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Because Everyone is too lazy here is the next thread

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Since the last thread ended with me posting this I'll start the new thread with it.

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Hidden perks and better-than-you-think perks. Got any to share from an unexpected jump? I'll start.

Harry Potter jump is a goldmine for these.
Extended Mokeskin Pouch= mini warehouse
Nullification= pretty much imagine breaker
Dark Arts Cache= 10 books worth of almost horcrux like spells
House Elf= Jumpchan endorsed slave companion
Pet Phoenix= a phoenix
Wandless magic= no need for wands/focii/staffs

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Fucking Time Turner, man.

Nintendog Jump:
> fetch: summon any object you own OR CAN SEE to your hand
> puppies: don't age if you don't want to. Pocket immortality!

>> No.40173884

Time Turner has a 5 min limit and you can't let yourself see you. Paradox galore.

Extended Mokeskin Pouch for 100CP gives you a pouch that can only be opened by you and has as much space as needed. Opening is 25sqcm. Some shrinking tech or magic and you've got an improved warehouse. It's incredible. Fetch is awesome though.

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5 hours on the time turner, used competently it's ridiculous.

How would you close the pouch once you're inside it? How do you stop people destroying the pouch with you in it?

>> No.40173923

After a while it's going to be absolute hell to get what you need from the pouch, since it doesn't just hand you whatever you need. You're going to have to dig around there, through all the corpses and ancient that you've doubtlessly collected over the years for some reason or another just so you can get that pack of drill bits.

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Accio drill bits.

>> No.40173948

FF7's PHS? From my understanding it's basically summon companions as will. Not sure if it's really hidden/better than you think, but it's damn useful when you need to get the party together on the spot without importing them.

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Jumpers, has there ever been a moment where you were simply outclassed and outmatched? A moment of pure terror where you were entirely convinced that you were going to die right there and then? What got you into that mess in the first place?

Hard Mode: Light of Terra doesn't count.

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Taking Banner Saga as the first jump. Even though I took Valka and stuck to the plot, things got... Unpleasant.

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Wait, whoops. I meant, third jump.

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The pouch is for objects and you could still keep it inside your real warehouse.
You shrink everything to the size of an ant and stuff each of it inside a specific matchbox. Then you accio it when you need it. It's not perfect but it's pretty damm amazing for a 100cp item.

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Tools of the trade from Darkstalkers, or comes the dawn.

Despite some of the restrictions for tools, you still get to carry ALL the weapons forever.

Comes the Dawn doesn't seem wildly fantastic until you consider how many jumps are massive stress and negativity sinks. Being able to burn that off and keep sharp is a HUGE boon.

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Heel from Nintendogs does the same thing except with no time limit or cool down.

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Well shit. I guess it comes down to the cost, and a preference between tech and a skill then.

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Malefor was actually totally capable of kicking my ass nine ways from sunday during LoSS. So it was somewhat of a surprise that I ended up going all in with the drawbacks. It basically dropped the knowledge of EXACTLY what I was right into his lap, and he was VERY interested in obtaining my powers, or even gaining the power to Jump.
That last one was my saving grace. I somehow convinced him that I was worth more alive, because I'd just shunt off to the "old world" and he'd get nothing out of it.
I was also highly resistant to corruption, due to Dream Power and the Poison Elementalism.
But not immune. And there were still some close calls. It wasn't easy. He's not to be underestimated.

I really think it's that he was so far above me at the time that really acts as the final insult, now that he's my companion, stuck in a tiny Spyro-sized dragon body.
The fact that he's a great deal weaker than me now is like the last slap in the face. That big, last, "You failed, Mal".

He's pretty calm about it. Speaking as an empath, he has great control over his emotions nowadays. Hardly gets bothered by anything anymore, really.
Although sometimes I catch him just... staring at me. Like he's planning something.
It's really creepy.

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Re-posting jump in fresh (And hopefully more chill) thread looking for input and feedback. Change log is at the bottom of the jump but I can put one up if you're too lazy to look.

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Jump (19) - Harry Potter

Title "How did I miss this? This is silly."
Theme Stomping

Pure Blood(100)
roll//2 - Slytherin

Clean Blooded(freebie for Pure Blood)
Legilimency(500) (discount for Pure Blood)
Wandless Magic(800) (discount for Pure Blood)
Nonverbal Specialty(1000)
Importx2(1300) Anir, Rei

Pet Owl(freebie for Wealthy)
Dark Arts Cache(1350) (discount for Pure Blood)
Extended Mokeskin Pouch(1450)
Nimbus 2000(freebie for Wealthy)
Dragon Hide Jacket(freebie for Wealthy)
Pet Phoenix(1600) (discount Pure Blood)

Prisoner of Azkaban(1300)
Bully Teacher(1100)

"No, professor, I cannot stop radiating rainbows from my crotch." "Yes, professor, I turned that girl into a swine." "No, professor, I will not stop calling other students 'pigs in wizard clothing'..." I should have picked this jump way sooner. Now I am a mini Ragyo with godlike powers stuck in an 11y old body. I will just be a smuggy Slytherin I guess.

I know your secrets, Voldywoldy :^)

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All this magic, yet still no Rose. Get to the horrible realisation already! Now that you can flick though your memories you might even be able to put two and two together and realise what you've done. It'd give you another grand purpose.

Another interesting build. Keep going!

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Seems good enough to me. Gonna start a build with what's there right now for the fun of it.

Background: Ronin
Race: Human
Age: 16 (Rolled a 1. Fug.)
Starting location: rolled 8. Starting in Natsume town.

The honed edge: free
Sanctifying ritual: 100 CP

Money: 50 CP
Orb of might: 100 CP
Inari certificate: 200 CP

Lesser kitsune-bi: 300 CP

Still 200 CP to play with on new stuff (May change it up depending.) Going for shades of Muramasa: The demon blade with this build. Complete with fluffy tails to be touching.

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Oh, we've had our share of close calls over the centuries.

Far back when we were merely a supersonic cyborg swordsman, we took on Damion pretty much by ourself. We only got out of that one by the skin of our teeth, in part because we were foolish enough to try jumping over a gravity vortex.

We fought in Ragnarok, alongside Odin. The Jotuns sailed in a ship of dead men's nails to destroy Midgard, Loki's spawn were unleashed and we were caught between mistrust from the other Aesir and Odin's own master plan. You'd be surprised how much a little intrigue and subterfuge matters during the end of the world.

Any confrontation with the Great Old Ones-espeicially on their home turf in Lovecraft Jump, their planetary assimilation scheme in Zombie Jump and the invasion in Generic Magical Girl-is risky. Mainly because there's an element of uncertainty as to whether a given means of killing will stick or not. They are the Golgom of eldritch beings, and we are the goddamn sentai ranger of stasis.

Within both MOTHER and Asura's Wrath, we had a taste of simply punching out of our metaphysical weight class. The sheer, overwhelming power of a babby Azathoth inflicts grievous damage even with an untouchable soul, and the ridiculous expenditure of Soulfire needed to subdue him itself put us out of commission for months. As for Chakky-let's just say the guy who created Asura hits really, really hard and is stupidly resilient. It was certainly the most desparate fight we'd had in centuries at that point.

Slayers was...interesting. At the time we deemed it necessary to kill Lina Inverse for the greater good-and the exact methodology we went about it attracted the Lord of Chaos' attention. Needless to say, running was the only option at that point.

All things considered, we probably wouldn't have turned ourself into a multiverse after FR jump had we not fought enough beings of power to learn how dangerous the jumps can be at times.

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Rose? I have no idea who you're talking about. I still need to create a Nui to my Ragyo though. Is that who you meant?

Grand Couturier Rose does have a ring to it. A bit of dna, human transmutation, life fiber wombing and memory magic. Yes? Maybe.

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Babylon for Running out of Brew (65) how does the second option work does that mean I roll more on the encounter table?

>> No.40174961

Oh, am I getting anons mixed up? Sorry, I really thought the anon with Anir also had Rose the bulbasaur...

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You were right.

>> No.40175175

So that was just an in character response earlier? OK then. Well, I quite like the builds you do and the narrative you weave around them. Keep it up!

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Guys if I carry the drawback from van hellsing that makes dawn never come until you defeat dracula or whoever, then go to worm and take golden dawn, does the first drawback nullify the second until I can find a dracula to beat?

>> No.40175328

No, because Golden Morning isn't a literally dawn. That's just silly.

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So, Persona Jump. Let's have a build and a storytime.

> Origin: Transfer Student (free)
> Drawbacks: I'll Face Myself (+200), Crawling Chaos (+300)
> Perks: Expression (Free), Red String (1300), Self-Awareness (1000), Unbreakable Bond (400)
> Items: Evoker (300), Motorcycle (0)

After what happened in the Infamous Jump I… I needed to clear my head. Losing the girls, even if I ‘got them back’, even if they didn’t blame me… shook me. Made me wonder if I should be taking Companions along in the first place. Even if the Pokegirls couldn’t be killed permanently, only returned to their Pokeballs, they still felt fear, desperation, anxiety, agony… And even if they all said they were OK with it, with Rani putting on a brave, nonchalant front, and even Devi sniffing and tearfully telling me she was all right, I couldn’t let them go through with it. So I came to this Jump alone, determined not to bring them with me.

Except for Arc. I couldn’t face the prospect of a Jump without her, so she came, obedient and obliging as ever, gamely volunteering to keep house for me while I attended the high school that Jump-chan indicated was to be my introduction to this Jump. The first few weeks passed in something of a dim funk: I’d go to school, the tedium of repeating high school for nth time (what was it with Jump-chan and high-school settings, anyway?!) compounded with the lack of familiar faces, casually ace everything, and then slump home, probably getting a bad reputation as being the stuck-up new kid who wasn’t bothering to make friends. Arc would meet me at the door, and would pass a pleasant few hours with me with a bath, a rub-down (frisky or otherwise, as the mood took us), dinner in Arc’s hearty, unrefined style. We’d go to bed, and in the pre-dawn light she’d roll me out of our futon to start the process all over again.


>> No.40175362

My first wake-up call that forced me to start getting my head in the game came when school was cancelled after the disappearance of a fellow student. Arc rushed to school to pick me up with such speed and ferocity that she wore her shoes out completely on the way over, arriving flushed, sweaty, and radiantly bare-footed. I abruptly became a lot more popular with some of my classmates that day, who just realised the benefits of befriending the new kid with the ravishing gaijin maid staying at his house. On a whim, I invited a few of them — the less annoying ones — over to my place.

Over dinner — takeout, supplemented by a pot of Arc’s rich, fiery curry — I got to know those few of my classmates better.

> Karen Serizawa: daughter of Ulala Serizawa from P2: Eternal Punishment; tom-boy captain of the naginata club; angsts over how her image doesn’t match the ‘elegant’ nature of her martial art, and how her mother keeps telling her that if she doesn’t cultivate a more feminine image, she won’t be able to hold on to a man in future; Persona - (Strength reversed)
> Koyomi Yūtaragi: mash-up of Koyomi Araragi (-Monogatari series) and Yuta Togashi (that Chuunibyou anime); fancies himself a paranormal investigator and the true protagonist; delusional since the deaths of his two sisters and his parents in a car accident some years ago, he has instead explained away their absence as part of his ‘origin story’ (that he is a ghoul in the thrall of a powerful master vampire); Persona - Elizabeth Bathory (Hermit reversed)
> Hachiko Doujima: daughter of Nanako Doujima from PS4, who didn’t grow up to marry Yuu Narukami, but Yosuke Hanamura instead, who turned out to be deadbeat and divorced her; she’s now a delinquent trapped in a messy custody battle between her parents; her mother is in Inaba, being nursed back from the brink of nervous breakdown by Uncle Yuu; Persona - Artemis (the Lovers reversed)


>> No.40175411

A few days later, when it was announced that the vanished student had been found… cut to ribbons in an alleyway, with no clue to the identity of his attacker except for a bloodstained playing card left at the scene of the crime. School resumed, but after-school activities were cancelled to enable police to interview students, and also to ensure that students got home before nightfall. Bored with the cancellation of their various activities, my nascent gang dragooned me into combing the city with them, searching for ‘clues’. Koyomi especially was convinced that we were seeing the return of the Joker, despite more than a decade having elapsed since the last murder; he argued, persuasively I must admit, that the real killer had, after all, never been found.

What followed was pretty surreal. As the body-count grew, we isolated only two common factors: the victims had been the subject of various online bullying and cyber-harassment campaigns, mostly on anonymous image-boards and chatrooms, and they had all been found in blind alleys. Reluctantly trying to put Koyomi’s crackpot theory to the test, they started an online smear campaign about me and bade me wait.

I didn’t have to wait long. Almost immediately, things started going wrong, or rather, going right — every single false rumour that they started turned out to be true, somehow. They said I had been forced to transfer schools because I’d gotten into a love affair with a mobster’s daughter, and the next day some toughs were waiting outside school to rough me up for ‘breaking Hime-sama’s heart’. They said I had been forced to transfer to Sumaru because spendthrift relatives had taken all my money; the next day I got a lawyer’s letter in the post demanding that I transfer ownership of several properties I received from the Monopoly Jump to some folks who claimed to be distant relatives.

And then one day, this image, and one line:

Pretty scary, huh? Wish me luck.


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Wait, why would Nanako have married Yuu? Why would that even be something to be considered possible? He's not that kind of onii-chan!

>> No.40175465

Prepare your anus, buddy. Just remember that the fist is rootin' for ya.

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That's just something silly little girls say before they have a proper understanding of how relationships work. It doesn't mean she really wanted to.

>> No.40175534

So, what's your Persona? Or are you waiting until after you fight your Shadow to decide that?

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Jurassic Park
you got to be kidding me. +0
clever girls +0
scavengers +100
it Rex everything +200
dinosaur soldiers +300
rolled seven chose San Diego
geneticist -50
the phones are working -200
PhD: genetics, free with geneticist
missing link -50
amphibian DNA : Golden Poison Frog -200
6 foot turkeys -300
genetic improvements -150
hybrid -300, discounted for geneticist
Richard Kiley/mr. DNA -200
companion import : Monique -100
Barbasol and nothing else.

dinosaur: velociraptor.
life finds a way free for dinosaur
clever girl -100
amphibian DNA : Golden Poison Frog -100 discounted for dinosaur
lysin -50
Barbasol and nothing else. -50
*fucking hell where was life finds a way when I was a woman? Anyways, this is basically a 150 or so honeymoon for me and the wife, we both have human or human enough alternate forms and normal dinosaurs don't really have anything that he can do to either of us, especially since we are so poisonous of course I'm not as lazy a turtle as I should be normally since I don't require sleep or food the wife and I have lots time for fun.*

>> No.40175567

Welcome to the Salty Spittoon jumper, how tough are ya?

>> No.40175590

I went into the Salt jump.. without any clothes

>> No.40175601

I took the "Teen Titans Go!" Drawback.

>> No.40175619

I've wrestled the Ocean In CATastrophe and pinned it Bringing it back down to pre-cataclysm sea level

>> No.40175629

I don't have a waifu.

>> No.40175635

No Konata the waifu is you.

>> No.40175643

Some girls make up their minds early.

As a Shadow, my Persona appears to be a mirror image of me, although when things get serious it turns into a horrible composite of all the people I've left behind, like my family and friends and everyone I've abandoned in past Jumps.

When 'purified', my Persona is Joan of Arc, of the Hanged Man Arcana. She's got great durability against physical and magical attacks, casts buffs, heals, and at higher levels, gains access to Almighty attacks.

She's weak to Fire. ;_;

>> No.40175676

Watch this
>Tears own head off, doesn't fall over.
Now top that, tattooed fish.

The Razzle Dazzle jump has some use.

>> No.40175683

Barkley Shut up and Jam Gaiden
1300/1300 cp
Chup Mines
Perks: Show me the color of your neo-shekels(0), Hit ‘em High, Hit ‘em Low(150), Gun’sBraster(300),
Gear Neo-Shekels(50), SEG Cannon(100), B-Ball Egg(300), Dimensional Whistle(100), Tupperware Armor(300)

Drawbacks: Al Bhed(+100), Wanted(+200)

Well, that was an adventure. I think just deciphering the fucking alphabet would've taken a while, and then I'd have to deal with with negotiating over the Chup Mines labor union...in the favor of the miners, of course. Pirates were the very first Worker's rights after all! So, I'll just see what I can do to make things smoother between the two. I am a very charismatic individual, after all, so I think I can make them see my way. Oh shit, what's this about a B-Ballnacht and whatnot? I guess that's important but I'm a company man, History and politics aren't my purview.

>> No.40175694

I've walked a leggo brick road.

>> No.40175720


>> No.40175725

Sup Digger. Gave a look over of your Cavestory jump and made a build here if you're interested. >>40171295
Keep up the good work.

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Konatanon is the ultimate waifu

I saw! I'm glad people are liking the jump, I'm a bit confused people see Huzzah as free but.Eh. not gonna lie, your build's a bit all over the place, but I imagine the Drop-In perks are like that as well so. It happens. You did pop in at a good area, though. You could meet up with Quote and Curly for plot-meddling

>> No.40175945

Just as planned.

And I just noticed I misread it as free. It's actually discounted. Oops. Minor re-balancing time I guess? Gonna cut out spelunker and get me a sweet hat and scarf to give to Edea.

>> No.40175967

Can you purchase multiple kitsune-bis?

I quite like what I see so far, looking forward to having more perks and stuff around to review

>> No.40176022

Yes. Yes you can. They are not a unique entity. Glad to see you like what you see so far. Something I forgot to note about kitsune-bi. If magic isn't available wherever you are, tinder like sticks or paper is an acceptable substitute.

>> No.40176092

Anti-Vampire from Twilight is actually a very good anti-psionic power. Since that's actually the powers of twilighter vamps.

Our Monsters are the Same is great too. Can you imagine the look on everyone's faces when a robot coming at you shorts out from being sprayed with water?

>> No.40176242

>But it uses optical circuitry, there's nothing to short out!

>> No.40176262

>ah you see, your robot is a sinner in the eyes of The Lord and I am merely exorcising its machine spirit through faith, not works

>> No.40176323

>Well, I did admittedly break the fourth commandment a lot when building it. But I didn't have a choice, Saturday was the only free time I had to work on it!

>> No.40176382

I'm going to Jump Van Helsing after Twilight and snagging Our Monsters are the Same. I'm going to send airships with priests in them to bless every single damn raincloud over any vampire-haunted territory.

>> No.40176397

I need help with a stand.

Would something that binds to any motorcycle work? What about if it spews out fire that burns out in a minute, everywhere it goes? If you rev it up, more fire spews out kinda like a wave of fire...etc. Next I need the stand to go through stuff.

Would this all work? I'm pretty bad at making stands.

>> No.40176432

You do realize companions come along even if you don't import them? Sure they don't gain new skills but they're still active (Keep in mind the 8 out at a time limit though).

>> No.40176446

Seems reasonable to me. Not every stand has to be some weird roundabout nonsense, it's alright to have straightforward powers.

>> No.40176578

My Persona motorcycle is also my Stand. In 'Stand' mode, it transforms into a suit of armour I wear, inside of standing by me exactly.

>> No.40176617

There are stands bound to cars and battleships, so it makes sense.

>> No.40176892

So I was on the IRC and I asked for somebody to pick a jump to start off my new build. Ravenloft was the first to come up, so I was like "I'll probably die you know" so I rolled a d8, if I rolled an 8 I would live and actually bother taking the jump since it wouldn't even be entertaining. And what do you know, I rolled an 8. So here's my build everyone.

Ravenloft: 1000 CP
Location: Folkovnia. Yeah, I’m getting out of here,
Age: 17
Background: Drop-In
Perks: (700)
Iron Will (100) Obligatory.
Magic Resistance (300) Also Obligatory, but a bit less so.
Mist Walker (300) Oh hell yeah, I need to get the hell out of this country ASAP.

Items: (600)
Studded Leather armor, 200 GP, 1 Longsword, 1 Light Crossbow with 20 bolts, 2 weeks of rations, 50’ of rope, Sleeping Roll, Flint and Steel, Mess Kit, 5 Torches, Extra set of clothes, 10’ pole. (Free) Want to stay relatively light, so I went with Leather Armor.

Spectacles of Clear Sight (100) I’ll probably lose my glasses, so a magic item to replace them if need be would be lovely.

Shoes of the Abundant Step (300) Great for running away!

Sacred Scarf (100) Mostly just for preference. It’s convenient.

Wand of Thorns (50) Also known as “Stall Them!” the item.

The Gun (50) Instant crit once a day? Awesome!

Drawbacks: (+300)
Unwanted Harem (+100) Running away now!
Holy (+200) Running even faster!

Overall Plan: Running Running Running. Never stop. However, knowing me I’m probably going to end up doing heroic deeds because by God I’m too much of a good person.

>> No.40176972

Why the name? Are you making a jump in the future?

Uh. I'm a little confused, why'd you take the jump if it wasn't entertaining? That seems kinda counterintuitive to the premise of jumpchain

The build looks fine I guess?

>> No.40176988

Avoid being too good or too evil. It's the only way to avoid their notice.
I'm guessing it's Malbutorious, they made Magicka for here and I'm 99% they made at least one CYOA for the other thread.

>> No.40177023

Yep. MLP. It's cancer.

>> No.40177026

I already made a jump actually, I'm the guy that made Magicka.

Good advice.

And no, I have never made another jump, and anyone who says otherwise is lying.

>> No.40177033

Oh right, that guy.

Speaking of Magicka, what kinda new magicks d'you think you can make with the Warlock capstone and Grimnir's notes? Struggling for creativity at the moment

>> No.40177062

>Speaking of Magicka, what kinda new magicks d'you think you can make with the Warlock capstone and Grimnir's notes? Struggling for creativity at the moment

Compare with the other Magicks for help, there's a list available but it's pretty free form. The bast majority of Magicks have some form of combat use, so keep that in mind.

>> No.40177063

I'm all about moving on from the past as long as people behave so whatever, no problem for me.

But yeah, Ravenloft likes good guys, it likes to corrupt them. Ravenloft likes badguys, it likes to fuel their evil and make them worse. The only escape is being boring.

>> No.40177113

As long as people don't bring up That Which Shall Not Be Named I'll be happy.

Well, considering my life is living to the tune of Benny Hills I think I'm going to have a bit of a hard time.

>> No.40177374

How much do you think individual gun parts should cost? 50 points or so for the basics?

>> No.40177453

Doesn't matter in context of the perk. Its the same with twilight vampires, there is no reason crucifixes would work on them, now they do.

Granted Robot is a interesting example as would that count? But if it does water and sand can now be used to short circuit just about any Robot.

>> No.40177515

Um, for which jump? But yeah-I'd say 50 is a good benchmark, though I'm personally biased 'cos I hate it when I have to do advanced addition when some choices are 25 or 75 CP; I didn't get into CYOAs because I love math after all

>> No.40177519

For what?

>> No.40177543

I know, I was joking. That was supposed to be the designer complaining about how impossible it was, not me. I was laughing at how jumpers break reality like that.

>> No.40177544

I don't like to talk anything up until I have something substantial to show, sorry. It makes me feel a little rushed.

>> No.40177684

Right then, continuing on! Going to do the supplements.

Body Mod: 600 CP
Build: Medium
Bodytype: Athlete (100) It’s incredibly points efficient to buy one of these.

Stats: (350)
-Strength ()()()()
-Endurance (X)(X)(X)(X) He who runs longest, runs best.
-Speed (X)(X)(X)(X) Maximum Speed!
-Dexterity (X)(X)()()
-Appeal (X)()()()
-Shape ()()()()
-Sense (X)()()() Yaya! My eyes are fixed!

Perks: (100)
Flexibility 1 (Free)
Metavore (100) Oh this is wonderful.

Warehouse: 150 CP

Utilities: (40)
Force Wall (20) Makes it so I’m safe in my own home.
Plumbing (10) Don’t know if the next place will have water.
Heat/A.C. (10) The next place might be freezing cold or even hot as hell, this would be great,

Structures: (30)
Shelving (Free) It’s free, what else is there to say?
Workshop (10) Planning ahead with this.
Medbay (20) Lets me save myself from death easier.

Misc: (80)
Portal (30) Convenient. Purely convenient. Don’t want to need a door to get to my stuff.
Free Space (30) Gives me more convenient space for stuff!
Food Supply (10) I don’t know if the next place will have food, so this is great.
Loft (10) This gives me more total space, but it’s not exactly convenient.

Now! Off to the IRC to discover my next Jump!

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>> No.40177786


>> No.40177845

Eh hes ok. I just had to because of the fandom's hate for him. He would be better with a pair of knockers.

>> No.40177908

Think about using the JoJo Stand Stuff from: http://i.4cdn.org/tg/1432475242439.pdf

Medium powered with automatic A in the Learning.

>> No.40178003

Oh my bad.

>> No.40178182

Why is Gwen in her spider suit so sexy?

>> No.40178250

I'm sorry, I was distracted by that time she ran out on Peter and fucked the Green Goblin to get pregnant with twins.

>> No.40178338

I haven't read any new Marvel for a while and just liked her design but seriously that happened?


>> No.40178433

Comics are really goddamned stupid, especially when the writers are as much shippers as the worst of the fans are.

>> No.40178483

My father actually In the comics industry, and I'll tell you something right now , the Creators are the worst of the fans. Sometimes Some things get too important to Some people for them not to be a Part of it. Those who can't draw or write become comic book guys, but those who can Keep working at it until they get a position in a company.

>> No.40178486

It happened ten years ago in a story arc everyone is trying to forget.

It has less than nothing to do with Spider-Gwen who debuted a few months back and is from another universe.

>> No.40178522

Oh I know, most of the people in the comic book industry these days, who aren't the money grubbers, were fans back in the day. And not the good fans, the crazy weird ones.
Writers still make references to it occasionally.

>> No.40178682

Remember back when Comics were good?
But I maybe I should head to /co/ for this.

>> No.40178739

in zoids does anyone know what blueprints the backdraft group line actually gives you?

>> No.40178768

I asked and we apparently get enough mass produced versions of their faction reward mechs from the last part of the scenario to fill up the Whale King.

>> No.40178988

Let's get back to Spider-Gwen, is she waifu material?

>> No.40179001

that is a Very nice incentive. Geno Ritters are badass.

Im glad I bought the plans to build any size zoid I want and scanning tech from iji to copy everything I come across.

>> No.40179030

>stealing Peter's waifu

But why?

>> No.40179054

I went with Terra Geist. They seem to be dicks but the empire they represent (Z-something) seems morally grey in the original story, like that whole war is basically a dynastic spat without anyone being particularly evil (though Guylos is always dickish). So I decided not to go with the designated hero faction, the Republic. Backdraft seems a little too nasty for me to want to ever join though, like Guylos is just dickish, Backdraft seems evil/Orwellian.

>> No.40179110

He's the kind of guy to sell his marriage to literally Satan. I'm not sure he's as wise as he is "intelligent".

>> No.40179123

Peter can never pick a fucking waifu. You're doing any of the girls a favor by taking them off his hands so he'll stop jerking them around.

>> No.40179133

oh backdraft is shady as hell but if its anything like the backdraft from the show you can buy your way to the top, I have money stored in the form of rare metals from over 70 jumps. If that doesn't work I can always try to take them apart after I finish the death meteor off and we go back to the regular world.

>> No.40179146

Onwards to Persona!

Persona: 1000 CP
Location: Suvaru. To be honest I don’t know persona. At all.
Age: 16
Birth Month: November
Background: Transfer Student (0) Yup, just transferred in from Ravenloft, it was a harsh school.
Persona: The Hanged Man

Abilities: (700)
Expression (Free) Talking: The Perk
Understanding (100) This synergizes nicely with Expression.
Talented Artist (100)
Red String (200) Over all this is just so useful. Thankfully it isn’t Red Tape huh?
Self-Awareness (300) I can now read my own mind. This is amazing.

Book of the Month Club (300) I like books.

Overall Plan: Don’t really know, never played Persona. Probably figure out what’s going on and help people. Going to relax a bit since now I’m no longer in Ravenloft I should be fine. Grab some local stuff, get loot, mostly survival gear. I’m going to live off my Warehouse for food. Not much else to say really.

>> No.40179199

True, they're basically the Illuminati. Rich and powerful and all that.

Energy Liger fits my style more, with how fast it is, but I'm hoping I can nab myself a Gojulas Giga somewhere, that thing is cool.

>> No.40179209

I hope you're ready for Nyarlyhotep, Mara, and Cthulu showing up.

I'm pretty sure there's a demon car and Mecha Space Hitler running around.

>> No.40179279

Isn't The Crawling Chaos a drawback and thus not applicable since I didn't take it?

>> No.40179312

Peter in Earth-65 is dead. So he didn't tap that, and Peter-616 didn't spend much time with her.

>> No.40179351

Didn't Earth-65 peter become lizardman?

>> No.40179371


>> No.40179410 [SPOILER] 

Oh they'll still pop up if you rolled into a location tied to a game they are the antagonist for. Welcome to Lovecaft ville. Prepare for all the horrible tentacles going horrible places forever. Image VERY relevant.

>> No.40179418

Just because he's not gunning for you doesn't mean he doesn't exist. Especially since you're in the town he committed the most fuckery in.

>> No.40179448

Technically, the jump takes place after all the games, so... And heck, he only really appears in the erased timeline, Innocent Sin. Eternal Punishment is where you beat up Hitler and Philemon instead.

Hm, is the jump creator still around? Would be nice to have an update once P5 rolls around. Promises to be the best one.

Or, I COULD make a separate jump for that when it comes out...

>> No.40179501

Great, from one hell hole that's blatantly a hell hole into another hell hole that looks like an ordinary town. At least in Ravenloft you knew that it was a hell hole.

>> No.40179570

Roller coaster tycoon
local park +100
lowest common denominator +100
utter mess +200
miniature railway -50
elevators -50
Maze -50*
bumper cars -50
Haunted House -50CP*
laser tag -200*
hyper coaster -200
motion simulator -200
Main Street, free
Waterworld -200
super arcade -150
resort Hotel -200
*Combined with each other

#This is another fun time, the receivers might have a bit to cleanup, but with my ability to re-create any food. I've hunted brunch is able to reopen Tengu Castle, the super arcade is essentially an office building where in the cubicles have been replaced by virtual reality pods , wherein people can play my ripoff of oasis from ready player one .
The Maze/haunted house/laser tag arena is for those who prefer more active play, you can shoot the fake ghosts to get bonus points and power ups, as well as traditional laser tag, it's pretty big, though , so everyone's laser tag vests in addition to being a part of the game. Also serves as a bungee bouncing harness that allows for massive leaps as well as emergency extraction if you're tagged out or get to lost and don't want to play anymore. The Waterworld is enhanced with Lord of light, and Star Wars gravity manipulation tech to make the waterslides go in ways they wouldn't normally at speeds greater than gravity alone can provide. The bumper cars and resort hotel are perfectly normal, don't mess with the classics#

>> No.40179602

If you're THAT hungry for a good, calm jump, go to Inaba. After the events of the game, everybody there gets brainwashed into being good, productive and happy citizens. So, a good place for a semi-vacation, one supposes.

Oh wait, there's the Crimson Fog/Kagutsuchi incident... Then again, you could always say you arrive AFTER that particular clusterfuck as well...

>> No.40179628

I can't choose my jumps, the IRC does.

>> No.40179637

Aren't his butterflies still fluttering around? I know one turns up in P4:Arena Ultimax.

And it's not like he's just going to sit around if someone goes looking for him and his plots. Such as looking for that "Joker" killer...

>> No.40179670

No no no. I mean, pay to go to Inaba LOCATION in the Persona jump.

Well yes, but interfering directly would break the rules of the bet, so...

>> No.40179723

>After the events of the game, everybody there gets brainwashed into being good, productive and happy citizens.
That's fucking horrifying. How do I stop that?

>> No.40179764

...That's the best ending, Anon. The alternative was honestly worse.

>> No.40179780

Yeah, no, people being fucking brainwashed and turned into Stepford monsters isn't the best anything. How do I stop it?

>> No.40179785

Go back in time and kill the main characters.

But then things get WAAAAY worse [/spoiler

>> No.40179797

You must kill god.

>> No.40179825

There's not a lot worse than an entire town being destroyed and ceasing to exist as people or individuals. A complete personality rewrite like that is murder.

So SMT god is going around brainwashing people again? Just for no reason? What if I evacuate the town or prevent whatever made it 'necessary'?

>> No.40179870

I already made my build anon, I made my bed and I'm going to sleep in it.

>> No.40179885

1. You can't. By the time jump starts, it has already happened.
2. The alternative is - allowing pic related to materialize the humanity's dark sides and eat the world. Good game.


Oh, you have no idea what occured there, trust me.

>> No.40179887

It's a Shin Megami Tensei game. As such, should you desire fundamental change you must Kill God and recreate the universe in your image.* Or be Raidou, but you're not Raidou.

*God is not guaranteed to stay dead. Killing God may result in an eternal curse to watch as the universe is destroyed and remade by assholes.

>> No.40179888

It's implied the fog wouldn't stop at Inaba and that it would slowly grow.

>> No.40179911

So there's this entire town of horrible Stepford monsters that I can't do anything about. Might as well wipe it off the fucking map before it becomes an Innsmouth.

>> No.40179973


Ladies and gentlemen, that just might be the first time we'll see someone's arse get kicked in by a weather announcer.


>> No.40180001

Break it out. This is gonna be quite a show.

>> No.40180023

Butter, plain or chocolate?
Either way I'm in.

>> No.40180057

If I destroy a town I usually just stealth in, place a pocket nuke in the center, and then teleport out. I'm immune to precog so unless he physically sees me do it he wouldn't be able to do much before or after the explosion.

>> No.40180085

Think this is gonna be our first proper unintentional jumper death? Oh ho ho. This'll be interesting.

>> No.40180092




>> No.40180118


What do you mean first? I ended my first chain at Assassination Classroom

>> No.40180140

Oh ho. I see. How'd that happen? My condolences btw.

>> No.40180156

People underestimate the power of a proper stealth jumper. Not everything is explosions and obvious in-your-face shonen.

>> No.40180234

I happen to be one of those in-your-face shonen types sadly. It's just too fun. A big helping of machine stuff helps as well.

I do have a healthy respect for you spooks however. There's a time and place for explosions and hot blood. Sometimes a problem needs vorpal precision instead.

>> No.40180241


I may have accidentally been overzealous with the Anti-Korosensei material aquatic mines..

>> No.40180250

Oh believe me, I am a charisma build, I KNOW what you're saying.

It's just that, Marie, she can get... Vicious.

Imagine her getting inventive with your Shadow. That's bad news, by the way. Or, your own Persona attempting to strangle you.

Collective Unconscious is a bitch to fight.

>> No.40180284

I can do both. I have a wide range of skills at this point.

That's why I gotta stealth it. Let no one find out.

>> No.40180286

Ouch. How many pieces where left before you got tossed home? (Assuming this is a jump here death is not permanent.)

That it be. Literally the will of everyone on earth forever. Shit's stronk.

>> No.40180316


>oh really? When?


I guess this means I'm back from my break, ish. Not gonna lie, it's been pretty stressful and sometimes things can just get seriously annoying. But really, it's the creativity and the storywriting that keeps me coming back here. I'm probably going to be taking it slow, still. Keep things at minimum stress levels.

I admit this jump was a bit weird for me. I really like it, but I didn't want it to get TOO crazy. And after all the stuff I put in... well, you guys have a lot of options. I'm not going to have a drawback cap like that again if I can help it, but if I didn't do it this time then it'd go from a hard choice to just plain problematic.

So whoever likes spirit stuff, this is your lucky break. Merry fucking christmas. For those who like psychic shit or tech shit, wait for me to do F.E.A.R. and Blassreiter.

>> No.40180338

> Collective Unconscious is a bitch to fight.
I wonder what would happen if I stuck a Mako Reactor in it.

What kind of materia would that grant?

>> No.40180340


>> No.40180354

Everyone drops dead in probubally a horrific manner. Everywhere.

>> No.40180355

Best news I've had all week.

>> No.40180356

Awww yes.

>> No.40180369

Avatar: The Last Airbender, I'm not sure about whether I'm exiled from the Foggy Swamp as well as the Water Tribe proper. Regardless I'm a crazy good earthbender from LoK already so can always go hang out in the Earth Kingdom. Exile is a bit of an easy option if you're a Water Tribe guy, not like it's going to be very many people's plans to just hang out on glaciers the whole time. Fire Kingdom is after me as well but better me than someone less fire resistant. Maybe I'll make my own kingdom, with blackjack and hookers. In fact forget the kingdom and the blackjack. Ahh, screw the whole thing.

14 years old
Civilian 50
Water Tribe
Middle of Nowhere
Allied Town
Tradesman (Architecture)
Utilitarian Bender 150
Peacekeeper 300
Bending Arts 400
Lifebending 800
Bending Genius 1400
Original Master 1600
Into the Inferno 1300
In Exile 1100
Marked 1000

Marked I'm not sure about. Scars or a tattoo or something. Can't see how I would have gotten tats in the water kingdom so I probably got bit/clawed by a wolf or a catgator while on the run. Maybe just cut my face on a glacier as a kid.

Tradesmen got in as I got the discount and Architecture is cool for someone who can knock up a large building in a couple of minutes. Utilitarian bending for the healing (and is the reason took Civilian). Peacekeeper as I got a discount and might be good in a world where I'm disliked by quite a lot of the world. Basic OP Water/bloodbender set from there.

>> No.40180372

Kongou is a slut.

>> No.40180390

Think we've already had one anon shunt a Mantra Transmitter into the Collective Unconscious, and I can't remember what other materials he used to anchor it in there.

But I do remember he said the resulting flow of energy was akin to a breaking dam.

>Jump-maker is back

You. You people need to stop giving me heart attacks. Welcome back.

Any news on OAA?

>> No.40180391

Let's just say you have at least two gods mad at whichever asshole blew up Inaba and have enough patience to spend ten years looking for you. That'd make a pretty good start for a SMT game. And since it involves Inaba, the Persona 3 cast will be helping.

Given that all humanity is part of it, you'd have triggered a conversion back to regular SMT by the end of that.

>> No.40180414

In that case, I can do it on my last day in Persona. Then I don't have to worry about them until I'm an Oldwalker.

>> No.40180425

Say that to my face and not online.

>> No.40180449


>Those perk names

brb dying

>> No.40180461

>That's why I gotta stealth it. Let no one find out.
Oh wait. THAT'S your mistake right there.

Nuke's not killing her. It's the Stand principle all over again. Only your Persona can possibly harm her. And since she is actually REPRESENTING humanity's will, your only chance would be... Allying with Nyarly. And THAT Nyarlathotep is a son of a bitch.

Glad to see you back.

Konata, no. Stahp.

1. Marie is a good girl.
2. CU is not a planet. You wouldn't stick a Reactor into Nasu's Alaya, would you? Because there's nothing material to absorb.
3. That'd kill everybody. And at least inconvinience you.

...Oh dear. That WOULD trigger the fucking Conception, wouldn't it? And then Polaris would get involved, and that's just all sorts of problematic.

...So, you just leave the mess you've created behind? I roll with the corruption build and I am disgusted. I mean, come the hell on.

>> No.40180467

Man the Persona cast get bloody overpowered by the end of their games.
>P3: Oh lets just fight the evil of the Collective Unconscious no biggie.
>P4: Goddess? Psssh I'll just kill her my trumpet persona.

>> No.40180468


>> No.40180481

If an encounter says to add x to your travel time, that means you roll x more times on the table.

>> No.40180494

Ew, Marie represents humanity? She's a horrible unlikeable character from what all I've seen, I don't wanna be represented by that. I don't want to kill her, though. I wanted Inaba gone for being a creepy place full of Stepford-style monsters. She's kinda irrelevant to me.

And I come back to my hanging problems post-spark.

>> No.40180498

That's the thing about Persona fighters. They have the will of all of humanity supporting them. It's, again, just like Alaya. No wonder they're powerful as sin.

>> No.40180567

>Ew, Marie represents humanity? She's a horrible unlikeable character from what all I've seen
You mean, from what you've HEARD. And Marie's problem was appearing long after everybody chose their waifus, thus getting shunned by everybody in the fandom, since most seemed to decide to be "faithful" to those they chose. Bleh.

Rise did nothing wrong

>> No.40180583

I trust people's judgements really, and most people don't like her. Plus her fashion sucks.

>> No.40180603

>not wanting a world of bliss and peace

Don't worry, anon. Soon everything will be fine!

>> No.40180610

Rise is a slut.

>> No.40180622

You hang out on 4chan. Most people you trust probably suck at judging.

>> No.40180645

Does that include you?

>> No.40180647

Everyone's waifu is a slut

>> No.40180662

Just Rise.

>> No.40180676

Hey, could you please answer this? >>40156660

>> No.40180686

Perhaps. Which means you have to doubt EVERYBODY. CONSTANT FUCKING VIGILANCE. OR ELSE.

But seriously, be your own judgement.

Oh screw you guys.

>> No.40180702

>All these perks
>All these items
>I want all of them

>> No.40180704

I don't understand how you can like Rise, to be honest. She's a huge stereotype, and a bad one.

>> No.40180722

I would, but my PS2 choked on every copy of Persona 4 the store had so I never got to play it.

>> No.40180739


Nothing yet, anon.

>> No.40180757

Now that I think about it, it's also ignoring the fact a nuke won't blow up the TV world. If everyone's having a picnic with Teddie or they've worked out how to turn it into a fast travel system or something they may be too busy being in another dimension to die with Inaba.

And just imagine how happy Yu would be if Nanako was at home at the time.

>> No.40180759

That's Persona for you. Everybody is a stereotype until you break them out of it. Marie and Rise included.

Except for Kanji and Teddie. Fuckers are weird.

...Wow. You poor bastard. Anyway, Marie's Vita only.

>> No.40180776

Maybe, but she never stops being awful.

>> No.40180788

I don't know this series, but this looks like a good jump.

2 questions about Temple of Thought:

Does it give you the ability to combine as many different pairs of spiritual practices as you may know, or does it let you pick two specific spiritual practices and combine them?

If it's the former, can you combine newly created practices with other practices? For instance, if I started with 3 schools of philosophy, could I combine schools 1 and 2 to make something new, then combine that with school 3?

>> No.40180812

Drawback: Ikari's Plans (1800)

Butler, Age 16

A Song for the Hopeless (1300). Divine puissance over misfortune flows through us-and it just occurs, we may have become some sort of fortune abomination thanks to assorted plot armour perks, mastery of Luckamancy and Scarlet Destiny
Temple of Thought (1000). It does feel appropriate, given how we have unified our own spiritual and corporeal aspects
Learn to Fly High (700). Forget its primary effect-with this power, we can PUNCH PEOPLE WITH BAD LUCK
Looking to the Sky (Free). Okay, that's...uh. Moving on
Heirloom: Sonic Module Weirding Screwdriver (400). In lieu of the traditional syringe we shall task an old, reliable friend with the task of reverse engineering the principle of fortune manipulation
Butler's Codebook (Free). Simply the dapperest
Make My Way Back Home (200). Hey, a boost to combat ability can't hurt. Unfortunate wording there, but it is a good tactical advantage
Never Enough (0). NEVER ENOUGH, WE SAY

So-this is tricky. If Ikari's truly done his homework-he's going to be expecting an efficient, ruthless attack and large-scale reality warping. Presumably his counterattack will involve conceptual fortune-based sneak attacks instead of going head-to-head with an entire multiverse.

Even Of Destiny Born may not be enough to block this man's keikaku. Clearly, there is only one way to defeat him optimally: Act completely out of character.

Congratulations Momiji, you have a new partner! Yes, look at this psychic paper signed by the Celestial Bureaucracy-we're here to help you suck all the bad good luck out of that one girl who is also a reincarnation of whatsherface! While you're here, we're here to teach you THE JOYS OF WORKING with a magical song and dance montage~

And as for you Ichiko-for once we're going to use our mastery of human psychology for good! Open up a little more, treat others with respect-and good fortune will surely flow your way!


>> No.40180855

Honestly, I am literally incapable of hating people, so to each their own, I suppose.

>> No.40180881

I know nothing about this place. Is it worth reading or watching it's anime if it has one?

>> No.40181042

Worth a read, definitely.

It lets you pick two specific spiritual practices and combine them. From there you can choose how it's fueled. In time you can merge other practices with each other, provided you find a way for the two to work in harmony. It'll take some work. It's basically working like Conjoined Conjures, so you can use that to figure out the intricacies of it.

He's still on break. Stress from his new job and other things.

>> No.40181095

Conjoined Conjures isn't said to worth either way, so I always assumed it was you can combine on a whim.

Anyway, what you're saying sounds like first one, then the other? Like you're forced to only use it on two at first and then move on to doing it with others?

>> No.40181104

Needless to say, while she's doing this with our partner's help we'll be covertly siphoning off lots of her fortune energy into-er, cross that bridge when we come to it.

And so our stay becomes an uncanny parody of Persona, going from person to person to forge SOCIAL LINKS while dodging attempts at assassination as Ikari becomes increasingly confused at trying to figure out our endgame-all the while having to freak out over how he's supposed to deal with a multiversal entity. Whether by waking up Keita to Ranmaru's affections, or encouraging Bobby to tone down the creepy old man thing or just crapping sunshine and lollipops while interacting with the deity community to improve human-deity relations in general with the power of every charisma perk we have stocked, we're basically the creepiest goody two-shoes to walk this reality...until our plans come to fruition.

Specifically, we intend to conjoin conjure the power of Balefire with the authority over resurrection granted by the Double Deity-now new and improved a thousand times over at our hands, a Mystic Code, Beyblade-esque construct and part of ourself. We know what-or rather, who-Ikari seeks, and while the nature of reincarnation means her soul might not automatically be found in Bradeline's Well, the dimension's magical resonance with death will make for the PERFECT location for a massive sympathetic magic ritual to resurrect Kanna with the power of Tear-based paramagic and necromancy.

The timing of the ritual will be crucial; we want to give Ikari as little time as possible to figure out how to breach the Well. When we step out though-we will have sealed her soul into a capsule as per the Outsider's designs. Holding his waifu hostage, we will demand his unconditional submission by magical geas to us and cessation of all hostilities.

After that, we may begin more focused research on fortune energy. Or just relax at all the slice of life going on, depending on how much time we've left

>> No.40181123

Pretty much! You got the gist of it. It'll take time, but a Jumper has plenty of time.

>> No.40181244

It sounds like A Song for the Hopeless lets you suck misfortune energy out of people, does this improve their luck or does it have negative effects on them in the same way it sounds like Burning Bright does?

In a related vein, how many black cats would I need to form some kind of black cat giant robot, and what perks would help me control that many cats?

>> No.40181260

Thanks for answering my question.

>> No.40181308

If you sucked out a little bit it could improve their luck. If you suck it ALL out, then you're gonna throw them out of whack and potentially cause some bad issues. Moderation is key.

>giant black cat robot
Um... ...SHIT I DON'T KNOW, FIGURE IT OUT. And there should be a lot of telepathy-style perks somewhere to help?

>giant eldritch abomination doing social networking
>mfw I'm imagining this staticy black figure attempting to hook people up

>> No.40181370

Terra Geist, and by extension Zenebas is very nationalistic. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing - considering the Helic Republic and the Guylos Empire are sort of the same, just not as extreme.

I...was going to do a separate jump for Old/New Battle Story, since that's an alternate timeline from Legacy. I have enough of a backlog right now that I'm not going to start on it.

My complication for NBS is that the war spans for nearly 150 years, with three distinctive phases. I remember a large part of the original game in Japanese, but it's near impossible to find nowadays (Was a PS1) game. Finding it straight from old Japanese sites is still possible, so I might eventually do that. But that's a long ways away.

>> No.40181450

Mostly what I meant with Terra Geist being dickish is how they apparently kidnapped and brainwashed the heroine in the game.

And that sounds neat, I love the giant robot settings since there's always so many robots to look through with their different capabilities and specialties.

>> No.40181572

My gripe with Legacy was that the list of Zoids was limited, and the themes were different from O/NBS. That was the major issue I hoped to rectify with O/NBS...though seeing the outcome, I realized there wasn't much of a demand either way - so I put my attention elsewhere.

Sometimes I sort of wonder if I should have done O/NBS first before Legacy, but what's done is done. Terra Geist is really a Legacy only thing.

>> No.40181652

>Take A Song for the Hopeless
>Gain the ability to be empowered by misfortune
>Go to Worm
>Take Being Taylor is Suffering

>Automatically win Jumpchain

>> No.40181655

>great minds think alike

The question is not how many black cats you need. The question is how big you want your robot to grow; right off the bat Grow My Monster from Power Rangers seems like it'd save you a lot on how many cats you need.

Pacifist Pheromones/Whisperer (Monster Hunter) and Good With Animals (Far Cry): For making sure the cats don't tear each other apart when stacked on each other
Thought Acceleration, NGNL's Human Calculator, certain Dune perks or some other mental processing boosters: You're gonna want to git as gud as possible at managing lots of units if you want to coordinate the catbot
Master of the Order (Lone Wolf): For teaching the cats all the skills they need to work as a cohesive robot; the above skills will hopefully
2kewl4physics (Sonic): This certainly qualifies, and will serve as insurance when you're actually piloting the catbot
Queen Administrator (Worm)+heavy bioengineering expertise: Hear us out-lots of cats contain the parasite toxoplasma gondii, which can affect human behaviour to a degree. Now, if you could bioengineer them to become larger and emit pheromones that specifically control cats you could use the Queen Administrator shard to control the cats THROUGH the parasites-and the shard affords a /ridiculous/ amount of control over invertebrates.

Finally Xcom and Starcraft both have mental psionic powers if you want to go that route for controlling your cat-gestalt.

It is against our principles to also recommend Via Accumulo and we absolve all responsibility for anything that happens to anyone who actually uses it this way but we have to admit that if you wanted to assume direct control over the gestalt, that might be the perk you need

>> No.40181701

Again, we HAVE to emphasise that the spoilered idea is an incredibly terrible one which will probably culminate in you going crazier than every Jumper ever combined.

Isn't there a limited amount of fortune/misfortune energy you can hold safely? Also apparently keeping lots of the stuff in one place causes Bad Things to happen; we're not quite sure on that part.

>> No.40181755

I am sure taking Taylor's misfortune is needed. I am willing to bet she has an overabundance of misfortune energy.
Perhaps gathering some bit by bit then releasing it elsewhere would be a good idea.

>> No.40181761

>Isn't there a limited amount of fortune/misfortune energy you can hold safely?
Hmm... You're right. In that case, it'd probably be more along the lines of

>Take Being Taylor is Suffering
>Immediately explode

>> No.40181862

Or, you know. You could buy a container and slowly harvest it to use elsewhere.

Food for thought.


>> No.40181876

It sounds like you'd be limited in how much you can use at any one point in time, but you'd have an essentially limitless well to draw from. Depending on how fast you can drain it when you put the hammer down, the best strategy may be using all your misfortune energy in one burst and then draining it from Taylor until you're maxed out again.

>> No.40181899

A misery engine? You guys should work for fucking NERV.

>> No.40181916


>> No.40181948

It seems hyperbolic to claim she has INFINITE amounts of misfortune energy. Having loads I can buy, but I sincerely doubt she's a bottomless Misfortune well.

>> No.40181955

Wait fuck Same anon that posted that
I misread what you typed ignore this post.

>> No.40181982

Taylor probably doesn't have INFINITE Misfortune Energy. It's like >>40181948 said... she would have loads, oh for sure. So would a bunch of people. And like Anons said, the issue isn't the amount but your own limit.

So you could either supercharge temporarily and do things, or go the long route and treat crapsack settings as one giant farm. Either way, good luck and try not to break something.

>> No.40181986

Taylor's got so much misfortune, you'd could spend 10 years draining her dry and she still wouldn't have hit normal.

>> No.40182049

I'm trying to imagine taking the passenger drawback and explaining the situation to Taylor, telling her that you're empowered by misfortune and you decided to live in her head because her life really sucks.

>> No.40182053

That also seems somewhat hyperbolic. Anyone with that much Misfortune who isn't a god to handle it would be killed in a freak accident. The fact that Taylor managed to SURVIVE, even if she suffered immensely, means that there wasn't an impossibly high amount of misfortune in her.

She would have fucktons, but I'm not sure if it would be THAT much.

>> No.40182082

Does the Tiny drawback weaken your powers, or does it just make them look tiny and cute?

>> No.40182087

Eh, we've been thinking about how to infuse entities with fortune energy for a while y'know? We have some admittedly vague plans to install a concentrated fortune projector-absorber upon the Cabbit-Reapers and our other creations so they can harvest misfortune/fortune energy from targets with the help of psycho-science, demigod atelier and That Undefinable Thing.

By the way, how would fortune energy interact with magical abilities like Luckamancy from Erfworld that manipulate concepts like luck and probability in quantifiable units? Would one be able to pool "luck" gained from one into the other's pool of luck/fortune or would the two methodologies have no way to interact?

We did, actually. Granted in order to thwart their plans, foil Gendo's plan and get Shinji to keep his shit together because goddamn redemption arc means we couldn't just stand by and let Instrumentality happen.


Look, we just don't want big changes to happen on a cosmic scale okay? It's not like we were trying to protect humanity or anything

>> No.40182096


Binbougami Ga
1400/1400 cp
Perks: Deadbeat Holiday(free), Eye of the Tiger(free), Thrill of the Fight(100), Known Survivor(300), Never Enough(200)
Gear: Banchou Outfit(free), Harley David-San(200), Cosplay Outfit(50, Captain Harlock, Kamina, L from Death Note), Infinite Cake(50), Keystone Pendant(100)
Companion: Heirlooms(300) (Jackal companion), Import(100, Import Elizabeth and Niko)

Drawbacks: Tiny(+100), Who are You?(+300)

Ohhhh boy. I guess this is gonna be a thing. So as far as I know, I am a tiny puppy-boy dressed as Captain Harlock, riding in on a fucking blazing motorcycle. A talking one no less. I don't even want to imagine what Jackal looks like, I did imagine that he manifests as a person more then anything else. Christ. So, my main arc for this is figuring out why I'm a tiny puppy and yet I have a waifu and a Basket-Ball egg son, Niko. Also, navigating the city and generally trying to wander around for fights, training my body and surprising people by being a Kid Goku-sized ball of power. Also I get to dress as Captain Harlock. I'll be fuckin' kawaii

>> No.40182106

No, I agree. I was trying to be hyperbolic, but there were enough people being serious that my lame attempt at humor looks out of place.

>> No.40182132

Oh shit, sorry. Thought you were being serious so I took it at face value. Derp.

>> No.40182140

>That spoiler
Spiraling into Tsundere I see

>> No.40182143

It's a bit difficult to tell what are jokes and what aren't.

>> No.40182199


You know, I really want to be surprised that people are latching onto making Misery Engines/Misery Farms. I really, really do.

OOOOOH SHIT I DON'T EVEN KNOW. I'd have to think on it.

>> No.40182258

>Misery Farms
At least they're using misery instead of sucking out people's fortune. Or maybe it's just because settings with widespread misery are more common.

Now, when they start attempting to create misery, then we'll have a problem.

>> No.40182274

But how much misery would Misery have?

>> No.40182306

Quite a bit I'd imagine. Being chained to the demon crown's owner definitely has its downs and very few ups.

>> No.40182326

>Generic Stephen King jump when?

>> No.40182339

when you make it anon. Good Luck.

>> No.40182369

Take it back anon, I don't know enough to make a Stephen King jump. If you don't take it back I'll be forced to make an ill-informed jump that doesn't fit the spirit of the source material.

We will end up with a shitty jump and it'll be all your fault.

>> No.40182397

>Drawback: Randall Flag hates your guts

Weird, I also thought luckpire would be the default reaction rather than badluckeater

>> No.40182413

Rule 1 anon.
You have no one to blame but yourself.
Also you don't have to do it. If you are not informed.

>> No.40182465

>default reaction
Why? I don't think the jump painted the two paths as having much difference in terms of power, and, despite everything we hear, I think most people are trying to be good people in this game.

If given the option to empower yourself by sucking out good luck or bad luck, I think most people would choose bad because they don't think it would cause as much harm to the victim.

>> No.40182499


One starting location is stranded on an island with nothing but a few kilos of coke, some medical equipment and no hope of escaping.

>> No.40182511

>I think most people are trying to be good


I'd say there's more than commonly assumed, but definitely not "most". Fair point about the rest, just figured maxing out on fortune energy wielding potential seems the most direct approach to mastering your abilities.

>> No.40182563

So, how we restore fortune energy?

Do we use it up when we do stuff with it? Do we passively regenerate, or do we need to drain it from stuff? Is draining it from people the only way to replenish it if you take one of the 500 CP minor god perks?

Oh, and roughly how much of a power difference is there between someone who took one of those god perks and someone who didn't?

>> No.40182641

>most people are trying to be good

... Naaaaaaah. Too difficult.

>> No.40182667

I think you're too prone to thinking negatively of your peers.

>> No.40182689

Or it's called reality, and it's simply knowing that people will do what they can to pull ahead.

>> No.40182748

I'mma start posting builds.

(Alice's Adventure in Wonderland)
-Background: Visitor (Free) -But I don't want to go among mad people...
-Longitudal Meanings (Free) -The amplitude of my articulate doublespeak has been superlatively aggrandized!
-No Nonsense (900CP) -Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.
-I Have A Cat (750CP) (Discount) -My dear, why is a raven like a writing desk?
-Positively Mad (450CP) -It's no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.
-Pepper (Free) -Either it brings tears to their eyes or else it doesn't, you know?
-DRINK ME (350CP) -Well that was the silliest party I've ever been to!
-EAT MEx2 (150CP) -Rule Forty-two. All persons more than a mile high to leave the court.
-MUSHROOM ME (-250CP) -Alice had begun to think that very few things indeed were really impossible.
Dice Rolls: The Garden
-End Choice: Next Adventure

(Super Smash Brothers)
-Background: Veteran (Free) -This isn't our first rodeo.
-Engine: Smash Melee (Free) -I liked this game!
-Weight Class: Heavy (Free) -RED HUGE.
-Remember No Johns (Free) -It won't work on me again.
-Kekaiku Means SMASH (700CP) (Discounted) -I like thinking of plans!
-High Speed Combat (Free) -Gotta go FAST.
-It's Not A Glitch, It's A Feature (600CP) (Discount) -Find glitches and study them.
-Speed Demon (450CP) (Discount) -Study the rules of a world.
-King of Aerial Combat (250CP) -Something tells me I need this.
-Slugger (Free) -STRONG.
-Bulky Build (100CP) (Discount) -And now I'm 81'6".
-Taunt (Free) -Oh dear.
-SMASH Platforming (Free) -I'm just that much better in the air.
-Omni-hand Cannon (50CP) -I'll tinker with it.
-Monk Fatigues (0CP) -OH YOU'RE GONNA BE PRETTY.
Dice Rolls: Free Choice (Laboratory Complex)
-End Choice: Next Adventure

HOOOOO BOY THE IRONY. A land of madness and may very well have lost a bit of marbles. Maybe I'm whimsy? Or maybe I just understand the method to the madness?

>> No.40182781

And I think you've missed, like, the last 381 threads if you're that optimistic. One of the newest Jumpers' build is based around philo stones.

>> No.40182799

Did that one ever end up in the drive, I wonder?

>> No.40182818

Alice? Yeah, it's there.

>> No.40182833

Welp. Time for suffering.

Location: Butsumetsu City
Age: 19-years-old
Origin: Butler
Drawbacks: Ikari's Plans (+800), Tiny (+100), Fashion Error (+100)

Final Point Count: 2,000 CP
Skills & Abilities:
-Deadbeat Holiday (Free)
-Looking to the Sky (Free)
-Signs of Life
-Make My Way Back Home
-Learn to Fly High
-Temple of Thought
-Burning Bright

Companions (200 CP import)

Items & Equipment:
-Butler's Codebook (Free)
-Somin Shourai
-Fortune Container

I'm a three-foot-tall draconic fashion disaster.


>> No.40182932

>these build
HEEEEEEEEE HEEEEEEE HEEEEEE! My master plan revealed... make everyone smaller than me!

Anyhow, new update.

CHANGELOG: 'No River Wide Enough' changed to be business-oriented; it was too similar to Drop-In's 'Rising Up'

>> No.40183058

good I hadn't read that far yet but nice catch

>> No.40183074

Gonna have to find something new to spend that 200 on then.

>> No.40183079

Question for Muyo (or someone who knows).

In the NGE jump, if you go Angel, do you need to eat, drink, breathe, sleep? I took the S2 Organ as well, which is described as "an infinity energy tap for which to power your ... organic systems". Does that mean I do not tire?

>> No.40183124

Would it be possible to reverse-engineer the Somin Shourai? It says it's blessed by Susanoo, so I'm not sure if it's reproducible by non-gods. I'd like to be able to make other spirit-channeling items. Or should I just wait for the Shaman King jump to be finished? I remember someone claimed it, can't remember who, though.

>> No.40183180

You definitely don't need food, water or air. The show supports that pretty thoroughly, Angels can survive anywhere. It's unclear if you'd need sleep, though. The Angels are never around long enough for us to see if they tire. If they do have periods of inactivity, it's to regenerate damage or metamorphose into a new form. They can stay active for a day straight at least, based on Ramiel, but anything past that is unknown.

>> No.40183204

I'd say you COULD, but it'd take a while. Bobby the Priest actually makes them, but he makes normal ones while the one you buy with CP has a shit ton more variety/potential (it lets you channel Stands/Hunger Demons/Summons/etc after all). It'd be POSSIBLE, but I'd say it'd take a considerable amount of time. Whatever Shaman King has, it might help. I have no idea what's in the jump.

Glove of the East would help you out a fair amount.

>> No.40183244

If I take From Somewhere, a Transmission with Back to Back, do I necessarily have to take Quote or could there be two Curly Braces?

>> No.40183249

I'm okay with making a version of the enchantment less potent than the version I can buy if it means I can apply it to other objects. Cool. So Somin Shourai, Glove of the East, Spirit Note (because that's going to be useful if I'm dealing with spirits), Bandage of Union (just because it's cool)...I think I'm going to wind up spending all my CP on items, not perks.

>> No.40183312

Hey, read some books.

>> No.40183343

>people can't decide whether perks or CP

Ah well, more builds.

(Primal Rage)
-Background: Virtuous (Free) -I am a nice being!
-Mystical Origin (950CP) -Time to be an angel!
-Elemental Infusion (850CP) (Discount) -I am an angel of the Moon!
-Magical Aura (650CP) -MAGICS!
-Balanced Body (Free) -Jack of all trades.
-Hear Our Cries! (Free) -Ooooooh SHIT.
-Inspire (550CP) -Creativity!
-Enrapture (Free) -AHAHAHA OH FUCK WHAT.
-Hallowed Lands (450CP) (Discount) -Combined with that Supernatural perk and Hamon? I AM A BEING OF LIFE.
-Protect and Serve (250CP) (Discount) -YOU SHALL NOT PASS.
-The Boom Box (Free) -I guess?
-Treasure Hoard (-150CP) -A place to put money and crystals!
-Offering Plate (-350CP) (Discount) -HOOOO BOY THIS IS AWKWARD. Super awkward. Shit.
-Stupid, Sexy Humans (50CP)
Dice Rolls: The Graveyard
-End Choice: Next Adventure

EEEEEEEEEEEEEDGE. MOON ANGEL, EEEEEEEEEDGE. Either way, the treasure room will be fun. The 'shit is awesome around me' aura is DEFINITELY fun. The church... that's my reminder to myself. That's a CONSTANT reminder to never lose my shit. Ever.

>> No.40183421

>-The Boom Box (Free) -I guess?
Which of the classical elements is moon?
I think you need to specify a kind of magic.
>>>You know those humans worship you right Red? I thought you had a thing against posing as a Goddess and did not consider yourself one.....

>> No.40183452



I got hungry. Like, Deviljho hungry. Because I became a Deviljho Brute Hybrid.And not just any deviljho- The one I specifically engineered to be insanely dangerous.

Mistakes may have been made, but on the other hand I'm not a ravenous engine of hunger, destruction and rage. so really nothing has changed



Age: 15
Identity: Drop-in

Deadbeat Holiday [Free]
Eye of the Tiger [Free]
Thrill of the Fight [900]
Rising Up [700]
Known Survivor [400]
Burning Bright [-100]

Banchou Outfit [Free]

Distractions [0]


>> No.40183482

> Which of the classical elements is moon?
I believe that's Qian, under the Bagua elemental system used in daoism.

>> No.40183609

For DLC4 does the Radium Cannon also convert to ship component?

>> No.40183678

More builds!

(Kid Radd)
-Background: Drop-In (Free) -Fun times.
-Navi.exe (Free) -Not sure how to use this...
-This Is My Turf (900CP) -Directional stuff!
-Welcome To The Game Grid (800CP) (Discount) -Well well, this will be fun. Extra perception.
-You Aren't Supposed To Be Here (650CP) (Discount) -SCREW THE RULES.
-Administrator Access (450CP) (Discount) -NOW WE'RE TALKING.
-Beyond The Code (150CP) (Discount) -Oh my heavens, I need this. Keep things safe.
-Will Of The User (-250CP) (Discount) -Sprite work and digital life forms. Not too shabby.
-Radical Gear! (-300CP) -Clothes!
Dice Rolls: Adventure Game
-End Choice: Next Adventure

(The Banner Saga)
-Background: Human (Free) -Keep it simple.
-Endurance (Free) -MORE STAMINA.
-Quartermaster (900CP) (Discount) -More logistics will help me out.
-Blessing of Dundr (500CP) -MORE SMITHING POTENTIAL, MORE.
-Mender (300CP) (Discount) -Magic, and restoring equipment? Niiiiice.
-Valka (-100CP) (Discount) -Increased magical powers even MORE? Ahahaha fucking NICE.
-Banner (Free) -Eh, a trophy's a trophy.
-Shard of Godstone Ingrid (-300CP) (Discount) -I'll take it, good sir!
-The Great Serpent (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Frostvellr, 23 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

From data to magic! And each time people are trying to kill me! But heeeeey, things can't get worse from here, right? I mean it's not like the world serpent is mid-tier or anything, right? ...RIGHT?

>> No.40183773


-Background: Hunter (Free) -Oooooh, good hunter.
-Rally (Free) -Ooooh shit, this is creepy.
-Blood Bullets (Free) -With how many blood perks I have? SHIT THIS IS CRAZY.
-Hunter (Free) -Weeeeell shit.
-Good Blood (Free) -I know we have a lot of disease-warding perks, but NEVER ENOUGH.
-Discovery (900CP) -LOOT. I LIKE LOOT.
-Workshop Artisan (450CP) -Making weapons! I'm gonna like this.
-Blood Saint (150CP) (Discount) -Regenerative blood I can give to anyone! I love it.
-Blood Artisan Plus (-450CP) -Crafting things from my blood? BLOOD GEMS? HELLO MY BABY~
-Bag of Blood Vials (Enhanced) (Free) -If not for healing, then for vampiric drinking!
-Workshop Equipment (-600CP) (Discount) -Blood Gems and runes! Yessss.
-Inner Beast (-600CP)
-Blood-Lust (-500CP)
-The Hunted (-300CP)
-Watching (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Central Yharnam, 27 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure


Okay, fuck. FUCK. NEW PLAN. First make sure Rom DOES NOT DIE. Keep her alive. Make sure it takes as long as needed. Then strike a deal with Ebrietas. I clean up the damn church and keep her safe, she gives me a blood sample and I learn from her. Make sure no one finds out.

In the event the Hunter kills Rom? DAMAGE CONTROL. Immediate convince them to find and devour three of the Umbilical Cords, get the last one for myself. Have him go on a spree. Then have him confront the Moon Presence and become a baby Great One, keep the Dream going and give Humanity their guardian. We need to be ON TOP OF THINGS this time around.

...oooooh studying all this stuff and being here is gonna make my sanity plummet. This with Wonderland is NOOOOT helping my mental state.

>> No.40183805

Meh, it's not like you have to do anything. The plot kinda happens either way.

>> No.40183895

Is There any perks that allow application of companion specific perks (like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon's Synchronized Souls) to multiple companions at once?

>> No.40183910

There are perks that let you do that same thing through bog-standard psionics.

>> No.40183936


Oops. Preferred Sex is still in place, then. I imagine it'd make a Rule 63 version of the character in question! So instead of two Curly braces, you're instead a Curly brace with a Fem!Quote

>> No.40183969

Oh. Skipping that perk then, I don't like how Quote looks, tits or not.

>> No.40183992

Pentakai something from King Arthur provides scaling bonuses depending on how many allies you have with you. Doesn't provide telepathy though.

>> No.40184008

Oh I am very much going to do things. VERY much. Too much to learn here. And I plan to eventually splice some of the Great One genes into myself. Eventually. With NuBee implying there's more than three cords out there, I've got my hands full.

(Final Fantasy VI)
-Background: Magiteknician (900CP) -TAKE IT APART.
-Mechanist (Free) -Knowing how magitek works? Nice.
-Tool King (800CP) (Discount) -Creativity! Nice.
-Innate Magic (400CP) -Greater magic potential and talent! I love it!
-Magitek Mastery (100CP) (Discount) -HOOOOOOOLY FUCK. Improve things with magic, imbue people with magic? YES.
-Celestriad (-500CP) -IT'S FUCKING CHRISTMAS.
-Phantom Train (-300CP)
-World of Ruin (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Narshe, 18 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

(Storm Hawks)
-Background: Technician (900CP) -Doing stuff.
-Weatherproofing (Free) -Eh, it won't hurt.
-Arcane Interface (700CP) (Discount) -Tech interface for spells? Spells that manipulate tech? YESSSSSS.
-Universal Adapter (400CP) (Discount) -Oh. Oh what I'm gonna do with you.
-We Did The Mash (200CP) -Combining magical effects! HELL YES.
-Wireless Interface (-200CP) -WAIT. I don't have to wear items to benefit from them? HOOOOOLY FUCK.
-Crystal Culture Kit (-500CP) -Upgrade. Adapt. Create. Hell yes.
-Hostile Fauna (-300CP)
-Murk Raiders (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Terra Tropica, 22 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

MAGITECH. AND CRYSTALS. I CAN MAKE SO MUCH, IMBUE EVEN. Holy shit this was all so incredibly painful. I'm gonna burn. I'm going to explode in pain and anguish. But I NEED all this. Project Zohar DEMANDS I have it.

>> No.40184011

Also, I was thinking over a joke where I called myself the Mercenary's King, and...
Mercenary Kings jump when?
Coming Soon(tm)

>> No.40184022


Yes, if you want to you can convert it to a ship component and shoot radiation bullets at ships you don't like.

>> No.40184055

Oh, wow. I didn't even catch this, I'm sorry.

You tend to use it up when you do stuff with it. If you give it time, you CAN passively regen it, but only after a few days. The 500CP perks just make it faster and help you gain a surplus.

And really, the power difference is noticeable but not something you couldn't catch up to. The key is a huge cut in the time it takes and a good head start.

>> No.40184067

It was only meant as an example, I basically want to be able to take abilities that work with one companion and to be able to use them with the rest.

>> No.40184089

The potential level of weapon customization coming from this jump if it's made? My body is not prepared.

>> No.40184177

...ho boy. Hoooo boy.

(Zoids: Legacy)
-Background: Drop-In (Free) -SHENANIGANS.
-Size Doesn't Matter (800CP) (Discount) -SPEEEEED. I like speed.
-Wave/Particle Dualities (600CP) (Discount) -Combine this with Metaphysical Biology from Eva. BREAKTHROUGH.
-Not Picky (400CP) (Discount) -My precious Zoid, you will be altered so much.
-Core Research Analysis (300CP) -Machine understanding! I likey.
-Energy Conservation Policies (-100CP) -Power output! Also needed.
-Hybridization Theory (-500CP) -MACHINE MERGING. I WILL USE YOU.
-Zoid Size: Large (-600CP) -Getting a Geno Breaker! Comes with 25 CuP.
-Aesthetic: Crimson Custom (24CuP) -GOTTA GO FAST.
-Tactical Option: Stealth System (20CuP) -You can't see me!
-Tactical Option: E-Tankx2 (12CuP) -MORE ENERGY.
-Tactical Option: ECM Suite (8CuP) -The more you know.
-Tactical Option: Core Reinforcement Unit (4CuP) -DEFEND THE CORE.
-Tactical Option: Core Enhancement Unit (0CuP) -MORE ENERGY, MORE.
-White Box AI (Free) -Eh, I'll deal.
-Magnite Sample (-1000CP) -My Zoid will never truly die.
-Stranger From A Foreign Land (-900CP)
-It's Looking At Me, Isn't It? (-700CP)
-Realistic Beam Spam (-500CP)
-Truly Feral (-300CP)
-Scenario: Taking Sides: Backdraft (0CP) -Another White Box, huh?
-Scenario: Opening Skirmishes: Terra Geist -Okay, these guys? Fuck them. So hard.
-Scenario: Imbalance to Imbalance: Geno Ritter (Free) -MODIFY AND BEGIN PRODUCTION.
-Scenario: Shots Fired: CORRECTION (Free) -That monstrosity will not be allowed to live.
-Timeline: Backdraft Group (Free) -A Whale King and an army of Geno Ritters? FUCK WHAT AM I GONNA DO WITH THIS.
Dice Rolls: East Sea Bottom Ruins, 15 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

CRAZY SHIT explained in the next post.

>> No.40184191

>CRAZY SHIT explained in the next post.

>> No.40184200

>Joining the Illuminati

>> No.40184287


Odd, I had something else in mind...
Pic related

>> No.40184303

Oh shit. OH SHIT, THIS WAS ALL SO PHENOMENALLY FUCKED. But the points! I needed the points, and all those DELICIOUS understanding/fusion/energy perks! And more! I needed it all so badly!

Even if I'm a scummy Backdraft Group member. I'll be THE BESTEST. Run around, CPGing everything in sight, and grabbing as many parts off the battlefield as I can possibly get. I'll be a fucking ghoul, cannibalizing whatever I can use. I end up putting in Warframe Tech and using Magitek Mastery to make it partially magic, JUST so I could dump my energies into it. The study of Zoids' biomechanical properties, with the Wave/Particle Duality bit causes TERRIBLE theorycrafting and experimentation with Eva's Metaphysical Biology... a beginning to Zohar, in a sense.

As for my chances of surviving it and the Death Meteor?

21:44 Ronin| .d 1d1000
21:44 Internets :: Total 924 / 1000 [92%] :: Results [924] ::
21:44 Ronin| ...
21:44 Ronin| Oh my gods.
21:44 ir_fane I give him props for the ability to run, totally.
21:44 Macnia What was that for, Red?
21:45 dirge_ JESUS THAT ROLL
21:45 Ronin| @Macnia: To SURVIVE IN THE WORLD OF ZOIDS
21:45 ir_fane just a bit skeptical about the whole stealth thing. the combat does blunt that skepticism
21:45 dirge_ ....well uh...CONGRATS YOU CRIMINAL
21:45 Macnia I guess you did well, then.


Alas, it's not without a cost. The Backdraft probably blows through a ton of its cash. We begin running so low on parts that we need to scavenge from the dead. Time itself is BEYOND fucked. The Bow fails to sufficiently damage the Death Meteor for its first few volleys. Overall, it's a colossal fuck-up that ends with a lot of lives lost and a ton of things utterly in ruins, even WITH returning to that time period where people are impoverished. ...still, feel pretty bad about that. I got through, but at what cost.

>> No.40184312

I am ok with this as well.

>> No.40184340 [DELETED] 

Obnoxious namefags are obnoxious.

>> No.40184352 [DELETED] 

Obnoxious shitposters are obnoxious self-destructive cancer and should fuck off before they further hurt the thread they're parasitically attached to.

>> No.40184371 [DELETED] 

No thanks. I'm fine right here.

>> No.40184435

Just watch out for the... backdraft from your crimes.

>> No.40184446

God fucking damnit CarUltros

>> No.40184455

Carlos you utter shit.

>> No.40184468


You don't need to eat, breath or drink. Sleeping I recommend for psychological reasons, but I'm sure your pattern blue-ness will help you endure.

An S2 Organ does/does not provide metabolic power, because Angels don't really have a metabolism. Instead it's the direct power feed for your AT field. Seeing as their AT field IS their metabolic system, you basically just run it indefinitely.

Not having an S2 organ means you can exhaust your soul for purposes of soul powers. Having one means you can use AT field powers indefinitely, and probably use other soul-based powers more extensively than before.

Remember, an AT field is both your location/identity in space time, and the thing which separates You from Them. If it breaks, you're gonna get hurt! Having a body is a -side effect-

>> No.40184494

15 yo female
Southern desert
Core Research Analysis free
Satellite Grid Network 900
Energy Conservation Policies 700
A Medium sized zoid for free,
and a core to go with it. Free (20 custom)
Crimson Custom (19)
Accelerator Equipment (16)
Energy Emission weapon (11)
ECM Suite (7)
Stealth System (3)
Electron Shield Generators (0)

Zoid data (all) 200
>lightning saix (bs) (50)
>Liger zero jager (100)
>Shadow fox (mirage fox) (50)
>deathsaurer (Death Meteor) (200)
>storm sworder fx (100)

Metal Seed 0
Time Space Transmission Protocols free
Extremely Limited Ammunition 300
Realistic Beam Spam 500
Feral Templates 300
Induced evolution -100
Truly feral 100
Metal/Mind Meld 0

[Backdraft Group] 300 cp
Whitebox ai free
Metal Machine Music 100
Battle Instincts 0

Guylos empire enemies

kill death meteor

Geno Ritter blueprints
Whale king

so Im going to grab up every single zoid I can while Im here, anything I destroy will be scanned and reverse engineered before or after I leave. Im going to have way too much fun here.

>> No.40184569


Binbougami ga!
> Identity: Student
> Age: 19 [Rolled5]
> Deadbeat Holiday [Get a Freebie!]
> No Mountain High [Get a Freebie!]
> No Valley Low [-100CP]
> No River Wide Enough [-200CP]
> Gettin' To You [-300CP]
> Hard to Say [-100CP]
> Devil's Dance [-200CP]
> Never Enough [-200CP]
> Infinite Cake [-50CP]
> Scouter [-50CP]
> Keystone Pendant [Get a Freebie!]
> Fortune Container [-100CP]
> Stuck-Up [+200CP]
> Tiny [+100CP]

Why am I still in highschool? Or am I a college student? Buh...?

If fortune energy can be stored, that means it can be siphoned or transferred... all I need to be able to do is figure out how to mobilize it, and I'll be able to create my OWN Energy Syringe! I'll bleed off the ambient energy! ALL THE WORLD'S LUCK WILL BE MINE.

All I have to do is figure out how to set up a system that passively steals luck from people in its vicinity. And, oh, look, it would seem I have a perfect test subject to observe with my instruments who does just that -- one who's mired in plot and not at all difficult to find, even.

Not to mention this other "Stuck Up" test subject.
I'd honestly be fascinated to meet someone who is apparently "smarter" than me and yet is somehow not the world's leading scientist.
More likely she just has morbidly obese amounts of luck.
So I'll need to observe here as well. It doesn't count as "harm" if I'm just observing every second of every day within their life for the sake of data acquisition.

Lots of interesting things to observe!

>> No.40184641


A second question: is the unfurled angel state an alt form or a modifier? I have this mental image of Nintendog based angel instead of human based angel...

>> No.40184671

Angels are never human based dude outside of Shinji's boyfriend, have you seen them?

>> No.40184827

Base Angels have abandoned human form- they run the gambit from vaguely humanoid to full-on abomination.

Being able to compress yourself into a human shape would be invaluable. (provided you buy the perk)

>> No.40184965

Basically when you go Pat Blue, you start as non-euclidean or whatever. You have to buy the hybrid perk to crunch down to Kaworu-size during NGE. (And Rebuild, actually. Will make a note of how that works...)

Post NGE, you have your angel form as a generic kaiju. If you did -not- take hybrid, you can't use your active AT field powers in non-angel mode. (So no hexagon fields, etc. Passive stuff like the Perks and the like are fine). Hybrid basically exists to say 'Imma human size/shape angel'.

>> No.40185014

Clarifying ' you aren't -supposed- to use your AT field powers in non-angel mode'. I didn't actually write that in, but I'll try to update it at some point.

Regardless, the intent is this: No Hybrid = Not always in Angel Mode. Hybrid = Always in Angel Mode. Full Kaiju Mode = Stronger Angel Powers.

>> No.40185029

>Post NGE, you have your angel form as a generic kaiju
So it loses it shape and properties and turns into Godzilla?

>> No.40185083

Angels start as human looking things before they undergo a final metamorphasis and turn into beautiful butterfl- I mean engines of destruction.

I do have Hybrid, incidentally, the question is if the perk Non-Euclidean is a 'kaiju size angel alt form' or if it's a modifier for your current form of 'unfold current body to kaiju size angel version of current form'. It's described as 'unfurling' and as a general amplifier for AT/soul/psi powers, not as an alt form that happens to give boosts to AT/soul/psi powers.

So if I 'unfurl' do I assume an alt form, or do augment my current form by applying an angel like template ON TOP of my current form?

>> No.40185101

>Angels start as human looking things
No they don't. Baby angels look like human fetuses. By the time they become adults, they've already taken on their freakish forms and are stuck in them indefinitely. You can see this in the episode with the lava angel.

>> No.40185105

What if you took this is in fact my final form?

>> No.40185132

So I'm about to start my LoT run, but I'm a little 40k ignorant and am looking for some assistance / advice. Namely, is DLC 3 A Grand Day Out a trap option?

Whenever the Warp or Chaos gets brought up it seems like the consensus is that its autofail / autocorruption. I'm trying to for a pure'ish run, so I'd rather avoid an automatic fail in that regard. If there's a chance of corruption, but you can avoid it, I'm okay with that. But if it's an autofail less so.


>> No.40185195

Adventure time
rolled one candy kingdom
drop in
James Baxter good -200
party God's favor -400
door Lord -400

#First things first, we are getting it out of the candy kingdom. And unfortunately PB is
a necessary evil keeping the rest of the kingdoms in balance as well as caring for the helpless candy people. I do, however, insist* that's the Institute some sort of testing among the candy people and those who have proven competent be allowed to do as they please. Otherwise it's pretty much life in OOO. Finn and Jake don't care for my methods, but the free Democratic Republic of that one building that magically seems to expand.** And the grasslands of the candy kingdom do eventually make peace. *At orbital plasma Ray point **my Ar Tonelico tower#

>> No.40185209

It's not an auto-fail, just don't buy the psychic perks if you're scared.

>> No.40185288


Don't worry, I didn't make it as a trap, you don't get turned/corrupted for doing the jump.

Possibly a few hundred billion people will, but you never get to see them, so that makes it okay, right?

Enjoy your CP.

>> No.40185290

So 40k psykers are different from other universes psionics? Do they always get corrupted or is it just highly likely?

>> No.40185321

>Possibly a few hundred billion people will, but you never get to see them, so that makes it okay, right?
>Enjoy your CP.
Your sense of humor; I applaud it.

>> No.40185347


Sorry I meant it like, as a sort of joking statement. I mean that you can basically shapeshift into your big form post-jump without needing Hybrid. You just don't have Hybrid's benefits.

Okay, having re-read the perks, the implication is that you buy Waveform Existence and gain Angel Anatomy. You aren't actually a big Kaiju yet. You need Non-Elucidation to get that.

So the early tier Pattern Blue Perks are 'hide-able'. I'm sorry for confusing you.

Waveform Existence, Solipsistic Integrity and Hybrid do not change your body, just your metaphysical aspects.

'Unfurling' is my fancy word for 'You take on the alien geometries form in a very alien, CGI sort of spectacle ala Rebuild Ramiel.'

So you have a you-defined Angel Form, it looks like whatever you want as long as it is in theme for NGE Angels. You do not augment your current form/apply a template.

>> No.40185396

Thanks for taking the time to clarify, Muyo. It's very much appreciated.

>> No.40185408

Their powers are drawn from the Warp. Which is that thing you're afraid is going to corrupt oyu.

>> No.40185419

I was going to ask, can I turn down the ship component reward for that one?

>> No.40185431

>DLC 3
Since we're talking this, can you take Veteran of the Psyker Wars more than once for multiple disciplines?

>> No.40185436

It's not so much that they can be corrupted, it's that they have a chance of their powers going out of control and worst case they turn into a portal that daemons can spawn from.

Aas a result, people hate and fear them, so they can't get any sort of training without getting what amounts to torture-surgery from the imperium, and a fair few tend to go 'fuck it, imma explode in demons eventually, may as well die railing a six tittied crab clawed murder princess' and pledge allegiance to chaos

>> No.40185461

The only ones to have not been corrupted are absolute legends for it, or their non corruption is part of a plot by Chaos. Or they're bound to the Emperor, which is not an option for us.

>> No.40185463

>Their powers are drawn from the Warp.
How would this work out of jump? Do the 40k psychic powers become "safer" since there's no warp, or since there's no warp to draw on do they stop working?

>> No.40185468

Unless you're the Emprah, locals would probably say "always". It's not as bad as calling your cell phone's number on that cell phone in the Persona jump*, but it's not the safest route to power.

*Protip: Don't do that. I will end badly.

>> No.40185476

They work by jump-chan fiat like all of your powers. Get used to it.

>> No.40185485

Ack, you guys posted while I was typing and I missed these.

Yes you can.

Yeah, you aren't required to take a reward.

>> No.40185523

Anon, some people just want more information than that. Justifying everything as Jumper Fiat makes larger scale projects where you get in depth into magic nigh impossible, so some people want more data. Is that really a bad thing?

>> No.40185529

>It's not so much that they can be corrupted, it's that they have a chance of their powers going out of control and worst case they turn into a portal that daemons can spawn from.
So, forgive my ignorance here, why not just use your powers in a safer more controlled manner? Meaning, don't redline them at all, but just use them for small simple things so you can get acclimatized to them with time. Or is the nature of the power such that they'll go overboard whether or not you're using them for simple things or at all?

>> No.40185553

That's what I was going for. Thanks.

Trying to figure out how they'd work so I can figure out what I can do with them. I need the how for the what.

>> No.40185560

15. Binbougami ga!
Age 19
Drawbacks: Tiny, Fashion Error, Stuck Up (1400)
Origin: Priest
Temple of Thought
Hard to Say
All For You

Banchou Outfit
Harley David-San
Prayer Beads
Somin Shourai

I am tiny, probably angry at THAT GUY, and a walking disaster of a priest.

At least I got cool stuff

>> No.40185583

That IS a thing in certain 40k systems such as Dork Hersheybar, in which psykers can cast "Fettered" to reduce the number of dice they roll, diminishing the effect greatly but also reducing the chance that a 9 is rolled, which causes Perils of the Warp.

>> No.40185596

You can want more information, but you're not necessarily going to get it. When dealing with the chain and metaphysics, you have to accept that for the most part, things work for you simply because they do. Get used to it.

>> No.40185643

The thing is, Babylon anon is HERE right now, which means that theres a fair chance that if we ask him for information he would be willing to make a ruling on what happens with the psyker powers.

We have a right to ask, trying to shut it down by saying "Jumper Fiat Get Used To It" when there's a decent chance we could get valid information is poor form at best. He has every right to say what happens and there's no harm in ASKING, for gods sake.

>> No.40185649

There's always a chance things will go badly, terribly wrong, redlining just makes it worse. Using a psy power in 40k is like buying a lottery ticket, only if your number comes up the prize is incredible death.

Problem is, the powers are so useful, and psykers tend to exiled and need them to survive, so they use them fairly often.

The other problem is, under certain circumstances, outside stuff can cause your powers to go wrong. Being in warp tainted areas, being in areas where a lot of people died, or will die, there's plenty of archeotech that can do it, the list goes on.

As I said last thread I think it was, the most powerful psyker to turn up recently was able to control the entire population of 1300 worlds. Obviously you don't get that level of power, but what you do get tends to really, really be worth the risk.

>> No.40185657

The problem is you're asking a dumb question. Your perks never stop working post-jump unless it says they do. Full stop. That's not a thing.

>> No.40185687

The question isn't dumb at all, because it's not about if the powers stop working, its about if the powers still have the Warp fucking us over in places where the Warp doesn't well and truly exist. Does it mean we get the power without the drawbacks inherent to the warp, or do the downsides of the power also carry through?

This is what we're trying to resolve here, and there isn't one right way to handle a scenario like this due to lack of major precedent, so it comes down to the jumpmaker's decision.

>> No.40185712

So it's not a trap; it's just high-risk, high-reward. Thank you for the clarification.

>> No.40185737

Couldn't the warp use a Jumper as a portal for Chaos to other worlds?

>> No.40185807

In the revised DLC 4, the Void Shield car still doesn't describe what it does when you integrate it into the ship; the extra one does, but the standard "everyone gets this" is still listed as giving your train an Armor value in the integration section.

>> No.40185835

Does the Elsewhere Coil (DLC3) operate completely randomly, or is there some hint for your ship that you're about to not exist for a few seconds?

>> No.40185844

For DLC 3 (and the others for that matter) I just assume they work in good faith so long as you're not a prick.

but thats just me.

>> No.40185896 [DELETED] 

Oh for fucks sake. Thanks for pointing that out.

The void shield array and secondary void shield array both provide the item from the IG path in part 3.

>> No.40185989

Oh for fucks sake. Thanks for pointing that out.

The void shield array and secondary void shield array both provide the item from the IG path in part 3.

Depends what sort of mood it's in. Usually the effect is random.

>> No.40186113

184: Magicka

+800(1800)The Stars Are Correct (Yay, we're fighting offbrand lovecraft! It has been too long!)

-0(1800)Hedge Mage

-0(1800)Vlad the Vam- Count.
-100(1700)Advanced Magic
-0(1700)Life Skills
-200(1400)Magick Resistance (Should stack excellently with GMG's Anti-Magic and JC's Magic Must Fight Magic)
-300(1100)Druid Arts
-150(950)Multiplayer! - Import Usagi, Rasputin, Kamina to serve as fellow players. +600cp and free bg
-300(650)Apprentices - Import Bunny, Serena, Ashley, Ustan, Saki as Apprentices. +200cp
-200(350)Constant Channeling

-0(350)Bag of Herbs
-50(100)War Staff
-100(0)Magick Tome

Basic Magicks(600) Constant Channeling(500) Rapid Spellcasting(300)
Advanced Magicks(0)

Rasputin: (600)
Cultist(600) Song Magic(600) Lore of L(500)
Community(300) Summoning(0)

Kamina: (600)
Warlock(600) Understanding(600) Alternate Channeling(500) Forbidden Magicks(200) Accuracy(0)

Bunny: (200)
Hedge Mage(200) Magick Resistance(0)

Above: (200)
Warlock (200) Alternate Channeling (100) Advanced Magic (0)

Saki: (200)
Cultist(200) Community(0)

Serena: (200)
Wizard(200) Basic Magicks(200) Rapid Spellcasting(0)

Oh but it's good to let loose. It has been some time since I've been able to swing as hard as I can against a target where I know I'll need that much. I always love when a drawback introduces cosmic lovecraftian horrors.

>> No.40186280

Just a question, what happens if you take Yuriko Omega as a companion and you take the +600 CP drawback that she wants to kill you from Red Alert 3? Yandere?

>> No.40186299

Yandere, then the jump ends and she gets better, I suppose

>> No.40186337


So, you remember back in Soul Eater, I became a Cat Witch? Well, I decided that part of my magic would be Lucky Cat and Unlucky Cat spells.

And then I took Burning Bright. And then Accidental Synergy happened.


But enough of that. When's Mahvel?



Era: Now
Location: Wakanda
Age: 23
Background: Military [900]

Toughness [Free]
Strength [800]
Speed [500]
Hawkeye [400]
Vibranium Shield [100]

Partner - Lien [0]
Kinesis - Spirit Energy Manipulation

Plan of attack: Use Water Magic to simulate water-manipulation superpowers, as well as general luckiness to get through life in MAHVEL.

>> No.40186441

Yeah, Yandere is the standard interpretation of that.

>> No.40186814

Just typed this up from my notes, first pass, let's see if what I've created is a pile of shit or not.

To do
>Discounts for gear
>Might want to get more generic drawbacks
>More general perks.
>Flavor text, etc, most descriptions are boring.

>> No.40186857

>high pitched sounds of glee

>> No.40186864

I'm a bit distracted to give it a full read through this second, but just so you know, I'm pretty excited about this.

>> No.40186874


>> No.40186883

I'm cool with that.

>> No.40186901


>> No.40186908

So long as the Lost Logia and Dimensional Warship dont get discounted, this all looks good!

>> No.40186932

I don't think you need more Perks, but discounts for Gear would be nice, yeah.

First read through seems like it's good shit, though that might just be because I read Power of Friendship and had a stupid grin on my face for the rest of my readthrough.

>> No.40186934

She's quite reasonable if you're willing to talk to her. Screaming and running is just asking for getting pierced with her humungous pink...lasers.

>> No.40186949

Noticing that I referenced a drawback but then didn't put it in. Whoops.

>Separated (Cost: +100)
>Any companions you bring have a random starting area, may take a few years before you can all get back together.

>> No.40186970

The fact that you're offering A-Rank for free with cheap rankups to S+ class is worrying, Maybe look into that?

>> No.40186981

Balkan origin gets a Rare Skill for 200 CP.

TSAB gets the "rare skill" of summoning for 400 cp

Discounts apply, but I the wording implies implications.

>> No.40186987

Also being able to mass import to S rank seems really cheap for what you get.

>> No.40186998

>Befriending (+100)
That is a damn trap option!

>> No.40187008

Would we be allowed to take this drawback if we don't have companions?

>> No.40187012

>Potential (Cost: 200, Discount Unadministrated) By default you have A-rank natural talent. With every purchase of this, you gain one additional rank of raw power. This makes it easier for you stamina wise, and inceases the final rank you may hit.

This actually seems way too cheap in price. You just need to spend 500CP to be like Nanoha, which makes Unadministered a MUCH more lucrative choice over any of the others. In truth, any of the other backgrounds seem pretty weak by comparison.

>> No.40187021

I don't see what's wrong with that.
It says
>Potential to reach by the end of the jump

All it's talking about is potential. You shouldn't be complaining about that

>> No.40187046

See, I don't get complaining about potential. Potential is not the same as current ability.

>> No.40187070

As far as jumpers are concerned, unless power growth is tied to a tangible thing like years alive or jumps travelled, potential basically means you're at that level in terms of power considerations.

>> No.40187079


I see I need to make it clearer in future revisions.

You start at C rank and have the potential to reach A-rank by the end of the jump. Potential increases your end ability by a rank and your starting ability by a little.

>> No.40187083

That's kind of your own problem, then. Limiting people's potential because some people don't get the idea of growth or story arc is a bit silly and very controlling of you.

>> No.40187085

The main thing I'm iffy on is Mass Mass Importing

The Perk is called Potential, but it deals with your mage rank there and now, it's a bit of a misnomer

>> No.40187103

I wonder what the TSAB would classify a Jumper?
Abnomality? Monster from Beyond?
I never seen Nanoha

>> No.40187104

Well nevermind, I'm wrong, it just wasnt clarified according to >>40187079

You really should have done that in the document dude

>> No.40187134

This is a thing worth noting though. What matters as far as internal balance is concerned is the power that you're going to have going out of the jump. It's not infinite, but at the end if one origin makes you as powerful as Nanoha on the cheap and the rest don't, the one origin is going to be considered by many to be flat out better, especially if the origin itself is free. Origins should be relatively balanced against each other, IMO.

>> No.40187190

It's 200 points with a discount so it's not like it's locked into that origin or is excessively hard for other people to buy. As far as the power of the actual backgrounds in comparison to each other? I'd prefer to wait until they're fully written out until you try too hard to complain about the balance, because we really can't be sure. You could be stressing yourself out over nothing, like those people above who thought you started at A rank.

>> No.40187197

My suggested mitigation factor would be to make the discount only apply on the first purchase so that people can take other origins and get the power without feeling like they got shorted.

>> No.40187203

Yep, so far it's just a list of options. I need to add in the clarifying text and flavor text.

Unadministrated OP. Alright, added to the list.

>> No.40187205

Potential should probably be a General perk- everyone's a magic user, why are Unadministered mages apparently the ones with crazy high potential?

>> No.40187215

See >>40187197

>> No.40187223

True, but considering with a free origin you can get Nanoha power at the end with 500 cp and all other origins need 1000 to get that same amount of power, it IS something to consider.

How about the ability to import something as a Device? How about your own AI?

>> No.40187239

Hey Anon, good on you for being responsive and listening to feedback.

>> No.40187241

The one option I don't see that I would like is the ability to import a pre-existing item as my Device. I have a weapon I've been upgrading, and would like to be able to make it my Device.

>> No.40187249

Let's be honest, if he was listening to feedback to buff something you'd be shitting your pants.

>> No.40187262

Aaaah. See, THAT's the kind of stuff you need to clarify. My next question is does it count the pluses and minuses, or no?

Even then, I have to admit I'm concerned. I don't see a lot of people not taking Unadministered at all, the other perks don't quite feel as enticing. I'm not sure if it's because the others aren't fully explained or what. I'd really recommend looking at the trees and seeing what you can do to make all of them on an equal field, or at least make it LOOK like an equal field in the eyes of the jumper. >>40187134 and >>40187205 has a good idea on explaining it.

For a setting like this, though? I'd say you did a really good job starting off. You just basically need to tweak it around and work some things. I'm looking forward to the end result! Thank you very much for being patient with us losing our shit.

>> No.40187263

I'm very strongly considering this one.

>Import your own AI as a Device.
Thats... a damn good idea actually.

>> No.40187266

There IS a justification about that in that Nanoha is from Earth, an unadministrated planet, where there are almost NO magic users, but the magic users they GET tend to be REALLY STRONK.

I can see the reasoning, I just fear that as is people will basically ALL take Unadministrated with a couple exceptions. Luckily, he seems to be listening to feedback.

Seriously though, I'm with >>40187239. Thank you very much for taking my opinion into account. I appreciate that as a random anon.

>> No.40187272

I don't really care either way, but this is the kind of behavior I absolutely want to encourage in the thread.

So I'm going to tell anon that they're doing a good thing when we have friendly dialogue going on and they help encourage it.

>> No.40187276

>Trap Option
>Implying I'm not going to tank the ever-loving fuck out of the White Devil's assaults and just smirk back

First thing... no Canon Companion option? Damn shame.

Second... don't the Drop-in perks... kinda suck?

>> No.40187283

A Rank is free, 100 cp per addtional rank with discount makes 500 cp drop you at SSS rank, which is higher than Presea per the wiki. And she can nuke Bureau ships in other dimensions while suffering from Magic Anime Cancer.

(Start: A->AA->AAA->S->SS->SSS)

>> No.40187296

Not just AI, I wouldn't mind using my Hellsing Jackal as a device for shooting godkiller magic blasts.

>> No.40187309 [SPOILER] 


blah blah blah more builds


Age: 16
Origin: Drop-in [Free]

Flourishes [Free]
In A Game [Conditional Free]
Switch! [Free]
Critical Existence Failure [700]
This is, In Fact, my Final Form [100]

Digital Projection Helmet [Free]
Load Out [Free]
Teleport Crystal [50]
Healing Crystal [0]

It kind of feels like Final Form was the only reason this jump was made...

Oh, speaking of Final Form. The monstrous form given to you by it?

>pic related

>> No.40187325

Crap, and one more thing - exactly WHEN does this Jump drop us in? At the start of Nanoha, StrikerS, ViVid? I didn't see a mention of that.

>> No.40187345

What is the timeline of those places Anon?

>> No.40187399

I'll be honest, I very rarely take Drop-In or their relevant perks in my own jumps, so I don't have the best idea of what to put for their perks.

In the New Calendar year 0064, a year before Nanoha.

I was actually considering allowing you to pick Nanoha era or StrikerS era as your starting point.

I wasn't intending for pluses and minuses to be counted, but as we can see, getting very powerful is cheap very easily, so maybe.

>> No.40187414

>> No.40187429

nah tho

>> No.40187435

>I wasn't intending for pluses and minuses to be counted, but as we can see, getting very powerful is cheap very easily, so maybe.
I wouldn't jump to it right away. Just think about how you're going to handle the perk first, THEN decide afterwards. Too cheap can be bad, but too expensive can be just as problematic. Take your time on it, man.

>> No.40187441

Jumpers, has a perk ever backfired on you? It doesn't necessarily need to be bad, just unexpected.

For me, it was in the DC Jump. I chose the DCAU universe. My harem and charisma perks ended up causing Justice Lord Wonder Woman to start hitting on me. It was completely out of left field.

Of course I still boned her and stuck her in jail afterwards, but I was left feeling really confused afterwards.

>> No.40187443

I wouldn't deal with plusses and minuses. You were considering making the discount only on the first purchase of potential? Then it would be fine. To get to main character potential, you'd then have to spend 900-1000 on it. So without drawbacks you'd have bought nothing else. So it ends up working alright in my view.

>> No.40187445

Drop-In is for the Meta stuff. Work with memes, tropes, etc about the source material AS A WHOLE.

Well, that's how I approach it.

>> No.40187459

Well, if we discount first purchase, then spending 500 to jump to SSS would actually be 900, not entirely out there. If you took max drawbacks you could still buy a lot.

>> No.40187483

>I'll be honest, I very rarely take Drop-In or their relevant perks in my own jumps, so I don't have the best idea of what to put for their perks.

Whelp, atleast I'll know what to expect! Noted.

>In the New Calendar year 0064, a year before Nanoha.

Might want to give us a jump extension, as Nanoha is nine years old at the start of the series, and only hits 19 for Strikers and 23 around ViVid. And 25 for Force, but I like Force.

>> No.40187520

>I still boned her and stuck her in jail afterwards
You're kind of an asshole

>> No.40187528

Hence why I was considering allowing a start in the StrikerS era or the Nanoha era. A jump extension is a good idea too.

>> No.40187531

why not a drawback where you have to go through all Nanoha Places?

>> No.40187547

That's hardly a drawback, anon.

>> No.40187565

Causing Arturia to have a minor crisis in her ability to lead Camelot in the King Arthur jump was... fairly unexpected. It got solved fairly quickly, but it came out of left field for my jumper.

>> No.40187576


I read her mind, she was planning on killing me after we boned. At least I didn't kill her since I was trying to be a GOOD superhero that jump.

Of course, I won't deny being an asshole.

>> No.40187582

I mean a +0 drawback

>> No.40187615

I would probably place it under the Offers section.

>> No.40187626

Mmm. That is a possibility, yeah. If it'd cost that much then you'd have to be damned sure you want it. On the other side of the token, the wiki says there's no canon SSS character that exists in the show. How one would handle reaching THAT rank, I well and truly have no idea. I mean should it be treated like anything else, or should it cost more for that final rank?

>> No.40187677

Its implied that Olivie - aka space jesus - reached that rank, but maybe. We don't know how Presea reached that rank, and the only other character to have that rank is Hayate, who got it via the Book of Darkness, so maybe placing a hard cap at S+ would be a good idea.

>> No.40187679

Consider Hayate 'Nuclear Launch Detected' Yagami is only SS... yeah, shit's going to get crazy. In a sense of 'I need national launch code authorization before I can cast' levels of crazy.

>> No.40187699

Meh, if people want to go all in for SS that's probably alright, remember they're blowing all their points for that shit.

>> No.40187727

Thing is, unless they take the Control problems drawback, they won't have the same problems that Hayate has, and will be a LOT more dangerous.

>> No.40187745

Ya could put that in there, you know. SS rank = control problems for no points.

>> No.40187749

!!!! I know where I'm going next.

>> No.40187763

Yeah, I have no idea. And I wouldn't know how to go ABOUT that. I'd say that's up to the thread, and more importantly the jump maker how to go about it.

>Hayate 'Nuclear Launch Detected' Yagami

>> No.40187789

Perhaps if you buy up to SS you'll have to pay 200 extra to not have control problems? That would be 700 for control problems and 900 for no.

>> No.40187806

Could also make sense. That could be in place of SSS rank which nobody seems to actually have.

>> No.40187861

You know what. I LIKE this as a suggestion. It lets people decide if they want to spend their journey trying to train themselves and gain control the hard way, or shell it out right there and be awesome out the gate.

You guys are being seriously awesome this thread. You're awesome, anon.

>> No.40187885

Thanks, Red. I wanted to try and come up with a solution both sides could be happy with here without making things too cheap or expensive. I'm not the jump maker though, so a suggestion is all it is for now.

>> No.40187895


I accidentally discovered I could turn my morality off like a lightswitch after a series of overlapped perks. I kind of got unsettled by this, and the implications paid off in Commoragh when I was pretty much exactly the kind of scumbag bastard you would expect 'accurate' pirates to be. I also disturbed the hell out of anyone following me, to the point I found it prudent to put everyone in stasis so they wouldn't have seen what I've become

>> No.40187903

Not a bad idea, Anon.

>> No.40187954

Wakfu demonstrated how bad of an idea this is.

>> No.40187959

I think you meant to reference a different post?

>> No.40187976

Hades broke my brain and I thought this was a Little Witch Academia gif for a second, wow.

Also that'd be an amazing jump.

>> No.40187999

I... seriously have no idea how that happened. Your post didn't even appear for me until after I posted.

Meant to reference >>40187745 and >>40187699

>> No.40188006

Let's see. Get some manner of resurrection magic from another jump and you could potentially buy the Garden of Time from Presea by fixing Alicia for her. Or Fate, but Alicia always wanted a little sister and I don't want to take that from her.

My nebulous plans for the Ranma jump involve taking the crossover option and dropping Presea in El Hazard, the Magnificent World, which will be much more satisfying.

>> No.40188029

Yeah I figured, which is why I kept that conversation rollin' with my replies. Quoting can get wonky sometimes.

>> No.40188046

Alright Spyro Classic has run into a bit of a snag. I was fluffing up the remaining perks and I realized the Capstones for Rascal, Professor, and Elder are pretty lacking or make no sense for their respective background.

The only one I can vaguely justify is Rascal and that was just because of who this background is based on.

I'm going to post what I have so far. And if any of you can help me think of one would be greatly appreciated.

>> No.40188080

>using ranma crossover

>> No.40188087


Why do you hate ranma crossover?

>> No.40188113

He's worried about you using it for power and not just fun/shenanigans.

>> No.40188125


Why not both? That's what I did.

shenanigans AND power are awesome!

>> No.40188130


Yeahh. I don't meddle with it often, but damn is it somewhat useful of an option. I'd rather not have craziness

>> No.40188141

Elder can make sense to me as far as an old master type deal goes.

My problem with Rascal's is that it's a bit vague in what it does? Like is this a general potential boost for me or only as a dragon, and in what ways?

I admit I don't like Professors, but I don't feel I'm a fair judge because I don't like items much.

>> No.40188172

The problem arises more when people abuse the shit out of it to access settings that aren't jumps yet and steal all their shit.

People can use it to pod someone twice for double companions, go to worlds that havent been made jumps and steal things, even do shit like to to Exalted and go Solar by being awesome, because technically there HAS been a ranma/exalted crossover.

The crossover drawback means that the Ranma jump isn't about Ranma anymore, it's about stealing shit and powers from whatever world you choose, and I find that to be poor jump design because I feel that a jump should be about THAT world and not OTHER worlds.

>> No.40188188

I rolled Orre for Pokemon, and I've decided to not be able to use cp to change locations. How screwed would I be and is it possible to even survive?

>> No.40188205

Totally POSSIBLE, there's just no predefined routes and a lot of crime. Might wanna buy a motorcycle.

>> No.40188230

So the Heroic Mentor thing is a good potential capstone for Elder? I'm still trying to work out how it might work exactly. What was your impression on what it could possibly do from the name?

Rascals perks apply generally. But if that's too busted I can limit it to only your dragon form.

Well thanks for trying. I just might think of something. I just might have to refresh myself on who this background is based on Hint:It's the same name as the background.

But thanks for the advice

>> No.40188239

Welcome to Arizona.

>> No.40188249

Basically the Wild West given form in pokemon.
Take that as you will

>> No.40188258

I grant you that you have a point, and I even agree with it somewhat.

But the real question is, why does it matter to you that other people might do this? Their jumps, their adventures, their abuse of the system has no impact whatsoever on your chain, your story, YOUR experience.

And, I would argue that Jumpchain, and all other CYOAs are about making choices, choosing to sacrifice one thing in order to get another thing. And they're still doing that. They only get the one shot at the Ranma world, and this is it. So there's still a choice being made there.

>> No.40188263

Yeah, I think being a badass teacher and mentor can work out if it's made good enough. Especially for companion builds. I get the feeling we can bring out the potential in people and shape them into true heroes, basically.

It's not too busted no, I just wanted more detail.

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