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>elves are basically androgynous
>humans exhibit their normal sexual dimorphism
>half-elves have massively exaggerated sexual characteristics
Y/N /tg/?

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Only if you take it further than HURR TITS

Male Half-Elves are the man your man could look like.

Female Half-Elves are simultaneously the classiest and sexiest of ladies. They ooze sensuality, confidence, and poise.

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Hybrid vigor

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>only appears in selectively-bred species with suppressed characteristics who can then breed outside of their stagnant gene pool

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So Bayonetta elves for the ladies?

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½-elves = sterile?

I'm OK with that.

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>half-elves have massively exaggerated sexual characteristics
Of both sexes.

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>elves are basically androgynous
I can get behind this.

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pls no

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Yes, please.

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You have my vote.

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Yes, Yes, YES!

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More pls

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I don't see how that really follows. If you mix normal sexual dimorphism with extreme androgyny, you'd end up with bishounen and tomboys, not sexual exaggeration.

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No, because that's the opposite of the logical conclusion. You're stupid, kill yourself.

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>jumping straight to "kill yourself"

Wow, don't cut yourself on that edge.

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Not only is this stupid and doesn't make any sense, you should keep dumb shit like this in the Smut threads.

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Hey, folklore's got weirder shit in it. Half-vampires are destined to KILL vampires? What the fuck? I thought White Wolf made that shit up because of the whole WOE IS ME IS DAMNED IS WOE deal they had going, but nope, that's actual Slavic legend.

>half-elves have massively exaggerated sexual characteristics

Okay, let's stop beating around the bush here, everyone's thinking about Tiffania. I'm okay with the idea, but like >>40176537 said, it might be amusing to take it further. It could even explain part of why half-elves in D&D are always stereotyped as being the most social race.

>Half-elf ladies just look like Highschool of the Dead characters
>Half-elf men look like CLAMP dudes with baseball bats in their pants
>Always sparkling
>Always surrounded with pink bubbles
>Men/women always fawning over them
>A different mate each night, they don't even give a shit since they're sterile anyway
>"Diplomacy bonus" is a polite way of saying "can convince people of everything by taking them aside for a quickie"

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No joke, that's how half-elves are presented in Radiance. They actually have TWO racial abilities (in Radiance, you choose your racial abilities from a list instead of automatically getting them all, so it's more flexible) dedicated to it. One allows them to heal once a day by "going offscreen with another character for 15 minutes", and another one allows them to effectively use Charm Person on somebody once with the caveat that after the night he's going to hate them (it's called something like "Lightning Romance").

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>by "going offscreen with another character for 15 minutes"

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...What game is this?

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A near total rebuild of D&D 3.5. Surprisingly well done, and the Player's Guide is free. It got a ton of backlash since the guy who made it is a convicted child-molester, but if you don't mind that it's actually a good alternative for 4th and 5th editions. Mostly, it's just got a TON of options. Like, 20 something base races (each with a couple dozen optional abilities), some 30 classes, many setting options, many character options... it's cool. Don't expect it to do anything new, but it's cool.

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You don't know how elf genes work, mang.

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I never actually read the book myself, but I downloaded it after the GM did, and from flipping through it it looks nice.

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that's fucking disgusting.

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God, that was an awful manga. It's the one where futa elves are kept captive because their cum congeals into gems or something, right?

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Thank god I'm not the only one.

I don't even like futa, god damn it.

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>You can't read my mind mang


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Hnnnnnnggggggg... thats hot.

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Wait. This is real?

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Ahem. Downloaded the Radiance player's guide, pasting:

>Interlude: After 1 hour
of uninterrupted romantic intimacy
with another person, that person regains
1d4+1 vitality. A particular person can
benefit only once daily from this ability.
Costs 1 vitality.
(note: this ability is also shared by a class called Gallant, which seems to be a swashbuckler with more focus on being a dashing, romantic devil)
>Romantic: You are adept at the art of intimate rapport. Apply a +5 bonus on Diplomacy checks, or +10 in romantic situations.
>Whirlwind RomanceM: Once daily outside of combat, you can target a person with fewer levels than you within 15 ft. If you beat his Will, he is friendly to you for 24 hours. While charmed, he will not act in a way that brings harm to you, himself or his allies.
Otherwise, he follows you and responds aggressively to creatures that threaten you. He will initiate romance if doing so would normally
be plausible. You cannot dismiss the effect, and when the magic ends there is a 50% chance that the person becomes disillusioned and unfriendly.

From the Half-Elf racial ability list.

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I had a funny idea for a variant on elves in a weird fantasy setting I might run at some point.

Long story short? As a species, there is no relationship between primary and secondary sexual characteristics. An Elf may display all male or female traits, a mix of the two or a complete lack of either, but even if they look obviously male or female on the surface that's no guarantee of their actual gender.

Yes, it makes no evolutionary sense, but blah blah gods will formless beings whatever, it struck me as potentially amusing.

Had an idea for an NPC I'd want to use. A gruff, bearded badass guard captain who is a great warrior, respected by his mean... And just happens to have a fantastic rack. Which, among elves, is completely normal, but for those not used to it it'll serve as a decent if puerile gag.

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based antonio

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Sounds dumb as shit but it you want to be a retard,go for it.

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So, this is, like, an actual manga?

Got... Got sauce on it?

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>Worst Girl, obviously jealous of Best Girl's superior assets

I instantly like this pic.

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Threadly reminder that the D&D Next player's guide suggests you build a futa elf character.

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Sorry, got it from /tg/
But if it would be some porn I would probably already found it.

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>actual normal people on 4chan
>getting ma/d/ about it

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I don't know that panel, but it does seem in line with the art. The piece I do know is by Jingai, called "We Must Expose the Wickedness of Orcs to the World!"

It's basically about a drop policewoman sexually harassing and assaulting an orc.


Another piece to look in line of it is by Kireina Mochi, called "Private Beast Academy". It's about a male teacher dealing with his catgirl students being in heat.


Second one might not need sadpanda

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No it doesn't.

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Normally I would, but they'd probably suggest it in the interest of including LGBTWTFBBQ elements, rather than having a fetishbait character.

I'd rather have a tiefling futa anyway.

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>Threadly reminder that the D&D Next player's guide suggests you build a futa elf character.

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Wait what?

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Mmmh, nah.

They are ugly hybrids with a lot of genetic faults.

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Yes, it does. Same sidebar that mentions characters of nonconventional sexuality. It says that the elven god(dess) is sometimes presented as hermaphroditic and that some elves also are, and suggests you can play them for a non-binary experience.

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There is a lot of awful futa manga. Most of them having to do with futas interacting with males in some way.

That these are often the only ones with exhibition content that are tagged as such annoys me to no end.

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Of course they've got genetic faults, they've been bred with humans.

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Fuck me thats awesome!

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I'm pretty sure that's an edit.
At least the other guy is a bro.

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If they're sterile, this would create a big market for half-elf slaves.

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man, I hate anime

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Citation for fucks sake

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Hasn't /tg/ agreed that sterile slaves are shit?

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No I mean they look like the hunchback and Heiny the ugly, bearded woman had a child.

No elvish autism beauty genes will save their faces.

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>suppressed characteristics
>stagnant gene pool


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>not wanting to knock up your sex slaves

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Some Hentai cliches bug me big time, wish I was a better artist, the thing that pisses me off most is that so many end without the villains getting any commupance

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while that does leave the door enjoyably open this feels more like tumblr tier crap than sweet magical realm

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>implying I'm not mad that the manga they discussed exists

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It's just reminding people that back in 1e, this was how the god of elves was actually described.
The god of elves is canonically gender fluid, and this was only pushed aside during the D&D backlash during 2e/3e.

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I like the way you think that tumblr crap isn't just magical realm for people with multiple X chromosones.

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the line between the two is gettin dangerously thin lately

>I liked chicks with dicks before this whole tranny bullshit.jpg

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And you both in incredible denial about it being not gay.

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Woops forgot sauce. It's Kekkon Yubiwa Monogatari. It's by maybe, the guy who made the softest. So everyone is soft. Your mileage may vary, since instead of ghost blowjob hijink this time it's harem hijinks. At least we got a fade to black, I guess, but the guy refused to get it on with chocolate grandma. Spoilered for medium lewd.

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I feel ya.

Although I'm more in the camp of being more pissed at written fanworks enough to be close to starting my own out of sheer spite, rather than being pissed off at doujins.
Eh it's too neutral on the subject to be tumblr. It's just saying "hey! you can roleplay this if you like" and a bit of fluff about some knife-ear deity. It's basically the equivalent of the serving suggestions you find on food packaging.

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ehh maybe I'm a bit too jumpy these days, I just don't like seeing my fetish get turned into a life style. like with furries

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Eh, despite futa's popularity and saturation, I rather doubt it will get furry tier of awful.
Everyone is a little bit gay, those who like futa are just a bit gayer. Sexuality isn't black and white and there are always exceptions people are willing to make.

Anyone who says otherwise is in denial.

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Let me see if I can make my brain accept this:

Elves lack dimorphism and the genes needed to suppress its expression.
Humans have dimorphism but also genes to regulate it so their anatomy doesn't go berserk.

Breeding the two results in gene-mixing where the offspring have the genes that create dimorphism from the human side but have absent or defective genes for suppressing that dimorphism due to the elf side.

So the result is UltraMen and UltraWomen, or UltraHerms.

That about right? Yeah whatever.

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Or I could just say that you are in denial for being gay and everything you say is just further denial.

I'm not in denial since all I am doing is saying that getting off to futa is homosexual as fuck.

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>during the D&D backlash during 2e/3e.
What would D&D look like if it weren't for that, I wonder?
We know that quite infamously 'masturbation' didn't exist in the TSR days, and that writers complained they couldn't even make reference to mythological characters having lovers in their works without getting called out on being too sexual.
But we know they tried anyway, FR's use of the term Festhall, and references to 1e material that did mention sex or even rape.

So if these writers who clearly had some 'edge' to their writing weren't constantly told to fuck off with anything even mildly genital related, what the hell would the hobby be known for?

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>Everyone is a little bit gay
Kill yourself, preferably before you start screeching that all homophobes are in fact gay as all hell.

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then explain why I cant get off to men despite finding girl cock hot, gays like men, futas are not men

>> No.40179223

>then explain why I cant get off to men despite finding girl cock hot
Repression? It's pretty ridiculous that you pretend an actual flesh, physical dick isn't a male sexual thing.

>> No.40179247

Because you are attracted to traditional female qualities, not traditional male ones, while recognizing that both male and female sexual organs are inherently arousing due to their purpose and connotations.
That's basically what it comes down to.

>> No.40179343

futa isn't just a dick you know. They've got female body structure and facial structure and vaginas if you've got depictions that have been tagged correctly.

I"m not arguing it's straight. Nobody attracted to a futa is straight. It's just not gay, because that is objectively not true. We've just not really got the proper words to describe sexuality if the presence of a third sex was actually enough to warrant such language.

>> No.40179350

Oh don't pat yourself on the back in denial. It's degrading.

He does it because he likes a hard cock but he doesn't want to be called gay, hell if there was no stigmata against homosexuality the faggot would well and fine go fuck traps instead.

>> No.40179384

>look at me attentionwhore!
Here is your pat on the back, timmy.
Now go to your room.

>> No.40179394

>haven't got the proper words

Don't worry, Tumblr has your back there.

>> No.40179417

Don't patronize people just because they don't agree with your opinions, it's degrading.

And really, really gay.

>> No.40179425

I'll be honest that I've yet to hear them. There's a morbid interest for whatever bastardization of latin they came up with is being used.

>> No.40179436

Eh, I kinda thought /tg/ was above arguments over what's gay or not. In what way does it matter, and is it relevant to the board in general? My granny thinks I'm gay because my roommate's a dude, but it doesn't exactly bother me.

Are you okay with your own sexuality? Yes? Does it cause major problems for you or anyone else? No? Then why care? Some people like coffee, others like tea, it doesn't fucking matter.

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Nope. Just a throwback to 1e.

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>those who like futa are just a bit gayer.
Dude, no.

Maths and science.

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There are characteristics that men find sexually attractive besides genitalia, and the inclusion of male genitalia serves to make it easier to relate to the events that are occurring, since men know what male gratification feels like.

>> No.40179520

Dude. We're /tg/. Totally Gay.

That's not the part that bothers us. I'm Bi as all hell, personally.

What bothers us is the fact that it's WRONG. It's a big flaring flaming flag to our autism.

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Nobody on 4chan is above anything. They just pretend to be.

I'm more annoyed over stuff being technically correct than anyone's feathers being ruffled.
Those calculations are for viewing porn from a male perspective. In order to determine someone's sexuality, you'd have to input their numbers. So assuming a male fucking a variable partner, gayness is female < futa < male.

>> No.40179533

>assuming lesbians aren't gay
his math is wrong

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If elves have indistinguishable sexual characteristics, and humans have regular sexual characteristics, shouldn't a merger of the two make something with more subtle sexual characteristics than a normal human, since half of their genes are coming from something with less distinguishable characteristics?

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The god of elves in not "Canonically gender fluid."

The goddess of elves is some mysterious, frightening creature who can be both a man and a woman, as the mood takes them. They are not a poster child for the trans rights movement, they are something frightening, yet beautiful. They are something mysterious and other, something to be spoken of in hushed whispers.

They are not a sexual object, they are a power, ult and inscrutable.

WOTC does not treat them with the respect they deserve, and are simply looking to capitalize on popular social trends, for money.

>> No.40179577

No but it's the genitalia you focus on, the girls is really just there to go "Not gay you guys!"

Or it's a trannys wet dream, to go where the "grass is greener" and keep the dick.

>> No.40179584

You missed the context for the calculations, which is a male observing porn.
see >>40179115

>> No.40179595

>The goddess of elves is some mysterious, frightening creature who can be both a man and a woman, as the mood takes them
That is what gender fluid means, you twit.
At no point does it imply being a sexual object.

>> No.40179639

Not necessarily. We could put a number of like 'sexual characteristics factor' and say like:

>humans have an SCF of 50 (standard)
>elves have an SCF of 10 (barring genitalia, very little difference between the sexes)

But it doesn't have to be linear. Maybe the ~30 SCF region is where you get huge hips, tits, shoulders and dicks.

>> No.40179674

Is this some kind of animefag logic? You are just making up shit.

>> No.40179681

lesbians are lesbians, gays are gays, don't clump hairs together

>> No.40179697

We FATAL now

>> No.40179701

>You missed the context for the calculations, which is a male observing porn.
That's not how math works.

Lesbian pornography is homosexual regardless of who observes it. You could argue a man would desire to see two women having sex with each other, but that does not change the numbers.

>> No.40179703

It being a smokescreen for closeted homosexuals has nothing to do with an objective viewpoint of the subject. A futa is not male, thus saying male on futa is homosexual is factually incorrect. Just as futas not being females means saying futa on female is gay is also factually incorrect. Futa on futa is homosexual though.

>> No.40179707

I think it's some other-kin who's upset that people aren't using their proper pronouns.

>> No.40179720

Just as long as you remember that hybrids are sterile.

>> No.40179725

I don't know if you're autistic or just angry about lesbians, but it's a tongue-in-cheek 4chan post about the fact guys like to see girls get it on.

>> No.40179733

Fair enough.

>> No.40179742


>The god of elves in not "Canonically gender fluid."

Actually, Corellon is.

>> No.40179804

It already got posted, but that jackass decided to ignore it.

>> No.40179842


I make it a point when I GM that all 'half-breeds' are sterile. The point of having different races, is that they are completely different species and not just different-looking versions of the same one.

>> No.40179852

Gender fluid is a human thing, for people who present as a man or a woman.

They can't magically alter their body.

Corellan is intended to be strange and frightening in many ways. She is a Deity, and those are supposed to be outside human understanding, with longer term goals than us, and reasons for their actions which we cannot understand.

Not "oh btw there's this elf god who can change their gender therefor you should."

That is quite disrespectful to her.

I had the impression that we were talking about hybridization. Some plants can be bred together to develop a huge increase in a trait which neither had particularly much. Its non linear.

I'm the opposite of that, actually. I'm some straight-white-cis-male-kin who's upset that wizards ignored everything about this cool elfin goddess except for "Oh btw hey trans people you can play a trans 'cause Correlan."

Dnd is supposed to have a fantasy flavor. It is not a strategy game, with carefully balanced resources. It is a collective story building exercise.

This is why I dislike 5e. It is a crude "improvement" which actually improves nothing, and is solely intended to get people into dnd and make wizards money. Remember, its cool to be geeky now, never mind that the actual geeks are work harder than either you or I to learn math, science, engineering, and are quite often smart and successful, not the steriotypical gamer nerd.

1: That picture has already been posted, and I saw it.
2: Yes, he is both a man and a woman as the mood takes him. He is not like a gender fluid human, 'cause those by nature cannot magically transform their physical body.

>> No.40179909

Why do you keep referring to Corellon as a her?
Is this a sex thing?

>> No.40179975

>He is not like a gender fluid human, 'cause those by nature cannot magically transform their physical body
Of course, in the world of Dungeons and Dragons and depending on ones mystical powers or access thereof, this is not necessarily true.

>> No.40179981

>2: Yes, he is both a man and a woman as the mood takes him. He is not like a gender fluid human, 'cause those by nature cannot magically transform their physical body.

So... If humans lived in a world were you could transform your physical body for the same reasons than Corellon, would the humans doing that be considered gender-fluid?

>> No.40179986

Corellon seems like a more benign version of Slaanesh.

>> No.40180000

He is just deranged and is posting for attention.

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>> No.40180102

I think they key difference between Corellon and Slaanesh, is that Corellon is apparently pimptastic and has screwed half of the elven pantheon.
Slaanesh can only get it on with himself and little boys.

>> No.40180104

NiceDaemonette, you can change your name but people will still know it's you. Please go.

>> No.40180114

Ah, thanks for spelling out your utter retardation.

Genderfluid in no way is a human only concept when there are other sapient and sentient creatures about, you dense fucknugget.

>> No.40180132

>Corellon is apparently pimptastic and has screwed half of the elven pantheon.

Why stop there? Why not put the moves on the other deities too?

>this is how the first half-elves came to existence

>> No.40180159

>he actually went to college for this
>arguing that preventing yourself from sliding down the slippery slope is just holding yourself back

>> No.40180204

At least nobody's tried to refer to Corellon as "Xe" or "Hir".

I don't mind trans people but nobody gives a shit about your fucking made-up pronouns.

>> No.40180219

I refer to him using pronouns for both genders.

This is because of a running joke with my group. When we encountered elves who worship her, the gm managed to convince us they worshipped two gods, one female and one male.

Yes, if a human could transform their physical body at will, they would indeed by like Corellan.

Gender fluid humans, however, cannot start with that ability. Even though a high level wizard or druid could theoretically research the ability to transform their body at will, and a player could start at level 13 or some crap, the character would still have a starting gender.

They would be biologically male, female or hermaphroditic at birth, before the transformation takes place. Therefore, an intrinsic differance exists between gender fluid humans and a deity whose nature is constantly changeable.

Oh yeah, sorry, you sure showed me by pointing out that I didn't mention elves, orcs and all that crap.

They're humans, for all intents and purposes in 5th edition dnd. Everyone is all lovey dovey, the 4 factions are all good aligned (even the thieve's guild)

Even ignoring my personal beef with 5e, there is generally no reason why everything from orcs to humans to gnomes cannot be similar psychologically.

Therefore, when I say human, I mean 'Whatever the fuck race your special snowflake ass wants to play as a transgender person."

Oh let the Futa fetishists enjoy it. I don't, but you have to admit that sort of material is very common. Are they hurting you by enjoying it? No.

Will you stop /d/ from being spammed by more Chicks with dicks threads than everything else combined by complaining to an innocent wanker?

Also no.

Ignore pornography which you don't like, and let that be the end of it.

>> No.40180223

I'd argue that getting mad about them IS caring. If you didn't care at all, you wouldn't respond or even feel the need to - but getting mad is caring just as much as approving is.

tl;dr stop biting bait.

>> No.40180262

On the one hand, I concur that our language could use gender neutral pronouns

On the other hand, people should not be forced to speak only in a certain acceptable fashion, especially when the actual gender neutral pronouns in common usage are "They/them/theirs" (which is fine) and "Dat Nigga right dere" (which will offend plenty of the tumblr crowd, despite seeing infinitely more use than Xe.

>> No.40180279


>> No.40180325

>not refering to people by thov/thee/thyself

>> No.40180343

>Therefore, when I say human, I mean 'Whatever the fuck race your special snowflake ass wants to play as a transgender person."

Ah, so more horseshit spewing retardation. Thanks. Last reply, fuckface. Enjoy it.

>> No.40180345

Ever since a few years ago when the cancer generation moved in and brought their "Haters Gonna Hate" culture in here, and now participating in the purpose of a imageboard is considered bad.

>faggot posts a post in the thread
>you post a post in a thread in replay

>> No.40180348


>> No.40180349

Fuck off virtualoptim.

>> No.40180378


Thank you collectively for proving my point.

>> No.40180399

It's more that you don't know what the definition of "not caring" means.

Anger and apathy are not the same thing. This is a fact.

>> No.40180407


>> No.40180436

Nice images. Please give me some more. I'll trade Rustle pics.

>> No.40180460

WTF happened to this thread? (not that it started well)

>> No.40180465


>> No.40180471

Attention starved namefag.

>> No.40180482

Some stupid faggot started bitching endlessly about dickgirls being gay, and every other stupid faggot took the bait.

>> No.40180490

Fortunately they're also usually bisexual.

>> No.40180496

It's not really anger though, that's the thing, kids think making someone mad is funny so they interpret whatever they do as making someone angry in response so they can feel validated. It's why all these little kids think they are surrounded by "haters" because they are self-important.

>> No.40180504

Wow Anon, you are so brave.

So original, so unique. You've found the secret truth that nobody else knows. Man, it sure is awesome to not be a sheeple, right? Your judgements alone are worth considering. Everyone should agree with you or else they are X, Y, and/or Z. Your evidence is real evidence, any evidence against yours is just manipulated or bullshit, but yours is always 100% true. Generalizations and stereotypes are ALWAYS true, especially if they aren't applied to you.

It must feel good to be so right all the time, because there is no possible chance you are wrong and there is not reason for you to respond to anyone with civility and mutual respect. Anyone who disagrees with you is obviously a liar or just plain stupid, there opinions aren't worth considering. Even though you are a flawed human, as we all are, your observations are always correct. Certainty and dismissal isn't a sign of intellectual laziness when you do it, it's just because you are so right.

>> No.40180509

it is though, isn't it?

>> No.40180512

I'm actually another namefag. I know it's hard to believe that it is like is, but it do.

>> No.40180522

Are you being sarcastic?

>> No.40180524

Who gives a shit? Bitching about it one way or the other is shitposting.

>> No.40180543

I don't really care, I just always thought it was.

>> No.40180546

>Not recognizing pasta
I'll let you decide, anon.

>> No.40180554

isn't this the shitposting general, though?

>> No.40180565

I started voicing my opinions, and poeple disagreed, so I namefagged. This way, they won't mistake other people's posts for mine and say "Wow you're backpedaling" or whatever.

And yeah, I so want attention from a group of hate spewing fags on 4chan. I crave those single sentance replies insulting me.

Or maybe I could go out in real life and get attention from actual people.

Alright, give me some evidence. I don't like being right, I like arguing. I enjoy talking to people who disagree with me, because then we can both learn, even if we don't end up the same.

Would anyone ever do that? Just go on the internet and be passive agressively ssarcastic?

Its pasta. MMmmm tasty.

>> No.40180592

>> No.40180602

Common opinion is that being into girls with dicks fucking girls without dicks is significantly less gay than being into dudes fucking anyone. It's basically girls using real dicks instead of strapons. It's a way for men to be able to sympathize with a phallus being pleasured in their pornography without having to actually see a dude.

So no, it's not gay unless you're the 'I want to suck a futa's cock' type of faggot. Then it's super gay.

It's all about why you like it, not whether you like it.

And none of that matters in any way.

>> No.40180625


>> No.40180629

Phoar who is that?

Yes I am a newfag.

>> No.40180697

lewd but she approves

>> No.40180700

Dear mods:

Please make namefagging and/or tripfagging a bannable offense under all but a few well defined circumstances.

From: an anon who is fucking sick of all these Jim Profit wannabes

>> No.40180723

>> No.40180727

So... Can we get a definition on what the flying hell 'gender fluid' is?
Because otherwise, you're just saying words without meaning for attention while people debate you due to having different definitions.

>> No.40180738

You don't want a repeat of Nazimod.

>> No.40180746

Who is "Pasta"?

>> No.40180765


>> No.40180767

we need a summer holocaust

>> No.40180777

- Click the little triangle next to post number.
- Pick Image Search - iqdb
- follow the gelbooru match
- read tags on the left, notice "original", realise he's OC donut steal
- notice artist name " tokisige" in tags, clicking it gives you more drawn in the same style
- some even feature the same character

man, fish, etc.

>> No.40180780


>> No.40180781

In a non-magical context, it means you want to be treated or act like a different gender according to your mood.

In a magical context, it means you can transform fluidly and freely into other sexes.

>> No.40180814

>"Those of you who are in estrus today... raise your hand."
>Other teacher leans in from hallway to raise her hand

>> No.40180816

Oh, yes I do. /tg/ needs to start fearing the mods again.

>> No.40180823

That sounds horribly confusing for someone with a constant form.
In a magical context, by definition as stated here, Corellion is gender-fluid.

>> No.40180833

Mods should fear their posters, not the other way around.

>> No.40180844

I would but I am on mu tablet and it can't do dropdowns for some fucktarded reason.

Would appreciate a link.

>> No.40180846

Yes. Real-life gender fluidity is confusing, obnoxious, and almost impossible to treat politely.

>> No.40180859

First they came for the namefags, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a namefag.
Then they came for the tripfags, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a tripfag.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

>> No.40180862

You know Nasu confirmed Arturia had a futa phase, right? Merlin did it.

>> No.40180876

The whole thing was glorious.

>> No.40180879

4chan 2nd amendment when?

>> No.40180894

I LOVE hentai that doesn't take itself too seriously. It's rare, but it tends to be golden.

>> No.40180899

No it doesn't. It just says that the Elf god is androgynous and sometimes depicted as hermaphroditic, which is lore older than AD&D for this franchise and said in every damn edition, and that the elves are similarly super masculine, super feminine, ambiguous and everything else in between. You're openly lying to bait other /pol/tards. Fuck off.

>> No.40180907

When the Founding Father will write it. Oh, wait.

>> No.40180920

Would appreciate you making some effort yourself. You got imageboard name and two tags, that's plenty to look up the rest yourself.

>> No.40180946

too soon, man, too soon ;_;

>> No.40180970


>> No.40180974

That dude has wide hips and the tiniest penis if it's not visible at that insane stance and flat angle. These women need to be acting far less impressed.

>> No.40181016

Or he's just fully erect and points upward

>> No.40181073

There's no penile anchor, no testes, no hair, no swoop... penises have mass and not a lot of power to compensate for that mass. Upward pointers aren't flat against the body. They have a base that sinks.

>> No.40181084

>> No.40181094

Maybe it's invisible due to JAPAN SUPERCENSORSHIP 3000.

>> No.40181125

alternatively his microscopic penis and ken-doll physique is what's impressing them

>> No.40181156

>we are discussing penises, would you like to join.jpg

>> No.40181168

>I happen to be an expert on this subject.js

>> No.40181175


Gender fluid people are people who present as both genders. They are not magical.

Many of them are perfectly tolerable, and in fact kind of cool. They only become intollerable when "I'm gender fluid" becomes more of hteir identity than "I'm a cool bro."

Like stoners who won't shut up about how they're stoners.

>> No.40181192

Like you wouldnt buttfuck a trap regardless

>> No.40181201


>> No.40181242


>> No.40181434

>Gender fluid people are people who present as both genders.
So... Corellion would be gender-fluid, if gender could be applied to gods.
Which I'm pretty sure it can in terms of context: I.E. D&D lore.

>> No.40181499

Thanks, I'm out of Rustle images.

Gender fluid people present both genders, but were born with one set of genitals, or hermaphroditic.

Corellion was not born, but just exists. She can also be a man or a woman entirely, both in form and in function.

People can't do that, they can only look like another gender.

>> No.40181523


>> No.40181537

It's japan, brah. I once glanced at a manga, and at the end of it the fiancee left him because "his penis was just too big for her to handle".

It had earlier been mentioned to be six inches in length.

>> No.40181565

Japan is such a depressing place.

>> No.40181588

In the fiancee's defense, that's a real problem. One of my friends broke up with a guy once because of this. She's a tiny, tiny woman. And he was a big guy. It led to logistical issues.

>> No.40181638

it happens in the rest of the world as well, there was an article about arrest related to that kind of incident couple weeks ago

>> No.40181650

So... I assume you're insisting that gender-fluid people are gender-fluid BECAUSE they cannot change their form?
That seems like a pretty arbitrary distinction to make.

>> No.40181653

Someone got arrested for having a six inch penis?

That's harsh.

>> No.40181717

>the oatmeal
literally kill urself

>> No.40181782

The distinction is significant because it allows us to differentiate from people having fun and being cool (those who present as both genders), and people who are delusional (they believe they actually are both genders, which is biologically impossible without what you call so incidental: Magical powers.

Sex change surgery is a thing, but even if it could be done to a satisfactory level, which is not always the case, it certainly cannot be done EVERY DAY depending upon what gender you feel like today.

>> No.40181792

That's not from the Oatmeal.

>> No.40181935


>> No.40182174

So someone can 'present' as both genders but believe they are a particular one?

>I'm going to act male, despite having female genitals
>I'm going to act female, having previously acted male, having female genitals

...You know what?
By all appearances, that's a mental disorder not unlike delusion.
In this situation, by the way I'm seeing it, someone's gender is changing back and forth in their mind uncontrollably, even though they 'know' they have one.

That's a mental sickness, like knowing you have hallucinations.

>> No.40182343

It can be a mental disorder if they allow it to be.

But there's nothing wrong with crossdressing.

Pic related, its your dad

>> No.40182347


>> No.40182415


>> No.40182423

...But it is a mental sickness.
Sorry to burst your damn bubble.
Just because I know I have depression doesn't mean it defines me.
Or does someone calling it as it is trigger you?

>> No.40182461

its like any body dysphoria, to them physics themselves are not reflecting the truth they see

>> No.40182520

>is solely intended to get people into dnd and make wizards money.
Wow it's almost like companies want people to buy their products, what a new and shocking development. I guess TSR just decided to publish OD&D for free out of the kindness of their hearts.

>> No.40182534

Gender =/= sex, this is basic stuff, you know this, stop shitposting.

>> No.40182535

Crossdressing for fun is not neccesarily a mental disorder.

We're onthe forum about roleplaying games.

Is it really so hard to understand why someone would have fun pretending to be someone else?

>> No.40182548

why the attitude though were you beat up by a group of drag queens?

>> No.40182558

>Gender =/= sex, this is basic stuff, you know this

>> No.40182565


>> No.40182596

Oh hello tumblr, why dont you explain what you mean in detail so we can disagree intelligently.

Nigga I said intelligently

>> No.40182608


>> No.40182636

Sorry that you're such a pathetic little bitch you can't stand science disagreeing with you.

Gender is societal rolls. Sex is biological.

Done having your autistic shitfit yet?

>> No.40182651

Nah, the story was that the guy's girlfriend couldn't take his size so he went to do it with her mom instead and the mom got arrested for statutory. Or something along these lines.

>> No.40182657

They just min-max'd for douchebaggery. Scrapped charisma and went straight for... Well, not wisdom or intelligence, and certainly not strength and dex.

>> No.40182665

what is sexual gender then?

>> No.40182691

I owned this book as a kid. Called The Fear Place or something like that. It was shit.

>> No.40182700

Can't we have a thread about elves with huge tits without all this crap about fucking gender fluid shit?

>> No.40182711

No pls, take it to /e/.

>> No.40182712

Probably not.

Everyone wants huge tits to play with.

>> No.40182740

>you can't stand science disagreeing with you.
Hello Pot, names kettle

>> No.40182742

>Can't we have a thread... without ... gender fluid shit?
Not recently.

>> No.40182745

Words you pulled out of your ruined asshole.

>> No.40182753

Yeah, all of these are edits of actual book covers from the 90's.

>> No.40182763


No, really, go on more. You've cited nothing, all you're done is scream about your feelings being hurt because you're wrong. Come on, fuckface. Cards on the table.

>> No.40182772

Not that guy, but I really wish you lgbt faggots would stop trying to subvert the meaning of 'gender'. Please make up a new word for what you're trying to describe - you make up new words all the time, so why not the one time it would actually have been a good idea?

>> No.40182777

You left out the part where the mom had sex with several 15 year old boys.

>> No.40182779

Thanks for overextrapolating.
I said that someone whose mind 'identifies' as a different gender at different times, uncontrollably, despite having a specific gender, is a mental disorder.
Like how someone with depression can feel a deep sadness despite having a fulfilling life.
Corssdressing is a specific mental exercise called 'role-playing', like you said, and is separate form the issue I brought up.
And you can't change your mind out of depression, so stop pretending that's my position with your passive-agressive images.
The two were interchangeable terms until very recently.
This argument does not apply. If gender-fluid means that I fall under a specific set of gender norms at one time and a different set at another, then almost everyone is gender-fluid, because I enjoy being clean, a 'female' trait, despite being a dishwasher and posting on /tg/, both 'male' stereotypes.
No, because this namefag is treating me like I'm a mongoloid instead of someone with a differing point of view.

>> No.40182809

You are delusional if you think "gender" is a biological term. It has always been sociological, even before the term "sociological" existed. The hard science bio term is SEX. The pattern of behaviors that are associated but not identical to sex is gender. It's not just LGBT that pushes that definition. It's a long-standing definition held up by all of the sciences outside of biology.

>> No.40182813

I know I can't make you see the truth, you'll just scream at me, I've just been typing shit to get under your skin because its funny to me.
>inb4 pretending to be retard retort

>> No.40182839

IIRC the other guys she had sex with were of age (if barely). But I'm not 100% sure. Wish somebody would just link the article. It really was just like a story from my chinese cartoons. (minus the arrest part)

>> No.40182861

You know, you flailing and trying to inb4 doesn't actually make it any less true when you're caught with your ass so blown open, yes?

>> No.40182865

Here's your reply.

>> No.40182883

Written by some SJW gender studies bitch with no real sources provided. Reading her biography on site doesn't give me any confidence at all in her knowledge of etymology.

Someone claiming something on the internet does not a fact make.

>> No.40182917

>Attacks the source, not the subject

But, you've still yet to give any actual refutation. All you've done is sit in a pile of your own shit and fling it around, screaming 'nu-uh!' without citing yourself.

Last chance.

>> No.40182940

As well as linguistics, and other ordered disciplines. Really,
is blowing smoke up his own ass, which is just pathetic.

>> No.40182942

I'm going to be moving terms for the sake of sanity and argument.
>'Gender'-fluid refers to a change of identification as one sex (biological) to another sex (biological) and is thus a mental disorder.
Failing that, if
>Gender-fluid is a change of attributing oneself as having one set of stereotypical sex-related traits at one time and other at another.
>Anyone who does not, at most times, follow the gender roles associated with their biological sex is 'gender'-fluid'.
Am I right, or is the water too muddy for me to make a reading on it?
I hate definition conflicts, because it always ends up being two or more people arguing over completely different items.

>> No.40182992

The irony here is palatable.


But I'm sure there's some reason why the big bad science is still so wrong.

>> No.40183012


If this doesn't work, does the World Health Organization's definition work?


Or how about the second definition if gender in the Merriam-Webster dictionary?


>> No.40183052


>> No.40183147

Are you saying my definition of 'gender-fluid' (goddammit, that's so misnamed) is correct or incorrect, and if so, which one?
If you want to act outside gender norms, I don't care. I don't actually give a flying fuck what you do with your life if you're not hurting other people or yourself (and then you should just get help).

If you 'know' you are female or male, but your emotions are telling you you are one or the other at random, I simply don't think that's healthy.
It could likely just be hormone issues or puberty, but I'm no master of the psychiatric sciences, so just get help if it's an issue.

I'm out. You guys can burn this thread down around each other all you want- I'm not taking part.

>> No.40183214


Nope. Just providing extra ammo against those who think gender is not a social construct.

>I was just interested in the elves.

>> No.40183248


>> No.40183261

While I'm not convinced these people aren't just fellating the politically correct crowd, if these groups say it is so, denying it is futile anyway. Fair enough, you win.

I hope you realize I'm not the same person you've been arguing with all thread, though.

>> No.40183770

yea except these people wear make-up/don't wear make-up, do their hair and fashion very differently to match their mood and like, because some people are fucking skilled, you wouldn't know til they talked/laughed, and even then you'd still probably be guessing

>> No.40183823

>Gender fluid people present both genders, but were born with one set of genitals, or hermaphroditic.

not simultaneously, no

look you don't know what this is, and you don't know what you're talking about.

it sounds to me you ran into one of those parody accounts that people make to mock sjws, that all these "anti sjw" people fall for and believe at face value.

>> No.40183884

>Gender fluid people present both genders

Obviously not at the same time. The present one or the other, or they can present androgynous.

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