so that he doesn't have to die painfully

>> No.40211076

Let me weep with you.

Muscle Wizard [10]
Outlive Universe [10]
Call Deity [10]
Longevity 5 [9]
Abjuration 5 [9]
Metamagic 5 [9]
Prophecy 5 [9]
Time 5 [9]
Charm 5 [9]
Summoning 5 [9]
Teleportation 4 [7]

Summon gods, charm them into permanent followers. Explore the multiverse.

>> No.40211258

Late night musings continue to infest my brain on this.

Obviously, the Thrall spell is binds your opponent's soul back onto its body at the moment of death, giving you a devoted servant with the skills and memories of its previous life. No spellcasting, tho

Should probably be the tier 3, since you might bind some pretty beefy things or get vital secrets.

That then leaves just Sanguine Essence as the odd man out. But either it can be refluffed as consuming decaying flesh, or the two decay spells be refluffed into attacking/corrupting the blood.

>> No.40212667

The Disonnant Bard

>Battle Robe set of clothes

>Custom Lute that can cast magic like a staff. (Acoustics)
>Shield Catalyst


Lilith Fawne

>Magnum Opus
>Dark Shards
>Shadow Jump

Most acoustic mages take a supportive role within a team, but this one is about being alone. Shade + Medley means I can support myself. Also bros with lilith because we can lead in front of her army together with acoustic magic.

>> No.40212988

Sachi has the best power,, but Saya is the best girl.

>Pick Sachi
>Wish for omnipotence
>Defeat BBEG on the spot
>Care for Saya as a loving onii-san from there on out

Win-win situation for me.

>> No.40213688

>not fugging her

>> No.40213739

>bookkeeper, portfolio (5+5 version)

imediatly make all of them commit suicide, not op at all

>> No.40213952

medium (200)
controller (175)

night vision (170)
brain upgrade 2-3 (145)
mind probe (130)
Mental assault (115)

4 tentacles (95)
progenitor worm (75)

regeneration (60)

Telekinesis (50)

Telekinetic shield (40)

Bioelectric pulse (20)

flight (0)

I like this, I like this a lot.

>> No.40213973

not enough info. You need to write down true info about them before you can edit them.

>> No.40214090

>Wizard Hat
>Leather Armour
>Battle Robe Gloves
>Wizard Robes Bottom
>5 Instruments (2 Electric Guitars, Bass Guitar, Synth Keyboard, Drum Kit)
Mark: Vanguard

>Tilly Rohesia - 1
>Danilene Roland - 1
>Gilberd Charlys - 1
>Roseia Joceus - 2
>Scarab - 3

Flame Spells:
>Cloud of Smoke
Lightning Spells:
Acoustic Spells:

>Blaze is removed
>Only shitty fireballs remain
I can't rock out to this.

>> No.40214584

I lack photoshop skills but I made a thing

the school of feminine wiles

central skill tree

Ideal Form:
Allows you to become one of the prettiest girls at school.

Cheek Kiss:
Stuns your opponent for several seconds, they will find it difficult to regain their composure. Cannot be blocked or evaded.

Hand Holding:
Taking your oppoents hand in yours you render the both of you completely defenseless and unable to attack, the opponent however is completely suggestable while their hand is held.

left skill tree

You may single out an opponent and declare them a BAKA! All Dere attacks against this foe are 10 times as effective.

You Strike an opponent with a paper fan and instantly destroy any physical or magical defenses they may have while sending them flying through the air. Cannot be blocked but can miss.

I-Its not like I like you or anything:
Renders your opponent unable to attack you for a short duration depending on how hard you blush. Increases the potency of BAKA! and Tsukkomi while in effect.

right skill tree

Blank Stare:
People are less likely to focus their attention on you either in combat or out of it.

Gentle Smile:
Calms those around you removing all mental effects from them and making them immune to fear and panic for a moderate duration.

Hidden Blush:
Empowers a single ally with immense strength and immunity to all other abilities that would control their mind or body. They will defend you to the death.

Christmas Cake:
You take the Visage of the ultimate female form and radiate maturity. Your "Ara Ara"'s can shake even the most indomitable of wills.
Increased effect against younger men
Instantly defeats all Shotas

brain will not let me sleep till I wrote this down

>> No.40214853

Huh, my Alice has L cups. Luck of the roll, I guess!

>> No.40214940

Noted. I'll consider them, I know I need more options that cost points.

Noted. Rut is a good idea, as is Large Body

I've been considering adding body stats but I'm not sure the best way to have them work/cost points...

Thanks! That's exactly what I was trying to go for, so I'm glad to see it gets that idea across, even if the point values aren't perfect yet.

As others said, that's assumed. It'll eventually have a more in-depth explanation at the start that will confirm that.

Noted. I know the point totals are currently totally unbalanced; there will be more Perks and other options that cost points by the time it's done.

>> No.40215254


>I've been considering adding body stats but I'm not sure the best way to have them work/cost points...

For the adding penises and vaginas, the cost should be equal to the number of genitals you already have. Also, an extra cost perk to put them somewhere other than your groin.

For generic body stats, make them all free within normal ranges and cost a point or two for extreme values.

>> No.40215765

>Daddy big arms
>Proud and haugty
>Top student
>Swimming, but really bad at it...
>1,8 meters
>Pale, blue eyes, blonde
>Big F cup boobies
>>Distinctive Features
>Glasses, good I like that
>>Special features
>>Sexual feature
>Futa with a 26 cm dick

It was going all perfect... Why she has a bigger cock than me?

>> No.40216048

>Ultra Light 225
>Hunter 200

>Mind Upgrade I-III 170
>Telekinesis 160
>>Telekinetic Shield 140
>Telepathy 130
>>Shared Senses 125
>>Mind Probe 115
>>Mental Assault 100
>>>Domination 85

>Radio Sensitivity 75

>Gullet 70
>Electrolysis Lung 60
>Skinsheathe (Free) 60
>Compactible (Free) 60
>Progenitor Worm 40

>Reflex Upgrade 20

>Flying 0

Mostly just try to live my life, but with awesome superpowers.

>> No.40216182

Draft #2! Now in .pdf form.

Added a Body stats section, a few new options, and decreased the average amount of points + options gave you. If it seems like you can't get enough points to take a lot of options, that's intentional - Part 2 will have most of the + options in it.

>> No.40216453

Remember when CYOAs used to be a small, clear image with a few interesting choices on it?

>> No.40216497

Yes. Luckily things are better now. Not really, as it is obviously a matter of subjective preference whether one likes short and concise or long and complex CYOAs. This also means that it is ridiculous to imply that small, clear images with a few choices are in some way superior to theĀ“kinds of CYOAs we get now, though.

>> No.40216509

Am I supposed yo be at negative 46 after part 1?

>> No.40216557


Part 2 is going to be all of the different "jobs" you can take while you're paying back the money you owe, and each of them will give larger pluses than any of the part 1 options.

>> No.40216594

Can't wait!

>> No.40216616

First off, I know I'm overthinking this. Sorry.

The points seem extremely arbitrary. If the wizards are setting costs based on making you a more profitable whore, there are a lot of minuses that should be plusses, like makeup for example.
Elf gives a +4 because they are in high demand. Kitsune are in high demand, but give you a -10. Why the discrepancy?
Hyperfertile gives bonus points... because pregnant whores are somehow more profitable? If the values are just set because it's your fetish, you should at least preface the cyoa by saying the wizards adjusted the points value based on their fetish.

>> No.40216648 [SPOILER] 

NJYATD 1.7.2

>> No.40216658

oh sweet, an update

>> No.40216663 [SPOILER] 

>> No.40216682 [SPOILER] 

The way I formatted the last version, before I went on hiatus, was extremely difficult to work with. So I scrapped it.

More content will be coming within the next few days.

>> No.40216757

I get the impression that the points range between "Dominant" (i.e: Negative points) and "Submissive" (i.e: Positive points)

More traditionally submissive or smaller races get positives, while the wily Kitsune and motherfucking Dragons tend to usually be in control, so they get negatives. Options that put you more in control are also negative, while options that humiliate you and turn you into a mindless cumdump are positive points.

That being said, hardly enough positive points to go around as of now...

>> No.40216767

did the last two pages get scrapped? the ones with the magic and the slaves?

>> No.40216818

I get that, but it doesn't match the premise of the Cyoa, that the wizards are doing this to earn money off of you.
Even if it runs on porn logic, the world should be internally consistent.

>> No.40216839 [SPOILER] 

No, those will be coming back, along with more. I have a bunch of ideas.

The only reason those pages aren't included is because I haven't gotten around to fixing them.

Here are the other pages that I haven't gotten around to fixing yet.

>> No.40216857 [SPOILER] 

>> No.40216872 [SPOILER] 

>> No.40216883


The pages are shrinking.

>> No.40216910

I presume addons need the base thingies to work?

>> No.40217027


>> No.40217056

Oh boy I came to the right thread the right time for a change

Since it's a good all-rounder

I'd like some damage and being disabled is usually bad, so...

Senses are important to et an edge over your prey, so
>Thermal Vision

I'd like to have some more strength, so I can deal with larger threats
>2x Extra Strength

I need more weapons and for that I'll need more limbs
>2x Tentcle, retractable

I'm not a fan of much Attention, so...

Trickery is my bread and butter but sometimes you need a straight advantage over someone
>Paralytic Venom Gland

A very easy weapon to use, even more so since I'm used to it
>Exoblade, Detatch

This Combo is dangerously good
>Chitinous Darts, Sting, Sniper Dart


>Extra Armor

Normal chitin is a good start but this makes is so much better
>Chitin Upgrade 1 + 2

Two inches of steel hard Chitin make most man portable weapons extremly inefficient against me
You can disable me, but I can still shoot you with a paralyzing dart
And everything I hit you with, hits for thrice the normal damage
Best thing? I look just like a human and you wouldn't know how bad I can get you if you'd meet me

>> No.40217063

You know you only roll on the sexual feature table if you get 17-19 on the distinctive feature table.

> Read the rules

>> No.40217604

>TFW nowhere near enough form points
>TFW way too many primary points

No real way to swap one for another?

>> No.40217680

>FORM 20/20
Tongue (D): Charismatic -3p
Venom: Kiss, Lust, Submission -3p
Ears (D): Vulture, Telepathy, Primal -6p
Eyes+ (D): Auras -5p
Face (D): Attractive -3p

>LEWD 20/20
Height: 6'8'' -4p
BT: Toned, Masculine -2p
Cock: It'll fit, 14'' -4p
Balls: Inflation, Addictive+, Breeder, On command -10p

>MINIONS? 10/10
Mia Ramos
Sam Wilcox

I guess I can't get anything?

>> No.40218058

26 years old -LP-> 19 years old
Wild and Energetic
B Student
Occult -LP-> Music (drums)
Very Pale
Brown Eyes
D Cup -Chubby-> E Cup -Secretly Stacked-> H Cup
Deeply Religious -LP-> Secretly Stacked

Everything went a lot better than it normally does. Ended up with a massive titted blonde girl with a lot of energy that I can start a shitty band with.

>> No.40218085

Define "Energy" for The Lucky Coin.

>> No.40218096

I think it's also a matter of effort. If it takes more work, dragon, vs no work, human, then it costs more. Making you an elf requires effort.

>> No.40218147

>if it takes more work, dragon, vs no work, human
What it really takes to be human?

>> No.40218219

why does it go from 1.7.2 to 1.6.2

>> No.40218307


Author here, >>40218096 is basically correct - the idea is that the Wizards want to make you a profitable whore, but also want to put as little effort into it as possible. So any choices that would require them to do more AND would provide you some possible benefit cost points, since they'll want more work out of you in order to get them - that's the point of Part 2, which I'm still working on. I'm trying not to be like other lewd CYOAs where you always get points for being submissive or similar.

Elf probably should be downgraded to [+2]. Kitsune are [-10] because they get free stuff (all races that get free stuff cost points).

Also they're arbitrary because I literally just made them up and am still tweaking them.

>> No.40218445


>Race and Gender
Human Male


The Affectionate Lamia(Free Warlord Companion), The War Hound

>Physical Boons

>Social Boons
Sex Appeal

>Mental Boons
Quick Learner

Home Base

Danger Bait
Demon Marked
Irritating Rival Princess
The Super Fan

High Fantasy

>Points Used/Total Points

>> No.40218634

>Elf probably should be downgraded to [+2]. Kitsune are [-10] because they get free stuff (all races that get free stuff cost points).
Then Orcs would still cost points because they are unattractive and common, right?

>> No.40218853

>Small Wings 19
>Bestial Horns 16 +1B
>Demonic Cock-Tail 12 +1D
>Charismatic Demonic Tongue 9 +1D
>Demonic Body 7
>Paralysis, Submission, Lust Venoms 4
>Red Flesh 3
>Demonic Ears 1
>Beautiful Face 0

>5' 25yo Succubus 27.5
>Average, Toned, Feminine 26.5
>B-cup, Lactating Breasts (.5*2=1L/D) 25.5
>>Addictive milk, Inflation (9L/D) 20.5
>Firm, Camel Ass 17.5
>Stretchy 14.5
>Collector, Tight 11.5
>Incubus Aspects 9.5
>>Additional Cock 7.5
>>It'll Fit+ 3.5
>>Inflation 1.5
>>Retractible -1.5 (Presumably applies to balls too)
>>CTF -5.5
>>Balls (Free) (.8*2*2=3.2L/D?) -5.5
>>>Inflation (5.2L/D) -7.5
>>>Addictive -10.5
>>>On Command, Toughened -12.5
>+Sensitivity -10.5
>Egg Layer (12.5"/wk) 1
>>Oviposition Only 2
>>Magical Composition (Bestow Vagina upon oviposition) 0

I specifically picked disadvantages that are both my fetishes and aren't too bad - Sensitivity is mitigated slightly by On Command, and a 12.5" egg is far less than the size of a fetus, which human women manage to shove through non-Stretchy orfices.

I plan to get summoned as often as I can, impregnate and/or oviposit the summoners, and use all my bought fluids on them so they summon me even more.

>> No.40219053

It is way too easy to end up in the negative right now, especially with the body slider.

Maybe men should get 1 point to the masculine side, and women 1 point to the feminine side for free?

>> No.40219180

Orcs get Strong Body and Large size for free.

Again, that's intentional. Part 2 is coming, which is ALMOST ENTIRELY ways to gain points. Please read before you critique.

>> No.40219303

Fog with 5+5 as almost always my fave opinion, although I also have a soft spot for raven, in any urban area it as some seriously scary long-term potential - since I guess the raven can also "convince" more of it's kind to join me or at least make it easier. A bit of a problem is that it's only ravens, I'd say it should work on any from of corvus.

Although it is pretty easy to find info in this society.

>> No.40219601

>Large size for free.
Orcs are ogres...? Whut?

>> No.40219862

>kobolds +2
I'm assuming it's because they are amused about making you shitty.

>> No.40219926

>> No.40219932


>> No.40219948

Make the background and text stand out a little bit more so I don't have to turn my brightness up to read it without strain?
First page has it a dark void and voice, but the second is a succubus outta nowhere. Leftover from the old version?
Impregnation is cut off at the end.
Egg layer point values are in black instead of white, no way for an incubus to use their balls to lay eggs in girls without looking pregnant.
Note about birthing/impregnating your twin into/from a mortal/yourself if they happen to bite it. Or about just impregnating them regularly for other reasons.

>Carved Bestial horns -6 1s/1d
>Demonic tail -8 1s/2d
>Were-Demon Body -13 1s/2d
>Tattooed Skin -16 1s/3d
>Telepathic Demon Ears -20 1s/3d
I'll be counting on the were-form bit to get around most of the time, only 'letting it all hang out' when safely at home and such. Would have gotten more magic and utility if I had the points. Kinda wish there was a definite ruling on customizing your were-form or having multiple forms.

>Incubus, 35 (+1 demonic magic), 6'2", Average body -4
>Cock, It'll fit, Locked in -8
>Balls, Addictive Withdrawal, On Command -14
>Other, Dominant, Twins -20
Staying male and not to /d/, but I'll be more for the social/mental corruption of things. With luck I'll be able to pick up enough magic to really physically corrupt others while keeping most of my corruption on the inside.

>> No.40219962


>> No.40219968


What are your plans for the minions section? Things like cleaning up the explanation of kink level and material points, what we can and can't do to them, how to bestow without taking eggs and the forms yourself, etc?
What happens if we fulfill both the Full Control and Break sections on certain minions?
Will you leave the loophole in the magic area of gaining form points only to take options that give you the magic choice back with some points left over?
Will you include other things like 'easily summoned' or 'bound by promises' etc as options to take to gain points and the like? A bit of world info would be cool to, knowing what we're going to be doing and all.
Lair section? Our little slice of hell or converted penthouse for the cult?

>Vanessa Webb -2
Mmmm eternal pregnant 16y old making imp minions.
>Riley Simms -4
All the Hnnngg, and a True Beast target.
>Kelly Cooper -6
Keeps hitting my personal buttons.
>Mel Koch -8
Underwater blowjobs and aquatic minions!
>Anna Lott -10
Gotta have a pocket fairy, and the extra magic is a must.

>Remove Limbs, Age Progression/Regression, Break Bonds, Eternal (from age), Change Sex (from Expanded Form Demonic Tongue), Cultists (If I can give stretchy somehow without having it to get the extra off of Anna?)
>True Beast (onto Riley), Expanded Form ( Small Wings with Plumage, Demonic Tongue), Trickery (from Expanded Form Plumage)

>> No.40220003


>> No.40220044


>> No.40220086

tfw no one on /tg/ knows who Demi Fiend is, except you guys
Feels bad

>> No.40220262

Battlemage hood (+mp)
battle robes (+ mdmg)
knight gauntlets (+str)
Soldier greaves (+spd and impact)
Titan blade +staff = Obscenely huge polearm.

> Mount
Dragon + elemental mount (1 weapon slot)

Flame weapons
Flame Armor
Dragon Fire
Cryo Shot
Ice Armor
Ice Weapon
Flash Freeze

Two words: Thermal Shock.

Plan's simple: Pick a Titan, sit on my dragon and charge. Beneath my two layers of armor and buff, I should be relatively well protected and my weapon can make for a shield in a pinch. Let my dragon's breath open the way as I build momentum until I reach my target, then bring down my fuckhuge spear. Violent change in temperature from magical hot to magical freezing should destroy any armor standing in my blade's path and sheer weight should do the rest.

Go home and talk shit at Bruce and Akra.

>> No.40220282

I genuinely like you people, but when things like the succubus or the prostitute CYOA turn up you turn into a creepy mess

>> No.40220300

Welcome to 4chan. What's your point?

>> No.40220399

He's my go-to for someone of mortal origin standing up and kicking anything demonic in the balls. Best SMT character, only beating MC/Atsuro from Devil Survivor by a slim margin.
>Dat reprogramming of demon-kind to serve humanity ending in DS1.

>> No.40220437

Sorry, I start becoming a normie...

>> No.40221102



> Fighter-class
> Civilian Mounts
> Civilian Plating
> Herald "Grin"
> Herald "Pyramid"
> 2 x Mana Core
> Heraldic Shielding (usually turned off to avoid detection)

> Twin Auto Guns (Point Defence)
> One fuck-mothering Torpedo Silo. Because I can.

> Shield Drone

> Tractor Beam
> Composition Scanner
> Active Cloaking

> Milka Star

Ol' Minnie has seen better days. Back in the early days, when the novelty of Stardust used to reel in quite a large number of tourists, she'd been little more than to transport the disgustingly wealthy to the far more pleasant bridge of a now-gone Yacht-class Frigate. Fortunately for her, the Red Daggers have taken pity on this old, destitute ship, outfitting her for one last job: covertly smuggling the extremely powerful Thruster and Long-distance-teleportation engine package "Maximus" right under the Federation's nose and into Red Dagger territory.

Unfortunately for the Red Dagger pilot in charge of the mission, Milka Star, a clueless captain appears to have accidentally gained possession of the ship shortly after the latter was made operational. The young pirate (and dog), short on time, had no choice other than joining the ship as a co-pilot, in hopes of "persuading" the captain to steer the ship in the right direction.

Wacky space hijinks ensues.

>> No.40221155

It's coming back next update.

>> No.40221367

Lord of Nightmares + names and pictures.

Use trial and error to reach their dreams.
Trick them into giving you any information they have (hopefully more pictures with names or portfolios to repeat the process).
Attempt to make them kill themselves by creating dreams with warped perception of time.
Give them painful torture marathons each time they try to sleep in order to make them end their lives.
Give influential people "visions" and make them act to my advantage.
I got enough money to go abroad for a month or two, so tracking me down will be hard and a direct confrontation is unlikely early on.
Once I've killed a few I can beat anyone in a direct confrontation as well.

>> No.40221900


Yeah, and slave cyoa. That one's creepy too. I wish there weren't so many weird fetish cyoas here.

>> No.40222026

Here is another slave cyoa for you, freedomfriend.

>> No.40222114

>> No.40222193

>> No.40222201

Whatever there's demand for, gets made.

>> No.40222224


>> No.40222251

That's not true! I make stupid things that nobody wants all the time!

>> No.40222253


>> No.40222276

Anyone have the cyoa where you get turned into a monster and have to haunt a place and build a legend to keep living?

>> No.40222308

It's 4chan, there's a demand for everything.

>> No.40222319

What happened to that Demon Hunter CYOA?

>> No.40222390

Form: (20)
>Demonic tongue
>Bestial Horn
>Bestial Tail
>Bestial Body (Hound)
Primary: (20+6+2)
>6,6 height (-2)
>body: muscular+skinny+masculine (-1)
>dominant (-3)
>Animal Cock (Horse) (-1)
>It'll fit (-4)
>decrease (+2)
>addictive (-5)
>breeder (-2)
>potent (-2)
>inflation (-2)
>impregnation (-3)
Magic, Demonic (3)
>age control
>change sex
>expanded form
Magic, Bestial (2)
>Mia Ramos (-3)
>Vanessa Webb (-2)
>Chris Miller (-2)
>Kate Booth (-3)

Hook up with all the people posting in X-change threads, or who wish they where little girls - after that things will develop on their own. Keep the minions (and those I really grow to fancy) as my personal breeding sows. Create sex cult - all in a days work. While not in action, stay in my form as a large black dog to avert suspicion.

Also, there appear to be a part the text missing from the Impregnation option, the part that discuss your spawn.

Classic incubus huh.
Obligatory futa.

And this guy pretty much covered all that need to be discussed.

I honestly believe a sizeable part of /tg/ are considered completely normal by the people around them. I pretty sure none of my friends would suspect me of having a hardrive full of orcs raping princesses and whatnot.

>> No.40222504

>> No.40222668

Come on baby, get me some modern fantasy, erotopia action!

>> No.40222694

Rolled 2, 3 = 5 (2d4)

Fuck's sake, wrong field.

>> No.40222807

Sure, i have nothing better to do right now, let's roll.

Age Roll: 3 - she's 5 years younger than me, which makes her a 17 year old, give or take. Perfectly legal but not socially acceptable yet.
Background Roll: 8 - daddy big arms. Well i think this is a really difficult situation to be in right now.
>LP: 4: Orphaned. Her parents were in Ireland while her grandparents were here, and they died thanks to the IRA and so she lives here now. They're really Catholic and heavily into the older Irish culture. They're harder to understand than her as well.
Personality Roll: 4 - Cheerful and Optimistic. She seems like a really happy and great person.
Intelligence Roll: 2 - She's not the sharpest chisel in the drawer. I think this may be a problem but i can probably try to get over it.
>LP: 7-8: Alice is actually a pretty smart person, so being into computers makes more sense.
Hobbies Roll: 11 - Computers. Somehow someone who isn't that intelligent is into computers, both building and coding. I don't get it.
Height Roll: 5 - Same height but shorter. This works, no different than normal really.
Built Roll: 1 - Scrawny. She's skinny as fuck, obviously, with almost no weight at all on her, just enough to cover the bones. She can't really put on weight.
Skin Roll: 6 - Tanned, so i'm guessing she's a really tanned Irish girl, given what i rolled later.
Eyes Roll: 9 - Green eyes.
Hair Roll: 10 - Red hair. Yes, she's definitely Irish.
Breasts: 4 - C-cup. Pretty average-sized but in lieu of her build are actually an A-cup. They're just big enough to tell you they're there.
Distinctive Features Roll: 14 - Tongue piercing and belly button piercing. She doesn't like the garish piercings, the belly piercings not the belly button kind and is too much of a pussy to get hers pierced.
Special Features Roll: 11 - Secret Hobby (Roll: 10) She's secretly an amazing cook.

This sounds really interesting.

>> No.40222875

>mmm, elf slaves...
makes you wish you were an orc

Gungro man is ruined by the fact that you infect others with a copy of your super power, pretty soon everyone has it and its no longer a power but a blight on society
Keeper is pretty good. You can prove your power and get some interesting security jobs

>> No.40222916

>Beautiful Elf (?)male
"its not gay if it is an elf" they say.

>> No.40222947

Like half the males are tops.
>tfw I actually didn't notice the satyr was a male
>I noticed the elf was make immediatly

>> No.40222955

You updated it because CYOAs are the best form of porn.

>> No.40222988

Post all da cyoa ya got.

>> No.40223027


>> No.40223245

The thread would probably die by the time I finished doing that.

>> No.40223255


>> No.40223283


Hoo boy... I've been waiting for this one to get reposted!

> Be an average peasant.
> Off to pay father's gambling debt, stop at what seems to be a market on the way.
> First thing I see is a cat.
> Heart melts.
> Approach crazy old man working the stall, asking how much it comes at.
"Magical cat? You like, yes? 150 Gold, yes?"
> A bit steep, but one more glance at the kitten and I'm convinced. I have some pocket change on me, so I guess I can still afford it. Pay the man.
> Before I even know it, a chain is placed tightly in the palm of my hand.
> Look up, find a sickly girl with round ears on the other end of the chain.
> Huh?
"Kitten come with free Racoon Girl as one-time offer for first-time customers. You like, yes?"
> Racoon girl weakly tugs at chain, then starts to cry.
> Huh?!

> Some knight bumps into me, starts to apologize, then looks at the Racoon girl, then at the shopkeep, then back at me.
"You bastards..." he growls "Have you no shame?"
> His hand's already on the hilt of his sword.
> Shit.
> " Waitwaitwait, I can explain this!"
> Hold aloft kitten, trying to make sense of the current situation.
> He shakes his head, slowly unsheathing his blade. Shopkeep has already made a run for it.
"Taste my wrath, you monster!"
> Shitshitshit...!
> Kick him in the nads with my superior farmer muscles, then make a run for it with the kitten, dragging the Racoon Girl along with me in the spur of the moment.

>> No.40223336


> "Quick, I need a horse!"
"Err... We don't have any horses, sir..."
> "What do you mean, 'no horses'?! Then what the hell's up with your sign?"
> Point at block of wood reading "Fresh Mounts".
> Shopkeeper gives me a pitying look.
"I think you've got the wrong market, farmboy..."
> Hear shouting not too far from where I am now. Guess the White Knight managed to pick himself up again.
> "All right then, smart-ass, let me rephrase that... Do you have anything vaguely horse-shaped, preferably with the intelligence of the horse that can get me out of hear as quick as possible?"
> He scratches his beard.
"Perhaps... But it's gonna cost you..."
> "Sure, sure! Whatever!
> Looking behind me, increasingly worried.
> Racoon girl seems to be alternating between violent sobbing and coughing fits. Kitten seems to be taking it all in stride, thank God...
> Evil glint in the shopkeeper's eye.
"Of course, you must understand that she only comes with our exclusive "Happily Ever After" offer, with clothing tailored to her size...
> "Whatever, can I just have my horse now?"
"Vaguely horse-shaped, sir."
> "Whatever."
> Rubbing his hands together, merchant goes to the back of the tent.

> Find myself looking up at a monster of a girl.
> Taller than most buildings I've seen in my entire life.
> She seems a bit fidgety. Ground shakes as she shifts from foot to foot.
> Also, is that a fucking bridal gown she's wearing?
"Of course, for security reasons, she also comes with 50 Ball and Chain packages. It only slows her down a bit, but just enough to avoid having her accidentally step on you when working. That'll be 2500 gold, sir."
> "..."

>> No.40223408


> "Come on girl, we need to get out of here quick!"
> Riding atop a flustered, panicking Giant through a crowded market.
> "You keep running, I'll lighten the load!"
> Start bombarding people below with Ball and chains for a good measure.
> Pretty sure I managed to smash White Knight's head in at some point. Don't think his friends will be happy to hear that...

>> No.40223447

>you like yes
Vaugely eastern old men are bro as fuck

>> No.40223485

You have so few that they would actually fit into a thread?

>> No.40223519


Gah! That's some pretty awful grammar there... I should probably write these things when I'm not feeling like a wreck...

>> No.40223538

>not filling each and every thread up to image limit
I don't remember us ever hitting limit and you have that many, u r a fggit

>> No.40223609

Yeah. Since they're pretty readily available, I don't save every one I see. In fact, I don't really save any. The only ones I have are the ones I made. And I haven't made nearly enough to fill up an entire thread, yet.

>> No.40223614

If you've been around long enough to be able to say that with certainty, you could have more than the image limit too. So your words mean nothing to me, hypocrite :^)

>> No.40223618

>> No.40223634

>I don't remember
U 2 shitpost-chan

>> No.40223649

>> No.40223711

>> No.40223772

This is amazing. Why haven't I seen it before?

>> No.40223815

>> No.40223818

It doesn't get posted a lot.

>> No.40223882


>> No.40223893

>> No.40223911

Mission: invasion earth! (+30)

Type: Misc. Body
Special powers: Genius (20)
Multi wavelength vision (40)
Atomic heart (65)
*Flight* (130)

Equipment: radio (free)
Mechanics tools (70)

Armour: licerium (90)

Training: Expert mechanic (100)

Companion: Tekroto

Demolitions expert [x]
Mad scientist [x]
Suave tactical genius [x]
High ground [x]

>> No.40224085

>> No.40224166

>> No.40224274

>> No.40224294

>> No.40224381

>Allies: The Others
>Enemies: Anarchists, Anonymous, U.S. Government, Israel, Illuminati
Gain a net 45 points from this, adding to a final total of 66 points.

I'll put everything into Supernatural in order to unlock the ability to time travel, and go back to 5000 B.C. instantly in order to escape my enemies. If I do things correctly, I can assure they never exist. If I do things incorrectly, I just go back and start over, so in the end I will have done things correctly regardless.

Elemental 1 will allow me to perform fire miracles and found a pyromancy cult. This means political and social power. My inability to create something from nothing will be a Mystery that metaphorically explains ways to cherish the life you are given. Summon 3 will help with this religion with definite proof of afterlives and oracular utility.

Temporal 3, Astral 4, Teleport 4, and Save State 3 will guarantee my personal safety. Suggest 2 helps with safety, manipulation of societies, and yet still keeps challenge and interest in my interaction with people. That will help me to stay grounded. Visions 4 and Precog 4 will be required both to know the paths I need to guide society down and to defend against other possible Chosen. I have no doubt that the Others will not interfere with me. There are other timelines for them to observe, and I will be providing a wealth of data about potential and directionality of people.

After I set myself up as a chosen avatar, I can set myself up pretty easily into being a king. Possession 4 means I will be able to have an entire Court of brainpower. I will take only volunteers of the highest character and knowledge, and also my children. That way, there will always be an heir, and the continuity means that I never really die. My life to humanity, my mind to humanity, my will to humanity.

Illusion 3 for miracles and any sudden need of defense, Luck 2 ir order to have the most ability to thwart my enemies' creations, and Transmute 1 for point.

>> No.40224505

>WereBeast CYOA revamped v4.0
so, is it newer than
>WereBeast CYOA Final Master v2.6

>> No.40224629

>> No.40224833

>play with you
Play as in strange other worldly being treating me like a toy? Or tentacles up my butt?

>> No.40224850

what's a reverse harem

>> No.40224856

What's the difference?

A harem.

>> No.40224863

A harem, but with dudes.

>> No.40224873

We need a reverse CYOA.

>> No.40224885

It's where a bunch of guys/girls are attracted to you and you might be ambivalent towards them. It was really seen more with a girl mc where in the end they chose one out of the harem to date. The, uh, defining thing was that the MC was the one being chased not the harem members.

>> No.40224887

One of them involves things up my butt, I don't know about you but I didn't jam my fingers up my toys ass

>> No.40224898

So, nothing?

>> No.40224900

That sounds like a harem, except the choosing one bullshit, gay as fuck yo

>> No.40224907

In soviet russia...

>> No.40224912

You are very helpful anon. Thank you for your very amazing help.

>> No.40224915

>be third son of a duke
>luckily I was his favorite
>brothers got all the important stuff when he died but he also gifted me a good amount of gold
>I learned a lot of about cooking and business from my dear mother and the servants in the house
>I have an idea
>buy an abandoned house
>start renovations to turn it into a tavern/inn
>realize that I need people to fill positions
>after everything is paid for (renovations, beer, food) I have 2500 gold left and a few days left before opening day
>no one has come to accept the job postings I put out
>with no other choice, I head to the slave market

>> No.40224926

It is a harem, the reverse part comes in how it's executed hence the mc being chased compared to a normal one/end result

>> No.40224931

No, the other guy was better

>> No.40224944

I don't even know what needed helping, but no problem I guess.

>> No.40224971

Ugh, on second though, we already had one of those and it was awful.

>> No.40225003

A: Garden
My food problems are now solved.
B: Medical Room
+4 Defense, and the most important supplies possible.
C: Library of Books
If you don't take this you are a shitfuck of the highest order and deserve to be eaten by Zed.
D: Water Well
Provides water basically forever. Required for the garden.
E: Hygiene Room
Leaving a toilet outside is just asking for someone to get eaten, and the only way to get a shower is apparently right here. Everything else in this category is redundant with previous choices anyway.
F: Gym
Don't need food. A lab doesn't help us with anything except getting Jesus, who is worth less defense points than other options in this column and has less medical utility than what I've already got. Can't get fuel for the generator, don't need fuel for anything, and a sex dungeon is both uncreative and creepy. A gym will at least let people better their bodies while they're bettering their minds in the library.
G: Hot Water Tank
Fuck you, I'm not taking "cold" saunas.

These companions are fucking awful. Shifty is the only one even remotely tolerable and helpful and he's a complete loon. I guess I have to take Billy even though having a temperamental bear around is more dangerous than the zombies, which means the only valid option left is Jane? As long as she knows I'm not DTF, I guess that's fucking that. I'll just be foreveralone and she'll need some scheduled private gym time to cool down often.

No, as a matter of fact, we don't have power. Wanna fight about it? Also, what kid of scum would actually pick Phoenix? Her brain would never develop into anything that could be trusted with a weapon, ever. Or trusted with anything. Enjoy your child of the corn, you hypothetical pedophile.

>> No.40225005

>the first one that catches my eyes is the elf
>of course I'm only interested because she would be helpful with attracting patrons to the store
>next I get what appears to be a Fallen Noblewoman
>her connections could help me greatly with my Inn
>I see my childhood "friend" and ignore her, relishing the betrayed look
>next I see two sisters who look like they could help out with the inn
>I also can't stand leaving them with their master
>I get the loyal poodle warrior because it seems like a good idea to have someone who is able to break up bar fights and stay loyal to me
>On my way out I see a Lamia cook that I missed
>She would be extremely helpful so I buy her
>I also buy a raccoon girl because of pity
>Feeling ashamed that the girls had nothing but slave rags, I take them to the market to buy normal clothes
>I also buy a musical instrument for myself
>With my new slaves and items I bought, I head back to the inn and prepare for opening day

>> No.40225021

The MC is always the one chased in a harem, you stupid fuck.

>> No.40225048

>doesn't know what the word harem means
>calls other people stupid

>> No.40225053

You should work on your reading comprehension

>> No.40225074

>it is a success
>the elf who is now a waitress is incredibly popular and pulls in large crowds (of mostly males) to the inn
>the lamia's cooking convinces most of the people who come because of the elf to stay
>the twins are also rather popular in their own way and are incredibly helpful with general housekeeping (the martial one is also good at breaking up bar fights with the loyal poodle warrior)
>I've been able to rake up tons of money and I've hired a few legitimate employees
>Lately however, I've been feeling the eyes of the elf on me more and more often
>she also seems to be everywhere that I am
>I'm not sure what is going on because I have never touched my slaves
>It's scary
>I'm scared
>I feel that feeling right now
>She's standing right behind me I know it
>Someone please help me

>> No.40225086

No, you're the one that doesn't know what a harem is and you're a total moron that deserves to be mocked.

No, chum, you should. He's saying that the harem genre has MC chasing a bunch of girls. That's fucking wrong. The harem genre is when MC is being chased by multiple women and can't/won't choose among them. Tenchi Muyo is a harem. A reverse harem is when MC is being chased by multiple men and can't/won't choose among them. All of the tension/comedy in a harem genre product comes from the lack of final choice.

>> No.40225096

Can you stop spamming your incredibly boring fap fantasy at us? Or at least cut it out with the greentext form.

>> No.40225129

>fap fantasy
What? It's just an inn anon. Unless being a fantasy business owner/Jew is someone's fap fantasy, I think I'm missing something.

>> No.40225182

Yeah, he should stop being on topic. It would be terrible if anything interrupted the dumb arguments about the definition of a harem.

>> No.40225183

Spare me your empty protests.

>> No.40225232

You know full well he's talking about the media genre and not the historical mating structure (not even remotely all of which were one man imposing himself on a group of uncaring women.) It indicates as much in the god damn CYOA and you have no leg to stand on. You just don't want to be completely wrong. Even though you are.

In pop culture, you are completely wrong.
Historically, you are completely wrong.
Logically, you are completely wrong.

There is no context or viewpoint in which you could be considered right. None. You just didn't know what a word meant and utterly embarrassed yourself.

>> No.40225244

>implying there was a protest of any kind
The only that happened was a kneejerk reaction and a reply that consisted of stating facts that anyone could see with their own two eyes.

>> No.40225255

Lmao look at that astronaut with his "space ship", fucking faggot amirite

>> No.40225268

Uh huh. Sure. You know, this appeal to ignorance is arguing in remarkably bad faith.

>> No.40225286

He's right you're wrong, and a faggot.
There's my viewpoint, fuck off now.

>> No.40225300

And you aren't backing any of your claims with facts, merely relying on a strawman. Probably samefagging too. Which is as you say "in remarkably bad faith"

>> No.40225316

Anon, everyone is wrong from time to time. It's nothing to be ashamed about.

>> No.40225340

Yeah, let's pretend like everything after "Lately however" isn't fap fodder that colors the already obvious set-up from before. Do you just want to argue, or what?

>> No.40225362

Tell that to the guy hopelessly defending what he knows nothing about.

>> No.40225379

>moving the goalposts

>> No.40225381

I picked the Yandere drawback because it seemed to be the most survivable (I have the Martial Twin and the Loyal Poodle Warrior for protection in case something bad happens).

>> No.40225393

>Continues arguing passive aggressively
>Accuses someone else of ...arguing?

>> No.40225406

You don't know what that means, either, do you?

>> No.40225425

>inplications the poodle wouldn't be yandere
>or one of the twins you saved from probable endless rape
>not both the twins
You have shit taste, elves a shiiiiit.

>> No.40225428

Well, this is /cyoa/ after all.

Sure I do. You moved the goalposts to something irrelevant to the discussion. I could look up harem architecture or something and say that's the actual "harem" we were arguing about but it still wouldn't be true.

>> No.40225454

Shut the fuck up and keep posting cyoas

>> No.40225483


>> No.40225531

I do have both twins. Poodle doesn't seem to be the type to be yandere, Elf as a waitress is for attracting customers to my inn. This is what I got each for.

>Elf as waitress to attract customers
>Fallen Noblewoman for dem connections and also waitress
>Magic sister for helping with cleaning and cooking when needed and magic (you never know when that comes in handy)
>Martial twin to help with cleaning and cooking when needed as well and also helping out the Loyal Poodle Warrior if a bar fight gets too rowdy
>Loyal Poodle Warrior to break up fights and be a bouncer
>Lamia for cooking
>Raccoon girl for manual labor

>> No.40225532

No I didn't. It was always, always about the genre.

Referring to the genre.

The first post of the guy being retarded. Talking openly about the genre, even uses the term MC for Main Character. Note how completely fucking wrong he is about everything.

Still wrong, still talking about the genre.

Using the very same terms as the poster who is OBJECTIVELY wrong about how a genre is defined. I don't use that lightly. He is provenly, openly, independently wrong about how a word is used.

THIS is moving the goalposts. And it's STILL wrong, because it doesn't support the stance being talked about. Historical harems didn't have one men trapping multiple uncaring women in his romantic machinations. He did not chase multiple women. Multiple women agreed to be his wife or concubine.

And this is you being a new kind of completely fucking retarded. How are you not constantly nauseous with the regret born from being the loathsome creature you are?

>> No.40225572

You're the only one who brought up your genre.

>> No.40225610

Nope. The CYOA did. The poster did. You're still a moron. You don't troll by being retarded. People are just going to call you retarded.

>> No.40225623

I don't see it anywhere in the CYOA or in any of the first posts I'm afraid. Maybe you're just projecting your own experiences.

>> No.40225649

oh god what did i do

>> No.40225651

Just give it a rest. Anyone who takes the time to go through 7 posts he's already argued with in order to argue with them again isn't worth speaking with.

>> No.40225665

It's a labor of love, anon.

>> No.40225726

You know how bees freak out and swarm anything that disturbs the hive? Imagine if bees had autism.

>> No.40225771

They don't have autism?

>> No.40225791


>> No.40225806

Prove it.

>> No.40225826


>> No.40225829


>> No.40225837

The image for the option in the CYOA is from a harem anime. The whole thing is anime tropes, often with the untranslated names. The poster named the genre, referred to it containing a Main Character and side characters, and then defined it exactly opposite to its correct definition, over multiple posts. Perhaps you're still just retarded.

>> No.40225886

And here's a third why not

>> No.40225898

shouldnt oppai have a bigger rack than ramani

>> No.40225936

So all you have is conjecture and you're still being uppity.

Don't call people retarded you retarded hypocrite.

>> No.40225993


>> No.40226093

Says the hypocrite accusing others of moving goalposts when he tries to insist play is on a completely other field.

>> No.40226125

Are you talking to yourself now? That's funny.

>> No.40226158

I would be very surprised if she didn't have a feature slider.

>> No.40226380

Don't post Battlemage next thread, if anyone was planning to. I am completing an update soon.

>> No.40226475


> The Buried Eagle
> The Jaws of Grovax

> Discrete Body

> Strength
> Vision
> Atomic Heart

> Radio
> Blades
> Bronze Skin

> Close-Quarters
> Marksman Training
> Expert Mechanic
> Diplomatic Training (free)

> Vincent Fury
> Hazel Jones
> Tekroto

Two-fisted adventures ahoy!

>> No.40226710

I would love to check out prostitute cyoa but where are the damn graphics?

I don't want another draft or project without it being made into a damn image first. I won't acknowledge it's existence otherwise.

>> No.40226737

Uhhhh, does the immortal girl still feel pain?

>> No.40226843


>> No.40227193

Thanks for the input, I'm def going to work on balance.

Because I haven't gotten to those pages in the new version. The pages from 1.6.2 still work though.

Yeah I can definitely make the text stand out more, it looks find on my monitor though. Yeah the flavor text is WIP. It's hard to conceive every possible fetish combination people might have, I'll look into your egg laying balls though, haha.

Minions are supposed to be companions you can send out to gather sexual energy for you. The material points you gain from them will be used on lair construction/other goodies. I should make it more clear that you are only allowed to break or control them, not both, unless you can convince me otherwise. The loophole will probably stay, as there are a finite amount of magic points. Absolutely, scenario based options will be included at some point.

>> No.40227198

Garden for all my food.
Medical room, because I need it. +4
Library to use medical room fully.
Water well for the garden.
Medical bay for full doctor benefits, could possibly be used for barter with locals. +8
Laboratory for based Jesus.
Communication's hub to broadcast our ability to treat others. +13

Jesus, for dtf goodness. +16
Phoenix, because I've always wanted a little sister. +19
Chinks, because I can't cook. +18

Bit of a loophole that doesn't require an energy source, which I happened to use. Maybe there can be benefits for not using the full $30, or complications to get us more room/more companions.

>> No.40227255

It's a new cyoa, give him a break

I've never made one personally, but I imagine it's much harder to edit a cyoa after you add the graphics, and that it takes time too

>> No.40227321

I wish there was a male version of something like this

>> No.40227357

Yeah I'm pretty socially competent. My friends and family would probably be shocked by my kinks, which is why they'll never find out.

>> No.40227367

You're right but this isn't the first time someone posts a text draft and then abandons it.

I know full and well you need to finish the text first but spoiling it like that takes away fun and motivation from the creator.

>> No.40227380

make one faggot

>> No.40227497

Yeah no, forget the change. Do what I did and only don't save the new spell page. Keep the updated first page and companions and the old spells.

>> No.40227509

>I know full and well you need to finish the text first
I'm opposite. I get the graphics done first, then the text.

My process is that I start with an inspiration or a theme of what I want the CYOA to be. Then I look for art that can reflect what I want the CYOA to be about, and if I get sufficient enough art, I build it with that.

I will have an idea of mechanics and fluff beforehand, but it's the art that really helps flush it out for me. I find I get inspired by it to write. I can't just sit in front of a text or word document and write everything; I mean, I do that to establish a beginning structure, but the art pushes me further.

If there isn't art, I don't feel a drive to continue the CYOA.

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